Turning it up

First, a quick Separated at Birth:

New York Bob Kerrey and Nebraska Bob Kerrey

(my, that barn jacket smells of mothballs!)


Anyone interested in politics has a love/hate relationship and usually a slight obsession with polls.

So, without too much diving into the statistical analysis behind the GOP primary polls, we thought we would at least post what they looked like in that final week, along with the actual results:

Once the big jump was announced with that Singularis poll, the numbers for Fischer really were not THAT off on each poll thereafter, from the final results.

The We Ask America poll on May 14th of course came as close as any, with Fischer at 39% and Bruning at 34%. Once you factored in the undecideds on the Public Policy Polling version on the 15th, it was also very close to the final — though also note that the PPP poll surveyed about a quarter of what WAA did.

What to take away?

Well, in this race anyway, we always noted that the Undecideds were very high, even up until the final week. Fischer manager Aaron Trost said he felt they would break towards Fischer, but they needed a reason to, before that would happen. You can make a good argument that the Palin and Fort endorsements, and Joe Ricketts monetary endorsement did that. The undecideds saw her support solidifying and made the jump.

And what of the Ricketts money? That support from Ricketts showed many that Fischer’s campaign was serious. But we chuckle at Bob Kerrey’s question of, “How will Deb Fischer react when Ricketts asks for something???!” Gee Bob, while we know that you fall into the fetal position every time one of your Hollywood buddies, like Barbra Streisand, demands that you support the latest liberal cause, not everyone does that. Most elected officials look to those who elected them.

But we suppose when 75% of your election funds come from outside of Nebraska, like Kerrey’s do, you aren’t sure whose bidding you are doing.


Oh, and while we are at it, we note that Bob Kerrey got 3 million bucks from The New School in New York City AFTER he was shown the door with a no-confidence vote by the faculty and students. See, he was named President Emeritus, and still pulled in that hefty paycheck from them.

Gee Bob, wonder how you’ll react if The New School comes calling?


And it is offical: Bob Kerrey realizes he is waaay behind in this campaign. How do we know?

Kerrey said he hopes Deb Fischer accepts the Boys’ State debate and “many more debates.”

The leader does not need to be on stage. The one behind wants debates. Lots and lots and lots of debates.


And we didn’t mention this last week, but a few words from Nebraska Democrats about Deb Fischer:

“She’s smart, she’s tough. She can work, she’ll work it hard. She gets her bills through, she’s respected. She’s tea party, but she won’t say dumb things. I don’t think she’s always the nicest person, but she’s tough. I respect her.”

-Bud Pettigrew, the chair of Democratic county chairmen in Nebraska, who lives down the block from Fischer.

“You think, ‘Gosh, that doesn’t have a chance. We’re in the midst of a economic recession.’ But Sen. Fischer was able to pull [state roads bill] across the finish line, (She is) one of the most talented and effective senators … in the history of the body. It’s fair to say Sen. Fischer is well-respected. I think that she’s quite competent and done a good job recognizing and advocating on behalf of the parochial interests of her district.”

– Democratic state Sen. Danielle Conrad

Wonder if they’ll cut an ad for her?


  1. Dubious says:

    I wonder if Cosmic Bob borrowed that barn jacket from 2004 John Kerry?

    Google “john kerry” and “barn jacket”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wondered how long it would be before Bob was out in the feedlot with the manure-ridden boots and requisite barn jacket. Didn’t take long, a TV ad in the Primary? Bob Kerrey in a feedlot is just a comical site. Would love for a few of these ads to show on prime time in the Noo York market to give the city slickers a laugh. Maybe he could play that back in the 80’s but it’s just stretching the boundaries of common sense now.

  3. NDP SCC says:

    Don’t we have any rules in place to remove NDP officials that give aid and comfort to Republican candidates? Bud Pettigrew, Chair of County Chairs, just gave a campaign speech for Deb Fischer, didn’t he?
    What’s that? Oh, we only have those rules for people that complain when the State Executive Committee wants to put a Republican on the Democratic ballot?

  4. Bud Valentine says:

    To see a real drugstore cowboy posing in front of the cowsies, check out A. Drain Smith’s website.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are bashing Bob Kerrey and his barn jacket and NOT commenting on Deb’s ad with the stick and the cows. That is the first time she had been out on the ranch in forever. She gives the title of rancher a bad name. She is a fake. She is no different than all that she has called out.

  6. Paula says:

    Lol, I remember most ppl here didn’t think Deb could or should win. In fact Sweeper told me “Noooo” when i commented that Deb looked the best at the OWH debate.

    We need debates, and lots if them. Deb & Bob seem to be good people with different visions, which we Nebraskans need to know about. I hope they speak in specifics, not vague generalities, bc it is only then that we can pick the best person for the job.

    Btw, is it true that Deb pledged to Grover’s anti-tax group?

  7. Paula,
    I don’t remember saying that (but don’t doubt it), but I watched that whole debate. Bruning was easily the most comfortable, the most relaxed, the best prepared and gave the best answers. There is no way you can convince me otherwise (as, again, I watched the whole miserable thing).

    That being said, that by no means makes him the best candidate to face Kerrey, or would make him a better Senator than Fischer. Deb wasn’t bad at that debate — Stenberg was extremely nervous — but if you made me pick a winner, it was Bruning.

    But all this, “I want to see the candidates debate” stuff is a joke. Yeah, you want to see them debate…in your living room. Live. Though preferably not some time when you have more interesting plans or there is a game on.

    No one watches the debates, and no one even reads the coverage of the debates — unless one candidate accuses the other of being a Twitter Stalker. Oh, then we’re all over it.

    So, yeah, Kerrey wants to debate Fischer. Because he has nothing to lose and everything to gain from it. Fischer vice-versa. So they’ll end up debating the normal number of times and probably nothing will come from it.

    That’s the fact Jack.

  8. Sen. Blutarsky says:

    If Debbie is afraid to debate Bobby, just what makes her think she is ready for the Senate? She didn’t have any problem debating the Not Ready for Prime Time Players numerous times. She just isn’t ready for the real world and doesn’t want everyone to know it. Now, rather than shoveling bullshit, she’s shoveling chickenshit.

  9. Jimmy Pendleton says:

    You “chuckle” at the notion that someone who paid a crapload for a FIscher ad is going to ask something of Fischer? Can I make a bet at your window?

    Whether Kerrey’s cowed to the wiles of Babs — I’m sure you have proof, or a link, but chose not to provide it here — is immaterial to his question. Are you suggesting there’s no merit to the idea?

    Any sentient person who clicks on this board knows you want Fischer to win. Fine. Sure. But the less money she takes from Ricketts, the better it is for her long-term integrity and political compass in Washington. Ignoring that for a political jab is simply reductive – more about the game of politics than the actual change needed to steer this country in the right direction. Isn’t Leavenworth St. above that?

  10. JP,
    Joe Ricketts can give Deb Fischer $2,000. I’m sure she would accept it. Otherwise, she can’t coordinate with him, and he can spend whatever he wants on the race.

    Don’t believe me, take a look at the over $600K the DSCC spent on Ben Nelson in his non-primary.
    If you think Deb Fischer would be “beholden” to some supporter, then don’t vote for her.

    I’m guessing there are plenty of other people who would agree with her conservative Republican voting record over Bob Kerrey’s liberal Dem record. And, though Bob Kerrey would like otherwise, that is how these 2 candidates will be judged.

  11. Question for Bob in debate: says:

    Mr Kerrey. Given the controversial Cornhusker Kickback vote that Sen Nelson voted for, arguably ending his career, knowing what we know now, if you were the deciding vote, would you have voted for Pres Obama’s healthcare plan? Kerrey: yes. Game over.

  12. Dem Donor says:

    Now that Ben Nelson has wasted $600,000 of contributions that could have gone to support Democratic candidates in other races, he should never, ever, show his face at any NDP events again. Let him slither off into his cushy insurance company lobbyist job and never darken our door again.

  13. Paula says:

    Sweeper, on twitter we were live blogging the debate (you, me and three other ppl). I thought Deb won the debate handily. She came across as, well frankly, not sleazy, a regular person.. This is perhaps best quality. She is unpolished but it works for her. As a women, I was thrilled to see her spank the good ol boys!

    I believe that she has to debate Kerrey. Ppl will wonder if she is ready for the US Senate if she doesn’t participate in the debates. And according to you, she’s going to win so why would she expose herself to public ridicule? The papers will have never ending editorials about it.

    I hope she does debate.

  14. Well, you were wrong. Sorry. She was fine, but she did not “win”.
    But the point is, that NO ONE WATCHED IT. No one based their vote on it.
    Fischer and Kerrey will debate. Just not the 9 or 15 times that Bob would like.
    We will talk more about this in tomorrow’s post.

  15. Johnny Avello says:

    So, Mr. Sweeper, you’re setting odds that your Nap in this race, Mrs. Fischer is a shoo in? Don’t you feel that the bettors have a right to take a look over the ponies before they lay their own bets? Or do you think tip sheets like yours are all they deserve?

  16. RWP says:

    For the record, Bob Kerrey refused to debate even once in his first Senate campaign against David Karnes. Why? Because there was a third party candidate, name of Ernie Chambers. Bob demanded Ernie be excluded from any debates. (Excluding African Americans is a bad little habit Bob has.) Bob and Ernie hate each other, but the real reason, let’s face it, is that anyone who isn’t a little scared of debating Ernie Chambers, hasn’t ever debated Ernie Chambers.

    I’m sure Deb will debate Kerrey, when the time is right. But in the meantime, he’s in no position to complain.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Libs lose, unless they are in Lincoln and Omaha. Just the way it is. Now Democrats can win just about anywhere as long as they aren’t branded being Liberal…….. ergo not too many Dem’s get elected as they just won’t boot the Liberals out of the room instead they embrace the poisonous Liberal bs and continue to lose outside of the two major cites……..

  18. Ikon says:


    You should be ashamed of yourself! 1st. for pimping Bruning & now for pimping Fischer! Yeah, yeah; I know it’s your Toy Blog & you can damn well pimp whoever or whatever you want, especially if they pay??? but come on, try at least to pretend to be a bit neutral & God Forbid, American & Democratic & not the Totalitarian Mini Media arm of some dictatorship. But then, that’s what you GOPERS aspire to, now isn’t it???

    And furthermore, advocating or suggesting that Fischer shouldn’t debate J. Bob Kerrey as you have done is, needless to say, a chauvinistic insult to her & to women in general. Typical for a NE GOPER! Keep um barefoot & pregnant eh, SS!!!

  19. Ikon wrote: “…try at least to pretend to be a bit neutral & God Forbid, American & Democratic & not the Totalitarian Mini Media arm of some dictatorship…”

    Perhaps the GOP aspires to such, but clearly we’re failing, as the Democrats have already assumed ownership of the totalitarian MEGA media.

    BTW, you’re an idiot.

  20. CC Music Factory says:

    Nice piece of fact-finding, RWP. I had forgotten about that piece regarding the ’88 election. And for those that don’t know, even when Kerrey was in his prime, Karnes likely would have wiped the floor with him. Karnes was pretty smart. It’s really too bad that the primary that year was so devisive. I’m still not convinced that in today’s age of the unity conference, that the sides wouldn’t have been better pressed to work together. That election is a good chunk of the reason the unity press conference happens today. The Daub and Karnes camps were pretty bitter rivals. I didn’t really get to know Karnes until after he was done, but I’d go to the wall for him. Very intelligent and very kind. While I like Daub… Daub has a few idiosyncracies that drive me crazy. I’ll support him in most races, but had I known then what I know now, I’d have gone to the wall and more to help Karnes win in that election.

    Your comments about Chambers are right on the money. While I’ve commented before that I think more people need to stand up to him, there is no denying he knows how to debate extremely well, and use the debate/legislative process to get what he wants, at least in terms of denying certain legislation.

    I agree with SS, though. Deb will likely have to do three-four debates, but shouldn’t feel obligated to do more than that. I think she’ll do fine in the debates. Heck, for the most part, she espouses her positions, keeps showing the contrast between her and Kerrey, and she’ll wipe up this election. And as SS said, it’s unlikely to make any significant difference anyway, because very few watch the debates or use them to make up their mind. A few do, but the vast majority could care less. I’d guess maybe one or two over the summer, likely one attached to the State Fair, and one in October, and be done with it. But they probably have already figured out what they want to do in that respect anyway.

  21. Lil Mac says:

    Fischer doesn’t need to debate. Bob needs to debate. And being needy is bad. A cosmopolitan guy with his record will have trouble looking like an underdog to a ranch woman from Valentine. But he really is behind. So what’s he to do? Beg? Demand? Pout for a debate?

    Fischer being ahead has driven astute people to inastuteness. They say she is a fake rancher while they attack her for her ranching permits. But Fischer owns the rural and ranching vote, and the GOP vote, plus the Independents that Kerrey so badly needs but cannot get because they fear big government and see Bob as Obama’s guy. The only thing Kerrey has is dignity and that’s hard to maintain when he is bitching that the lady who is beating him isn’t debating him.

    Debates didn’t save Bruning. But politicians often feel obliged to debate. So Deb may debate Bob.
    Or Fischer may do to Kerrey what Kerrey did to Karnes, i.e. refuse to debate him and beat him like a rug.

    But if Fischer does debate there should be some good reason to LOWER herself to Kerrey’s level, for that is indeed the situation.

  22. RWP says:

    I highly recommend Ivy Harper’s book. It’s not that it’s objective; it’s more like a book-long act of oral copulation on the Bobster. But in providing Kerrey with said service, she is forced to introduce a lot of facts that can be independently cross-checked.
    And when you see her playing something down, you know that’s where a corpse is buried. For example, she says almost nothing about Bill Wright, Kerrey’s personal counsel. That’s because some of Kerrey’s sleaziest deals were in cahoots with Wright.
    I’ve gotten another chapter off to my publisher, so in a day or two, I’ll be reviewing another scandal from Young Bob’s College Days.

  23. Anonymostly says:

    Very perceptive of you, RWP. Figure out where the corpses are burried by what Ivy Harper tried to downplay. I laugh out loud at that. Thanks, Ivy, for the assist. You’re too clever by half.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fisher portrays herself as a “rancher”. Her horrible ad tries to make all you city folk think she is out there all day moving her cows around. What a hard worker! Gimme a break. She is from the city and she represents the sentiments of the city, not of those in her district. She boldly stood for the Keystone XL and ignored calls from her constituents that wanted to be heard. If she represents the state in D.C. be prepared to not have your voice heard.
    As for Bob, why must we treat someone who left the state and then came back as an illegal alien? As Nebraskans, are we not allowed to venture out of state lines? And then God forbide we decide to come home. Some make it sound like he is an illegal alien.

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