Memorial Day Weekend

We have been crazy, crazy busy of late (in that esoteric “real world”), and don’t have much time for a post. So we will just start an open comment thread early for the long weekend. Unfortunately, we don’t see this busy trend lightening up any time soon, so we will see what happens after the weekend as well.

In any case, opine on your favorite Nebraska or national political topic. Keep it polite and relevant to politics.

And just to get things started (and to run out the city-slickers) here is a topic: Federal grazing rights are awesome. Or they’re not. Discuss! (And keep your comments on this topic fewer than 9,000 words.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be enjoying a New York strip over the Memorial Day Weekend grown on Deb Fischer’s backyard and named after Bob Kerrey’s backyard.

  2. Interested Observer says:

    Federal grazing rights are SO awesome that everyone should be able to bid at public auction on them! It is supposed to be a free market, not just free grazing, isn’t it?

  3. Bob "time share" Kerrey says:

    I will spend the weekend at BTO’s house enjoying a boca veggie burger and a cold glass of rice dream soy milk.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I thought Bob was going to spend some of his holiday weekend in the center of Lincoln, turns out it was Lincoln Center.

  5. RWP says:

    C’mon, folks, Memorial Day Weekend is the start of the social season out on the East End of Long Island. I’m sure Bob has a good old fashioned Shelter Island cookout planned, at his summer place on the Heights, with Alec Baldwin and his other fun pals on the guest list.

    “Alec, have a hot dog. They’re Nathan’s. Can you spare $2,300 to help me buy a Senate seat in Nebraska? Alec, stop kidding around, you must have heard of Nebraska! You’ve flown over it a hundred times.”

  6. Anonymostly says:

    In the ongoing Democrat “war on women,” the AFL-CIO union president in South Carolina took a baseball bat recently to an effigy of Nikki Haley. Where’s the outrage in the news media? Where’s the kind of high dudgeon that was exhibited toward Rush Limbaugh for making fun of Sandra Fluke’s demands that she get free birth control? Huh? Where is it, Democrats? (crickets.)

  7. Anonymous says:

    #7, wittiest comment I’ve seen on this site in months. And bonus points because it’s directed back at RWP!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Note to Bob Kerrey, in Nebraska, vacation is used as a noun, as in “we stayed at the Hampton Inn on our vacation.” It won’t look good if you use it as a verb, as in “we vacationed in the Hamptons.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, I’m not defending that union president, but typically you throw out a false equivalency. Limbaugh lambasted a private citizen, who had nowhere near the microphone he had, for days. Haley, a public figure, was given all the media access she wanted on this single incident, and used it as a fundraiser. And nice stretch calling it a “war on women”.

  10. Lil Mac says:

    It is my impression that grazing permits are issued under the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934. GOP Congressman Don Colton (R-UT) introduced the first bill to create grazing districts and permits during the GOP Hoover administration and it passed the House but got tied up in the Senate. Then, in 1933, Democratic Congressman Ed Taylor (D-CO) reintroduced the bill and it became the Taylor Grazing Act, signed into law by Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt. This program is older than WWII, older then television and refrigerators.

    But lucky for us, we have people today to tell us how awful this program is. Thank God for that. I mean, it’s only a 78 year old program, introduced by Republicans and Democrats under Republican and Democrat administrations. We sure are lucky that we caught it early. Whew.

  11. RWP says:

    #9: clearly you are one who thinks ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ the epitome of wit. Confession so did I, once. Then I realized it wouldn’t cut it in first grade, and I had to up my game.

  12. To all Veterans says:

    Thank you to all past & present Veterans! Thank you for serving and sacrificing for our country. While we may differ in our opinions on this site, we are grateful to have a free nation where this can happen. We say Thank You to all of you, and your families over this weekend of remembrance.

    Some gave All, all gave some!

  13. Anonymous says:

    RWP, obviously you have a wit bias. And put downs are not wit or even that funny. Kind of at a 1st grade level. (Maybe you don’t know what ALEC is?)

  14. Interested Observer says:

    Lil Mac, the Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds is 145 years old and has worked well. Do you feel that the federal grazing program is perfect? All I ever said is that it should be opened up to bidding for those grazing permits on a 10 year basis, just like the Nebraska School Land is. This could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars and make the price set by an open and fair market action. What do you see that would be wrong with that?

  15. Anonymostly says:

    And you may be right about that, IO. But you use the flaws of the grazing program as a cudgel to beat Deb Fischer. And Deb Fischer was not responsible for creating the grazing program nor for deciding how it should be implemented. If her family didn’t have the permit, someone else would but the program itself would be no different. I don’t think it qualifies as welfare under any reasonable definition of the term and you’ve been schooled on this issue 9 ways to Sunday yet you still invoke it. It’s obvious you have a personal issue with Ms. Fischer. Probably you’re just jealous that she has the permit and you don’t. But to assuage my concern that you’re just beating an opportunistic political drum, please describe what efforts you’ve undertaken heretofore to get the federal grazing permit process changed. And, by “heretofore” I mean before Deb Fischer ran for Senate.

  16. Interested Observer says:

    Lil Mac, another thing, actually the welfare grazing permit that Deb has is, once again, on the McKelvie National Forest. That is part of the United States Forest Service, which is a branch of the United States Department of Agriculture. I’ve mentioned this in here before.

    The Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 to which you refer relates to the Bureau of Land Management, not the U.S. Forest Service. So, the age and history of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934 isn’t really relevant to our civil discussion of Deb’s USFS welfare grazing.

    Also, from the USFS website concerning grazing: “In 1897, the newly formed Forest Service was authorized by Congress to regulate grazing and permit it as long as it did not injure forest growth.” I guess that makes this a 115 year old program.

  17. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymostly, I’m not defending that union president, but typically you throw out a false equivalency. Limbaugh lambasted a private citizen, who had nowhere near the microphone he had, for days. Haley, a public figure, was given all the media access she wanted on this single incident, and used it as a fundraiser. And nice stretch calling it a “war on women”.
    So, in your opinion, anonymous at post #11, you think it’s different (and hence more acceptable — otherwise it’s pointless to even mention it) when someone misogynistically attacks a public figure versus a private one? Hmmm. Interesting.

    Nope, not false equivalencies. And I didn’t introduce the phrase “war on women.” Democrats did. And I think it was a complete nonsense, cynical, hypocritical attempt to generate a wedge issue when they did it. I’ve invoked “war on women” only to show how absurd the Democrats’ claims are that the Republicans have engaged in one. They get all exorcised about Rush Limbaugh turning Sandra Fluke into the butt of jokes (where she really belonged, I mean let’s be honest.) But they completely disregard and ignore even worse behavior by their own kind. There is no war on women. On either side. It’s only cynical politics.

    There are good-faith disagreements about policy issues and what the government’s role should be, and what pisses me off is when Democrats (and it’s always Democrats) attempt to trump the entire debate by dropping something like a “war on women” card. To disagree with Democrats on requiring employers to furnish free birth control is to engage in a war on women. Oh, bullsh!t. Let me just show you the other side of that coin.

  18. ricky says:

    Not surprising Ms Fischer would duck Mr Kerrey on the debate circuit. Looks like she thinks she is the front runner what with such a big discrepancy between the R’s and the D’s registration in Nebraska.
    But look what happened to the front runners in the G O P primary.
    Appears to me that Ms Fischer has more behind the scenes clout than is evident by her lack of rhetorical skills. Not that it’s a bad thing; my spouse is a fan and so are a lot of women in Nebraska I’ll reckon.
    Fischer would probably be a welcome presence in the US Senate, providing she does not become a puppet for the Tea Party or the G O P establishment., But first she has to win, and Mr Kerrey is not a pushover by any means; which candidate has won statewide and which has been called a “lightweight”?
    Neither Ms Fischer nor Mr Kerrey can be over confident in this race.

    ricky from omaha

  19. RWP says:

    It’s astonishing how many liberal men are so misogynist, that whenever there’s a woman they think it’s ‘OK’ to hate, they can’t contain themselves. And if the woman is attractive, the hate seems intensified. It’s not just Haley; look at the treatment meted out to Palin, Malkin, Coulter, SE Cupp…

  20. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, yeah, RWP, absolutely spot on. But with Cupp, the libs finally figured out they needed to express at least mild outrage in order not to seem so overtly hypocritical. Hence the ladies on The View, as well as Planned Parenthood and even Ms. Fluke herself condemning Hustler’s photoshop of Cupp. But this is new territory for Democrats. They never said a word about the Playboy Hate F*** list of conservative women. Nor could they bring themselves to condemn the words of Bill Maher or David Letterman even as they were decrying Rush Limbaugh and the so-called Republican “War on Women.”

    But, yeah, you’re absolutely right. But I guess IOKIYAD, right?

  21. @ RWP says:

    Coulter is an “attractive” woman? God God, she’s got an adam’s apple bigger than most men, eyes like Geoff Peterson, and less figure than a stick figure. Compared to an Irish Wolfhound, maybe she’d get a “4” at the Kennel Club’s annual show.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Just FYI, it’s always nice to thank a veteran, and not to pick nits or anything, but Memorial Day is to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. So please direct your thanks towards the families of those who have fallen to defend this great land of ours. We vets appreciate the sentiment, but this day isn’t for those of us who can hear your thanks.

  23. Anonymostly says:

    @RWP says:

    Coulter is an “attractive” woman? God God, she’s got an adam’s apple bigger than most men, eyes like Geoff Peterson, and less figure than a stick figure. Compared to an Irish Wolfhound, maybe she’d get a “4″ at the Kennel Club’s annual show.

    And just so there was no misunderstanding, this was in response to RWP who said:

    It’s astonishing how many liberal men are so misogynist, that whenever there’s a woman they think it’s ‘OK’ to hate, they can’t contain themselves. And if the woman is attractive, the hate seems intensified. It’s not just Haley; look at the treatment meted out to Palin, Malkin, Coulter, SE Cupp…

    Like RWP said, “whenever there’s a woman they think it’s ‘OK’ to hate, they can’t contain themselves.” Thank you, @RWP, for so quickly coming along and proving RWP’s point.

  24. Anonymostly says:

    Y’know, out of curiosity, I just did a google search of “most liberal colleges universities in America” and one of the first results that popped up was a Huffington Post article (citing a Princeton Review piece, link broken) that listed the top 10 most liberal colleges in the whole entire US of A. And, wouldn’t ya know, the school of liberal arts at The New School made the top 10.

    The New School, of course, is the University that Bob Kerrey was President and then President Emeritus of for basically the time he’s been living in New York (after quitting the U.S. Senate.) I wonder how it would play in Nebraska for Nebraska voters to know the kind of “Top 10 Most Liberal” environments Bob Kerrey’s been hanging out in while away from Nebraska these last dozen years.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymostly, “hanging out in?”. I’d think a University President, especially one who had been there for 10 years, was a little more than a passive hanger-outer. I’d think he bears some responsibility for earning that top 10 spot.

  26. Some Thoughts says:

    Someone needs to send out better talking points for this Senate race, pronto, or at least people need to decide why Kerrey’s work at the New School is a liability. Is it because they rejected him, or because he was marinating in the ultra-liberal juices of NYC? I see that you want to say “both”, but that doesn’t even make sense. Either the ultra-liberals rejected him, because he’s not an ultra-liberal, or he’s an ultra-liberal.

    My suggestion is: stick to health care, taxes, abortion, and other issues that are clear winners. Trying to paint Kerrey as some kind of looney-tunes or war criminal is only going to backfire, as meanwhile he dictates the terms on the issues that count. I know my advice is unlikely to be taken seriously, but I can’t help that. Just remember, Deb won by staying out of the dirty fray that turned off so many voters. People liked her positive vision and image, by contrast to the alternatives.

  27. TexasAnnie says:

    I thought we already hashed out the grazing rights issue, but since Street Sweeper re-introduced the topic I gotta’ raise my objections to the Fischer camp again: Should a Small Govt. Advocate Accept Govt. Benefits Not Available to Everyone Else?

    The history of the grazing program does not impute legitimacy. Nor does the fact that the Fischer family sought and obtained the grazing permits according to law. It’s all about ethics: How Should a Small Govt. Advocate Act? (My comment does not imply approval of Kerrey.)

  28. Just a reminder that if you put a link into your comment, the entire comment will automatically NOT post.
    And feel free to talk about stuff other than grazing rights…

  29. Lil Mac says:

    How are you going to stop people from talking about Kerrey’s hypocrisies? They drip off the guy like sweat.

    Of course Fischer should appear senatorial. She took that high road in the primary and is up now, so I imagine she will continue. But regarding the NY New School matter, Kerrey being a bad leader was stated by his own professors in non-politic terms, and he chose to lead a school that essentially taught liberalism. Now his campaign ads show him in non-liberal disguise selling his leadership skills. Fischer doesn’t have to mention his hypocrisies. Everyone else will. Average Nebraskans may be fuzzy about political matters but they are incredibly intolerant of hypocrisy.

    Fischer is a Republican in a rural state running as a rural Republican. In the same state, Kerrey is trying to appear nonpartisan, non-Liberal, and make people forget his home and family are in New York.

    To whack Fischer for ranching only reminds voters she is a local rancher. To whack Bob for New York New School only reminds them of that. If Bob were running against Don or Jon today, he’d still have the same out of town baggage. So keep on mentioning grazing. See how that works against the mentioning of New York.

  30. @ Some Thoughts says:

    Interesting points, Some Thoughts, if you’re talking about what the Fischer campaign should put out as a message. But, Deb shouldn’t need to do the dirty work. That should come from the party or independent committees like the current attack ad out against Kerrey right now. Dems figured this out long ago. They decry dirty politics but no one goes dirty quicker than Dem operatives. And that’s because the Dem candidates aren’t the ones dishing the dirt. The candidates can disavow the attacks and claim they’re not responsible for them but they’re still out there and, let’s be honest, negative advertising and campaigning can be very effective. Just ask Jon Bruning.

    So, Some Thoughts, while you make a decent point about what Deb should be saying, it’s nevertheless the case that the rest of us can freely talk about what a louse that Bob Kerrey is. And our reasons needn’t be consistent. The more dumping on Bob, the more Bob gets dumped on. Period. And Deb won’t be tainted by the attacks because she won’t be anywhere near them.

  31. Anonymous says:

    So if Kerry is booted out of one of the most liberal schools in the US, is he just that incompetent or too CONSERVATIVE? This is an interesting question, no?

  32. Some Thoughts says:

    Lil Mac, I agree entirely that mentioning “grazing rights” only serves to remind people that Deb is a rancher, and thus is part of Nebraska’s unique and special character, not to mention a hard-working person who had a life outside politics. So keep bringing on that grazing rights thing, if that’s the best you’ve got!

    Regarding whether it’s a good idea to dump on Bob, I disagree to some extent. Stenberg was clearly too close to that “Club for Growth” group even though they were outsiders, but the relentless negativity annoyed voters, who associated him with mudslinging. If the dominant objections against Kerrey are perceived as personal trivia instead of serious matters, voters get turned off even if the Fischer campaign itself is not responsible. Keep in mind the goal is not to fire up a base that is already fired up to oust Obama, but is to appeal to moderates who have probably voted for Kerrey at some point in the past. Talking about how he executes old people in a village or is hated by the ultra-libs of NYC is only going to turn off those voters, and it lobs Kerrey a few easy softballs: I’m still a war-hero, and I’m “not liberal enough” for those New Schoolers. I don’t see how bringing up his role as university president does much to discredit his image. You know he wants to paint himself as elder statesman compared to Fischer.

    One last point. I do think our reasons for dumping on Bob need to be consistent. I don’t think it’s ok to spout any kind of nonsense or half-truths and pretend that the end justifies the means. I supported Deb because I believe in her good qualities, not because I feel I need to drag down her opponent to make her look better. Again, you want voters who used to like Bob, who need to be convinced that his ideas are no longer helpful and that a fresh vision from a great candidate is needed. Trashing Bob is going to please the base, but that’s it.

  33. Anonymostly says:

    @ Anonymostly May 25, 2012 at 12:14 AM

    You are nothing but an idiot.

    That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? Are you offering that personal-attack-in-lieu-of-argument because I’ve exposed you as a misogynistic liberal male for your comments about Ann Coulter or is it because you were hoping no one would figure out that The New School is a liberal enclave? Either way, that was pretty pathetic.

  34. CC Music Factory says:

    To those who haven’t seen or heard, RWP put up a piece on this late yesterday, and today is a target day for all those that participate in the blogosphere to spread the word about this cretin. This guy and his cohorts are sick, twisted, vile evil. Nothing else I can say. The first pseudo-link is to the redstate article. The second, and the more important of the two, is to an article by Patterico detailing a systematic harassment of him and his family, including an incident called ‘SWATting’. I’ll let you read his description of the event, I can’t do it justice.

    We need to band together against this type of scum, whether you’re conservative, liberal, or anything in-between. Get the word out, please, about this group and the menace they present.

    www .redstate. com/ erick/ 2012/05/25 /daily-koss-neal-rauhauser-bomber-brett-kimberlin-and-political-terrorism/

    patterico .com /2012/05/25/ convicted-bomber-brett-kimberlin-neal-rauhauser-ron-brynaert-and-their-campaign-of-political-terrorism/

  35. @ Anonymostly says:

    You are nothing but an idiot.
    That’s it? That’s all you’ve got?

    Unfortunately, no. You continue to offer more evidence every time you post more of your thoughtless drivel here.

  36. @ CCMF says:

    That is intolerable. But character assassination takes place on a daily basis right here on LS and nearly every other political blog out there.

  37. RWP says:

    Some Thoughts:

    As I do think I’ve posted previously, it wasn’t politics at the New School. They hated him because he was a lousy boss.

    I hate to bring my work into this, but I have a ton of friends on the left at UNL, and the major reason is when it comes to issues about the role of the faculty, how the university is administered, effective teaching, etc., politics is beside the point. It’s about getting the job done. They read my blog, tell me the 10% they like and the 90% they hate, and it’s cool.

    Universities are surprisingly apolitical places. At least, good ones are.

  38. RWP says:

    CCMF: yeah, industrial scale drug dealer, multiple terrorist bomber, and murderer, paroled after 13 year under a Democratic administration, funded by major Dem. donors and the State Department as an activist, and then threatening those who exposed him such that they’ve had to leave state and go underground, should be a scandal, shouldn’t it?

    Seen it on CBS NBC ABC? Well, maybe after Fox picks it up. NPR? Never!

  39. Anonymostly says:

    If this kook was a conservative, Brian Ross would have had an expose on Nightline about him long ago. Maybe it’s that there are so many more kooks on the left that a story about a kooky leftist doesn’t seem newsworthy.

  40. Anonymostly says:

    Sorry, @Anonymostly, but the thoughtless drivel is found at post #40. That and your misogynistic comments about Ann Coulter.

  41. Interested Observer says:

    Until I started to read this blog a while back, I hadn’t realized there were so many trailer parks in Omaha.

  42. @ Anonymostly says:

    Oh yeah? Well, you’re a booger eater and a poopy pants!
    (Sorry you other readers of LS, I just had to bring it down to Anonymostly’s level so that he’d understand it.)

  43. Interested Observer says:

    As I’ve said numerous times in this blog and in the Lincoln Journal-Star for several years, I’m a rancher from the Valentine area and I’ve never been a candidate for the 43rd District. I am not an lawyer or related to one.

    I certainly haven’t “thrown around a lot of confidential private information about the Fischer family’s ranch operation.” I have simply relayed to this site and the Journal-Star site information that is well known in and around Valentine, things that people from here have talked about for years and are talking about today.

    But your threats are something to be taken seriously. They will be reported to the authorities as soon as it’s daylight outside. Extortion is an ugly word with serious consequences as is cyber bullying. I have already copied your comment, so even if it is taken down, I have a copy of it.

  44. Interested Observer says:

    By the way Rambler, what is your personal position on abortion? Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Please answer.

  45. RWP says:

    A couple of comments:

    First it’s doubtful that if you’re blogging anonymously, you’ll have much luck claiming you were threatened or libelled. The police and courts exist to protect people, not virtual entities.

    Second, few people who post anonymously have enough discipline to carry it off against someone who really wants to find out who they are. It amuses me to figure this sort of thing out,but I don’t ‘out’ people unless they’re using their anonymity as a cloak to personally attack me or people close to me. But one might consider that if one makes use of anonymity to further a vendetta, and one is ‘outed’, it looks a lot worse than to be seen carrying out that vendetta openly.

  46. Interested Observer says:

    Rambler, I just skimmed through each of the threads/articles posted on this site for the last month and skimmed through each of the comments posted under each thread/article and I didn’t see the username “Rambler” anywhere. Are you new to this site? If so, then welcome.

    I am curious about one thing. Did you really mean to use the word “circumspection” in your last sentence on purpose? Does that word fit your exact intent and meaning that you want to convey? Because if you meant to say “circumcision” instead, for example, well then, many men have gone down that road already through the ages, most without their consent. Therefore, if you meant to say “circumcision” instead of “circumspection”, then that would be a very hollow threat for many men, unless of course, you’re some sort of psychotic Lorena Bobbitt type, in which case I suppose, you could theoretically “re-circumcise” someone by going down that road AGAIN. Now, that is something that most men “really, really, really” wouldn’t “want to go down”.

  47. OK, the “grazing rights” issue has exhausted itself.
    If you so much as hold an opinion on that subject, let alone write anything about it, you will be beat about the head and shoulders with a wiffle ball bat.

    New topic: Should the UN be given the right to control the internet and just how stupid are the New York Republicans who suggested banning anonymous internet speech?

    Discuss. Or go outside and let the sun hit your face. Your choice.

  48. RWP says:

    The NY Times this morning has a half-hearted hit job on Nebraska’s own Joe Ricketts. It reads as if the author really wanted to go for the jugular, but had weekend plans.

  49. Black Helicopter Pilot says:

    The UN should control everything, especially the Internet. There is no such thing as anonymous Internet speech. Our algorithms know you from your keyboarding patterns, your computer cameras and microphones transmit everything in the room, even when they’re “off,” and your touchscreens identify your fingerprints.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  50. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, the New York Republicans are in a class by themselves which is why if you are a Republican in New York, you also have to get the Conservative Party backing to have any hope of winning. I think so, anyway. Maybe we should ask Bob Kerrey about the political climate in New York.

  51. guerrillagrillmaster says:

    Political graffiti was anonymously put on walls of imperial Rome. Nursery rhymes from old England were oblique subversive criticisms for which you could be put to death. Shakespeare, linked to anti-government forces, apparently wrote in guarded terms to avoid political consequences of the terminal sort. Broadsides were critical to opposing tyranny by one’s own government. Our Declaration of Independence was a signed opinion letter for which its signers were doomed if caught by the legal police of this land, yet that visible expression only came after the Boston “Indians” and others committed numberous acts against their own legal government, over taxes no less, anonymously, in disguise and for damn good reason. People die for using thier own name. And the UN wants that power over individuals. Some Americans here probably do too.

    Using your own name is what obedient citizens do, not the guerrillas. And yet you are both, even as you sit here now. You are part of the citizenry right up until the government decides to do to you what government does best, i.e. punish its own people into obeying government. Lucky for us, our Constitution has checks and balances to specifically restrain government abuses down to a war of words and voting outcomes. That mechanism has saved us. The UN’s Rights of Man and proceedings are not the same. Read the documents. The weight of the UN is toward oppressive government benevolent controls over individuals. The protections for you are what rights government allows you. Our constitution is all power held by individuals and only limited powers to government that individuals cede to government. Here, individuals have the power. In the UN, your government gives you what rights it deems are good for you to have.

  52. Interested Observer says:

    Rambler, was that you sitting with Deb, while both of you were staffing the PLANNED PARENTHOOD booth at the Cherry County Fair in Valentine in August of 2003? I remember that this issue of Deb’s “100% pro-life” position was brought up at the 2004 43rd District Primary Election candidate forum at the Valentine Livestock Auction sale barn a few months later, while it was still fresh in everyone’s minds. Just askin’.

  53. Anonymous says:

    And your point is what? Deb FIscher isn’t Pro Life enough to keep people from voting for Bob “Partial Birth Abortion” Kerrey? I worked in surgery, we did chinese suctions, but even I object to PPA.

    If you are going to make Fischer look middle road on abortion, that probably increases her electablity over Kerrey. Is that what you had in mind? Are you that subtle or just stupid?

  54. Anonymostly says:

    From the article linked by Sweeps, some of the arguments against giving the UN control of the internet are the same arguments against giving the government control over healthcare. Except it looks like both parties and the administration agree we shouldn’t cede control over the internet to the UN.

  55. Anonymostly says:

    Interesting how Interested Observer shows up only after Deb Fischer catches Jon Bruning in the Senate race and all of a sudden starts attacking everything about Deb Fischer. I’m guessing before the primary race, Interested Observer was focused solely on criticizing Jon Bruning’s “raccoon” comments and his vacation house. But now that Deb Fischer won the nomination, it’s time to switch gears and roll out the anti-Deb talking points, the latest of which is that she’s now pro-choice I guess.

    Why have you been hanging onto that one, IO? For as much as you seem to want us to know all about what’s wrong with Deb Fischer, it seems very odd indeed that you’ve held that Planned Parenthood card so close to the vest.

  56. Anonymostly says:

    Interesting. I just found a liberal (“progressive”) website that spouted basically the exact same talking points about Deb Fischer as our new friend, Interested Observer. It’ll be interesting to see if the next thing Interested Observer trots out is from the same set of talking points.

  57. Lil Mac says:

    Ettore Gotti-Tedeschi, President of the Vatican Bank, got a scathing no-confidence vote from his bank officials saying he routinely failed to do his job, failed to defend the bank, polarized its personnel and displayed “progressively erratic personal behavior.”

    Bob Kerrey, President of NYC New School, got a scathing no-confidence vote from his university professors saying he routinely was “unilateral, impulsive and sometimes secret (in) decision-making”, an autocratic fear mongerer who brought his organization “paralysis and dysfunction.”

    A bank isn’t a religion and a university isn’t a political party. If you can’t run a bank or a school without being a lousy manager, your problem isn’t religion or politics but that you are simply a lousy manager.

  58. Roberto Calvi says:

    If you enjoy stories about how the Vatican, the Mafia, Banks and international arms trade are all tied together, google “Propaganda Due.” It is all true, but seems stranger than fiction, even the assassination of Pope John Paul I is thrown in to thicken the plot.
    One must wonder if the current controversies are tied to those of thirty some years ago.

  59. Lil Mac says:

    Old Vatican intrigues, new Vatican intrigues. Power and money never takes a vacation from being power and money. — Faith and patriotism are wonderful and uplifting, but they have nothing to do with religion, money, power or politics.

    Every religion passes the plate, every government taxes, every candidate solicits. Power is money is politics is money is religion is money is power is money and so on…

    Your faith and patriotism are yours alone, so bury them deep inside and safeguard them dearly. All else is from people who almost never are poor saints or selfless monks or altruistic saviors.

    Trust in God but make everyone else pay cash, and only after showing an ID and leaving a deposit.

  60. Gerald says:

    I say that piping hot plovers are especially good when served on a bed of baked polenta drizzled with a sweet cranberry sauce.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Bud Pettigrew isn’t exactly a “big” donor. But he is from Cherry County. Listed him as “unemployed.” That’s what happens in Obama’s economy.

  62. Anonymous says:

    “Check out Gerard Harbison’s voting record, or lack thereof.”

    Why in the world for? Is he running for US Senate?

  63. Macdaddy says:

    Because a few are willing to give their lives for people they would never meet, all in the name of this little country we call America, I and my family get to live in freedom. So from my family to any family out there who has lost a loved one in service to our country, Thank You, Thank You, a million times Thank You. We may never know all their names, but know that they will never be forgotten. I hope that in the pain of missing them you will feel pride that 300+ million Americans are grateful.

  64. Anonymous says:

    I think Mr. Pettigrew is retired. Maybe if you really knew him you would know that. Plus the last time I saw him he as running a charity foundation in Valentine for free.

  65. Anonymostly says:

    Other donors were listed as “retired.” Pettigrew they listed as “unemployed.” So, sue Kerrey.

    He’s running a charity in Valentine for free, eh? At least they’re paying him what he’s worth.

  66. TexasAnnie says:

    HELP! I am being pestered by unwanted e-mails from PACs. I did not solicit them, and, although I have “unsubscribed” numerous times, they keep coming. What can I do? There oughta’ be a law against this aggravating circumstance!

  67. The Cooking Channel says:

    Prepared in French-style of gormet cooking, piping plover tastes just like spotted owl.

    Time for a new post from SS. How about Michael Gerson’s editorial in today’s OWH as a starter.

  68. Anonymous says:

    I love it that BTO quit writing on here, he was so annoying and tried to turn every post on here into being about him and his petty feuds with a bunch of other nobodies.

  69. He'll Be Back says:

    He will return….he always does, But how do you know he has really gone? Maybe he has gone Anonymous like you. Maybe he has been here all along.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, his need for attention is so strong he’ll eventually need to start writing using his own name again, to facilitate his delusion that he is a person of importance.

  71. Senator Snowplow says:

    “Feuds with nobodies.” Listen, post 83, that’s not very nice. I hate to say I can’t remember Lisa’s last name, but she’s not a nobody.

  72. Senator Snowplow says:

    Hannah. That’s Lisa’s last name. I knew it would come to me. And she’s still not a nobody, got it?

  73. Sweeps what the F says:

    No post in like three days!!! Get back to work and post slacker. I am entitled to daily updates

  74. Senator Snowplow says:

    It might be “Hannam” not “Hannah.” Or something close to that. Still, that is a horrible thing calling somebody a nobody. Anyways, isn’t that who Brian always gets in feuds with? Some Lisa chick?

  75. Neva Winkle says:

    Heard it through the grapevine that the Nebraska Young Republicans are imploding since their fearless leader Pinkerton shamelessly abandoned them!

  76. Hey there diligent readers.
    Hope to put up something new later tonight / early tomorrw.
    The daily posts may be ending for a while. We will try to keep things fresh as we work out some new issues.
    Thanks for continuing the discussions and we will have more soon.

  77. Aw Shucks, Sweeper says:

    I suppose not having daily posts is like taking down the yard signs after the primary. But heck Sweeper, the BS about Kerrey just keeps coming….they never take a break. The Nebraska politics continues relentlessly, and the Talk of Nebraska Politics should also.

    And Senator Snowplow, no one on this site needs a last name for Lisa. We all know who she is, and if needed, a last name might be Stalker. Lisa is just a pimple on an donkey’s ass to BTO, and I am sure he would be insulted to know that someone thinks she is his only focus. Remember to thank a veteran, and that includes BTO.

  78. Senator Snowplow says:

    She may well be a pimple on a donkeys ass but that’s not nobody. Maybe Deb Quirk was who Brian always feuded with. She’s not nobody either.

  79. Neva Winkle says:

    Pinkerton jumped ship right before the big young republican convention and right before membership was to top 12 people. Shame on Pinkerton!!! He quits and leaves GOP hanging!

  80. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry to see that Jason Johann’s write-in campaign for Register of Deeds fell short of the needed votes to be placed on the ballot. He seems likes a good guy, and hopefully we’ll see his name on the ballot again

  81. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, if you need a topic, how about Obama’s kill list and the crickets chirping on the Left. This is a slam dunk for Kerrey: inflating enemy body counts to make sure collateral damage counts are low, personally marking an American citizen for death and calling the decision an easy one, and oops, another American citizen also got executed. Surely Kerrey can work up some outrage.

  82. RWP says:

    What was the tweet I just read? Siri, search for “Nobel Peace Prize” and “Kill List”!

    David Axelrod, without security clearance, was in on the kill meetings, to properly weigh the political consequences of extrajudicial termination with extreme prejudice. Nixon White House, anyone?

    Meanwhile, the entire nation of Poland is up in arms over Obama’s reference to ‘Polish Death Camps’. Ford White House anyone?

    Smartest President Evar!!!

  83. Anonymostly says:

    Pres Obama just awarded the Pres Medal of Freedom to “hero” Bob Dylan; meanwhile MSNBC talking head Chris Hayes says he’s uncomfortable using that term to describe American service members who died in the line of duty. Interesting contrast there.

    I have found antipathy toward our military to be a common attribute among members of the American left. Hayes only gave voice to what all too many leftists believe. Hostility towards our troops and hostility towards people of (Christian) faith: two of the many reasons I believe the Democrat party left ME.

  84. Anonymostly says:

    Another irony: I remember reading oh-so-many times on this very blog the comments of leftists arguing vehemently that conservative Christian churches should have their tax-exempt status revoked for one reason or another. And now we hear from Rep Emanuel Cleaver (D, Mo.) that AG Eric Holder, IRS Administrators, and “that lawyers’ organization from around the country (the ACLU)” will brief “several hundred pastors in the African American community” on exactly how political they can get without jeopardizing their tax-exempt status. Rep. Cleaver said they wouldn’t tell these
    African-American pastors whom to support, but they will let them know who the “bad guys” are.

    That’s OK, of course. But if a Catholic Bishop has a letter read at weekend masses addressing the HHS mandate denying freedom of conscience to Catholic organizations, well, that just crosses a gosh darn line and Catholic churches should lose their tax exempt status. Perhaps AG Holder will invite America’s Catholic Bishops to attend this meeting so that they can also learn exactly where the line should be drawn.

  85. Anonymostly says:

    So, show of hands here, how many think we just need to try a little more diplomacy in Syria? If we go sing a couple of refrains of cumbaya, Assad will cease his murderous ways and we’ll have one giant group hug. Hmmm? Show of hands for diplomacy. Anyone? Anyone?

  86. Dorian Gray says:

    One hundred and three responses over one weekend! Hell, that’s more than three month’s worth of NNN’s comments, including the ones where Kyle replies to “Ronaldo (aka Dennis P. Crawford)” or “Ronaldo” replies to Kyle. But, then again, over two thirds of all the posts on this thread were authored by BTO – even the ones supposedly criticizing him.
    Rumor is that Bob Kerrey did indeed pass the weekend at BTO’s villa, but rather than veggie burgers and soy milk those old veterans pigged out on prime Angus and swilled Brunello di Montalcino by the bucket. We’ve heard from reliable sources that they also had some out of sight Thai Sticks to get things going.
    We hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend as much as they did.

  87. RWP says:

    So, show of hands here, how many think we just need to try a little more diplomacy in Syria?

    It’s amusing how the media here are soft-pedaling the slicing up of 50 or so kids just a couple of days ago. The British papers are outraged. But if our media took more than passing note of it, that would point out the utter failure of Obama’s foreign policy.

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