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We always wonder how much this needs to be pointed out, (and not to go all Chandler from Friends) but could Bob Kerrey BE much more of a hypocrite? After whining and wailing about Joe Ricketts and how much he hates PACS and Super PACs and PacMan and Ms. PacMan, Kerrey jets on out to San Francisco for a giant PAC fundraiser with uber-super-duber Liberal Dianne Feinstein.

You remember Dianne Feinstein right? Voted with President Obama 99% of the time. Opposes the Keystone XL Pipeline. Is MORE liberal (from a liberal ratings group) than liberal Barbara “Don’t call me Ma’am. Call me Senator!” Boxer. Yeah, her.

Kerrey is teaming up with some other Dems who want to be represent fly-over country for a big falutin’ funder where couples can contribute $35,000 if they want to!

Oh, but yeah. Republican PACs. They’re the bad ones. Ya’ll got that now?


The Washington Post’s “The Fix”, Top Senate race list:

2. Nebraska (D): Democrats are trying to spin Deb Fischer’s GOP primary win as a boon to Bob Kerrey. After all, state Attorney General Jon Bruning was the better-known, better-funded GOP candidate in the race. But Fischer does not have any of Bruning’s negatives, which are a big reason he lost the primary. As long as Fischer doesn’t have any skeletons of her own, Kerrey’s slim chance at victory may have gotten even slimmer. (Previous ranking: 1)

And the Kerrey camp responds: “Did we say 8 debates? We’d like 34 debates! Every Thursday night! Please!”


In our last post (some time last month, we think) we noted that Washington Post types still lap up whatever Bob Kerrey feeds them. We followed up with a quick prediction of what we expect from the LJS and OWH. And Don Walton did not disappoint with this utter non-sequitur:

After weeks of Republican opposition focus on his 11 years in New York City, Bob Kerrey told Michael Gerson of the Washington Post: “We need to get to the part where we have a conversation” about entitlement reform.

Just a note school-age kids: you try putting those two clauses together on a term paper and you’ll get a severe frowny face and/or question mark with a -15.


We see Cosmic Bob bought himself a bungalow in “Fairacres”. We don’t have much to add in the way of obvious super-sarcasm, except to say, of course whenever a multi-millionaire buys himself a second house in fly-over country, it is a one-car garage, $200,000 house.

Not exactly a mansion in Regency or a turkey-ranch down by the Platte, eh?


Very interesting piece by The Platte Institute on licensing in Nebraska.

Here’s the gist: there has been continual talk about getting rid of unneeded regulation in this country to spur economic development. The Platters (which they should be calling their softball team) point out that Nebraska has a massive amount of licensing regulations on all sort of low-income, as it were, fields.

Barbers, cosmetologists, title examiners, sign language interpreters are all licensed in such a way that one wonders if it is just another way for the state to pull in some random revenue – as opposed to providing some sort of value or service to consumers.

Barbers, got the comb in that jar of blue-stuff? Check. Now let them cut the damn hair. Because remarkably your mom or that girl down the hall at the dorm doesn’t seem to need any special license to use a scissors and wet comb.

Anyway, it is worth a quick 3 minute read, and hopefully some of your citizen legislators (we are probably looking your way Sen. Lautenbaugh) will take up the cause.


The Lee Terry vs John Ewing matchup, via Don Walton:

* The Cook Political Report last month moved the race from “lean” Republican to “solid” Republican.
* Stuart Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Report is predicting that 44 Republican House seats are in the play this autumn. Terry’s seat is not on Rothenberg’s list.
* Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics rates the race as “safe Republican” in his latest Crystal Ball analysis.

And we will just guess that the Terry camp won’t be “taking it easy” this summer or fall either.
Just a hunch.


Democrat rising star Cory Booker tells the Obama camp to shaddap about Romney and Bain Capital.

Bill Clinton (a’member him?) calls Romney’s record at Bain, “sterling”.

And just for discussion’s sake, the Washington Post runs this little quick rundown on the history of Solyndra and the Obama Administration.

Now we will say this about Bain Capital: couldn’t they have come up with a less-sinister name? Heck they could be running an ice-cream and flower company and they would still freak everyone out with the name “Bain”. While “Solyndra”, on the other hand, could be selling rusty, SARS coated, syringes and you’d still be like, “sure, I’ll take a handful of those”.

And if you don’t think a name matters, just check out how Ayds appetite suppressants are doing these days…


Received this email:

I could not be more grateful for your support over the course of this campaign. Thank you for everything you’ve done on my behalf. While we fell short on election day, we should all be proud of the work we’ve done.

As we move forward, we must now unite around our Republican candidate Deb Fischer, who shares my conservative vision for our country. We also share the same goal of defeating Bob Kerrey in the fall and bringing Nebraska common sense to Washington. I’m proud to stand with Deb in this effort, and hope you will too. I invite you to visit her campaign website:

Thanks again for all you’ve done. God bless.

Warmest wishes,
Jon Bruning


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  1. Bam says:

    You can accuse Bob of slumming’ in Fairacres but it fits with the green mantra of reduce, reuse, recycle. And it’s not like he’s actually going to LIVE there.

  2. Sidwell Friends says:

    Senator Kerrey,

    We have reviewed your son’s application for school this fall. We are confused as to why you list 2 separate residences for yourself and your child. Are you going through a divorce or a separation? Nevertheless,I am pleased to inform you that your son can start here in the fall. Your son’s transcripts and the letter from Senator Reid made this an easy decision for the committee.

    The Headmaster

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Fourth time was a charm I guess.

    Doesn’t Kerrey know it’s risky to flip houses in this market? In any event it’s nice he’s finally shouldering some of the burden of the community even as he seeks to add more. Of course, is it a fair burden for a multimillionaire? Isn’t fairness the new mantra of the old Dems?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jon Bruning is a class act and a model of party loyalty. Say what you want, but the “frat boy” is showing more maturity than his critics would ever be able to muster in similar circumstances.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    Posting here can take a few tries. But. as in all things worth our finesse, I recommend use a bigger hammer and just keep hitting at the damn thing.

    Bob Kerrey looks less liberal when he stands next to Dianne Feinstein. But mostly he just wants the money.

    As for being a hypocrite, he is a liberal Democrat who has been elected in Nebraska. Hypocrisy goes without saying. Of course, normal voters despise such hypocrites. But I dare anyone here to claim Nebraskans are normal voters. Hence, the fun of this blog. Itis like mixing polysci and abnormal psych, heavy on the abnormality.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just checked out the Fairacres area. Judging from the number of cement ponds around there, the Clampetts would feel right at home. The neighborhood watch guy was eyeing my Skittles and fondling his gun. I had to leave before it went off.

  6. Elly May says:

    What you got against liberuls, Lil Mac? There’s more of ’em in Nebrasky than you can shake a stick at. Quit bein’ such an old fuddy dud.

  7. Lil Mac says:

    Liberals are hillbillies with more teeth, cabernet instead of moonshine. The whole welfare and subsidy thing gives the middle finger to the work ethic. From unions to occupiers, their rhetoric is vintage 1914 starvation socialism-speak but their goal is to become like Europeans who work less and bitch more. It is of course a formula for the same collapse that happens to your check book, home and savings when you marry the same kind of idiot. People tend to learn the hard way in both cases. They grow up, divorce the idiot, and start anew.

    Polls suggest Nebraska voters want to divorce the idiot Obama on the assumption that Romney is less fiscally stupid. Since Romney is a successful businessman who is criticized by liberals for being too smart at managing and making money, maybe those rubes in Nebraska are on to something.

    Of course, the assumption is that Obama’s problems in turn hurts Kerrey. Probably. Yet Huskers elected ol’ Bob before, so one never knows for sure,

  8. Anonymous says:

    Romney became a “successful businessman” by guiding his yacht through a sea of working class families’ tears.

  9. Anonymous says:

    So looking forward to the unions taking it on the chin and up the wazoo in both San Diego & Wisconsin.

  10. Anonymous says:

    @ 2:51
    That is SO on my t-shirt at the next Occupy rally.
    I am totally buying you a tofushake for that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Something about liberals. They seem to think wealth is a zero-sum game. Somewhere in “Queer Theory of Capitalism,” Professor Marx must have told them there’s only so much money in this country and the more of it that thems gots, the less of it that’s left over for everyone else to have.

    That’s the only way some of their arguments and thought processes make sense. They’re so hateful toward people who’ve been successful and, gawd forbid, made some money. They think it’s wrong for corporations to (gasp) make a profit. They don’t seem to get the whole idea that, in order for there to be plentiful jobs, it is necessary that businesses be successful. Because, without successful businesses, uh … (go ahead, libs, and fill in the blank.)

    A rising tide floats all boats, eh?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Scott Walker is just another of those bitter clingers. He’s bitterly clinging to a lead in the Wisconsin recall election, haw haw haw. I’m gonna laugh so hard when he wins. And if you’re driving around town tomorrow in a car with an Obama bumper sticker on it and you see someone flipping you off, it’s probably me celebrating Walker’s victory.

  13. Zeppo Marx says:

    Anonymous@9:50 p.m.,
    Not all of us liberals think the way your logic demands that we do. We understand that in a capitalist society like the U.S.A. that people must invest in businesses to make our economy work. When they invest in good, sound businesses that produce valued products or services that people want and need, then they are successful not only financially, but socially and morally. When they provide jobs that give their employees gainful employment and allow them to become consumers of those quality products and services, America remains strong.
    However, when vulture capitalists like Mitt Romney buy up companies just to strip them of their wealth, inflating their own bank accounts and those of their fellow investors, while firing good, hard working employees and sending their families to the poor house, it is immoral and obscene. What vulture capitalists do to those working class people is nothing less damaging to our citizenry than a concerted attack by a foreign enemy. The damage is perhaps even more atrocious because those poor workers are stabbed in the back by those same people that were supposed to HAVE their backs. How can you defend against Quislings? America, and the principles it was founded upon dies.
    When the proletariat eventually rises up, and they will, to reduce their oppressors into ashes, they will have the moral justification for doing so.
    What has changed from the time that America had a thriving economy? Why have those that have, quit investing in America? Why have they turned their backs on Americans? Did all that wealth just vaporize? Is the oil that lubricates prosperity merely an illusion? What is it that has turned our economy into the lethargic beast that it has become? The answer is that the haves have quit investing in the future of the have nots. It will be their undoing.

  14. Zeppo Marx says:

    You wouldn’t like the kind of “help” we’d get, more soldiers to man the ramparts in order to serve the corporate piggies up with apples in their mouths.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Marx, we have not heard your sort of “running dog lackey” verbiage since Leon got an axe in the noggin. Where have you been? Frozen in a gulag? But do please go on. Keep blaming Romney for making and hanging onto money. Because all the voters out of work, and those afraid to invest because they find Barry fiscally inept, maybe they haven’t noticed that China is making and hanging onto money. Good old China, where you earn a bullet for unionizing and asking to vote. A worker’s paradise.

    While you are at it, please write some praises about Kerrey. That should drop him at least another 5 points.

  16. Zeppo Marx says:

    Anonymous Corporatist @ 1:42 AM,
    Call me a Trotskyite if you like, but you didn’t read what I wrote. You just trotted out your old knee-jerk “anything a capitalist does is good” mantra of greed spread by that welfare queen, and renowned hypocrite, Ayn Rand.
    I did not criticize capitalists that go at it in the right way, a way that edifies America and working class Americans. I attacked capitalists that abuse the system, destroying businesses that provide a healthy economy, in order to increase their personal wealth and power. That kind of capitalism reduces all that is good about America to a form of government that will return us to the Dark Ages. The working class, the Have-Nots, shall just become serfs, the property of the corporatists. The Haves, who shall become indistinguishable from the kind of leaders that American revolutionists fought to destroy, will become just another aristocracy.
    I too find “Barry,” as you call him, fiscally inept. But replacing someone that is merely inept with someone that is purely greedy is not an answer; it is a nightmare. The economy isn’t driven by the choices made by the POTUS, it is driven by the market. Wall Street’s greed and ineptitude, and those corporate capitalists that you love so much, are responsible for the mess we’re in. Mitt Romney would unleash that pack of running dogs to further reduce us all into slavery. Well, maybe not you, as you must be one of them, or you are in your fantasies.

  17. Chico says:

    Zeppo, you’re just mad Groucho was a tightwad and wouldn’t share the wealth with you. What’s smarts fo you?

  18. Just Observing says:

    Kudo’s to Jon Bruning, a really classy guy!!
    His support and work, on behalf of the election of Deb Fischer to the US Senate, will be needed in attaining the goal of moving America away from the path to a European-like nanny state. Now will the Republicans?? at INTERESTING OBSERVER join in endorsing Deb Fischer, or will they continue to rant and whine about an investment that Deb’s father-in-law made nearly 50 years ago???

  19. CC Music Factory says:

    Mr. Marx (and you’re no Zeppo, you’re Karl),

    So YOU get to decide who’s doing things the ‘right’ way? Sounds a lot like the failed policies of this administration, attempting to pick the winners and losers in the marketplace based on an idea of doing things the ‘right’ way. Saw how well that worked for Solyndra, didn’t we?

    Bain Capital wouldn’t be in the business it’s in if companies were run the right way, and didn’t offer more for the dollar by liquidating assets because those that run the company didn’t run it properly to see a profit. They are the proper method of redistribution, because that money is put back into owners/shareholders hands to reinvest elsewhere, in companies that ARE showing promise. And yet we are supposed to feel for the workers, because they feel the most pain behind it? While I feel some sympathy for them, the best advice for anyone in that situation is to hike up your bootstraps and find other work. Point blank, may not be pretty, but that’s what many have needed to do, including more in a post Obama-election world. The ‘recovery’ has been very tenuous exactly for that point, and the long-term unemployment rates have gone up during this time. The unemployment rate quoted is one that has gone down a little because people planly stopped looking, not because a lot more were re-entering the workforce. The jobs numbers from last month essentially showed what a lot of economists that don’t buy the shtuff out of the WH have been saying all along… that this is a tepid recovery, built on smoke-and-mirrors of government spending, and earnings boosts from layoffs, and that once those boosts had run out, we would start to see the double-dip… and that’s exactly where we’re headed. We NEED Romney in the WH, to put the power of the economy back in the private sectors hands, and to begin to actually loosen the government’s reins. Like him or not, Romney certainly appears a LOT more fiscally conservative on a governmental level, and that’s what we need at this time.

  20. Whatever says:

    Talk about getting all pissy. First you all get snarky that Kerrey will never buy a house. Then when he does, you get all snarky that’s it’s apparently not good enough. Of course, I’m sure you were all much harder on Johanns when he took several months to buy a place, and it was basically an apartment, while he kept his $1.5 Million home in Arlington, VA as his primary residence. Whatever.

  21. Zeppo Marx says:

    CCMF, So YOU get to decide who’s doing things the ‘right’ way?
    I love it! You get pissed at me because I want the world to be run the way I believe is right. But then you turn right around and insist that it must be done the way YOU want it to be. See any hypocrisy there, Fogarty?
    As I implied before, the economy in America is driven by capitalists. The POTUS has a little bit of say in it, but it is those that have money that make the machine work. It is far too obvious that the corporate capitalists have either been sitting on it, putting it into Swiss bank accounts, and not investing in America, or they have invested foolishly in smoke and mirrors. If that’s the case, you say we should put them in charge of everything? You’re a fool.

  22. Anonymostly says:

    So, Professor Marx, what you’re saying is that all those companies that the “vulture capitalist” Mitt Romney bought out when he was with Bain Capital were healthy and profitable businesses that were doing just great on their own and then Bain came along and, what, forced them to sign over the business at gunpoint so that Romney could then sell off the businesses piece by piece?

    If the business is profitable, why would they sell it off in parts rather than keeping it going? I mean, if it’s making money and all? I don’t get that part. If Romney’s greedy and after money, then wouldn’t it make more sense to keep profitable businesses going and making money? It would be like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs for him to destroy a money-making business by selling it off piece by piece. Why would he do that?

    I agree. If what you say is true, that sounds awful.

  23. Anonymostly says:

    Wait, Professor Marx, I’m not sure you’re right about what “vulture capitalist” Mitt Romney was up to with Bain. I mean, I just did some independent study and discovered that, well, Bain owns a lot of companies that haven’t just been sold off for scrap like you said. I mean, Burger King still exists and I know people still work there because I got a Whopper there on the way to your class. (Then heard another whopper from you during class.) Oh, and Guitar Center. They still exist. Gymboree, Clear Channel Communications, Houghton Mifflin publishers, Staples, Sports Authority, Dominos Pizza, etc. etc. etc.

    I also read that, before Bain started buying these companies, they were a consluting firm that went around helping other companies figure out how they could operate better. And they used that knowledge to try to improve the companies they bought. Y’know, help them run better. At least that’s what my independent study indicated. Where did you come up with this notion that all Mitt Romney did at Bain was to dispossess workers of their jobs by buying the businesses they worked for and then sell those businesses for scrap? I mean, that’s not what I’ve read.

  24. CC Music Factory says:

    Karl Marx,

    I’m saying let the private sector, aka the market, decide who’s running things the ‘right’ way. I don’t want to decide. What Obama’s failed policies have done is allow the gubmint to decide who is good and bad in the private sector, and pick winners. i don’t want to pick winners and losers in the marketplace, and most people I know don’t want to either. I’ve been against stimulus from the beginning (yes, including when Bush had his hand in it before he left office), and was against the bailouts of the automobile companies and the financial companies. The companies would have been much better off to either go through liquidation or restructuring without help. Let the free market decide and get out the gubmint out of the business of meddling in private business.

  25. Zeppo Marx says:

    You know what they call buying a company that was successful, bought by Bain, and dissolved because there was more profit in firing all the help and selling the office furniture? Vulture capitalism. If you’re on the receiving end of that, it hurts like hell. I know because it happened to me and a lot of other employees.
    Our employer was a good person who felt that keeping hundreds of people employed so that they could support their families was more important than the bottom line. It was a small business that was trying to grow bigger, but got too successful too fast and needed financial help. Someone like Bain came in a gobbled them up just to eliminate the competition. Those bastards didn’t give a damn about what happened to us. They just need to buy bigger yachts.
    So now I suppose you’ll tell me I should have learned to build yachts.

  26. Zeppo Marx says:

    I won’t share that with you RWP, for the same reasons 99% of the people that post here on Leavenworth Street, including the Street Sweeper himself, chose to remain anonymous. But any of you that would deny that such a thing happens are just being useful tools of your corporate masters. Yes, even university professors, can be that, when their research is ultimately funded by corporations. By the way, RWP, how much has your department profited from doing research on Haliburton’s behalf?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Johanns living out of state as a US Secretary of Agriculture is the same as Kerrey living out of state employed by a private school in New York ONLY if being a Secretary of Agriculture from Nebraska is meaningless to Nebraska voters. Is Nebraska an agricultural state? If it is, then your argument begs voters to elect the Rancher. You and Zippy Marx seem determined to convince every liberal urban Democrat to vote for Kerrey and Barry.

    Latte hillbillies. Hear that lefthanded banjo a pickin’? It picks for you.

  28. RWP says:

    Zeppo: you’re full of it up the gums, and it’s leaking out. You don’t need to reveal your identity to tell us the name of the company, since by your own assertion it had hundreds of employees.

    Go tell your fairy tales somewhere else.

    And, FWIW, I know of no one at UNL, let alone in my Department, who does research for Halliburton.

  29. Anonymous says:

    And now OPS is on Drudge with the superintendent issue! Way to go Freddie, just pick a liberal and move forward…….. What a joke OPS is, or at least the board. I wish Lautenbaugh had gotten his law passed. Oh well we will just have to live through the GOP victories in Wisconsin and San Diego.

  30. Macdaddy says:

    Um, Zeppo, the company you worked for was in trouble. It needed financial help. The whole schtick about caring more about the employees than the bottom line was perhaps well-intentioned, but still delusional. The competition buying the company was only the means of death. It did not lead to its demise. While your situation sucks for you and your fellow employees, “vulture capitalism” had nothing to do with it. Inept management did. Your boss could have been Mother Teresa, it was still losing money. Hopefully you didn’t lose your job during the Obama economy so you had a shot at finding another one.

  31. Zeppo Marx says:

    If I told you the company, RWP, it wouldn’t take you too long to figure out my real world identity, and I’d prefer not to do that. It is my right to maintain my privacy. You are an asshole for insisting that I do otherwise.
    The problem the company encountered is that it bid on two very big jobs and won both of them. It just didn’t have enough capital to handle it alone. So the vultures swept in, and rather than lending a helping hand to keep the business afloat, they picked it clean. They hid their true identities behind a shelter corporation so that our boss didn’t know they were really just the competition seeking to shut him down.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    Your boss was an idiot and got greedy. You guys were living on borrowed time. Why would you think it was anybody else’s responsibility to make up for his shortcomings? BTW, what did your boss do with the money he made from the sale of the company?

  33. RWP says:

    Sure, Zeppo. And it’s my right not to believe you.

    If I had two big jobs and not enough cash, I’d borrow, not sell equity. Show a lender the contracts and negotiate a loan. The only way you’re going to lose control of the business is if you sell more than 50% equity. Which is, in effect, selling the business.

    Implausible to the point of being incredible. Sorry. that’s the downside of posting unverifiable stories on the net. You can think me an asshole; I think you a liar. The way you fling about unsubstantiated accusations, e.g. about Halliburton and UNL, already marks you as a liar. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Halliburton) So in an odd way we’re even.

  34. Jimmy Winter says:

    @at 3:18 + @at 4:31 + @at 8:51

    Not trying to get embroiled in an argument here as I’m busy with my own small business to run but just want to set the record straight that Matt Samp doesn’t work for us at VoterTide.


  35. Anonymostly says:

    Zeppo says: “Our employer was a good person who felt that keeping hundreds of people employed so that they could support their families was more important than the bottom line.”

    And you say the guy’s out of business now, eh? I’m shocked! SHOCKED!

  36. Lil Mac says:

    When a liberal is at a loss for a rational retort, they call you gay. Every poll on the matter shows skin flute players are strongly drawn to the Democratic Party. Fine with me. As long as I don’t have to subsidize it with my taxes, toot away. There are gays in the GOP but, gay or straight, iconoclasm and emotional displays are frowned upon by conservatives because, well, they are conservative. You just don’t see many assless chaps worn at GOP conventions. It is the Social Liberal Democrats who brag about their moral relativism, that they frame as fairness, which so strongly attracts iconoclasts who wish to be seen as such. If you don’t believe me, just ask Bob. He attends the NYC gay parades and is out in San Fran right now humping bucks from that bunch. If you find a standard three piece business suit there, it is being worn by an incestuous dwarf with a vibrating butt plug.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hey, how can even bigger tax cuts + more defense spending going to decrease the deficit and debt?

    Bush league math.

  38. Anonymous says:

    RWP, on the previous thread where anonymous apologized to you? … actually it wasn’t the same anonymous. The apologizer was actually me. I figured since I post as anonymous, that I was free to apologize on behalf of anonymous. Now, the point of my apology was actually to poke a little fun at the anonymous with whom you were arguing. Notice how I said something to the effect that I would continue to believe what I believed even though the support for it was shown not to exist. That was done on purpose to kind of poke fun at those who hold strongly to their feelings even in the face of proof that they’re wrong. I thought it was kinda funny.

    But the really funny thing about my apology was who was most surprised that someone had apologized. There’s only one other person on earth (besides perhaps street sweeper) who would know that someone pretending to be them apologized to you. And note who posted after my apology with a “WTF just happened?” response? Aha! I would suggest that the person who acted so surprised was the very person who knew that it was a different anonymous who had apologized. So, the same person who couldn’t get their data straight about Wisconsin jobless rates now claims that they were left jobless due to a “vulture” capitalist (whom, the story changed, was actually NOT a “vulture” capitalist but a competitor attempting to drive his employer out of business.)

    And this person called you an asshole for not believing their story.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Again, some people are off their meds. I admitted making a mistake on the numbers I had posted, but not on the theme of my post. Wisconsin has the worst jobs data of any state. And I’m not Zeppo.

  40. Anonymostly says:

    Permit me to gloat about the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Recall vote. Bwahahahahahahahaha.

    Major stompage. Hopefully this will embolden jelly-spined, semi-conservative legislatures around the country (Nebraska cough cough) to pass similar legislation to reign in out-of-control public employee unions. Since Omaha and Lincoln city governments, for example, can’t seem to act responsibly on behalf of their citizens vis-a-vis the unions, then the legislature should take some of the decision-making out of their hands.

    On Wiscosin, On Wisconsin, plunge right through that line of union rabble rousers!

  41. RWP says:

    The notable thing about Wiscosin is that Walker is up by 11% with 83% in, yet the MSM said, based on exit polls, that it was too close to call.

    They lie. And when they say Obama leads Romney in WI, they lie.

  42. Anonymostly says:

    Apparently, the WI Lt Gov gave a sort of acceptance speech in which she took a little shot at all those Madison protesters by saying, “Now THIS is what democracy looks like!”

    Yep, I think they ought to gloat a bit.

  43. Anonymostly says:

    And, in other happy news, even Chris Matthews now admits Obama screwed the pooch on Keystone XL. “No one even remembers what the environmental cost was supposed to be” but we’ve lost out on tangible JOBS.

    For as much credit as Obama gets as a campaigner, he seems a bit politically tone deaf, don’t you think? I mean, an ad with the editor of Vogue acting all elite and snobbish while a new (bad) jobs report hits the news. Bad optics. Baaaaad.

  44. RWP says:

    Walker 9% up with 92% in. Stomp, stomp, stomp.

    ‘Too close to call’. Remember this, when the MSM reports the election in November. Oh yeah, Obama leads in Wisconsin.

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