Brad Ashford to announce for Omaha Mayor; Kerrey not that interested in Senate

Ashford, separated at birth from Ed Begley, Jr.

At around 9:00pm on Tuesday evening, we heard that state Senator Brad Ashford will announce tomorrow, in some fashion, that he is running for Mayor of Omaha in 2013.

This isn’t exactly news. We noted back in February that he was going to run, that there have been names tossed around to run his campaign, etc. But this is reportedly sort of an official thing.

But who knows what an Ashford campaign will look like. He carried water for Mayor Jim Suttle in his recall battle. He wouldn’t let a bill out of his legislative committee that could have slowed down the no-firing-gays ordinance. So he is Jim Suttle without the engineering background?

Then on the righter side of the menu you most likely have Dave Nabity. Probably Jean Stothert. And then who knows who else? We always hear former City Councilman Dan Welch’s name tossed around, but we have no idea of his interest level. And there are probably others.

But no time like the present to start waging more political battles. It’s just like dividing out Pi…

Hey man, stop hassling Bob Kerrey man! You know he is only moving back to Nebraska for YOUR own good? Yeah that’s right. Why, he isn’t even INTERESTED in running for U.S. Senate. Let him tell it:

Between sips of an iced latte at a Starbucks in Omaha..

(Boy, we hope that wasn’t a Grande, or his hometown New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg will be coming after Kerrey!)

(…Kerrey said…) “I’m not running because I need to be a senator. In fact, I barely want to be.”

Well now.

So he hasn’t lived in Nebraska for 12 years. He doesn’t want to be (barely!) Nebraska’s Senator. And he disagrees with most Nebraskans on basic voting issues (ObamaCare, abortion, taxes.)

Bob Kerrey: He doesn’t want you. You don’t want him. Perfect.


And on the Senate front, the New York Times (as opposed to the York News Times) had a relatively nice piece on Republican Senate nominee Deb Fischer.

Read the whole thing here.

We will say that we chuckled at a few things.

One, the tone of the piece seemed to be  going for some sort of, “oh that Deb Fischer is bull-headed and likes things her way!” Which is comical considering she has to work in a legislative body and count votes. It’s not an executive position. If she can’t build a consensus nothing happens. And she HAS been successful.

But the other one was WHO they got to speak out against her.

Remember a month or less ago when Politico was getting some post-campaign comments? Well they got this from state Senator Danielle Conrad:

“(She is) one of the most talented and effective senators … in the history of the body. It’s fair to say Sen. Fischer is well-respected. I think that she’s quite competent and done a good job recognizing and advocating on behalf of the parochial interests of her district.”

Oh, but no doubt someone grabbed Conrad by the collar and gave her a Cory Booker-style scolding (when the Democrat Mayor left the Obama reservation, then had to “adjust” his comments the next day).

So now, Conrad tells the NYT:

“Nebraska voters, my constituents, are sick and tired of the kind of dysfunctional politics that we see coming from Washington, D.C., and they want senators to act more in a nonpartisan manner,” Ms. Conrad said. “I don’t know if Senator Fischer has the ability to do that.”

Gee nice 180 there Senator. (And at this point we will cease any further erratic driving analogies regarding Senator Conrad.)


And speaking of flipping, who comes to Bob Kerrey’s defense regarding his residence of the past 12 years?

Your favorite new Democrat hugger, Chuck Hagel.

“It’s a joke to say he’s not a real Nebraskan and he’s a carpetbagger,” Hagel, who didn’t seek re-election in 2008, said in an interview. “Come on. This is a guy who is Nebraska through and through.”

Chuck Hagel coming to the defense of a liberal Democrat? Oh my! The room is spinning! Let us level ourselves and get a drink of water…


We don’t want to really get into the whole deal with the OPS and Nancy Sebring’s emails and all that. But if you haven’t read them — and there really is no reason to — at least know that what was in the OWH was massively edited. Yes, they were pretty sexually graphic. If you’re just itching to know now, The Smoking Gun has them, and it was linked on the Drudge Report for all the world to read.

But really, what kind of sucks (no pun intended!) for her is that her only real problem in all of this was that she used her work email on her iPad instead of using Gmail. Even if her affair was discovered, would that have forced her to resign? We sort of doubt it. So instead it is just that the world got to see her sexual exploits played out in public. Yeesh.


Hey, it looks like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker pulled a Jim Suttle. Won his recall by pretty much the same amount as his last election.

Suttle may have deserved to be recalled, but it may go to prove that unless you can point to a very specific action for someone’s recall, you aren’t going to change voters’ minds. Interesting.

Of course many see way more ramifications in Wisconsin. For the national parties. And candidates. Hmm.


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  1. RWP says:

    Depends how you count. In reality at least three, but one was pled down to dangerous driving, and in the most recent, she (like any lawyer would) refused the chemical test.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    The Kerrey comment about him barely caring to be a Senator, I think isn’t nearly as telling as this from the same article… “All taken together, it’s a tough race,” said Kerrey, 68, who lamented that he has been unable to raise much money from the types of donors who get behind an expected victor. “At the moment, it’s not likely that anybody who’s going to contribute to me says: ‘I’m going to contribute to him because I think he’s going to win.’”

    This is politics. Money talks. It is apparenly whispering to Bob… “get out”.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Lil Mac, what’s amazing is that the Democrats in this state continue to misread the electorate so badly. I’ll give Kerrey a pass since he hasn’t lived here in 12 years but did he really not talk to a Republican during his decision-making to get a different perspective? Did he not hear that Nelson got booed at a restaurant after he voted for Obamacare? He really thought the money would be there? Didn’t he realize that $4 million he got last year was supposed to be spent on the election? You really have to wonder sometimes: is Kerrey that obtuse or is something else of a medical nature going on? The actions of his fellow Democrats are reassuring to me that Kerrey is just as obtuse as they are.

  4. Deafening Silence says:

    Conservatives in this state basically run as who they are and what they really believe. Liberals in this state (not named Ernie Chambers) do the opposite. They don’t want voters to know who they are or what they really believe. Otherwise, they’d never get elected. Just ask Ben Nelson.

  5. CC Music Factory says:

    Mac –

    RWP and I had that conversation on a thread the other day. Something else is going on in this campaign. It has to be. Even if Kerrey hasn’t been around, Johnson has been running Nelson’s campaigns since Kerrey left. Why do you come out in the opening days of the campaign, and admit to supporting same-sex marriage (even if you try to tie it to Dick Cheney’s stance on the issue) and then come out and say you’re going to raise taxes as part of your efforts to balance the budget? Whether that’s what you’re going to do or not, those aren’t ideas that are going to play well in the state, except to those that would have voted for you anyway.

    Then you have fundraisers with, and take money from, some of the most liberal elites across the country? To prove… what? How exactly is that going to show people in Nebraska that you’re in touch with them?

    The fact that Kerrey has come out so strongly for ideas that are the antithesis of what a vast majority of this state represents… it just feels like he and Johnson are almost deliberately trying to tank the election. Either that, or Johnson has just horribly mismanaged the campaign that badly, or not gotten Kerrey shut up quick enough. Regardless, these aren’t the type of errors that you would have expected. It’s no wonder the people they might have expected to back them haven’t put any money up. They haven’t seen anything that would prove he’s worth it.

    If they don’t start selling better than this, it’s going to be a long summer for the Dems in Nebraska regarding this race, and an awfully short night in November before calling it for Deb. Not that I have ANY problem with that, just not what I expected, and I’m not willing to trust what meets the eye right now, because I don’t trust these guys… at all.

    It really does make one wonder… maybe they were just THAT illprepared to meet Fischer in the general, and it’s caught them that offguard that they just don’t know what to do, so they’re running with the same playboook they were going to run with Bruning or Stenberg. That might have played against guys with bigger liabilities, but they haven’t found anything close to such a liability with Fischer. And that might be the story. They can’t play the negative game they were going to play… and don’t really know what to do or how to handle it.

  6. What About Chuck? says:

    Chuck Hassebrock, who got viciously screwed over by Bob Kerrey and the Nebraska Democrat Party must be very depressed to know now that he got thrown overboard by a guy who really doesn’t have his heart in the job enought to enthusiaticlly get out and work his ass off for the job.

    Poor Chuck.

    P.S. Am I the only poster here who has to re-type and re-hit the submit button before it actually will post?

  7. Anonymous says:

    San Diego and San Jose get it! Public Unions have been put on a diet, and the citizens did it NOT the politicians. Maybe Kaminiski should have gone out west instead of up north:) then again what would it have mattered. Now we need to get ballot initiatives on the Ballot here in Nebraska. Let’s put AFSME on notice that they don’t drive this state!

  8. Goober Natorial says:

    Chuck Hassebrook was not screwed over by the Nebraska Dems or Bob Kerrey. Chuck is relaxing somewhere right now thinking “Thank your chosen deity that they convinced Bob Kerrey to run for Senate instead. Suckers.” You think Mike Meister didn’t have better things to do than waste his time pretending to run for Governor two years ago? These guys got pressured to take one for the team, except with Kerrey it was probably more an appeal to his ego.

    Speaking of taking one for the team, how are things going at the “Reimann for Congress” camp? (And, when I say “camp” I mean complete with tents and Occupy signs.)

  9. RWP says:


    You should give this all the deference properly due to armchair amateur psychological analysis, but I have noticed that Kerrey seems to exhibit most of the symptoms of high-functioning antisocial personality disorder. Sociopath, in other words. His friendships are transient and many of the people who worked with him for long periods say they never felt they knew him. He has a longstanding, apparently incurable habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, as if he simply has no innate sense of how he comes across. Early accounts of his political career say he started with no clue at all of how to work a room, and essentially ‘learned’ it. Without dragging up the Vietnam thing again, he does not seem to have a sense of guilt; his primary reaction to Vietnam was rage at having his foot shot off. (Fair enough; he has good reason to be angry.) He has a penchant for blaming others. He is unpredictable, erratic and irritable. He lies, admires good liars, and changes his story frequently to fit the situation. And on the positive side, it’s hard to argue he isn’t fearless.

    Highly intelligent sociopaths learn to conceal their sociopathy, and are smart enough to avoid the sort of petty, impulsive, self-interested criminality that gets run of the mill sociopaths in trouble.

    I think he is, as he always has been, in it for the money. The Senate salary is a pittance compared with the up-front payoff last year. I think he spoke the truth; he really doesn’t much care if he’s elected. He’ll probably hate to lose, but much less so if he doesn’t try very hard.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Snowplow is a seriously fractured person. She has very few friends in the legislature, more people detest her and her politics. She is just like the lops in Wisconsin who made all the fuss and still lost but caused a lot of money to be spent. Liberalism is on the downhill slide and it is long overdue. Time for Americans to stand up and throw out bad politicians and put good laws on the books to tame what Libs have done to this country the past 20 years!

  11. CC Music Factory says:

    RWP – I was having a conversation about the Vietnam incident with someone on the Lincoln daily rag site the other day, and went back and tracked down the old articles. It was interesting to read that, supposedly ‘off the record’, he made commentary to the NY Times reporters about a deal he had with the gentleman whose report of the incident differed from his, and how it was ‘every man for himself’, and implied that the gentleman was telling the tale for some other reason that to be telling it. In other words, ‘he’s lying, it’s his fault’, laying the blame off on others just as you stated above. Agreed, not to rehash the incident itself, but certainly his commentary surrounding the reporting of it seems to follow the exact pattern you’re stating, as does the commentary SS reported above. While the quote goes on so that he can make himself appear selfless, why would you even contemplate phrasing it in the manner above? Just doesn’t make sense. (I had someone try and tell me that the incident had been fully investigated, and I thought I had read that the investigation was very minimal, and wanted to check to make sure I had read that correctly.)

    Again… will be an interesting summer.

  12. RWP says:


    You can get the ebook version of Vistica’s “The Education of Lieutenant Kerrey” on Amazon. Vistica, who did the NY Times and CBS news story, came to the conclusion Kerrey was manipulating him. Aside from a full analysis of the evidence about the Thanh Phong massacre, it’s well worth reading for other snippets about Bob’s career, that you certainly won’t read in the Nebraska media.

  13. Kerry for NYC Mayor says:

    So now Brad Ashford wants to be mayor claiming that “we just need to go another direction”. What direction is that? Suttle wants higher taxes, gun control and more regulations…so does Brad. Suttle has a liberal voting record…so does Brad.

    I guess the new “direction” Brads wants has more to do with Brad then it does the policies governing Omaha. Brad must think very highly of himself but then again, don’t we have the same problem with Obama?

    Not sure why Omaha would want to replace one bad politician with another…

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Armchair psychology can be dicey, mainly because the textbooks are so full of crap. There’s a lot of wishful thinking in there that people will fit into those categories. I’m more reminded of Blood Diamond: So Mr. Archer, in your experience as a journalist, do you think people are inherently good or inherently bad? Archer: I think they’re just people.

    The gay porn star cannibal fits into the sociopath category, though. I think that would be a win for the textbook writers.

  15. Gary and Ace says:

    Suttle already has the LGBT vote Brad, go find your own voting subgroup.

    PS We have the cyclists too!!!

  16. Dude says:

    The ole bird fondler is having a tantrum over there at Rejected Conservative. He castigates the Gov and Party for not being more prepared for the influx of Ron Paul rabble rousers, and in the next breath he hopes the new blood is welcomed to the Party by the establishment types and that the Paulers are important to the process. Massive contradiction, anyone? He then continues to post the internet missives of a Ron Paul/Libertarian organizer, who herself admits to being an NEGOP county official. Huh? This whole thing makes my head hurt.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Will Deb represent Nebraskans or the new republican party? Unfortunately, by signing Norquist’s pledge, we know she won’t be representing real Nebraskans, just the crazy tea party branch of the GOP.

    Her plan is simply this: the care and feeding of the super rich. She hasn’t learned the lessons of the Bush administration. If giving the super rich MORE taxcuts created a strong economy and jobs, we would have seen it by now and unfortunately we saw the opposite. 

    Signing Norquist’s pledge is a disqualifer. The only pledge any elected official should make is to the US Constitution. We don’t need another person in the senate that thinks compromise is a dirty word. We have witnessed first hand what happens when congress is polarized: the American people get screwed.

    She will sign on to Ryan/Romney plan that will explode the deficit and the debt. You can’t increase defense spending, cut taxes heavily benefitting the rich, then expect to balance the budget and pay down the debt. The only way to do it is to increase middle class taxes by decreasing or eliminating tax deductions or credits, and gutting Social Security and Medicare.

    Fischer doesn’t want Nebraskans to learn her positions. When Nebraskans do lern them, she’ll lose big.

    Also, we know what programs she won’t cut: the ones she gets. She benefits from the largess of taxpayers. Her ranch gets taxpayer monies in the form subsidies and grazing privileges on federal lands. Not sure how this fits in her ideology, but her party will over look it.

  18. RWP says:

    Among the signatories of Norquist’s pledge in the 112th Congress is one E. Benjamin Nelson, and yet you can bet this hypocrite voted for him, and probably campaigned for him.

  19. Goober Natorial says:

    “Tom” should have waited a week before posting that, then, because his old buddy Bill Clinton is now saying that, in this recessionary economy, we need to extend Bush’s tax cuts.

  20. Goober Natorial says:

    Speaking of liberals in Nebraska who don’t want voters to know what they really believe, how about that Ken Haar fella? Think his voters realise what a screwball leftist he really is?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing dumb liberals rail for higher taxes on the rich! Get a clue. We are the ones paying taxes.

    I’m tired of paying for some else’s retirement, health care, and public education. I’ve planned for my old age, it was hard sometimes but it was a priority. I was not born rich but I made great grades, borrowed private money for college, and got a job at a CPA firm. I set a BUDGET and lived with in it. I drove a crappy car for years until I could AFFORD one. I didn’t let my expenses get over my income. It’s not hard. I never expected anyone to help me.

    I have no kids but I have to pay for yours. How about paying me for not having kids? I dont get a dependent deduction, child care credit, and all the other kid related credits, so me and thousands of Americans who don’t have kids have to pay with my taxes and property taxes for your kids to go to school, kick a ball, ride a bus. Just yesterday I was at an amusement park and a kid, who could afford to get in the park and is obviously well cared for, asked me for a dollar (future liberal). I told him firmly “No!”.

    Don’t even get me started on charitible deductions.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Listening to Ashford on Becka’s show….and Im thinking Suttle is the safer/saner choice between the two

  23. RWP says:

    Deena Winter is now reporting Bob Kerrey’s supporting marijuana legalization. If only he’d done that 5 years ago, at New School, he probably wouldn’t have been so unpopular there!

  24. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous at 4:45 PM, If you don’t like paying for other people’s “retirement, health care, and public education” as well as “dependent deduction, child care credit, and all the other kid related credits” and “kids to go to school, kick a ball, ride a bus”, then how do you feel about paying for other people to graze their cows on public lands for almost nothing?

  25. Zeppo Marx says:

    Anonymous @ 4:45 pm,
    RWP and I insist that you tell us where you worked as a CPA. And please provide documentation that proves you never had any kids, not just skipped out on your child support payments. Otherwise you are a liar!

  26. Lil Mac says:

    Mostly sensible words here today. The Liberals must be driving home from Wisconsin.

    Does it really matter which pathology is responsible for Kerrey being a destructive force in government policy and university executive management? It is not like we need to find a cure for it.

    I agree, what Kerrey is doing makes no sense. His professors already said that about him. He might be running for cash to GOTV. Or maybe he has an elegant strategy working below our radars. Fischer must assume he is that smart. I don’t have to. On the surface, he’s toast. And the concreteness of the elements working against him do seem unusually solid.

    For example, being down normally lets one play pathetic underdog. But Bob’s electability is all about Credibility/Strength-despite- Liberalism. If he is seen as weak, undignified, unable as a SEAL to beat up a girl, or worse, a SEAL who beats up a girl, his Liberal record then rises in that vacuum to become reason to reject him. Bob needs Deb to be stupid. So far, by not rising to his bait ala debates, she’s acting senatorial and he’s whining.

  27. Anonymous says:

    5:22. You liar. Grieving parents don’t hide their names in blogs. And they don’t say “my kid” when they refer to their dead child. Pride and patriotism is something hate-embracing people like you misuse to your karmic peril. What goes around comes around. Wishing for slit throats and acting like your own children are dead, is a cosmically dangerous thing. You damn others to death for having a different policy opinion than yours. That is Un-American. And, years from now, when life crashes down on you with crippling pain and loss, as happens, your vile love of hate will have helped you earn that.

  28. Anonymous says:

    So Lil Mac is going after Kerrey’s war record? I hope you have one or shut up. War is hell and unless you serve, serve in a war under extreme danger, shut up.

    Anonymous @5:22 your kid was a man, and one that I have extreme respect for. I am sorry for your loss. I fully support our military members. My commentary was about me being taxed for benefits I’ll never receive. I was a brat myself, Chunute AFB. and graduated HS on the Academy in CoSpgs.

    And Zeppo, it’s anonymous for a reason. Maybe you should asks questions of child support to the fathers of kids we have to support. In fact, I would like that every mother of these kids should by law have to tell who the father is as a condition of welfare, then go after those deadbeat jerks. If they can’t pay, they go to prison where they should have to pick up trash, or some other type of work to pay us back. I am tired of supporting deadbeats.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 5:54 PM, You don’t get to decide how I refer to my kid and you damned sure aren’t getting my real name out of me. Who appointed you the decider of how others express themselves? You’re a worthless, self-serving s.o.b. that hates the fact that you are a “self made man” on the shoulders of thousands that allowed you be so. Don’t you dare drive on the streets that others built, don’t call the police that others help pay for, if your house is burning, go get a damn hose!

  30. RWP says:

    Problem is, half the people in this country don’t pay a cent for National Defense, and the rich pay a disproportionate fraction of police and fire department salaries. If you pay far less than it costs to protect you from fire and criminals and foreign invaders, what gives you the right to castigate those who pay more than their share? If you value public services so much, go get a second job so you can pay a more tax.

  31. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, what do you mean that “half the people in this country don’t pay a cent for National Defense”?

    Doesn’t almost everybody in the country buy something during the day, week, month and year? Doesn’t that money go to other people who provide those goods and services and to the businesses and corporations that also provide those same goods and services and don’t those people, businesses and corporations pay salaries and taxes to provide those goods and services?

    Isn’t the economy based on all those sales, cumulatively? So, therefore, just because a person of modest income or wealth might not happen to directly pay a state or federal income tax, they do pay lots of state and local sales taxes as well as some excise taxes as well as “their share” of the taxes directly paid by the people, businesses and corporations.

    Aren’t most police and fire department salaries local expenses that are paid from local sales tax and local real estate tax? Again, don’t people of modest income and wealth pay those taxes, even if they pay rent to a property owner who, in turn, pays the real estate tax with that rent income?

  32. Interested Observer says:

    I’m a conservative Republican rancher and don’t appreciate being called retarded, fiscally or otherwise. Please be considerate.

  33. Anonymous says:

    RWP, The rich might pay more taxes, but usually a lower percentage of what they make. Those on the bottom of the heap suffer the taxes they pay much more so than those on the top. The ones on the top also benefit much more from all the public services than the poorer ones do.
    As for the National Defense, the blood price paid by the children of the poor is far greater than that paid by the wealthy. It is just as it was during the old days, the starving serfs die fighting for the King while he fills his belly on beef, living the life of luxury.
    You’ll never get me to cry for the rich bastards that have to pay more taxes than the poor.

  34. Paula says:

    Maybe we shouldn’t demonize one another. Stick to the substance, the policy, but the tone is set by the site in the ridicous way they attempt to insult, degrade, and dehumanize democratic politicians. And yet I fell strangely drawn to this site for the comments.

    We should be discussing what Fischer and Kerrey want to do. The other stuff is basically noise, a distraction.

    The real question is do want to privatize Social Security and Medicare? And, isn’t privatizing them essentially the same as Obamacare? We will still be mandated to pay into it.

    What are we going to do about TBTF bankers? They are so big that even their management can’t effective manage their risks, let alone regulators.

    How much should we spend on defense? Defense spending is our largest expense item.

    What’s the appropriate size and role of government?

    Let the mocking commence.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    A person of modest means will not have a large house or pay a lot of rent, so they are paying less than a rich person who owns a large house. The rich person and the person of modest means each get only one vote, but the rich person pays more for the right to have a fire truck show up at his house or to drive on the roads. In Nebraska, the rich person also pays way more in income taxes than the person of modest means even if they avoid higher property taxes by living in a less expensive house, a la Bob Kerrey and Warren Buffett. He still gets only one vote. Democrats call this unfair because the rich person should be paying even more than he is, unless he supports Democrats. Then it’s OK to be rich and not pay your taxes.

  36. TexasAnnie says:

    Macdaddy: When my family was summoned to Nebraska to pay state income and sales taxes in lieu of the corporate taxes (under guise of “economic development”) which otherwise should have been collected, there were more tax brackets and the brackets were more steeply progressive than they are in Nebraska today. Republican or Democrat, rich or poor, there’s no justification for establishing a state policy whereby the tax burden is shifted from one taxing category to another as Nebraskans did in the late 1980’s. It’s using people as a means to your end rather than as an end unto themselves, and this practice is decidedly unethical.

    Anonymous at 12:13 AM: Macdaddy’s point is well taken with regard to the property tax, a local tax which supports public services such as firetrucks.

    Paula: You’ll get no “mocking” from me! Privatizing SS could work. Certainly in my family’s experience, private estate planning has worked out better than SS would have. However, Medicare is a horse of a different color. Nationally, we already spend so much on public health care initiatives (more than merely Medicare and Medicaid!) that making the leap to health care plans for everyone is the logical next step. Unfortunately, those already getting public health care benefits are lackadaisical about admitting their good fortune; and often too greedy to share the wealth (old farts usually!). Too big to fail has failed every man, woman and child in America!!! And what has been done to avoid it’s disastrous effects in the future? Nothing! A Romney presidency will not change that any more than Obama has. There was a time when I believed that government should “get out of the way and let business do business.” But 2008 demonstrated a desperate need for federal banking regulations and thus, the underlying fallacy of deregulation. I enjoy your tone and honest attempt to communicate…

  37. Interested Observer says:

    What about a rancher who often pays more in real estate tax than what they have left over for their own family living expenses? The rancher who “gets” to pay local city sales tax on necessary ranch supplies (business inputs) but doesn’t even live in that or any other town, which uses that rancher’s or out of town visitor’s local sales tax to help pay for the police and fire protection in town. Or the visitor from Valentine who travels to Lincoln or Omaha, buys a few things while there, pays local sales taxes and helps to pay for Lincoln and Omaha’s police and fire protection AND arenas.

    Does Jack Sprat, who could eat no fat, pay less than his fair share of sales tax on food than his wife, who could eat no lean? The ultimate question of “fairness” can obviously go on and on. A little prudence in government in the first place and self sufficiency of all those citizens who are, in fact, able to provide for themselves would go a long ways toward preventing waste and excess.

    I’m still concerned that someone, who shall remain nameless, who has lived off the American taxpayers her entire adult life with MILLIONS of dollars of welfare grazing and is still MILLIONS of dollars in debt, herself, does not have the true record of being a fiscal conservative that she claims.

    Everyone who is actually able to take care of themselves should and if they can’t actually take care of themselves and their family, then maybe that, in and of itself, is telling the rest of us something about their abilities and need for public assistance!

  38. Lil Mac says:

    “So Lil Mac is going after Kerrey’s war record? I hope you have one or shut up. War is hell and unless you serve, serve in a war under extreme danger, shut up.”

    Dear 5:59 “war is hell” Air Force brat. I am a disabled combat veteran with decades of service in warfare arms, not deskwork but repeatedly flying and sailing into harm’s way. Two PUC’s, so no career of easy stateside tours. And I had much more time in combat than Bob Kerrey’s two months in-country VN. But, that said, I didn’t in any way denigrate Bob’s service or his wounds/loss. All I said was that voters who see a tough guy SEAL beating up a rancher girl, he has problems campaign-wise. Other writers have said the same. — Sure, people like Kerrey and McCain who stand there and let others sell their military history and heroics, they are complicit in using their veteran status for political gain, but what else is new? It is part of their history and they use it. That’s politics. But Bob Kerrey is, in this case, unable to play the role of a pathetic underdog as a guy who is politically advertised as being super tough. That’s real, not invented. And neither are my scars.

    I sincerely thank your father for his military service. But you are a military brat with a big mouth. And you are flipping out here because of what? Wisconsin didn’t go your way? Because Kerrey said he doesn’t really care to be your Democratic Senator? Or maybe because Kerrey told the press that no one wants to donate to him because they think he is going to lose?

    I can see why that makes you angry. But don’t flip out. If a few bullets had flown over your head every once in a while, maybe you would be more stable now. War doesn’t damage most people but simply makes them stronger. But the funny thing is, in order to get into a war, you actually have to volunteer. Like I did for decades. And I guess your father too. So go pack sand, sonny.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Texas Annie, we are already privatizing SS, at least for the past 2 years. I’ve been putting the 2% tax cut into an IRA. Funny that when W wanted to do that the Dems screamed holy hell about killing old people.

  40. Paula says:

    Thanks Texas Annie!

    I would be okay with privatization of SS too bc I’m a big saver. My first financial class stuck with me (should be taught in high school). The only issue is events like 2008. While we moved everything into bonds in 2007, no one else I knew did. If the gov back stops it, like Newt suggests, then aren’t we in the same place? Gore wanted to put it in a lock box in 2000, sounds like we should have listen because congress raids that kitty like its their money.

  41. Paulbot-NOT says:

    Great news that the paulbots were held back. Ron Paul suspended his campaign, is that how he would lead if he were elected? Just suspend his efforts and let the hard working folks bellow suffer? Now he is thinking he can rob delegates because they aren’t bound by the state constitution. Well he can, which shows a COMPLETE, lack of character again, just because you can doesn’t mean you should! It’s as bad the Libs and their any means is justified by the end, Power. So Ron Paul is just like the Libs, lacking in character and morally deficient.

  42. Ouch says:

    Are Democrats imploding, exploding or melting down? They sure seem to be going bugsh*t lately.

    Remember back when the inexperienced liberal idealogue Obama was first elected and some people said Obama was ground glass swallowed by the Democrat Donkey,which would in time rip it from the inside out. I guess the glass shards have reached the tender parts. Ouch.

  43. Goober Natorial says:

    RWP, I went back and read the Times article by Vistica describing the massacre Kerrey was involved in. The charitable description Kerrey offered sounded somewhat like the Falluja massacre in which 8 marines were tried for war crimes and I think all but one were acquired. I’m no fan of Bob Kerrey but I was outraged at the way our government treated the Falluja marines and I would similarly have a hard time judging Bob Kerrey. As Lil Mac said, war is hell. You get thrown into some pretty awful situations and go into self-preservation mode. We ask a lot of our combat troops, put them in harm’s way and ask them to risk their lives. It’s easy for me to judge their combat expediencies from the safety of my living room. But, when people who have been taught how to kill are then placed in situations where they must do so or risk dying themselves, I’m all for cutting them some slack in the judging department.

  44. RWP says:

    IO: I must say the idea that you’re a taxpayer if you bought something from a taxpayer is novel and even radical, and it reminds me of the question to Abraham Lincoln about how many legs a dog has, if you call a tail a dog. The answer to the latter is still four, and a taxpayer is still someone who pays taxes. Radically changing the meanings of words is not a rational method of argument.

    AC@10:30 People who’ve decided to hate the rich are beyond reason. Arguing the rich should pay their ‘fair share’ is usually just a cover for the hate. When you consider that Koch brothers pay the fair share of 1000 moochers, and far more taxes than you, you should thank them. The fact you hate them instead shows what you are; in the same category as those that hate the gey, people of other races, etc..

  45. Goober Natorial says:

    RWP, what do you suppose are the odds that interested observer is either conservative, republican or a rancher?

  46. Macdaddy says:

    Not sure how I missed Anon 10:30’s comments. You do know we have a volunteer military, right? Nobody holds a gun to your head to sign up, so if you disagree with possibly dying so somebody can have their MTV, or spiced grand latte cappuccinos, then don’t sign up. Apparently, though, people are still willing to sign up, so stop acting like they are poor hapless peasants. They are adult Americans who are making a free choice. They aren’t props for you to buttress a losing argument.

  47. CC Music Factory says:

    Okay, this just keeps getting more and more surreal. Watchdog put up a ‘correction’ of the legalization of marijuana information that RWP mentioned earlier, and puts up some mealy mouthed quote about no on legalization, because we have to look and see if we think we can do it. Then the OWH puts up an article about Kerrey endorsing ‘medical marijuana, especially for vets returning from war with mental illnesses’. Again, every stance he takes makes it seem like he’s doing evereything he can to try and lose, not win, this election. Again, this isn’t a stance that’s going to play well with mainstream Nebraskans, even when you attempt to tie it to veterans. Yet again, just baffling.

  48. RWP says:

    GN: I think my definition of ‘conservative’ and IO’s are significantly different. And anyone can register as a Republican. That doest mean they vote Republican. So I’d say the odds could be quite high, with those caveats.

  49. Goober Natorial says:

    Mac, I think 10:30’s point was in response to RWP’s contention that the poor don’t pay for national defense. And the point, I think, was not that the poor were forced to join the military but rather that the poor pay for national defense with service while the rich pay with taxes. There may be some truth to that. It’s also true that the middle class pays with both service and taxes.

  50. RWP says:

    The Nebraska Watchdog article was indeed weird, in that it included a whole lot of other stuff, now removed, that made it clear that Kerrey does endorse legalization. For example, he say they should examine whether marijuana should be regulated by the FDA, and that the prohibition was putting law enforcement in California and Colorado in a position of having to decide whether to enforce state and federal law. Deena took all that down. I’m sure she didn’t make it up.

    I speculate what happened was that Kerrey answered in a form of words that made it possible for his campaign to argue he opposes legalization. When she interpreted the words the way he actually meant, the campaign got heavy, disavowed the statement, and told her there would be no more access if she didn’t change her story

  51. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, something just reminded me of another famous Dwight Eisenhower quote, when he was asked why he didn’t intervene in the whole McCarthy mess. Eisenhower said, “I just won’t get into a pissing contest with that skunk.”

  52. Goober Natorial says:

    It’s ok for IO to compare RWP with a skunk, but gawd forbid that Jon Bruning should compare welfare recipients with raccoons. :rolleyes:

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Marijuana for people with mental illnesses? That’s got success written all over it.

    Goober, most people don’t join the military, rich or poor. Yes, middle class and poor people can contribute to national defense through service. More than 90% don’t. The middle class has higher participation rates than either upper or lower classes. More service members are likely to have some college than civilians. I don’t know, but I would be willing to bet that if you ever served in the military, you are more likely to pay income taxes when you get out.

  54. Anonymous says:

    The poor, as in all eras, go to the military because it is a JOB. Many don’t do it for patriotic or altruistic reasons, they do it because it gives them the opportunity to get an education and experience so that they can get a better job later on. And you are a heartless bastard.

  55. RWP says:

    The DoD, citing a 1999 study, says the socioeconomic distribution of recruits almost exactly mirrors the general population. The wealthy are actually overrepresented relative to the very poor, but in fact the greatest overrepresentation, which is only between 1 and 2% over the general population, occurs at median US household income and slightly below.

    In brief, the poor are underrepresented in the military, possibly because many don’t make basic qualifications. The rich and upper middle class are very slightly underrepresented. The lower middle class are slightly overrepresented. Macdaddy has it dead on.

    Google “Who is volunteering for today’s military?”

  56. CC Music Factory says:

    And now, the OWH has pushed that story off the front page, and clear down to the bottom of ‘More Headlines’ on the Metro/Region page of the news. Hmmm… think someone made a call about that? Sheesh. 😀

  57. CC Music Factory says:

    To be clear, I was referencing the story about Kerrey and medicinal marijuana, especially for veterans.

  58. Macdaddy says:

    Wow. I’m a heartless bastard for acknowledging that our fighting men and women are old enough to make their own decisions. I guess that’s not allowed. But it’s OK if a 12 year old girl makes her own decision to have an abortion. Stop your patronizing attempts to infantilize our military, Anon at noon.

  59. Goober Natorial says:

    So, Interested Observer, you’ve got the whole “Deb Fischer’s husband’s grand dad got a federal grazing permit” thing that sits in your craw so much. What else ya got, Mr. Conservative Republican Cattleman from Valentine?

  60. i*Harper*Se says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. by Ivy Harper

    For the love of God, will the Nebraska media leave Nancy Sebring alone. She’s out.

    “Gotcha” journalism prompted my exit from the profession.

    I couldn’t stand anymore how the same journalists who delve into each and every aspect of candidates’ and others’ lives refuse to allow the investigative spotlight turned on them.

    They justify it by arguing: We’re just news conduits. We’re not running for office.

    Well, wake up America, the Media has MORE power than politicians because the Press still – especially in small states like Nebraska – gets to determine which politicians make it. (Of course, this is changing but not swift enough.)

    And how’s this for rich irony: I’ve rightly called the OWH’s coverage of the 2010 1st & 3rd Congressional District races “journalism malpractice” and I’ve publicly cited both C. David Kotok & Robynn Tsyver as the two biggest offenders.

    Ergo, the super-duper-sensitive OWH won’t print any of my Comments after their articles. OMG, we – the media – can print whatever the heck we want about anyone and everyone but if someone dare challenge us. We will, we will sock you.

    To recap: the OWH can – literally – take down a GOP U.S. Senate candidate; they can humiliate an educator far beyond what’s necessary; they can choose to completely ignore coverage of two duly-elected Democrats: Rebekah Davis & Ivy Harper; the OWH managing editor can have a close personal relationship with Democratic Senate candidate Bob Kerrey yet no one dares take them on. Why? Because: “Oh my, we can’t make David or Robynn mad, can we? They’ll retaliate.”

    Nebraska’s media: All the news that’s fit to print except anything about us.

    It’s such a hoot that the OWH actually reads each and every email Comment on their totally random and ridiculous “Discussion” Boards and are so obsessed with not hearing an ounce of criticism that the OWH DELETES truthful and constructive critiques and won’t print any Comment that somehow addresses any one of the high-strung, easily agitated, hot-tempered, intolerant, short-fused, irascible, volcanic and hypocritical denizens of the Omaha World-Herald.

    Oh, and by the way, on my new blog, I’m going to take the attitude toward Nebraska’s righteous media that: “if you can dish it out, you can take it.”

  61. Paula says:

    I’m buying a lottery ticket because I am in agreement with @Macdaddy’s 10:30 post. Wow. Unbelievable.

    @RWP I’d be interested to know how many middle class and rich enter the service as officers and which branche they serve in. I would guess a lot more of the poor enter pfc in the Army or Marines than do the rich.

  62. Macdaddy says:

    Paula, you’d be right about the officers since you need a college degree to be an officer.

    Powerball will be 37. That’s what the fortune cookie said.

  63. Anonymous says:

    So if a person enters the enlisted ranks, and they are poor that is somehow a bad thing. You Fing libs piss me off to know end. My father joined the enlisted ranks, did pretty good and has 3 degrees and life has been good, my brother the same and is a highly sought out professional, I have done it and and am not by any means hurting with a 6 figure income. I personally know at least 25-50 individuals in the same boat as I am, and am acquainted with hundreds who have done quite well for themselves coming from meager beginnings and ending up PAYING lots of taxes on the incomes they have earned since leaving the military. Some are Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and even 2 from the Coast Guard.

    So shut your pie hole because you are clueless. Just because you are from humble origins doesn’t doom you to stay there. Thousands upon thousands of ethnic, poor, Americans and Naturalizes Citizens have chosen the path of Military Service for both serving our country and elevating ourselves out of the situation we were in. Hard work, with a LOT of risk, and we can look back and say we served faithfully, we grew-up, we garnered the skills we never knew we could, and we made a better life for our selves and our families.

    You act as if all we are is a bunch of hopeless, mindless, simpletons, who are being used as fodder for the military. Well take your sanctimonious well meaning statements and shove them where the sun never shines!!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Just so you assholes know, I am no F’ing lib. You bastards think only right wing nutjobs are patriotic, military joining Americans. Well think again jerks.

  65. Paula says:

    Whoa Anonymous 2:32. No one is making any such statements. If you read above, the discussion is about how the rich pay for the military, but the poor serve, at least that was someone’s assertion.

  66. Anonymous says:

    2:51, what’s your name, branch and unit? Your MOS? AFSC? Were you PCS or TDY to the ME or are you just a safe civilian who swears because you are an inarticulate lout?

  67. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous asshole @ 4:33, Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. You jerks all want to be safe and anonymous but expect everyone that disagrees with you to be all open about themselves. Bite me.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Bastards? The highest rates of children born out of wedlock are in groups most likely to be registered Democrats. And bastards must feel comfortable amid the moral relativism of the Dem party.

  69. Anonymous says:

    You anonymously complain about people who are anonymous. And then you call them poopy heads. If you are on Kerrey’s staff, that could explain his numbers.

  70. Anonymous says:

    It may come as a surprise to you nimrods, but I am registered Republican. I do have more problems with you Tea Party fanatics than I do with Democrats.

  71. RWP says:

    Paula: don’t have concrete info. on rank vs. socioeconomic status, but you’re probably right.

    Being a commissioned officer isn’t a walk in the park. By rank/branch of service, the highest death rate in Iraq was Army first lieutenants. Second highest was Marine lance corporals. Blacks had a much lower death rate than whites, but Hispanics were higher than both.

  72. Anda, ya. says:

    My only military experience is watching STRIPES and in the words of my fictitional sergeant Hulka, “lighten up Francis” to all of you. Bottom line is everyone has free will and everyone is exploited. Have fun complaining.

  73. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, I obviously did not call you a skunk. I simply said what Eisenhower said about McCarthy. My point was indeed, clearly obvious. I am not going to get into a bickering match with you about this.

    I’m sorry that you couldn’t understand what I said, at any point in here. Why are you so defensive?

    I don’t know you. I don’t know if you ever studied Economics. I don’t know if you ever owned or operated a business or any businesses. I don’t know the level of investment that you’ve ever made into a business. I don’t know if you know anything about providing customer service. I don’t know if you know anything about having competition with other businesses competing for the same customer dollar. I don’t know if you pay taxes. I don’t know if you own any property on which one would pay taxes. I don’t know what your experiences are that brought you to this point in your life and our reality. And that’s fine.

  74. Ironic Ain't It? says:

    Anonymous June 7, 2012 at 5:19 PM
    You anonymously complain about people who are anonymous. And then you call them poopy heads. If you are on Kerrey’s staff, that could explain his numbers.

    An anonymous poster complaining about an anonymous poster that complains about anonymous posters posting anonymously. Too funny!

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