June buggin’

Americans for Prosperity has a new anti-Bob Kerrey ad out. See it here:

Not a bad spot. Now we have no doubt that Kerrey and the rest of the Dems will try to couch it in some sort of, “well we only want to raise taxes on The Rich!”

But of course as we all know, how The Rich are defined always gets lowered and lowered until you find out that while you thought you were middle class, you are not part of the 1%. Or is it 2%? Or 15%? And then if you’re a small business owner, just go ahead and lump yourself in with that richie-rich class already.

But the real kicker on that video is how quick Kerrey is to respond, “Yes!” Doesn’t need to think about it. Heck if Joe Jordan had whacked Kerrey in the funny-bone his elbow would have reacted slower than his “more taxes!” regurgitation.

Here’s the funny thing: The Kerrey camp and the Democrats have criticized Deb Fischer for signing onto Grover Norquist’s “no new taxes” pledge. They say, “Oh you must compromise!”

But then here is Kerrey stating the exact opposite! Saying that he WILL vote to raise taxes! So where is Kerrey’s compromise???! Where is Kerrey promising that MAYBE he WON’T raise taxes? Nope, Kerrey is hard and fast on that.

(See kids, when Dems say “we want compromise” it means, “we want Republicans to compromise”. See what they did there?)

Face it. Kerrey is a liberal Democrat and certain things just come natural to him. And that naturally means he wants you to pay more taxes.


On the campaign front, The National Journal came out yesterday with their “most likely to flip” parties in the Senate rankings. And guess which Senate seat came in #1?

As the National Journal said of Republican nominee Deb Fischer…

“at the moment this looks like a near certain GOP pickup.”

Hey, things can always change. But expect a statement like that to affect the way the Kerrey camp acts, and reacts and attacks. They won’t go down without a fight. And Fischer can expect them to be messy.


The OWH let Bob Kerrey get away with another statement unchallenged. When talking about how he supports medical marijuana use, Kerrey told Robynn Tysver that he did not help his buddy, Peter Lewis in working to change federal marijuana laws.

Which, as Lewis tells it, is FALSE.

As we noted months ago, Lewis told the Huffington Post that Kerrey assisted him in formulating legislative strategy for his NORML crusade. Now Kerrey says he does not support Lewis’s broad advocacy for legalizing marijuana. Which is fine. But when you then assist the guy who IS supporting it, well you just changed your position, didn’t you? Just because you’re the wheel-man doesn’t mean you’re any less culpable for robbing the bank.

And this has all been laid out before, and Kerrey and Tysver both know it. And Kerrey can have whatever position he wants on the issue, but he cannot turn around and say that he has the opposite position at the same time. We have heard that too many times from every Democrat and now is the time to call him and them on it.


And on that note, we have no idea why Nebraska Watchdog wilted to the Kerrey Campaign like the French defending Paris after their extensive article about Kerrey’s effort with Peter Lewis.

HERE is the original Watchdog article on the subject, and then here is their weak kneed follow-up non-article.



And this whole things got more press than was probably fair, but did you catch OWH columnist Michael Kelly’s interview of the OPS’s Freddie Gray (Councilman Ben Gray’s wife)? In it, she said that the whole matter with the resignation of OPS superintendent-to-be Nancy Sebring wasn’t about the sexy emails. It was about the policy violation of using a work computer for personal stuff.


Sure, if Sebring had sent an email to a nun about preparing a hotdish for an upcoming funeral..FIRED! It would have made no difference!

And of course while no one believes Gray when she makes an idiotic statement like that, we are also a little incredulous that Kelly doesn’t challenge her on it. Or if he did, he didn’t print it. And so that’s what we are to expect from the papers? The reporters just look down at their notepads and scribble and walk away?



The Lee Terry camp has a new website. See it here. Looks nice.


Interesting stuff with the Paulistas trying to take over the Nebraska GOP. Question is, what happens when the dog catches that car he’s been chasing? Handing out fliers at political rallies don’t pay the light bill.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Paula says:

    Keep trying. Kerrey has stated, numerous time, that we have to have a mix of cuts and tax increases.

    Epic Fail!

  2. SoWhat??? says:

    NYC liberal Cosmic Bob Kerrey, let’s increases taxes (now) and “cut” spending (much later by only reducing the projected rate of growth)…yeah, that’s standard Dem BS party line all over again.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    The whole raise taxes on the rich thing is a smokescreen. At best, letting the Bush tax cuts expire for people above $250k will raise tax revenues by $70 billion a year. The deficit is $1400 billion a year. Bottom line is that there aren’t enough rich people to erase the deficit.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    I wonder why Mrs. Gray just can’t come out and say that a married person committing adultery is not a good role model for children? Didn’t we just have a discussion about government regulation and personal ethics? This is exhibit A. Because of over-regulation, none of any of the players involved have to have any ethics. A technicality took care of the problem.

  5. CC Music Factory says:

    Exactly, MD. And I’m not even sure why people would even believe Kerrey when he says he ‘only wants to raise taxes on the wealthy’. His past voting history in the Senate doesn’t support that… at all. And SS was exactly right in Kerrey’s response to the ad. Exactly the reaction that Walton reported in the LJS. Ugh. And both Watchdog’s and the OWH’s horrific coverage of the legalization of marijuana story borders on journalistic malpractice. Good grief, there was a LOT more to that story that should have come out. And not only did the OWH not adequately cover it, the story was on the front page of the website for, at most, a half hour, and then got buried back on the Metro/Regional page, and within a few hours had completely disappeared as a headline, unless you searched Kerrey’s name on site. Talk about someone making a call, and burying a story.

  6. CC Music Factory says:

    MD – Exactly. The technicality took care of it, so no one had to handle the ethics portion, and they made sure that it was understood that THAT part wasn’t the bad part. I was talking to my wife last night about the situation and she and I both agreed that certainly isn’t the role model you want running a school system, giving that example as one for the kids to emulate. We have a growing problem in this society, it seems, of not wanting to ‘judge’ others behaviors, and yet in a position where you ARE a role model, whether you want to be or not, that type of judgment MUST be made, or others suffer because of it. Most notably, children who see this type of behavior out of someone running the school system, and think it’s okay because of that.

  7. Spike says:

    That is One Lying STUPID political TVC! “Bob Kerrey’s tax increases”!! Is Kerrey King of America that he can dictate tax increases. Get a life all you Braindead FOCERS [ “FOCERS”, people from fly over country with GOP leanings!] If you believe these kinds of lies, you’ll believe anything! Once again, Kerrey should sue Americans for SELFISH GREED for blatant lying to the SHEEPLE!

    Yeah great spot Braindead Ed!!! Not!

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Mr. Irony, you can build a butt-load of them in China, which is where that $70 billion will go just to service our debt.

    I hereby declare that using the word Sheeple satisfies Godwin’s law. Call it the Macdaddy Corollary to Godwin’s law.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    Coprolalia is involuntary swearing or utterance of obscene words or derogatory remarks sometimes associated with Tourettes. Deaf Coprolaliagics have been known to swear in sign language. When under pressure or threat they do this while blogging.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Boy the libs are testy now that they are losing on all fronts. Lost in Wisconsin, Lost in California…… the bells toll the death of Liberal Policies and their Jack Booted ways. Buh Bye…….

    Now all we will hear is the constant whining and threats from those who are addicted to the Gov’t teat. Problem is the people are tired of the crap from liberals and UNION BOSSES. Love the workers and their right to assemble, but not the leadership trying to force it down the taxpayers throat. There is no way a city worker shouldn’t have to pay a “FAIR” share of insurance, and no way in heck they should get a defined benefit for retirement UNLESS they put their lives on the line everyday like Fire and Police!

    This new day is starting to look good, and feel good, a day where Liberalism is sliding under the water and Union actions are only accelerating the process. Thanks to all of the Kaminski’s out there!

  11. RWP says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about, #16, Obama said today that the private sector is ‘doing fine’. Oh wait, an update. President Obama says the private sector is ‘not doing fine’. Glad we got that straight.

    Now back to that flip-flopper, Mitt Romney. Have you heard Mormons worship cattle?

  12. Kerry for NYC Mayor says:

    Kerry would hate an ad like this because no further explanation is needed. “well yes,” he wants to raise taxes. He could also claim that he wants to cut spending but, well, so does Fischer. He can also claim that he wants to rein in entitlement spending but so does Fischer.

    So what’s the difference:
    – Kerry would not vote to extend the Bush tax cuts…which effects almost all tax payers directly or indirectly as a tax increase
    – Kerry support Obama’s “Buffett rule” of raising taxes on higher income earners
    – Kerry does not support reducing or eliminating the death tax which effects thousands of farm families and business owners each year in Nebraska

    Seems to me the commercial pretty much hits the nail on the head now doesn’t it…

  13. Anonymostly says:

    Remember when the libs (especially in the media) mocked McCain for saying that the economy was “fundamentally sound?” Will that make it ring hollow for Obama to say basically the same thing now? Or does the fact that the media will beat the drum whichever way Obama needs trump the whole inconsistency thing?

  14. RWP says:

    There’s a simple explanation. The economy was doing fine this morning. It was not doing fine this afternoon. Obviously, therefore, there was a tsunami sometime around noon.

  15. Sue Himel says:

    I think many of you have a point. Bottom line? Deb Fischer is not part of the Permanent Political Class. She is not an idealogue and she knows how to get things done. She will be better than Johanns and much better than Nelson.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If one bothers to look at numbers, private employment has been rising at a steady rate since 2010. However government employment is continuing to fall. The recovery in the private arena is not strong enough to employ all of these people. Obama was being nuanced, but all that did was leave an opening for his rabid opponents to twist his meaning.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    RWP, fine points from thy quill. Kudos.

    I’d normally object to an adult beating a child. But this child has been to law school, so we make exception.

    Some say it is an Achilles heel to be loved into office. Republicans despise Obama’s policies but never loved the man enough to hate him with that ex-spouse sort of vitriol. He is yet embraced but less strongly, and that may suddenly pass a threshold. For the unrequited expectations of this man pull from the deepest saccharine recesses of Liberals who come to this viscerally. No one can eat so much raw meat as those effete latte vegans.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    If the economy is or maybe is not doing fine, does that mean we’ll get yet another Summer of Recovery? The first 2 were really great. Third time is the charm.

    Smartest man ever to be President, folks!

    BTW, I am a multi-millionaire. Every stock I picked has done really, really well. Well, they would have had everyone else realized I picked them and wanted to buy them from me for much higher prices. But in my mind I’m a multi-millionaire. I’m going to shoot for billionaire by next month.

  19. RWP says:


    It’s black. No, it’s white. If you can’t see why both are simultaneously true, you’re missing the ‘nuance’!

    Return ye to your predestined vocation, son, and go sell some used cars.

  20. Nate says:

    In fairness to our current President, he only rates himself as fourth best. He considers FDR, LBJ, and Lincoln to have a leg up on him.

    For now, anyway.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully, the Republican Party will see the light at its national convention and toss Mitt Romney under the bus. Ron Paul will make a far better President than that dolt.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Nuance? From Obama? The man is trying to spend us out of debt. Go back and read his rationale for his original statement on the economy. He said business is doing okay but not State governments because unlike the Federal government, State governments have no access to bottomless pits of debt. People who think bottomless credit exists, or that you can spend yourself out of debt, are not nuanced but rather irredeemably stupid.

    And lest we forget, Bob Kerrey killed the US having a balanced budget. But for Kerrey, we would not be in debt to China today and our economy robust.

  23. Anonymous says:

    We are in debt to China today because everyone buys Chinese crap at WalMart. Bob Kerrey didn’t have a damned thing to do with it.

  24. Paula says:

    So, corporate after tax profits are higher than pre-recession levels and have hit a record high as a % of GDP.

  25. Lil Mac says:

    After four years of Obama, most voters see only that money is tight, Romney supporters praise him for being successful with money, and Obama’s supporters damn him for being successful with money. Voters who usually see little, see Democrats committing suicide. The Dems cannot help themselves. They have an idealogue in the WH and that forces them to be idealogical.

    The fundamental idealogical fallacy of wealth-sharing, at the heart of social liberalism, is the fact that
    they really do hate capitalism, i.e. money staying in the hands of those who earn and invest it. The problem for Democrats today is that voters who earn and invest their own money like to keep it. Voters have seen four years of Obama wasting it. Dems suggest “waste more”. How is that going to sell?

    Cosmic justice? Or nature’s way of weeding the political gene pool of bad ideas?

  26. Interested Observer says:

    I have been taking a poll of some other ranchers in the Valentine area this past week by asking the question, “How much debt should a typical 10,000 Acre Cherry County, cow/calf ranch have that’s been in the same family for 100 years or so, that may have gone through an estate in the last 10 – 15 years, and has not made any additions to the size of the ranch recently, has not made any significant improvements and does not have a purchased yearling component?”

    Most of my neighbors say that zero debt would be the best situation, but if the ranch got hit hard by estate taxes, then maybe something up to a half million in total debt. One neighbor said if the ranch has been there for 100 years, that they must be doing something right and so shouldn’t actually have any debt.

    All agreed that Deb’s Candidate Financial Disclosure Report showing her ranch debt being in a range of $1.7 million to $6.5 million is far beyond what they would ever be comfortable with on their own place.

    That same neighbor said that she’s proven that she can’t handle money and questioned how she could do anything in Washington that would help solve the deficit crisis we have as a nation.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Obama tried to justify all the spending using Keynesian economics. Fair enough. He obviously didn’t read past the first couple of pages, because with Keynesian economics, once the economy starts turning around, you need to cut government spending. Great Britain did that. Germany did that. Hell, even Cuba did that! Obama refuses to do that. He is way off in his own little world that can rightly be called Obamanomics. He’s doing stuff nobody but Paul Krugman’s wife advocates.

  28. Macdaddy says:

    IO, do you know how Deb Fischer can help solve the debt crisis? By voting to cut spending. I believe her when she says she will. I believe her when she says she’ll vote against tax increases. I believe Bob Kerrey when he says he’ll vote to raise taxes. I won’t believe him if he ever says he’ll vote to cut spending. This ain’t animal husbandry. Hell, it’s not even rocket science. Surely you and your rancher friends can understand that.

  29. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, did you understand that my friends have personally seen how Deb is with money and therefore, because of their first hand experience, feel that she doesn’t know how to solve the national debt crisis.

    Macdaddy, do you actually know Deb personally? Have you been to her ranch? Have you been to her house?

    Did you follow the discussion about her roads funding bill last year? Did you follow the Legislative study of roads funding the previous year? Did you notice that Deb completely ignored all the 30 recommendations from that Legislative study that she commissioned? Do you know that a heavy semi-tractor trailer truck does more damage to the roadway than 60.000 cars? Do you know the total number of heavy commercial vehicles crossing Nebraska on Interstate 80 has increased from approximately 3,000 per day near York in 1980 to approximately 8,000 per day near York in 2008? Do you know that Interstate 80 at Highway 83 carries more traffic than Interstate 70 in Kansas at Highway 83 or Interstate 90 in South Dakota at Highway 83 AND I 70 and I 90 COMBINED? Do you know that means that I 80’s truck traffic is carrying the biggest share of interstate truck traffic of almost any other coast to coast Interstate? Do you know that many other states charge a minor toll to drive on some of their roads and that was one of the 30 recommendations from that Legislative study that Deb ignored? Do you know that means that Nebraska’s school kids and all other Nebraska’s that benefit from Nebraska’s General Fund sales tax are now somewhat shorted because of Deb’s highway funding earmark and are, therefore, subsidizing those large over the road trucking companies by doing without in their classrooms and wearing heavy coats and gloves in some schools because they don’t have the money to keep the classrooms warm in the winter?

    THAT’S how Deb is with money!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Paula, who taught you economics? Dr. Schacht of Reichsbank, Minister of Economics? Economist Marx? Or was it Keynes or Friedman? They all conclude things wrongly. But you can tell the craphead economists from the smart ones because you took classes in economics.

    It is too bad that voters don’t share your brilliance. They just look at their check books and realize that if they deficit spend, they find themselves broke, homeless, at best owned by others. But of course, to you that is irrelevant. You are smarter than that. You would have us plow down more of the same tired theories devoid of reality that take nations to that place where choking national debts and gulags and ovens consume people.

    Lucky for us, Paula, American voters aren’t as smart as you.

  31. Macdaddy says:

    IO, do you actually know how the US Senate works? Do you know that the agenda is set by the political party, with the Majority Leader calling the shots? Do you realize that there are 2 political parties? Do you realize that your choices for Majority Leader are Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell and that the vote will be along party lines? Do you realize that Bob Kerrey is a Democrat and he will vote for Harry Reid for Majority Leader? Do you realize that Harry Reid has blocked every budget cut coming out if the House and has refused to submit a budget in over 3 years? Do you realize that Deb Fischer is the Republican candidate and she will help deliver control of the Senate to Republicans, thereby giving this country a glimmer of hope for surviving? Do you realize any of this or are you still rehashing the primary? I realize that you claim to be a Republican but do you realize you are acting like a Democrat?

  32. Interested Observer says:

    Do YOU realize that Deb is dramatically in debt herself and she has received MILLIONS of dollars of welfare grazing that only a tiny handful of other ranchers get? EVERYBODY gets along on their own. As my neighbor said, she’s proved she can’t handle money.

    I’d ask each of you if your life would be any different if you woke up each January 1 and magically had $150,000 handed to you on a silver platter? THAT’S what a federal grazing permit is like for Deb and she’s still deeply in debt AFTER all that welfare. And it’s the TAXPAYERS money that she’s been blowing.

    Do you still honestly think for one minute that she is the answer to the federal deficit crisis when it appears that she can’t even handle her own personal finances.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Apparently the answer to all my questions is no. I get it. You really, really don’t like Deb Fischer. You have issues with how she keeps house. Have fun voting for Kerrey. Feel free to take your feud with Deb Fischer somewhere else. Better yet, seek professional help.

  34. Paula says:

    Anon @ 10:40

    You keep reveling your complete and utter stupidity about economics and finance. I am amazed that you have the ability to read or write.

    So speak like an Austrian.

  35. RWP says:

    IO, to sum up; share your personal vendetta against Deb Fischer with someone who cares. I don’t think that person is here. You haven’t really proven much against Fischer, but you’ve sure shown us a lot about yourself.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer, what is it that you like so much about Bob Kerrey? You are here every day beating the drum for that guy. What is it that drives you wild about Kerrey?

  37. Anonymous says:

    #1 offers facts,
    #2 retorts with counter facts,
    #1, unable to respond coherently, gives the textual equivalent of the middle finger,
    #2 wins.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Lil Mac: Coprolalia is involuntary … derogatory remarks … When under pressure or threat they do this while blogging.

    Anonymous GOPer: But it isn’t cussing or coprilalia when WE do it!

    Macdaddy: … Better yet, seek professional help.

    Well, there ya go!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer

    Do ranchers have pick up the market value, less what they pay, as income? If not, then she gets both the benefit of the below market value grazing AND not paying taxes on what could be perceived as income.

    How do Republicans over look this? It is literally corporate welfare.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Whatever….. Kerry is not going to be able to erase his
    Liberal tax happy past. No one really cares if Fischer got some money or didn’t get money for grazing! The people will appreciate Fischer trying to fix roads. Tooooooooo much money goes to public education now, especially if you look at ops and their results!

    Kerry is just trying to turn out Dems in the 2nd CD for the loser in chief, the economy is doing fine? The dip shit then, Barry, says well private is but public is suffering. Well the public is tired of paying defined benefits for non first responders, get over it the gravy train is grinding to a halt. Just look at San Jose & San Diego. It’s OVER. Time to get a skill that some one will pay you for. So sorry you may have to drop you unlimited cell data plans, your kids may not have a flat screen in their bedrooms, and you may even have to change your cable to just the basic 64 ch! Life is tough, make better choices.

  41. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous at 10:19 PM EXACTLY

    The other Anonymous at 1:03 AM Which is it? “No one really cares if Fischer got some money or didn’t get money for grazing!” and “get over it the gravy train is grinding to a halt. . . . It’s OVER.”

    How in the world is it OK for Deb to receive MILLIONS personally and it’s not OK for anybody else to? Again, which is it? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    I’ve blown the whistle on an incredibly wasteful federal government program that benefits a very tiny special interest group to the tune of around a BILLION dollars of taxpayers’ money every year and I’ve proposed a proven model to replace the current welfare system. You might call it “closing a loophole”. Simply put the federal grazing up to open, competitive lease auctions, just like the State of Nebraska has been doing for 145 years, successfully. How can any of you oppose this simple, logical, well researched and well reasoned solution?

    RWP and Macdaddy, would you both please respond to this specific proposal? Would you support changing the current system of federal grazing to the system that Nebraska uses for our School Land with open, competitive lease auctions? That’s a simple, direct question with a simple yes or no answer.

  42. spongiformencephalopathy says:

    Interested Observer. Please respond to this specific question: ARE YOU SUPPORTING BOB KERREY? That’s a simple, direct question with a simple yes or no answer.

    And DO YOU WANT DEMOCRATS TO CONTROL THE US SENATE? That too is a simple, direct question with a simple yes or no answer.

  43. Interested Observer says:

    I think that when one party controls both houses of Congress and the White House, like it was a couple years ago with Obamacare, bad things can happen.

    I also think that our system of checks and balances is made even stronger when we have one party in the majority in the House and the other party in the majority in the Senate, whoever is in the White House. That prevents single party rule and helps prevent things happening over the wishes of almost half of the voters. It also can either bring about positive bi-partisan compromises, which should include the best ideas of both parties, or in the case currently, with obstructionist radicals on both sides of the aisles, this inexcusable gridlock.

    So the simple answer to your question is, I don’t really care or see what difference it will make if Obama is re-elected. If Romney is elected, then, I actually think that having Republican radicals in both the House and Senate, that the opportunity of a Republican monopoly on power could simply bring about radical Republican bad things that almost half of us Americans don’t agree with.

    I think that single party rule, from either party, is not a good thing.

    I also think that there is no idea that is so good that only one party can approve it and the other party oppose it, both completely along party lines.

  44. spongiformencephalopathy says:

    Interested Observer at 7:46. You are constantly attacking Democrat Bob Kerrey’s Republican opponent so as to make Bob Kerrey win election to the US Senate and thus swing control of the most partisan political body in America to Harry Reid and the Democrats. Yet you say you have never “supported Bob Kerrey”.

    You are either a lying Democrat operative or a myopic fool bent on a suicidal urge to sink your own political aims. Like the earlier Ron Paul supporter here who hopes Romney and Obama both lose, you seem not to realize that in this Senate race there are but two choices. By hamming one, you necessarily work for the other. You are in fact working for Harry Reid and you are supporting Bob Kerrey. So you necessarily are either a liar or a fool.

  45. spongiformencephalopathy says:

    Interested Observer. At 8:00 you said, “I don’t really care or see what difference it will make if Obama is re-elected.”

    It’s official. You are a fool.

  46. Interested Observer appears to be confused. He claims that he doesn’t support Bob Kerrey, but continues to go out of his way to trash Kerrey’s ONLY opponent. IO, you do realize that it’s between Kerrey and Fischer now, right? Bruning’s out, Stenberg’s out. You don’t get a chance to vote for them this year. Bummer dude.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 1:03 AM, Tooooooooo much money goes to public education now…
    And with even less money going to education, we can enjoy even more of the kind of “intelligence” so aptly demonstrated by Tea Party nimrods here and elsewhere.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer: How in the world is it OK for Deb to receive MILLIONS personally and it’s not OK for anybody else to? Again, which is it?
    Translation: Deb FIscher is OUR candidate, therefore anything she does or has ever done is 110% correct. If a Democrat did the same thing, we’d damn them to hell.

    Coprifiliac @ 8:24 AM, You are either a lying Democrat operative or a myopic fool
    Translation: One party rule is good for Germany, errr, excuse me, Godwin’s Law and all that … good for Paraguay, good for Iraq, good for China, so it must be good for us as well.

    I’m a Democrat, but I’ll trash Obama because he is continuing, and expanding, the worst of the Bush doctrines that are destroying our Constitution. All you nimrods argue about the economy in the living room while the entire basement of the house is ablaze.

  49. Macdaddy says:

    IO, you don’t care if Mr. Corporate Welfare is re-elected but you get torqued about Deb Fischer paying less than market rates for land under rules passed by Congress decades ago? You are certifiable. You realize those prices were probably set using, oh what’s that word, oh yeah, a compromise. Which you think is awesome. As to your question about auctioning off the land. Sure, I’m all for it. How much do you think people will bid for land that could be taken away from them under the next Congress? And this plan you have. Have you talked to your Congressman or Senators about it? Written a letter? Gotten them to submit it as a bill? Do you know how this Congress thing works? Oh, I get it. Your definition of compromise is that everybody does things the way you want it. The creepy thing is that you claim to know more about Deb Fischer’s finances than you know about how Congress works.

  50. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:22, you are the first liberal on this site to even obliquely criticize Obama for being W, Jr. I’m a Republican, so I don’t care about civil rights, remember?. Feel free to get your liberal friends organized about this. A word of advice: Obama might listen to you if you show up with a few million bucks. He might.

  51. Anonymous says:

    It’s amazing our country ever did anything before liberals………. All you want is power and money for you. You don’t believe in equality in opportunity, just equality in poverty. As long as everybody is suffering the same AND you are in charge then it’s okay. But dare anybody take responsibility for bettering themselves through sacrificing AND there you are to take what you think is your share, while you did nothing to create the benefit. Liberalism is a cancer in society and needs to be cut out to the core. So sorry some just don’t get to be on the top of the ladder, it’s life get over it because we are over you! The middle class will continue despite your efforts to destroy us and take our meager earnings to lift your rolling elite carcass higher in your dung heap.

  52. RWP says:

    He’s fricking obsessed.
    I’ve stated my position on Federal lands already. Unless it’s of bona fide national interest (Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone, etc.), auction it off.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, Obama might listen to you if you show up with a few million bucks.
    Jeez, Macdaddy, that’d be a bargain compared to what Mittens is asking. For my money, they’re both crooks.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 4:58 PM, You are so wrong on so many levels, but you’ll never understand why because you haven’t got the cerebral horsepower.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Life was so much better before the liberals. Back in the good old days, when Mom and Dad got sick and ran out of money, we let them come stay with us. We spoon fed them, wiped their asses for them, and watched as they slowly withered away at the ripe old age of 60. We didn’t have two cars, cell phones or big TVs. We didn’t follow the Huskers to all their away games. We SACRIFICED! And by GOD we loved it!
    Now we have to have the little woman put on her Catwoman outfit, take us down to the basement, and flog us with her cat-o-nine-tails to get the same enjoyment. But we’re CONSERVATIVES and we love to suffer.
    So you liberals just quit trying to make our society better for everyone. Leave the best for the richest and let us go back to the days when women, blacks and foreigners knew their damned places!

  56. Anonymous says:

    @macDaddy @10:02 Obama tried to justify all the spending using Keynesian economics. Fair enough. He obviously didn’t read past the first couple of pages, because with Keynesian economics, once the economy starts turning around, you need to cut government spending.

    You go it half right. But you stop spending when the economy has recovered, not when it just starts to turn around. FDR made this mistake in 1937, and we went back into a severe recession.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Two felony hit-and-runs by Obama’s Commerce Secretary John Bryson, sworn in last October over objections that he was unsuited. But who is to say Bryson was or is unsuited? If a tax evader can be Secretary of the Treasury and weapons supplier for drug cartels can be Attorney General, and a Community Organizer can be President, who is to say a felonious motor vehicle menace can’t be Secretary of Commerce?

  58. Interested Observer says:

    I’d describe a hit-and-run incident just south of Valentine a year ago, but I understand I’m not allowed to talk about them in here.

  59. TexasAnnie says:

    Well without naming the offenders, I can’t imagine to whom you refer, Interested Observer! But here’s an idea worth your consideration: Nebraska received $239M in farm subsidies in 2010. You do not favor farm subsidies, right? But more importantly, neither does Deb Fischer, right? In view of her small govt. advocacy, this wasted taxpayer expenditure is low hanging fruit, right? And since the U.S. Senate will take up reauthorization of the outmoded farm bill this week, it is appropriate for Nebraskans to inquire of their Senatorial candidates how they would vote on the farm bill if they were in the Senate today. Right?

    I believe Macdaddy and RWP and Lil Mac will just shrug off this wasted tax expenditure as the cost of doing govt. sans ethics. They’re just cogs in the machine and can’t be bothered about lopsided federal spending (more corporate than people welfare) when analyzing taxing/spending policies. For them, everyone (people too, not just corporations) who has already spent the lobbying dollars and gotten their incentives and subsidies, and their loopholes and fraudulent practices enshrined into tax policy, should be able to keep their rewards. It’s new spending, like health care for all, that sticks in their crawl.

    But you, Interested Observer, you realize how unjust federal subsidies are! Right? And as a small govt. advocate, and as a Republican in a virtually all red state, you and your fellow Nebraskans generally, want this wasteful, big govt. program reigned in now!!! Right??? And that’s why you will vote for ____________________ to replace Ben Nelson…

  60. Interested Observer says:

    Actually, at the Omaha Senate Republican Primary debate, all 3 candidates were on record of opposing the continuation of the Direct Payments, although all 3 supported Federal Crop Insurance as a safety net for producers. The government (us taxpayers) pays approximately 2/3 of the crop insurance premium leaving the actual producer paying approximately 1/3.

    So, this issue of Direct Payments probably isn’t really much of a contested campaign issue.

  61. Macdaddy says:

    TA, I still have no idea what you mean about cogs in the machine.

    Anon 9:24: go read a book. FDR most certainly did not follow Keynesian economics in his first term. In fact, he went the opposite way and didn’t turn to Keynes until after 1937. By then, his excessive meddling in the markets by insisting on high wages and the rejection in every way, shape, and form of free market principles insured the Depression would continue. I’m no Keynes fan, I’m a Friedman fan but I’m smart enough to know that making it up as I go along, like Obama does, is not a winning strategy. For Obama, any economic theory is a slave to political ideology. Slaves are expendable and subject to removal at the whim of the master. And that’s not the mark of a wise leader.

  62. Macdaddy says:

    Annie, I just read the rest of what you posted. I have no idea where you have gotten the idea that I love government spending. I don’t at all. (I’ll let RWP speak for himself). I think the government should reform entitlement spending (the Ryan plan is a good place to start) and balance the budget every single year. Period. I am more than happy to get rid of corporate welfare like tax breaks, but those have to be across the board. It isn’t fair if Council Bluffs can give out tax breaks but Omaha can’t. Better yet, cut the size of government and cut taxes. Businesses won’t line up at the government teat if the teat is dry. Feel free to talk about corporate tax breaks all you want, but mandatory spending is what is going to bring us down.

    In the meantime, quit completely misrepresenting my position. (I knew it was a mistake to respond to your post the other day. BTW, maybe you and IO should get together. I suggest Match.com)

  63. paula says:

    Hey Macdaddy, FDR instituted the New Deal in the first 100 days, including the CCC. He greatly expanded spending, which follows Keynes. What book are you reading?

    Friedman wanted little to no government intervention in the markets and yet time and time again it’s the unregulated markets that prove to be disastrous for the economy. Even the Maestro admitted that in his Congressional testimony regarding the 08 crisis. He said that he was wrong that the market’s self interest would best regulate.

  64. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Interested Observer, it is time for you to let go of your hatred for Deb Fischer. Just throw it in the ditch and move on if you can. If you can’t do that, then perhaps a good idea for you would be to move into the limestone cave at Happy Jack’s Peak north of St. Paul, Nebraska and live in blissful ignorance.

    Deb Fischer will be the U.S. Senator from Nebraska…..get used to it.

  65. Anonymous says:

    The Commerce Dept. is reporting that Secretary Bryson suffered some sort of seizure. But let’s say he made a deliberate choice to break the law and besmirch his reputation, shall we? Any liberal that suffers a medical condition and has an accident is just a murderous lout!
    That is how we conservatives roll.

  66. Interested Observer says:

    Sweetwater Observer, I’m not familiar with Happy Jack’s Peak north of St. Paul. Is that anywhere near those chalk mines near Scotia? Even though you’re probably right about Deb, it’s sure gonna take a lot of getting used to.

    I do have to wonder if some of you actually knew who it was you were voting for, when you voted for her. Do you know the real Deb, or does that even matter to you? I bet many of you did not realize that she and Bob Kerrey have the exact same positions on most issues of public policy. Actually, it’s going to be entertaining for me, personally, to watch your collective reactions over the next several months as you belatedly learn more about her.

    But rest assured, I’m still going to be here just watching as an Interested Observer!

  67. RWP says:

    TA wrote I believe Macdaddy and RWP and Lil Mac will just shrug off this wasted tax expenditure as the cost of doing govt. sans ethics.

    Yes, I’ll speak for myself. You’re an ass. Find anything I’ve written, anywhere, that would suggest I’m in favor of farm subsidies.

    I would say ‘not lying’ is an important part of ethics.

  68. Macdaddy says:

    Paula, Keynes published his General Theory book in 1936. Nobody in America paid attention to him before then. My original point was actually not whether Keynes was wrong but that Obama isn’t following anybody for economic advice. In the words of Jody Foster: He’s a tay in da win. Chickapay.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Anon 10:03, first order of business for haters on this site is “jump to conclusions” before all facts are in.

  70. Goober Natorial says:

    Interested Observer, you are a nuisance. Now you say Deb Fischer is politically in line with Bob Kerrey on many issues. Such as? This is the first time I’ve seen you mention it. You’ve wasted all this time complaining about a program that has existed far longer than Deb has been a Fischer and basically have tried to blame Deb for an entire program that she didn’t start, didn’t determine the rules for, and that her husband’s family was availing themselves of before Deb even knew they existed. That’s a lame critique if there ever was one. Instead, why don’t you tell us what policies she supports that you think we’ll all find so objectionable, okay?

  71. paula says:

    Macdaddy, I’m curious, what should we have done, and do, according to your view?

    Also, could you recommend a book on these economic theories? I went to a conservative college and most everything I see is what I was taught in all my econ classes, but I took those classes in the 90’s and it seems that conservative economic theory has completely changed since then. I am earnest in this request as I am trying hard to understand the neoconservative economic theory on this.

    BTW, tax cuts are Keynesian, which comprised almost 1/3 of the stimulus and all the tax cuts that have followed. Of course cigarette taxes went up (Nordquist likes to point this out).

    Friedman thought that expanding the monetary supply was the way to address economic distress, which of course is exactly what the Fed has been doing.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Seizures do not make people drive repeatedly into people. But who cares why Secretary Bryson did it? Mental breakdown, or dementia, or a stroke, or evil intentions; murderous lout or a medical condition; who cares in terms of him wielding governmental power over others?

    It takes intellectual blindness to confuse criminality with policy wielding.

    Should the guy go to jail? That will depend on his medical and mental condition and his lucid intentions. Criminal law takes that into account. But it is stupid to apply that same reasoning to policy wielding. If a surgeon kills people but wasn’t evil about it, you don’t let him cut on you. “I didn’t mean it” is a child’s excuse. We have politicians who screw up, R and D, and they need to go.

    Why would you even care why a politician screws up? Are you their confessor? Just get them out of office so they cannot do more damage.

  73. Anonymous says:

    @ #84, So you are saying that Fortenberry, Terry, Smith, Johanns, Heineman, and others need to be gotten out of office so they cannot do more damage? I agree.

  74. Mr Tidy Bowl says:

    Am I the 90th? Hooray! Once this gets full to the brim, Streetsweeper flushes it, somewhere between 90 and 100.

  75. Anonymous says:

    The pollsters are a calling again………. Magellan or some such outfit called the house tonight. Just wondering if we were going to vote for the guy who has screwed the country up for the last 3+ years. Or if I was likely to vote for someone who has actually passed a budget in the past couple of years. Romney and Fischer….. the only choices if you want to have any future for you or your children.

    Of course you could be a Union loving, jack boot socialist redistributionist puke, and pass an equal amount of misery to all of the children of this country…….then again maybe not this time.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous@9:00PM, You are a shining example of coprilalia if I ever saw one.
    Wait a minute, you’re a Republican, right? Oh, well, then it’s OK, make all the unfounded, foul-mouthed attacks you want to. We’ll forgive you because we know you aren’t dealing with a full deck.

  77. Macdaddy says:

    Sigh. Paula, it’s late and I don’t know if I have it in me to yet again spell out what I would have done, but here it is: whatever Obama wanted to do, I would have done the opposite.

    Overall, I would have cut government spending and regulations, started in on entitlement reform, not bailed out anybody but allow the market to run a very painful, but ultimately shorter correction, shed government regulations, not insert so much uncertainty into the economy with poorly thought out bills like Obamacare, threaten to let the Bush tax cuts expire, and done everything I could to drive down energy costs.

  78. TexasAnnie says:

    Thank you for your courteous response, Interested Observer. I was not aware of the discussion at the senatorial debates before the primary and news reports were not very informative. I’m glad to know that Fischer will not be supporting the farm subsidies. Perhaps she and Johanns can get this graft spigot turned off, even though the practice is longstanding and legal…

    Many, many, many times I have objected to corporate welfare here at Leavenworth St. and I get little affirmative response. Instead, the hue and cry goes up against people welfare! Yet Nebraskans are so entrenched in corporate tax expenditures, it is my expectation that this sector of public spending would be first on the chopping block when reigning in spending. Macdaddy did offer a weak justification above (‘the other states are doing it’) which lends an idea that he supports corporate welfare. RWP, as usual, goes off, denouncing comments by others as ‘lies,’ and therefore rendering meaningful communication pointless. We haven’t heard from Lil Mac and I do believe that he is okay with corporate welfare. I’m not inclined to go back over the past year or two, re-reading each comment posted. If any of you TRULY object to corporate welfare and I misunderstood, I apologize…

  79. TexasAnnie says:

    How about it, Nebraskans? Would you like to save tax dollars by NOT spending on dubious “economic development” schemes?

  80. Interested Observer says:

    TexasAnnie, I only said that Deb is on record of opposing the current program of the direct cash payments to farmers. I didn’t say that Deb is opposed to all farm subsidies. I’m pretty sure she likes the $150,000 of free grazing she and a tiny handful of special interest welfare ranchers continue to get EVERY YEAR!

    The 4 largest welfare grazing permits on the Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest just southwest of Valentine are Deb, her brother-in-law, a guy from Georgia and formerly, Jack Bond, a farmer from the Imperial, Nebraska area who got into trouble a couple years ago about alleged buried water lines, bypassing required meters on irrigation wells. That’s quite a crew. Last fall Bond sold his ranch with his welfare grazing permit for MILLIONS.

  81. Goober Natorial says:

    So, Interested Disturber makes a bald faced claim and now ducks backing it up. You said Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey have the exact same position on most issues of public policy. I challenged you to cite specifics. You’ve posted since then but haven’t answered. Instead, you once again take another couple swings at this federal grazing dead horse. I take that to mean you got nothin’. Fish or cut bait, boy.

  82. Goober Natorial says:

    Texas Annie, you’re a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. You and Interested Disturber make a great pair.

  83. Interested Observer says:

    So Goober, what am I supposed to do here? You want me to say something and some others don’t want me to say anything. If I say anything, it’s like I’m trying to overthrow the U.S. Government or something really bad. So, which is it? Speak or no speak or radical Republican misspeak?

  84. Lil Mac says:

    TA, you can kiss my blue collared butt. Who are you to put words into anyone else’s’ mouth? You don’t know me or what I think. If you want to know, all you have to do is ask.

    Your slap-then-apologize ploy is thin. You talk about appreciating courtesy. Try practicing it.

  85. Anonymous says:

    “Radical Republican misspeak”? Your facade is slipping and we can see your Democrat bona fides peaking out.

  86. Macdaddy says:

    One thing I definitely wouldn’t do is quantitative easing. Bernanke is talking about a 4th (or 5th? I’ve lost track). That sure hasn’t worked and I fear is going to lead to real cuts in our standard of living down the road when inflation takes off. I would also cut the corporate tax rate and allow repatriation of overseas assets at an even lower rate.

    Right now, the world economy is on the brink. By showing we are being fiscally responsible, people will flood to America to invest and be safe. Right now, we are not giving anyone any reassurance. Obama is content with leading from behind. He’s got his. The rest of you can eat cake.

  87. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy, look to Europe and see how well they’re doing with austerity economics. Your blathering shows you know nothing about economics or common sense. If we followed your prescription, Great Depression II would be on the horizon.

  88. Just Observing says:

    . IO would lead us to believe that Deb has a preferential grazing right acquired in some underhanded way, that gives her an un-warranted, un-earned ranching advantage.

    IO would lead us to believe that Deb owns a grazing permit on the McKelvie National Forest. That is not a true statement.

    The Bond property together with the associated grazing permits, was sold at public auction. IO, as well as anyone else, could have made the investment and purchased the Bond property together with the permit(s), then IO would have all the alleged rights and privileges that every other permit holder has. .

    Io, by not being even a bidder, forfeited the right to bitch about State Senator Fischer by not even being a bidder at the Bond Auction

  89. Anonymous says:

    JO, there really is no logic in your post. If someone is able to use grazing land well below market rates, that is an unwarranted, un-earned ranching advantage. But IOKIYOAR.

  90. CC Music Factory says:

    a) I agree, for the most part, with MacDaddy’s solution. That’s basically the course we need right now, but the current crop in Washington (including many on the Republican side) aren’t showing the type of backbone needed to pare the budget. I firmly believe Deb will show that. Bob Kerrey has already made it obvious he won’t with his past record.

    b) @Anon9:42 – Like to show me WHERE in Europe is practicing true austerity? The ones that haven’t been spending like drunken sailors, and employed a massive part of the populace under the government banner, aren’t the ones with the issues. The ones that HAVE been spending HAVE the issues, and are refusing to put into place policies that actually WOULD have some impact. The Greece situation is pure idiocy at its finest, and a great example of what happens when too many rely on the government for too much. If we don’t get spending reined in at the federal level, we could easily be Greece on a worse and much more massive scale. And unlike Greece (even though their pain has been felt on some level in a lot of the national economies of the world), if the US goes through that, it WILL be felt everywhere. We NEED to do get Obama out of the White House, and the conservatives need to lead in a new era of cutting spending and fixing the tax system. I’m all for a flat rate system for both individuals and corportations, with VERY few deductions in the system. I’ve long been a fan of Steve Forbes. Wish the guy would run for pres again, but I doubt that’ll happen. He’ll continue to promote his ideas from the private sector. Fortunately, as we go along, more people are willing to listen as they continue to see how broken the current system is.

  91. Macdaddy says:

    Estonia is doing quite well. They’ve had austerity measures in place for a few years. Germany is also doing well. Compared to Greece, they have been quite frugal, even raising their retirement age to 67. France just dropped theirs from 62 to 60. Germany is now expected to bail everybody else out. I can’t see that situation ending well.

    Any other myths you read on DailyKos that you’d like me to address?

  92. CC Music Factory says:

    Precisely, MD. The places doing well have either had the systems in place all along to pracitice that type of governmental austerity, or realized, like Estonia did, that austerity was needed before things got out of control. Crazy, the stories some on the left like to create. Sadly, too many in Europe have gotten addicted to the government aid, so you have election results like those recently in Spain and Greece, that are likely to be huge steps backward for their countries, all because people don’t want to face the hard, but necessary realities of sacrificing in order to ensure survival.

  93. Goober Natorial says:

    Interested, I want you to put up or shut up. People don’t want you to continue harping on the whole grazing thing but that doesn’t stop you. Now, you’ve made a claim that Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey are politically identical on most policy issues. I want you to name them. What policy issues are Deb and Bob in agreement on? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

  94. TexasAnnie says:

    I have asked you, Lil Mac, and you have skirted around the issue before. So I’ll ask you again:
    Do you support corporate welfare enough, that you will vote for candidates who employ it’s practices? I know you want spending pared back, we’ve had this discussion. But when I ask directly whether you want corporate welfare spending pared back, you get shy and won’t respond. We all know that Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey utilize corporate welfare in their policy-making. And this is not a Republican or Democrat divide. This is about CAPITALISM and FREE MARKETS and whether or not you believe in the tenets of capitalism; this is about whether or not policy-makers should possess a power to choose economic winners and losers; this is about the appropriate use of your tax dollars as well as mine.

    And, uh, do you really think I slapped you?

  95. TexasAnnie says:

    CC Music Factory: Steve Forbes couldn’t win then nor now. Neither can my favorite ideologue, Ron Paul. But their ideas have gained traction. I’m a believer. And I could settle for a flat tax, no exceptions, no excuses (and no corporate welfare to boot). But I think a consumption tax would be better with elimination of the income tax.

  96. RWP says:

    RWP, as usual, goes off, denouncing comments by others as ‘lies,’ and therefore rendering meaningful communication pointless.

    No point in trying to communicate with a liar, TA. You want to communicate, retract or corroborate what you wrote.

  97. RWP says:

    I’m not inclined to go back over the past year or two, re-reading each comment posted.

    Translation: “I’m too lazy to even make an attempt to prove the crap I sling out at random.”

    Ethics! Snigger!

  98. Interested Observer says:

    Has anyone read the new World-Herald just now about Ben Nelson proposing new grazing regulations and setting prices that are closer to private leases?

    So, Macdaddy, I guess that takes care of your concern 2 days ago about writing a letter to a Congressman or Senator.

  99. RWP says:

    I saw it. Ben had 12 years in the Senate to do something about leases. Doing it now is just a piece of partisan petty spite.

    I’ve no doubt you approve.

  100. paula says:

    There seems to be something we overlook. Whenever the government intersects with private companies is where we get screwed.

    I am sick of it.

  101. Goober Natorial says:

    Interested Obscurer, you’ve had plenty of chances now to back up your claim that Deb and Bob are virtual political equals on most policy issues. You’ve yet to back up that claim and instead hid behind your mother’s skirts by saying people don’t want you talking about it. Yet, you have no compunction about needling on endlessly about federal grazing. You’re a coward, a liar, and a nuisance. Please shut up.

  102. Goober Natorial says:

    Someone should do a FOIA request to Nelson’s office asking for every correspondence including emails and the like that he’s received in the past five years regarding federal grazing.

  103. Anonymous says:

    MD, Bulgaria passed similar austerity measures and has not recovered. Part of Estonia’s success was the good fortune of having rich Scandinavian neighbors they trade with. How’s austerity working for U.K and Ireland?

  104. Macdaddy says:

    How’s non-austerity working out for us, Anon 11:34?

    IO, did you contact Senator Nelson or did he get the idea from your posts on Leavenworth Street? I don’t care either way. I was just curious. Anyway, hey, you are going to get what you want. That beeyatch Fischer is going to have to pay through the nose or let Ted Turner or some other out of state multimillionaire or corporation get the leases at a discount. If she loses her ranch that will be even better, right? Bwahahahahaha!

  105. Macdaddy says:

    You know, there’s always a reason or an excuse why some things work and some things don’t. Yet, some people are successful and others aren’t. Some countries are getting through this and others are having a really tough time. Obama seems to be out of ideas and has nothing but excuses for why things aren’t working. Maybe he really is just unlucky. Well, guess what? I don’t want to follow an unlucky smart guy either.

  106. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, back in the ’50’s, there was a movie where Barbara Stanwyck was the “Cattle Queen of Montana”. Today, quite a few people are starting to call Deb Fischer the “Welfare Queen of Cherry County”.

  107. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer is correct about all of his observations about State senator Deb Fischer. Yet there is more to come. She makes Bruning look like a saint in honesty. We should have picked Don he may be dull but he was honest.

  108. Anonymous says:

    6:00 pm, you mean “Interested Observer, the conservative, Republican rancher from Valentine?” (snark snark)

  109. Anonymous says:

    Way back at post #49, anonymous said:

    “Interested Observer

    “Do ranchers have pick up the market value, less what they pay, as income? If not, then she gets both the benefit of the below market value grazing AND not paying taxes on what could be perceived as income.

    “How do Republicans over look this? It is literally corporate welfare.”

    Only an idiot (Democrat) would think that the difference between what the Federal government willingly charges for grazing permits and what the Democrat thinks the Federal Government should charge should be treated — by the Federal Government — as taxable income. Yeah, I said it.

    So, Anonymous idiot at post 49 (and Interested Observer, since you agreed with them) when you go to the store and buy something on sale, do you report the difference between the sale price and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price as income? What? You don’t? Why you hypocrite!

  110. Macdaddy says:

    It’s unbelievable that we’re spending so much time on this. Oh yeah. That’s all the Democrats have against Fischer. Even Nelson, who should have resigned 2 years ago, waited 7 years to bring up this issue. IO, I don’t really care what the good people of Cherry County call Fischer behind her back. They’ll be calling her US Senator by the end of the year.

  111. Interested Observer says:

    Well Anonymous at 6:30 PM, to use your analogy, when you go to the store and buy something for $1.00, you would pay the $1.00 plus the sales tax, say around 6% for example. You would pay the $1.06.

    If Deb went to that same store and bought that same item and paid an amount comparable to what she pays for her grazing versus the fair market value of that grazing, she would only pay HALF of what you paid just in your sales tax! Deb would only pay 3 CENTS and you paid one dollar and six cents FOR THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember that she has been doing this for 40 years! Her entire adult life!

    So, in 40 years you would have paid $42.40 and Deb would have paid $1.20. How is that fair?

    I’m glad that the public has finally, after all these years, begun to discuss this travesty.

    Maybe we can all thank Deb for finally bringing this issue to the public’s attention. No, wait, she DEFENDED the program!

  112. Sweetwater Observer says:

    To Interested Observer: Do you have any clue about how incredibly insane you sound blowing that one-note trumpet? God, it is just sick, and obviously, so are you.

    Oh how I long for BTO! At least his rants are full score symphonies compared to your one-note trumpet. BTO, where are you? Please come back!

    I will not return to Leavenworth Street for a self-imposed 7 day hiatus just to get away from the idiotic and repetitive crap you excrete here on a daily basis.

  113. Macdaddy says:

    Makes me wonder about the sanity of some of those folks in Cherry County. The winter wasn’t that long was it? Maybe it’s the wind.

  114. RWP says:


    Suppose the gummint had handed her the land for free, instead of charging her rent. What would you call that? Oh, yeah, homesteading.

    % of original owners in Cherry County who paid full market price for their land: 0

    Unless you’ve got a valid bill of sale from the Lakota, I suggest you get your hypocritical butt out of Cherry Co.

  115. Put a fork in him says:

    Kerrey is done and the liberals are desperate. This grazing issue won’t fly as Deb did not set the prices. If you want to talk about corporate welfare where an office holder had the power to profit on his position, let’s talk to Bob Kerrey on the NIFA loans he received to support his and his brother-in-law’s investments in Prairie Life and other investments. Bob received a 4% loan interest rate discount from the NIFA Board he just appointed while governor for business loans to his business. Anyone want to talk about that????

  116. Anonymous says:

    So, banks let ranchers use grazing rights on public lands as collateral.

    IRS requires grazing rights to be included in ranchers estate.

    Hmm, sounds like an asset gifted to ranchers.

  117. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, which Indian Tribe did you buy your land from? You seem to be quite a bit like Deb, both of you live off the government that you both criticize. Just another tax payer financed “Conservative”!

  118. RWP says:

    I bought my land fair and square from a titled owner, IO. And I don’t live off the gummint.

    Now you’re getting personal. Would you like to out yourself, or would you prefer I do it?

  119. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, you just said to me, “Unless you’ve got a valid bill of sale from the Lakota, I suggest you get your hypocritical butt out of Cherry Co.” How is it that I’m now required by you to provide a valid bill of sale, but you don’t have to? Speaking of “hypocritical” . . .

    By the way, my land has a title going back to the U.S. Government which in turn bought this land from the French in the Louisiana Purchase. If you have an issue with my land title, then feel free to take it up with France.

    Oh, and also, I’m plan to continue living in Cherry County, my home, born and raised here and proud of it.

  120. RWP says:

    I had no idea the French were indigenous to these parts. I’ve heard Lakota spoken in bars in Valentine, but not French.

    BTW, you weren’t.

  121. Anonymous says:

    IO is obviously working for Kerrey’s NY office so what’s the problem outing this rhinestone cowflop? Out this clown and let us all take a fun poke at the rubber nose. Come on, just a hint.

  122. Brown Running Dog says:

    You can ALL get off of our land and go back to England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Holland, France, or wherever it is you came from, because you sure as hell aren’t “native” born Americans.

  123. Sweetwater Observer June 12, 2012 at 7:26 PM,

    Oh, Sweet H2O, I’m still here, just reading, not writing. I’m tired of the same old B.S. day after day. Evidently Sweeper is too. Thanks for the comment. Maybe, someday, when the mood strikes again, I may have something to say here. In the meantime, I’m just enjoying the circus.

  124. TexasAnnie says:

    Lil Mac: After you rudely rebuffed me for a possible misunderstanding (8:57am yesterday), I again asked NICELY whether you support corporate welfare (10:48am yesterday). And since you did post again at 7:42pm yesterday, without confirmation or denial of your support for corporate welfare, I’ll take your silence as an affirmative answer. I do believe my inclination is warranted because “small govt. advocates” true to their ideals, oppose corporate welfare, whereas usual Republicans are able to justify corporate welfare sufficiently, —at least unto themselves.

  125. TexasAnnie says:

    I disagree with the ‘Interested Observer Bashers.’ Interested Observer is raising objection to a longstanding, legal practice which inherently tips the scales in favor of some at the tax expense of everyone else. Some at this site believe corporate welfare is inevitable and some believe an ideal of ‘fairness’ is unattainable. But Interested Observer appears to seek taxpaying justice.

  126. Just Observing says:

    What is taxpaying justice?? Is that like “social justice”?? or something like “paying your fair share”??

  127. RWP says:

    There you go lying again, TA. Most people who’ve opined have not said that corporate welfare is inevitable, they’ve said the Feds should get out of the business of managing grazing land, and instead should sell it. And this has nothing to do with taxes.

    If Lil Mac is ignoring you, that just shows he’s a wiser man than I. In which ethics course did you learn that if someone did not bother to reply to an unfounded personal accusation, that allows you to cite their ignoring you as proof of that accusation?

  128. Interested Observer says:

    Thanks Annie, I really don’t understand how come everybody in here isn’t supporting me and the Senator on this issue. Every day people comment in here that we cannot continue to spend money that we don’t have and that the answer to our economy and deficit is to cut spending. So, now Senator Ben Nelson makes a proposal to not only cut out the Direct Cash Payments to farmers from the new Farm Bill, but to go one step further and to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to simply charge federal grazing fees to reflect the regional market value of that grazing. Everybody in this site who is serious about cutting federal spending on wasteful, indefensible, pork barrel projects should be applauding this idea.

    Not really sure why a few in here seem to get a little testy with me every once in a while. Maybe they just don’t get it.

  129. Goober Natorial says:

    Interested Obscurer, you’ve been thoroughly discredited on this site. You’re a liar, a coward, and a nuisance. At this point, you can be fairly characterized as a troll and should be treated as such.

  130. Senator Observer says:

    Ben Nelson, with his amendment aimed right at one American citizen, Deb Fischer, has proven once again that he is a vindictive old bastard, and that his exit from the U.S. Senate cannot come fast enough.

  131. paula says:

    Goober Natorial – I don’t think that your comments come across as you think they do – you sound like an a**. Give him hell Texas Annie!!!

    I also find it funny how y’all can defend Deb’s grazing gifts from the tax payers and all the other subsidies she gets. IOKIYAR.

    It appears that she (and all others with the grazing permits) get a tax payer gift of way below market value grazing permits, and she can borrow against the grazing permit. This gives her an advantage over competitors. Her costs of feeding her cattle is lower thereby improving her margins and profit. Bonus, she pays no income tax on it. Also, her borrowing capacity is greater because she can borrow against the permits giving her another advantage. All of this free from you and me, to her and 1000s of other ranchers nation wide. Government picking winners and losers!

    But this won’t take her down in an ag state. What might, just might, if she signs onto Ryan’s budget.

  132. Anonymous says:

    LM, you and many others on this site don’t understand that your substantial biases and rampant tribalism prevent you from logically seeing much of anything. Any rational, unbiased observation shows a system where some (Fischer’s family) are granted an inherited advantage, subsidized by the government, that is only available to a select few. And these few did nothing other than be born into a certain families. I’ve yet to see a logical defense of this system. IO is consistent and rational in his attack on this system, which eventually results in insults from other here as they can’t produce a reasoned rebuttal.

  133. RWP says:

    So, now Senator Ben Nelson makes a proposal to not only cut out the Direct Cash Payments to farmers from the new Farm Bill

    Bull. Direct payments are already cut out in the Senate Ag. Committee version of the farm bill, which passed on a bipartisan vote April 26. You’re making it up as you go along.

    but to go one step further and to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to simply charge federal grazing fees to reflect the regional market value of that grazing. Everybody in this site who is serious about cutting federal spending on wasteful, indefensible, pork barrel projects should be applauding this idea.

    No, everyone who actually cares about pork-barrel projects would support auctioning off federal grazing land. The best way to avoid wasteful government spending is to remove the government from the process.

  134. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous at 11:08 AM I have tried to be consistent and rational is exposing this flawed system and I have tried equally to refrain from the rude treatment and name calling to which I have been subjected.

    It is nice to see my position becoming generally accepted as factual and the prevailing mainstream position of most Nebraskans after the last few years of abuse I have received over on the Lincoln Journal-Star comment section as well as in here the last couple months.

  135. RWP says:

    ny rational, unbiased observation shows a system where some (Fischer’s family) are granted an inherited advantage, subsidized by the government, that is only available to a select few.

    Most of the privately owned land in Nebraska was simply given away by the government to a select few. The land is passed down through families, just like grazing rights. And it can be sold, just like grazing rights. In fact, much of the land the Federal Government still holds, it holds because it couldn’t give it away in the 19th century.

    I’ll grant you federal grazing is a dumb system, but only because it grants partial and not full ownership rights to the land. Save whining about the ‘unfairness’ for the playground. My family was half-starving on moldy potatoes back when land in the midwest was being handed out, after having been kicked off their own because they were of the wrong religion. Waaah. It’s not fair. I want half of IO’s land!

  136. Anonymous says:

    So let’s make the system more fair as Nelson’s bill will do. No one is asking that subsidies given in the past be paid back, but just because an inequitable system is in place doesn’t mean it must remain that way.

  137. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, I’m sure you remember, without me reminding you, of the almost forced eviction of many long time, old Cherry County ranch families by the federal government back in the 1930’s when the government decided to create the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge south of Valentine. Those unfortunate families were told to either accept what the government offered them for their land or basically to get nothing.

    Actually, the Fischer family first moved to the Valentine area in the really late 1930’s when they were displaced by the construction of Kingsley Dam and Lake McConaughy over by Ogallala.

    Another thing, “Most of the privately owned land in Nebraska was simply given away by the government to a select few.” Since we’re only a few weeks past the Homestead Act 150 year celebration, I will remind you that tens of thousands of families received land from the government through the years. According to Wikipedia, “Eventually 1.6 million homesteads were granted and 270,000,000 acres (420,000 sq mi) of federal land were privatized between 1862 and 1934.” and “Only about 40 percent of the applicants who started the process were able to complete it and obtain title to their homestead land.” So much for your “select few”.

  138. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, you are a troll. You’ve been asked a number of direct, simple questions, which you dodge avoid while bringing up federal grazing at every opportunity. It’s a dead horse and its been dead on this blog for weeks now, but you insist on dragging out its carcass every chance you get and insinuate it into discussions to which it wasn’t remotely germain. And now that you’ve been totally discredited as a liar and a coward, you’ve adopted the strategy of employing sock puppets to make it appear as though there are people who actually agree with you. RWP, please expose this nuisance.

  139. TexasAnnie says:

    Among other comments here authored by Lil Mac is this gem: “Government is only as fair as we force it to be fair. For it is a machine, as fair and caring as your automobile is fair and caring.” (June 2nd, 6:21pm.) Without a long dissertation, I attest that Lil Mac and RWP and Macdaddy (the regular moderators of everyone else’s opinion), do not believe government can even be made “fair.” And for their belief they suffer bad government, always voting for the lesser of two evils.

    What is “fair” folks? Well, I believe “tax fairness” occurs when everyone is paying taxes at the same rate. Others do not share my opinion. And that’s fine. (I will not be calling anyone a “LIAR” for not sharing my opinion.) Government may become “unfair” by means other than taxation. Grazing permits is an example. Corporate welfare another, and so on. When a candidate tells me they believe in small govt. and yet support anti-tax pledges, I always look to see where they stand on the issue of tax expenditures, too!

    I argue for GENERALIZED FAIRNESS i.e. equity. Others believe those who have more should give more. And at a certain point in my life, I believed thusly. But since the birth of my completely and permanently disabled child, coupled with my family’s relocation to Nebraska under guise of “economic development,” I abandoned that former belief. Because Nebraskans overwhelmingly neglected persons like my child but continuously and generously dispensed corporate welfare, at taxpayer expense. And y’all (governor + unicameral) are still doing it!!!
    I’m only trying to help… And so is Paula and Interested Observer and some Anonymous posters here.

  140. Goober Natorial says:

    For those who don’t seem to realize how this a** clown works, he makes an attack on Deb Fischer based on Federal grazing permits that have been in her husband’s family since before she was a Fischer. For which her family plays by rules established in Washington. Mind you, NO ONE has claimed the system is perfect and shouldn’t be changed. But as soon as anyone posited the argument that flaws in the program aren’t Deb Fischer’s fault, IO moves the goal posts and pretends that you’re defending this so-called “welfare grazing” that’s been going on for decades but apparently just became a problem within the last few weeks.

  141. Interested Observer says:

    And also became topical because as we speak, the United States Senate is debating the new Farm Bill, which includes a discussion of federal grazing fees.

  142. Interested Observer says:

    It’s still quite a while till November and lots will happen between now and then. Just remember that months before the Primary that Jon Bruning was up by almost 30 points, like Deb is now. How did that deal ever end up?

  143. RWP says:

    And also became topical because as we speak, the United States Senate is debating the new Farm Bill, which includes a discussion of federal grazing fees.

    No, it doesn’t. It probably could have, since Ben Nelson is on the Senate Ag. Committee in charge of writing the farm bill, but he didn’t bother to do it before the farm bill was voted out of committee on Apr. 26.

    Why was that?

  144. Anonymous says:

    IO, you haven’t been getting attacked for the LAST 4 YEARS (ever heard the definition of insanity?) on these blogs because you’re some innocent bystander who is pointing out the inherent injustice of government and the advantages of a select few. You get ridiculed because you have systematically and viciously attacked Deb Fischer and her family over and over. You playing the “woe is me” card is laughable at best. Apparently you’ve decided to handle your hatred with hundreds of anonymous web blog postings when a simple signed letter addressed to Deb Fischer would have sufficed.

  145. Macdaddy says:

    TA, if by moderator you mean someone who exposes fallacies and falsehoods, then you are correct about me, RWP, and Lil Mac, as well as CC, Kortezzi, Grundle King, and others. The actual moderator, though, is SS. The rest of us are just posters.

  146. Some Thoughts says:

    I find it fascinating that Sweeper has been calling out some of the OWH reporters, including Tysver in this post. I would bet at least a twenty that Sweeper is Tysver, and if not, certainly someone who cribs her writing style. Maybe imitation is simply sincere flattery. Sweeper definitely has a newspaper reporter writing style, though. If you’re not a reporter, Sweeper, maybe you should be. Most people don’t naturally write that way.

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