Being Nebraskan

First, American Crossroads has a new ad out hitting — who else? — Bob Kerrey. See it here:

We have already seen these types of ads over and over and they will most definitely continue. Kerrey has attempted to march into Nebraska and paint himself as some sort of a post-partisan politician, who wants to get rid of parties, and partisanship and blah blah blahdety blah blah.

It is so much C-R-A-P.

Kerrey is as partisan as the rest of the Democrats out there. He has a few of his pet issues where he wants everyone to join him, and he thinks he can get a few on each side on. And the rest? He will vote PARTY LINE. He voted with Bill Clinton on the biggest tax increase in history because he “didn’t want to bring down the Presidency” with his vote. i.e: he couldn’t turn his back on a fellow Democrat.

Heck, Kerrey has a vast record in the Senate that shows he was continually on the far left side of the aisle. He never had a conservative record. And he admits — as the ad shows so perfectly — that living in New York City made him MORE liberal.

Bob Kerrey’s time was long, long ago (in political terms). We hope he enjoys his second, one-car, home in Omaha when he leaves his million dollar condo in New York City to visit his relatives in Nebraska in the coming years.


And speaking of Kerrey (oh, were we?), The New York Times magazine had an extensive love letter to Kerrey over the weekend.

In his piece, Matt Bai, who has made a career out of studying and talking about and worrying about Democrats, tells us that Yes! Bob Kerrey DOES want to be a Senator! Oh, but he knows how difficult it will be to win, and then if (when!) he does win, how difficult it will be to get anything done with those uber-partisans who are there now.

[Sidenote: Remember in the past when all the candidate would talk about how easy it would be to get things done in Congress because everyone got along so well? Yeah, us neither.]

So you see, Bob Kerrey is running for Senate just because he cares. Got that? Good. Because Matt Bai will tell you that Bob Kerrey is just like a fireman, rushing into a burning building, while everyone else is rushing out:

I suggested to Kerrey that he was like a guy trying to angle his way back into a disaster zone while his like-minded colleagues were desperately seeking safe passage out.

Because, you see, it is so unusual for people to want to run. Gee, it is nearly impossible to FIND a person who wants to run for Senate these days. Oh, and those like Ben Nelson who are leaving? They just hate the partisanship. Has nothing to do with facing a losing election.

“…just about everybody else who lives in Washington told me not to do it,” Kerrey admitted. “They just said the place has become too toxic and you can’t get things done.”

Oh Bob. But YOU want to do it DON’T you! (hands clasped, batting eyes…)

…he immediately brought to mind John Slattery’s character from “Mad Men,” in his physical resemblance and in his impolitic brand of humor.

…the glint of his eyes, his love of New York, his camaraderie with Don Draper…

Huh..what? Oh sorry, daydreaming there.

Because you know, no one thinks Bob Kerrey is a flake. Nope. Not a one. Why he isn’t famous for going to see a movie about Tina Turner in the middle of budget negotiations. He isn’t known for dropping out of his elected office just because he wasn’t feeling it anymore. He isn’t really known as “Cosmic” Bob. No…

he was considered a statesmanlike and contemplative presence in a city that still valued both qualities.


And that old bat that Kerrey’s running against?

…while (Deb) Fischer may appeal to Tea Party types as a conservative insurgent, [someone tell Matt that the Tea Party endorsed BOTH of Fischer’s opponents…] she is relatively untested and entirely new to national issues, which means Kerrey is not the only one who has something to fear from the twittering masses…

…I mentioned in passing to Kerrey, as we walked on a tarmac, that I wouldn’t want to be a state senator debating him on the intricacies of Medicare and terrorism. “Neither would I,” he flatly replied.

And then Kerrey extinguished the cigar he was smoking in the palm of his hand. And Bai’s knees just buckled…

Well, we don’t know. Maybe this New York Times reporter is really just a middle of the road guy who doesn’t take sides in party politics.

Mitt Romney should carry the state without displacing a single pomaded hair.

Or maybe not.

But what do Nebraskans know anyway?

Kerrey’s long absence from the state — his supposed abandonment of so-called Nebraska values in favor of whatever elitist witchcraft you practice in a brownstone near Washington Square Park — has predictably become a central talking point for his opponent…

Oh those predictable Nebraska hicks who wouldn’t know Washington Square Park from the South Street Seaport and think West Village denizens are a a bunch of wiccans who spend all day at the coffee houses, and dream of single payer health plans and redistribution of wealth and are all on board with reasonably sized cola cups….

But then again, why in the world would The New York Times be spending all this time talking about Bob Kerrey?
Oh yeah. They’re hoping to elect their third Senator.


Well, hey. Looks like not EVERY leftist is on board with Kerrey. The Daily Kos himself, Markos Moulitsas writes…

Why I want Bob Kerrey to lose

Given the choice between a “Democrat” that will lend a bipartisan veneer to efforts to dismantle Social Security—the most popular and successful government program in American history—and a Republican that simply reinforces GOP efforts to do so, I’ll take the Republican. Easy. Any day of the week.

Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night Markos. Rock on.


And just in case you were uncertain about the motives of the man behind the Cornhusker Kickback, we can now officially confirm that Ben Nelson is a Political Whore.

As Don Walton put it,

Nelson amendment appears aimed at Fischer

Appears??? Really? That’s what you’re going with Don? Appears?

Well, let’s take a look at Nelson’s record of running for Governor…then running for Senate (three times), serving in the U.S. Senate, then finally deciding it was “his time” to retire.

Anywhere in there a discussion of Federal Grazing plans or rights or taxes or anything at all? (And Gaia help us from the continuing issue on our message boards…)


Just seemed like a good idea now? Yeah?

Let’s just all be honest that Nelson is using the office granted to him by the people of Nebraska for a partisan political hit and that he has further sullied any gracious retirement from office as an elder statesman.

Think he still wonders why Nebraskans were so ashamed of the Cornhusker Kickback?

Or do you think this is just one final flip of the bird to them?


Oh, and speaking of those who don’t have a clue as to what Nebraskans want, or think, or do, we give you this illustrious Exhibit A: Jane Fleming Kleeb:

“A lot of, you know, farmer‘s and rancher’s kids may not want to farm corn, they do want to farm wind, they do want to farm different forms of energy. And they know they can’t do that if we allow these forms of tar sands pipelines to criss-cross our state.”

It must just be a wonderland of enchantment inside that little liberal leftist brain of hers.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why no mention of the “leader” of the DCRP siding with the Ron Paul sign-waving, angry blogging wing of the libertarian party over the phone call-making, parade-walking, neighborhood-canvassing wing of the Republican party and ticking off every GOP elected official in the State from the Governor on down in the process?

  2. paula says:

    Oh Sweeper, we get it. You hate Bob Kerrey. You are a die in the wool red neoconservative. We get it. I find it very interesting that you quoted Kos. It has long been your contention that Kerrey is a liberal and Kos, who is a liberal cheerleader and gatekeeper, has outed Kerrey as a non-liberal.

    Kos doesn’t want Kerrey to win. Why? So glad you asked, because Kerrey is in fact not a liberal. He is a centrist. You can cry all you want and you may even cite some instances when he voted with Clinton. But in the end Kerrey was and is a centrist.

    Speaking of Clinton, I hope that Rove, (I vomited in my mouth) will run ads linking Kerrey to Clinton because it will just remind everyone that Clinton gave us peace and prosperity, and Kerrey was there. No one now cares about the Lewinsky, because everyone had a job, GDP was good, and we had a surplus, that is until Bush came to town.

    What’s Fischer doing? I would think that she is with her debate coach.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Establishment GOP like Pat McPherson got lazy, got their hats handed to them, and are now upset they are having to share the party with others. The establishment of the GOP in Nebraska didn’t raise up new leaders to take their place, and are now being replaced by individuals who are feeding on red meat. The dish of the day is from the conservative menu and it is moving quite well. The real question will be how the new kids on the block work with the old as they wrest control and then have to lead? Will the kids cover the bases and not surrender had gained GOP ground? Will the old timers work with the youngsters to protect the gains they made? Or will they both sit on what they have and surrender the middle to whomever comes calling?

    Mark Fahlson is so worried about being the next committeeman he may well inherit the post with very
    Title to lead. the Governor is on the downhill slide and only has 2 years left of relevance, unles Mitt saves him…….. Ever see the old Gov’s wandering around? It’s not a pretty sight.

    So who will heal the GOP and lead them from the abyss they find looming on the horizon? Have all the good guys moved off? I sure hope some one like Mark Quandahl is waiting in the wings….. Otherwise Mello, and Lathrop will have their day in the sun.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Scott Peterson didn’t “join em.” He brought them in, organized them and drew up a slate to get them elected. People who’ve never volunteered for or shown up for anything now hold a majority of Central Committee, State Committee and State Delegate slots from Douglas County. Who knows how many of Nebraska’s delegates won’t be supporting the Republican Party’s Presidential nominee at the national convention? Do you think that one of Mitt Romney’s earliest supporters, Governor Heineman, is pleased that the chairman of his party in the largest county in his State helped make it happen? I also can’t imagine that the Fischer and Terry camps didn’t take note and won’t be a little cautious about coordinating with the new DCRP.

  5. Paula,
    No. Apparently you don’t get it.
    I don’t hate Kerrey. I hate the way he votes, how I know he WOULD vote, and what that WOULD do to the country. Unlike the NYT types I can separate a likable personality from a disastrous voting record.
    And Kos is YOUR guy. I just find it funny when he turns on his own.
    Thanks for reading!

  6. CC Music Factory says:

    Exactly, SS. I’d point Paula to a nice little website that actually even measures the candidates, and places them in a nice little quadrant chart based on their issues. That site actually has a listing of their positions on issues as well. That site has Nelson as actually *gasp* a centrist. And believe it or not, I actually agree with that, for the most part. Nelson was just slimy in the way he went about doing things, and was the cause of one of the worst votes in history, the debacle in December, the disaster before Christmas, the vote on Obamacare. He wouldn’t have survived this election after that vote, and he knew it. That site also shows exactly what Kerrey is: a liberal. RWP, I believe, actually had a good analysis of his votes compared to other ‘moderates’ v. ‘liberals’, based on the ACU’s ratings in the years Kerrey was in the Senate. Guess whose voting record he came very close to in every year save one? Ted Kennedy, Mr. Ultraliberal himself. Oh, and the one year he wasn’t as close? His reelection year. Kerrey knows how to work the system to try and save his power when he needs to. Kerrey has been, is, and always will be, a tax and spend liberal. I don’t believe for a second that he’ll actually attempt to ‘balance the budget’, when he’s not even in favor of a balanced budget amendment.

    Oh, and the website I mentioned earlier? www. issues2000 .org – and a liberal was the one that referred me there initially, to try and prove a point about Kerrey being more ‘centrist’, which was ultimately a baloney claim. Try… try… try again.

  7. Establishment says:

    Kinda funny how rank and file were trying so desperately to seat their 37 at Douglas convention. Watching Nancy McCabe go back and forth to consult with the governors people to get marching orders was also entertaining. Can’t wait to see results and hopefully greenhorns and vets can work together. One thing is for sure that the establishment we’re put on notice for their back door deals and good ole boy network.

  8. To Establishment says:

    You mean the 37 guests (most of whom Ive never seen before) who were legally allowed by state law to be seated as delegates since there were vacancies?

  9. Establishment says:

    Ahhh I you have never seen laughtenbaugh, welsch, pirsch, nabity, terry staffers, brunining staffers, former DCRP chair??? Are those the 37 “new” faces you were alluding to!!!

  10. To Establishment says:

    I only saw Sen. Laughtenbaugh and Pirsch, Dan Welch, Dave Nabity and Jordan McGrain. As far as I know, the rest of the 37 were Paulites.

    Besides, they aren’t good conservatives?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Street Sweeper, Paula says you should “die in the wool”. Sounds like a death threat. And she calls you hateful. That has to be an itchy way to go.

  12. Establishment says:

    To establishment: If the 37 were not establishment friendly they would not have been enthusiastically seated. For all I know they could have been Matt Pinkerton for prez and not Ron Paul fans!!!

  13. To Establishment says:

    Does that mean you’re not for including anyone who wants to be involved in the gop/politics just because you don’t know who they are?

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Kos was just trying to do Kerrey a solid by claiming he’s going to dismantle social security. Kos knows that he won’t. It was just a pathetic attempt at reverse psychology. If it weren’t for Sweeper repeating it, though, nobody in Nebraska would have known or cared what Markos said.

  15. RWP says:

    My God. Somebody reads my blog!

    Oh, because I’m an Educamacator, the phrase is ‘dyed in the wool’. It makes sense, when you think about it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I read Don Walton’s editorial in the Lincoln paper today (Mark Fahleson “changed the subject” huh?) and it looked like Ben Nelson must have had his comments on his amendment written for him by a conservative, Republican rancher from Valentine. (cough, snort.)

    Unless … Ben Nelson IS Interested Observer? Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? Neither have I. Hmmm.

  17. Establishment says:

    I am all for people getting involved in convention that are not there simply because they were called upon to preserve the establishment because Paul came on droves

  18. Anonymous says:

    So, Ben Nelson doesn’t think we can afford grazing “subsidies” (can someone PUH-lease ask United States Senator Ben Nelson to define “subsidy”?) huh? Uh, how does he feel about “greenbelt” taxbreaks to millionaires who “farm” wild turkeys?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Here’s another question for Interested Observer that he won’t answer. I seem to remember him making the claim that the payments made for federal grazing permits is less than the cost of administering the program. It was something like $140 million to administer the program.

    Here’s my question: How the hell can it cost the Federal Government $140 million to administer the grazing program? WTF are they doing? Supplementing the grazing by feeding the cattle $50 bills? That’s insane. I’d be willing to do it for $50 million. And these are the people who think they can run my healthcare program? Notta chance.

  20. Paula says:

    Yes dye not die. Thanks for the correction.

    SS. I absolutely get it. I know how Deb will vote. She will vote to privatize Medicare and Soc Sec. She will vote to give the richest among us more tax breaks on the backs of me, and most other Americans. She will vote to increase taxes on the middle class by decreasing deductions. She will vote for more bank deregulation. She will vote for the continuance of corporate welfare. She will vote to allow employers decide if their female employees can use birth control.

    She won’t vote for getting rid of tax payers supporting her ranch – I promise you that. And therein lies her hypocrisy.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Nelson to Deb Fischer: “Nice little ranch you got there. It’d be a shame if anything happened to it.”

    Do Democrats think that strong arm, Alinsky tactics are going to sink Deb Fischer? Talk about being out of touch. You guys have nothing so now you have to threaten the opposition candidate with losing her business and home? Does anybody on your side actually think about this stuff or is your rage blinding you to the naked abuse of power that’s going on? The citizens of Nebraska are not going to fall for your mafia tactics to vote for a cranky, has-been chameleon.

    Ben Nelson should resign now. Five minutes ago would be better.

  22. To Establishment says:

    How bout the ones that were there to simply get Paul delegates to the state convention? Even though the vast majority of the state and Douglas County voted for Romney (our Republican nominee)

  23. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous 8:01 PM, I just checked the National Forest Service website and found that “livestock grazing is permitted on over 81 million acres of National Forest System lands spread over 28 states.” and “The Forest Service administers approximately 6,200 paid permits for 5.1 million head months of authorized grazing by cattle, horses, sheep and goats.”

    The $144 million spent to administer this land does seem like a lot of money to me as well. I do know that they eliminated the Forest Ranger position on the McKelvie National Forest near Valentine a few years ago to save money.

    For a comparison, Nebraska is just shy of 50 million acres, so the Forest Service administers a land area almost twice the size of Nebraska, but scattered over the 28 states. I sure would not want their job.

  24. Anonymous says:

    For $50 million, I could still git-r-done. Take $25 million for myself and pay my 50 best friends a budget of $250,000 each to pay themselves and hire a couple staff at maybe $10/hour and assign them each about 1.6 million acres to monitor. And during the rest of the year, they could supplement their income by working as public school teachers.

  25. Anonymous says:

    By the way, 6200 permits divided by 50 is a mere 310 permits for each of my friends and their staffs to oversee. If each of my pals employs 2 people at $10/hour during grazing season (May through the end of September) that’s roughly 20 weeks x 40 hours x $10 x 2 people = $16000. Figure in the cost of work comp insurance, general liability umbrella, payroll taxes, computer equipment (working out of their home/offices), reimbursing mileage, etc. I figure each of my pals can probably run their operations for under $100K and pocket the other $150,000 for themselves. That’s good money. Each of their staff would cover 150 grazing permits. My pals do miscellaneous coverage and the admin. And I would pocket a cool $25 million/year and buy a house somewhere on a beach … wherever the hell I wanted.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Stagnant economic growth/possible return to recession, looming fiscal cliff, impending insolvency of Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid, health care takeover, exploding debt, permanent unemployment, collapse of thethe Eurozone, Iran, Syria, Russia, Libya, Israel, etc.

    And the Dems wanna make the Senate race about grazing rights? Excuse me…but F-ing grazing rights?

  27. RWP says:

    And I would pocket a cool $25 million/year and buy a house somewhere on a beach … wherever the hell I wanted

    Vulture capitalist! The purpose of government jobs is to create a permanent serf class beholden to their masters, not to do a task efficiently or cheaply.

  28. Sharp says:

    I would be willing to bet that 90% of these newbies that got elected to central committee and such will be gone and never heard from again after this election cycle. Most of them are young and will lose interest quickly once this little bit of excitement blows over. However, I hope I’m wrong. The DCRP could use some new blood and some new energy.

  29. Macdaddy says:

    I look forward to Senator Nelson’s next amendment shutting down the Energy Dept program that has wasted a couple billion dollars of taxpayer money financing the crappy “renewable” energy projects of Obama’s cronies.

  30. Also to establishment says:

    For at least the past 4 Douglas County Conventions, guests have been seated as delegates on the day of convention. Why would we change now?

    And I think “To Establishment” and I are thinking the same thing: All Nebraska delegates who go to national should cast their vote for Mitt Romney because he is the republican nominee who received the majority of the votes in Nebraska. If they don’t, they might as well change their name to Ben Nelson. Go ahead and name themselves after the guy who voted for Obamacare even though the majority of Nebraskans were against it.

  31. CC Music Factory says:

    I notice Paula basically ignored what SS and I told her, and went off on her Dem/Lib party-line rant again. Did you go to the site I suggested? MIGHT help to open your eyes. Notice I said might.

    There are several areas that I can think of for an amendment that would have much greater impact than the amendment Nelson proposed. Why now? Why not 5, 6, 10 years ago? Oh that’s right, NOTHING to do with the other side, just makes sense. I agree with RWP, sell it off, put it back into private hands, stop just renting it out. If it’s not being used as forest, get rid of it. Wait… that would be too logical.

    I’ve long been an advocate of privatizing many aspects of the government, and letting the private sector handle at a fraction of the cost what the public sector can’t handle without huge amounts of waste. In specific, get rid of the current welfare system, and put the monies into the hands of locals that can do a LOT more with a LOT less. The missions in Lincoln and Omaha could do a LOT of good with just a small fraction of the monies that the federal government uses, to help those in need. Heck, promote starting new missions/center for the needy in rural parts of Nebraska, and let those places serve at a fraction of the cost. Then you help, AND you put money back into the pockets of the citizens, who then can ALSO put some of that money back into those same facilities. There is very little the government can run more efficiently the private sector. VERY little. Put the monies back where they belong. Let citizens SEE where their dollars are going, rather than giving them to some remote bureaucrat earning way more than they are worth for shuffling paperwork.

    I am a Christian first, conservative second, and a Republican third. But as a Christian, I’ve long believed it’s MY responsibility to give back to my brother, and give to those who help in the communities, and NOT the government’s job to do it for me.

    By the way, the missions are the most public example. There are plenty of non-profits in Lincoln and Omaha that do a substantial amount of work in helping people who need it, including independent groups and churches alike. The missions were just one example of where that money could go to have the greatest impact.

    There is a big reason why those who talk about giving typically tell you if you want your monies to be the most effective, the most effective place to give is to the charities surrounding your local church. They’re the most likely to have the most direct impact, because they actually get the money and supplies directly to those in need.

    Okay… this went far beyond where I originally intended. But mainly, it was but one example of why monies should be kept out of the government’s hands, and into the hands of people that can do the most with the monies, rather than seeing the levels of waste we see in the government.

  32. Anonymous says:

    CC, name one charity that would like the government to completely get out of social services. Charities and rational people realize that social needs are way too great to be handled only by charities. You’re living in fantasy land, or you’d like to live in the Middle Ages, if you think otherwise.

  33. paula says:

    Anyone catch Johanns flirting with Jami Dimon yesterday. I thought Johanns was going to leap onto Dimon’s lap and give him a wet kiss.

    Keep on defending Fischer’s living off taxpayer support! IOKIYR obviously in full effect here.

    Lastly, Bob is not a liberal. He is a centrist.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Paula, it’s all relative. Since most of the posters here are to the right of Genghis Khan, the center to them is far-left liberal.

  35. CC Music Factory says:

    10:46 – And you don’t think that money couldn’t be given to better sources, that could use those resources more efficiently? I have more confidence in them than a lot of the charities do themselves. If you read carefully, I also stated that I’d rather see a LOT more of that money go into the hands of those that can use it more effectively. Let the social services be provided by those that can actually do it. Lower the administrative costs on the governmental level by quite a bit, and let the people that know how to do it efficiently do it.

    And BTW, I actually do know people in the charity industry that would like to see the government out of the business. But then, I actually work with those people pretty regularly, rather than read what’s put out by the media on the subject.

  36. Macdaddy says:

    RWP already covered this. Kerrey’s lifetime ACU rating is 8, down there with Ted Kennedy’s. Ben Nelson’s is 47. By no stretch of the imagination, even with Newspeak can Bob Kerrey be considered centrist.

  37. Douglas County Republican says:

    Ask Scott Petersen 2 questions.

    Do you Support Lee Terry?
    Du you believe Nebraska’s Republican Convention Delegates should vote for Mitt Romney?

    If he says no to one or both questions he should be removed from his office.

    Hint, Hint Robyn and Joe

  38. RWP says:

    Gramm what? If Paula’s talking about Gramm-Rudman-Hollings, it was passed long before Kerrey entered the Senate.

    27 Democrats out of 56 voted for NAFTA, including Ted Kennedy. John Kerry, Carol Moseley Braun and Patrick Leahy. Voting for it was hardly an indication of centrism.

  39. Goober Natorial says:

    Ah, another Don Walton editorial today about Federal grazing permits. This time featuring Mike Johanns’ defense thereof. I smell an unsigned editorial at the top of the LJS opinion page condemning these grazing policies in the next day or so. Would it surprise me if they borrow the language of “welfare grazing” from our very own conservative, republican rancher from Valentine? Nooo, wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    I look forward to Senator Nelson’s amendment to slash the $26 billion taxpayer subsidy to the UAW’s pension fund as well as the wages of current GM workers that maintains their compensation (at a failed company, remember) at twice that of American workers in Japanese and Korean car factories.

  41. Some Thoughts says:

    It’s true that government should not provide services at taxpayer expense that could be provided more efficiently by private businesses or charities. Nevertheless, we still need a basic safety net for people who would otherwise fall through the cracks. I agree that Christianity comes before any political issues, and Christian faith demands that we care for people who cannot care for themselves. The problem with a liberal approach to social welfare is not the risk of caring too much, it’s that the solutions often fail on a practical level. Private charities cannot handle all of these tasks, though.

  42. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy June 13, 2012 at 8:32 PM said, “You guys have nothing so now you have to threaten the opposition candidate with losing her business and home?”

    Not sure what that means or where it came from. Why would Deb lose her business and home? Remember, everybody else in the cattle business in Nebraska, the other 99.3%, already pays the fair market rate for grazing and seems to be getting along OK. Why couldn’t Deb simply do the same, like everybody else?

    Your suggestion that Deb might lose her business and home appears to be wrong, way off base and needlessly inflammatory.

  43. Smokey the Bear says:

    Inflammatory is what right wingers do best when they know they are wrong but want to win the argument anyway. They’d burn their own house down, with their grandmother inside, to prove a point.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Liberalism is just radical bs. They want it all their way or they will cry. Well get your tissues out you Libs cause your goin to be crying a lot over the next 8+ years. Crying as you lose the Whitehouse, Congress, Supreme Court, and everything else you have defiled. The people are tired of your crap, they want jobs not bs hate speech. So y’all just get your blanky’s and pacifiers and We the people will check on from time to time. When you stop throwing tantrums you can come out of time out and join the big kids.

  45. County Party SOS says:

    I have to give Nancy McCabe a huge pat on the back for making sure the Douglas County GOP convention was actually held. If it weren’t for her hard work in organizing credentials, the convention would have been an even bigger disaster than what it was. The Douglas County GOP would be caught up in courts because elections would have been conducted illegally. (Just like everything else at DCRP this past year.)

    Scott doesn’t follow the rules. Ignores the constitution. Unseats people who oppose me. Called his Ron Paul friends telling them NOT to vote for those who have dedicated 10+ years of volunteer work to the Party because they disagree with him. So now central committee is laden with his friends who will, in his mind, re-elect him to Chairman. Our County Party is in shambles and I worry about 2013’s mayoral and city council races. We need to get our Party in order so that we can elect conservative leaders to office. That means having the right people in leadership. I think it’s time for a change at DCRP.

  46. Macdaddy says:

    IO, since you seem to have Ben Nelson’s ear, you have stated on this blog that Deb Fischer has personally received millions of dollars of subsidies and yet is millions in debt. What would be the logical outcome of removing those millions of dollars of subsidies? That would make the debt worse, no? Ergo, the Fischers would lose their ranch. It’s you who have been railing against the Fischers in a very creepy and oddly personal way. I think it’s complete BS to use the power of the federal government to specifically target a candidate during an election. That has been your goal and don’t try to be a candy-assed coward and try to hide from it. BTW, you seem to have an awful lot of free time for a rancher at this time of year.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Smokey, ya need to try your liberalism on someone who gives a hoot. You can talk your bs holier than thou bs all the way to the unemployment line, or Occupy camp. In the end you will still find yourself on the outside looking in. It is nice here in the real world, where your actions yield you your just rewards. Don’t do anything but complain and you get to stay out in the cold. Decide to work and take your chances that anybody wants to buy what your selling, then maybe you will make ends meet. As it is now, you and your ilk just complain. You spend all your time trying to take away from those who have worked for what they have. Sure some make a LOT of money, but then there is the working class that benefits from a few very successful individuals. But you would tear down one in a lofty position, and ruin it for all those who have lifted themselves up, just for the sake of tearing down. Liberals are nothing but poverty pimps, who live large at the top. Well the middle class is okay with some making a lot while we make some. You would have us all grovel at the feet of your ruling elitist leaders and have nothing to show for our labors.

    Nope Smokey you go on back into the woods, light up your whacky tabacky, and leave the working world alone. But be sure to note there will also be a change up at the State Schools too, we the people are going to root you out for what you are and send you packing. I suspect there will be legislation in the not too distant future which will require State schools to provide ROI on their teachers and programs. This way if all you do is teach dead language poetry you will lose your position at the University/college. No need for tax payers to subsidize that bs.

  48. Huh says:

    Scott Peterson IS the reason the DCRP isn’t in shambles! Do you remember before he took over! DCRP was a good ole boy/ girl network treated new folks getting involved as a Hatfield showing up to a McCoy get together. Darwin 101 you evolve of become extinct. Hats off the the DCRP in getting in some new blood! Now let’s all work together and defeat Obama!

  49. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, remember that Deb describes herself as a “fiscal conservative” who wants to go to Washington to cut spending and balance the budget. Those are her words.

    The question that you might ask is WHY is she in debt to the degree that she is, personally, especially after all that welfare grazing and at what point have the American taxpayers done enough for Deb?

    That is the relevant question.

    Look at the other tens of thousands of ranchers who get along without all that welfare for generation after generation and aren’t in debt like her. Apparently they live within their means.

    I will say again that Deb is the problem in Washington, not the solution.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Deb is the problem in Washington like Bob is the problem in Valentine. If you want the East Coast view of problems created in Washington, ask Kerrey. His votes created those problems.

  51. County Party SOS says:

    New blood is fine, so long as they agree to work together for the Republican cause and hold true to the Party. New blood is not fine when their only intent is to be disruptive. County chairs should not work against Republican incumbents, choose sides in open-seat Republican Primaries or attempt to oust longtime volunteers just because they don’t agree with him and replace them with people who do not care about preserving our Party and its traditions. DCRP Chair is not a dictatorship.

  52. Macdaddy says:

    No, IO, the issue has now become, thanks to your efforts, using the power of the federal government to target an opposition candidate by specifically targeting her livelihood. It’s one thing to take pot shots and run ads. It’s another to abuse your legal power. I bet you didn’t consider how this was going to blow up in your face when Ben Nelson got involved in his usual clumsy idiotic way.

  53. Smokey the Bear says:

    Anonymous @ 10:36, Why are you so insistent on proving to the world that you know so little? Very proud of that sixth grade diploma, aren’t you?

    Macdaddy, If Deb Fischer should lose her house and business without the freebies from the government, wouldn’t that be the natural outcome that all of you conservatives root for? Or must we make exceptions for Republicans? Personally, I’d like to see Ben Nelson lose his “turkey ranch” too. It is time for the government to quit providing free slop in the trough to those that don’t really need it.

  54. CC Music Factory says:


    So explain to me, if ‘Deb Fischer is the problem in Washington’, who are you going to vote for? You’ve said a couple of times at least that you’re not supportive of Kerrey. Yet with statements like that, you play right into Kerrey’s hands. You’ve got two choices in this election. And regardless of your personal distaste for Fischer, if you are even close to what you say you are, Kerrey is a monster of epic proportions compared to Fischer. Go to the site I mentioned earlier. Look at the graph at the bottom of each page for Kerrey and Fischer, and tell me how voting for an established liberal like Kerrey is any way, shape, or form better than voting for Fischer. Because the choice, quite simply, comes down to those two. If you vote for neither, then you’ve taken yourself out of the equation by declining to participate. If you choose Kerrey, you’re going to have trouble convincing most people you’re anything close to a conservative. This whole grazing issue is moot, and won’t ultimately be a determiner in the race. Kerrey and his surrogates, including Nelson, are trying to use it, but it’s pretty obvious it’s not gaining traction. So… ultimately, even with that issue, you have to choose. That choice will speak volumes for most people.

  55. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like the NEGOP hierarchy is having some difficulty keeping the worker bees in line. That’s what happens when you allow them access to education – they start thinking that they should have some say in how the party is run. And here we thought only Democrats had dictators!

  56. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, How about this, How about you get the taxpayers to give any other rancher $4million or $5 million dollars of welfare grazing and see if they can make a go of it?

    Will there come a time when you say that the taxpayers have done enough for Deb? When will that be? After $6 million, maybe $7 million, how about an even $10 million? Will you say that $10 million is enough? When is enough enough?

  57. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, what was your opinion of letting GM and Chrysler and the big banks go broke because of their mismanagement?

  58. Revolt! says:

    County GOP SOS: I do not know the day to day operations of the DCRP but I agree that it is not a dictatorship and unfortunately many republican groups act that way. Take the Omaha Young Republicans. Dictator Brandon Peterson rules with an iron fist. Disagree with Brandon and he will banish you to do lit drops in Siberia. Let us all work together and topple dictators like Brandon Peterson! Stand united paulbots, tea party, and republicans and let us work together to take over the regime known as Omaha YR and remove its fascist leader Peterson!!

  59. Interesting says:

    Translation to DCRP-” new blood is as long as you do exactly what we say, blindly follow and endorse weak candidates that have the gov’s seal of approval and do not ask ANY questions, after all the NEGOP knows what’s best for you”

  60. TexasAnnie says:

    CC Music Factory: You’re wrong about the number of choices voters have at the polls. Now I’m not gonna’ call you a LIAR. But you are wrong!

  61. RWP says:

    I agree that Christianity comes before any political issues, and Christian faith demands that we care for people who cannot care for themselves.

    Good luck with that. I presume this will not be levied on the tax bills of non-Christians like myself.

  62. Goober Natorial says:

    Macdaddy, and others, quit entertaining the possibility that Interested Obscurer is what he/she claims. She’s not a conservative and not a Republican and I highly doubt she’s a rancher from Valentine. (Though she might have a FFA jacket sitting around that she got from her husband’s dad.)

  63. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer: I think you’re making headway with the ‘regulars’ at Leavenworth St. I’m busy packing for my big vacation at Stonehenge this Summer Solstice so I can’t lend a hand. But so far, I have been in agreement with what you write and I do believe we are philosophical kinfolk. It’s crazy that so many Republicans support anti-capitalist corporate welfare. But they do!

  64. Anonymous says:

    No one says blindly follow the party leadership. But when people work against our party’s elected nominees, then they should be brought back into line. When there’s a multiple Republican candidates in a primary, the county party chair at the very least should not pick sides and actively help one candidate over the other.

    To Huh – Just wait until Scott Petersen isn’t able to bring in any money to the party due to him pissing off every major donor the party has. When’s the last time the central committee had a printed treasurer’s report? Or voted to have that report sent to be audited? I remember very well the reason Scott gave to not have printed reports was to save money, but since then we’ve had craploads of printed sheets and forms at all of the meetings. It would not surprise me at all if he was setting a little off to the side.

  65. RWP says:

    If there isn’t anyone here who hasn’t yet figured out Dr. IO is a Kerrey-supporting (and contributing) troll whose sole role here is to waste your time, well, wise up. His (and I do mean his) points have been answered multiple times, but are still being made.

  66. Also to establishment says:

    Scott P needs to go. He actively campaigned to get long time volunteers out of the Central committee.

    And to “huh” @ 10:43… It IS IN SHAMBLES. I took a 4 year leave of absence to concentrate on my family and in that time we have lost a full time Executive Director, have not been able to fill open slots for office and no one has any idea about the finances of the county party! Do we even have an office anymore? It’s disgraceful! The DCRP used to be a strong influential presence in Douglas County. Change is coming, but I guarantee that the majority of the newbies elected won’t last past the end of the year.

    And to any delegates who will be voting for Ron Paul at national convention..Change your name to Ben Nelson! He too ignored the majority of Nebraskans and voted for what they didn’t want.

  67. Anonymous says:

    So, Anonymous @ 1:19, You’d better get to know your place as a worker bee. You are to do as you are told and you are never to question authority. If the leadership is dipping into the honeycomb, well, they deserve a little of the honey for all the hard work they do on your behalf. If you don’t believe that, just ask them.

  68. Anon @ 1:19 says:

    Sadly, its Scott Petersen thats the leadership of the DCRP….

    Plus, why the heck is Bruce Dickes the Communications Director? He seems like a good guy, but the chair or the executive director of the party should be speaking to the public, not some guy who was appointed by Petersen

  69. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Why are you so mad at Scott Peterson! He did hand you your hat it was the Ron Paul people. The funny thing is that you had hundreds of years of collective political experience in the establishment get their arses whooped across the state by a bunch of 20 somethings. If there was ever a case against paying a political consultant this is the case study!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Because Scott Petersen has been damaging the reputation of the party for the last year and a half while making a large number of party people angry in the process. I honestly think that he is so deluded and egotistical enough to think that he is the only one that can “save” the DCRP; either that or is just using it to become a large political player.

    Having the conventions overrun by large numbers of Paulbots is not exactly getting whooped, just a pure numbers game. Particularly since Ron Paul won’t have the delegates to win the nomination, most party people didn’t exactly feel the pressure to go to the county conventions to defend against the members of the Cult of Ron Paul.

  71. Goober Natorial says:

    RWP, I must not have figured how to search what you found. I went to the FEC homepage and searched for Kerrey and then looked for individuals who had given to his committee and the only person I found in Valentine would be too illiterate to post what IO has posted. There would be a trail of easily identified grammatical and spelling errors. So, its not the guy I found.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Who said it was better with her? I think DCRP chairman haters is Scott P himsself, the way he just threw Nancy under the bus…

  73. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Trust me I’m not Scott I just remember nancy, Joni, Glenn, David, Dave and Scott ain’t too bad You sound like a disgruntled YR!

  74. Macdaddy says:

    Headway, TA? Not really. IO blew it. It might have been a good strategy but the desperation was too great and Senator Nelson couldn’t resist. Yet another pathetic attempt to keep the seat Democrat. When are the Democrats going to realize that their war on women will not work?

  75. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a grammatically horrible sentence DCRP chairman hater. If you’re not Scott then you have to be one of his cronies. What else could explain your thinking that Scott is a good leader?

  76. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Tell me are the Nebraska Young Repubilicans gonna break double digit membership? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about that, I’m not involved with them. But maybe you can answer something since you’re defending Scott so much, why has he been hiding the financial reports of the DCRP?

  78. DCRP chairman haters says:

    He is hiding the reports because he is putting the money in a swiss bank account in the hopes that someday he will have enough money to buy out the young republicans domain name. You implied accusation is insane! The truth is he is probably a bit embarrassed of the previous financial state of the party( which is improving) and wants to focus on the positive.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Then why won’t he make copies of the financial reports for the central committee? I don’t care if he’s embarrassed or not, the central committee has a right to know how the chairman is spending the party’s money and the state of the party’s finances. Since he’s not sharing them, we have to assume the worst and hope for the best.

  80. chuck says:

    “it will just remind everyone that Clinton gave us peace . . . .” says Selective Memory Paula. Really? So who was that poseur who sent troops and planes to Bosnia and Serbia and Mogadishu? Clinton’s double?

  81. DCRP chairman haters says:

    To the best of my knowledge the money was mostly spent on the Spencer Zimmerman Senate campaign and blueberries! What else would DCRP spend money on!

  82. Anonymous says:

    I actually wouldn’t past him to spend the money on Spencer Zimmerman’s campaign…
    But we don’t know what he’s spending the money on. That’s the point.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Why hasn’t Scott been providing it at the central committee meetings?

    It’s simple, he needs to be removed as chair. He’s only in it to help himself, not our candidates.

  84. DCRP chairman haters says:

    He does not need to go and that is a crazy statements. Just out of curiosity name one candidate that has helped the party? Most just take and take

  85. Bombshell says:

    Scott refuses to release the DCRP FIN reports because he still funneling money towards Pattrick Bonnet for their inside deal. Bonnet claimed he was owed money after he drove DCRP into the ground and raised NO MONEY to pay himself.

    Scott still owes money to the very people he trashed at convention and my guess is they will never see a dime of it.

    Scott Peterson is not to be trusted. The DCRP is in a sad state of affairs. No amount of new technology, websites or ‘communication’ is going to cover up this mess. Remember when the DCRP actually helped candidates instead of leaching off of them?

    So how about it Scott? Are you supporting Ron Paul or Mitt Romney? Lee Terry, or the Terry haters? It’s time for you to resign.

  86. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Leached on candidates???? Which candidate has helped the party??? Do tell! DCRP gets no accolades, no pay, no benefits, 50 hours a week away from family and you say he is doing a good job. You do the job you lazy turd!!! Sounds like some youngsters that have paid their dues and were not annointed have sour grapes!

  87. Anonymous says:

    You do realize the purpose of the party is to help elect Republicans, right?

    Also, why hasn’t the DCRP filed it’s first two Primary Statements with NADC yet? Is it because no one has donated to them?

  88. Anonymous says:

    Its a volunteer position. And if it meant that Scott immediately resigns, I would be glad to do it. And not complain about it being a non-paid post.

  89. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Thank you for volunteering to take over as the DCRP chairman. I am afraid however if you are an establiment candidate you might have a bit of a diffucult time being elected for a few years

  90. Anonymous says:

    Who exactly is the “establishment”? Is it simply anyone who isn’t a Ron Paul crazy, like Scott P and his friends?

  91. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Of coarse not. BTW you are giving credit where credit isn’t due. The one who orchestrated the coup was not Scott P. he had nothing to do with it. Why don’t you ask Glenn Freeman about his silent but effective role

  92. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Establishment is anyone that always falls in line with GOP talking points, never questions, and never stands up when the party does something wrong. Essentially Yes men and women. There are times, not most of the time but on occasion the party is wrong on an issue or makes a bad decision. An establishment person his someone who is a bobble head through right and wrong.

  93. Anonymous says:

    IO, it depends on who is asked the question. A liberal would probably say it was someone that tries to get the most bang out of a buck. A conservative would probably say it was someone that tries to spend as little as necessary. A tea party comedian would just start ranting about all those (other) people that are on welfare.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer, quit trying to pretend that posters here who think you’re a turd for continuing to bring up Deb Fischer’s grazing permits are in favor of corporate welfare.

    It could be they’re just tired of you. (ding ding ding we have a winner)

  95. County Party SOS says:

    If DCRP does not want to follow the leader of the Republican Party in our state or the state GOP then those people should leave DCRP and start their own group. As a Party, we have to stick together or we will lose elections. Divided, we fail, and this is exactly what is happening right now. Alone, DCRP is ineffective. With the help of the people who have committed themselves to the conservative movement, the long time volunteers and supporters, we will win elections. But we won’t win if we exclude the people who have been tried by fire on their commitment to the Party and only include people who are inexperienced campaigners. We need both. Not just those who are loyal to the county chairman or attend a meeting. We need worker bees.

    This is nothing personal against Scott, except that he has done some things that have not been in the best interest of the Republican Party. Maybe he was elected to a position that he wasn’t ready or experienced for. The fault there lies with central committee.

  96. County Party SOS says:

    Might I add that Scott does work hard and gets no pay for it. Puts in many hours and does not have an Executive Director. But I do not believe he has made wise decisions and the Party image suffers for it. We’ve accomplished some good things in the past year and a half like including more people, but now we need new management.

  97. Interested Observer says:

    Wikipedia describes “fiscal conservative” as “a political term used to describe a fiscal policy that advocates avoiding deficit spending.” and “Modern fiscal conservatives remain wary of government spending. They believe strongly in free trade and are committed to lowering the federal budget, paying off national debt, and acquiring a balanced budget.”

    I reread Deb’s Road Funding Bill, LB84, as she originally proposed it last year, the other night. I’d forgotten that she originally asked for .5% of the state sales tax and had originally asked for bonding authority for the roads up to 500 MILLION dollars!

    The Legislature fortunately cut the sales tax earmark in half and COMPLETELY did away with the


    idea. It’s sure a good thing that there were some real “fiscal conservatives” in the Legislature last year or Deb would have driven the state into debt like her own ranch.

  98. Anonymous says:

    It’s not inexperience, Scott uses people to help himself then badmouths them to nearly everyone. If it weren’t so scary, since Scott believe the Ron Paul wackos are on his side, it would be funny as heck if they replace him with chief wacko Jon Tucker.

  99. Anonymous says:

    @Anon 8:51 It could be they’re just tired of you.

    No, you’re just tired from candidates that are supposedly conservative but don’t adhere to conservative principles (e.g. Deb Fischer).

  100. Echo Chambers says:

    Anonymous @ 12:28, You are getting as obnoxious as Interested Observer has become. At least IO has something to say, you are just obnoxious.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer, I asked if you are going to vote in the Senate race because you aren’t for Kerrey or for Fischer. I have never left a ballot blank because that feels wrong as a voter. You know a lot about Fischer. I don’t. I bet lots of voters don’t. She just popped up. Ads call her conservative but you say she isn’t conservative and today you say she is not fiscal conservative and she takes grazing subsidy and is a hypocrite for that. But like you I don’t support Kerrey either. Him I know. And Nebraskans are going to get one of them as a Senatoe. I cannot tell by what you are saying if Fischer is more liberal or more or less hypocritical than Kerrey. What do you recommend? Should we vote against Fischer by voting for Kerrey or leave the boxes blank?

  102. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous at 2:59 PM I don’t know. We can’t just leave the boxes blank. I don’t recommend anything right now. If the RNC and the Republican National Senatorial Election Committee can actually get Deb more focused on real, conservative stands, then maybe, as so many have pointed out in here, we could get a Republican Senate majority. That carries a few risks as well, as it’s basically impossible that the Senate could ever have a super majority, so without enough votes to override an Obama veto on any issue, then we have to come back to my basic philosophy of seeking a consensus and focusing on what we can agree on. Then the question is, who of the 2 can actually do that?

    I’ve just been trying to show some people what the Deb that I’ve known for 40 years is really like.
    There’s a lot more to her than just barbed wire and fence posts.

    When she sponsored the bill 4 years ago to create a brand new, never before in existence, excise tax on motor fuels, based on the wholesale price and then wanted to put the State in debt half a billion dollars and also shift all that additional sales tax money to the Department of Roads to almost double their budget, that looks a lot like a tax and spend sort of person. The exact type of tax and spend sort of person that many of us perceive Kerrey to be, as well.

    Then when she was staffing the Planned Parenthood booth at the Cherry County Fair in August of 2003, as well as several comments from her through the years, that really brings into question her “100%” pro-life claim. Again, the same sort of concerns that many of us have about Kerrey.

    But maybe the RNC and RSEC have several months to get her up to speed on what to say, what to do, where to go and how to debate, maybe they can eventually get her ready to finally debate Kerrey and further explain what she believes in and maybe try to get her to be able to at least hold her own. The whole Sara Palin comparison is a really huge concern for me though, again, based on knowing her all these years.

    But for right now, I just don’t know.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Where was Deb? Kerrey was in North Platte campaigning at Nebraska land days He was in the parade getting cheered. Deb had a banner getting booed. Not good this race is not over.

  104. DCRP chairman haters says:

    I just do not know how the party image has been tarnished by Scott. Are you implying that the local party had a sterling beyond reproach image. Did you see the party’s financials in 2010. Let’s work together and get good conservatives elected. Welcome new people and channel that new energy and no more good ol boys club. Also we need a wardrobe upgrade. I am afraid some of our party’s finest purchased their last tie in the 80s. And damn you Seiler no more sweater vests LOL. I kid of coarse. It is nice to see all this new party excitement!

  105. Grimm Bros. says:

    @ RWP, A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore that dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings.

  106. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous at 4:33 PM, I went over to Bassett this week to the Ranch Expo and, again, no Deb their either. We saw more of Dick Cheney when he was “in a secure, undisclosed location” than we’ve see of Deb since the Primary.

  107. Anonymous says:

    How about when Scott failed to recruit candidates for the county offices? Or when he started hiding the financial reports? Or when he got all his friends and neighbors to go to the county convention to vote for him and his chosen few?
    I haven’t been involved for decades upon decades, but as I started to volunteer for campaigns and get more involved in the party, people welcomed me in. The same as many others. So I don’t know what you’re talking about when you mention a ‘good ol’ boys club’. Tho I do know that people who just barge in, claiming that they have all the answers and know how to run a campaign better than people who have been doing so for years, rightly get put in their place.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Deb was in Beatrice, Stromsburg and Papillion. She can’t make all of them. Nice to hear Bob is in Nebraska, though.

  109. DCRP chairman haters says:

    ” I haven’t been involved in decades!” kinda like the guy that says “I don’t vote but here are the problems that need fixin”. Let’s be honest you are heavily involved in the party and not a concerned outsider. The specificity of your concerns makes that much clear. I thought we are to stand together as one party. You need to stand by the county chair. That is what the party preaches. No?? Of coarse you are more than welcome to run against scott it is your right . Although I fear you will not like the outcome as most outside the vocal minority think Scott is doing a great job!

  110. DCRP chairman haters says:

    If we had so many expert campaign people why 12 years of a dem mayor or 4 dem city council members and one RINO.

  111. A-non-amos DCRP Donor says:

    This discussion has gotten very pathetic. It’s clear that things were screwed up way before 2010. Stop demonizing those who are trying to make a difference.

  112. Anonymous says:

    DCRP chairman hater, let’s be honest, you are Scott Petersen. There is no reason that I can think of that would lead anyone to try to defend him so much.

    When I said I wasn’t ‘involved for decades upon decades’, it was referring to me being younger than most of the people involved with the party. And of course I am involved with the party, that’s why I have the concerns that I do. Being an outsider has nothing to do with it.

    And no, the party is supposed to preach one thing: Elect Republicans. If the chairman of the party fails to do that, he needs to be removed. If he can’t even get republicans to run for partisan county offices, more so. Omaha city races are a different beast altogether, first being that they’re non-partisan. And that RINO was appointed by the 4 democrats on the city council.

  113. Anonymous says:

    I will continue to help the candidates I support, but until Scott is no longer the chair of the DCRP, I won’t help him

  114. Any Mouse says:

    @Anonymous 9:19

    “I will continue to help the candidates I support, but until Scott is no longer the chair of the DCRP, I won’t help him”

    Spoken just like a Ron Paul supporter that won’t vote for Romney.

  115. DCRP chairman haters says:

    Trust me I am NOT Scott Peterson. He actually uses his Real name
    But you stating that it would be wrong to pay Bonett After he did the work( even though we did not get desired results) is the same as eating at a restaurant, having a bad meal, and then refusing to pay. That is not how business works unless perhaps your a corrupt attorney!

  116. Anonymous says:

    There’s our “conservative republican rancher from valentine” comparing Deb Fischer to Sarah Palin as though it’s an insult. Which makes perfect sense since conservatives typically don’t think very highly of Sarah Palin. Oh, wait, that’s liberals who don’t think highly of Palin. Ooops, my mistake.

    Other than your obvious and well documented aversion to “welfare grazing” Interested Observer, can you tell us any other conservative principle that you espouse? Just curious. (Curious, because I think you’re full of that which dumps out of the southern end of a north-bound steer.)

  117. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, when did I say that anybody shouldn’t get paid for work they did for the party? But there you go, skipping over the fact that Scott failed to recruit candidates for the county offices.

  118. County Party SOS says:

    Josh Weir, you are so bold!

    How about, regardless of previous leadership position, we elect the most qualified person to elect Republicans to Douglas County Republican Chair? Scott, you have until November to prove that you are the best man for the job! Prove the naysayers wrong!

  119. Incognito says:

    There is more to the party than just electing Republicans. There is convincing voters in Nebraska that the NEGOP is the party that will stand up to defend the things that they believe in. We must be more than just for guns, against abortion, for fiscal conservatism and against Obama. We must convince the voters that our party is intellectually, spiritually, and morally superior to the competition.
    For us to be able to do that, we must actually be the things we say we are. If not, we are no better than the bums on the other team.

  120. Anonymous says:

    @DCRP chairman hater –
    Earlier you asked what candidate helped the county party out. But why is the DCRP relying on others to fundraise? Don’t any of the “leaders” of the party know how to find and ask donors for money?

  121. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous June 16, 2012 at 10:01 PM, Let’s try this another way. Would YOU please tell all of us, from YOUR point of view, what are Deb’s specific qualifications to be a United States Senator from Nebraska. Please support your specific qualifications with specific facts from her record as a State Senator, High School Board member and one room country School Board member, as well as “wife, mother, rancher, etc.”. Please be specific.

  122. The Real Josh Weir says:

    Although I am flattered someone deems my support of such significance that it justifies appropriating my name to make a comment, I did not post a comment last night at 10:10.

    I am a reader of this blog, however, so if you insist on posting under my name, please be sure to make me look witty and knowledgeable and use good grammar.

    I do hope you’ll all join me in supporting Romney, Fischer, Terry and McCoy


    Joshua Weir
    203 7th Street
    Waterloo, NE 68069

  123. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous June 17, 2012 at 8:35 AM So any republican is qualified including all those good ole boys in the south who also have another membership called the KKK? Or how about the John Birch society members? Heck dig up tricky Dick he did so well the first time. There are bad republicans there are bad democrats Ever hear of John Edwards? Deb Fischer is not qualified to be a US Senator just because she has a R by her name on the ballot.

  124. Thanks Mr. Weir says:

    I agree that we need to come together and support ALL GOP leadership candidates as well. It is also encouraging that you also support our local leadership including the DCRP chairman.

    I praise Mr. Weir for bringing us together and supporting all GOP leadership

  125. Anonymous says:

    Correction for Anonymous @ 9:46 AM – There are good & bad Republicans, and there are bad Democrats. Any questions?

  126. To Thanks says:

    I know I care. If you don’t think it matters that a county chairman doesn’t support our presidential nominee, then say so. Don’t make snide little remarks and act all smug

  127. Do me a favor says:

    To Thanks: This is why we have elections. You do not think that the DCRP Chair is doing good and that is your right. I will make you a deal. If you run for DCRP Chair I will do everything in my power to NOT elect you. I will have the votes too. People like you focus on the negative and defame people that are actually making a difference. Have you actually ever asked Scott who he supports?

    After reflecting on your previous comments I am actually more excited about your candidacy for DCRP. It would be my please to drop an 80% opposed on you. Would be a bit embarassing for you but actually quite amusing for me.

    Please do run!

  128. To Thanks says:

    Scott may be making a difference, but a bad one. We’ll see how he acts when he thinks he can push anything through the central committee.

    But if you can get 80% to oppose me, why don’t you run for the chairmanship? I’d rather deal with someone who could actually run the party fairly well and not run it into the ground.

  129. Running for DCRP says:

    I think he will have a good slate of city council candidates hopefully a winning mayor. The DCRP is in the black. We had one of the most heavily attended conventions regardless of motives. Young people for the first time are engaged. We have I believe a great senate candidate in Deb. I personal believe Deb won because she ran as a non- establiment candidate so why not have some non- establishment members on central committee. The challenge will be to Chanel all this new energy positively like Obama did in 2008

  130. Anonymous says:

    But yet he won’t show give central committee members physical copies of the financial reports, so we can’t know for sure

  131. GOP insider says:

    Scott needs to resign. 80 percent huh? What list are you looking at? Scott’s goal is to help Scott & that’s it. I even heard a humor he was wanting to run for state chair!! Ha!

    I guess it will turn out as well as his idea to run his friend for congress against lee.

    We all know Scott reads this blog ( he’s been posting under other names by ip)

    Why can’t he answer who he supports. Hint ( its because he has told everyone differently)

  132. FYI says:

    FyI to Scott P. it’s not a coalition if you have to lie to the various parties to build it. Your house of cards is crashing down fast. Better find another group to stab in the back lie to so
    You can move forward.,,

  133. Anonymous says:

    The reason that the establishment did so poorly at conventions is because they are so ingrained in their ways they NEVER think outside the box. Much to the credit of the tea party types/Ron Paul types/ and non- old guard they bucked conventional wisdom. They found a bunch of people that had one point of commonality. That commonality is a dislike for non-trasparnent, back door politics. This isn’t establishment versus new blood. This is a battle between cronyism, a few make all the rules, bad government versus doing what is right and being transparent. I saw the Ron Paul slate cards and many of the names would shock you. They were a collection of good concerned patriots and not a bunch of wackos.

    Scott Peterson did not organize any of this but he is a person that wants good, transparent politics which we should all want.

    And if you think that you are gonna roll team Paul at state good luck. I am not a Ron Paul guy but will glady vote for their people because the old guard needs to go!

  134. Anonymous says:

    I saw some of those Ron Paul slates too…most names I didn’t recognize. The ones I did, are the ones that just sweep in and try to run things without proving themselves.

    If you want backdoor, non-transparent politics, look to the Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty/Nebraska Republican Liberty Caucus people. Secret slates, organizing their actions for the past few years, and not respecting the wishes of over 90% percent of the republicans who voted in the primary…gee, what a wonderful way to grasp at power

  135. Huh says:

    So let me gets this straight. We republicans live capitalism because in many cases the winner has an highly organized business and he usually out smarts the competition BUT when it comes to politics we call foul when the same principles are applied. Politics is the only business in which loyalty and obiedence is rewarded many times over talent… Well at least politics and the mafia.

  136. Anonymous says:

    So you’re okay with elected Ron Paul delegates ignoring that the vast majority of the state spoke loud and clear that they do not Ron Paul as the nominee?

  137. Huh says:

    Listen I didn’t vote for Ron Paul! I like a lot of his ideas others I don’t. The irony of your statement about the 90% is that the NE GOP have always been ruled by 10% of the establishment leaders. Now you are over the moon when now the 10% or so Ron Paul types rule the party. So my take away is that the party can be run by 10% so long as they are YOUR 10%!!

  138. Huh says:

    You seemed fine with politician raising the debt ceiling when 90% of the public was against it. You’ll be fine when both houses reneg on the mandatory spending cuts when 90% of conservatives are against it.

  139. Anonymous says:

    My 10%? I want what’s good for the party, and only having people without any experience or connections to run the party will let the democrats gain the upper hand. And when the Paulites push their own fringe candidates over conservative republicans, the democrat’s talking point that republicans are right wing conspiracy theorists will seem to everyone to be true.

    As to the debt ceiling comment, how could you possibly even know whats in my mind or how I feel about that?

  140. Anonymous says:

    Val, Shouldn’t that have been “campaign orifice?” Word is that LS’s worst speller, Bud Pettigrew, is misspelling autographs there.

  141. GOP infighting says:

    It was actually a Rodney king reference BTW is it just me of is Street Sweeper becoming the Greece of the blogging world!!! I mean really three day work weeks.

  142. Anonymous says:

    Paul pals. Ron Paul quit on you but told you to keep pounding your head against the wall for him. To do that makes you officially odd, like those Obamaphiles who worship Barry. Creepy fetish people.

    America is hiring a guy to manage policy. That’s it. And it will be either Mitt or the twit. So get a grip. Focus on the voting booth and leave the rest of your worship-cum-love to the confessional or boudoir.

  143. Anonymous says:

    DCRP had been getting their a$$3s handed to them by Gary and Ace for years, it’s time for a change. We’ll be lucky to win the electoral vote with the current leadership.

  144. Anonymous says:

    “…We’ll be lucky to win the electoral vote with the current leadership.”

    Especially when the current chairman refuses to acknowledge Mitt Romney as the nominee

  145. GOP infighting says:

    The chairman has NEVER said he supports Paul or doesn’t support Mitt. The Omaha Young Republicans have come out in full support of Scott Peterson and that is good enough for me!

  146. The Ghost Of Chuck says:

    I remember when good old Chuck Sigerson was the DCRP chair. We never had a problem knowing where he stood on our nominees!! This is really a simple question for the Chair yet he avoids it like the plague.

  147. David Harper Political Director DCRP says:

    Clearly we have a lot of passionate people in the DCRP. The focus needs to be on electing solid conservative leadership. Airing out our dirty laundry for all to see does no good. I will be more than happy to work with anyone towards these ends.

  148. To Mr. Harper says:

    Does the DCRP fully support Lee Terry and Mitt Romney as our nominees? Why does the DCRP (and/or the chairman) continue to recruit candidates to run against Lee Terry? Also what republican office holders are not solid conservative leaders? I think the problem the DCRP is facing is that the Chair is not the king maker. Bob Blank tried that once and we booted him!!!!

  149. Goober Natorial says:

    Yeah, lunatic liberals who occupied Centennial Mall might have hoped Fischer. But your average Lincoln County voter? Not a chance.

  150. GOP infighting says:

    I agree with mr. Harper. Let’s work together. I for one think Scott is doing a great job and will continue to vote for him. If you think otherwise you are welcome to run. I just do not get how you can cowardly and anonymously trash some that is so giving of his time. He gets paid nothing and you continually trash him. I think you are an anonymous COWARD who perhaps does not like Scott personally. If you have a grip with walk up to him and voice your concern. Others either grow a pair and have a conversation with him or shut your pie hole….

  151. Goober Natorial says:

    Stupid auto correct on my phone isn’t familiar with the word “booed.” Shoulda been “booed” not “hoped.”

  152. David Harper Political Director DCRP says:

    In regards to solid conservative leadership I mean the elected officials we have running in the fall general including Lee Terry and Mitt Romney. The DCRP is not recruiting anyone to run against Congressman Terry. A primary is open to all who would like to run we have no control over who runs. If you would like to stop by and meet with us in person we would be more than happy to address any concerns.

  153. Answer says:

    Who is that: The Omaha young republicans is who organized all these Ron Paul types that took over the party. What is going to happen when Mitt gets in they will go away and we will have open leadership shots everywhere. This Ron Paul thing is a disaster. Thanks a lot Omaha Young Republicans!! You got your people in but it will destroy the party!

  154. Clint says:

    How do you know that the young republicans organized the ron paul people? I have been involved for quite some time and have never even seen most of these people until they showed up at the convention.

  155. Anonymous says:

    David Harper,

    Why does the DCRP have a Communications Director and a Political Director, but not an Executive Director? Are you paid staff? Did the central committee okay your hiring?

  156. To GOP infighting says:

    It is a public position and he knew it paid nothing when he ran for chair. And as for the dirty laundry, sunlight is the best disinfectant. The more people who know that Scott is a lying weasel, the better

  157. Shame of the Omaha young repulicans says:

    Why on earth would they help the paulbots take over the party. Brandon Peterson should resign and be tried for high treason. We need to help the party not hurt it!

  158. Political Director says:

    David Harper? What qualified you to be political director? For that matter what qualifies Scott P, David Rue or anyone else that has access to the DCRP info & money?

    Scott will use you just like he has used anyone else that has tried to help him. First disagreement and he will come on here at trash you just like he does the YR’s

  159. Anonymous says:

    @NADC, If you think Scott has been dipping into the till then maybe it is time for you to file a complaint with the Nebraska State Attorney General. He’s got plenty of time on his hands now that Deb cleaned his clock.

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