New poll: Fischer leads Kerrey by 25 points

The Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate campaign released a poll done by Public Opinion Strategies showing her up by 25 points over Bob Kerrey.

The survey of 500 likely voters on June 17th and 18th asked the following question:

If the election for United States Sentate were being held today, for whom would you vote between Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey?
The results:

Fischer… 58%
Kerrey…. 33%

That is with a margin of error of 4.3%.

And think about the number we saw throughout the GOP Senate primary, with Undecideds in the double digits even up until the final weekend.


So even if you give Kerrey the margin of error AND ALL the Undecideds, Fischer is still up by 10 points.

(Oh, and nice response by the Kerrey camp: “Nuh uh! No way!” What are they paying you again?)

And we will tell you that you will 1) hear Bob Kerrey moving further and further to the right on just about every issue; 2) hear Kerrey deny that he was ever in the Senate, much less a Democrat or that he ever voted on anything and; 3) see and hear Kerrey’s attacks on Fischer get more and more vicious.

Kerrey and his henchman Paul Johnson and their compadre Ben Nelson ain’t goin’ down without a crazy fight.
And they clearly don’t care what history will say about them.
(Oh, and they’ll still have plenty of cash to do it.)


On that note, the Nebraska Democrat party is opening an office in Valentine — and plastering the windows with Kerrey signs.
(You know, the ones that have that very 80’s/90’s retro-60’s “Love American Style” feel to the logo?)

Ooh they’re so radical! Right in Deb Fischer’s back yard!

And Fischer manager Aaron Trost already hit it, but let us repeat that the Fischer campaign could do the same to Kerrey, but the rent is too high in the West Village, and Kerrey has pretty much wrapped up the liberal New York City vote in this race. No reason to really bother. They can give Manhatten to Kerrey.

Nonetheless the Fischer camp needs to get a photo of Gunther holding up a “Fischer for Senate” sign in front of “Central Perk”.
(What? Gunther is too real!)


And speaking of north central Nebraska, Jane Kleeb and her pals were at it on the “We Hate Tar Sands Oil no matter how it is transported across America” front.

See, if you were under the impression that Jane is for holding up the Keystone XL Pipeline and all the associated oil and jobs because of the majestic Sandhills and the God-fearing landowners, well then you Sir, are a sucker.

Here, let Jane square it away for ya:

“The tar sands industry is linked to greenhouse gas emissions,” said Jane Kleeb, executive director of Bold Nebraska, a liberal advocacy group opposed to the pipeline. “In an honest assessment they’d realize that actually, no, this is not good for the environment.”

Because Jane is all about being “honest”, see.
And to be honest, Jane hates oil, loves Leftist liberal causes, and enjoys using Nebraskans as her tools to perform.

But hey, maybe there’s hope for Jane!
As a reader related to us, there’s this dude from Great Britain who came up with the “Gaia Hypothesis” holistic Earth environmental theory– who just got his heating bill.
Seems that James Lovelock is outraged at what it costs, and realizes there are many affordable ways to supply energy in this world, and is in favor of trying them all! So, he has come out in favor of fracking for natural gas and in favor of a number of other energy supplies.

But how about windmills?
Nah. “Ugly and useless” is how he describes them.
Or to put it another way: “Oil drills work better than windmills.”


We have not gotten deep into the issue of the Ron Paulistas attempt to take over the Nebraska Republican Party and all of the associated battles going on. But we have our thoughts.

We saw this before, back in the 90s when certain groups decided to super-organize and try to take over the various local political institutions. They had a varying level of success and some are still around today. Many more became disinterested and those who had been volunteering their time for years on end came back and put their shoulders into electing Republicans.

So, as we mentioned, it is interesting to see the Paul supporters doing their best to flex their muscles at the conventions. Though it is certainly curious to see those in charge already making certain statements and strides.

For instance, we saw this email from the the Douglas County Republican Party:

Dear Friends of The Douglas County Republican Party,

Saturday, June 9th was a big day for the Douglas County Republican Party. We had the 2012 DCRP County Convention at the College of Saint Mary in the morning and a DCRP Reception/Fundraiser with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus at Hilton Omaha in the evening.

In the upcoming November election, Douglas County will play a big part in selecting the leadership and determining the direction of our country. It’s our job to deliver the Electoral Vote from the 2nd District for President, help elect Deb Fischer to the U.S. Senate and re-elect Lee Terry to Congress. In addition, we need to elect conservative Republican leaders to our State, County and local offices.

If the energy and enthusiasm displayed from our long time GOP members, tea party activists, Ron Paul supporters and all who attended on Saturday is a sign, I am excited with the opportunity we have to get the job done!

For the County Convention, we would like to thank the many folks who had a big part in making things happen. Thank you to Jeff Rue, David Harper, Nancy McCabe and Patrick Bonnett for the long hours and late nights preparing for the convention. Thank you to Brian Buescher and the Convention Committee for your work on the agenda, the credentials, the rules, the platform, the resolutions and more.

Thank you to our speakers, Governor Dave Heineman, Congressman Lee Terry, Chairman Mark Fahleson, and National Committeeman Pete Ricketts for adding to the energy and enthusiasm at our convention. And thanks to Senator Mike Johanns and Senate Candidate Deb Fischer for your encouraging words delivered via audio message.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Katie Fletcher, Amy Sauser and the staff at the College of Saint Mary for all they did to make it work.

And last, we would like to thank the nearly 300 delegates and guests that took the time to join us and participate in the process. Your drive and determination gives me confidence that we can work together to “Take Back Our County” and “Take Back Our Country” in November!

Nice tip of the cap to the Ronpaul supporters there, eh?
But let’s see, where does it discuss the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee?
Nope. No mention of a guy named “Mitt Romney”.

You know, the guy who most Republicans hope will defeat Barack Obama in the fall? Yeah, that guy. Maybe it would be nice to mention him in the next communique to the GOP faithful.
Just a thought.

But one local politico put it to us this way:

(The leanings of the Douglas County Republican Party Chair) basically ensures that the state party and national party just blow him off and work around him and DCRP this summer and fall. There is likely to be a coordinated effort for Romney, Fischer and Terry and the DCRP Chair’s knowledge of it will basically come from what he reads in the paper. Meanwhile, the “Activity Center” that the DCRP Chair has set up with a few phones will crawl along with little activity. Volunteers will go directly to the specific campaigns or the victory office (Romney Fisher, Terry) if one is setup up–as I hear it will soon be. DCRP as an entity will be meaningless in the 2012 cycle.

Well, that is fairly harsh. But few would deny what is going on.

There are certain groups at the county party level who have made it known, in none-too-subtle ways, that they aren’t supportive of many current GOP office holders. So instead of doing their job to elect Republicans, they have chosen instead to push their own agendas and candidates.

It is certainly curious. We will say that.


And on that note, we leave off with the Curious Case of Chip Maxwell.

Chip is a former State Senator, Douglas County Board member, and has a radio show as well. We like Chip. He is an intelligent guy and wants to do his best for the community.

But, Chip has taken a few odd steps of late. For one, he has announced that he is currently on a speculative bid as a write-in candidate for the 2nd District Congressional seat. Yup, Chip wants to run for Congress this year.

But that may not be news to some of his supporters. Chip’s plan is to raise some money and then take a poll around September to gauge whether or not he is a viable candidate. If he doesn’t get sufficient support, he says, he will pass up 2012…and maybe set his sights on 2014.

And that is fine, if that is his perogative. Anyone can run. But we are always skeptical of those Republicans who don’t feel that Lee Terry is Republican enough. Or that he is not pushing around the GOP leadership enough to balance the budget and fix all the entitlement programs. Because we all know how simple that is for a Freshman Congressman, if they just scream loud enough.

Terry is effective and smart, and since he has been patient to move up in the seniority ranks of the House, has begun to see the fruits of his efforts grow in pushing the things he sees are important for Nebraska and the country. No, he has not been a bomb thrower. Good luck with that.

So when we read Chip’s manifesto — yes an 84 page, 20,000 word manifesto — particularly groaning about Terry, we were dismayed. We doubt very many Democrats think Lee Terry is not conservative enough, but that is the gist of Chip’s document.

So what of the politics of Maxwell’s write-in strategy? We asked another local GOPer — who is not a fan of Maxwell’s candidacy, so adjust your opinons accordingly– what he/she thought, and got this:

Chip wants and craves attention. He can’t stand the fact that he is outside of elected office and that he isn’t in the news or that people don’t cultivate him anymore. He wanted to run this year but didn’t have the you-know-what to take Terry on directly in the primary. So, he ultimately told people he was way too busy on other projects (such as church fundraising).

Sure. I suspect his new endeavor will end in a similar manner–he’ll tell people he is running and will go to Tea Party rallies to speak, etc. throughout the summer. Then after Labor Day he’ll announce that even though he has a poll that shows him running neck and neck with Terry, it is too much of a risk that the seat would simply go to Ewing and, therefore, he will not run for the good of the party. Bravo, Chip!

He’ll try and use this as leverage to get commitments from people that they will support him in 2014–but the silence will be deafening and we won’t hear much from Chip until mid-2013 when he starts this whole process over again for Congress or another office, any office, that he thinks he could win. The bottom line is Chip won’t take this write-in campaign to November because he knows it would destroy his future in the Republican party.

Well, ouch. But again, there is an old saying that if you want to take out the king, you better get him on the first swing. Because he won’t be sitting there for you to take another free shot.
This is Maxwell’s free shot. And we just wonder if it was the best for him to take.


Hey, is that enough for you to digest? We would like to be writing more often of late, but our schedules have made it just about impossible. Then they go and start the CWS games at 8pm (and end them around midnight) and they just screws with things more. We hope to keeps post updated more frequently, but in the mean time we appreciate you reading and commenting. We may look at some super brief posts in the interim to keep the comments sections a little more reasonable, if nothing else. (What you didn’t read all 200 in the last post?)

So thanks for reading, please keep coming back and reading and tell your friends!


  1. Goober Natorial says:

    Now we know why the Dems feel the need to follow Deb to campaign appearances and boo her. It’s all they’ve got. Well, that and her grazing permits. (Snark, Snark.)

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Yes, Goober. Doesn’t all of Nebraska hate Deb Fischer, the welfare queen? Hmm, I guess it’s just all sound and fury signifying nothing.

  3. Shame of the Omaha young repulicans says:

    Now the young republicans have taken over the very objective voice of leavenworth street! First the YR’s take over the convention with Paul bots now this! Do the YR’s have no shame. I demand all three of them to resign!

  4. Clint says:

    What do you think the odds are that the World Herald will report on this poll? My guess is about 2% chance they will even recognize it.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    What are the odds that Harry Reid brings up a vote on ranch subsidies this summer? 100%. What are the odds Harry Reid submits a budget this year? 0%.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t the YR’s who organized the Paulbots….it was Campaign for Liberty and the Republican Liberty Caucus of Nebraska, with a tad bit of help from a certain chairman of the DCRP

  7. Goober Natorial says:

    Funny, the whacko libs used to come on here frequently and call Fox News “Faux News.” But now, it appears the real “faux news” is NBC. And the Dems have been quiet.

  8. Question says:

    Where has Pinkerton been? Without his leadership the YR’s are in shambles. He could have saved the established Republicans from the beating they took 2 weeks ago.

  9. Shame of the Omaha young repulicans and Pinkerton says:

    Nice loyalty Pinkerton! You leave the young republicans in a lurch! Now the Omaha young republicans had to merge their membership local NAMBLA chapter to make quorum

  10. Van says:

    I’m visiting Nebraska soon. What restaurants should I visit? I’ve hear the Garden Cafe is good. Any suggestions…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ever put on a national convention? What a mind numbing lot of work. And yet there is no shortage of complaints from people who do squat. And thus it is with running a blog. If we are here blogging, that is because we aren’t moderating our own blog. So let us give congratulations to anyone with the gumption to try to run a blog. If it is an ugly thing, just don’t go there.

    A special nice nod to Street Sweeper for doing a good job with this blog. We know SS is busy right now but all the more reason for plaudit.

  12. Blogging says:

    Are you kidding? Congratulations? Gumption? You sit behind a computer and spew crap. Instead of a nod how about a middle finger.

  13. Chapter 11 says:

    Due to a lack of membership and the fact that their leadership outnumbers our members it is with a heavy heart that we are closing the doors of the Omaha chapter of the Young Republicans. We are the first republican group with a viewership smaller than that of CTI Channel 22. We tried to save our group by requested a government bailout ( which Lee Terry eagerly signed off on) but in the end there simply wasn’t enough funds to keep this boat anchor of a group going. So next month’s meeting will be canceled and you will not see our esteemed special guest next month. The ballon maker from the open market.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Considering he’s thinking of doing a write-in campaign, it’s probably a good thing Maxwell isn’t in office anymore…

  15. Chapter 11 says:

    I assure you I am not Scott pederson! I am actually not a republican but am loving watching this civil war from the left “popcorn please”… I am pleased the the Omaha young republicans are as useful as a shoe in a gun fight. Total leadership breakdown at the Omaha YR. if you were smart you would dump pederson and give Dylan Fredrick a whirl. After all it couldn’t get any worse

  16. Chapter 11, get a life says:

    What’s with the YR bashing? Especially on a blog post that says nothing a out the YRs. Brandon and Matt have worked their tails off building up the group. I would like to thank them for all they’ve done. Mostly, for actually going out and volunteering. Going door-to-door. Making phone calls. What real activists do. Thanks to them and I encourage them to ignore crazies like Chapter 11 and continue with their good work.

  17. Chapter 11 says:

    Jordanmcgrain could run a blog and a convention perhaps we should fire sweeper and replace him with mcgrain

  18. Chapter 11 says:

    All the more reason to can Matt and Brandon ” they have worked their tails off” and the results of all that hard work is…. Drum roll please… 4 new members statewide… They also organized the hostile takeover of the party by agreeing to a side deal with paulbots to save their spots on the cereal committee.. Shameless!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m a longtime reader here and I’ve known Chip Maxwell for many, many years. The guy is an A++++ class act. Haven’t spoken with him in months so I have no idea what he’s thinking about this but Chip is very definitely one of my all-time favorite people. You can certainly criticize what he’s doing and say it isn’t wise or is ill-advised or whatever you want to say. But “Chip wants and craves attention” is just a mean-spirited, personal attack. It’s not an argument; it’s a potshot.

    I’m not above the occasional potshot. But let’s be clear that’s what those kinds of comments are. And I will tell you that Chip is one of the most principled people I’ve ever known and “wants and craves attention” is not an accurate description of the Chip Maxwell I know. Say what you want about what he’s doing — in fact, I might agree that, on the face of it, I wonder what he’s thinking — but thoughtful people who want their comments taken seriously don’t stoop to that kind of personal attack, IMO.

  20. YR hates says:

    What a fantastic idea GOP (Scott Peterson) lets trash the young people in the party! That will help it grow! The dems must be loving this.

  21. Up in Omaha says:

    Just got done reading the Chip Maxwell Manifesto. He is proposing a one time 10% tax on all income to fix SS and medicare. In the meantime, Lee Terry has voted 157 times in the past 3 years to cut $7 Trillion from the budget. I don’t think this will fly with the Tea Party.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The YRs did cut a deal, that is how they are still around on the Central Committee and as Delegates to State Convention. The Paulbots needed a few more votes to get rid of long-time Party supporters and the YRs seized their chance to move up stabbing several of their own supporters right in the back!

  23. Gary and Ace says:

    To Shame @4:16pm: We didn’t know the merger took place. When is the next YR meeting? We love to mentor young people in politics.

  24. How dare you! says:

    First, Brandon Peterson is a god and kept the YR’s from failing. Second, Lee Terry has been dynamic in district 2. Both remind me of Rick Moranis.

  25. What LD Are You Referring to? says:

    Anonymous/Chapter 11: When you talk about these deals, which LD are you referring to? Separate deals would have been made for each LD, since that’s where the voting occurred.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Why do a couple people (maybe just one person) keep bashing the YRs? There’s only the false accusations of someone who clearly wants the blame of the fiasco at the Douglas County convention off of themselves and onto someone else.

    Face it, the Paulbots were organized by Campaign for Liberty/Republican Liberty Caucus. Those groups specifically held meetings to help Paulbots fill out the forms necessary to go to the conventions and to “train” them how to use Roberts Rules to get their way. They so badly want Ron Paul as the nominee, that they are willing to lie and cheat (like in Sarpy County) to see that goal accomplished.

  27. Hax0r says:

    Shame on you Scott Peterson, we see where your posts come
    From. Way to attack your own co-chairs and blame your failure on them.

    Brandon and a nice and decent human being that has wprked hard for the party & conservatives. More than those of us in the L st. bunker (uninvited) can say about You.

    Grow up. Put on the shoulder pads and
    Stop hiding in plain sight.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hax0r – It actually might be the DCRP’s new “Political Director” hard at work…trying to discredit all those who oppose our glorious leader, Scott Petersen

  29. Slate Cards says:

    Slates that I’m aware of:

    * LD 4 ‘Ron Paul’ Slate Card that included Randi Scott and Chris Scott
    * Scott Peteren’s LD 39 Slate

    What LD’s would you be referring to?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Dear angry Bloggers. I just got off a late call and stopped in to see some very pissed off people ranting here, criticizing positive comments for being positive. So, I guess that makes you Ron Paul or Bob Kerrey supporters. And that’s becoming synonymous with being nuts these days.

    Paul jilted his GOP followers and told them to keep dreaming of him. And for Democrats, Obama is a gift that keeps on giving to the Republicans. Barack is an anchor on Kerrey. And Fischer’s poll numbers, ever since she made believers out of Don and Jon, have Dems hissing with frustration. Well, love can be like that, all unrequited and disappointing. So try this instead; grow up. Quit getting boners over this and know you are hiring legislative reps and policy managers.

    They call these races for a reason. If your horse is slow, don’t blame the other horses for your bad luck in betting on your nag. Don’t even try to save it from the glue factory so you can bet on it again

  31. Anonymous says:

    So the NDP made a request for all travel by Senators. I wonder if they will be releasing the trips made by McGill?

    What a sorry lot in life it must be to resort to records searches on travel……..kind od dangerous too when you consider your own peeps are probably the worst offenders.

  32. Interested Observer says:

    Well, it looks like Deb gets to keep getting her welfare for a while longer. The Senate left out the Nelson Amendment to correct the grazing fee in the new Farm Bill.

  33. Goober Natorial says:

    Hi, everybody. I don’t live in Omaha and aren’t up on all the politics of the dc GOP. Frankly, the topic kind of bores me. Can we PLEASE get someone in here to complain about Deb Fischer’s federal grazing permits? (I kid, I kid!)

  34. Interested Observer says:

    This is pretty clear just how uncommitted the current Congress is about reducing waste and unnecessary spending in the Federal Budget. So, the trillion dollar deficits will continue. To think that Johanns defended the program. He sure was qualified to be the Secretary of Agriculture!

  35. Goober Natorial says:

    That 33% that Bob Kerrey garnered corresponds exactly to the percent of commited libs who vote Dem no matter what. Isn’t that pretty close to what no-name Ivy Harper got for Congress and Mike Meister for Gov? In other words, Kerrey only has support right now from the people who would vote for him if he ran no campaign at all. The trouble for Bob is that most people in that position are there because they have no name recognition. Bob Kerrey is there because he has too much.

  36. Interested Observer says:

    This truly is a sad day for all American taxpayers and especially for future generations of American taxpayers.

    When Congress can’t even get the little things right, how will they ever get the big things right?

  37. Chapter 11 says:

    It wasn’t 9 I thought it was perhaps 20 if I am wrong I apologize but she has been telling everyone this

  38. @Chapter 11 says:

    That’s John Seiler’s District, LD 20. My understanding is that was a wreck and I don’t recall any non Ron Paul Young folks in that LD.

    It would be interesting to know who ‘she’ is, from all indications ‘she’ hasn’t been entirely truthful.

  39. Goober Natorial says:

    Oh geez, Paula and Irritating Obscurer, the grazing issue isn’t even a drop in the frickin’ bucket. Why aren’t you two complaining about ethanol subsidies (that really are subsidies) that not only cost taxpayers real money but also have driven up the price of corn, which makes a lot of our consumer products that rely on corn cost a lot more? You two are excessively stupid. Or hyper-partisan. But that couldn’t be the case for IO who claims to be a Republican. Therefore, IO must just be stupid.

  40. RWP says:

    If Independent Observer weren’t just a Kerrey campaign troll (which is like saying if the tooth fairy weren’t imaginary) he’d campaign about the billions of other waste in the Farm Bill, particularly the defeat of the amendment to curb food stamp fraud, the massive subsidy of crop insurance, the continued subsidies on some commodities, etc..

  41. Who is She? says:

    Any guesses on who the ‘she’ is, that was spreading the rumors? Is ‘she’ Randi Scott? Or is she some random Ron Paul supporter that had the ear of ‘everyone’.

    Would a member of ‘everyone’ give us some insight on this ‘she’ person.

  42. Anonymous says:

    In 2004, Deb Fischer emerged from a seven-way primary race in District 43. Warren R. Arganbright finished a close third behind Deb Fischer by a mere 203 votes. I can imagine that a close loss like that would make one an Interested Observer of Deb Fischer’s transcendent political career.

  43. paula says:


    It’s not the ethanol subsidies, it’s the ethanol mandate that is the problem.

    You see, there are times that we can be in agreement.

    I repeat, the Farm Bill is almost $1Trillion, and has bipartisan support.

    Free Markets are neato!

    Subsidized popcorn for everyone!

  44. Macdaddy says:

    And now Obama has asserted Executive Privilege to shield Eric Holder and himself from all kinds of embarrassing and possibly illegal revelations in Fast and Furious. Remember, in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. Or kill a couple of Border Patrol agents. I wonder what Kerrey thinks about this? And what does he think about Obama leaking national security secrets so his next autobiography won’t have to be so full of lies?

  45. Goober Natorial says:

    I don’t buy it being Warren. IO didn’t donate bucks to johanns. Warren wouldn’t have great difficulty articulating conservative principles like IO does.

  46. Oh Mander says:

    Thank you RWP for calling attention to just how disingenuous the “limited government” and “anti-welfare” republicans are in this state. Nebraskans love to bitch and moan about subsidized food and healthcare programs for the poor, but when it comes to sudsidies in the form of direct cash payments and now crop insurance for growing something that is already reaping record prices, they shut their mouths and cash the checks.

  47. Goober Natorial says:

    One of the lamest, most patently fabricated claims I’ve seen this election cycle is that average Joe voters had gone out of their way to boo Deb Fischer at a campaign stop. Really? Now why would anyone do that? Unless its a bunch of Democrats. Because, unlike Bob Kerrey, Deb hasn’t done any thing that would inspire average Nebraskans to boo her about. Not buyin’ it.

  48. RWP says:

    Odds are, if anyone’s booing Deb, they’re being paid to do it. Breitbart just found out anti-Romney hecklers are being paid $7.25 an hour by the Obama campaign.

    Very Presidential.

  49. Macdaddy says:

    Paula, what does it matter if I was upset or not? Isn’t Obama better than Bush? Was he not ticked with Bush for exerting executive privilege? Maybe you should ask Obama why he’s being such a flip-flopper now. BTW, who died in the Plame affair? Nobody. We currently have at least 2 dead Border Patrol agents and dozens of Mexican citizens as a direct result of Obama’s shenanigans to try to manufacture an incident to push for stronger gun control laws.

    You guys are the idiots who said he was all that and a bag of chips. Maybe at some point he should try to live up to the hype. He can’t, though, because he’s a big phony. Thanks for voting for him.

  50. RWP says:

    Thank you RWP for calling attention to just how disingenuous the “limited government” and “anti-welfare” republicans are in this state.

    There are two kinds of Republicans in this state: those who are for limited government, and the old party establishment. The latter support the Farm Bill, and there are still far too many of them.

    Someone tweeted that Norbert Tiemann could not get nominated by the current Nebraska GOP. Well, let’s hope not. I don’t think he could be nominated on the Socialist Worker ticket these days. But there are still vestiges of his type around. Like Brad Ashford.

    I think it’s telling Tiemann introduced a state income tax in Nebraska, and then retired to Texas, where they don’t have a state income tax. Typical.

  51. Paula says:

    I’ll tell you what, until President Obama lies us into a war, does nothing when his own intelligence officials warn him the someone wants to fly airplanes into a couple of buildings, or decides that going after said man was no longer a big deal after promising to smoke him out, or Biden outs a CIA operative (and yes ppl died, see Iraq), or deregulated the financial industry by permitting TBTF banks to increase their leverage ratios and defanging the CFTC, SEC, OCC, FRB, OCC, OTS, implements a new program entitlement program using deficit spending that’s a gift to pharma, then I’ll concede.

    I would have said until President Obama turns a surplus that would have wiped out debt into the biggest deficit and debt since the 50s, but alas all Bush gave Obama was the GOP RECESSION.

    Now you guys have the balls to cry that this man can’t put your fire out fast enough. This is what your party has given the American ppl.

  52. Paula Wow says:

    I would rather have a president lie us into war versus a president that ends around congress with Lycia and wipes his ass with the constitution. At first I hated Obamacare but perhaps the IPAB ” death panels” might not be a bad idea to end stupidity

  53. Paula Wow says:

    So the president says congress blocks all his good ideas and says that congress runs government but blames Bush for all the financial woes.. How is that??? It was a democratic congress under bush so why are they not to blame for recession. So I will give you one chance to be consistent is the president in charge or congress. You can’t blame bush for recession and not blame congress.

  54. RWP says:

    until President Obama lies us into a war

    Congressional Democrats saw the same intelligence, agreed there were WMDs, and voted for the war.

    , does nothing when his own intelligence officials warn him the someone wants to fly airplanes into a couple of buildings

    Oh looky here, a troofer!

    or decides that going after said man was no longer a big deal after promising to smoke him out

    He didn’t say it wasn’t a big deal, he said it wasn’t an overriding goal.

    or Biden outs a CIA operative (and yes ppl died, see Iraq),

    Plame was outed by Dick Armitage, but probably long before that by Aldrich Ames. And she had probably outed herself anyway. She did various genealogical searches for ancestors with the name of Plame using her husband’s compushare account, thus establishing the link. Not much tradecraft there, when a chemistry professor 1000 miles away can track you. And she was known to be with the State Department. Guess what: if you’re overseas with a State Department tag and no record of a diplomatic career, most foreign agencies will assume you’re a spy. Suggest you check out Nick Kristof’s piece. He was suitably sanctimonious in 2003, before the NY Times got involved with Wikileaks.

    or deregulated the financial industry by permitting TBTF banks to increase their leverage ratios and defanging the CFTC, SEC, OCC, FRB, OCC, OTS,

    Problem was not derivatives, it was the housing bubble, which was created by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac under pressure from Democrats in Congress.

    implements a new program entitlement program using deficit spending that’s a gift to pharma,

    PPACA is a gift to virtually every medical sector, except device makers, who got socked. They all got bought off.

    then I’ll concede.

    i won’t hold my breath. Reality is to libs as water is to the Wicked Witch of the West.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Problem was not derivatives, it was the housing bubble, which was created by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac under pressure from Democrats in Congress.

    That’s a whooper, even for you, RWP. Go do your homework and report back. (Or stick to your competency.)

  56. Goober Natorial says:

    It was the housing bubble. That’s what caused the credit markets to dry up and led to the passage of TARP, which, when Obama took office, just became part of his stash to use for whatever political purpose he chose.

  57. Macdaddy says:

    And remember when McCain wanted to drop everything and get the economy taken care of? He and Obama got the same briefing about the coming crisis. One of them was smart enough to understand it. The other one to this day claims he didn’t know how bad things were even after he sold Congress on the Porkulus bill. When the economy didn’t turn around as planned, he admitted he was too stupid to understand or too foolish to listen.

  58. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous June 20, 2012 at 10:27 AM, As I’ve said several times in here and in the Lincoln Journal-Star comments, I am a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area and I have never been a candidate for the 43rd District Legislative seat, nor have I ever been a candidate for any office.

    I do not lie.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Last month, in May, Obama‘s $39 million taken in was embarrassingly less than his $44.6 million spent. When money is involved, partisanship and principles fade before the donors’ need to see competency.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 6:47 AM, Applying your wisdom to the recent NEGOP Senatorial Primary indicates that Deb Fischer obviously did not win.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Using the email from the DCRP thats in the above post, the Ron Paulers are thinking that the county party is actually capitulating to them.
    Way to go Scott Petersen, if you weren’t too busy trying to oust Lee Terry we would’ve been able to counter at least some of the damage done at the convention; that is, if you weren’t already a Paulbot.

  62. Goober Natorial says:

    Back when Bush 43 was claiming “executive privilege” the Dems were in high dudgeon over it, claiming that such a privilege didn’t exist and, even if it did, Bush shouldn’t hide behind it. But now that Obama is claiming “executive privilege,” IOKIYAAD.

  63. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous at 6:59, your post reflects an absence of logic. Seriously. WTF are you even saying? I don’t think you have any idea.

  64. Interested Observer says:

    Are some of the people who post comments in here able to express themselves respectfully, without resorting to name calling and crude, vulgar language, even if abbreviated? If so, would they please do so?

  65. @Interested Observer says:

    My wish:
    That some people would stop posting comments to simply create a feud and stoke a fire. I’m betting the people posting aren’t even related to the people their posting about, they’ve just heard rumors and know the weak spots to hit and get a fire raging.

  66. Goober Natorial says:

    Well, IO, trolls like you just inspire that kind of eff you response in the rest of us. We can only put up with so much of your BS.

  67. Anonymous says:

    GN, IO doesn’t post BS, he posts the truth. But since it puts someone on “your side” in a negative light, it can’t be tolerated.

  68. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 1:15, IO is a one note Nelly whose obsession with how the Fischers run their ranch is bizarre. He made his point. Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate disagreed with him. He claims to be a conservative Republican rancher from Valentine but refuses to say who he supports. (For a rancher, he sure seems to have a lot of time on his hands. Maybe the Fischers fired him or put him out of business. ) The people he keeps trying to pick fights with have all agreed with the basic premise that corporate welfare is wrong, but yet he keeps angling for something else. I do not know what. Perhaps he wants us to say Deb Fischer is a bad person. Perhaps he needs some validation from us for why he continues to hold onto his obsessive hatred of Deb Fischer. I do not know. He very clearly is missing the big picture which is that Bob Kerrey will help keep Harry Reid in power, the same Harry Reid who kept grazing rights reform from even being discussed. There’s irony for you. Or stupidity.

  69. Interested Observer says:

    Goober Natorial at 12:46 PM, said, “Well, IO, trolls like you just inspire that kind of eff you response”. So much for my wish that the people who post comments in here might refrain from “name calling and crude, vulgar language, even if abbreviated”.

    Macdaddy at 2:18 PM, said, “Anon 1:15, IO is a one note Nelly”. Again, so much for my wish that the people who post comments in here might refrain from “name calling”.

    Macdaddy also said “Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate disagreed with him”. So, Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate disagree with me about giving Deb even more welfare, yet I’M wrong?

    I’m accused of being a Democrat supporter, yet when they do the exact opposite of what is the right thing to do and what I want, I’M still wrong?

    I expose a ridiculous, wasteful government program that benefits a very tiny group of special interest recipients, and I’M still the one who is wrong?

    I’m ridiculed because the program I expose is “too small” to bother with, compared to other, even more wasteful federal programs and I’M the one who is wrong?

    I suggest a very successful land use management model, the Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds open, competitive lease auctions, to replace the ridiculous, wasteful federal grazing program and I’M still wrong?

    I have all my cattle out to pasture, the bulls fertility checked and in with the cows, the fences fixed, the windmills checked and working, the haying equipment ready to go to the field and it’s not time to hay yet, so I have too much “free time”, because I’m on top of things and I’M even wrong about that?

    I want the voters in Nebraska to know a little more about Deb beyond the “barbed wire and fence post” comparison and I’m even wrong trying to do that?


    Unlike some in here, I’m simply expressing my personal point of view, based on years of personal observation about specific issues on public policy and Deb’s record. I’m not trying to convince anyone else to change their opinions. It would be nice if that behavior would be reciprocated by the most frequent comment posters here.

  70. Macdaddy says:

    IO, quit trying to play the confused martyr. You’re not trying to change anyone else’s opinions? LOL. Fine. I can act like I was born yesterday and say I believe that. So now you’ve said your piece. Quit harping on it, especially since you aren’t trying to change anyone’s opinion. Your inability to let it go, however, undercuts your protestations of innocence.

  71. Interested Observer says:

    One definition of martyr is “somebody who suffers persecution and death for refusing to renounce, or accept, a belief or cause, usually religious.”

    Well, I’ve certainly been persecuted in here for refusing to accept a couple of the most common posters’ radical, other than the norm, versions of reality.

    It’s interesting that one poster’s inability to let my comments go, undercuts his/her protestations of innocence.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Want to know what a Mitt Romney presidency will look like? Look no further than Harry Reid. They attend the same church.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Anonymous at 5:52, wanna know what an Obama presidency will look like? Look no further than Jeremiah Wright. They attend the same church.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Wanna know what a Marco Rubio presidency would look like? Look no further than Joe Biden. They attend the same church.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer, it’s become obvious that you lack pragmatic social skills. This means you lack social awareness, don’t pick up on cues and hints, and don’t perform well in social situations. Usually, such a person is known, in common parlance, as a jerk. The proof of this conclusion is found in your statement: “I’m ridiculed because the program I expose is ‘too small’ to bother with, compared to other, even more wasteful federal programs ….”

    That’s not even remotely close to the reason why you are ridiculed. Would you like to take another guess? I’ll even narrow it down to multiple guess because you’re pretty unlikely to come up with it on your own, since you lack pragmatic social skills and all. Here’s your multiple guess question:

    Q: Interested Observer is ridiculed by other posters on Leavenworth St. blog because:

    A. He’s a conservative Republican.
    B. He’s a rancher from near Valentine, ergo everyone just thinks he’s a hick.
    C. They’re just jealous of his way with the ladies.
    D. They’re beyond sick and tired of him continuing to beat this dead horse about Deb Fischer’s grazing permits.

    Here’s a hint: It’s one of the above but it’s not C. It’s also not B. Nor is it A. Any guesses?

  76. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous at 6:38 PM said “That’s not even remotely close to the reason why you are ridiculed.”

    Goober Natorial June 20, 2012 at 9:06 AM

    Oh geez, Paula and Irritating Obscurer, the grazing issue isn’t even a drop in the frickin’ bucket. Why aren’t you two complaining about ethanol subsidies (that really are subsidies) that not only cost taxpayers real money but also have driven up the price of corn, which makes a lot of our consumer products that rely on corn cost a lot more? You two are excessively stupid. Or hyper-partisan. But that couldn’t be the case for IO who claims to be a Republican. Therefore, IO must just be stupid.

    RWP June 20, 2012 at 9:20 AM

    If Independent Observer weren’t just a Kerrey campaign troll (which is like saying if the tooth fairy weren’t imaginary) he’d campaign about the billions of other waste in the Farm Bill, particularly the defeat of the amendment to curb food stamp fraud, the massive subsidy of crop insurance, the continued subsidies on some commodities, etc..

    Now then Anonymous at 6:38 PM, you were saying . . . ?

  77. Goober Natorial says:

    Speaking for myself, IO, I’d go with “D.”. I ridiculed you because you keep clanging the same gong. The unspoken cue that you didn’t pick up on is that I’m saying you don’t complain about ethanol subsidies because you’re so fixated on grazing permits and Deb Fischer’s possession of them. That’s why I ridiculed you. If you had come across as a rational, reasonable poster, I would have dropped the snark from the post you quoted. Just sayin. So, the anonymous at 6:38 is right AFAIC.

  78. Anonymous says:

    IO, another social cue you miss is that there’s a difference between WHY you are ridiculed and HOW you are ridiculed. The WHY is different from the HOW. Just because there’s ridicule in the post doesn’t mean the content of the post is the reason for the ridicule. Can’t believe I have to explain this. Just proves the original assessment of pragmatic social skill deficits was accurate, I guess. A normal person would have known that.

  79. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 6:17, I thought all you Tea Baggers said Obama was a Muslim.
    Anonymous @ 6:26, I take it you know that from experience?
    IO, you are wasting your time with the inmates in this asylum. Add all their IQs together and you still only come up to the low double digits. It is a good thing that all they babble about has no influence over anyone other than the reflection seen by the moron at A@6:26.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Occupy Idiot at 7:06, have you guys found a new place to camp yet?

    You must have missed the memo. Obama was the one who said he was a muslim. Tea Partiers just said they didn’t know for sure what religion he is and doubted he was a Christian. And democrats don’t really believe Obama’s a Christian either. They know he’s just putting on appearances to pander for whatever extra votes he can snag from people who wouldn’t vote for him if they knew what he really believed. Bottom line for Obama and the Democrats is that you don’t lose votes pretending to be a Christian but you sure might if you come out and admit what you really are.

  81. Anon 7:06 says:

    I rewarded genius is almost a proverb . Smart people do not always make good leaders current prez is case In point. Oh wait it is Congresses fault or Bush’s fault now wait it is failed Regan trickle down economics. Damn it is is the inflexible terms of the magna carta’s fault. If the prez can’t solve anything and it is others fault than fire him and save tax payers 400k

  82. Interested Observer says:

    It’s really ridiculous that these same common commenters call me names, behave in a crude, vulgar manner themselves, THEN further attack me when they say that I “lack social awareness” and am a “jerk”.

    Remember that at 10:36 AM this morning, I asked “Are some of the people who post comments in here able to express themselves respectfully, without resorting to name calling and crude, vulgar language, even if abbreviated? If so, would they please do so?”

    Well, based on the comments posted here in the last 5 hours, it would appear that the answer to my own question is NO, the most common commenters are apparently NOT able to conduct themselves in a dignified, educated, mature, respectful, intelligent manner, with the decorum one would expect in a polite, civilized discussion of current events.

    Passion for a particular position can be admirable, but coarse, uncouth, boorish behavior is seldom appropriate and never attractive.

    Clearly, some here are not yet mature enough to have earned the right to sit at the “grown-ups” table.

  83. Interested Observer says:

    Sorry for my earlier comments. I am a simple- minded liberal who shuns self reliance in lieu of the comfort of big brother

  84. Interested Observer says:

    Clearly, that 8:37 remark was NOT made by me. I believe that I have stated several times that almost all of Nebraska’s cattle ranchers make it on their own and that is why I feel SO strongly about eliminating welfare grazing. How in the world can you say what you did when I could not possibly be more clear in so strongly opposing welfare? That’s ridiculous!

  85. @ Interested Observer: Leavenworth St. is no longer interesting. says:

    So, if I were you, I’d leave the Leaven alone.

    You make the most “Interesting” observations and it’s annoying – as you say – to read the puerile, rude remarks that rat-a-tat-tat follow your thoughtful Comments.

  86. Anonymous says:

    To the real Interested Observer: Ya’ll are sounding like a sissy little city boy who just got done with his weekly manicure and is settling down to watch his favorite soap opera.

    “Passion for a particular position can be admirable, but coarse, uncouth, boorish behavior is seldom appropriate and never attractive.”

    Seriously? No one from Cherry County I ever met talks like that. Not even the women. Whining about the way people talk to you? I think you need to toughen up a bit. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  87. Interested observer is what we call a Mary Ann says:

    Cry me a river! You comments lead me to beileve IO is a thin skinned PC hackey Sack playing, occupy deez nuts, weirdo

  88. RWP says:

    Clearly, that 8:37 remark was NOT made by me. I believe that I have stated several times that almost all of Nebraska’s cattle ranchers make it on their own and that is why I feel SO strongly about eliminating welfare grazing.

    I feel very strongly that people shouldn’t use ‘hopefully’ to mean ‘it is to be hoped’.

    That being said, I’ve realized there isn’t much point on correcting people on this point, and I know I’ll be a boring jackass if I go on and on and on about it.

    Get it, IO? You’ve made your point. We understood it. Do you have another point, besides the one on top of your head? Do you have ANYTHING ELSE to contribute to this forum? I mean, you claim to be a Conservative Republican. Say some Conservative Republican stuff that isn’t about fricking grazing rights.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper. You allow Liberals to use the term “tea bagger” to refer to Conservatives while you also routinely delete slanderous sexual references. “Tea bagger” is a slanderous sexual reference. As you allow that slander, you must allow correction.

    “Tea BAGGER” refers to a behavior associated with sexual iconoclasts. While varied sexual proclivities exist in degrees across the spectrum of American life and all parties, the Democratic Party is more welcoming of sexual license than the GOP. The moral relativism of Social Liberalism is a magnet for iconoclasts of all sorts, including sexual iconoclasts, who tend to feel comfortable as Liberals, and as Liberals feel comfortable as Democrats.

    Tea Partiers are mostly Republicans. Tea Baggers are mostly Democrats.

    However whereas the former refers to a patriotic tax objection, the latter is a sexual slander that even Democrats don’t deserve, though the real tea baggers actually swell Democrat ranks, simply because sexual slander is culpable and fighting words in a legal sense.

  90. Jugger nought says:

    11:44. Wow, that Democrats tea bagging comment really hit a nerve with you. Have some trouble with that sort of thing? Uncomfortable? Thats too bad.

    11:38 was talking to Street Sweeper not to you. But just mention Democrats being sexually bizarre and you jump up and yell “who me”?

  91. Interested Observer says:

    Three of the four worst offenders continue their crude efforts to turn into the Jerry Springer Show of Nebraska politics and current events.

  92. Nate says:

    The content of this blog is fine. If the quality of the comments has declined, it’s because of your constant, one-note concern trolling about grazing rights.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I’m not too concerned about grazing rights, but farmers getting paid to sit on their butts and do nothing more than cashing their subsidy checks is a huge waste of tax dollars. Economic incentives to manufacturers are nothing but free slop for those hogs. Then add in all the cash shoveled into the banks owned by politicians and their friends and you begin to see why we’re in such debt. Meanwhile all the so called conservatives play their fiddles while Rome burns.

  94. Uninteresting observer says:

    When you start a sentence by stating I am a conservative republican is like starting a sentence by stating ” let me be honest” let’s face it you are a bed wetting liberal who loves welfare

  95. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, but as a Catholic Republican I van never vote for Romney. Every year he pays millions of dollars to a religious cult who knocks on my door and tells me Pope Benedict and the leaders of all the protestant churches are under control of Satan and the Latter Day Saints are the only true church of Christ.

  96. Uninteresting observer says:

    I can never vote for a president that spent 20+ years listening to a bigoted racist in Jeremiah wright and the state he disagrees. Here’s a thought the first time you go to church and he spouts that crap leave don’t wait until you get political pressure unless of coarse you agree with the sermon.

  97. @Anonymous 8:23 AM says:

    As a Catholic, I will vote for anyone that will preserve my religious freedom for Catholic organizations that help our communities. Obama has been systematically taking away those freedoms piece by piece. This would mean, as a Catholic, I will be voting for Romney.

    I am assuming that your not even a Catholic, instead another person who desires to find a wedge to split a group away from voting their values and conscience. Nice attempt, but not convincing.

  98. Anonymous says:

    OK so you’re cool with a candidate funding hate speech against the Catholic church. If you don’t believe me call up LDS in your community and have 2 ‘missionaries’ come to your house and ask them directly if they believe Pope Benedict is controlled by Satan and see what they say.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Uninteresting @ 9:04, Obama fell asleep in church just like the rest of you mooks and never heard a word that Rev. Wright spoke.
    By the way, UO, learn to spell, capitalize, punctuate properly and write coherent sentences if you wish to be taken seriously. Otherwise we’re going to start calling you “Bud.”

  100. Anonymous says:

    I had a couple of LDS jokers show up at my door. I told them that if they’d let me try to convert them to Missouri Synod Lutheranism for an hour, I’d let them try to convince me of their mythology. They got on their bikes and rode away as if they’d seen Beelzebub himself.
    I found the best way to rid myself of Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah Witnesses is to answer the door in my birthday suit.

  101. Uninterested says:

    Obama apparently fell asleep at the wheel when steering this economy into the ground. Oh wait it is congress fault. Wait how can that be? Before it was Bush’s fault and not the Decocratic congress….I am so confused????

  102. Merriam Webster says:

    Mook : a foolish, insignificant, or contemptible person. Kinda like the dumbass that wrote using Jeremiah Wright’s name at 10:34 AM.

  103. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, I and many others gave you ample opportunities to engage on matters other than Deb Fischer’s grazing permits and you steadfastly refused to do so. Spare us all the lectures. You’ve revealed yourself as a troll and can’t complain when people treat you that way. You made your bed here. Now lie in it.

  104. Seriously? says:

    Chip Maxwell was heard on the radio this evening saying something to the effect that he is now considering a write-in campaign, is polling for it, and appears to think that Republicans WINNING is really not all that important. Why does KFAB allow their on air “talent” to use their air to wage a federal campaign? KFAB may be in violation of federal campaign finance rules…

  105. UNO Democrates says:

    Tyler Mahood! I want a debate. Maybe you and your dimwits can schedule something this fall. I’m sure the student body would love to see your meltdown.

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