Dem poll: Fischer still leads Kerrey by double digits

The other day Deb Fischer’s pollsters said that Fischer was up by 25 points over Bob Kerrey in the Nebraska Senate race.
Kerrey’s team snorted saying there was “no way” Fischer was up by that much.
Then a couple days later a Democreat pollster announced that their poll showed Fischer up by…14 points.


Tell you what Paul Johnson: Fischer says 25, you guys say 14, lets just split the baby and say 20.
Good? Good.

So right now the polls have Fischer up by 20, and Nebraskans give President Barack Obama a higher favorability rating than Kerrey.
Well one thing is clear: Nebraskans have accepted that Obama was born in America, but they haven’t accepted that Kerrey isn’t still a New Yorker.


We mentioned the other day that Chip Maxwell was running a write-in campaign for the 2nd District Congressional seat. We based that on his 84 page manifesto stating that he would do a poll in September to see where things stood against Terry.

Well, we heard from Chip, and we can confirm that he has changed his plans and will NOT be running a write-in campaign this year.

He also wanted to respond the the comments we received from a politico about Maxwell’s plans and thoughts on Lee Terry.

Here is what Chip had to say:

That was quite a rant by Anonymous Critic (AC). As Adrian Monk says, here’s what happened:

In October I met with Lee Terry to clarify whether he was running for reelection in 2012. He had ruled it out, but the rumor mill was buzzing about Bruning looking more vulnerable than first thought and a path to victory being viable for Lee. I told Lee that I thought the Tea Party was not a passing fad but instead was a chance to get the country back on track, but I wasn’t looking for a congressional campaign because my wife and I were co-chairing the annual parish school fundraising banquet in March. I was not looking for an overlapping congressional primary, but if Lee had not run for reelection I would have considered it.

In February there was a push in Republican circles to get me to run for county clerk. I just didn’t have the fire in the belly for that office. I told a half-dozen or so confidants (apparently I misjudged at least one of them) that if I ran for anything in 2012, it would be for Congress as a write-in. But I didn’t want to be the Ross Perot of Nebraska, allowing the least conservative candidate in a three-way race to win. Conducting a poll near the end of the race to see where I stood might have been a way to avoid that scenario, but that was getting rather convoluted. I have abandoned the idea of running.

AC was right about the book. I am coming out with a Tea Party manifesto. Apparently 84 pages was too much for AC. Bad news: the final version is 120 pages.

AC is the type of insider crony for whom the Republican Party is a club, a fraternity. No one is allowed to think an independent thought. Who cares about the merits of your public policy arguments? I don’t see you at the breakfasts and lunches and committee meetings. You’re not an insider.

I’m a middle class guy with a wife and four kids. I have used whatever time and energy I have for politics to engage the other side in the public arena – in the media if not in a campaign or legislative chamber – trying to rally like-minded folks and win hearts and minds that are uncommitted.

As to craving attention, what I love about politics and talk radio is the great conversation, the debate about how society can best move forward. You have to be willing to enter the arena of public conversation to engage in that debate. I don’t understand how you get people’s attention and try to change things without, well, getting people’s attention.

AC said passing on the primary was a lack of guts.

As to the school fundraising banquet, AC seems ignorant of what it takes for a grade school to pull off such an event. Running such an event is a part-time job for the better part of a year. It’s not just the time and effort. It requires a lot of donor dollars and volunteer hours from a range of people. Injecting the politics of a congressional campaign into that process would have been, at best, problematic. My school, Saint Cecilia’s at 39th and Webster, is not on the east-of-72nd chopping block for Catholic schools, but we can’t afford to be complacent. The demographics have been working against us for several decades. The school is a midtown anchor institution. The Cathedral area, Bemis Park, Joslyn Castle, Gifford Park, CUMC, UNMC — these areas of midtown would be much different without a healthy St. Cecilia’s. The fundraiser has to net six figures and I didn’t want politics to hinder the prospect of success.

Then there was the matter of four challengers to the incumbent in the primary. Splitting the challenger vote five ways seemed like an exercise in futility.

I like to think it was more a matter of brains than guts, but that’s not going to matter to insiders like AC who don’t want the status quo disturbed, locally or nationally.

As to the business about taking your shot and kill or be killed, I don’t approach politics that way. I am passionate and take strong positions, but in a live-and-let-live spirit. I’ve been told that’s naïve. Maybe, but that’s my approach.

I want somebody in Congress willing to fight the status quo. Doesn’t have to be me. If Lee wants to adopt what I pitch in my book and fight to get the country back on track, mission accomplished.

Well, say this about Chip: When he wants to comment on something, he’s thorough.

As we stated before, we like and respect Chip. But if his plans are for future elected office, we just don’t see that this is the right way to go about it.
Time will tell.


And so on this Friday of baseball and swimming, let us turn our heads and comments to the Presidential race.

Now you know it all comes down to polling, but tell our national readers this: Who is going to win the 2nd District? Romney or Obama?
Or maybe a better question: Does Obama have a CHANCE in the 2nd District? Or will his “good” chance turn out to be about as successful as Democrat Tom White’s run in 2010?

We have our theories. (As things stand now, Romney will blow Obama out of the water like Dave Phipps doing a cannonball into the Italian pool at the C-Link [we love you Dave!].)
What do you think?
Remember, people are reading…


Have a great weekend! And whether you’re at the College World Series or the Olympic Swim Trials, remember where you parked!


  1. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    No Matter which poll you believe, one thing is undeniable: Kerrey is in trouble and his donors will see it. No donor, unless you are a close friend / family member, wants to donate money to a loser and there is nothing here that would indicate that Kerrey has even a reasonable chance to win this seat.

    Now that we are over the honeymoon period of Kerrey’s announcement, watching his welcome home ads and reading the OWH flagellate over his candidacy, donors are taking notice and so will the national DNC. Harry Reid’s promises will only go so far and in the end, the DNC will have to pick and chose were their dollars are best spent and it isn’t here.

    Hey, at least Bob will still have a walking bridge to nowhere in his name…and a small house he can rent out.

  2. Lil Mac says:

    This morning I saw a nice looking SUV with Nebraska plates “FROM NY”. No kidding.

    I thought it was Bob Kerrey but then remembered Bob doesn’t have an automobile registered in the State of Nebraska.

  3. Fox News Story? says:

    Anyone hear the rumor that Fox had a person snooping around Omaha and New York about the Thanh Phong incident?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Post #1’s idea that Harry Reid and the DNC may choose not to waste effort or dollars on Kerrey, appears to be supported by the fact that Harry’s Democrat Senate Farm Bill kept in silly amendments like the one that puts more lentils in school lunches, while Harry killed the Nelson amendment that Harry knew might have helped Kerrey get back to the Senate. Harry rejected Nelson and Kerrey.

    When Natnl Dems see Kerrey’s numbers a full score below a relative novice cowgirl, the dem dollars stop. But it is also possible that National Democrats feel these two particular Nebraska Democrat Senators are more trouble than they are worth. “Cosmic Bob” earned that nickname from his Senate peers and Nelson held Reid at political gunpoint for passing Obamacare. Maybe Harry and the DNC would rather endure the pain of having two NE-Republican Senators rather than put up with either Nelson or Kerrey, if Harry deems them to be pains in his ass.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why would Fox News go out of its way to sully the war record of a MOH recipient who is right now 15 to 25 points behind a cowgirl named Debbie?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think Chip probably meant that Lee had ruled out running for Senate, not running for re-election. That’s the only way that sentence makes sense to me.

  7. RWP says:

    You have to admit, though, that it is strange a story that made national headlines, was featured as the lead item on 60 Minutes, and led to calls for investigation by leading human rights organizations and by the woman who is now Obama’s ‘atrocities czar’, has completely fallen off the radar.

    My theory is that CBS and the NY Times were only willing to go forward with it in the first place because Kerrey had seemingly retired from politics and so it couldn’t cost the Dems a Senate seat. Now he’s back in the game, the story has completely vanished from the MSM.

    I will further predict that once they’ve concluded Kerrey’s candidacy is hopeless, the story will be resurrected.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, why would Fox cover the military career of a guy running for the United States Senate on the strength of his military career?

    Just like, why would NBC cover Fast and Furious? Move along folks. Nothing to see here. Just some partisan wrangling. Y’know, Republicans in Congress trying to score points against the Administration in a Presidential election year.

    And if you relied on either of the NBCs for all your news, you wouldn’t have heard of Fast and Furious until … earlier this week.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Chip Maxwell responded to a “rant by Anonymous Critic” with twelve paragraphs of Maxwell defending himself. To so quickly and completely rise to anonymous bait, in a blog where none are persuaded by his words yet where his words may remain available to be used against him in the future, is tantamount to Maxwell getting not one but both of his fists stuck in the jug.

  10. To Anonymous above says:

    I think Fox News wants to bury Kerrey so he has no chance. Allegations of murdering women, children and old men makes a great story.

  11. RWP says:

    And if you relied on either of the NBCs for all your news, you wouldn’t have heard of Fast and Furious until … earlier this week.

    NPR is worse. The day after Holder’s contempt citation, they didn’t even mention it on Morning Edition.

    People who rely on NPR have got to think they live in an entirely different universe.

  12. In the know says:

    I heard Chip and John Sieler are in cahoots. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pat McPherson decides to run for district 2 in 2014.

  13. I wonder says:

    I wonder if Bob Kerrey plans to attend the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina? With so many Democratic candidates bailing on the DNC Convention in NC, it’ll be interesting if he attends.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Harry Reid will not leave Kerrey dangling. Senators are too vain not to throw good money after bad and Kerrey was Reid’s personal pick. Reid doesn’t buy the Cosmic Bob nickname. He knows that Kerrey will fall in line when it counts. We will see lots and lots of Democrat money come pouring in in late summer. Beware.

  15. Catastophic Ego says:

    It seems Nabity entered the Mayor’s race abruptly and not as he planned. I wonder what made him announce so quickly?

  16. Moderate says:

    Who the HELL is Deb Fischer…..with all the crap that you post on this “political” site, you rarely speak about the important political issues…..”the relatively unknown Fischer” – well let’s start to get to know her if we want to elect her into office for our state – stop focusing on NY and start focusing on Nebraska….it’s getting painful to read

  17. Lil Mac says:

    I doubt Fox News fears a guy who is 20 points down. But for sure, a story isn’t a “great story” if is a decade old. This story comes from the Liberal New York Times and CBS’ 60 minutes, back in 2001, when they investigated Kerrey’s raid on Thanh Phong.

    The story was, Kerrey’s squad encountered five unarmed people who offered no resistance and they killed all of them. Kerrey was unsure but thought the five unarmed civilians were men. Kerrey’s own squad member Gerhard Klann said Klann slit an old man’s throat while Kerrey held him down and then then killed a woman and three children. Klann and eyewitnesses said Kerrey’s squad then rounded up about 14 women and children and shot them all. Kerrey claims his squad shot into the darkness from 100 yards away, magically hitting a cluster of “women and children” who then fell in a pile. Kerrey had other inconsistencies in his story in the New York Times article. But he never denied killing women and children. — This story was from the New York Times. And that newspaper isn’t an arm of the GOP.

    This never was an “allegation of murder”. This is about Bob sanitizing history for political gain. Bob Kerrey killed unarmed non-combatant enemy men, women and children by the dozens, just like our Air Force killed them in Berlin, Tokyo, and Hanoi by the thousands. Kerrey slaughtering them by hand is no more an atrocity than bombing them from the air. War is ugly and Bob was in it. He did his job. That is not the issue.

    The issue is, A) Kerrey lead this ugliness but today tries to make his killing of an enemy-supporting village seem less ugly for campaign purposes. And, B) Kerrey brags about his war record in his campaign ads, showing himself in uniform in Vietnam. — For Pete’s sake, Bob cannot expect voters to be impressed by his war record and also expect them not to look at his war record.

    If Conservative Fox News in 2012 wants to rehash what the Liberal CBS and the New York Times already broke off in Bob’s ass in 2001, over a Vietnam “massacre” that Kerrey himself openly regrets, whose fault is that? Kerrey’s own TV ads today show him in uniform in Vietnam. He hinges his electability in 2012 on him being a Vietnam War hero, knowing that the NYT massacre story is already out there.

    If Kerrey chooses to ride this porcupine bareback, don’t blame his opponents for his stupidity.

  18. The Ghost of Jim Cleary says:

    I remember what happened the last time a person who mounted a mayoral recall ran for mayor. It was not a pretty sight.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Jane Fonda committed treason in N. Vietnam but later said she was sorry. Bill Clinton was actually impeached, admitted guilt, but stuck it out and slid by. Today Jane is an all American girl and Bill is a respected past President. If only Bennie Arnold and Dick Nixon had known it could be that easy.

  20. Nabity's Poll says:

    It seems Dave Nabity likes to go around town with that poll of his stating he is the only man that can beat Suttle. Funny thing is in that same poll a woman actually had better numbers than him. RELEASE THE POLL DAVE. LOL

  21. Anonymous says:

    Big Thud –

    It makes perfect sense. Dave is arrogant enough to give himself advice and believe it, not matter how bad it is

  22. Omaha Politico says:

    The Business community is actively recruiting Jean Stothert to run. Conventional Wisdom is they are afraid of Nabity will get trounced by Suttle. This is why Nabity was desperate to immediately announce and try to keep Jean out of the race.

  23. Edward Smith says:

    Nebraska’s Democrats, gathered in Omaha for their State Convention, have chosen Vince Powers to continue guiding their ship, the NDP Titanic, towards the iceberg on the horizon. They also re-elected renowned academician and accomplished scribe, Bud Pettigrew, as Chair of Rearranging Deck Chairs.
    In related news, the Captain of the DNC Carpathia has been receiving signals requesting assistance from the Titanic’s passengers that wish to leave the doomed vessel.

  24. Edward Smith says:

    FLASH – An update on the impending Titanic disaster. – FLASH

    A lone lifeboat has been spotted drifting away from the NDP Titanic. It appears to contain a solitary passenger. No reports of damage to the ship have been reported as yet.

    More to be reported as information arrives by wireless.

  25. Edward Smith says:

    FLASH – New reports arriving on Titanic disaster. – FLASH

    The lone lifeboat seen drifting from the NDP Titanic is now reported to have had two people in it, one of them severely crippled. The crew of the DNC Carpathia is reportedly in the process of bringing them aboard.

  26. Honest Question says:

    Seriously, is this the end of the Nebraska Democrats? No reps in the House, not a credible candidate for governor in 2 decades, a couple of mayorships that are sinking…..seems like the more left the National D’s get, the more smothered and suffocated ‘working, moderate’ dems like the old NDP get…..see Wisconsin. The DCCC and the platform needs some serious, serious work.

  27. Edward Smith says:

    FLASH – Lifeboat occupants identified – FLASH

    Two men recovered from a lifeboat spotted drifting away from the NDP Titanic in the Midwest Electoral Sea earlier today have been identified. They are American politicians, Ben Nelson and Bob Kerrey. Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Nebraska, severely handicapped by Cornhusker Kickback syndrome, and Kerrey, a past Senator from the same state, and a current candidate for Nelson’s seat, were recovered by the crew of the DNC Carpathia. The two elderly men seemed relieved to have escaped the Titanic’s impending fate as it continues on its uncorrected heading directly into the path of a gigantic iceberg the size of Cherry County.

    Asked why they left the Titanic, which, judging by the liberal quantities of hot air being released from its smokestacks, and evident incapacity to change course with its new Captain, Vince Powers, at the wheel, will soon impact the iceberg with hull rending force, the two merely mumbled something about it being better to go it alone than sink with that ship of fools.

  28. Edward Smith says:

    FLASH – NDP Titanic strikes huge iceberg, ship sinking fast – FLASH

    Vince Powers, commanding officer of the NDP Titanic, has rammed his ship into a gigantic iceberg at full speed. There are reports of passengers abandoning the ship in droves, many choosing to dive into the frigid waters, facing certain political death, rather than tying their fates to the inept crew which seems hell-bent on prolonging their suffering. Executive Officer, Maureen Monohan, was one of the first to occupy a lifeboat as she shouted, “Women and Lesbians first!” Jim Rogers, the Ship’s Steward, headed to the 1st Class bar and began consuming all remaining quantities of single malt scotch. Chair of Rearranging Deck Chairs, Bud Pettigrew, has been ordering volunteers to carry all the deck chairs down to the boiler rooms for fuel, while retired NDP Political Lines Captain, Deb Quirk, was demanding that the boilers be spent. Quirk is herself a past Chair of Rearranging Deck Chairs.

  29. Nabity's Ego says:

    I will be mayor as I have been successful in every political race and ballot issue I have been involved with.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Edward Smith is Brian T Osborn, the guy who claimed to be in the mafia and was removed from NDP leadership. When Bob Kerrey came to Holdrege he was warned about this nut and that he could do something erratic because he isn’t all there mentally.

  31. Lil Mac says:

    1:45, I don’t see a connection between abortion and Vietnam, except that you mean Kerrey is Liberal. Sure, Kerrey champions snipping off baby heads, which makes even some abortionists puke. But his Liberalism is wider and deeper in far more areas than just his extreme abortion advocacy.

    As for Kerrey in Vietnam, I was simply responding to a supposition here that Fox News might be following Bob to do a story on his Vietnam incident to make sure Kerrey doesn’t win. That makes no sense. to me. My point was, his Vietnam record doesn’t matter in this race and Fox doesn’t need to sink Kerrey. Fischer is doing that. Unless he rises, he’s already sunk. If any national news interviews him, its, “How did a guy like you get suckered into losing this?”

  32. Anonymous says:

    Nabity for mayor? He’s got the same chances as Ben Nelson would.
    BTO’s idiot stalker is back! If Edward Smith really is BTO, then someone should hire him to write for them. All that stuff was hilarious!
    Kerry’s war record is now being brought up as a negative thing. I’m willing to bet that anyone doing that is a chickenshit that never served in uniform.

  33. Val Budentine says:

    Edward Smith don’t understand the NDP. they are not. Like the titanic. we are a proud band of calvery marching toward victory. Genearl Vince Armstrong Powers. added by trusted scout Frank LaMere. will lead us to vicory as soon as we. can figure out were the enamy camp is located.

  34. Senator Snowplow says:

    NDP headed for an iceberg? How can you even think that we’d be worried about that? We have more lawyers in more upper-level and leadership positions, we are beyond prepared to deal with whatever injury claims might occur from rear-ending some iceberg. We’re not worried.

  35. Val Budentine says:

    no iceburg. vince is a grate leeder. the next SCC meeting is scheduled for some place Frnak lameer refered to has gresee grass. bettre to take out a scalp ensurence policy.

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