FLASH: Dan Welch running for Omaha Mayor

Former City Councilman Dan Welch has let media organizations (including this blog) know that he has decided to run for Omaha Mayor in 2013.

Welch, who represented the same district currently represented by Councilwoman Jean Stothert, who plans to announce her run for Mayor on Thursday morning, had been previously thought to be out of the running. Rumors had gone ’round that once Stothert was in, he was out.

No dice.

After telling the OWH he would take three weeks to decide, he hinted to Nebraska Watchdog — after being somewhat surprised with questioning from Joe Jordan — that he was thinking about running.

Today Welch announced the semi-official word about a pending announcement. (We will print his release as soon as we get it.)

Welch told Leavenworth Street:

“After making the decision to get in it didn’t make much sense to give others a head start. A crowded field can dry up money so now seemed like the logical time to enter the race.”

One would have to think that it was hinted that if he was going to jump in, now was the time.

More tomorrow.


  1. ricky says:

    Whatever; underestimate Mr Suttle everybody. I predict the Mayor will win re-election.
    Just because wealthy G O P businessmen give money to people like Stothert and Nabity and Welch does not mean they can win in a Democratic – leaning city and county.
    If the Repubs have not noticed Omaha has a Democratic controlled city council and no Repub has held the Mayors office in 12 years.
    But go ahead and toss the G O P’s money down the tubes; it will help Omaha’s economy.
    And I hope Franklin Thompson does run for Mayor as well, then we can get somebody else to represent us here in District 6; a Democrat hopefully.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ricky, no Dem will win the 6th ward. But I agree that I hope Thompson runs for mayor, that way an actual conservative would represent us, not a RINO

  3. ricky says:

    I doubt Franklin Thompson can win election as Omaha’s Mayor, in three terms his fellow council members have not voted him council president. That’s how much respect they have for his ability.
    Maybe FT should retire and go build a mega-church with Husker Coach Ron Brown? That way we can get religion out of government.

    ricky from omaha

  4. Anonymous says:

    Franklin Thompson is obviously the right Republican for the job. He’s the guy who can pull Democrats over who are disgruntled with Suttle’s performance e.g. lack of promised job creation in North Omaha. He’s no demagogue. He’s a good Christian who stands by his principles even if it didn’t win him any votes with the GLBT crowd. He’s a humble, respectful man and that is what Omaha voters are looking for.

  5. The Next Mayor... says:

    In this crazy world of politics and the vast group of possibilities, only one stands out. Tyler Mahood is the man that will lead us to prosperity. Until Matt Pinkerton went MIA, he was the guy. Brandon Peterson was on deck. Sad, these three men were the dynamic trio. Part man, part bear and part pig. I called him Manbearpig!

  6. Oh come in says:

    Tyler manhood is a nice guy but he is still on college. Matt Pinkerton is also a good hard working republican but probably needs to get his feet wet first . I really like Jean in this race!

  7. Rickyisafool says:

    Danny boy the pipes are calling

    Time for Omaha to turn the page

    Goodbye Jim Suttle and all your firefigther buddies at McFlys and Mattress Factory – your departmnt will be audited and your numbers will be reduced just like Scott Walker did in Wisconsin and w Ricky’s post office.

    Where are the new jobs in north omaha that Suttle promised in his ads?

    Ben Gray and Susie Buffett will work behind the scenes for Jim Suttle.

  8. Political Genius says:

    Dan Welch, like Nabity is purely announcing because Stothert is announcing tomorrow. Dan has no staff, no consultants, and no major business endorsements. Dan will have to fight Ashford for last place in this race.

  9. Mayor Welch says:

    I think Welch has a good shot. Unlike Nabity and Stothert, he hasn’t been caught up in the reindeer games of the last few years – like the failed recall and dishonest interviews pandering to the fire union. Those two would be more polarizing than Suttle with their tea-party rally speeches. I don’t think either one of them could beat Suttle – Omaha is a little more complicated than GOP talking points.

    When you look at the field, Welch is the adult in the room. When he was on the council, and as President of the council – he dealt with issues. Omaha needs to move forward, and Welch is the leader to do that.

  10. SoWhat??? says:

    Welch was scared to death of Paul Landow and until he decided to not run for reelection, Welch folded every time Landow threatened him for disagreeing with whatever Landow wanted to do. As for Franklin Thompson, he is the embodiment of “all hat, no cattle”. He has a great vocabulary but absolutely no leadership ability. Nabity is nothing but a bomb thrower and he destroys any organization that he joins. Brad Ashford is more liberal than Suttle and that’s pretty far to the left. It looks like Omaha is going to get the Mayor it deserves…four more years of absolute incompetence in Jim Suttle.

  11. EndPoliticialUgliness says:

    Brad Ashford is butt ugly. Nabity looks doughy and deranged. Suttle appears manifestly stupid, which isn’t too far from reality, but thanks to an idiotically run recall attempt Suttle now has advantage.

    The vital question for us here is this. Which Pol is the cutest? I’d say Stothert or Welch. Jean’s hubby would agree she’s a babe. But Dan has Teddy Bear huggability.

    So, cutest pol? Stothert or Welch? Or do you find other Nebraska Pols to be more attractive?

    Since they are all self-serving egotistical arsewipes, lets elect one that isn’t horrible to look at on TV.

  12. Franklin thompson for mayor says:

    This is so interesting. If Franklin ran I definelity see a path to victory however I wish the party would rally for one candidate

  13. it isn’t even close says:

    Welch is so much clearly better than these other candidates it isn’t even funny. Dan fought the fire and police unions before fighting the fire and police unions was popular. Doesn’t every one remember that Dan was the first person to bring this issue to light, he was the first person to commission a study on the costs, and at the time he was doing it, NO ONE was behind him. When public opinion started to turn, everyone jumped on board, including Dave starting the Omaha Alliance.


    it has been awhile, so Dan will clearly have to refresh Omaha on what he did on the council, but I remember that he was well liked, was able to work with Fahey to get things done, and was a guy who didn’t get caught up in the political bs that is so popular these days and did what he thought was best for Omaha, regardless of party affiliation.


    Not a single democrat in this town will vote for Stothert or Dave Nabity because they are polarizing. And a republican can’t win without some support from that group.

  14. Interested Observer says:

    WOW, who would have thought that the Supreme Court would do this? Do we have to call the Chief Justice “KICKBACK ROBERTS” now?

  15. NE Voter says:


    No one can be elected mayor of OMaha without winning BOTH north and south Omaha. The Reublicans can win all the west Omaha votes that they want, but will still lose.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Un f-in believable. Just you Lefties wait until the Republicans retake Congress. I don’t think you’ll be pleased with what you will be forced to buy. Oh, and BTW, Obama just raised your taxes. What was that about not raising taxes on anybody making less than $250k? Suckers.

  17. Anonymous says:

    NE Voter, you’re nuts.

    First, North Omaha does not vote in large enough numbers to be essential in the mayor’s race. But West Omaha does have large enough numbers of people of voting that it can overcome East Omaha.

  18. N O says:

    We have no jobs. We have crime. Half of every block is burned out.

    What has Suttle done? Bike czar and gay rights. Really think we are behind him?

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