Post ObamaCare

What a classy White House, yeah?

You are probably up to your ears in ObamaCare and the Supremes by now — and it ain’t going to stop for a while. But our thoughts on it were probably best expressed by Dr. Charles Krauthammer, when he points out that Chief Justice Roberts did not want this big decision to be considered political. So he came up with some original idea, beat back the Commerce Clause, and said, “You elected Obama and the Democrat Congress. You don’t like the law? Elect someone else.”

Of course, making a decision like that means he actually made a political decision instead of one based on the law. But oh well, whatcha gonna do now? Well, as Governor Dave says, you gotta elect Romney.

But as many have pointed out, the Republicans will need to come up with their own plan going forward after a repeal. There are many good ideas to address — most of which got tossed to the wayside once the ObamaCare train began barreling down the tracks.

But as Congressman Lee Terry said,

I will work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to work towards fixing these problems… We need to give the power back to the patient and allow them to make their own health care decisions with their physician. We need to lower the cost of health care.

You know, as opposed to imposing the giant new tax.

Oh, and though Mr. Non-partisan Bob Kerrey will tell you he’ll meet the Republicans for drinks to hold hands through this process — we all know that’s as likely as someone mistaking Dundee for Greenwich Village.

Kerrey pushed Ben Nelson to sign-on to ObamaCare. (And we have no evidence one way or the other, but we STILL never got out of Nelson whose idea the Cornhusker Kickback, and the dollar amount, really was…) But Kerrey was never really happy with ObamaCare, because if didn’t go far enough! Kerrey is a single-payer guy. Get rid of insurance companies. A full-on government run health care plan. Post office style.

Though we have a feeling that now that Kerrey is vacationing in Nebraska for the rest of the year, he won’t tell it like that.


Not to be missed in the Thursday excitement was Jean Stothert’s announcement that she is running for Omaha Mayor.

Sure we noted it two days ago, but not for nothing that she had the full roll out. She has a full website up ( and a professional introductory video on it as well (which is very well done).

And…she has a new campaign logo too (which you know we always enjoy reviewing):

We can live with that. Not positive about that lowercase “m”, but we’ll think about it.

And we would just note that Dan Welch was somewhat shrewd in essentially getting his name in every Stothert roll out story by announcing his intentions on Wednesday. But we would also point out that it seems that Dan has not put much thought into an organization, campaign, etc. yet. Obviously there is plenty of time, but if his plan was to hurry things along, he will need to step on the gas much more at this point.


And you know, sometimes in politics you still get surprised. Like by this clap-trap from Bob Kerrey on his website.
Get a load of this:

In spite of the TV ads suggesting I have become more liberal during my time in New York, the opposite actually happened. The things I have done during my time away from politics the past ten years have given me a view of the world that has made me much less the slave of some defunct economist (and of paid political advertisements). I have come much more firmly to believe in the wisdom of the masses. I do not believe that a million people making the same decision (what am I going to wear this morning) will all make the right choice. Maybe 10% will make a terrible choice. Maybe 10% will make an inspired choice. Maybe the rest of us will do OK. We’re all better off making the decision on our own than we would be having one person make that decision for all of us in order to keep 10% of us from making a mistake. Besides: I am much more likely to learn from my mistakes anyway.

Wow. Sorry, but that seemed to have been written right after a giant exhale in his buddy’s dorm room.

So first of all, “In spite of the TV ads suggesting I have become more liberal”? Is he kidding?
There is a YouTube video of HIM saying he has become more liberal during his time in NYC.

(But by the way Bob, you don’t have to say you live in Greenwich Village. It’s Manhattan. You act like The West Village is Sodom and Gomorrah…)

So now he walks away from it, pretending that it never happened?
He’s like the kid who you see throw a baseball through the window.
“Hey kid! Why’d you break that window!!!?”
“I didn’t break any window. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Thank Al Gore for inventing YouTube and cell phone cameras, or Kerrey could theoretically get away with this garbage. And another reason why we’re more than happy to see the UberPACs put up ads including that video.

But how about the rest of that prattle?

“I have come much more firmly to believe in the wisdom of the masses.”

Uh, so he’s into crowd-sourcing?

But wait, no! He doesn’t want the crowd picking out his ties.

We’re all better off making the decision on our own than we would be having one person make that decision for all of us in order to keep 10% of us from making a mistake.

Wait, so he’s not into the “wisdom of the masses” then? Or only for some things?
Or maybe he just meant, “Hey! Dude! Don’t bogart that, m’kay?”

Because the irony (ohhhh the irony) of his little statement at the end is, that is EXACTLY what he wants to do with ObamaCare or his own single-payer health care plan! He exactly DOESN’T want the individual to make their own choice.

He himself said:

“How else are you going to get rid of the uninsured problem unless you bring a little more Government into the transaction?”

And a little more. And a little more. And a little more. And voila! Welcome to Greece!

Honestly though, Kerrey is obviously into this, “hey, just let me be me and the people will join me, man” phase of his campaign. And hopefully he will keep going for a while before Paul Johnson pulls his choke chain.

But not too soon.


  1. Lil Mac says:

    “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them. “ Bob Kerrey while running in Nebraska? Or Marx?

    Jean Stothert’s “mayor” in dainty script is sexy. — Back to Karl Marx, he said, “Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.” One look at Fox Network babes and then at the butch crowd needing a shave on the liberal networks says Republicans have room for manly men and sexy women, who both have brains and leadership. On the other hand, Democrats, not believing that women can lead, requires many of its women actually be men. Good for Jane Kleeb fighting the hirsute dike image of her party. — So, Jean Stothert, you go girl!

    Hell, a Senator Debbie and a Mayor Jeanie. How much worse can they be than Kickback Nelson and “Pay the Bums to Vote” Suttle?

    As for Justice Robert’s Rule on Obamacare being a tax thing, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out what Krauthammer and others also concluded, i.e. that without this stinking albatross hanging around Obama’s neck, Obama could have pleased his liberals that he “at least tried” while soothing the majority that wants to like Barack but fears he needs a babysitter. Justice Roberts said the SCOTUS isn’t the President’s babysitter and if We the People want a grown up President, we must elect one. So… now defined as a tax, a new GOP President and Congress can simply dump Obamacare, thanks to Roberts throwing it all back to Obama. — Way back in 2009, Obamacare seemed a huge lumpy unworkable clump designed to have been a sop to liberals that was supposed to have been thrown out long before now as a part of Obama’s reelection scheme. Robert’s hung that stinking albatross on Obama.

    The best part of all this is getting to watch Democrats celebrate and Republican bemoan Robert’s decision, and wait for that special moment of discovery when suddenly their eyes widen in horror (or delight for Republicans) as they come to grasp the pyrrhic reality of Robert’s Rule. Of course Romney has to make his own case, but this rule hurts Obama. The soul crushing irony of it is amazing.

  2. Val Budentine says:

    all you gotpers watch out vince powders has democrat state char will be you’re worse nitemar. and bud pettigrew has char of county chars will help. were going to take to eledctorel votes this time and put bob kerry in the Senate

  3. Anonymous says:

    Interesting to note that Franklin Thompson was not at Jean’s announcement yesterday….guess that means:

    Run Franklin, run!

  4. SoWhat??? says:

    Where the money is going to eventually come from to pay for Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.? Where are there trillions of currently untaxed dollars? That’s right people in your IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, 403b and all other such “tax deferred” savings plans. And the progressives talking point will be about “fairness” in that the poor and “working poor” are unable to participate in such plans so it’s only “fair” that those currently untaxed trillions “contribute” to a more “socially just society” so “all” can live a better life. That’s right folks, you did without to make sure you saved some money for your own retirement, got a little tax break along the way and now the progressive elites and the “poor and working poor” they’ve enslaved are going to come after your retirement savings because you’re being “unfair” by having them. Get used to the idea, it isn’t far off at all.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, Mayoral campaigns already??? Roll back the timing of ’13 compared to ’09. Sorta’ silly. Take your time, Dan. Besides, hair’s gotta’ look good.

  6. An Objective Conservative says:

    I think Jean was this race in the bag.
    1) She is a sitting council member and will have all the free media she wants
    2) She has a large campaign organization
    3) She has a top fundraiser hired
    4) She has plenty of cash already in the bank
    5) Estrogen (4 men and one woman in a primary Jean will get a lot of women’s votes)
    6) Dave Nabity will implode under the weight of his own ego
    7) Jean works her butt off in her races

  7. The Truth About Nabity says:

    Dave Nabity screwed up the recall. He tried to use the recall committee as a front to start a mayoral campaign. While the recall was still in progress Dave was trying to hire a campaign staff. Instead of focusing on HIMSELF, Dave should have been focusing on the recall. Dave’s own selfishness kept Suttle from being recalled. Thanks Dave for keeping Suttle in office!

  8. To the Truth About Nabity says:

    Remember all the turmoil on the recall committee? Recalling Suttle should have been a slam dunk. How much time was wasted due to all the infighting that Dave created on the committee? Dave had no business trying to assemble a campaign staff while being involved in the recall. Once again it is all about Dave.

  9. Lil Mac says:

    Anon at 7:35 is apparently one of those ugly women Karl Marx was talking about. Just kidding, sort of.

    I agree with 9:18 re. Stothert’s positives. She has a chance of winning for those reasons. — What I said was, Conservative Republicans don’t mind women being sexy and smart and able leaders all at the same time. It is Liberal Democrats; the Garafalos’ in their unwashed hair and clog boots, etc.; who automatically judge attractive women as stupid. The asexual unkempt intellectual image is iconic among Liberals. “Tis better to be honestly unvarnished.” Sure, that’s what all snotty people say when they are too lazy to shave or put on make up. But have you seen Democrat Jane Kleeb go on TV without makeup? Do you have any idea how unattractive “good looking” people are without it? Makeup helps but some ugly goes bone deep… and in campaigns, appearences matter.

    Stothert and Welch might be considered attractive compared to one candidate who looks like Herman Munster and another (hint, he pays bums to vote for him) who has a Homer Simpson thing going on. Does that matter? Bloggers here vehemently hope not. But lest we get all huffy about it… research constantly says all voters vote based on both emotions and cognition, often looking for policy reasons to support their initial emotional impressions/preferences they get at a glance.

    Political people want to believe their cerebral cortex, and never their reptilian brain, is driving all their preferences and decisions. Yet every face and image we see and hear first triggers unconscious emotional responses,floods of hormones, before the images impact our rational cortex. We all feel it before we cognitively assess it. And that feeling impact is strongest among the less politically focused swing voters who often decide elections. Frankly, if looks didn’t matter, candidates wouldn’t put their face on TV and flyers. We can call voters superficial and sexist but they pick our leaders.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    That statement from Kerrey is deeply disturbing. It has all the hallmarks of a very narcissistic person who will say anything, no matter how illogical and juvenile, to get what he wants. That is not the statement of a mature elder statesman who will make wise decisions. It’s one of a very undisciplined, still immature, phony.

  11. Speculator says:

    Newly pertinent questions:
    – Who will run for Stothert’s now-open Council seat?
    – What was Tom Mulligan doing at Stothert’s announcement/photobombing Joe Jordan’s pictures? Is he concerned his post-Democrat appointment tax/budget/union contract antics are going to yield a strong challenger to his re-election in 2013?
    – If so, who would that be? Who’s on the GOP bench up there? One wonders in such a conservative district whether the Republicans need to settle for a squishy “R” on such a closely divided City Council…

  12. Goober Natorial says:

    Lil Mac, having Obamacare is a high price to pay to get rid of its namesake. I think getting rid of it will be nearly impossible. Not only are you battling the inertia of government, but republicans tend to be more go along to get along types while the democrats tend to be more obedient to party bosses, notwithstanding Bob Kerrey’s promises to reach across the aisle. (The reasonably prudent person would carefully check what’s in Bob’s left hand when they go to shake his right.)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Roberts comments on the commerce clause are for naught, it isn’t precedence setting as it was a dictum.

    Bottom line is the power for congress to tax is unlimited. So elections have consequences. Stop electing dumbass liberals and spend happy RHINO’s, and we can get this country back on track.

    Oh and in all the increased costs of doing business commentary where is anybody talking about the increased costs gor government workers? How about in the education world? If a county is up against their levy lid then what?

    I surenhope the legislature tells the public schools, including the University & Colleges, to go pound sand when they ask for even more money. Senator Mello needs to figure out hoe much he loves the healthcare law when he is trying to figure out how to increase the funding for public Ed. Not to mention again I look forward to hearing Senator Lautenbaugh tell these people to pound sand! Lord knows Senator Adams will just bend over and say thank you!

  14. Anonymous says:

    How is Scott Petersen spending the DCRP’s money? He hasn’t truthfully let the central committee as a group see the financial reports in a very, very long time. Is it being used to pay for that young 20-something intern calling himself the party’s ‘political director’? Curious minds want to know…

  15. David Harper says:

    Yeah I heard that suave, handsome young 20 something is doing so well that he decided he could afford to share a room with his little brother in their parents house. Quite the non-paying gig! Clearly what all graduates look forward to after college.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Excellent! With no money being spent (or being brought in), then Scott would have no problem having printed copies of the financial reports for the Douglas County GOP central committee at the next meeting!

  17. Idiot says:

    Ask him for the report or stop by the office. I am sure you’ll need to reach out to the free masons to figure out this huge DCRP scandalous cover-up. I will call the CIA to start looking into this matter as well.

  18. Meeting Place says:

    My suggestion is that the next DCRP meeting be held at the Spearmint Rhino. I’m betting the turnout would be exceptional.

  19. Anonymous says:

    To Idiot –

    Way be to act like a spoiled brat. It is a legitimate issue, no matter what Scott has brainwashed you into believing. If you actually read the party’s constitution, the central committee (not the chairman) has the power to budget, disperse and allocate funds. In order for the central committee to do that, it needs to know how much money the county party has and what it owes. If the chairman won’t print off copies of the treasurer’s report (which won’t cost more than $30 at kinkos), he’s not letting the central committee do its job.

  20. Anonymous says:

    To Idiot (aptly self-named) –

    Again you show that you don’t care about the issues, just that you’ve been told to ridicule anyone who dares challenge Scott Petersen.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Even more ironic is the fact that scott P works for a printing company and could print copies anytime!

    Scott is almost as bad as Obama trying to blame everyone and anyone before him while he continues to fail. Such an joke!

  22. Idiot says:

    I ridicule spineless morons that could simply ask for a printed copy. If he says no than you have a gripe. Simple problem simple solution.

  23. In the know says:

    I demand answers! The chairman of the DCRP allegedly purchased an island off the coast of Laos with DCRP money. I also believe he acquired a Lear jet to travel to DCRP meetings out of town and an Aston Martin for meetings in town again with DCRP money. This has to stop!!!!!! Oh wait that is not the DCRP it was Stockton, CA my mistake. Our DCRP is in the black for the first time in a while. Peterson inherited mess and turned it around. Way to go Scott!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    To Idiot –

    Thats the problem. As a central committee member, I shouldn’t have to ask for a copy. It should be provided at the meetings. And to use the excuse that it costs too much to print is bull.

  25. Anonymous says:

    And it’s great to see that Scott has his cronies making fun of issues to distract from his own failures.

  26. Anonymous says:

    How about I try to convince the current chair to do what’s right until the next election? Then we’ll see what happens.

    If Scott doesn’t like being called out for his failures, then maybe he should just resign.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I already know the count, as of right now. Let’s see how many of the Paulbots will actually show up to the meetings…I know Scott Petersen and a few others will go, but I’m fairly sure after 2 or 3 meetings, most of those wackos won’t show for the next 2 years.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Scott Petersen has been a terrific chair in Douglas County and will be an even better executive director of the NEGOP!

  29. Anonymostly says:

    Roberts comments on the commerce clause are for naught, it isn’t precedence setting as it was a dictum.

    As though there wasn’t reason enough to be depressed about this ruling, anonymous at 2:37 comes along and gives us another. Yes, anonymous, I was thinking the same thing. The ACA was upheld. The only determination NECESSARY to the ruling was finding that it was a tax. That finding has precedential value, meaning that the decision is reasonably binding on the court in subsequent decisions based on the doctrine of stare decisis.

    But the findings as to Commerce and Necessary and Proper Clauses were not necessary to the decision. The court need not have reached those issues because the case wasn’t decided on those issues. To that extent, those findings are dicta and not entitled to precedential value. They may have persuasive value but they would not be binding precedent.

    Thanks, Justice Roberts. You really screwed the pooch.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Scott is horrible, and with him as ED of the state party, everything would fall to hell in a handbasket. Who in their right mind would make Scott executive director?

  31. Word on the street is.... says:

    Word on the street is Scott is telling everyone John Orr is going to make him executive director if he gets elected. I like John but Scott as executive director??? Are you kidding me?

    Scott is trying to keep this game up for as long as he can before he is found

    Hey liberty lovers… He will sell you out and screw you over just like everyone before you.

    Good luck!

  32. In the know says:

    Stop all this arguing and lets get back to electing republican. I do not know why you dislike Scott but he is our elected leader so let’s follow.

  33. Anon says:

    Heineman has taken stimulus $1B.

    He has taken Obamacare $36M. Given he recent statement, does he plan to pay it back if Romeny wins?

    Also, what has he done with the $6M from the AG settlement that was suppose to go to home owners? Out of the $7M received only $1M has gone for its intended purpose. Anyone have the details?

  34. Anonymous says:

    In the know –

    No, I will not stop. Just because Scott demands that no question his authority and follow him lockstep doesn’t mean that I will, or that anyone should. And it should be fairly obvious why a large number of people don’t like Scott: he talks out of both sides of his mouth, stabs anyone in the back who disagrees with him, is unwilling or unable to do what is necessary to fundraise for the county party, recruits candidates to run against incumbent republicans, is one of the anarcho-Paulbots and he stacked his LD caucus with friends and neighbors to prevent good conservative republicans who have been involved in the party for decades from going to state convention or being on the central committee.

    What the most disturbing thing to me is that you and your fellow Scott Petersen supporters don’t realize that he is using you to advance himself. The moment you start being useful to his cause, you’ll be thrown under bus.

  35. Democrat says:

    Tell me again, what is different about the leadership of the NEGOP and the NDP? It looks like you guys are having the same kind of leadership problems as we are. Autocratic rulers are not good for any of us.

  36. In the know says:

    I have heard the other allegations before but never about recruiting candidates against republicans. Who did he recruit specifically?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Not who for sure, but most definitely against Lee Terry.

    But since you’ve heard those other truths before, why do you still support him? They’re not just allegations, they actually happened.

  38. In the know says:

    Because putting together a slate is what the Pauline’s did too and is not a crime. Heck I saw randi and chris scott and Dan Frei on a Ron Paul slate too. I am sure that there was a slate for LD 20 as well. I do not know about the other stuff.

  39. Douglas County Elephant Club says:

    If the DCRP does not change we will form our organization and take the donors with us. Anyone that would try to make our party a paulbot platform deserves to be run out of town.

  40. Anonymous says:

    If you were really in the know, you would know that Scott is a Paulbot. Those slates at the county convention were passed out by Ron Paul people.
    If you don’t know bout the other stuff, then ask around a bit. Look for yourself and not rely solely on Scott’s word.

  41. Lil Mac says:

    GN at 2:31, I respect your opinion. However, if you are correct that no matter whom we elect, Republicans or Democrats, they won’t get rid of Obamacare, and that we as voters must instead rely on unelected lifetime-appointed court judges (miniature royal courts) to get rid of policies that we as voters find intolerable, then We the People are screwed far more deeply than just by Obamacare.

    If socialized medicine is inevitable, it is arguably better to have business-adept Conservative Republicans rather than heartfelt-inept Liberal Democrats running it. Or, Americans can simply elect Romney and a GOP Senate in Nov and push them to kill it in reconciliation. And since Roberts’ Court has also made it impossible for the federal govt to punish states for not opting in, Obamacare can die that way too.

    I liken federal policy to pendulums seen and felt most clearly in the extreme. When one swings too far one way, and enough voters object, they force it in a new direction. But it isn’t clear what voters will do in Nov. Most polled dislike Obamacare but most also like Obama himself. (I personally don’t see his appeal but plenty of other Americans do.) It boils down to human nature. Average Americans want government to leave them alone. But they also don’t turn down federal benefits. The former is Romney sort of, the latter is Obama for sure. It can go either way. That’s Freedom. It is messy.

    Roberts’ ruling pushes several future policy pendulums toward the states and individuals away from the federal. Those who today bemoan and celebrate it fail to see its true pyrrhic nature.

  42. Anonymous says:

    NDP? NEGOP? Don’t like the leadership? Tough titty. When you choose to join a party you go by its rules. If you don’t like that, you can join another party or start your own or lead your party to change its rules. If you cannot get enough of your own members to vote you in charge, you need to grow a new personality, tact and gumption. When all else fails, drink heavily.

  43. Val Budentine says:

    the NDp has grate leaders. vince powders is a smart guy. Hes almost has smart has deb fisher. but not has roofles.

  44. Val Budentine says:

    we bye those big rools of tin foil at sams club so we have has much has we need for hats at Ndp SEC mettings. but some times the hats caus enterfearans on confrencs calls if tomany people are using cell phones.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I suggest to anyone who wants to get involved in this election cycle go directly to the candidates you want to help, and avoid the DCRP altogether.

    Scott is failing in his duties as Chairman. Not to mention he’s letting the county party potentially run afoul of Nebraska law since it hasn’t filed any Primary Statements with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission for this last spring. Either that or no one is donating to the DCRP, which means he still fails as a chairman.

  46. Val Budentine says:

    one time vic Covalt almost blowed a gaskut when we ran out of foil for hats at an SEc meeting. Jim rogers had to have one of the enterms go pick more up. messey wiggely byes it. in bulk now when she picks up ofice supplies.

  47. Democrat says:

    Anonymous at 10:26 AM wrote, “When you choose to join a party you go by its rules.”
    What should the party members that were elected to write those rules do with the leadership that ignores them?

  48. Anon says:

    If socialism is when the doctors are employees of the government and hospitals are owned by the government, then how is Obamacare, which mandates that everyone has to buy private insurance to pay for private doctors and private hospitals, socialism?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Obamacare sounds more like enforced corporatism. No wonder Ben Nelson was so determined to see that it got passed. He’ll be reaping millions in rewards as soon as he becomes a lobbyist for the insurance industry, if he hasn’t already.

  50. A True Conservative says:

    Obama has promised to aid the victims of the fires in Colorado. Bunch of welfare bums out in that state! You start paying them for the damage done by the fires and next thing you know Nebraskans will expect help when there are tornadoes. If they don’t like the cards that Mother Nature dealt them, let them move somewhere else.

  51. Funny says:

    You mean the payments to Patrick that did the work with the expectations of being paid. Are suggesting like Nancy did to not pay for the work Patrick did. My vote for John is about John and John alone. Scott has nothing to do with this. Do you agree with Nancy to not pay Patrick even though he did the work?

  52. Funny says:

    Btw I remember seeing at a meeting there debts and yes Patrick’s name was on the screen. Of coarse we can stiff him for the work has already done. You may not think Patrick did a good job and that’s your right but terms of compensation were not based on percieved results. I actually like Patrick and do not think we should stiff him.

  53. Val Budentine says:

    what do you GOTPs pay you’re ED? you shold talk to Messey Wigeley. shes lerned alot working for jim Rogers.

  54. Funny says:

    If you do like the job Scott is doing run against him! Otherwise zip it. It is fine to be anonymous if you are positive but to not use your name when you constantly rip someone makes you an anonymous coward. So what is your real name cowardly lion.

  55. Money says:

    If you cant raise enough money to pay yourself than you don’t deserve a salary from the party. Other ED’s from the last 20 years didn’t seem to have that problem until it became amateur hour over at DCRP under Patrick and Scott P.

  56. Anonymous says:

    You mean run against him a couple of months after he’s stacked the central committee with fellow Ron Paulers? Of course I want Scott and his cronies to firebomb my house!

  57. Anonymous says:

    Hey Funny,
    When is Scott going to file the NADC reports? I know for a fact multiple people donated more than $250 to the county party, and if he doesn’t file the NADC reports very soon which will likely result in a fine.
    Since no one is told how in the black the DCRP is in, I guess even a $10 fine could zero out the bank account.

    Why is Scott hiding the fact that he supports Rand Paul in 2016?

  58. Val Budentine says:

    you guys shold take a lesson from Messey Wiggeley. One time we had a problem with somone so messey just had one of the enterms say they got a resagnation from the trouble maker. LOL just say the peolpe who don’t agree resigned. Messey is real smart. then we fired the enterm LOL

  59. Funny says:

    Don’t pay Patrick (for work he has already) done is like going to a restaurant eating your whole meal than deciding not to pay because the food wasn’t as good as you thought it would be. Thank god you are not running the DCRP

  60. Time to grow up... says:

    One person on here leaving anti Scott, anti DCRP, anti Paul comments! ONE!!! Grow up! Wake up!!! I thought after the obamacare ruling that folks would wise up and come together and stop with the petty bickering and infighting! Pathetic!!! The Ron Paul lovers and the libertarians and the establishment people all want mostly the same thing. They all agree on the big issues. The important ones. All want obamacare gone. All want Obama gone! All want good solid conservatives elected! All want to fix the economy through lower spending and lower taxes and less regulations. Now is the time to work together to ensure that happens. Stop being so selfish and criticizing everyone else that doesn’t fall in step with every belief of yours! There is no reason for this foolishness at such a critical stage in the game. As for Scott and the DCRP, it appears he was able to do to their budget what we hope Romney will do to our budget! You might not agree with every little thing someone does but if you are so pissed off that someone isn’t spending $30 to give you a copy of something that is displayed on the overhead projector at each meeting for everyone to see or that you can get a copy of simply by asking, that you will actually work AGAINST the party because you would rather see him and the party fail than defeat Obama and obamcare…then you have some serious growing up to do. The party really doesn’t need someone like you!

  61. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Oh, please Interested Observer! Of course the answer is that the most important issue this election, nationally, is Deb Fischer’s family buying grazing rights.

    Yessiree! That’s what most people are concerned about nationally.

    Perhaps, IO, it is time for you to retreat into the cold and clammy chalk mine north of St. Paul and to be alone as you comtemplate your disfunction.

  62. To Time to grow up... says:

    I only posted a few comments, so, guess what? Not everybody worships Scott like you do. But I’m pretty sure the message you are wanting to convey is that ‘Our Glorious Leader’ knows best, so shut up and don’t ask questions.

    Is it foolishness when Scott does not follow the party rules during the meetings? Is it foolishness that Scott actively recruited at least one candidate to run against our incumbent, republican congressman? Is it foolishness to ensure that Scott is spending the county party’s money the way the central committee instructs him to? Or is it foolishness to be worried that Scott turns on people the moment they disagree with him and is seeking to run the state?

  63. @Funny says:

    Refusing to pay Patrick B, is like ordering a Steak Dinner, and the only thing the waiter delivers is your salad. Would you pay?

    He promised to deliver and failed. And understand, he was in charge of raising funds. He didn’t.

  64. Funny says:

    Our president fails everyday and wipes his ass with the constitution yet you are not asking for him to not be paid for the work he has done.

  65. Oh, great point! says:

    And we also don’t want him in the office he currently holds. So I think you made a great point.

    Scott Petersen has had minimal success and has alienated a great deal of people in the process. Why would you even think about putting that up for Executive Director? I question the wisdom and leadership of anyone who would do so. Why would we want that team in charge?

  66. Funny says:

    I do not care about what Scott wants to run for. I know, like, and will vote for John Orr it has nothing to do with Scott. Our vote at convention is about John or Brian. Quit trying to muddy the waters

  67. Anonymous says:

    Why are the Ron Paulers so big on secrecy? If they really thought that the public was on their side, they’d be boldly proclaiming their goals and intent for trying to takeover the county party

  68. Funny says:

    John Orr is a lifetime conservative and an advocate of deb fisher before she was envogue!!! John Orr is my guy

  69. Anonymous says:

    So how is Scott doing recruiting candidates for local elections? Or is he too infatuated with Wisconsin to realize that it’s his job?

  70. The Second Coming of Bob Blank says:

    Watch out Scott, continue to play king-maker and you won’t be chair much longer. This happened 20 years ago, and it’s happening again.

  71. Interested Observer says:

    Read Don Walton’s article in the Lincoln Journal-Star about the fight for the GOP Chair. It sure looks like Deb is now trying to do to the whole state what she’s done her whole life, try to crown herself “Queen”. Ya, “Welfare Queen” maybe.

    Kay Orr used Deb to try to get back at Ben Nelson. Deb used Kay to try to win. Now Deb is using both Kay and John Orr to turn Deb into the Queen of Nebraska, to rule over everyone, including the Governor.

    THAT’S the kind of person Deb really is!

    It’s ALL about Deb.

  72. Anonymous says:

    IO- is that the best you have against Senator Fischer? Really…… Nothing to see here.

    Kerry is going to get his proverbial hat handed to him.

    The Senate will be won by the GOP.

    The House remains in GOP control.

    The White House has a New occupant.

    The Supreme Court gets new members.

    Deal with it.

  73. Anonymous says:

    I have a question for those few Scott Petersen supporters: what makes someone a member of the “establishment”? And why do you have such disdain for them?

  74. Anonymous says:

    Really? Then why call them establishment and why are they said to be liberals who need to be defeated?

  75. NADC says:

    Where are your reports Scott? You haven’t done them for long enough now you will be fined. Is that the type of leadership we want as state ED? You told me yourself “a vote for John Orr is a vote to allow me to become ED of the party”

    Good luck John. Looks like Scott may have sunk Johns chances trying to perpetuate his own gain… Sound familiar… ?

  76. Uhhhhhhh says:

    Anonymous July 1, 2012 at 8:27 AM, If all that happens, then welcome to the new American Civil War. One party running all branches of government is a recipe destined to produce a dictatorship. Just keep in mind which side the working class is on. They take care of your kids, they clean your houses, they serve the drinks at your country clubs. Do you really want to piss off the people that your fat ass, corporate, elitist lifestyles depend on?

  77. To LOL says:

    John Orr is openly telling people that he will appoint Laura Ebke as NEGOP Vice-Chair and Scott Petersen as ED. Laura Ebke is saying via mass email for the world to read that John Orr has promised party leadership positions to her coalition. This is not a conspiracy these are facts. Who cares about McGrainy. It is interesting that you are already trying to distance John Orr from Scott Petersen.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Yet again, we see the Paulbot wackos going to the dem’s playbook: If you can’t rebut the argument, mock your opponents.

  79. Anonymostly says:

    I would love to be able to post a link but, alas …

    Mark Steyn has a great column in NRO that captures some of my sentiments on Obamacare. Among his better lines:

    In reference to the SCOTUS finding Obamacare’s individual mandate Consitutional only on the basis of it being a tax, notwithstanding the Obama Administration’s vigorous denials that it was a tax, Steyn writes, “There’s nothing constitutionally seemly about a Court decision that says this law is only legal because the people’s representatives flat-out lied to the people when they passed it.”

    Contrasting Obamacare with European public health systems that coincide with private systems, Steyn writes, “Only in America does “health” “care” “reform” begin with the hiring of 16,500 new IRS agents tasked with determining whether your insurance policy merits a fine. It is the perverse genius of Obamacare that it will kill off what’s left of a truly private health sector without leading to a truly universal system. However, it will be catastrophically unaffordable, hideously bureaucratic, and ever more coercive. So what’s not to like?”

    Google it, I guess. Well worth the read, IMO.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I hope Fahlson reconsiders running for national committeeman, in order to preserve some sanity in the state party. Removing Scott Petersen as DCRP chair would be nice too…

  81. Anonymous says:

    To see what Mark Fahleson is all about, google “LINCOLN LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL OFFICIALS COVER-UP SCANDAL” and learn about the church child abuse sex scandal that Fahleson worked to cover up about 7 years ago.

  82. GOP stalwart says:

    Let the freaks win at the convention. We dealt with their type when Bob Blank was around. They had no money and they were irrelevant. If John Orr can’t see that he is enabling the paulbots to embarrass Nebraska at the national convention then he is an idiot.

  83. LOL says:

    Here is a novel idea. Treat all of the new people with respect and focus on what you agree upon. Channel their energy. O

  84. Anony at 2:59... says:

    Fahleson must be a good man if he’s made enemies with Bob Van Valkenburg, the commenter at 2:59, otherwise known as “Van (Valkenburg) Down by the River.”

  85. Sweetwater Observer says:

    To IO at 8:30AM. Don Walton writes for the Lincoln JournalStar. It appears that you have a computer. You can go the article and read it for yourself…….that is, if you are really an “Interested” Observer…..if you look at the end of each arm you will find a helping hand. Please use them.

  86. Interested Observer says:

    To Sweetwater Observer, Did you notice that I first mentioned the Don Walton article at 6:40 AM. Then Anonymous at 8:27 AM lipped off to me. So I asked him at 8:30 AM, “Anonymous at 8:27 AM, What did the Don Walton article say?”, since he completely ignored my point.

    Sweetwater, I’m not sure that my question to Anonymous even concerned you at all. Now I’m not sure why you chose to try to insult me again. By the way, what is your particular fixation with some chalk mine near St. Paul? I don’t get that at all. You’ve mentioned that before.

    Again, Sweetwater, NICE ATTITUDE.

  87. Sweetwater Observer says:

    IO, if you will quit talking about grazing rights, I will quit talking about the chalk mines. Deal?

  88. Val Budentine says:

    does the nebraska GOTP party half a char of chars. has long has deb fisher wont’ debate bob kerry may be . we can have a spilling bee with him and Bud Pettigrew at the cherry county fare

  89. Anonymous says:

    You avoided answering the question LOL. When are are the Ron Paulers (which include the Nebraska Republican Liberty Caucus and Campaign for Liberty people) going to show even the slightest amount of respect for longtime party activists?

    Personally I like John Orr too, but making Laura Ebke vice-chair and Scott Petersen ED shows a very serious lack of good judgement.

  90. Interested Observer says:

    Sweetwater, Actually, I haven’t even mentioned welfare grazing for a while now. Why do YOU keep bringing it up? Why don’t you want me to talk about an extremely failed government program? I intend to keep talking about fixing the welfare grazing program fee structure, by opening it up to competitive lease auctions, until it happens. Why don’t you help me try to fix this expensive, money loosing, failed program?

    You still didn’t answer my simple question, “what is your particular fixation with some chalk mine near St. Paul?”

  91. Focus says:

    Republicans need to focus on winning in November. It’s unbelievable that there’s so much fighting within the party. What’s wrong with getting more people energized and involved?

  92. @Focus says:

    No doubt! Have you ever been to a Pachyderm Club meeting? The average age is 65. If you’re not growing, you’re dying…literally.

  93. Interested Observer says:

    I’m starting to think that since Deb isn’t even actively campaigning in Nebraska, that maybe, since she doesn’t seem to care about us anymore, that ALL GOOD HONEST NEBRASKA REPUBLICANS should start a new, grass roots effort to


    for the United States Senate!

  94. Hooker County says:

    Deb could do nothing for the next several months and she would still win. In fact that would be a good strategy. Does anyone know who runs this blog? I just recently found it. I was following The Objective Conservative, but grew tiresome of their cut and paste approach.

  95. Patrick Bonnett says:

    @funny, anonymous,
    Please stop your defamatory untrue statements or call me directly to discuss.
    -Patrick Bonnett

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