Who is plotting the Nebraska GOP coup?

Rand & Ron Paul need Nebraska

For those of you involved in the Nebraska Republican Party you know about this. You have seen it fermenting. You have seen it growing. And you are seeing it metastasising before your eyes.

And in Sunday’s Lincoln Journal Star, Don Walton spelled out what is going in the battle for control of the Nebraska Republican Party.

The Ron Paul wing of the Nebraska GOP is trying to (some say they already have) take over the state party.


It started as a Tea Party type swing, with Matt Sakalosky folks suddenly pulling their weight to take the reigns of the Douglas County party. Scott Peterson got the nod over Jay Turco, after first getting his feet wet in party politics in Sakalosky’s primary fight against Congressman Lee Terry in 2010. Then Peterson became chairman of the party. A volunteer job to be sure — they all are — but many have complained that under his watch…

  • the party office closed its doors — one does not exist now
  • Peterson has not submitted a Treasurer’s report to the county central committee
  • he has not had an Executive Director on staff
  • he has reportedly recruited candidates against incumbent Republicans

These are all things that everyone knows. If you follow the comments in this blog, you are likely aware of this. And that is not to say that Peterson has not worked hard or put in a lot of his time or worked for some Republicans. It is just to say that organization, leadership and money have clearly been serious, serious problem under his tenure.

But in short, Peterson is a Ron Paul guy, and that means he is not on board with many of the elected Republicans. Which is only strange if you are the one leading the Republicans in your county.


So on Tuesday, May 15th, Nebraska Republicans — who by the way had a very contentious Senate primary to show up and vote for — gave Mitt Romney 70% of the vote. They gave Ron Paul 10%.

Mull over those numbers for a minute.

But hey, Nebraska like many or most other states has more arcane political rules that can still change things. Like, if you get more of your people to show up at a Holiday Inn on a random Saturday afternoon, you too can take over the party. How about that!

And we will tell you this, what the Ron Paul peeps lack in actual, you know, votes for their candidate, they more than make up for in organizing their people to outnumber party stalwarts on a Saturday afternoon.

And this means that they took majorities in many counties, including Douglas, to gain a majority of Paulites on the GOP State Central Committee.

This is turn means that they have the ability to send Ron Paul delegates to the National Republican Convention. Nebraska will then be the 5th state that puts Ron Paul over the top and gets his name into nomination at the convention.

Aren’t you proud of that Nebraskans? You have the opportunity to embarrass the Republican candidate, potentially screw up the opportunity to elect Romney over Barack Obama, and allow the Paulites to take over the platform committee and insert whatever Ron Paul plans (that voters have rejected) into the GOP platform.

Didn’t know that’s what you bought in for when you voted 70% for Romney and 10% for Paul, didja?


So you can credit the Paulites for this.
Namely you can credit:

Laura Ebke (of Crete)

…and Jon Tucker (Omaha)

…and Scott Peterson (Omaha)…

And now…Washington County (Blair) GOP Chair John Orr.

Yes, THAT John Orr. Son of former Republican Governor Kay Orr.
He of the drop down, can’t-miss-it mustache.

And they have a plan.

They plan to elect John Orr over Brian Buescher of Omaha as GOP Party Chair at the Nebraska GOP Convention on July 14th. Currently the Ron Paul for President campaign is paying for calls to Central Committee members telling them that John Orr is the “true conservative” over Buescher. Which is a laugh. That isn’t to say that Orr is some sort of weak-kneed liberal, but to try to say that Buescher isn’t a rock-ribbed Republican is a joke.

So here is, unfortunately, what is going on.

Jon Tucker, Laura Ebke and Scott Peterson don’t want to give the impression that the Ron Paul for President campaign has waltzed into Nebraska, whipped up their few supporters, and taken over the party. So they found a willing patsy — sorry there’s no better term to use — in Orr. Heck, Orr probably figures he is as much of a Republican as Buescher. So why not? What, he can’t control himself?

Oh, and by the way, Laura Ebke has already sent a message out to her followers letting them know they will put in Orr. With Scott Peterson as the Executive Director (paid position!), and Ebke as the Vice Chair.

And with Orr in, they can hopefully pull along some of the other longer time Republicans (tragically, we see Hal Daub has decided to jump on this wagon), before they kick him to the curb, establish Ebke or Peterson as the Chair, then turn the Nebraska GOP into the Nebraska “Group of Paul” and elect Rand Paul in 2016.

Ain’t that a corker?


In the mean time, who do they raise money from?

What regular Republicans will want to give money to the state party if they see it just as an arm of the Ron or Rand Paul campaigns? And we say that with the knowledge that the average GOP supporter is NOT a Ron Paul person. Oh, they don’t hate him — and neither do we — but they see him as a fringe candidate who is a bit off his rocker, has some regular GOP views and some that are a bit “out there”.

In the meantime the Paul folks are doing their best to be all “Tea Party”. Both groups consist of conservatives who generally have never been involved in the party, but want to get involved. But as we’ve said before, they want to go to fun rallies and honk horns and maybe post a crazy picture on Facebook a time or two. But go to a meeting in the back of a coffee shop and discuss the party’s budget and fundraising efforts and who is helping to stuff envelopes next Wednesday? Meehhh. No thanks.

But they still have that “outsider” attitude. And they see Ron Paul as “one of them”. The “establishment” doesn’t respect him. His clothes don’t fit all that well. But he speaks “the truth” that those Soc’s don’t want to hear!

Yeah, those Soc’s like Mitt Romney and Dave Heineman and…and…Brian Buescher!


We keep hearing about a “split” in the party and that everyone should “get along”. But make no mistake: This is a plan by Ron Paul to take over the Nebraska party in order to help him at the convention, then eventually elect his son President.

In the meantime, they jeopardize Nebraska’s effort to elect Deb Fischer, to give Republicans control of the U.S. Senate and get rid of ObamaCare, among other things. They jeopardize the election of Mitt Romney — to end the debacle that has been the Obama Presidency.

They pull along a few long time Republicans who see this as their chance at some power in the party, or maybe to settle old scores. And you can bet, of course, that Democrats are kicking back chuckling in their Birkenstocks. (Enjoy that chuckle while you can.)

We really don’t know if this takeover is a done deal or not. The fact that the Paul for President resources are making phone calls tells us that they aren’t 100% certain.

But if it goes through, expect things like the shut-down Douglas County GOP office and recruitment against GOP incumbents to continue at the state level. And then start to hear how awesome the Great Leader Paul is.

And then wonder how many years it will take to fix it all again.


  1. Some Guy says:

    As a member of 2-term Central Committee & a recently elected member of the State Central Committee.

    1st. IF any DCCC member had an issue with Scott Petersen they should have taken it to him in Private NOT address it on some unknown authored blog.

    2nd. I Voted for Jay Turco

    3rd. I will be voting for Brian on Saturday 07/14/2011

    4th. The finances have been able to be viewed by a member of the Central Committee at their leisure.

    5th. I know of at least 2 members who have served previously (2010 to 2012) on the Douglas County Central Committee that was not re-elected. We will be strong & do what is right for the DCRP & the NE GOP. We will get Republican’s Elected.

    6th. I will oppose anyone who wants to make Scott Petersen the ED of the state party as a SCC Member.

    7th I’m listening to Manhattans – Kiss & say Goodbye

  2. NE GOP leadership says:

    If the current ED has this much time to blog than NE GOP does not need new leadership but actual leadership

  3. Hello! How are you? says:

    Yet, these folks were organized enough to use the process in place and get their people elected. Isn’t that what politics are about?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Sweeper for laying it all out.

    But, to Some Guy –

    Your point 1: Scott is unwilling to listen, and does not take to criticism well at all. Sometimes its better to bring everything out in the open and shock them into realizing that they are an a–hole.

    Point 4: The Chairman should provide copies of the monthly financial reports at the meetings, so when he blows through it in 20 seconds everyone can follow along and not have to squint from the back of the room.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why do they think they proclaim to the nation that Nebraska supports Ron Paul, when in reality he got 3rd place? (even in Douglas County itself)

  6. NE GOP leadership says:

    I love the first comment posted RIGHT after this article went up. Almost like it was placed by some random to take another shot at Scott’s leadership. Now I am 100 percent convinced that the NEGOP Is broke. Perhaps with new leadership the phone may get answered by 10am !

  7. Anonymous says:

    To NE GOP leadership

    Maybe ‘Some Guy’ so the article read it & decided that he needed to weigh in on the issue.

    Oh WAIT, that’s exactly what happened.

  8. Dave Nalle says:

    If the Republican Party had a candidate in Mitt Romney who was able to generate any enthusiasm from the GOP grassroots they might not be in this predicament in Nebraska and nationwide. As others have pointed out this is the natural result of a failure in leadership. If the establishment is complacent and corrupt and will not do what is best for the party then they will ultimately fall and new leaders will arise and do the job better. This is hardly the first time there has been a change in leadership in the GOP.

    If the ultimate result of all this is electing Rand Paul in 2016, then what is the problem? Find me a Republican who does not agree with Rand Paul’s ideas more than they agree with Mitt Romney. Unlike his father who takes some principled, but unpopular, positions on issues like defense, Rand Paul has much more conventional positions on those issues. He is strong on defense, a real fiscal conservative and not inclined to waste government resources on social policy. This is how the GOP has defined itself for 150 years, even if some of their elected officials have strayed from that platform.

    Rand Paul’s views are virtually indistinguishable from those of Ronald Reagan. If you’re going to object to the rise of his supporters in the party then you’d best take the Reagan memorabilia off the walls of your county party office and look for another idol to revere. Who will your new hero be? George W. Bush? Richard Nixon? Sorry, you can’t pick Eisenhower, because that’s who Ron Paul models his foreign policy on.

    Wake up and smell the liberty, folks. It’s high time we had a Republican Party which lives up to the promises of smaller government and personal responsibility which they talk about in their brochures.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Elections, at all levels, have consequences! What is not said is how a small group of passionate and ORGANIZED, individuals took control from a lazy establishment. The GOP should have seen this coming since it was tried in 2008. If there is blame to be had it rests squarely on the Gov and the current Party Chairman, who now wants to be the state Committeeman! Again this was brewing for a long time, the “old” farts got their hats handed to them using their own processes. Wanna change it?

    Then organize, plan, and get off your lazy backside and do something about it. The NEGOP has been cruising on empty for the past 4 years with a skipper at the helm who is
    Nearly clueless. Now you have to deal with the reality.

  10. NE GOP Leadership is shameless says:

    You attack John Orr ( a wonderful conservative) and Honorable Hal Daub from your desk in Lincoln. BTW we know it is you Jordan. Hal Daub probably is excited about the new energy and young people. But to attack this two conservatives is not how the NE GOP leadership should work. Your attack on Hal and John will backfire!

  11. Anonymous says:

    The Roman gold coin, at the end of their empire, was mostly brass. The costs of maintaining their empire had collapsed their economy. In 1970’s, a Ford Pinto cost $2000. Compare that to the autos of today and you see how much brass our US$ has vs gold. When bankers can print and add currency, they seem to end up with all the money at the top (the 1%) and all Ron Paul supporters want is for one party or the other to ‘get it’ and reverse the growing elite classes who make international decisions. Who deserves to be a regime and who doesn’t.
    I think Romney can get it but not without urging from the grass roots. To say this is all about Rand is just plain silly. Its not about anything but saving our republic. “and to the Republic for which it stands.”

  12. Sue Himel says:

    Why is recruiting candidates to run against Republican incumbents a bad thing? Some elected officials break their promises, like Lee Terry. Sarah Palin challenged an incumbent Republican Governor in the AK Rep Gubernatorial primary and won. She went on to beat the Democrat in the general election.

    Part of the reason that the NEGOP and the DCCC have been ineffective in recent years is the complacency of the establishment types who run the parties. I don’t know if Petersen and Orr will be effective – I have a wait and see attitude about that. But shaking up the RP around here is not a bad thing.

    And, if you want NE delegates to the state and national conventions to reflect the votes that have been cast in the primary then make the primary binding. I wrote in a name in the primary because I knew my vote was meaningless to the Republican Party. They would override the results of the primary to suit their purposes. If you don’t like the rules, change them.

  13. Goober Natorial says:

    What? This takeover is bad for Deb Fischer? Seriously? I’m shocked because our very own (any way we can sell him) Interested Observer suggested that this all was orchestrated by Deb Fischer in order to take over the party for herself. Wow, whom to believe? Sweeper or IO? Hmmm. I think I’ll go with Sweeper. Yep, that was easy.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s when the party chair recruits candidates against incumbent republicans that it’s a problem. He should not be picking one republican over another.

  15. NE GOP leadership says:

    Sue is spot on! Our NEGOP has failed us and then hands us there hand picked successor in Brian. I like Brian but when his letter to delegates states that he would not run for this position unless the governor lets him tells me we would get more of the same. After this blog started trashing Hal Daub and John Orr I now know this household will vote Orr

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dave Nalle-

    The problem with Rand Paul in 2016 means that Obama gets reelected in 2012. And I actually think its good that Republicans arent ruled by emotions, unlike the Democrats and Ron Paulers. We don’t emotionally attach ourselves to any one candidate to the point of deifying them.

    But it is good to see all wackos up bright and early

  17. Danielle Jensen says:

    Sue Himel said “And, if you want NE delegates to the state and national conventions to reflect the votes that have been cast in the primary then make the primary binding.”

    Basically, Sue is advocating that the delegates pull a “Ben Nelson” and vote for something/the person who does not reflect what the majority wants. The majority of Nebraskans did not want Obamacare, but Ben Nelson voted for it anyway. The delegates who are sent to national convention need to represent Nebraska Republicans by casting their votes for the candidate who received the majority of votes: Mitt Romney.

    Do those who support Ron Paul think they “know” better about whom to select than what the majority felt? That is exactly what Ben Nelson did. He felt he knew better than the majority of Nebraskans who did not want Obamacare.

    I’m excited to see new blood in the Party, but that new blood should respect the votes of the majority of Republicans in this state and support Mitt Romney.

  18. Bam says:

    You know, I’ll give them this – despite being the next thing to certifiably insane, no one works harder in politics than liberal Democrats. It never stops for them. They are CONSTANTLY working politics, in blogs, in showing up for protests, in pressuring talk show hosts, in being in your face until you are absolutely sick of seeing and hearing them.

    Conservative Republicans, however, seem to be more inclined to show up when it’s needed but kick back when it’s not. I’m a libertarian with conservative leanings who has seen the GOP take what it wants from the Libertarian Party when it’s convenient or expedient. If they’ve sat back and let the Paulites and other libertarians take them over, serves them right – they apparently just didn’t want to keep it or push their agenda that bad.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dave Nalle-
    Have you attended a Ron Paul rally and listened to him aside from the way the Main Stream Media reflect him? He has filled stadiums even at Berkeley. People that can’t get in are hanging from trees and they could become Republicans in support of limited govt, sound money, and our nation returning to the golden rule of international relations.
    Chasing them away is silly.. the blue hairs aren’t being replaced in the GOP by the young people and when Ron Paul can attract them, the blue hairs act like they broke into their private club. By the way, I’m a blue hair and a State Central Committee member of several years but I hate seeing these Ron Paul truly tea party kids (from marches in 2008 on both coasts–also not covered) treated so badly.
    You would never see Ron Paul arrogant enough to pick ‘kill lists’ of SUSPECTS. What if a drone had hit the Maryland home of our own Anthrax SUSPECT? Do you think we might have become enraged and ready to attack them?

  20. @BAM says:

    Many of the people you’re referring to are actually helping candidates and not plotting to take over an organization. We see them helping candidates at all levels of the ballot. We show up where we’re needed, not just to work rules of a system.

  21. Lil Mac says:

    70% for Romney. 10% for Paul. Yet Paul’s people take over the NEGOP. Does this story end with the Reichstag fire?

    Paul’s efforts help Obama. But Paul also makes Romney look more normal and electable. Regardless what happens at conventions, the actual apartisan electorate that votes in Nov largely finds GOP and Democrat ideologues repulsive. People just want problems solved and a President who doesn’t seem wimpy and confused. If they think they get more wise leadership from Mitt than from Obama, its Mitt.

  22. Help says:

    As State Chairman, couldn’t Mr. Fahleson remove our current County Chairman from office since he’s working against the Republican Party? I’m pretty sure it’s constitutional.

  23. Sue Himel says:

    Danielle says, “Basically, Sue is advocating that the delegates pull a “Ben Nelson” and vote for something/the person who does not reflect what the majority wants.”

    Actually, I am not. I support making the primary binding so that the rules cannot be manipulated to allow delegates to be elected that support candidates that did not win in the primary. The current rules allow the state to choose delegates NOT bound by the primary results. But I have no power to change the rules. Others posting here do.

  24. Danielle Jensen says:

    The bad thing about posting on a blog is that sometimes inflection of a writing comes across differently than what is intended. I apologize, I took your post as a “Neener Neener, if you don’t like it change it…but, you can’t in time before this year’s elections so you’re stuck with the minority making the decisions.”

    Again, I apologize that I took your post that way. In the meantime, why don’t we all work together to ensure that those going to national convention respect the majority of Republican voters in the state of Nebraska and support Mitt Romney.

    And FYI…Mitt wasn’t my choice either, but 70% of republicans in Nebraska want him.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What is particularly disturbing is the fact that even supposed GOP stalwarts Tim O’Dell and Pat McPherson have joined the Ron Paul people taking a course of action which does nothing but help Ron Paul get delegates to the National Convention and embarass Nebraska. This is after 70% of Nebraskans vote for Romney. I guess we now know that for some GOP types, personal preservation is more important than getting Republicans elected.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Here is the Heineman/Fahleson/Mcgrain leadership results

    2008 Obama wins Omaha for the first time in 40 years.
    2009 Jim Suttle is elected and Democrats control entire Omaha city and county government.
    2010 Best year for Republicans in 100 years, still NEGOP only manages to oust Rogert, all other targeted races lost.
    2011 Jim Suttle recall fails, Chris Beutler wins reelection by 40 points, Dems control Lincoln city council 5 to 2.
    2012 Heineman gets overridden by his own House

  27. NE GOP leadership says:

    You attack Tim O’Dell, Pat McPherson, and Hal Daub????? Really?? They are some of the nicest, helpful conservatives out there!!!! They work tirelessly for the party and are welcoming to new people. They actually think that John Orr will do a good job. Shame on the NEGOP for turning on their own because they simply disagree with the governors candidate!

  28. Anonymous says:

    I just love how all the Paulbots are shocked that politics isn’t all warmth and good feelings. If you want respect, you need to do grunt work on campaigns and get to know people in the party. And it takes time. Just showing up to the conventions won’t do it.

  29. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, for the first time I agree with everything that you just said. The only part that I think you left out is where Deb is in all this. I know, I know, I know. But before any of you, besides poor ol’ Goober cause he already has, start to blast me, just ask yourselves this, have you known Deb for 40 years? Have you ever had a personal conversation with her? How many? Have you ever been to her ranch? Has she ever been to your ranch? Have you ever been to her house? Has she ever been to your house?

    Well I HAVE!

    I know Deb and how she thinks and acts and walks and talks and plots and schemes and uses people. She uses people until she gets what she wants, then she has no more use for them. I think that Deb is using the Orr family and the Tea Party people and the Paul people. I fully expect Deb to use the energy that some of these people are bringing to this discussion and will fan the flames, if you will, to get them further energized to help establish her own “RULE” over the Nebraska Republican Party. She has been saying for a couple years that she is “the most powerful woman in Nebraska”. She wants to be a United States Senator in the worst way and she wants more power than the Governor has.

    I fully expect Deb to continue to encourage things until the State Convention and then after she gets her State Chairman elected, her new Executive Director appointed, etc., I think that she will pull some “procedural” stunt or make some “deal” that will appease a few and alienate a lot, by maybe adding some Tea Party or Paul planks in the platform or whatever, but BEFORE the final national delegates are elected, I think she’ll figure out some way to prevent any Paul delegates being elected specifically to save Romney the embarrassment of having Paul get the 5th state with delegates. This will ingratiate Deb, personally, with Romney so that if both she and he do get elected, he will owe her one BIG favor!

    I think that Governor Dave doesn’t really know Deb the way I do, but he’s going to get a crash course on Deb’s “ethics” in the next few days. Deb wants to be more powerful than he is and she will stop at nothing to do it.

  30. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, I do have one little question for you. Why in the world did you put Laura Ebke’s name under Deb’s picture in your article? Maybe it was just a typo or something, but you might want to go back and correct that caption.

  31. NE GOP leadership says:

    This article shockingly makes the case why we need new leadership in the NEGOP. This article says this started brewing in 2010 and building to this over the last few years. Watch the movie Casino for a great line ” you were in on it or too stupid to stop , in any case you need to go” it is that simple NEGOP leadership!

  32. Anonymous says:

    We get it NE GOP leadership (Scott Petersen), you want John Orr chair so you can actually get a paid position.

  33. Anonymous says:

    So help me to understand this. After the August RNC is over and Ron Paul is no longer a candidate for anything what will the “Ron Paul people” be? Dr. Paul has said he isn’t getting the nomination. So while a lot of the “Ron Paul people,” who are really nothing more than real Conservative Republicans, do want to get him elected most of them know it is not going to happen and instead are attempting to get into a position to have a say on how their government affects their lives. So instead of welcoming these new people into the fold, getting them to volunteer, and contribute they are alienated, ostracized, and belittled. I know that I have spent time and effort getting my friends involved, not to get Dr. Paul elected but to be a part of a political party that agrees with us, at least in talking points, with us 90% of the time. To see them pushed away because they like a candidate that is not going to win the nomination is sad. I don’t want to see the party die off but that is what is going to happen if young people are not welcomed.

    I also like how all of these “Good Republicans” want to make us more and more like Democrats. We have an “arcane” political system of a Republic within our own party. In a Republic the repesentatives are supposed to be the most well informed, principled, and knowledgeable of all the citizens. It is so the citizens can send good leaders to protect them and their interests. They are not simply supposed to be yes men for their electorate. Since 70% of Nebraskans were misinformed on who their best candidate was to win in an election and who had the closest mirroring of government policies to them was then it is up for their representatives to correct their mistake at the RNC. That means the delegation should not be for the 70 percenter but for the 10 percenter. Sorry if that seems unfair but if the author and many an outraged citizen spent more time doing research on their own and listening to the talking heads and news organizations they would have voted appropriately.

    I like how this is creating such shockwaves but I laugh at all of the fear mongering. I mean really, John Orr is trying to damage Deb Fischer’s election chances? He runs her website! His mom, who helped ressurect ShePAC is one of the reasons Deb won the Primary! But he doesn’t want her to win, that makes sense. I like how Dictator Dave our good ole Governor was perfectly okay with letting District 2 go blue in 2008 and how he was okay with letting Suttle take over as Mayor in Omaha but how he freaks out and calls out his little dogs, like the author, to trash and demonize people that have a different view of how the party should be ran at the State level because they do not like where it is headed. I know I don’t want to see another term for Suttle, I know I don’t want to see District 2 go blue again, and I sure would hate to see District 1 go blue, God forbid. According to the numbers Mitt Roney will get the nomination in Tampa, in the grand scheme of things which is better?: To accept a vibrant and enthusiastic group of people into the fold that can help us beat back the tide of Liberalism within our State or to alienate these people and let their talents and excitement fall by the side in this election and let the Liberals grow their roots even deeper? I know what I want.

  34. Danielle Jensen says:

    @ anon 11:02
    The voters were misinformed about who the best candidate is? I hope you are being sarcastic. How dare you decide to overrule what the majority wants?

    You make yourself sound like a democrat. People in this country didn’t want Obamacare, but it was passed because those in office decided they “knew better” and ” we were misinformed about Obamacare.”

    Try and dress it up as you like. YOU are acting like “Big Brother” and making decisions for everyone based on your personal beliefs.

  35. David West says:

    This isn’t just the Ron Paul crowd, Sweeper. It’s the Tea Party activists who are tired of a do-nothing NE GOP.

    I am absolutely not a Ron Paul fan, as I have explained constantly in my own blog. But, I support John Orr’s bid because we cannot sit passively and do nothing in this useless state party any longer.

    Btw, Scott closed the DCRP hq because the DCRP when he came in was under a huge debt and the office was ditched to save money until it was needed again. Oh, yeah…it is back up and going as of last week. Oops.

  36. Chris says:

    The problem with your argument Anon @ 1102, is that the Paulbots are not all conservatives. Most of them are libertarians, not ‘real conservative republicans’. Rather than help candidates out and be involved in the party regularly, they just waltz right in for the convention and demand that the whole party must capitulate to their views.

    And using the big-government, liberal, Obama/Pelosi/Reid argument of “we know better than you” attitude is exactly yet another reason why longtime conservative activists don’t like the Paulers. You don’t think that 6 months of election coverage and who-knows-how-many republican debates before our primary didn’t provide enough information on the candidates? You and your group are just sore losers. Since the people themselves did not choose your guy, they MUST be “misinformed”. Get real. The people made it known who they support, and its Mitt Romney.

    If the new people want to volunteer, great! But there are no engraved invitations, just go the candidates you like and help out.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Simple. Anyone running for National Delegate/Alternate has to have already pledged to either Romney, Paul or unknown. Who is John Orr pledged to? If it’s Paul, I don’t see how a majority of the Convention elects him Chair. However, if he’s smart, he will have stated he supports Romney if he is trying to be a National Delegate. Or maybe he’s not running for National Convention and can thus not be pinned down on his support for Paul and/or Romney. And where is mom Kay in all of this? Sitting home with her knitting? The bean should be directly on the Kay Cabal and long-time GOP workers should be demanding to know if Kay is openly supporting her boy being elected Chair. And I agree that Fischer is neck-deep in with the renegades to position herself. So how does Fischer talk at Convention? Who pins her down as to whether she is supporting an Orr coup under the radar? If Fischer supports Romney then she should be able to openly support the Gov’s candidate for Chair, who is pledged to work for Romney. There is no need to support an uprise faction if their end goal is to send Paul delegates to National who will then be successful in getting his name into nomination. Fascinating. The same holds true for Hal Daub. If he truly wants to help Romney, what official side is he taking on the Chairmen’s race? If only we had some real political reporters who cared to dig into the relationships here. Yep, some people who used to have power want to regain power now. Not hard to see what’s happening.

  38. Rex says:

    Someone please tell me why liberty has become a dirty word? And while you are at it, tell me why allowing an election process to culminate its self as established in law is wrong?
    Is it right to allow a party, the NEGOP, to act as an oligarchy. It is right that the governor dictate what constitutes a proper republican and how they should vote?
    I am ashamed at our governors behavior. His behavior has embarrassed me and thousands of others in southwest Nebraska.
    Never before and with this much urgency has the conservative party in Nebraska needed to be revamped.
    I applaud liberty lovers in Nebraska and their will to uphold true conservative principles.
    Bless this Republic.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Google “Lincoln Lutheran High School Officials Cover Up Scandal” to learn about the church sex abuse cover up that Mark Fahleson helped orchestrate.

    Now, in the last blogpost the author of that expose, Bob Van Valkenberg was attacked for being a nut. If that’s true, then why is he our candidate for State School Board? The reason is the failure of the current NEGOP leadership failed to recruit a qualified candidate.

  40. John says:

    I only have to hear one thing to make it so I will not vote for John Orr. “Scott Peterson as Executive Director”

    I am 100% sure that if John came out in public and promised that would not be the case he would win the chairman’s race.

    Unfortunately he still seems to think the anti Scott contingent is minimal… Newsflash John… It stretches all the way into the 3rd and into your own hometown. Everyone seems to know this guy is a crook except for you!

  41. Anonymous says:

    @Danielle – Many of the elected officials vote on things not with the majority, and the establishment Republicans keep them in office. You quote statistics about 70% of Nebraskans, but that’s 70% of the people who showed up to vote in the primary. The people that showed up, and followed the rules at Conventions around the state supported a candidate that didn’t reflect the primary results – does that say that the convention is skewed or the primary? I know that is a bit snarky, but – that is politics as usual. If statistics hold true, why didn’t those 70% sweep county conventions?

    @Chris – you cannot honestly believe that the mainstream media covered each candidate in a light that reflects their impact in Washington and as leaders of the country. Every debate was softball questions with talking point answers.

  42. Danielle Jensen says:

    Yes, I am quoting the 70% number of those who showed up to vote…AND THAT is the big factor. THEY SHOWED UP TO VOTE. Where were all the Ron Paul supporters if he is so great? Why didn’t they show up to vote? I took the time to get my ballot in, as did many other Nebraskans. It is not our fault that some people cannot get off their lazy you know what’s and either go to the polls or mail in an absentee ballot.

    And by your logic, since the “establishment” votes on things not with the majority, it is okay for for those supporting Ron Paul. My mom always said “two wrongs don’t make a right.” So on one hand you and others decry “the establishment” and their actions, yet you use those same actions. You ARE practicing “politics as usual,” by your own admission. Thought you all wanted to change that..

    Are the conventions skewed? YES. Most people in this state do not realize that our delegates are not bound by the primary vote, let alone the fact that the primary is really a “beauty contest.” (I read that one on Lauara Ekbe’s blog.) They are not informed that the candidate is really selected at convention. Is that a reflection that we need to get more people involved and informed? Yes. And I guarantee you that more will be after this election. They will finally found out how the process works, and how their votes were ignored.

  43. Anonymous says:

    It’s not our fault people are mis/un-informed on how the conventions work, how the delegate process works, and that the primary is a beauty contest. Whose fault is that? People in the party didn’t get off their lazy-you-know-whats and inform people about that, and get them involved in the conventions. We decry the establishment and their actions – but we also know we have to play the game to be involved. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but does the end justify the means? If it means a more informed Republic, then yes. Look deeper into what is happening here, and you see the nasty mess of people grasping for power under the guise of ‘leadership’ and ‘unity’ and all that mess. It’s a puppet show, and Heineman is the puppeteer.

    We do want to change that, but the only way you can get change in the party is to have a voice in the party – which we now do, and we got that voice through playing by rules set by those most angry about our voice.

  44. Chris says:

    Anon @ 1:23 –

    I think that the candidates received coverage as you would expect from a liberal-biased media. But there is this wonderful thing called the internet which lets you find information on pretty much every subject known to man, including information about the candidates.

    This pushing forward with your agenda no matter what the people think makes you sound like Obama.

    And Danielle, I think all of the Ron Paul supporters did show up for the primary election.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I think that the people grasping for power are Laura Ebke, Jon Tucker and Scott Petersen. The last several days, all of Scott’s supporters have been on here crying for ‘unity’ under the ‘leadership’ of Scott when confronted with the truth.

    Does your grab for power mean that anyone previously involved can no longer be involved?

  46. Rex says:

    Yes Danielle,
    Why boast about the voters? Are the voters really the majority of the citizens? Let me allow you to ponder this statement. “A democracy fails when the tax consumer becomes the majority.”

    What does this mean, what is the will of the “voters”?

    The folks living off the ill informed “tax-payer” always get the entire day off of work for voting, The average “tax-taxpayer” works 8 to 10 hours and has only his time after work to vote. They are often too tired to vote. Therefore the voting group is drastically skewed.
    So we have a loaded voting group. Government workers with all day to vote. Those who only want to increase their salary and their certainty of job security, versus real wealth increasing laborers. These are the people who pay all these tax eating, tax consuming, tax leaching, government workers their salary.
    So the check and balance to unfair voting access becomes the delegate selection process. Real sovereign citizens can organize and defeat the tax consumers due to superior intelligence and after work organization.
    This is occurring all the while the government workers are watching the MSM and the low IQ mesmerizing reality shows.
    Justice and liberty shall prevail.

  47. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous at 12:36, I read that blog “expose” about Mark Fahleson and the Lutheran School cover up. Let me just say that if that was, in fact, written by Bob Van Valkenburg, then he has earned whatever reputation for being whacko that he’s received here. That piece was nuts. It was about a teacher at Lutheran who sent love letters to a female student. The school hired a lawyer — Fahleson — to investigate and the teacher was fired. But the cover up was that they (gasp) didn’t report this teacher’s conduct to the police, hence the accusation of a “cover up.” Except that, when the police became aware of what the teacher did, he wasn’t charged with anything because the police determined he hadn’t committed a crime. Now, follow along. The supposed “cover up” was failing to report to police that which wasn’t a crime. Yeah. Ok. If van valkenwhatsit wrote that piece, I’d say he’s a nut.

  48. Danielle Jensen says:

    The “average” taxpayer only has time to vote after work and are oh-so tired?!?!?!? Are you serious? I have always found the time to vote and if I thought it would be hard to make it to the polls, I used a secret: Early Voting by Mail…oh wait..anyone can do that. Cry me a river. And state government workers do not get the entire day off to vote; can’t speak to federal workers. And here’s a fun statute for you: Employees who do not have 2 consecutive hours when not required to be at work during polling hours are entitled to up to 2 paid hours leave to vote. Pay cannot be deducted if the employee gives notice in advance of Election Day. The employer can set the time for leave to vote.
    Neb. Rev. Stat. § 32-922

  49. Anonymous says:

    @Danielle: That was not sarcasm in any way. Your response is a perfect example of a failed establishment that believes we live in a Democracy. We are not in a Democracy, we are in a Republic hence Republican. We have a party system that mirrors our own government. It is not mob rule it is orderly and respectful. I resent your tone and name calling.

    You are completely ill informed on what a Democrat really is if you think that my detailed explaination of how your own party works sounds like a Democrat. The people were misinformed when it comes to their best choice in President and I challenge you to provide an in-depth and thoroughly thought through example on why Mitt is the better choice than Dr. Paul. Think carefully and be researched, spitting out a random talking point based on falsehoods will be exposed.

    I am in no way acting like “Big Brother.” What I am doing is wanting my voice to count. I looked up and learned the rules. I learned our Primary is nothing more than a beauty contest and there was a real way a winner and a loser was chosen and a way to get my vote to actually matter. I took that path, I’m sorry if you didn’t or attempted to. We all have the same opportunity to get our vote to count, the people that love the Constitution and believe in Liberty are tired of sitting by the way side and decided to take action this time. What you are witnessing is the ultimate Tea Party, since the entire Tea Party started in 2007 with Ron Paul’s campaign and never stopped, the message got diluted from time to time as more people got involved. This time it just got back to its roots.

    @Chris: Again with the name calling. Are people that love the Constitution and Liberty still going to be a “Paulbot” in your mind after August with Dr. Paul is no longer a candidate for anything. Also I think Ronald Reagan would disagree with you about Libertarians & Conservativism, “If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”

    I don’t think you can say they don’t help out at party events or assist candidates. I know of at least a dozen “Paulbots” that have been regularly helping in parades, meetings, etc for the last few years but they fly under the radar because they don’t want to be publicly attacked. I know many more who have started to direct their internal conversations to identifying which candidates they can support in good concious and organizing fund raising events.

    I really don’t think the the people got enough accurate coverage. All of the talking heads ignored Paul and he was marginalized in most debates, the worse one he only got a total of something like 90 sec of total talking time through a full 2 hours. I am thankful for the long time conservative activists but this is not an entitlement system nor is it a lottery, you got out organized within the rules. You can either continue to participate and lend your wisdom and advice or allow all of your time and effort to fade into the unknown, because like it or not this party, for the next 2 years at least, is ours. When it comes to “the people” making it known who they supported. These are the same people who allow Lincoln to stay Democrat, who allowed Suttle to get elected in Omaha, who elected people like Brad Ashford, who let District 2 go blue. They have had their opportunity, they failed.

    As far as the big government argument you think I am making, I counter propose that is in fact the establishment folks like yourselves who are making that argument. You think the same debates, news coverage, etc that allowed you to choose McCain as a nominee last cycle was enough and you knew better than the “Paulbots” then. How’d that work out? That’s right we got Obama, now we are given the choice of Obama or Romney both of which these same talking heads and coverage gave us… I pray we don’t get another Obama but I fear we will.

    I have been pushing the Liberty believers to identify candidates and go work. The problem we are now facing is a party that is more interested in a power pissing contest than it is in working together. We can have the disagreements, but at the end of the day we are all Republicans and I would hate to see new, young, enthusiastic people turned away because our Governor and his lackeys, like Charlie Janssen in Dodge County, couldn’t swallow their pride, check their egos, and follow the rules.

  50. Macdaddy says:

    I’m not a Paulbot even a little bit. I think a few of his more significant ideas are not reality-based and he has done nothing to discourage the large minority of his followers who see conspiracies behind every tree. Having said that, I have no problem with Paulbots taking over the NE GOP because it sounded like that organization needed a wake up call, and letting the Ron Paul “movement” take over at this time is a harmless enough wake up call. There are no national implications to this. In case you hadn’t heard, Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney. For that he was rewarded with an insane amount of abuse from his father’s followers and they tend to hold grudges. If Rand Paul has an eye on 2016 IF Romney loses, he cannot win with just his father’s organization, however well it is organized. Actually, Rand Paul cannot afford Romney to lose. He knows that 2016 will be too late for this country and I doubt he’s the cut-off-his-nose-to-spite-his-face kind of guy. In the meantime, if the Paulistas can organize and recruit Republicans who can win elections AND stick to conservative principles, I say give ’em a shot. The trick is to weed out the ones who won’t spend all their time ranting about the Federal Reserve.

  51. Goober Natorial says:

    And, speaking of nuts, I see Interested Observer is on here ranting about Deb Fischer again and going through mental contortions trying to explain how Deb Fischer is orchestrating the current party unrest even though it weakens her position in the Senate race. I wish you had a “eyes rolling” emoticon.

  52. Danielle Jensen says:

    1) I didn’t name call.
    2) The same logic you use to espouse the establishment is the same you are using to support what you are doing. Period.
    3) My tone? I really don’t care if you like my tone or not. I call it like I see it and am proud to put my name by it.
    4) Mob rule? WHAT? Are you kidding me? People voted. End of story.
    5) List why Mitt is better. I’ve already stated that Mitt was not my first choice. I liked Herman Cain and then Rick Santorum. Mitt won the primary. So I have pulled my big girl panties up and accepted it. The people spoke.
    6.) As for the rest of your diatribe, I’ll be honest I stopped reading because it droned on.

    I welcome new blood, but the manner the new blood is approaching is very divisive. Then new blood claims the “establishment” acts this way. Hello pot, meet kettle.

    As an alternate to State convention and as a DCRP Central Committee member, I stand by what I say. I told some of the Ron Paul supporters how I felt at county convention, and I have no intention of changing my mind.

  53. Early Endorser says:

    Wasn’t Gov. Orr state Sen. Fischer’s first major endorsement? Seems Sen. Fischer owes Gov. Orr a favor.

  54. Anonymous says:

    @Danielle – the logic you’re using is mind-boggling. We’re using the established rules to gain a voice, and you label that as ‘divisive’. You (and we) claim we’re doing what the establishment has been doing, and your response is ‘Hello pot, meet kettle’. So, by that logic, what the establishment has been doing would be seen as divisive, or at least non-inclusive of new blood and new ideas. Is that the party you want? Fall in line, citizen.

    We’re not the types to fall in line with the party simply because we’re told that is what would be best for the party. We want to change the party, and the mentality of the party to be inclusive of all ideas and agendas – not just those that flow from the ‘top’.

  55. Get a life says:

    For those attacking Mr. Fahleson, your blows are hitting low. He has three daughters and to accuse him of this is disgusting. Get a life. Or post your accusations behind your real name.

  56. Anonymous says:

    What low blows are being posted about Fahleson? Ebke, Tucker, Peterson, and Orr have families too, and they’re being singled out by name and photo.

  57. Chris says:

    I call them Paulbots because they act like mindless drones, following in lockstep to their captains (eg, at the Douglas County convention when Jon Tucker said he was fine with seating guests, the Paulbots went along with it after throwing a tantrum about it first). Its nice that some of them have been staying involved in the party and been helping candidates; and its not so much the problem is that they support Ron Paul, its that they are sore losers.

    They are so delusional and paranoid that they think that just because Ron Paul came in 3rd place with 18,508 votes statewide, there must have been fraud and the people would actually support him if they just knew more about him. The problem is, the people have heard about him. They heard about his newsletters in the 1980s which spewed racism and anti-semitism. They heard he is an incredibly huge hypocrite when it comes to federal spending (inserting huge amounts of pork in bills then voting against them when he knew it would pass without his vote).

    Anon @1102 (which I think is you Anon @225), said:
    “Since 70% of Nebraskans were misinformed on who their best candidate was to win in an election and who had the closest mirroring of government policies to them was then it is up for their representatives to correct their mistake at the RNC. That means the delegation should not be for the 70 percenter but for the 10 percenter.”

    Sounds like big government liberal to me..

  58. Danielle Jensen says:

    Yes, you are using established rules. But, consider if what you are doing is ethical/moral by ignoring the wishes of the majority of voters.

    Pot meet kettle: Your side claimed the establishment is divisive. I am merely pointing out the hypocrisy of your claims.

    Fall in line citizen: isn’t that what you are telling Mitt Romney supporters? “Fall in line registered republicans. You were misinformed; we know better.”

    I never said you needed to fall in line with the party; You need to respect the decision of those who voted in the majority. Support Mitt Romney as the republican nominee for President. This has nothing to do with Gov. Heineman, Mark Fahleson, Jordan McGrain, Scott Peterson, John Orr, Brian Buescher etc. etc. It has to do with who won the election in May.

    Here is an example for you: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has won the Most Popular Driver contest for 11 years straight. His racing record is not the greatest. Some might say that Dale Jr. fans are misinformed because his record is not good. How would those Dale Jr. fans feel if NASCAR decided to ignore their vote and give the nod to Tony Stewart instead?

    Obviously I am not saying that this vote is as important as the presidential nomination, but an election/contest is an election/contest and it should be respected.

    I am not even addressing who would be the better State GOP Chair, or who should run the DCRP. Although, I will say I support Brian B. I have worked with him and know he will do an excellent job in candidate recruitment and raising dollars. I can’t say much about Scott P. because I took a 4 year break from the DCRP because I had a child, and as a single mom she is priority number one. So I have never had the chance to work with him. I’m back now and I am concerned that there were empty spaces on the primary ballots for offices. I am concerned at the lack of fundraising ability.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Fahleson is a powerful attorney, if Bob Van Valkenberg’s claims were libelous Mark could have sued him and had his site shut down, unfortunatley the sex abuse cover up scandal at Lincoln Lutheran is true, as is Fahleson’s role in it.

  60. Creighton Common Sense says:

    After reading this blog for over 2 years, I think today marks not only the first time I’ve felt compelled to comment, but also the first time I’ve been truly disappointed in Street Sweeper.

    SS seems to be under the woeful misconception that anyone whose name ends in (R) is, by nature, preferable to another alternative. Sure, you tell us, Mitt Romney may not be perfect, but look at his (R)! Who cares if his policies, ideology, and skill set mirror our current president, we’ve got to support our fellow Republican!

    I deny this train of thought. I am proud that we have motivated, organized, and dedicated members of the NEGOP who are committed to seeing actual change in the way things are run. Due to a botched primary system, NE has little say in the selection or nomination of the president, but we’re not letting that keep our voice from being heard. Sure, that may mean Romney gets embarrassed, as SS seems so conscientious of, but the much, much bigger travesty would be to silently support a subpar conservative candidate … again. Would it not?

    We have enough of those. We don’t need another.

    I commend Scott Peterson for being willing to go out on a limb and to support candidates outside of the “mainstream” Republicans. The Republican party should be about ideology and sticking to our virtues: not about getting republicans in for republicans’ sake. This is why people feel disenfranchised from the party: They’re told it stands for one thing, but in reality the Democratic vs. Republican tussle amounts to little more than a proverbial arms race rather than any substantive ideological divide.

    For that, I also commend these “Ron Paulites.” No matter what you think about them, they are united in ideology, a common theme for what they want to see government become (or not become, as the case may be). Complacency is the death of democracy, and that, sadly, seems to be what SS is asking us to be.

  61. Anonymous says:

    What’s the point of the NEGOP if it is not to elect Republicans?

    And there are not a lot of Paulbot idiots in Nebraska. Just enough to be annoying, but not a lot. Otherwise, why did Ron Paul lose to Rick Santorum with only 18,508 votes?

  62. The bold danielle jensen says:

    Of course you like Brian b. you part of the establishment. One look at your resume shows you worked for Sam fisher, lee terry, and don sternberg. Way to carry the water!

  63. Anonymous says:

    But let us not forget that electing John Orr for state chairman means that the Paulbots will be in charge of the state party, and will work very hard to get ONLY their supporters to be the party candidates.

  64. John says:

    John Orr is a very reasonable conservative and would welcome all republicans. Brian would only welcome traditional republicans.. Nice try though

  65. Anonymous says:

    He’s a nice guy, but he basically already promised all the key positions to the Paulbots. What do you think Scott Petersen has been doing in Douglas County? He’s been recruiting people to run against incumbent republicans while he’s been chair. That doesn’t sound like welcoming all republicans.

  66. Danielle Jensen says:

    To: The Not So Bold Anonymous Poster who cannot “attack” me to my face.
    You’re a coward. Period.
    Fine, let’s look at my resume:
    1) The Committee To Vote Less for Lower Phone Bills: 1st Political Job.Communications Person. Not a bad gig out of college.
    2) Lee Terry for Congress 2002. You bet I took this first fundraising gig. Why wouldn’t I? Lee enjoyed great support and our fundraising numbers proved it. I met every single goal. I respect Lee and what he has done. I was offered an opportunity to try something new; I had previously worked in tv.
    3) Don Stenberg 2006: I have great respect for Don. He is a man of his word. He supports conservative ideals and he lives that way; personally and politically. I left a great job to work on his campaign. Granted we came in 2nd for fundraising, but we raised more than the winner of the primary.
    4) Meridian Central: Not sure how you can call a consulting firm “the establishment.” LOL Great opportunity for me to learn the other side of campaigns: the “spend the money the finance director/fundraiser raises.”

    I look at these jobs and I ask myself, “Why would an anonymous poster attack a good looking resume?” Because that anonymous poster cannot find anything truly at fault with my job history and success.

    If anonymous “boldie” wants to attack my fundraising experience because I am “with the establishment;” boldie needs to remember that it is that type of experience that could help the DCRP raise some much needed funds. Money is what pays for GOTV.

    Working for Sam? That also will help with creation of messaging, image etc. He has been the brains behind many successful campaigns with on target messaging through outstanding Voter ID programs.

    One thing boldie left out: I am a graduate of the Anne Batchelder Excellence in Public Service Series; a republican initiative to help republican women get elected to office. This will help the DCRP recruit quality candidates.

    So come on coward. I’m waiting.

  67. steven schneider says:

    doctor paul’s voting record has been deemed the most conservative of all 3200 plus congressmen and sanators of the last 75 years, his voting record is that of principle as was his reason for getting into politics to begin with. anyone who thinks he’s out there is simply too enamored by the mainstream news, and they cant do their own homework. they use silly one liners about the totally debunked “newsletters” labeling him racist. in his practice he treated minorites and multi race couples who others wouldnt, for free. he predicted the housing bubble years in advance while everyone else thought it was crazy. he predicted the supreme court would screw up on obamacare when asked back in march, he predicted homeland terror and war with iraq in front of congress in 1996 when clinton was bombing everyone under the sun but the gop was worried about monica lewinsky. he knows the constitution is his oath, he knows the war on drugs is a complete failure thats hurt more than its gained, as well as being unconstitutional. he knows our foreign policy is for special interests, he went to vietnam unlike the neocons who got “deferrments. he is, by a large margin, the most intelligent and principled man i have ever seen in government, and he is always right. the earmarks thing cracks me up, he has always said its congresses job to earmark ALL spending, he votes against the spending, all of it, all the time, but he’s not going to screw his constitutents with the debt and inflation of huge deficits without at least trying to get them some of it. thats part of his job. any argument against doctor paul is flat out insanity, and easily diescted intellectually which then turns to namecalling by statists who think theyre conservative. most conservative lawmaker of the last 75 years, look it up, educate yourself, put down the remote.

  68. annymous says:

    This blog is so out of touch with reality! Two of the state’s greatest conservatives get trashed on here (Daub and Orr). No doubt who I must vote for now…Orr! This blog is ran by and the comments section infested with establishmenters (likely two or three people pretending to be more).

    As for the comment, “It’s when the party chair recruits candidates against incumbent republicans that it’s a problem. He should not be picking one republican over another.” Isn’t that precisely what you do with automatic endorsements of incumbents? Thanks for the advice hypocrite!

  69. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous at 3:49, Fahleson is an attorney. Saying he’s a powerful one is a stretch. But I read the stuff on this supposed “cover up” and came away thinking, “you had as much time as you wanted to write that blog post and make your case and that’s the best you could do?” Seriously. The grand conspiracy and cover up is that Fahleson and the school did not report to police what the police ultimately determined wasn’t a crime.

    Really? That’s it? Listen, I fail to report non-crimes to the police all the time. I’m doing it right now.

    Say what you want about his spaghetti-spined leadership of the NE GOP, but this cover up allegation is silly. I assume you lead with your best stuff and that fell far short of proving your claims. So, either try again with something more solid or stop making accusations that you’re FOS about.

  70. Anonymous says:

    annymous –

    If you have been involved in the party, you would know that the central committee is the body that endorses candidates. Not the chairman.

  71. I agree with above poster says:

    How on earth can a conservative blog trash names like McPherson, ODell, Daub, and Orr. They are all great conservatives and deserve better. This is a joke. These guys have done more for the party in one year than most have done in their entire lifetime!!!! After this attack on these great conservatives I chose Orr. See you at the convention.

  72. Big Bob says:

    Maybe Heinemann should embrace the Paul supporters instead of throwing a baby temper tantrum.

    By the sounds of things, if his meeting wih ‘the opposition’ is true, he had his chance to to do things peacefully and have Mitt Romney gain support in Nebraska.

    It’s just sad he thinks it is his way or the highway!

  73. Joe G. says:

    First time reader/poster, was directed here from a well-known Ron Paul forum. (Just admitting my biases up front!)

    I don’t understand all the fuss over people (especially national delegates) who support someone who is not the presumptive nominee. The primary is here so that we can judge among a field of “Republican” candidates (said loosely, because Ron Paul people adamantly claim that Romney is too liberal to have an R next to his name, while establishment folk adamantly claim that Ron Paul is simply Libertarian, not worthy of the R as well.)

    That said, what should be most concerning to people who want Obama out, isn’t so much the voting in Tampa at the GOP convention as much as the voting in November for POTUS. If you want to oust Obama, it is really odd that you are focusing so much energy on dividing your house through the primary election. Why waste so much energy and create so much hatred within the party? Why not let Ron Paul take the handful of states that he earned through the delegate process that resembles the Republic that our founders created? 99% chance Romney still gets the nomination. No worries.

    However, the establishment seems to be doing the opposite, and reacting (overreacting?) quite harshly to these new people they claim to want in their tent. They fight bitterly against the RP supporters, and would lose a war to win a battle. Now, instead of Romney winning 40ish states to RP winning 10ish, and Romney getting the nomination… now, Romney will win 45ish states, to RP winning 5ish, and Romney getting the nomination. Yay! Except, wait, they just alienated a significant number of Obama voters from their tent.

    Yes, I said Obama voters. I’m young. Most of my friends are young. Most of them drank the Obama koolaid 4 years ago. Most of them hate the idea of America’s insane debt. And there is a significant group who would switched to ‘R’ this primary season just to vote for Ron Paul, because they believe he has the record which shows he will follow through with his campaign promises: something Obama didn’t do, and something that makes these young people feel abandoned. Sure, you can say that is anecdotal evidence. So let’s just look at numbers. From polling agencies such as Rasmussen/Gallup. Both of them have shown that if Ron Paul runs 3rd party (I don’t believe he will, because I honestly believe the man doesn’t lie…), Ron Paul will take more votes away FROM OBAMA. Not from Romney.

    So, while fighting so dearly against these “Paulbots” (most of whom aren’t original Paulbots from 2008 or earlier, but simply people whom Obama has successfully estranged over the past 4 years of duplicity), the GOP establishment is winning the primary, which they already would’ve won in a blow out… and trying to lose the POTUS?

    I just don’t get it.

    (sorry I’m trying not to be too bitter. For the record, I grew up in the Bible belt, and voted the ‘R’ line steadfastly until this year, because I realized I would rather my tiny voice be heard as one that supports the best candidate instead of the lesser of two evils. And therefore, you can see my biases. But, that said, I really enjoy conversation/listening, and it kills me to see diehard Paulbots and diehard GOP establishment people refuse to discuss the issues in a polite way, but instead lob over-the-top allegations and catch phrases at each other.)

  74. Anonymous says:


    Read the July 13th 2005 Lincoln Journal Star article titled “Lincoln Police Chief not pleased by church, school”. Here Lincoln police chief Tom Cassidy says that the church and school officials broke the law in not reporting the incidents to the police.

    Maybe it’d be best if Mark Fahleson came on here and set the record straight.

  75. Interested Observer says:

    WOW Street Sweeper, You sure touched a nerve with some in here. Please keep up the good work!

  76. Anonymous says:

    NEGOP should remove Scott and all his cronies from power in Douglas County immediately. It has the power to do so, and it should happen. Now.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Romney only got 70% because the Republican Primary is a CLOSED primary. Only REPUBLICANS can vote. So all the non-partisan who liked Paul couldn’t voice their opinion, only in November.

    I am a Republican and I plan on writing in Ron Paul. I will not fall in line for former Liberal Mitt Romney. You can say ” Oh I pulled up my britches and plugged my nose and voted for him ” so you voted for a guy who though it was okay to protect a woman’s right to choose, and have stricter gun control and supported countless bailouts? May I remind you his job creation as a ONE TERM governor was in the bottom 5. Yeah, let’s turn this country around and vote for someone who on paper is exactly like OBAMA. Didn’t you fools learn your lesson with Bush and McCain?

  78. Albert Meyer says:

    Mitt Romney is a good man and photogenic to boot. That said, he is a big government protagonist, the architect of ObamaCare and the personification of the 1%. The same special interests that are bankrolling Obama’s campaign also takes care of Romney.

    Romney is either delusional or lying when he tells us that he will repeal ObamaCare. Romney will saying anything to suit his audience. He is the consummate flip-flopper. The average Republican voter is not smart enough to see through the fog of deceit. If he looks good on TV and the GOP Politburo endorses him then he must be OK. This is the depth of their understanding of the issues. They can count to to sixteen let alone understand the implications of $16 trillion in debt, and going to $20 trillion by 2015.

    Here’s the deal:

    Voters who want wars, torture, assassinations, “humanitarian” bombings in oil rich countries, indefinite detentions, drone attacks that kill the innocent, erosion of civil liberties, domestic war on the people (drug war), out-of-control debt and spending, graft and greed, crony capitalism, pandering to special interests, bailouts, and MORE OF THE SAME, vote for Obama or Romney.

    Ron Paul offered us peace, a humane foreign policy, restoration of civil liberties, an end to the war on drugs, sound money, balanced budgets, honesty, integrity and transparency in government, and a President wholly committed to Constitutional government.

  79. Actually says:

    They do not have the power to do so. The constitution was changed since 1991 v. Blank. Why not just elect him out in January like the normal process. If you pull what happened in 1991 you will destroy the party again for years.

  80. Anonymous says:

    To Actually

    Article XI, Section 8 of the Constitution of the Republican Party of the State of Nebraska. A county chairman can be replaced by NEGOP.

  81. Macdaddy says:

    Word of advice to the Paulistas: Live by the rules, die by the rules. You need to practice the transparency you crave and file the financial reports.

    Anon 5:53: see it’s sentiments like that that put you in the insane category. Mitt Romney is nothing like Obama yesterday, today, or tomorrow. McCain is nothing like Obama. Neither is Bush. Voting for Paul and encouraging others to do the same risks re-electing Obama and his veto pen. Overturn Obamacare? Unless the Republicans have 2/3 majorities in Congress, a second term President Obama will ensure Obamacare stands for ever and ever. Ron Paul will never be President. Ever. So why are you trying to make sure that the progressive agenda becomes our future? Is it because that only as a tiny minority you have the luxury of sticking to your political principles? Or are you one of those people who just want to watch the world burn? Oh, yeah. You support Ron Paul, so I guess you do.

  82. anonymous says:

    So tired of these establishment types pushing moderates like Romney! They falsely claim that you have to be moderate to attract independents to win elections. This of course couldn’t be farther from the truth. How blind are they? The answer is knocking down their door!!! A HUGE number of independents are anything but moderate. They are TRUE conservatives that are disillusioned with the current pathetic state of the GOP. This is where the energy is. Join with them to elect Romney now and solid conservatives like Rand Paul, Rubio, Col. West, Gov.Walker, etc. in the future.

    These same folks make the misguided argument that these various conservative groups like the tea partiers are only temporary and their engagement can’t be counted on. Yet it is the conservative groups outside of the establishment that had the energy to organize and take over the GOP, not with the intent of hurting it, but of getting all of the cronyism out of it. Do you think Ron Paul contacted them? THEY went out of their way despite their busy lives to seek out and join in effort to fix this country. They don’t have political aspirations like the establishment cronies. They don’t owe anyone favors and they aren’t owed favors by anyone for their involvement. The establishment cronies have put in their time (for the most part not to make the country better) but for individual gain. Heineman owes Buescher. Heineman owed Bena. Etc. Heineman comes off as a good principled conservative governor, and loyalty to those who helped him isn’t a bad thing, but turning away good energetic people that want to get involved is. It appears he doesn’t understand that. And apparently neither do the establishment guys running this blog.

  83. Talk of removing a chairman is insane says:

    It happened in 1991 and was a disaster and John Seiler lost his position for nothing. If you try to oust a sitting chairman without an election I can promise you that every member of that NEGOP executive voting body will have a slate run against them at the next state central meeting and they would all lose.

    This is crazy talk and TERRIBLE for the party

  84. Joe G. says:


    The comparisons that Paulites like to make between Romney and Obama are for their big government voting records, along with the accompanying refusal to curb government spending and balance the budget (within the next 30 years at least.) Romney is definitely more socially conservative than Obama (although maybe it would be better to say he is less liberal than Obama, as his voting record shows he isn’t that conservative socially.)

    Voting for Paul HELPS elect Romney. I hate when ignorant Romney people make this gross statement, that a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama. Wrong. Polls have shown beyond any statistical doubt that votes for Paul take away from votes for Obama moreso than from votes for Romney. The hardcore Republicans are going to vote for Romney regardless. The fiscally conservative Democrats are very open to voting for Paul instead of Obama.

    If you are an establishment GOP, and want Romney to win, the order of voting preference should be:
    1.0) Romney
    1.1) Paul
    1,000,000) Obama

    You shouldn’t be concerned that people are threatening to write in Ron Paul. That helps your cause 🙂

  85. Anonymous says:

    Dear “Concerned Citizen”. The reason the writers of this blog so fervently attack the outside conservative groups is that they themselves are establishment insiders. Once the establishment leadership is replaced, they won’t be privy to the inside information they post on this blog. You think this blog sucks now (one sided and agenda driven), wait until the writers are even more out of the loop!

  86. Anonymous says:

    at 10:04: “I just love how all the Paulbots are shocked that politics isn’t all warmth and good feelings. If you want respect, you need to do grunt work on campaigns and get to know people in the party. And it takes time. Just showing up to the conventions won’t do it.”

    That’s the problem…the rules of the establishment “get to know people in the party”, become an establishment person. Cronyism!

  87. Galveston Tea Party says:

    Im in Ron Pauls district and all I can say is his message MOVES the people you see taking over, not the man.
    Paul has honesty and principles that speak to Americans.
    Especially young Americans. They are sick of what they are getting and see no chance to opt out of this socialist sytem being created and only see government force.
    Paul is anti government force.
    He doesnt believe in the IRS because they use force at the federal level.
    He doesnt believe in preemptive wars. He chooses to want to use our 14k bureaucrats that sit on their asses in our state department before he will commit one soldier to die on behalf of his word.

    He is anti tax.
    Anti wire tap.
    anti bailout.
    anti tarp.
    anti foreign aid.
    anti preemptive war.
    anti executive orders.
    anti unbalanced budget.
    Pro individual liberty.
    Pro sound money/anti fed reserve

    Do not underestimate Ron Paul.
    He is a mizer to the establishment and is a dagger in their side.
    their cronyism and good ole boy systems put in place years ago are coming to an end, whether the GOP approves of it and likes it or not.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that put forward a non increase federal budget and balances it in three years… THREE YEARS!

    Paul has lit the grass fires of liberty in the hearts of the young generation and they have heard his call as clear as a liberty bell and are answering him.
    His support is much much bigger then even his own supporters know.
    He is keeping that a surprise and counts on the media ignoring him until he pulls up in NY harbor and pops the hatch!
    Stay tuned for more from Ron Paul. He is not done yet and his supporters have just begun their job of bringing us back to our Constitution, which freightens many establishment republicans and their water carriers.

  88. Sue Himel says:

    Well, I am now prepared for all the venom that is going to come my way.

    I am a newcomer to Republican politics, but I am now in deep. I am a conservative that is absolutely fed up with the Republican establishment. I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and I am willing to be part of the solution. I have volunteered on two campaigns and am considering volunteering on a third. I am willing to make donations, make phone calls and walk precincts. I am volunteering with the Republican Party to help get volunteers and get out the vote.

    BUT – I am not going to support the establishment of the RP in NE that have failed to turn things around in the last few years. Others have posted the failures of the NEGOP. We need new leadership and a new strategy.

    How dare you not have a non bonding primary? I am supposed to go vote in the primary for president and you don’t have to honor my wishes? Who are you as a party to DARE override the wishes of the electorate? If you have a problem with what happened at county conventions then change the rules. Make the primary binding. Make the delegates to the national convention VOTE as the electorate votes. Anything else is a power play by NE power players that excludes the electorate. Get real.

    This may be the first you have heard from me, but it won’t be the last.

  89. Interested Observer says:

    Does Ron Paul have long hair, a beard and a long robe? Because the way some of you describe him, he sounds a lot like the Second Coming of Christ!

  90. Brandi says:

    At the end of the day the reality is Republican (Romney) vs. Barack Obama. A vote Republican cast ballot against the nominee is a vote for Obama in my opinion. If the Republicans don’t unite and support the nominee, we all lose and we have four more years of Barack Obama. For all of the Ron Paulers out there– I just want to know how “suspending funding” for his (Paul’s) campaign is going to match up against a $1,000,000,000 campaign budget? Or maybe those supporting him don’t know how campaigns work as most of them have never really worked or volunteered on a campaign– except for that of Ron Paul?!?

    The entire point of a primary is to choose the strongest candidate to face off against the top candidate from the opposing party/parties.I dont know about the rest of you but I joined the Republican party because parties have power– of course there are things that I disagree with the establishment platform about (namely, child welfare in the state of Nebraska– but that is a different story) but I vote along party lines because PARTIES pass legislation– NOT A SINGLE PERSON.

    Part of being affiliated with a party is in my eyes– making the commitment that you will stand with the party, sometimes youll win, sometimes you’ll lose. For example, I supported Deb Fischer for Senate, she won the primary, I couldn’t be happier. Although, if Bruning would have won the primary, I would have supported him in the General even though he was not my ideal candidate. For President, I supported Herman Cain followed by Rick Santorum, again my choices were not the voice of the majority– but as a TEAM PLAYER I will cast my ballot for Mitt Romney in November.

    It is really not a difficult concept. Although I hope all of our newly elected committee members that are Ron Paulers remember that this election cycle is more than just the presidential election– we have several candidates on the local level who could use their help as well… After all, I think that is one of the critical roles/responsibilities of both the DCRP and NE GOP.

  91. bill says:

    Wow Macdaddy talk about some insight. To bad you have no idea what your talking about. Mittens is exactly like Obama. You watch to much MSM. Romney is the architect of Obamney care. Romney was pro life all the way up to the day he decided to run for president. Romney believes the fed should still give money away. Romney and Obama both receive money from Goldman and Sachs (Talk about a conflict).He backed the banks, but said I am sorry to the auto industry which don’t make sense since both were idiotic. If a breeze goes by his position changes. Romney will never win because the american people are not falling for the MSM spin on this thing. They are giving us the choice of dumb or dumber. As a republican for 20 years I am ashamed of my party. McCain now this clown. If Ron Paul doesn’t pull it out at the convention then Gary Johnson will get my vote. Just like Millions of people will do. Then at least they can blame Ron Paul because they don’t know how to accept failure.

  92. Brandi says:

    Oh– and I’m 21 years old– so I can attest that Ron Paul doesnt light “grass fires of liberty in the hearts of the young generation” for all of us. In fact, I know more young people that would argue the man lights “grass fires of fear” by his statements on foreign policy, national defense, and aggressor nations.

    Just sayin’

  93. Chris says:


    The non-binding primary is a result of state law, and that specific statute hasn’t been touched since 1994. It is not a problem of the NEGOP, but I agree, the legislature might want to change that.

  94. Brandi says:

    Bill, again Romney was not my first choice for President, but I am going to stand with the party and the majority of the voters. Im not claiming to know it all, in fact I am embarassed at the lack of organization in the party as well– the more I’m involved, the more apparent it is– and the fact we’re sitting here 3 years into a term with Obama having the “arranged marriage noone wants to have” with Romney quite frankly sucks. But again, I, as a member of a party am as Danielle said earlier “going to put my big girl panties on and deal with it” because it is the voice of the majority. The majority of the voters have spoken and thats who they’re supporting.

    At the end of the day we have Romney who proved he can win primaries. Paul won 10% of the vote— you really think that has a chance against Obama? Again Republican vs. Obama. Otherwise we’re going to continue to be a disorganized mess of a party, splitting each others votes and sitting on the curb pouting while the liberals dance in the street celebrating. Your choice is your choice, but if we don’t unite we will lose in November. Simple as that.

  95. anonymous says:

    “But let us not forget that electing John Orr for state chairman means that the Paulbots will be in charge of the state party, and will work very hard to get ONLY their supporters to be the party candidates”

    WOW you kids are misinformed!!! Orr backs Romney. The difference between Orr and Buescher…Orr is truly willing to work with all of the conservative groups, BB only says what it takes to get elected. Just like any good establishment republican.

  96. anonymous says:

    Scott Petersen a Paulbot? Someone is really desperate! Like Orr, he is willing to listen and work with any good conservative rather than blindly following the establishment to more of the same (failure). btw…Petersen supports Mitt. Nice try from another establishment lackey.

  97. Jeff b says:

    Ron Paul isn’t the second coming of Christ. But he is one of the greatest Americans of our time. And that comes from a Canadian. I would like to also state that I believe the majority were misinformed on who the best candidate is. The establishment and the media have done everything they can do break him and his supporters down since there were 9 or however many candidates. But he is still there. Just do a little digging and it will become very obvious who controls what the majority believes. I applaud NE for standing up for what they believe in instead of what they are told to believe by those like the author of this article.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 707,

    You did read the party how Laura Ebke, Jon Tucker and Scott Petersen are trying to position themselves and fellow Paulbots into the key positions in the state party, and continue their hold in the DCRP.

  99. Anonymous says:

    When did Scott Petersen ever say that he supports Mitt Romney? From what I heard, when confronted with the option of Mitt Romney or Ron Paul; he chose Rand Paul in 2016.

  100. Actually says:

    Nice negative John Orr narrative. This is about John Orr and not who he appoints. BTW did you here that Brian will keep Jordan McGrain and the whole executive team intact. Bottom line it is the elected chairman who decides who he or she works with.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Can I say for the record, I’m 28 years old and the only person who beat Ron Paul for my last choice was Gary Johnson. Ron Paul doesn’t appeal to all of us…

  102. Joe G. says:


    I appreciate that your opinion is that a vote not-for-Romney is a vote for Obama. However, the fact is that polls show that a vote for Paul hurts Obama significantly worse than a vote for Romney.

  103. Actually says:

    Because you are trying to paint governor orr’s son as some wacko cause your desperate. Is Hal Daub supporting John Orr is Hal a Paul bit?

  104. Nice Work says:

    By Fahleson in tonight’s Journal Star, calling the NDP to the carpet for their lies against Deb Fischer.

    More good work from the “do nothing” NEGOP!

  105. anonymous says:


    The various conservative groups that have seen recent success at the conventions aren’t realistically expecting RP to be the nominee. They want to clean up the party at the state and local levels and fix the platform. They have the energy. They have the numbers. If you truly want Mitt to beat Obama in November, you welcome them and work with them in a unified effort to defeat democrats in Nov. You alienate them, Mitt loses…and so does America.

  106. Anonymous says:

    This fight for the NEGOP leadership is not about Ron Paul or the 2012 election. It’s about the future of our party, our state, and our country. It’s about getting back to our conservative, constitutional principles. We need a functioning, efficient, election-winning party to be effective. The liberty/tea party/RP folks are not here to trash the party, we’re here to fix it and get on with the business of electing principled conservatives to restore our republic.

  107. anon says:

    Less than 10% of Ron Paul supporters are libertarians, but nice try. Most are old Goldwater stalwarts who supported Reagan in, yes, 1976, when the establishment was backing Ford. They were Reagan before Reagan was cool. Then you have the younger (non-libertarian) generation who see the old-school paleo-conservative/Pat Buchanan-style Republicanism of the 1930s and 1940s who say that’s how the party SHOULD be and the current establishment have done nothing but bargain with (and through that become themselves) socialists!

    So, even the young folk can see it, not just the old stalwarts, that the establishment must go and the party must be returned to its roots before the pus*ified, RINO sellouts took over.

    What’s unfortunate for us in the Ron Paul Republican movement is that fewer than 10% supporters who are libertarian and who are crazy. They don’t help us or the party at all. But GO MAN GO to the other 90%!

  108. Anonymous says:

    Fix it?

    Governor – Republican
    Senior US Senator – About to be Republican
    Junior US Senator – Republican
    1st District Congressman – Republican
    2nd District Congressman – Republican
    3rd District Congressman – Republican
    Attorney General – Republican
    Treasurer – Republican
    Secretary of State – Republican
    Auditor – Republican
    State Legislature – 32/49 Republican

    Absolutely. The State Republican Party is on life support.

  109. Fed up with Nebraska Republicans says:

    Am I wrong in saying our delegates are unbound going into the convention? I haven’t sifted through EVERY comment on here, but at one point I read Nebraska delegates were unbound. Secondly, this is NOT about getting Rand elected in 2016. Anyone who knows the local Paul supporters know that Rand is on the outs with them right now. It’s about getting Ron Paul elected this go round.
    Finally, if you think Mitt is going to repeal Obamacare, you are sadly mistaken as he has opted not to sign a pledge agreeing to do that.

  110. Anonymous says:

    The Nebraska Republican Party exists to win General Elections, not Primaries. If you don’t like who the voters nominate, then feel free to run. But don’t blame the NEGOP leadership for electing in November who Republican primary voters nominate in May.

  111. Anonymous says:

    The party endorsing one primary candidate over the others has nothing to do with who wins primaries, eh?

  112. Anonymous says:

    The fight is about Ron Paul. John Orr is tying himself to well known Ron Paulers and relying on their support to get elected. Are you saying that current party activists aren’t conservative? Just because you’re angry that Matt Sakalosky/Ron Paul has lost, doesn’t mean you can take it out on the rest of the party. And what do the Paulers want clean up in the parties? What in the platform needs to be fixed?

    You should talk to Scott Petersen, cuz apparently he didn’t get the message about not trashing party activists.

  113. Anonymous says:

    If you are under the impression that a significant number of voters are significantly persuaded by, or even aware of, who the NEGOP endorses, then there is no helping you.

  114. ek says:

    The problem is that nobody is really aware of the massive election fraud that is taking place in the primaries. If Romney was really kicking RP up and down all over the place why is it that the Paul people are taking the caucuses in many states. The primaries are being fixed for Romney. The caucuses where you need “real” support on the ground the Paul people are taking over in a show of force. It is obvious as soon as you pay attention. 5-6-7k people show up to a Ron Paul Rally yet Romney can barely hobble together a rag tag rally of 200 people with family, friends, 5 camera crews and a few village idiots. Romney won Texas in a landslide supposedly yet the convention was practically ALL RON PAUL. The rude awakening for all the zombies will be in Tampa. Tampa will not be the scripted coronation for the socialist fraud Romney. You can bet on that.

  115. Anonymous says:

    So it has no effect on fundraising or votes? Then why endorse in primaries? If the party is about the general election, why doesn’t it just stay mum until the primaries are over?

  116. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the county parties are responsible for local races. How’s that workin’ for ya Omaha? The guy in charge up there definitely deserves a promotion. Expecting a bailout from the NEGOP should demonstrate just how dire straits you are in.

  117. 1992 Nebraskan says:

    Governor – Democrat
    Lt. Governor – Democrat
    Senior U.S. Senator – Democrat
    Junior U.S. Senator – Democrat
    1st District Congressman – Republican (far more moderate than current incumbent)
    2nd District Congressman – Democrat
    3rd District Congressman – Republican
    Attorney General – Republican
    Treasurer – Democrat
    Auditor – Democrat
    Secretary of State – Republican

    Yah. Let’s go back to the good old days.

  118. @Anonymous 8:08 PM says:

    Wow! If you’d listen to Scott Petersen and crew you’d think he was more effective than the State Party. I’d love to see his record in recruiting county offices during the election, how did he do? Anyone know?

  119. Anonymous says:

    These arguments against the NEGOP are growing more ridiculous by the minute. So we’re going to replace NEGOPers with organizational powerhouses like Laura Ebke Scott Petersin and the RLCNE? Anyone know who they endorsed in the senate primary? That would be Pat Flynn. Nice work. BUt they do put on some spectacular events, like that Liberty fest last year where 20 people showed up. Yep the future of the Party at work there. They’ll solve everything.

  120. Anonymous says:


    What election fraud? In Nebraska, Ron Paul got 18,508 votes and Mitt Romney got 131,436 votes, and all of them were counted by 93 different county clerks/election commissioners. Kinda hard to pull off such a massive conspiracy without any leaks….

  121. Anonymous says:

    Yeah IC. Mark Fahleson is a terrible guy. That is why everyone is organizing to defeat him in his campaign for National Committeeman.

    Wait a minute. They are letting him run unopposed? And they are taking out their frustration on…Brian Buescher? That makes sense.

  122. ITK says:

    @Actually — It’s actually quite intriguing that you would ask about what candidate for President HD is supporting.

    He actually endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008 and endorsed him again in 2012. There is no question who Hal Daub is supporting for President. So, stop with the insinuations that Hal is supporting Paul. That is simply not true.

  123. C U N Court says:

    Anonymous July 2, 2012 at 6:06 PM replied to: To Actually
    Article XI, Section 8 of the Constitution of the Republican Party of the State of Nebraska. A county chairman can be replaced by NEGOP.
    Since county chairs are elected by the party members within their counties according to Nebraska state statutes, how can a political party remove them? They might have that in their Constitution, but I would bet that any county chair that the NEGOP tried to remove with balls enough to oppose it in court would win. State law trumps party constitutions.

  124. Anonymous says:

    NEGOP leadership,

    You are just arrogant enough to be Jon Tucker I think, unless you have that stupid, smug grin, then you’d be Scott Petersen.

  125. p petty says:

    Americans are sick of what they have been given by Washington.Most of them just do not know about Ron Paul and his policies because the GOP,the Elites and the Media have made it that way. The people that do hear Paul speak and begin to research his ideas all come to the same conclusion…..They agree and support his honesty and common sense to the problems we have. The US budget deficit can NOT be fixed without addressing the out of control military spending . Paul is the only sane voice in an insane world.We could cut all social programs and we still could not fix the economy without cutting the overseas trillions spent.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Won’t happen, NEGOP Leadership. Opposition to Fahleson would demonstrate actual anger against the leadership of the NEGOP over the last 2 years. Truth is, there isn’t much anger. This is all about personal ambition and bruised egos from people who didn’t get their phone calls returned promptly (true, the state chair should have been more responsive to exec members). But opposition to Fahleson would stand in the way of the ambitions and egos of those pretending to be concerned about the condition of the state party. If the people who claim that the state party has been run into the ground defeated the guy who they claim is responsible, then they wouldn’t let Fahleson get elected National Committeeman. If Fahleson isn’t elected National Committeeman, then he wouldn’t vacate the State Chairmanship. If he doesn’t vacate the State Chairmanship, then John Orr can’t run for Chairman. If John Orr isn’t Chairman, then he can’t appoint Laura Ebke Vice Chair or Scott Petersen ED.

    John Orr, Scott Petersen and Laura Ekbe will do everything in their power to ensure Fahleson runs unopposed. This has nothing to do with their complaints over Fahleson’s administration of the state party.

  127. Anonymous says:

    C U N Court-
    The county parties are subsidiary to the NEGOP, and I know idea which state statute you are talking about, so please, where is it located? You may not know, but county chairs have been removed before, and it was upheld in court.

  128. snakeriverhombre says:

    Way to go RP supporters in Nebraska!!! It just goes to show that Americans are waking up to the free message, and they aren’t all a bunch of mindless state worshiping sheeple!!

  129. ITK says:

    @P Petty – you really show your lack of understanding on the Federal Budget. You can actually balance the budget rather rapidly if you take on the big 3 (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security). The problem has to do with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security their out of control spending and cost increases.

    Sure the military has issues with their budget, but ALL Federal agencies couldn’t cut enough to make a dent into the issues those 3 have created. Until we do something with those 3 — we are screwed.

    The problems is only going to get worse with less jobs, less tax revenue and more individuals declaring disability to receive Social Security disability payments.

    Until you learn what the difference between “non-discretionary” and “discretionary” spending are — you will never understand what the major issues with our budget is in this country.

    Brush up on your learning of the budget and appropriations process.

    The problem is that no one is willing to take on the issues with the Entitlement programs.

  130. Brandi says:

    Ron Paulers are condradicting yourselves– one person says you’re just here to change the party platform, another says “to get Ron Paul elected this go round” … then it’s only 10% of Ron Paulers are Libertarian/Independent– another says the majority are Libertarian/Independent.

    Fact of the matter is, I dont even think you people know what your movement consists of, you dont know where everyone stands– who wants to “fix” the party and who genuinely wants and believes Ron Paul can be elected.

    Those of us supporting Mitt Romney come from an array of support backgrounds (who we initially supported or thought the ideal candidate would be) but unite under ONE single mission: to beat Barack Hussein Obama. period.

    One other point I wanted to address earlier but got a message saying I was posting too much 😉 … I would like clarification on how primary voters are uninformed? Last I checked the small percentage of voters that turnout in primary elections are the most informed and most active voters.

  131. Get a life says:

    To everyone who has commented on this blog today, use the energy you expended typing to go out and make phone calls and walk doors on behalf of a Republican candidate. Don’t just attend a meeting or post on a blog and consider that “getting involved”. Go out and WORK! The “old guard” that’s being attacked here are those who have volunteered OVER and OVER. They’ve put their money where their mouth is. They’re not a trend. They’re the real deal.

    Expend your energy in a phone bank or walking or raising money! Then you can be one of us – those who have weathered this bologna before…. and survived.

  132. Romney-bots says:

    I’ve been watching how RP supporters are taking over state conventions, as it’s been pretty well covered. I believe all republicans have the right to show up at their county conventions and vote. I also believe that it’s public knowledge that Nebraska our Republican delegates are unbound. I believe the people who showed up to county conventions are probably more informed than primary voters because they have gone through hours of speeches and meeting rules.
    I’m also unsure as to how a RP delegation getting elected threatens Deb Fisher’s chance of beating Kerrey.
    Finally, I say “Romney-bots” because Nebraska is one of the last primaries to vote, and we have always just elected the person the media had anointed as the presumptive nominee.

  133. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that any mention of Mark Fahleson, Lincoln Lutheran, Bob Rabe, Lincoln Police Chief Cassidy, and what was reported in 2005 keeps getting deleted from here? What is it that the establishment is trying to hide here?

    Going 3-2-1

  134. Anonymous says:

    The majority of the people don’t support Ron Paul. There’s no grand conspiracy, he just doesn’t appeal as many people as his supporters think. And saying that they will “fix” the mistake the people made in choosing Mitt Romney by pushing thru Ron Paul delegates to the National Convention, just shows how out of touch they are.

  135. anonymous says:

    I think the RP/tea-party/libertarian folks have all shown how energetic and valuable they can be already “get a life”. They sure outmaneuvered the experienced “old guard”. It’s funny to see one or two people posting in support of the “old guard” and bad mouthing the new energy on here. The rest seem to get it. I suggest you wise up before it’s too late M.P., S.F., J.M., B.P.

    Orr, Petersen, and Daub have all endorsed Romney. Daub was Romney’s Omaha lead. You look like a fool with your lies and deceit. Time to be honest, it’s personal with you, so you will stop at nothing to spread lies about good conservatives working hard for the party. You feel threatened because you might not get what you feel is “due” to you after all the hard work you feel you have done. Time to get yours huh?! I got news for ya…that is the establishment way, and that is why it needs to be changed. And why it WILL be changed! Other than Hal, Romney wasn’t our first choice, but we sure as heck will do what it takes to help him beat Barack. He’s on his own after that. Unfortunately for Buescher and McGrain, we don’t need them in order to defeat Obama and repeal Obamacare. In fact, they stand in the way because they ostracize much needed votes from the true conservatives of the party.

    The truth is, you feel threatened because the folks that you feel “owe you” are being replaced by those who don’t play that game. You realize the gig is up. Time to unify or you will fall! Mark my words!!!

  136. Anon says:


    Maybe you should open a book on federal accounting. Defense spending isn’t limited to “Defense”. And I would also point out that a lot the tax payer money going to foreign bases ends up in that foreign ecomony, not to mention that these bases are why those countries don’t have to spend $$$$ on their defense.

    But, saying that, you are correct in that no one has the political balls to take on entitlements and I would add defense and taxes.

    If people want to keep it all, then taxes have to increase to pay for it.

  137. Brandi says:

    @Get a life- THANK YOU! The key is making phone calls, walking precincts, stuffing letters, opening your checkbook. Those of us who have seen first hand how campaigns run and WORK know how to get folks elected. It’s not just by showing up at a convention, attending a couple of committee meetings or gossiping or rallying your friends to show up to a convention on a Saturday morning for a few hours… contrary to popular belief.

    Just because you sign your name on a delegate form does not mean you are more informed than the average primary voter– many of them don’t know how to get engaged or where to start.

  138. Anonymous says:

    Anon @1036-

    National defense is not an entitlement. It is a required duty of the federal government. You’d know that if you actually understood the constitution.

    Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security account for 43% of the 2011 actual spending. Defense was 19%. I’m going to go with cut the big 3 first, then we can deal with defense budget.

  139. ITK says:

    Actually, I have opened the federal budget on many of occasions. You can’t balance the budget or even cut the debt or deficit without doing something about entitlements.

    If you project the 2017 budget, entitlements (Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security) account for 70% of the entire budget. If the President were to attempt to balance the budget then, they would have to get rid of everything except the Army and the Air Force.

    Come back when you have a legitimate argument. Oh and furthermore, the only item that is mandatory spending in the constitution is defense spending. Defense will be less than 12% in that scenario.

  140. ITK says:

    The other unknown is healthcare reform — after all its just another entitlement program stacked up on top of all the other existing entitlement programs and does nothing to fix the other 3. If you think we can simply cut defense and the state department and magically balance the budget/debt and deficit, you are just a fool.

  141. C U N Court says:

    Anonymous July 2, 2012 at 9:28 PM The county parties are subsidiary to the NEGOP, and I know idea which state statute you are talking about, so please, where is it located? You may not know, but county chairs have been removed before, and it was upheld in court.
    References please? If any county chair, elected by his/her constituents, allowed the state party to remove them, then they had no balls. Any state party that would remove a legally elected official due to noncompliance with party dogmas isn’t worthy of being called a state party and shouldn’t be allowed to represent the people of this state. They might be welcome in Putin’s world.

  142. Macdaddy says:

    Bill and Joe G, you guys are really hard to take seriously when you talk that way. A vote for Paul helps Romney? LOL. Did a vote for Ross Perot help Bush or Clinton? How about Ralph Nader? If it weren’t for him, we’d have psycho President Gore. I get it. You don’t like the Republican establishment. Unfortunately for you, your Plan A, elect Ron Paul, has zero chance of becoming reality, even if Paul lives to be 200. For some weird reason, you refuse to formulate a Plan B. In the meantime, you keep threatening to take votes away from Romney which actually helps Obama. You threaten to act like a third party but you don’t have the strength of your convictions to actually go through with it and form a third party. And another thing, ITK is right. Without entitlement reform, we are sunk. Ron Paul’s solution? Status quo. Status quo, people. Ron Paul is essentially the same as Obama: doesn’t want entitlement reform, doesn’t support Israel, and doesn’t mind if the Islamists take over the rest of the world.

    I appreciate that there are areas in which Ron Paul is correct. But again, Ron Paul will not win the nomination. Tom Clancy couldn’t even come up with a plausible scenario where that would happen. The real question is then, are his followers mature enough to accept the reality that nobody can get everything he wants when he wants it and continue to work hard for the long term goal? It sounds like some of you are and have gotten involved, however, just because you might capture the leadership of the NE GOP doesn’t mean that the voters are going to fall in behind you any more than you would fall in behind the current leadership. Winning on a technicality is not a mandate. You ignore the voters at your peril and the voters do not want Ron Paul. Think hard about that. Do you want to be a one-off or do you want to influence the Republican party long term?

  143. Fredrick Bush says:

    Look into their eyes. You could learn to love yourself too and work towards freeing man from these unfortunate folks who’s control over things means the world to them. Love is more important to me.

  144. Marck says:

    The poster of this article is biased, and wrong, If anyone is cheating’ the nomination it is mitt romneys loyalists, look at any youtube video that adresses the issue and the evidence is clear, Thanks again for trying to miss inform the people of the USA Ron Paul has the most delegates in pretty much ALL STATES. Look up the election fraud’ and railroading of the voting for ron paul delegates, its clearly rigged for mitt romney, he has no turnouts anywhere near ron paul what so ever.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Its pretty easy to see ron paul has won states but it was rigged for him not to, mitt romney is a member of an organized crime syndicate, research it,

  146. Trav says:

    Well if Romney won 70% to Ron Paul’s 10% then it should be pretty damn easy for Romney’s supporters to outnumber Ron Paul’s supporters at the conventions. I mean, 70% to 10% is a huge margin of victory! So where are these people that were part of the 70% that voted for Romney? Who are they? Why aren’t they around helping Mitt when it matters??
    Yeah, we all know how Mitt Romney got 70% that night.
    Romney is just going to be Obomber’s ringer this yr just like Mccain was in 2008. Obama is the controllers guy and all they care about is making sure Ron Paul doesn’t end up the nominee.
    Ron Paul would crucify Obama in a debate on a national stage and tare him apart on every unconstitutional decision he has made since taking office. He would easily win over America in a nationally televised debate where he wouldn’t be ignored!

  147. Joe G. says:


    I think you misread what I was getting at. Yes, it is my opinion that a vote for Ron Paul helps Mitt Romney. I formulate my opinions based on statistics, i.e. Rasmussen/Gallup polls. Which have all showed that Ron Paul takes away more votes from Obama than from Romney. Don’t argue with me about it. If you want to disprove that, please show me how those polls were biased, and I will definitely be open to changing my opinion.

    Before I heard of Ron Paul and his views (and googled them, like all his signs say, instead of just looking for snippets in the MSM), I would have voted for neither candidate because I was totally uninspired by both Obama and Romney. Again, I don’t judge the candidates by the ‘R’ or ‘D’ next to their name. I judge them based on their voting record. And both of those goons LOVE huge government and entitlements. Once I heard of Paul’s stances, I agreed wholeheartedly with his small government and fiscal conservatism. I don’t agree with all of his stances. But for me, #1 priority is economy. Everything else hinges on economy. And Paul has the best approach to the economy (from my naive judgment), therefore I will vote for him.

    So me voting for Paul doesn’t do anything against Romney: I never would have voted for him in the first place. I will not support someone with a voting record that is so fiscally ridiculous. And again, I’ve got lots of ‘D’ friends who are voting for Paul as well, whether because of the fiscal conservatism or because he is against fearmongering/nationbuilding. So, my limited circle of friends reflects the polls appropriately: Paul is taking more votes from Obama than from Romney.

    I guess there aren’t that many hardcore ‘R’ people who are interested in Paul. That’s why he isn’t taking votes from the ‘R’ side. There are a lot of young 2008 Obama koolaid drinkers who are quite interested in Paul, and he is taking their votes from Obama.

    Also, please don’t misconstrue Paul with Perot or Nader. Completely different situation. Completely different stances. Perot definitely hurt Bush, no question. Polls proved this as well. You can’t say Paul is the same as Perot when the polls show they were completely different. Stop trying to sway me by using bland arguments designed to instill guilt/fear. Show me the numbers, show me the voting records, show me the proof. And I will gladly change my mind. I am hardly a bot.

  148. Joe G. says:

    Two other areas I will defend Paul on that you mentioned:

    1) Israel: the MSM smears him by saying he doesn’t support Israel. Perhaps there is a slight bit of truth here: he doesn’t want to support them. But he also doesn’t want to support all of their surrounding sworn enemies. Why has the US supported Israel’s enemies with twice as much aid as Israel herself? Paul wants to cut off mostly all aid to all countries where our self-defense doesn’t really come into play. Cutting that aid to the Israeli side of the world would actually help Israel, because it would dry up a huge source of aid for her enemies (my tax dollars, by the way.)

    Also, Paul is the only candidate who says, let Israel determine her own stances instead of us telling her what to do. Romney and Obama both agree, the capital should NOT be Jerusalem, but Tel Aviv. And therefore, the embassy is in Tel Aviv. This angers Israel, as she has declared Jerusalem to be the capital, and therefore the embassy should be there. But we don’t care about what Israel wants, we tell her what is right. Very supportive, eh?

    2) Islamists will take over the rest of the world unless we stop them. Really? What are you suggesting, an 8th crusade? Yes, there are a handful of extreme radical Islamists that want to destroy us. But the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peaceful believers. Actually, if I were to look at the recent history of the Middle East, I would that the western Christians are the aggressors who want to destroy Islamists. We have gone into their countries, set up new regimes, unwittingly armed terrorists, used double standards to take down leaders we don’t like… and you think this doesn’t piss off a lot of people over there? Anyways, that’s a whole different conversation (and one I’m sure to catch a lot of flak on, I’m sure). I’ll just say that I agree with Paul that there are alternative, less expensive ways that we can make peace over there.

  149. Anonymous says:

    C U N Court,

    It was done to the Douglas County GOP and the Boyd County GOP. The US District court at the time said “The normal role of party leaders in conducting internal affairs of their party, other than primary or general elections, does not make their party offices government offices.”

    And to be clear, Im not saying its going to happen, but since Scott doesnt see the damage hes doing and wont resign, I dont think there is another way.

  150. Interested Observer says:

    All of the things that are happening right now to the Nebraska Republican Party are no surprise to anyone from Valentine. Deb did this exact same thing 8 years ago up here when she successfully plotted the overthrow of the Cherry County Republican Party, kicked out the long time establishment and put her new, upstart, “DEB MAFIA” in charge.

    She is just using this same play from her playbook now that she used then. She’s even using some of the same players again this time.

    I see you David Cramer and Joyce Simmons!

  151. NEGOP leadership says:

    Ousting the chairman is legal but not right. You wanna really damage the party well that’s the way. Let’s focus on what we agree upon like how sweet the Avengers movie in 3D is !

  152. Anonymous says:

    You’re right NEGOP leadership, Scott Petersen should just resign to spare the party any more damage.

    But let’s get the comments back to what this post is about. John Orr has promised key positions to the Ron Paulers, in return for their votes for chairman.

  153. NEGOP leadership says:

    I don’t know about promises but I would Imagine that Brian also has people he want to put in power. My choice is a clean sweep of all NEGOP leadership. And I do not think Scott should resign he should be elected out if the state central committee deems appropriate.

  154. Interested Observer is crazy says:

    Deb is not in the Mafia. That is a wild accusation! I know that she dabbled in bootlegging but by no means is a member of the cosanostra! However BTO is in the Sicilian Mafia!

  155. Interested Observer says:

    Obviously, Interested Observer is very intelligent, knowledgeable, aware and well informed! I did not say Deb Fischer is IN the Mafia. I simply said she “put her new, upstart, “DEB MAFIA” in charge.” Clearly, that means that Deb overthrew the long time, very competent and successful “establishment” Cherry County Republican Party organization and put her own supporters, her henchmen, in charge.

    Deb plotted the overthrow, then as well as now. Deb used people to further her own goals, then as well as now. Deb did all this for her own personal gain, then as well as now, with NO regard to the eventual outcome of her exclusionary policies and the weakening of the Cherry County Republican Party then, as well as the eventual weakening of the Nebraska Republican Party now.

    Just remember, It’s ALL about Deb!

  156. Laura Ebke??? says:

    They want this reject in there??? She endorsed Pat Flynn!!! If she gets in in there, the party will have no money. What a joke.

  157. It's your fault says:

    You have been asleep at the wheel for 2 years while was building. Deals have to made cause Ron Paul has big number of delegates. Would you prefer the establishment to not make deals with the new blood. If deals weren’t made with liberty groups they would have grabbed EVERY position of power. Thats how politics work. To paint all these people as Ron Paul types is way off base.

  158. Val Budentine says:

    if you think deb fisher isn’t evil stop by the Democrat camping ofice. in Valentine she must have cast a spell on the guy. running it cus she turned him into a little toady. he spends most of his time rambling about how smart deb is. to any medea that will listen then he emails it out to every one he nows if they quote him. sum peeple even say. with enamies like Bud. who needs frineds.

  159. Anonymous says:

    If the Paulbots have numbers, then why are they making deals at all? They don’t have the delegates and they know it, so they are trying to use people to get the power.

  160. It's your fault says:

    The Ron Paul people and the old guard are working together because THEY SHOULD. We need to all work together to get good people in office

  161. Anonymous says:

    So you’re for the tyranny of the very small minority? Why should the republican party submit to the Ron Paulers? If you want to change the party, then make your case and try to win supporters that way. Acting like self righteous liberals who think they know what’s best is not exactly a good way to make friends.

  162. Goober Natorial says:

    Still waiting for Interested Observer to explain how fomenting dissension in the state GOP furthers Deb Fischer’s efforts to get elected to the US Senate. Of course, this will be yet another question about one of IO’s claims that he will dodge.

  163. Anonymous says:

    What a sad time for the Mafia, BTO used to be a member of the Sicilian Mafia and used to be this big time gangster, now he’s broke, destitute, living off his girlfriend’s pension, blogging on here anonymously as Val Budentine.

  164. anny mous says:

    9:16: You are a fine one to talk. “So you’re for the tyranny of the very small minority?” That is perfect description of the current establishment. It’s why heineman is throwing a hissyfit when he didn’t get his way. It’s why the establishment controlled state party handicapped good candidates by endorsing Terry and incumbents BEFORE the primary. It’s why the few pro-establishment posters on here keep talking about how it’s so unfair that someone who didn’t put in their time (and earn political favors from the “old-guard”) are seeking more say in the party. Face it, the establishment has NO energy, No youth, and No future. What they do have is cronyism and political favors. They use people like Boomer and Carlos to intimidate and whip people into line. To get as much servitude out of people as possible before they move up and on and return the favor to their underlings. Pathetic little gig and it’s time is up! The establishment is outdated and it’s time has come. It’s full of coffin-dodgers and a few young brown-nosers seeking political favor. The Grand Ol Party has become the Good Ol Party, infested with opportunism, cronyism, and collectivism. The ponzi scheme is tumbling all around you.

    To 10:39, you obviously aren’t as informed as you like to believe if you are unaware of who Petersen is committed to. Check with your pals at the NEGOP. Or you are just plain deceitful. Get your facts straight before posting lies as truth.

    And count the votes…I’m pretty sure Petersen has little to worry about from the state central committee. Maybe if he had refused to work with the various conservative groups like the other establishment cronies, he’d have something to worry about.

    Enjoy your last week of yipping. You cooked your own goose and it’s all coming down next week. That means the political favors owed to you are gone with them. I for one am excited about the clean up of the party. Then we can get to the task of defeating Obama in November while you shrink off into the shadows with nothing better to do but whine and moan on an anonymous misinformed blog. Man I love this country!!!

  165. Interested Observer says:

    Now, Now Goober, go back and re-read what I’ve written. I said Deb is trying to take over the NEGOP and establish herself as the “Queen” of the Nebraska Republican Party and how she is using many other people (the DEB MAFIA) to accomplish this goal, just as she did 8 years ago in her orchestrated takeover of the Cherry County Republican Party. I specifically limited my comments to this takeover issue as it is the topic of the particular article in here.

    How are you not able to understand such simple, direct comments in here and how are you so particularly able to twist things around in such weird ways? How did you specifically twist this around to suggest that I said ANYTHING about how any of this “furthers Deb Fischer’s efforts to get elected to the US Senate”? Please try harder to keep up and stay on topic in here.

  166. Goober Natorial says:

    See, another dodge. For what end purpose is Deb going to the trouble of manipulating all these people and fomenting dissent in the state GOP? What does it gain her? Pretty sure in past threads or posts you’ve suggested it somehow advances her Senate aspirations but I don’t have time to dig and find it.

    And funny how you accuse me of twisting things. YOU! Of all people! I think shrinks refer to that as “projection.”

  167. Val Budentine says:

    too Anonymous @ 9:40. i am not BTO. thats 1 down and 9 to go, now it’s my term

    are you now or half you ever been in bead with Lisa Hannah?

  168. Interested Observer says:

    Goober, Why do you refuse to discuss what Deb did 8 years ago in Valentine? Why won’t you discuss my facts? Everything I posted is irrefutable! She busted up our local party and now she’s trying to do it to the whole state, just to gain control!

  169. Anonymous says:

    anny mous,

    I don’t know for sure because Scott Petersen lies and speaks out of both sides of his mouth to everyone. But due to his actions as chair of the DCRP the last two years, plus working with Laura Ebke and Jon Tucker, shows me that he’s with them, not Mitt Romney.

    As for the tyranny of the minority, it fits perfectly to describe the Ron Paulers, not the conservative activists. Would you think its fair if I joined one of those “conservative” groups and demand me and my friends lead it right out of the gate? No! And I wouldn’t be so incredibly rude to even try that. The fact is less that only 18,508 republicans supported Ron Paul, and only 5,201 supported Pat Flynn (who was endorsed by the Ron Paul groups in Nebraska).

    I get it, you’re pissed that Lee Terry is the Republican nominee for congress and that Ron Paul’s ideas have no traction whatsoever with ordinary republicans. I am one of those younger republicans, and I know many more who are getting involved in the party and helping candidates. So to claim that there’s no youth is a complete lie.

    You don’t think John Orr promising the Ron Paulers key positions isn’t him trying to give political favors? Or are you so arrogant enough to believe your ’cause’ is right, so the ends justify the means, even if you have to do what you’re complaining the “establishment” is doing?

  170. It's your fault says:

    Politics is about organizing and showing up not tenure (like teachers union) Liberty groups did they. Pull yourself up, lick your wounds and learn from it. Maybe have the Ron Paul people help the party next time with organizing (cause they’re) good. Quit whinnying and work together!

  171. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, what facts have you posted? I’ve only seen you post conclusory statements. And, again, what advantage does Deb gain by disrupting the state party? How does she benefit? I’ll assume the reason you haven’t answered that question is because you can’t answer that question.

  172. Goober Natorial says:

    And, IO, your last post there was a good example of how you subtly twist things. You ask me why I refuse to discuss what you accused Deb of doing 8 years ago. I haven’t refused. It was never the point of any discussion that I was participating in. I never “refused” anything of the sort. Your accusation of me is totally baseless, just like I suspect your accusation against Deb Fischer is.

  173. Anonymous says:

    Now it’s obvious that Val Budentine is BTO who else woud care whatsoever how Osborn is spelled other than self-absorbed BTO (not to be confused with BTK)

  174. Egads says:

    “Why won’t you discuss my facts? Everything I posted is irrefutable!” …WHY WON’T YOU DISCUSS MY FACTS! EVERYTHING I POSTED IS IRREFUTABLE!

    The phrase “barking mad” has a new champion. Interested Observer wants Deb Fischer not to be the GOP Senate nominee. But right behind that irrationality are a whole bunch of equally odd Republicatonics who think Ron Paul is going to dump Mitt Romney at the GOP convention. Woof, woof. Eat grass. Roll in other dog’s poop. Barking mad.

    I know Republicans all too well to think that IO is a Democrat mole for Bob Kerrey or that the Ron Paul’s nitwits are in the pay of Obama. Rather, the GOP Elephant has intestinal worms, lots of them, and every once in a while they poke out their little wormy heads and yell,”I am the elephant”. Yea, sure. Woof woof, bark bark.

  175. Interested Observer says:

    Poor ‘ol Goober, He just doesn’t get it. The proof is in the pudding! The advantage that Deb gains by disrupting the state party is called “POWER”. Deb gains that by rebuilding the NEGOP in her image.

    Goober, it’s blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes by now that you are here specifically to harass me. You only showed up 3 weeks after the primary and have called me almost every name under the sun by now. I am almost the only person in here who you insult, berate and harass. Your actions are very transparent and ineffective. You are only making me all the more determined to expose Deb Fischer for who she really is. You have called me a liberal, a Kerrey supporter, etc. I think that I completely disproved that a few nights ago when I called for all good honest Nebraska Republicans to


    for the United States Senate.

  176. Val Budentine says:

    wrong again Anonymous@10:51 2 down and 8 to go you’re pairanoia has blinderd you.

    you shuld get over that angry BTO fettich they’re is no evidence he sunk the titanic or kidnapped the lindenberger babby

  177. Val Budentine says:

    mind if i borow a bit from you egads/ anonymous BTO hater is worst than any GOTpers at Woof, woof. Eat grass. Roll in other dog’s poop. Barking mad.

  178. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade. Or a troll a troll, which you most certainly are. Difference between me and you is that, while I will certainly call you out when I see fit, I still post on many different topics. You, however, are stuck on stupid and only post wild-eyed complaints about Deb Fischer. And, while I may have adopted the moniker of Goober Natorial after the primary, as I told you before, I was previously posting as anonymous, so that’s another fail on your part.

  179. Top 10 Americans Who Ever Lived says:

    10. Henry Ford
    9. Douglas MacArthur
    8. Thomas Edison
    7. Matt Pinkerton
    6. Ronald Reagan
    5. Thomas Jefferson
    4. Abraham Lincoln
    3. Benjamin Franklin
    2. George Washington
    1. Tyler Mahood

  180. Goober Natorial says:

    Val, you do a splendid job with your posts, but might I suggest that you also need to make up phony history about unions and how dixiecrats became republicans, etc., in addition to the typos. Otherwise, great job.

  181. Anonymous says:

    What happened at the Phelps County Democratic Party Convention this year? Did BTO try to have a fake election with all his friends and bypass a real election like he did in 2010?

  182. Anonymous says:

    how dixiecrats became republicans…

    Uh, that a widely accepted fact that can be proven. Like the sun comes up in the east. But I’ve been shocked lately with the realization that many of the posters here believe facts aren’t necessary in an argument and can be made up as needed.

  183. anonymous says:


    you are certainly entitled to your own opinion of Scott Petersen (though wrong just as you stated his opposition to Romney). However, you just don’t seem to get the point of this whole ordeal you placed yourself in. It’s Petersen’s willingness to work will ALL conservatives (not just those who have worked themselves up the establishment’s chain of command) that makes him so successful and well liked. Same with Orr. You falsely claim he promised political favors. Where is your proof? Why do you assume that he doesn’t believe in their cause to replace the crony establishment and replace it with liberty and conservative values? You blindly still believe that Ebke and Tucker will stop at nothing to get Ron Paul elected. Check your premises. They are looking for change at the local level and like it or not, they are going to make it happen. What has you all butt hurt over Petersen’s stance is that his willingness to work with these good conservatives will cost you your spot on the establishment’s ladder of seniority in the party. Well wah wah! Pardon us if we place liberty and our conservative values ahead of YOUR political ambition.

  184. Val Budentine says:

    all this time i thot we we’re playing whats my line and now i find out its to tell the truth, i think the reel Bud Pettigrew may have just stood up

  185. Newbie says:

    @ anonymous July 2, 2012 at 10:34 PM – very well said!!!

    As for Peterson – you are correct, “he speaks with forked tongue.” When I asked him, he refused to admit he was a Pauler but TOLD ME, he was for Rand in 2016. Please tell me the difference?

    There is some truth to “guilt by association” and when Peterson aligns himself with “anti-establishment people… well, don’t the actions speak louder than any forked tongue. — oh and that would apply to John Orr as well.

    Yes, as for John Orr – “. . . promising the Ron Paulers key positions isn’t him trying to give political favors?” speaks for itself.

    @ anonymous July 2, 2012 at 10:34 PM – Right again when you ask – “are you so arrogant enough to believe your ’cause’ is right, so the ends justify the means, even if you have to do what you’re complaining the “establishment” is doing?”

    I give credit where credit is due – the Paulers have done a great job in taking over the NEGOP. Everyone needs to read Alinksy’s rules for Radicals, and they would have insight not only to the tactics of the Paulers, but, the Progressives as well.

    My experience with Paulers is an arrogance and intimidation that is akin to the very people they accuse of being out of touch or unresponsive to we the people. (another key principle from Alinksy – do what you accuse others of doing because the end justifies the means)

    I am a Reagan democrat. I am so about change it is pathetic. I want fresh blood in the party. I do not think we should play games and reward people with an opportunity to serve just because they paid their dues. WE NEED FRESH THINKING AND FRESH FACES, but lets not throw out the baby with the bath water. Let’s respect those who have labored before us and LEARN from them – their mistakes as well as their victories.

    Let me repeat, we need fresh blood, but Paulers don’t know how nor do they want to learn how to build a coalition. Revolution is their battle cry and their only passion. You have to also have a passion to build, otherwise all that will remain is destruction and the dust from tearing down the old.

    Where is the Ronald Reagan who understands peace by strength? Where is the fiscally smart, Goldwater? If we could put those two together… but until then, see you in the trenches the few of you who will be there with me to make sure “Barrack Obama is a ONE TERM PRESIDENT.”

  186. The Republican Matrix says:

    If there was ever a time when we needed someone to bring the party together..the time is Now! The “One” is Tyler Mahood. I call him Neo.

  187. Newbie says:

    @ anonymous July 3, 2012 at 12:52 PM

    It’s Petersen’s willingness to work will ALL conservatives (not just those who have worked themselves up the establishment’s chain of command) that makes him so successful and well liked.

    Hmmm, glad that was your experience.

    @ anonymous July 3, 2012 at 12:52 PM
    Why do you assume that he doesn’t believe in their cause to replace the crony establishment and replace it with liberty and conservative values?
    Replacing the “the corny establishment” – is that Ron Paul’s goal and the goal of the libertarians? Himmm, (name call and accusation) seems I heard someone else say something like this. Yeah, he called for cleaning out the corruption and government transparency. Yeah, that – that would be candidate Barak Hussien Obama! Community organizer and well schooled in Alinsky’s tactics –

    How’s that working for us????

  188. Macdaddy says:

    Wow, the Paulbots certainly like to post a lot. It’s tough to keep up and get any work done. And since I don’t get to leave until I get my work done…Happy 4th everyone.

  189. Chris Scott says:

    All this new energy should be harnessed and is a great opportunity to help the the Gov. elect conservatives at every level of government. I have had the opportunity to speak with many of these new people and am very encouraged. I think if you couple their energy with the wisdom of the Hal Daub’s, John Seiler’s, and Pat McPherson’s, our party is going to do great things. My personal belief is that John Orr is the individual that can bridge the gap for between all conservatives. In an interview Mr. Orr said that “the list that we agree within the factions is long and the list we disagree on is short.” In my opinion that is true. Instead of everyone in the Republican party holding on to their respective fiefdoms, let’s focus on growing the Republican kingdom. After all, we can all agree that four more years of this current POTUS there will nothing left to hold on to.

  190. Not Telling says:

    I love a past-due coup!! (I also love commas and hyphens…) Good bye hypocritical, fear-spreading, war-mongering, freedom-killing, FED-loving, FOX-following, Jesus-hating, corporate-bought cronies!! So glad the Revolution has come to my front door! WE CAN DO IT, next-generation Republicans of Nebraska!!!!!!

  191. John Harvan says:

    Street Sweeper
    That’s your best you should.stick with it. “Ignoring the will of the people”. Rick Santorum? To support Mitt Romney? Dude which people are you receding to? The people of the Likud party? Or thier tools the Neoconser itives who could careless for the United States and promote endless war to support Zionist Bankers and the state of Isreal. You really shod take alook at the Balfore Declartion of 1917 and compare that to the brutal war monger state Isreal has become. News flash street sweeper not all Jews are Zionist get clue. This is the United States not Isreal
    Embarrassing the Neocon Rebulicrathets ? For what?
    Exposing thier lies of weapons of mass destruction? Yeah right? How many Americans must die? How many Soligers must come home broken only to commit suicide? Your a sick tool for Zionist

  192. Anonymous says:

    We need to build the Republican party at all levels. For the NEGOP to stand silently while Democrats sweep the Lincoln and Omaha Mayor’s office and city councils and then throw Scott Petersen and Joe Murray under the bus and blame it on them. We have to build the bench, ad neglextingthe smaller elections isn’t something that Heineman and Fahleson will never do.

  193. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see you’re toeing the Ron Pauler line Chris Scott, considering you were on their slate at county convention..

  194. Chris Scott says:

    Correct, I was on the Ron Paul slate and am unapologetic for my willingness to work with anyone who I agree 90% of the time with. As a newcomer myself, I can appreciate and understand people wanting to get involved only to recieve the cold shoulder. My main goal now is to work tirelessly to elect republicans accross the state. Hopefully that is “brave” anonymous commenter’s goal as well.

  195. Get a life says:

    Street Sweeper – give us some love! You have not interjected in the last 24 hours or 230 posts. Based on what you read here in the comment section, what do YOU, in your almighty wisdom and foresight, think of this? How can our Party be saved – come together or hold off the fringe?

  196. anonymous says:

    Get a life…SS has been commented the whole while under another anonymous name. Don’t kid yourself…there are about a dozen people who have posted 20+ times.

  197. Ricky Sanchez says:

    So, I guess the solution is to:

    1. Toss Scott Petersen out of the DCRP Chairmanship, on his ears, and live with the NEGOP replacement until the January election, at which time we can re-elect Scott back to the chairmanship and start the cycle over again. Should be great for party unity and NE-2 this November.

    2. Modify the NEGOP constitution to specifically prohibit Ron Paul “fellow travelers” from Republican Party membership. Loyalty oaths and genetic purity tests to follow. Anyone having j̶e̶w̶i̶s̶h̶ libertarian ancestry goes straight to “relocation” camp.

    If 2 is not feasible,

    3. Tar and feather John Orr and all similar D̶e̶b̶ ̶F̶i̶s̶c̶h̶e̶r̶ Ron Paul supporting scum at the state convention. Clearly he and they are menaces to society.

    4. Most important: bring back Nancy McCabe to the chairmanship, as the NEGOP choice. DCRP has way too much cash on hand, and not nearly enough debt. Think of it as a “stimulus” package.

  198. Val Budentine says:

    i admit it i am Street Sweeper i leerned the art of imersonization when i worked has a drag queen in the marines

  199. Mark Fahleson's Announcement says:

    Hey everyone, Mark Fahleson just put an announcement on his ‘Mark that Down’ blog. I’m very impressed with Mark’s ability to keep himself above all this and make a decision that keeps us focus on the most important goals. Thank you, Mark!

    The most interesting park of this endeavor is what we found about certain people.

  200. Anonymous says:

    Anon @1252:

    I repeat, when has Scott Petersen said he supports Mitt Romney? It should be an easy answer. Instead everyone goes off in a huff saying “how dare you!”

    Petersen is a snake who will use anyone he has to to consolidate his position as king-maker. Now that he has a shot at doing that statewide (and get paid for it), he is willing to stop at nothing. He has not filed the required NADC reports, refuses to have printed copies of the financial statements for the central committee, has no problem lying directly to your face, failed to recruit candidates for LOCAL offices but had time to recruit at least one challenger for our incumbent republican congressman. And that’s not everything either. And Ricky Sanchez, if Scott is removed as chair, the NEGOP can appoint a chair for the next year or two, if necessary. So no January chairmanship election.

    But back to you Anon @1252. If the Paulbots are so much about clearing the state party about cronyism, why is this the first I’m hearing about this? Why aren’t they getting in contact with all of the delegates and alternates to the state convention to win them over? And why is the Ron Paul campaign itself making phone calls to said delegates and alternates on behalf of John Orr?

  201. Chris says:

    Thank you Mr. Fahleson. Hopefully now we can all focus on getting Mitt Romney elected president and Deb Fisher to be our next U.S. Senator.

  202. Ricky Sanchez says:

    Anonymous@2:46 PM–

    Thanks for the clarification. I would suggest if the NEGOP takes over the DCRP in this manner, we rename ourselves “Administrative District 1” to accurately reflect the dictatorial imperative.

    Presumably, my loyalty oath suggestion stands as valid.

    Perhaps after a year or two of rehabilitation, and the hooligans removed from the Central Committee, we can be trusted as a party organization once again. No more of this “constitutional conservative” crap, ever again.

    Let the purges begin!

  203. The real deal says:

    “Limbaugh says Republicans and those on the political right truly need to realize, “We lost a huge case in the Supreme Court. There is no silver lining. What now has to happen is we regroup. We have to inform as many fellow citizens as possible what is in store for them, their freedom, their health care, their lives, the lives of their children or grandchildren, if this stands.

    “We have to stop deluding ourselves if we are to beat this back. We can fight to repeal Obamacare, and we must, but we have to win the next election big. We can’t tolerate any Republican capitulating in advance of this fight or accepting any aspect of Obama.” Rush Limbaugh

    Paulbots, Rhinos, Neocon’s, GOP, Conservatives, Libertarians, I just have one question – what is the plan? How is all this ranting going to help repeal Obamacare, win the election and restore the constitution as the law of the land????

  204. Smoke Filled Room says:

    Why is there no mention in this discussion of pro-choice Darlene Sharman and her antics in all this?

  205. putaforkinit says:

    Street Sweeper, this blogstream is like a giant political boil you lanced. Most pus I have ever seen in a blog. Good job. Gold star.

  206. Benedetto Santapaola says:

    You people don’t concern yourselves with our thing. Osborn is no longer a problem for you.

  207. anonymous says:


    You have every right to join the conservative groups and seek leadership within them right away. That is the point. You and the rest of the establishment cronies now have a choice to get on board and unite, or fall into obscurity. The difference between Orr, Petersen, and Daub and yourself is that the former three really believe in working with the other conservative groups while you would be “selling out”. You treat politics like a chess game and freedom is a pawn. You willingly sacrifice principles as tools of barter. You believe compromise and backing moderates further your cause in the “game”. We want none of that! We know right from wrong and we won’t step into the gray with you to get ahead. Look where that has gotten the party.

    And the only youth involved with the establishment right now are the brown-nosers I’m talking about, driven by personal political ambition rather than unselfishly seeking to restore America to the principles it was founded on.

    Can’t put off the election of a new state chair for ever!!!

  208. Not telling says:

    I’ve posted 2 comments with links in response to The Real Deal’s question regarding the healthcare conundrum and they’ve been awaiting moderation for some time now. There’s a good chance you won’t see them. That, folks, is how the establishment rolls…

  209. ITK says:

    So, I wonder if John Orr is now going to run for National Committeeman or what fireworks are going to take place at the State Convention. Should be one for the ages.

  210. Good evening readers!
    A few points:
    1) I have been working ALL day. While I try to read the comments as they come in, I have not commented a single time, until now.
    2) We simply set out this Monkey Jug. We let others get their paws stuck.
    3) Because of a link on a popular Ron Paul site, we have received lots and lots of hits on this post. Wonder why the Paulites (Paulies?) are so interested?
    4) We have much more to talk about, particularly with the news that Mark Fahleson will stay on as Chairman, but we don’t have the time and access to put up a new post at the moment.

    More later.

  211. Anonymous says:

    So the Ron Paulies are out with a phone survey of those going to the state convention……dumbasses didn’t bother to check to see if more than one member of a family were delegates. So they didn’t bother to talk with me about it. Guess they may think they already know how I feel about the weasel! What a turd he is trying to steal away the conventions. He thinks he can win the hearts of voters on just his platform? This rally shows his lack of character and love for our country. Sure he may be smart, might even be right about a good deal, but he is devoid of character. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

    So he will not get my support, and I will work against him if he, through his minions like those mentionedninnthe article, try to force him on us. The man lacked the courage and conviction to even continue campaigning in Nebraska. That should tell people what he truly feelas about them. I feel sorry for those who have put so muchnofntheir faith in him.

  212. To Smoke filled room says:

    Darlene Starman is pro-life and has been involved with the party for 30 years. If you know her, you know she is a conservative. She was on the Realtors PAC Board for years ans steered hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates.

  213. The 4th Chin says:

    Is Dresbach’s still open in Grand Island??? I would love a few steaks for dinner after the state convention.

  214. Anonymous says:

    Starman, a liberal? Bwwwaaahhhahahah…

    Ron Paul is a bona fide idiot magnet. Well, I suppose idiots are useful.

  215. Interested Observer says:

    The 4th Chin, Dresbach’s is no longer in business. Try Uncle Ed’s Steakhouse, further out on South Locust. Usually not open on Sundays though.

  216. Anonymostly says:

    @What Street Sweeper?

    Yeah, terrible blog. So horribly awful that it has nearly 260 responses to one blog post. Including yours. Besides, Kyle, we know you’ve been here before. Probably because there’s nothing going on at your blog.

  217. Really says:

    You are now starting to personally attack Laura ebke because of her weight??? That’s pretty low.. I have been to several republican gathering and I would venture a guess that based on appearance many are virgin video game players living in moms basement with braces and headgear and should not make fun of anyone. Oh wait that was a Young Republican event.

  218. putaforkinit says:

    Why would Democrats come here to get between Republicans throwing lamps full of fuel oil at each other? (HInt. Everyone in politics are assholes but some are stupid assholes.)

  219. Blog Observer says:

    If GeosUser would quit posting on NNN there would be no responses to Michaelis’ Sludge Report, other than those by his bobble heads – Ronaldo and Lisa Hannah.
    Without GeosUser, Darwin, TedK, and unclesam would probably fade away too. That would leave only the occasional spammer trying to sell pecker straightening pills as replies to Vile Kyle’s claptrap.

  220. To Really says:

    I don’t think anybody mentioned Laura’s weight. The Chin name is very well known in China. Plus anybody that knows Ms. Ebke would say she is a lightweight.

  221. Anonymous says:

    @ Blog Observer,
    Rumor is that “GeosUser” is actually Kyle himself. He posts replies to his own blogs in a vain attempt to drive up his readership. It obviously isn’t working.

  222. Anonymous says:

    What IS that thing living on John Orr’s face? Is it related to that strange animal that occupies Donald Trump’s head?

  223. DCRP Member says:

    I want to see Scott Peterson’s ballot for delegates before he casts it. Paul or Romney? Which is it Scott?

  224. now what? says:

    So who will the Governor put up for national committeeman, or will Pete stay? Matt Butler? Someone else? And will the Paulites challenge “he that is anointed?”

  225. Anonymous says:

    I just saw the NDP’s list of delegates going to the DNC National Convention in Charlotte, NC. I also saw a list of all the people that were elected to fill the seats on the NDP State Executive Committee. They are no longer making any pretense whatsoever that rural Nebraska even exists. The NDP has truly earned its nickname of RMLO (Re-electing Mayors of Lincoln and Omaha.)

    Could we ever use some people like the Paulistas on our side of the fence!

  226. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous July 4, 2012 at 11:23 AM, The NEGOP owns rural Nebraska. The NDP owns Lancaster and Douglas County. After November, the NDP will still have mayors in Lincoln and Omaha, but the NEGOP will have everything else.
    Meanwhile, our attorneys will still be playing golf with your attorneys and the rich will be deciding what gets done in this state and who gets to pretend they are doing it. All of us little people are just treading water around the political party yachts while the owners bash them with their oars.

  227. 3rd District Delegate says:

    I will support Matt Butler for Committeman. When Matt ran for LT. Gov he ran on a very conservative platform. He is also a staunch 2nd amendment supporter and NRA member.

  228. Anonymous says:

    What the HELL does the 2nd amendment have to do with ANYTHING? There is an entire Constitution and a passel of Amendments that guarantee us our rights, but the only ones you bozos can understand is the one that protects your right to have a penis substitute in your hands.

  229. Wow says:

    Just read Jordan McGrains comments assaulting liberty movement and tea party people on The Daily Beast!!! Great now our divide is a national spectacle!!!

  230. TR says:

    Yes, and the problem with the republican party for so long now, is that they haven’t been republicans! It would seem to me that as you try to attack Ron Paul supporters, trying to claim they are not conservatives, I would totally disagree with you claim saying this: The
    Ron Paul supporters are very conservative, however more “Constitutionalists”! Can you tell me where this has become a “bad” thing? As I read your article I couldn’t help but notice all of the grammatical errors, as well as misspelled words, as I thought to myself, “I guess this is a person who sees themselves as a “new” type of republican that is really a liberally educated kool-aid drinker who spends way too much time in front of the TV. Nebraska is a beautiful state and you really should get out and enjoy the countryside! GO Dr. Ron Paul 2012!!

  231. Anonymous says:

    @Chris Scott
    You are not going to “Harness” me. One should not expect to “Harness” people. You might try to encourage people instead. We are not the tools of the GOP and we volunteers deserve some level of respect. You tried to treat volunteers for Lindstrom’s campaign this way and they fled. Learn from it.

  232. matt says:

    God Speed patriots!
    America is with you!

    To think that we can have even a scintilla of faith in the voting machines is beyond flawed to me. A hand count yes, machines not even a little. America is a Representative Republic, this is not an accident. The founders put this in place so that in the even of a blind majority the tireless minority could save the day.

    Delegates are not bound to vote for any candidate. The State Parties attempts at binding violates Federal Civil Rights law.

    Bring it home Nebraska America needs you!

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