Fahleson takes one for the NEGOP

Nebraska Republican Party Chairman took one for the team on Friday, dropping out of the one-man race for Republican National Committeeman, and staying on as Chairman until the the end of his term in 2013.

See Fahleson’s message here:

Fahleson’s decision to drop the Committeman plan and stay as Chair knocks Brian Buescher and John Orr out of contention, and thus alleviates the building conflict between the Heineman and Ron Paul wings of the state party. (If you are OK with those arguably broad characterizations.) Of course that still leaves Fahleson to deal with the majority of Paulistas on the Central Committee, but we are confident he can work that out.

In response to this blowout, Paulista leader, Laura Ebke told the LJS:

“Our intention never was to have a major blowout” over party leadership, Laura Ebke of Crete, chairwoman of the Republican Liberty Caucus in Nebraska, said in response to Fahleson’s announcement.
“The original goal of our increased presence was to elect national convention delegates,” she said. “We’re back to that.”

Which is an interesting admission.

One, in saying that their “original goal” was about delegates, she points out that their subsequent goal with John Orr was to take over the state party organization. So of course it was never about “giving another option” or some other b.s. reason. It was a pure power play.

The other point, and the bigger point in this whole charade, is that Ebke squares away for everyone that filling a majority of Paulistas on the Central Committee is ALL ABOUT getting Ron Paul’s name in nomination so he can speak at the Convention in Tampa.

It isn’t about building the Republican party in Nebraska. It isn’t about electing Republicans in Nebraska. It isn’t about furthering Republican principles, enrolling more Republican voters or improving the party.


You got that Nebraska Republicans? Especially those of you who have seen this as your chance to take power, or get even or further your own goals? You’re really just pushing Texan Ron Paul’s (and apparently Kentuckian Rand Paul’s) agenda. Some of you are cool with that. Fine. But the rest of the 70 – 90% aren’t so much into that.

Keep that in mind as this saga continues.


And while Fahleson is out, there is still an election for National Committeeman. At this point Matt Butler will be a candidate for Committeeman. No word yet on endorsements or the like, but we believe he will have substantial support.

Now we have also heard that Brian Buescher is considering a run. Which would make for an interesting battle, possibly from the same side of the GOP aisle, as it were. We have to imagine that the Paulistas would run their own person, or that someone would try to — maybe have to — garner their support.

That other shoe has yet to drop.


By the way, if you don’t think national Ron Paul supporters are interested in what is going on in Nebraska — and that it is really all about Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign — note this: Since January 2006, Leavenworth Street’s largest hit day was the time back in December of 2006 when we were linked by The Drudge Report regarding a Chuck Hagel rumor.

Since then, we have been linked here and there by various national sites, which always bumps the hit count. Otherwise, Election Days are always big for us, and other times when big issues hit.

But after that Drudge link, our #2 all-time day, since 2006, was this past Thursday, mainly after being linked by a Ron Paul site. The linking page jeered that the L.St. post showed that the Nebraska GOP “feared” the Paulistas. Interesting way to put it — for a group arguing that they are just trying to “expand” the party, or whatever.


But away from the party goings-on, and back to the campaigns!

First, Bob Kerrey is crisscrossing the state, kissing hands and shaking babies. (And cue comment that “L.St. is insensitive to shaken babies!!!!!”)

For instance, Kerrey was at this “BBQ” in North Platte. Here is Kerrey at the meeting with his North Platte supporter.

(We will assume that’s a Kerrey staffer at the end of the table.)

And then you may have seen that the Nebraska Democrats made their first ad buy for Kerrey with an “attack” on Deb Fischer (though curiously we can only find it on Joe Jordan’s YouTube page. Hmm.). Oooooh!
See it here:


Really guys? That’s the best you got for “defining” Deb Fischer, right out of the block, eh? “Fischer is for tax breaks for the RICH!” “Fischer went to Washington DC, instead of talking to some high school kids!”

Well, that does it for us. Sure Kerrey is for partial birth abortion, has pledged to raise taxes and is for ObamaCare on steroids. But Deb Fischer took one a them aeroplanes to our nation’s capital, so…done deal!

Of course, some of you may note that Kerrey had his DC fundraisers long before Deb Fischer ever took the hop to Reagan National. And Kerrey was able to just take the train down from NYC, right to Union Station. Oh, and Kerrey made sure he talked with everyone in DC about running before talking to actual, you know, Nebraskans.


Happy 4th everyone! Now go celebrate America by blowing up a beer can with an M-80!


  1. Paul Delegate for Butler says:

    Matt Butler is well known for his support of gun rights and individual freedom. He would make a good candidate all sides could support.

  2. Dennis says:

    Fahleson will keep his current post as Chair of the GOP because the GOP establishment lacked the votes to elect Buescher. Fahelson’s decision was a power play by Heineman and the GOP establishment to thwart the will of the majority of the delegates to the NE GOP convention.

  3. The fact that Democrat Dennis is upset about the way things went down here, should be very telling to you ALL.

    Yup, the Paulistas — among the 10% of NEGOP voters who voted for Ron Paul, no doubt — made their power plays at the county conventions. And now Fahleson and Heineman are making theirs against those 77 or so Ron Paulites.

    Were you under the impression that this was wiffle ball?

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Who are the dingbats that write these articles. I was unfamiliar with this site until a few weeks ago and I must say that there is more unfounded and heresay from the writers on here than you would hear at a middle school dance. The writers including whoever wrote this article, are just pushing drama and speculation.

    I have heard about all the crazy “Paul people” both locally and in the national media. The most astonishing thing to me is that most Paul people (many of whom are 18-30) have a really great grasp on the reality of the situation in this country both economically and with our current “kill all” foreign policy.

    It seems that the old GOP people are trying to hold onto something that has long been gone…their power and credibility. It used to be that there were many people with money in the community that had strong political pull. As the economy and social systems weaken the people with money assume that they will be able to buy themselves into positions of interest. What they are failing to see (including the author of this article) is that they really have not a clue about what’s around the corner. I’ve heard the claims of 70-90% vote for Romney…complete saturation. I won’t argue my point but time will tell.

    Every time I read an article like this it makes me want to join the “outcast Paul Supporters”. Unless you are eating from the golden spoon (like Seth Rye district 27), you are an outcast in this society. Let’s not forget that legislation such as Obamacare are putting burdens upon all citizens despite political affiliation. Just because you are going with the “mid-stream” media and what the old timers say is best, doesn’t mean it is best for you as an individual. Liberty and freedom is about the individual not the party.

  5. Really says:

    I am pretty sure you counted the votes and brian didn’t have enough. It is that simple. If believe Jordan McGrains quote that Brian had the votes but the Governor wanted unity for the good of the party your crazy. Nothing personal against Brian but when you have an uprising by people that are pissed about annointing and cronyism you probably don’t want to send out a letter saying you have been annointed and all you endorsements

  6. Seth Rye says:

    Concerned citizen- you were put in your place because you can not just come to a convention and run it. We have rules and you have to put in the time before you get a place at the table. That is how it works. You and your ilk need to shut up and step in line.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well whatever the reason is for Ebke in Co, I don’t really care. Ron Paul lacked the integrity to campaign in Nebraska and that should show Nebraskan’s what he feels about US.

    Kerry is in such deep water right now. Just had a call from a very active Conservative in the SE US who was wondering how Senator Fischer was doing. I reported the National polls having her up 10-18%. His remark was one of sheer joy. See folks outside of our region this is a HUGE race too. Many people on the outside are figuring Senator Fischer would be trailing bob. So for them to see the national polls putting her ahead is a of uplifting news. Now of course it will be interesting to see bob’s fundraising numbers, if he even reported them correctly.

  8. It's so funny it's almost sad says:

    Scott Petersen is now desperately trying to let people know that he supports Mitt Romney, and not Ron Paul. I find it incredibly funny that he’s doing it now, AFTER Fahleson won’t be running for National Committeeman and AFTER the Paulbot’s plans were exposed to everyone. Sorry (not really) Scott, everyone knows that you support Ron Paul in 2012 and Rand Paul in 2016. Clock is ticking til you’re removed as Chair.

    But did anyone else notice that the people at the sign-in/payment table at the DCRP Pancake Breakfast this morning were pretty much all Paulbots?

  9. Removal of Scott Peterson says:

    If NEGOP try’s to remove Scott before an election I will personally make it a mission to have candidates to run against every member of NEGOP executive team that votes for it. This is why we have elections.

  10. @it's so funny says:

    Who cares who volunteered to man the sign in/payment table at the DCRP breakfast?? They were volunteering for god’s sakes! Did YOU volunteer to help?

  11. It's so funny it's almost sad says:

    Why? It is an entirely legal procedure, essentially impeachment. Unless you are benefiting from Scott being chair, there’s no reason to support him.

    And @it’s so funny, its interesting though. Scott probably just asked the people he hasn’t pissed off yet (the Paulbots).

  12. Ralston Ram says:

    Hey Paulines, Goldwaters, Heinemanians….can we all just back to agreeing on 1 simple thing: Bob Kerrey has offensive breath. I, I mean—we, mean very, very bad. Atrocious.

  13. Val Budentine says:

    Vince Powders has bad breath two I think its becus has a shark hes a bottom feeder i bet mark failson dose to

  14. Anonymous says:

    Removal of Scott at 4:45
    Let me guess, you have volunteered in one election in your lifetime, probably voted twice and you think you know everything

  15. David West says:

    Scott Pedersen supported Herman Cain in the primary originally. I know because he was helping me with my Nebraskans4Cain website. As you should recall, Ron Paul HATES Herman Cain, because of Cain being once on the Federal Reserve Board of Kansas City.

    So, your supposed logic that Scott supports Paul is absolutely untrue. Nice try.

    Now, Scott has gotten help from C4L folks to help rebuild the DCRP website, Facebook, etc. Because, unlike the NEGOP, they understand social media and outreach. These are the kinds of things the Paul people do bring to the table, in a state where I have had to teach candidates how to make a Facebook page.

    Meanwhile, the NEGOP is getting wiped out by Kleeb and the Hollandistas, and why Suttle survived the recall the NEGOP should have had in the bag. They, too, understand the social media scene while the NEGOP does not.

    Is this bad? Absolutely not. So, please quit trying to frame it as Paul vs Romney, the fight is Tea Party vs Establishment.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Then why has Scott repeatedly said he supports Rand Paul in 2016? Does he want Mitt to lose in November, or be challenged in his reelection primary? He has not acknowledged Mitt as the nominee a number of times, it’s “deliver the electoral vote from the 2nd congressional district”.

  17. Enough says:

    David West was a pioneer of the tea party and I trust his judgement over some establishment thug. This is about good government not cronyism. Why on earth shoud the Gov. Hand pick an elected official then make Mark remove his name because he didnt get his way answer that.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Why are all the Paulbots using the term “establishment”? The vast majority, if not all, involved in the party are solid conservatives. Using the term as though we are liberals is plain lying.

  19. anona-FOURTH says:

    Can’t we all just get along?? Whatever happened to the “big tent” theory? Especially on a day like today.

  20. Brick Road says:

    The YRs have pushed back the Republican and American cause by dozens of years. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went back to British rule. Thanks Brandon Peterson and Matt Pinkerton for all your efforts.

  21. Oops I did it again says:

    Normally I enjoy your thoughts but on this one, there was no noble gesture, this was falling on the sword to protect the powers that be, including Fahlson himself. One thing that Heineman et. al. can do is count votes and they didn’t have it. So, to prevent an issue, they did what they had to do.

    I have no problem with what the Paul people did. They believe in their guy and in his message. They want, like the tea party, change. So, when they use the rules in place to effectuate the change, some become uncomfortable and start pointing out that Paul only got x percentage amount of the vote. Well, okay that is fine. Yet, this isn’t a primary or an election of national candidates, this is about a state party and planks within a party platform. Why shouldn’t different views be represented? Why shouldn’t people who are better organized than others win? Why the consternation?

  22. Liberty Movement says:

    Why do the YR’s hate the constitution!!!! They prefer the communist manifesto!!! Shame on the YR’s!!

  23. The Fictitious Governor says:

    Disclaimer: This is purely satire and for fictious entertainment only. This was obviously not written or endorsed by the Gov. Heineman or anyone affiliated with him. It’s a “If I were governor” perspective. This is fiction.

    I feel it is now the time I break my silence and give the severity of this polarizing sitution the attention is deserves. Afterall, I may or may not have done a few things to elevate this situation.

    As most of you know I’ve have always done my best to be a team player and go along to get along. And that is what I’m asking you all to do as well.

    Now we must continue to portray the Tea Partiers and Paulbots as trying to infiltrate the party to take it over. We must make them look like the enemy — even if it costs conservatives elections. The actions of our crew are probably indicating that we dislike Tea Partiers and Paulbots more so than liberals, democrats, or Obama. I think we are doing an excellent job, keep it up everyone, you know who you are. And a lot of the Tea Party and Paulbots do to, but keep the anonymity — it’s fun when you converse with them because you don’t know if they know “your the guy” or not — many of them do.

    Obviously the Tea Partiers and Paulbots know the conservative platform better than we, and take the platform much more serious than we. I wish we had that kind of passion, I guess that might be one reason we can’t get “our people” to support us. I mean read the 1956 Republican platform, no wonder these guys say the party has been hijacked and feel like conservatives don’t have an option.

    I’m not sure how much longer we can prevent our core voting base from seeing that our current party’s leadership is the one masquerading as “conservative” for our its political gain rather than championing the conservative principles this country was founded on. Obviously once this realization is made by our base, we will have a hard time keeping our positions. Once it becomes obvious that we are the ones sabotaging and preventing voting conservatives from having real authentic conservatives candidates via our committees, it will be a long time before we will get any power back. It is urgent to deamonize all Tea Partiers and Paulbots as phonies to prevent this.

    Most self-proclaimed conservatives have a negative association with the term libertarian — because its sounds a lot like liberal. So use it. Any vague abstract label should help confuse our conservative base. Just make sure not to tell them their conservative hero Ronald Reagan once said “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism”. We must keep them thinking the people that share 95% of their views (which would help make them both a majority) are not an ally, but an enemy worse than the liberals which share 0% of their views.

    Why did Ron Paul and the Tea Party have to get so many people interesting in politics, dang it. It used to be much easier. They can certainly fundraise and get active when given a candidate the truly believe in, but our hunger for power is not compatible with such people. And these folks are tech savy too. Let’s kick them out of our party. We’ll show those conservatives they are not welcome here. If you talk the talk we’re fine, but once you starting wanting some accountability and follow-through, you’ve crossed the line. You are no longer welcome. The founders might be ashamed of us, but I doubt they wouldn’t understand what were up against.

    Sabotage any effort to educate our core voting base which may present an unbias and accurate representation of principles of Tea Partiers and Paulbots otherwise you are welcoming an “in with the new”. The core voting base always associates (R) with conservative, now with the efforts and alliance between the Tea Partiers and Paulbots… they may just get it.

    Keep it up everyone. Let’s restore America by kicking out the people that want to do it the most! This will move us conservatives forward and keep cronyism alive!

    Disclaimer: This is purely satire and for fictious entertainment only. This was obviously not written or endorsed by the Gov. Heineman or anyone affiliated with him. It’s a “If I were governor” perspective. This is fiction.

  24. Really? REALLY? says:

    anona-FOURTH July 4, 2012 at 8:08 PM wrote, Can’t we all just get along?? Whatever happened to the “big tent” theory? Especially on a day like today.
    When Fahleson “took one for the NEGOP” he really was just ensuring that the tired, old, same-old-same-old will rule the day and the NEGOP will alienate a whole new generation of potential supporters. I could swear the NEGOP is run by the same kind of people that run the NDP, only stupider.

  25. Anonymous says:

    All these accusations of how the party is just up to its eyeballs with cronyism, is corrupt, isn’t accepting of newcomers, and not a young person in sight are great fodder for people who are just plain angry, but what evidence is there of any of that?

    Putting in the time and effort to help our republican candidates is how you gain respect in the party. If you help one candidate then show up to the convention and expect to run the show, you’re nuts. Especially if you just registered as a republican only a few months ago.

    On the issue of Scott Petersen, him being called a Paul supporter must really hit close to home if he has his minions fighting back so fiercely now. That and desperately trying to tell everyone that he always supported Romney just shows that Scott knows he’s in trouble

  26. Jeepers says:

    Scott Petersen was overheard muttering: I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling ___!

    (kids, young republicans, establishment, old republicans, ‘not my kind of conservatives’, ‘whoever I’m working against at the moment’,’not my candidates’)

  27. Asswhacker says:

    Those who complain about NEGOP Chairman Mark Fahleson serving out the rest of his term are the same people who complain about officials “quitting early”.

    DEMOCRATS and RON PAUL SUPPORTERS join hands here and complain. The Dems aren’t new. But Saint Paul worshippers are; pseudo GOP crankophiles who object to other people having battle scars from actually having put Republicans in office, which is NOT the goal of any Ron Paul supporter. They don’t give a crap about polls or elections, which makes them political scavengers.

    Kerrey and Obama are attacking Fischer and Romney. Healthy pols don’t do that. Ron Paul’s people smell that like pus on gangrened limbs. Democrats are the gangrene and come here to ooze. But St. Paul’s disciples come here like hyenas seeking a lick.

    Mark Fahleson is doing exactly what you wanted Kay Orr’s biker boy to do, i.e. serve out his term.

    By the way, if you are a political conservative and yet present yourself as a visible iconoclast, expect to be deemed an irresponsible nut-job. Why not a Mohawk? Facial tattoos? Such iconoclastic nonsense screams a diametrical opposite to what you suppose you represent. In truth, conservatives who seek to change, not to conserve but destroy, are just as unreasonable as social liberals trying to spend us out of debt. Adrift from reality, they wonder why their Saint Paulus of Luny isn’t more popular… just like St. Barack’s donkey-scrubbers wonder why their own demigod isn’t more beloved.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The NEGOP may have some renegade Paul delegates, but what they don’t have is a Mafia enforcer like BTO to bully all of their elderly women.

  29. Anonymous says:

    IO @9:22PM – The will of the people? Guess you’re glad Gore was placed into office in 2000.

    If the 70% of the voting public showed up at county conventions where delegates to state were elected, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    If you have the numbers, and the ‘will of the people’ then why are you complaining about the number of liberty folks coming into power within the party? You should have plenty of people come 2014 to take your county and state seats back, right?

  30. Lil Mac says:

    The Brown Shirts were principled patriots who wanted to save their nation. They were members of a party Adolph had not founded but which he took over. They saw him as a principled patriotic savior with their best interests at heart, even while they saw him accrete power to himself and eventually burrow into national power from below. The subterfuge of back then is chilling now because human nature doesn’t change. Power still corrupts. Principled patriots still want to believe in national saviors. And national saviors always shove their benevolent principles down everyone’s throats, which is fine for those who like the taste but is insufferable tyranny for everyone who doesn’t. Brown Shirts were willing dupes and history treats them unkindly for it.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I thought Matt Butler moved to Florida after he lost whatever race it was that he ran for. Does he live in Nebraska full-time now?

  32. Anonymous says:

    To David West – your criticisms make no sense. The social media experts at DCRP have a whopping 305 likes on Facebook, the NEGOP has 7,743. And don’t even get me started on twitter. Looks like they’re doing something right.

  33. Gertrude Stein says:

    “bots” abound, of all stripes.

    The governor’s bots– let’s call them “heiniebots”, assume the text of the NEGOP constitution has no real meaning. What it “really” means is, whatever the Dear Leader wants, he gets. Emotion and mood are everything.

    Ron Paul’s Nebraska bots– “paulbots”, naturally– are said to follow Ron Paul’s bidding, however ridiculous. Ron Paul says, “Get involved in local and state Republican parties, vote together and get our people elected”, and those fools mindlessly do just that. Damned educated and involved citizenry, anyway!

    Now we come to the “old guard” of DCRP. Those who imagine if they do as they are told by whoever is in charge that day, all will be well. And one day, we shall inherit the Earth. Or, what’s left of it. Mossbacks, even in their twenties. “mossbots”.

    Let’s not leave out the hateful hating haters themselves– Tea Party constitutional conservatives who are clearly racist and homophobic and kick puppies when they get a chance. Mindlessly following they own consciences, which are filled with hateful hating thoughts of “teabagging” and homophobia. Racist homophobia. And women-hating. Hateful hating homophobic racist women-hating “bagbots”. Add some other bad stuff I left out.

    So, “paulbots” form a coalition with “bagbots” and threaten to toss out the “heiniebots”, freaking out the “mossbots” who dearly want to be on the “heiniebots'” party-invite list, and even to join that elitist establishment club, some day. So, some of the “mossbots” break off to become the “bitchbots” of the “hieniebots”.

    Hell hath no fury like a bitchbot scorned. They have a web site, don’t you know… and they can ruin you with the stroke of a pen.

    But, sadly, they cannot garner votes.

    Say, where are the Scientologists in all of this? Too busy figuring out of Tom Cruise actually packs… oh, never mind. Let’s just all put on our aluminium foil hats and get to the State Convention.

  34. Gertrude Stein says:

    To Anonymous at 9:32 AM–

    The DCRP site is “up” and has fresh content regularly. Prior to the arrival of Scott “paulbot” Petersen, the site was down more than up. And there was no Facebook page.

    At the instigation of DCRP, NEGOP had a web template created and ostensibly promoted to the various county parties, to bring the entire state into at least the late 20th century, if not the 21st. The promotion was even attended by Governor Heineman. NEGOP wanted to “own” that project.

    So, how as that effort by NEGOP worked out? Some high tech operation, eh? Reaching out to the county parties, helping them to help themselves and each other?

    No, wait— NEGOP dropped that ball. Oh well.

  35. News Flash says:

    The Omaha young republicans just formed a YR running club. Now they have an excuse to run away from all the problems they created at the DCRP. Shame on the YR’s for running for the problems they created

  36. A lot of Ron Paul supporters are Military says:

    “Ron Paul’s people smell that like pus on gangrened limbs.”

    Well, I’d pay to see you say that to all the active duty military and veterans that will be at the RNC in Tampa. There will never again be such a huge gathering and spectacle from those in the military toward a candidate like Ron Paul. Just remember, every time you talk trash about Ron Paul supporters, you’re talking trash about our military men. I have quite a few friends and family in the military and they like Ron Paul. They also understand it isn’t about Paul, but about the ideas. The ideas are not going anywhere but into the mainstream. It’s already on auto-pilot, no reversing it.

    And I bet you’re the type of person that has no connection with anyone in the military and drives around with a “Support our troops” bumper sticker. Because it makes you feel good.

  37. Anon 927 says:

    Butler retired to Florida years ago after running for Lt. Governor (Back when you used to have to run for that office)

    He then moved back here quite some time ago (Years) and has several small business operations in this state.

    IMO he is our best bet to bridge the gap between Waring factions as he is not really part of either group.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    @News Flash at 10:03 AM
    The YR Run Club was created back in February, so your suggestion that it was “just formed” is inaccurate. Also, if you’re going to try and be witty or insulting please proofread your posts. ie: “Shame on the YRs for running for the problems they created.” The YRs are not running FOR problems nor are they running from problems.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Does Matt Butler-owned business Northstar Communications, campaign consulting, present a conflict for a National Committeeman who could then be funneling work to his consulting business by virtue of his ties at the national level or does that happen all the time anyway? I’m just a novice here but it seems the point should be raised.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    After careful consideration and after being involved with the Omaha YR’s I have decided to re-register as a Democrat. If the YR’ are the future leaders of our party than I have to switch sides.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    @Elizabeth Nice name! The Omaha YRs are sad to see you go however we prefer our members to be able to differentiate between “then” and “than.” Good luck!

  42. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to see debate within the GOP! We could be like the NDP and have nothing but lock step agreement, outside of BTO, as a party going over the clif following the Liar in Chief..

  43. Ron Paul's Out-of-Staters are no better than Bob Kerrey's Out-of-Staters says:

    Ron Paul pollsters from 202 (DC) area code push-polling delegates. Two questions (paraphrased): “Would you support a convention slate of delegates supporting ‘Gingrich/Santorum/Paul’ to ‘bring conservative issues to the forefront?'” and “Would you have supported a conservative challenger to ‘establishment hand-picked Omaha lawyer’ Brian Buescher for chairman?” Paid for by Ron Paul 2012.

    Assuming, momentarily, you can justify the threat of party disunity in a critical year to get your point across, now that that possibility is foreclosed, how can these people justify an effort (this push-poll specifically) that has no purpose other than to sow bad blood and hard feelings at our convention.

    Ron Paul’s apparently quite direct efforts to sap unity from Republican ranks would be laughable if it weren’t so destructive.

    Ron Paul may actually be one of conservatism’s greatest enemies in the context of the 2012 election.

  44. Greatest Enemy says:

    The greatest enemy of conservatism is the Bushies. You’re probably too young to understand that.

  45. anonymous says:

    “It’s so funny it’s almost sad” at 4:40- You are so incredibly misinformed it’s sad. You obviously don’t have very good ties to the NEGOP cronies or you would know that his intent form sent in illustrates his support for “Romney”. It won’t matter to you though…you have a personal vendetta against Scott because he represents a threat to your political ambitions. Your notch on the establishment’s ladder of seniority.

    Why would we support Scott Petersen if we weren’t beneffiting from him being chair. Everyone is benefitting, except the establishment cronies (and those are the only ones opposing him). He has done an outstanding job bringing the DCRP back from the red (mostly through sound financial decisions such as not wasting money to print copies of the dcrp’s financial situation but posting it up on the projector for everyone to see at meetings and providing copies upon request, or closing the office until we could afford to reopen and even then finding a more affordable office). He put on a hugely successful Elephant Remembers and has brought in some great speakers for fundraisers. He has reached out to the grassroots folks and welcomes any conservative with energy who wants to join in the mission. Contrary to what many believe, he even reaches out to the establishment folks. I constantly hear false accusations about Scott from you cronies such as “he dug up opponents to Lee Terry”. That is such BS! Like who? Freeman? Lindstrom? You have to be kidding me?! And imagine what Scott could have accomplished if he didn’t have to fight against the YR’s and establishment backstabbers on the DCRP that fight and undermind him at every chance they get, and then complain that recruiting of county candidates wasn’t good enough. Gee…I wonder why? Get out of his way and you won’t have to complain about it! You have done nothing to help, only hurt his cause (which you claim is your cause too). Pathetic!!! And you wonder why all of the other conservative factions want to clear you out?! You are a tumor to anyone who can’t pull you up the establishment ladder of cronyism!

    You are correct…Ron Paul supporters don’t care about polls and don’t have “battle scars from putting people in office”, because they unlike the establishment that treats everything like a chess GAME and are willing to compromise values at every turn if it helps get one of their own elected, they still to their principles. And THAT is the cronyism and BS they are trying to clean out of the party.

    And Mark Fahleson’s decision was anything BUT a noble decision. He was obviously bullied into it by a governor that doesn’t like it when he can’t have his way. And like a good little puppet Mark falls in line. Mark state’s he does it to maintain the unity of the party. What unity?! That’s what all this fuss is about. Mark, Heineman and the rest of the establishment all think there is so much unity and hope as is. They fail to see the importance and opportunity in joining with the other conservative factions with the passion, energy, and competence to really push the GOP to victory. And if they don’t want to work with us, we will pull them out of the way. Don’t believe me? You really think this little “act of war” against the various conservative factions (Fahleson remaining as NEGOP Chair) is going to work? The Central Committees of both the NEGOP and the various counties (including DCRP) are controlled by people who understand the future of the party. Fahleson (and anyone but Scott Petersen) would be nothing but figureheads, opposed at every corner until they are ousted in January. So much for party unity and doing what’s best for the party Mark, Governor! If you want to do what’s best for the party, step down Mark. Work with the various factions Governor!!! It’s not a suggestion. You really don’t have a choice any longer. The conservative factions have control of the state convention. They have the delegate numbers. There is really little they can’t do. BEWARE!!!

    Time you establishment cronies wake up! Reform and Unite…or fall into obscurity!!!

  46. anonymous says:

    at 3:19

    You write: “how can these people justify an effort that has no purpose other than to sow bad blood and hard feelings at our convention.”

    This is EXACTLY what Heineman and Fahleson just did with his announcement, It is nothing short of an “act of war” in what could have been the unity needed to dominate these elections for the GOP.

    Heineman/Fahleson’s apparently quite direct efforts to sap unity from Republican ranks would be laughable if it weren’t so destructive.

    Ron Paul may actually be one of conservatism’s greatest enemies in the context of the 2012 election.

  47. anonymous says:

    We all know that Romney has the nomination locked up anyway. So who cares if Ron Paul speaks at the convention? He has some good points and he can energize the crowd and spread a great message to America to get the election cycle really kicked off! He will bring in a ton of people to Tampa which will be great for publicity and $$$ for the GOP. What is the risk? Why does the establishment object to something that is not a risk but has a HUGE upside. Why divide the party right before the biggest election in America’s history when you could unite and cruise to victory!!! It doesn’t make any sense! But then again…for years now…the GOP establishment has made little sense.

  48. It's the Young Republicans ruining the party! says:

    A call to arms! Let’s take over the young republican convention in Grand Island and send a message to quit dividing the party and accept all conservatives!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 326,

    You haven’t heard of the Ron Paul strategy of “stealth” delegates, who publicly claim to be for Romney but are really for Paul? And if Scott Petersen was really for Romney, then why did he refused to say that he supports Mitt Romney until the last few days?

    There are many issues that a lot of republicans have with Scott, not the least of which is how he brazenly he lies directly to your face. And it is an issue that Scott doesn’t have printed copies of the financial reports when he blows through it in 20 seconds and you can’t see it from the back of the room. It’s important that printed copies are available to everyone at once, otherwise he’ll be able to fabricate false financial reports for people he thinks are against him (again the lying issue). Tell me, what exactly did Scott do to make Elephant Remembers a great event? Did he do anything at all?

    Why should the Paulbots be elected to positions of power in the party if they haven’t done anything to advance the Republican cause? You’re starting to sound like the Occupy protestors, demanding things without working for it. All these claims of cronyism and not being conservative, but what evidence do you have to suggest that?

    I get it that you’re angry, but pissing off the hard working volunteers and donors to the Republican party shows how incompetent you and your groups really are at politics. And learn to count, why else would the Ron Paul campaign itself survey delegates and alternates?

    Oh, almost forgot, I’m not a part of the Young Republicans.

  50. Anonymous says:

    If Ron Paul actually has the number of supporters that all you Paulbots claim, then why hasn’t he done better at the voting booth? Even in the early states?

  51. 4:14 says:

    “Why should new people people be put in leadership spots” great point!!! Why should the most capable person be put into a leadership spot the do not have tenur and not paid their dues. Are you trying to run a party or a union?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 421,

    The Paulbots seem to be running a secret cult the way they haven’t reached out those who have been in the party. And are you really trying to argue that earning abilities and skills by working in campaigns isn’t important or even relevant when it comes to leading the party?

  53. Chris says:

    Why is it that if I don’t support Ron Paul or work with the Paulbots (or the “Liberty Movement” as they’re calling themselves) I must be corrupt and approve of shredding the constitution?

  54. Asswhacker says:

    10:21. I have actually dealt with infected combat wounds. However, I was speaking here metaphorically, in a political sense. Unfortunately, you decided to get personal and suggest that I am not a veteran. You got real snotty. You said you “bet (I’m) the type of person that has no connection with anyone in the military”.

    I served in combat arms for two decades enlisted and officer. If you don’t know what a PUC is, ask Ron Paul. I have two. He was a flight surgeon for a few years while I was in combat arms for twenty.

    Why do you assume that all military, milrets and vets are Ron Paul supporters? What is that about? I mean, Bob Kerrey is running for office, right? I respect Paul’s service like I respect McCain’s and Kerrey’s. Mils, milrets, vets can be found right, left and in the political middle. I happen to agree with Ron Paul’s political principles but not enough to see Ron Paul’s shenanigans get Obama reelected.

    And what the hell does being a veteran have to do with public policy? Kerrey’s policies are destructive and Obama’s are worse. Ron Paul at this point is helping to reelect Obama. You don’t mind that. I mind that a lot. Ron Paul is juggling grenades in the GOP foxhole.

  55. Geez says:

    Why is there all this fighting? We need to stand together and defeat Obama and Kerry. The only roadblock standing in the way are the YR’s. While they galavant at Charlie’s On The Lake our state and country are collapsing. It’s time to wake up and smell the Mahood.

  56. Young Republicans says:

    Thanks to our hard work we can confidently say the barrack Hussein Obama will get the electoral vote!!! Thanks to our efforts to oppose winner take all!

  57. Ralston Ram says:

    Kerrey’s breath oh my/setting fields hot ablaze/limits campaign ways. That there’s a cultural Haiku for ya, Matilda!

  58. Anon @ 4:14 says:

    Over 8 hours after my post asking why Scott Petersen refused to endorse Mitt Romney until after he was ousted as a Paulbot and still no reply. Unless you count his attempts at discrediting the Young Republicans (though I have no clue why…)

  59. Anonymous says:

    Not to stir anybody away from the most stimulating conversation but…….. anybody out there know when Kerry has to post is fundraising windfall for the last quarter? I read on the FEC site it is 15 July but just wondered if he would be letting that out sooner or later? Of course it will be equally interesting to see Senator Fischer’s reports as well. But am really interested in the SPIN on the NY guy pretending he still has is good ol Nebraska connections and support.

    Poor Bob gets all worked up when he is referred to as the guy from NY…….. the most liberal guy from NY……now that is saying something. What a khamer!

  60. Interested Observer says:

    The Lincoln Journal-Star has a very interesting editorial this morning titled “Chewing the cud on grazing fees”. The last sentence says “Kerrey and Nelson are right to pull the grazing fee issue into the public eye”.

  61. Interested Observer says:

    Also, a couple weeks ago, on June 18, the Omaha World-Herald had an editorial about this same issue titled “Grazing subsidy is fairness issue”. The last 2 sentences of that editorial said “It doesn’t seem fair to benefit a small number of livestock producers at public expense. In this day of fiscal austerity and budget restraint, a straightforward, market-based change would seem to be an obvious move.”

    So, now the 2 largest newspapers in Nebraska BOTH agree with what I have been saying for some time, that “WELFARE GRAZING” is wrong.

  62. Interested Observer says:

    Actually, imposter, I specifically proposed last week that we should


    for the U.S. Senate

  63. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer, you posted four in a row. You perhaps suffer multiple personalities. If so, maybe you can hold a convention and beat the crap out your selves.

    The LJS is a Liberal newspaper supporting Bob Kerrey. The World Herald is owned by Buffett who is a loyal Democrat for Bob Kerrey. And you are 100% for these newspapers pushing Bob Kerrey on the grazing issue, so yes you are voting for Bob Kerrey, or you are not voting at all, which makes you either a useless wart on the GOP elephant’s ass or a useful wart on the Democratic jackass itself.

    Both a jackass and an elephant have uses. Warts are just warts.

  64. Interested Observer says:

    I strongly support grazing on federal lands, because it is a very effective land management tool to remove vegetation in an appropriate manner that, at the same time, further improves wildlife habitat and the overall range condition of the land and the vitality of the plants and somewhat reduces the danger of prairie fires, that many times have started on public property and then spread onto private land.

    I have steadfastly encouraged the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to simply copy the proven and successful business model of the Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds’ open, competitive lease auctions to award the use of the federal grazing lands at fair market rates.

    Simply allowing ranchers to graze public land at market rates, as determined by an open lease auction, could bring in enough more revenue to the government to far more than cover the cost of administration and could bring in enough money to allow the Forest Service the ability to more aggressively address the crisis caused by the Mountain Pine Beetle devastating pine tree forests in the Rocky Mountains and the Black Hills and elsewhere WITHOUT raising taxes on the rest of us. It’s conceivable that correcting grazing fees could bring in as much as a half BILLION dollars a year to help with the current deficit.

  65. Holy cow Jordan McGrain says:

    Jordan just went on record with Nebraska Watchdog stating that Ron Paul are a bunch of pests and need to basically be stomped out with extra security. What arrogance! You gotta read his comments.

  66. Huh Jordan McGrain says:

    Jordan comments on Nebraska watchdog ” Ron Paul people fly under the radar and don’t want a straight up fight” ohhhhhhh like the straight up fight the GOP avoided with John Orr and Brian????

  67. Anonymous says:

    You Paulbots are just angry because you won’t be able to seize control of the state party at the convention

  68. Ronisright says:

    I believe in Ron Paul the Father Almighty, maker of principles that I will shove down your throat until you relent or choke to death, so help me Ron. I will do this if it takes relecting Obama for ten thousand years.

  69. Democracy Is Sacred says:

    Let’s openly talk about whether we as a party should just cancel elections on a whim. What would happen if Obama just announces today that the election in November is cancelled?

  70. Anonymous says:

    First you complained that the GOP Chairman was unprincipled to run mid-term for Ricketts seat. Now the GOP Chairman is serving out his term according to Ron Paul’s principles. Be happy.

    Either Ron Paul’s principles apply or Ron Paul is an asshole of political convenience.

  71. Democracy Is Sacred says:

    Ron Paul and his supporters aren’t the ones thwarting the Democratic process. If you think we’re going away after this you are quite mad.

  72. Facts are Facts says:

    There was only ever going to be an election if Fahleson was elected committeeman. Nothing was cancelled.

  73. Democracy Is Sacred says:

    Every tyrant has a poor excuse to cancel an election or manipulate the results of an election.

    We’re going to be here in January, mark my words.

  74. YourStupidityIsntSacred says:

    The USA isn’t a democracy, you blithering idiot. It is a Representative Republic. And political parties aren’t even that as they aren’t government. Aside from FEC rules over the money, parties can pick their own candidates and leaders however they wish, by committee picking via hair color, whatever.

  75. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, you are some piece of work. When — WHEN — did you ever “steadfastly encourage” the forest service or bureau of land mgmnt to do anything before Deb Fischer became a candidate for public office? You’re so FOS.

  76. Interested Observer says:

    Nice language poor ‘ol Goober. How do you presume to impose the standard of taking action “before Deb Fischer became a candidate for public office?” You don’t know me and I really doubt that you have any knowledge of my actions over the last many decades of raising awareness of this issue.

  77. Goober Natorial says:

    Well, you must have done a piss poor job of raising awareness, then, because virtually no one had heard of this issue until Fischer ran for Senate. You showed up around primary time and, like a bad case of herpes, we haven’t been able to get rid of you since.

  78. Goober Natorial says:

    By the way, another dodged question by IO. He claims to have steadfastly encouraged the forest service to change the grazing program but can’t elaborate what exactly he’s steadfastly done. Real credible. Not.

  79. Interested Observer says:

    Goober, what have you steadfastly done to make the world a better place? Same thing for Anonymous at 12:57. Do either of you realize this issue is being discussed in a major statewide paper today and therefore, it is topical right now? Or do both of you (as though it’s really 2 different people) just like to insult without ever bringing anything positive and constructive to any of this discussion?

  80. Anonymous says:

    I do, IO. I was just over at that major statewide paper to see you ranting and raving about Deb Fischer again. Your obsession with Deb Fischer is unhealthy.

  81. Goober Natorial says:

    I don’t have to justify my contributions to the world to you, IO. You’re the one making claims that you steadfastly refuse to back up. You can bet that if I was making a claim about something that I could and would back it up.

  82. Anonymostly says:

    Interested Observer, people on this blog, including me, have attempted to engage you about this grazing issue but you typically sidestep defending the claims you’ve made and shift the target. You’ve destroyed any credibility you might have had by continually beating this same drum while talking around any responses you get and deliberately sidestepping questions people have directed at you about the statements you’ve made. For instance, you obliquely reply to questions about whom you’re voting for Senate by saying “draft Dave” or whatever. Oh, c’mon. You know that’s nonsense. People treat you like a horse’s ass because you continue to act like one.

  83. Goober Natorial says:

    LOL, IO, that’s rich. Obsessed with you? This coming from the guy who was up at 5:30 this morning posting more anti Deb Fischer rants over on the journal star website? And you call me obsessed? I think the psych people call that “projection.”

  84. Goober Natorial says:

    Again, IO, what have you done to steadfastly whatever the forest service? Huh? You said you did. I’m asking you to elaborate. Otherwise, everyone will think you’re making empty, unfounded claims.

  85. anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 9:37

    “You Paulbots are just angry because you won’t be able to seize control of the state party at the convention.”

    You may be speaking a bit early! Tick them off enough and they could do just that. In fact, because they have the delegate numbers, they could vote to do pretty much anything they want to the state party. I’d tread carefully so you can keep Fahelson in as a figurehead until he is replaced in January. That’s right…Heineman forced his little puppet Mark into giving up the uncontested national committeeman spot as a way to stick his middle finger at all of the conservatives that want unity. “Don’t challenge my authority!” It bought him 5 months tops! If he is lucky and the conservative delegates aren’t ticked off enough to make the changes at the convention themselves.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 227

    The Paulbots are all ready pissed because most of the people in the state dont worship Ron Paul like you do. And if you take your head out of you know where, youd be able to see that most of the delegates to the state convention are NOT on your side.

  87. Interested Observer says:

    I’m pretty sure the only time I ever had a real life conversation with poor ‘ol Goober was when he asked me, “Do you want fries with that?”.

    I’m pretty sure the only time I ever had a real life conversation with Anonymous at 1:28 was when he said, “Hi. Welcome to Walmart!”.

  88. Anonymous says:

    And of course the Paulbots are seeking to have the following at the Nebraska convention: Ron Paul lawyers, livestreamers to have the convention shown on the internet (even though the actual media will be allowed in), and some are even calling for the Nebraska Paulbots to bring their own security to the convention.

    These are the actions of wanna-be Occupy protesters that didn’t get their way when the people of the State of Nebraska soundly rejected Ron Paul, not true conservatives. They are sore losers and are willing to steal and lie their way to usurp control of the NEGOP.

  89. It's simple says:

    You created the rules. The Ron Paul people followed your rules. You fell asleep at the wheel. They showed up in droves and you didn’t. You got your asses handed to you. So why are the Ron Paul people sore losers??

  90. Anonymous says:

    I do not call not even getting half of the delegates in Sarpy, Lancaster and Douglas counties (the most populous counties in Nebraska for you Paulbot trolls) showing up in droves or getting our asses handed to us. If ordinary Republicans were asleep at the wheel, then why didnt the Paulbots get 2/3 or even 3/4 of the delegates?

    And the Paulbots are sore losers because Ron Paul came in 3rd place in Nebraska with only 18,508 votes, and well behind Rick Santorum. Santorum supporters aren’t attempting to overthrow the party, but Paul’s are.

  91. It's simple says:

    Half??? Might wanna recount. It was around 70%. They are not trying to take over they simply want John Orr who will be even handed and work with all.

  92. Anonymous says:

    What conventions were you at? There is no way the Paul people were 70% of the delegates at any of those 3 conventions. And you should actually read what the Chief Paulbot in Nebraska Laura Ebke says, that instead of just participating that they could actually RUN the party, with Ebke as Vice-chair and Scott Petersen as Executive Director.

    And I don’t want to hear that the GOP needs the Paulbots or we will wither away, I get the sneaking suspicion that the vast majority of the Paulbots never voted before, let alone for Republicans.

  93. Anonymous says:

    The people of Nebraska elected Ron Paul delegates at their conventions, and the old guard cries foul because they didn’t get what “belongs” to them? Poor babies. Boo hoo hoo.

  94. Anonymous says:

    The people did not elect any delegates for the conventions (that I am aware of). There are enough slots at every convention that elections are not held, basically whoever signed up got in. And there was still room to seat additional people.

    But here’s something I don’t get, if the Paulbots all know that this convention doesnt matter, why are they fighting so hard to get delegates?

  95. Anonymous says:

    Chip Maxwell on KFAB just now, thinks Scott Petersen is doing a great job. Confirms that Chip is completely insane.

  96. Good job Chip Maxwell says:

    If Chip stated that Brandon Pederson was doing a good job at the helm of the Omaha YRs THAT would make him insane

  97. Anonymous says:

    You clearly haven’t met Scott Petersen, otherwise you’d see hes just a grinning idiot. He got caught redhanded as a Paulbot, has been hiding the Treasurer reports of the DCRP from the central committee, and picked sides in a primary election (which you can’t do as chairman).

  98. Good job Chip Maxwell says:

    You are the same crazy that continues to rant about the super secret hidden treasury reports ( which were printed last meeting.) perhaps you should consult the Knights Templar because I heard it from them that the elusive DCRP treasury reports were stolen by Sasquatch and transported to area 51!

  99. @6:26 says:

    Chip and Scott are on point. If they weren’t effective would so many people pay attention to what they have to say?

  100. Question for the GOP Est... says:

    Are all tea party people, Paul-bots?? It seems as if the establishment is lumping all tea-party types as Ron Paulites. It seems as if the tea party has become “toxic” to the establishment and they would rather the tea party types wither and die off.

    If the Omaha YR’s actually had decent leadership, they could have 50 or 60 people and a strong volunteer program for candidates. The leadership is pitiful to say the least.

  101. Anonymous says:

    @Good job,

    It is a serious concern that a lot of people have, not just myself. And I have not been the only one to mention the treasurer reports on this site. Trying to portray me as a crazy only shows how foolish you are and that you have no real argument against what I am saying.

    The Central Committee governs the county party and is in charge of the money, not Scott. Refusing to print off the treasurer reports (which has been the way for years, if not decades) only casts suspicion on Scott’s activities because we can’t see what he’s spending the money on. Further, there were no treasurer reports put out at the last Central Committee meeting in May; unless Scott is holding meetings and not telling everyone about them.

  102. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think all tea partiers are Ron Paul supporters, but there are a large number of Paul supporters who are trying to assimilate all tea partiers into their group. But why all the hate against the Young Republicans?

  103. GOP YR's says:

    @7:02. The hate towards the YR’s is because of our power. The stable of leaders among us is outstanding. We are the future. You’re welcome!

  104. DCRP printed reports says:

    Due to safety concerns I have been relocated to an undisclosed location. As a condition of the ” the document protection program” I am to not contact you ever again thus I will not be able to fulfill your request to see me. ( oooorrrrr you could ask for a copy but then you wouldn’t be able to crazily rant your conspiracy theories)

  105. Anonymous says:

    You mean the right of the Central Committee to see how the party’s money is spent is a conspiracy theory?

  106. Goober Natorial says:

    In other words, IO still won’t answer the question. Makes big empty claims and won’t back them up. That’s IO.

  107. Frequent Voter says:

    Not hearing any chatter about the contested National Committeewoman race. The two ladies, of which I am aware, that are running could not stand in more stark contrast. Joyce Simmons is a solid Republican who will represent Nebraskans with the values we share and the sense to know what’s best for all of us.

  108. That's Laughable says:

    So, the YR’s have power??? Really? Are you kidding?? I’m having trouble not laughing so hard that I’m about to throw up.

    The only power they have is in their mind.

  109. GOP YR's says:

    If you would like to join us we will be hosting a meet and greet at Charlie’s On The Lake next Tuesday. Our featured guest will be Tom Cruise. We Have decided to join forces with Xenu and The Galactic Confederacy. Our world must survive and we have members that have very high Thetan levels. The problems we face locally pales in comparison to what our universe faces.

  110. Matt Hanson says:

    @7:26. Shove it! Brandon Peterson and his ilk will be cut down to size soon enough. I’m assuming you are one of those ilk.

  111. Anonymous says:

    We get it, you don’t like the Young Republicans. But then again this is what happens when a young 20 something intern is made “Political Director” of the largest county party in the state. Or its just Scott Petersen.

  112. To Frequent Voter says:

    Darlene Starman has raised millions of dollars for GOP candidates, walked hundreds of parades, made thousands of phone calls for republican candidates. You have no clue what you are talking about!

  113. David Harper says:

    It appears that there is some concern about me being given the title of political director. Let me clarify things it is only a working title for the work I have been doing helping coordinate volunteer efforts as an unpaid volunteer. If anyone has any other concerns feel free to email me, or meet with me in person.

  114. Anonymostly says:

    Well, since Sweeps doesn’t allow links, I have to cut and paste. Most of you probably don’t care but IO actually, finally answered a question. I found him over on the Lincoln Journal Star website. Believe it or not, he was posting comments on a Deb Fischer story (yeah, I know, hard to believe) and bringing up the federal grazing permit thing again.

    And, y’know how he’s been arguing that this is just such a fiscal disaster for our country and that Deb is (literally) taking money out of taxpayers pockets? And that she’s been doing it all of her adult life? Yeah, well, I pointed out that “all of Deb’s adult life” would certainly encompass the entire period of time that Bob Kerrey was in the Senate and, if it was such a big deal, why didn’t he do anything about it? Because, otherwise, raising such a stink about this issue looks like nothing more than a cynical ploy to attack a political rival.

    And here is exactly what IO said in response: “Anonymostly, I don’t remember that the United States had TRILLION dollar deficits back when Bob Kerrey was in the Senate or in the Governor’s Office.”

    Well, folks, there you have it. “Welfare grazing” was fine and dandy in IO’s eyes until President Obama drove the budget deficit north of a TRILLION dollars. (That’s actually the closest he’s come to saying something sort of conservative.)

  115. Anonymous says:

    If all he’s doing is coordinating volunteers, then why not have the title ‘Volunteer Coordinator’? The DCRP doesn’t even have an Executive Director, but it does have a Political Director and Communications Director? That makes no sense.

    Speaking of which, I can’t recall when the central committee approved the creation or filling of those two positions.

  116. Interested Observer says:

    It’s ridiculous that a few, extremely outspoken, rude commenters in here seem to somewhat take exception with me because I’m fighting against a failed government program that costs the American taxpayers millions of dollars every year, helps drive up the deficit and only benefits a very tiny group of elitist recipients. I can’t believe my fellow conservative Republicans REFUSE to help fight government waste! I sure hope they never claim to be TEA Party members, because that would be pretty hypocritical and contradictory. That would look bad for a TEA Partier to ever flip flop on government waste, he was against waste before he was for it. It would also look bad for a TEA Partier to ever flip flop on welfare, he was against welfare before he was for it.

    This is an absolutely black and white issue. You’re either for solving the problem or you are the problem. You’re either for cutting waste or you’re not. You’re either for cutting the deficit or you’re not. You’re either with us or against us!

    How can anyone legitimately support borrowing even one more billion dollars from China when we don’t have to? So many good Americans strongly believe the only way the United States budget deficit is going to get eliminated is by cutting spending. Here is one way to cut 1 BILLION dollars. Let some loud mouth insult this savings because “it isn’t big enough”. Again, the deficit is made up of a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there and that’s the only way the deficit is going to go away, by cutting a billion dollars here and a billion dollars there and keep cutting billions till we have a surplus again.

    THEN we can start cutting the national debt!

  117. Good job Jordan McGrain says:

    Now Rachael Maddow is covering Jordan McGrains comments from Nebraska Watchdog are now national news!!! What an embarrassment

  118. Get A Clue 7:15 says:

    Maddow was covering McGrains comments to NBC news. He is being honest about what the Paul people are up to. It’s not an embarrassment it’s a wake up call. Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he’s not right. Get a clue.

  119. Good job Jordan McGrain says:

    Good point! McGrains comments helped the situation. From now on every time you see a hornet’s nest hit it with a bat. Great tactic. I just feel bad for the governor and the state. Remind me to hire Jordan as a grief counselor.

  120. Goober Natorial says:

    Observer, this little mission of yours isn’t about deficits. It’s about your very creepy obsession with Deb Fischer. No one who was truly concerned about deficits would spend such an inordinate amount of effort talking about such a trivial issue. This is about your obsession with Deb Fischer, nothing more and nothing less.

  121. Good job Jordan McGrain says:

    I actually like Jordan personally. I just think his comments sunk the governor’s chances for a veep gig.

  122. Goober Natorial says:

    No obsession here, Observer. I frequent this blog. You come on here and say something stupid and I feel compelled to respond. That’s far different than going out of your way to continually raise the same issue about a particular candidate. You attempt to turn your criticism of a government program into a criticism of a person whose family availed themselves of that program and I just call a spade a spade. Besides, I really don’t care about the infighting in Douglas County.

  123. Disaster says:

    Jordan mcGrain if you knew about the Ron Paul build up 2 years ago why are you doing damage control now. Why not be preemptive back then.

  124. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer, what do you think of Jean Stothert as Mayor of Omaha? If you were living in Omaha would you support her?

  125. RWP says:

    This is an absolutely black and white issue.

    Classic tell for a monomaniacal nutcase.

    You’ve repeated your point, again and again. That point just happens to coincide with one being used by Kerrey and the local left. Most of us agree the Federal government should not be in the business of owning and renting out grazing land. At the same time, we are not interested, currently, in repeating ad nauseam a Kerrey campaign talking point. Kerrey and Nelson each had years to push the investment of federal land. In general they opposed it.

  126. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous at 9:49 AM Sorry, but I really don’t know anything about the lady and I don’t really follow Omaha city politics much. That’s a long ways from the ranch.

    RWP, then why do you prolong the discussion. It’s SOOOO nice to see you back here.

  127. Anonymous says:

    Here, Interested Observer and Guber Natorial, let me save you guys some time:

    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.
    IO: Deb FIscher uses Federal Land at a discounted price.
    GN: It is legal to do so.

    Now take the damend weekend off and let the rest of us discuss something with some meat on it!

  128. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, like how the Paulbots nationally are focused on the Nebraska GOP convention, and are calling for NE Paulbots to bring their own security so the sergeants-at-arms won’t be able to remove disruptive guests/delegates

  129. Interested Observer says:

    Wow, Psycho Anonymous musta had too much caffeine this morning. And, by the way, Goober started it!

  130. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 10:13, nice effort but not quite right. More like this:

    RWP: (Something really smart and conservative.)
    IO: Deb Fischer is a welfare grazing queen.
    Lil Mac: (Something really eloquent and conservative.)
    IO: Yeah, she just feeds her cows at taxpayer expense.
    Macdaddy: (Something really insightful and conservative)
    IO: Takes money right of taxpayers pockets, that Deb Fischer
    Anonymostly: (Something sarcastic and conservative)
    IO: And everyone up in Cherry County hates that Deb Fischer gal.
    GN: IO, we got the picture; you can drop it now.
    IO: So, you support welfare grazing? You hypocrit!
    GN: Never said I supported it. Just don’t get the point of bringing it up all the time.
    IO: This is a BIG DEAL! We face a trillion dollar deficit and this costs taxpayers money. Besides, it only benefits a tiny fraction of ranchers.
    Anonymostly: It only affects a small fraction of ranchers, yet it’s a big deal? That seems contradictory.
    IO: And she’s a liar, that Deb Fischer. She’s as leftist as Bob Kerrey.
    RWP: You can drop this Deb Fischer vendetta any time there, IO.
    IO: Did you know that Deb Fischer only pays 3 cents on the dollar for what other ranchers have to pay?
    Macdaddy: IO, so who are you voting for for US Senate? Fischer or Kerrey?
    IO: Macdaddy, did you ever notice that I always answer a question with another question? And you obviously must think welfare is OK since you aren’t complaining about welfare grazing as much as I am.
    GN: IO, would you just shut up?
    IO: A major daily newspaper in this state is covering this issue right now so it’s topical that Deb Fischer is a welfare grazer.
    Anonymouse at 10:13: IO and GN, would you quit talking about this so we can talk about something else?

    So, anyway, that’s a bit more accurate, 10:13. But feel free to talk about whatever stuff you want to talk about now. How about more Douglas County stuff?

  131. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, RWP, what I’d prefer to talk about is, “Why don’t we allow the cows in Thomas County to vote?” They surely won’t be Paul-bots, Heiney-bots, or Ro-bots.

  132. Anonymous says:

    You want more Douglas County stuff? Hm, oh, anyone else notice at the Douglas County GOP convention Scott Petersen had to be spoon fed the simple lines of parliamentary procedure? Couldn’t even properly do a motion without serious assistance……

  133. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t we do as the NDP did, and vote to allow the Chair to deny recognition to anyone he doesn’t like? Hey, it worked for Stalin, didn’t it? We could allow whoever is running the meeting to ignore all of Robert’s Rules and just do whatever they like. We don’t need no stinkin’ democracy!

  134. Anonymous says:

    Guests and Alternates don’t get to vote unless they’re seated as delegates…..so you might be off on your count

  135. Anonymous says:

    Paulbots don’t even have half of the delegates from the 3 largest counties, how do they expect to push thru whatever they want at the convention?

  136. Anonymous says:

    “The 3 largest counties.”
    You city living people think that is all there is to Nebraska, don’t you? If it isn’t Omaha, Lincoln and Bellevue it doesn’t matter. Well think again, you egotistical bastards! There are more Republicans in the rural counties than all of you put together, and that is where you will find US!

  137. RWP says:

    If the GOP would like an unbiased and moderately experienced parliamentarian, I’m happy to offer my services. I endorsed/ voted for Romney this year and Paul in 2008 (and still have my Ron Paul R3VOLUTION tee shirt). I’d seriously like the democratic process to work itself out and let us all get back to the actual serious business of dealing with the New York and Kenyan interlopers.

  138. Anonymous says:

    According to Nebraska Watchdog, NEGOP ED – Jordan McGrain won’t tolerate anyone that tries to play by the NEGOP rule-book at our upcoming State Convention in Grand Island. He has made it clear that he intends to use NKVD tactics, including armed rent-a-cops to ensure that the old-guard rulers from the politburo won’t be upended.

    “McGrain said Nebraska Republicans are preparing for the potential for “some pretty rowdy guests” at the convention – noting that other states experienced “all-out anarchy” at their conventions because they weren’t ready for a ruckus.
    “We’re just not going to tolerate any disruptions,” McGrain said. “This is not going to be a free-for-all.”
    McGrain said Paul’s supporters are trying to “take by party rules what they couldn’t on election day.”

    Mr. McGrain had better watch his ass. Any attempt to keep legally elected representatives from performing their duties will be met with appropriate and energetic action. This is America, not Russia. We play by the rules, even if that means you lose, Mr. McGrain.

  139. What would regular Nebraskans think? says:

    What would the regular people of Nebraska think about the plans of the National Ron Paul crew to override their Primary results at the National Convention.

    71% of the Republicans in Nebraska voted for Romney. Ron Paul didn’t even finish 2nd. Instead Ron Paul took 3rd Place with 10%.

  140. PR disaster for the Governor says:

    Jordan McGrain– lets focus on the fact you committed a PR nightmare and probably cost the governor an appointment. Next time don’t use thinly veiled threats and subtle suppression tactics to stop Ron Paul supporters. You just pissed them all off nationally. Jordan you seem to be the talk of the town on the Daily Paul. Take a bow Jordan.

  141. For those of you who don’t read the Leavenworth Street Twitter feed (and if not, leave the masses and wash yourself already), former Nebraska GOP state Chairman David Kramer is unofficially/officially IN the race for National Committeeman. (Unofficial to the extent we don’t know that he’s issued a release or anything as of yet.)

    Carry on venting.

  142. Kramer says:

    Who is David Kramer? Other than guy that will bash anyone and everyone for personal gain The guy cant keep his mouth shut when talking to the media and throws people under the bus for no apparent reason on a regular basis.

    Awesome leadership there…. Is he really the best the GOP has to offer?

  143. RWP says:

    David Kramer isolated himself from conservatives in 2008 by supporting Affirmative Action. I understand his background; I still can’t believe he shared a podium with Danielle Snowplow Conrad. On the other hand, he conducted himself honorably in that campaign, unlike most of the jackasses who were wiling to defend racial preferences by any means necessary.

    On the whole, though, this is not a good development. Maybe I’m not so unbiased. If this is GOP mainstream, I think we need some more Ron Pauls.

  144. Kramer and Ron Paul?? says:

    are you kidding me? Kramer stood for allowing the government to dictate what people get by the color of their skin (Affirmative Action). If he is willing to throw his ‘principals’ under the bus for that, how do you expect him to stand for liberty???

    For some reason I have a feeling that Kramer – ‘establishment candidate’ will not be met with open arms by anyone with the exception of the core establishment, that doesn’t care what your values are as long as you do what your told.

    Remember convention Goers… Sit down, Shut up, and do what your told by the establishment.

  145. RWP says:

    Really. If after cochairing a campaign to support racial preferences with Danielle Conrad, Kramer is what the state GOP is offering, I have to say, go RLC.

    Don’t we have someone who looks a little less like Arlen Specter?

  146. RWP says:

    Kerrey shouldn’t have a hope in hell, but who knows, with the state GOP leading the charge ? Kramer will probably endorse him.

  147. Establishment voter says:

    I’m a conservative and I support the governor. David Kramer supports affirmative action which in itself discriminates against those who are not given a preference. Furthermore he has gone out of his way to trash his fellow republicans. He will not be getting my vote.

  148. I agree with RWP says:

    Krammer really??? The funny thing is a governor endorsement is the last thing you want!!! Go Republican Liberty Caucus!!

  149. Anonymous says:

    The only reason the NEGOP has been as successful as it has is due to the superior level of ineptitude in the NDP. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the old men currently running the NEGOP are trying as hard as they can to outdo the Democrats in that department. Unfortunately, they are succeeding. If they keep it up, we may have not only a Democratic Senator, but a couple of Democratic Congressmen elected in November as well.
    It is beyond time for the tired, old guard to stand down and let the new young rebels call the shots.

  150. Wow says:

    Thanks Jordan McGrain!! Your reckless comments attacking the liberty movement and the tea are now featured nationally on the Daily Beast! Now we are the laughing stock!

  151. FYI:
    Received word that…
    State Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh and Washington Co. GOP Chair John Orr will nominate and second Matt Butler for Nebraska GOP Nat. Committeeman.

  152. The Real Nebraska GOP shows its true colors. Their own brand of internal voter suppression, no surprise to me. No surprise Matt Butler is involved either. Beware of the Heiniebots and the Paulbots, they have a plan and there are 12 models.

  153. GOP Member says:

    Matt Butler has John Orr and Scott Lautenbaugh as his nominators. Impressive!!! That is quite a coup! I can’t see Kramer getting any Liberty Caucus votes or many from Douglas or Sarpy County. Where will David get his support?

  154. Leavenworth Street Actual says:

    Progressive Oasis, we have a plan and it involves the destruction of the NDP. So say we all.

  155. Anonymous says:

    When is Scott Petersen going to admit he supports Ron Paul in 2012 and Rand Paul in 2016? What’s the matter Scott, you were so willing to tell people about it not even a week ago?

  156. What!!! says:

    A quick google will tell you lots!

    I can’t believe David Kramer supported amnesty for illegal immigrants as a Senate candidate???

    Who is this guy??

  157. Anonymous says:

    @ Leavenworth Street Actual,
    Does that plan include infiltrating the NDP with people that are determined to render the NDP useless? If so, your plan has succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

  158. Anonymous says:

    The Paulbots are freaking paranoid! They’re complaining about the ballot counting machines the NEGOP convention is planning on using because “any other count other than seeing everyone vote is unacceptable and probably fraud”.

    This from the people who are also asking “where’s the military that supports Ron Paul? We need boots on the ground at the Nebraska GOP Convention. There has to be a 2nd Amendment Militia in the area.” Sounds like they are planning to take the convention by force to me.

  159. TexasAnnie says:

    I’m back in Texas and glad to be home, but had a grand time in England and Scotland! Did y’all hear about corrupt bankers manipulating interest rates and it’s reverberating effect on the economy? I did, and I must say, the Brits tend to be more rational when responding to negative news: they’re calling for punishing greedy cretins! While gone for three weeks, I heard NOTHING about Ron Paul (and HE’s the GUY who wants to audit the fed for our BENEFIT), but I can see by skimming Leavenworth St. that y’all DID!!! Serves you right for your myopia…

    Those of us “in the know” have known, for many years (since Ron Paul left the Libertarians BECAUSE he realized that the Republicans and Democrats have created election rules too onerous for third party candidates to circumvent) that Paul himself sought refuge among liberty-loving Republicans with a plan of influence; I am happy for his success. And at your local level, congrats to Laura Ebke. And congrats to you, Interested Observer, for your stamina here at Leavenworth St. Paul wants tax equity and social equity and worldwide trade without political intervention. You know, honorable goals, unlike usual Republicans.

    But there is much work to do. Disaffected voters, myself included, can no longer be persuaded by party loyalty. Now it’s all about liberty + equity; individuality + social harmony. Ron Paul deserves his place at the podium and the youth of our nation are crowding out stale politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike. It cheers me to the bone!

    Oh yes, and did y’all hear about the Higgs boson?

  160. Paulie's Army says:

    Nebraska Watchdog and the Lincoln Journal Star have reported that Jordan McGrain will have his own little private army at the NEGOP State Convention in order to enforce the status quo. Hell, the NDP had armed enforcers at its State Convention at Fremont back in 2008. Jordan McGrain is just a copycat of Steve Achelpohl. If you can’t win their hearts and minds with the free flow of ideas, bring in the blackshirts to enforce party dogma!
    A quick reminder to the Paulistas, you don’t need a permit to carry in Nebraska as long as your weapon is not concealed. NRA and the 2nd Amendment forever!

  161. Lil Mac says:

    Are bloggers here obliquely telling Ron Paul supporters to carry firearms to threaten the lives of others at the Nebraska Republican convention? If so, contact the Nebraska State Patrol and the FBI.

  162. Paulie's Army says:

    Is Jordan McGrain directly telling his private army of rent-a-cops to carry firearms to threaten the lives of others at the Nebraska Republican convention? If so, contact the Nebraska State Patrol and the FBI.

  163. Anonymous says:

    @ Lil Mac, Do you mean to tell me that the NEGOP supports the NRA and the 2nd Amendment only when it serves to maintain the dogmas of the status quo and to intimidate Democrats? Wouldn’t that be considered hypocritical?

  164. New news says:

    Grand Island and Beatrice newspaper are reporting that Jordan McGrain is going to run this convention with an iron fist ( meaning ignore the rules) its is great that Jordan thinks everyone should have a voice ( as long it is the same as NEGOP) wow does the governor allow this guy to speak for the party???

  165. Anonymous says:

    @ Paulie’s Army,

    With all the talk of Paul delegates should be bringing guns, getting militias and their own security forces to protect them, and not acknowledging that they can be removed from the convention if disruptive, all that leads me to the conclusion that the Paulbots are going to literally takeover the state party at gunpoint.

  166. To Amnesty says:

    David Kramer did in fact supoort Amnesty for illegal aliens. Lincoln Journal Star did an article on this on January 8, 2006. He also supports affirmative action.

  167. NOTICE
    Going forward, please cease all discussion of carrying or use of weapons at the Convention.
    It is not helpful, truthful, intelligent or cute.
    This will not be a forum for that discussion.
    Any comments related to that WILL be deleted.
    So don’t even waste your time.

  168. Huh? says:

    Jordan McGrain will do anything not to focus on the real issue. He dropped the ball and failed to stop or counter the Paul movement. Here comes the fall out. Fahelson can’t be get the national chairman gig, governor won’t get cabinet gig, Paul gets state delegates, Paul gets state central committee. How is this not failed leadership?

  169. Anonymous says:

    So who will escort the Heinemann, Fahleson, McGrain factions out of the convention if THEY become disruptive, or worse yet, attempt to put their jackbooted heels on the throats of the Paul delegates and deny them their legal rights?

  170. Get real says:

    It is the Paul delegates that have disrupted conventions. Jordan’s job is to make sure the convention runs smoothly and not to have chaos reign. Cast your votes and go in peace my fellow republicans

  171. Interested Observer says:

    to To Amnesty at 10:39 AM Who did David Kramer support in this year’s Republican Senate Primary?

  172. Interesting says:

    The Objective Conservative blog has a post up about an email from Ron Paul to supporters talking about a rally at the National Convention in Tampa. The email is addressed, “Dear Scott.”

    Does ANYBODY wonder who the “Scott” in question is?

  173. YR Alumn says:

    It is almost comical that someone would try to distract from real issues by trying to pin anything on the YRs. Look across the state at the young elected officials we have and the very deep bench. Most of this comes from the Young Republican organizations work over the years. YRs are the ones out there walking parades, going door to door and turning out voters.

    Anyone in this post trying to blame the YRs or a CR for problems in the county party only proves there is no real leadership or direction in the county party. Seems the DCRP strategy is to have a good web site, active bloggers and then blame anyone and everyone else for their short comings. This is what happens when your leadership has no real political experience and stacks the county party delegates with on line activists and mindless Paulbot drones who will be gone after the state convention.

    I like winning elections. Nebraska YRs have done more to help Republicans win than all of the DCRP Central committee combined. Proof is in the results.

  174. Nebraska YR's says:

    You say you have done more than the whole DCRP combined and you win elections. Didn’t one on your members have you work for his campaign lose in LD 9 by like 417%? If I ever run for office I surely won’t have the YR’s helping. You attack DCRP chair Scott Peterson but the funny thing he won his election. You need to go back to Charlie’s on the lake, have a beer and go back to what you do best which is sitting on your thumbs and fantasizing about the next Lee Terry lit drop!

  175. Amazing Pizza Machine says:

    Can someone please tell me why Matt Pinkerton and Tyler Mahood keep hanging around here all the time?

  176. I don't care... says:

    What does David Kramer think??

    He needs to go back and crawl into that hole he came out of.

    Talk about a disappointment. He hasn’t been anywhere since he got his ass kicked in the Senate primary 6 years ago and then he was steamrolled in the illegal immigration debate.

    He is a complete joke of a candidate.

  177. Can't have Kramer says:

    Nebraska republicans cannot afford to have Dave Kramer represent them. What will David say to the media when his fellow republicans don’t support his views on affirmative action and amnesty for illegals? We need a committeeman that shares the bases views on these and other topics that are important to the conservative agenda.

  178. Interested Observer says:

    How can David Kramer be a bad person when he was Deb Fischer’s Douglas County Chairman and a supporter of hers even before she publicly announced she was running? It’s interesting to observe that both David Kramer and Joyce Simmons are both running for National Committee when both have SUCH close ties to Deb. Remember that Deb put Joyce in as the new Cherry County Republican Party Chairman 8 years ago when Deb orchestrated the takeover of our Party and now she’s doing the same thing, only this time on a statewide level. Just like I said she was several days ago.

    NOW are some of you finally starting to see what the results of that bungled Primary are turning out to be? As has been said so often in here lately, elections do have consequences.

  179. Jason Johanns Write-In says:

    It’s strange how much the Scott Peterson crew attacks the YR’s for petty issues. LD 9 ended up with a great Republican Candidate who proceeded in the Primary, Erica Fish, but the County Register of Deeds still remains unopposed.

    We witnessed another complete Scott Peterson fail on the Jason Johanns write-in for County Register of Deeds on May 15th. Even after Scott spent a large part of the DCRP Communication effort on Omaha World Herald interviews, print pieces, email and social media for the Jason Johanns write-in, he lost another one. It’s nothing against Jason, he’s a great guy. This is about Scott’s ability to properly manage resources and focus. He obviously isn’t capable of actually managing a large scale organized effort.

    So in summary, there is NO Republican candidate on the ballot for County Offices even after the muddled effort. But there is a great Republican Candidate in LD 9, Erica Fish who will represent conservatives well.

    For more information, go to Google and look up, “GOP effort to get foe for Battiato fails (Douglas County Register of Deeds)”

  180. YR's how dare you says:

    Jason Johaans is a great conservative and a personal freind!! You are just another BoomerBot go back to stuffing envelopes in it mom’s basement!

  181. A Real Friend says:

    Jason Johanns is a great conservative. I haven’t met a soul that would argue with you there.

    The truth is, if Scott Peterson was a real friend, he wouldn’t have burned another of Jason’s opportunities as a candidate for a pointless attempt to save Scott Peterson’s reputation.

  182. JO says:

    Would Interested Observer please explain to us how Deb Fischer took over the Cherry County Republican Party and put Dr. Joyce Simmons in as the CCRC Chairwoman??

  183. Interested Observer says:

    Well, JO or Just Observing, I really shouldn’t have to tell you about it, since you were there and part of it.

  184. Anonymous says:

    Ok so I have questions for those who would support Mr. Paul.
    1. How do you vote at the National Convention?
    2. If you cast a vote for anybody other than how the people of Nebraska Voted, how does that work in your set of principled actions?

    If you want a seat at the NEGOP table, and you win the votes in straight balloting, and without hijinx, then more power to you. If you go to the National convention and vote for the candidate who won the State Race, Great, then say so. But if you are seriously thinking that you can go against the will of those who voted, then you have another thing coming.

    Perhaps it would be noteworthy to share with the masses that if you go to the convention and act up the people of your community will learn who you are. Then you will spend a long time trying to make amends for not respecting their vote at the ballot box. Not to mention that if you push Mr. Paul at the convention, knowing he can’t win the Presidency, then you will be personally responsible for the affects of four more years of King Obama. I assure you that you will not enjoy the affects of that. Oh and then when, and if, Paul Jr decides to run you will have smeared him just as bad as Nelson did with the Cornhusker Kickback, and you know that didn’t work out well for him or the nation,

  185. JO says:

    In 2004 there were only 5 or 6 people who filed to be elected to be delegates to the CCRP convention, and were duly elected. At an advertised and noticed meeting, of the duly elected delegates, Dr Simmons was unanimously elected as County Chair. Dr Simmons has invigorated the Cherry County Republicans for the last 8 years. She has been unanimously re-elected, (without opposition) the last four cycles. Deb Fischer was one of the persons in 2004 who filed as a delegate, was elected and attended the convention. She has not since been a delegate. As the 43rd district rep to the Legislature, she has, however, attended most of the CCRP conventions. I can hardly see how “she put Joyce in as the new Cherry County Republican Party Chairman 8 years ago when Deb orchestrated the takeover of our Party”

    If anything, duly elected delegates who may have supported her, filled a “vacuum”

    Politics is about ideas and gaining support of those ideas. Gaining support of those ideas means gaining the support of people who share those ideas.

    Criticism of fellow Republicans, including State Senator Fischer, is appropriate in the primary race and by democrats. Primary “races” are to determine winners and those who did not win. GOOD Republican party members who may have not backed the winner, set their differences aside and go all in supporting the winner. If they find the winner to be so repugnant, then the should be quiet or declare themselves to be backers of the democrat

  186. Delegate says:

    I will be nominating Ron Paul. Mitt Romney cannot win against Barack Obama, and his coattails will drag many good Republicans down the crapper with him.

  187. Anonymous says:

    @anonymous 9:37pm

    The paulbots were elected. They have documentation just like you from a county election commissioner that says they were elected. Thus, they surely can vote how they want since the people elected them.

    But, if you’re implying that these people some how are not voting the will of the people then what is so different than any other politician that votes against the “will of the people”? Nelson on healthcare, Terry on TARP, etc., etc.

    What about the people in the 2nd district that voted for Obama last time? Winner take all, that we all support, would take away their will to cast their electoral vote different than the other electoral votes in Nebraska. Yet, you support winner take all which denies representation of the 2nd district.

    Also, the Paul voters in Florida and other states where it is winner take all don’t get to have their say at the national convention. Are you willing to stand up for their right to be represented? Perhaps a Paul majority in Nebraska can “fix” that injustice.

    What about the Santorum voter? They no longer get to have their say since their candidate will probably give up his delegates to Romney. Do you think they feel cheated? They voted for Santorum, not Romney.

    Are the people in Minnesota and Iowa outraged that their vote isn’t being represented at national? These states will send a majority of Paul votes to National. Guess what? They don’t care.

    Finally, we live in a republic. Not a pure democracy. The people who become educated and show up get to have the say in how things are run. Majority doesn’t rule. The educated minority can have its day. That’s what our founding fathers wanted.

  188. Senator Snowplow says:

    I want to nominate David Kramer for the Nebraska Republican Convention. He will help us win in November!!!

  189. Anonymous says:

    So let’s hear it Paulbots, are you really going to ignore the will of the people and choose our nominee in a smoke-filled back room? And do not pass the blame off on anyone else for their failure to hold promises, we are talking about you right now. This state does not choose its nominees at the conventions, they are chosen at an election by the people. A direct election.

    We all know that is a republic, but we the people still get to actually CHOOSE our representatives. And guess what, majority does rule. The minority can complain all it wants, but at the end of the day, they don’t get their way.

  190. Interested Observer says:

    JO at 9:53 PM just told how to takeover a county party. Historically, many rural counties in Nebraska have a hard time getting people to even attend and participate in their County Conventions. Historically, the people who volunteer and attend are declared to be delegates and then conduct the business of the Party, elect leadership, plan events, plan fundraising, etc. Historically, many of the people who attend these County Conventions are often the same people who have historically attended and can be counted on year after year after year to do the work, raise the money and get out the votes and reliably be there the next time to keep doing the work of the Party.

    Then, every once in a while, some “exciting” new wind blows through the country and a new, little bunch of people suddenly, many for the first time in their lives, get excited by an idea or a candidate and decide to “get involved”. It’s interesting that many of these new people have NEVER been involved before in their lives, but know so much more than all the people who have been working the front lines, tirelessly and selflessly, for years and years and years, that these new people don’t just show up to pitch in to help and ask, “What can we do to help?”, but instead, show up and say “We’re taking over now, sit down, shut up and stay out of our way, because we’re in charge now!”. JO calls that filling a “vacuum”. I would call that a takeover of an existing, effective Republican Party.

    Now, JO just said that all you have to do is get some new people to file for election to be a delegate to a County Convention. Then, these new people can run things their way. But isn’t that what just happened in Douglas County and Sarpy County? Didn’t the “new” people, the Paul supporters, do just that? Didn’t they “takeover” those County Parties? Didn’t the new Paul supporters in those counties elect themselves to be delegates to the State Convention?

    Isn’t it interesting that so many of these “new” party officials are so closely aligned with Deb and not aligned with the Governor and the “establishment”? She did it 8 years ago in Cherry. Now, it’s happening in other counties and also on a state level WITH many of the same people, the “Deb Mafia”.

    JO then tells us that anyone who doesn’t support the nominee “should be quiet”. Isn’t that what the Paul supporters are telling everybody? That you “should be quiet”.

    I don’t think it’s going to be quiet in Grand Island on Saturday.

  191. Will DePort says:

    @anonymous 12:26 AM:

    The people don’t choose the presidential nominee. The party does. Both state law and federal law say this. We’ll have to wait until Saturday to know what the party decides.

  192. Moral Minority says:

    Actually the Majority doesn’t rule. Bill Clinton never won an election via a majority of voters and neither did W. Bush in 2000 who actually lost the popular vote to Gore.

  193. Anonymous says:

    Of course the new blood in the GOP is good,must too bad they show up for the County convention and then almost never again. The Sarpy county monthly central committee meeting once again didn’t have a quorum, as the newbies decided not to fulfill their responsibilities (along with a couple older ones). Kind of reminds of Mr Paul, just want to make some noise but not show up for all the work it takes to keep a party moving. I hope this won’t be the case for the next 2 years where the newbies don’t show up in the numbers they came to the convention in. It’s not like the 90 minuets once a month is too hard or such.

    Most likely the newbies will learn that there are those who just won’t put in the effort. I have seen some new folks show up on a regular basis. Pretty soon they may become someone who can be depended on. If that happens they will be part of the establishment:) Then we will see if they can provide the support the organization needs to continue winning the majority of elected seats in the state. It wasn’t too long ago, early 90’s, when the Dems had a lot of control at the statewide and Federal level. So the proff will be in the pudding so to speak.

    Ohnandnif you really think Ron Paul can win the whole thing, you are truly a FANATIC. He can not and will not win because there are too many moderates who will vote for Obama rather than RP. Just a fact. Obama will get his 40% base and Romney will get his 40%. The play is for the remaining 20% in the middle and Paul scares the heck out of most people in the middle…….sorry to burst your bubble but it’s just the way it is. It being fanatical wont allow you to see the business case nor the logic of reality, and I understand that. But in the end if Obama wins it is will be because Ron Paul, and all his supporters who push for him, paved the way for the moderate voters to support Obama. History will not look kindly on the ego that leads to the ruin of this country.

  194. I agree but.... says:

    I will vote for Romney but am finding more and more difficult to see stark differences between Romney and Obama!

  195. Anonymous says:

    State party had this coming to them. NEGOP leadership was warned of Scott Peterson and his libertarian schemes a long time ago, but blew the claims off. “Just a bunch of crazy and dramatic Douglas County GOPers.” Now there are threats of violence at the state convention. Guess they don’t know all and should have heeded the warning signs.

  196. Great and Abominable says:

    I will write in Ron Paul. Google “great and abominable church” to see what Mitt Romney and the Mormon church think about Catholics and all other protestant religions. I cannot vote for someone who takes all his money to the Bahamas to avoid taxes yet pays millions in “tithing” to a cult who knocks on my door and tells me Pope Bemedict and the leaders of all the other Christian churches are under the control of Satan.

  197. Nick Peace says:

    All you Paulbots need to watch your six. Be cautious of Agent Provocateurs posing as Ron Paul people. The Romney camp will be there stirring the pot.

  198. The problem isn't Scott Peterson.. says:

    The problem is NEGOP leadership and their good ol boy club. Perhaps the governor shouldn’t rule with an iron fist!!! Good job Jordan McGrain!!! Maybe if you woke up and got to work before 10am you could work on uniting the party instead of taking personal shots!!

  199. Laura Ekbe misrepresents the convention says:

    So now Laura Ekbe is claiming that “the establishment” is throwing things at her caucus that is costing her caucus more money…things like hospitality suites, printing etc.

    Any hospitality suite costs are your own. The party should not have to fiancne events for her caucus, candidates or even the YR’s. And they don’t. Printing? Any printing done by the party for the convention is paid for by the party.

    The registration fee has been $65, and is still $65. Here is a copy of her request on thedailypaul site; it is called “If you really want to help Nebraska.”

    We have been hesitant to ask for help. Indeed, some forms of help are probably not helpful in our state. But, if you’re interested in helping us, the Republican Liberty Caucus-Nebraska has been bearing the brunt of the costs associated with the Convention–hospitality suites, printing costs, etc. We’re pretty well tapped out, and we’ve got another week to go before the convention, and the establishment folks will probably throw some new things at us that will require us to spend MORE money.

    If you want to help, we have a means for you to chip in, and it will go right into our account. (weblink) No PayPal, but credit/debit cards and eChecks are accepted.

    Some of the actions we take in the next week will be dependent on having the means to finance them.

    Laura Ebke, Chair
    Republican Liberty Caucus-NE

  200. Misrepresentation says:

    Oh you mean misrepresenting the facts like Ron Paul lawsuits are costing the NEGOP money when member attorneys do the work for the party pro bono. The biggest waste of party money is Jordan McGrain’s cushy six figure salary for a European work week.

  201. Political Genius says:

    Sweeper has a job like the rest of us. If you hate this Blog so much then why do you spend time on here?????

  202. Wait, I’m to understand you people have jobs?
    And I’m still trying too wrap my head around the “afraid to post until after Saturday ” comment.
    hopefully find time for a new post soon.

  203. Great and Abominable says:

    I don’t know why Ron Paul is being attacked for some racist things that one of his staff wrote in the 80s,Mitt Romney is a member of a cult who thinks all Christian religions are under the control of Satan. They are not a tolerant group.

  204. Catholic Voter says:

    Mormonism is not a cult. Most of the Mormons I know are not divorced, they are family centered, attend church frequently and don’t use drugs and alcohol. I don’t get the magic underwear thing but is that what is really important or is it how they lead their lives???? Stop the Bashing!!!

  205. Great and Abominable says:

    Catholic Voter, call LDS whatever you will, but accept that they consider the Catholic church as a corrupt, evil organization. Google “great and abominable church”. They think the Pope is commanded by Satan and they didn’t allow blacks into the priesthood until 1974. They are a bigoted , intolerant people. Ron Paul supports the liberty and religious freedom that is being taken away by the liberal establishment.

  206. RWP says:

    Very few religions have any substantial record of tolerance. At Catholic school in the late 60s, I learned that a conspiracy of Jews, communists, atheists and freemasons were conspiring to bring about the apocalypse. On the other side, the Free Presbyterians were preaching that the Catholic church is the whore of Babylon and that Catholics worship idols. My Dad had an old vinyl record of the Rev. Ian Paisley’s sermons, and they were truly vile. He was given a doctorate by Bob Jones University here in the US. He’s now The Reverend and Right Honourable Lord Bannside, with a life-peerage awarded by the Queen.

    Most American protestant denominations split over slavery, with their southern branches finding biblical justification for it. And let’s not even bring up Islam.

    Mormonism is not at all exceptional.

    This is just more Democratic disinformation from a sneaky little troll. If ‘Great and Abominable’ is really a Ron Paul supporter, I’ll eat a copy of the Book of Mormon.

  207. Great and Abominable says:

    Sorry RWP, when was the last time a Catholic or Presbyterian knocked on your door and told you your religion is a sham? Mormons knock on my door every year. What you learned in school was from an individual, it wasn’t the official stance of any church. I’m tired of hearing about Ron Paul’s newsletter or his association with hate groups when Mitt Romney is paying millions every year to tithing to a church no better than Jeremiah Wright.

  208. RWP says:

    Sorry RWP, when was the last time a Catholic or Presbyterian knocked on your door and told you your religion is a sham?

    I’m an atheist. I get pretty much daily abuse from both Catholics and Protestants.

  209. The ol Sombrero says:

    What happened to Matt Pinkerton? I really admired him for his strong support and broad support of every Republican. Matt, please come back and save us. YR’s need you. Republicans need you. Oh, and does any one else see the similarity between the douglas county election commissioner and Peter Griffin?

  210. Christian Science Monitor now quoting Street Sweeper!!! says:

    A certain Ghostbusters quote regarding cats and dogs comes to mind!

  211. Somewhat Venerable Bede says:

    I agree with many of St. Ron’s principles as stated by Paulists. However, my faith as a Reformed Druid (we worship shrubbery) means I specifically may not worship anyone named Ron, be he Hubbard or Paul or that creepy McDonald’s clown.

    We are electing a policy manager here, not a savior.

    Water your plants. Amen.

  212. RWP says:

    It’s 6:30 and I’m still at the NEGOP office. Europe sucks.

    The NEGOP office is in Europe? Damn, I’m running for the post of second assistant sub-director to the treasurer, c/o Monte Carlo.

  213. Fools says:

    Street Sweeper you are not fooling anyone. You obviously are not one person. You write both in the context of a male and female. Good luck smoking your bong.

  214. Jordan McGrain says Europe Sucks? says:

    Based on the bang up job you are doing destroying and dividing the NEGOP, I suspect you next job will not be in Europe but rather Siberia!!!

  215. Catholic Voter says:

    I had two young Mormon men knock on my door several years ago. They were very pleasant and polite. My wife and I invited them in for dinner. They shared their beliefs with us over dinner and we discussed what we liked and disliked about our faiths. Never once did they tell me Catholicism was a sham. I think you are confusing Mormonism with Scientology…lol

  216. Anonymous says:

    Good for Fahleson and Ebke. Hopefully now we can all focus on electing Mitt Romney for President and Deb Fischer for US Senate

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