A Convention truce?

Mark Fahleson, Chairman of the Nebraska GOP and Laura Ebke of the (Paulista) Republican Liberty Caucus released the following statement Monday night:

“We are both troubled by the rhetoric and heightened tensions surrounding the upcoming NEGOP Convention this Saturday in Grand Island.

There is something called “The Nebraska Way.” It’s honesty. Being cordial and neighborly. Practicing The Golden Rule. And, when differences occur, shaking hands and agreeing to disagree in a respectful way.

It’s important to us that the NEGOP Convention be conducted “The Nebraska Way.” For that reason we met to discuss ways in which we could more accurately reflect the cordiality and cooperation that actually exists between our two groups and express our mutual desire for the NEGOP Convention be conducted in an orderly and positive fashion.

To accomplish this, we pledge the following:

• The NEGOP and RLCNE will not engage in nor encourage and will actively discourage any kind of dilatory or disruptive tactics that could interfere with the mutual goal of an orderly and efficient convention.

• Based upon assurances provided by the RLCNE, the NEGOP has reconsidered and withdrawn its plan to hire additional security officers for the NEGOP Convention.

• The RLCNE will discourage those wishing to attend the NEGOP Convention for the purpose of intimidation, agitation or monitoring from attending.

• At the conclusion of the NEGOP convention, we will work together to accomplish the overarching goal we share: defeating Barack Obama in November.”

This is an interesting development. But this convention is too important for the national Ron Paul forces to not do everything in their power to win a majority of delegates. Will they follow Ebke’s lead? Will they pay attention?

Fireworks? Just a sparkler? Or maybe a giant burst like the ones in San Diego. Still gotta think the national press will be keeping a watchful eye. We suppose we will just have to wait and see.


As we noted on the Twitter over the weekend, a little more action in the Nebraska National Committeeman race in the upcoming Nebraska Republican Convention.

Matt Butler was the only announced candidate until Saturday afternoon, when former party Chair and 2006 Senate candidate David Kramer jumped into the race.

We do not know who Kramer counts as his backers, but a few hours later, Butler countered with his announcement that state Senator Scott Lautenbaugh would be nominating him and Washington County Chair John Orr would be seconding his nomination.

For those of you scoring at home that would be the Heineman and the…uh, non-Heineman wings of the party. We still imagine there is a chance a Paulista nominee could appear, but with Orr in the mix, it lessens the chances.

So things will be mellow down Grand Island way?


Bob Kerrey and Ben Nelson…err and the Nebraska Democrat Party have a new ad up against Deb Fischer about Fischer’s position on Taxes, ObamaCare and Abortion.

Ha ha! Of COURSE they didn’t! They know those and most of the rest of Kerrey’s positions are losers. No, they went after Fischer’s husband for being on the federal grazing program. Oh wait, no, they went after Deb Fischer for marrying a guy who leases federal grazing land. He pays the government to do this.

And Kerrey and Nelson have been fighting this issue for the combined 24 years the two have been in the U.S. Senate. Wait, no? Just this year? Well how about that then.

So, anywho, Nebraska Democrats, who have $40K in the bank, paid for this $200K commercial. Hmm. Wonder who really paid for it then?

But the farmers gotta be with Kerrey and Nelson and the Democrats on this, yeah?


Oh, here is the Nebraska Farm Bureau on the ad:

“We are extremely disappointed in the Nebraska Democratic Party’s latest television ad that unfairly portrays farmers and ranchers who participate in the Federal Bureau of Land Management’s grazing program as “welfare recipients.”

Wow. Tell us how you really feel.

“Many Nebraska farmers and ranchers participate in some form of government program that provides compensation for enhancing land management and conservation for the broader public good. This particular ad does a disservice to the many hard working Nebraska farm families who participate in these types of programs by failing to adequately share all the facts about these types of programs.”

So, other than picking an issue that people don’t care about, they’re wrong about and where they’ve pissed off the farmers, nice job Bob and Ben.

What else have you two teamed up on?


Back in DC, Congressman Lee Terry pushed a measure through the House of Representatives that ends the unfair “flood in progress” provision that was causing homeowners to have their claims turned down. Terry got the House to pass this last summer — it was then included in an omnibus bill the House and Senate passed before recessing for July 4.

The final bill went through the Senate shepherded by Senator Mike Johanns.

Terry’s law levels the playing field on flood insurance and restores fairness to homeowners who
pay premiums for coverage.

The success adds to the list of legislation that has become law under Terry’s sponsorship and
leadership. Among these are the “Hill-Terry” law passed in 2007 to increase the fuel
economy standards of cars, light trucks and SUVs. The law will save the U.S. from importing
400 million barrels of oil per year from the Persian Gulf when fully implemented.


Oh and one final note on the Senate race.

The Washington Post’s “The Fix” column still has Nebraska in the top 2 seats most likely to switch party control.

If I was Bob Kerrey I’d want seven debates too.


  1. Chalk Mine Special says:

    One FREE month-long stay in the mine if you agree to watch continuous-loop of the latest Dem grazing rights ad. Some would say it is a perfect deal for IO.

  2. Interested Observer says:

    It sure seems like a lot of people are talking about Deb’s WELFARE GRAZING lately! Now even Macdaddy is the first commenter to bring it up. WOW

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    Well, Deb has said that giving up welfare-grazing is on the ‘reform’ table. I’m willing to take her at her word, for now. But if she r-e-a-l-l-y wants to beat this drum, she should speak up Saturday in Grand Island about the need to audit the fed. That will bring in the votes of the Republican Liberty Coalition and create an ally of Laura Ebke.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Deb Fischer could go on vacation from now until November and she still will beat Kerrey. IO, you might want to get a new obsession.

  5. SoWhat??? says:

    I can’t believe it! I agree with TexasAnnie on something. I also support an audit of the complete Federal Reserve system. What TexasAnnie and the paulies don’t realize is a real audit of the Federal Reserve is likely to demonstrate just how truly worthless the US dollar is becoming and how our national debt is far beyond the $16 trillion which is reported by the government. If you think the 2008 “financial crisis” was a big deal, a true audit of the Fed is likely to make that look like nothing at all. On the upside, if you are one of those paulie “gold bugs” a Fed audit will finally make your dreams of $2000+ gold a reality overnight.

  6. Question for IO says:

    Interested observer– why do you think it is ok to allow Deb Ficsher grazing rights at a lower price than her competitors? This is welfare so how can you condone what Fischer is doing? Shame on IO!!!

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Where is everybody? I hope the Paulistas aren’t this flighty when it comes to running the party. May have to put Ritalin in the water on Saturday.

  8. Up in Omaha says:

    It’s funny to see the Paulistas make a deal with “establishment”. Isn’t that what the Paulistas have constantly accused the “establishment” of doing, saying that they don’t stand on principle? Truth is Paulistas don’t stand on principle and are just as political as everyone else. In the end, the Paulistas realized they don’t have the votes and the NEGOP was ready for any shenanigans from them. It’s funny how in the end the party always finds a to win.

    Oh, isn’t Scott Petersen the ‘establishment”? He and minion have been in charge of the DCRP for about two years.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I agree with ‘Up in Omaha’, but would like to add that Laura Ebke is telling all the national Paulers that they know they don’t have the delegates, and that “We win only by not scaring off the little old ladies and other party regulars who share our values, but may have come to believe that we’re just a bunch of rabblerousers.”

    Sorry Laura Ebke, Jon Tucker and Scott Petersen, but your group is full of rabblerousers (ie Douglas County convention).

  10. So, Scott Petersen... says:

    So the DCRP has all this money for a new office and call center equipment, but it doesn’t have the $30 it takes to print off treasurer reports for the entire central committee once a month? I’m thinking you have something to hide that you don’t want everyone to see.

  11. Establishment says:

    Actually Mark Probably reached out to Laura since all the press has made the NEGOP look uninviting good ol’ boys like in Massachussetts. Maybe brilliant Jordan McGrain can go to the national press and calm this down by proclaiming the NEGOP is doubling down on their security efforts.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    I see now why the NEGOP was so focused on Bob Kerrey buying $400K worth of “kick Fischer “ TV advertising when the NE Democratic Party has only $40K cash on hand. I figured, who cares where the funding comes from… except that the actual Kerrey TV ad kicking Fischer says, “The Nebraska Democratic Party is responsible for this ad”.

    How so? The NDP is out of cash. Someone is paying for that ad and it isn’t Nebraska Democrats.

  13. Anonymous at 10:55 says:

    So you’re telling me that it might actually be strategically important to make the Paulbots look like rabble rousers? And that you would do this by making it sound like the convention could get out of hand and that security is needed? Wow! I wish someone had thought of that.

  14. Young republicans are at it again!!! says:

    I have it on good authority the young republicans were trying to put a slate together but realized they do not have enough members to fill the 32 spots. Nice leadership Candice!

  15. NDP says:

    @4:47. That doesn’t surprise me under the leadership of Matt Pinkerton. That guy is one Mahood short of a Pizza Ranch. It must be all the lavish outings at Charlie’s On The Lake.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Just heard Laura Ebke on KFAB about how she wanted a quiet, boring convention. She also said that she was hoping Ron Paul would get some delegates. A question for Ms. Ebke: how many delegates do you think Ron Paul should get from Nebraska and on what are you basing your answer?

  17. Huh says:

    It is not Scott making comments about utterly useless Young Republicans. Many of us are just sick of you threatening to vote Scott out. You have like 10 people that think he is doing bad the rest don’t. We get it you don’t like Scott. Face the facts the establishment YR members are NOT in control of the DCRP anymore! We are done being lead by the establishment RINO young republicans. It is time to back to regan/ Goldwater values.

  18. YR,s. says:

    I am not really sure if I understand all the hate for the Young Republicans in your area??? Why all this anonymous posting to trash young people that are involved in the party? Whats your alternative scott? Talk about the party eating its young!

    The dems must feel good when they read this blog.

  19. Val Budentine says:

    dont worry. the dems would love too have some young to eat. the estableshmant. is tired of chewing on the old folks from rurel nebraska and they dont tast good ether

  20. Anonymous says:

    So not having an Executive Director in 2 years, a complete lack of ability to fundraise and not fielding challengers for incumbent democrat office holders isn’t failure? So why shouldn’t he be removed for performing his duties inadequately?

    Scott Petersen does not think the county party should be helping the candidates; no, the candidates should be helping out the county party. That is not the attitude a county chairman should have.

    And I don’t know why all of Scott’s “staff” is attacking the Young Republicans, but it is very telling. Rather than countering with real arguments, they are resorting to name-calling and snarkiness.

  21. I agree with the above poster says:

    You are correct! The NEGOP has NOT had an executive director for two years unless you count that empty suit errr empty sweater Jordan McGrain who shamelessly attacks The liberty movement!

  22. Anonymous says:

    The mindless drones that follow their savior Ron Paul are calling themselves the “Liberty Movement”? My, what illusions of grandeur you all have…

  23. Romney Movement says:

    You’re right about the mindless drones. Nobody has ever said their life was changed by Mitt Romney. Nor have they equated a movement (except maybe a bowel movement) with Romney. Romney supporters certainly lack any illusions (or reality) of grandeur.

  24. Romney actually has created a movement says:

    It’s called the ” hold your nose and vote” movement yet I find it funny that the young republicans complain when they get trashed yet turn around and trash passionate your Ron Paul fans!

  25. Delegate says:

    Laura Ebke doesn’t speak for me. I’m still going with Ron Paul all the way, and anybody that gets in my way shall regret it.

  26. Romney actually has created a movement says:

    It is obvious “delegate” is not a Paul supporter rather an imposter trying to make Ron Paul delegates as crazies!!! Nice try

  27. Lil Mac says:

    Passion? Passion in politics is a lit match in a fireworks factory. Passion is primates baring teeth, getting boners and throwing poo. Passion drives people to violence and suicide; it gets you killed in combat and in business. It blinds people to reason and wrecks havoc. In politics, passion is what candidates use to hoodwink stupid voters. Yes, passion can get you moving. But so can Ex-Lax.

  28. Scott Peterson says:

    So should I gather from the fact that all of this YR hate is coming from the DCRP office or Peterson printings IP that Scott Peterson is fully endorsing the destruction of the Young Republicans?

    Way to go Scott! Thats a smart move!

    I don’t think we have ever had a chair that is going out of his way to destroy the young in the party.

  29. Delegate says:

    Romney has created a “movement” away from traditional Republican values. If anyone is “crazy” they are the fools that actually believe Mitt Romney will win in November. Romney is a liberal, cast in the same mold as Barack Obama. Only Ron Paul can lead our nation out of its problems. The establishment knows this, but they will do anything to maintain the status quo.
    Laura Ebke is a traitor to the cause.

  30. Wow says:

    Actually that’s a lie about Scott pederson! I am sending you the hate! Because you are divisive and not supportive. Scott does a great job while the YR’s just complain and try to further their political careers! The YR’s have treated the Liberty movement like crap when they are some of the most dedicated, organized, hard working, passionate people which is an asset. While arrogant, entitled, complainers is not an asset! Don’t you have some Lee Terry literature to make out with!

  31. Delegate says:

    @ Fake delegate. You have just proven my case. This is how the establishment reacts to the truth, they call you a fake, a liar, or worse. But they offer nothing to disprove what you say.

  32. BTW says:

    How can you complain that Scott Peterson is destroying the YR’s??? That is similar to blaming someone today of destroying Enron. You can not destroy something that is running on fumes.

  33. @ wow says:

    Thanks again Scott! @ 🙂

    So I am guessing Scott is Admitting he as Chairman of the DCRP is actively trying to destroy the young in our party? Am I the only one that sees a problem with that?

  34. @Tip @ Scott P says:

    You Wish I was who you think I am so you could threaten me like you do everyone else, Hate to break it to you but I am not him,

  35. @Tip AKA Scott P says:

    Are you trying to insinuate that you have ‘taken’ the party so you can rape it and whore it out to other people? I think that’s how that movie went…

  36. Delegate says:

    I just got an E-mail with a Lincoln Journal Star story in which David Kramer stated he supports affirmative action. So Mr. Kramer believes is discrimination then???

  37. Anonymostly says:

    So, in other news I see that model of efficiency otherwise known as our federal government OVERPAID unemployment compensation in the year 2011 by FOURTEEN BILLION DOLLARS. On the journal star site, our very own Interested Observer challenged yours truly to come up with a way for the Federal Government to save money. And challenged me to be specific. Well, there ya go, Interested Observer: Don’t overpay unemployment by $14 billion. And if you do just that and nothing else, you’ll save taxpayers 14 times more than your most optimistic estimates for the federal grazing program if they restructured it as you think they should. Makes that whole grazing thing seem pretty trivial. Which it is. So, thanks for spending all that time on it, IO.

  38. Interested Observer says:

    Thank you Animosity at 11:57 PM for coming up with a specific way for the Federal Government to save money. Add my $1 billion to your $14 billion and we are on our way to cutting wasteful spending and the deficit. I was sure that you would eventually come around to my way of thinking and pitch in to help out and I’m glad that, once again, I was right!

  39. Ha says:

    Which one of the YR’s keeps defending them? There’s only 5 members so we can narrow it down pretty quick. My guess is Matt Pinkerton. He’s the loud mouth of the bunch.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Truce or deal? Despite all the slates going around, could be behind the scenes bullet voting going on to get

  41. A real problem says:

    Has anyone heard NEGOP is reviewing Scott’s Treasurer’s reports? They have repeatedly shown zero on “accounts payable”–which means Scott was telling DCRP memebrs there is no debt. But then we hear there’s debt–and it keep growing. Could Scott be removed for filing false Treasurer’s reports?

  42. A real problem for DCRP says:

    I also heard that each member of DCRP is liable for any debt in the event they are sued–so the members might be ticked at Scott for hiding it. Also, is there a rule that prevents a chair from “feathering” his own nest–Scott keeps sending printing businesss to, you guessed it, Peterson Printing.

  43. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymostly: Obama has also outsourced $29 billion of our taxpayer dollars to do work that Americans could do. I’m sure Bob Kerrey would put a stop to that because he’d have so much pull being Harry Reid’s byatch.

  44. Rumor says:

    Does anyone know if there is legal grounds to the removal of the current Omaha young republican president for “excessive nerdiness”? Apparently in the Omaha Young Republican constitution there is a little known clause. Apparently article 7 item 6 of the Lamar provision states ” any acting member of leadership who continues to display nerd like qualities and or surrounds himself with people that should be shoved in lockers is immediate grounds for removal”

  45. Macdaddy says:

    Liberty Party people: What percentage of Nebraska’s delegates do you think Ron Paul should get and on what are you basing your answer?

  46. 2nd says:

    Hey YR’s how’s the running away from problems club you started a few months ago? Looks like the calendar is a little bare. You guys must be really busy.

  47. Lamda Lamda Lamda says:

    It is truly amazing to watch a few drive the YR’s into nerdom. What once was a proud group has now turned into the laughing stock of Nebraska.

  48. Anonymous says:

    When us Scott Petersen going to file the DCRPs NADC report for the primary? Surely there was at least more than one person who donated more than $250 in the last 7 months…

  49. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t matter how much the DCRP had. What does matter is raising more money, spending it wisely and filing the proper reports.

  50. anonymous says:

    I think it definitely matters what state the finances were in when he took over as Chairman. It’s a very relevant question. Was the DCRP flush with cash that he frittered away? Or was he handed a mess?

  51. Anonymostly says:

    Kerrey obviously thinks that IO’s talking points on federal grazing permits are the way to go in attacking Deb Fischer. This whole “welfare grazing” argument, BTW, is so totally bogus. The arguments are, for the most part, misleading at best and flat-out dishonest at worst.

    1. It only benefits 1% of ranchers.

    Well, duh. Kerrey, the dems, and IO act like if we opened it up to bidding or something that, suddenly, we’d have all kinds of ranchers able to benefit from federal grazing. Here’s a newsflash: there’s only so much land available. And it only exists in certain areas. They can’t pick up, say, 10,000 acres from McKelvie and stick in it southern Nemaha county so that farmers there can use it. There’s only so many cattle that land will support and so there will only ever be a finite number of ranchers who can use it NO MATTER HOW you structure the fees.

    2. It’s a subsidy paid by taxpayers.

    No it’s not. Look up the word “subsidy.” A subsidy is when someone helps pay the cost of something that someone else buys. Crop insurance is an example of a subsidy. The federal government helps pay part of the cost of the insurance. The insurance is, therefore, subsidized. The grazing program is not a subsidy. The government is not underwriting part of the cost. Instead, the government decides how much it wants to charge and the tenants pay that amount. That the government might be able to charge more for pasture rent is irrelevant and doesn’t convert “rent” into “subsidy.” But it does show how bad the government is at trying to run a business.

    3. Fischer has been “paid” or “received” $3 million in taxpayer subsidies.

    This is just a bald-faced lie. This claim implies that the government has written checks totalling roughly $3 million and either gave them to Fischer to help pay the pasture rent or gave them to her landlord on her behalf. Not true at all. The government hasn’t paid her anything. She is the one who has paid the government that which the government said it was owed. And this argument depends entirely on the assumption that Deb would have paid a private landowner $3 million more for pasture rent than she paid the government during the same timeframe. We don’t know that. If the government had gotten out of the land-owning business and Fischer’s family purchased the land instead, they wouldn’t be paying rent at all.

    4. Fischer’s family are welfare recipients because of the good deal they get with their federal grazing permits.

    Here’s another lie told by the libs, IO, and Kerrey. What these grazing permits are is an arms-length transaction where the government sets the price of grazing and the permit holders pay that price. A contract or a deal with the government is not welfare of any sort. The fact that it might be a very good deal doesn’t make it any more a case of “welfare” than getting 50% off the purchase of a new shirt at Dillard’s would be considered “charity.”

  52. Anonymostly is an Ideologue says:

    One definition of welfare at Dictionary.com is: financial or other assistance to an individual or family from a city, state, or national government

    I’d say getting a deal from the federal government where I only pay 3% of the market rate fits this definition.

  53. I am filig a report says:

    After reading this banter about the NADC I am actually going tI file a report. So everyone knows (or at least the five people that read this) tomorrow I am going to file a complaint with the NADC (national association of dumbass complainers) about these idiot comments posted here. Young Republicans we get it you do not like Scott Peterson and are anti-liberty movement. Interested Observer we get it you do not like Deb Ficsher. BTO we get it you do not like old ladies. RWP we get it you do not like Bob KerreyI ( or shirts with sleeves). TexasAnnie we get it you don’t like republicans or men. And finally NEGOP we get it you don’t like change or being challenged!!!! Enough of the stupid comments!!!

  54. Anonymous says:

    So, anon at 3:20, because the government could charge me 90% income tax but doesn’t — hence foregoing that revenue — they’re subsidizing me? Don’t be a friggin’ idiot. Under any reasonable definition of the term “subsidy” this is not one. If there was a tax on something and the government declined to collect the tax, then that could be a subsidy. But that is real foregone revenue, not potential or projected revenue the government might have received had it decided to impose a tax or charge a higher rate for something. And that isn’t what’s happened here.

    And Interested Observer (pretending to be someone else) at 3:34, speaking of ideologues, setting a price and charging that price is not “financial assistance.” See discussion of “subsidy” above.

    It’s interesting to me how the left employs this language of class envy. They defend real welfare to the poor by trying to categorize every financial transaction between the government and people who aren’t poor as “corporate welfare” or some kind of “subsidy.” And then they assert that if one objects to redistributing money from the productive classes to the unproductive classes, then one must object any time the government doesn’t take extra money from the productive or provides businesses with financial incentives to do something.

    Take this latest kerfuffle over storm sewers in Omaha. The mayor wants to “stick it to the man” by making the businesses that use most of the water resources pay for bringing the storm sewer system up to standard. But the businesses say, hey, wait a sec, we may use more of the water, but a big part of this is runoff from rains and we aren’t responsible for the vast majority of that. To which the mayor has basically said that’s your problem.

    The left hates the wealthy. They despise the fact that some have succeeded in the game of life where others have not. If they spread the burden beyond just those few major businesses, the mayor’s political base will object that it’s tantamount to “corporate welfare” or “financial assistance” or a “subsidy.” Make those EVIL corporations pay!

    But the unintended consequence is that, where the left is emotional, businesses are rational. And if the cost of doing business in Omaha is greater than the cost of doing business elsewhere … they’ll move. And they’ll take their manufacturing jobs with them. And then the left will complain how those EVIL corporations valued profits over community and loyalty and blah blah blah. And though they will have cut off their noses to spite their faces, they’ll feel justified in their anger towards those EVIL corporations who took all their jobs away.

    How long before Omaha looks like Detroit? I suppose that depends on how long Democrats remain in control of the city.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I have a question for any of the ideologues who want to answer: Is the federal government policy of favoring minority-owned businesses when bidding contracts or guaranteeing loans “welfare” or a “subsidy?”

  56. Anonymous says:

    #78 is proof that tribalism is rampant on this site. Talk about twisting oneself into a pretzel to defend Fischer’s use of government subsidies only available to a select few. Setting a price at 3% of market value is a 97% discount which is “financial assistance” to any rational person whose mind is not clouded by right-wing obfuscation. (And I’m not IO proving you’re not clairvoyant either.)

  57. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 6:09: it’s neither. It’s racism. Now if the government overpays on purpose, it could also be a subsidy. If the government pays but the business performs no work in return, it could also be welfare. If it was also awarded based on the owner’s support of Obama, then it is also just business as usual. But the idea of giving government business to somebody based on the color of their skin rather than the best value to the taxpayer is wrong on 50 different levels. Try harder with your question next time.

  58. Some Thoughts says:

    I don’t understand the big to-do over delegates to the Republican convention. Even if the majority of Nebraska delegates vote for Paul, it’s not as if he’s going to win the nomination over Romney! As I understand it, Paul simply would be an official candidate along with Romney, and therefore entitled to speak before the convention. His delegates could help to shape the party’s platform, but Romney is still obviously the winner. I see this possible development as a good thing. It means that Obama would have to be responsive to more of those libertarian concerns, which are major weaknesses for him even among voters on the left (marijuana legalization, monetary policy, national debt, foreign aggression, protecting citizens against govt. intrusion and spying). It would make the Republican party a bigger tent, more appealing to a wider range of voters. During the primary season the Republicans were trying to appeal to the far right, but this has an alienating effect in the general election. Allowing Paul to have a stronger influence at the convention could be a positive move.

  59. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, yeah, I’m an ideologue just because I disagree with liberals. But the liberals who go around incessantly complaining about this decidedly trivial issue of federal grazing permits aren’t ideologues at all. Oh, no. Of course not.

  60. Anonymostly says:

    Well, Macdaddy has an interesting answer to the question at 6:09. There certainly might be an element of racism in there because it basically says “we, the federal government, don’t think minority-owned businesses can handle competition without a little boost.” So insulting.

    But, if anon at 3:20 is correct, then it’s also a subsidy because it would constitute foregone revenue. Favoring minority-owned businesses means those minority businesses don’t have to be the lowest bidder to win the contract. I mean, that is REAL foregone revenue. So, it would be a subsidy.

    But it also fits the liberal definition of welfare. Private grazing on federal land is called “welfare grazing” because the government is giving a better deal to a select few than what everyone else would get, right? So, it looks like the liberal definition of welfare to me.

    So, looks to me like it’s all three: racism; a subsidy; and welfare. I bet we could save well over $1 billion in taxpayer money by ending racial preferences in government contracts and guaranteed loans. Why isn’t Interested Observer screaming about this?

  61. getsomeperspective says:

    Do Ron Paul’s Republican supporters know who they are really supporting?

    Ron Paul is tied to the Ludwig von Mises Institute which strongly condemns GOP Abe Lincoln as a an anti-freedom tyrant. Paul himself proposed term-limit legislation many times while Paul served four terms in the HOR. He is neither a sincere Republican nor too honest, per his own words and actions.

    Ron Paul campaigned for Reagan in 1976 and 1980, but was the only HOR Republican to vote against Reagan’s 1981 budget. Paul resigned his seat in Congress in 1984 in a snit; basically giving the GOP the finger as he eagerly ran for the US Senate, and then lost.

    In 1987, in a scathing letter, Ron Paul quit the Republican Party and slandered Pres. Reagan, and the following month announced he would seek the 1988 Libertarian Party nomination. Paul called Reagan a “failure” and said “Reagan’s record is disgraceful. He starts wars, breaks the law…” Paul told the Media he hoped “the Republicans are on their way out as a major party” and said although he had been registered as a Republican before, he had always been a Libertarian at heart.

    The Republican-hater Libertarian-loser Ron Paul returned to medicine/business after losing the 1988 election. Yet, by 1996, Presto! There is Ron Paul again running as a Republican. He told the Press that he had never read the Libertarian platform when he ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988.
    When Paul lost his bid in 2008 to be a GOP President, he once again said the GOP was as bad as the Democratic Party. And in a stunning display of disloyalty, he not only refused to endorse the GOP’s 2008 nominee but Paul actively supported third-party candidates, every one of whom took votes only from the Republican nominee leaving Obama stronger.

    Ron Paul could not win, so he actively, avidly, rabidly helped the GOP lose.

    His positions and principles are difficult to assess because they are grossly overshadowed by the fact that he has jumped so many party fences so often, lied about it, and that he acts so neurotically Fuehrer -like in his demand that if GOP voters don’t elect specifically himself, they deserve anarchy or worse.

    Ron Paul’s anti-statist positions are neither new nor unique to him. Yet, Paul’s and his friends’ belief that top GOP icons Lincoln and Reagan were terrible anti-Freedom tyrants, and that unless American voters choose Ron Paul they deserve Obama, that is unique. Some might say it pathologically so.

  62. All Hail Mahood says:

    Tyler Mahood is the love child between Optimus Prime and Xena Warrior Princess. Part demigod part machine, Tyler Mahood can defeat liberals with a simple stare. Time magazine once called him the most influential man on UNO’s campus. Mahood is best known for his catch phrase “hey, lets get this party started by serving up some delicious pizza when it comes out of the oven, but don’t eat it to fast because you might burn the roof of your mouth or possibly burning your tongue, come on guys really lets debate”. Soon all of you will kneel before him.

  63. What? says:

    What is the deal with people on this blog tearing into the Young Republicans? They are doing a great service for the party. Maybe they’re not well funded or the brightest, but they work their tails off.

  64. Some Thoughts says:

    That was a bunch of bunk about Ron Paul. First, how about criticizing Paul’s own statements and opinions, not those of people to whom he is mysteriously “linked”? Second, how do you think we instituted term limits in Nebraska? By relying only on those who quit after the time they would have proposed as a limit? No.

    Now, what about Paul and Reagan? Paul had been an enthusiastic supporter of Reagan in 1980 based on the platform and policies Reagan said he would institute. What happened, though? Reagan almost immediately started running deficits and increasing our debt (yes, the opposition Congress was responsible for that too), caused us to intervene in conflicts like Nicaragua, and expanded the IRS. Obviously Paul was and is opposed to all of these things, I think to his credit. He has consistently stood for small government, balanced budgets, and limited involvement in foreign conflicts, even when these principles were abandoned by Republicans. Whether Paul is right or wrong is open to debate, but I think the nation as a whole wins when these issues are put front and center in the campaign. Allowing Paul to make the case for his issues to the convention can only be a good thing, I believe. He has under 200 delegates. It’s not as if he’s a threat. His views need to be heard, though, and incorporated into this campaign. Nebraska could be the state that allows this to happen, and I find that rather exciting.

    I don’t see why the Paul supporters are being slammed for trying to make this possible. The state party acts almost as if they’re a bunch of hoodlums, but really they’re bringing vital energy and enthusiasm to the party, along with a focus on the most important issues.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Paul has had the chance to make his case the last 4 years or so. Why should he get another bite at the apple when the convention is going to nominate Romney?

  66. TexasAnnie says:

    Welfare, corporate welfare, government subsidies and loans, TIF financing and various “economic development” schemes etc., and our current federal tax rates have this in common: they advantage a selected few to the disadvantage of everyone else. I oppose all public policies whereby EQUITY is not the underlying goal and wherein policy makers are picking economic winners and losers. I believe, at the encouragement of Ron Paul, that we should restore a limited and constitutional federal government, and that we should abolish the IRS and initiate a single federal income tax rate (no exceptions, no excuses) -or- a federal sales tax to replace the income tax.

    It’s all or none with me. Either we create (state and local) governments which serve everyone or no one. That’s fair. Y’all have a long way to go to get to fairness in Nebraska. And I’m not implying that Texas governments are unflawed. Rather, I selected my retirement community wisely and am therefore unburdened by the tax demands of “economic development” welfare and subsidies which y’all have become slaves to in Omaha and Lincoln. Anyone who wants to start up a business in my little town, pays their own way. And when they succeed, they are rewarded with low tax rates. It’s REAL capitalism, folks, and I love it!

  67. Mr Fahleson-Romney says:

    GRAND ISLAND, NE Romney’s supporters will have much better beer at their hospitality suites. But the Ron Paul fans will have some killer weed at theirs. Hmmmm?

  68. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting to watch Deb work under the radar to overthrow the Nebraska Republican Party and try to put Joyce Simmons and David Kramer in as National Committemen. Remember that Joyce is Deb’s very, very closest advisor, confidant and fellow plotter and schemer and that Kramer was Deb’s Douglas County Chairman for the Primary. Deb and Joyce are about the same age and have been
    close for years.

    I hear the Governor doesn’t trust Deb to keep her word now.

  69. Anonymous says:

    [Redacted] (Interested Observer)- You have absolutely no inside information about the Governor. Deb Fischer hasn’t had a thing to do with the current Nebraska GOP politics. This axe to grind that you have against Deb Fischer as a result of your dad’s loss is unseemly.

  70. Interested Observer says:

    People, I have said many times in here that I am a rancher from Valentine and have known Deb for 40 years. I have also said several times that I am not an attorney and that I am not related to one. I do not lie. How could some young man have known Deb 40 years when he isn’t even that old?

    Those who continue to challenge me on this issue call into question their own credibility.

    Street Sweeper, would you please delete the comment calling someone else by my username?

  71. Anonymous says:

    [Redacted], a/k/a Interested Observer-

    We know that you have difficulty with the truth. You have lied about Deb’s involvement in Planned Parenthood at the Cherry County Fair. Now you have lied that the Governor doesn’t trust Deb. Why wouldn’t you lie about your true identity?

    There’s only one way to prove you are not [Redacted]. Reveal your true identity.

  72. Thank you says:

    Thank you to whomever revealed this joker’s identity. Not sure what happened between him and Deb but I am so sick of hearing about it. Not sure what IO is trying to accomplish exactly but you are not getting anywhere. Go take care of your cattle or whatever it is that you do. I’m sure with the drought on they are running out of grass. Maybe you could even look into leasing some government land. I hear you can lease it pretty cheaply.

  73. GOP Outsider says:

    Interested Observor is correct that Deb Fisher has been plotting with former congressional candidate Dennis Parker. The plot also includes political juggernaut Matt Pinkerton. Matt’s plan was for Dennis Parker receive 1 % of the vote thereby allowing Deb Ficsher to win the primary which would Allow Ron Paul taking over the party so Obama could win reelection and redirect money to work on a time machine to go back and but rare and valuable baseball cards!!! I think that right.

  74. Watch Out says:

    Laura Ebke, Jon Tucker, Scott Petersen, John Orr and all of the other Paulbots have a secret plan for the convention. Don’t be fooled by their ‘truce’ with the NEGOP. They will do and say anything to get delegates

  75. Anonymostly says:

    One more lie in that Kerrey ad above that I somehow forgot to mention earlier:

    5. This “welfare grazing” that only benefits 1% of Nebraska ranchers costs taxpayers $120 million.

    This is a lie on multiple levels. The whole federal program has an administrative expense of $120 million according to the government’s figures. But the Kerrey ad implies that federal grazing by 1% of Nebraska ranchers (i.e. Deb Fischer) costs taxpayers $120 million. That’s not even close to being true. And even if they tried to be somewhat accurate by explaining that’s the cost of administering the whole federal program, it’s still misleading because it assumes that you could eliminate that expense by eliminating the program. I don’t know for certain but I doubt very strongly that’s true. You’d need to see how the government came up with that figure. How much of that includes wages of U.S. Forest Service officials who would still be on the payroll whether the grazing program existed or not? I mean, someone still has to supervise that land even if it’s not being grazed. And it might be even more costly for the Federal Government to take over maintenance of fences, etc., that ranchers with permits take care of now. And it would certainly result in the expenditure of other resources to fill in what’s lost by not having cattle there. For one thing, you’ll have more prairie fires because there’ll be greater build-up of dead grass that wasn’t eaten by cattle. So, who’s going to fight those blazes? And at what expense? Just because you eliminate the grazing program doesn’t mean you can completely eliminate the cost of administering the land.

    I wonder if Don Walton will fact-check Kerrey’s ad on this?

  76. District 1 says:

    @ GOP Outsider. Dennis Parker has been plotting this Ron Paul takeover for sometime. His sidekick Matt Pinkerton got close to the party. Like the saying goes keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Pinkerton has entrenched himself in the party like a tick. People tend to forget about the third musketeer in this equation…Spencer Zimmerman. These three amigos are on the verge of Nebraska domination.

  77. Commenters,
    You will note that I have [Redacted] a name on a number of the comments.
    The person named has stated that he is not “Interested Observer” and has asked to take his name out.
    In the future, I will not “redact”. I will simply delete the comment you took so long to write.
    This is a giant freakin’ hassle.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Some Thoughts: Ron Paul is trying to get more Nebraska delegates than he earned so he can speak at the convention. At the convention, will he talk about stopping the war on drugs? Will he advocate legalizing cocaine and heroin like in the past? Will he try to add abolishing the death penalty to the platform? Maybe he can move to get legalized prostitution added. Or cutting off all funding to Israel and Arab governments (the obvious result of that move would be the Middle East and all it’s oil radioactive for 1000 years). These are all positions that Ron

  79. Macdaddy says:

    Damn iPhone. The above post is me, too.

    Ron Paul has advocated all these positions and the voters have rejected them. By a large margin. I fail to see how he thinks he should get to speak at the convention but yet he is willing to use hook or crook to get there. I appreciate that his supporters feel that the Republican party is too liberal and very little different than the Dems. Ron Paul is not the person they should rally behind to make that point. Work to remake the NEGOP. Work hard. But ditch Ron Paul. He’s going nowhere.

  80. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 6:31: Drudge is saying Condi, not Dave. There are way better choices than those 2. Unless Condi has flipped to being pro-life, she’ll make Romney’s job that much harder.

  81. Really? says:

    It must be a real hassle for you Street Sweeper. Since now you only post every 3-4 days. Why have you gotten so lazy? To afraid to rock the boat before Sat.?

  82. GOP Outsider says:

    “ron Paul is trying to get more delegates then he earned??””” it’s a non-binding delegate state and delegates are elected not given proportional to popular vote in primary. Next time be proactive, no the rules, and SHOW UP!!

  83. GOP Outsider says:

    Just got a letter from national delegate candidate Curren Webb. It reeks of establishment rhetoric about rallying for Mitt. Said we should all be “good sports”. He is also a big fan of endorsing in a contested primary!!! And thanks for playing Curren!

  84. Wesley Crusher says:

    Hey McGrain! I noticed you haven’t posted the times of events on Saturday. Your website went stealth. Gee that seems odd?

  85. Anonymous says:

    Condi Rice is quite open about not wanting Roe to be dismantled. This won’t be good unless they think they can offset the loss of some pro-life voters by picking up minorities and women.

  86. getsomeperspective says:

    Street sweeper, here is some street maintenance for you.

    My post at 123 had a message “awaiting moderation” and then it disappeared. I assumed you deleted it. So I edited it for tone and it reposted at 125. But then my 123 post reappeared. This may be a function of the blog’s software.

    If you wish to delete my second post 125, go right ahead. 123 is pointed, 125 more subdued. But the facts remain the same in both. Frankly, I prefer the former, 123, because I really am unhappy with people who would force other people in the name of freedom to accept that which was already rejected by voters.

  87. GOP Outsider says:

    Get some perspective– they played by your rules. I did not vote for Paul but you were asleep at the wheel. Those are the breaks. Learn from it.

    Btw nice rant

  88. Anonymous says:

    IO, you have rasped the skin off Fischer’s cows in what seems ten thousand blog comments that have had no other effective aim than to get Kerrey elected. You pride yourself on being a form of water boarding for bloggers, incessant and irritating. If some are openly hostile, you should be proud of having caused that. How that cures your issue or impacts this Senate race, I don’t know. But if you act like this elsewhere, people must turn and head in the other direction when you come in.

  89. New to this site says:

    INterested Observer– you make some great points but I am not quite sold. Could you please in detail explain your claim.

  90. Interested Observer says:

    Well, New to this site, Joyce Simmons, who is running for Republican National Committeewoman, has been a close political adviser to Deb for many years. Joyce has been involved in politics for many years. She served one term on the Valentine City Council, but chose to not run for a second term once those recall petitions were circulated to boot her off the Council for firing a popular City Manager. She was the Mayor of Valentine at the time as she usually likes to be in charge, like Deb. Then when she was the President of the Valentine Rotary International chapter, she was kicked out of the entire Rotary International organization for some reason. I understand that Joyce holds the dubious distinction of being the only person in the history of Nebraska to actually be kicked out of Rotary! Joyce also plotted and schemed with Deb to overthrow the Cherry County Republican Party 8 years and even “crowned” herself as the Chair of our county party. Again, she always has to be in charge of any organization she’s in. She has always been a highly controversial and polarizing figure.

    David Kramer is very well known in Nebraska Republican circles, so I don’t need to go into detail about him. He was a long time supporter of Deb’s. In fact, he supported Deb for the Senate even before she publicly announced her candidacy and he served as Deb’s Douglas County Campaign Chairman. Kramer, like Deb, has some political baggage, with his positions on some issues that are contrary to most conservative Republicans. Kramer is also somewhat of a polarizing figure.

    It seems all 3 of these tend to put their own personal ambition ahead of the good of the Party and the State of Nebraska.

  91. New to this site says:

    Interested Observer- that is the first piece of common sense I have heard on this site. I knew this whole thing was not about Ron Paul but was a bigger power play. You need to tell people about this over and over again so they WAKE UP. Keep telling your story!!!

  92. To Interested Observer says:

    Darlene Starman should get the nod over Joyce. Darlene has done 100 times more to get republicans elected. Every election cycle she is working the phone banks and raising money for candidates.

    David Kramer has indefensible positions supporting affirmative action and amnesty for illegals. He will not get my vote!!!

  93. Some Thoughts says:

    Let’s suppose you’re right, and Deb likes to be the boss of whatever group she’s in. Let’s also suppose you’re right and she’s wanted to be a Senator for many years now. I have heard the same things about her from people who used to know her. Now, is this supposed to be an asset or a liability in a Senator? Isn’t a Senator supposed to be a leader rather than a follower? Shouldn’t a Senator be the kind of person who wants to be in charge, wants to organize things, execute plans, and generally get things done? I would say yes. Shrinking violets and modest types probably aren’t often found in the halls of the Capitol. I don’t want to play the “female vs. male” card too hard here, but I begin to wonder if people dislike that “HBIC” quality only because it’s a woman. Where was the outrage over Bruning or Stenberg’s lifelong political ambition and desire to be in power?

    As for the suggestion that Deb is trying to take over the party at the convention, I suspect that’s highly exaggerated. Even so, where is the outrage over Dave Heineman’s efforts to control the Republican party because he’s one of the top dogs in it at the moment? Why shouldn’t Deb want to have allies in the party, working to help her get elected? Nothing bad about that.

  94. New to this site says:

    Dave Krammer did what??? are you serious??? Well I do not know who to vote for now it is my first convention. Can someone give me a bit of intel so I do not regret my vote. Does anyone know who is running for what and who to avoid? Please help!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Darlene is one of the hardest working GOP volunteers in the State. She is not afraid to do whatever job a campaign needs. She deserves to be National Committeewoman.

  96. How to Vote this Saturday says:

    Mitt Romney, Darlene Starman, Matt Butler!

    Darlene’s commitment to furthering the conservative cause is indisputable. This woman knows how to work!

    Matt seems very willing to work and include some folks who don’t feel like they belong or are welcome in the Party. We really someone like that in leadership.

    Mitt Romney, need I say more.

  97. New to this site says:

    Thanks for the newbie advice! Interested Observer is there any chance that deb Ficsher it related to Sam Ficsher and he is involved? Sam has shifty eyes and looks like he is always plotting.

  98. Goober Natorial says:

    The Veep needs to be someone who can be a bit of a pitbull. The Pres candidate can’t get his hands dirty with taking shots at the other side. That’s what the Veep is for. Heineman doesn’t strike me as the pitbull type. But he has some other upside attributes that Dems will try to spin as negatives.

  99. Interested Observer says:

    New to this site, yes, Sam Fischer is Deb’s nephew. He is the son of Bruce’s brother and the brother is the only WELFARE GRAZING permit holder on the McKelvie National Forest with a permit that is even bigger than Deb’s permit. Between Deb and Sam, they probably know about everybody in the NEGOP and they are both plotting and scheming all the time.

  100. New to this site says:

    Interested Observer— thanks for all your great insight. I am scared to ask how you are so knowledgable about this. Makes a lot more sense the the RoN Paul theory. Do you think Jordan McGrain is in on this coup too. Jordan seems to stop at nothing at his quest for power and perfect hair.

  101. getsomeperspoective @ 7:17am,

    It was never necessary for you to alter your screed against or for whatever it was.
    What IS necessary is to NOT put links into your comments.
    The system automatically rejects those comments.
    It is all clearly spelled out in the tab marked “Comments” up above.

    And thanks for sometimes reading.

  102. Interested Observer says:

    New to this site, I’m a rancher from the Valentine area and I’ve known Deb for 40 years and I have quite a few contacts around the state who have an interest in current events and those contacts have contacts and they, in turn, have contacts, so I have a pretty effective network that keeps me informed.

    Quite a few of my contacts have been asked this week “Who is this Joyce Simmons and what’s her story?”.

  103. Interested Observer says:

    Actually, Street Sweeper, it’s not so much a fleet of black helicopters as it’s a fleet of expensive, foreign luxury cars and unique 2 toned, gray and white Tahoes, swerving down the roads and through peoples’ yards. LOL

  104. Some Thoughts says:

    So now we’re not supposed to like Deb because she has fancy cars? Ok, that makes sense! A Tahoe is really an outlandish, elitist vehicle, especially when they have two fashionable tones instead of just one like the common people have.

  105. Macdaddy says:

    GOP Outsider: that kind of attitude will ensure you guys are one and done. Given your candidate’s advanced age, that’s probably a good bet, but it reinforces the image that you guys have zero desire to build anything lasting in this state but are just trying to hijack the election results. So tell me, do you think it is a wise idea that a candidate who thinks we should cut military spending by a lot should get to speak at the convention when the overwhelming majority of voters have rejected him and his kooky ideas such as legalizing prostitution? He’s a fringe candidate whose only way to the microphone is guerilla tactics. But like I said before, live by the rules, die by the rules and you guys might want to pay attention to all the rules.

  106. Jon B Supporter says:

    I didn’t vote for Deb. I will vote for Deb this fall. If you are actually a republican you wouldn’t be making these anti-Fischer comments on here. So I suspect you are a liberal that supports Bob Kerrey or one of his staff. Deb will win in a landslide

  107. RWP says:

    Good heavens, IO, and how many hidden cameras have you planted in her house? This is downright spooky.

    BTW, my jeep is two-toned; white, and whatever dirt I’m driving on this week.

  108. GOP outsider says:

    I am not a Ron Paul guy. I just don’t like bullies and cheaters. Mitt Romney campaign removed elected delegates that followed the rules. That kinda stuff is BS .

  109. RWP says:

    Kramer and Snowplow Conrad (née Danielle Nantkes) co-chaired the campaign to oppose the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative, which made gender/ ethnic/ racial preferences illegal in the state. To be fair, support for the NCRI was lukewarm within the NEGOP.

    It was mighty odd to see a former state chairman up there on the podium with ultralib Danielle, supporting the proposition that white men as a class need to be punished.

    I’d be a lot less sympathetic to the Paulistas if the GOP establishment showed an occasional dash of, you know, conservatism.

  110. Street Sweeper observation says:

    All of this publicity is going to your head. You are now shutting down free speech. IO was merely saying that she should have gotten a speeding ticket. How bout about getting another post before the 2016 elections.

  111. Anonymostly says:

    Man, IO, you are one plum-crazy bastard. I was just over on the journal star website (as I’m sure you are by now aware) and this personal feud you have with the Fischer family is downright nuts and you’ve taken it too far. It’s one thing to go after the candidate for public office, but you’re over there talking about legal run-ins of her family members.

    You’ve attacked her father-in-law, her husband, her brother(s)-in-law, her nephews, her kids and even her grandkids. You’ve gone out of your way to reveal personal facts about private individuals who just happen to be related to a candidate for public office. You are one sick individual.

    I say this here and hope that Sweeper leaves it up because people unfamiliar with what you’ve posted here and elsewhere, like “New to this site,” need to be able to view your rants about the Fischers in an appropriate context and take it for the deeply personal vendetta that it clearly is.

  112. Goober Natorial says:

    We could all stop talking about Interested Observer if there was any chance in heck that IO would drop this insane mission to bring down the Fischer family. Sadly, I don’t see the latter happening, so there’s not much chance for the former.

  113. RWP says:

    BTW, did you know that Bobby Fischer, who has the same as Deb, was a paranoid antisemitic loon and fugitive from justice? Well then!

  114. RWP says:

    Moar eeevil people named Fischer: Eugen Fischer, anthropologist who concocted many the the Nazi racial theories.

    People called Fischer are scary..

  115. Interested Observer says:

    Animosity, what exactly is your skin in this game? You seem to be taking a disproportionate interest in bashing me in here and over on the Journal-Star. It’s almost like “there’s no depth to which you won’t stoop in your never-ending, personal vendetta against” me.

    I honestly don’t ever remember ever mentioning Deb’s father-in-law and I’ve absolutely never ever attacked her grandkids. I’m just not sure where you come up with your wild rants here.

    I’d just like to know what your personal involvement is in all this and why you take such extreme exception to any discussion about Deb and some of her campaign issues.

  116. Some Thoughts says:

    RWP, dirt on a white jeep definitely counts as a “unique 2 toned, gray and white” finish. You’re obviously getting paid too handsomely, and probably have megalomaniac tendencies as well!

  117. Some Thoughts says:

    MacDaddy, here’s the underlying problem. Even though Nebraska is a red state, a lot of people register Republican but still vote for some Democratic candidates, and we have a lot of non-partisan voters too. This means that even with a big voter registration advantage, Republicans need to maintain a big-tent approach for the future. The tea partiers attracted a lot of people who weren’t interested in politics before. The Paul people tend to be younger and basically conservative, but the traditional party has often alienated them.

    One reason this happens is that Republicans (especially lately) tend to expect lockstep agreement on a wide range of issues. If not, you’re a RINO and a traitor and they want nothing to do with you. Some debate within the party is healthy, and makes room to attract more potential voters. I certainly don’t agree with half the things Ron Paul advocates, but I really like the other half, and I think he’s helping the national debate. Does it make sense to be pushing people out of the GOP?

    I don’t even understand the Deb Fischer angle on this convention controversy. Nobody seriously believes she’s a follower of Ron Paul, right? Why shouldn’t she be able to push some of her supporters and allies into positions of greater influence in the party? After all, she is the nominee!

  118. RWP says:

    You seem to be taking a disproportionate interest in bashing me in here and over on the Journal-Star.

    Bwahahaha! Payback’s a beeyatch, ain’t it?

  119. Anonymostly says:

    I don’t even understand the Deb Fischer angle on this convention controversy. Nobody seriously believes she’s a follower of Ron Paul, right? Why shouldn’t she be able to push some of her supporters and allies into positions of greater influence in the party? After all, she is the nominee!

    Oh, that’s just some made up crap by IO. Don’t pay it any attention.

  120. Anonymostly says:

    IO, I’m just tired of your act. You’ve gone to great lengths to insinuate the grazing issue into discussions on here where it wasn’t germain. And you continue to do it and you continue to annoy the hell out of everyone else with your constant beating of this same, tired, old drum.

    You have clamped your jaws onto the Fischers and won’t let go and I don’t suffer fools gladly so I guess we’re going to go on with you sticking it to the Fischers and me sticking it to you.

    I’ve tried reasoning. I’ve tried calm discussion. I’ve tried to be civil and engage you on an intellectual level and it’s all been a waste of time. When cornered, you just move the target. You refuse to answer direct questions. You fit the profile of every internet troll I’ve ever encountered.

    I don’t believe you are who you claim to be and so there we are. As long as you keep bringing up the grazing thing, I’m going to pick up the gauntlet. Like someone said earlier, if we knew you’d shut up, we could ignore you. Trouble is, I just don’t see much chance that you’ll shut up.

    And, as to Deb Fischer’s grandkids, you’re the one who posted commentary on this very blog about the granddaughter’s high school graduation. Or had you forgotten?

  121. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, what is your position on Bob Kerrey’s “carpetbagger” status. Is he a real Nebraskan like all of us?

  122. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymostly at 2:01 PM said, “You’ve attacked her father-in-law, her husband, her brother(s)-in-law, her nephews, her kids and even her grandkids.”

    “Interested Observer May 13, 2012 at 12:14 AM
    I did not see Deb at the Valentine High School graduation this afternoon, even though her granddaughter was one of the seniors who graduated.”

    Anonymostly, how does that constitute an attack on Deb’s grandkids?

  123. Anonymostly says:

    IO, if you can characterize paying for grazing permits at the government-set price as “welfare” then I can characterize you telling the world that young Ms. Fischer’s grandmother didn’t even bother to attend her HS graduation as an “attack.” See how that knife cuts both ways?

  124. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymostly, you specifically stated that I attacked Deb’s grandkids. I did not attack Deb’s grandkids. You need to acknowledge that you said something that is not true and that I just proved it is not true and now you owe me an apology.

  125. Anonymostly says:

    IO, at what point in time would Bob Kerrey become a New Yorker? If he ran for office in New York this year instead of Nebraska, would he be a carpet bagger there?

    If one believes that Bob Kerrey would not have returned to Nebraska but for Ben Nelson deciding not to run for re-election, then I think it’s fair to characterize Kerrey as a carpet bagger.

  126. Anonymostly says:

    You made a critical observation on a public internet forum that this young lady’s grandmother thought her graduation was not worth attending. I suppose you just view what you said as an attack on Deb Fischer as to which her granddaughter was collateral damage. And, apparently, in your world, it’s the young lady’s problem for being in the way when you swung at her grandmother. But that fact remains that you posted information personal to that young lady that you intended to be unflattering. I’m not the one who owes anyone an apology; you are.

  127. Hold on!!! says:

    Interested Observer- has very valid points about the Ficsher GOP takeover and not paulbots. IO please explain the whole story in detail like you did for me earlier with the Kay Orr connection.

  128. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymostly, you specifically stated that I attacked Deb’s grandkids. I did not attack Deb’s grandkids. You lied. Now apologize.

  129. Anonymostly says:

    Listen, dude, you included Deb’s grandkids in your petty little attack on Deb. Now, maybe in your parallel universe, you can rationalize that one away, but where I come from, you’ve attacked the granddaughter by bringing her into your attack on Deb Fischer. Now you apologize.

    And while you’re apologizing, apologize for claiming Deb accepts welfare. She does not accept welfare. You lied. Now apologize.

  130. Interested Observer says:


    Your refusal to acknowledge your lie, your “rationalization” of your lie, your refusal to accept responsibility for your lie and your refusal to apologize for your lie exposes your flawed character. You have needlessly focused attention on an innocent individual in this unseemly exchange.

    I am unilaterally suspending this exchange to protect this specific, innocent individual, since you refuse to.

  131. @ Anonymostly and @ Interested Observer says:

    Why don’t you two take it out into the alley? The rest of us are tired of your bullshit.

  132. Anonymostly says:

    Then don’t read it, asshole. Two more blog entries have been posted prior to you coming back here to complain about an old discussion, at a point in time where I expected everyone but Interested Observer would have moved on to the next couple of threads. I just came back to see if IO had responded. Not carrying this discussion over to the new posts is, in effect, taking it out into the alley. So, find something else to bitch about.

    And, IO, that’s really funny. You brought the “innocent individual” into it to begin with. I just pointed out that you had done so. But now you’re going to protect this innocent individual by unilaterally withdrawing. Riiiiiiight. That’s really funny. You probably could have done a better job of protecting her by not bringing her up to begin with. But, go ahead and pretend you’re on the high road if that helps you sleep at night. :rolleyes:

  133. Mooch says:

    Back to DCRP. I went to three DCRP meets – what a sham! Did Peterson get elected by drawing straws? He absolutely isn’t qualified to serve as a chairman. It was obvious he doesn’t know how to run a meeting and the “financial” reports given were a joke. And all those sheep that call themselves members found it perfectly acceptable. I hate to guess at the IQ of the average DCRP member. I won’t be going back there again.
    I found out later that Peterson writes all the checks! Been told he writes checks to pay his way into high dollar fundraisers. What else does he use that checkbook for?
    >> If Peterson wants to stop all this chatter then he best put out a REAL financial report to set the record straight.

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