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As we roll into the Nebraska GOP Convention, we see that Romneyites and Paulistas are finally holding hands and playing pinochle together.


No, GOPers and national observers, both sides are very much in the trenches and figuring out how to capture the flag of the majority of convention delegates. It is pretty clear that the Ron Paulies are not going to give up Nebraska without a fight, and vice-versa with the Mitt-ites.

The word we have is that (in Dan Rather parlance) things are tighter than a pair of yoga pants on Chris Christie.

Oh, and have a fun time Friday night at the Butler, Kramer, Buescher, Starman and Simmons suites in G.I.! We’re not saying that the best hors d’oeuvres and happy hour items would influence our vote (you know, if we had one). But we’re not not saying that either…


In the mean time, Nebraska Republicans are united in one feeling: Bob Kerrey is making everyone dumber.

What, Bob Kerrey? Why he is a combination of Steven Hawking and Frasier Crane! — we are told by every liberal media maven who has tilted a glass in the West Village.

But here is Kerrey’s line when reporters ask about him living in NYC for 12 years, then flying into Eppley Airfield to run for Senate one afternoon:

“That allegation is playing with fire,” Mr. Kerrey told the Omaha World-Herald. “I see tremendous young talent everywhere in Nebraska. Do we not want our kids who leave for an opportunity elsewhere to come back to the state?”

Yes Cosmic Bob. That is the EXACT same thing. Awesome analogy. See here’s the thing, Mr. The New School President: Nebraskans love it when former residents move back to the state. What they AREN’T into is when former residents pretend to move back to the state to immediately run for office, as if they’ve lived in Nebraska all along.

Get it?

Ooh! Ooh! Our hands are burning with that crazy “carpetbagger” idea! Ouch!!!


And then there is the dingbat Kerrey camp who, after Deb Fischer mentions that people can go to her website to find out more about her positions, claims that “Deb Fischer doesn’t want to debate because people can just go to her website!”

Yeah, except that Deb Fischer IS debating Kerrey AT THE STATE FAIR!!!

AND she has proposed debating him at least two more times! (Which is two more times than Kerrey offered to his opponents in his first two Senate races — which is 10,000% relevant.)

Really KHAS and KMTV? Is that concept really so hard for you to get your little minds around? Or do you just slurp up whatever the Kerrey camp feeds you and put it on the air, because you are in such a rush to put something up between news of the blood stain on the street and the water skiing possum?

Tell you what: Next time, just have your talking hair beam at the cameras and say, “We really don’t know WHAT’s going on in politics, so here is a video of a monkey playing chess…against himself!”

Again, we’ll all be less dumb for the effort.


On the FEC front, Deb Fischer announced her numbers, and she hauled in nearly $1.3M for the quarter and has $1.1M Cash on Hand. It is obvious that she will be able to run a sustained media campaign for the full cycle.

And we of course noted this back in the beginning of the primary — though it was a tougher road back then, if she won the nom, post-primary supporters would coalesce around her campaign. As they have.

And 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry announced his numbers this morning. For the second quarter he raised over $400K, has raised over $1.2M for the campaign and currently has nearly half a million COH.

Terry is currently on course to break his 2010 fundraising of $1.93M, when he demolished state Senator Tom White by 21 points. The Terry camp notes that they have invested significant sums in new technology and field resources and have already begun purchasing TV time in the fall. They invested heavily before the primary and won a smashing 60 percent of the vote in a five-candidate Republican primary in May. (You may recall that Terry defeated his nearest opponent by 37 points.)

We don’t see Terry letting up this fall.


Hopefully there will be a few stories to tell after the Grand Old Party takes Grand Island this weekend.

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  1. News consumer says:

    KMTV’s news broadcasts are no longer news broadcasts. They are all too often simply liberal propaganda announcements. Liz what’s-her-name is the worst. No one should watch (and I believe almost no one does).

  2. Delegate says:

    Well now that Mitt Romney has been caught lying to the Securities and Exchange Commission (just a simple federal felony,) who will be the GOP candidate for President this year?

  3. Under the bus says:

    Just got an email from Susan Smith throwing Dave Krammer under the bus on he stance on amnesty. Welcome back Dave!

  4. KLIN 1400 says:

    Just heard on Lincoln radio station calling for Mark Faelson to resign and to elect John Orr!!!! And this delegates agree!!

  5. Mahood 4 Nat Committeeman? says:

    Is it legal for Tyler Mahood, of Iowa, to run for National Committeeman in the state of Nebraska? I keep getting robocalls at the top of each hour bashing David Kramer and Matt Butler for their supposed role in screwing up the oven at Pizza Ranch. Also, for those interested, I guess I’ll at least be stopping by the Mahood 4 Natl Committeeman hospitality suite at Midtowne Holiday Inn in room 264 between 8pm-10pm for Pizza Ranch pizza and Mountain Dew.

  6. Hospitality Question says:

    I know Don is having a Stenberg for Senate 2014 Hospitality Suite at the Midtowne Senior Center tonight, but what time and what room #? Are they still going to serve a dried fruit and prune tray? I heard Don was getting more apricots from Alabama again this year. Does anyone have Lois Aker’s cell #? Thanks!

  7. Anonymostly says:

    Just heard on Lincoln radio station calling for Mark Faelson to resign and to elect John Orr!!!! And this delegates agree!!

    Bud, is that ewe?

  8. Nate says:

    I heard Vince Powers on KLIN parrotting that same Romney/SEC hogwash just a couple hours ago. Never mind that it has been thoroughly refuted by by that bastion of right-wing reporting, CNN.

    The fact that Obama’s surrogates are still hanging their collective hats on this garbage proves how desperate they’re getting.

  9. Hello? says:

    Susan Smith might be the craziest person in the Republican party. Good luck with 11. She’s crazier then Ernie Chambers. Is there a crazy beacon in 11?

  10. Macdaddy says:

    The Washington post actually had the definitive debunking months ago and they did it so thoroughly they were actually bored by the latest regurgitation of old allegations. To quote the WaPo: “it feels like Groundhog Day.”

    Obama says the buck stops with him. So he approved his underlings calling Mitt a felon. For somebody who used to (I hope that’s truly past tense) toke and snort blow, that’s mighty funny to accuse somebody else of felonies. To quote Ramesh Ponnuru on NRO: “Mitt not only doesn’t have skeletons in his closet, he doesn’t even have a closet.”. Or something like that. Delegate, you should know better than to base your Hope for Change on Obama. Ron Paul is still gong to lose. What’s your Plan B?

  11. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy, you are so full of it. Just 7 hours ago the Washington Post reported Romney had signed at least 6 SEC filings for Bain as CEO between 1999 and 2001. As Jack Nicholson famously said: You can’t handle the truth.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    This isn’t about Romney’s strength but Obama’s weakness. When a sitting President has to slander and attack his opponent in order to hopefully not lose the presidency, that President is as weak as a septuagenarian’s bladder. How weak? That depends.

  13. @ The convention says:

    Just left the Young Republican suite. Chalk full Poindexters doing elephant walk getting hammered on Zimas. God help us if this is a glimpse of our next leaders.

  14. Kramer shaken??? says:

    I guess a Ron Paul supporter quized David Kramer about his liberal views on amnesty and affirmative action. I guess he had no answer to give

  15. @ Lil Mac says:

    President Obama doesn’t have to slander and attack Mitt Romney. Mitt has been shooting his own self in the foot so many times that he hasn’t anything left below his ass. Maybe Mitty will see the light and retire to one of the offshore nations where he stashes his cash before he’s forced to do a duck walk in an orange jumpsuit. We can only hope.
    As for the “Depends” wisecrack, maybe they’ll be the cure for all of your “trickle down” economics.

  16. Lil Mac says:

    @Lil Mac, I recommend you create your own pseudonym. You obliquely advertising me is a little creepy. I mean, we aren’t dating.

    My wisecrack? How about that nothing left below the ass, your wisecrack? Humor is good. But, I didn’t attack you personally. You come after me. “Trickle down economics” is your phrase. And the ironic thing is, your argument makes my case. You see Romney as a weak crappy candidate. Okay then, Obama is beating up a guy Obama should be able to ignore. That’s like big Bob Kerrey bashing the Unicameral girl. Both Bob and Barry take risks by going negative, as such can lower the attacker more than the attacked. The “high road” is powerful. If one has the leading edge, they don’t throw mud, right or wrong, because it leaves hands muddy and voters don’t like to shake any muddy hands. Going negative is common but never a sign of confidence.

    Of course Obama may well beat Romney; but Obama would absolutely crush Ron Paul. By that I mean, the voting majority of Americans who elected Obama in 2008, knowing he was a novice and a fiscal dunce, will again be voting in 2012. Obama may have actually broken the code. He grasps that increasing numbers of Americans find wealth bad even while they crave it, they find poverty saintly even while they avoid it, and they abhor government intruding on them even while they are addicted to every federal perk, deduction and benefit they can get their hands on. They may reelect the guy.

    Do I like that? Hell no. I fought for this country and I want it to be the greatest on earth. But Obama is a symptom of a people who are giving up on its idea of greatness, an idea which may be all that holds us together as a nation. Frankly, I think Obama is too stupid to realize he doesn’t have to whack Romney. Those who elected Obama seem to feel the US deserves to be punished for its success. If so, he has done what the voting majority elected him to do. And the portent is ominous.

    That bright star on the horizon? Sometimes it is an extinction event comet.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “I fought for this country and I want it to be the greatest on earth. But Obama is a symptom of a people who are giving up on its idea of greatness, an idea which may be all that holds us together as a nation. … Those who elected Obama seem to feel the US deserves to be punished for its success.”

    Amen, amen and amen.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Are “those who elected Obama” the same folks who thought it would be a good idea to leave our founding fathers out of social studies texts in Nebraska?

  19. ITK??? says:

    What was Scott Petersen doing with a Ron Paul sticker on at the RCLNE event last night??? Apparently there is a video of this out there floating around the web.

  20. @ Lil Mac says:

    Please save us all the fake propriety. You’ve been just as snotty as anyone else that posts here. If Deb can’t handle the heat maybe she should go back to the kitchen.

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