FLASH: Paulistas don’t have it at NE GOP convention

NE GOP Convention - Grand Island, NE

According to reports, the Ron Paul slanted delegates admit that they do not have the votes to advance a majority of Paul delegates (18 is the number they needed to hit) from Nebraska to the National Republican Convention in Tampa.

This was a focused battle for the Paul forces, with many many national eyes on Nebraska.

Alas, it appears not to be for the Paul forces.


  1. Guy Next Door says:

    The MSNBC reporter was MAD… They came this far after being promissed they could get some dirt and got NOTHING!!!!

  2. RWP says:

    Same old Nebraska GOP. 75% clueless, 25% Dems in GOP clothing.

    I expect with Kramer as National Committee member, we’ll be seeing ethnic gender and racial quotas on all party offices next.

  3. Highlights... says:

    I think the highlight of the day so far was the GOP electing a pro amnesty national
    Committeeman as well as seeing Scott Peterson get crushed even though he was
    On the Rom Paul slate.

    Pretty sure there are no questions where he stands now…

  4. Interested Observer says:

    SS, I was referencing comment number 1 and comment number 3. So, did Deb, in fact, take over the NEGOP? Did Governor Dave Heineman get his Darlene Starman and Matt Butler on the Republican National Committee?

    Now, how with things go next January? Hasn’t the sitting Governor of Nebraska historically been the “titular” head of the State Party?

    (though I’m guessing you knew that, eh?)

  5. Yeah, Cowboy, we get it. You HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Deb Fischer.
    You’ve been One Note Johnny on that for the past couple months now.

    But I think it’s cute that you’re convinced that your neighbor (who you hate) is the new black cloud encircling the Republican party — nay the country — with her eeeeeevvvil ways.

    We look forward to you continuing to bang that cowbell until and beyond November, when you neighbor (whom you hate) is your next Senator.

    Let us know when you move to South Dakota.

  6. Brandi says:

    Ron Paulers– the man couldnt even win the primary in Nebraska– do you really think he could win against Obama? Seriously, lets use our heads for a whole thirty seconds.

    Oh and reminder: you live in a republic– to go against what the majority of voters voiced is simply wrong. 70% / 10% hmmm..

    Remember after Douglas Co when you were all claiming Romney didnt have local support? Well State Convention and Primary vote proved your point exactly– you dont have local support for Ron Paul. Believe it or not, we want to beat Barack Hussein Obama in November, that includes having a nominee who can earn votes and win elections. Ron Paul has historically proven he is in incapable of doing so.

    Cry your river, build your bridge, get over it.

  7. Paulista Peterson says:

    Weirdest moment:

    Scott Peterson’s aide at DCRP (Reuwe or something) started shouting from the back of the room making a point or motion or something. Fahleson slapped him down–the doofus wasn’t a delegate. Impressive staff there, Scott.

  8. @ The convention says:

    State central committee is what matters. Hopefully Romney wil go with condi That will fire up the base!

  9. @ The convention says:

    Best part is when the blue hair sheep had to actually be instructed how to vote and what to think by holding up a red card that said no and green go card with big Romney stickers. God help the party. Why not use a microchip!

  10. RWP says:

    If it’s wrong to go against what the majority of voters want, why then elect David Kramer as the National Commiitteeman? Kramer’s latest exploit was to chair a pro-AA campaign that was rejected by 58% of NE voters (and a much higher percentage or Republicans) and which in the process slimed quite a number of us as racists. His positions on immigration are rejected by the vast majority of GOP voters.

    But to be fair, on my 75:25 split, he’s not in the clueless division.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great convention, lots of participation and new YOUNG faces. The establishment folks will need to work WITH the new members from here on out!

    Scott Peterson was indeed “outed” and will need to work on things. He is the DCRP Chair so that a is that. See the note above on working together.

    The convention as a whole was a class act when there was an energetics standing ovation for the efforts of the Liberty Party.

    Now it’s time to crush Kerry!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    But Scott Petersen can still be removed as chair. People don’t like him because he’s a Paul person, they don’t like him because he’s an ass to everyone

  13. Delegate says:

    The blue haired ones obediently did as they were told. I’d say that makes us more of a Republican “democracy” than it does a democratic republic.
    Rules? Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules. We’re Republicans. We do as we’re told!

  14. What?? says:

    I know — Rue was acting bizarre the whole day. The morning, his phone kept going off and disturbing Mary Daub. It was crazy. Then the whole bizarre shouting scene from him. I have no idea what the hell, the doofus was thinking. I’m glad that Fahleson shut him down and told him that guests could be removed for outbursts like that.

    What is his role anyway? Is it as Executive Director? Administrative Assistant? what is it that he does? Goofball!

  15. Loved the Romney hats says:

    There was a bunch of sweet Romney hats but did not see who was selling them BTW Interested Observor why do you hate Deb Fichser sooo bad?

  16. Loser Ron Paul says:

    Brandi: Ron Paul is a 12 term Congressman or something like that. He has won elections, lots of them. For some reason the people of his district overwhelmingly like the guy. He’s got a lock on that District like Lee Terry has here. That should count for something.

  17. Brandi says:

    @Loser Ron Paul:

    Ron Paul cant even win the primary in his home state. Also, I recall Nancy Pelosi has been elected for 12 terms as well– shes respected by her constituents too, maybe we should just vote for her for president?

  18. Anonymous says:

    So aside from IO and the RP’s what about how freaking HOT it is, corn prices, and is Nebraska going to have to form a Health Exchange???????

  19. Lil Mac says:

    The title “Paulistas don’t have it at NE GOP convention” sounds snotty. I don’t know the timing of that post, but it looks bad. Only 2 out of 35 is a crushing defeat for all the effort Paul people put in. And the mainstream liberal Media are already bemoaning the outcome because they hoped, rather openly, that the Tampa convention would turn into a GOP bloodbath. And I don’t buy the excuse that convention attendees’ blood is up. That’s like saying manslaughter is better than murder. Not to the victim, it isn’t.

    If you don’t want people to be sore losers, don’t rub their noses in it when your side wins.

    For Christ’s Sake people, all this piss and vinegar was inspired by Obama’s dangerous liberal policies and personal ineptitude, remember?

  20. I was not in attendance at the convention, prior business engagement, but from what I heard it was a calm convention. That makes me happy that Nebraskan common sense took over people. I was also glad to see that Sarpy County got at least 1 delegate & 2 alternates to represent them.

    From what I have heard of the Ron Paul supporters that were in attendance is that they were happy with the convention results, not because they lost but because everything was ran fairly and they just got out organized. I am sure there are some that are bitter and angry but I haven’t talked to any of those people.

    This gets me excited for the election in November because if they are not disenfranchised then their excitement and enthusiasm could be a wonderful asset. I would love to see them out campaigning, fair working, parade walking, etc. I guess only time will tell if they stick around or not.

  21. LM,

    This post was the first to declare that the Ron Paul would fail to get the 18 delegates — before anyone else said in on another website (though there were Tweets that were stating this). The post title very clearly stated the vote count reality.

    We too hope that everyone comes together and works toward the common goal.
    We’ll be on the watch out for that.


  22. Macdaddy says:

    I think the Liberty Caucus people should not look at this as much of a defeat. They should use this as a first step in breaking the sclerosis of the NEGOP. One way to do that is to decide which of their principles are deal breakers for them and which are deal breakers for the rest of Nebraskans and work on the commonalities. I suggest they ditch Ron Paul and some of his nuttier ideas and focus on those ideas which have wide support.

  23. Anonymous says:

    If the Nebraska Paulers ditch Ron Paul and his nuttier ideas, they’d pretty much be ordinary conservatives

  24. Crazy Ron Paul ideas? says:

    Oh you mean running a deficit of 16 trillion dollars, breaking the promise of having mandatory cuts in place and ACTUALLY talking about increasing our borrowing capacity when we hit the dent ceiling. If that is the type of republicans are party produces than Ron Paul is the only sane one!

  25. Lil Mac says:

    Sweeper, thanks for the clarification.

    The impact of this outcome is immense. When everyone calms down, no one at that convention will be working for Obama. And since many of Ron Paul’s supporters were originally drawn from beyond and around the GOP by iconoclasms that seemed to characterize all Republicans as elephantine versions of Ted Kennedy, a lot of these newer invigorated people should be pleasantly surprised to find plenty of Libertarian Republicans in the GOP.

  26. RWP says:

    This just in: Bob Kerrey’s Nebraska Senate Victory Fund raised a mighty $70 K in the last quarter, likely not enough to pay its own expenses. Apparently its billionaire donors have bailed. The smell of death…

  27. Hal Daub turned his back on the GOP says:

    Hal Daub benefited from the Romney slate but could not be bothered to vote for the slate. What does Hal have against Carlos Castillo and the others he did not vote for on the Romney slate. Really exposed the person he truly is…shame on you Hal.

  28. Really says:

    Hal reaches out to everyone and thus was on everyone’s slate. District 2 could have rolled Hal but Hal is a bridge builder and thus rewarded. He didn’t turn on Carlos.

  29. Remeber says:

    Before you attack the Ron Paul supporters or a true gentleman like Hal Daub all the D2 slates were successful!!

  30. Delegate says:

    Orders from NEGOP Central – All you Paulistas have had your fun, now get back in line and do as you are told.

  31. Lil Mac says:

    Only $70K for Bob? Apparently even cosmic hubris has a karmic element. Bob is paralleling Barry.

    Romney’s new ad has CBS’s Bob Schieffer, NYTs’ David Brooks (who urged “Run, Barack, Run” in Oct 2006), and Time magazine/MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin, all slamming Obama. These guys don’t work for Fox. And while Obama should never be discounted, in the same way a child with a grenade dare not be ignored, this is July and he is hitting Romney with an amazing $100 mil saying Romney is rich, while voters are angry that Barry can’t hold onto taxpayer bucks or get money’s worth.

    This leaves Obama needing, a) Republicans to implode, and, b) Romney to be stupid. The NEGOP’s show of civility has denied Obama the former and the Romney ad is smart, because it has pro-Obama media pounding nails into Obama. And that brings me to the “liberal” press. For the press is getting hard pressed to figure out ways to paint Obama positive.

    Do you think that when one is elected out of love instead of reason, unlike reason shifting to disappointment, loves shifts to a vengeful feeling of being jilted? And thus, should the implosion of Obama come, will it not come from the left?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Let’s just see how many Paulbots actually attend the central committee meetings….my guess less than a third

  33. Anonymous says:

    Is Franklin Thompson going to run for mayor or not? At the end of 2011 he only had $7000 in his campaign coffers…

  34. Anon says:

    Interesting that Romney seems to be running away from Bain et al. Why isn’t he giving Bain a full throated defense in the name of capitalism and free markets?

    I mean, his firm’s record of wealth creation is pretty damn good. We live in a global economy my friends.

  35. Lil Mac says:

    Romney isn’t “running away” from his business success. He is letting Obama waste Obama’s own money making that case for Romney. Obama is blinded by leftist ideology. While most Americans want to be richer than their neighbors, and want a President to do with their tax dollars what Romney did with his own dollars, Obama the fiscally inept ideologue and kindred soul of occupiers, is frantically issuing unprecedented attacks by a sitting president in July. And the point of Obama’s attacks is to tell voters who crave fiscal acumen that Romney has fiscal acumen.

    As long as Obama calls Romney wealthy and successful, Romney isn’t going to get in the way of Obama’s political suicide. It is only when Obama called Romney a felon that safety demanded a blocking effort and thus we see three major members of Obama’s own left-leaning news voluntarily spanking Obama in public for Barry going negative on Mitt. But, other than that, as long as Obama’s main gripe about Romney is that Mitt handles money and ends up with more of it, Barry makes the case for Mitt.

  36. Goober Natorial says:

    Yeah, LM, that latest Obama attack on Romney was noteworthy to say the least. Has a sitting President in the television age ever gone directly negative against an opponent before that opponent has even been nominated? And not just negative but strongly negative. “Romney isn’t the solution. He’s the problem. (Because he’s rich.)”

    Ties in to Obama’s recent comments that business people can’t claim credit for building their own businesses, that “someone else made that happen.” Also ties into his recent gutting of welfare reform by administrative fiat.

    IMO, the biggest danger facing this nation doesn’t come from China or Iran. It comes from within and it takes the form of Barack Hussein Obama and those who would want to see him reelected. They despise America’s success and seek to destroy those characteristics and virtues that made us great.

  37. Truce! says:

    How bout this–

    Let’s stop the sniping between Republicans. Everyone agrees to work for the election of the ticket–Romney, Fischer, 3 Congressman, key legislative candidates–and save the fight over the next state chair, etc. until Jan. Deal?

  38. anonymous says:

    How would someone know how Hal voted? Because the typical establishment intimidation techniques were employed. Establishment underlings stood over the ballot boxes perusing everyone’s ballots before they were submitted, and then reporting up to their superiors. And you wonder why the anti-establishment movement is so energized?!

    Good for you Hal Daub! It is an honor to see a man of principle vote his own conscience rather than allowing someone else to pull the puppet strings! I respect your wisdom and action in regard to actively pursuing unity within the party.

  39. I second that! says:

    Hal Daub does what he feels as right and that is what we need. You can monitor our vote. Hold up a Romney card telling me how to vote, you can bully or intimidate me, you can call a standing vote to scare me into sitting but I will ALWAYS vote for what I feel is right.. Thank you Hal Daub!!!

  40. RWP is a liar says:

    RWP wrote, “This just in: Bob Kerrey’s Nebraska Senate Victory Fund raised a mighty $70 K in the last quarter, likely not enough to pay its own expenses. Apparently its billionaire donors have bailed. The smell of death…”
    Ummmmmmm, RWP, Bob Kerrey raised $1.96 MILLION dollars last quarter, many more than Deb Fischer.
    Do you just pull this stuff out of your ass?

  41. Read the Platforms says:

    Claiming to be a “Libertarian Republican” is akin to claiming one is a “Democrat Republican”. Read the Party Platforms and get a clue, then pick a team and suit up. You are a RHINO and are infringing on our trademark. The Republican Party has convened and voted over and over again and has decided to be against Drugs, Open Borders, Abortion, high taxes, big government, isolationism, etc. Read the Platforms and figure yourselves out.

  42. RWP says:

    “RWP is a liar” is a moron. He can’t figure out between a PAC (Nebraska Senate Victory Fund) and Kerrey’s campaign.

    You are obviously too stupid to vote, Anonymous Coward at 6:06. You are clearly too stupid to change your computer clock away from GMT.

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