New Deb Fischer spot and 2014 already?

Deb Fischer has a new ad up. See it here:

Deb Fischer TV Ad – A Nebraska Senator from Deb Fischer for U.S. Senate on Vimeo.

Nice further intro piece. And we like the continued hammer on Bob Kerrey. We doubt that will end until Election Day.


We may have a few more thoughts on the Nebraska GOP convention over the weekend, but suffice it to say that the the party, led by Governor Dave Heineman, Chairman Mark Fahleson and ED Jordan McGrain did an exemplary job of putting forward the GOP candidates and the views of the vast majority of Nebraska Republicans.

Oh, is there a vocal minority of those who have no interest in “the establishment” (be sure to spit a little bit on that “stab” part) of the party? No doubt. But the thing we have discovered over the weeks is that theirs is a one-man movement, and they are not really that interested in the goings-on of the party itself. Any hey, maybe that’s their goal, however that would work. But after preening just a bit over the success of their tactics at the county level, we detected a fair amount of sneering at the opposition’s tactics at the state level. When you candidate won 10% in the primary, it is difficult to expect that the same guy is going to take over the state, no?

And we think it would be great to see all of those young new faces and Mohawks handing out stickers at parades for Deb Fischer, and going door to door for Jeff Fortenberry,and stuffing envelopes for Lee Terry, and making GOTV calls for Adrian Smith. Because you can bet you will see Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg supporters doing that. But really, we won’t hold our collective breath. Hey maybe we’ll be surprised. Surprises can be nice.


Interesting column by Don Walton column this Monday morn (with the obligatory, “More about Bob Kerrey!”). He notes that Unicameral Speaker Mike Flood is already traveling the state in what looks to be a wind-up for a Gubernatorial campaign.

In the past, it was assumed that Flood would be more likely to take a shot at the Attorney General’s seat. But seeing as that position is less clear these days, and Flood’s profile increased dramatically over the past year, we are not surprised to see him reaching out now.

Of course, Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy already has an official unofficial campaign started, and was endorsed by Governor Dave Heineman — what ? — last year sometime.

And we would find it unlikely that Flood and Sheehy will be the only names involved as the months come and go. The sides area already forming, to be sure.

One Tweeter noted during Sheehy’s convention speech that Sheehy was “giving a speech for his Gubernatorial campaign…touting Heineman’s record. Predictable.”


Woo hoo 2014! (It’s is the new 2012 ya know.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s an OK Fischer spot. From the perspective of an (above) average political consumer, I think she needs to divide her spots and not try to both attack Kerrey and promote herself in a single thirty-second spot. I would like to think the GOP could run some ads to counter the Dem hit pieces so that Deb can walk the high road, right?

    Let someone else tear down Bob Kerrey. Deb should be advertising like a frontrunner. Like an incumbent. She’s a leader; she’s proven; she has conservative credentials. I like the stuff about repealing Obamacare. I’d like to hear more of her voice. She has a nice, pleasant-sounding voice. We should be hearing it more. Voters know what Bob Kerrey sounds like just from all the self-serving things he’s said. People need to feel like they know Deb Fischer. And the way to get there is to let voters hear her voice, hear her talking.

    I’d do a cinema verite spot and sit down and have a conversation with Deb. Like she’s talking with someone just off camera. Like she’s being interviewed by someone. Bob Kerrey has a reliably liberal media to interview him and edit the interview to make him look as good as possible. We’ve seen several of those interviews since he’s moved back to town. Deb will have to do that on her own. But I think we need to hear her talking.

    If the Fischer campaign invited me to a focus group, that’s what I’d tell them.

  2. Spideyman says:

    Can someone please explain why and how Gov. Heineman’s pick for natl committeewoman, Darlene Starman was not elected?

  3. Question says:

    Was it just me or did Jordan McGrain look super dooper scrumptious in his form fitting NEGOP polo this weekend. Talk about a barrel- chested look at that tall drink of water would make the most ardent Bob KerreyI supporter switch parties. Can I get a 2nd on my motion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As to comment 1, there are a couple of important messages that Deb needs to get out before November. Deb can avoid doing the dirty work and not talk about Bob’s New York residence or sweetheart deals he got from government in starting his businesses, etc. But she does need to distinguish herself from Kerrey and she can do it with his own words.

  5. Hal Daub is the New Ron Paul Leader says:

    Hal Daub turned his back on the Romney Slate this weekend. It was quite obvious to everyone in the second district as he waived his ballot in line while chatting up anyone who would listen. Every vote he clearly made on the back of the ballot, was once less person he voted for on the slate on the front of the ballot. What deal did Hal Daub make with the Ron Paul folks. Voting for him on the National convention floor maybe?

  6. Reality says:

    Let’s work with the Liberty people as they have many leadership positions. Big tent remember. One only has to harken back to the Young Republican cautionary tale. Legend has it that the Young Republicans was once the club of clubs with many members and a long line of people wanting to get in. Then one day their new leader known as Brandon to the Peterson took over. Under his rule and non-welcoming tactics numbers dwindled. After years of failed leadership it is not uncommon to go to a YR meeting and see a few Trekkies and tumbleweeds.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Reality –

    The Paulbots (I refuse to call them the “Liberty movement”) don’t have that many leadership positions, just in Douglas County (thanks to Scott Petersen). Other than Scott and Laura Ebke (Crete School Board), what other Paulbot holds any leadership position or elected office?

  8. anonymous says:

    While Fahleson touts unity at the State Convention, McGrain continues with the divisive rhetoric on LS. So much for the big tent!

  9. Street Sweeper Busted says:

    Jordan McGrain you should be a bit more careful who is watching you take pictures but now it is obvious to all you are Street Sweeper.

  10. ITK says:

    I was at the convention and Hal was not waving his ballot around for everyone to see. Furthermore, he is Mitt’s largest champion in the state of Nebraska. He endorsed him before Heineman in both 2008 and 2012. He will not be voting on the floor of the RNC in Tampa for Ron Paul. He wants the new blood in the party, he wants them to be active and participatory.

    For too long the party has had the same people around and resting on their laurels. Hell, less than 70 of the counties were represented at the Convention. That tells you the sad state of affairs with the NEGOP and we need fresh leadership to fix that. I believe Joyce Simmons will be a great asset to the NEGOP leadership and help make the changes necessary to have all 93 counties represented at the next Convention.

    You are a total a$$ if you believe otherwise.

  11. Alas…

    I can continue to say it, but it doesn’t seem to penetrate the extra-thick skulls of some who comment here.

    So let’s be clear as crystal:

    I, Street Sweeper, do not work for, am not employed or volunteer for, any candidate, office holder or political party.
    Got it?

    With that in mind, Jr. Sherlock Holmeseses, the photo from the convention is someone’s TwitPic (which apparently has been taken down, but they are welcome to forward it to me. I believe the hashtag was “@negop” as opposed to “#negop”). I don’t really know Jordan’s views on the Paul people, but I can tell you that the only time he has written on this blog is back in 2008 when he was L.St.’s correspondent to the GOP Convention in St. Paul — and had a byline.

    But, as always, thanks for reading.

  12. Hal is a Pauler? Joke of the year. says:

    Hal Daub has been leading the fundraising efforts for Mitt Romney this past year. He even spoke to many Paul supporters in DCRP several months ago, encouraging people to get involved and support Mitt. I don’t blame Hal one bit for befriending the other side. He’s very smart, and one good campaigner!

  13. Interested Observer says:

    It’s funny that at the 12 second spot, Deb’s new ad calls her a “small business woman” but does not call her a “rancher” anymore. I wonder why that is?

  14. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting that Anonymous at 1:23 PM says, “She has a nice, pleasant-sounding voice. We should be hearing it more.”, “let voters hear her voice, hear her talking.”, “Like she’s being interviewed by someone.” and “I think we need to hear her talking.”

    Isn’t that what everybody has been asking for the last 2 MONTHS? Where is Deb?

  15. David West says:

    Again, you idiots trying to label Daub or Scott P as ‘Paulites’ need to get your head out of the sand.
    Hal was at the TPP convention before Easter endorsing enthusiastically Mitt Romney.
    Scott was a supporter of Herman Cain, who the Ron Paul people hate. So was, btw, John Orr and some other people you like to now label as ‘Paulite’.
    Now Ebke, Dawty, and the like ARE the Paulites. But some, like those helping on the computer projects with the DCRP, are willing to work with the party. Ebke, et al, we’ll have to see.

  16. Macdaddy says:

    I agree with Anon 1:23. I’d leave the attacks to somebody else. I happen to think Bruning would make a good attack dog, but perhaps you could get a few Senators from different parts of the state. My advice to Deb’s campaign is the she should be spending every day prepping for the debates. Kerrey is kooky, liberal, and wrong, but he’s not stupid and he now has the two largest newspapers in the state on his side. Don’t give him an opening, don’t give him any hope. Deb’s goal should be total annihilation.

  17. Question for Sweeper says:

    You say you do not work for a political party. It is clear you have Journalism experience. Does perhaps your husband work for the NEGOP?

  18. Question for Sweeper says:

    Don’t need twenty questions because you are married to Jordan McGrain!! Now sweeper give me f’n gold star!

  19. Young Republicans now attacking Hal Daub says:

    People are now telling us how Hal Daub voted at convention. Funny, the two people manning the ballot box were young republicans. Shame on the Young Republicans. Also shame on the IRS for allowing the Young Republicans to file chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now that the Young Republicans are bancrupt, they are using our hard earned tax dollars to fund their operations. Shame on the corporate welfare recepient Young Republicans!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Again, why are the Paulbots and Scott Petersen’s minons hating on the YR’s? Seriously, what did they do to you?

  21. What did the Young Republicans do??? says:

    They are in favor of outsourcing American jobs. 73% of first time attendees to a Young Republican events are so mortified by the Young Republican leadership that they renounce their citizenship and take their employment overseas. That is why the YRs are exporting good American jobs away!

  22. RWP says:

    Where is Deb?

    An intelligent and highly qualified guy like IO shouldn’t be reduced to parroting Bob Kerrey’s talking points. Hate really does destroy a man.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Is Scott Petersen going to continue his childish attacks on the YRs (for reasons that may never become clear) or is he going to do what he was elected to do and run the DCRP? No NADC report for the primary election has been filed for the party yet. Haven’t heard of even rumblings of potential Republican challengers for Gray, Festersen, Mulligan, Jerram or Gernandt.

    “Mr. Chairman” has failed and continues to fail in even the simplest of duties required of a county chair. He deserves to be removed and replace by the state party.

  24. To ITK says:

    Joyce Simmons won’t raise a dime or organize one county. She’s been part of the NEGOP team for a while now and doesn’t do jack.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, there are already negative ads running about Kerrey. Bruning can be the attack dog but he doesn’t have to be. Deb should just sit back on the negative ads and let others handle that dirty work no matter who it is (calling Joe Ricketts.) Instead, she should be distinguishing herself from Kerrey in a more subtle and nuanced way. Not calling Bob a New York carpet bagger because someone else can do that. But definitely saying “you can sure count on me NOT being the deciding vote that passes the next budget-busting liberal experiment that comes down from the Obama Administration.”

    Conservative. Republican. Proven Leader. Respected. Reliable. Dependable. Claim these attributes and, by necessary implication, you suggest your opponent lacks them.

    But, Deb, you have to cut some ads and talk to the people in your OWN voice. You don’t want a voice-over with photos of you and someone else’s voice. You want YOUR voice. So that the voters feel like you’re talking to THEM and that they have a chance to get to know you.

  26. Anonymous says:

    A Navy SEAL comes to Neb to beat up on a girl. If she isn’t seen to be tough, she isn’t credible.

    And the suggestion that other people be surrogates whacking big Bob on her behalf, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, at least in her case. Lest we forget, right up until she beat Don and Jon, it was impossible for her to beat Don and Jon. So she seems to know what she’s doing.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    I think a lot of Deb’s appeal to primary voters was that she stayed out of the fray and let Bruning and Stenberg beat each other senseless. The late key endorsements helped as well. I think that Deb can be tough in the debates. She should stand up to Kerrey there but for her ads to the voters, she should keep being the same level-headed nice person that she comes across as in person. It’s actually kind of refreshing. You know Kerrey is going to have to attack. He has no choice. Deb should keep showing voters they do have a choice: cranky old kook or nice solid conservative. I agree with the posters above that her ads need to have her talking and explaining her views.

  28. Hal Daub Abandoned The Slate says:

    It was obvious to everyone sitting in the 2nd district caucus that Hal Daub turned over his at large ballot to vote for people on the back. The Romney slate was on the front only. Hal abandoned the slate period…….i wonder how happy Ben Ginsberg will be when he finds out.

  29. Anonymostly says:

    My world has been rattled to the core today, I must confess. I have learned …

    Well, let me put it this way: All you Lebron James fans out there, you think he’s the best player in the NBA? Huh? Well, he’s NOT! That’s right. Turns out, he doesn’t deserve credit for his success. No, somebody else made that happen. They built the basketball he uses or stitched his shoes or something. But he doesn’t get the credit. It was someone else who made that happen.

    Same thing with Tiger Woods. You think he works hard? Well, let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. If you’ve been mind-blowingly successful in professional golf, you didn’t do that on your own. Somebody else made that happen.

    So, no one with any accomplishment deserves any credit for that accomplishment. (Anyone graduate at the top of their class? You think you got there because you worked for it? Huh!) Which means no accomplishment is earned or deserved. It’s just that you were lucky. And the benefits of luck aren’t anything you deserve to keep. So, it’s OK for the government to take away from you that which you think you’ve acheived based on your efforts. Because you didn’t do it on your own. No, somebody else made that happen.

  30. @ Hal Hater says:

    @Hal hater….

    Maybe it was all part of the plan to keep the peace. Who better to broker a deal and BUILD a bridge? Perhaps you are so low down on the totem pole that you weren’t let in on the deal. Maybe you weren’t let in because your ability to understand the complexity of the arrangement is deemed deficient? Hmmm never the less don’t let the fact that you don’t know much about anything get in the way of your continuing to spew your ignorance. It’s unfortunate that you seem to be so incapable of taking what transpired at the convention as a sign of good things to come.

    Oh, and don’t forget there are many, many things you may witness, on even a daily basis, that you won’t understand. Should you desire to go on, and on about what you think you saw, and the implications of it all- feel free to do so. Perhaps you can watch someone taking an aspirin and from that activity derive the mechanism by which aspirin works? I’m sure your keen insight and ability to infer the absolute truth based on your visual understanding will win you a Nobel one day.

  31. Anonymous says:

    hey maybe the Hal hater is Scott P. and he is infuriated that the 2nd CD was so infiltrated with Liberty Caucus members that he decided to strike out at Hal… wait that is simply ridiculous. Oh what the heck if you are anywhere near being a Republican you have to hate Hal because he is such a republican….. no wait that is absolutely silly too. Dag nabit…… why would anybody find political capital in trying to harm Hal……. oh I got it you are a Suttle supporter…… no ……….

  32. Anonymostly says:

    Deb can be tough without getting her hands dirty. Let others call Bob Kerrey a liberal carpetbagger from New York, etc. There have been ads running that already do this, just like someone else ran ads that attacked Jon Bruning so that Deb didn’t have to.

    There’s a fine line between a woman politician looking strong/tough and coming off like a bitch. The ad above probably strays a little too close to the bitchy tone she should avoid.

    And just like Barack Obama ran against George Bush’s negatives, Deb Fischer can and should run against Ben Nelson. Tag Bob Kerrey with what Ben Nelson did wrong. I want to see a commercial in this cycle that says something to the effect that, “The last time Nebraska sent a Democrat to the Senate …”

    “The last time Nebraska sent a Democrat to the Senate, we wound up with Obamacare.”
    “The last time Nebraska sent a Democrat to the Senate, we got the biggest tax increase in the history of our Republic.”
    “The last time Nebraska sent a Democrat to the Senate, we got the Cornhusker kickback.”

    etc., etc.

  33. SoWhat??? says:

    Anonymostly at 11:57 PM has the right idea. I’d suggest expanding it just a little to reinforce the “Nelson/Kerrey” will say anything to get votes in NE but then do the complete opposite if elected. Maybe even extend that metaphor to include the Benator’s “insider trading” moves made just before the 2008 financial crisis when he was getting “inside info” from the Treasury/Fed and moved the bulk of his portfolio from equities to US government bonds…just before Lehman failed and the stock market tanked.

  34. Why do the Young Republicans hate Hal Daub? says:

    Hal has always been a Mitt supporter and you know this. These are shameless attacks based on lies. If the YRs keep this up you will no longer be allowed to stuff envelopes so tread lightly.

  35. Goober Natorial says:

    Darryl Strawberry was on KFAB this morning lamenting single motherhood and how so many kids these days grow up like he did without a father figure. It’s a problem few in the public sphere will acknowledge and fewer still will do anything about. In order to fix it, you’d have to be judgmental. (Gasp.)

  36. Goober Natorial says:

    I read Obama’s comments about “if you’ve been successful in business, you didn’t get there on your own.” What a bunch of Marxist, redistributionist garbage. Justifying taking away more of what the successful have made by claiming they’re only lucky. That’s just nuts. He simply doesn’t have a clue about what made this country prosperous. Idiot Obama.

  37. Goober Natorial says:

    BTW, can some Demtard come on here and explain exactly what point it was that Obama was trying to make by diminishing the accomplishments of successful people?

  38. Irrational Obsessor says:

    WHERE IS DEB?! I’ve been watching her ranch-house through my binoculars for days and I haven’t seen her! Come back Deb!

  39. Macdaddy says:

    Goober, I noticed the thinly veiled Marxist rhetoric as well. This is the point Obama was trying to make: most people are not business owners. For every owner, there are probably 100 employees, of whom a sizable percentage feel unappreciated and underpaid. Remember that 2 generations of public education have brought us falling test scores and soaring self esteem scores. That’s who he’s talking to. The whole thing is a pitiful attempt to change the subject and deflect blame: the reason you are struggling to make ends meet is the selfish, exploitive owners. In times of desperation is when your true character comes out. Obama can’t hide his Marxist core forever.

  40. Sweetwater Observer says:

    I will never support or vote for Mike Flood, the guy who led the effort to mandate that legal hard-working Nebraskans give money to give FREE medical care to illegals, while at the same time, having a difficult time affording medical insurance or medical care for themselves.

    For the same reason, I will never support or vote for my own state senator, Galen Hadley, for the same reason.

    It it time to set people like Flood and Hadley free from any more opportunities to take even more money from taxpayers to give to illegals

  41. Sue Himel says:

    The reason Kerrey doesn’t know where Fischer is is because everywhere she is…he is not…walking in parades, attending small town events, talking to voters.

  42. Vile Update says:

    Here’s a good one–a friend to mine told me legislative candidate Kyle Michaelis came to their house. She asked him if he was partisan and has been attacking Republicans–he said he has “never” done anything like that and that he has many Republican friends. (They had a good laugh after he left.)
    Is NNN dead–Vile Kyle hasn’t posted for a month and there’s nothing new since late June.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly and Goober, it’s a waste of time arguing with you since your minds are completely closed, but perhaps others will appreciate this rebuttal. Like many conservatives, everything to you is black or white; anything else seems to be too complex. I’ve worked hard all my life and graduated at the top of my high school class. Work at a successful business and also started one with a partner that I eventually sold my shares of when I left it. But I also acknowledge the help of others along the way, especially my ancestors which built the infrastructure that made my success possible. Who knows how I would have turned out if I hadn’t been born into a family that was stable and pushed me to become the best person I could. Like Simon and Garfunkel said: No man is an island.

  44. Goober Natorial says:

    More lies by IO. I wasn’t the one who posted as Irrational Obsessor but I applaud the effort. My guess — and its just a guess — is that its the same person who posts as Val Budentine, which isn’t me either. Very funny stuff.

  45. Goober Natorial says:

    Anon at 11:16, you have the quote wrong. “I am a rock; I am an island.”

    Also, that was an interesting response, but you didn’t answer the question. What was Obama’s POINT?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Obama’s point is not aiming to make sense but to monger fear. If voters look rationally at him record he is toast. Obama needs to access voter love/hate because strong emotion tends to suppress rational thinking. Obama is taking this directly from Josep Gobbles’ playbook.

    People envy the rich even while they want to be rich. If Obama can make people feel no guilt about chopping off richer people’s legs, then that is easier than Obama helping everyone rise in prosperity.

    Sure, Obama is tapping into the worst side of people. That works. It is not like he can run on his record.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Obama said:….Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

    Obviously “you didn’t build that” is referring to “roads and bridges”. Gripe about the sentence structure, but implying Obama is saying that “you didn’t build your business” is asinine.

    I mixed up the S & G song probably because the the “I am an island” meme seems more cautionary than something to strive for,

  48. Goober Natorial says:

    Well, anonymous, you better go actually read the statement because that’s pretty much exactly what he said. You don’t get to claim credit for your accomplishments. It’s not because you’re smart; its not because you work hard. “Somebody else made that happen.”

  49. Goober Natorial says:

    “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help.  There was a great teacher somewhere in your life.  Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive.  Somebody invested in roads and bridges.  If you’ve got a business. you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.  The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.” President Obama

  50. RWP says:

    People built roads and bridges long before there was a state. People taught school long before there were state schools, and still teach in non-state schools. The state does give you two valuable things; a set of laws that allow enforcement of contracts without knocking heads, and defense against external enemies. For those things, you pay taxes.

    When I use roads and bridges, i know I paid far more than my share of the expense of building them. My parents, and then I, paid for my education. They also paid taxes for everyone else’s education. So yeah, when it comes to creating something, as I am doing at the moment, I did build that.

  51. RWP says:

    And, for what it’s worth, the original internet was conceived by Licklider at private company BBN. He used his tenure at DARPA to put it into practice.

    BBN went on to win the contract to build ARPANET.

    Al Gore was not involved.

  52. One thing that has always baffled me as I have been getting more and more involved in politics is the level at which Reagan’s 11th commandment has been broken time and time again this political cycle. For those that aren’t aware of what it is: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

    All of these attacks on Hal Daub, Deb Fischer, the Liberty Movement, Scott Petersen, etc. seem to be a fruitless waste of time. Recently in a conversation between a fellow Sarpy County Central Committee member Chris Moore and Susan Smith about who was going to be elected at the State Convention for National Committee Man, Chris stated the following: “However important that issue may, there are many others that are just as important. If we cast aside candidates for public or party office on the basis of a single issue, what happens is that we fall apart at the seems because of a narrow focus on one issue instead of a broad focus on the majority of issues that we do agree on.”

    I think this applies to not only the candidates but also the members of the party. Everyone of us will not agree 100% of the time, not even my wife and I agree 100% of the time. I would love for us to all set aside our differences and realize that the primary election, excluding president, is where things are settled on a candidate basis for our party. As far as President that was just settled at the State Convention so whether or not our candidate did or did not win no longer matters. What now matters is making sure we beat back the Democrats, Independents, etc who are trying to win the general election.

    I mean really after August 30th when Ron Paul is no longer a candidate for anything and his supporters are still around helping out in the party, are you going to want to still hate them? Yes, some will go away but those people really didn’t matter much to begin with. I am specifically talking about the ones that are helping out with the campaigns, the fundraising, the luncheons, the pancake breakfasts, who are members of the County and State Central Committees, who are candidates themselves. Do you really want to continue attacking these people because you may have disagreed on who they wanted for President? When it really counts, Nov 6th, these people aren’t going to vote for Obama they are going to vote for Mitt Romney. So you may disagree with some of their views or policy ideas, there is still a lot you do agree on, like following the Constitution and limited government, prolife issues, fiscal responsibility, abolishing Obamacare. We want those people around for those reasons alone in my opinion.

    So Interested Observer doesn’t like Deb Fischer, several people now don’t like Hal Daub, even more it seems do not like Scott Petersen. To which I say if you would rather have Bob Kerry or Ann Ashford in office keep it up. If you would like to undermine Scott’s position from now until the next DCRP leadership vote go right ahead but it isn’t going to help Republicans win office. It isn’t going to help fundraising or campaigning or helping lay the ground work for taking back the Omaha City Council & Mayoral positions. People need to realize there is more at stake than just out own internal personality conflicts, it is whether or not we allow the Democrats to continue to erode our freedoms and liberties or whether we take a stand and say no more.

    Anyway, sorry if I rambled I just felt like getting that out there because I think there is still too much backbiting going on. I would hate to bear witness to the collapse of the party, yes it can and has happened before in the US, because people simply couldn’t put personality conflicts aside and agree to disagree.

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Just for grins, let’s concede that what Obama said is true. So what? How is this an argument for re-electing Obama? “We all had help so vote for me!”. Obummer’s statement is a complete non sequitur. Even if you extend it to “Vote for me because I want to help others,” well, guess what? Obama sucks at that. He has wasted trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it. His political donors are doing well. The Chinese government is doing well. But the people who Obama said he was going to help are getting completely shafted by his incompetence. If anything, Obama’s argument is to vote for Romney. Everybody can see Romney is the far, far better manager than Obama.

  54. Goober, if IO really does want Bob Kerry to be elected and we know that then clearly they are just being a troll. If I have learned anything on the Internet is don’t feed the trolls. Simply don’t acknowledge their comments and posts and act as if they are not there. No food for the troll and no glory gained from an argument that didn’t occur and eventually the troll goes away.

    However, my overall sentiments are towards the entire tone and attitude I have been encountering for this whole cycle. Even when there were 9 candidates running and people were choosing sides there was attacks flying around that did nothing to advance the party. Then as the numbers dwindled things started to pick up the pace with the attacks to the point I was wondering if the Democrats were going to need to do any campaigning on their own or simply rerun the Republican’s ads.

  55. Read the Platforms says:

    Levi, is it not true that you have been an ardent supporter of Ron Paul from the get go and worked to his end during the Douglas and Sarpy County Conventions? Your efforts there caused many long-time Party Volunteers to be cast out and labled as “establishment” as if that is something to be scorned. Ron Paul’s crowd is not now nor have they ever been truly “TEA Party” per se as they claimed this weekend. In one poll after another the over-whelming majority of TEA Party type participants have identified themselves to be socially AND fiscally conservative which is something Ron Paul nor his supporters may claim. They do however maintain an Agenda that is Isolationist, Open Border, Pro-Legalization, Anti-Religeous, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gambling and Anti-Republican. These positions are NOT Conservative are NOT Republican but are causing havok in our communities. Being a so-called “Libertarian-Republican” is an oxy-moron and is only espoused by those who are politically neophytical or are insidiously attempting to undermine the Republican Party from within…a cowardly approach to say the least. The Republican Party stalwart welcomed new volunteers from the TEA Party and were appreciative of their efforts but the Party (and their new TEA Party friends) is now on to the C4L/RLCNE/RonPaul coalition and their effort to portray themselves as TEA Party Republicans and have firmly rebuked them at the State Convention. We all want more Liberty. Ron Paul’s crowd has no exclusive license there. But, there is no such thing as a Liberty Republican, Libertarian Republican or Liberty Minded Republican…we’re just Republicans and we have a unified Platform that has been voted on and accepted. So Ron Paul’s followers can either accept it or they can go back to organizing their own political party. Quite frankly, I question anyone’s judgment who joins an organization without first reading it’s platforms only to attempt to take it over. That is not good character and it’s not The Nebraska Way.

  56. Chris says:

    Levi –

    The policy issues I don’t agree on with Ron Paul are kindof big ones: support of Israel, realization that a nuclear Iran is a problem, legalization of heroin and cocaine, protection of the privacy of online sexual predators, 9/11 trutherism (which he believes), his racist views in his newsletters and being against the border fence, and the list goes on and on. But because we are both registered republicans, I can’t criticize him and his crazy ideas?

    These ideas, and the majority of Paul supporters are anarcho-libertarian, not “liberty minded”. And I have no problem calling anyone out on that, including Scott Petersen or John Orr. Also, how do you know the Paulers are going to vote for Romney? All I hear is ‘Ron Paul, and only Ron Paul’ and that Romney is worse than Obama. That solid conservatives who have been active in the party for the last 30 years and young conservatives getting involved for the first time are called establishment neo-cons, are all corrupt and should be removed from the party. That the 70 percent who voted for Romney were mis-informed, and that the Paulbot delegates should “fix their mistake” at the convention.

    Hal Daub on the other hand is a genius for being able to get on the Paul slate.

  57. Idiot says:

    Scott Peterson was a Herman Cain guy and John Orr is a Romney guy. You know also ill- informed on Paul’s stances. He does not want to legalize drugs but says the war on drugs isn’t working. I will not try and other grossly inaccurate info. Keep drinking your establishment kool aid served at the Young Republican annual picnic.

  58. Chris says:

    First it’s Ron Paul, then Rand Paul in 2016, then Romney after he wasn’t going to be ED of the state party, and now its he’s a Herman Cain guy all along? And if John Orr was such a Romney guy, why did he promise Laura Ebke that he’d make her vice-chair?

    I do have the evidence where Ron Paul himself expresses those positions, but unfortunately Sweeper doesn’t like links in the comments. And I am not a Young Republican, so quit trying to pin all of Scott’s/RLC’s/Paulbot’s failings on them.

  59. Tom says:


    The rest of the article you referenced: “In fairness, Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf acknowledge in a paper titled Al Gore and the Internet that Gore has probably done more than any other elected official to support the growth and development of the Internet from the 1970’s to the present .”

    Your “facts” are so easily proven false.


  60. Anonymous says:

    Tom, specifically what did Al Gore do, more than any other elected official, to support the growth and development of the internet?

  61. @Read the Platforms: I am a Ron Paul supporter, I was not always though, nor does it matter anymore since his last shot was on Saturday. However, some history for you: I voted for John McCain in 2008 and I initially liked Herman Cain & Newt Gingrich this election cycle. I have been paying attention to politics, caught the bug if you will, since early 2007. I started listening to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, & Mark Levin back in 2007 and still do when I can catch them on the radio. I also own several of their books and have read them. Enough background on myself though, I can provide more if you would like later.

    To your points though I worked in Sarpy county not in any other county. I attended the Dodge & Douglas county conventions to observe not organize or work, I just wanted to see how the process worked in different counties. What did I do in Sarpy County? I passed out voting slates to the people in my district, and might I add voting slates that I did not follow 100%. Examples? I voted for Beth Ragland to be my district’s State Central Committee Woman, not the Ron Paul supporter. I voted for Jim Smith to be a delegate first, then I voted the slate since I did not know any of the other individuals I figured I would go with Paul supporters.

    I have been going to every meeting I can attend to get to know people. I have been walking in parades, I have one this Saturday in fact in Gretna. I campaigned in the Primary for a candidate and I intend to do it again in the General. My candidate did not win for President and did not win for the other campaign I knocked on doors for. No big deal, the goal is to get more Republicans in office, or keep them in office and keep the Democrats away from them so I will be voting for Mitt Romney. In fact, at the Douglas County Convention I was handing out Mitt Romney stickers for anyone that wanted them because the day before I went to see him speak in Council Bluffs.

    I do not need you to attempt to educate me on what you think you know about Ron Paul supporters. What you are doing is attempting to lump us altogether and create this nasty stereotype like the media did with Tea Party folks, remember the Teabagger comments made on national media? You do not get to attempt to paint me into this little box because shocking as it sounds I can actually think for myself and I don’t have a problem reevaluating my stances on issues and if the evidence that is presented refutes my position then I, logically, must change it. I am no where near an Isolationist, nor am I Open Border. In fact when it comes to the Open Border and Illegal Immigration stuff I am hoping to be working with the Nebraska Taxpayer’s for Freedom organization to get some debates setup with candidates so we can hopefully neutralize the Unions this election.

    I do not know what Pro-Legislation is so I can not address that. I am not Anti-Religious, I am a Christian and proud of it, I attend Life Church pastored by Dobie Weasel here in Omaha and before that I attended Glad Tidings. Pastor Dobie has been the one to dedicate all 3 of my children and he was the one to baptize my wife and I. My wife & I have been married 8 years, together for 12 and our 3 children are 7, 4 (5 on Aug 10th), and 1. I don’t exactly know what Pro-Gambling is I do not gamble nor do I drink, smoke, or have I ever done any drug (unless you count prescription drugs). I am not exactly where you get your Anti-Republican information from since I am a registered Republican and this election cycle alone I have helped at least 12 other people get registered to be Republicans who were Independents before.

    I have read the platform of the NEGOP, I even offered some suggestions to be added this year to increase accountability and promote unity within the party. Since I was not in attendance at State I am not sure if they were brought forward or even voted upon. I can give you what they were later if you would like, they came as ideas after I had a conversation with my friend John Sieler. Nothing that I have done or will do has gone against anything that is within our State Constitution, Platform, or my County. My only goals has been to play the game the best way I know how, clearly I won some and clearly I lost some. No big deal, my focus at this point is now November and getting people to vote Republican.

  62. @Chris: You absolutely have rights to criticize his ideas and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Free and Open discussion and dialogs are greatly needed in our Country. However, what I have been seeing (this goes for the Paul crowd too to which I have scolded many) is name calling and backbiting. There are no longer substantive discussions it is just “ESTABLISHMENT EVIL!!!” or “PAULISTAS WANT ANOTHER 4 YEARS OF OBAMA!!!” That is my critique of the language being used.

    We can have a discussion if you would like on each and every single idea of his, some I agree with and some I do not, if you want. I am not here to defend him though I read this blog to stay in the loop on stuff happening in Nebraska. I didn’t say all of the Paul Supporters are going to vote for Romney, I said “Yes, some will go away but those people really didn’t matter much to begin with. I am specifically talking about the ones… When it really counts, Nov 6th, these people aren’t going to vote for Obama they are going to vote for Mitt Romney.” The crowd that I talk to are not jumping ship to support the nonsense that is Gary Johnson or voting for “Nobody” like the crazy anarchists. They are pragmatic realists who know we don’t need another 4 years of Obama.

    Clearly you are only reading or talking to the crazy Paul supporters. Unfortunately they are the ones that usually get attributed with the Paul movement because they are the most vocal. I commend Hal for getting on the slate I can not speak to how he did it, I was not involved in any of that conversation. So the point I have been trying to make is we and I mean both sides need to have their own little private victory or pity parties and then grow up and act like adults and focus on getting rid of Democrats. I would love to get Susan Smith and Erica Fish elected in those heavily Democrat districts but it is going to take all of us working together. I would also hate to see Acela Turco lose her race, John Murante at a luncheon the other day was talking about how important her race was to the legislature. We need all hands on deck to win these races, yes Obama is hated but with a National Media on his side and all of his $ it is going to still be a tough fight.

    So criticize on policy and decision making all you want but there are times and places for it and in my opinion they have all passed for this cycle. Everything here on out should be Democrat focused.

  63. chuck says:

    Anonymostly wrote: “Which means no accomplishment is earned or deserved. It’s just that you were lucky. And the benefits of luck aren’t anything you deserve to keep. So, it’s OK for the government to take away from you that which you think you’ve acheived based on your efforts. Because you didn’t do it on your own. No, somebody else made that happen.” Which also applies to our first affirmative-action President. And what we need to take from him is the job which he thinks he achieved based on his efforts. Because he didn’t do it on his own. No, somebody else made that happen. And we need to take it from him because he’s too incompetent and blindly dogmatic and narcissistic to lead the country out of the deeper mess into which he and his cronies have further plunged us.

  64. Levi don't feed the troll says:

    You do not need to explain yourself. Just sit back, grin and know you are sitting on a full house aces high!

  65. @Levi don’t feed the troll: I wasn’t feeding trolls, I was addressing legitimate concerns with myself and my words. If I felt that it was at a point that they were simply trolling me then I would ignore the comments. However, the points they brought up were valid and I could address them so I did.

    Oh and I forgot earlier @Yikes: I don’t have any problems quoting someone when I agree with them. Chris and I didn’t see eye to eye on Presidential candidates but that is no big deal. I think he has and is doing great things for the party. I have found him to be extremely helpful when I have questions on parliamentary procedures and it is because of him I was sat on the Sarpy County Central Committee. Yes I was added again at the County Convention, however, he had an open invitation to any new person that wanted to get involved. I think that is a very good thing.

  66. Anonymous says:


    You seem like you’ll be one of those who will continue to be involved, and that’s good. But there are too many Paul supporters who are in it only to get Paul elected and leave right after the conventions, and that’s what was experienced 4 years ago. So excuse me for being cynical when all the Paulers say they are going to support all of the other Republican candidates and stay involved.

    And just because you think it’s no longer the time to criticize, doesn’t make it so. Like Scott Petersen failing to file the proper NADC reports or the Paulers in Sarpy County not showing up to the first central committee meeting.

  67. @Anonymous 11:20: I am aware of the short sighted Paul Supporters. Those are the people though that like to rail on and on about conspiracies and chem trails and other nonsense. They are like herding cats when you try to get them to do anything and quite frankly they are the kind of people we wouldn’t really working on anything anyway so I am sort of glad they are going to leave, although I suppose they could stuff envelopes. 🙂

    I am not against anyone offering up criticism I am specifically talking about the type of language that is used that one would use before a duel, if that makes any sense. It is the kind of language that drives wedges and destroys harmony. We don’t want to encourage, at this point in time, any sort of disunity because that is going to make it difficult to get people to campaign or help out. There are plenty of people that want to get involved but they don’t want to get in the middle of any sort of conflicts so they will just sit back and do nothing when they could be out knocking on doors or making phone calls.

    Now when it comes to the Sarpy County’s first Central Committee meeting I think we can let that one slide a little bit, and not just because I wasn’t in attendance either, but because it was on July 5th and who knows how many were out of town on vacation. I was down at the Lake of the Ozarks for a family reunion and to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday. However, because I am district 203’s State Central Committee Man I contacted Ken and let him know that I wasn’t going to be in attendance. I did offer to dial in to a call if there was one available so I could participate but one was not available so I enjoyed the time with my family.

    I think a better indicator will be County Fair volunteering, parade walking, campaign assistance, and the Central Committee meeting on September 6th. I don’t think low attendance the day after a National Holiday is a good marker of whether or not people are going to continue participating. I do know though that there were a few Paul supporters in the room and some of them even volunteered with Senator Price to assist with Convention security.

    These are the people I am talking about alienating and others like them that are not yet involved that could be. We should want them, we need them. I know in the few conversations I have had with Congressman Terry and the speeches I have heard the Governor give about the importance on the 2nd District this election that we need all hands on deck. I know I don’t want to see Obama win the 2nd District again, I know I don’t want John Ewing as my Congressman, I know I certainly don’t want Bob Kerry as my Senator.

    Am I making sense with what I am trying to convey? I don’t want to just be wasting people’s time. I know my responses can be fairly long winded, I apologize. I have always been of the belief if I assume someone doesn’t know what I am talking about and I take the time to explain myself then there can’t be any confusion on what I might have said or what I implied.

  68. Lil Mac says:

    Thanks, Levi, for your 3,000 words. I may have to take this as a challenge, one blabby blogger to another. — Just kidding. You are fired up. Good. Keep stoking the flames of freedom.

    From what I grasp, you don’t like Republicans hitting Republicans. Get used to it. For the opinions that matter most are always the closest and they do chafe.

    When you speak of this having the rhetoric of a “duel”, you are correct. While it is better to be calm and reasoned for sake of our own persuasiveness, let us make no mistake; politics is war, real and deadly in all but the bullets. At stake is freedom and prosperity or starvation and a USA fractured into chaos.

    I have been in combat, revolutions and insurrections overseas, and I have been dealt violence here in political campaigns. A war of words may seem nasty to you, but believe me, it is wonderful compared to the bloodshed that is an election elsewhere. I grant that people who haven’t been shot at with real bullets often seem oddly bellicose to those of us who have, but in truth none of us have all the answers. We all strive for good (limited) government. And achieving that hinges on nothing more or less than a US Constitution that hobbles the worst of human nature, as voters and as power wielders, so as to allow us to stab each other with words in a verbal war for political power.

    People are muddled murderous things and a US Constitution that brings us above that is no small achievement.

    Ron Paul? He has jumped parties too often to be seen in the normal context of bipartisan politics. He draws to himself a unique set of two distinctly different types of supporters. His “principles” draw Republicans who want to push the GOP to the right (his latest effort accomplished some of that). Yet his “iconoclasm” draws the rightwing equivalent of leftwing occupiers, people out for a bit of political vandalism but also a few nihilists who take the phrase “libertarian anarchy” literally. As you and others here seem to suggest, the former are Republicans and shall, as Churchill said, “bugger on” by pushing conservative GOP matters and candidates, while the latter will like evicted occupiers go home to Dad’s basement and smoke weed.

    Ironically, it is the Democrats who mix blue collar union toughs with gay rights people, etc. Compared to that menagerie, Republicans are so damn similar they seem like squabbling siblings all crammed into the same bed. Good luck getting them to quit squabbling.

    Welcome to the battle for good government. Tis not for the faint hearted. Keep buggering on.

  69. Make November Count.... says:

    So that we can repeal ObamaCare and the awful memory of the fraudulent Cornhusker Kickback.

    So that we can repeal Nebraska’s LB 599.

  70. Goober Natorial says:

    So, where’s Bob Kerrey these days? I’ve seen lots of ads attacking Deb Fischer but they’ve all been paid for by the Dem party. So, is a political party a person? Dems are so incensed about that “Citizens United” decision from a couple of years ago that you’d think they would refuse to spend the money as a matter of principle, just like they thought Nebraska should turn down stimulus money as a matter of principle.

    Speaking of which, I’d like one of the Demtards who had come on here telling us it was hypocritical for Gov Heineman to accept stimulus money, to explain to us how its not hypocritical for liberal organizations to spend money on campaign ads attacking or supporting a particular candidate.

  71. @Make November Count says:

    If you want LB 599 repealed and real conservative reform in Lincoln, please make a donation to Acela Turco’s campaign for State Legislature.

    Turco for Legislature
    16330 Wright Circle
    Omaha, NE 68130

    The outcome of that race will determine the balance of power for the next two years.

  72. @Lil Mac: Thank you for the insights. In my mind I look at it, much like you described, as family that is having sibling rivalries. Now I may be mistaken but it seems to me that, continuing with the family analogy, all of our fighting should occur Dec-May (Primary), June (County Convention), & July (State Convention). After that we should look at it as the neighbors beat up our little brother and it is now time to rally the family and go settle the score. Reason I say that is because there is the common enemy after the Primary & Conventions. Then once the General is over then we can all just go into our little corners and come out swinging at each other again.

    @Make November Count: I am right there with @Make November Count, after having listened to John Murante explain how the legislature works with committees and appointments and such Acela’s race is pretty much going to be the deciding factor on whether or not we can make any headway or not this next legislative session. I would also like to steal some Democrat seats too, we will see how that plan works out.

  73. Interested Observer says:

    I do not cede my individuality to my Republican Party. RWP was disappointed on Saturday afternoon by Kramer’s election to be the new National Committee Man and I completely agree with RWP on this specific issue. Was RWP supposed to NOT be allowed to express his disappointment in here? Last week there was much contempt in here for the old “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP AND GET IN LINE” orders from the “establishment” crowd.

    So, now, just because Saturday came and went, we ALL are supposed to just “sit down and shut up and get in line”?

    I absolutely reject that order and the arrogance behind it.

  74. Lil Mac says:

    IO, I don’t think anyone fears you will cede your individuality or shut up. I distinctly remember you eloquently not shutting up for months while you cracked fence posts over Fischer’s head. And some of the indignation and objection to arrogance here is perhaps irrelevant. Frankly, I think you and RWP and a lot of others here can dish it out and take it. I say keep fighting the good fight. But I do urge you to keep National Committeeman in perspective for what it is and what it isn’t.

    Panama Dave got the votes he needed to get the old fake job Pete Ricketts got after Nelson kept Pete from getting a real job. So now Dave gets to take a crack at free cheese platters in Washington. Kramer has lost his share of real GOP races in the past. And for sure, he’s a nice guy unless he needs to stab you. So I rather think it is safer to have him where he is now. It’s sort of like a plush cage. But that’s only my opinion. Anyway, I am sure he likes the free cheese.

  75. Some Thoughts says:

    I still think Sweeper is Robyn Tysver and I’m standing by that until proven wrong, but hopefully we’ll never know! Some things should remain a mystery. It’s more fun that way.

    The Senate-race consensus above is clear and I agree, Deb needs to use ads to speak directly to voters and stick to the high road with a positive vision. She comes across as calm, measured, common-sense, and solid. She doesn’t have to get fancy; leave that for Kerrey, who has to run against his own positions. He might think he can get by on charisma, but what’s that they say about making the opponent’s strength his weakness? Deb can out-charisma him, out-authentic-Nebraska him, any day of the week, and along with touting a simple platform of positions most Nebraskans already agree with, that’s all she has to do. She can be both the home-grown candidate with legislative experience and the Senate newcomer who is going to shake things up vs. the same-old from Kerrey.

  76. Even More Thoughts says:

    I think Levi Lippincott is really Brian T. Osborne after he saw the light and became a Republican.

  77. Look For The Video says:

    Will Leavenworth Street’s East Coast reporter be sending us video tape of the moving van in front of Bob Kerrey’s New York City house being loaded for the very long trip to Nebraska?

  78. Anonymostly says:

    Yay!, I presume you can provide us with the actual stats for what percentage of the DC black population are criminals.

  79. Question says:

    Is it paranoid to think that the narrative of the current batman movies plays into todays presidential race… Good versus evil… Bane versus the dark knight

  80. Yay! says:

    I have no clue. I’m just sharing with all the Paulbots what their “perfect” candidate previously had said

  81. Answer to "Question" says:

    Yes, it is paranoid to think that the narrative of the current Batman movies plays into todays presidential race… good versus evil… Bane versus The Dark Knight.
    Bane, the character, first appeared in DC’s Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 in the January 1993 issue. Barrack Obama was teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School at the time.
    The Batman character was referred to as the “Dark Knight” as early as 1976, before President Obama even graduated high school.
    So, Rush Limbaugh has led you to fall for yet another of his Oxycontin infested fantasies. Don’t just rely on that hyper-inflated gasbag’s hallucinations. Abuse your own mind altering drugs and come up with some original deranged thoughts.

  82. Goober Natorial says:

    Obama is justifiedly being taken to task over his ignorant remarks about people who built successful businesses. I loved Romney’s comments. We actually have someone willing to campaign against Obama this time. Also loved what Romney said about not releasing his tax returns. Would just give the Demtards something to nitpick and distract from the important issues of the day. He’s right, of course. Release those returns and we’ll never hear the end of it, of course.

  83. Goober Natorial says:

    Guy at post 110, you libtards sure spend a lot of time listening to Limbaugh. And Fox News. Did Limbaugh really say that about Batman? I hadn’t heard that before. But then you libtards always seem to know more about what Limbaugh says than conservatives who supposedly get all their news from him.

  84. It is not too late. says:

    Would you Republicruds like to take another crack at finding someone to fill your slot on the presidential ballot? Idiots like Goober would love to have the Mormon church taking over our government. They’ve already got the FBI and the CIA.
    As for the myth of the “self made man” that so many of you believe in. That is nothing but a fantasy. Americans have been successful thanks to the hard work of millions of workers, not just the “work” of millionaires.

  85. TexasAnnie says:

    YES! The Liberty Movement = the United States Constitution!

    You took a lot of effort to explain yourself. I’m interested. And because BTO gave me a little instruction, rather than denigrate me for not knowing as other Leavenworth correspondents do, I clicked on your GREEN moniker to learn more about you.

    I don’t know the people you reference nor the particular local issues you cite in your communications above. But I did live in Nebraska, for sixteen miserable years (I was literally brought there to pay taxes under one or your REPUBLICAN “economic development” schemes in lieu of the taxes you locals should have been paying in support of your own dreams). I was registered Republican before I arrived and after I arrived. And I brought with me my lesbian daughter and my daughter with disability. As you can well imagine, I had reason to turn to the Libertarian Party!!! But the 2008 Bob Barr fiasco taught me to avoid “party loyalty” as the true threat to individuality which it is… In this regard, Interested Observer and I find agreement.

    I say all that to say this to you specifically: Why would anyone want to move to Nebraska where taxes are higher and liberty is lower than most places (or at least than in TEXAS)? Why would I want to shore up your tax base upon retirement? (And if I don’t stay, which I did not, how effective is your REPUBLICAN plan of “economic development” in Nebraska?) And most importantly (that is, if you will not respond to anything else posed here, pleeeeze respond to this): how can a self-annointed “Nebraska Christian” reconcile the REPUBLICAN stance of negligence foisted upon those truly MOST VULNERABLE Nebraskans being warehoused at the Beatrice State Development Center? I’m no apologist for the Democrats. But at least those few “serving” in the Unicameral did try to fund adequate, on-site medical care which would have saved those lives. (Voting records are on-line!) Your REPUBLICAN leader, Governor Heineman, vetoed that funding in the legislative session before those deaths occurred! Are you at least sorry, if not ashamed, for those deaths?

  86. Anonymostly says:

    “As for the myth of the “self made man” that so many of you believe in. That is nothing but a fantasy. Americans have been successful thanks to the hard work of millions of workers, not just the “work” of millionaires.”

    The fact you think it’s a myth says a lot about you. No one that I have ever heard has EVER claimed that America’s prosperity was only the result of “just the ‘work’ of millionaires.” No one has EVER said that. EVER. But your comments show you have a fundamental ignorance about how our prosperity happened. Sure, there are millions of hardworking Americans whose efforts contributed but it took entrepreneurs and business people getting wealthy to give all of those millions of hardworking Americans something to do.

    Over in Barry’s Liberalville where you apparently live, you have thousands of people sitting around staring at each other with nothing to do, thinking to themselves, “if only someone would invent something where hardworking people like me could go do something to make money (we could maybe call it a ‘job’), I’d get off welfare.” In Liberalville, when people want money, they either go to the gummint with their hand out or the find someone who already has some … and take it.

    Meanwhile, up the road in Republican City, there’s an industrious kid who sees a need. His neighbors have lawns that need mowed and he has a mower. He’d like extra money and they have some. He has time and willingness to mow their lawns and they’re willing to part with some money in order not to have to mow. So, this kid has the gumption and initiative to go around his neighborhood offering to mow his neighbor’s lawns for hire.

    Some of them turn him away but some are willing to pay. So he starts mowing their lawns. He’s dependable. He’s there when he says he will be. He is careful to not run over Mrs. Johnson’s petunias and he sweeps the grass clippings off the sidewalk and driveway when he’s done. Eventually other neighbors see that this kid does a very good job of mowing and they decide to hire this young man to mow their lawns as well.

    The trouble for our protagonist is that he only has one mower and it’s just him. And now, there are more neighbors who want their lawns mowed than he can cover on his own. So, he has an idea. His neighbor kid doesn’t have a mower but is willing to work. Our industrious young lawncare owner has an idea. He could take the money he’s made from mowing and, instead of buying that new bike he wanted, he could buy a used mower from one of his customers instead.

    So, he buys that used mower and offers to pay his friend to work for him. The friend wants money, for which he’s willing to trade his time and effort. Our young business owner is willing to trade money in exchange for his friend’s time and effort. The friend realizes, of course, something that both you and Obama don’t understand. His new boss paid for the equipment; went to the effort to establish customers; has to cover the costs of gas, blade sharpening, etc.; and has equipment sitting idle during the winter that he can’t make money with but had to pay money for. Plus, if there’s a drought and the grass doesn’t grow, neighbor kid can walk away and find other work but our little entrepreneur is stuck with the risks. So the neighbor kid is aware, understands and agrees that he doesn’t get paid as much as the owner will charge for the work he does.

    That’s just fair.

    And it happens all the time in this great country. Gateway Computers started in Ted Waitt’s parent’s barn. Nebraska Furniture Mart started in Mrs. B’s garage. They became extremely wealthy by having an idea that other people weren’t interested in developing (but might have), taking risks others weren’t willing to take, working hard, hiring others to help them grow their businesses and eventually create the engines of prosperity and employment their businesses became.

    And you guys over in Liberalville just don’t get it. Occupy your tents and bitch about what’s not being given to you. You’d starve if it wasn’t for productive people going out and doing something. Bottom line, people don’t have jobs out there if there aren’t other people willing to take risks and create businesses to hire them. You liberals want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. God help us all if you and Barry succeed.

  87. It is not too late says:

    Anonymostly, the sewage treatment plants of Lincoln and Omaha combined couldn’t handle the load of bullshit that you frequently dump here. Your latest load would tax that of Chicago.

  88. Anonymostly says:

    Boy, that was an intelligent and well-thought-out response, IINTL. Pretty typical for libs. They’re short on substance and long on vitriol.

    What I said was true. The example I gave describes countless people I’ve personally known. Haven’t necessarily grown their businesses like Gateway Computers but they’ve done alright. Small business, as Barry says, are the job-creating engines of our economy. And where do you suppose those small business come from? All you Occupiers sitting around bitching about how unfair it is that the rich are rich instead of getting off your asses and doing something productive yourselves.

    And you don’t have to start out rich, so don’t even try that one. I know a guy who started out with a half-million dollar inheritence when he was mid-20s. He thought he’d try owning a business but had no stomach for it and burned through his inheritence and now has nothing to show for it. I know another guy who came from a not-at-all well-off farm family in southern Lancaster County. His dad was a small-time farmer.

    I’d lost track of this kid and hadn’t spoken to him for years. Was driving through Lincoln about 12 years ago and saw a truck with this kid’s last name on it. Come to find out, about 1995, he bought a dump truck and started hauling whatever he could get people to pay him to haul. Today he has a fleet of 50 trucks and about the same number of pieces of earth moving equipment and employees running out his ears to operate all the stuff.

    You probably say I’m making it up. I’d provide a link to his website if Sweeper didn’t frown on such things but, tell you what, I’ll post the name of the business if Sweeper says it’s OK and you can google it yourself. And I’ll tell you I knew that kid when he had nothing. So don’t tell me that “the self-made man” is a myth. You only want him to be a myth so you as to salve your ego for being one of life’s failures.

  89. It is not too late says:

    Anonymostly, the story itself is credible, it is all the BS embellishment you add, pretending that liberals are just a bunch of welfare begging bums that stinks to high heaven, and laying the blame for your own shortcomings at “Barry’s” feet.

  90. Calling Anonymostly's Bluff says:

    Where is your documented proof that all liberals want the things you claim they do, Anonymostly? All you have done is state a lot of your personal biases and expect us to accept it as the truth. You have proven nothing, you have established no facts, you have only done exactly what you didn’t like about what IINTL wrote. You are nothing but a hypocritical, ill informed, ass.

  91. @TexasAnnie: Thank you for your questions. Why would anyone want to move to Nebraska? As of May NE has the 2nd lowest Unemployment in the nation at 3.9% in specifics to Texas being #20 @ 6.9%. Now if you are already employed this means very little to you. So when you look at Taxes the only thing we do better than Texas in is Sales Tax & Cigarette Tax but that pales in comparison to Texas’s superior taxes in virtually every other category. There are a lot of aspects of taxation I would like to have adjusted within the State and further advancements in Liberty, a quick example is better gun laws for owners.

    As I have previously stated I really didn’t get involved in the political world until 2007 and it should also be clarified that I really didn’t start paying attention to any sort of local issues with any seriousness until about 2 years ago. This was the first time I have heard about any issues in Beatrice so I looked up what occurred and it was horrible. Now I do not know very much about the care of those mentally and physically handicapped, but what I do know is the government usually provides the worst service compared to the charitable/private sector. So I think the problem with that is much greater in that we have the government involved in the care of these individuals. I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do believe that if the Government at its core is really only there for the mutual self defense of its citizens property & life and when you see problems creep up it is usually because it is trying to do something it isn’t supposed to be doing.

    Now to the point of am I sorry or ashamed of those deaths? No I am not because I was not directly involved in them. I have a firm belief in that unless I am involved directly in something that causes harm to another individual then I have done nothing wrong. Therefore since I was not involved in this instance I can not feel sorry nor ashamed. I am not sure if I sufficiently answered your questions or not, if I did not please let me know so where I lacked and I will try to expand. Also if you have any informational sources that you want me to read up on for any issue you are discussing I would be happy to look it over, just so as it isn’t 50+ pages 🙂 I already am reading several books.

  92. Anonymostly says:

    Documented proof? Where have you been? This has been the mantra of the left since you bozos occupied Wall Street nearly a year ago. Obama and his cohorts have been using the language of class envy since he started campaigning if not earlier.

    Congressional Democrats and the liberal media have been complaining about “Bush’s Tax Cuts for the Wealthy” which supposedly only benefited Bush’s rich buddies. You wouldn’t have known from the news coverage or how the libs were talking that there were tax cuts for EVERYONE WHO PAYS TAXES in Bush’s tax cuts until Obama decided, with this down economy, we needed to extend the part of Bush’s bill that included tax cuts for the middle class. Huh? Middle class tax cuts were included in Bush’s tax cuts? No way! Who knew?

    And I heard Obama talking and all of his sheep cheering when he denigrated the efforts of business owners who became successful. It’s been quoted within this very thread but you can probably search for it using the google machine. Obama certainly speaks for plenty of people when he says successful business people don’t deserve credit for the successful businesses they’ve built. IINTL obviously agrees. Do you disagree? If you do, you haven’t said so.

    As to my post being just like IINTL’s? You really must lack reading comprehension skills. IINTL asserts without any support that the “self-made man” is a myth. I gave three specific examples — examples which are illustrative of thousands of other situations — proving that IINTL’s assertions were false. He responds that my post is sewage. I respond with another specific example of a self-made man. My posts were substantive; his (and yours) were just pap.

    So … speaking of asses, you might want to take a look in the mirror. You’ll certainly find one there.

  93. Macdaddy says:

    Obama just unilaterally invalidated another law, aka welfare reform and removed the work requirement that got millions of Americans off the welfare rolls and out of poverty. Why does Obama hate poor people? Since liberals pissed and moaned when welfare reform was passed, they must be pleased as punch today. I’d say that liberals are fine and dandy with handing money out for nothing, but woe unto you should you decide to work for it and don’t bend your knee towards the federal government. You must be punished. All in all, the federal government (and don’t forget state and local governments) put way more impediments and add so much cost that Obama’s straw man got incinerated by the inefficiency. You liberals are just mad because Obama tried to steal a base and he got caught. Oops! Was that racist?

  94. Anonymostly says:

    Macdaddy, I see you have these two covered so I’ll head off to bed. If other libs show up, I guess just pretend they’re the same person because the seem to all belch out the same tired class-envy rhetoric. Oh, and they’ll call you names.

  95. TexasAnnie says:

    Levi: Thank you very much for your civility. Sooo…you didn’t get involved before 2007, and, you were not directly “involved” with the state’s BSDC scandal. But you will vote for persons who “caused” the BSDC deaths? I do believe you understand better than most Nebraskans why I did not want to stay in Nebraska, in support of Nebraskans, given Nebraska’s neglect of persons like my child, —and in plain view of Nebraska’s TAX CODE! If I had remained in Nebraska after retirement, upon my death, what would your expectation be about my child’s future there, without me? I am not harboring an irrational fear. This is a sincere inquiry.

    When I studied ethics, now many decades ago, I was taught that persons generally use one of two methods for determining what is moral: a desire to do one’s duty, or, a desire to seek the best outcome. Subsequent reading taught me of a third option being widely utilized: situational choice-making, or shall we say, ‘if it feels right, do it.’ The two former methods of determination are different from the later in their predictability and thus useful for groups of persons. All three methods of determining what is moral are useful for individuals. It would seem you make use of the third method for determining what is moral, rather than the first (duty-doing, Ex: Christianity). In this regard I’m disappointed in your response. But I am grateful for your civility. It’s unusual at this website…

  96. anon says:

    Today, I will get in my 2010 GM car and drive on public roads to go shopping at a TIF shopping area. I am sure that the business owners will be glad to see me because I have money to burn due to the fact that I had a good job because of my public education. Or I might cruise the internet which was funded by my tax payer money (DARPA, cables, satellites) which will be delivered via post at airports that were funded by taxpayer money and using public roads to deliver it to my house.

    Should these businesses encounter any contractual issues, they can sue in courts that are funded by tax payer money.

    Of course I will pay for all these things with my bank account which is insured by the FDIC that has a taxpayer backstop.

    Lastly, this president has given us the lowest tax rates in, what 50 years?

  97. Anonymous says:

    Still no explanation of how the Liberty movement differs from mainstream conservatism…I really would like to know

  98. @TexasAnnie: I do not know where to go to look at the voting records for specifics on the incidents that occurred at the BSDC. I know I can go to the NE Legislature site to look up details but I wouldn’t know where to start, ie what the name of the bill or the number of the bills were to see the results. If you would like to provide that information so I can look to see if anyone on the list is someone I would vote for I am happy to look it over. However, I am in a district that is not voting for a State Senator this cycle so unless one of my Federal or local office candidates voted for the particular piece of legislation then I can’t actually be lumped into a category of votes others may or may not cast for one who did play a role in the scandal.

    When it comes to ethics and if it is a political choice I first ask myself if there is anything there that is within what I believe the role of Government should be. If it is not then I vote no, a recent example was the La Vista Public Swimming pool, I see no reason why that can not be ran privately at competitive rates in better quality than it is currently in. Now how I evaluate personal choices and whether or not it is ethical I believe my faith says what I should do.

    So in a case of the mentally or physically handicapped I am not physically able to take care of someone or provide care because I neither have the time nor the training to do so. So what would be my options well I could donate financially to a charity or organization that does take care of these individuals. Okay now the question is do I fall in line with what I believe is spiritual on gift giving, 2 Corinthians 9:7, “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” If I am not moved to give then I will not give. There are times in our church we have guests come in and we take up an offering for them and I feel no desire or will to give to them. Then there are other times when I can’t reach for my checkbook fast enough, many times these organizations do the exact same things and I am moved to donate to one and not the other, why? I believe I am being led when and when not to give, others may disagree with me and that’s fine.

    Then when you speak of duty to take care of someone there is only two mandated groups I am aware of to take care of in the Bible, I may be wrong I am not a biblical scholar please point out my mistakes if I am. Those are the widows and orphans as noted in James 1:27 “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” That is the category that your child would fall into and would thus be taken care of, in my opinion, by either others or a group home by (example) the Catholics.

  99. Debbie Fisher's Thoughts says:

    As I watch my cattle grift, I mean graze on public lands, I reflect on what President Obama said about businesses getting help from the tax payer. All the funds I received in subsidies and money I don’t have to spend to feed my cattle. I almost feel sorry for the 98% of ranchers who don’t get my competitive edge, almost.

    I wonder how long until I receive taxpayer funds for the drought and what will I do with the money.

  100. Goober Natorial says:

    Cool story, there, anon at 8:29. Where did the govt get the money to build those roads, etc.? My guess is it came from productive people who are generating economic activity. You know, like businesses and the people whom they employ.

    IMO, the government is responsible for building infrastructure such as roads. That’s a legitimate function of government. It’s their job. You act like government deserves a big ol’ pat on the back for it. My pat on government’s back comes in the form of the big ol’ checks I write them several times a year.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Texas Annie said, “I was literally brought there to pay taxes under one or your REPUBLICAN “economic development” schemes in lieu of the taxes you locals should have been paying in support of your own dreams.” TA: It was your hubby’s job that brought you to Nebraska. If you didn’t want to come, you didn’t have to. The lure of big money must have won out. I would maintain it was your husband paying the taxes as he was the one gainfully employed. You and he are apparently now retired at an age that most people can only dream of retiring on an acreage in Texas, as you have stated on this forum. And I think you just mentioned being in Europe. Unless that was a joke, I think you and hubby fared quite well off his Nebraska job. So quit the whining as if your time in Nebraska drained you financially. Sounds more like it set you up well for early retirement.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Goober, you nimrod! Liberals pay taxes too. a lot of them. From now on, please drive only on that portion of the highway that YOUR taxes paid for … all 2/10ths of a mile of them.

  103. @Anonymous #127

    I apologize I meant to answer your question earlier but I got distracted. The difference is where the proper role of Government lies. Mainstream Conservatism and the Liberty movement both agree that the Constitution should be how we govern this Nation, something that we have gotten very far away from. There are other differences but usually it boils down consistently to foreign policy & individual rights.

    With foreign policy you typically see Conservatives talking about how we need to protect American interests even though they never fully define what those interests are and whether or not they fall in line with the Constitution. Usually those interests are something vague like a threat to an ally that is completely well equipped to handle themselves. A recent example is Iran & Israel. Yes there are extreme differences in the two countries and I greatly favor Israel over Iran. Now people like to talk about the potential threat of a nuclear Iran and how we should get involved and attack and go to war with them before they have done anything to anyone. I understand the argument can be made about them financing terrorist organizations, but that same argument can be made about the Chinese and Russians and we aren’t bombing them. I like to look to Israel and how it handled the Syrian nuclear reactor. They evaluated it, they determined that it would be a threat to their own National Security and they destroyed it.

    Now here is where you really start to see a difference those in the Liberty movement say lets use the Constitution as our guide and go to Congress, get an official Declaration of War, get in there and take care of business if it really is a threat to National Security. Typically you see the Conservatives say just use the War Powers Resolution to go in this is a threat to National Security we don’t need a Declaration of War just get Congressional approval like Iraq/Afghanistan and every other conflict since the resolution was brought into existence. Those, sane people, within the Liberty movement like to point out that just because the War Powers Resolution exists and has been used in the past, that does not make it Constitutional nor is it Conservative to defend a bad or unconstitutional law/policy just because it has been around for a long time. Why is it unconstitutional? It is not an amendment to the Constitution therefore Congress has illegally transferred its power to the Executive branch.

    With individual rights there is usually a no victim, no crime type of stance with the Liberty movement. Which is where you see things like the Drug War, Gay Marriage, etc come up for debate between the Liberty movement and the Conservatives. The reason for the Drug War is it is exactly comparative to Alcohol and Cigarettes. Alcohol & Cigarettes kill and damage people’s lives just like illegal and even prescription drugs. Yet we do not prohibit Alcohol. Why? We tried it before. What happened? It failed. It cost to much to defend, the people wanted it back, and also you had the rise of some of the worst gangsters ever in our history. Look at our Drug War, what is happening? The exact same things, it is costing us Trillions of dollars and the cartels that are rising up are so dangerous that they are to the point that they are rivaling other countries military. Then there is the impact it has on society and our prisons. We end up incarcerating nonviolent drug offenders which creates a huge burden on our penal system but it also hardens these individuals making them more likely to be violent when they serve their time. So now you are starting to see more traditional Conservatives like Governor Chris Christie declare the Drug War as a failure. I don’t think any rational person wants all drugs legalized to the point your 5 year old can walk into a convenience store and hand the cashier a $20 and walk out with an 8 ball of cocaine. However, we could scale things back to the point we are treating them like Alcohol and Cigarettes or even prescription drugs. We have DUIs that penalize people, we can have aggravated crimes for if you commit offenses while on drugs you are punished more severely. However, I don’t think we should be destroying families, wasting $ on resources, and overloading the court/prison system because some random person wants to sit in their home and enjoy their evening with the drug of their choice when they aren’t hurting anyone.

    Of course I mentioned Gay Marriage so let me hit that topic. The Liberty movement’s position on this usually differs from traditional Conservatives in that those of the Liberty movement believe the role of Government is not to determine how one or more individuals may live their lives, as long as it is not harming someone. Therefore if 2 people want to enter into a contract that splits their assets and liabilities in a way they negotiate to be equitable on both sides so much the better. Then if they happen to be members of the same sex and are a member of a church, like the United Church of Christ, that will bless their union and call it a marriage then have a ball. We have a 1st Amendment for a reason don’t we? Conservatives are typically opposed to Gay Marriage because of religious and moral reason, to which I understand I am not for Gay Marriage nor do I attend a church that recognizes it. The difference is the Conservatives would like to use Government the same way the Liberals want to use Government and force others to live the way they want them to live.

    That are just a few of the most common and hot button issue differences between the 2. I think for the most part Conservatives and those within the Liberty movement agree on 90% to 95% of the issues. To which I say lets prioritize and get those 90% to 95% of those issues fixed and running smoothly and then we can all fight and bicker amongst each other about the other 5% to 10%. If I didn’t answer something clearly or you have any questions please feel free to ask away.

  104. Goober Natorial says:

    Nimrod at 9:25, I didn’t say liberals don’t pay taxes. I said productive people do. Funny how you associate “unproductive” with being liberal. I didn’t say that. You got it from you.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Goober and Anonymostly are prime examples of Fox and other conservative propaganda working. Your views of liberals and liberalism are so far from reality that I can’t even call them a caricature. You fall in line with your tribe’s beliefs no matter how far from the truth they may be, The latest one is your use of a selective and distorted reading of a simple sentence from Obama supposedly saying that business owners aren’t responsible from their success. Only idiots (really believe Obama meant that) or those that are pushing this just as a political angle to deceive people push this falsehood. You can decide which camp Mitt falls into.

  106. RWP says:

    pretending that liberals are just a bunch of welfare begging bums that stinks to high heaven

    If they aren’t actual bums, and many are, they are enablers. Bob Kerrey voted against Welfare Reform. Barack Obama gutted it by executive order. They’re making videos to encourage people to use food stamps. They are trying, quite obviously, to get >50% of the population on the government tit so they have a guaranteed perpetual majority, in the process destroying the cardinal American virtue of self-reliance.

  107. @Actually: Poor example in price but still a good analogy. Then again if you take in all of the legal competition that would be on the market it wouldn’t surprise me if the prices did drop to something like that.

  108. Anonymous says:

    If Scott Petersen is proud of his ability to raise money for the DCRP, why won’t he show the central committee the monthly treasurer’s reports or even file the REQUIRED accountability and disclosure commission filings?

  109. RWP says:

    Quote of the day, from NR’s the Corner. Some of you will recognize it.

    “He didn’t invent iron ore and blast furnaces, did he?”


    “Rearden. He didn’t invent smelting and chemistry and air compression. He couldn’t have invented his Metal but for thousands and thousands of other people. His Metal! Why does he think it’s his? Why does he think it’s his invention? Everybody uses the work of everybody else. Nobody ever invents anything.”

    She said, puzzled, “But the iron ore and all those other things were there all the time. Why didn’t anybody else make that Metal, but Mr. Rearden did?”

  110. Question for everyone says:

    Which one of the below items is the biggest mysteries…
    1.)area 51
    2.) the missing watergate minutes
    3.) does Josh Weir use miracle grow on his beard
    4.) Obama’s birth certificate
    5.) Amelia’s plane whereabouts
    6.) the knights Templar involvement in hiding the holy grail
    7.) is RWP a virgin
    8.) the missing DCRP financial reports

  111. Anonymous says:

    My guess is number 8. The highly coveted DCRP reports was the talk on all the national media outlets this week.

  112. Anonymous says:

    It’s so reassuring that Scott Petersen’s little goon squad is trying to mock serious concerns about the hiding of financial information from the central committee. What’s the matter Scott, can’t figure out who to blame for this?

  113. Ask Milli Vanilli who to blame the missing DCRP reports on says:

    Blame it on the YR’s yeah, yeah
    You can blame it on the YR’s
    Cos the YR’s don’t mind
    You gotta blame it on someting

  114. TexasAnnie says:

    Levi & Anonymous #127: What is the proper role of government with regard to persons it has taken into custody? I know about and usually agree with an idea that persons with developmental disability are best cared for in the private sector. It’s why my adult daughter with DD has always lived in my home. I’m not enamored with an idea that tax funds should be used for “contracted services” to otherwise tax exempt entities (churches). But I acknowledge that the Catholic and Lutheran churches in particular do avail themselves of this social duty.

    However my point with regard to BSDC in not what “should” have been done. It’s: what obligation does the state have to such persons once the state has taken them into custody? Or to put it another way, what obligation did the Unicameral have a few years back when, given it’s budgeting data and notions of priority spending, it granted a specified amount for BSDC, which Gov. Heineman vetoed. The veto could have been overridden… If the state will not care for the DD population, then the state should not be taking such persons into custody!

    This is a major difference between the conservatives/liberals and the liberty movement with regard to the DD population. The former mainstream political parties will take persons into custody and neglect them, -apparently unto death in Nebraska. Whereas the liberty movement would just leave them to die of neglect sans state intervention.

  115. TexasAnnie says:

    And that, my Anonymous friend at #131 is why I have every reason to BITCH about the taxes I surrendered to the State of Nebraska!!!

  116. @TexasAnnie: The proper role of Government is to protect its citizens life & property whether or not they are in custody or not. So if someone is taken into custody it is their obligation to provide care for that individual.

    “If the state will not care for the DD population, then the state should not be taking such persons into custody!” Truth.

    “the liberty movement would just leave them to die of neglect sans state intervention.” I think that is a fundamental misunderstanding of the Liberty movement. It is always very hard to describe the ideas of the Liberty movement to people because they are so used to the way things are and have a difficult time seeing how things would be. In a world that is modern with the freedoms and currency of our Guilded Age the churches are allowed to step back into their role in society and be the caregivers for the widows, the orphans, the poor, the downtrodden, the handicapped, etc. That is what they used to do and what they could do again if we let them.

  117. Goober Natorial says:

    So, anon at 10:39, I’m tribal because I fit the caricature you’ve bought into of Fox news-following conservatives who’ve bought into Fox, et al’s caricature of liberals. You have no idea how hypocritical you are, do you? Can’t wait to see you spin this one.

    And it was more than one sentence from Obama. I’ve read the whole speech and the pertinent portion is several paragraphs long. Your interpretation of that one sentence makes no sense in the context of the rest of his remarks. Why don’t you explain the part where he said he laughs at successful business people who think they succeeded because they worked hard and were smart. Or you could just admit that Obama’s comments were asinine.

  118. Lil Mac says:

    Goober. Sure enough, you never mentioned politics, partisan or otherwise; said only that roads are the product of “productive” people. Yet 9:25 shot you a snotty retort saying “Liberals pay taxes too”, obviously assuming the word “productive” means Conservatives, or else that “productive” means anything except Liberals. You pointed that out. — Goober, shame on you, beating up a Special Olympian (Hey, its Obama’s joke so it’s okay.)

    I admit there is enough dumb go around. Right now a few Republicans are worrying about even fewer self-marginalizing Republicans who are marginalizing themselves. Who cares? Unless the idiots actually clog the drain in the gene pool, let them sink to the bottom.

    Yet, beyond the statistical idiocy of humankind in any group, only one major party actually advertises itself as heartfelt wealth spreaders and poor lovers, albeit full of greedy wealth hoarders and poor patronizers. This Democrat hypocrisy is Liberal reality. Like latte sipping hillbillies, Liberals decide matters with a big heart and tiny reason on a hair trigger. Trying to argue logic with them, as Goober discovered, is like shooting retarded fish in a barrel. It is almost enough to take the sport out of fishing for political idiots… almost.

  119. Robbert Kerrey says:

    “Molecule” a water-only café in Manhattan’s East Village serves filtered New York City tap water, charging $2.50 per glass.

    “Hi, I’m Bob Kerrey and I am here to tell you about our exciting new drink. Its called tap water! Not that unsophisticated disgusting tap water you get free from any Nebraska water faucet, but my new Upper East Side New York City trendy, hip tap water. — IT TASTES BETTER BECAUSE YOU PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR IT!”

    From the same people who brought you KerreyCare.

  120. Anonymous says:

    More ridiculous liberal caricature from LilMac. I can see the spittle emanating from your mouth as you write. Fox News, or whatever right-wing news source you subscribe to is rotting your brain. (A poll showed that those who view Fox News know less than those who watch no news. Go ahead and spin out of that.) You and Goober are so used to just accepting the distortions you absorb that you can no longer see reality. Now I don’t mind a reasoned discussion of conservative vs. liberal philosophy, but you are such ideologues that that is impossible. Since Fox spent more than 2 hours and 42 segments Monday and Tuesday distorting Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment, and honest Mitt is running an ad that makes it appear that Obama said what you wish he had said (by removing the “Somebody invested in roads and bridges” phrase in the video), I can somewhat understand why you believe in things not true.

  121. RWP says:

    A poll showed that those who view Fox News know less than those who watch no news. Go ahead and spin out of that

    It’s a lie. How’s that?

    Obama said what he said. The speech has been read in context and out of context. Makes little difference. His words are as plain as your single digit IQ. Wriggle all you want. It can’t be unsaid, and the efforts I’ve seen to spin it have been pathetic. Obama thinks individual effort counts for naught, and we are all beholden to the collective.

  122. RWP says:

    Oh, BTW, if ‘that’ meant ‘roads and bridges’, it would have been ‘those’. The smartest president evar surely knows the difference between singular and plural prepositions.

  123. Anonymous says:

    RWP, it’s hard to believe you’re a professor at any college. Obama also said “57 states” once, and I’m sure he meant to say that. The spin is all from your side because it fits your meme, not because it’s the truth.

    Tell me this. If your version of the quote is correct, why did Mitt remove: There are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. Instead it went straight from Let me tell you something, to If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. You and your ilk would rather believe a statement that doesn’t make sense than to accept the truth. You folks have no shame, or maybe you’re just delusional.

  124. Anonymous says:

    How is Scott Petersen spending the DCRP’s money? As a central committee member, I haven’t been able to find out for at least the last several months now

  125. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous liberal at 4:50 watched over two hours of Fox news on Monday and Tuesday to count the number of segments Fox had on Obama’s dumb comment? Wow! I don’t even watch Fox news. Funny how libtards claim that conservatives get all their news from Fox. From the looks of things, the libs watch more Fox news than the conservatives do. Which explains how they always claim to know what they said on Fox.

  126. Goober Natorial says:

    Anon at 6:36 wants to know why Mitt Romney edited Obama’s lengthy statement. Try asking Mitt. My guess is that it was for the sake of brevity. Obama loves the sound of his own voice so much that he tends to rattle on. It’s a long quotation. If you look at the entire statement, its clear Mitt’s interpretation is accurate. You libs want to change his meaning by zoning in on just a small part of the quote. None of you libs who’ve tried to defend Obama on this have been able to explain either the point of saying what you claim he was saying, nor the point of saying the parts you ignore.

  127. Macdaddy says:

    Obama still doesn’t measure up to his own standards. He sucks at helping people unless those people are his bundlers. His Marxist claptrap still made a better case for Romney.

  128. RWP says:

    Anonymous Coward @6:36. I expect that’s because all the guys you’re used to calling ‘professor’ are meth cooks. The context simply makes it clear exactly what Obama was saying; your individual action is simply a product of the State. It’s an idea as old as Hegel, and it hasn’t improved in 200 years. Now go Google ‘Hegel’, there’s a good moron.

  129. Worker of the World says:

    Mitt Romney has never “worked” a single day in his entire life. His wealth has not been built by starting out buying lawnmowers and hiring neighborhood kids to help him. His wealth has been stealing other kids’ lunch money and hiding it in Switzerland.

  130. RWP says:

    Twit at 7:48

    Name one instance of Mitt Romney stealing anything. Specify what was stolen, the date, and who it was stolen from.

    BTW, I bet you never worked a real day in your life.

  131. Worker of the World says:

    Anonymous at 6:36, Don’t waste your time on RWP. He is just another of those intellectual goons that suck on the university system tit and contribute nothing of value to the world. That is why he has so much time on his hands to spread his right wing lies here on Leavenworth Street. Maybe it is time to point out to the UNL leadership what kind of a guy they’re wasting our tax dollars on.

  132. Worker of the World says:

    RWP, Romney, by moving all his ill gotten gains to offshore hiding holes like Panama and the Caymans stole from every single American citizen that had to pay taxes to make up for what he didn’t pay. What he did may have been “legal,” given that our laws are written by other corrupt sons of bitches like him, but that doesn’t make what he did right.

  133. @Levi says:

    Care to add anything else tonight? Anything at all, anything you’d like to get off your chest? Maybe you have something else about yourself you’d like us all to know about?

  134. Lil Mac says:

    “It’s an idea as old as Hegel…” I am sure the loggers here think you misspelled “Hagel”.

    I get the impression these are portfolio and beret types who couldn’t point to a science building. Yet they denigrate others of substantial accomplishment. That’s the logger way.

    It might be nice if these Doctors of Phrenology got something of their own to read.

  135. @worker of the world says:

    “Maybe it is time to point out to the UNL leadership what kind of a guy they’re wasting our tax dollars on.” spoken like a true Comrade. what are you some sort of KGB informant now?

  136. Anonymostly says:

    WOW, what you don’t seem to understand is a simple law of economics: That which you subsidize, you get more of; that which you tax, you get less of.

    We subsidize illegitimate births and lookie, the illegitimate birthrate skyrockets. We tax corporate productivity, they send jobs to China. It ain’t that tough to figure out, except I continue to see libtards who don’t get it. The libtards seem to think the answer to corporations who send jobs to China is to punish corporations by making it even less profitable to do business here. That’s genius!

    And, so, Romney isn’t the only one who might have offshore holdings. When your government makes it unprofitable to have onshore holdings, people with the ability to move their holdings, being rational maximizers of their own personal utility, are going to move them. Offshore. Where another country seems to want them more.

    When you say, “Romney, by moving all his ill gotten gains to offshore hiding holes like Panama and the Caymans stole from every single American citizen that had to pay taxes to make up for what he didn’t pay” then you necessarily are also saying that “welfare recipients, by sucking off the government tit instead of being productive, stole from every single American citizen that had to pay taxes to make up for what they didn’t pay.”

    So, are you saying welfare recipients are thieves? You must be. From every single American citizen that had to pay taxes to make up for what they didn’t pay. Of course, you didn’t intend to accuse welfare queens of being thieves. At least not for being on welfare. Should have thought through that rant a little more carefully before you posted it.

  137. Anonymostly says:

    “Goober and Anonymostly are prime examples of Fox and other conservative propaganda working. Your views of liberals and liberalism are so far from reality that I can’t even call them a caricature.”

    Nice try but fail. I don’t watch Fox. I develop my views of liberals and liberalism by listening to liberals and reading things they have to say. And I read and hear a lot of liberal nonsense. A hell of a lot of liberal nonsense. Just stroll over to the Lincoln Urinal Star website and the comments run probably 5 to 1 liberal to conservative. A get to read a lot of liberal nonsense over there.

  138. Anonymous says:

    So now Sen Abbie Cornett has yet another reason to be upset with her husband? Soliciting a prostitute and then missing court……..yikes. I guess snow plow is off the hook now for stupid stuff…..naw no way!!!!

  139. Anonymouse says:

    That’s too bad about Senator Cornett’s husband, I’m sure this is a really tough time for her and her family. Obviously this isn’t her own actions. It might be nice to give her family the space to figure this out…

  140. Macdaddy says:

    I get a kick out of the trolls here thinking that Dear Leader’s Marxist BS is going to fly. The guy can’t even talk enough to convince people Obamacare is just awesome. You think they’ll fall for his faculty lounge brand of communism?

  141. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymostly: Nebraska has been ‘subsidizing’ (via tax policy) “economic development” since the late 1980’s. And yep! Y’all have been getting more and more ‘subsidizing’ every legislative session since that time. It’s a fact of human nature that when one enterprise looks around and sees the others aren’t required to pay their taxes, the first wants the ‘subsidy’ too! Is this what you meant when you said: that which you subsidize, you get more of?

  142. Goober Natorial says:

    Democrat or Republican, my thoughts today are with the victims of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado and their families. Horrific tragedy.

  143. RWP says:

    Just stroll over to the Lincoln Urinal Star website and the comments run probably 5 to 1 liberal to conservative. A get to read a lot of liberal nonsense over there.

    I used to post there. One of their liberal regulars started to post personal details of members of my family. I complained. It took hours for them to take it down; the perp. is still there.

    They’re not just nuts, they’re thugs. And the paper encourages them.

  144. Worker of the World says:

    Macdaddy wrote, “You think they’ll fall for his faculty lounge brand of communism?”

    Why not? Macdaddy has fallen for RWP’s faculty lounge brand of fascism.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Funny how Romney/Obamacare was fine when proposed by a Republican, and conservative think tanks, but it’s horrible socialism when enacted nationally by Democrats. Consistent you folks are not. By the way, it seems to be working in Massachusetts and has high approval ratings there. (That doesn’t mean it’s perfect.)

    Goober, it’s possible to read transcripts and other postings to find out what’s happening on Fox news rather than to subject myself to hours of torture. Haven’t you figured that out?

    It’s really funny how you correlate my moderate (liberal in your eyes) viewpoints with no success/low income. The reality is, unlike RWP, I haven’t taken a penny of taxpayer’s money in my job as I work in private industry and pay taxes on a 6 figure income instead of living off of other people’s taxes.

  146. RWP says:

    You can tell all the stories about yourself you want. Since you’re anonymous, there’s absolutely no way to corroborate them. I work for a living, and get paid (by the University of Nebraska) for what I do. I also pay the expenses for a lot of what I do out-of-pocket. You’re welcome.

    A major objection to ObamaCare is that it’s an imposition at the Federal level. If Massachusetts wants to set up a health care system, that’s Massachusetts’ business.

  147. Worker of the World says:

    By choosing to remain anonymous I can’t “corroborate” my stories, but I also don’t leave myself open to the kind of vicious, personal, ad hominem attacks that your ilk revel in conducting.
    I know what fascism is, RWP, more than you will ever know. Three of my grandparents died thanks to it and I cannot believe that I am witnessing the rise of fascism in America, one of the countries that paid such a high price to defeat it nearly seventy years ago. I know fascism and you are a fascist.

  148. RWP says:

    By choosing to remain anonymous I can’t “corroborate” my stories, but I also don’t leave myself open to the kind of vicious, personal, ad hominem attacks that your ilk revel in conducting.

    The Chair of Chairs of the Nebraska Democrat Party used this blog as a vehicle to anonymously attack me professionally, including vile and false accusations about my teaching. I had to out him to get him to stop. I have seen nothing remotely similar from the right. I think you’re just too chicken$h17 to stand by your own words.

    By using the cloak of anonymity to launch vicious personal abuse, you are both a coward and a scumbag. Given that, there is no reason for me or anyone else to credit a word you write.

    The only fascist tendencies I’ve seen in today’s America are on the Left. When you get armed goons standing outside polling stations, and they are protected by the Attorney General, now THAT’S fascism.

  149. Macdaddy says:

    Hold the phone, RWP. Worker of the World wins because he had relatives die fighting fascism. Of course, his moniker indicates a penchant for other socialist brands like communism, which is responsible for the intentional deaths of at least 3 times as many people as Hitler/Mussolini/Hirohito ever were responsible for. Weird. I bet Worker even has a Che t shirt or poster, because that’s the good kind of socialism, unlike those national socialists.

  150. RWP says:


    Is there anyone of our generation who didn’t have relatives fighting fascism? I had a grandfather and an uncle in the Royal Navy, and another grandfather on wartime convoys in the Merchant Marine. He died of his injuries after his ship was torpedoed.

    Mussolini was a former communist. And Nazi is a corruption of ‘National Socialist German Worker’s Party’. Biggest and most effective lie in history was to pass off a statist, collectivist movement as part of the Right.

  151. Goober Natorial says:

    I feel nothing but contempt for Brian Ross anyway but the fact that he attempted to blame this Colorado massacre on a tea party member who happens to have the same name as the shooter was despicable. I hope that Ross guy rots. I didn’t even feel like talking politics today, let alone injecting politics into a tragedy. My heartfelt thought to those affected. What a horrific event.

  152. Macdaddy says:

    Jonah Goldberg has a great book, Liberal Fascism that explains the history of progressives and their common history with fascism and fascism’s family feud with communism.

  153. Tom says:

    Lots of talk about fascism. It seems that commenters don’t know what that is.

    Sinclair Lewis: How Fascism Will Come To America (1935)

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

  154. Anonymous says:

    And what credentials does Jonah Goldberg have that would cause me to believe anything he writes? His book is complete BS.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Basing the quality of a book by its footnotes is like picking specific verses from the bible to defend an unchristian viewpoint.

  156. Anonymostly says:

    “Basing the quality of a book by its footnotes is like picking specific verses from the bible to defend an unchristian viewpoint.”

    No it’s not.

    And when the accusation is that the book is “complete BS,” the footnoting would be very relevant.

    I’m sorry, but that was just a stupid thing to say.

  157. Anonymostly says:

    Tom sez:

    “Lots of talk about fascism. It seems that commenters don’t know what that is.

    Sinclair Lewis: How Fascism Will Come To America (1935)

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”

    Oh, OK, thanks for the clarification. Flags and crosses. Good to know. Fascism is flags and crosses. According to Tom. Now we all know what fascism is. Nice work, Tom. I assume you learned that in public school.

  158. RWP says:

    America has taken a good beating, thanks to the Kenyan and the Australopithecine goons he hired as enforcers, but we’re not out. Take a buzzsaw to Washington, pay the debt off, and we’re good.

  159. RWP says:

    Sinclair Lewis was a drunk and a fellow-traveller. His novels are interesting period pieces. His political views are as useful as Brian Ross’s

  160. Macdaddy says:

    America’s dead? Well, then Worker of the World, your wish came true. Unfortunately for your Hopes and dreams, though, you’re just as wrong about that as you are about everything else. Now maybe you can tell us why you would pick a name that’s linked to an ideology that was responsible for the deaths of 50 million people in the USSR alone.

  161. RWP says:

    I shared an office, in 1986, with a Polish intellectual, who went on, after liberation, to run one of the oldest universities in Poland. I would like to have seen his reaction to Workers of the World. He had a nice way of curling his nose when confronted with the disgusting.

    Has twit no idea how his ideology enslaved, tortured and killed tens of millions?

  162. Worker of the World says:

    You don’t even know my ideology, nor why I chose such a name, but don’t let that get in the way of your ignorance.

  163. Tom says:

    Romney promises to cut taxes even more than BUSH, increase defense spending, and magically cut the deficit and debt.


    Even more funny, he won’t tell us how. Why? He won’t get elected.

  164. Macdaddy says:

    Worker of the World, I asked you why you chose that name already. You are correct that i don’t know why you did because you won’t tell us. The fact that you are being defensive about it means that either you are ignorant of where that nane came from or you don’t want to admit that you have no problem with the “cool” totalitarian systems. Please enlighten us as to your ideology, Tovarich.

  165. Lil Mac says:

    First, as mass murdering governmental systems go, Hitler’s National Socialism comes in a poor third behind Marxist Socialism ala Mao and Stalin, both of whom murdered the most innocents for the good of the Workers of the World–way more than Fascists ever murdered. (100 million dead innocents at the hands of Socialism can’t be wrong!)

    Second, Hitler’s Nazism was surprisingly non-economic, and thus beyond normal system descriptions such as fascist, socialist or capitalist. Having a system with no economic plan is sort of like having water that isn’t wet. It is hard for most people to grasp, so they dump the economic term Fascist on Nazis. It is not that simple.

    Economics dominates capitalism (individuals), socialism (the state) and fascism (corporatist-bureaucrat state). Franco and Mussolini championed Fascism, which ironically resembles the workings of OBAMACARE. — Say, for example, you need a nurse to bandage you. Obamacare does not tell you to go pay for your own nurse (capitalism) and it doesn’t give you a federal nurse (socialism). Rather, Obamacare establishes a large federal bureaucracy of clerks who are tasked with contracting private business to get you a nurse; which of course empowers government and enriches insurance corporations, while leaving the clerks to tell your nurse tht the bandage costs too much so she should instead try giving you an enema. — Ironically, and considering that it is Obama’s Liberals who call small government Conservatives “fascists”, Obamacare is a fairly pure example of real fascism.

    Hitler was expedient not economic. He said the power of Nazism lies in it not having any economic plan whatsoever. And it didn’t. Hitler simultaneously said he was 100% for protecting individual property rights, while he also said he was 100% for allowing government to take property whenever it wanted. Basically, Hitler was an economic zero like Goebbels was a truth zero. The essence of Nazism was never any sort of economic plan beyond whatever gained Hitler and his Nazi’s more power and stuff.

    Hitler’s power wasn’t based on any of the usual economic theories, but rather on the pseudo unity of his scripted fear-mongering and scapegoating that demonized groups and blamed others. Hitler generated hope, fear and hatred, emotions to trump reason. His system’s revenue was to simply to absorb resources from countries he conquered. Hitler wasn’t an economic dunce but rather pathologically unconcerned about any long range benefits beyond himself growing more powerful. His system was aimed entirely at keeping himself in power, by saying and doing whatever it took. He pitted people against people, mongered fear, told lies laced with truth, and was a very dynamic convincing speaker.

    Thank goodness the world no longer has such awful leaders.

  166. Worker of the World says:

    Why are you dingbats discussing Hitler? Fascism was Mussolini’s baby. Go study some god-damned history.
    And what is it that you nattering nabobs of negativism have against working class people?

  167. Lil Mac says:

    Figure it out by rereading your own words and mine. And note that I didn’t call you names. And I didn’t swear at you.

    Have you ever been shot at by Socialists or Fascists? I have. I was IBEW and AFLCIO. How working class is that? When have you dropped a bead of sweat for this country you say is already dead from fascism that you say you understand better than others? Yet you called a libertarian small government anti-bureaucracy blogger here a fascist. That is the fair opposite of fascism, which I said was championed by Mussolini. Frankly, you are here under your chosen Socialist moniker and the only fascist thing going on is the Obamacare of that DC neo-Socialist who melds with your chosen pseudonym.

    But I rather think the reason you are here is to jab people. Karma, dude. How we speak to those we don’t know is how we eventually act toward those for whom we care. A bit of civility can keep one from being hollowed out.

  168. RWP says:

    Workers of the world, unite! Is a famous quote from the Communist Manifesto. If you use it as a handle, you shouldn’t protest when people make inferences.

  169. Lip Service says:

    It appears Pat McPherson at the “Objective” Conservative is calling Ron Paul a nut and the liberty movement idiots for liking him. Way to burn that bridge!

  170. Anonymous says:

    No matter how disarming Levi and others might try to appear, the Paulbots and the “Liberty Movement” do not conservatism. They are anarcho-libertarians, and would fit in better with the occupy groups than the GOP. Presuming to be the ONLY group who can “save the republic” is complete arrogance and shows how out of touch with reality they really are.

    While constitutionalism and fiscal responsibility are good; legalization of heroin and cocaine and the complete isolationism from the rest of the world are insane.

  171. Interested Observer says:

    I just did a search to find out what percent of voters are super liberal or super conservative, what percent are liberal or conservative and what percent are in the middle. I couldn’t find a very clear answer. What would you say are those percentages?

  172. Unemployed says:

    OK. The rich got the tax breaks that were supposed to allow them to create new jobs. So, where are the ****ing jobs?

  173. Anonymous says:

    Instead of trying to correct any falsehoods about them, the Paulbots (such as Levi Lippincott) would rather mock and stifle any dissent within the party. Shocker.

  174. Tom says:

    Yeah, it’s the EPA. Hilarious.

    It’s not corporations that have been off shoring jobs. It’s the EPA.

    Keep f##king that chicken.

  175. Where are the jobs? says:

    They offshore jobs because it is diffucult to do business and expensive. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the WORLD. Japan is second highest I believe.

  176. Jugger nought says:

    Ron Paul’s blogging troop is still full of nervous energy. What caged primates do in plain view of the public, Ron Paul’s GOP supporters do verbally, thinking they appear normal, unaware that the only reason they are twiddling themselves while Ron is toast, is because by not closing out his campaign, Ron Paul the non-Republican gets some personal payback. He who calls Republicans bad names, by keeping his own GOP idiots hanging, gets to torture the only Republicans he can torture, his own supporters.

    The worst political bloggers here have done is to stake out some jugs for fun. What Ron Paul is doing is like skinning kittens.

  177. Question says:

    I think Scott Petersen should be asked serious questions at the next County Central Committee meeting as to why he has not filed any reports to the NADC this entire year.

    I think it is imperative to know what is going on in that aspect.

    I also think that it is just as important to ask questions about the financial well-being of the county party and demand more information about the treasurer’s report.

    How much is it costing to lease that crazy space by the airport? Who is using the space? What is the rate of return? How is it going to be impacted once the Victory office is opened in the old DCRP office??? How much use is it going to get? How many phone calls have been placed from the facility since it opened for use 3 month ago?

  178. To Question says:

    Above posters great questions. So quite being a puss and ask them next meeting. I swear if I here another idiot comment about welfare grazing or DCRP reports I am going to lose it.

    P.S. Jugger Nought your an idiot

  179. My thoughts says:

    Mitt Romney is like the chubby girl at the end of the bar during last call. You’re taking someone home and she does have a pulse so she will do. Ideally you would have preferred the slender ginger that left at 1030 but alas it is now 1 am. Besides you are some what drunk, you’re friends are gone so you won’t get a ribbing for picking up the rotund girl so why not. The take away….

    It is better to go home with a fat chick than another to go home with a American hating socialist.

  180. Great job Interested Observer says:

    All this talk about Welfare grazing has awoken the dead! I would like to here biggie smalls thoughts on this matter

  181. Anonymous says:

    Why is the DCRP having a central committee meeting in July? But more importantly, why isnt notice of it being mailed out (as required in the county party’s constitution)? This is the “leadership” that Scott Petersen brings.

  182. DCRP Chairmanship says:

    All you do is complain and complain!!! We do not get to see the reports, we weren’t notified, why isn’t he recruiting, why doesn’t this pocket protector come in Republican red. The same people that complain that the delegates should represent the fact 70% of the state voted for Mitt. Well hopefully when 70% of the central committee reelect Scott what will be your spin. Oh and if yo do not think that 70% of central committee support high you are simply hanging out with the vocal minority!

  183. Your an idiot says:

    I love when you post anomalously
    and them post right after as DCRP member as if we are to believe it is two different people.

  184. To DCRP Chairmanship says:

    Scott would only get reelected IF the Paulbots show up to the meetings. History has shown that they don’t.

  185. DCRP Member says:

    I am not Anonymous. I will tell you that I have not received any notice for a special meeting and I have not seen a financial report at a DCRP meeting lately. How hard is it for the chair who owns a printing business to print notices and financial reports????

  186. Huh says:

    ITK- you might want to count the DCRP votes again. Petersen has done a great job. If chooses to run I will gladly vote for him. And I am not a paulbots.

  187. @Huh says:

    What the heck is your measurement for doing a great job?

    What did Scott Peterson do in the Primary that we could consider a success? I’m looking at the 2010 Ballot compared to the 2012 Ballot for November, and it’s nothing short of embarrassing. You’re going to have to explain how Scott Peterson did anything he promised.

    What has Scott Peterson done himself in the way of Finances? From other commenters, this sounds like the big mystery. Maybe you know something everyone else doesn’t and can enlighten everyone in what Peterson has done in effectively and properly handling finances.

    What is actually happening at the DCRP office? I’m sure it was home base for Peterson’s behind the scenes work to further the Ron Paul Slate at the National Convention, which by the way was a complete failure.

    Seriously, what has Scott Peterson done? He isn’t producing the results he promising. He has lost the faith of a lot of people who hoped in him. You have every right to vote for him, but I seriously need to understand why you feel that everyone else should do the same?

  188. Nightshift says:

    Among all the irrelevant post-primary party leaders and failed candidates, stands out Ron “Screw All Republicans Especially the Idiots Who Kiss My Anti-GOP Ass” Paul. At this point, it is a special kind of stupid to still have your head up his butt. Yet it is no more enlightening to have your head up in the donkey’s or the elephant’s pooper either. The primaries are over and those who vote in and decide general elections don’t have a clue who Scott Peterson is and they don’t care about Paul. All they see are the few nominees whom you don’t even discuss.

    There are races going on and you keep discussing horses in the paddock. if you are Republican, that means you are doing exactly what the Democrat nominees hope you will do. Ride the elephant right , boy, or that donkey will use you like its whore.

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