What if…

***UPDATE Tuesday, July 24, 2012***

Paul Hammel of the OWH reports that Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy said, “I have every intention of running for Governor.”

Which we figured.

Hammel noted at the end of his article:

“There was speculation Monday that Sheehy might be leaving the post…”

Really Paul? WHERE was that “speculation”?
Would it really kill you guys to reference (with a link, ahem) what you are talking about?
Just say it. “LeavenworthSt.com, where we go for our political scoops, said…
Is that so hard?

***End Update***

A few off beat thoughts on this Monday morning.

It was a reported last week that Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy’s wife filed for divorce. The news on this has contained few details. We have heard a few rumors, but nothing we would print and no reason to do so.

Nonetheless, we had a few of our contacts express that pursuant to this situation, or maybe something completey different, what do you suppose would happen if Sheehy found it necessary to leave the Lt. Governor gig, and Governor Dave Heineman had to replace him?

Now ordinarily replacing a Lt. Gov isn’t that big-a deal. Though it can certainly have an impact. Just ask Dave Heineman.

Heineman was appointed Lt. Governor in the middle of Mike Johann’s first term, then was on the ticket for the second term, and got the gig when Johanns left to become Secretary of Agriculture. But Heineman had been Lt. Gov for a while at that point.

So consider the scneario above. Let us say Heineman, for whatever reason, DID appoint a new Lt. Gov — just for arguments sake, throwing out a month — in September of this year. Then let’s say Mit Romney wins in November, and asks the first Governor in the country to endorse him (that would be Governor Dave) to become his Secretary of…Commerce. (Or pick your favorite cabinet post.)

Suddenly that Lieutenant Governor who a few months ago was doing something completely different has become Governor — and would likely be angling for a full term in 2014.

How’s that for a shake-up scenario?

So just to take things a little further, we asked a few of our politico contacts, “Who, in such a scenario, could be on Governor Dave’s short list for appointment?”

We gotta say, we were surprised how forthrightly our peeps gave us some names.

So, without further ado, here are a few thrown our direction (resorted alphabetically):

Director of Administrative Services Carlos Castillo
GOP Chairman Mark Fahleson
Omaha businessman Rex Fisher
Speaker Mike Flood
State Senator Tony Fulton
State Senator Tom Hansen (North Platte)
Lauren Kintner (Governor’s Policy Research Dir.)
Stave Senator Chris Langemeier
State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh
State Senator Beau McCoy
Shane Osborn
Former State Chair Mark Quandahl
Omaha City Councilwoman (and Mayoral canidate) Jean Stothert
Nebraska Health & Human Services CEO Kerry Winterer

That enough names for you to chew on? We will say that Flood, McCoy and Lautenbaugh were on everyone’s list. A few of those, like Lauren Kintner and Carlos Castillo are out of the box, but would be incredibly intriguing. The person would be, in essence, Heineman’s legacy and would have to be immediately accepted, able to hit the ground running, and put together a capable 2014 campaign.

Again, and most importantly, we do not have ANY evidence that ANY of this is likely.

But we always like to throw the names and movers and shakers out there, and this gave us the opportunity.

Your thoughts and/or your names?


Another national review of the Nebraska Senate campaign, with of course the, “Bob Kerrey runs again!” angle.

This time, even in the Washington Post, it is less fawning of Kerrey. It points out his time away from the state, the strength of his opponent, state Senator Deb Fischer, and even goes so far as to point out that his wife’s article in Vogue was fairly insulting to Nebraskans.

Oh, and then Kerrey says, “his gut tells him ‘the election today is probably 54-46, something like that.'”

Riiiiight. Even though Fischer’s poll has her up by 25 points and Kerrey’s OWN poll has her up by anywhere from 10-12. But hey, nothing like judging the race based on people coming up and telling you how awesome you are. (Hmm, might even give a good indication of why he got in the race in the the first place…)


Rep. Lee Terry will be making an announcement this afternoon regarding new legislation favoring the Keystone XL Pipeline. This drum cannot be beaten too many times, and we laud Terry for taking the lead on this.

This project, a no-brainer for energy and economic needs, is simply a political football for President Obama and the Democrats. It should be thrown back in their face at every opportunity and the public should always remember how this is being delayed. It was never about safety or water or fragileness or any of the other theories that have been attached to it by Jane Kleeb and the Enviros. It is about the radical Greens screaming about Tar Sands Oil and the End of the World. And the President is empowering them.

Just think what he would do with a second term.


And an interesting Sunday Editorial by the OWH essentially taking the side of SaveOmahaJobs.org on the sewer separation issue.

Taking aim at Jim Suttle without saying his name anywhere in the ed?

Shrewd, OWH. Shrewd.


Oh, and when we saw the OWH headline “Emotional Jane Fonda recalls summers in Omaha“, we immediately went looking for the subhead:

“Considers run for Nebraska Democrat Senate nomination”.



  1. Speculator says:

    Given the reasonable chance the Gov has of getting a post in a Romney Administration, the threshold at which Sheehy could rationally step down is crazy high. Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Just Keep Scott Peterson's Name Off the List says:

    … Although I might call this the Peter(son) Principle, “the act of kicking a person upstairs (i.e. promoting him to office) to get him out of the way of productive employees”.

  3. MikeJoe says:

    Could the governor appoint someone from Iowa to be Lt. Governor? Tyler Mahood would make a great Lt. Gov. for Nebraska. He has leadership skillz. Also, he could influence legislation that would encourage the immediate shovel-ready construction of Pizza Ranches throughout Nebraska, and that means JOBS.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I doubt Flood would be considered after organizing a rebellion against the Gov. Flood has self eliminated himself from what could have been.

    McCoy is itching to have the position…..nuf said.

    Lautenbaugh isn’t really the one as he is less than enthusiastic on some of the Gov’s issues….gambling.

    My guess would be Fisher, as he is in the best position to help the Gov later down the line.

    Quandahl is an outside chance over all……

    But if it is a political peep I suppose McCoy would do it.

  5. McCoy Wiped says:

    There is no way the Governor would appoint McCoy, as there is no way he can win the race in 2014 and the Governor would not appoint someone that can’t win. McCoy is terrible fundraiser – Flood has 10 time COH than McCoy. Hell, Heath Mello has 5 times more COH than McCoy. In addition, with his depth of intelligence, he would get laughed out of every corporate board room in Omaha. Flood would excel in those meetings.

    He also has no statewide name ID and his lone legislative accomplishment – pro-life legislation – doesn’t compare to Flood’s record on the issue.

    McCoy would be a sure loser in 2014.

  6. Mr. Goodbody says:

    Regarding your second paragraph: It’s “neither, nor” — just to be grammatically correct.

    And thanks for the opportunity for all the giggles. I love these second- and third-tier politicos nominating themselves for lieutenant governor or “future governor.” Hee-haw-larious!

  7. Fake Jim Suttle says:

    I agree, you should make it ‘Jean Stothert’, since that would keep her from kicking my butt in the Mayor Race.

  8. Mr. GB,

    No one nominating themselves, from my contacts.

    And the “neither, nor” was the least of the grammatical problems in that sentence. It has been fully reworked.


  9. Sweetwater Observer says:

    Definately NOT Mike Flood, or any other state senator who voted to take money from legal and hard-working Nebraska citizens to give FREE health care to illegals! Never, Never, Never!

  10. Interested Observer says:

    The New York Times has an interesting article this morning about the McGovern decision to pick Eagleton for VP and the disastrous fallout from that. It has always amazed me how people get more excited about “balancing the ticket” instead of picking a candidate who is actually capable of filling the office effectively. The emphasis is placed more on winning than on governing well. Some of these hypothetical Lt. Gov replacements fit the category of winning over the category of governing effectively and wisely.

  11. Fake Don Walton says:

    Dang it Sweeper, the way you started this current post with “A few off beat thoughts on this Monday morning”, I thought I was reading one of my own columns.

    But then as I read through it, it made way too much sense to have been something I could have written.

  12. another game says:

    How fun would it be to speculate on who Sheehy would pick as his Lt. if Heineman moves on to the Romney admin?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Flood is the most pro-life. He recognized the fetal care bill was a pro-life issue rather than making it an immigration issue. He believes ALL life should be respected, rather than disregarding the life of someone who may be inconvenient to us. Plus he understood the implications of damning someone to a lesser quality of life for no choice of their own, which includes a much higher cost to taxpayers to care for those children later on in life.

    Great article on Flood in Time magazines “40 under 40”. (google it). Made some pretty good company. He is an exciting young entrepreneur who is broad in vision, and independent thinker, and willing to listen and work with anyone within reason.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Sheehy family news is sad and no one wants to benefit from a divorce however Mike Flood’s stock will rise considerably if Nebraskans feel he brings the whole package: family man, proven leader, etc. There is no way to compare Flood to Fulton, McCoy, Lautenbaugh, etc. Even they designated him as their leader because they knew he had the attributes of one.

  15. Political Genius says:

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the Flood camp has been doing this past week. Anonymous above sounds like a paid consultant. Flood will not be Governor!

  16. good company says:

    SS: You have some insightful friends. Rex Fischer is very capable of running this state. HDR, Qwest, Game & Parks, Omaha Chamber, United Way….and on and on. He’s played politics for decades, and is cozy with Heineman.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    Even if Rick Sheehy’s wife has photos of him with one of IO’s cows, Rick still won’t step down. The question is, rather, who would Gov. Sheehy appoint as Lt Gov if Mitt wins. That matters, not only because Heineman himself started out as an appointed Lt. Gov — in retrospect a wise appointment by Johanns considering where Heineman is now – but also because the results of bad appointments have repercussions. Another GOP Governor rather stupidly appointed Dave Karnes to the Senate, which some would argue handed that slot, in this Red State, to Democrat hands where it been since 1989. Appointments matter.

    I think the far greater question is where Heineman ends up if Mitt wins.

    Sure Dave was the first Gov to endorse Mitt. But he’s also a US Academy Army Ranger and President of the Govs Assn. You are perhaps looking at SecDef or Treasury. But regardless where on the cabinet, it will be executive power directly linked to Nebraska like you don’t get being the 100th voice yelling to be heard in the Senate. The Senate is a dignified legislature but it is still only a legislature.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Genius: I’m not a paid political consultant for Flood. Just an observer. After Bruning getting his hat handed to him by Fischer, who benefitted from being above the fray, I do not bet on the conventional route from Lt. Gov to Gov. Voters are smart enough to catch on to the ascending and annointing that goes on in politics and I think that also helped Fischer. She was a fresh face to the voters without a lot of baggage that can/could be tagged to her.

  19. To Anonymous above from P Genius says:

    “After Bruning getting his hat handed to him by Fischer, who benefitted from being above the fray” —HORSE HOCKEY. You mean “above the fray” as in Deb being non existent for 9 months and had to have Palin and Joe Ricketts to save her butt. Deb Fischer is the nominee because she was not Don or Jon….period. There is nothing special about Deb and she is not the second coming. I will vote for her because she is a conservative and Bob Kerrey is a liberal carpetbagger.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Flood had it all going his way until….. he pulled the bone head move to expend tax dollars for illegals! IT wasn’t a Pro life issue until you resolved the issue to the illegal was here to stay!! But with such a bad economy many are leaving so where is the proof? Not to mention the bs about it costing 600,000.00 for a single premature baby. It isn’t that the figure is wrong, but as with most fabrications the devil is in the details.

    Not all pregnant women who have prenatal care have healthy babies
    Not all pregnant women who have not prenatal care have unhealthy babies
    BUT in NEBRASKA ALL ILLEGAL pregnant women can now have prenatal care because……


    This is why the Hospital and Dr lobbyists were in the lobby the whole time pushing for the bill even though they will admit it doesn’t guarantee 100% positive outcomes, BUT it does GUARANTEE 100% MEDICAID PAYMENTS to them!!!!


    FLOOD and the others were in it for the $$$$$

    Campbell has a heck of CONFLICT with Cedars as they provide teenage prenatal care!! She knew it and wanted the money for CEDARS!!!

    So FLOOD is just another typical attorney out for the money hiding behind some social issue to get his Doh Ray ME$$$

  21. Tom says:

    I find it funny when y’all write, “… in a Romney administration…”

    It’s not going to happen, according to Intrade.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why do you all believe that Sheehy’s divorce is HIS fault? Did you ever consider that maybe he’s held up his end of the bargain, but his wife hasn’t? He is an honorable man, and deserves to be judged fairly for his own merits.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Q “Why do you all believe that Sheehy’s divorce is HIS fault?”

    A. He is a white male. Everything is his fault. This is America, pal, where men are guilty until proven innocent. Unless the woman has eaten more than one of her children, she gets custody.

  24. Where's Chris Langemeier? says:

    Not too many thoughts on Chris Langemeier here, wasn’t he being courted to run for Congress not too long ago? He seems capable, confident and able to raise a few bucks. He’s married with kids, an entreprenuer business owner and seems to understand the issues well. Where might he be heading next politically?

  25. Lil Mac says:

    Kerrey in Alliance.

    – “I’m not sure I can close the gap” …but the hamster in my hat says I’m doing okay.

    – “I’ve got to make an effort to conquer a perception that I’m doing this because Harry Reid talked me into running. I love Harry. He could talk me into lots of things, but not into leaving private life and becoming a candidate.” – Ahem… Since 2008, when Kerrey’s entire faculty voted that Kerrey is a managerial prick, Kerrey had been in the process of being fired. They eventually paid $1.2 million to get rid of Kerrey. Harry didn’t have to talk Kerrey into “leaving private life”. However, Reid promised Kerrey his old seniority, so Harry did ask Bob to run. And thus Kerrey is both a prick and a liar.

    – A Darcy Leistritz, who used to wear a “Kerrey for Senate” T shirt while in college, was so excited to meet Kerrey in the mall in Alliance but she does not know whether she will vote for him. (Ouch!)

    – Fischer’s poll last month had Bob down by 25 pts. Kerrey’s campaign has Bob down now by double-digits. Bob’s hamster tells him it’s an eight point spread “probably 54-46, something like that.”

    I am sure Kerrey is mentally fit as a fiddle but someone better check out that hamster.

  26. World Herald Reader says:

    I hope Baird Holm doesn’t lose that $2 million dollar OPS account. Steak and Lobster Lunches at Sullivan’s for the partners are now off the menu.

  27. Freddie Gray should resign says:

    I thought Ben Gray was crooked with padding his wallet with firework stands but Freddie is just as corrupt!

  28. What’s crooked is having an GOP Governor and GOP Attorney General who were caught accepting money from TransCanada. Even though they gave it back, they knew what they were doing. I suspect the very fishy Deb Fischer is just as shady as those other Republicants, we just haven’t seen it yet.

  29. Goober Natorial says:

    Wow, police in Lincoln are saying that whole “hate crime” thing might be a hoax. FBI is participating in the investigation. If it turns out to be a hoax, what do you bet she won’t be charged with false reporting?

  30. Goober Natorial says:

    P O, if it is crooked to accept campaign donations from Trans Canada, is it crooked to accept campaign money from the Sierra Club or any other outfit that opposes the pipeline?

  31. Goober Natorial says:

    Just listened to Deena Winter interviewed on KFAB. Seems the troubling things about this alleged hate crime in Lincoln are that the lady was apparently able to free herself from one of the zip ties, there were no signs of forced entry, the fire was set in such a way as to not cause damage, and the cut wounds were superficial. Does Lincoln now have the distinction of being home to the gay Tawana Brawly?

  32. Lil Mac says:

    PO, great slogans. “Fischy” Deb Fischer and “Republicants”, as in Republicans can’t. Wow, that changes everything. It is so poetic and convincing. Kerrey is a shoe in due to this persuasive sloganeering. — Of course, there’s the flip side, as in, Nary a Kerrey, Kerrey the Fairy, Kerrey Loves Barry. Kerrey actually said he “loves” Harry, so there’s one for the rumor mill.

    IO, you condemn the emphasis being on winning rather than on governing well. That sounds moral. But how does one govern well if one doesn’t win? Or are you saying the determination of what constitutes “governing well” is up to incumbents? It isn’t. That’s the voters’ job. And the majority of voters may see good governance in some jackass whom you believe is horribly bad.

    Frankly, Progressive Oasis’ sloganeering makes more sense because it tries to sway voters’ opinions. Granted, that is largely wasted in a political blog where everyone’s mind is already made up. However, the overall aim is to influence voters who choose candidates to give them good government. And that makes more sense than expecting candidates to magically become the moral/ethical deciders of what is good government. Hell, candidates are just people seeking power. So, yes it is all about winning. That’s the candidate’s job, to be ambitious and want to win. It is the voter’s job to pick or reject each candidate or incumbent.

    Orr gave voters a Karnes that voters dumped for Kerrey. Johanns gave voters a Heineman they reelected, so sure appointments matter but never more than voters who reaffirm or reject such.

  33. Goober Natorial says:

    And Bob Kerrey is suspending his Senate campaign so that he can go up to Valentine and help fight the wildfires there. Wait, what? He’s only going for the photo op? Not suspending his campaign. Oh. Wow, that’s cynical.

  34. Anonymostly says:

    Interested Observer jumps in to defend Bob Kerrey. I take it you’ve made up your mind on whom you’re voting for, then? The Kerrey camp will be so pleased. Perhaps you can run over and shake Bob’s hand while he’s up your way fighting them wildfires. That is if you can take a break from feeding the cows and shovelling the bull crap.

  35. RWP says:

    There have been so many of these faux hate crime complaints, including UNL’s own Kerri Dunn. This one is so obviously fake, it’s not even worth discussing.

    Two things; first, how stupid is it of gay rights activists to use this hoax as an opportunity to bad mouth Lincoln as a redneck homophobe hate-city all over the net, and then expect Lincolnites to go vote for a gay rights ordinance in six months time.

    And second; how stupid is it that Lincolnites will probably do it, anyway?

  36. FBI GUY says:

    Have the woman in Lincoln take a polygraph. The FBI takes a pretty good Poly. If she refuses, you know she made it up.

  37. Lil Mac says:

    Not talking specific cases, “hate crime” isn’t crime. Crime is crime. People are either all equal under the law or there is no equality under the law. US citizens are equally US citizens or our freedom is false.

    To even create a category of extra-punishable crime based on color or race or other distinctions is goddamned Un-American. The Liberal closet bigots who passed such can stick their Hate Crime laws up their Stalinist asses.

  38. White Guy says:

    @LilMac, spoken like a white guy that doesn’t have a clue. Is everything black or white to you with easy answers to everything? Can your brain understand any complexity in an issue?

  39. Freddie Gray says:

    I have a high school diploma do not question my qualifications! Btw make sure to buy your fireworks st my husband’s impact one stand!

  40. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, Lil Mac. Don’t you know some animals are more equal than others? Now if this is a hate crime, this woman obviously hates herself. What kind of city is Lincoln that the hatred towards gays drove this woman to do this to herself? Maybe the people of Lincoln should do some soul searching. Personally, I blame Chik Fil A.

  41. Anonymostly says:

    The word is getting out, by the way, that the alleged hate crime victim/hoax perpetrator is someone whose name wouldn’t be unknown to people in this area. If it’s who I’ve been told, it’s a name many would recognize.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I am not shocked in the least that Scott Petersen and his minons failed yet again to comply with the party’s constitution. Emails and phone calls are convenient (in theory), but the DCRP constitution recognizes the only way to send out notice is directly to the last known postal address of each member of the central committee. And Scott could not even comply with that simple requirement. Sad.

  43. RWP says:

    Damn you, Anonymostly. There’s a picture of the house on the Daily News site. Now I’m going to spend 1/2 hour on Google Earth tomorrow getting the house number, and then looking up the property owner.

  44. Go figure! says:

    Randi Scott is now on the DCRP executive committee. Here comes the Scott’s to rescue us again! We were just fine before the Scott’s swooped in and do not need to be rescued.

  45. Lil Mac says:

    “White Guy” at 4:25 PM. You said, “@LilMac, spoken like a white guy that doesn’t have a clue. Is everything black or white to you with easy answers to everything?”

    I have been in an interracial marriage for decades. I and my spouse and my children have dealt with liberal white-on-white, black-on-black closet bigots like you forever. Why do you think the subject pisses me off?

    As for gays, my first cousin happens to be the wealthiest woman in her county (not in NE) and she is in a very public lesbian relationship following a messy divorce. She’s a good person. And if, God forbid, some violent criminal cut dollar signs into her skin for her being wealthy, how would that horrendous crime be less in your estimation than if the criminal’s words or motives related to her being lesbian? If violence is done out of hate, fun, for payment, or idle curiosity, who cares why? Hate whoever and whatever you want, but punish all crime equally across the citizenry.

    This isn’t some esoteric exercise in rhetoric for me. It is goddamned personal. For which of my loved ones gets a free pass on your Hate Crime laws and which of them gets double the penalties for sake of you choosing to sculpt law to the color of our skin differences?

    You want to hate something? Hate people who have a host of bogus justifications for demanding Americans not be treated equal under the law. America is full of Americans, period. If any one person or group deserves protection from violent crime then we all do equally. We all have equality before the law or there is no equality.

  46. Anonymostly says:

    Shouldn’t take that long, RWP. Just go to Google earth, figure out which house on the street. Then go to the maps function on the register of deeds website and it pulls up the plat for whatever area you want to search in. Click on the corresponding property and voila.

  47. Interested Observer says:

    So now Deb wants to sell off public land instead of just paying fair market value lease on it. WOW. The Federal Government could be bringing in as much as a BILLION dollars a year, if leased at a fair price, over the cost of managing the land.

    Deb says selling the land would help offset part of the budget deficit. Shouldn’t the sale of a capital asset go to retiring debt, instead of just spending the revenue and cutting the deficit?

    How many bad ideas did she roll into this one BAD suggestion?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well the pollsters are out yet again. Just received a call from Opinionology last night asking questions about Romney and Fischer and their opponents. None of the questuions seemed like they were created as a push poll. Just what party, will I vote, how did I vote in the last presidential, how much did I approve/disaprove of The candidates, and an economic question or two. Bottom line was pretty simple, no way in hell am I voting for either of the democrats as they only offer destructive policies. It will be interesting to learn the outcomes of the registered likely voters poll.

  49. RWP says:

    Deb says selling the land would help offset part of the budget deficit. Shouldn’t the sale of a capital asset go to retiring debt, instead of just spending the revenue and cutting the deficit?

    By the way, this is moronic. That which offsets the deficit reduces the debt. Paying down the debt reduces the deficit. Money is fungible.

  50. Gov Race-I'm for Flood says:

    I don’t care if Rick Sheehy is getting a divorce or why or who he’s now living with. I care if someone has the experience and the courage to do what is right in the face of adversity. Sheehy is nice and fun to drink with -a perfect guy for ribbon cuttings and the chicken dinner circuit. But he’s not the right guy to lead Nebraska anywhere.

    Mike Flood may have taken a controversial position on the issue of prenatal care, but I’ve heard him speak about the decision and he did what he believed was right for the unborn – who, by the way, will be American citizens. I know other elected officials engage in race-baiting on this issue, but I think Nebraska voters examine a candidate in the totality of their record and Flood has a record to stand on that includes: the fetal pain bill, preserving the death penalty through lethal injection, moving the pipeline out of the Sand hills, and bringing labor and management together on the Commission on Industrial Relations.

    And Rick Sheehy… is the Lieutenant Governor who… was the Mayor of Hastings when Governor Heineman was running against someone from Hastings?

    No contest.

  51. RWP says:

    Hate crime complainant revealed her identity on KETV. Won’t discuss circumstances of the case, lest it jeopardize the investigation, but is upset some people don’t believe her.

    Unfortunately, when law enforcement can’t even find evidence of forcible entry, and you have no description of the alleged perps, ( beyond that they’re white) it’s hard to see what law enforcement is going to be able to accomplish.

  52. RWP says:

    the fetal pain bill,

    Currently on hold. Probably will have minimal impact even if upheld.

    preserving the death penalty through lethal injection,

    except that the death penalty has not been preserved. Nebraska will never execute another inmate.

    moving the pipeline out of the Sand hills,

    A futile exercise which merely gave Obama the excuse he needed to stop the project.

    and bringing labor and management together on the Commission on Industrial Relations.

    Did almost nothing to change the status quo.

    Meanwhile, we have no voter ID, the governor’s tax cut was gutted, etc…

  53. Anonymous says:

    “Gov Race-I’m for Flood” at 9:06. Are you really for Mike Flood? Because you make a convincing case against him. I didn’t know any of this before you mentioned it. But it looks bad for Flood.

    Unless I read you wrong, you are saying Flood voted to give Nebraska tax dollars to make sure illegal mexicans birth babies in Nebraska. You say the babies born here are American citizens… that’s the problem, you idiot. Are you raising those kids in your own basement and letting the illegal mom and dad camp out in your yard, or is it Flood’s yard? My family is first generation legal immigrant. We did it the lawful hard way. And we are with the majority of Nebraskans who rightly condemn this tax support of illegality. It is crazy and so is Flood if what you say is true about him.

    You also say Flood is “for moving the pipeline out of the Sand hills”. Out? You mean, east, nearer to Omaha? If the pipeline is somehow dangerous to critters in the middle of nowhere, why would Flood want to endanger more human Nebraskan lives?

    Are you sure you aren’t here for Sheehy? Because you instantly took me from knowing nothing about Flood to thinking he’s a rotten politician for Nebraska.

  54. Interested Observer says:

    RWP at 8:24 AM said, “That which offsets the deficit reduces the debt.” We can only reduce the debt when we have a real budget surplus and are therefore, taking in more money than we are spending. Simply paying down the debt with budget deficits is taking money from one pocket to put in another. We can reduce the deficit somewhat and still continue to increase the debt by the amount of the remaining deficit.

    I do not accept your original premise and I did not call you or your idea by a rude name. Please behave in a more civil manner.

  55. Interested Observer says:

    Also, RWP, are you an employee of the State of Nebraska and are you using a state owned computer or state provided internet access while on the job, promoting a specific political agenda, like the Governor is accused of doing recently?

  56. Spike says:

    Sure Fischer would love to get her greedy hands on the Public Lands near her husbands ranch just like Goper Corps would love to rape Public land all across America for private/corp gain!!

    RWP; The Gov is a Public Landlord & as such the Constitution give US the Right to protect & care for public lands in the best public interest & not in personal, selfish, greedy, rapist interest as you seem to advocate. BTW; have you committed any physical hate crimes lately other than your verbal ones?

  57. Anonymous2 says:

    Here’s the justification for hate crime penalties above those of a simple crime. If I am robbed, the action is just against me. However if the robber writes racial epithets on my house after robbing me, he’s threatened a larger group and it’s more than just a crime against an individual..

  58. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, you are phony and a hypocrite. You direct an unprovoked insult at me at post 60 and then lecture RWP for being rude and tell him to “behave in a more civil manner” at post 87. You are a piece of work there, IO.

  59. Goober Natorial says:

    Speaking of things that are phony, the hoaxtress has spoken out and can’t believe that people think her phony attack might be phony. Sorry, Charlie. Your hoax never passed the smell test.

  60. Rolls Royce says:

    Tony Fulton could be the big neutralizer in the race: ardent prolifer, has a following, and voted against the illegal immigrant 599 bill. Oh, by the way, he’s a minority, Filipino-American I think. A minority, conservative, fiscally tight prolifer would neutralize anything Flood ran on in a primary.

  61. Anonymostly says:

    To Anonymous2: No, that’s not a very good justification for hate crimes laws. I agree with Lil Mac. And I’d go a step further. I don’t like it when the government tries to tell me what I should believe and who I should or shouldn’t like. When government seeks to punish not simply for the crime itself but to enhance punishment for what the culprit was thinking at the time, the government is attempting to regulate not just actions but ideas. I don’t think that’s the government’s job. In fact, I think it’s something lawmakers should specifically avoid. I think people have a Consitutional right to be bigots or homophobic or whatever. They have a right to hold views that are different than mine or that go against the majority. The first amendment isn’t there to protect those ideas that have popular acceptance and support but rather those ideas that are unpopular. The government shouldn’t take sides in the arena of ideas.

  62. Anonymostly says:

    Journal Star has a story about a home-invasion robbery “that left the victim with a broken nose and minor skull fracture.” Those are the kind of details that would lead one to conclude that an actual crime took place. The alleged victim of the alleged hate crime in Lincoln appeared on TV news yesterday? to sell her case. If she wants to be believed, I think she should release the medical records from her trip to the emergency room. Specifically, I want to know how many stitches were required to close all the cut wounds she received. They showed her face in the interview and you couldn’t discern where she’d been cut on the face at all even though that was one of the claims that had been made.

  63. Anonymous2 says:

    @Anonymostly: When government seeks to punish not simply for the crime itself but to enhance punishment for what the culprit was thinking at the time,

    What do you think determines whether one is charged with 1st degree murder, 2nd degree murder or manslaughter? It’s one’s thoughts leading up to the crime.

  64. RWP says:

    IO: When you post something stupid, you are going to get called out as stupid. Pretending someone isn’t a cretin, when he broadcasts cretinism to the world, does not fall within my definition of civility.

    The debt is the integral of the deficit over time. Would yo like me to explain what an integral is?

  65. RWP says:

    You are a piece of work there, IO.

    He’s a piece of something, that’s for sure. i would have chosen a four-letter word, but not that one.

  66. RWP says:

    RWP; The Gov is a Public Landlord & as such the Constitution give US the Right to protect & care for public lands in the best public interest & not in personal, selfish, greedy, rapist interest as you seem to advocate.

    You’ve never actually read a single word of the Constitution, have you?

    BTW; have you committed any physical hate crimes lately other than your verbal ones?

    Why don’t you post under your real name and accuse me of that, coward?

  67. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, I’m sorry that you still don’t understand how we phrase things here in the U.S.A. I realize that you English use different words than we do, so I’ll just overlook it for now.

  68. RWP says:

    IO: I have no idea where you got the idea I was English; but then, reading your posts reminds me I understand very little of abnormal psychology.

  69. Sweetwater Observer says:

    To Gov Race-I’m for Flood:

    I am a medical professional, and a legal, taxpaying citizen of Nebraska

    Very often, in conversations with patients, they want to talk about the struggles they have in affording health insurance and medical care. When I tell them that their own state senator, Galen Hadley, voted to take money from their skimpy paycheck to provide FREE-that’s FREE-health care to illegals, they are outraged! And they should be.

    Now I will add Mike Flood’s name to the list—after all, he is the guy who guided that idiotic mandate through the legislature, voted for it, and made sure the Governor’s veto got over-ridden.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Rolls Royce: Surely you jest. Fulton is a nice guy but can’t hold a candle to Flood in terms of legislative records. Additionally, leadership qualities in Tony are absent. He pretty much has his finger in the wind all the time and thus does things for what he think will politically benefit him, not because he thinks it’s right.. Flood’s pro-life bonafides are greater than Fulton’s, McCoy’s, Lautenbaugh’s and any of the rest of them put together.

  71. Interested Observer says:

    I thought all of us good “conservative Republicans” were strongly in favor of securing our borders, Sir Sheldon.

  72. Spike says:


    Suggesting that rwp might be from England is a major insult to the English, even to Cockney English! The guys a flaming Fruit Cake is all & a major BOOR!!!!!

  73. Anonymous says:

    You guys are pitting Fulton against Flood? They are buddies. They more likely to be on the same ticket. Sheehy is the guy in office, not these two.

  74. To Gov Race-I'm for Flood says:

    Your gutter statements about Rick are very transparent. Mike Flood will never be governor of this state. Tell your boss to go back to the radio station.

  75. Interested Observer says:

    RWP at 12:54 PM said, “IO: I have no idea where you got the idea I was English”

    The UNL Chemistry Department page which links to “the _______ group”, which links to “Curriculum Vitae for _________”, states:

    Current title Professor of ________ University of Nebraska at Lincoln

    Born Manchester, England

    Education Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

    That’s what gave me the idea that you might be English.

  76. RWP says:

    As the Duke of Wellington (apocryphally) said.
    “Sir, if I were born in a stable, would you call me a horse?”

    Here’s an offer, IO. I will post proof of my US citizenship in full view, online, if you do the same.

    You raised the issue. Put up or shut up.

  77. Put a fork in Ben Gray says:

    Someone was just on KFAB talking about how Ben Gray has been hiding money and has a complaint filed against him with the NADC!

  78. Interested Observer says:

    Interested Observer at 12:55 PM asked, “Were you born in the United States of America?” and STILL no direct answer.

  79. God save the Queen! says:

    Bullocks!! RWP is not English. No respectable Englishman would get a chubby evertime he saw Bird!

  80. RWP says:

    RWP is a registered voter. Hey, as an added bonus, in return for IO’s proof of citizenship, I’ll throw in a scan of my voter ID card. I know you’re all dying to see it. 🙂

    Come on, guapo, show for us all.

  81. Interested Observer says:

    Interested Observer at 12:55 PM asked, “Were you born in the United States of America?” and STILL no direct answer.

  82. Proof for the Prof says:

    Interested Observer, you are really getting to be a tremendous pain-in-the-ass. What’s the matter, didn’t the little girls play with you back in your sandbox years, and now you need some attention?

  83. American says:

    RWP is an American by choice. Interested Observer is an American because his mommy popped him out in this country. RWP had to take a test, and declare an oath of allegiance, to become a citizen of this country. Interested Observer just had to show up. I would bet that RWP has contributed a whole lot more to our nation than IO ever has.

  84. Hoof in Mouth says:

    Now that Mittens has turned Great Britain against us, and probably the rest of the civilized world, shouldn’t he just quietly admit that he is an idiot and step aside with the hopes that the GOP can still find someone with the intelligence and charisma that deserves to be the President of the United States, without also being a tremendous embarrassment for us all?
    John Huntsman is still available.

  85. Hoof in Mouth says:

    Even Charles Krauthammer, hardly a liberal icon, was pretty tough on Mittens. He stated, on Thursday’s Special Report, “It’s unbelievable, it’s beyond human understanding, it’s incomprehensible. I’m out of adjectives.”
    God save us all!

  86. Anonymous says:

    It will be interesting to see how the Sheehy/Flood schism plays out. You should figure the Gov would back his Lt and harbor a bit of a grudge against dumb ass Flood. I mean flood could have had it al in 8 years. Of course everybody who has worked in/with the Legislature knows Langemier is in thighs with Flood. Not to mention how Lagemier has called the Gov’s ability to lead into question numerous times and has always referred to the Gov in a negative manner. So the Gov gets a new job in DC and Sheehy is the Gov. Sure there is a primary but….where do Johanns and Fischer land?

    Johanns is pretty moderate, and Fischer is tight with Flood? So……..

    Flood is really on thin ice with his illegal loving self…. But he does have all the Medicade lovers on board…..

  87. Romney says:

    Has destroyed millions of American jobs as a slash and burn “investor” … Wait he is simply the spoiled millionaire son of a millionaire, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but currently enjoying the flavor of foot-in-mouth.

  88. Interested Observer says:

    Well, I guess we all know now why Deb’s handlers have officially adopted the “prairie dog” campaign strategy for her. The first time she poked her head up out of the ground and suggested that the Federal Government should sell it’s public land at an “open auction”, she got blasted in the comment section.

    The general consensus of most voters is to simply put the federal grazing land up to open LEASE auctions. Deb twists that sound, responsible idea around and now wants to sell land instead of just managing the land properly.

    Yet another bad idea from Deb. I expect her handlers will use a stronger leash to keep her hidden down in her prairie dog hole from now on.

    Around Valentine this past week, it’s become the conventional wisdom that Deb will come up with some “family emergency” the day of the scheduled State Fair debate and will be unable to attend.

  89. Bogey says:

    I golfed once with Langemeier, He has the personality of a button weed in a bean field. Seemed very awkward, uncomfortable, and out of place. He couldn’t talk an alcoholic into another beer. I’m the living proof.

  90. Anonymous says:

    IO, if you want Bob ‘war criminal’ Kerrey back in the Senate, keep these attacks up. We get it, you’re pissed at Deb, and you didnt get the grazing rights her family has.

  91. Macdaddy says:

    IO, you think your sole idiotic comment on LS is the equivalent of getting blasted? Funny.

    Hoof in mouth, Mitt’s comment will be forgotten as soon as he’s sworn in as President in January. Meanwhile, President Obama’s bows to the King of Saudi Arabia among other heads of state will never be forgotten. Tell us, what did that bowing and scraping get the US in return?

  92. Lil Mac says:

    Was RWP born in Honolulu or Kenya? Maybe he’s the illegitimate eldest son of Prince Charles? Sticky wicket, that. This conversation was started by a person who suffers priapism whenever RWP or Fischer are mentioned. Get some help dude.

    Face it, no one sneaks in under barbed wire because they cannot get a job in Guadalajara with their engineering degree. Since Democrats are actively fighting states that are trying to purge illegals off voter rolls, it is obvious that every bit of human lack and undesirable who creeps in, Democrats deem potential Democrat voters. It is equally clear that that huge percentage of physicians and engineers who pay for a flight from India, etc., to legally establish contributing, useful, better-than-born-here successfu lives, they are deemed to automatically end up as voting Republicans.

    The Democrat long range plan turns America a sump of human ignorance and ineptitude. And the only thing dumber than that is crap-for-brains Republicans who help Democrats win.

  93. RWP says:

    Kerrey’s response to Fishers proposal to auction off Federal land was even dumber than IO’s. He says Federal land should be kept for fishing hunting and hiking. Clearly, the knows @#$% all about the vast preponderance of federal land holdings in the west, which have little water, are mostly scrubby rangeland, and have limited hunting, unless you like the taste of prairie dog.

  94. Lil Mac says:

    Obama’s USDA’s response to the drought raising beef costs is… quit eating beef.

    I can see the headlines now, “Obama fights obesity epidemic.”

  95. @ Macdaddy says:

    You say that President Obama bows and scrapes to the Saudi King? So what were you saying when President George W. Bush kissed the sucker on the mouth and held hands with him? There are photos you know.

  96. @ RWP says:

    Prairie dog can be pretty tasty if prepared properly. It is a bit stringy, but marinating it in a strong red wine and lemon juice overnight helps tenderize it.
    Do you have any recipes for Piping Plover and Least Tern?

  97. @ Lil Mac says:

    If the response to the rising cost of beef is to quit eating it, then perhaps the response to the rising cost of war is to quit waging it.

  98. Mr. Black says:

    Which Manolo Blahniks look best with the new Husker uniforms? Should the players wear scarlet or obsidian nail polish for the most aggressive look?

  99. RWP says:

    The original version of Joy of Cooking had some great critter recipes. It was written back on the day when protein came from whatever you could shoot. Or trap. Or run over accidentally.

    Do you have any recipes for Piping Plover and Least Tern?

    Not enough meat on either to be worth cooking, I’d say. Plus both can be a bit fishy. But if you must, use either as a substitute for Cornish Game Hen.

    Jaime Oliver, cocinero indocumentado.

  100. Interested Observer says:

    The best part of the prairie dog is, of course, the back strap, especially with a cognac cream sauce and mushrooms.

    Actually, Macdaddy, I was referring to Deb’s article in the Omaha World-Herald yesterday about her suggestion to sell public lands and the 10 comments that did blast her and her idea.

  101. RWP says:

    If the response to the rising cost of beef is to quit eating it, then perhaps the response to the rising cost of war is to quit waging it.

    Medicaid costs are exploding. Just saying.

  102. @ RWP says:

    May we should have “death panels.” It is ridiculous to expend hundreds of thousands of dollars to extend the pain and suffering of the elderly with no hope of recovery. We need to change the way America looks at death. In the past, it was considered a natural way for life to end – you got old and died. Now, doctors and hospitals are making billions off of “loving” families that insist on keeping grandma and grandpa around long after their maker has called them. Take me to the vet when the time comes and put me down like a dog. It would be more humane.

  103. Macdaddy says:

    Wow. 10 whole comments. Probably represents 10 Kerrey campaign workers or did you leave comments under several different names, IO?

    @Macdaddy: you really should get out more. For a liberal you are amazingly culturally unaware as to what all the different gestures mean. Obama didn’t do a little courtesy Japanese bow. He went down on one knee. It’s a sign of submission in any culture. As for holding hands and kissing, don’t you realize that was a shout out to Gary and Ace? I think you, as a liberal, would welcome that.

  104. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, the World-Herald has had people who want to post comments sign in with their real name thru various social media outlets for a while now. So, no, I did not post “comments under several different names”.

  105. Matilda says:

    Wow. Let’s just kill “humanely” all of those who don’t contribute anything to society. It will be cheaper that way.

    On the other hand, ok, let’s do it. Then every voting block that traditionally votes Democratic will be eradicated.

  106. @ RWP says:

    The time has come.

    Really, RWP, I didn’t even think you were that old yet. But, if that’s what you want, we’ll oblige.

  107. @ Matilda says:

    If you put down all the Democrats, who would be left to run the nation? You are all millionaire business owners in your own fantasies, so there would also be no working class to get anything done. With all the Democrats dead, no one with a lick of sense would be in charge. With all the Democratic laws repealed, there would be no one left to take care of you when you got sick, old or disabled. Without the protections that Democratic legislation has put in place to protect you, only Mitt Romney and his pals from Bain would own everything, so you would become their slaves. You would have, basically, bombed your own selves back to the stone ages.

  108. Anonymous says:

    When someone says take me to the vet and “put me down like a dog” remember to be responsibly “green” about it. That aforementioned wine sauce…

  109. RWP says:

    Interesting phenomenon: Bob Kerrey is now twitterspamming the hashtag #NESEN. The last 20 or so tweets have been robo-generated messages simply repeating one of his own, often containing an entirely irrelevant link. If you look up the tweeters, many of them are obviously robots with no tweets other than robo-posted left wing messages. The few one can identify are right/left coasters, mostly interesting folk who can’t work because of multiple auto-immune diseases, or with handles like ‘veggiebabe1’, ‘fuckcons’, ‘marthaHigh’, etc.

    I suppose we had to let him back over the state line, but I think it’s a bit much he tracks all this trash in with him.

  110. Interested Observer says:

    RWP pretentiously said, “I suppose we had to let him back over the state line”, as though some transient Englishman gets to decide which native born NEBRASKAN “WE” let back over the state line. Good grief! Give me a break!!!

  111. RWP says:

    I will give him this; the Dem’s last schtick was that I’m an Irish terrorist. Now I’m Prince Charles’ illegitimate offspring. All this speculation is deeply flattering.

    I’m afraid you’re stuck with ‘boring one-note Dem troll’, IO.

  112. Benson Bunny says:

    It looks like Jean Stothert has no intention of doing anything but run for mayor. She was the only mayor candidate in the Benson parade this morning. They announced Suttle but he was no where to be found. No one representing him either.

    Also interesting that Stothert had a much bigger group with her than any other candidate in the parade. More than Lee Terry, Deb Fischer, Bob Kerry and an incredibly pathetic showing for John Ewing.

  113. Anonymous says:

    If you were a real republican, you wouldn’t be giving Kerrey and his camp all this supposed “dirt” on Deb.

  114. Interested Observer says:

    That’s OK Anonymous, I understand from my many Republican friends in Valentine that the Dems already know everything there is to know about Deb. That’s one of the reasons that Deb is staying down in her prairie dog hole all summer.

    October is probably going to be an entirely different thing for Deb. That’s when EVERYBODY is going to learn about Deb’s “dirt”.

  115. Anon #169 says:

    If everyone is going to learn about her ‘dirt’ in October, why keep harping about the same, tired, old issue of grazing rights? It makes you seem like a lone wacko with a personal grudge against Deb.

    And I do think that the feds should just sell off the land they are leasing (and more) in order to pay down the debt.

  116. RWP says:

    People can scream and shout all they want on the internet. As long as they’re anonymous, there isn’t a damn bit of evidence they’re telling the truth.

    In the face of overwhelming evidence you’re a Democrat troll, IO, what exactly is your word worth, given you won’t stand behind it?

  117. Anonymous says:

    The difference between being illegitimate offspring of royalty and being, say, Interested Observer, is the difference between having a fancy title and being a run of the mill…

  118. RWP says:

    Lots of us are digging, 4:38. October is going to be an interesting month all around, I’d say.

    We already know Kerrey voted to uphold racism at UNL, and that he was censured by Student Council for grifting off student discount cards. Wait until you hear what he did in the Governor’s office!

  119. Anonymous says:

    You mean dirt like Kerrey actively covering up all those cases of child rape and human trafficking involved with the Franklin Credit Union scandal?

  120. Anonymous says:

    IO dresses up like Deb and dreams of Bob taking IO to the Prom. Democrats dream the same thing. The difference is, they want to be Winger and IO wants to be Fischer.

  121. Anonymous says:

    What is interesting about the internet is the concept of being anonymous! Unless you are very, very good at the IT business you can be caught. So all that has to happen is to have one individual go over the line and BAM!!!! Then the court orders the IP addresses and such from all the servers tracking such things and before you know it law enforcement is knocking at your door, or going through it:) So go ahead and keep thinking the various internet providers schema are keeping you “Anonymous”…………………………………..

  122. Another Anonymous says:

    No court is going to subpoena your ISP for your IP address just because you hurt some wussie’s feelings. Get over it.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer, you are a bigoted piece of Donkey poop. Are you eligable to be President? No, you are not. You were not born in the USA and that’s a fact.

  124. Anonymostly says:

    IO said, “RWP pretentiously said, “I suppose we had to let him back over the state line”, as though some transient Englishman gets to decide which native born NEBRASKAN “WE” let back over the state line. Good grief! Give me a break!!!”

    Appears our favorite Dem troll has finally let go of the pretense that he’s a conservative Republican.

  125. I agree says:

    Freddie Gray needs to resign. Rumor is that the people over at the Objective Conservative have intel that someone is putting together a complaint on Freddie Gray very shortly.

  126. RWP says:

    RWP, are you eligible to run for President of the United States?

    Why, IO, I don’t know what to say. I’m more than a little taken aback, of coure, and flattered, but I fear your dismay over the dismal performance of your boy Obama has led you to desperation. I’m a mere chemistry professor. I think a President should have some executive experience. Governor of a state, say, plus CEO of a corporation.

    The results of electing someone with no administrative credentials are only too fresh in our minds.

    Still, I take back one or two of the mean things I said about you. Well, maybe just one.

  127. Interested Observer says:

    Nice dodge WKRP. Of course you realized I clearly meant, do you meet the eligibility requirements to be able to be elected and serve as President of the United States.

    Section 1 of Article Two of the United States Constitution sets forth the eligibility requirements for serving as president of the United States:

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

  128. RWP says:

    No, IO, this is too much. To quote William Tecumseh Sherman “I hereby state, and mean all that I say, that I never have been and never will be a candidate for President; that if nominated by either party, I should peremptorily decline; and even if unanimously elected I should decline to serve”

    Mr. Romney will be a fine president. He has my full support, and will have my vote in November, as he had in the primary.

    BTW, you haven’t posted your green card yet. I suppose, being a Democrat, you probably don’t work and therefore don’t need one. Still, we are all curious, amigo.

  129. Spike says:

    IO & G. Harbison, aka RWP, why don’t you 2 jerks meet at a sleazy motel somewhere & play w each other there & leave this sandbox to moderately intelligent persons to share thoughts & pertinent ideas on real issues other than personal ego trips ???

    For starters; How about some thoughts on Mitt the Twit sucking Israeli… now that he’s alienated the people of GB.

  130. I Dream of Jeanie says:

    I can’t believe Jean was the only mayoral candidate at the Benson Parade yesterday. She had lots of support from the crowd. I guess Gary and Ace were not on the case yesterday.

  131. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, with the change of seasons comes the fascination with your citizenship, voter registration, and the fact that you work for UNL. One could set Stonehenge by it. Or Carhenge.

  132. Anonymous says:

    Not all of us are so totally in awe of RWP, or IO, Lil Mac or Macdaddy for that matter. It is just that of nearly 200 posts on this thread (Sweeper! Time for a new topic!) you guys account for nearly all of them and it is basically the same garbage over and over and over. Leavenworth St. will soon become yet another political blog that people used to read, like Michaelis’ NNN.

  133. Interested Observer says:

    Interested Observer July 24, 2012 at 7:43 AM said, “It has always amazed me how people get more excited about “balancing the ticket” instead of picking a candidate who is actually capable of filling the office effectively.”

    Now, former Vice-President Dick Cheney said to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, “The test to get on that small list has to be, ‘Is this person capable of being president of the United States?’”
    Cheney believes Sarah Palin failed that test.
    “I like Governor Palin. I’ve met her. I know her. She – attractive candidate. But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test…of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.”

    First Ben Nelson copies my comments, then Bob Kerrey copies my comments, now even Dick Cheney copies my comments. He even used the same word “capable”!

    I hadn’t fully realized just how widely read Leavenworthst.com really is. Congrats Street Sweeper.

  134. Lil Mac says:

    Interested Observer’s obsession with Fischer has become a turgid enthusiasm for hating Americans not born in America. Want to see a guy ineligible to be President? Look at a ten dollar bill.

    Foreign born Americans include; Sect Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Sect War James McHenry, Sect HEW Celebrezze, Sect State Kissinger, Sect State Albright, Sect Labor Elaine Chao, Sect Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, and 12 other cabinet secretaries. Plus, U. S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, eight current members of the House of Representatives, one US Senator, and at least 22 former state governors… and Charlie Binderup of Nebraska.

    US House Rep. Charles G. Binderup, (D-NE), was born in Denmark. A FDR Democrat 1935 to 1939, Binderup was beaten by Republican Carl Curtis. Nebraska voters had become sick of FDR’s tyrannical wasteful socialist solutions to a worldwide economic crisis that FDR’s idiocy had actually deepened and unnecessarily extended in the USA, which lead to Binderup running as an Independent for the 77th Congress. But Nebraskans again rejected the has-been they had once eagerly elected but now found policy-unacceptable. — Carl Curtis went on to vote for the 1964 Civil Rights act, which typical Nebraska anti-negro bigots like Binderup and “Negros are apathetic” Bob Kerrey might never have voted for.

    Curtis’ 1938 anti-FDR, anti-New Deal platform seems to mirror Fischer’s 2012 anti-Obama, anti-Obamanomics platform, with Bob Kerrey playing the Charile Binderup role as has-been.

    Obama is eligible to be President and he’s crippling this nation. So don’t worry about contributing Americans who worked to become US citizens. Worry about the born-here assholes who vote for Barry and Bob.

  135. Lil Mac says:

    I forgot to mention, all of those contributing naturalized US leaders were here LEGALLY.

    It is the modern Liberals, the Obamas and Kerreys, Democrats, who seek to keep illegal alien intruders on US voting rolls.

  136. Interested Observer says:

    Lil Mac, I’m not sufficiently familiar with Alexander Hamilton to know why he was not eligible to be President of the United States. Could you please tell me?

  137. Anonymostly says:

    If the libs don’t understand it with this example, then they’re willfully stupid. Obama keeps on talking the talk of class envy and his libtard base keeps backing him up on it. Those EVIL rich aren’t paying their FAIR share. Clearly, we need to tax them more. Those EVIL corporations keep moving jobs overseas. Clearly, we need to tax them more.

    Guess what …

    “An Indiana-based medical device company is canceling plans to build five new plants in the Midwest because of the hit it will take from the 2.3 percent excise tax imposed by Obamacare.

    “The new tax will cost Cook Medical Inc. between $20 million and $30 million a year, Pete Yonkman, executive director of Cook’s strategic business told the Indianapolis Business Journal, limiting the amount Cook can spend on new plants. It took $30 million to revamp an abandoned factory in Canton, Ill. last year that will eventually employ 300 people in this small town.”

    Well, Mr. Obama, your strategies have certainly worked. If killing jobs was your objective, that is.

  138. Mostly Anonymous says:

    So, if the wealthy that are receiving the tax breaks are supposed to be creating jobs with the money they aren’t being taxed, where the hell are the jobs they are supposed to be creating? They sure as hell aren’t here in America! Maybe all their money is visiting Mitt Romney’s cash stash in Zurich.

  139. RWP says:

    The top 20% of earners pay 87.5% of all federal income tax. The top 1% of earners pay a full third of all federal income tax. The bottom 40% actually have a negative tax rate; they get money from the IRS via EITC.

    So who gets the tax break, again?

  140. SoWhat??? says:

    I see Omaha’s Mau Mau city councilman, Ben Gray, has finally disclosed his true demeanor at today’s OPS School Board meeting. Ben and Freddie are the most effective argument for reinstating city-wide and/or OPS district-wide elections. Neither of these corrupt people could ever win elective office outside their hood.

  141. Goober Natorial says:

    Mostly Anon, so the solution to jobs being sent overseas is to make the business environment more hostile to businesses here? That sounds like a great plan to improve the job situation here.

    I don’t get why this is so difficult for you people to understand. People want to gain the most benefit for their efforts that they can. If its more profitable for Apple to build the iPhone overseas and sell them here, that’s what they’ll do.

    If you want to bring jobs back here, you have to make it more profitable, not less.

  142. Shady Gray says:

    So Ben Gray likes to pick fights. It’s pathetic Fred Conley has to hold him back. Ben is a Thug, plain and simple.

  143. @ Goober says:

    Please explain then how America had a thriving economy and plenty of jobs back when the super wealthy were being taxed much more than they are today?
    I don’t get why this is so difficult for you people to understand.

  144. Anonymous says:

    @@ Goober, it’s because they’ve never picked up a history book and can’t remember anything much over a decade ago. Starting to believe it’s a rightie trait.

  145. Question? says:

    Where did Freddie Gray go to college? Answer NOWHERE. Why on earth would you have a higher education degree when you are promoting HIGHER EDUCATION!!!!

  146. Spike says:

    Wake up Dimwits! Nixon woke the sleeping giant for big corps. to have access to slave labor & it worked in Spades, now didn’t it. For all you brain dead dolts, America, the USA, is FINISHED, it’s a Has Been, a Done Deal!!

    Higher Taxes on the top 20% is just a matter throwing a few crumbs to all you clowns posting here. I’m certain there isn’t one 20%ter. in the lot of you so what’s your problem?? Delusions of Grandeur, fighting for the super rich guys like Bob Kerrey, or Warren Buffett or the Multi National Corps that you might have a few shares of stock in????

    America is never coming back because Americans, all you pasty white Ass Holes, don’t want to work. To you WORK has become a DIRTY word. And your inbreed, lazy ass kids, I won’t even go there. You might ask that jerk Harbison, aka RWP about his students @ UNL if you want more details.

    That’s the real reason you hate the illegals that your GOPER Buddy Corps are bringing in & paying off Pols to let stay, because you’ve become too good to WORK for slave wages & they will!! How STUPID can you IDIOTS possibly be????

    The answer to stop the Fall of the American Empire is to be found in the concept of, “For the Common Good” & that’s something that that great Socialist but Twisted President Nixon would have agreed with on a manic day instead of what his depression caused him to do, Wake the Sleeping Giant!!!

    Don’t feel bad all you Old Farts because you lived in the best of times in America but you were too busy living the good life with your heads up your GOP asses to notice what was really happening because soon you’ll be pushing up daisies or feeding worms.

    Once again you stupid people, it’s about the COMMON GOOD & not your own sorry, greedy fat ASSES!

  147. Spikesmom says:

    Nixon? You have been watching too much Futurama.

    Spike, it is time for you to dig a hole, fill it with compost, and off yourself into it with a suitably green herbicide. That is the only socially responsible solution. Or leave.

    If America is dead, you should get out. Pull up stakes you naysaying crybaby. Any ancestors you had who worked and suffered and died to make America great, you piss on their graves. So just go grab the herbicide and put us all out of your misery.

  148. Today is the big day says:

    Will enough Paulbots show to establish a quorum at the DCRP central committee tonight? Will Scott Petersen finally provide the financial statements to the central committee members? Why HAS Scott been calling former central committee members and attempting to get them to go to the meeting? In fact, why is the DCRP meeting at all in July and August? Will the Paulbots themselves replace Scott with someone more capable of running the county party?

  149. Interested Observer says:

    Spike July 29, 2012 at 3:18 PM said, “leave this sandbox to moderately intelligent persons to share thoughts & pertinent ideas on real issues other than personal ego trips ???” and THIS is his idea of moderately intelligent thought and pertinent ideas?

  150. Anonymous says:

    Evidently your idea of moderately intelligent thought, IO, is to repeat the same crap over and over and over until everyone is sick of hearing from you. Then you and RWP get into a very public pissing contest that the rest of us really don’t care about. Like Spike said, “Get a room!”

  151. Interested Observer says:

    But it’s OK for you to repeat the same overly dramatic, bitter, crude insults over and over and over and call that “moderately intelligent thought”?

  152. Is he dead? says:

    perhaps we can determine the idenity of Street Sweeper by crossing the obituaries over the last week with those with right leaning voting records (but not too far right…he’s not a paulite)?

  153. Spike says:

    SS is Jordan McGrain & or his wife Ashley when he’s too busy. When he signs his post ED, he’s referring to his term as Executive Director, [ED] of the NEGOP. I suppose the ones signed SS are done by his Better Half??

    BTW; I see a lot of you liked the “Feeding Worms” remark. Tis a pity however, that one can’t teach Old NE Dogs any New Tricks like thinking & not just being follower GOP SHEEP! But at this stage of the game, why would one bother??

  154. Anonymous says:

    IO, go unbunch your undies and get a life. You come here, uninvited, onto LS with your mealy mouth and your incessant beating of the same old drum, then have the nerve to bitch about anyone that is fed up with you and your crap.
    I didn’t call my thought anything, but my 140 IQ indicates that it would hardly be “moderately intelligent.” My intellect doesn’t preclude my calling an asshole what it is, and you are one.

  155. Interested Observer says:

    Also, I and, I assume, several others on this site do meet the eligibility requirements of Mensa AND the eligibility requirements to be the President of the United States.

  156. Goober Natorial says:

    To anonymous whomever, the reason we prospered under higher marginal tax rates is that there were so many loopholes that the rich never paid those higher rates.

  157. Anonymous says:

    And the loopholes are still there, so the rich paid a higher tax rate and amount than they do now. What a stupid rebuttal! Look it up.

  158. Hey readers and commenters.
    Been a VERY busy time in and out of the L.St HQ of late.
    Hope to have a new post up Wednesday evening.
    Thanks for keeping the conservation rolling.

  159. Anonymous says:

    No, IO, you don’t meet the criteria for entry into MENSA. You have to be more than moderately intelligent to get into our little club. And, you have to be a lot less annoying.

  160. Interested Observer says:

    From the Mensa International website, “Membership of Mensa is open to persons who have attained a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test that has been properly administered and supervised. There is no other qualification or disqualification for initial membership eligibility.” and “Mensa has no other eligibility requirements other than IQ testing.”

    So, Anonymous at 12:36 AM, as I said, “Also, I and, I assume, several others on this site do meet the eligibility requirements of Mensa AND the eligibility requirements to be the President of the United States.”

  161. TexasAnnie says:

    Wow! I’ve enjoyed my second summer vacation and returned here to find y’all are still acting like attack dogs. I wanted to comment about the ‘sewer separation’ problem in my old Omaha neighborhood, —you know, the “citywide” problem referenced in Sweeper’s article above and posted more than a week ago. But I see it would have been a futile attempt, given the ‘moderate intelligence’ displayed by the comments already here, to actually discuss an issue presented by the Street Sweeper.

    As to the tax code: YEP! The rich do pay the bulk of the taxes, which, isn’t as much as the rich would pay *IF* lawmakers had not written in so many loopholes. It’s why I support a flat tax (no exceptions, no excuses) or better yet, a repeal of the current federal tax code in favor of a simple consumption tax. Our lawmakers should not possess a power to pick economic winners and losers, they should not be advancing public policy via tax incentives, and they should not be granting tax-supported subsidy to any individual or corporate entity which is not made available to every individual/corporate entity! Doing as they currently do, invites deceit, corruption and fascism.

    If we could only get the tax code fixed, we will have revived our dying America, Spike.

  162. Anonymous says:

    TA- I seldome agree with you but….l you are right about part of your tax code statement. The “Rich” pay plenty. The challenge is 40+% don’t pay into the income tax pool at all. Not to mention the greatest number of social benefit recipients are mostly in the group who pay nothing o
    Into the poo by means of an income tax.

    As far as the sewer separation issue the problem is multi faceted. First off the city has kicked the can down the road for sooooooooo long and all they get for it is greater expenses. Secondly it is a Run Off issue so the bulk of the costs should go to those who have greater input to run off, e.g. The Century Link, Car Lots, Parking lots. The users of water and the swerve system arenty the causen of the problem. Third there should be more cost sharing by the utilities and industries benefiting from all the ENHANCEMENTS the city is including in the roads being torn up and replaced! New roads…..wheel tax, new fiber optic and comm lines, new water pipes(here is a place MUD has a leg to stand on with regards to a new tax), new gas lines etc.. Fourth, the actual street footage needing to be torn up is less than the 2 billion dollar scope project. Tear up only what is needed! Nope the current project scope is way beyond what it needs to be, and the wrong payers are footing the bill.

  163. Anonymous says:

    IO is just like Sarah Palin. Anyone says anything negative about them, they act like little high school girls and have a snit fit, then absolutely must reply with a snarky comeback. Don’t you need to go do something important, IO – like flossing?

    TA, the primary reason nothing has been done about Omaha’s sewer problems is that the majority of the problem lies in North Omaha, where the population is primarily black, and we know that nobody really gives a shit about those people. The politicians only go there and promise them they’ll do something when they need the votes, then ignore them until the next election.

  164. Anonymous says:

    How did America’s economy do so well during the 50s and 60s when millionaires were paying taxes in the 80-92% range? What was different about the rich then, that is missing now? Maybe they were more capable of investing in America and less greedy? Just a thought.

  165. RWP says:

    So Kyle Michaelis announces he hasn’t had time to update NNN recently, and simultaneously, L St. hasn’t updated in a week.

    Seems to me the identity question has been answered. KYLE is Street Sweeper.

    (And has the worlds greatest split personality)

  166. RIP NNN says:

    Vile Kiyle has been a closet Republican for years. While presiding over the Young Democrats, and sitting on the NDP state executive committee, he wrote many times on NNN about how “independent” he was. He did everything possible to distance himself from himself. He’s a schizophrenic freak.

  167. Anonymostly says:

    Well, looks like we’ve found out the next big concern Keystone opponents will raise to try to stop the pipeline: The American Burying Beetle!

    It’s endangered, doncha know. And building the Keystone XL would threaten its very existence. The precious and pristine Burying Beetle.

    Afterall, you can’t have enough beetles.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Is Pat McPherson out of his mind? His post on his blog about the Lieutenant Governor and Senator Johanns is disgusting. I guess because Pat’s conduct in office was disgraceful he wants to tear everyone else down. Unbelievable.

  169. Lil Mac says:

    Very good. Bread and butter, cheese and crackers, politics and maggots. Funny.

    The Dung Beetle (Scarabaeidae), or scarab, was worshiped in ancient Egypt, is medicine today in China, is eaten in Thailand, and the damn thing eats only poop. Per some federal twit whom we pay to measure poo, dung beetles save US agriculture @$380 million annually by burying and eating livestock manure. But such scarabs are NOT in the same beetle family with the endangered American Burying Beetle (Silphidae) which is one of 68 species of carrion beetle that eats buried rotten corpses. And while this one species is deemed endangered, I have seen no explanation of how it is has a special over 67 other species of carrion beetle or of economic value as the scarab. Plus, the useful crap-eating Scarab would make a much prettier broach on Jane’s blouse than a useless pus-eating carrion beetle. Unfortunately, Jane’s useless beetle is useful to American Liberals who find no sacrifice by Americans too much in our happy efforts to aid the Arab oil industry.

    And that brings us to maggots. — In survival situations with an open wound, one may allow fly larvae to consume one’s infected flesh. Because the maggots only eat the dead flesh, this is an effective form of debridement of necrosed tissue and will cleanse the wound, allowing it to reduce naturally without use of sutures. That is, unless you have the bad luck to have a screw-worm fly land on you, as that bug’s larvae will burrow into healthy muscle and eat you alive from the inside out. The problem of course is how do you tell one maggot from the other? — That’s politics for you.

  170. Anonymous says:

    Just read the Objective Conservative too, and I am beyond pissed at Scott Petersen, chair of the DCRP. I agree with filing the complaint, but we had central committee meeting just last night and he did not speak one word about filing this complaint to the members. Didn’t ask us to endorse it, didn’t inform us that he was going to do it.

    But in the same vein, I’m glad that Scott Petersen knows that the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission exists. Hopefully he’ll FINALLY file the late reports from the primary.

  171. All,

    Once again, thanks for the keeping the discussions going.
    Unable to put up a post today and there’s no way it will happen tomorrow (Thursday).
    The plan will be to shoot for Friday.

    And I would just note that in the 6 years L.St has been up, we have NEVER missed a new post for week.
    That has been through storms, blackouts, holidays, vacations, births and deaths.

    And though work has been crazy crazy crazy this week, I think we can still get a post up Friday.
    (Even though it may be a giant hassle.)

    If there is something you are interested in, let us know, as we are ALWAYS looking for new issues.

    Again, thanks for reading and commenting.

  172. @Scott Peterson Critic says:

    Actually I’m in agreement with Anonymous @ 11:06 PM. It’s not that I would disagree with the filing of the complaint, that’s a great move. But why the hell didn’t he mention his intentions last night at the DCRP Meeting?

    Did he know he was going to file the complaint when we were all sitting at the meeting last night? Or does he just fly by the seat of his pants, no planning, no strategy, just moves from one idea to the next? He seems to treat the DCRP like a dart board, just chucking the dart and hoping it lands in the right spot. Dude, just because you hit a bulls eye with one campaign two years ago doesn’t seem to be working out for anything else.

    Come on Peterson, you gotta involve the Central Committee in on what you’re doing. You like to keep everything between you inner circle. Too many secrets, it’s getting old.

  173. Goober Natorial says:

    Hey, everyone, don’t look at the lack of a new post by Sweeper as an obstacle; look at it as an opportunity. We have a chance to push the comments for this thread over the 300 mark. Name another blog on Nebraska politics that could do that.

  174. Jordan McGrain says:

    J Crew does not have week-long sales, nor do they have an inventory of sweaters in August. Good guess, though.


  175. Central Committee Member says:

    Maybe if he would’ve listed it on the agenda,he would’ve remembered to tell us. Oh wait, he didn’t follow the agenda.

    Oh, and did we approve the appointment of Randi Scott as Secretary?

    B. Election The County Chairman shall be elected by a majority vote of the Central Committee at its January meeting in each odd numbered year. Such officers other than the Chairman shall be selected by the County Chairman subject to the approval of the Central Committee.

  176. Tsk Tsk says:

    To: Anonymous July 26, 2012 at 7:16 PM —- so you read the DCRP constitution? Congrats – that makes two of us!

    To: @Scott Peterson Critic –
    Peterson didn’t mention the complaint because his handlers hadn’t notified him yet that they wanted him to file a complaint in DCRP’s name. Never tell the puppet till the last minute.

    Peterson NEVER hit a bulls-eye in any campaign – two candidates allowed him to pretend he did something in their campaigns.

    also to @Scott Peterson Critic and Central Committee Member about involving the DCRP Cen Com members and voting in appointments — so what did you do about that? Remain silent like a good little baa baa sheep?

    By the Way — what happened to the experienced members of the CC – looked like 99% newbies – Newbies are good = easily brainwashed.

  177. Anonymous says:

    Why is Jeff Rue allowed to stay as “Administrative Assistant” to Scott after his outburst at the state convention?

  178. Lil Mac says:

    GN, good point. Let’s up the rhythm and hit 300. Why? Because 300 feels like Gerard Butler’s airbrushed perfect abs.

    My contribution to our quest is a question.

    Which politician hated lazy childish occupier government-teat-sucking bums so much they said, “With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.”

  179. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like DCRP attendees do not understand Robert’s Rules. If they did, they’d rule the dickheads who don’t.

  180. Hats off to the DCRP leadership says:

    Sausage making isn’t always pleasant. I wish it were handled a bit different but if Ben and Freddie Gray get out of politics we are all better off as a community. They are not above the law. Omaha world herald just broke the story

  181. Bam says:

    Yes, let’s make Ben and Freddie the new thread. The lies and deceptions are just too good to ignore!

    I remember thinking that we couldn’t get any worse than Frank Brown to represent North O, but I was wrong. At his worst, Frank was a race-baiting blowhard; at HIS best, Ben is sleazy, “me thinks he doth protest too much” hothead. I still think Ben’s getting those sweetheart deals through Freddie to pay off the gambling debts.

  182. Anonymous says:

    Texas Annie takes a second summer vacation. Yes, that drudgery of being forced to pay taxes in Nebraska has really hurt her bottom line.

  183. Lil Mac says:

    RWP. Good call. Indeed, an ugly rich chick with a penchant for hicks. Yet not so benign as just that. Her legacy on our freedom is as dark in reality as it is vaunted in popularity. Her ghost inhabits Barry’s bum.

    I am ever amazed that those who advance socialism, in all its forms, and albeit with the most lofty of intentions, so openly and vehemently will condemn its bitter fruit in the human condition.

  184. Hats off to the DCRP leadership says:

    Like Scott Peterson or not he hit a home run with his Freddie Gray complaint. Now Ben and Freddie Gray are on the ropes. Will Scott critics give him credit when credit is due???

  185. Anonymous says:

    You mean give Scott credit for doing his job? Except the way I hear it, the complaint wasn’t Scott’s doing at all.

  186. I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me says:

    Scott Peterson, you hit the Tee-Ball that was setup for you. Wow. You are amazing.

    How about you get good at the mundane and actually figure out how to run your office and raise some money. Maybe a little less day dreaming about how to next prove you’re awesome.

  187. Hats off to the DCRP leadership says:

    Above your a dem and an idiot. Financial gain is not.only consideration…..if I am passionate about a cause and steer money to it CONFLICT

  188. To Scott P. above says:

    I was at the meeting IDIOT. I saw Kratky ask the floor that she would take questions last Tuesday. Going after OPS for partnering with Girls Inc., Impact One, and the United Way is a loser issue.

  189. Interested Observer says:

    Mitt Romney said yesterday at a rally in Colorado, “We’ve got to have someone that goes to Washington that buries the hatchet and says, ‘You know what, there are good Democrats, there are good Republicans that care about America — let’s work together to get the American people working, get some growth again,’ ”

  190. Lil Mac says:

    IO, Romney’s statement makes sense to me. If anything is “bipartisan” it is the survival of a prosperous USA. That isn’t happening under Obama’s fiscal ineptitude turned hate mongering.
    Working together to solve problems is hard work not hope. Obama is creating problems so he can ride them like a surfer atop a wave. It is politically pathological.

    It occures to me that Mitt and Barry are each exactly what they were before. Romney was an adept fiscal manager. Obama gave tax dollars away to churches. The quintessential Fiscal Conservative is running against the quintessential Social Liberal. And the fiscal stupidity that goes with heart-not-head Liberalism is seem clearly in Obama’s team condemning Romney for being able to make and hang onto money. Well, duh. It is as Liberals think voters haven’t figured out that four years of Obama flushing dollars down the toilet has nothing do with America’s fiscal problems.

  191. Interested Observer says:

    The first reason that I posted Romney’s comment was specifically to contrast the concept of “there are good Democrats, there are good Republicans” with the hyper-polarizing, extremists views that are shouted in here so often, that almost go so far as “the only good ‘whatever’ is a dead ‘whatever'”.

    The second reason that I posted Romney’s comment was specifically to spotlight the “let’s work together” theme. When the approval rating of the current Congress is around 16% and 75% disapproval, obviously the American people want their hired representatives to actually accomplish something, rather than just shouting and bickering and blaming. I’ve been encouraging compromise in here for months and have been blasted for months for doing so by the same intolerant attitudes that cause the gridlock problem in the first place.

    I’m actually enjoying this week, with Dick Cheney saying the same thing I said about having a running mate actually be capable of filling the office and now with Mitt Romney saying the same thing that I said that we need to work together.

  192. RWP says:

    Nebraska Supreme Court just struck down state campaign finance law, saying it’s similar to Arizona’s, which the USSC struck down last year. Vindication for Scott Lautenbaugh, who’s been trying to get rid of the law for years, and Jon Bruning, who asked the supreme court to review it.

  193. Anonymostly says:

    So, I heard Scott Vorhees on his Pack of Lies show talking about Freddie Gray and the OPS board. Are they really, REALLY paying taxpayer dollars to black single mothers for being black single mothers? And apparently, someone somewhere thinks this is a good idea.

    If this is true, then, in effect, taxpayers are subsidizing the irresponsible sexual behavior of young black women. Government subsidizing the sex lives of the young and stupid on the backs of the rest of us. Just like with the HHS mandate to employers to provide FREE birth control. Subsidizing other people’s sex lives. Because it’s not fair that the rich are rich, I guess.

    Omaha in terms of governance is becoming more and more like Detroit. What a catastrophe.

  194. RWP says:

    I’ve been encouraging compromise in here for months and have been blasted for months for doing so by the same intolerant attitudes that cause the gridlock problem in the first place.

    No, you haven’t. You’ve been conducting an obsessive campaign against the Republican nominee.

  195. Anonymostly says:

    According to Spike: “Wake up Dimwits! Nixon woke the sleeping giant for big corps. to have access to slave labor & it worked in Spades, now didn’t it. For all you brain dead dolts, America, the USA, is FINISHED, it’s a Has Been, a Done Deal!!”

    Spike is the typical member of Obama’s base. Let’s make no mistake: That’s how they think. America is finished and they’re happy. They want American to be finished. The hue and cry when Rush Limbaugh said, “I hope he fails” was just for show, an effort to silence dissent. The fact of the matter is that Rush was right. Obama wants to fundamentally change our American system of free enterprise and capitalism and turn us into another failed European socialist country where Robin Hood runs the government and makes sure that the poor can sleep in every morning.

  196. Outraged says:

    Scott Vorhees shows that our tax dollars go to OPS who always needs more money but apparently has thousands to give to Susie Buffet to bring in Michelle Obama. I do not want my tax dollars going to Obama

  197. Hung Lo says:

    So very happy to have visiting with us your Governor and his very nice friend, Mr. Sweeper. We will enjoy very much selling you more of our crap and humbly allowing you to send us many more of your factories. Mr. Governor Heinemann’s work will make us very, very rich.

  198. IO wrote, “And we have a winner!”

    All you said was, “…let the comments begin.” By that standard, anybody who commented after you was the winner. But if you by ‘winner’ you meant someone would post an extremist view in response to your post, then I fail to see how RWP’s response (comment #291) meets that standard.

    It’s a fact. I hardly see how you could deny it. You have, after all, run an obsessive campaign against the current Republican nominee for senate in Nebraska. Whether it be here, the LJS comment boards, or the OWH, you seem to have little other to talk about than your problems with Deb Fischer. The most ridiculous part about your ‘hard-on’ against Deb is the fact that the grazing rights you use as your cudgel against her actually belong to a family that she married into. What was she supposed to do, tell her husband and anybody involved in the family ranch, “Hey guys, we should give those grazing rights away.”???

    You like to think of yourself as a “REAL Republican”…okay, fine…then explain to us all why you’re so eager to see another “REAL Republican” lose to a “REAL LIBERAL Democrat”. And if it all boils down to the fact that you just don’t like her on a personal level…fine, man up and admit it.

  199. RWP says:

    So on Wednesday, Chick-Fil-A appreciation day, the Omaha restaurant ran out of food at 5:30 p.m.. Today, “National Same-Sex Kiss day”, 10 demonstrators, one dressed as a cow (how could they tell?) showed up.

    I think the votes are in.

  200. Interested Observer says:

    From the Associated Press:

    A Republican congressman who’s retiring in frustration over political gridlock says he hopes the institution doesn’t have to hit “rock bottom” before people learn to work together.
    Ohio’s Steven LaTourette tells MSNBC it’s more difficult for a reasonable person to get re-elected to Congress because “the red districts are turning redder and the blue districts are turning bluer.”

    So, I bring up the idea of actually accepting that there are actually good Democrats and good Republicans and that we should work together and that 75% of Americans disapprove of Congress’s inability to work together to actually accomplish anything constructive and what happens?

    Also, Grundle, you’re not quite right about Deb’s WELFARE GRAZING permit belonging to the family that she married into. The actual fact is that Deb’s permit was acquired a few months AFTER she got married. The OTHER permit that the family has had for 3 generations is now used by her brother-in-law’s ranch. I honestly don’t understand why you people keep bringing up Deb’s WELFARE GRAZING if you don’t want it talked about. Why is that?

  201. Interested Observer says:

    Also, Grundle, Deb’s politics and Deb’s hypocrisy and Deb’s habit of placing her own career ahead of her constituents interests are the issues that cause many people to not support Deb. The people that know her the best are perhaps the people who know what she has promised and what she actually delivered instead. The people who know her the best are perhaps the people who know when they got sold out so she could trade her vote for something so she could use that “accomplishment” as the cornerstone of her campaign. The people who know her the best are perhaps the people who know how irrationally vindictive she is and how much effort she puts into penalizing those people that she perceives have opposed her in the past. Remember that Deb did NOT carry the Kennedy Precinct in Cherry County in the spring primary election, which is the western part of her ranch and includes many of her closest ranch neighbors.

    Yes, of course, I consider myself a “real Republican”. I am a real Nebraskan and a real American first! I want Nebraska to have the most qualified, the strongest voice, the best representative to protect Nebraska’s interests in the United States Senate. I want a United States Senator who will put Nebraska’s interests ahead of her own. I want a United States Senator who actually knows the value of a dollar and how hard it is to earn one today. I want a United States Senator who actually has not voted 12 times to raise Nebraska taxes and who has not, personally, created a brand new excise tax on motor fuels that had never existed before. I want a United States Senator who has not, personally, created the single biggest earmark expenditure in Nebraska’s history. I want a United States Senator who actually can cut the budget and eliminate the deficit and eventually the debt. I want a United States Senator who uses that powerful office for the good of all the people of Nebraska and not just as a tool to penalize those she doesn’t like. I want a United States Senator who is actually honest about the issue of abortion, whether she is honestly 100% pro-life or has just adopted this position, insincerely, to run for office.

    To use a sports analogy, I do not want some third string, wannabe quarterback who got the try out simply because the top 2 intramural quarterbacks got taken out of the game by low hits from dirty, out of state money. I want the best, most talented, most powerful, most experienced quarterback that Nebraska has available. The Deb that I have known for 40 years is not that quarterback that we need so much right now.

  202. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a fair and impartial debate question we should ask all our Presidential candidates “Have you ever baptised recently deceased members of your community into your church?”

  203. Jim Suttle Admitted to Hospital in Ireland says:

    Seems that Jim Suttle is in Ireland on a trip for Omaha and was admitted to the hospital. I disagree with that man on most issues, but wish him well. Does this put into question his health and ability to run for Mayor again?

  204. Thanks IO for confirming that, as a self-described “REAL Republican”, you want an uber-liberal Bob Kerrey in office. Look over the 2nd paragraph in your 2nd reply to me, and explain to me how Bob Kerrey meets any of those qualifications.

    BTW, if your whole premise is support of the notion that Democrats have some good ideas, exactly which ideas of Broadway Bob’s do you think are “good”…but let me qualify that question…of those alleged “good” ideas, please include only those ideas that Kerrey is likely to act on. Since you’ve practically acted as his lead campaigner, I’m sure you’ll be able to get the answers directly from him.

    Oh, and bitching about rabid partisanship whilst rabidly attacking Deb Fischer, well, it just leaves your words ringing a little hollow.

  205. RWP says:

    Kerrey has an 8% ACU rating averaged over 12 years, but a 40% ACU rating the year he was up for reelection. This shows that he was not just far left, but cynical enough to abandon his prog beliefs for one year to be reelected. And, full disclosure, we ignorant rubes were dumb enough to be taken in. Kerrey wouldn’t know bipartisan if it bit him in the ass. The single most important bipartisan legislation of the 1990s — welfare reform — signed by Bill Clinton, he voted against,

    And then you read the utter rubbish IO wrote above, and you wonder, even if I were being paid to write this crap, coulld I live with myself?

    But the thing is, he’s not being paid, he’s paying. IO’s giving big bucks to Bob. Well, not big bucks by NY billionaire standards, but big bucks compared with the paltry amounts Bob has raised in state.

  206. Anonymous says:

    Romney said Republicans and Democrats should work in Congress to solve problems. Romney didn’t say GOP voters should attack GOP nominees or help Democrat candidates.

  207. ? says:

    Those in glass houses should not throw rocks…

    Aparently the DCRP with the ‘fine’ leadership of Scott P has never hear this before.

    As a democrat I hope you guys keep Scott in that position as long as possible! 🙂

  208. Anonymous says:

    Democrat at 11:38 am.


    Here’s to you never figuring out why opening your mouth makes you sound so stupid. It is people like you who make life easier for Republicans.

  209. Anonymostly says:

    “The people who know her the best are perhaps the people who know how irrationally vindictive she is …”

    Speaking of irrationally vindictive people, I present to you … Interested Observer.

  210. Anonymostly says:

    Sounds like a Republican ran for Senate as a Democrat in Tennessee … and won the primary And now the Dems in Tennessee are disavowing him as their candidate, saying they’ll offer him no support, and claiming he’s a member of an anti-gay “hate” group. He won nearly twice as many votes as his nearest competitor and the Dem party honchos are claiming that the average Dem voter didn’t really know anything about any of the candidates and just voted for the guy at the top of the ballot. Heh heh.

    (Isn’t that how Dems always vote?)

  211. Anonymostly says:

    Reading further, the thing that makes Tennessee Democrats think he’s a closet Republican is because he’s (wait for it) pro-life. And pro-marriage. The traditional kind. And the Dems claim to have the big tent. LOL. As I’ve said in the past, I used to be a Democrat. But it felt like the “big tent” Dems didn’t have room inside their tent for a pro-life Christian. And pro-choice Dem friends said how dare I suggest that Dems are so narrow-minded. Yeah. I’ve clearly been proven wrong in my assessments.

  212. Tom says:

    Let’s see, corporate profits hit record levels, Dow has recovered, GDP higher than pre-recession levels, us treasuries yielding negative effective interest rates. If this is European style socialism, I’ll take some more.

    It seem that corporate America loves them some Obama!

  213. Anonymostly says:

    Debt so high our bond rating gets reduced; we’ve been borrowing from the social security trust practically since its inception and won’t have money to cover all the obligations; that clown in the whitehouse has introduced massive, new spending programs that have been spectacular failures and still he wants to spend more. He’s introducing more and more government giveaways; our rights are eroding; and if it weren’t for those EVIL corporations making money in spite of government our economy would be in shambles because (I’ve got news for Obama) government didn’t build that.

    Even if private industry continues to forge ahead, with Bozo the Obama in charge, our GOVERNMENT will go further in debt by taking money from the productive and giving it away to the unproductive, which will only encourage more people to become unproductive and start sucking off the government teat. And we’ll reach a tipping point where we’ve bled enough taxpayers dry, we won’t have enough tax base to continue paying our obligations and we’ll have to ask China for loan forgiveness. Which they’ll gladly provide because … uh, they get Taiwan and we won’t raise a fuss when they invade?

  214. RWP says:

    Corporate profits are actually down last quarter, we’re again losing manufacturing jobs, GDP is growing at a measly 2% and is down per capita since OBA took office. Meanwhile government spending as a percent of GDP is way up. The debt is $16 tn and some respectable economists think we’ve already entered a debt spiral. In fact, only the low borrowing rates are keeping it at all sustainable. As soon as Europe settles its credit problems, those rates will go back up.

    US exports just nosedived.

    We’re one small crisis away from a major slump. Meanwhile, Leon Panetta this morning conspicuously leaked to two Israeli newspapers US war plans against Iran, in a desperate last ditch attempt to stave off the Israeli attack until after the election. That’s treason, plain and simple.

    US National Security is just one more pawn to be used to keep the Chicago Mob in office.

  215. Bam says:

    Now, when Kerrey announced he was running for Senate after his confab with Harry Reid, didn’t he tell people it was none of their business what he discussed with him? Because now he says in the OWH that he was merely asking Reid if he’d get his seniority back. Hmmm…

    Isn’t that something you’d WANT to tell voters ASAP? Why would you tell people your talk was confidential if that was the sum total of your meeting with Reid? Lies on top of lies won’t get you elected to the Senate, BK.

  216. Harry says:

    Why would you tell people that you won’t produce your income tax information unless you fear what they will reveal? There evidently was bad enough news in them that Sen. McCain was willing to choose the very unqualified Sarah Palin over him. Lies on top of lies won’t get you elected to the presidency, Mr. Romney.

  217. I’m confused by these ads from ‘End the Gridlock’…they purportedly want Deb Fischer to end wasteful spending, but to do that, would she have to be elected Senator? And if that’s truly what they want her to do, then why run such a negative ad against her.

    Perhaps someone should inform this organization that calling her “millionaire Deb Fischer” isn’t the best tactic, either. After all, unless I’m wrong, isn’t her opponent a millionaire as well? And she got paid to ranch while her opponent got paid to leave his last job.

  218. Wouldn't it be nice? says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could draft our politicians? Then we could get people to represent us that weren’t only in it for the money, or for the ego boost that the power gives them.

  219. Anonymous says:

    Governor goes on two week trade mission to China. Sweeper hasn’t posted in two weeks. Confirms my suspicion that Dave Heineman IS Sweeper! Bwaaaaa….

  220. Macdaddy says:

    Tom, you are correct that corporate America loves them some Obama because Obama is happy to prop up the lazy ones with taxpayer dollars all for a little extra scratch come campaign time. Pay to play, baby! Executive privilege, baby! I got this, baby! Now let’s go play some more golf.

  221. Macdaddy says:

    Harry, Senator McCain said that Romney’s tax returns contained nothing that would disqualify him from being President. McCain’s campaign manager said that Romney’s tax returns were not the reason that they passed over Romney for Palin. So that would make you the liar.

  222. Harry says:

    Well, Macdaddy, all you guys have to do is show me some PROOF, and I’ll accept being called a liar. Until you do, I will assume that you and Mittens are the liars.

  223. Harry says:

    And, Macdaddy, if the tax returns were not the reason that McCain passed over Romeny, what exactly was it then? Evidently Mittens has some other things about him that would make Sen. McCain consider him unworthy as a running mate, and one heartbeat away from the Oval Office. I could name dozens of them.

  224. Macdaddy says:

    You Lefties think that this is the winning strategy? Making shit up and hoping the voters are too dumb to notice? That’s funny. Allow me to demonstrate the idiocy of that approach: you obviously are a pedophile unless you show me the proof otherwise. Good luck with that, Harry.

  225. Well Macdaddy, the whole “making shit up and hoping voters are too dumb” strategy did work for them once…after all, look who’s in the White House! He didn’t get there because people were paying attention. Hope and change, biotch!!!!

  226. See, with Harry, you’ve got another Democrat who’s never actually read the Constitution or any of the associated amendments.

    Harry, being a natural-born American citizen is a requirement of the POTUS…being poor is not. Granted, I suppose Mitt could have gone the Obama route and made all his money on the taxpayer’s dime and by selling books to a bunch of uninspired morons who are looking for a reason to live.

  227. Bam says:

    Obama registered as a foreign exchange student in order to get into college, and also got some of the worst grades while there. Seriously though, all Obama has to do is – show us the grades! That’s a simple solution isn’t it? We keep begging for Barack Obama’s college transcripts, but he still refuses to show them. At least give us the chance to see the grades, then we can decide to doubt or not.

    What’s the matter, Harry – is your guy CHICKEN?

    Obama did visit his dying grandmother in Hawaii before the election, but we know it was to sweep the house of any paperwork that had him IDed as a foreigner. Am I wrong? Prove it!

  228. Macdaddy says:

    In the meantime, our economy is going down the tubes and the only idea Obama has is to lie about Romney’s tax returns. What’s your Plan B, Barry?

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