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So much to talk about.

Bob Kerrey. Ah his effort to become Bob Kerrey 2.0 is going over more like New Coke Bob Kerrey.
So just HOW out of touch is Cosmic Bob Kerrey? Get a load of Kerrey speaking here:

Q: Are we better off today than we were four years ago?
Kerrey: Oh my, God yes!
Kerrey: I don’t know what the heck I’d do differently!

Then again, we suppose if you’re the recipient of a sweet heart deal to leave your college president gig, then continue to get paid millions for it, then you ARE better off.

Of course, if you’re unemployed and look at the stagnant Obama economy, you may feel differently.


A few months back, Kerrey revealed his general, cynical, strategy for campaigning. Kerrey told a newsdude, “You can’t change the public’s mind on anything. You just have to find out what you think they want, then convince them that you’ve always wanted that same thing.” (We paraphrase without the direct link.)

So Kerrey’s strategy so far since he “moved” from New York City, er The West Village (or, whatever it is we are supposed to call his real home), has been to claim that he is above party politics. That he is some sort of post-partisan candidate.

So, as the kids say, You see what he did there?

Kerrey knows that Congress has never been popular amongst the peoples. Not now. Not 20 years ago. Not a hundred years ago. Watch an old movie and yt “those yaou will hear that it has always been about “those yahoos in Washington.” And here’s a newsflash as well, and this one is going to shock you: Democrats….do not like Republicans! Yeah! It’s true! And then, get this: Republicans (they’re the ones with the elephant symbol), they don’t like Democrat politicians! Yup.

So that smooooooth Bob Kerrey, you know what idea he came up with? Get rid of parties in Congress! And Bingo! You get rid of parties, and it’s like getting rid of the alligator who has overtaken your kitchen!

Well, except not really.

It’s more like that alligator is still going through the cupboards and eating all the Doritos, and Bob’s solution is to rename that alligator, “kitchen chair”. You see! Now everything will work fine because the alligator is now a piece of furniture, and we can all get back to running the country.

But of course we (the ones who never believed Kerrey in the first place) know that the problem with the alligator is not what Darwin named the species. It is the fact that he has an insatiable appetite, and that we are running out of Doritos.

So we need to replace the alligator with, say, one of those pygmy goats or maybe even a sheep dog (hmm wonder if any commenters will run wild with this analogy). But ceasing to call the alligator an alligator ain’t gonna do it.

And of course, the comedy of all of this is that before Kerrey ever decided to run, he made sure to genuflect in front of the Alligator King (that would be Democrat Senate Leader, Harry Reid) and get his approval to run. And while we’re at it, we are pretty sure that Kerrey decided to run as a Democrat, and not as some sort of imaginary Independent.

So, we get it. Kerrey’s shenanigans about some sort of “non-partisan” Senate are no more believable than him moving back to Nebraska or having a hope of a Kumbaya moment to pass the Social Security thing he made up.


And one last one: Remember the Kerrey plan to eliminate all Super PAC funding? ‘Member that? And then how no one paid any attention to it?

And then, magically, a brand new New York funded Super PAC sprang up to do hit jobs on Deb Fischer for Kerrey? Funded in part by the guy who just paid Cosmic Bob $800K for “consulting”.

Yeah, how ‘bout that, huh? That pretty much sums up your Bob Kerrey.


And in the meantime, the Nebraska Farm Bureau endorsed Deb Fischer.


In Nebraska’s 2nd District race, the candidates are getting a little more specific on the issues.

Congressman Lee Terry wants to build the Keystone XL pipeline and keep the Bush tax cuts.

Democrat John Ewing however is into higher taxes. He said he wants to repeal the Bush tax cuts – first saying he wanted them raised only for millionaires. But Ewing flipped on that position and now wants them raised so that anyone making over $200K would see their taxes increased. (And we have news for you. People making $200K a year aren’t “rich”. Sure, they’re probably doing well. But if you make that and live in a big city, where the cost of living is dramatically higher than smaller cities like Omaha or Lincoln, you aren’t out cruising on your yacht on the weekends.)

The tax increases that Ewing proposes would help to further kill economic growth, would hit small businesses and some studies show that it would whack 710,000 jobs and reduce economic outcome by $200 billion.

Ewing, like Bob Kerrey, thinks the way to make America great is to take more and more money away from its citizens and give it to the government to spend.

It is that simple and that wrong.


And hey, it is always fun to stir the pot, yeah? Douglas County Republican Party Chairman Scott Petersen sent out a letter to the party committee members, “defending” himself against statements “from accusations and innuendos that have been put forth on a local internet blog”.

So our first question is, Is it really so hard to type “Leavenworth Street”? Huh? And how about a link or something every once in a while? First the OWH, now the DCRP! Can a blog get a break? But we digress…

So Petersen went about knocking our little post here, about how he is a Ron Paul supporter, etc.

And he then wrote:

As far as I know, someone made a huge leap based on a statement from a DCRP Newsletter. I wrote: “It’s our job to deliver the Electoral Vote from the 2nd District for President”. I did not mention Mitt Romney in the statement, therefore, I’m a “Ron Paul guy”. Seriously?
The most important thing we can do is elect Mitt Romney as our next President. We need to work hard to send Governor Heineman to the National Convention with unanimous support.

[See the whole letter in pdf here.]

So here is what we take from that statement: Petersen is a Ron Paul guy.

He then denies that he has recruited candidates against Lee Terry. OK. Hey we will take his word on that. Done. (Mmm hmm.)

And then he makes some statements with attachments mainly about finances of the party. Uh, which are fine. Except we would love to see something a bit more granular about how he paid himself back $10K, and then who is the beneficiary of the $3K in printing expenses.

[See the 3 docs Petersen created on this here, here and here.]

Just some ordinary questions. Just throwing out some random points.

And hey, we think the Ben and Freddie Gray stuff is interesting and hope that if the effort there is serious it amounts to something.


We hope Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle is feeling better. (And we are looking forward to finding out whether Irish medicine is really just pint upon pints of Guinness fed intravenously.)

But man, those raises for his staff? Is he kidding with that?

Is that just one big F.U. to the people of Omaha or what? What a joke.


And speaking of jokes, did you see that Willie Nelson – avid and outspoken pot smoker – will be holding a fund raiser for Cosmic Bob Kerrey before Willie’s concert in Kearney? That would be the same Bob Kerrey who was assisting his buddy Peter Lewis on legislative strategy for reforming marijuana laws.

We are not saying there is a pattern here or anything. But it just gets back to that whole “alligator eating all the Doritos” thing…


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  1. How dare you sweeper says:

    You know I have a weight problem and Doritos are high in fat. (sobbing) I just want to be able to fit in a medium size sweater from brooks brothers like Jordan!!! Btw how was China?

  2. RWP says:

    Kerrey’s ‘talk like Ronald Reagan, then vote like Ted Kennedy’ approach would be unsustainable were it not for a cooperative press,which resolutely refuses to notice Kerrey already has a long public record on most issues. For example, the LJS, in effusiively praising Kerrey’s ‘sock it to the rich’ Social Security proposal, complexly ignores that it’s 180 degrees different from Kerrey’s previous proposal, in 1994, which proposed partial privatization.

    They also let him away with the claim he can work across the aisle to achieve tax and entitlement reform, while ignoring the complete failure of the Kerrey-Dandorth commission in 1994 to achieve even minimal agreement on anything.

    ‘The man behind the curtain’ is Kerrey’s 30 year record of public votes and public statements. The mainstream media are determined you pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

  3. Officer Bar Brady says:

    Why was Bob Kerrey getting his background checked at a law enforcement office last week. Is he buying a gun????? New Yorkers don’t have guns Bob

  4. I have a few suggestions for Bob’s setlist to honor his buddy Bob:

    Lonely Little Mansion
    Home Motel
    Have I Stayed Away Too Long?
    I Let My Mind Wander
    Natural To Be Gone
    If You’ve Got The Money, I’ve Got The Time
    Why Are You Pickin’ On Me?
    Home Away From Home

    Another idea would be that, since his buddy Bob is such a big fan of government spending, Willie just plays every song off “The IRS Tapes”.

    Heck, maybe Willie could come back after the election and play “The Party’s Over”, “Cold November Wind”, “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I Am Gone”, and “I Never Cared for You”.

  5. Harry says:

    Well, having multiple wives was traditionally accepted in the church that Mittens and I belong to. But avoiding your civic duties by avoiding paying your taxes is regarded as a sin. Bishop Mittens has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great to see you back in the saddle street……………

    The general public will see through all the Kerrey bs and that will be that. Sen Fischer has been working hard on the parade and meet n greet trail. NY Bob is nowhere to be seen……….. Well not in Nebraska by very many who care. Sure he will get some votes, say 40%, but that is all his base and a few crazies.

  7. Fil-A-Chick says:

    What is a “traditional marriage?” Reading my King James reveals that you must marry within your own faith. A bride must be subordinate to her husband. If the bride is found to not be a virgin, she must be stoned (maybe Willie could help out there.) Marriages should be arranged. If a woman’s husband dies without having had a son, she must marry his brother and have sex with him until they have a son. Abraham, Caleb, and Solomon all had at least one concubine. God showered his blessings on polygamists such as Esau, Jacob, Gideon, David, Solomon and Belshazzarr.
    Sounds like “traditional marriage” was a pretty good thing, so long as you weren’t a woman.

  8. Country Music Fan says:

    If Willie Nelson is supporting Bob, then so am I. Willie has done more to support farmers with Farm Aid than practically all the politicians put together.

    Don’t bogart that joint my friend!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice of Scott Petersen to NOT send that letter to all of the central committee members….and he wonders why people dislike him….

  10. Anonymous @ 8:58 AM says:

    I was wondering and you confirmed my suspicion. I also didn’t get that letter. Why are Scott Peterson & Bruce Dickes excluding people from their wonderful communications team’s work?

    Careful, they know exactly which people he didn’t send his email to. He’s going through that list right now and trying to figure out, which two of them we are.

  11. Anonymous says:

    After reading Scott Petersen’s letter, I have a few comments for Scott:

    1) There’s a reason parties have full-time Executive Directors. It works. Having someone who is only in to it part-time means that there won’t be enough time for everything, and things will get overlooked.

    2) Presenting a year to date “financial” report on a screen for less than a minute and calling that good enough is crap. It shows that you have things to hide if you don’t break things down month by month. Also, if you were really open and honest, you’d have printed copies of the financial reports at the meetings.

    3) You are a Ron Paul guy. Why else would they make you a delegate and put you on their slate at the state convention?

    4) Bringing up the balance sheet as of January 2011 again and again serves no other purpose than screaming ‘Look how good I am! The previous guys were crap and I am sooo much better! I should run the party forever!’

  12. Young Republicans says:

    It’s not fair! We have done everything you asked! We have done the lit drops and parades! We have even wore the sweet blue crew shirts. It’s our turn waaaahhhh!

  13. Marie Antoinette Romney says:

    You people have no right to question Mitt. Don’t you know your places? We of the aristocracy don’t have to answer any questions put to us by you serfs. Now get back to work making us more money.

  14. Puzzled says:

    So, I can tell you from conversations that the dissatisfaction with Scott Peterson and his team spans across a very diverse group. He’s really tweaked a lot of people.

    Why is Scott Peterson’s team so hostile to the YR’s? There are a lot of people scratching their heads on this for over a month. The YR’s are a club that volunteers and helps candidates. What is so threatening about the YR’s to Scott?

  15. Well Harry, if you hate tax dodgers, you must really have it in for Willie Nelson…I mean the guy managed to settle $32 million in IRS debt for a mere $6 million. We’ll be waiting to hear about your protest of Willie’s fundraiser for Cosmobob.

  16. Young Republicans accomplishments says:

    -passage of LGBT ordinance
    -actively campaigned against Winner Take All
    – worked on the reelect Jim Suttle campaign
    -proposed a kiss in at the Pizza Ranch in protest of their subpar food
    -open promotes social justice as a pathway to prosperity
    – were behind the Ron Paul fiasco at convention
    -active in catering and recruiting the nerd base
    – start a running club to run away from the fires they started
    -implemented a mandatory “dress like Jordan” day were everyone had to wear loafers with no socks
    -declared FDR’ s new deal as the greatest piece of American legislation
    -made the claim that member Josh Weir is a direct decendent of Paul Bunyon
    -broke the Guinness book of world records for lowest attendance at a political funtion

  17. YR's acutally WORK! says:

    I’m getting very tired of reading all the hate towards the YRs. They are the ONLY group who candidates can consistently depend on to do door to door, parades, calls, etc. All the holier-than-thou members of the DCRP think if they show up to a meeting they are doing their part to get Republicans elected. Wrong! Before you criticize the YRs, maybe you should all think of what you’ve done to help a campaign. Oh, and obsessing over yard signs does not count nor does going to your little “rallies” with homemade signs. Get to work to if you want to help, otherwise, please, shut up.

  18. Just Realize says:

    Whenever Scott can divert the conversation to anyone else, he feels like he’s winning. That’s all he and his cronies are doing.

  19. Watchdog says:

    So Suttle had his blood pressure elevated and had to check into the hospital. I wonder if it was from knowing that a few reporters had some questions waiting for him on those raises he snuck through when he got back from Europe!

  20. Macdaddy says:

    I wonder what Kerrey thinks about Obama’s Justice Department going after a major Republican donor? Is he going to be OK when the Romney Justice Department goes after his donor’s scam cold fusion company?

    I wonder what all the Chick Fil A bashers think about the Obama administration’s cozying up to and endorsing the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that is committed to putting homosexuals to death? How about Rahm Emmanuel’s kissing Louis Farrakhan’s behind? We all know how enlightened Louis is about homosexuality.

    But what I really wonder is what are Bob Kerrey and President Obama going to do to get this country working again? So far, the only idea I have heard them talk about is taking more money from people. And apparently Kerrey wants to legalize marijuana.

  21. Anonymostly says:

    The top 25% of income earners — those making $66,000/year or more — account for 87% of all income tax payments. The bottom 75% — those making less than $66,000/year — cover only 13% of all income taxes.

    The top 5% — those earning $155,000 or more — account for almost 60% of all income taxes.

    Obama sez the rich should “pay their fair share.” I submit they’re doing more than that.

    What weight is being pulled by the bottom 45% who receive more in government giveaways than they pay in taxes? What is their “fair share?”

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymostly, it’s not about fairness, it’s about making you concede that the government knows better than you what to do with your money. Allowing the Bush tax cuts expire for those making over $250,000 will supposedly increase government revenue by $70 billion a year, thus decreasing the amount we borrow from the Chinese from $1.3 trillion to $1.23 trillion. Impressive, no? Obamacare wasn’t meant to improve anything either. Costs will go up more, quality is going to drop, and tens of millions of Americans still will not have health insurance. It’s all about control.

    What’s funny is that Obama’s argument that the government knows better than you how to spend your money is actually a case for electing Romney. Who has a better chance at improving government services? Obama or Romney? If you think that government is the answer, it is vital that government actually deliver. It doesn’t even in anybody’s fevered imagination. Obama is lousy at governing. Period. It really isn’t debatable. Romney has proven over and over he can turn things around. Obama would rather talk about the latest shiny thing and play golf.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    What does Bob Kerrey think about the Obama campaign’s current attempt to crush Ohio’s recent voter law that made it easier for active duty military personnel to vote?

  24. Craig T Nelson says:

    how can you say that we are not better off than we were four years ago. GM is good, we are out of Iraq, the housing market has stablized, and after many years of past presidents (including Bush)trying to pass health care reform it is finally done.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Ya know what? The people can see through all the bs. No really they can. No budget from a Democrate controlled congress for 2 years? None from a Democrat controlled Senate for FOUR YEARS?

    This is the legacy of Liberal Democrats! Nothing they do will cleanse the stench left from a lack of leadership!

    Good bye and Good riddance!!!!!

  26. Get a Clue Craig T Nelson. says:

    What parallel universe do you live in? GM is in shambles (Ford has hope…but if not for Toyota, Honda and other ‘foreign’ manufacturers, the US car industry would be history). It is possible that Iraq will fall into Islamic extremist control and all our sacrifices would be for nothing. And a healthcare bill bought and paid for by the Cornhusker kickback…We need a government that has some sort of a relationship with the voters (unlike these extremist in control of the White House and the Senate leadership).

  27. A Little Confused says:

    So I’m confused.

    Did the Douglas County Republican Party file a complaint with the NADC or not? According to an article that I just read in the Omaha World Herald, Frank Daly had not received a complaint as of 10 AM this morning. What’s up?

  28. @ Get a Clue --- says:

    Didn’t you mean to say, “We need a government run by bitter, old, white men like me?” Since our government was elected democratically, the majority has had their say. Face it, you are in the minority and you are bitter because you can’t have it your way.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope that once the DCRP files their complaint about Gray, they figure out how to file their own very late NADC report

  30. Racist? says:

    Apparently the DCRP is racist and sexist? Heaven forbid point out a conflict of interest. Even Paul Landow thought it was a conflict.

  31. RE: @ Get a clue,

    We’re not angry that we can’t have it our way…we’re angry that ‘the way’ the ignorant majority wants things is leading this country down a path of ruin. That should make any sensible person angry, but I’ve never accused a member of the ‘gimme’ left of being sensible, and I’m not about to start now.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    What does Bob Kerrey think of his future boss hurling baseless accusations against the Republican Presidential nominee? Does he think this is responsible behavior from the Senate Majority Leader? Is he still going to vote for Harry Reid for Majority Leader if us hayseeds elect him to the Senate? Does Bob Kerrey feel that a budget is or is not important to getting spending under control? Does Bob Kerrey think that Harry Reid should obey the law and submit a budget or is he cool with his future boss having no interest in solving our fiscal problems?

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Craig, GM is good for the UAW. Bondholders, institutional investors, regular investors, and especially taxpayers, not so much. We spent $50 billion to bail out a $30 billion company. To date, we are still down $27 billion and the only collateral we (the taxpayers) have are 500 million shares of GM stock currently worth $10 billion. GM is trading at about its all time low since the reorganization and the trend is down. But at least Obama hasn’t waved the work requirements for this welfare project!

  34. Macdaddy says:

    Grundle King, it’s not that the majority is ignorant, it’s that they chose to believe Obama. I happen to think that was foolish but then I wasn’t born yesterday like a lot of voters in the last election. Obama promised all kinds of things. Remember “I will cut the deficit in half by the end of my first year in office?” How about “If we don’t pass this stimulus bill the unemployment rate will soar to 8%?” How about, “We’re not red states or blue states. We’re the United States?” Now here we are after over 3 years of unemployment over 8% and Obama has had zero ideas to get the economy moving after the stimulus bill. The stimulus bill passed less than a month after Obama took office. He has done nothing since. His jobs council hasn’t even met in over 6 months. The voters have wised up and in 2010 shouted that they wanted a different direction. In the meantime, the Democrats insist on governing like it’s 2008.

  35. @ Grundle King says:

    Anyone that disagrees with you must ignorant — according to you anyway. Get used to the way democracy works, it is here to stay whether you like it or not.

  36. @ Macdaddy says:

    Would you rather have all those GM workers working, or so hungry that they are breaking into your house looking for food?

  37. Capitalist says:

    Let’s build more prisons and guns. That is what America does better than any other nation in the world. Then, when those hungry, unemployed GM workers, trying to feed their children, come into our homes looking for food, we can lock them up – or shoot them! It’s the American way.

  38. RWP says:

    Don Walton said today that while Deb Fischer expects a warm reception at the Republican Convention, Bob Kerrey won’t be going to the Democratic convention. In fact, between now and November he’s going to try very hard not to appear in the same sentence with the word ‘Democrat’.

    Must be weird to be in a party whose nominee is trying very hard to pretend he’s not one of you.

  39. Interested Observer says:

    I noticed that there were not any specific quotes from Deb. Where is Deb? Why won’t her handlers let her speak to the press or present any specific proposals?

  40. Missing Persons says:

    Anyone seen Bob Kerrey’s wife and kid???? Should we call Robert’s dairy and print up some Milk Cartons???? Are they still New York Residents???

  41. Goober Natorial says:

    If black America should have learned anything over the last 4 years it is that the prospects for prosperity in the black community are inversely related to the degree of their continued support of the Democrat party. Obama doesn’t have some magic stash from which he can give you money to buy a new kitchen. As long as you continue to depend on government to solve your problems, you will continue to suffer from those problems. There are certainly black democrats who are wealthy, but many, many more who are not. Show me a black Republican, though, who isn’t in the top half of income earners. Y’know, the people who actually pay IN to the IRS. The hope for the future of the black community depends on how many of their children become Republicans.

  42. Creepy Critters says:

    Is it just me that thinks the Kerrey staffers are weird. Who are these people? That Chris Triebsch seems like a real winner.

  43. Interested Observer says:

    Goober said, “As long as you continue to depend on government to solve your problems, you will continue to suffer from those problems.” Sounds like Deb and her WELFARE GRAZING!!!

  44. Macdaddy says:

    Those GM workers could have gotten unemployment if they got laid off in the bankruptcy restructuring. That was a big if. As it is, they got even more: they got to own the company. If you were a bondholder, you got 10 cents on the dollar even though the law said you should have been first in line for the money. In case you were wondering, though, many retirees were bondholders in GM. Why does Obama hate old people? In addition, if you were a non-union worker at the GM parts company, Delphi, your pension got looted while the union workers were made whole. Why does Obama hate non-union workers? Also, thousands of dealerships were shut down by order of Obama putting thousands more people out of work. Why does Obama hate car salesmen? Who’s going to sell the cars that GM makes? That’s right. Nobody needs to. The US government will buy them. All because Obama’s cronies in the unions needed a return on their investment in Obama. Bob Kerrey would have rubber-stamped the whole deal.

  45. Anonymous says:

    If I’m not mistaken the Chris Triebisch of the Kerrey camp is the same Chris Triebisch who was a former GOP lackey who worked for one or more GOP elected officials in state or federal government? What’s his story on crossing over?

  46. Political Genius says:

    Yes Chris Triebisch plays for the other team now. He worked for Johanns for a few years and now works for Democrats.

  47. YR's work? says:

    It’s so tough out here for a YR. Marching in those parades between your BS PS classes.

    You’re right though, when you think about all the GOP victories from 2010 to now the first thing that comes to mind is the hard work of YR’s everywhere.

  48. RE: @ Grundle King,

    I’m not so arrogant that I believe anybody who disagrees with me is ignorant…I leave that territory to Pres. Obama.

    I believe those people are ignorant because they ARE ignorant.

  49. Yes, YRs work says:

    @YR’s Work? answer me a few questions please.

    Under Scott’s leadership how many times has the DCRP been full of volunteers making phone calls for candidates? How long has the DCRP had an office at all under his leadership (and calling a table inside his business the DCRP does not count)? How many candidates did the DCRP successfully recruit this cycle? How much cash on hand does the DCRP have RIGHT NOW? How many new donors has the DCRP engaged since 2010? How is the DCRP working to get Lee Terry reelected?

    And, Scott, how much political experience did you have before taking this position? Don’t lie, I already know the answer: ZERO.

  50. New to site says:

    I am new to politics but am undecided on the senate race. I do not fully understand this welfare grazing claim. I am afraid all the comments are political. Does any one here know This claim to be true and know the Fischer family personally or is this claim just hot air?

  51. Kris Pierce says:

    Most republicans fail to realize that we need to focus on the 99% and villify the 1%. You did not build your business the government did. We also need to increase the 46% of people that pay no income taxes to 51% to insure election results. Capitalism is the root of all evil.

  52. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a pissing match when Scott has and continues to damage the Douglas County Republican Party. The state party is entirely within its rights to remove Scott now and put in a conservative republican who can actually fundraise

  53. Skip out on the tab says:

    So get this one: at yesterday’s No Host GOP breakfast at Wheatfield’s, Scott P downed a good sized breakfast and then left without paying! The waitress was livid.

  54. Interested Observer says:

    New to site at 7:40 AM, I am a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area and I’ve known Deb personally for 40 years, ever since she moved here and I’m familiar with her WELFARE GRAZING.

    According to an article in the Omaha World-Herald on October 23,2011, titled “Critics: Fischer benefits from a ‘subsidy'”, which is posted on the Norfolk Daily News website and is available for free, about Deb’s special grazing permit on the McKelvie National Forest southwest of Valentine, there are over 20,000 cattle operations in Nebraska, but only 136 of them have Forest Service grazing permits. Deb’s permit is the second largest permit on McKelvie. The only permit larger, belongs to Deb’s brother-in-law.

    Also, according to that article, Deb pays $1.35 per month for a cow to graze the public land. The actual market price to graze that same cow on private property was about $35 last year, but now, because of the effects of the Texas drought and our own drought, the price has gone up to more than $45 per month. Deb pays a total of about $4,700 to graze her cows on McKelvie, but if she grazed her cows on somebody’s private property, it would have cost her well over $165,500 this year, at the new even higher price. The cumulative total of all this federal grazing for Deb over 40 years runs into the MILLIONS of dollars of welfare subsidy.

    Also, according to that article, the Fischer family has had some of their grazing permits since at least 1959. Those 1959 permits have been used by Deb’s brother-in-law since 1972. Deb and her husband got their own permit a couple months after they were married in 1972. Deb has lived off the taxpayers her entire adult, married life with these special grazing permits and therefore, hasn’t had the same experiences as all the other 99.5% of Nebraska cattle producers in trying to balance ranch budgets and live on their own income. It’s amazing to be from here and to remember all of Deb’s former ranch neighbors who are no longer in business because they had to sell their ranches during all the tough times we’ve all faced in the last 40 years, while Deb has prospered, EXCLUSIVELY from her WELFARE GRAZING.

  55. Paul J. asked for it says:

    IO–I gotta tell you, Paul Johnson must really be banging his head against the wall for the strategy they had of attacking Bruning in newspaper ads all last year and in the press. Johnson helped soften Bruning up and the result is they’ve got Fischer as the opponent.

    You did it to yourself Paul. And if the grazing issue is the main thing you’re gonna hit Fischer on, you’re toast. BTW–every time you raise this, you lose yet more support in NE3. Fischer will probably win 70% of the vote there now–again, you did it to yourself.

    At this point I bet Fischer actually beats Kerrey in NE2.

  56. Wow says:

    The smear tactics by boomer’s nerd herd is getting to be a bit much. Scott is doing a good job and so is the YR’s. I know the NEGOP would like you to believe the the DCRP leadership is bad but trust me the NEGOP is worse. Boomer needs to face the fact the he no longer controls the DCRP.

  57. YR's work? says:

    What’s funny is that you believe for me personally this has anything to do with Scott P or the DCRP. In your mind any criticism of the YR’s must = Scott P/Ron Paul/RLC. Same can be said in reverse of anything directed towards Scott or RLC…it doesn’t necessarily mean the objections are coming from YR’s or GOP “establishment”. Maybe you curb your pop shot generalizations, others will stop answering them in kind. There’s a much bigger swath of people out there than these two factions, and probably most of them have zero idea what the hell you’re talking about with these inner-party feuds, nor do they care. I’ll echo what was said above – I actually think both are doing good job. My jabs were due to your condescension, self importance and assumptions that defenders of Scott must be enemies of the YR’s.

  58. Wheatfield's says:

    Is Scott gonna go back and pay his $10 tab?

    He seems to like to stiff folks–former fundraisers, phone bank vendors and now waitresses. Good work, Scott!

  59. Also new here says:

    Hey, everybody. I’m new to this site and, just from reading this thread, is Interested Observer as much of a phony as he seems? He claims to be a conservative Republican, yet he goes out of his way to attack the Republican who is running for Senate. He goes out of his way to bring up this grazing issue, throwing it into discussions where it wasn’t relevant. Sounds to me more like a shill for Bob Kerrey. But then I’m new here. Have I missed any comments where IO said anything remotely like what a conservative would say?

  60. Goober Natorial says:

    Nope, Also New, you haven’t missed a thing. In fact I think you’ve nailed IO completely. The only thing I would add is that IO will also post under other screen names to make it look like someone else has raised the issue. Pretty sad, huh?

  61. Also new here says:

    Oh, you mean “New to site” isn’t really new here but is just IO changing his screen name to try to make it look like someone else brought up grazing?

  62. Goober Natorial says:

    Exactly, Also new. Just like I changed my screen name to “Also new here” so that I could do this little illustration. The difference is that I never expected anyone to believe that “Also new” was anyone other than me. IO on the other hand tried to, but the attempt was so transparently phony it was easy to spot. Just like everything else about IO is transparently phony.

  63. Spike says:


    FYI; the drug war is a total disaster as anyone that has done any research into it knows. Also, I suspect that you were & perhaps still are, one Major Bigtime POT HEAD that Bob Kerrey couldn’t hold a candle to!!! Time you dimwit GOPERS get over prohibitions loss already! Hypocrites!

  64. Just moved here says:

    Great website! Does anyone know who the real Deb Ficsher is not the media portrayal ? Please help me make an informed vote.

  65. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, Just moved here, great question. And I have a great answer. Bob Kerrey has a (D) behind his name. Deb Fischer has an (R). The last time Nebraska sent a (D) to the Senate, we got the Cornhusker kickback and Abomicatastrophe (sometimes called Obamacare.) Let’s not make that mistake again. Some people who call themselves an (R) will occasionally be too liberal when the votes count. But anyone who calls himself a (D) will suck eggs when the votes count. This state, this nation, and this world cannot afford Nebraska sending another (D) to the Senate. Just can’t do it.

  66. Macdaddy says:

    I wonder what Bob Kerrey (D) thinks about President Obama gutting welfare reform? And doing it by all by his lonesome by rewriting a law that was passed through a Constitutional process? Obama has chosen not to just ignore its enforcement but actually change it. Obama opposed the consitutionally passed law in 1996, and now he has extra-constitutionally voided it. Bob Kerrey must be cool with such dictator-like actions. Viva Kerrey! Viva Kerrey! Viva Kerrey!

  67. Spike is right says:

    Jordan McGrain might very well be a pothead. I saw him once at a NEGOP event wearing a Phish shirt (size medium) playing hacky sack with Lautenbaugh. The we’re discussing the merits of social justice. Jordan was screaming at Lautenbaugh’s bill to shrink the school board as racist, sexist, war mongering, capilialist, voter suppression, anti female, pro fur, and cruel towards animals.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Who says it’s the YRs that are attacking Scott Petersen? I know several people who are bringing up issues about Scott on here are, in fact, not YRs. Keep this in mind, Scott has pissed off a lot of republicans.

  69. It can't be the YR's says:

    The Scott Peterson attackers can’t be the YR’s. There was five or so anti-petersen comments. That is more than triple the YR’s membership!

  70. TexasAnnie says:

    New to site, Also new here (alias Goober Natorial), and Just moved here:

    REAL Republicans would not blindly vote ‘R’ as recommended by Anonymostly.
    Perhaps because so many ‘R’s’ blindly vote, is the reasoning behind the rise of the Tea Party faction… While I lived in Omaha, I observed “economic development” piled upon tax increase piled upon more taxpayer-funded “economic development” at both the state and local levels. Meanwhile, legitimate public services and projects such as the constitutionally-guaranteed public schools (think spec. ed.) and sewer separation went underfunded and neglected. (And since my departure, I learned of the horrific BSDC killings all Nebraskans perpetrated via their elective choices.) Yet the R’s and D’s behind the legislators, commissioners and councilpersons names give no hint as to whether state and local policy-makers will honor their constitutional duties. And mostly, they do not honor those duties! But they expertly dispense crony capitalism and correspondents at Leavenworth St. are too often apologists of false “conservative” practices.

    To question Deb Fischer’s motives, credentials and backing IS NOT anti-Republican. Like Interested Observer, I question Deb’s “small govt. advocacy” in view of her family’s grazing and tax subsidy benefits. And I assure you, I am not simply using another name to exercise my point. However, possibly unlike Interested Observer, I want tax reform MORE than I want virtually any other result of the 2012 elections!!! And right now, that looks like the Tea Party bandwagon.

  71. A Younger Scott says:

    Scott Peterson still hasn’t announced who is signing all the DCRP checks – word is it’s Scott Peterson and not the Treasurer Marples.
    Scott Peterson still hasn’t announced who is paying his way into high dollar fund raisers – out of Peterson’s pocket? Or the DCRP checking account?

    So, answer that Scott Peterson.

    No – I’m not a YR

  72. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting that it’s apparently OK to criticize fellow Republican Scott Peterson, but it’s not OK to criticize Deb in here.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Because unlike Deb, there are legitimate concerns about the leadership of Scott Petersen. Besides, he’s a Paulbot; and they’re all more anarcho-libertarians than republicans anyways.

  74. anonymous says:

    Flash news out of Valentine!!
    It is rumored that Paul Johnson from Cosmic Bob and Kickback Ben fame, traveled to Valentine to meet with a “Conservative” Cherry County “Republican” for several hours on Wednesday. Suppose they were plotting more slander of Deb?

  75. Higher dollar fund raisers??? says:

    DCRP leadership gets to go to fundraisers for free. I actually attended a high end NEGOP fund raiser and all that was required was a pulse check and a Jordan McGrain signed glamor shot.

  76. Thanh Phong says:

    I guess one of Bob Kerrey’s former Seal Team is coming to Nebraska this fall. I hear it was not Bob that invited him. Uh Oh!!!

  77. Anonymous says:

    In the spirit of political words being useless when compared to the louder impact of an actual vote, I say Hooray!. I am number 100!

  78. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, now that it is official, and no longer a rumor, do you intend to include this subject in this discussion like you included this subject in your previous article “What if . . .”?

  79. vet says:

    As a veteran of Bob’s era, I honor Kerrey’s service and sacrifice. I wish he did as much. I usually shy away from bashing him for his pile of dead babies as my own role might have left a bigger pile. His service was brief but honorable. Yet him using his service as tool to run for office, how honorable is that?

    It makes me uncomfortable when any veteran, GOP or Democrat, allows his service to become the main reason for electing him. After all, Lee Oswald was a veteran. I have a few medals and ribbons. Bob has a MOH. Great. But nobody is running for the job of war hero. Kerrey is a Liberal expecting mostly Conservatives to vote for him so he can go to DC and make Liberal policy. And the fact that he acts un-Liberal while in Nebraska makes him a liar. For many, his main reason to be elected is his war service.

    Kerrey uses his war record like ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick. He wipes his political arse with it and then offers it up hoping voters will swallow the sponge. Why not? They have before.

  80. Lethal Weapon says:

    Is it true Tyler Mahood is training to be a Navy Seal? I saw him running hills with with Brandon Peterson on his back.

  81. Interested Observer says:

    Sorry Anonymous at 10:38, but I better let Street Sweeper make a decision so our comments don’t get deleted like the other night, if you get what I mean. Does that answer your question?

  82. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    Scott: I’m wondering if “Anonymous” is simply the voice “Interested Observer” hears in his head.

    Anonymous Scott: Why do you think that, Scott?

    Scott: I don’t know- I just do.

    (To “Spike is Right” #88– I am not now, nor have I ever been, a hacky sack player. We were tossing a Frisbee, as I recall it.)

  83. Anonymous says:

    What about it street sweeper the rumors you aced out a couple of days ago were not rumors they are true and and the truth needs to come out.

  84. Up In Omaha says:

    Love Scott Petersen attack on Boomer!!!!! Boomer is everything that Scott is not: a pretty good GOP operative who has won 3 congressional races in the 2nd District. He is also very loyal to his boss and friends, unlike Scott.

    btw- has Scott paid is breakfast tab at Wheatfields yet?

  85. Question? says:

    Does anyone know if Scott Peterson and Brandon Peterson related? I got on the YR website and noticed there were only 5 members. Does anyone know another group I can join that has people attend?

  86. Anonymous says:

    No, Scott Peterson and Brandon Peterson are NOT related. Check out a YR meeting, a lot more than 5 people come. The next one is Aug. 14 at Charlies on the Lake (144th, south of Center) from 6:30-8.

  87. Anonymous says:

    By appointing Randi Scott secretary without central committee approval, paying himself back for donations to the county

  88. Anonymous says:

    By appointing Randi Scott secretary without central committee approval, paying himself back for donations to the county party, failing to file the NADC reports for this spring and keeping Jeff Rue (who was disruptive at the state convention) as paid staff, Scott Petersen has shown he doesn’t care for the party and is in it only to help himself and fellow Paulbots

  89. Question says:

    Is there anyone running against Scott Petersen? If there is than what is the fuss. Let the best man or woman win.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if anyone is running against Scott. The problem with doing that tho, is that the Paulistas have the majority on the Douglas County central committee, and they won’t vote for the “establishment” (ie anyone other than one of them)

  91. Off the establishment says:

    89 Days left. Folks, DCRP has no mechanism to deliver any kind of work for our ticket. They are broke, in debt, with an office that is badly located–with no technology resources (Northstar is disconnecting the data link to DCRP for nonpayment of four months rent). They have no credible staff. (I’m not counting the guy would shouted at Fahleson at the convention). Hope Scott could agree to step aside temporarily until the election–then he can take it back. That would allow someone new to lead DCRP and win the district for Romney, Fischer, Terry and the legislative races.

  92. NEGOP says:

    NEGOP is working overtime to smear Scott Petersen. Jordan McGrain with all his criticism of Scott might have actually put in a full work week. Let that sink it. Jordan actually put in a non- European work week!! We must be getting close to the end of the Mayan calendar.

  93. muggsmom says:

    It wouldn’t be Leavenworth Street without the rhythmic criticism by one retarded primate rocking back and forth muttering, “Deb, Deb, Deb”. We can all quote the criticism, for the same reason the visage of a masturbating monkey is impossible to erase from our minds. It doesn’t change one vote. No matter. We secretly hope Mr. Muggs keeps going, because sadly, the mentally ill are mesmerizing.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a gut buster. Deena Winter, reporting on Neb Watchdog, quotes Vince Powers saying that Sarah Palin’s support for Deb Fischer is a “big minus” with Nebraskans. LOL!!! Vince the Dem Chair thinks Palin support is a negative among Nebraskans because … the only Nebraskans he ever talks to about politics are radical leftists.

    Vince, I got news for you. Palin resonates with Huskers. Outside of your insular community of namby-pamby, America-hating, anti-religion, pro-tax, anti-business, traditional-value-hating, extreme leftist weirdos, there’s a big ol’ Nebraska out there with a lot of normal people who admire common sense and patriotism and hard work and traditional values and don’t like the government taking what they’ve earned and “redistributing” it to the unproductive layabouts. (Cue IO with his insipid grazing snark.)

    For the rest of Nebraska that exists outside of your liberal echo chamber, Sarah Palin rocks. Look at your polling data. It’s not a negative in Nebraska that Sarah Palin supports you.

  95. Anonymous says:

    The reason why Sarah Palin resonates with Nebraskans is quite simply due to what is known as the “brain drain.” Most of the kids that grew up in Nebraska and are smart enough to attend college, wind up leaving the state. That leaves Nebraska full of those that aren’t smart enough to go to college.
    Face it, Sarah Palin looks a lot better leaving the dias after making a speech than she does approaching it.

  96. Interested Observer says:

    Well, I’m clearly making tremendous progress in here when even the regular posters now volunteer to prompt me to point out their own self-contradictory remarks. Thanks for the assist! It’s greatly appreciated.

  97. Question says:

    Interested Observor– do you actually know Deb personally or know of her.also what exactly is welfare grazing is it like getting better prices on beef or what. The paper where I am from never fully explained it.

  98. Brain Damage says:

    Suttle must still be suffering the effects of that stroke. Going negative this early on Jean Stothert and going after her by name is such an amateur move. You just named who you think is the strongest opponent against you. Her credibility in this race increased 10 fold. Thanks Gary and Ace!

  99. To Brain Damage says:

    Jim Suttle was never that bright before the stroke. Jim is trying to behind the skirts of his staff and is trying to deflect his lying to the public on the raises by going after Jean Stothert and the council. Jim is worried about the calls that Festersen made this week on running for mayor.

  100. Skuttle says:

    Wow Jim Suttle is already desperate enough to use taxpayer funde entities for
    Camping purposes… Maybe he should
    Step away from the Scott Peterson school of accounting and into the real world…

    I wonder what Frank Daley would think of both?

  101. Spike says:

    About Suttle, anyone that isn’t taking care of themselves & their health leaves one wondering about their competence in general. But then some wise man once said; “There is no such thing as Logic, there is only EGO!” Sound like Suttle fits in with this statement!!

    Another interesting thing is that, NE Watchdog is owned by GOPER org called the Franklin Center for Media… Just what might that be all about with J. Jordan being a Hack Dem Shill???

  102. DCRP Insider says:

    The DCRP Chairman must be very worried about his position when he has the national RNC, state GOP, Republican donors and the high-level Republican elected officials wanting him replaced. I wander who their pick for Chairman will be for 2013-2014. Just look at our list of candidates – there are none in the county offices!

    He hurt himself so bad by lying about his loyalties to the Paulites that for the first time in a long time, RNC has to run the Victory office outside of DCRP because they don’t trust the Chairman and his staff. Boy, it would really be nice if DCRP would have cooperated and then we’d have one cohesive party working to elect all Republicans!

  103. Macdaddy says:

    I wonder what Bob Kerrey thinks of President Obama’s proposal to do to manufacturing what the government did to the auto industry. We spent $50 billion to “save” 90,000 jobs at GM (actually, we spent $50 billion to fire 22,000 people) which is about $500,000/job. GM is one company that employs 0.07% of the American workforce. Maybe instead of coming up with stupid ideas off the top of his empty head, Obama could actually sit down and have a meeting with his job creation council. Something tells me that Kerrey would vote for whatever Harry Reid and Obama tell him to vote for. Plus, I bet Kerrey thinks it’s a great idea to get paid handsomely for not working.

    I also read that Kerrey wants to cut Medicare. Is that in addition to the $500 billion that Obamacare is cutting from Medicare or is his proposal to just let Obamacare continue on its current course? We know Kerrey thinks Obamacare is too right wing for his tastes. I’m sure his real goal is to push senior citizens off the cliff. He would be excepted, of course.

  104. This site makes me not want to vote GOP! says:

    Like a junior high playground, it’s full of nothing but a bunch of whining babies anonymously making false accusations against each other. YR’s suck and no one comes to their meetings, DCRP sucks and Scott Petersen purposefully skips out on tabs. Oh really?! So glad to swallow that shallow biased garbage. Go pull hair someplace else. This site has become nothing but a couple of people with a personal vendetta against Scott Petersen so they make it a smear campaign and a retaliation from folks that like Scott. Dave Boomer, Jordan McGrain, Ashley McGrain, Sam Fisher…grow up!!! We get it already! You don’t like Scott. DCRP folks…we get it. You don’t like the establishment! Now time to shut the f&#k up. It’s the same old crap all the time! Scott doesn’t show finances. I guess he does but he didn’t show them long enough! What a crock of s&#t! Don’t you guys all have something better to do?

  105. Your an idiot. says:

    DCRP chairman must be worried???? It is an elected position . Count the votes again. NEGOP should be worried.

  106. Kicking a Dead Horse says:

    There was a great editorial in the August 7 edition of the Kearney Hub. It was a direct kick in the nuts to Ben Nelson and Bob Kerrey over their continuing corrupt insistence that the grazing rights issue has any meaning. Please read it…..especiall you…IO!

    Now it would be great if the OWH would explain to reporters David Hendee and Robynn Tysver that the grazing rights issue is a dead horse, and that they should stop grazing in that pasture.

  107. Interested Observer says:

    I just read that editorial and I completely reject it for being misinformed. The federal grazing is a failed government program. The best solution to the federal grazing issue is what I have been supporting for years, simply put the leases up to open, transparent, competitive public lease auctions.

    Again, every rancher who ever leased pasture from the Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds is responsible for the ownership and maintenance of the fences, watering facilities (wells, windmills, tanks), etc. AND they are the highest bidder for the lease at an open, transparent, competitive public lease auction.

    The biggest point of all this is that Deb is hypocritical for claiming to be a “fiscal conservative” while she has personally benefited so much from the largesse of the United States taxpayers.

    As long as Deb continues to graze her cows on public land for 3 cents on the dollar and continues to claim to be a “fiscal conservative” and refuses to support open, transparent, competitive public lease auctions for that public land, she is a hypocrite and the grazing rights issue remains relevant.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Its not just about the DCRP finances, it’s about how Scott Petersen lies to everyone’s face about everything, failed to recruit candidates for county offices, is breaking Nebraska law by failing to file the NADC reports on time for the primary, recruited candidates AGAINST incumbent republicans as chairman. The simple fact is that no one trusts Scott.

    And he should be worried, since most, if not all, of the dependable donors and big money donors to the county party will not be donating to the DCRP while Scott is chairman. It’s already happening, as evidenced by Scott having already asked several campaigns to give money to the DCRP.

    @Your an idiot-
    Scott can be removed by the state party and replaced with a real conservative to lead the party for the next year or two.

  109. New to website says:

    This Interested Observor points seem to be well researched. I think he actuay is a conservative rancher with a legitimate gripe. We could all learn a thing or two from this very intelligent, well informed Observor.

  110. Commenters,
    Remember a few things:
    1) no links – your comment will automatically not post
    2) do not cut and paste articles, or generally someone else’s thoughts – your comment will be deleted
    3) in the words of philosopher James Rome, “Have a take. Don’t suck.”

  111. @ 301 aka Scott P says:

    You were never voting straight Republican anyways as if I remember correctly you stated that it would be better to have Tom White Win just so you could get rid of Lee Terry and put in one
    Of your guys.

    Trust me Scott, this is not beating a dead horse when you continue to Lie and work against the party on a daily basis. You are the best friend the Douglas county democrats have ever had.

  112. @ YAI at 5:12am says:

    Speaking of counting votes.
    There are 122,150 registered Republicans in Douglas County. There are 425,216 registered Republicans in the remainder of the state. It seems the DCRP is suffering from a Napoleonic complex.
    The NEGOP has nothing to worry about.

  113. DCRP Insider says:

    How about “You’re an idiot” instead? Don’t expect us to take your political advice if you can’t spell.

    It is an elected position, which is exactly why Scott appointed his friends to the committee and tried to rig county convention with his personal slates so his people would be elected. He knew that those who’ve been involved and seen first-hand what was going on were dissatisfied and wouldn’t re-elect him. BUT… he didn’t get his way at State Convention so what makes him think something like that couldn’t happen again?

    Scott, we’re on to you. You’ve proved you can’t lead and you’re more interested in dividing than uniting. Why not do what’s best for the GOP, step back and resign? TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM. This type of battle hasn’t been seen in decades. How are we to elect Republicans when no one wants to work with the county party? Do the right thing. BE THE BIGGER PERSON AND RESIGN.

  114. Funny says:

    I love the “false uproar” and hyperbole. There is about 5 people that want Scott gone. Not the masses you profess. There is an election in January and at that time Boomer can run for chair like he thinks he is. Stop with the fake drama from the vocal minority…LOL

  115. RE: IO’s comment @ 6:51,

    I just read that comment and I completely reject it for being misleading. The problem is not that the federal grazing is a failed government program, the problem is that it’s a government program that’s failed HIM. I like RWP’s solution better, which is for the federal government to get out of the landlord business and just sell the land in an open, competitive bid process…you know, like you keep repeating.

    It should be clear to everyone by now that IO is, and has been for some time, a Bob Kerrey supporter. He claims to support a few conservative causes here and there in a thinly veiled attempt to pass himself off as a Republican…e.g. his agreement with RWP on David Kramer. In reality, if he doesn’t work for the Kerrey campaign, or the NDP, he ought to. IO was even so nice as to defend poor ol’ Bob when people (rightly) call Bob a carpetbagger. For the record, Bob Kerrey has voted as follows:

    Against eliminating the death tax
    Against phasing out of farm subsidies
    Against the 1996 Welfare Reform
    Against the balanced-budget constitutional amendment

    And that’s just his record on fiscal issues…throw in his votes against ending partial-birth/late-term abortions, against the Flag Desecration amendment, and it just makes a guy have to wonder…on what fricking planet is Interested Observer a ‘conservative Republican’ if he defends and supports a guy like Bob Kerrey?

    Face it IO, your claims of being a REAL Republican are about as useful a putting croutons on a cowpie…you’re not fooling anyone into believing that big, steamy pile is really a tasty salad.

  116. Interested Observer says:

    The Grundle King at 11:35 AM said, “I just read that comment and I completely reject it for being misleading.” but then completely failed to explain what he felt was, in fact, “misleading”. Then he went off on some totally unrelated tangent that had almost nothing to do with the original Kearney Hub editorial about Deb’s WELFARE GRAZING.

    I cannot understand the completely irrational inability of some of the most outspoken posters in here to simply not understand how so very many conservative Republican ranchers in the Third District do not support Deb BECAUSE of her 40 year reliance on public assistance, her WELFARE GRAZING. Once again, 99.5% of all Nebraska cattle producers pay their own way in life and live within their means without living off the American taxpayers. WHY CAN’T DEB?

    Remember, the Kennedy Precinct in Cherry County, that includes the west part of Deb’s ranch, DID NOT support Deb in the Primary. Bruning got 41% of the vote and Deb only got 29%. These conservative Republican ranchers are some of Deb’s closest neighbors and have known her the best and the longest, well, ever since she moved up here, anyway.

    Also, I can’t think of even one single rancher in the entire Kennedy Precinct that gets WELFARE GRAZING and that precinct includes thousands upon thousands of acres of Cherry County.

  117. RWP says:

    One more time; if the federal government gives you money, that’s welfare. If you pay the federal government money, that isn’t welfare. If someone thinks you should pay the federal government more than you already do, they should change the law. No one made a serious effort to do that until it became a stick to beat the GOP candidate.

    Does IO pay more taxes that he is required to? I imagine not. That makes him, by his own measure, a welfare case, because someone, somewhere, thinks he should be paying more.

    The obvious solution, which of course IO rejects, is to get the Federal Government out of the landlord business altogether. Auction the land, and use the proceeds to pay off the debt. or the deficit, which IO thinks would be different.

    I seriously question why the management of this site is tolerating this clown. He posts the same repetitive nonsense over and over and over and over again, and its getting tiresome. You can run a political blog, Sweeper, or you can run a site to allow nutcases to run vendettas against women who have apparently somehow earned their 40 year enmity, but I don’t think the two are compatible. IO has said everything he’s likely to say that is new. Nothing would be lost by ending this.

  118. Interested Observer says:

    I completely reject the FOREIGN suggestion that we throw out the baby with the bathwater by selling off our public land instead of simply managing that valuable public resource wisely.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a thought. Rent out government owned land at market value and apply it all to reducing the national debt. Rent comes in year after year. Selling land makes you money only once.

  120. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting to observe that a comment that begins “One more time”, goes on to complain about “repetitive nonsense over and over and over and over again”.

    “I don’t think the two are compatible”.

  121. TexasAnnie says:

    YES, keep the federal lands but rent them to everyone’s benefit.

    Oh, and one more time: semantic nonsense about defining ‘welfare,’ will get you no where.

  122. IO, I told you why your post was misleading…you don’t really have a problem with the whole idea of this so-called ‘welfare grazing’, your problem is that you’re not the one getting in on the action. You can beat the drum of the ‘0.5 percenters’ all you want…but if you were on the receiving end of that deal, you probably wouldn’t be in any hurry to give it up.

    Oh, and the whole ‘she’s not popular with her neighbors’ bit is just absurd. She’s not running to represent that district, she’s running to represent the state. That means representing all of us, not just you and your single issue.

    I don’t care about the Hub editorial. It’s clear that no amount of evidence will budge you from your position because, bottom line, you have a personal grudge against Deb. The least you could do is own up to that fact…but I know you won’t, and don’t expect you to.

    BTW, why not sell the land and let the state collect property taxes? Why should the rental money go the federal government? Let the feds sell it and take the sale revenue, then let the state collect property taxes. But then again, I wouldn’t expect you or TexasAnnie to see the logic in such a notion, as you’re just a couple of peas in a pod. You both wanted a turn at the taxpayer’s trough and didn’t get it, so you’ve decided to crap in it instead.

  123. Interested Observer says:

    Grundle, I am PROUD that I am with the 99.5% who make it on my own and don’t rely on the American taxpayers to make my living for me. THAT’S part of being a man and part of being a real, conservative Republican rancher! It’s called being self sufficient and living within one’s means. I’m not like some outspoken poster in here who lives off the taxpayers.

    I honestly don’t know how you can be so wrong on so many points in one little posting. I DO have a huge problem with the WELFARE GRAZING program and I don’t want anything to do with that sort of welfare, period!

    I don’t put words in your mouth and I really don’t appreciate you putting words in my mouth and telling me what I would do in various situations.

    The “‘she’s not popular with her neighbors’ bit” absolutely proves my point that many, many of my fellow conservative Republican ranchers from Cherry County do not support Deb. A couple of you outspoken commenters in here have rudely challenged my Republicanism because I actually know Deb and what she’s actually like and therefore, choose to not support her. Let me tell you this, MANY, MANY true, old time, rock ribbed, very conservative Republican ranchers clear across the Sandhills do not approve of Deb’s record in the Legislature, of raising taxes, of creating brand new taxes, of creating the largest earmark expenditure in Nebraska’s history, of abandoning her constituents, of abandoning her Legislature campaign promises, etc and they do not support her in this election either!

    It’s ridiculous that a couple of you so blatantly refuse to accept that simple fact, that REAL Republicans don’t approve of welfare give aways.

    The BLM spends around $1 billion in it’s budget and brings in around $6 billion. The Forest Service could bring in perhaps nearly $1 billion more if those grazing permits were auctioned at open, competitive, transparent lease auctions. These public lands are part of our national treasure and deserve to be available to all. Real estate taxes go to local governments, counties, cities, schools, etc, NOT to the state.

    I really don’t understand why you liberals insist on wanting to keep on the welfare giving, it’s beyond me!

  124. TexasAnnie says:

    The Grundle King is a liar! Just kidding. I thought I would throw out the “liar bit” as is so often done here when someone misrepresents what another has said.

    It cannot be stated, by any measure, that I wanted a turn at the taxpayer’s trough and didn’t get it. I assure you, while I lived in Nebraska, I paid my own way and then some, uh, rather, I paid YOUR way and mine too! But then, that’s why my family was brought to Nebraska, to pay YOUR way. Don’t believe it? Just check the unicameral transcripts on those “economic development” tax incentive laws passed in the 1990’s. A couple of those very directly impacted my family’s taxing status… And our status was in that higher tax bracket which has since been repealed… So don’t doubt for a moment that I have a legitimate complaint!

  125. Anonymous says:

    Face the truth. A great many of the people in Nebraska outside of Omaha and Lincoln are more of the populist, free-soil types than true conservatives. Thats why ‘conservative’ liberals such as Ben Nelson, Bob Kerrey, Jim Exon and George Norris were able to be elected statewide.

    And paying to have your cattle graze federal lands is NOT ‘welfare’. Getting a good deal is not ‘welfare’, its smart business sense.

  126. Interested Observer says:

    Getting 10% or 20% or 30% off market price is smart business sense. Getting something at 3 cents on the dollar compared to 99.5% of everybody else IS WELFARE GRAZING.

  127. Interested Observer says:

    “The first requisite of a good citizen in this Republic of ours is that he shall be able and willing to pull his weight – that he shall not be a mere passenger.” Theodore Roosevelt

  128. Anonymous says:

    Then blame the Feds for setting the price “too low”, not the people taking advantage of incredibly low prices. If I could get, well, pretty much anything for 3 cents on the dollar from what everyone else pays, and I either pay that low low price or not get it at all, I’d jump at the chance at the low low price. What person in their right mind wouldn’t?

  129. Interested Observer Wins Leavenworth Street Award says:

    Congratulations, IO, you won the Leavenworth Street Biggest Bore Award. However, the judges were split on the award so you are being awarded based on both boorish topics:
    1. Grazing Fees
    2. Obstinate defense on being a ‘conservative rancher’
    The judges found that you have 108 posts to Leavenworth Street (under the IO user name) of which you have directed to the topic to your boorish bashing of Deb Fischer or defending your ‘conservative rancher’ credentials…but hold the computer (ipad, android, or phone). Your posting time reflect an office worker’s posting habits…not a rancher. A successful rancher works from sun-up to sun-down and goes to church on Sunday (or Saturday evening if he/she is Catholic). You posting profile is as follows:

    6:00 AM to 8:00 AM = 24 Posts (22%)
    8:00 AM to 1:00 PM = 43 Posts (40%)
    1:00 PM to 7:00 PM = 32 Posts (30%)
    7:00 PM to 10:00 PM= 9 Posts (9%)

    No farm/rancher that I know would be able to post 70% of their posts during the day. Unless you worked at a computer…Maybe you posted via your iphone…unless you are the luckiest rancher in Cherry County, I doubt if you cell coverage.

    At first, I thought you were Jim Rose, but your facts are too well researched and polished. I expect that you are an intern on the Kerry campaign.

    In case you are interested, your runner-up is Scott P and his pet jeffrue; however you pulled ahead when the DCRP gang attached Boomer…the attacks make me laugh!!!!

  130. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous at 7:26 and 9:34 last evening:
    Getting a good deal at everyone else’s expense is not “good business sense.” It’s welfare. AND, any persons “in their right mind” should not be out advocating small govt. while being advantaged by big govt. largesse. That’s hypocrisy.

    If Deb Fischer won’t denounce the federal grazing policy in place NOW, while she’s running for the very public office which has the power to fix the injustice already being dispensed, what will you expect her to do once elected? Only the bidding of the Koch brothers, I suspect… Is that really okay with you? If so, it’s a dangerous road you travel. What will you do in succeeding elections when the Koch brothers want MORE at YOUR expense? I assume they will continue “investing” in candidates to their own advantage. Will you keep supporting THEIR candidates at YOUR expense?

    Do the Anonymous posters here believe that once taxing injustice has been instituted, nothing can be done to re-introduce justice? Crony capitalism is what I argue against. If you want capitalism, fine. Same with socialism. (Well not fine, in that second instance, but bear with me…)
    Whatever the economic system chosen, keep it simple and fair. And by FAIR, I mean equity.

    And finally, WHEN was it that Republicans began believing in crony capitalism? Don’t y’all realize that Ron Paul, the Libertarians and Constitutionalists, and now the Tea Party have only been trying to denounce crony capitalism?

  131. Interested Observer says:

    OMG! I WON! I can’t believe it. Right now you like me. You really like me! But really, it’s an honor just to be nominated. From a barefoot boy from Valentine to win this prestigious award on Leavenworth Street. That’s one of those roads in Omaha, isn’t it? And especially the part “your facts are too well researched and polished”.

    WOW, All I can say is thanks to all the little people, you know, the liberals, for this moment!

  132. Never Left The Neb says:

    So excited for the Romney/Ryan ticket to start kicking ass and taking names. No more BS this is our Dream Team America!

  133. As I expected…same ol, same ol from IO.

    BTW, IO, you never did explain how your defense and support of Bob Kerrey accomplishes your alleged goal of fiscal conservatism.

    But then again, it seems whenever the subject turns to Bob Kerrey, your trap snaps shut faster than a head gate. I trust you know what that is without googling.

    @TA, Bob Kerrey had the opportunity to help fix, and maybe even prevent the ballooning federal debts and deficits we now face…you know, back when he actually WAS a senator. He didn’t, and I’ve seen nothing to indicate he’d start now. I’m not about to give him a second chance to try out-liberaling the late Ted Kennedy.

    For me, it comes down to choosing the candidate who will actually help fix the fiscal mess that Barry and his friends have put this country in. I don’t believe Bob Kerrey can accomplish that goal, nor do I believe he has any interest in doing so. His interest is only to be another warm body for Harry Reid to call on when he needs a vote…the same way he did with Ben Nelson. Nebraska does not need a more liberal Ben Nelson.

    Of course, if IO was actually a Republican voter, he’d understand he really only has two options, Deb or Bob…Jon and Don can’t run this cycle. But then again, that fact doesn’t matter because IO isn’t, and never was, going to vote for a Republican candidate for Senator.

  134. Anonymous says:

    All of you older Republicans had better make sure your funeral plans are in place. If Mitt and Paul get elected – no more Medicare/Medicaid for you. You can just go die Grandma and Grandpa. The GOP doesn’t care about you any more. And all of you that are approaching retirement age, forget about that thing you paid into your entire working life, you know, Social Security. That’s going to be gone too. Meanwhile, Mitt will be upgrading his yachts. Maybe he can retrofit the U.S.S. Reagan into a luxury resort vessel that he can use to go visit his money.

  135. This just in! says:

    Scott Peterson feel that one of his friends, not Paul Ryan should have been asked for VP. He is rumored as saying it would be better for Obama to win instead of allowing this ‘other guy’ to take his friends place.

    I sense a pattern…

  136. RWP says:


    AP announced just this week Americans now get less out of Social Security than they put in. Medicare is insolvent, and Medicaid is eating state budgets whole. If Romney/Ryan wanted to end all three programs, the easiest way to do so would be to do absolutely nothing.

  137. RWP says:

    IO, the deal stands, amigo. I will post proof of my citizenship as soon as you post proof of yours. Unfortunately, you are, in your native language, mierda de pollo.

    And, FWIW, in no known universe are you conservative, though you are (unfortunately) a registered republican.

    And when you’ve digested that; what is the logic behind renting out grazing rights, and not charging for hunting rights, fishing rights, etc.? I want the US govt. out of the landlording business completely. Your position, on the other hand, is entirely inconsistent.

  138. Anonymous2 says:

    GK, Bob Kerrey did do something about the debt/deficit. In 1993, I believe, he was the vote that passed Clinton’s tax increase which resulted in a surplus budget a few years later. Economy boomed after Repubs insisted that it would result in a recession (are they ever right?). But, as usual, if the truth doesn’t fit your story, change the truth!

  139. Ah, so Bob Kerrey supported increased taxation over spending cuts? Indeed, he’s a dependable Democrat if ever there was one.

    The adults were talking about fiscal conservatism. Demonstrate where Bob Kerrey has supported IO’s alleged goals of fiscal conservatism, and then we’ll talk.

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