New Deb Fischer ad up, Bob Kerrey wilts, Polling update!

**UPDATE at 7:00pm**

New poll numbers presented at the Nebraska Chamber/Omaha Chamber/Lincoln Chamber Legislative Summit at the Air & Space museum today.

We Ask America” (the outfit who called Nebraska’s GOP primary race a week out) show:

    Nebraska Senate

Deb Fisher (R) 55%
Bob Kerrey (D) 34%

(+/- 2.756%)
Survey of 1,273 likely voters, Aug. 14th.

10% of Repubs supporting Kerrey
14% of Dems supporting Fischer
15% of independents undecided.

    NE-02 race:

Lee Terry (R) 46%
John Ewing (D) 40%

(+/- 2.96%)
Survey of 1,097, Aug. 14th.

23% of independents undecided
17% of Dems supporting Terry
9% of Repubs supporting Ewing.


Nebraska U.S. Senate candidate Deb Fischer has a new ad up. See it here:

Nice intro piece. Looking forward to more.


And while we are talking about Deb and her ranch we see that COSMIC BOB KERREY himself admitted that his claims about “welfare rancher” are a bunch of crap and that he and his campaign are a complete joke.

Yeah, Paul Johnson, a joke. You have just been overruled by your candidate.

There’s NOTHING to the grazing claim — Bob said so.

And then there’s Bob’s new claim that Deb Fischer must somehow defend Rep. Ryan’s House budget because he is now the VP nominee??? Wah-huh? While she’s at it, she can also defend the Boise, Idaho city council budget that didn’t pass. Just, uh, because.

Hey Bob, let’s hear YOU defend the President’s and the Democrat Senate’s budget! Oh wait, you can’t because they haven’t PASSED one. Right.

And while we’re at it, we noticed that Bob was no where to be seen with the President as he dropped into Counciltucky, via Bellevue, the other day. (Kidding, Bluffsians!)

So here is Kerrey who claims the Obama camp has no campaign in Omaha. He notoriously cut ads for Hillary back when Obama was running, by the way. So really it’s no wonder that Kerrey claims that he wants to work across the aisle. Because he apparently has ZERO juice with the White House.

Add on to that where Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid says he promised nothing to Kerrey in order to run and we see that Kerrey is not only out of campaign ideas, he has no pull in DC.

Maybe that running for Mayor of New York City thing is starting to look better…


As Objective Conservative and others have noted, Mayor Jim Suttle’s spokesperson (and former local TV reporter), Aida Amoura has reportedly been suspended for a week, without pay, from her job.

Apparently this punishment is in response to her statements about the payraises and an “outburst” she had.

And that’s all the (alleged) details we have at this point.

But really, what a freaking crock.

We look forward to this being a major, major issue in next year’s Mayoral campaign. Suttle DID hide the raises, didn’t publicly tell anyone about them, and to this day has not given ANY justification for the giant raises he has given his buddies. Well, except to say, “they’re doing a swell job”.

So Suttle continues to brag about how his staff are from the business world and bring a business background with them. Great. Then let’s see their Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators. They MUST have filled those out a few months into the gigs, right? Just like the top dogs in the corporate world do? And then lets see how they have managed things, what the measurements were for movement, and whether they REALLY deserve 25% increases. And by the way NO ONE in the business world is getting these days, no matter how bang-up of a job they’re doing. You don’t even need to ask around to know that.

So think that will be coming anytime soon?

The fact that Suttle is lashing out at the Council just shows that he knows how wrong he is on this, and is hoping if he yells loud enough, people will look at the Council instead of him.

But this isn’t about the Council. It is about Suttle, his management style, and how he thinks City funds should be spent. You can BET that the average citizen of Omaha, or anywhere else in the state, thinks this deal STINKS. It is the skunk in the corner of the Mayor’s office and no amount of tomato juice is going to get rid of the smell.

Enjoy your vacation Aida.


And AFP Nebraska is running a radio ad addressing Suttle’s most recent scandal. Hear it here:


And to finish off, a very random, but funny Separated at Birth for ya:

GOP Vice Presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan, and Pastor of St. Mary’s catholic church in Nebraska City (the same church as former politico Fr. Steve Thomlison), Fr. Michael McCabe.

(Sent in by a reader, NOT Thomlison!.)

Hope you’re having a great week!
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And Gooooo Kearney at the LLWS!


  1. RWP says:

    Poor Bob ruined his entire summer pottering around Nebraska in 100 degree heat, missing the entire East End social season, and the polls haven’t even moved?

    Nebraskans can be so cruel.

  2. RWP says:

    If you read their tweets, the campaign is panicking. Last week Bob was waffling on about Willa Cather’s One of ours*. Presumably he thinks it makes him sound Nebraskan. This week it’s “Paul Ryan and Deb Fischer are pushing grandma off a cliff”.

    *BTW, One of ours was lampooned for its ludicrous battle scenes. Sinclair Lewis asked why the soldiers all spoke like violinists. Strange a seasoned warrior like Bob didn’t pick that up.

  3. Anonymostly says:

    So, Bob doesn’t want people to call him a carpet bagger anymore. Fine. Can we all agree that, if he’s NOT elected (which is looking like a foregone conclusion) and moves back to NY, that he only availed himself of his Nebraska ties in order to make a run for office and that he had no real intention of, y’know, BEING a Nebraskan?

    I checked the link to Neb Watchdog on Kerrey agreeing Deb isn’t a “welfare rancher.” Actually he doesn’t agree to that. He just agrees to stop saying it if she’ll quit calling him a carpetbagger. Funny thing is that, while he certainly has called Deb a “welfare rancher,” she has not called him a carpetbagger. So, it would be pretty difficult for her to stop doing that which she hasn’t been doing.

    I also happened to catch our old enema Ivy Harper posting on that story. You’ll all be surprised to hear that Ivy spent substantial verbiage calling Jeff Fortenberry a carpetbagger. I know. Shocking. And she detailed her whole grand conspiracy about Jeff getting a Masters in Theology as part of his sinister plot to steal a congressional seat here in Nebraska. Yeah, the whole thing still doesn’t make sense and she can’t explain it any better now than she did two years ago or however long ago she started with the sour grapes.

  4. Anonymostly says:

    How in the hell is Lee Terry only up 6% over John Ewing? Nine percent of Repubs supporting Ewing? Have they lost their f___ing minds?

  5. Some Thoughts says:

    I’m not surprised that Terry’s margin is a little thin in that poll. Ewing is a good guy. As a police officer he was head of the SVU (and then deputy chief), and he did an excellent job as a fiscal manager both there and now at the Douglas Co. Treasurer. He’s a pro-life Baptist minister. I’m sure I disagree with him about some issues, but he’s good on fiscal issues like cutting the deficit and tax reform. I think he might actually do something about eliminating our debt, unlike Terry who doesn’t seem to do much of anything. I remember a bill to protect robo-calling, which crashed and burned. I’m honestly not sure what he actually does for us. I still think Terry has the strong advantage as incumbent, but this won’t be a trivial contest.

  6. All-Star Lineup says:

    Max Yashirin. Ivy Harper. Mike Meister. Stormy Dean. Korey Reiman. Rebekah Davis.

    Let’s here it everybody. Compliments of your…..Nebraska Democratic Party.

    Who are these people? Why am I still a Democrat?

  7. Bench Warmers says:

    Let’s not forget Jay Stoddard, Kate Witek, David Hahn, Tony Raimondo, Scott Kleeb, Mark Lakers, Janet Stewart, Ben Nelson. The list goes on and on and on.

  8. To Some More Thoughts says:

    Terry is going to mop the floor with Ewing who is short on cash and even shorter on friends with cash to blow on a long-shot. Speaking of long-shots…what are the odds of actually getting a copy of the DCRP financial statements?

  9. Lil Mac says:

    I agree with Anonymostly. Kerrey did not back off on his “welfare rancher” attack. He doubled down. His statement, “If you’re willing to say I’m not a carpetbagger, I’m willing to say you’re not a welfare rancher”, despite him being panicky, is in fact him being politically inastute.

    The Fischer camp says that Kerrey’s attack has “backfired” on Bob. Of course it has.

    Kerrey’s argument forces Nebraskans to support Fischer. Kerrey argues that Fischer is a NEBRASKA RANCHER who gets federal subsidies from a Democrat-controlled Washington DC that throws Americans’/Nebraskans’ tax dollars away. At the same time, for Kerrey to say he is not a “carpetbagger” (his own word) Kerrey has to somehow magically not have been living in NEW YORK for the past dozen years.

    Kerrey’s argument is based on Conservative Republicans not likeing federal subsidies. Hell’s Bell’s, Bob, the GOP Primary is over! Kerrey is arguing this to November voters who prefer federal subsidies go to Nebraskans than to New Yorkers, and who prefer electing Nebraskans over New Yorkers. Every time Bob mentions that he isn’t a “carpetbagger”, he pushes Fischer up in the polls.

    A lot of people look smart until the pressure is on. We can’t blame Fischer for Kerrey’s stupidity. But Fischer is wise enough to get out of the way when Bob starts running for the cliff. You might be surprised how many US Senators aren’t that smart.

  10. romney/ryan says:

    Thanks to Lee Terry and Adrian Smith in their recent media efforts to support the Ryan selection. When does Fortenberry’s press sect. get back from vacation?

  11. Goober Natorial says:

    I looked at that report on Nebraska watchdog. Kerrey lies when he defends calling Deb a “welfare rancher.” He says basically that he will stop calling her a welfare rancher even though that’s what she is. Gee, Bob, how benevolent. And he says the claim is true (though he’ll stop repeating it) because he says she does receive subsidies. That is a lie. There is no subsidy. It might be a great rate but the government sets the price and that’s what the Fischers pay. That’s not a subsidy because the government could name whatever price the government decides. Now, excuse me while I go enjoy a round of welfare golf at one of our fine municipal golf courses. With many other welfare golfers, I might add.

  12. Anonymous says:

    When a speaker’s aim is to quash discussion or harrass to silence, that is the opposite of free speech. Picking their turds out of the punchbowl is an insufficient approach to improving the tone of the festivities.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Never cared for Aida’s clipped enunciation…of…ev..e.. ry…let..ter…in…a…word. Like listening to nails on a chalkboard. Does she still talk like that?

  14. SoWhat??? says:

    Getting a week of unpaid time off is pretty good for Aida given that she slipped up while her master was gone and let slip a little piece of truth…inadvertent as it might have been. I wonder if she’s soon to join that ex-weatherman “seeking other opportunities” before Mayor Moron’s campaign kicks into gear???

  15. There You Go Again, Peterson says:

    Scott, there you go again.

    Are we better off today at the DCRP than we were when you took ownership of it from the previous tenants? It’s a yes or no question.

    A quick tip, I think you should focus more on running the DCRP than trying to slam other organizations They’ve obviously been quite a bit more successful than you over the same two years.


  16. Macdaddy says:

    Some Thoughts: who is John Ewing going to support for Speaker of the House? Nancy Pelosi, of course. Therefore, anything that Ewing says about being fiscally conservative or pro-life is worth the only the breath that he used to say it. Guess what? Voters know that. Better luck next time, Mr. Ewing.

  17. Answer says:

    Is the DCRP better off then when Scott took over??? Ahhhh yes. At least financially. Before Scott took over the DCRP’s balance sheet looked like Greece.

  18. Before Scott was ... Patrick says:

    If you’re referring to Patrick Bonnet’s stewardship, yes he left it in shambles. No matter the good intentions and promises, Patrick wasn’t capable of raising funds.

    Remember. Patrick Bonnet was in charge of the DCRP, even before Scott Peterson was elected. The Peterson crew loves to skip over that fact.

  19. Nate says:

    On KLIN’s drive time show this evening, they announced that the same poll put Romney ahead of Obama in District 2, 47% to 43%.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious what kind of turn out they’ll get at the Obama Block Party this weekend.

    Also, when is the date that the results form that poll was taken? Before or after the Paul Ryan selection. Seems like a lot changed after that occurred.

  21. Go to the Victory Office says:

    Let’s have a great showing at the opening of the Romney/NEGOP Victory Office today!

    12 p.m. at Westwood Plaza–West Center St.

  22. Anonymostly says:

    Dems must not like their chances of a good turnout this year, at least in Nebraska. The Lincoln City Council is in no rush to get the “fairness” thing on the ballot after the referendum got enough signatures to force the issue. (Like, 4 times the number of signatures necessary.) Was it April they got the petitions completed? May? Well … it won’t be on the November ballot somehow.

  23. Enough is Enough says:

    Enough already about the DCRP Lack of Financial Reports, we get it, you Republinuts don’t have any money despite Scott Petersen being some printshop bigshot and before him you guys had Nancy McCabe who we all know is Pete Ricketts front man. I guess the silver spoon didn’t count for much.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The people at the parade in Bellevue sure seemed to really like Senator Fischer more than the other guy. I bet Senator Fischer beats him by at least 15 points in Sarpy county, if not more!

  25. Kind of sad says:

    It was kind of sad watching the Sarpy County Democrats and Bob Kerrey Campaign walk by. They were nearly the last in the parade and didn’t have very many people there. They looked quite deflated.

  26. Anonymous says:

    To Enough is Enough –

    We want to make sure that the DCRP’s money is being spent wisely and legally. If Scott spent the money overpaying his own company for printing costs, the central committee deserves to know. Also, having the financial reports being done only year-to-date is incredibly stupid; month to month would allow us to have a better picture of what is happening.

  27. TexasAnnie says:

    Goober Natorial: Y’all can argue semantics days on end (and y’all have here at Leavenworth St.).
    But you’re missing the point! Deb Fischer and Club for Growth, et. al. (notably the Libertarians first), advocate a SMALL GOVERNMENT. That is to say, an advocacy that you pay for your own damn golf course. You should have paid for that municipal play area yourself. But since you didn’t, you can exemplify small government advocacy in the future by paying for it and it’s maintenance through user fees. The problem with Republicans in general is that when we’re discussing something they want, either collectively or individually, they think the taxpayers owe them their desired benefit. And they are in a position to take what they want in Nebraska because Democrats are powerless there. But when we’re discussing something that the laws or even the Constitutions require, and which the Republican does not care for, they refuse to fund it. Democrats play fast and loose with the laws and Constitutions, too, so my criticism is not intended to be partisan.

    So let’s revisit the point to be made about Deb Fischer: Will she pledge NOW that once elected she will seek a remedy to the cattle grazing favoritism her family enjoys? And while she’s at it, will she pledge NOW to strike all forms of favoritism in all our laws, particularly our tax laws? Just because the privileged (via wealth) among us have lobbied hard to gain tax exemptions and loopholes, should they ALWAYS enjoy this benefit? Or should we be trying to undo the inequities established? Likewise, just because the downtrodden (via poverty) among us have successfully appealed to our compassion, should we continue to support them? Paul Ryan has advocated a flatter, fairer tax code. And he seeks to privatize public “benefits.” Do you? Or do you want all your municipal taxpayers to continue SUBSIDIZING your WELFARE golfing habit?

  28. Interested Observer says:

    Annie, can Deb actually pledge NOW to seek a remedy to the grazing fees if she’s elected, since she has already signed the Grover Norquist pledge? Wouldn’t those 2 pledges be self-contradictory?

  29. Anonymous says:

    IF yesterday’s parade in Bellevue is any Indication of how the Liberal brand is doing outside of Omaha, then things are looking bad for the Libs. Carol Blood’s entry involved a golf? Blood has to wonder where her support is when Inez Boyd is backing her opponent! And seeing how Blood pretty much runs the Democrat show in Sarpy county so goes the party. It was interesting to see the lack of response to the liberal brand as folks like Kerrey, Blood, Crawford, and others walked by. It was more like a funeral than a parade. Sad, very sad.

  30. RWP says:

    Annie, can Deb actually pledge NOW to seek a remedy to the grazing fees if she’s elected, since she has already signed the Grover Norquist pledge? Wouldn’t those 2 pledges be self-contradictory?

    If you auction off the land, it increases federal revenues and doesn’t raise taxes. Duh.

    But thanks for repeating two more Kerrey talking points, yet again.

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer: NO! Google Grover Norquist’s explanation about eliminating deductions together with a reduction in marginal tax rates, -with a revenue neutral result. That’s okay with Grover.

    Again, I stand with you Interested Observer, in my opposition to selling off public lands. Deb should make a pledge to all Americans that she will work to ramp up the federal grazing fees instead. And if she won’t make the pledge now, good luck getting her to do so AFTER being elected. The public lands are everyone’s resources. Why use up all resources during the lifetimes of the current generations?

  32. The Real McCoyy says:

    Came home from church today and wouldn’t ya know it but the ‘ol World Herald was pushing a positive story on Kerry again – front page/above the fold. This time around they were trying to spin his tenure as President of the liberal New School in his favor. If anyone looks at the straight facts of his tenure there can you come to a conclusion that it was even borderline “successful” – it’s not even close! The best part is how the OWH continues to change the title of the story as they receive backlash for its blatant “biasedness”…

    1) Last night on OWH website – “Bob Kerrey’s New School tenure marked by political savvy”
    2) This morning’s paper edition – “Political skills kept Kerrey on job during N.Y. tenure”
    3) Today’s edited online title – “Kerrey: New School tenure brought needed, if controversial, change”

    I’m sorry OWH but no matter how often you change the title, the article itself is just as liberally biased. Someone tell the writer, Joseph Morton, that the editorials are in the Midlands Section and not on the front page! He was able to do double duty in today’s paper with his downplay of Kerry’s NYC living in “‘Nebraska sheepdog’ tamed by Big Apple”. Please point me to a local newspaper that can actually write with some unbiased reporting!

  33. RWP says:

    The public lands are everyone’s resources. Why use up all resources during the lifetimes of the current generations?

    If they are everyone’s resources, then why reserve the grazing to a single person? Why not let everyone graze their cattle on Federal land, equally?

    Please note: if you have ever taken basic economics, or can provide a working definition of the phrase ‘tragedy of the commons’, you are forbidden to answer this question. This will give TA and IO a fair shot.

  34. RWP says:

    The OWH today did their best to prop up Kerrey’s time at New School. He didn’t give them much to work with.

    The best thing they could say was that he had about doubled their endowment (from a very low level) over ten years. Thing is, most colleges did. UNL went from $ 0.8 bn to $1.7 bn over the same period.
    A ten year doubling of an endowment isn’t worth 10 years of campus turmoil. It’s average performance.

    This story has been in the works for a while. I predicted to someone who shall remain nameless that despite the fact they hated Kerrey with a vengeance while he was there, and said so volubly to the New York media, faculty at New School would now tell the OWH what a great guy he is (1) because he’s gone and (2) because they want a 3rd Democrat senator from NY (even if they hate him personally) instead of a second GOP senator from Nebraska. I was wrong. Although they would not bad-mouth him to Joe Morton, he couldn’t actually get them to say positive either. I thought they could get over Kerrey enough to praise him, but clearly, he still rankles too much in their craws.

  35. Lil Mac says:

    Agree. Under normal circumstances anyone is happy to endorse an insufferable boil on their backside as long as that boil moves away and threatens to infect one’s political opponents. If Kerrey’s New School academics didn’t support him, which is in their own interest to do so, apparently Kerrey isn’t the usualy transferrable pain in the ass but something akin to a flesh eating bacteria that leaves its victims not relieved but crippled and bitter. At least, that’s the way it appears.

  36. never left the neb says:

    What I found most interesting in the article about Bobby was that he is obligated by contract to coordinate the Federal Lobbying effort on behalf of The New School in New York through 2016.

    How the hell will that work. Don’t the Senators usually become lobbyists AFTER they leave office, not before and while sitting in office?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Chris Scott and his new blog are just one big fraking joke. Heres a free tip: If you want to legitimize yourself in the eyes of the Nebraska GOP, don’t give Jane Kleeb another avenue to spew her hatred of oil and modern civilization.

  38. Some Thoughts says:

    The way the federal grazing program works right now is fine. It’s a non-issue. Perhaps the fees should be higher to reflect the going rates for similar land, but if the fees are lower in part because those who use the land have to help maintain it, then perhaps very little change is needed. I can’t believe the Kerrey campaign is so weak that this is the only issue they have! She’s so closely in tune with the values and interests of Nebraska voters, there’s nothing they can run on against Deb.

    Now, you know I have a pet theory about Street Sweeper’s identity, and I’m probably wrong, but all the same I was delighted to see a certain author’s glowing profile of our girl Deb in the OWH! I’m a little nervous about Deb associating herself too closely with Palin–remember, Deb, the reason you won the primary isn’t because of Palin’s endorsement, but because people never really embraced the other two guys and you ended up looking like the true leader in the group. Palin doesn’t play well in Omaha and Lincoln, and Deb needs as many city voters as possible.

  39. Anonymous says:

    A coward? Because I value my privacy?

    And is that 9000 unique hits or 9000 total hits Chris? I know for myself that I have viewed it multiple times to keep track what you have posted (the vast majority of which is common knowledge not insider material).

  40. Chris Who? says:

    Advertising your blog on someone else’s blog? It takes a special kind of jerkoff to think it’s a.o.k. to tout one’s blog and try to garner support on someone else’s blog article. Keeping up a Blog is hard work and SS is obviously trying to get his or her own advertisers and contributors. Although some may say copying someone else’s work is the highest form of flattery, I say: crud. Go away.

  41. TexasAnnie says:

    Why, indeed, reserve the grazing rights? You, Interested Observer, have argued all along that the grazing rights should be auctioned off to the highest bidder. And that ascendency should not be assumed year to year, nor limited to single beneficiaries. Common sense yields this obvious solution, with a benefit to ALL AMERICAN TAXPAYERS WHO OWN THE LAND IN COMMON!

    But for those inclined to be impressed with RWP, go ahead and google Garrett Hardin. Then, google the CC-PP Game. You’ll learn something, even enough, to prepare you for the “Economics and Ethics” blog. Interestingly, there is a nice comment there dated Aug. 13th about Paul Ryan, too…

  42. Goober Natorial says:

    Ivy Marie Harper has been touting her blog on other blogs. All over the place. I guess that puts her in the category of crud.

  43. Political Genius says:

    It seems that other blog is run by Lee Terry and Heinemann haters. Anyone willing to Team-up with Jane Kleeb is a fool.

  44. Above comment says:

    Political genius- I read who contributes to the other blog and there are no governor or lee terry haters except Jane Kleeb and maybe Kris Pierce. You are kind of an idiot so keep up the good work by diminishing others with falsehoods.

  45. Political Genius says:

    I’m interested to hear about how some of these bloggers are “Insiders” I have been involved in Nebraska Politics for many years and I have yet to see any impact from many of these writers. The names I would look for on the republican side are Castillo, the Moenings, the Kramers, Edwards, Kennedy, Young, Harding, Murante, Northwall, McGrain, Fischer etc, etc, etc. These people have run and/or advised major political activities in this state. Scott and Tucker have no real record and I am aware of no major candidate or office holder that has their ear.

  46. Who is that? says:

    Justan Spaid??? Political Insider from Iowa, that is really an outsider in Nebraska. He looks like Glenn Hughes from the Village People.

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