New Lee Terry ad up

Congressman Lee Terry has a new ad up for the NE-02 race. See it here:

Terry’s first comparative ad against John Ewing, noting that Ewing supports the Obama stimulus and has stated that he could support another.

We don’t think this will be the last of these types of ads — and this one didn’t even hit that hard. The recent poll showed Terry up by 6% over Ewing, with a whopping 23% undecided. And it shades similar to the reported 47-43 lead Romney has over Obama in NE02 (reportedly 55%-33% statewide).

With the party split in the 2nd, Terry is likely to always face those types of numbers going into an election — but has shown that he secures the voters come Election Day.

Terry will never take an election lightly, including this one.


Yes, we read the OWH’s story about New York City New School President Bob Kerrey.

And we say…meh.

“Some people liked him!” “Some people hated him!” “Others went both ways!”

Here is your takeaway from that little piece: Kerrey still supports ObamaCare, higher taxes, partial-birth abortion and whatever other myriad of Leftist Democrat themed ways the world should work.

And Deb Fischer supports ObamaCare repeal, lower taxes and smaller government.

So Bob Kerrey’s New York gig is very nice and we wish him well when he moves back there.


Looking forward to Saturday’s 4pm debate. No, really.

Because what else would you be doing on a Saturday afternoon in August other than watching a political debate? Exactly.

Which just goes to show the influence of the TV stations, papers and radio in this election — when they sum it ALL up for you. (Wonder if they’ll highlight zingers?!!)

Of course none of them have an axe to grind, yeah? They’re all impartial as the day’s long.

(…one a them December days in Alaska, that is… yuk yuk yuk!)

We will try to sidle up with a corndog nonetheless.

Have yourself a nice week.


  1. RWP says:

    I predicted the leftist faculty who openly shredded Kerrey when he was New School President would suddenly change their tune when he was running to secure New York’s third senate seat for the Democrats.

    Two things came out of that story (1) Kerrey’s use of earmarks to fund New School (your tax dollars used to teach far left ideology, folks) and (2) his comparatively weak performance as fundraiser. New School was willing to subject itself to an academically unqualified and fractious leader and ten years of campus turmoil because of Bob’s fundraising prowess, but he merely doubled their endowment (to a little over $200 m) in ten years. In ten years, UNL managed also to double its endowment (to $1.7 bn) with a president and chancellor who are pretty universally respected. In terms of other measures of growth, I’m sure we did far better.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Bob Kerrey, whose anemic fundraising for the New School came largely from federal earmarks, supports partial birth abortion, gay marriage, and legalization of marijuana. He also supports Harry Reid for Majority Leader. Harry Reid has not submitted a budget in over 3 years despite it being required by law, has made racist comments about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as well as President Obama, and refuses to address the rapidly approaching Social Security bankruptcy.

    Man, these ads just write themselves.

  3. SoWhat??? says:

    Joe Jordan was on KFAB this morning talking about the Kerrey campaign’s “strategy” to try and force Deb Fischer into more debates. That “strategy” is failing and not just because Deb is trying to run out the clock on a big lead in the polls. What’s really happening is that the majority of Nebraskans aren’t buying what Kerrey is selling, pure and simple. Most also know that Cosmic Bob will say anything during a campaign, or debate, but his actions rarely match up afterwards. That’s the primary reason the Kerrey campaign isn’t getting any traction even with all the puff pieces in Warren/Susie’s rag. BTW, has anyone noticed how quickly the subscriber base has and continue to contract for the Weird Harold since Warren bought it? I dropped my subscription when the news of Warren’s purchase broke. I’ve been getting weekly calls from the OWH since then offering ever cheaper and cheaper subscription rates in the vain effort to regain subscribers.

  4. UNO says:

    Why is Tyler Mahood not in this ad? We all know sex sells. I’m just looking forward to seeing Mahood in the Navy SEAL calendar.

  5. Uninterested Observer says:

    Couple of thoughts on the ad:

    1) Pretty milquetoasty
    2) Odd for Terry to run a comparative ad before a positive spot defining himself.

    On the poll:

    1) Looking back at past challengers, no one has been within 6 points of Terry at this point in the cycle. Even in ’08 Esch was down 9 in August.
    2) The poll results I saw (on this blog no less) show 23% of INDEPENDENTS undecided, not 23% of the overall electorate. This will make it tougher for Terry to “shore up his votes” by election day.

    For a race that seems to consistently be drown out by the senate contest, I think ole Lee, may be more worried than usual.

  6. Goober Natorial says:

    Kerrey’s camp says the poll cited in Sweeper’s previous post is flawed because it only called people with land lines and left out a demographic of those who rely only on cellphones. They think the actual numbers are much closer.

  7. Anonymostly says:

    RWP, thanks for the info on Kerrey. Y’know, if I ran the zoo, I might do the whole grazing thing differently. But even if I looked down on Deb for refusing to avail herself of such a great deal (actually, I would probably think she was a dumbass if she didn’t), that still wouldn’t be enough to get me to vote for the kind of Senator we’d have with Bob Kerrey.

    No sensible conservative would look at the options in this race and think to themselves, “Hmmm, Deb Fischer and her grazing rights versus Bob Kerrey and his agenda. Gosh, I’m so distraught by the fact that Deb Fischer’s family owns grazing rights that I’d have to vote for the New School’s ousted former President for Nebraska Senate.” I mean, no SANE conservative would engage in that analysis and come out with Bob Kerrey as the answer.

    I’m glad he barely wants to be Senator again. I think the perfect solution is to honor his wishes and not elect him.

  8. Interested Observer says:

    You people DO understand that the main point of Deb’s WELFARE GRAZING issue is her hypocrisy in claiming to be a “fiscal conservative” while she has accepted millions and millions of dollars of subsidized grazing, herself.

    The issue of fixing this failed government program by simply opening the grazing lease permits up to an open, transparent, public lease auction is actually secondary to Deb’s blatant hypocrisy. Any natural-born Nebraskan knows that we don’t sell off our heritage or our national treasures, like our public lands. You just don’t sell the home place, in ranching terms. The main reason that Theodore Roosevelt is part of Mt. Rushmore is because of his efforts in conserving public land. That’s how important this legacy is to natural-born Americans.

    It’s also interesting to observe that Deb has also been leasing land from the Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds (School Land) for years and years AT fair market value! So, she leases state public land and pays fair market value for those leases, but continues to lease federal public land for 3 cents on the dollar.

    While Deb pays $1.35 per month per cow, the fair market value this year in Cherry County right across the fence is more than $1.35 per DAY per cow! That’s much more than THIRTY times more than Deb pays.

  9. RWP says:

    IO, liberals and teenagers are enraged by hypocrisy. Conservatives and grown-ups see it as the tribute vice pays to virtue.

    But nice to see you throwing off the sheep costume and coming out.

  10. RWP says:

    Any natural-born Nebraskan knows that we don’t sell off our heritage or our national treasures, like our public lands.

    It was called the Homestead Act. Most natural-born Nebraskans live on what was once public land.

  11. never left the neb says:

    Why the hell would Lee Terry need to “define” himself. Everyone in the District knows that he is the same solid conservative he has always been.

    I am thrilled to see him “informing” the voters that their “good friend” John Ewing is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Democrat Party and the Labor Unions that he collects his $100,000 a year pension from.

    By the way, when did the Baptist Church condone bullying and name calling? John Ewing should be ashamed of the way he has handled himself in this race, I am ashamed that I used to call him my friend…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Chris Scott’s blog is a bigger joke than I thought…Jon Tucker, Jane Kleeb, and Bruce Dickes as contributors? Good luck getting ANY respect in the Republican party now Chris. (Those nutcase Ron Paul supporters don’t count)

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you bash Fischer on behalf of all those “fiscal conservatives”, who are of course Republicans, maybe they will hold another GOP convention and pick someone better than Fisher, who after all has only been whipping Kerrey’s ass in every poll so far.

  14. Interested Observer says:

    Speaking of Deb whipping, I saw where the Democrats finally noticed what Deb’s cattle brand is . . . a DOLLAR SIGN ($). Of course they’ve had that brand for years, but it’s clearly symbolic of Deb’s pretentious, ostentatious, condescending arrogance.

    In the same way that comic book, Richie Rich’s dog had dollar signs on it, so too do Deb’s cows all have a dollar sign on them. It’s just too bad that it’s the taxpayers dollars that pay for it all.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    IO, are you claiming that the Fischers are making millions because our poor excuse of a federal government doesn’t know how to run a business? What do you think happens to all those millions? Why, the federal government counts it as income. And if the Fischers are making millions, they are paying more in federal income taxes, thanks to the lower lease rates. My guess is that if the lease rates went up their income taxes would go down and the whole thing would be a wash. Their Nebraska taxes would go down, however, so thank you very little. Of course, you’d just criticize them for lowering their tax bill by itemizing deductions.

  16. RWP says:

    Well, faith and begorrah, IO, sure you’re a fine spectacle, with your ethnic insults and all. I know you must be sore and tired from all yer repostin’s o’ the Kerrey talking points here on blessed L Street, but ye seem a little hazy, lad, on the history of the county where you play pretendy cowboy — Cherry, is it, is that because all the men are virgins? — so, let me tell you a story the way a stage Irishman would, so ye’ll be able to understand.

    Well, ‘twould be a grand thing, a grand thing indeed, if McKelvie National Forest were a National treasure, and I’m sure you could sell that story to anyone who hadn’t the misfortune to wander within a hundred Irish miles o’ the place, but the fact is, it’s a dump. It, and a few other bits o’ the grand state o Nebraska, are leftovers from the Homestead Act. Old Uncle Sam, blessed be his shadow, had it on the homestead lists for years and years and years, but couldn’t give it away, not even for free. Divil the good the people could find in it. So while the Lincolnites and the Beatricians were plowin’, and the Valentinians were ranchin’, not a one of them wanted that spot o’ desolation.

    Then along came an ejumacated eejit from the University of Nebraska by the unfortunately Irish name of Charles Bessey, and decided well, we could turn the sand hills into a pine forest. It was the dumbest thing ever uttered in the proud state o’ Nebraska until Harvey Perlman said to Steve Pedersen “We’d like to extend your contract’. But anyway, he found another ‘progressive’ eejit by the name of Roosevelt, who had become President sorta by accident, and TR, said, “Am I the man for you. I have these thousands of acres of godawful sandhill land on me hands I don’t know what to do with”. So Teddy turned the acres o’ desolation into a cupla ‘National Reserves’, and Charles Bessey went for it. And, God bless the poor fool, he tried. And tried. He started a wee tree nursery up near the ‘Niobrara Reserve’, and gallantly planted trees for ten years. And the trees died. And he planted. And they died. They eventually gave up, and let ranchers graze a few skinny cattle on the wilderness, because that’s all it was good for.

    In Halsey, they had a little more o’ the luck. The trees grew, but they didn’t seed themselves. The eejits from the Forest Service, to this very day, plant, and the trees grow, and die, and they plant more trees, and they grow, and die, and a few folks motor up from Lincoln and Omaha and pretend they’re in a forest. It’s a true government forest; it’s not real, it soaks up money, and there’s no hope of it ever survivin’ on its own.

    So eventually, up in the even less-of-a-forest McKelvie Reserve, after they realized all this unregulated grazing was stripping the land, they passed something called the Taylor Act, and allocated the grazing rights to a few ranchers, on condition they look after the land. Which was pretty much, d’ye see, what the Homestead Act did, except the ranchers didn’t actually get to own it.

    So what ye have here, lad, is land they couldn’t give away, failed as a forest, was stripped as common land, and is now rented out at a loss. And that’s your ‘National Treasure’. Seems to me a wise man, and if ye looked around Valentine you might find one, would say, if ye can get something for it, sell it, and get it off your hands. But don’t go calling it a National Treasure, else people will think yer even more of an eejit than they know you already to be.

    Here ends the homily. And if you’d like another wee lecture on the place where you live, stop by anytime for a bit o the Blarney.

  17. never left the neb says:

    Just to be clear, did none of the Dems get the memo that Deb Fischer married in to the ranching family? I’m betting that if that really is the brand on her families’ cattle, that they have had it for generations. I really doubt they let the new daughter in law design the brand…

  18. RWP says:

    Well, faith and begorrah, I’m but a poor mick, but it seems to me that name of the ranch is Sunny Slope, so a bar S brand doesn’t seem completely off-the-wall. Sure we don’t have brands in Ireland; we keep the cattle in the kitchen where they won’t get lost.

  19. Interested Observer says:

    never left, I believe I specifically said that they’ve had that brand for years, but they did renew it a few years back, so it is actually a current, registered brand in the state of Nebraska.

    To comment #22, actually, I’m a self-employed, conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area. I don’t even know what “a paid Dem Hack who is TOTAL FRAUD” even is. I do know that with the drought that we have this summer, that I’m not only not paid, but I’m gonna have to pay to be a rancher the way things look right now.

    To WKRP, most of us natural-born Nebraskans around here have lived Nebraska history. We don’t have to Google it or read about it on Wikipedia. We experienced things in our own lives and have heard all the stories from our parents and our grandparents going clear back to the Civil War. So, settle down and have another bowl of Lucky Charms. They’re magically delicious!

  20. @ IO says:

    To a drunken Irishman most everything appears horizontal, since its viewed from a very relaxed position on the barroom floor.

  21. Nebraskans says:

    IO….You must be the only rancher in Valentine area that ranches at night. The majority of your posts are posted during the day…your typical hours of mirror that of an office worker.

    The ranchers I know are too busy to waste time posting to a political web site.

    You blew your cover. Next political cycle tell your manager to hire an intern who will post off hours instead of office hours.

  22. RWP says:

    Well, you would think a rancher would be by definition self-employed, and wouldn’t have to say so. And I must say he’s the strangest conservative I’ve ever seen, what with his love for collective ownership. And I’ve never heard a rancher say anything like “You just don’t sell the home place, in ranching terms.” He’s like one of Willa Cather’s soldiers, who all spoke like violinists, as we would say, in professorial terms.

    I think he learned ranching from listening to Garrison Keillor’s Lefty, in National Public Radio terms.

    It’s all a bunch of porkies, in Dublin rhyming slang terms.

  23. Anonymous says:

    When you stake out a jug for this idiot, it manages to jam both fists in and hump the jug for hours. Right now the idiot is looking around thinking I am talking about another jug humping idiot.

  24. Chris Scott says:

    @Anonymous post #17-I am saddened to hear that I lost respect of an Anonymous poster. My choice was to have guest contributors from varying parties and causes. I might not agree with what they say, but I respect everyone’s opinion. Next time I will stick to the party talking points that discourage spirited debate. Doug Kagan and Chip Maxwell are also contributors. Are they not conservative enough?

    Good job taking one out of the Dems playbook by going after me personally and not the content. BTW did you hear me on Tom Becka plugging my blog at the 5pm slot? If not I can get you a podcast. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. I am tired and am going to have a nice Bombay Sapphire tonic but you enjoy your kool aid. BTW over 20k hits in three days!

  25. Let's explain hits says:

    This is hilarious. Chris Scott has been boasting 15,000+ hits on his blog it started. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it. Well, it really isn’t.

    You’re probably thinking he’s referring to the number of Page Views, which is of course, the number of times a Page has been visited. But it isn’t. A ‘hit’ on a website is actually the number of times every single file is loaded on a page, the images, the scripts, and everything else. I counted about 20 files on each page, depending on which one you view.

    So actually, viewing only 1 page will give you 20 hits. So, taking out the calculator,
    (15,000 total hits) / (20 hits per page) = 750 Page Viewed.

    Not that impressive, since it was promoted on the radio.

    But that isn’t even the whole story. Page views isn’t a great metric. What really matters is the number of ‘Unique Page Views’. The same person (ahem, Chris Scott) has probably visited his own site a ton just creating posts and checking comments.

    So in the end, it’s really uninteresting. Over the course of 4 days, they’ve effectively got 250 Page views a day (and I’m being generous).

  26. IO is Holy Rant says:

    How many names do you post under IO?

    I hope that the dem party hires you full-time when you finish your internship.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Chris, when did I attack you personally? I just said that your blog is a joke. If you want me to go after the content, that’s easy: There’s nothing on that site that isn’t already known or basic political logic.

    And are the 20,000 hits unique IP addresses or does it include people who view the site multiple times? You never answered that earlier…

  28. Why all this hate towards Chris Scott says:

    I actually met him at convention in GI and he was nice and personable. Was it fake? I am in a delegate from district 3 so I do not know him well but he seemed nice.

  29. RWP says:

    It’s amazing you can post “I’m a conservative Republican rancher from Valentine with roots back to the civil war’ here, and no one will challenge you!

    He doesn’t express himself like a rancher. He doesn’t espouse conservatism. He writes well enough, but with a tedious academic slant, and an occasional Britishism (in linguistic terms, har har). Real cowboy. And his invocation of primitive ethnic prejudice memes just shows he regards Republicans as bigoted mindless twits who will secrete stomach acid at a nativist bell. In short, he thinks like a Democrat, he thinks we’re idiots, and we are, because we’ve wasted time on him.

    Though I must say I am proud of ‘Paddy’s guide to the Niobrara reserve’. BTW, you have to read real books to find that out. Wikipedia won’t do it.

  30. Off the Clock says:

    Is IO and her alias off the clock?

    Maybe the Dem party will not hire IO since she calls it a day early and heads to the bars early….

  31. Anonymous says:

    Chris Scott and his wife help run Brett Lindstrom’s campaign against the incumbent Republican congressman, Lee Terry. They are also tied closely to the Paulbots and Scott Petersen (the current chair of the Douglas County Republican Party who is failing at every level as chair).
    Chris acts likes he’s in the know, but hes not.

  32. Carmen Sandiego places amber alert for Carlos Castillo says:

    Here is a tip. Take a finance class. Metro CC has a special going on.

  33. 39 Why all this hate towards Chris Scott says:

    If he is not in the know and fake why would this Becka and crash waste our time putting him on air?

  34. Becka follower says:

    Becka was not on today. The two flunkies ran his show today. Chris Scott and Jon Tucker are not Political Insiders. Name one race they made a difference in. Name one major office holder that likes them. Name one major political figure that will give them the inside scoop. They even teamed up with Jane Kleeb, that should tell you something

  35. It's called critique says:

    Umm… we are analyzing. We sort of do that here. Hate, are you serious Chris?

    I can’t tell you anything that Chris Scott has done, besides attempting to co-opt every group and movement he can. Always illegitimately trying to be legit. A nice guy maybe, but can’t say that I can trust him.

  36. Saw the Lee Terry Ad Tonight says:

    Saw it on the 6 PM news, seemed like a good ad. Nobody really knows who Ewing is, this gets everyone a chance to know where he stands.

  37. Anonymous says:

    So, when I go into the voting booth this fall and cast my vote for Senate, I’m going to sit there (stand there, more likely) and look at two names on my ballot: Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey.

    And the choice will be so very, very easy. I don’t care about Deb’s rancing business and whether she’s getting a great rate from the Bureau of Grazing or whatever runs the place up there. And I don’t care how many years Bob spent at the New School in New York (except as that tenure relates to the question I’m really concerned about.)

    Nope, only one basic question on my mind when I get ready to mark the box: Which of these two candidates is more likely to vote for the next piece of liberal dogma disguised as legislation?

    Forget about their private lives. I’m concerned about their public votes. Which of these two candidates would have voted for cloture on Obamacare if Ben hadn’t been around to do it?

    Which of these two candidates would give the Dems a filibuster-proof majority? Which of these two options will end up being a reliable vote for Obama’s agenda when it really matters?

    No matter how many bad things Interested Observer can dredge up about Deb Fischer, it matters not. Because Bob Kerrey is the one who would bring us the second coming of Obamacare. He’s already proved that he will be that vote when the votes really matter who helps advance the liberal agenda.

    So, you bore me when you complain that a tiny number of ranchers, including Deb Fischer, are benefiting from below-market grazing fees. I still have to vote for Deb. WE still have to vote for Deb. Because a vote for Bob is potentially cataclysmic. This country cannot afford for Nebraska to repeat the mistake of sending another Ben Nelson off to the Senate.

    I’ll take Deb Fischer’s “welfare” grazing over Bob Kerrey casting votes in the Senate ANY day.

  38. Office Holder says:

    Who is Chris Scott? I know who this Tucker guy is, he made a great impression of himself at the GOP State Convention. He got smacked down in Grand Island

  39. Goober Natorial says:

    Sweeper, I assume you haven’t yet seen the disgusting post at 7:57. That post would set an especially low bar for what would constitute acceptable discourse on this blog.

  40. Goober Natorial says:

    There’s no room to misspeak when you’re a conservative politician. Libs have mastered the art of high dudgeon. The moment a conservative makes a verbal blunder, however slight, the lib attack machine is all over it trying to maximize the damage. And, of course, they have a compliant media helping them out. After Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, any conservative being interviewed on TV was asked to either defend Rush or condemn him. So, its no surprise when they jump on what Akin said and try to make it out to be frankly worse than it was. And now, he has to decide by basically 5 pm tonight whether to end his run or not.

    I think the controversy will eventually blow over, but he’s lost money over this and that might be a wound from which he can’t recover.

  41. RWP says:

    Akin should get out. Claiming his heart is good and he misspoke is no reassurance. His heart isn’t the problem; his brain and mouth are.

    Claire McCaskilll thinks he should stay in, and that the Republicans are being mean to him. Says it all.

    The conservatives telling him to quit are not RINOs. Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin…yes, of course there’s a double standard, and we live with it, but some things are beyond-the-pale stupid, and are irrecoverable errors.

  42. Clint says:

    I read Chris’s blog for the first time the other day. I thought it was informative and easy to read. And I think it is ignorant to only listen to the conservative side of things. I may disagree with what Jane Kleeb writes but thats for me to decide. I am very conservative but there is the occasional time when a lib has a good idea and makes a good point. I am willing to at least listen to their point-of-view.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who thinks Akin “misspoke” is either an idiot or a rabid ideologue who thinks his/her side can do no wrong.

  44. Anonymous says:

    @Clint, most rational post I’ve seen on this blog in a long time. The country is screwed if more people don’t start thinking like you.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Clint, its not like Jane Kleeb can’t get her viewpoints out. She has a twitter account, she has Bold Nebraska… she doesnt need yet another platform to spew her hatred of oil

  46. Macdaddy says:

    Hard to believe somebody like Akin can even hold elected office with ignorance like that, but then he hails from Missouri. That reminds me: you know what they call a Missouri girl who can outrun her brothers? A virgin. BTW, the best thing about being in the Big Ten is that we no longer have to associate with Missouri.

  47. UNO says:

    Can someone tell me why I saw John Ewing talking with Tyler Mahood at The Pizza Ranch. I want to know who you’re working for Mahood. Giving piggy back rides to Brandon Peterson isn’t fooling anyone.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Good one, MD. I’ve heard that if the southern two tier of Iowa counties seceded to Missouri, it would raise the average IQ of both states.

  49. Nate says:

    Jane Kleeb is more than just an enviro-flack. Her Twitter feed is an almost daily example of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals put into practice. She consistently attempts to marginalize GOP/conservatives in Nebraska as extremists.

    Just in the past week or so, she has attempted to paint the Governor as an anti-gay bigot for having the audacity to question Chris Beutler and the Lincoln City Council’s reluctance to hold a vote on the Fairness Ordinance. Yesterday, she was heavily insinuating that Deb Fischer supports Todd Akin’s stupid comment on rape and abortion, despite the fact that Fischer hasn’t made any comment on the issue.

    There is nothing good that comes from giving her another platform for spreading this kind of garbage.

  50. @Clint says:


    They already get to use the Omaha World Herald as their mega-phone. You haven’t done anything to make it more fair. Get a clue.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Jane has to keep re-inventing herself and her organization(s) because she wears out her welcome. Their latest kick is something called New Energy Voters. And her Twitter feed is really entertaining. Shows her ignorance.

  52. Bad Idea says:

    Chris Scott will simply facilitate Jane Kleeb’s attempt to continuously legitimatimize herself. A completely naive idea. She has enough exposure through every media outlet from local news to fox news. She doesn’t need help.

  53. Goober Natorial says:

    Anon at 9:45, huh? Did you mean to say that if you DON’T think Akin misspoke, then you’re an idiot or an ideologue? If it wasn’t a case of misspeaking, then what was it?

  54. LoLo says:

    I’ve read a few comments on here about Chris Scott’s new blog. It looks like someone or some people are threatened with competition. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Goodbye Spooner St. blog, we hardly knew ye.

  55. Goober Natorial says:

    Anon, you’re an ideologue for claiming only idiots or ideologues would think Akin misspoke.

    There’s long been an assertion that if you outlaw abortion except in cases of rape or incest that women who wish to have an abortion will claim they were raped in order to get one. So, when Akin said “legitimate rape” he was distinguishing between those situations in which a woman was really raped as opposed to circumstances where a woman might claim to have been raped in order to avail herself of the hypothetical “rape” exception in this non-existent abortion ban that the reporter was asking about.

    But, when Akin phrases it the way he did, it gets interpreted as though he’s saying that sometimes rape isn’t really rape, like when she’s asking for it or when boys are just being boys, etc. Because, face it, the feminazis believe that conservative white men generally think no doesn’t always mean no. And that its sometimes ok to have a little fun with a woman who is less than willing. That’s what they believe conservative men think. That we are all just potential rapists. So when Akin uses the word legitimate, that is what they think he’s talking about. Or what they’ll pretend he was talking about, whatever gets them mileage, right?

    So, yes he misspoke. The way his words were interpreted by some was not what he intended.

  56. Fake Joe Morton says:

    There are a couple of items I forgot to mention in my “news” article in Sunday’s OWH.

    1. Eventhough I wrote quite a bit about Kerrey’s fundraising for New School, I forgot to mention that he had some help from a convicted swindler and Democrat money bags named Norman Hsu. Kerrey put ole’ Norm on the board of trustees at New School to drain some money from the swindler before he went off to prison.

    2. Eventhough I wrote about Kerrey having a pharmacy degree from Nebraska–thereby making him a “lightweight intellectual”, I forgot to mention that when Kerrey was the Governor of Nebraska, he assisted then UNMC Chancellor Charlie Andrews in his attempt to close the College of Pharmacy.

    Sorry to all fair-minded readers of the OWH for leaving that…and much more…out of the story.

  57. S.R. Castic says:

    Looking forward to the candle holding Apology to Heterosexuals march on the mall this weekend! Shoul be really well attended!

  58. Anonymostly says:

    This nonsense about what Akins said not being a “gaffe” or a “misstatement” appears to be the latest lib talking point. All over the web, I’ve been finding examples of libs trying to make the same claim as anonymous above that what Akins said actually represents what he believes and therefore isn’t a misstatement. And the extension of that talking point is to then try to tag all conservatives with what Akins said and to use votes on completely unrelated things like the equal pay act to “prove” the point. The libs are trying to tie Akins’ comments into their “war on women” narrative from earlier this year, so we can expect to see that can of worms opened once again.

    The other thing is that they (the libs) are very clearly misinterpreting Akins’ words, perhaps deliberately. As was stated earlier, Akins was talking about an actual rape versus situations where a woman might claim to have been raped in order to fall under this hypothetical rape exception. It was clearly a mistake for him to wander into that territory. But there is no question his words are being misconstrued and taken out of context. For example, this blurb from an editorial in the Miami Herald written by an editor at Slate:

    “In case anybody missed this dig at the “no means no” crowd, “legitimate rape” is a coded phrase meant to distinguish between a stranger attacking you in a parking garage, or, say, your date or your youth pastor doing the same. If you’re tipsy or wearing a short skirt, it’s not rape-rape, etc.”

    No, see, that is not at all what Akins was talking about. But that’s what has caused such an uproar.

  59. Anonymous says:

    The real crazy in Akins statement is that somehow women who are raped have a much better chance at not conceiving that with consensual sex. This is complete nonsense but he believes it, along with many other member of your party. Sadly this guy is on the Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

    Thanks to Akins more people will become aware of the Republican party platform that supports the “Human Life” amendment which would ban all abortions, even in cases of rape and incest. I’m witnessing the beginning of the end of the Republican party.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 2:27, why is that crazy? I just did a quick google search on “infertility” and “tips on getting pregnant” and the resources I came up with nearly universally regard stress as an impediment to conception and as a cause of infertility. I would think that rape would certainly cause stress. Legitimate rape, that is. As opposed to “rape” being claimed by someone seeking secondary gain.

  61. Goober Natorial says:

    If anyone needed proof that not all rapes or sexual assaults are “legitimate,” look no further than Charlie Rogers in Lincoln. I am surprised by this development and saddened. I was moved by her TV interview and my heart goes out to her. BUT, the evidence against her is strong. This is an example of an attack that was not legitimate. And it must be said that there are times where people claim things that aren’t true. Women have lied about being raped.

  62. RWP says:

    I have to say I was instantly convinced the Charlie Rogers story was a hoax. Far too much of it made no sense as a real crime, but fit into the pattern of hate crime hoaxes, which are far too common.

    And false rape reports are far too common as well. Eugene Kamin did a sobering study of it just before he retired.

    None of that important. A conservative politician talking about rape and abortion has got to be aware he’d be far safer in a minefield. Akin used the term ‘legitimate rape’ when I think he meant ‘forcible rape’. Words like that matter. And he made an indefensible declarative statement about rape and conception. I gather that on Hannity’s show today he was attacking the national ticket, and he’s ignored the please of virtually every well-known conservative politician and pundit, and every living GOP senator from Missouri, to get out of the race. He has single-handedly turned around the momentum of a very successful week for the GOP. Frankly, I can’t think of a fate bad enough for him. He’s a stupid, ignorant, sanctimonious, egomaniacal buffoon.

    We were turning this election around. Now we’re going to be 24/7 on the Human Life Amendment in the GOP platform, instead of the economy. I could scream.

  63. Goober Natorial says:

    It is impressive how quickly the liberal media machine throughout the country has jumped on this stupid, poorly worded interview answer by Congressman Akin and have tried to hang it around the collective necks of the entire republican party. As Rahm Emanuel says, never waste a good crisis. In this case, never waste a good chance to pile on your opponent. That’s all this really is is political opportunism.

  64. Macdaddy says:

    And his assertions are false, RWP. These are not hard numbers to find: 32000 women are impregnated by their rapist every year. About 5% of rapes result in pregnancy. I’d say that’s much more than rare. And another thing, if all 32000 of the women had abortions, that’s over 2% of the total abortions. Akin has more of a responsibility to get his facts right when he’s talking about such a sensitive subject.

    Having said all that, his “legitimate rape” comment was every bit as offensive as Whoopie’s “rape rape” comment and yet she is still on The View and The View is still on the air. Life is unfair. Congressman Akin should accept it and still do the right thing and quit the race.

  65. RWP says:

    Sure it is, GN. But politics is war. If you hand the Democrats something like this on a silver platter, they’re going to shamelessly exploit it. It’s like being bitten by a rattlesnake; there no point in blaming the rattlesnake.

    The GOP collectively disavowed Akin about as fast as it could be done. I have to give them credit for that. But as long as he sticks around — and it looks like it’s going to be a while — the issue will be front and center.

    Macdaddy: I agree. From my brief reading, the question about whether rape is more or less likely than consensual sex to cause pregnancy is not settled, but it’s certainly comparable.

  66. Macdaddy says:

    It’s maddening that the party of Bill “You Better Put Some Ice on That” Clinton and Roman Polanski defenders gets to make hay out of this, but them’s the breaks.

  67. Political Genius says:

    I’m interested to hear about how some of these bloggers are “Insiders” I have been involved in Nebraska Politics for many years and I have yet to see any impact from many of these writers. The names I would look for on the republican side are Castillo, the Moenings, the Kramers, Edwards, Kennedy, Young, Harding, Murante, Northwall, McGrain, Fischer etc, etc, etc. These people have run and/or advised major political activities in this state. Scott and Tucker have no real record and I am aware of no major candidate or office holder that has their ear.

  68. TexasAnnie says:

    Dumb asses above: You forgot to consider cycles in your comparables…

    But really, folks, look at the choices you get when you vote Republican or Democrat!
    Voting third parties/Independents IS NOT A WASTED VOTE. And it can be a vote of conscience.

  69. Chris Scott says:

    Political Genius- Did you catch me on Becka? I will send you the podcast. Did you see Chip Maxwell and Doug Kagan have agreed to contribute? If you did not catch me, I am sure you will have plenty more opportunities. Cheers!

  70. Chris Scott says:

    BTW tomorrow at 8:00 am the Douglas County Democratic Chairman Kris Pierce will tell us in 300 words or so what it means to be a Democrat.

  71. Anonymostly says:

    RWP, I don’t think the Congressman meant “forcible rape” when he used the word “legitimate.” I think he meant a real rape as opposed to a false claim of rape that a woman might make in order to fall under the “except in cases of rape or incest” exception to a non-existent ban on abortions.

    What he said was stupid. The way it’s being interpreted is worse than the way he meant it but it was still a stupid thing to say and I agree he should have bowed out. Having said that, though, the damage was basically done whether he stayed in or not. The Democrats will resurrect their “War on Women” narrative and will try to hang it on all Republicans. They’re already heading that direction. So, whether he bowed out or not, we’d still be hearing Dems flailing at the entire pro-life movement and all Republicans over a deliberate misconstruction of Akin’s words.

    The GOP establishment should have had a contingency plan for what would happen in the event that Akin chose not to bow out and I think it was a mistake for Republicans to damage him in the way they have by publicly withdrawing financial support, etc. Republicans are being sooo stupid about this — again — and it just infuriates me. When the Democrat attack machine went into overdrive after Rush Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke, the GOP was taken off message for weeks. Don’t make that mistake again. When Obama talks about Akin, Romney should say, “Obama’s just trying to divert attention from his own horrible record on the economy.”

    Now, it’s going to be more difficult dealing with a damaged Akin after everything all these Republicans have said about him.

  72. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 10:06, I’m disappointed you didn’t mention me in your list of those whom you think need to be violently violated because they, what, disagree with you?

    Straight out of the liberal playbook. There are legitimate differences of belief and opinion regarding abortion but the left always wants to demonize the right in order to stifle debate and try to prevent countervailing opinions from having a chance to be voiced.

    And it’s not just abortion. It’s the Lilly Leadbetter Fair Pay Act and it’s the Stimulus and Medicaid benefits for the children of illegal aliens. Whatever the policy issue, the Democrats try to silence their opponents views by calling them names, saying they’re bad people for believing differently or by doing what you’ve done.

    Hate to tell you what I think you need. Let’s just say you have a lot in common with the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

  73. Anonymostly says:

    Another thing Anonymous at 10:06 reminds me of: I’ve never encountered another group of people so completely unable to deal with opposing opinions than Democrats. They develop (fester?) in an insular world where their beliefs are never challenged and everyone just agrees with them. All their teachers in public school were whacked out liberal democrats who proselytized instead of teaching during class time.

    Their friends, their professors, all the people they surrounded themselves with, were equally whacked out libs. They watch MSNBC and get their news from Daily Kos; they don’t watch Fox or listen to Rush Limbaugh; but they’ve heard and regurgitate the “Faux News” nonsense they’ve been fed by all their liberal sources.

    And when they finally are confronted by opinions with which they’ve been told they disagree, they simply don’t know how to handle it. They just don’t know what to say. So, instead of crafting an actual argument, they … suggest that people they disagree with need to be raped.

    Thanks, Anonymous at 10:06, for representing the typical liberal.

  74. @Chris Scott says:

    You’re like a pushy street peddler trying to get me to buy something we obviously don’t want. Go away.. Go buy some Google Ads or something..

  75. Some Thoughts says:

    RWP, I knew that Charlie Rogers story was a hoax right from the start, and it was only a matter of time before they found the evidence to demonstrate it. None of the details made sense.

    You’re 2-for-2 today with analysis of the Akin situation as well. He handed his opponents a gift that won’t stop giving as long as he’s in the race, with potential ripples affecting the national political discourse. Obviously his opponent doesn’t want him to drop out now, but maybe I’m overestimating the denizens of Missouri?

  76. Tom says:

    I’m loving this campaign. The GOP is finally coming out strong and bold on their position to worship the super rich at the expense of the poor and middle income Americans.

    It’s so refreshing to learn, according to the GOP, that he 2008 Bush Recession was caused by teachers, fire fighters, policemen not by a financial system that was deregulated.

  77. Anonymous says:

    To above poster, Obama inherited a better rating than it is now, but it wasn’t because of Obama’s policies that it was lowered. It was thanks to the damage your boy did before he left office. Prove otherwise.

  78. Political Genius says:

    I’m still waiting to hear about these Political Insiders qualifications. Mr. Scott anyone with any real power will have nothing to do with you guys because you hang out with Tucker and Petersen. They have exposed what they are all about. Also, hanging out with Jane comes with a price

  79. Anonymous says:

    Hanging out with Jane comes with a price. You might accidently get educated, and we all know how education is “valued” in the GOP.

  80. Macdaddy says:

    From last summer:

    S&P, in a statement Saturday, said the U.S. was downgraded based on the “current level of debt, the trajectory of debt as a share of the economy, and the lack of apparent willingness of elected officials as a group to deal with the U.S. medium term fiscal outlook.”

    As I recall, Obama, along with a Democrat Congress jacked up the deficit by $3trillion before the Republicans took control of the House. Then, Obama refused to even bother working on any deal about the deficit until 2 days before the deadline, threatened to veto all of it should the Republicans cut $300 million for Planned Parenthood, and then demagogued the issue all the way home. He provided no leadership. He continues to provide no leadership on this issue. Obama therefore owns the downgraded S&P rating, lock, stock, and barrel. I think he went on vacation or was busy playing golf is why he wouldn’t put in any effort.

    But thanks for bringing the discussion back to Obama’s piss poor stewardship of the economy.

  81. Hypocrisy??? says:

    Don’t give Jane Kleeb a microphone she will simply use it to marginalize the opposition i.e using words like Republican extremist………….republicans calling Ron Paul whack jobs and paulbots…..didn’t C&C music factory write a song about this???

  82. Real power? says:

    Political genius — is that what serving and representing the peopl is about to you “personal power”?? Very telling.

  83. @ Real Power says:

    No, Real power comes from being able to build a coalition around you and keep the number of people that hate you and want to actively work against you within your own party to minimum.

  84. Q says:

    @Political Genius. We all know there is only one man strong enough to bring the party division together. That man is Tyler “Hot Slice” Mahood. Please allow Mahood to bring the DCRP and the YR’s together. We need more experts with debating like Mahood.

  85. Political Genius says:

    Wrong…..I would say that Andrew Northwall is 100x the insider as say Scott and Tucker combined. I’m still waiting for the answer on whats makes Tucker and Scott Insiders!!!

  86. Which One? says:

    Political Genius you are obviously a YR. Which one are you? There’s only 5 members soI could narrow it down pretty quick.

  87. Hey Chris Scott says:

    Who are you and what blog are you talking about? I can’t find it anywhere. I’m being serious here, not snarky. I’ve been active as a volunteer and staffer in Nebraska for 15 years and this is the first I’ve heard of you.

    I will say the contributors you have – from what I can glean here are pretty weak.
    =Jon Tucker- who is that, Jonny come lately tea-party flame thrower?
    =Scott Peterson – this guy is a coward, he was a closet Ron Pauler and is running the DCRP into the ground.
    =Doug Kagan – who is that guy, total “has been” at best.
    =And Chip Maxwell?? I love him, but how many times can you repeat the world’s worst campaign with Jim Cleary, get your butt whooped and still be an “insider.” He is definitely an “outsider” with voters.

  88. Look again says:

    I just went on the contributors on Chris’ site and Scott Petersen is not one at all. Many of the contributors are respective leaders of their party’s or causes. Got a tweet this morning that Tristian Bonn was added.

  89. Political Genius says:

    Sorry, I’m over 40 years old Which One so I can’t be a YR. I think you are Scott Peterson because you waste so much time on here bashing YR’s. I’m wondering why the Victory campaign has nothing to do with you and the DCRP?

  90. Marketing Genius says:

    Here is a marketing 101 tip if you do not want to drive up traffic for some one else’s blog STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. If you don’t like other blog don’t read it. Fear not you will still be able to read all things Terry here.

  91. New to Omaha says:

    I stumbbled on this blog the other day and found it interesting. I was hoping to join the Young Republicans but the hate and vitreal coming from some of their members is sad. Does anyone know of a group I could join that helps the party. I’ve worked for canidates before and would like to help.

  92. never left the neb says:

    First, you should spell Tristan’s name correctly. Yes, her brothers (she has more than one) are all fiscally and socially conservative, well educated and hardworking.

    Now to my point, 2 years ago when “someone” was painting anti semitic symbols of hate on Lee Terry signs, no one took notice.

    Thanks to Joe Jordan for making sure that everyone knows that hatred is still out there. Just remember that you don’t have to be a member of a “certain class” to be hated.

    There are haters everywhere and they do not discriminate…

  93. RWP says:

    the hate and vitreal coming from some of their members is sad

    Bad news. They have a spelling test for admission. You wouldn’t have passed.

  94. Smells Fishy says:

    Does anybody think the Ewing “hate” issue could be fake? It’s not like anybody in this state made a false complaint before.

  95. @New To Omaha says:

    The very first thing you should do is to sign up to help Deb Fischer with her campaign. You will find it to be a refreshingly positive experience, and when the November election is over, you will have a friend in the U.S. Senate.

  96. Poltical Genius I mean David Boomer says:

    Go back to CT. If they will have you. Anyone with a name that arrogant does not understand Nebraska values and humility.. The way you phrase things and the insiders you named makes it clear who you are.

  97. RWP says:

    Bob Kerrey just tweeted that the last time US govt. spending was 18% of GDP was the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. This is incomprehenisbly ignorant. How is this guy going to fix entitlements, when he doesn’t realize govt. spending was <3% of GDP before WWI, and 17.8% of GDP as late as 1966?

    And in 1966, we could still afford a space program.

  98. Political Genius says:

    To Scott or “Political Genius I mean David Boomer”.

    I’m not Boomer, but I did hear Boomer handed it to you last week. You name is mud in the party buddy and that is why the National GOP wants nothing to do with the DCRP. Will the “Political Insiders” write a story about that?

  99. Trust says:

    It’s strange how Scott Peterson and crew keep on guessing who is posting. Get a clue, it’s a whole chorus of people that have lost trust in you. Keep the guessing going, it only shows everyone else how many people don’t have the trust they’d need to feel comfortable to work with you. And believe me, 18 months ago, they were excited to work with you.

    It isn’t about so called ‘hate’. It isn’t about anything nasty. It’s about trust.

    One of the hardest things to get back.

  100. GOP Central Committee Member says:

    Jon Tucker made a name for himself in Grand Island alright. Keep it up big guy, we are counting on your ineptness.

  101. LOL says:

    Last hope for the He supported the Paul delegation and ran their effort in Grand Island…lol The Liberty Caucus is a joke!!!

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