Kerrey changes no one’s opinion at debate

We always used to sort of like Bob Kerrey. He seemed like a decent enough guy (for a Democrat). Semi-regular, etc.

Well, after Saturday, our Like-Affair has ended.

Don’t worry Bob, we’re not going to say, “It’s not you, it’s us.
It’s definitely YOU.

As the great philosopher Chandler Bing would have said, “Could Kerrey have BEEN any more whiney at Saturday’s debate?” Every single answer was like nails on the blackboard with the high-pitched, nasal complaint about anything and everything with the signature Kerrey scowl attached to it! Make it stop!

And what was Kerrey bitching and whining about?
“Why is it an issue when people leave and come back?” Kerrey asked in faux-amazement.

Well, President-Emeritus Kerrey, let us address that for you.
You see, Deb Fischer said that she wasn’t interested in discussing it, because she wanted to talk about the issues. But see, us, not so much. We like to talk about the Politics here on Leavenworth Street and we’d LOVE to delve into this.

So let us start with the amazing and close to disgusting comparison Kerrey makes when he says “No one called me a carpet-bagger when I came back from Vietnam!”

Riiiiight Bob. That’s the same thing. Yup, a soldier going to war then returning to his home state to run for office is THE EXACT SAME THNG as you leaving Nebraska and moving to New York City for twelve years to make millions at one of the most liberal institutions in the country, and adding some lobbying gigs on top of them, then pretending to move back so you can run for Senate.

If that isn’t an insult to every soldier currently deployed, we don’t know what is.

But this is just Bob Kerrey, and this is just one of the reasons his debate performance was a joke that changed no one’s mind about his candidacy — even though he told everyone how awesome a debater he is.


More of Kerrey’s whine? (We paraphrase:)
I think the Congress should be non-partisan!

Oh my Bob! You just might shock everyone and vote for Mike Johanns for leader! Just to shake things up! (And we can’t wait for Kerrey’s quote to say “Mike would make a great leader” to see if he could sucker a few more people in.)

You see, Deb Fischer made the ultimate point about Kerrey. During his time in the Senate, he voted with the Democrats 92% of the time. Ninety-two percent.

Yet Kerrey wants to tell us about all the times he crossed the aisle and voted with George H.W. Bush and that no one called him a lap dog and yadda yadda yadda. He wants to tell us that that duck sitting in front of us isn’t a duck at all. Oh sure it has wings and a bill and webbed feet and quacks. But for all you know that could be a pelican in disguise! Or maybe an eagle! Who is to say!?

Well, as the Right Wing Professor noted not that long ago, Kerrey’s record with the American Conservative Union was 8%. (Hmm, seems to add up closely to that other 92%.) Well, except for during Kerrey’s re-election year, when it went up to 24%. (Kerrey trying to tell the voters what they want to hear???!! Well, we never!)

See Kerrey is an intelligent guy. He can spew a bunch of knowledgeable sounding stuff at you and make you think, “Hey this guy sounds smaht!” (Those are people in Boston.)

And then he tells you how awesome ObamaCare is, and that Cap and Trade is the way to go, and that Harry Reid is his guy and that higher taxes — er, “increased revenue” — are the answer and then you realize: “Ohhhhh. He’s a Leftist. Yeah, I know smart Leftists. And they have their own concept for where this country should go. And unfortunately that’s over a cliff.”


But of course Kerrey couldn’t show up to a forum like that without a little peek from Cosmic Bob.

You know Cosmic Bob. He’s the one who was in office for 16 years, wants another 6 to tag onto that, but doesn’t consider himself a “career politician”.

(Here is what the audience of Nebraskans at the State Fair thought of Kerrey’s claim:)

And then there’s Kerrey’s suggestion that the United States Congress should become non-partisan — just like Nebraska’s Unicameral!

And Deb Fischer swatted that one away with a note to get real.

But that’s Kerrey. His head is somewhere in the clouds even while he does his level best to pander to the audience with what he thinks they want to hear. He has been in New York City so long that he just figures them rubes in the sticks like it when he says “Unicameral!”

And that is really the point where you know you can’t take him seriously.

He has promised to raise taxes.
He has promised to support ObamaCare.
He has received promises from the Democrat Leader.


He tells you he will cross the aisle with Republicans — though he has no record of it.
He tells you he’s non-partisan– though the Democrat Majority Leader was the first one he visited when deciding to run.
He tells you he’ll change the form of government that we’ve had for over 200 years — though not even HE can believe that one.

We used to think Bob Kerrey was a good salesman.
It’s just that now he’s back in Nebraska selling Rupert Holmes’s Greatest Hits.
On vinyl.


  1. RWP says:

    Thanks for the cite.

    The debate has convinced me Bob Kerrey was right…in 1994, when his campaign said that debates are overrated. Seriously, other than that he now has an old man’s quaver in his querulousness (score 10 for each use of the letter Q), he’s the same ol’ Bob.

    And Deb said the same things she said during the primary. We learned nothing in this debate, except that it’s a clear choice, clearer when you realize you can take nothing Bob says to the bank, because put him back in the Senate, and he’ll be voting with the far left on nearly every issue.

    Updated for 2012, he talks like Tom Coburn, and will vote like Barney Frank.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the video clip Street!

    It is a bad sign for Bob when the audience at a state fair laugh AT you, and to make things worse you acknowledge the point with a “no really”……………

    If this was what the debate looked and sounded like then I’m glad I didn’t drive out to watch it.

    Senator Fischer wins the race by at least 10 points, and wins Douglas County by 5.

  3. @RWP says:

    You are exactly what is wrong with our educational system. How do have so much time on your hands to post so many comments. Get back to work. I’m sure life pretty easy when your mom is making breakfast and doing your laundry, but seriously. Maybe one or two people care about your ranting. You really need to find a hobby. Hey here’s an idea, if you want to put your money where your month is then run for something. I can’t wait to read your next 15 posts on this article alone. Have a great Monday!

  4. I’m guessing you could probably throw Bob Kerrey in the camp of people who wanted the State Fair to be in Lincoln or Omaha…well, I mean, he WOULD have wanted that had he actually LIVED here at the time. His whole, “Carpetbagger??? ME?!!” routine would have probably played better to a Lincoln/Omaha crowd.

    I’m just glad, for Bob’s sake, that his campaign staff had the wherewithal to let him know the fair was in Grand Island…he would have had a very difficult time finding his way around the old state fair park here in Lincoln, though he could have debated the merits of a mice diet vs. a cat food diet with some of the feral cats in the Industrial Arts building.

  5. Spike says:

    So where is the full upload of the debate? I can’t believe that no one has uploaded it? With high speed Youtube it would take all of 15:00. After all this isn’t 1934 or even 1984 when all there was was film & analogue video. What’s with the NEGOP party or the NEDEM party?? No wonder this is called Fly-Over country!

  6. Anonymous says:

    We will all have to get ready for an onslaught of whining by the liberals as they come to an awareness of just how badly they are going to lose this election cycle. It stands to reason the louder and more obscene the crying from the left gets, the more they are waking up and realizing how poorly things are going for their agenda. To this end we all need to hunker down and weather the $hit storm through early November. I would also hope that there is a lot of document protection going on, as I am sure there will be a lot attempts to hide the past four years. While Obama will pardon everybody he can, there will be those that won’t be granted the protections of a pardon, and they will bear the brunt of the charges surely to come.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You bet there will be charges, the sob’s will have to pay! Every good staffer should be taking pic’s of the incriminating docs, emails, with their cell phones for an insurance policy if nothing else.

  8. Anonymous says:

    RWP says we learned nothing from this debate and that Fischer said the same things she said before. I beg to differ. We learned that Fischer can kick Kerrey’s butt which the Kerrey camp was not expecting. Loved it. Fischer came off as a solid Nebraskan and an adult. Rockin’ Bob came off as a whiner. That’s just pathetic, given his age. In fact, it made me cringe for old people everywhere. Kind of sad and all Fischer had to do was continue to look and talk like an adult and she cleaned up.

  9. Why? says:

    I saw the list of speakers for the convention this week and much to my chagrin no reps from NE. Are we that weak that not one politican from NE got the invite. No Deb Fischer doesn’t count, she not the Senator yet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    SS: Is Jordan McGrain going to provide color again from the RNC Convention or do you have someone else on the ground? Photos?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Grundle King whines, “@ @RWP, much like Bob Kerrey, you sure do like to whine about what other folks are saying.”
    I don’t know which is mightier in this case – the irony or the hypocrisy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer did indeed clean up nicely, and her mannerisms did appear to be very adult like as she lied through her teeth – repeatedly. Basically she just repeated the phrases her handlers have been prepping her with since her primary victory.
    Perhaps the only surprising thing was that, when asked whether to provide a yes-or-no answer to the question of whether she would support the Paul Ryan budget plan, she responded, “no,” with a rather weak voice. Perhaps she was hoping no one would notice. She also stated that abortion was not going to be a big issue for her, again stating it so sideways that it was barely perceivable.

  13. To Interested Observor says:

    George H W Bush was changed his positions on life. Many people do. I’m glad to see Bob Kerrey is a staunch supporter of the abortion lobby and believes in partial birth abortion.

  14. A Pro Life Voting Record says:

    Why do we care about untrue accusations that IO posts? FACT: Deb has a 100% pro life voting record. So what is the problem IO?

  15. @ Commenter #14, you’ve never actually looked up the definitions of ‘irony’ or ‘hypocrisy’ in the dictionary, have you?

    @ Commenter #15, amusing that you accuse Deb Fischer of lying through her teeth while her opponent continues to talk out of his ass.

    BTW, just so everyone’s clear, “REAL Conservative” (pfft! ha!) Interested Observer is voting for Bob Kerrey.

  16. RWP says:

    You are exactly what is wrong with our educational system.

    No, what’s wrong with our educational system is low standards, teachers who don’t know the subject matter, unions, dumbing down to the least able student, etc…

    Get back to work.

    At 7:15 am? Go perform an indecent act on yourself.

  17. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, the organization that shall not be named DID have a booth at the Cherry County Fair in 2003 because I was there and I saw it and this specific issue was discussed at the Legislative Candidate Forum in the Valentine Livestock Auction Company sale ring in Valentine in the spring of 2004 when Deb was a candidate for the 43rd District and I was at that forum and I specifically saw and heard Deb specifically asked why she was at that specific booth a few months earlier. Deb “explained” why she was there and confirmed that she had, in FACT, been seen there.

  18. Anonymous says:

    IO tells the truth again and SS shuts him down. When did Deb become SS? Pretty sad SS. Your zeal to win a race at any cost is really sad.

  19. Anonymous says:

    IO is a leading Democrat whom Democrats cannot stand because he’s such a jerk. You can contact him directly in Holdrege.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Grundle King – Sorry about that suggestion that you try a joint to sharpen your intellect. It is obvious that you’ve already blown all of your brain cells by over-sampling Lem Motlow’s product.

  21. SC88 says:

    “No one called me a carpet-bagger when I came back from Vietnam!”

    True. Your fellow Democrats called you a babykiller and spat on you.

  22. @ SC88 says:

    It would have been the Young Republicans doing that, but they were all too busy doing as Dick Cheney did – dodging the draft by getting married, having children and becoming chronic college students. If they’d had any guts they could have done like a lot of Democrats did and become conscientious objectors, left the country to abide by their principles, or enlisted.

  23. Interested Observer says:

    From the Lincoln Journal Star article, “Don Walton: Weather doesn’t dampen support for Romney”

    “When approached by reporters from the Journal Star and the Omaha World-Herald, Fischer declined to answer questions.
    “She won’t let me talk to you,” Fischer said, pointing to a campaign aide.”

    What’s that all about? Deb REFUSES to talk to home state, World-Herald and Journal Star reporters? So, even when we finally know “Where’s Deb?”, she still won’t talk to the press. WOW

  24. Interested Observer says:

    Oh, and another thing, back on August 23, 2012 at 9:11 AM, I asked

    “Street Sweeper, are you going to allow comments about Bob Kerrey’s family when you do not allow comments about other candidates’ families?”

    That’s FIVE days ago and still no answer from Street Sweeper! It’s odd that SS can delete my comments within 7 minutes of being posted, but can’t answer a simple question in FIVE days.

    It makes me wonder if even Street Sweeper reads anymore . . . .

  25. Western NE says:

    Evading Cameras and reporters…that will never work in winning a Nebraska Election…OH wait she won the Primary that way!!! Yeah I think they need her more for their ratings than she needs them to spew out stories.

  26. Even odder that IO can’t answer a simple question about which senate candidate he’s voting for after having been asked well over a month ago.

    RE #28, the weed isn’t making you smarter, it just makes you think you’re smarter. If I find myself in need of advice on who makes the best hackey-sack, I’ll look you up. For all other matters, I’d sooner consult one of IO’s imaginary cattle.

  27. RE: @ SC88, that’s about the most hilarious suggestion I’ve ever heard…it’s more courageous to dodge the draft by leaving the country than it is to ‘dodge’ the draft by becoming a productive American citizen. Brilliant.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer was making a joke. It is called “humor”. That comes with being ahead.

    Bob Kerrey used to have humor the last time he was ahead in a race, which was eighteen years ago.

  29. IO is an Intern says:

    IO is a dem Intern looking land a full-time gig. Her parents are hoping that IO actually gets a pay check.

    Actually, IO is a staffer for a State Senator. IO’s M.O. is to post phony statements and then make passoniate defense of these invented statements. Just like his boss’ statements on the floor.

    BTW….Loved SC88 comment at 9:47 (IO would have been crying ‘baby killer’ at Bob).

  30. RWP says:

    Don Walton has publicly confessed his bromance with Bob Kerrey. When 60 Minutes ran the story of the Thanh Phong massacre, Bob chose to watch it with his best buddies Don Walton and David Kotok. He’s a raving shill for the Dems in general and Kerrey in particular, and I wouldn’t talk to him, or let any Republican I was advising talk to him.

    By the way, Don says when you call him a shill, it’s ‘hate speech’.

  31. Facts are facts says:

    Calling Kerry moderate is like calling Chris Christie anorexic… He voting record is is rated worse than Barbara Boxer!

  32. Anonymous says:

    IO is Brian Osborn, Democrat from Holdrege. Democratic Party leaders consider Brian crazy. Brian could not support Kerrey here as a Democrat so he blogs like fake Republican rancher Interested Observer and attacks Fischer. Like Obama and Kerrey who cannot get elected if they are honest, Brian has trouble being convincing as Brian so he lies.

    This Liberal Democrat art major from south of I-80 in Holdrege says he is a Republican Conservative sand hills rancher and yet attacks the GOP senate candidate constantly. Brian is in this blog exactly what Brian is at Democratic Party meetings, a big mouth with limited intellect and unlimited ego who confuses destruction of his own party and this blog with political progress. When he blogged under his real name he made a big deal out of his courage. Where did that go?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Young female interns don’t volunteer references to “sailors” like sailor BTO does. Brian blogs obsessively and IO’s construction has his same markings. You don’t see BTO’s obsessive blogging here anymore because he is obsessively blogging as Interested Observer and under other fake names. He finally figured out that anyone can google Brian Osborn in Holdrege and find out everything about the Democrat and his family. So now he is trying to stuff that fat genie back into the bottle while being a political transvestite here to help Kerrey get elected among bloggers who aren’t going to vote differently because of anything they read here. Real waste of effort. It is pathetic that he cannot see how transparent this is. His cover blown, Brian is now blogging as IO is an Intern to cover his tracks. He thinks he’s so clever until you finally catch him and then he goes Obama on you, nasty petulant child throwing rocks. He couldn’t handle being real and honest. Leading Democrats in Nebraska say Brian needs medication. They ought to know.

  34. Anonymous says:

    It really doesn’t matter who IO is, we all pretty much disagree with it’s statements.

    Senator Fischer is right to not talk to OWH or LJS reporters, as they are in the tank for her opponent. Should the papers ever start to become objective, and they won’t by their nature, then a conversation or even a dialog may be in order.

    Remember the OWH is owned by Warren/Suzzy, nuff said. This is the same paper working hard to legitimize Ernie Chambers bid to become a State Senator again even though he is not “Living” in his district. The brain trust at the OWH went and interviewed a couple of Ernie’s neighbors, and neglected to do the same in Bellevue. True genius reporting there! No what should happen is a complaint should be filed against Chambers, the State Police should interview under oath people in both Omaha AND Bellevue, then there should be a supena for the utility records of the Omaha business Ernie operates out of. Then there should be some investigation into Ernie’s bank accounts to see where he is spending his money. If you don’t sleep in Omaha, don’t spend your money in Omaha, and the Police respond to late night calls to a home in Bellevue where you are present (helping to further establish where you spend your time), THEN YOU DON’T LIVE IN OMAHA!!!

    Oh and how ironic that Senator Council has often been heard to say that there is no voter fraud in Nebraska, BUT she also say’s Chambers doesn’t live in district 11. So does Chambers vote??? If he is registered in District 11 and he votes from district 11, BUT he doesn’t live there even by Council’s admission, then there is Voter FRAUD at the HIGHEST LEVEL!!!!

  35. Spike says:

    Interesting but strange fact, the applause meter [vu] on the intros for the debate had Bob Kerrey at 4 & DF at 3! I thought that rather odd as it was held in Grand Island at the NE State Fair which, as far as I know, isn’t by any stretch a Dem town or event & could be considered a rather neutral audience? So how do all you GOPER clowns explain that one??? Check it out for yourselves. Just listen closely if you don’t have a video/audio system with a VU meter on it.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Our old friend Brian T. Osborn must have been such a threat to some Democrats that they are still coming to Leavenworth St. to throw turds at him.

  37. BTW, in regard to Kerrey’s whine about nobody calling him a carpetbagger when he returned from military duty, I find it sad that someone should have to explain the difference between leaving to serve your country, and leaving to serve yourself.

  38. Goober Natorial says:

    Has it never occurred to the media and libs who like to trumpet such stats that the reason there are so few instances of confirmed voter fraud is because not having to show ID makes it so easy to cheat and so hard to get caught? Duh.

  39. Kinda tacky says:

    25 or so of the 32 national delegates were on a booze cruise during roll call and the nomination. Stay classy! At least you take the honor seriously. Kinda like blowing off a funeral to play video games.

  40. Spike says:

    Anyone know if DF was checked for a wireless ear-prompter for the debate? You know like the one Bush used in his debates w Kerry. New technology has them down to the size of a pea so men can use them but it’s totally undetectable when women use them. Of course a lot of people can’t work with ear-prompters because they confuse certain people. Sort of like why Obama still uses a stone-age video prompter when doing his talking head spots. I’ve found that a lot of really intelligent ego types have an impossible time using them so it should not pose a problem for DF!!! Just curious if anyone knows if she was wired??

  41. Kinda tacky says:

    Huh what are you talking about in Grand Island? You were on KLIN saying Nebraska was MIA at convention. Stay classy!

  42. Buffet Endorsements says:

    Buffet, having endorsed Bob Kerry, only asks for the reporters at his newspapers to get snubbed. As a newspaper man he should think about keeping his name and his money out of politics or risk being labled as a … oh wait, too late. He’s outed himself again as a raging lib. Fischer doesn’t need the OWH and should spend her time and money directly getting to the Voters.

  43. Spike says:

    Buff End #66,

    The OWH before Buffett bought it wasn’t much better than a fair Back East high school newspaper. It was & still is a Pathetic Rag. Let’s just hope that WB can bring in some new, intelligent, coast college grads to help it out & help them acquire some experience at the same time.

    BTW; all you misinformed clowns, the liberal media as you call it, is owned primarily by GOPERS! Any of you ever hear of Rupert Murdoch??

    On another note, the pseudo feature documentary about Obama 2016 was produced & is being distributed by the MORMON CHURCH through their Rocky Mountain Production/Distribution Co. And another little tidbit, Bonneville Broadcasting one of Americas largest media companies is also owned by the MORMON CHURCH!! And you mentally challenged farmers thought the Pope would call the shots in America when Kennedy was running against TRICKY DICKEY NIXON but you could care less that your Rummey is nothing more than the front man for the MORMONS!! Clueless Hicks!!!

    Got to hand it to Nixon however, as he had a much better Socialized Health Care plan for America than Obamacare!! Pity Teddy Kennedy block it out of Spite!!

  44. Anonymostly says:

    “Love without respect is fleeting.”

    That was such a totally great jab at the Democrats and obama. You just about couldn’t frame the Democrats’ mindset any better. On 9/11 I had the misfortune of spending the day with a liberal democrat who kept going on and on asking “Why don’t they like us?” As if. As if we should attempt to discern that which will make us liked by the rest of the world and then do it. (Bowing obsequiously to the Saudi King is a good start, yeah?) Well, I for one would rather this nation be respected than loved by the rest of the world.

    (Obama getting dissed by the Olympic selection committee choosing Rio over Chicago shows you how far love without respect gets you.)

    So, IO, what did you think of Chris Christie’s address?

  45. Spike says:

    Seems like DF has a case of the Burnings, ie a lying sack of….. During the debate she stated that SHE balanced the Nebraska budget!!! WTF, delusions of grandeur already??? Also in her 2:00 mins. at the convention she laid it on about NE pretty thick & factless.

    And about taxes, what’s with you clowns, NE has some of the most outrageous taxes in America. When I lived in Ohio my car tags cost $30.00/yr., here in wonderful NE, how about $1000.00. Another thing, I’ve never lived in a city that had such high TAXES & the POOREST services as Omaha does! The taxes in Evanston were less than here but the city services were 10 times better. Street cleaning 3 times a month, rubbish, ie junk pickup weekly. Must be a lot of INCEST going on with you crook pols doing backroom deals for kickbacks or your just to stupid to not get screwed by all the cons about !! Gasoline at least $.10/gal less costly across the river in Iowa. Talk about the blind leading the BLIND! But the thing that gets me the most is how service & business people here about just love to screw their potential neighbor/clients to the wall. I just pity the poor old widows that need anything done about the home because you can rest assured that some GREEDY hick service guy will rape her! Chicago had it’s fair share of Slimeballs & Con-artists but they don’t hold a candle to you Greedy Bastards!

  46. TexasAnnie says:

    Right on, Spike! Although some of your language is a little course for me, you hit the nail on the head indeed. I too, nearly dropped to my knees the first time I tried to register my car in Nebraska. And comparing gasoline prices with friends back home made me turn red. High taxes and poor services are the standard for Omaha. For all the bleating Omahans and Nebraskans do about the “brain drain,” “public-private partnerships,” and “economic development,” the place remains a pit of striking vipers. It’s been several years since I lived there but I doubt I shall ever forget how inhumane the “haves” were toward the least able and the “have-nots.” And then there’s the BSDC tragedy…

    On a brighter note: the taxes are not so high for those able to get the tax code adjusted to their benefit. And the services are not so bad for those able to get facilities built/sustained at taxpayer
    expense. It’s only people needing, say, a sewer system that prevents flood water from entering their basements who lose out! (It was 1989 when my family was summoned to Nebraska to pay taxes. The issue of the sewer system in Omaha was KNOWN then…)

    I don’t know why you moved there, Spike. But you probably shouldn’t stay. Issues will never be resolved there democratically. Egalitarian policy-making is not natural to Nebraskans. Folks there are accustomed to bowing down and paying tribute to their “movers and shakers.” And for all their desire to capture YOUR tax dollars, they display little empathy for your needs. It’s best for you to make employment or at the least retirement plans elsewhere!

  47. Goober Natorial says:

    Yeah, spike, move out of (your parents’ basement in) Nebraska and move in with Texas Annie so that, hopefully, taxpayers here don’t end up being responsible for you.

  48. Interested Observer says:

    Animosity at 10:30 PM asked, “So, IO, what did you think of Chris Christie’s address?” I’m not a big fan of him, so I didn’t watch.

    Why do you ask anyway?

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