Tampa baying

Deb Fischer at the 2012 GOP Convention
Night one of the 2012 GOP Convention down and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

You had Deb Fischer lead it off for Nebraska!
Watch it here:

(Read the text of her address here.)

In the evening, Rep. Artur Davis was great. Ann Romney was fantastic.

And watching Chris Christie step up was like watching Prince Fielder at the Home Run Derby (and not just because they wear the same suit size):
You knew he would hit it out of the park , the only question was how far the tape measure would stretch.

(And we hope to give you some more in-depth coverage later.)


And just to dust things up, Nebraska’s Ron Paulites are still searching for recognition — this time whining that Chairman Mark Fahleson didn’t note to America that Paul had two delegates from Nebraska during the state roll call.

Laura Ebke of the Liberty Caucus — note, not the Republican Party — took to the internets to complain that Fahleson should have mentioned Ron Paul’s name in the proceedings. She took to the Twitter to plead that “Republican activists felt disenfranchised” by Fahleson..

This after Chris Christie empowered everyone to stop “feeling” and start “thinking”.

“Thinking,” as in “this convention ain’t about Ron Paul.” It was NEVER about Ron Paul or the Ron Paul activists or whatever they’re wound up about. And it’s not about Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich or whomever else took part in the endless GOP debates. All those candidates LOST. And now Republicans should rally around Mitt Romney — that is if they REALLY want to see the reign of Barack Obama end.

Because otherwise all you’re doing is proving that you’re just trying to gear up for another campaign with Ron or Rand or Ricky or whatever other Paul household resident plans to fulfill your dreams. As we Tweeted, this is hardball politics. If you’re looking for Ron Paul’s name on a participation trophy, take it to the primary school soccer leagues.

A little harsh? Yeah. But it’s about time.


And then there is Bob Kerrey gaining national news again, this time in Mother Jones magazine.

There you can find another expose on the national pol that reporters love to love.

So in MJ, we hear where Kerrey just can’t help himself in mocking Mike Johanns at a hearing:
“My God! He wants to have sex with him!” (After Johanns notes that the witness’s organization is “huge”.)
And then Beavis couldn’t stop giggling.

Oh, but Bob tells the Mother that he is for “social justice”. Whatever that is. (And we’ll take a giant leap in estimating that it’s whatever goodness Bob thinks it is.)

But after the MJ reporter gets into the nitty gritty of Vietnam and what really drives Kerrey, Kerrey shows his pique in mocking Deb Fischer when she gives an opnion on military policy. As in, how dare SHE give an opinion. “Have to go in!?!” Kerrey declares.

Oh and did we mention that this is the same Kerrey who voted for military intervention in the Balkans and infamously (in the West Village anyway) supported the 2nd Iraq war.

So which is it Bob? Oh right, Fischer didn’t confer with you and your all-seeing knowledge of geopolitics. She’ll be sure to genuflect next time.

But what REALLY gets Kerrey’s ire up? People dissing on him because he is a Yankee fan. (You know, because of the 12 years in New York thing.)
‘Cause Kerrey says he is a life-long Yankee fan. So his response to the average Yankee hater? “Fuck ’em!” says Kerrey.

Oooh Bob! You’re so…real!
(And in the meantime we’ll be more than happy to judge you for being an (alleged) lifelong Yankee fan as well.)


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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    I do believe the Republicans will regret snubbing the Ron Paul delegates, and the convention rules changes come November! And the “We Built It” sloganeering is not going to persuade the unemployed and underemployed to vote. But it hardly matters. A President Romney would be little different than President Obama. Neither will reign in Wall St. excesses and initiate a fair tax code. And both believe in socialized health care. The national debt will continue to soar and American will remain at war. Because figureheads such as Romney and Obama do not run this country…AUDIT THE FED!!!

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    And now, after reading about the delegate rules change, I’m more convinced than ever that the RNC has done more to help Obama than any Democrat could have done! Party bosses now run the Republican Party. Grassroots activism is disallowed and the big tent has collapsed!

  3. One thing is for sure says:

    This move against Ron Paul has all but insured that any candidate with a hint of establishment smell will be elected for a while. Kind of a dumb long term move. But oh we’ll our party has never been the smartest . I hope I am wrong.

  4. GeosUser says:

    Ron Paul is a wacko and practicing hypocrite…always has been and always will be. The only issue he has put forward with merit is a real audit of the Federal Reserve system. TexasAnnie, there is absolutely no chance Obama will do the major tax reform we all want and need. With Romney, there’s at least a chance…not a huge chance, but some. If a President Romney manages to enact tax reform, entitlement reforms and just curbs the rate of growth in government, a much higher economic growth rate will result and make solutions easier. As for the rest of your rants about the Paulies, start getting your panties in a bunch for Rand Paul in 2016. That was daddy Ron’s objective all along this year.

  5. I will just post what I shared last night on Facebook.

    There was a shocking event today that occurred from Nebraska’s GOP Delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa that I feel compelled to share with you. No it is not that Ron Paul didn’t get the Republican nomination, for those that have been paying attention to the political world for some time this is no shocker everyone knew Mitt Romney would be walking away the GOP nominee.

    Virtually all other States announced all delegate votes cast, regardless of candidate and whether or not their name was in nomination, including Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer, Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker, and even Mitt Romney’s own brother Scott from Michigan. The all gave respect to the delegates who took the time, money, and effort to get to Tampa and cast a vote for who they believed in. So when it was their turn to announce who won which delegate slots for their respective States they gave credit to all individuals who had votes cast for them: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, and several others.

    What was shocking was how Nebraska’s Delegation and State Chairman, Mark Fahleson, handled Nebraska’s vote. He had the audacity to deny 2 hard working Delegates Jon Tucker & Mary Jane Truemper the respect of announcing their 2 votes for Congressman Ron Paul and instead opted to only announced 33 votes for Mitt Romney. He didn’t even give them an abstention acknowledgement as a few other States did to their Delegates. The reason for the abstention vote would be because Dr. Paul’s name was not officially in nomination any vote cast for him or any other individual who’s name was not in nomination was an abstention vote.

    Once all State Delegations had cast their votes the Convention Chairman, Speaker John Boehner, gave any State the opportunity to modify or amend their roll call votes. Once again Mark Fahleson failed Nebraskan GOP members and chose not to amend Nebraska’s vote to include all 35 votes cast.

    The issue at hand is not that Congressman Ron Paul did or did not get nominated as the GOP President, most supporters of his realized this was not going to happen months ago. The issue is the total lack of respect shown to those interested in getting involved at the grassroots level and trying to have their voices heard. It completely disenfranchises anyone that would like to get involved at a local level and have any sort of chance at enacting any sort of change, within the GOP that is…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now hold on there. For at least 40+years there has been complaint about the disassociation between how the people vote and the party’s processes for allocation of delegates. Now there is a clearer line of reason between The People,NAND their vote, and the delegate allocation AND there is a problem? Look I’d a grass roots organization wants to achieve a certain action they need to win the hearts and minds of the majority of The People! Being crafty and inventive after The People have spoken through their vote IS NOT GRASSROOTS!

    So the Liberty Caucus needs to go out to The People and win there first!

  7. Ok great says:

    Above poster with that being said AND to be consistent let’s move to the popular vote to elect are next president!!! Wait you’re not a fan of being consistent???

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey Levi,
    Pull up your big boy pants and stop whining. I wouldn’t excepted anything less from Fahleson after he was forced to stay as party chairman (instead of national committeeman) when all the Paulbots were clamoring to get their guy in as chair.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The county and state conventions ARE NOT GRASSROOTS! The People voting in the booth are the real grassroots. By allocating delegates proportionally, there may even be a chance for MORE delegates to the National Convention. The Libertarian Party is recognized in Nebraska,Mao go out and win the the hearts and minds of the voters instead of cutting The People off at the convention. In this cycles Ron Paul didn’t win, that is the FACT. The rules committee changed a rule by the processes allowed and now there is a new process. Should the Libertarians gain control they can follow the rules and amend the rules via the valid process.

    Right now though it is time to set aside the differences and work together, even if it grates, to rid this country of the Liberal malaise we now have. For if we don’t work together to rid our country of this scourge, there may not be a country to fight over.

    Make no mistake about the critical nature of this election. The President has an agenda that is far worse than either the Libertarian or Republican party. This isn’t a game where there is always a next year. The debt crisis is very, very real. The issues surrounding energy and jobs are just as real. So in November we need to agree to disagree on the matters of the party, and focus instead on eliminating all vestiges of Obama!

  10. Respect says:

    How or where have Ron Paul supporters shown ‘Respect’ to Nebraskan voters? Ron Paul did not even win 10% of the Nebraska primary vote and yet the Ron Paul supports feel neglected? The Ron Paul movement has all the appearances of a cult and is closer to President Obama on the issues than Republicans. The Ron Paul supporters will probably vote, but 70% will write-in Ron Paul for President.

    I do not know if Mark purposefully only reported the Mitt Romney delegate count, but I am glad that he did. Ron Paul did not obtain the votes to win delegates during the primary, but worked the BACKROOMS to garner support (just like the corrupt machines of Chicago or Kansas City).

    Maybe NEGOP should change the rules to have delegates honor the voter’s verses activist’s cultist infatuation.

  11. Clint says:

    If I understand the new rules correctly, unless it is a winner take all state then the delegates would be awarded according to the amount of votes that they received in the primary. According to the secretary of state, Ron Paul won just under 10% of the popular vote in Nebraska. With 35 delegates that would equate to 3 or 4 votes which is actually less than how many were representing him in Tampa. So not only did Fahleson shaft the two delegates but also the 18,000 people in Nebraska that voted for Paul and were arguably under-represented at the convention. Thats a good way to bring the party together.

  12. Coward says:

    “I did not have to give an order to begin the killing,” Kerrey wrote in his memoir, “but I could have stopped it and I didn’t.”

  13. Rounding Error says:

    Clint, 10% is a rounding error. If Ron Paul supports were not so vain, they would support the election of conservative republicans.

  14. Guess what? says:

    Guess what? Ron Paul lost (head explodes). He did not get the nomination and he did not get the majority of votes in our primary. He deserves no votes from our delegation under the current rules and this system.

    You Ron Paul folks complain about back room deal and shady tactics when that is exactly what you have done!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Don Walton’s article today reports Brian Buescher as saying this about a potential run for State Party Chair next year. “”But I want to consult with all the appropriate statewide elected officials first to make sure they have someone they want in that office.”
    Really? Didn’t Deb Fischer’s win set the good ole’ boy network on its ear? How about checking with the worker bees in the counties, Brian? Or better yet, Republican voters. The Paul insurgency at the State Convention didn’t teach him anything? Keep it up and they will bring a determined and viable candidate to the State Chair race.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Levi- your movement lost. It is amazing that you think you should be extended a courtesy that you and your fellow Liberty folks didn’t extend to the the Republican Party of Nebraska. You and your group did everything they could by the rules, and even tried to go outside the rules in a few instances, and now you want the same Party to extend a privilege to you?

    Just like the poster above said, now is the time to wipe your hands off on your pants, and grab the rope and lend your back to the effort to remove Obama from office. Should we succeed in the effort, we will have saved our country. However, to squabble over the past in the face of what we know Obama will do to our country would be a true tragedy. Lets move forward and win the hearts and minds of Nebraskans and let them decide if the future, should we save it, should be led by Libertarian or Republican principles.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    So, why did Kerrey vote against Gulf War 1 (Were the Kuwaitis Red Sox fans?) but support Gulf War 2? Baffling. Sounds like somebody who doesn’t know what he stands for. Not a very reassuring trait at his age.

  18. Up in Omaha says:

    The reaction of the Ron Paul lover has proved to me that they are poor losers. Major of the people have reject Ron Paul. Grow up and get over it.

  19. @ #9: I will wholeheartedly disagree with you about the State and County Conventions not being part of the grassroots. The way the system is setup the Primary matters for State and Local candidates and issues and is where grassroots need to act to affect change on those matters. The conventions are where grassroots must get involved in order to affect Presidential and Party Platform change. They both serve different purposes.

    Now to your apportionment point, if our Delegates were allocated that way Dr. Paul would have received 3 Delegate votes not 2. He won exactly 9.95% of the Primary vote and was the only other candidate that had not suspended their campaign. I would provide the link but it keeps putting my comment into hold as I await moderation, however if you google “secretary of state nebraska president election results” the first link will be the one that shows the data.

    I am proud to not be a Democrat and clearly you have bought into this absurd notion that we are a Democracy and not a Republic. The reason I am proud to call myself a Republican is because our internal structure is mimicked after our Governmental structure and as such the minorities are protected just as much as the majority. Clearly you did not read my post and just wanted to rant because I even stated Dr. Paul did not win and it was no shocker, it was the utter disregard for those involved in the process and slap to anyone wanting to get involved with a differing opinion than the ruling majority.

    @ #10: The “Ron Paul supporters” have shown respect to the Nebraskan voters by following the process as working as any well informed electorate should. They learned the rules, they played by them, and they lost fair and square. You are correct on the “Ron Paul did not even win 10%” comment, although it was 9.95% which is pretty close to 10%.

    Please by all means give me all the examples with which you believe that those within the Liberty movement ally themselves with Obama on. I would love to know which ones they are, I am always eager to learn. I am not going to speak to this 70% number of write-ins you are referring to but I know that I am taking every effort on my part to not see this happen. Except I am pointing out where we have common ground with Mitt Romney or very uncommon ground with Obama. I do not care why someone will vote for Romney, only that they will.

    I do know that Mark purposefully reported only Mitt Romney’s votes because Jon Tucker was standing right behind him during the roll call. It was intentional and it was deliberate. Those votes should have been read because Dr. Paul did obtain those votes through not only your desired apportionment of Primary votes but through legitimate work through the actual process by which the votes were to be garnered. Maybe the NEGOP should change its rules to have Delegate allocation be winner take all or be bound to Primary results but they are not currently and that is where this whole issue stems.

    @ #12: Please can you provide links or more documentation on what you are referring to? I would love to increase my ammunition against Kerry.

    @ #14: Please define for everyone what you mean when you say “conservative republican.”

    @ #17: How were there backroom deals and shady tactics being done when it was nothing more than a following of the rules as they currently stood? I would really love to know.

    @ #20: Trying to lump a whole movement’s success or failure into one of its goals is just naive. Let me try to post it again because clearly you are just attempting to troll but not even doing a good job at it: “everyone knew Mitt Romney would be walking away the GOP nominee.”

    I am confused on what courtesy’s you think people from the RLC and like-minded allies did not extend to the Republican Party. There was no violence or predicted nastiness carried out. There were some individuals who attempt to claim they are with us who acted in appropriately to their State Senator who have already been condemned by myself and others. So please do enlighten me on what courtesy’s were not extended. Also please enlighten me on what rules were attempted to go outside of, I would love to be educated on that.

  20. 2 Obama ~ Ron Paul Examples says:

    Foreign Conflicts (actually Ron Paul wants us to pull back from all foreign interaction)
    Legalization of Drugs (once again Ron Paul is further to the left than Obama)

  21. Ron Paul is a Loser says:

    “If Ron Paul supports were not so vain, they would support the election of conservative republicans”

    hahaha. I am now certain that the only true thing about the Republican party is that it is just a party. Don’t ever ever claim Republicans are conservative. The 2012 nomination indicates they are anything but. First they ignore you, they ridicule you, then they become you…. I love all of the Ben Franklin, James Madison, Patrick Henry quotes the establishment GOP used yesterday. Pathetic. We don’t want the counterfeits. You’d have sabotaged their campaigns if they were alive and running today…. like you did Ron Paul.

    Don’t blame us Ron Paul folks for the loss in November. You did it to yourself. Way to reject the most energetic fundraising crowd. You have no future… just like the Democrats.

  22. Ron Paul is a Loser says:

    Hey guys I have an idea how to replace a large bank-funded, Patriot Act-supporting, NDAA-supporting, interventionist who doesn’t have a plan to reduce government spending.

    We’ll just put in Romney who is another large bank-funded, Patriot Act-supporting, NDAA-supporting, interventionist who doesn’t have a plan to reduce government spending.

    Yeah that’ll work.

  23. Caleb Cassel says:

    @ #24
    You are incorrect on both of those counts. Regarding foreign engagements, the Obama administration has not only piggybacked the Bush foreign policy, but it has expanded it. We have doubled the number of troops in Afghanistan since Bush was in office, and we are now engaged in several more Middle-East and North African countries which we were not directly involved in previously. We have also dramatically expanded our use of armed, unmanned drones in lieu of boots on the ground. Our president has no interested in seeking Congressional authorization for acts of violence overseas, and I don’t see that changing if/when the Republicans take power again with their new presidential nominee. And you think Paul is the one more similar to Obama? If you take the time to research his policies (start by reading “A Foreign Policy of Freedom”) then you will find they are more dissimilar than Obama and the new Republican nominee.

    On the second matter, you will find that Obama’s drug policy is not at all different than that of Bush or Romney. Obama did at one time indicate that he would back off on the states’ pursuit of medical marijuana initiatives, but all actions have been to the contrary, with the DEA raiding dispensaries in California. Whether you agree with this drug policy or not, the argument that Obama and Paul are similar on this matter is completely false when you look at their actions. Obama and Bush/Romney are much more similar. And going beyond disproving your statement, if we look at the Constitution, the federal government has no authority to control the substances within the states (under Article I section 8 and amendments 9 and 10). Somehow we needed a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, but now we think we can do whatever we want without an amendment. Paul simply wanted proper rule of law: either by constitutional authority, or by state authority. Not unconstitutional force at the federal level, which from a conservative viewpoint has been an enormous waste of federal tax money and a demonstrable failure of government.

  24. @ #26: Your 2 examples are inherently flawed and are only how the media has characterized him. With foreign interactions he would like to return to Constitutional based conflicts and strengthen our mobile defenses by increasing the Navy and National defense by having stronger bases within the US, you know the ones Clinton closed. He has no problems going to war or attacking Iran, he just would like the Congress to follow the Constitution and declare war. Is there something dangerous about following the Constitution?

    Also when it comes to the Drug War there is a difference between allowing the States make their own decisions and legalizing all drugs. There is also a difference between decriminalization and legalization. Decriminalization makes it legal for you if you are caught possessing certain drugs but it makes it illegal to produce and distribute those drugs. Portugal implemented a decriminalization approach in 2001 and “Five years later, the number of deaths from street drug overdoses dropped from around 400 to 290 annually, and the number of new HIV cases caused by using dirty needles to inject heroin, cocaine and other illegal substances plummeted from nearly 1,400 in 2000 to about 400 in 2006…” There is a great article on Scientific American’s website by Brian Vastag that explains all of this in great detail.

  25. NEGOP says:

    Brian tells Walton he had the votes…. Ahhhh no you didn’t.. Why not get support of the actual voters at state central committee.

  26. @Caleb says:

    How does Ron Paul address the budget? Decreased Spending / Increased Taxes?

    Immigration policy: Close the boarders? Deport ‘illegals? Increase ‘legal’ aliens quota?

  27. Spike says:

    Wow, DF gave the same lame speech at the convention that she gave in her intro to the debate in GI, except she changed one word, we from I, when speaking about a balanced NE budget. Really think she’s using an ear-prompter because her words were identical as her delivery was as lackluster & FLAT. And, BTW SS, who was the jerk that said Kerrey was “Wooden” at the dedate? Spin, spin, spin. Lies, lies, lies. It what GOPERS do best!! However I especially liked the cut-away shot showing the extremely sparse audience totally ignoring her in Tampa. What time did they give her? 6am?

    I also loved the cut-away shots to Rummey & his group that showed a totally intimidated & zombified Rummey, plastic Stepford Wife Ann & Sourpuss Rice also looking pissed & bored with Christy’s speech. The GOPER audience itself totally didn’t get what Christy was on about either.

    I find it very odd that you ignoramuses actually believe your keepers lies & double speak especially the one about Obama not doing anything to fix the total mess left by your other idiots Bush & Cheney! You braindead fools would vote in a Chimp if the backboys ran one!! Oh sorry, you already did that by electing Bush now didn’t YOU???

    One last thing, anyone know just what the MORMON Church has in mind to do with America if 89 IQ Rummey actually wins? I’m serious now, what will the Mormon Church do if they get the Gold Ring!!! Think about it if you all can pull your heads out of your….

  28. Spike says:

    Levi # 28,

    Your wasting your words on these Sheep concerning the total futility & $$$$$ waste of the Drug War. If these idiots could think, there wouldn’t be a Drug War or all the horrible problems caused by it!

  29. @Spike -The Joker says:

    I love having Spike demonstrate how Dems think. He uses gutter language and calls names. Plus, look at race and sex to categorize and exploit Americans.

    THx for making me laugh.

  30. Caleb Cassel says:

    @ #29
    Regarding spending, it’s a matter of Republicans being willing to take a scrutinizing look at our defense spending, while continuing to work at rolling back (NOT replacing) the social programs the progressives have given us. As a military veteran, and knowing several people who work under the umbrella of the DoD, it’s certain that not every defense dollar is sacred. In fact, there is immense and routine waste of tax dollars which does nothing to bolster our defense, yet the DoD still goes unaudited year after year while we vote to increase defense spending without giving it any thought. Yet we ring our hands at the growing national debt because liberals won’t let us touch their precious social programs, but we hold defense spending on a golden pedestal. Likewise, we need an executive who is willing to trim the fat within the executive branch and start closing some departments, or at least opening the idea to discussion. The downside is that this would reduce executive power which no president in recent history would be willing to do.

  31. Ron Paul is a Loser says:

    “Ron Paul is has been loser. Wake up Paulbots the party is over.”

    That statement demonstrates the prevailing wisdom of the old guard. It has never been about Ron Paul. You think in short terms like campaigns and candidates, we are playing long term on principles and ideas. Its a movement that just begun. We are going to fight for them until we leave this earth. You’ll never match our passion and enthusiasm with just a “candidate”… we will endure. Eventually you will learn about our principles (that were once common place) piece-wise. We are just further down the road than you. Eventually you will discover them on your own — “these Paul people, they were right”

    “How does Ron Paul address the budget? Decreased Spending / Increased Taxes?”

    He was the only candidate with a plan to balance the budget in 4 years. Google his plan to restore America

  32. @11:33 AM says:

    It has ONLY been a vanity exercise:

    Ron Paul
    And his supports that are willing to toss out the country with the bath water mentality

  33. Mother Jones Reader says:

    My view of Bob’s service in Vietnam has dramatically changed after reading about the Than Phong massacre. No wonder why the Vietnamese consider him a war criminal.

  34. Ron Paul is a Loser says:

    Don’t blame us. It’s not our fault you guys picked the worst candidate, knowing full well we were not going to go with anyone other than Paul. See the difference between us and you is that we understand Romney is no different than Obama. We don’t enjoy deluding ourselves for the purpose of sleeping better at night. We are indifferent whether it is Obama or Romney. Nothing is going to change. Review this in 4 years after Romney sends us down the shitter…. like Obama.

    The Republican party would rather lose to Obama than allow liberty into the party (which of course ironically it constantly boasts that it endorses). What the party hates more than Obama is true conservative authenticity.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Off topic, but RWP always opines how well Ireland is doing with its austerity program. Then why is their unemployment rate near 15%, 4th worst in Europe?

  36. Goober Natorial says:

    No, spike, there’d just be a lot more drugs. And all the problems caused by it. On the bright side, you’d have probably OD’d by now and we could all enjoy LS without having to smell your posts and the noxious fumes they leave behind. So, it wouldn’t be all bad.

  37. anonymous says:

    As a Ron Paul supporter, I have a message to all the Ron Paul whiners who post here, we failed to educate/convince approximately 90% of the Republican voters in this stateof the merits of Mr Paul’s platform. .Instead of crying in this forum of your failure, support the current Republican ticket, work to elect the “R’s” from top to bottom. After the election is over and looking to 2014, lets work to educate the electorate in returning to the principals that our nation was founded upon

  38. @Goober Natorial: If the numbers from the Netherlands and Portugal are any indication then you are incorrect. There would be less drugs, less addicts, less disease as a result of drugs, less crime related to drugs, less of a burden on our prison system, and less government spending from all branches of government.

  39. Goober Natorial says:

    Happened to find a function on the LJS website that allows you to view all the recent mugshots from Lancaster county. When I saw the mugshot for Charlie Rogers, it looked different to me. She appeared to be wearing a nice striped blouse. Like her own clothes. But when you scroll through the mugshots, you’ll find that to be an aberration. Every other mugshot I saw showed the person either wearing some kind of jail scrubs or the kind of black nylon cape with velcro closure you would find at a beauty shop, worn over top of their own clothes. Only Charlie Rogers had her mugshot taken while dressed in normal clothes. Whenever anyone else’s mugshot is published, it will clearly be a mugshot. But not Charlie Rogers. I wonder why she got special treatment.

  40. Reality Check says:

    Goober, Goober, Goober! “I wonder why she got special treatment.”

    Really Goober? Now I am yelling….it’s because it is the Lincoln Journal Star, for cryn’ out loud!!! What else do you expect from that poor excuse of a newspaper?

  41. Blue Pill or Red Pill = Same Thing says:

    As an outsider looking into your party, The GOP gets beat their own rules, then re-writes them to keep block off a portion of the party. At this point, Romney’s power grab in the GOP is just as bad as Obama’s power grab in the last 4 years. I liked Obama’s platform in 2008 compared to that crackhead the GOP ran…unfortunately, Obama trashed this country, and if Romney gets elected, he’ll just keep pouring the gas onto the fire.

  42. Goober Natorial says:

    Levi, I think there are lots of differences between the people inclined to do drugs here versus people in Europe. Maybe they lay off the dope in Amsterdam, but they also lay off the extra large fries with that. The drug snorting crowd in America doesn’t seem to have that level of discipline.

  43. Goober, they lay off the dope because there is no real thrill in it other than whatever enjoyment gets from drugs, I have never taken any illegal drugs so I don’t have first hand experience on what the enjoyment is. That being said I disagree with someone doing drugs but I don’t feel it is my or anyone else’s right to stop them from hurting themselves. We let people every day get cirrhosis of the liver and lung, throat, etc cancer from drinking and smoking. We let people every day overdose on legal drugs that are either over the counter or prescription. Is it sad when someone harms themselves by abusing a substance? Yes. However, there are different methods out there to dealing with the problem then our proven failed system. I say we give that a shot.

  44. Spike says:


    So good to see that there is actually one rational & thinking GOPER here about. But as I said before, you’re wasting your words on the vast majority of people that read this… especially the mentally challenged like Goober N whom I’m sure is totally incapable of one original thought!!

    Speaking of, does anyone know what DF’s IQ is? It’s interesting to see how she got Brunings lying balls playbook all of a sudden. But like I said before, you GOPERS would elect a CHIMP if told to do so by your Masters!!!

    Still no response to what the Mormon Church has in store for America IF their Boy Mitt can baffle the GOP sheep enough to win in Nov!!!

  45. SoWhat??? says:

    Some proggie moron posed the question above “Why is Ireland’s unemployment rate at 15%?”. Because for decades they had proggie idiots running their government and handing out all sorts of freebies to proggie slackers. Then as was inevitable, the gravy train derailed and the proggies are out of government and their pet slackers are unemployed. For the average hard working Irish folk, they unfortunately went down with the ship as their own government crashed the value of any savings or assets they might have put aside. That should be a cautionary tale for what happens when the cancer of progressive political ideology is allowed to spread like cancer in a society. Proggies are no different than cancer cells and deserve no better treatment either.

  46. Lil Mac says:

    Liberal reporters credit Bob Kerrey with “sardonic wit and straight talk”. Others call it potty mouth.


    What a classy guy! Bob Kerrey is like a Benny Hill with Tourette’s.

  47. Lil Mac says:

    Please note those are direct quotes by Bob Kerrey himself.

    BTW, the first of those three quotes killed Kerrey’s presidential aspirations in 1991. Ten years later, the idiot was apparently overheard telling Bill Clinton the same vulgar joke and Kerrey’s chestnuts got roasted all over again.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hey Levi, Caleb and other Paulbots,

    If you go in with the attitude that the “establishment” are all a bunch of crooks and liberals and that the ‘people were misinformed, so we have to fix their mistake at the conventions’, of course the party activists are going to give you the cold shoulder

  49. @ #58: Have I called anyone a crook, liberal, etc.? I don’t believe I have. All I can see that occurred were hundreds of new, excited, individuals getting involved in the Republican party, learning the rules, and following them.

    Then what I have seen is this perceived fear that somehow these individuals getting involved were only here to shove everyone out the door and then disappear never to be heard from again. When it seems that just the opposite has occurred. The “Paulbots” are more involved in party affairs than these “party activists” you speak of. Well unless you count the social events that do nothing to educate or advance the party or its candidates.

    There are a few long time Republicans that have wizened up to fact that these individuals are not going away and along with that wisdom offers have been extended to people to show them how to properly conduct party business, how to effectively fund raise, how to assist candidates, etc. Then there are the few, like yourself, who simply want to whine and complain because either you, someone you know, or you heard about someone who has been around for a long time and was out organized at a convention and lost a spot they thought they deserved or were entitled to.

    Let me try to make something clear for you and anyone else paying attention. Try not to respond without giving it some time to sink in.

    Ron Paul is no longer a candidate for anything and is never going to be again.

    So, knowing that, what are you going to continue hating me, or anyone else that was inspired to get involved in the party because of Dr. Paul, for? Is it because we are going to vote for Mitt Romney? Is it because we will vote for Deb Fisher? Is it because we will vote for Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry, or Adrian Smith? Is it because we will vote for any of the many other Republicans running for office across the State? Is it because we are helping fund raise, donating time, money, & energy to get candidates elected? Could it possibly be because we are serving on committees, attending luncheons, and bringing new people into the party?

    Please enlighten me, I really want to know.

  50. Spike says:

    According to the Wiki blurb on DF, her father was Directory of Roads for NE under Orr. It states that he was Directory of Roads, not Director, mind you. [DF LA’s in action I suspect.] What other DC Pols might have to look forward to if she makes the cut?

    Now I seem to remember someone posting here or there that one of the 1st. things she tried to pull off as a NSS was a $ 3 B or $30 B road improvement bill that would have bankrupt the state but filled the pockets of a lot of her fathers Good Old Boy network had it gone through! Of course there would have been a few crumbs thrown his & her way I’m sure.. Now what I’d like to know is, just what’s all this Fiscal Responsibility BS she’s been slinging of late & also the lies that shes been spouting lately about not wanting to be a US Senator in her speeches while in fact, she has been documented stating that that has been her goal for at least 10 years!

    Me thinks DF is nothing but an Ego Centric, lying, ambitious, [use the word John McCain used to describe Sarah Palin].

    So the bottom line is, let’s drop the Welfare Rancher bit & let’s look more closely into the Road bill that she sponsored & also into the books of her Sunny Slope Ranch Corp. because she might be trying to play the Innocent Little Wife on the Prairie bimbo role but I have a hunch that she’s a real Snake in the Grasslands!!

  51. Answer says:

    Levi they hate you cause you haven’t paid your dues and are already in a leadership roll. Unfortunately they do not understand competition. In a competition the best, not always the more expienced sometimes win. Let’s get together and focus on nov. 6th! Like a friggin high school up in here.

  52. RE #42, who wrote: “As a Ron Paul supporter, I have a message to all the Ron Paul whiners who post here, we failed to educate/convince approximately 90% of the Republican voters in this state of the merits of Mr Paul’s platform.”

    You’ve completely missed the mark on your failing. We’re all well aware of Mr. Paul’s platform, but we’re also aware that people other than Republicans will be voting for POTUS. The problem, from the beginning, was electability of whoever the Republicans presented as their nominee. Quite simply, the Republican voters found Romney more electable than Paul, and in the end, the objective is to unseat Obama. I understand that you’ll disagree with that sentiment, and that’s fine, but that’s the way it is.

    Spike, for being a Democrat, you sure do love you some misogyny and homophobia. But please, don’t stop your closet bigotry on my account…the more you type, the more people learn what a scumbag you are.

  53. Goober Natorial says:

    Levi, you pronounce the drug war a failure but neither you nor I know where we would be without it. For all either of us know, the drug problem in this country could be worse. And you say to each his own and if people want to harm themselves, we should leave it up to them. That’s a naive sentiment. No man is an island and what you do affects me either directly or indirectly. Fry your brain on drugs, and I’m going to have to support you through my taxes. Fry your unborn child’s brain because you’re doing drugs while pregnant and I have to support him for a lifetime. Doing drugs in your own druggie house and you have your druggie friends over making noise and breaking shit and the police will be coming over and you’ll be too strung out to mow your damn lawn and I won’t want to live next to you. But I won’t be able to sell my house because no one will want to move in next to a druggie, and now you’ll have driven down my property value, you asshole. So, what you do does affect me and gives me an interest in wanting to regulate your self destructive behavior even though you think it affects no one but yourself. (I know you don’t do drugs and I’m not literally calling you an asshole. Just this hypothetical druggie who lives next door to someone.)

  54. Goober Natorial says:

    Speaking of your “to each their own, let them harm themselves if they want” philosophy, Levi, its that kind of “what I do in my own house doesn’t affect you” mindset that has turned the near south neighborhood in Lincoln into a crime zone with street gangs and hookers, unsuitable for raising a family. Sad part is that some of the families who live there have no choice. What are you doing to help them? Legalize drugs so that their kids grow up like shit?

  55. Spike says:

    Goober FYI; It’s Big Pharma, Drug Lords, & the Booze Makers, that have brain washed you, [that is if you had a functioning brain to be washed] into what you are regurgitating above. You are just spouting what they have their lawyers & ad men create.

    If you could be so kind, could you tell me the difference between legal, Toxic, Violence inducing, Poison Alcohol & the natural, healing herb Cannabis??

    Go on, research it a bit, then try to use your pea brain & give it a try???

  56. Guess what? says:

    Caleb, Levi: our primary is winner take all for delegate apportionment. I am sorry you feel that you need to Circumvent the current system to win but the fact is
    You didnt have the votes. Want a change? Get more like minded people elected.

    Until then, play by the rules and support the party or please leave.

    I am a supporter of a lot of Dr. Paul’s ideals but a great many of you have done a great disservice to a movent that started with good ideas and integrity.

    I look forward to seeing both of you pick up and join the fight instead of against it.

    This is a message you may want to pass along to John Tucker / Scott Peterson as I am tired of seeing you guys shoot yourselves in the foot and dammage the party.

  57. AnOnYmOuS says:

    Yeah…this in-fighting has been a very expedient use of time and energy Time to stop bickering and pointing fingers. Time to focus on the evil that is Barack Hussein Obama! The petty stuff will be there waiting after November.

  58. Goober Natorial says:

    Spike, what ads have drug lords, big pharma and the booze makers created that even remotely compares to what I posted above? Spike, I think your skank-ass mom did too much meth while knocked up with you. Your comments reflect the thinking of someone still struggling with the effects of fetal alcohol/drug syndrome.

  59. Birds in the air says:

    Fahelson there are good republicans that are not Ron Paul people that want to get elected. By throwing up a big FU to them at convention is gonna put a target on all republicans and they are gonna label non Ron Paul people as establishment. Couldn’t you just let your ego go recongnize them real quick and move on. They control a good portion of the central committee and your temper tatrum all but assured they will vote out good republicans. Just give them a f’n olive branch and move on. Very dumb , ego driven move. You all but screwed Brian B chances for NEGOP chair…. Think next time!

  60. @ #66: Clearly you have no concept of Party rules because Nebraska is most certainly not a winner take all Primary, there are only 10 States with a winner take all rule the rest operate under apportionment or how Nebraska does. In short, learn you some before you spout off nonsense.

    @ Goober: So clearly you are completely okay with Obamacare because all of our health decisions affect your taxes or healthcare costs. Staying on the healthcare train how you eat and excercise directly affects your health, so we will be banning all unhealthy foods and requiring you (under penalty of jail) to do 100 pushups, 100 situps, and jog 1 mile every day. Wait a second though… You need to be able to afford things otherwise if you can’t afford to purchase a lawn mower and maintain your house it will drive other’s home values down. So clearly we need to raise the minimum wage to $200/hr that way everyone is able to afford things. Wait I have a tenative grasp on supply/demand so I understand some prices will rise… PRICE CONTROLS!!! Gotta just lock in all products sold across the nation at their current levels, with any new product or services entering the market having to be evaluated by a new government agency to determine proper pricing.

    To clarify that was all sarcasm and also called a strawman argument. It is the type of argument you just attempted. If you would like to have a substanitive discussion on the issues only empirical and logical evidence can be used, not strawmen. Examples include the numbers I mentioned ealier regarding Portugal. Also, please don’t take me for someone believes that marijuana is some miracle drug, I don’t. I think there might be properties of the plant that may have some medical, scientific, and industrial uses but that is irrelevant to the conversation. There is a proper role of government and there is an improper role, mandating what someone can and cannot do with their own body and property is not a proper role. If their actions infringe upon your body or property government make take action to defend you but only after a violation has occurred.

  61. Anon #56 says:

    Im glad for you to be curious of why most of the party casts a suspicious eye towards the Paulbots.

    First, you’re right, you yourself on this post did not say that the establishment is full of crooks and liberals. But plenty of other Paulers nationally and in Nebraska have said so over the last several months, if not years.

    Secondly, we’ve seen this movie before; 4 years ago in fact. All the Paulers got involved leading up to the conventions, then all but a few disappeared afterwards.

    But I don’t hate the Paulers because they like Ron Paul. I don’t like them because they just waltz in and immediately demand the leadership positions.

  62. Anonymous says:

    @SoWhat???: Why don’t you read something and learn the facts before posting. Ireland was a huge success story for a while. But they made the mistake of deregulating too much, so banks started lending to anyone who had a pulse. Eventually these loans mostly went bad, and today’s the result. (Does this story sound familiar?)

    Your idiocy is typical of most of the posters on this site. Surprised you were able to learn how to use a computer, or type.

    Levi, you have to understand that Goober is a typical conservative who fears change. “Don’t change anything ’cause the results might be worse” is the mantra, and it guarantees that nothing can get better.

  63. Levi don't fret says:

    Most of the posters are scorch the earth 20 something glad to holding a clip board and reading people’s votes at the convention types. Not real power brokers! Kinda like enforcers versus capos

  64. RWP says:

    Aw, Jeez, what is this, a competition to post comments about Ireland even stupider than Paul Krugman’s?

    Ireland had a massive property bubble, bigger than the US. This was a result of low interest rates caused by membership in the Euro, coupled with a huge increase in immigration and repatriation, and idiotic levels of speculation. I personally did very nicely from it, having inherited a house that had appreciated 10,000% before I sold it ahead of the crash. At the height of the bubble, small 3-bedroom duplex houses 8 miles from Dublin city center were selling for a million bucks.

    There was a degree of corruption in the banking sector, but it probably wasn’t the main cause. However, once the bubble burst several banks became massively insolvent. The Irish government was pressured to backstop the losses, largely by European central bankers who were worried about domino-style collapses of bondholders, as well as contagion. They also received really bad advice from people like Krugman, who advised nationalization. The Finance Minister was out of his depth, and dying of cancer. As a result of the nationalization, Ireland went from having one of the lowest sovereign debts in Europe, to the highest. When you’re at that level of debt, it’s a long, slow climb out.

    Of course, Ireland should have let the banks go bankrupt, and let the (mostly Dutch and German) investors take the loss. No libertarian or real advocate of free market capitalism supports bank bailouts.

    Ireland’s unemployment has been endemically high. And unemployment is a lagging indicator. It will be a while before it drops.

  65. Spike says:

    Wow has McCain totally lost his mind or what!!! Thank GOD that that NUTJOB LOST!! Ah but I suppose we should all thank that other NUTJOB, Sarah P!!!

  66. Interested Observer says:

    Goober Natorial at 4:36 PM said, ” And you say to each his own and if people want to harm themselves, we should leave it up to them. That’s a naive sentiment. No man is an island and what you do affects me either directly or indirectly.”

    Now, this is going to surprise a few of you, but I agree with Goober Natorial completely on this point. If some of those drug users actually had to work for a living and didn’t live off welfare, they wouldn’t have time to be strung out.

  67. Business lesson for Fahelson says:

    Your business is to elect Romney. Did the Ron Paul people throw a monkey wrench in your political aspirations.. Yes.. Did the Paul people try to take over the party by questionable means?? Perhaps… Are the Paul people making you use time and resources that would be better used elected republicans?? Most definetly!!! But some times in business you are served a poop sandwich. If you are business of electing Romney … And you will need paulies help… Then swallow your pride.. Grab the mustard and eat the poop sandwich!!! I truly think Fahelson took one for the team and got the short end of the stick… But an FU to half the state central committee?? Not smart:

  68. Will Paul Work To Defeat Obama? says:

    Ron Paul supporters need to face facts. 2 + 2 = 4. Paul did not appeal win any primaries and could not capture enough states to put his name into nomination. In other words…..HE LOST!

    Now we must face reality and work to elect Mitt Romney!

    Sadly, comments from Paul supporters like “Business Lesson for Fahelson” show that they will not vote Mitt Romney or work to defeat Pres Obama. Levi’s comments indicate that he prefers Ron Paul, but he will support Romney. It is sad to think that many Paul voters are selfish and will only vote for their cult hero.

    “Business Lesson….” you must have been asleep last month. Mark Fahelson took Ron Paul to school and delivered Nebraska for Mitt Romney (a.k.a. following the primary voter’s wishes…not some private agenda). It will be difficult to stay on State Central Committee if you only show up during Presidential elections.

    Let’s get to work and elect MITT ROMNEY!!!

  69. RWP says:

    I voted for Ron Paul in 2008. I love the man like a brother. I still wear proudly wear my Ron Paul R3volution teeshirt.

    Libertarianism is my philosophy, It’s a goal, but for the moment the immediate issue is to educate people not to regard the gummint as their mommy, and to get people off the gummint tit. Purity of essence is a leftist idea. We are pragmatists. We deal in reality.

    Our country teeters on the edge of having half its voting population serfs of the gummint. We need to get away from that precipice. That demands we defeat Obama. Everything else is secondary.

    We are a free people, but only just. Elect Obama again, and we may not be continue to be a free people. Let’s keep the long term goal in mind, but focus on the short term goal.

  70. Spike says:

    Gerry H, aka rwp

    Just what Drugs does your Doc have you on that makes you totally delusional?? If you could possibly refer to your diaries from the Bush years of Homeland Terror, you might remember how the agenda of the Bush/Cheney American NeoNazi Party was to end FREEDOM in America as we had come to know it. This was all a continuation of his Grand Dads funding & total support for Hitler & Nazi Germany through his bank UBS for which he was threatened with criminal prosecution. Needless to say money talks so he walked.

    On another note; it has finally dawned on me as to just what the GOPER NE mentality can be likened to & it turns out to be the same as that of the German people in the 1930’s following like sheep, Adolph Hitler. Oh, I’m sure you are very well aware that your people, the Irish also loved & followed Hitler!

    Oh BTW; have you ever read that great Irish wit, G. B. Shaw’s story ” A Black Girl in Search of God “. If you haven’t, [ I know you chemical types tend to be sub-literate when it comes to the Fine Arts ], I’ll save you the trouble & spoil it for you by giving you the plot. The Black Girl after beating her head against a lot of brick walls searching for God, settles instead, by ending her search, by marrying an Irish Man!!!

    BTW; are you taking medication for schizophrenia or just simple clinical depression? & what about you Jordan, you seem to me like a Cocaine type, you know, The High Class High with the Big Downer!

    You’re right Gerry, medicinal MJ, which is a hell of a lot better than anything Big Pharma has to offer or Jack Daniels because all that they produce are TOXIC POISONS!! I suggest you might just give MJ a try as I read that it seems to help Schizophrenics with out the deadly side effects of the prescribed crap that you’re probably on!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Comparing rants shows angry republican IO and insane democrat Spike are both the neurologically impaired BTO. Schizophrenia indeed.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Oh it is much worse than schizophrenia. Osborn also acts as an agent provocateur, posting as Goober Natorial. Goober, IO and Spike all showed up at about the same time that he stopped posting here under his real name.

  73. Business lesson for Fahelson says:

    The funny thing about the youngsters popping off at the mouth. An old saying to remember. Just because you are in the dinning room does not mean you have a place at the table. The world needs servers too .

  74. Will Paul work... says:

    You realize when you post quickly under three desperate names but use the same narrative we know it is the same person. Your strength in numbers mantra is obvious. Keep up the good good work though! RWP is right though. We will vote for Romney because it is much better then Obama.

  75. TexasAnnie says:

    And by the way, establishment Republicans have been blaming Obama for a $5T increase in the national debt, without noting that Republicans & Democrats, in unison, voted for bank bailouts (for the U.S. and Europe). Ask Lee Terry about that!

  76. TexasAnnie says:

    And while it is true that Obama did not get as much stimulus money as hoped for, and probably would have increased the national debt even more than what has happened, blaming him solely for the increase we got is going to backfire…

  77. TexasAnnie says:

    …and that’s the one part of Paul Ryan’s otherwise excellent speech last evening that I took exception to…

    Now, we’re back on track with the topic at hand folks.

  78. RWP says:

    Spike, me lad, I came of age in the 1970s. There’s very little you could teach me about marijuana.

    You have a paranoid and delusional belief system. Use of marijuana will exacerbate that. You should consider whether it’s a good idea.

  79. Chris Scott says:

    Can we just move on from all this in fighting and focus on November? And the tweet about not getting an invite to the “cool-kids party?” I will just leave that one alone.

  80. Anonymous says:

    @Chris Scott,

    I dont know about you, but I can focus on the election AND fight you and the other Paulbots. We’re not going to stop just because you’re crying foul. You might’ve not notice, but this is grown-up politics.

  81. Goober Natorial says:

    I find it hilarious that someone thinks I’m BTO. But, I find it even more hilarious that someone thinks BTO, IO, and I are all the same person. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s still funny. But, here’s the thing. I don’t know for sure, but I strongly doubt that IO is some democrat operative assigned to attack her on behalf of the Kerrey campaign. I looked back in the archives and IO was obsessed with Deb before she started closing the gap, at a point in time when no one thought she would contend. Only someone genuinely obsessed with Deb Fischer would have felt the need to attack her at that point. I believe that IO is someone who has a personal grudge against Deb and is probably from Valentine as he claims. Beyond that, I don’t believe anything else IO has to say about himself.

  82. Reality Check says:

    At 93,94,95,96, and 97. Geez TexasAnnie, next time sit down, calm down, and compose your thoughts before posting. Think of all of the little people who won’t be able to post because you hogged the entire supply,

  83. Booze Cruise Captain says:

    I would like to say thank you to the Nebraska delegates for bailing on your duties and joining me on a fantastic voyage. I really enjoyed watching Andrew Northwall and Brandon Petersen taking body shots off each other. Let me know if you a captain for future adventures on the high seas.

  84. Spike says:

    Interesting fact; Reagan, especially & Bush 1 raised the National Debt the most of all modern Presidents & the interest that America is paying on the debt that your Golden Boys Reagan & Bush created, is what, is in fact burying America in debt!

    So why don’t you jerk GOPERS get off your Balanced Budget Bull Shite lies already!!

    BTW; How do you GOPERS feel now that the Nazi Wannabee Homeland Terrorist Bush /Cheney are gone? Don’t you feel a bit more secure knowing that your own government isn’t going to attack you?? Be honest now. I know being honest comes very hard for you GOPERS but try real hard now!! Ah FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, it worked so well for those two Devils… & Condi!!

    Just think, Obama may not be Bill Clinton but he sure is light years better than those 2 Nazi’s, Bush & Cheney!!!

    One last question, why is it that you clowns nominate such radical despots to run for POTUS?? Last Smart move you made was Dwight D. Eisenhower & that’s what, about 60 years ago. Come on, you could have done a lot better than MORMON MITT who’s out to fulfill the White Horse Prophecy of the Mormon Church!!! Remember Mitts not just a Mormon but he’s a Mormon Bishop/Cardinal. Now I ask you, would you elect a Catholic Cardinal to be POTUS?? Think about it. Now google White Horse Mormon Prophecy & grow your pea brains a bit!!

  85. Goober Natorial says:

    Good speeches at the GOP convention last night. Good lineup in general. Every single one of the speakers I have seen so far has talked about their humble beginnings and related stories about parents who started out with nothing and built businesses and became successful. I think this is designed to combat the image that all these Republicans were born with silver spoons in their mouths. As well as to take shots at Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment. I think its been quite effective. And they’ve had a wide array of minorities at the podium, which I think is awesome. MSNBC for awhile was cutting away from the minority speakers and only showing the white men, which is what you expect of MSNBC.

    But one of the more astonishing exchanges, even by MSNBC standards, was when Martin Bashir and Lawrence O’Donnel actually tried to argue that taking shots at Obama for the amount of time he spends golfing is … racist. Yep. Racist. Try to follow along with their logic. When you mention Obama golfing, you’re clearly trying to get people to connect him to Tiger Woods. And when you think of Tiger Woods, you think about his sex scandal. And there is evidently some racial stereotype of the sexual proclivities of black athletes like Tiger Woods, so when you complain that Obama golfs too much, what you’re really saying is that Obama is a sexual maniac. It’s hard to argue with that logic, huh?

  86. Anonymous says:


    Of course, Ireland should have let the banks go bankrupt, and let the (mostly Dutch and German) investors take the loss. No libertarian or real advocate of free market capitalism supports bank bailouts.

    On this point, a liberal agrees with you.

  87. Spike, I don’t know about everyone else, but I never feared attack from the government when Bush was president. I fear it more now, with Obama as President, than I ever have in my life. That’s not to say that I’m super-afraid of being attacked by the government, just that I believe Obama is more likely to attack my gun-and-religion-clinging ass than any other previous POTUS.

    The fact that you feared such an attack is almost as hysterical as your ranting tirades. How many Nazi references can you pack into one post? Here’s an idea, why don’t you try talking to a Holocaust survivor some time and tell them how bad you had it under that oh-so-oppressive Bush ‘regime’. If they can’t beat the living shit out of you, they’ll probably find someone who can. And they should. Idiots like you diminish the actual atrocity that was the Nazi regime.

    Oh, and this last bit explained a lot about you, “Now google White Horse Mormon Prophecy & grow your pea brains a bit!!”

    Indeed, Spike is the kind of person who believes everything he reads on the internet. After all, they can’t put it on the internet if it’s not true…right?! Hey Spike, while you’re hammering away on the Google machine, do a search for Godwin’s Law sometime.

  88. What is booze cruise captain talking about? says:

    Nebraska delegates what is booze captain talking about??? Is this true you skipped out on your elected duties to party? The objective conservative just put up a story on this. Next time lets send delegates that dont get drunk on the companies time. I hope this isnt true.

  89. Up In Omaha says:

    @ TexasAnnie- You need to pay more attention to the news. Republicans including Lee Terry have stated that TARP was a mistake. And Republicans have said that they made mistakes in spending to much while they were in power. Think before you post and don’t just listen King of Pork Ron Paul all the time.

  90. Goober Natorial says:

    Have you people ever been to a convention, political or otherwise? You don’t have to attend every session on the main stage. There are other events and meetings going on during the day that don’t conflict with the main stuff. At the RNC, there was an event honoring Dave Heineman held on a little cruise boat. Many of the Nebraska delegation attended. No big deal.

  91. Nebraska Delegation says:

    Hopefully you not be casting any ballots with a #2 pencil and a fill in oval. After last nights all night booze cruise this feat may present a challenge.

  92. Young Republicans says:

    When you wake up from your booze cruise hangover make sure and use Wayne Bena’s senior citizen discount for the early bird special.

  93. Macdaddy says:

    What’s with all the fuddy-duddy prudes on the liberal side? I thought Republicans were supposed to be the straight-laced teetotalers and here we have the liberals tut-tutting like the church lady from SNL.

  94. Jack Daniels says:

    Thank for the invite on last night’s Republican Convention Booze Cruise. Next time I’ll bring my buddy Jim Beam.

  95. Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce says:

    Apparently the chamber is reporting a massive increase in zima and jolly ranchers sales. Wonder what the catalyst of this sales grow is .

  96. Question says:

    How much of NEGOP donations were used to find this all night rauchous booze cruiser. I heard the national guard was called in to break up the party.

  97. Rumor about booze cruise says:

    I heard one of the young republicans go so plastered that he vomited in the ” give Ben Nelson the boot” cowboy boot. Boy Fahelson is going to be upset.

  98. Chris Scott says:

    @Chris Scott, 9:50–I actually voted for Romney and will continue to do so. I have stated this many times in interviews but there have been so many interviews I sometimes forget which interviews that I have stated I am not a Ron Paul guy. Oh well I suppose I will have to go through the countless podcasts to give you definitive proof. As far as this being “grown up politics” if you are referring to anonymous name calling as grown up politics then I just do not know what to say to that.

    BTW….let me know if you want a copy of those podcasts.


  99. Young Republicans Inc. says:

    Looks like you did use funds! SS maybe you should lay off your I Phone and worry about your duties at the convention.

  100. @ Delegation Hater says:

    Dear Nebraska Ron Paul Delegates,

    Sorry you did not join in the scheduled events that our delegation is a part of. Maybe if you or your partner in arms actually hung out with the Nebraska delegation your synopsis of it would be a bit more accurate.

    Hell even your bad boy Scott Peterson joined in the fun for a bit today!

    Newsflash: Conventions, even corporate, are not work all the time.

    We work at home to get Republicans elected while you sit and complain.

    People are now relaxing a bit before we go back to work to get Mitt elected in November and guess what? Your still here complaining.

    And when we get back, and are hard at work making sure Obama doesn’t have 4 more years…

    you guessed it, you will still be complaining.

    Maybe if you actually worked to strengthen our best Chance to beat Obama instead of doing everything in your power to harm it folks would treat you better.

    You are doing a massive disservice to the Libertarian wing of the party by making sure it never is taken seriously.


    Maybe go join your crazy buddies from Maine that keep interrupting the convention for no apparent reason. I hear they would love to have you.

  101. YR News Flash says:

    Hey Travis Keiderlinginggooberdorf
    Why so worried about the YR financial docs? You’re pretty good at cutting comments from the blog.

  102. Ha says:

    YR News Flash- It’s funny you think Travis Keiderling has anything to do with this managing this blog. I mean, come on, he didn’t even have a smart phone until a year or so ago. Plus, when this blog started he wasn’t even in the state.

  103. @ Jon Tucker says:

    Enough. If you are so simple minded to know that its pretty simple to find out that your posting from the same location as the NE Delegation is staying then wake up!

    You don’t need to go on an anonymous blog and try to bash anyone that is a Young Republican (or for that matter anyone that disagrees with you) You can find any of us right here, right now, in the same hotel as you.

    Stop embarrassing yourself.

  104. Can do Southwall says:

    I was on the booze cruise last night or was it last week? Can’t remember I was so lit up. Thank the lord for the NEGOP credit card!

  105. @Ha says:

    That’s weird you know how to spell Keiderlinginggooberdorf’s name. You must have read it on the inside of Travis’ undies. Good thing his mom packed for him. Aren’t you guys late for an elephant parade?

  106. Nerd Patrol says:

    I have a warrant for the arrest of the YRs. The rule states that only 50% of a club or organization can be nerds or nerd like. We have been staking out Charlie’s on the Lake for some time now and have concluded that the YRs have surpassed 90%. I’m sorry to inform you that we must confiscate your Pogs, nunchucks and your massive amounts of downloaded pictures of Kimmy Gibbler.

  107. Can do Southwall says:

    So you do not refute the claim that puts you in direct violation of the law. Guards take them to jail. I would offer you congigal visits but lets be honest… No need

  108. OMG says:

    I’m a YR from Ohio and I’m so excited. I just met Andrew Northwall and Brandon Petersen! These guys are the next great dynamic duo.

  109. Anonymous says:

    So you Democrats know that there is a pimple on the GOP elephant’s ass. Good. Get that for us, will you please. Its hard to reach and you are already back there sniffing around.

    Its not like we don’t appreciate your help getting our ass pimples, but is this something you do on orders from Obama or did you get the idea from Barney?

  110. @jon tucker says:

    I am glad that the Ron Paul folks are more than happy to keep attacking our own
    Party than help elect Romney!

    You guys are a great gift to the democrat party! You must be so proud!

  111. TexasAnnie says:

    Up in Omaha at 10:40am, yesterday: “King of Pork Ron Paul” ??? I can’t fathom your meaning…

    Are you saying Republicans including Lee Terry only have to say they made a mistake about TARP and thus are to be excused for piling on the national debt. And are you saying thusly that it’s okay for them to blame the national debt on Obama now? You’re not making sense, my friend (if indeed, you were a friend rather than foe when I lived there).

    AGAIN for those slow on the uptake: A vote for Romney will not produce change. We’ll still have the excesses of Wall St., an unjust tax code, Obama-like health care, the national debt and war! However if Romney does win, we will have a different figurehead…


  112. Goober Natorial says:

    Wow. Awesome lineup of speeches last night. Rubio loaded the bases and Romney hit a towering grand slam. I thought Romney’s speech was very well written and his delivery seemed very natural. Just a superb delivery. Very genuine. His attacks on Obama weren’t hostile but almost like he regretted having to say what he had to say. I think that approach was strategicly very smart. Just an outstanding finish to the convention.

    I’d give A plusses to Romney, Rubio, and Condi Rice.

    A goes to Artur Davis, Susana Martinez, Mia Love and Chris Christie.

    A minus to Ann Romney (slow start), Paul Ryan (delivery could have been a bit more dynamic).

    Everyone else I either didn’t see or gets B plus or lower.

    Overall, though, the speeches were well-themed. Fantastic job about getting the message across.

  113. Lil Mac says:

    So, you think Romney will not produce change? Does that mean Obama will? Or maybe a physician needs to do a pap smear on America. Maybe some pioneer to lead us to live in sod houses. Get real.

    Strip away all the politics, boil it down, and the federal does little but take money from people and give it to other people, with a big slice for bureaucracy. Fixing and running federal government is all about money managers being either stupid or smart.

    A President is sort of like Uncle Sam’s wife who manages the US household. Obama manages this our home, but he is addicted to plastic, wastes money, punishes the good kids and rewards the bad kids, leaves the doors open and unprotected, and he flirts with the nastiest criminal biker guys in the neighbor. Obama is uniquely unsuited. Fiscally, he’s just stupid.

    Obama and Biden cannot do math, really. They are PolySci-Lawyers who never worked, never met a budget, managed nothing, just showed up and voted. Biden is a notorious academic dunce and cheat. Obama’s Harvard honors Law degree, Romney picked that up as an afterthought while getting a super honors Harvard Business degree. And, Ryan, an economist, is the Budget chief in the HOR that holds USAs purse strings, our main budgeteer. That is real fiscal aptitude. And Romney’s history is a long success story of fixing complex economic systems f*cked up by idiots. This isn’t partisan. It is common sense.

    Democrats are going insane because unlike brushing off Clinton’s blowjobs, they cannot brush off Obama preaching success is bad while every Democrat wants their kids to be more successful

    If you think a seasoned successful economic problem solver is not a good fit for our economic problems, there isn’t much reason that can be thrown your way to overcome your craving need to be stupid.

  114. Goober Natorial says:

    Lil Mac says, “just showed up and voted.” That’s true only if voting “present” actually counts as voting.

  115. Goober Natorial says:

    The polling that suggests Romney trails Obama in likeability begs the question: do the media report Romney’s not likeable because that’s what people think?; or do people think Romney’s not likeable because that’s what the media report? I would argue its the latter. There’s no way people who have watched and listened to Mitt Romney would find him not likeable. The people who say that have formed opinions based on what they’ve heard, not what they’ve seen. That will all be changing. Up to now, Republicans were the only ones who had really spent anytime listening to the guy. That’s going to change especially when the debates begin and people can see Romney and Obama side by side. To the extent that any Obama lead is built on this disparity in likeability, prepare for that lead to dissipate.

  116. Goober Natorial says:

    Mac, are you as pumped up and excited for this race as I am? The Republicans did such a good job themeing those speeches, it sets them up very well for the rest of this race. Obama is a rookie with no economic background who is ill-suited to guide this nation through tough times. The failure of his economic policies just reinforces what a lightweight he is. He’s a nice enough guy, Obama, and he means well. We can certainly understand why you were filled with hope at the outset of his presidency. But he’s proved that he’s in over his head and its time for change.

    The Republicans could walk away with this election even if every dead Democrat in the cemetaries of Illinois, Florida and Ohio all voted for Barrack.

  117. Spike says:

    Loved Eastwood having the obama character tell him to tell rummey, ” to go F himself!!” And the retarded GOPER audience totally missed it!

    Well after reading the R diatribe, I can only shudder as he’s nothing more than Bush/cheney Redux! Totally in the pocket of the NeoCon Israeli’s, Oil, MIC & even Batista’s Cubans.

    Just another Major Wack Job that you retarded, redneck imbeciles love so well!!!!

    So, yes, by all means let’s all work to elect this Puppet Madman Romney to the WH!! What the hell will a few more Wars Matter anyway! Buy your Halliburton,General Dynamic & other MIC stock today!! Sad but Satan has America’s GOP by the short hairs!!!

    Dr. Strangelove

  118. Goober Natorial says:

    Spike, you calling Romney a whack job is like the pot calling the porcelain tea kettle black. The only whack job in this discussion is … (wait for it) … you.

  119. Annoyed says:

    Paulbots, go form your own Libertarian Party. Quit trying to pretend you are Republicans. You are not true Conservatives. You are not TEA Party. You are not Republicans. You are imposters.

  120. Anonymous says:

    When did Scott Petersen decide he can just choose what issues the DCRP public supports without involving the central committee?

    I’m a member of the central committee and I strongly disagree with the proposed Deeds/Assessor merger..and I can’t really remember when that was discussed or when we voted to support said merger

  121. Goober Natorial says:

    Even spike can’t diminish my excitement and enthusiasm for the convention. Favorite line from Romney’s speech last night? Too many to choose from. I thought his “rising oceans” remark was one of the best.

  122. RWP says:

    Ocean rise rate, before Obama: 3.1 mm/yr
    Ocean rise rate, Obama presidency: 3.1 mm/yr.

    Let’s give him credit; unlike so much else, he hasn’t actually made it worse!

  123. RWP says:

    ” You know there is something wrong with the kind of job he
    has done as president when the best feeling you had was the day
    you voted for him.”

  124. Spike says:

    GOP; W A R M O N G E R S

    Hey, I’ve a Great Idea; Let’s Kill a few Million Iranians so we can STEAL their Oil just like we did in Iraq!!


    Maj. Jack D. Ripper

  125. Spike says:


    Rummey want’s to; “Turn the Page” back 12 years!! Hope all you NEGOPERS have a lot of military aged CHILDREN to feed the cannons that Rummey’s Neo, Neocons will need!!! Isn’t it just GRAND to KILL for OIL!!!! Can’t you just taste your Childrens Blood? Doesn’t it give you a…..

    Jack D. Ripper

  126. Anonymostly says:

    As I watched Rubio’s speech, I couldn’t help thinking how Presidential he seemed. I thought it might be a tough act for Mitt Romney to follow. And then Mitt came out and delivered an amazing address. Having watched the Republican convention, I would say there were at least a dozen Republican speakers who came across more Presidential than either of the two men the democrats have put forth for their ticket.

    The press won’t be able to go after Paul Ryan like they did Sara Palin. This time around, there’s no question our #2 beats their #2. And it ain’t even close. You can see it in Biden’s empty grin. And the Dems are going to keep that buffoon under wraps as much as they can lest he swollow his feet again.

    And when the economy is the biggest issue out there, Obama looks like a lightweight indeed when he stands next to Romney. Barrack is seriously the least accomplished man elected President that we’ve had in the history of the Republic. This should be a cake walk. With the help Obama will get from the media and from Hollywood, he’ll make it close. But if this was a straight up race, Romney wins it 10 out of 10 times.

  127. Some Thoughts says:

    I don’t know if anyone has quoted this here before. If so I missed it. The New York Times 538 blog reports that, “former Gov. Bob Kerrey’s effort to return to national politics is looking increasingly quixotic”!

  128. Spike says:

    Richard – Romney is now rattling through his “five point plan” to create 12m new jobs. Sounds great, right? Except none of the points would create a single job for several years, or are so vague and ill-defined that they might not create a jot of a job. Oh, except the trade war with China that he hints at – “And when nations cheat in trade, there will be unmistakable consequences” – that will actually cost jobs. So, meh.

    And from there we are on to foreign policy. Romney actually offers a sliver of the faintest of faint praise: “Every American was relieved the day President Obama gave the order, and Seal Team Six took out Osama bin Laden.”

    But then it’s headlong into sabre-rattling – and Mitt Romney wants to get tough with Russia. Russia! “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone.” Yeah, those Russians.

    What is this, 1982?

  129. Spike, and any others.
    This is a Comments section — not a cut and paste your favorite author section.
    Come up with original thoughts from your own clouded noggin, or the comment will be deleted.

  130. Macdaddy says:

    Do you have any idea what the Russians have been up to, Spike? From blackmailing Europe over natural gas supplies to meddling in Ukrainian elections, to invading Georgia, to propping up that great humanitarian Assad, Russia has been up to no good. Obama has been bowing to Putin and not symbolically. He’s left Europe wide open to Iranian missiles because he didn’t want to anger Putin. His Reset policy has been a failure. When the ruler of Russia acts like it’s 1982, it might be 1982 all over again. Obama is too stupid to see it. Or too busy playing golf and taking vacations. I guess he could be both.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Spike: Petrified that Obama will lose. Did this all just come to you watching the GOP Convention or have you been feeling queasy for some time?

  132. Lil Mac says:

    Interesting point… “None of (Romney’s) points would create a single job for several years”. Yes, I tend to agree. Maybe quicker but not instantly. — Does that surprise anyone? Did you build your house overnight? Your savings? College degree? What in your life did you build instantly? Sure, you can empty your wallet in an instant or your spouse or government can, but the money in there represents hours and sweat, time and effort. You built it up and building anything takes time. Any nitwit can throw money away instantly and yet that builds nothing.

    Government has zero ability to produce. To govern a thing is to limit it, to stop, hamstring or slaughter it. It’s a hammer not a scalpel. And yet neither tool is a generator of economic prosperity. That is rather the millions of success-seeking, money-seeking individuals released from government’s oppressive regulation and taxation to invest and build business. The key word is “build”. It takes time.

    There’s no magic in it. One American at a time, millions of them, all seeking the same “success” that Obama says is evil but which every American (including Democrats) wants for their own children, all those individuals are the powerhouse of economic growth. A robust economy is nothing more than time and sweat equity of a great many, multiplied not by bureaucrats dragging feet under a dozen cabinet members, but multiplied by millions of individuals who when unfettered and confident that government isn’t going to change the rules tomorrow and tax the bejesus out of them, will out of self-interest build businesses from scratch, with risk and in competition so that the worst die out and the best thrive and grow and spawn more. More business, more jobs and more money in more hands buying more stuff; bingo… what looks like an economic boom is a lot of people each being freed up risk, sweat, build and work. And none of that isn’t built overnight.

    Reagan is a good example. Everyone hated him for the first 1.5 years. Republicans too. A Democrat union president actor with Obama’s silver tongue, Reagan never said he was smart. He was smart enough, however, to see that unharnessing people from a government tax yoke is freedom, and free people push toward success, and everyone doing that is prosperity. Simple concept requiring steel balls to endure. Reagan pushed that into policy and was abused relentlessly. When the economy seemed to finally “heal itself”, that was simply people having built businesses from the ground up. It took time and wasn’t partisan. It was common sense. Only after it boomed and blossomed, as Free Markets unfettered naturally do, then suddenly people couldn’t remember how they hated Reagan. Suddenly Reagan was brilliant. Reagan Democrats came out of the woodwork and Republicans loved him. That’s all nonsense. Reagan was an actor who understood a bit of common sense, i.e. that government only can “govern”. Look it up. To govern a machine is to limit its speed and function. You cannot govern a thing to greater, only lesser. You can hobble out bad influences but that comes like a hammer on the machine. In fact, you cannot govern anything to prosperity. People build that.

    This isn’t complicated. If you are a closed minded inflexible ideologue like Obama – or other R or D ideologues who make great party chairman but lousy chief executives – you will try to make government make prosperity. It cannot. You need a pragmatic problem solver who grasps what bit of the hammer to use sparingly while otherwise getting government’s boot off the entrepreneurial throat of Americans because only they can build jobs and business. Even an actor could figure that out while he solved problems in Calif. Romney’s record as a pragmatic problem solver is even more impressive than Reagans, so don’t expect Obama’s or Limbaugh’s ideology come out of Romney. Expect him do what it takes to get USA solvent and secure. And that won’t happen overnight.

  133. RWP says:

    …and, of course, Russia still has thousands of nuclear tipped ICBMs aimed at the US. Anyone who thinks Russia is a friendly power is smoking too powerful a variety of Sinsemilla.

  134. Spike says:


    Come on, you’re really not that stupid are you?? Gas cost $4 & rising a gal. for Exxon/Mob et al PROFIT!! Don’t tell me you don’t have Oil stock in you portfolio? You really are a bit slow aren’t you??

    MacD; take your screed about capitalist Russia & every place you typed Russia, change it to The US & add the appropriate place where the US is doing the same as the new Capitalist Russia & it will be a carbon copy/ Just because we murder & rape doesn’t change the fact that it’s still murder & rape. Or are you one of THOSE that believes there is such a thing as “Legitimate Rape”. Or in other words, was it Legitimate Rape & Murder what America did in Iraq because we’re supposed to be the good guys?

    Hope you clowns enjoyed the reviews from GB & Russia! Interesting though, the French didn’t even bother to review the GOP Brey Fest! Hee Haw, Hee Haw!!!!

  135. RWP says:

    Spike, you really are that stupid. Read XOM’s financials. Oh sorry, have your mommy read them to you. Oh, sorry, hit a nerve again, have you mommy’s crack dealer read them to you. Their margin isn’t that high. If they were, I wouldn’t have sold their stock last year.

    Oh, and if you like a really grisly story of murder, read Greg Vistica’s biography of Bob Kerrey.

  136. Anonymous says:

    It was interesting to see people, for the most part, avoiding the volunteers outside of Memorial Stadium avoiding Kerrey volunteers trying to sticker people walking into the game today. It was like there was a force field keeping the vol’s isolated. Sure a few folks worked across the floe of fans going to the game to get stickers, but by far most just avoided them. It was a lot like Mike Meistersinger when he campaigned on Game Day, and we all know how that worked out:)

  137. Anonymostly says:

    Spike, I believe that there are claims of rape that are real. Probably the vast majority are. There are also claims of rape that are false. Either the act didn’t happen at all or it wasn’t really rape. It probably doesn’t happen very often but there have certainly been cases where the woman lied. Tawana Brawley for one. The Duke Lacrosse rape hoax for another. So, you don’t like the word “legitimate.” Fair enough. What word would you use to differentiate between the rapes that really happened versus the claims of rape where the woman just made it up?

  138. Anonymostly says:

    Maybe Akin should have said “legitimate CLAIMS of rape” rather than “legitimate rapes.” That would probably have made his meaning more clear. (Wouldn’t have stopped the professional complainers from complaining about it, though.)

  139. Anonymous says:

    Rep. Akin stated, “It seems to be, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, it’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”
    How can anyone make a legitimate claim that this was a “misstatement?” Inserting the word “CLAIMS” into the phrase would render the statement even more absurd. The crux of the statement is that “doctors” told Akins that “the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.” Explain that!

  140. Anonymostly says:

    Moron at 1:30, Spike wasn’t complaining about “shutting the whole thing down.” He was complaining about the use of the word “legitimate” (which seemed to be the lightening rod for most of the criticism of what Akin said.) So, what word would you use to differentiate between real rapes and fake ones?

    (By the way, it’s been explained previously how one might conclude a connection to “shutting it down” as it were. The websites that offer suggestions for dealing with infertility — which content certainly pre-dated Akin’s comments — talk about stress being something that can hamper conception. Maybe not quite “shutting it down” but an impediment nonetheless to conception in cases of what one might call “legitimate” rape. Maybe I’m wrong, but I would have to think that a “real” or “legitimate” rape would be stressful.)

  141. Anonymostly says:

    Is it true what I heard that President Obama sent form letters to families of Navy Seals killed in action but sent a personal letter to the family of rapper Heavy D? #prioritiesmessedup

  142. Macdaddy says:

    Is this Russia? This isn’t Russia. Spike is the quintessential progressive, liberal, moral relativist that we like to make fun of but still makes up a large part of the Democrat party. Spike, did you miss where we prosecuted our own soldiers for war crimes? Of course you missed it because you are living in your own little world populated by Bill Ayers and Howard Zinn. Get out of the Occupy tent, get a shower, get off the peyote, and get some sleep. Maybe then you’ll realize that you shouldn’t hate America and blame her for all the world’s problems.

  143. Anonymous says:

    The worst representatives of what is left of the Republican Party of old are certainly out in force today. It appears name calling and outright lying has replaced intelligent debate. If you can’t win an argument by presenting factual evidence, you just call the person you disagree with a “moron” then tell some more fibs.
    Anonymostly, I wasn’t discussing what Spike had to say. I was discussing what Rep. Akin had to say. If you can’t even tell the difference, perhaps you should just keep your opinions to yourself.

  144. Anonymous says:

    So just how bad is Kerrey going to get beat in the General Election? I suspect if he can keep it close and only lose by single digits he will have done better than Obama could have ever expected. What a putz.

  145. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe that Steve Lathrop is out there bashing on Senator Fischer! He has so little class, just trying to win some points with Kerrey to help in Lathrop’s upcoming run for Governor. Lathrop will get his hat handed to him by either Sheehy or Flood, in particular Flood. Lathrop’s only base is that of the Union, and most Nebraskans can’t stand the union leadership, even though we love the workers. Just not going to support a Union Sympathizer no way no how.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Pregnancy occurs when a sperm cell successfully penetrates the ovum, the DNA of the two cells combine, and the resulting blastocyst becomes implanted in the woman’s uterine wall. A woman’s body doesn’t differentiate between a blastocyst created “legitimately,” with the Pope’s blessing, or that created by the violent debasing of the woman by a degenerate rapist. It is a physical process that either takes place, or it does not.
    Now, you can argue all you want to with your pseudo-medical “knowledge,” but no one that has taken a middle school sex education class without sleeping through it, as you and Rep. Akin obviously did, will take you seriously.

  147. Reality Check says:

    Perhaps Sheehy will hand Lathrop his hat, but it sure will not be Mike Flood. Remember that Flood is the former speaker of the legislature who guide LB599 through the legislature, then made sure it became law over the veto of the governor. LB599 mandates that the state take money from the pockets of legal citizens to provide absolutely FREE care for illegals. Any lawyer, like Mike Flood, who does not know the definition of the word “illegal” should never be allowed to govern the state of Nebraska. What would happen to our rule of law, and who knows what in the hell Mike would try to pull if he were governor!!

  148. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymostly, you probably missed our discussion the other day, but 5% of rapes result in a pregnancy. That’s 32,000 pregnancies a year. The odds of a single act of unprotected sex in a couple trying to have a baby is 5% when averaged over the entire month. I would assume the stress levels of a woman getting raped and a woman trying to conceive would be different. I think the whole stress-makes-it-harder-to-get-pregnant schtick was invented by infertility specialists to get some relief from pain in the butt couples. Rapists certainly don’t seem to have trouble with it.

    Akin is an idiot. He should have educated himself on the subject if he was going to opine about it in public. Apparently there are people who think Congressmen know what they’re talking about. I bet Anon 2:26 has no trouble with that bit of name calling.

  149. Anonymostly says:

    Macdaddy, I know you can’t post links, but can you give me some idea where you come up with the percentage of rapes that result in pregnancy?

  150. Anonymostly says:

    Macdaddy, with all due respect, I think your rape pregnancy stats are full of shit.

    You assert 5% of rapes result in pregnancy, which you claim adds up to 32,000 rape-pregnancies per year. If those statistics are accurate (and I can’t see how they can be), then, using simple arithmatic, there would be 640,000 rapes in this country every year, because 32,000 is 5% of 640,000.

    Y’know, I just looked on the FBI website (sorry, no link) and according to the FBI, there were only 84,767 rapes (reported to law enforcement) in 2010. So, again, with respect, I don’t know how the f___ you come up with 32,000 pregnancies from rape every year.

    And, by the way, I don’t believe your 5% figure either.

  151. Anonymostly says:

    OK, I may have solved the mystery of where this 5% and 32,000 figure comes from. I saw it reported on the NPR website where they were interviewing someone from Mother Jones (uh huh, real credible source there).

    Apparently, this number is out there, people hear it and just run with it. But I dug a little deeper and found this website for the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN.org) and they apply the “the incidence of pregnancy for one-time unprotected sexual intercourse is 5%” figure to the “In 2004-2005, 64,080 women were raped” figure to come up with the conclusion “RAINN estimates that there were 3,204 pregnancies as a result of rape during that period.”

    So 32 HUNDRED rape pregnancies per year. That’s OK. You were only off BY A FACTOR OF TEN.

    But then RAINN goes on to note that the 5% figure for ordinary one-time intercourse pregnancy rate might not actually apply in cases of rape. In fact, that number might be influenced DOWNWARD by the fact that some victims may be using birth control or are outside the age of fertility. Oh, and some rape victims are MEN who aren’t likely to get pregnant no matter what time of the month they are raped. Soooooo

    Needless to say, I’m not buying the numbers that were previously put forth as being uncontroverted and inarguable fact.

  152. Anonymostly says:

    Tedious Anonymous at 2:26 yesterday says: “Anonymostly, I wasn’t discussing what Spike had to say. I was discussing what Rep. Akin had to say. If you can’t even tell the difference, perhaps you should just keep your opinions to yourself.”

    OK, straw-man-arguer and mover of targets, let’s review.

    Spike said, “Or are you one of THOSE that believes there is such a thing as ‘Legitimate Rape?'”

    Then I said, “Maybe Akin should have said ‘legitimate CLAIMS of rape’ rather than ‘legitimate rapes.’ That would probably have made his meaning more clear.”

    Then you came along and stupidly added, “Inserting the word ‘CLAIMS’ into the phrase would render the statement even more absurd.”

    Akin didn’t use the word “CLAIMS.” I did. I used it in reference to what Spike said about “legitimate rapes.” The whole discussion to that point had centered on the use of the word “legitimate,” not on the issue of “shutting it down” as it were, which you seemed to think was the topic of the discussion about “CLAIMS.”

    Which I attempted to point out for your benefit when I said, “Moron at 1:30, Spike wasn’t complaining about ‘shutting the whole thing down.’ He was complaining about the use of the word ‘legitimate’ (which seemed to be the lightening rod for most of the criticism of what Akin said.)”

    Appears pretty clear YOU are the one who “can’t even tell the difference” and should just “keep your opinions to yourself.”

  153. Macdaddy says:

    I got my stats about rape from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The study was published in 1996. Here’s the full reference: Holmes, MM, et al. Rape-related pregnancy: Estimates and descriptive characteristics from a national sample of women. Amer J Ob Gyn. 175(2):320-325, 1996. Take it up with them, Anonymostly. As for Akin, perhaps he’d like to share his peer-reviewed studies that back up his claims. Regardless, is this the hill you want to die on? You really want to defend some heartless comments by a Missouri politician about rape?

  154. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, that’s an interesting title to the article you reference as the source for your stat on the prevalence of rape related pregnancies. “Estimates and descriptive characteristics from a national sample of women.” The operative words are “estimates” and “from a sample.”

    I looked up the article. The abstract says they studied 4,008 adult women over three years. And they ascertained from this sample of 4,000 women that 32,000 women get pregnant from being raped every year. Most of whom, they say, are adolescents, which is a group that was not included in the study.

    Their conclusions appear to be based on some flawed assumptions and seem invalid on their face. If I were you, I wouldn’t rely on their conclusions about the number of annual rape pregnancies.

  155. Macdaddy says:

    About 5% of the women in the study got pregnant as a result of rape. The study estimated 680,000 rapes of adult women/year during the early to mid 90’s and at a 4.7% pregnancy rate, comes out to 32,000 pregnancies as a result of rape. These were adult women. Feel free to order the paper yourself and critique the article, but it has been peer-reviewed already and I found no criticism listed of it on PubMed. Feel free to argue that 600,000 women a year didn’t get raped in the mid 90s. Then come up with your own numbers backed up with some actual data. Adolescent women are forced into sex more often than adult women, so you can throw a few more thousand pregnancies in for teenagers as well. In addition, there is more than one paper that describes stress as causing ovulation during supposedly infertile parts of the woman’s cycle. This is based on war time rape studies.

    You guys are absolutely nuts to be defending Akin. Do you understand what you sound like when you try to downplay such an emotional issue? This subject is radioactive. Can you not see that? Does the name Michael Dukakis mean anything to you? Akin does not have any scientific study to back up his assertions and in fact, the studies point to the opposite conclusion. He was talking out of his ass and made an ass of himself. Do not follow his example. He gives the Democrats a very real shot at keeping the Senate seat in Missouri. If the Democrats keep the Senate, it is game over. Obamacare stands. Trillion dollar deficits stand. We are finished as a nation. Akin’s stupidity is threatening us all. He is wrong, you guys are wrong, and thank you very little for making this election harder than it needs to be. Sheesh.

  156. Anonymostly says:

    No, Macdaddy, this isn’t the hill I want to die on. But I’ll argue the point for several reasons.

    First of all, I’m tired of Republicans bailing so quickly on other Republicans who make a verbal blunder. Trent Lott, George Allen, Todd Akin, whomever. What Akin said was stupid and he shouldn’t have said it but the professional victims are exploiting it for all it’s worth and making a bigger deal out of it than the comments warrant. It’s not like he called New York “Hymie town” or told a gathering in San Francisco that blue-collar midwesterners cling bitterly to their guns and religion. He’s apologized for the comment; admitted he was wrong; and that would be sufficient if it had been a Democrat claiming that all Republicans are evil, for example. So, I guess the double standard pisses me off and the fact that other Republicans are so quick to bail does too.

    The other thing that irritates me is that this Akin guy is being condemned for asserting information that is asserted to be factually inaccurate yet the numbers being tossed out as the true figures are so fantastically off the mark that I honestly can’t understand how others can’t see how far off the mark they are. It’s wrong for Akin to be wrong but it’s OK to attack Akin with nonsense numbers. Got it.

    And the numbers are nonsense, let’s make no mistake about it. You asked me to produce my own numbers and I already did. Straight from the government. Rapes in 2010 were roughly 84,000. That, by the way, is not a medical issue so I don’t need a peer-reviewed study to tell me what the rape data are. The assertion that the actual number is 640,000 has no basis in fact. And I don’t buy the 5% figure either. The total rape-pregnany number was based on an extrapolation of the total number of rapes at the “industry accepted standard” of 5%. That standard figure of 5% is nonsense. Has to be. Five percent is 1 in 20. Show me a woman who’s gotten pregnant once every 20 times she’s had sex.

    The study you cite followed just over 4,000 women for 3 years. If your figures of 640,000 women getting raped per year is accurate (which it isn’t) then that’s about half a percent of the total population of women in this country getting raped every year. Half of a percent of 4,000 (the number of women in the study) is 20. In three years, that’s 60 of those women who were studied who got raped. Again, assuming your numbers are accurate (which they aren’t.) If 4.7% of those 60 women got pregnant, that would be a grand total of three pregnancies. Three women out of the study group of 4,008 who got pregnant from being raped during the course of the study. I would say that’s an inadequate sample size to provide any predictive value to apply to the population as a whole and draw the conlusions that are being drawn.

    So, no, not the hill I plan to die on. But, if we’re going to attack the guy, shouldn’t we be more honest than what we accuse him of being? Shouldn’t we be as accurate with our data as we expect him to be? Shouldn’t we?

  157. Anonymostly says:

    Done some more reading. The Holmes study from 1996, cited by Macdaddy, involved telephone interviews of 4008 women over three years. They collectively reported a total of 616 completed rapes in their lifetimes for a 15% lifetime figure. Of those 616 completed rapes, there were 20 reported pregnancies. That’s 3.2%, not 5%. But it is consistent with a study by Wilcox et al from 2001. They studied the likelihood of conception in women WHO WERE TRYING TO CONCEIVE and they came up with a figure of 3.1% likelihood of pregnancy for intercourse on any given day of a woman’s cycle. Obviously, this figure would be lower for women trying NOT to conceive by the use of hormonal contraception.

    So, the author in Scientific American (Kate Clancy, August 20, 2012) goes with my number of 64,080 rapes from 2005-2006, and from that, she concludes, “This means that of those 64,080 US rapes in 2004-2005, minus the 15% of rapes that are of children under the age of 12 which gets us to 54,468 rapes of almost all reproductively-aged women, somewhere between 1,689 (3.1%) to 2,723 (5%) pregnancies from rape could have occurred in that year alone. Somewhere around half of those women were probably using some form of hormonal contraception, so let’s hope the numbers are even lower.”

    Now, we’re at 1362 (half of 2,723 for the women using birth control) women getting pregnant from rape annually and, according to the Holmes report cited by Macdaddy, half of the women who get pregnant following rape don’t want to have abortions even though the can. So, if abortion was outlawed even in cases of rape, we’re only talking about 681 women in the entire US per year who would get pregnant following a rape and desire to have an abortion.

    I’d say Akin’s characterization of that as “rare” is fair.

  158. Macdaddy says:

    The DOJ said that 200,000 women were reported raped or sexually assaulted in 2008. They also estimate that 65% of rapes are not reported. That bumps the number up to 330,000. That’s much lower than the 680,000 estimate in the mid 90s, but violent crime has been decreasing, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that fewer women are getting raped each year and in 15 years there could be a 50% decrease. That’s still 16,000 horror stories that you do not want to try to make a political point on. BTW, you might want to recheck DrClancy’s blog. She redoes the math and comes up with much higher numbers. Of course she remains mistaken in her belief that girls under 12 don’t get pregnant.

    Akin made a mistake and said something that was easily checked and refuted. Then he doubled down. Not only that, he tried to minimize the one area that conservatives and liberals agree on: Thou shalt not rape. Akin confirmed every stereotype out there about Republicans. He needs to be thrown under several buses.

  159. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, don’t waste your time on Anonymostly. He’s one of those guys that hates the government, but readily prefers to use data compiled by government bureaucrats rather than that published in peer reviewed papers. That alone should warn you away from engaging him in conversation. He’s one of those guys we all would dread being stuck sitting next to on a Greyhound bound for Denver.

  160. Some Thoughts says:

    MacDaddy, you are absolutely correct. I’m sorry this is the theme of the night, but if conservatives want to have broad-based appeal to the electorate, they have to cut out the groupthink and recognize when something has failed. The words “legitimate rape” are politically toxic. You may complain that it’s not fair because even Whoopi Goldberg refers to “rape rape” vs. some other, lesser kind. Well, life isn’t fair, but that doesn’t change the damage Akin did. The idea that a pregnant woman’s body somehow prevents pregnancy, because of “stress”? I would like to be able to say this a gentler way, but I cannot: that’s completely nuts! You are making your political allies look bad. This is a tactics issue. The empty chair bit made Eastwood look like a dementia victim. We need to get over this stuff and move on, instead of trying to defend every mistake people make.

  161. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous libtard at 10:18 p.m. said, “He’s one of those guys that hates the government, but readily prefers to use data compiled by government bureaucrats rather than that published in peer reviewed papers.” Really? If I have to explain to you the stupidity of that statement, then you are far mor tard than lib.

    And, Macdaddy, not to belabor this discussion (which is belabored enough as it is) but, regarding your point, “The DOJ said that 200,000 women were reported raped or sexually assaulted in 2008,” if I have to explain why “or sexually assaulted” numbers aren’t relevant to a discussion about abortion, then we REALLY need to have a sit-down talk about the birds and the bees. Contrary to what your parents might have told you, sticking your hand up a girl’s shirt isn’t going to get her pregnant. (But it might get you arrested. Depending on the girl. And whether she was down with it or not.)

  162. Anonymostly says:

    OK, anonymous libtard, you really are that stupid.

    1. Your “point” is a non-sequitur. Whether I’m a fan of big government or not has nothing to do with whether the FBI is capable of keeping crime stats.

    2. I may not be a fan of big government, but law enforcement is actually a function that I believe government is legitimately resposible for. So your point was? That’s right, you didn’t have one.

    3. You pretend that crime numbers from secondary source like a peer-reviewed journal are, what?, more reliable than the primary source from which those numbers were obtained. Listen, the study’s author didn’t make up her own numbers. There’s a federal law that requires local law enforcement agencies to report incidence of crimes to the Dept of Justice. Do you know of any other entity that tracks crime reports from which national data could be obtained? No, of course not. Because there isn’t one.

    You haven’t made a salient point, but you’ve certainly managed to put the “tard” in “libtard.”

  163. Anonymous says:

    So, Sweeper, it is OK for Republicans to call Democrats “libtards” but it isn’t OK for a Democrat to tell the truth by writing that the space between Anonymostly’s ears is mostly filled by crap?

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