New Terry spot: Ticking Time Bomb

Lee Terry has a new TV ad up. See it here:

And here is what the Terry camp had to say:

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry’s new TV ad calls the growing national debt a “ticking time bomb” that
needs to be defused by making big cuts to federal spending.

The thirty second ad reiterates the fact that Terry has voted 157 times to cut spending from
bills that were considered on the House floor since January 2009. Terry’s votes would reduce
federal spending by seven trillion dollars more than currently planned over the next decade, an
astounding amount of deficit reduction.

“The voters have a real choice in this race. I have a proven record of voting to cut spending.
My opponent offers the same old, tired song of more spending, more debt and a huge increase in
taxes on middle-class families,” Terry said.

Terry’s opponent is on record as supporting the failed $800 billion stimulus program and $1.7
trillion healthcare law that together add $2.5 trillion to the national debt. 1 Incredibly, he has also
called for “repeal” of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, an action that would trigger a $166 billion tax
increase next year on virtually all taxpayers.2

“Voters who I talk to want spending cut,” Terry said. “I’ve been voting to do just that. My
opponent, on the other hand, says he wants to cut the federal deficit but then turns around
and endorses policies that would spend trillions more. You can’t cut spending by increasing
spending. And, you can’t get the economy growing by hitting families with massive tax hikes.”

An average middle-class family in Omaha would have their taxes hiked by between $1,600
and $2,200 annually under the Ewing plan.3 The 2001 and 2003 revisions reduced taxes on
wage earners, families with children, small businesses and seniors who depend on dividend and
interest income for their retirement. Terry voted in the House on August 1 to extend the current
tax relief provisions.

“I am proud to have voted to continue with the current sensible tax relief. If we don’t, an
average middle-class family in Omaha will pay thousands of dollars more in taxes,” Terry said.

Terry’s ad will have a substantial airing on broadcast and cable television in the Greater Omaha
area, according to Dave Boomer, Terry’s campaign manager.

Terry continues to define John Ewing. But the thing is, Ewing should be happy. Terry is delivering his message for him: more support for the Democrats and more support for Barack Obama’s agenda.
That is what Ewing is selling.

If you want more stimuluses and more ObamaCare and more more more government, John Ewing is your guy.


Hey look! The press is carrying Bob Kerrey’s water one the carpetbagger issue…again.

Headline from the AP: Kerrey says time outside Nebraska was beneficial

Oh, geez! Well how about that! We figured Kerrey would say that his time outside Nebraska made him more or a leftist and disconnected from Nebraska.

Oh wait. Here is Kerrey unpluggged:

“…the longer I live here, the further to the left I get on healthcare!”

Ah, that’s more like it.


To quote Johnny Hart, from the old “B.C.” comic strip:

“Labor Day, schmabor day
What a stupid day.
To hire some jerk, then send him away.
To celebrate work by playing all day.”

Have a great week!


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    It’s great that Lee Terry is saying he wants to cut taxes. But he should have voted against TARP. The fact that he did not, demonstrates his desire to raise revenue in support of ‘crony capitalism’ and his claimed desire to “cut spending” fails to include spending in support of corporate America. You know, so-called “jobs creating!” Such spending is rampant, and that’s not capitalism folks! A vote for Lee Terry is a vote for the same tired tax injustice we have suffered under the whole of my adult life. Lawmakers should be stripped of their power to tax inequitably. Abolish the IRS, or at the very least make the federal income tax flat, –no exceptions, no excuses! Lee Terry does not and will not support tax justice. So it makes no difference whether you vote Republican or Democrat up in Omaha. You’ll get more of the same failed tax policies.

  2. SoWhat??? says:

    Lee Terry, least of two evils in second district Congressional race…again. Every single year Lee has been in Congress, the Federal government has spent more money than the previous year and the national debt followed right along. Lee has no credibility on taxes or spending but Ewing has adopted the far left progressive agenda thereby guaranteeing that he loses big outside of the hardcore proggie vote. I agree with TexasAnnie that the “fair tax” along with a binding balanced budget amendment is what we need. Unfortunately, with guys like Lee we’ll never see it get a vote.

  3. RWP says:

    After several bond auctions Friday, the national debt is expected to top $16 tn tomorrow morning, just as the DNC is gaveled into session.

    The only way this comes down, folks, is to dramatically cut US govt. spending, coupled with a broad based tax increase. You can’t get there by soaking the rich. You cant get there by ‘eliminating fraud and waste’. You can’t have something for nothing. In fact, the something you already had needs to be paid back.

  4. Here's What says:

    So What – Agree with you that we need a Balanced Budget Amendment. Terry sponsored it, but it didn’t get 2/3rd vote.

    The incredible thing is Ewing wants to raise taxes next year – that’s nuts!

  5. The Facts Jack says:

    A prior poster said Terry isn’t credible on spending. B.S. I think cutting $7 Trillion more is pretty darn good. Not Terry’s fault that the Senate blocks the cuts.

    BTW – is Ewing ever going to get a response up? These ads will stick…

  6. Never Left The Neb says:

    The way to make life more affordable for the middle class is not to “lend” them their tax refund and hope they for get about it when it comes April 15th. The way to help them is to allow the production of more energy making transportation costs for their families drop and the cost of goods they purchase drop.

    My grocery store bill has gone up every year along with auto fuel. Don’t even get me started on the cost of electricity which is directly related to the inability to mine our own coal AND the transportation cost of getting that coal to the Nebraska power plants to convert it to electrical power.

    The last thing I want is to have a voice with Seniority on the Energy and Commerce Committee stripped from Nebraska and replaced by a freshman member that will sit in the minority in Congress and block all attempts at energy production increases.

    John the cop/tax collector will probabably get stuck on the oversight committee doing investigations that cost tens of thousands of dollars and don’t do a damn thing for me but confirm my belief that “the fast and furious” gun running programming resulted in the cold blooded murder of a man that spent his adult life trying to keep me and my kids safer and that “all star” athletes will do whatever it takes to keep kids looking up to them and adults betting their hard earned grocery money on them.

    I don’t know about you, but I will be voting for increased energy supplies and reduced federal spending resulting in lower deficits and long term debt reduction.

    It won’t happen over night, I am smart enough to know that. My own debt hasn’t and won’t be paid down over night-that doesn’t mean I don’t start getting it done. What I know for a fact, is that spending will not be reduced and my taxes WILL go up if John the Tax Collector goes to Washington.

    Vote with me for Lee Terry for Congress. I want seniority, I want a voice on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Terry is far better than the other person. No need to send a little obama drone to DC.

    In other news, the empty chair craze is sweeping across the country and is well represented here in Nebraska!

    The liberal drivel is no longer being revered as holy water, but for what it is, spit from looney leftists.

  8. Loving Empty Chair Day says:

    I’m loving National Empty Chair Day, watching it trend to #2 on twitter today. Lots of clever post and everyone is really digging it. Most importantly, we see Obama for what he is and America needs something different.

  9. ricky says:

    What I want to know is where was Lee Terry at the Republican National Convention? Prior to the convention Terry implied to Joesph Morton that a speaking spot was forthcoming to push for the Keystone Pipeline.
    That never happened and I think it’s because the leadership wanted no part of guys like Terry and Rep Akin of Missouri around to explain that bill they sponsored (along with Rep Ryan) to re-define rape as “forceable” or not.
    Furthermore Rep Terry has not spoken to any media to explain just what he meant by “forceable” rape as opposed to other kinds. Mr Terry’s constituency needs to hear from Terry so I wish he would stop hiding out.

    Ricky From Omaha

  10. @Ricky says:

    Ricky Fulton,

    You’re really trying hard to make something out of nothing. I’m sure, since they cancelled all speeches on Monday due to Hurricane Isaac, there were a large number of speakers that they couldn’t fit into the schedule anymore. Your attempt to link Congressman Terry to Akin is amazingly dumb.

    To further disprove your tenuous attempt to create something out of nothing, Mitt Romney’s Facebook page had a post a few weeks ago that said:

    “Rep. Lee Terry: Where President Obama has stalled and used every excuse in the book to put off the Keystone Pipeline, Governor Romney couldn’t be clearer in his commitment to seeing it through to completion”

    I’m sure that would’ve been taken down if you’re bizarro reality was even real.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I begin to wonder if the Liberal plan for re-electing Obama is to have those who absolutely despise the job of the incumbent spend most of their time cheering each other on instead of getting out and passing the message to the undecideds?

    As difficult as it is to believe, there are a large number of people who are unaware of just how bad Obama’s associates are. Many have never heard Rev. Wright’s G’Damn America sermon. Or have never really understood his proud roots with his mentor of the weather underground.

    These are the messages that need to get out to voters. The blind followers of Obama will never concede to the errors in his philosophy, but many who pulled the lever for him are not blind to the truth IF they can hear it. They won’t hear it on the little 3 cbs, nbc, or abc, nor will they get it from CNN or NPR. So it is our duty to get the message out in a grassroots manner.

  12. ricky says:

    Not buying that at all @Ricky. If it were true that Mr Terry had a speech scheduled at the RNC but it got cancelled then let’s hear if from the Congressman. But he has been in hiding since Mr Akin made his regretful remarks about “legitimate” rape because Terry does not want to answer questions about why he sponsored a bill with Rep Ryan and Rep Akin re-defining “forceable” rape or whatever Terry was trying to say. I’d love to hear his explanation.
    But obviously the Romney camp wants to steer clear of Mr Terry and Mr Akin because Romney wants no more mention of the Republicans War on Women.
    But we will probably hear more of that at the Democratic Convention and also from the Ewing election committee.

    ricky from omaha

  13. Macdaddy says:

    I can’t believe all the violent, racist imagery Terry used in his ad. Pictures of John Ewing and Barack Obama? Why’d he put their pictures in the ad? Huh? Huh? Huh? Ticking time bombs? He blew the dog whistle! He blew the dog whistle! Where’s Chris Matthews when you need him?

  14. Political Genius says:

    Looks like the Insiders have shown what outsiders they are by having Tristan Bonn as a guest contributor and several other radical lefties. Thanks for Mr. Scott for giving these losers a platform to speak. Still waiting on what makes you and Tucker insiders!

  15. Up in Omaha says:

    Ricky, looks like you have not been paying attention to the news lately. Lee Terry released a statement condemning Akins commits. I would like to know when is John Ewing going to have his ad’s up. I looks like to me that John doesn’t want to win this race.

  16. Had to look it up says:

    So, I had no idea who Tristan Bonn was. Most of the time, people get roughed up more than is necessary here. Then I looked it up. Oh my.

    Tristan Bonn is the ACLU Nebraska Community Organizer that was appointed to be the Safetry Auditor for the City of Omaha in 2006 by Mayor Mike Fahey. The submitted a report that detailed aggressive, rude and unwarranted traffic stops that mostly involved African Americans and people of color. A week later Mayor Fahey fired her and called her insubordinate. The situation strained relations with many in North Omaha and she appeared to relish her position to stoke an unecessary fight.

    Nice work Chris Scott, you are giving the wrong people a voice. I’m not sure what is going on in that head, but you have some issues. Oh by the way, did your wife, Randi, get Tristan Bonn’s contact info from when she also worked at the ACLU?

  17. Anonymous says:

    “…the longer I live here, the further to the left I get on healthcare!” Was Bob Kerrey talking about NY or NE? NJ? ND? I know it has an “N” in it somewhere.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    We all know Kerrey is going to get blown out of the water (oops! hate speech! Sorry!) but some people have posted here that his sole job was to increase turnout in the CD2. How? He’s a pretty unappealing guy. How is he going to motivate anybody to get up off the couch and come to the polls?

  19. Chris Scott says:

    I am kind of a no non-sense kind of guy. So let’s put it out on the table. First you don’t like me because I worked on Brett Lindstrom’s campaign. Then you try to smear my wife because she volunteered for the ACLU. Then you bash my wife because she is now on the executive committee. You accuse me of being a Ron Paul guy, which I am not. Then you accuse me of being part of the Scott Petersen crew which I am not. I simply like Scott and think he is doing a good job.

    I think what you don’t like about me is that I am not a yes man. I will not go to a convention and be prompted to vote because someone holds up a Romney card telling me to do so. Nor will I be intimidated by someone at convention reading my ballot to see if I voted the “right” way.
    I am highly educated have been blessed to been very fortunate in business. I will not succumb to thinly veiled threats, smear campaigns on me and my wife, or anything else you throw at me.
    I will always do what I think is right regardless of personal political ramifications. I think that over time you will realize that people that do everything in lock-step and never question what they are doing are what we in the business community affectionately call “useful idiots”

    To get a better sense of why I do what I you need to remove the notion that I am desperately craving the GOP’s acceptance. I am a lifelong conservative but am not now, nor will I ever be a mindless robot. If you think that personally attacking my family is going to scare me away then you have grossly miscalculated how I am hard wired. Sorry about the diatribe but honestly everyone is pretty tired of the 3 or so (more than 20 screen names) continually bashing good Republicans like me.

    My wife and I are very talented and hard working. It is truly a shame that instead of using us at the Victory office, you choose to bash us because with lack the laminated “members only” card that you receive when you trade in your spine.

    As far as giving the writing assignments to the “wrong” people, it is rather difficult to give a writing assignment to someone nameless. If you nameless attackers do have an interest, I am looking for someone to write about the following topic. “Al Gore and the Internet: How Al Gore’s internet gave former introverted mathletes the courage of a cage fighter through anonymous posting.” Let me know if someone comes to mind.


  20. Chris, you do not need anyone to write on that topic for you. The writers over at Penny Arcade covered it way back in 2004, well not exactly the same topic but more of a mathematical theorem. Just go to Google and type in “penny arcade green blackboards (and other anomalies)” the very first result should be where they posted their findings. Yes there is some inappropriate language on that site if you look it up, so keep your kids away from it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Chris, your wife maY be on the DCRP exec board, but she was not approved to be its Secretary by the central committee itself.
    And we don’t like you because you’re a smug ass.

  22. @Chris says:

    You put a known race baiter on your site as a contributor. You put a complete Eco Terrorist on your site as a contributor. You appear to have a deficit of wisdom.

  23. Anonymous says:

    So it is said that the President is a very competitive guy. When his bowling was poor he practiced, and practiced. The same is said for his 3 point shooting, and of course his golf game. Heck he even is competitive at playing cards, and is very confident in almost everything he does. With an ego that works in this manner there should be a LOT of women in his past. Just saying……

  24. chrisinoverhishead says:

    Chris Scott. I have never heard of you or your wife. Assuming you are a good person in need of guidance, I will lay this out for you as a gift.

    First, don’t use your own name in a blog. If I have to explain why, you shouldn’t be blogging.

    Second, when you aimed your anger at a vague “you”, that grabbed my eye and not in a useful way, for you succeeded only in directing my eye to your 450 words, of which there were 16 “you”s , and at least 38 references to yourself as “I”, “me”, or “my”. That is a massive amount of personal reference under your own name in a political blog comment. You also deemed yourself to be “very talented”. While saying that about your wife is good, including yourself in that is at least odd.

    You aren’t pathologically in need of help but your skin is too thin for politics and you lack the third eye to tell when you are being scammed. Somebody prods you and you ignite. You are in over your head. And that has nothing at to do with you being Republican or Democrat or whatever. Someone here staked out a monkey jug and you somehow crammed your head into it. So please don’t go off feeling vindicated, as if your speech might have made a dent in any of the thick political hides here. You were tonight’s entertainment.

  25. Chris Scott says:

    Perhaps my comments were the monkey jug to get to you talking about me…and to that end.. Mission accomplished! After all all press is good press Thin skinned? Not likely. And you know who I am so don’t play the “new to this” blog routine. Your advice is as good as the paper it is written on.. Since your advice is submitted electronically I will let you assess its monetary value..


  26. Wow! Are you for Real? says:

    Chris, I remember you defending yourself for being on a Ron Paul Slate during the Douglas County Convention. You helped them in their cause, but don’t support Ron Paul? Nice, sounds like you lack a strong sense of guiding principles.

    And to quote you, “you choose to bash us because with [we] lack the laminated ‘members only’ card that you receive when you trade in your spine”. This is how you describe Romney supporters?

    Really!? You’re the one on a slate for someone you don’t support. That sounds spineless to me. Or maybe you’re really a Ron Paul supporter with a spineless defense.

    Either way, it’s really lame.

  27. Chris Scott says:

    Oh you mean the slate Hal Daub was on? I was on the Paul slate because I do not treat them like garbage like many do. Like Hal I’m a big tent guy.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hal was on pretty much every slate known to man. He can do that because he’s been involved in Nebraska politics for YEARS. You on the other hand are a relative newcomer to Nebraska, and worked for a primary challenger of the incumbent GOP congressman.

    Not exactly hard to figure out who everyone is going to be suspicious of more…(here’s a hint if you can’t get it…its you)

  29. chrisinoverhishead says:

    Crass Snot, not everyone lives in your country or attends the meetings you do. I never heard of you, but since you responded suggesting I lie, I googled you. And I found this, “Chris Scott… attended his first Douglas County Republican Convention last month, said there is a good possibility that newly elected Nebraska delegates will vote for someone other than Romney at the national convention in Tampa, Fla.”

    Your first county GOP convention? And everyone in the GOP is supposed to know you?

    I was wrong. I assumed you to be a nice guy. You are actually a disingenuous prick and so stupid you still keep blogging under your own name. Someday you will realize I really tried to help you. But you seem to be the sort to have to learn that the hard way. Go right ahead. You are so much smarter than those Republicans who fought Liberalism for decades. You don’t take advice. Enjoy being an asshole, asshole. You make plugs Biden look intelligent and that takes some doing.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 3:28 PM
    So it is said that Mitt Romney is a very wealthy guy. When his bowling was poor he cheated, and lied. The same is said for his 3 point shooting, and of course his golf game. Heck he even is competitive at playing cards, and is very sneaky in almost everything he does. With an ego that works in this manner there should be a LOT of men in his past. Just saying……

  31. @Chris Scott says:

    If you’re not one of Scott Petersen’s minons, then why do you think he’s doing a good job? This isn’t a snarky question, I’m actually seriously wondering what you see thats good.

  32. ricky says:

    I bet Rep Lee Terry is really mad at the G O P leadership. For ten years Terry voted the way his bosses wanted and for this he was rewarded at the RNC with a slap in the face. Where was Terry on the floor of the convention arguing for the Keystone Pipeline? Nowhere to be found is where.
    Instead the Repubs had to trot out people like Condi Rice, an unelected former Bush crony who failed at her job of detecting Bin Laden.
    But the G O P has a war on women that the appearance of Rep Terry would have reminded the nation about. So no wonder Rep Terry was MIA at the convention in Tampa.

    ricky from omaha

  33. Some Thoughts says:

    I hate to break this to anyone who thought Clint Eastwood was funny, but that whole “empty chair” thing spreading on the internet? They’re laughing at him, not with him. In short, the least said about that debacle, the better.

  34. Macdaddy says:

    Clint pwned the Democrats and everyone knows it. Hence the pathetic attempts on the Left to save face. Clint has more talent in his little finger than all the screeching harpies Hollywood keeps trotting out to defend The One. Clint wasn’t just funny. He was brutal.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, Clint Eastwood came off sounding like a doddering old fool, sounding almost as bad as Anonymostly has been on the Rep. Akin issue. “Go ahead … get off of my lawn!”
    Clint had a lot of talent at one time. Unfortunately, the Clint that was has left the building. Now he is left repeating lines from his movies that were probably written for him by some gay Hollywood socialist. He has become yet another of those has-beens that are but a shadowy caricature of their former selves – such as Chuck Norris, Victoria Jackson, Hank Williams Jr., Ted Nugent – all trying to keep what is left of their fame in any spotlight they can find. Unfortunately, they’ve chosen to horn in on the political stage, when an old vaudeville one would be more appropriate for the kind of act they are now providing. It is time to give them, and anyone that booked them, the hook.
    I will agree with you. Clint was brutal, but not in a good way.

  36. Pam Spaccarotella leaves after salary rolled back $25k says:

    So everyone knows, Suttle got caught giving his people large raises and has been forced to take them away. Soon after, Pam Spaccarotella is leaving. But it’s not because of the $25k, so says the OWH. Right…

    Is the beginning of people starting to flee from Suttle? It looks like the Mayor is in the middle of quite the mess right now.

  37. Chris Scott says:

    @Chris Scott
    I like Scott Peterson because he works hard at a thankless job and cares about getting Republicans elected. I do not get into all this in fighting as I believe it serves no purpose. I would not like to be labeled anyone’s minion. Just my opinion.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Anon1011, must hurt knowing your guy is, well is your guy. Americans are going to elect Romney for different reasons, some because they support Romney, some because the cant support 4 more years of loss and heart ache. What will be interesting to watch is how many people who voted for the Hope and Change guy, sit it out this time. Either way the party has been over for quite a while, and The People will respond, as the Chief Justice suggested, and will elect a new President. Romney will be expected to right the ship and get things moving in the right direction after four+ years of ng towards a cliff. Sure there will be some mistakes along the way, but The People can accept HONEST mistakes. What we can’t accept anymore is the purposeful destruction of the Country We The Majority, We The People, love.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I wondered why former President Clinton was speaking at the DNC, what with the war on women why would such an abuser be in the spotlight? Could it be that he is held in such high regards because he is known for being a philanderer, obviously a quality held in high regard by the DNC, and the POTUS?

  40. Puke Bucket says:

    Looks like The Super Adventure Club aka The YRs seem to be a little testy this morning. Did your moms not let you sleep in?

  41. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 12:35: keep telling yourself that. BTW, what’s up with “government is the only thing we all belong to?”. I don’t recall seeing “Property of the Government” stamped on me anywhere, at least since I left the military. If Democrats continue this belittling of the individual and their unprecedented power grabs, it’s going to be more than Clint saying “Get off my lawn.”.

    P.S. Because liberals’ imaginations seem to become their reality (See “I can see Russia from my house”), Eastwood did not utter the line “Get off my lawn” in his speech. For the record.

  42. Anonymous says:

    At least Bill & Ted had excellent adventures! What have you Republicans had – guys playing footsie in the men’s room and grown men using young boys as toys?

  43. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 8:40: philanderer? If only. He was accused by several different women of rape and sexual assault. You should google “Bob is a racist.”. Being Democrat is like having your own Get out of jail free card. I really liked Corey Booker’s “if you’re a republican and you say you have a mother, it’s like saying but my best friend is black.”. Keep it classy Dems. And keep my mother out of it.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:34:And where are those Republicans today? Not getting exalted at a Presidential convention on national television during prime time, that’s for sure.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Chris Scott. Really enjoying your new blog. It’s refreshing to read something that isn’t just another political ad for Terry or Heineman. The only reason I pop on this little propoganda blog anymore is to skim the comments section for anti-DCRP drivel from the same couple of kids each morning. It’s entertaining. Your blog is actually informative. Keep up the good work.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, you are correct, Eastwood did not utter the line, “Get off my lawn,” in his speech. He uttered it in his film, Grand Torino. In his call and response at the GOP convention, he did say, “Go Ahead …” and the crowd replied, “… Make My Day!”
    The point I was making is that those phrases, and others he’s noted for, aren’t phrases coined by Eastwood, they were lines written by Hollywood scriptwriters and he, as an actor, mouthed them while playing a role in a film. In other words, Clint Eastwood, the man, stood up there and spoke to a chair. What the crowd perceived was Rowdy Yates, The Man With No Name, Harry Callahan, Walt Kowalski, and all of the other characters that he played throughout his career on the big screen.
    That is the problem with politics today, and probably in the past as well. We are so used to being shown the smoke and mirrors that we can’t even see the truth when it is right in front of us.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Get a grip, RWP. Murder is a big deal indeed. Piss poor behavior following an accidental death is not murder. It may be manslaughter, but definitely not murder.

  48. RWP says:

    Murder includes reckless indifference to human life. Kennedy showed that twice; by getting drunk and driving off a bridge, and then by willfully failing to seek assistance for Kopechne.

  49. @Chris Scott says:

    You consider begging/demanding candidates give money to the DCRP is working hard? Or how about all of his bad mouthing of pretty much everyone who isn’t in line with him. While that can take a bit of time, it’s not what the chairman of a party is supposed to do

  50. Anonymous says:

    Charles B. Pierce is credited with penning the phrase, “Go ahead, make my day.”
    Nick Schenk most likely wrote, “Get off my lawn.”

    Clint Eastwood? Well, he talks to chairs.

  51. Nate says:

    Eastwood acted in, directed, produced, and/or partially scored Gran Torino, Invictus, J.Edgar, and Hereafter just in the last four years alone. That’s pretty prolific for a “doddering old fool.”

    The guy is 82 and was speaking off the cuff. If his words and thoughts didn’t flow as well as a younger person’s, so what? It was an honest take, which is more than can be said for the speech President Empty Chair will almost assuredly deliver tomorrow.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Nate, did you actually watch the performance Eastwood gave at the GOP convention, or are you, like so many others, basing your analysis on hearsay?

  53. Some Thoughts says:

    “Clint was brutal, but not in a good way.”

    I agree. Look, you can brag about Clint’s performance if you like, and you can pretend that all the “empty chair” jokes my friends are emailing me or putting on Facebook are jabs at Obama, but the truth is not with you, my friend. Conservatives are loyal, and that’s a good trait, but sometimes this eagerness to defend each other is taken to extremes, where anyone with different ideas is kicked out, or where it becomes impossible to see that some people or positions are hurting rather than helping the cause. Trust me, Eastwood made himself a laughingstock. The takeaway from that routine was not “wow, Obama is an empty chair/empty suit”.

  54. Nate says:

    Of course I watched, Anon @ 11:05. And say what you want about his delivery, but the empty chair resonated with viewers. Clearly it did. That’s why the Obama campaign was petulantly posting a pic of him sitting in the President’s chair in the wee hours of the night following the conclusion of the RNC.

    Hell, even Bill Maher, who diametrically opposes just about everything about conservatism and conservatives, said “He went up there without a net, on a tightrope… he did a bit with just an empty chair and killed. He committed to it, it was consistent, and it worked.”

    His address to the convention also included the important point that, ultimately, the government serves the will of the people, and not the other way around. The exact opposite tone of the “We all belong to the government” video that the Obama campaign is backpedalling away from so furiously today.

    These aren’t things that those on the Left want to address head on, which is why you, like so many others, have to rely on undermining Eastwood’s lifetime of achievement and casting him as just an elderly person who has lost his marbles.

  55. Anonymous says:

    @RWP when a person, of sound memory and discretion, unlawfully kills any reasonable creature in being and under the king’s peace, with malice aforethought, either express or implied

    From William Blackstone setting out the common law definition of murder. Sorry, Kennedy’s actions in 1969 don’t come close to meeting the definition of murder. “Malice aforethought” is considered manslaughter in virtually all jurisdictions (except for California which treats this as 3rd degree murder). Please quit wasting our time.

  56. RWP says:

    It is you who is wasting our time, anon @ 4:19. Malice aforethought clearly includes ‘depraved indifference to human life’, in all jurisdictions.

  57. Anonymous says:

    @RWP, Manslaughter, not murder. You can’t make up the law. Thought you chem professors trafficked in facts. Hate to be a student in your class where facts are whatever you want them to be. Seems to be a common right-wing ailment.

    Wait…., wait…. for a snark about how I wouldn’t have the smarts to be a student in your class….

  58. Lil Mac says:

    Republicans are missing the show if they don’t watch the Democratic Party Convention.

    Dems are downsizing BHO’s venue from an arena to a closet to make a full looking room for the boss. And it only took every Jewish Democrat threatening to play mohel on Obama’s shvantz to force the New-and-Improved-2012-Obama-Democratic-Party-Platform to put “Jerusalem” back in. They are also put “God” back into the platform after they ripped God out of there. Somehow I don’t think it was the Almighty who convinced them to do that; more likely an irate Dem pollster with a baseball bat.

    The aim and scope of this convention is breathtakingly suicidal. The attacks on the contender made by supporters of a sitting President in the most powerful position on Earth, have been relentless. Romney is mentioned almost more than Obama. It is as if the Democratic convention is trying to convince Democrats to vote for Obama. Polls have consistently shown this is precisely the sort of stuff November voters hate about politics.

    My advice to Republicans is keep doing what you are doing. Obama is a gift that keeps on giving. He is, as predicted, inadvertently doing a left hemisphere lobotomy on his own party. Good. The GOP isn’t all that perfect and needs some competition in the future. But for now, the first step is watching the numbers plunge as this emperor strips down to his donkey skin. Man, this is some uglyyyyy stuff.

  59. 2nd District Voters says:

    I wonder how the voters in Omaha will react to the Democratic Party grudgingly adding God and Jerusalem back into their Platform. The Dems finally amended their Platform after three difficult attempts. The Boo’s were loud and there was a large number of attendees that were unhappy.

    The Democratic Party has fallen and lost it’s soul. Many remember what it once was, but need to realize that this isn’t your parents & grandparents party.

  60. RWP says:

    The fourth state of mind encompassed by malice aforethought is where the defendant has acted with a “depraved indifference” to human life. This is a situation in which the defendant commits an act even though he knows his act runs an unusually high risk of causing death or serious bodily harm to someone else. If the risk of death or bodily harm is great enough, ignoring it demonstrates a depraved indifference to human life and the resulting death is considered to have been committed with malice aforethought. See Commonwealth v. Malone, 47 A.2d 445 (Pa. 1946).

  61. RWP says:

    And it only took every Jewish Democrat threatening to play mohel on Obama’s shvantz to force the New-and-Improved-2012-Obama-Democratic-Party-Platform to put “Jerusalem” back in.

    I’m sure it was already taken care of by his Muslim father or stepfather. Can’t turn up at the madrasah with an intact prepuce.

  62. Question says:

    RWP- you are clearly a good writer and well educated. Why not take your opinions and talents and start a blog. I might disagree with you on occasions but you have an unparrelled depth on the issues. And no this is not a paid endorsement.

  63. Spike says:

    Lee Terry & LT’s new TVC, PATHETIC! The only thing missing were the Puppet Strings attached to the BIMBO! But away from this kindergarten drivel & on to something totally inspirational!!

    Michelle Obama is Brilliant! Not only brilliant but humble, graceful, awesome, inspirational, simply a great America First Lady. She should run for POTUS 2016!!

    So what’s with all you Dolt GOPERS? To ashamed of your retarded, ME GENERATION, Fat Cat loser convention & candidate??? The way I see it is, the GOP convention was a clear example of what’s wrong with America, at least half of it! The GOP convention was Pre-school vs. Graduate University level of the DEMS. No wonder not a word about it on this retarded site. ASHAMED or something?? I’d be too if I was a rertarded, selfish,indreed, self-centered, ME< ME< ME POS REPUBLICAN! Doesn't watching & listening to INTELLIGENT, HONEST, HONORABLE people just make you slimeballs want to vomit on yourselves???

  64. Macdaddy says:

    Holy Cow! The Big He sure put the lie back into liar. We were going to do a drinking game: every time Clinton pointed that bony index finger and told a lie (I did not have sex with that woman) everybody had to drink, but we quickly realized we’d be dead drunk in about 10 minutes. Kerrey said that Clinton is an unusually good liar. I beg to differ. Maybe about things that happen behind closed doors and with no other witnesses, but when it comes to actual facts, he’s really lost his touch. Next up, Obama. The phrase “Let me be perfectly clear” is the signal that a real whopper is coming.

    Spike. Two words: Therapy.

  65. Macdaddy says:

    Obama’s record is so weak he’s trying to run on Clinton’s record. He hugged him tightly as if to make people think he and Clinton were one and the same.

  66. Goober Natorial says:

    Isn’t it ironic seeing spike praising someone for being graceful? Talk about a virtue of which spike has such a great deficit. If being gracious is something to be praised, you’d never know it from the way spike posts. Few words would be less fitting in describing ol’ spike.

  67. Macdaddy says:

    Hard to believe that the Democrats had cut God and Jerusalem out if their platform with Obama’s approval. Then a Mormon called him on it and he had to flip-flop. Then the Democrats had to boo flipping back to the mention of God-given talents. The language wasn’t even “God is the Creator and we should bow down.”. It was God-given. That’s about as religious as God-forsaken. And yet they booed. I have to put up with the word “Godd***” on basic cable and these guys start booing God-given talent. The Democrats are beyond parody.

  68. Spikon wrote: “Michelle Obama is Brilliant! Not only brilliant but humble, graceful, awesome, inspirational, simply a great America First Lady. She should run for POTUS 2016!!”

    Indeed, I have to agree with Goober Natorial here…it’s hard to understand why you admire her for such qualities when you possess none of them. Well, I don’t know your gender, so I suppose you could share the ‘lady’ quality…but that would be using the term ‘lady’ VERRRYYYYYY loosely.

  69. Macdaddy says:

    In anticipation of a couple of Obama’s lies that he’s going to throw out tonight, his plan for future spending, which got zero votes in either house of Congress, does not cut $4 trillion from the deficit. The best anybody can figure is $577 million. Also, he has not added 4.5 million jobs to the economy. He’s still at least 300,000 in the hole, and that’s after almost 4 years and $5 trillion of new debt.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Wonder what the fact checkers will have to say about the Dem convention speakers. Prolly not much. Which says more about the fact checkers than it does about the Dem speakers.

  71. Macdaddy says:

    The most obscene part of his speech:

    “We, the People, recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights; that our destinies are bound together; that a freedom which only asks what’s in it for me, a freedom without commitment to others, a freedom without love or charity or duty or patriotism, is unworthy of our founding ideals, and those who died in their defense.”

    This is from the leader of the party who thinks we all belong to the government. That you did nothing without the government’s help. That religious liberty is whatever the current President says it is. And if you don’t agree with spending 24% or more of GDP on government, then you are unworthy. There is no God but Government and Obama is its Prophet.

  72. Anonymous says:

    @MacDaddy, you are so full of it. This has been one of the ideals of this country. Not the selfish “me first” of your crowd. As the world has become more complex, government has grown as one of the results. I, for one, do not want to return to a medieval/serf society that many of you espouse.

    And the WP did not “dismantle” most of Obama’s speech. They took issue with a few numbers and timelines, but the essence of what he said was spot on.

  73. Macdaddy says:

    You have absolutely got to be kidding me, Anon 10:59. You don’t want to be a serf? Did that just come out of your fingers because you thought it sounded cool or you really so stupid to not realize that that was the system of government in the Middle Ages? Not the private sector. The government. From the King on down. Did you miss the whole Magna Carta and the American Revolution in high school history or were you trying out for Obama’s Choom gang? That was all against government. So I agree with your statement about not wanting to go back to being a serf. You’re just too stupid to realize that it’s Obama who has us most of the way there.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Our Constitution begins, “We the people of the United States …”
    Why is it that some of you, like Macdaddy, seem to have a major issue with that? When are you fools going to understand that the government of our country isn’t “them” against “us?” After all, our government is “us.” Hating the government only means that you hate yourself, and you hate everyone else that lives in this country.

  75. Lil Mac says:

    Per the NYTs, in 1991, while selling his own version of socialized medicine, Bob Kerrey DID NOT fund healthcare for most of his own restaurant employees. His 75 managers got healthcare but the rest of his 725 employees got Kerrey’s middle finger. Same Kerrey who criticized Obamacare for not being socialist enough. Same Kerrey who today says he hates Obamacare so much that he wants to stop paying for healthcare for his own restaurant employees. That sounds familiar. He’s a greedy entrepreneurial bastard for himself and a benevolent money-giver with other people’s tax dollars. What an asshole.

    Someone in this blog previously hypothesized that Kerrey could be running because some moneybags like Buffett paid the greedy bastard a load of cash under the table to GOTV in 2nd District. Whatever the real reason for him running, he’s gone nuts. A Democratic presidential candidate until he was caught making sexist jokes about women, just the other day Kerrey said “Half of me is kinda Republican.” That must be the lower half Republicans crap out of. Whatever is going on in Kerrey’s melon isn’t Republican.

    My God but all those well meaning Democrats who supported Nebraskan Hassebrook who Bob befriended and then gutted. Kerrey is an asshole that deserves the Jason Biggs treatment.

  76. Interested Observer says:

    Lil Mac, could you have made your exact same point without the crude language? There are people who read this site who would prefer to not have to read such crudeness.

  77. Anonymous says:

    2:52. Did you study civics at all? The U. S. Constitution forms a structure of federal government powers which We the People as voters populate with those whom we elect to power, and that same Constitution hamstrings those federal powers by pitting them one against the other to limit federal government power and it specifically protects We the People from those we elect to exercise that federal power. Where do you think tyranny comes from? Someone else’s goverment?

  78. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 7:10: Tyranny comes from George W. Bush. Obama rides unicorns and farts rainbows so he cannot possibly be a tyrant. I’m always astounded that for the Left, the only right that is sacrosanct is the right to abortion. For everything else, they always, always come up with an excuse for why government needs to regulate everything from light bulbs to trans fat to salt to how you flush to how you shower to how often they’ll pay for rectal exams and mammograms to whether you can mow a ditch or sell lemonade in your front yard. But that’s not tyranny. That’s for our own good. We need a Republican president so the Left will go back to recognizing that government should have limits.

  79. Lil Mac says:

    Interested Observer, aka Brian the Democrat from Holdrege, I didn’t call you an asshole and you blog in here as a fake Republican. “Santorum, that’s Latin for asshole!” Have you forgotten that Kerrey gem? My God, but you Democrats are hypocrites. Sorry, I forgot that some of you don’t want us to use the word “God”.

    Your fake Republican persona isn’t as much fun as the real Brian. It is sad and monotonous. By the way, did you as a Democrat like Bob Kerrey saying he is “half Republican”? I suppose not.

    You were one of the most honest political people when you blogged as BTO. You are a real liberal who stood up for your principles, which you today see dumped on by Kerrey and a DNC that bows to pressure bending it away from it own principles. You gave voice against such garbage. You did that. It was hard but worthwhile. Now you are down to griping about the language we use to describe potty mouthed politicians.

  80. RWP says:

    Wow, see that jobs report? <100 k new nonfarm jobs, way below expectations. June and July also revised downward. 360,000 left the workforce entirely. With the same labor participation rate there was when Obama took office, unemployment would be 11.2%


  81. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 7:10 am,
    I obviously did a more thorough study of civics than you have. My understanding of the Constitution isn’t derived from Tea Party anecdotes.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy @ 7:47 am,
    For the right, the only thing that is sacrosanct is the right for the wealthy to make ever more profit off of the blood, sweat and tears of those less fortunate. Their preferred way to do that is to send more and more of our kids off to be slaughtered in senseless foreign wars and by manufacturing more weapons that even the DOD didn’t ask for.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Correction. We need a Republican president because the Left will never recognize that government should have limits. Within the last century two Leftist governments out-murdered and out-tyrannized Hitler and Leftists are now sinking Europe. Americans who cannot see that are not teachable. You don’t beat a child for thinking like a child. You just take the matches away.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 9:20 am,
    It is good to know that you would have been a staunch supporter of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. I’m certain you would have loved living in the world they envisioned.

  85. Interested Observer says:

    Lil Mac, I was only speaking about the unnecessary use of crude language. I didn’t say anything at all about the actual content of your message or your point of view. You are entitled to your opinion. I didn’t question that at all.

    I will repeat once again, I am a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area and I’ve known DEB FI$CHER for 40 years. I am not now, nor have I ever been a Democrat. I don’t actually ever remember even driving through Holdrege before. Even Goober Natorial finally figured out that I must actually be a rancher from the Valentine area a while back. I have absolutely no idea who Brian the Democrat is, nor do I care.

    Shouldn’t your last paragraph in your last comment indicate that I’m not who you think?

  86. Macdaddy says:

    Three times as many people gave up looking for a job than found a job.

    Bill Clinton said something interesting about Obama reaching out to his opponents, e.g. hiring his wife. Apart from the whole keep your enemies closer thing, it was interesting what a lie that was. Obama, in November of 2010, after he had rammed Obamacare and the stimulus through, over a year and a half after he had been in office and 4 years after he came to town, did not have the House Minority Leader’s phone number. That’s pathetic. Obama does nothing well. You liberals have done him no favors by constantly buying his excuses or making them up if he doesn’t feel like supplying one.

  87. Interested Observer a Rancher? says:

    IO is NOT a rancher and this ‘political’ association with Nebraska Ranchers insults this prestigious occupation.

    IO, we have a 50/50 chance of being correct. LA for Sen Mello or Sen. Norquist….

  88. Some Thoughts says:

    Why do we do rarely see a new post here, even though it’s prime election season? I know, why complain if you’re not going to start your own blog, right? We’ve had so much political action in the past week, though. What about Kerrey slamming Obamacare? What about the DNC? A lot of pundits are saying that Clinton’s speech was better than Obama’s.

  89. Anonymostly says:

    RWP, that number bears repeating. And repeating.

    If the workforce participation rate was the same today as it was when Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.2%.


    Amazing that there are still Democrats out there trying to defend Obama’s putrid record on the economy.

  90. Anonymostly says:

    Libtard at 8:12 sez: “For the right, the only thing that is sacrosanct is the right for the wealthy to make ever more profit off of the blood, sweat and tears of those less fortunate.”

    Actually, no. That’s not it. Actually, not even close.

    Conservatives want people to have economic freedom. That’s what made America the land of opportunity.

    If I start a business and do well with it, I might need to hire some employees to help me.

    Libtards such as youself sees that as making “ever more profit off of the blood, sweat and tears of those less fortunate.”

    Those on the right call that “a job.” And they think it works out to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. I have work and am willing to pay someone to do it; the other guy has no job but he’s willing to accept what I’m willing to pay in order to perform the work I need done. And we both gain from the relationship.

    Considering libtards see that as “profiting off the blood, sweat and tears of those less fortunate,” it’s no wonder libtard policies have brought us to the point where unemployment is so high and the government is so far in debt because ever more people are paid (from the government redistributing my money) to sit around and collect welfare.

  91. Dogs Against Romney says:

    #127: Typical reasoned comment on this blog. But about as intelligent as anything Anonymostly has posted recently.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Please explain how America prospered in the post WWII years while the wealthiest paid a lot higher taxes than they do now, they took a much smaller percentage of their companies’ returns as profit, and they distributed the wealth much more fairly to those that actually did the work.

  93. Goober Natorial says:

    IO is a liar. I never once said I thought he was a rancher from the Valentine area. I said I didn’t think IO is BTO because IO has been obsessed with Deb Fischer longer than she would have been on the average Dem’s radar. I said I might believe he’s from Valentine but I don’t believe anything else he says. The fact that he twisted my words into some sort of endorsement of his back story of being a rancher shows how dishonest IO is.

  94. Anonymous says:

    WOW Bob Kerrey must need a neck brace for his sudden change of direction on Obamcare! Judas Priest, the guy is freaking losing it. All the video of him moving further to the left on the subject and today he is making headlines within”hating” it. The poor guy has really gone off the deep end. Does he expect people will ever have even a shred of respect for his policy making decisions after this?

    Nope old BK has just sunk himself and will remain a former has been wanna be, but at least he will have company with Benedict Nelson, and Barry Obama! What a trio they make!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Ya now they can hate his sorry a$$ in New York when he moves back in November. He can have fun explaining how he loved it before he hated it, and he really didn’t want to offend the Village with his contempt of the chosen ones centerpiece law, Obamacare, even though Barry didn’t even mention it in his DNC moment. Well heck he didn’t mention the BP spill response, or Fast and Furious, or GITMO, or the U6 unemployment numbers, or his comments to the Russian, or all of his failed green companies…..what a complete failure he has been. To bad because he never really had a chane as he never really ever built anything to have an understanding of what it takes to employ people……. Just a statist who came along when the people have grown tired of having their private property and earnings taken by Government for Government!

  96. Anonymous says:

    It was refreshing to hear nearly all of the Democrats at their convention thanking the troops that are putting their lives on the line for America. I missed that from the Republicans in Tampa. Maybe the GOP just doesn’t care about them. After all, the Democrats only have Obamacare, an act that ensures healthcare for America’s citizens, to hang their hat on – the Republicans only have Bush’s Folly, i.e. the Iraq war and its body-bags full of American kids, to hang their heads in shame about.

  97. Anonymostly says:

    So anonymous at 9:05, it was refreshing to you that the dem speech writers and message controllers made sure to have all the speakers thank the troops, huh? They probably felt like they had to now that Obama owns the Afghan war.

    Stark change from 4 years ago, huh? I haven’t seen a Nebraskans for Peace anti-war rally in YEARS! Which is sad because they always had such clever signs, like “War is not the answer” and “Beware of the Military Industrial Complex.” The Obamamatons have removed all their “Endless (end THIS) war” bumper stickers. (Probably replaced them with “Occupy My Rump” bumper stickers.)

    Hmmm. War must be OK if the President is a Democrat.

  98. Anonymostly says:

    Dogs for Obama said, “#127: Typical reasoned comment on this blog. But about as intelligent as anything Anonymostly has posted recently.”

    Well, compared with the bilge you dump, I can certainly see why you would think the comments I post on here are “reasoned.”

    Are you the same guy from the other thread who puts the “tard” in “libtard”?

  99. Anonymostly says:

    Speaking of Nebraskans for Peace, have you seen their newest logo? It looks like the State of Nebraska fell on a dove and smooshed it.

  100. Anonymous @ 4:43 PM says:

    Interesting. Where did Jeremy Aspen say this, on the radio?

    Doesn’t surprise me that Aspen would be a Ron Paul guy, he was a big backer of the not-so attended LibertyFest. It was interesting how much work they spent on promoting it on radio, print and everywhere and got almost no interest. It was supposed to be the spark for the Ron Paul Revolution in Nebraska by the Campaign for Liberty crew. But ended in a whimper.

    Actually, there was one big thing that came out of LibertyFest: Joe the Tracker ignited his career.

  101. Anonymous says:

    Like IO, I don’t know who this Brian Osborn guy is, so I googled “Brian Osborn Leavenworth Street”. He’s a very rude, very opinionated, however eloquent, s.o.b. that seems to have a strong sense of right and wrong. It appears he has as many enemies in the Democratic camp as he does in the Republican one. I’d say he’s a Libertarian, but it seems he picks fights with them too.
    Whatever happened to him that he doesn’t post here any more?

  102. Question for Anon 10:52 says:

    “whatever happened to BTO and why doesn’t he post here” Go to the bathroom, look in the mirror and ask yourself.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Nice try Brian, you drunken sailor. You took the advice of those who said putting your real name online hands crazies all sorts of personal info you don’t want out there, especially since you go out of your way to insult people right and left. Like other bloggers, you have taken to blogging under pseudonyms and anonymously. Yet you also masquerade as a Republican. Your old integrity as Brian isn’t real integrity if you cheat when you aren’t blogging as Brian. Choosing to be disingenuous to advance a position you cannot advance by reason is bad and you know it. You don’t have to stoop to lying.

    Or maybe you do have to stoop to lying. Intelligent Democrats cannot reasonably argue a case for one as inept as Obama. It is not just unrequited love. It is embarrassment for all of you who finally got a bona fide Liberal champion and he turned out to be a bone head dragging down Democrats everywhere. So Democrats, including you, Brian, resort to lying, subterfuge, attack, blame, shifting, all that stuff children do when they are caught and will not man-up to the hard reality that they chose an idiot to represent their principles. We can guess that Liberalism doesn’t work even if Liberals had attended math class and met a budget. But we will never know because Democrats went out of their way to choose inept candidates like Obama and slimy one’s like “I am half Republican” Kerrey. Public policy and politicians come and go. None of it is worth losing your integrity.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Hagel is supporting Bob Kerrey. Hagel was also Obama’s top GOP supporter. Seems Democrats aren’t the only people who can elect fools because Republicans elected Hagel.

  105. Interested Observer says:

    RWP at 10:03 AM said, “a guy who’s repeatedly tried to slime a candidate through their family”. I really don’t know what RWP means by that. Please give a couple examples of what I ever said that would even remotely be considered trying to “slime” a candidate.

  106. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, you know exactly what RWP means by that. SS has had to delete any number of your posts where you’ve trashed Deb Fischer’s family. You just want someone to post examples so that you can have the smears posted vicariously that SS deleted when you posted it. You’re such a mendacious troll.

  107. Dogs Against Romney says:

    #143 is living in an alternate reality. First of all, the last surplus budget was produced by a liberal Democrat. And you’re forgetting that Obama is not a dictator. It’s convenient to blame the slow recovery on him, but what;s he supposed to do when a Republican congress refuses to pass any of his jobs bills, and has said that their primary goal is to ensure Obama is a one term president? The biggest problem this country faces is too many folks like #143 place partisanship uber-all and turn their brains off.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Dog. Your master Obama was close enough to being a dictator for two years. Democrat control of everything, could pass anything they wanted. Why didn’t your master do what you wanted back then?

    Now you come here to lick Obama’s boots as “against Romney”. And you say others are partisan? What about you, Fido? You are mutt sniffing Obama’s butt.

    I hear he spays and neuters his pets.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Peter, the investors loved Europe extending their debt crisis. But you go on an keep believing what you want because we know you are clueless. Besides the point is becoming moot in November when The People elect Romney to right the ship, just as he has done time and time again.

  110. A good friend tipped me off that I was still a topic of conversation here on Leavenworth Street. I am amused.

    Sorry to disappoint all of the tin foil hat crowd here on Leavenworth St., but I’m not any of those other folks that you seem to believe must be me. I’ve become too caught up in my real life to spend as much time blogging, here or elsewhere, as I did in the past. I do a little Facebook to keep up with my friends and family, and I will throw a zinger Adrian Smith’s way on there from time to time, but otherwise I’ve weaned myself away from the blogs.

    I would imagine the reason why my name popped up here recently was because I showed up at the Kerrey-Fischer debate in Grand Island in the company of some of my old reformist rabble-rouser buddies. It seems we, of all people, were featured on the local television coverage, replete with our anti-XL Pipeline T-shirts – rather than the usual NDP media whores. Someone, probably one of my old NDP nemeses, felt threatened by my re-emergence and came to throw turds at me where I was last known to hang out, politically. As for the T-shirt thing, I really don’t care so much about the pipeline itself as I do the arrogance of those damned Canadians invading our sovereign soil – threatening Nebraskans with eminent domain so that they can despoil our landscape as they transport their sludge to China.

    I’ve been taking a break from politics. After hearing reports from both the NDP and the DNC conventions, I’ve decided to sit this one out. If the Democratic Party ever decides to get back to supporting the things I believe in, I may renew my interest in it. Until then, I’ll remain a registered Democrat, but I’m not putting any signs in my yard, I’m not making any calls, or knocking on any doors on behalf of candidates, and I sure as hell won’t be donating any money to an organization that is squandering it needlessly on candidates that don’t support my views. The sheeple of the NDP have decided to continue on their path to irrelevance, entrusting the party to the same cabal of Lincoln/Omaha lawyers that have reduced it to the rubble it finds itself in today. After November’s fiasco, they’ll be patting one another on the back for keeping guys like me from interfering with their good work, and they’ll continue their drive to run the NDP to record setting low levels of participation.

    Apparently, the content on Nebraska’s political blogs has degraded to such a level of childish name calling that their authors aren’t investing the amount of time on them as they did in the past. It appears that Sweeper only posts about once a week and Vile Kyle has abandoned NNN completely.

    Best of luck to you all, you’ll need it regardless of which candidates win in November. Until the dimwits in D.C., and here in Nebraska, learn to work together for the people that elected them, rather than for the corporations that fund them, we are all doomed.

  111. Interested Observer says:

    I just read an interesting article in the New York Times about Mitt Romney wanting to keep parts of Obamacare, specifically coverage of pre-existing conditions. Then he went on to say that Mr. Obama’s national security strategy has made America in “some ways safer.”

    Did he hire Bob Kerrey to be his new speech writer? It’s like some of these guys are coming to the center.

  112. anonymous says:

    @ Chris Scott, read what’s on your own blog guy! I just read the Willie Hamilton entry and was appalled at all the twisted historical references! Wrong Wrong Wrong! Plus, I couldn’t figure out where to click to leave a counter-point comment! WIllie states that Hayes-Tilden was some sort of “betrayal” in reality the government was broke, the people were tired and families wanted their sons home from the extended occupation. If that is what Willie calls a betrayal then so be it but he then goes on to state that “a bloodbath ensued…” in the South (by Democrats) after Union troops (Republican-Abolishonists) were pulled out. Well they weren’t pulled out, the units were dissolved and the men sent home to work their farms, earn a living and go back to their wives and families. Afterall, more than 600,000 had been killed. Even so, why then go join and support the Party that is killing your people as he stated? It’s a pathetic and racist blog entry without any credible sourcing nor any balance. Get real.

  113. Chris Scott says:

    Please do not discuss other blogs here. If you have a question or comment email me. Also @Political Insider- I am assuming you caught me on Crash,Becka, or Chip this week? You can also email me if you would like a podcast! Please keep listening though as all three shows are great!


  114. Terry flippers says:

    Oh, yes, tell me how Terry voted again for voucher care! I, and everyone else under 55 will now have to pay over $60,000 for MY Medicare benefits.

    Tell about Terry voted for killing the surplus that President Clinton left. Tell me about how he and the rest of his ilk spent money like, as Sen. mcCain put it, like “Drunken Sailors”. Medicare D, tax cuts during a time of war. Tell us what a “conservative hawk” he is.

    Bush left office with a $1.4 TRILLION dollars deficit. Terry voted for every single spending bill.

    Regale me with Terry accomplishments of WHAT? Naming post offices. And the other? Oh yea, allowing Robocalls on cell phones. One more, he tried to cram TransCanada pipeline down our throats.

    He’ll win his seat, but Terry is a coward and a hypocrite of the highest order.

  115. Ewing floppers says:

    I know something Lee Terry didn’t accomplish. He didn’t get arrested in Colorado for being a big mouth to the police.

  116. Dogs Against Romney says:

    #150, Obama only had 60 votes in the Senate for 5 months, and two of those months Congress was in recess. Not that it made him a “dictator” during that period. You need to find a dictionary and learn how the U.S. govt operates.

    If you didn’t hear the story, Romney like to travel with the pet dog in a crate on top of his car. Google it!

  117. Hey Peter says:

    You need to take an entry level course in economics. The more money they print, the more money is in the system. Just because the stock markets go up does not mean the economy is recovering. The huge influx of cash into the system has been the biggest cause of increase in the stock market. And that only means that our dollar is weaker and the buying power of said dollar is less. But good try.

  118. Flipper says:

    8:30–I realize you’re ticked that Terry’s TV ad of voting to cut spending by 7 trillion more is having an effect–people are starting to post hysterically on Ewing’s FB that he needs to get an ad up. Ewing is deleting these comments (one of which was from Peg “lippy” Lippert, well-known Dem who lost a race for nat’l committeewoman).

    Read up about Hill-Terry, cause you’re gonna hear more about it. HT will save us from importing 400 mil. barrels of oil a year from OPEC. Union of Concerned Scientists called Terry’s law “historic”. Attack away…

    But I know that doesn’t matter to you–you just want to hurl insults at Terry. Really worked good for Thompson…Esch…and White, didn’t it?

  119. Flipper says:

    8:30–your claim that Terry voted for “every single spending bill” during the Bush years is a lie. You’ll hear more on that too. Better post to Ewing that he needs to get it up (an ad).

    For years the attack on Terry has been that he is too conservative and cuts too much. Now he’s a lib spender? won’t sell….

  120. Anonymous says:

    That’s a good point about Lee Terry being too Conservative for Democrats yet now he’s too Liberal for Democrats. We hear some of that from Democrats about Romney too.

    It is too kind to these raisin brains to suggest they are taking a Machiavellian page out of Dr. Gobbles propaganda book. This nonsense is more like Clinton blaming Nicorette makers for his cigars ending up in Monica’s humidor.

  121. Who's the hypocrite says:

    8:30 mentioned “hypocrite”. hmmmm

    I wonder what you call a former cop who gets ticketed in Aurora for “failing to follow the lawful orders” of a police officer.
    I wonder what you call a former cop who, when given a court date to answer the charges, doesn’t show. The result was a bench warrant for his arrest.
    I wonder what you call a former cop who gives an account of all this to the OWH that is laughable. (A buddy was going to handle it for him….but he won’t say who it was. sure. right.)

  122. Hey, Hey Peter says:

    It seems you like to think your a Econ prof, so tell me what are the pros and cons of a strong dollar.

    I’ll wait why you google it.

  123. I don’t get the big deal about the Romneys putting their dog in a crate on top of their car…lots of folks I know routinely travel with their dog in a crate in the back of a truck, or just roaming freely around the back of the truck. While most people who own pets love them like family members, we must remember they are still animals. It’s not like they were sticking one of their kids in a crate on the top of their car. And it’s not like they were eating their pets like some Presidents we know.

    To put things in perspective, cattle and pigs are transported several hundred miles in cramped semi-trailers to slaughterhouses. But not from I.O.’s imaginary ranch…because he doesn’t own any cattle.

  124. Interested Observer a Rancher? says:

    IO, we know that Grundle is correct about the imaginary ranch.

    You need to get out of the basement more…The Geico Lizard is an advertising character (almost like a cartoon character) and not a real animal.

  125. Anonymous says:

    What’s the Geico lizard have to do with anything? It seems most of the IO doubters are the ones that need a little time out of their mothers’ basements.

  126. Dogs Against Romney says:

    Wow, I guess GK must eat dogs as he equates them with livestock! I’d say the top of a vehicle is much more unpleasant and definitely windier than the back of a pickup.

  127. @Dogs Against Romney says:

    IO (we know that @Dogs is you) the wind in the back of a pickup is substantial…But how would you know that; since you have never been on a ranch or out of your parent’s basement.

  128. Dogs Against Romney says:

    There’s really a sickness among righties that they think they know WAY more than they really do. Get thee to a psychologist!

  129. Gainfully employed against Obama says:

    Is it true that Prez Obama wants to extend unemployment benefits from 99 weeks to 34568756776567 weeks in order for the unemployed to get on their feet. That sounds fiscally sound.

  130. Anonymous says:

    C’mon folks! The stuff you pull out of your diapers and throw onto this blog isn’t worth the time you expend on it. Try to offer something – anything – constructive. We know you all have opinions, but if you can’t convince others that your opinions are right, you are are just wasting your time – and ours.

  131. @Goober Natorial says:

    They don’t. They just care about keeping Obama to office in November and create a wedge amongst the Christian voters. They couldn’t give a care about anyone’s Religion, until it can help them win.

  132. RWP says:

    I see someone sanitized Bob Kerrey’s Wikipedia page between 21 August and 27 August, from a Cox Communications address (who runs cable TV service in Omaha, anyway?).Whoever it was put in a bunch of highly subjective positive stuff about Kerrey’s political career, but more importantly, removed most of the nastiest details about the Thanh Phong massacre, including all mention of the knifing of the two grandparents and three children in the hooch, prior to the gunning done of the major group of women and children.

  133. RWP says:

    The IP address from which Bob Kerrey’s webpage was sanitized is It’s in Omaha, possibly on Weir Court. It’s a static address, meaning you eager little beavers ought to be able to track it down.

  134. Hey peeps.
    Just want to let you know we are still here, Go Daddy couldn’t keep us down and we will be adding a new post soon.
    Just very very very very very very very busy in that alternative world that pays us.
    Thanks for keeping the conversation going.

  135. Anonymous says:

    Note the Gallup Poll of June 7-10, “Willingness to Vote for Presidents of Various Backgrounds”. The average American prefers to have a Muslim Black Lesbian President rather than an Atheist.

    We can waste our time guessing why. All we know for sure is that the loud floor battle over “God” in the Democratic convention exists within a measurable political context. A DNC that appears to be half run by Atheists pushes Americans away from the Democratic Party. That is what the poll seems to say.

  136. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 7:58, you’re about to get caught. It sure wouldn’t surprise me if you worked for the Kerrey campaign. It’s kind of a big deal when a candidate treats Wikipedia as his own little propaganda page. That page doesn’t belong to you. You didn’t build that. And yet there you are trying to censor something that belongs to all of us. If nobody but RWP gives a shit, why’d you just take one in your pants when you read RWP’s post?

  137. RWP says:

    One of the programs I’m using says it’s not a dynamic address. It’s definitely in Omaha.The fact it was consistent over all the August edits also suggests it’s static.

    Interestingly, one of the traces I’m picking up is a set of accesses to a Maryland State Govt.wbsite in July. That says ‘hired gun’. Not a very good one though. If I was going to doctor a Wikipedia page, I’d set up an account, or several; ironically, that gives you more anonymity. I’d also throw in a few random other page edits to make it look less obvious. A very inexperienced political consultant I’d say, or an intern who’s moonlighting on other stuff.

  138. RWP says:

    Insult all you want. The nice thing about Wikipedia is there’s a complete, permanent record of all the edits. We know what was changed, when, and by whom.

  139. Anonymous says:

    @RWP, I still don’t get why you think this is a static address. If a modem stays on, it’s not at all unusual for the IP to remain unchanged over a few weeks. Unless Cox Cable wants to provide the info, you won’t find the “culprit”.

  140. hearseman says:

    Insult each other to the bone and think of how clever you must sound to other idiots, but one day we will all awake to a nation that was created out of greed, and DESTROYED by unlimited GREED!!
    And then NOONE will be anything but flabbergasted; you dirty bastard money-mongers should all be put under the blade used in the French Revolution!! FUALL!!

  141. Goober Natorial says:

    Hearseman saying things Barry O wishes he could say. And I’m sure you two would both rejoice if the USA collapsed. One has to wonder if that isn’t the end Barry is trying to bring about.

  142. RWP says:

    Oooooooooooooo, I wonder if any of RWP’s “friends” like to cross-dress, like J.Edgar Hoover did.

    Gosh, that was out of left field, and rather revealing, I’d say. You really wonder about the mental stability of some of the anonymous cowards around here.

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