Kerrey at his most desperate: Half kinda Republican?

GOP Leg. candidate Acela Turco in the Future Majority Project video (below!)
Half of me is kinda Republican.



This, Nebraska. THIS is what Bob Kerrey has come to.

Not only does the guy who voted with Democrats 92% of the time while in the Senate claim that he is all about “crossing the aisle”.

Not only does he blow off his own party’s convention, because he knows how lousy he would look with all his fellow Dems.

Not only does now try to pretend he was in favor of “fixing” ObamaCare all along.

But he tries to tell people he is actually a Republican? REALLY?

Well, we guess the NEGOP can look forward to getting half of Kerrey’s campaign cash. And ol’ Bob can tell Harry Reid that he would be giving half his votes to Mitch McConnell. And of course we are waiting to hear which of the 50% of Mitt Romney’s platform Kerrey is in favor of.

But that’s the whole gist, right? At this point, less than two months out from Election Day, Kerrey will say ANYTHING to get himself on the good side of Nebraskans. Kerrey himself said his strategy is always to find out what people want, then convince them that you’ve always been that way.

So let’s see: Nebraskans don’t like ObamaCare, don’t want their taxes raised and are mostly Republicans.
Kerrey: “That’s me!”

Oh, except for that sneaky little thing called, “his record”.
Funny how that is.

We are reminded of Danny Noonan’s fellow caddy, calling him on sucking up to Judge Smails:

Danny: “I’ve always been fascinated with the law… I planned to go to law school after I graduated, but it looks like my folks won’t have enough money to put me through college.”

Smails: “Well the world needs ditch diggers too!”

Lacey Underalls (to Danny): “Nice try.”

Danny’s fellow caddy: “I’ve often thought of becoming a golf club.”


ICYMI Deb Fischer was endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber noted that Bob Kerrey had a lousy 42% record voting with the Chamber. So nertz to him.

And to follow up on Kerrey, that whole “I hate the employer mandate” thing from him — you know where that goes, right?

Because the employer mandate is not just some little “feature” of ObamaCare. That’s a major tentant. If somehow you got rid of that, you would be on the direct road to … Single Payer.

That’s Government Run Health Care. And that, readers, is what Bob Kerrey wants.

You vote for Kerrey and that’s what you are putting into Congress.

(Oh and Kerrey camp: when you unleash the interns to create a sloppy little anti-Fischer website, do try to use the spell-check. Your opponent doesn’t spell her name “Fisher”.)


So we never had the time to post during the Dem convention, but here is our $.02 on one overarching theme:
Man, Government is awesome!

How many times did the Dems bring out that? Bubba went on about it. The President made sure you knew how great he thinks government is.

Yet here is the thing: The Dems want you to luuuuuuv Big Government…when THEY’RE in charge.
Remember when it was W in the Oval Office? Back then it was “Dissent is Patriotic!”

Guys like Tom Friedman will tell you how cool the Chinese government is because they can “get things done”, and how neat it would be to have that in the U.S. And the Dems’ poster gal, Rachel Meadow stands in front of the Hoover Dam and tells you to dream big, or some such crap.

This from the party that doesn’t want to bury a pipe in the ground, lest it disrupt the dead-rat burying beetle or foul up their big windmill-powered economy.

Yeah, when they’re in power, and control the Senate? Oh, you should LOVE the government! The central planning is the best! They’re really smart and know how to put a unicorn in every garage and two low-fat tofus in every pot.

But here is the thing: The American system — the American Way — is based on limited government. Small government. Government that does stuff like build roads or bridges (the ones that cars can drive across) and defends the borders. And then gets the hell out of the way so that everyone can live freely. You want to be part of something? Join a church or a club or a beer volleyball team. But stop telling us that we’re “part of the Government”.

We hire and fire the Government. It works for us. It is not us.
We are Americans.


So here is an interesting thought on the future of Governor Dave Heineman:

There has been much talk of him joining the Romney administration as Secretary of Something. But the other side of that is that if Heineman really wanted to go to DC, he could have had the Senate seat without much of a struggle (Cosmic Bob never would have showed up, THAT’s for sure).

So let us just assume for discussion that he really DOESN’T want to go to DC. So what does he have left in Nebraska? Well, there’s that “longest serving Governor” deal, but … really? I mean that’s nice and all, but is that something to really hang your hat on?

So how about instead, a signature achievement? How about, oh we don’t know… eliminating the state income tax?

Might THAT be something Governor Dave is really thinking hard about? That would be interesting, yeah? It’s being lobbed around these days and we have a feeling there will be more talk about something much bigger than “longest serving Governor”.

Unless he decides to go to DC. (Maybe he’s just not into the Senate.)


Back when the GOP had their convention the GOP put out this vid about immigrants making their dreams come true in America.

And Nebraska’s own Acela Turco, Omaha area (Dist 31) legislative candidate, was part of that video. Pretty cool. See it here:


Hey and the National Federation of Independent Business endorsed Congressman Lee Terry.

This was announced at First Edition Printing Company in the Benson area with company owner John Pinkerton.
Pinkerton noted Terry’s support for small business and John Ewing’s support of rolling back George W. Bush’s 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.

Oh, and if you’re looking for 2nd District candidate John Ewing, he will be in Lincoln, the 1st District, trying to raise money on Thursday. So maybe Jeff Fortenberry should be watching out? We really don’t know.


And finally, we would be remiss if we did not mention this line from an article in The Hill at the Dem convention last week:

“Nebraska is definitely gone,” said a Democratic strategist. Democrats have all but given up hope of former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.) winning since conservative newcomer Deb Fischer won in a GOP primary upset.”

And now Kerrey disowning his Democrat brethren is starting to make more sense.
Bull-Moose Party here he comes!


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  1. Lil Mac says:

    In reverse order.

    1. Kerrey is soiling his Democrat nest just like Hagel soiled his GOP nest. Bull Moose party? The two can start a Bull Crap party.

    2. When Dems at “The Hill” say Kerrey (let’s misspell that as “Kerry”) is toast, he’s crispy.

    3. Ewing fundraising in Lincoln? Isn’t that where he was arrested?

    4. Secretary vs Senator Heineman. A governor runs a mini country. Senators are 1 of 100 who show up and votes in a fancy town council. Cabinet Secretaries are an arm of executive power.

    5. The wisdom of limited government is hard for voters to see; but thanks to an entire party of idiots giving voters a painful four year long enema of Obama-rama, the point is getting across.

    6. Kerrey the Republican. – As jokes go, there isn’t anything one can say to top that.

  2. Forward to Socialism says:

    And now the IRS is defining a work week, via Obamacare, as working 30 hrs a week! Yup, and a company can be assessed a “tax” if even one employee who gets a tax break feels they can’t afford the plan the employer offers! Just one employee can cripple a company now. Hmmmm the whole Forward into socialism doesn’t seem like much fun.

    If you want to read it yourself you will need to search(no links) for: Determining Full-Time Employees for Purposes of Shared Responsibility for Employers Regarding Health Coverage (§ 4980H)
    Notice 2012-58. :>)

  3. Forward says:

    So is the stress of being Kerrey bringing out multiple personality issues? What a strong message for the campaign manager to craft……..yikes. But must we move Forward, over the cliff with dolts like comrade Kerrey? Surely Lenin didn’t have to put up with the likes of Biden, Pelosi …..wait they were the ones who empowered him…….

    Oh and the Russian Battleships in the background during the DNC salute to the Military! Is that comrade Obama’s foreshadowing of who he identifies with? The Russian battle fleet bearing down on Amrika! Forward!!

  4. Waiting for Leadership says:

    I hate to see the sad news overseas with the attacks and deaths at our Embassy in Libya and Egypt. I’m waiting to see if we get any real leadership. Condoleezza Rice’s speech seems so timely this morning. Here’s a short quote from the Convention Speech:

    “If we are not inspired to lead again, one of two things will happen. Either no one will lead and there will be chaos, or someone will fill the vacuum who does not share our values, My fellow Americans, we cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind.”

  5. No Spin Zone says:

    SS, how can someone be in the Benson? Is John Pinkerton related to Matt Pinkerton? If so, that’s quite the endorsement seeing that Matt Pinkerton is the supreme leader of the Super Adventure Club aka the YRs.

  6. Dogs Still Against Romney says:

    @Waiting, what the hell are you talking about??? Obama took the lead in supporting the insurgents who overthrew Kaddafi when most thought it was a mistake. Is Obama somehow supposed to have control over the crazies’ reaction to an anti-Muslim film?

    And Romney was in typical form last night, using this terrible incident for political gain. Took a statement the Obama administration made before the attack and implied it was made after. Nice, but since he’s your guy, no problem with that (or putting dogs in crates atop cars).

  7. Goober Natorial says:

    Looks like the best argument the Dems think they have against Romney is the way in which he transported the family pet. Just like the best they can do against Deb Fischer is to complain about her federal grazing permits.

    I will sleep better at night, though, knowing Obama has condemned the murder of our Libyan ambassador with a very strongly worded memo.

  8. Gainfully employed against Obama says:

    Our nation has the same S&P credit rating as Spain now.Can someone please help me to remember what it was the past 170 years before Obama?

  9. Goober Natorial says:

    Karzai says this film that no one in the world knew about until yesterday is insulting to all Muslims. And that is indeed true. It is insulting. And so the Muslim response throughout the Arabic world is to go out and show that the insulting characterization of Muslims as violent fanatics was pretty much dead on accurate.

    It’s an insult to call stupid people stupid, but even stupid people generally respond to such insults by at least trying to act smart.

  10. RWP says:

    Obama took the lead in supporting the insurgents who overthrew Kaddafi when most thought it was a mistake.

    I think Britain and France might dispute that Obama took the lead.

    As events yesterday have shown, it was a mistake. Obama’s entire policy towards the Arab Spring has been a mistake. Forcing out Mubarak to benefit the Muslim Brotherhood was a mistake. Helping depose Qaddafi was a mistake.

    Qaddafi may have been a monster, but he was a defanged monster, keeping the lid on a tinderbox. Once a power vacuum was created, of course Islamists were going to step in, as they did in Algeria, as they did in Egypt, as they did in Iran 30 years ago. Democrats never learn from their mistakes.

    And it now appears the Libyan consulate knew there was trouble coming, but Obama never heard about it, because he’s been too busy campaigning to attend an intelligence briefing in the last week. In fact, in the last year, he’s had fewer intelligence briefings than he has fundraisers.

  11. Dogs Still Against Romney says:

    Okay, Goober, what would your within-18 hour response be to the ambassador’s killing? You jerks elevate knee-jerk to an art form.

    And abusing dogs is far from the best argument against Romney, but it is a good one in evaluating character. Can’t wait ’till the debates!

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, the Democrats didn’t say we were part of government. They said we belonged to the government. Massah gonna treat us good, though.

  13. Reality Check says:

    So which is worse? Obama says he ate dog meat. Romney put his dog in a kennel on top of his station wagon. Perhaps if Romney would sit down and consume a tasty spicy dog casserole, then they would be even, and this ridiculous dog controversy could end.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Who’s John Ewing going to vote for as Speaker of the House? Nancy “Crazy Eyes” Pelosi.

    Who’s Kerrey going to vote for as Senate Majority Leader? Dingy Harry.

    Thanks for playing guys. Your donors appreciate you wasting their money.

  15. Goober Natorial says:

    Well, I’m pleased to learn that moderate Muslims in Libya have found their voice and are protesting against the attacks. That’s something you didn’t see after 9/11.

  16. Goober Natorial says:

    Also heard that this was maybe a planned attack that just used the offensive video story for cover. Keep an eye on that one.

  17. Goober Natorial says:

    OMG! Big news on Brenda Council. She withdrew $63,000 of campaign money at a casino. Holy chit. That is a big effing deal. That kind of thing would get you voted out of office just about anywhere … Except the district where she resides, where you only lose if you have to run against Ernie Chambers.

  18. Lil Mac says:

    When asked about an American’s film mocking Islam being a reason for murdering a US Ambassador, Obama today said, “WE REJECT ALL EFFORTS TO DENIGRATE THE RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OF OTHERS BUT THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS SENSELESS VIOLENCE.” — Obama put the murder of a U S Ambassador in the same sentence after he condemned even free Americans for mocking religious beliefs. Can this be the Democrat whose party tried to pry “God” out of the DNC platform? Why is he speaking in terms terrorists not Americans understand?

    His Secretary of State says it’s not the “Libyan people” or the “Libyan government” that is at fault. Obama says it is not Islam at fault. Must be those damn Vikings.

  19. Lil Mac says:

    Romney’s terse response was to zero in on the pathology of America’s White House that even now is apologizing for America’s values. Mitt hit that nail on the head. The words of BHO and his jerk circle drip with everything but the righteous indignation of a sovereign people under assault.

    Then again, what are the chances of a lot of last minute American bloodshed getting Barry a poll boost? And would voters buy that? Sure he’s soft and squishy but as long as he isn’t doing the bleeding…

  20. Dogs Still Against Romney says:

    You people are really sick making this a partisan game. It was Romney who f’ed up, but it’s hard not to when one has a serious case of knee-jerkism and foot in mouth disease. The majority of Americans are catching on. Watch Rmoney;s poll numbers plummet…..

    RWP, I know you’re a smart guy, but there’s a difference between a consulate (which was attacked) and an embassy. But Romney doesn’t seem to know the difference either (and he’s a presidential candidate!!!!!), so carry on.

  21. RWP says:

    So DSAR’s hanging his hat on the difference between an embassy and a consulate? LOL!

    Obama’s foreign policy chickens are finally coming home to roost. It took 3 years for Jimmy Carter’s combination of weakness and elevation of leftist ideology over US interests to result in the Tehran embassy takeover. And Obama’s on the same schedule.

    It is nothing short of a disgrace that the US President left US diplomatic personnel and facilities unguarded by US Marines in a country infested by religious fanatics obsessed with an ideological hatred of the US, in which the central government has almost no real control of large swaths of the country. But since Obama’s spent almost no time on the nation’s business in the last year, it’s hardly a surprise. When you’re too busy campaigning and fundraising to attend intelligence briefings, this is what happens.

  22. Dogs Still Against Romney says:

    Y’all are living in an alternate universe, out of touch with reality. Even his fellow Republicans are not defending Romney. They’re either quiet or disagreeing with him.

  23. Dogs Still Against Romney says:

    Good job! You found the only 4. How you can disregard the fact that Romney condemned a statement by the consulate (not by Obama) that was made BEFORE the attack, attributed it to Obama, and implied that the statement was made AFTER the attack is beyond me.

  24. Anonymous says:

    So how much $$$ from the Union’s did Council spend in IOWA!!!! Gotta really tick off the dues paying members to hear all of this. To bad for the Senator, she obviously has an issue that needs to be dealt with.

    But it is kewl to see NSEA $$$ going down the drain along with AFL-CIO and other unions……less to spend against meaningful races. Of course the Union leaders will just make the workers pay more dues so they can get what they want.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    Dog, I can forgive Romney’s misstatement more than I can Obama’s lax security of our embassies in Arab countries on an anniversary of 9/11, the forgiveness of a billion dollars of Egyptian debt, our continued support of Egypt to the tune of over a billion dollars a year, the downplaying by Obama of the fact that the Arab “Spring” would lead to Islamist takeover of Arab countries, the downplaying of al Qaeda elements in the revolutionaries, and signals to the Arab world that we won’t back Israel.

    I’m sure this is all part of the brilliant Nobel Peace Prize winner’s progressive and exciting master plan, but you need to ask yourself what the aim of that master plan is.

  26. RWP says:

    DSAR, if you bothered to check the news, you’d realize the Embassy retweeted the apology after the attack. Obama has since disavowed the retweet.

    This is still a direct result of Obama’s supine (look it up) foreign policy toward the Arab world. There is no downside to attacking America. We won’t strike back. We won’t withhold the billions of dollars we pay the people who insult us. Heck, we’ll traduce our own civil liberties in obeisance to the ignorant barbarians who attack us.

  27. Anonymostly says:

    DSAR, funny how the embassy in egypt is apologizing for a movie we didn’t make and which would never have been seen if it weren’t for Al Qaeda TV publicizing it, when the embassy folks MUST HAVE KNOWN that this was a planned attack that only used offense over this movie as a pretext to do violence.

    (The upshot of this point, of course, is that an apology isn’t going to mollify anyone who was planning on attacking you on 9/11 regardless.)

  28. AwayButPresent says:

    The only way that NE eliminates the income tax is to have a natural resource that it can charge a severance tax. The only natural resource available is WIND energy. Thermal generated energy uses coal/gas from WY and evaporates water that would have gone to farmers or KS. Done right, NE could have $100s or millions a year in a wind severance tax (paid for by the people who buy the exported power) that would go a long way to eliminating income taxes.

    Only problem is this really puts Rs in a bind. Wind could eliminate the biggest tax and make it so the next 4 governors are Rs, but they would have to be for wind. Oh the dilemmas.

  29. TexasAnnie says:

    Good point, Away, but you need not worry about dilemmas, particularly moral dilemmas, where Nebraskans are concerned. You can bet they’ll always do what the movers and shakers want regardless of what the people need!

    However, the income tax could be completely eliminated IF simultaneously all sales tax exemptions currently granted in the state were to be eliminated. Seriously. It doesn’t sound right, but it’s true. And when K.Brashear was in the Unicam, it’s what he tried to accomplish: a comprehensive sales tax to replace the state income tax. It’s about the only thing I recall he ever did which equated to “justice” for justice sake.

    Such taxing policy could work at the federal level too! But the R’s and D’s don’t seek tax justice… They use tax policy to garner support for their candidacies. So if it’s tax justice you want, a vote for an R or D is a wasted vote. You’ll have to vote Libertarian for that!

  30. anonymous says:

    What would be the cost of electricity per KWH after a severance tax is collected that would be sufficient to replace the income tax?? What would be the suggested tax per KWH? Would the tax be collected only on exported power? Who would be the buyer(s) of the Nebraska Wind Energy that would be exported? and finally, after establishing the severance tax rate, how many KWH would need to be exported to fulfill the objective of replacing the income tax?

  31. Political Insider says:

    Hey Chris Scott, If you are such an insider why were you not successful in your attempt to take over the Young Republicans at the meeting this week???? You and your band of losers once again showed your true colors. For being this big shot insider, you are on the outside once again!

  32. Political Genius says:

    The truth is Scott is not an insider and he has no record of political accomplishments. Any fool can start a blog and get other non-insiders to write for them. The funny thing is Kris Pierce and Jane Kleeb probably are the only two that can claim any status.

  33. Chris Scott says:

    Take over the YRs? Never my goal and actually right after I congratulated both past and current president. You really should switch to decafe. Fear not. You will always be given a clipboard to hold so that you feel important. Got a podcast from last nights Crash Davis show if you want to hear my take on the Brenda Coucil ordeal. Pretty good radio if I do say so myself.


  34. @Chris Scott says:

    Who gives a damn what you did after your attempt failed.

    Political Genius is talking about everything your group did before and during the meeting. From what has been said by people in attendance, it wasn’t cool.

    Realize, this keeps people from trusting you and the others that participated in those shenanigans.

  35. Chris Scott says:

    As I stated before please respect this blog by not discussing mine. Keep up the insults though, I actually kinda miss high school and this brings me back.


  36. RWP says:

    Mr. Obama, more than any other foreign leader, has sided again and again with the Arab street in Cairo, even when it meant going expressly against the wishes of traditional allies, including the Egyptian military, the Persian Gulf states and Israel.

    Some right wing columnist? No, a news story today in the New York Times.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Why is Bruning handling the Council case so lightly? How many other regular citizens who have embezzled large amounts got a misdemeanor? Seems they are treading lightly hoping minimal charges don’t hurt her chances for re-election because the GOP does not want to see Ernie back. This probably is the final blow for Council’s campaign and it’s almost certain now that Ernie will be back. There is no reason for the AG not to go after her, or for that matter, the County Attorney in the Kansas jurisdiction. Seems awfully wierd and it smacks of special consideration because she is a politician. Just very odd that it’s a Republican AG handling with kid gloves a liberal Dem politico.

  38. Goober Natorial says:

    Oh, please. Council had no chance. She raised a ton of money and still took a distant second place in the primary to Ernie, who had basically raised no money at all. Council’s chances of reelection haven’t changed. She had no chance before and still has no chance.

  39. I honestly believe that the supporters of wind power have no idea how our power grid works, or let alone how wind power works.

    Wind farms, average less than 25% output compared to their capacity. That means that a 100 megawatt wind farm would produce an average of less than 25 megawatts. And of course, this is not constant, reliable power…but power that is produced at the whims of the weather. Strangely enough, wind farms tend to produce less power when more is actually needed. Yeah, those 100-degree days when the air sits stagnant…the turbines are sitting there stagnant, too.

    According to the EIA, the total summer generating capacity in Nebraska is around 8,000 megawatts. The largest wind turbine available, that I could find, is around 7 MW. So, considering that actual average output from such a turbine would be about 1.75 MW, Nebraska would need a bare minimum of about 4,500 of such turbines to match the current summer energy generation…and again, that’s assuming there’s enough wind to produce the needed electricity. I believe their cost is estimated at around $20 million each…so that’s a capital investment of at least $90 billion to provide electricity for 1.8 million people…a mere $50,000 per person!!! Coincidentally, that’s about the same amount that each person owes to the national debt.

    Oh yeah, these turbines are manufactured overseas, so add the shipping costs of getting them across the Atlantic ocean, then figure out how to transport +400-foot blades from the coast to here.

    And you want to try to sell wind electricity? A funnier joke I have yet to hear.

  40. Chris Scott says:

    Busted-@9:52 “poltical genius is talking about one you did during the meeting” curious where does political genius state that? Next time when are switching back and forth between monikers to make it appear like several people are posting remember what you wrote and under what fake names. No one ever said having split personalities was easy LOL

  41. Lil Mac says:

    Supine. That is funny.

    If we un-elect him, do you think he will join the rioters in Cairo? — I’d laugh except that Obama’s “law enforcement” just outed an American filmmaker, who obviously has the right to crap on whichever Mormon, Christian, Jewish or Islamic custom he wishes, in order that terrorists may target and murder the American. Our own government officials are handing Americans up for murder by our enemies. And more than one Democrat is openly supporting this, suggesting that Americans don’t have the right to criticize religions.

    This is surreal. It is like the Donkey had a stroke and its Left half is dead but still twitching. Maybe Obama will be remembered as the atomic enema that blew most of the socialist crap out of the DNC.

  42. Macdaddy says:

    “The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others…”. Secretary of State Clinton.

    We do? Good to know as I have to put up with jokes, movies, books, comments, and billboards that intentionally denigrate my faith right here in the good ol’ US of A. We deplore it. Do I get to riot now? If not, what’s Clinton going to do about it? Nice example this administration is setting to the rest of the world. I thought Obama was all Poindexter on foreign policy.

  43. AwayButPresent says:

    Annie – $0.00357/kwh see below

    Grundle- I don’t think your math works. It is ok, because there are so few energy companies in NE, unless someone works for public power they probably don’t have a sense of how energy really works. Even then, since NE really doesn’t play in a competitive market most public power work has been on reliability. Very, very few people in the state truly understand how the competitive wholesale power markets work.

    8,000 MW of nameplate installed capacity x 8,760 (hours in a year) x 40% (net capacity factor- this is what a good NE project will do and is increasing with turbine technology development; 25% was from a decade ago’s technology) = 28,032,000 MWh of energy per year. The severance tax to get $100mm would be $3.57/ MWh which is equal to $0.00357/kwh. That is less than 10% of the price of wholesale power (with decade low gas prices, which set the price of power) in SPP, which NE is a member of.

    The capital cost would be in the neighborhood of $16.8 billion ($2.1mm/ MW of installed capacity). This would be paid for with private money. Yes most turbines manufacturing companies are owned by foreign companies, but they are made here. It is lot like buying a Toyota Tundra. That is a Japanese truck that is made in the US. Who benefits from those jobs?

    According to NREL, also a GSE like the EIA, thermal generation uses ~1/2gallon of water per kwh. This would ~13.7 billion gallons of water saved annually that could be used for irrigation or to send to KS.

    We can’t get rid of thermal generation. I never suggested that. I say export as much power as possible and let someone else pay for it. Also, let someone else pay for the capital cost aside from the government or public power. If Nebraskan’s own 10% of the wind turbines and get a 10% return on their investment, that is $168mm that flows into the state every year, before the federal gov’t collects their taxes (but that is a different rant).

    Regarding turbine numbers, a small commercial scale turbine is 1.5MW nameplate capacity, 2.5MW is becoming the new norm and 7MW is only available for offshore turbines. The largest turbines installed in NE are at the Elkhorn Ridge project at 3.0MW. Yes, we would need to have more than 2,500 turbine, but less than 5,000. That sounds like a lot, but how many center pivots are there in the state. A turbine, pad and access road average 2 acres of land taken out of production. A pivot corner is 6 acres, and there are 4 per quarter.

    It would take well over 10 years to get that many turbines erected and to find a home for the power. This doesn’t happen overnight. With a smart energy policy in NE (and at the federal level), we can have more transition to a more water efficient system.

    Now for my opinion. Too many people have been fed too much lore about how wind won’t work. Wind won’t replace coal and gas plants, but used smartly it can be a great compliment. Used smartly by farmers, it can put a lot of water back into crops that otherwise would get evaporated.

  44. Political Genius says:

    Sorry Scott that was not me in that post. The real “Insiders” are aware of your attempted “Coup” of the YRs and you at the last minute attempted to sign up a whole bunch of people before the meeting that have never attended a YR function in their life and to have them vote your people in. Once again you brought the same type of crap to the YR’s that we stopped in Grand Island.

  45. RWP says:

    Everson Consuting estimates the overnight capital cost of onshore windpower to be $2438/kW. For 8000 MW of installed capacity that comes to $19.5 bn. Given that Nebraska is only ranked moderate in terms of capacity factor, I think 35% is optimisticbut using it, I get about 24.5 million MWh/year. At $0.04 a kWh, which given the intermittency, is optimistic, that will give you about a billion a year return, or around 5% of capital. That won’t do it. Nobody is going to put up $20 billion dollars for a return of 5%, given a wind turbine probably doesn’t have a working lifetime of more than 20 – 30 years. You’d be lucky to break even.

  46. Chris Scott says:

    You give me far too much credit. I am just a guy discussing political issues as I see them. No back room planning or secret meeting. I do not have any secret handshakes either. Sorry to disappoint. Perhaps Tom Clancy books was a poor choice for bedtime reading. Your conspiracy theories are a bit off the deep end. I am a YR and have been for a while. Why or earth would a I want to takeover myself?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever seen anything like it? Comrade Obama’s Vice Campaign Commissar speaking as a U. S. Naval authority to the Democrat Party faithful about Obama’s greatness, in front of a gigantic photo of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Those assholes tried to kill me! And it is getting so I can’t tell if it’s just the Russian assholes or the one in the WH. I mean, how stupid are these people?

    Now the guy with the Nobel Peace Prize has apparently appeased his way to destroying peace in the very places he was credited, in advance, for making peaceful.

    Do you remember that little guy in the comics with the dark cloud that followed him everywhere? Obama wrecked the U. S. economy so he had to fall back on his success in Foreign Policy. Now that’s spinning down the toilet. Its nice to see Kerrey has hitched is wagon to that star.

  48. Political Genius says:

    Your goal Chris is create another Anti-Lee Terry arm of the party. Just like your “Political Insider” Blog is made up of non-Insiders like you and Jon Tucker. Any blow hard can opine on politics Chris. Being on the campaign of a fifth string QB’s joke of an election effort doesn’t make you an insider. Bringing Tristan Bonn to the table proves you are the head of the Island of Misfit Politicos

  49. Chris Scott says:

    I think with time you will realize that being at the restaraunt does not mean you have a place at the table. Remember there are busboys too at the restaraunt. The Lindstrom campaign is over! I am not anti-Terry. I am anti-dumb. To that end, your moniker screams that you are not very cerebral. Your a 20 something who has been stuffing and walking precinicts and have always done what you were asked. You feel like you were skipped in line and I can empathize with that. If you don’t like what I have to say don’t read. Kinda like how a tv works with that whole flipping the channel thing.
    Sorry to come off harsh but your personal attacks on Lindstrom show your lack of intellect to address the substance of what I write. Focus on the message and not the messenger, just some life advice.


  50. Poltical Genius says:

    Sorry Scott, actually I have been involved in Nebraska politics since the 80’s. Too old to be a YR. As far as the substance that you write is a recap of what you read in the paper with your uninformed spin place on it. You write nothing new! I know who the real Insiders are in this state and I know they don’t talk to you. If Jon Tucker and the DCRP are your connections, everybody in this state know they are on the Outside looking in.

  51. Anonymostly says:

    Reading the tete a tete between Chris Scott and whomever, I’m getting nostalgic for the good old days of the battles between Goober and IO. Remember back when some anonymous bitch box complained that their ongoing argument actually prevented others from engaging in any discussion? Geez, at least theirs was somewhat interesting. And involved an actual political race. The ironic part is that Chris apparently has his own blog where this discussion presumably could be taking place instead.

  52. Anonymous says:

    You knee-jerk warmongers want to take on the entire Arab world? Fine! Get you ugly asses into the military and spill your own god-damned blood.

  53. RWP says:

    If the discussion was taking place on Chris’ pathetic excuse for a blog, then nobody would see it

    I guess I’m missing why that would be a bad thing.

  54. Anonymous says:

    12:37. There are people here who have seen combat so be careful what you say about military.

    People like you didn’t want America to “take on the entire” Fascist world or the entire Soviet world. Your ability to breathe appeasement is thanks to Americans who died not appeasing our enemies.

  55. KneeInYourGroinWarMonger says:

    Boy, I have mongered more war than you have Occupier fleas. And I have never jerked a knee. But in your case, I’m be willing to make an exception. .

  56. Anonymous says:

    Nope don’t want to take on the Arab world, just the A$$holes who are killing out citizens. Smoke a few thousand of them, cut off the gift money, develop our own oil & coal, and let them go back to the 3rd century. If they decide to become civilized in a manner which we can work with then we can open lines of communication again. If they threaten us we punch them in the mouth. Pretty simple.

    Not all Arabs, or other Muslim centric countries hate America. It’s okay if they do too. However, if they choose to allow their citizens to harms ours then we smoke them!

    Oh and yes I have served, and smoked.

  57. Chris Scott says:

    Political Genius- I said nothing about the YRs. No “normal” 40 year old would make a ridiculous rant like that. The premise of your argument is fatally flawed. You do not have to be an inner member of a political party to have informed commentary. An example of that would be pretty much every reporter, political pundit, and every radio talk show host. BTW what’s with the moniker?

  58. Anonymous says:

    Romney said Obama apologized for Americans having American principles. Talk about understatement! That isn’t even addressing Obama’s appeasement.

    Appeasement is when an enemy demands, for example, the head of an American film maker who makes fun of a religion (like Scorsese’s “Last Temptation”). Obama’s DOJ yesterday initiated a criminal investigation of the murder of the U. S. Ambassador, as a crime not as an act of war. And Obama’s own “Feds” have outed a free speech American film maker for criticizing Islam, which of course is every Americans right and privilege, as we saw when Democrats screamed to purge “God” from the Democratic Party platform. And worse, Obama’s DOJ seems to be targeting that same film maker in its investigation.

    This is beyond appeasement. Obama is inviting the murderers of a U. S. Ambassador to hunt down and kill an American film maker.

    This isn’t Clinton getting a blowjob. This is Obama abetting America’s enemies, handing over Americans for committing Free Speech. There’s a word for that and it starts with “T”.

  59. Macdaddy says:

    So all you Obama worshippers, do you think it was a good idea when Obama said Egypt wasn’t our ally? Does that make them less likely or more likely to protect our embassy? How about sitting on info that something was brewing for 9/11? Was that a good idea or a bad idea? How about putting a consulate in the heart of the extremists in Libya with zero protection? Good thing or bad thing? Obama, who is actually in charge of our foreign policy, is really screwing the pooch in the Middle East. He might think twice before throwing stones at Romney.

  60. Goober Natorial says:

    Interesting contrast between conservative and lib websites right now.

    The lib websites are all oh my gawd, Romney said something bad about Barack. And he said it on 9/11, (a day usually reserved for us libs to celebrate diversity.) Even some conservatives we know (who didn’t want to go on record) thought his comments were un-Presidential. Oh, and we should disregard freedom of speech and prosecute that guy for hurting the feelings of peaceful Muslims who were provoked into killing people because of what that guy did.

    Conservative websites, otoh, are saying, hey, WTF, we didn’t anticipate something happening on this anniversary? The marines at our embassy in Cairo weren’t allowed to carry ammo and we had virtually no security for our ambassador in Libya. Even the Libyan govt admits this was a planned attack and we had Intel 48 hours earlier. And Obama and Secretary Clinton are basically lying when they say the Libyan security detail took the ambassador to the hospital. Photos show his body was paraded about by the terrorists as a trophy after they defiled his body. That’s why they couldn’t recover his body for 12 hours. And Obama is too busy fundraising to attend any of his security briefings. This is what Obama’s policies have brought us. We’re neither respected nor feared. They just hold us in contempt. We can’t get a new President fast enough. And, BTW, even people within the administration admit that Romney was right that the administration’s response was embarrassing.

  61. @Chris Scott says:


    If new members want to be involved, that is great. And that message was made clear at the Tuesday meeting. But when you have Bryan Baumgart stand up, undoubtedly encouraged by Scott Peterson, ask the YRs to scrap their constitution and allow new members who have never showed up to volunteer on a campaign or attend a prior YR meeting and have made it clear they think they’re entitled to leadership, naturally, the members are going to be upset. On top of that, one of the candidates for your “new group” loses her cool and lectures voting members that because they want to follow the constitution, they are pushing their own personal agenda.

    If you want to gain any credibility with those who actually have political experience, I suggest you choose to be more welcoming and humble yourself. You come off arrogant, have done some things that work against the Republican Party (maybe unintentionally) of which you are a member in Douglas County. This is why people attack you.

    Work with those who genuinely want to further the conservative cause and not solely for their own personal agenda. Who don’t only cause problems in the party. Of course, that would mean you’d have to disassociate yourself with DCRP.

  62. AwayButPresent says:

    RWP – I think you are close, but your thought is not fully completed. The capital cost you quoted is probably a little bit low for one or two turbine projects. I have quote out for project outside of NE with a lower quality wind than most of NE has at $2,800/kw for a single commercial scale turbine. For a 100+ MW project, that price is probably a bit high. The only way to get to 8,000MW is to do it via large scale projects. Let’s just focus on the first 1,000MW of projects, and assume that there is a technology improvement of a few % a year that keeps production from future projects comparable. Not a long stretch given the technology improvements that have taken place over the last 15 years.

    These first projects will also cherry pick the best wind. Therefore, the production will be higher than 35%. It is possible to find places in NE, where this number will be above 45%. Let’s stay with a conservative 40% capacity factor. That will increase the return plus the lower capital costs will increase the return plus the tax effect of depreciating a piece of capital equipment will increase the return measuring with time value of money (this is different than the tax incentives which I am opposed to) plus power prices will increase over time (even if gas prices stay low the replacement cost for thermal generating is sky rocketing) plus putting debt on the project will now put the return in the teens to low 20s on an after tax basis. That will attract capital provide the regulatory and political environment in the state is rational.

    Additionally, now the state has a large base of installed assets that are subject to property tax. I know this started as a way to eliminate income tax, but the state will have $ billions in capital that will be taxed. Plus, every one of these turbines will need to be maintained. Those jobs are NE based jobs.

    NE has an excellent wind resource, much better than you downplayed. If you look at the 80m wind map from NREL you will see all of the purple. This is the wind that will spin our turbines. From ND to the TX panhandle is the best wind in the country. Check out the map. It is very interesting.

    On the environmental side, I am fine with having a carve out around Kearney so that these don’t become Crane Cuisinarts. The hunters in ND thank you. Sandhill crane hunting opener is 9/15 this year for both units. Plus Kearney can get some tourist dollars in to watch the cranes which goes with the covered thingy over 80. SD figured out how to let other people come to their state as tourists and they don’t have a state income tax. We could grow just as many pheasants as them, but that is another rant.

    Speaking of ND, I am personally investing in the Bakken right now and working on acquiring two oilfield services businesses. My biggest concern with the Bakken is the lack of fresh water. Current frac jobs are using 3,200,000 gallons of water per frac. There are >30,000 fracs that still need to take place. All of that water after the frac is done then gets injected 6,000 feet below ground, and can’t be used again for a 1,000 years. The tight formation gas fields where fracing is taking place are experience even bigger water difficulties (PA, WV, TX). Water is a huge issue with energy, and that is why I advocate wind energy. It doesn’t take any water.

  63. Macdaddy says:

    Instead of wind power, why don’t we bottle the Oglalla aquifer water and market that as the next Perrier? To hear environmentalists talk about it you’d think it was like the water in Coccoon.

  64. Anonymostly says:

    The savage nature of the attack on the Libyan consulate shocks the conscience. It is amazing to me that those on the left are more worried about the insulting video and view free expression as more worrisome and concerning than the attacks that followed. Have you seen the pictures? In the one where the “captor” is holding his phone in his mouth while apparently trying to hoist the ambassador, I’m not sure Ambassador Stevens isn’t still alive. He has his head held upright, which I’m pretty sure dead guys can’t do. The possibility he was still alive at that point gives rise to thoughts too horrible to contemplate. Except that arab media sources are reporting that Ambassador Stevens was defiled and tortured before he was killed. The people who did this are monsters. And we’re worried about a lame, silly video?

  65. RWP says:

    Obama is doing the barbarians’ work by trying to get Google to take down the video.

    I’m an atheist, but it does strike me as very strange that the US govt. subsidizes anti-Christian blasphemy as ‘art’, while simultaneously trying to suppress anti-Muslim blasphemy. Not what the founders had in mind, I think.

    A good friend pointed out that while Carter only lost Iran, Obama seems to be in the process of losing the whole Middle East. They’re now attacking the embassy in Tunisia.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Bring all of our troops home. Bring them home from everywhere. Let the rest of the world go to hell while we stay at home and lick our wounds. Maybe China would love to be the world’s policeman for a few decades. It would serve them right.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Geez, it’s all Obama’s fault! You people need to get a life.
    One day he’s the most incompetent president ever. The next day he’s so powerful that he’s turning this country into a socialist paradise.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Most of those on this blog that claim to be veterans no doubt came the closest to real combat when they played World of Warcraft down in mommy’s basement. Bunch of armchair generals, the whole lot. They’d “smoke” an entire populace because a very few of them did something bad to an American. That is exactly the kind of behavior that true patriots detest. Why don’t they do us all a favor and go smoke a 9mm themselves?

  69. Macdaddy says:

    Obama is very powerful by dint of being President. He is using that power to try to turn us into a socialist country. So far, he hasn’t succeeded. That qualifies him as being powerful, but yet incompetent. In the area of foreign policy, I don’t think it’s even a question that he’s an idiot. A powerful idiot. That’s a dangerous combination. You Lefties are the ones that get all tingly around him and claim he’s so smart. If you hear me say Obama is smart, rest assured that I am being sarcastic and am mocking you for actually believing Obama is smart.

  70. Anonymous says:

    @MD, until Obama gets us into two unnecessary wars, cause the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people, not to mention the deaths and crippling of members of our valiant armed services, he’s doing a lot better than the previous WH occupant in terms of foreign policy. It’s funny (not) how anything less than a perfect score means Obama is a failure, but you and your ilk were more than willing to overlook all of Bush II’s deficiencies, especially his willful ignoring of 9-11 warnings. Your inconsistencies make all of your analysis bogus.

  71. Dogs Against Romney says:

    Irony: Romney and his campaign have been lying about Obama removing work requirements in welfare programs (in reality his changes would have increased them). A Republican bill in the House (The Workforce Investment Improvement Act ) completely guts the welfare work requirement.

  72. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 5:25: Did you miss the liberal memo? Afghanistan was the good war. Or are you one of those Not In Our Name people. We already know you’re a Truther. So far, Obama got us into a totally unnecessary war in Libya and apparently his main strategy was Hope. Since 9/11, there is really no excuse for letting our guard down. The TSA isn’t. We’re tougher on people in this country than we are on extremists in the Middle East.

  73. Anonymous says:

    You really think that if we never let “our guard down” attacks would end? Boy, are you naive. And Libya is a “war”? Wow!

  74. Bryan Baumgart says:

    Whoa. I feel the need to step in here. I was not directed by Scott Peterson or Chris Scott to do anything. I’m not a puppet. I am only involved with this party for one reason, to help fix the direction the country is headed. My #1 issue, repealing obamacare. That won’t happen if we don’t elect Romney, grab control of the Senate (only need 51) and maintain control of the House. In Douglas County the only assistance we can give is to protect our one electoral vote, elect Deb Fischer, and reelect Lee Terry. There are more registered democrats than republicans in Douglas County, so if we want to accomplish these goals…every vote counts! We need to welcome ANYONE who is willing to help us achieve these goals. After Romney won the nomination, all of the other pettiness no longer mattered. If you want folks to knock on doors and make phone calls then welcome them! Don’t stand up at a YR meeting and say, “We have the same goals and welcome you”, but then refuse to do so when you have the chance to stand up and vote to welcome them. We NEED them! We need them to be motivated to join us in making calls and knocking on doors and voting GOP and encouraging their friends family to vote GOP. Instead they are alienated and pushed away from voting Romney. Look at the Iowa delegate that backed out today. It’s all over the media and I’m sure plenty more will join her in voting 3rd Party. Sure you can be upset and indignant and blame her, but pointing fingers isn’t going to bring in votes for Romney. At some point we as Republicans need to wake up, accept the fact that if we are going to pull out a victory then we need their help. We will have to swallow our pride and begin uniting and working together to make it happen. As I said Tuesday night, polls show Terry up by what 6 pts? And Romney with a 4 pt lead in the 2nd CD? (Before the Akin comments and in a county with more registered democrat voters). Can’t you see the urgency in each and every vote?! I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wake up on November 7th with a pit in my stomach knowing that we let this one slip between our fingers! What hope is there for our country if obama is reelected and obamacare stands?! I have two kids and it scares me to death to imagine leaving them a future like that!!!

    I didn’t intend to be the one to stand up for the new people. Someone else was going to do that. In fact, I was warned that I would be ruining my political future. Clearly people fail to understand that I’m not in this for a political future! I’m here for my kid’s future! I’m here fighting for my country’s future!!! And I just want to do what is right. My parents raised me to always do what is right no matter how difficult or no matter what the consequences. They modeled it every day of my life! Type One diabetes pervades my family tree. (Two siblings who have had the disease since they were babies, an uncle, a grandpa, and myself or my kids could get it at any time). As small business owners my parents struggle with the rising insurance premiums because of the “preexisting condition”. If anyone has a reason to support obamacare it is my family. But my parents oppose it whole-heartedly because they realize even though our family would benefit from it in several ways, it would be terrible for the country. My parents put on several annual fundraisers including one of the biggest Arabian Horse Shows in Nebraska each year. I remembered they would put an enormous amount of work in every year and donate 100% of the proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetic Foundation to help find a cure. When they discovered that the JDF was using funds for embryonic stem cell research, what did they do? They continued the fundraisers and donated 100% of the proceeds to Nebraska Right to Life. Because although my family desperately wants a cure for diabetes, we don’t want it at the expense of innocent lives. It isn’t easy and can even cost you personally to do the right thing, but when the time comes…I will choose to do it.

    That time came for me Tuesday night. I saw a group of new people that wanted to get involved being disenfranchised. No one stood up for them, so I did. And it wasn’t easy. It put good people that I care about like Brandon Peterson on the hot seat. I didn’t like that, but it was the right thing to do. These new members were told they could not vote on the leadership because they had registered to be members after the August meeting. The rules were changed from last year’s election to keep them from having a say in choosing their leadership for the year. I thought to myself, “We NEED these people, but why would they be motivated to work for leaders they didn’t have a say in choosing.” And why shouldn’t they have a say? Last year’s elections included the votes of many members who had paid that very same day. At Douglas County Convention we seated many new delegates that wanted to get involved and hadn’t registered in time. YR President Brandon Peterson said himself at County Convention, “To turn away these good people that want to get involved would be a travesty.” To deny that the decisions on Tuesday night were anything but political is disingenuous. There really was NOTHING to lose. It wasn’t going to tip the balance of the votes in the election anyway. Likely all of the same new officers would have been elected. The only thing the YR’s managed to accomplish Tuesday night was to insult and turn away a lot of help and votes and good energetic people that wanted to get involved. I wasn’t asking to ignore the Constitution. I requested a vote which required 2/3 majority to credential these new members so they could participate in choosing their leadership for the year. I made a plea to the current membership to do the right thing. To put their money with their mouths were and to stop just saying they welcome these people, but to actually stand up and vote to welcome them. To “take the tape off their mouths” and welcome their opinion and not just their $$$. Sadly, the same folks that claimed to welcome them were the same folks refusing to stand up and actually welcome them. The same folks who were elected to office and want people motivated to follow them, were the same folks who refused to stand and welcome them.

    I ran and was elected to Vice President of Membership for the Omaha YR’s last year. I promised to fulfill my duties and increase membership. As Brandon Peterson correctly states, last year I spoke to two tables and maybe a dozen members. Taking a look around the room Tuesday, (or at the membership list) it is clear that membership doubled probably ten-fold!!! In addition we had more energy, the group was more well-rounded, and we had a chance at unity of the many different factions. Much needed unity if we are going to defend our electoral vote and reelect Lee Terry. Much needed in an absolutely critical election where EVERY vote counts!!!

    No I wasn’t directed to take a stand by Chris or Scott or anyone else. I can think for myself and I see the writing on the walls. I know a poor strategy when I see one, and turning away votes at a time like this is poor strategy. I know hypocrisy when I see it, and changing rules to effectively silence the opinion of new members is hypocrisy. And I know right from wrong when I see it, and what was being done to the new members that want to get involved was wrong. As I see more and more registered Republicans disenfranchised and vowing to vote 3rd party, I become more and more frustrated at the arrogance of our leadership that obviously can sense the urgency, but still can’t get their priorities straight. It’s time to ask ourselves what’s more important? Winning in November or sticking it to the Paul supporters? Because I don’t believe it can be had both ways. It’s time to ask ourselves…How do we want to feel when we wake up on November 7th?!

    “On some positions, Cowardice asks the question, “Is it safe?” Expediency asks the question, “Is it politic?” And Vanity comes along and asks the question, “Is it popular?” But Conscience asks the question, “Is it right?” And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge, moments of great crisis and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  75. Macdaddy says:

    Ask our ambassador to Libya if Libya is a war. Ask the 2 dead Marines if Libya is a war. You might not think it is a war but the Libyans would beg to differ. Maybe if we’d left Qaddafi in power none of this would have happened. Actually, there’s no maybe about it. At the DNC, Obama took full credit for overthrowing Qaddafi. Why is he trying to deflect blame for the consequences? Is the spirit of Harry Truman now dead in the Democrat party?

  76. Disappointed says:

    Brian Baumgart:

    You brought a slate to the meeting. That’s a fact. Coincidentally, it seemed that a huge number of people signed up between the August and September meeting, that just happened to support your Slate for the election in September. It was a planned and coordinated attempt to take a club.

    You can’t put lipstick on a pig.

  77. YR Member says:


    If you and the now members of the Omaha Young Republicans ‘feel’ bad because we followed our club’s constitution, then you’re out of luck and get out of the political arena fast. Because in politics, feelings get hurt and having thin skin will do you no favors.

    If it wasn’t trying to take control of the YRs, then why did all of the Paul people sign up only before the August and September meetings? Are we going to see them at the meetings ever again? Are they going to head to Lee Terry’s office or the Nebraska Victory Office to make phone calls and knock on doors? Or is it because they just have their own collective agenda?

  78. Chris Scott says:

    Island of misfit toys- lets do a side by side on contributors versus you. One contributor writes regularly for the huffington post. You post anonymous on a blog. One of my contributors was a former state senator and talk show host. You post anonymous on a blog. One contributor has been fighting for the taxpayer since the 70s and is constantly in the media. You post anonymous on a blog. One of mine was the campaign manager for a presidential candidate. You alas, post ananomous on a blog. One is the de facto leader of the Tea Party in Nebraska and has been on Fox, CNN and everywhere else…..I can do this all night but your feeble attempt to discredit me shows that you are fearful that I might write something that is contrary to your narrative so are are preemptively trying to smear me.

    Thanks again to the Tom Becka show for having me on again this afternoon. It was a great show and fun as usual.


  79. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how Franklin Thompson is going to vote on the new cigarette sales tax…

    Sure seems like he’s going to be in a bind, since he’s a university employee and didn’t vote for the so-called ‘equality’ ordinance

  80. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Baumgart, anyone who spews out one and one half thousand words of “I didn’t do it” forces every reader to presume that not only did you do it, but whatever the accusation was, it was probably understated. You protest too much. But unlike in Hamlet, you protest too much right up until you cannot endure your own constructed lie and you blurt out a demand that all Republicans must stick their tongues in Ron Paul’s non-Republican butt, where yours is obviously firmly lodged, or else.

    From a Republican viewpoint, you are worse than Obama because you are an intestinal parasite. The elephant can vote out Obama. But you it needs to evacuate or absorb.

  81. Macdaddy says:

    Was Obama running off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas in the aftermath of the brutal murder of our ambassador a good idea or just loathsome? Has Obama ever read the words of the Marine Corps song? Does he realize the symbolism of us getting our asses kicked in Libya? Obama’s foreign policy is in shambles right now with no way out and he’s calling Romney the lightweight while he yucks it up in Las Vegas. Yeah. Make sure we beat down Mitt. He’s the real problem.

  82. Macdaddy says:

    And speaking of the First Amendment, Obama sent federal probation officers to crawl up the butt of the filmmaker he blames for starting these riots and look for any excuse to punish him. You Lefties should pay attention now. If Obama gets away with this, you will not like it when President Evil Republican gets elected.

  83. Poltical Insider says:

    Hey Scott, do you or Jon Tucker write for the Huffungton Post ? Once again Scott what makes you a “Political Insider”????

  84. Wow says:

    What the hell is wrong with the YRs? A few of you fight and bicker over scraps. I wonder what it feels like to be insulated in a cocoon made up of tools. I’m looking at you Pinkster.

  85. Up In Omaha says:

    Bryan- During your time as VP of Membership, membership only increased about 5 new members a month. During the last month, membership increased by 20 and 11 including Chris Scott signed up on the deadline. You asked for a copy of the YR’s constitution and asked the President when elections were going to happen 3 months ago. You even signed up your brothers who are not even registered to vote in Douglas or Sarpy counties, even though to the YR’s Constitution says that you have to be registered to vote in Douglas or Sarpy counties to vote in Omaha YR’s election. When you found out that you did not have enough votes, you spent time talking to Chris Scott about what to do.

    Chris Scott- You showed your cards when you asked the group if by following the rules were against the “Liberty” people.

    Chris and Bryan- If you are so about getting Lee Terry, Deb Fischer, and Mitt Romney elected, why have I not seen both of you up at Victory Office making calls, going to door to door, and other gotv.

  86. Chris Scott says:

    Your outlandish theory was no doubt concocted in area 51 sipping tea with big foot and the lockness monster. Check you records again. I was a YR for a while and just renewed my membership. As for doing door to door, I do that every weekend. I also will be helping out at the Victory office when time permits. Again, switch to decafe.

  87. to the Baumgart says:


    You CLEARLY threw Brandon Petersen under the bus on Tuesday. And after he has repeatedly stood up for you, defended you. Said you were a great guy with good ideas and a hard worker. I didn’t know much about you before then, but that was crap.

    A few of the people you brought to the meeting were part of the Occupy Omaha movement. Don’t forget to mention that Mr. Partin was elected and he is new to the state, however he gave a great speech and was not divisive and combative like many other of the other potential members. James was WELCOMED.

    NEW PEOPLE: We are Republicans. We don’t believe in entitlement. So why do you seek it within the Party? If you haven’t volunteered and have only been involved this summer, then what makes you think you should be in leadership? Work hard. Pay some dues like everyone else. Stop this victim mentality bullcrap. That’s what the Democrats do. Not Republicans.

    AND be careful who you follow. Many of us realize that Scott P and those creating the division among conservatives are doing so intentionally. They pit new vs old and made up this story that we don’t want any new people. New people are great! So long as we work together. Be careful of being USED. It’s clear that people like Ebke, Petersen, and others (hopefully not the Scotts [hate the Dem-mouthpiece blog but kinda like them] and Tucker) just want to cause problems not make a difference. SOME PEOPLE WILL DO CRAZY THINGS AND HURT OTHERS TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL THEY’RE OF VALUE. It’s sad when it negatively affects others.

  88. Up In Omaha says:

    Chris Scott- Who are you going d2d for? I have never seen you at the Victory Office. All people real political insiders know that all the Gotv in Douglas and Sarpy counties are at the Victory Office.

  89. Interested Observer says:

    There’s an interesting article in the New York Times titled, “Some Republicans Try Out a New Campaign Theme: Bipartisanship”. It reminded me of what I asked in here on June 3, 2012 at 10:37 AM,

    Is a “bi-partisan” compromise a good thing or a bad thing?

    Then, on June 4, 2012 at 5:41 AM I said,

    ” Actually, where I’m coming from on this is a recent renewed interest in Dwight Eisenhower and various aspects of his life. He was known as a decent man, a highly effective leader, a consensus builder with a strong sense of duty.

    He said, “People talk about the middle of the road as though it were unacceptable. Actually, all human problems, excepting morals, come into the gray areas. . . . The middle of the road is all of the usable surface. The extremes, right and left, are in the gutters.”

    A year ago, during the debt ceiling debate, some people stated that compromise, in and of itself, is a bad thing and strongly encouraged the House Republicans to “stick together” and to not compromise. They were very clear in their disdain for compromise, in general, almost as an absolute.”

    I just find it amusing that all the bluster of some people trying to out radical each other is now going the other way to out “bi-partisan” each other.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Up In Omaha,

    Chris Scott was already known to be a part of the Paulbots. Sticking close to Jon Tucker, Scott Petersen and the rest of the Paulbot really didn’t do much to hide which side he was on

  91. Chris Scott says:

    Sorry to disappoint, didn’t vote for Ron Paul. I quite frankly this internal mudslinging is time an effort that could better used elsewhere. Don’t have secret meeting with Scott P and Jon T. I think the YRs do great work and truly are the engine of many campaigns. I said my piece at the meeting and am moving on. You give me far too much credit if you think I am behind some mastermind plan to “take things over.” I have no interest in coups just voting what I feel is right.

    In the future if you chose not to use my energy, talent, and drive positively it is your loss. I really do not have an axes to grind. Now go watch some football.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Where was it said that you’re the mastermind? The world doesn’t revolve around you, you’re just the fool who keeps responding.

    No one gives a crap what you ‘feel’ about this internal strife in the party, because you’re one of the first ones to start this round.

  93. Anonymous says:

    And thanks for showing how much a smug ass you are by telling me to not worry about the Paulers taking over the party and to go watch football.

  94. IO is a Rancher? says:

    I really want to meet you some day IO. I want to meet a Nebraska Rancher who actually reads and quotes the NY Times!

    Wait…I need to know. Are you imagining that you are reading the NY Times or imagining that you are a Nebraska Rancher?

  95. Emid says:

    1. Republicans are all about small government until it comes to reproductive or marriage rights, in which case they want a giant, completely obtrusive, in your face, BIG GOVERNMENT.

    2. Nebraska for all its low unemployment, has had a flat growth rate for over a decade. In fact, if you look at which sectors lost the most jobs in 2008, you’ll see industries that Nebraska never had in the first place to lose. So, is Nebraska the “good life”, or did it just miss out on the wave of economic expansion while other states prospered?

    3. Mitt Romney, is the candidate republicans never wanted – and now they’re stuck in the resellers market. Good luck with that.

    4. Obama’s economic record? We aren’t losing 700,000 jobs/month like we were when Bush was president. Mission Accomplished.

    5. Bob Kerrey is running in a state full of willfully ignorant, monochromatic crybabies. He’s also running to represent Nebraska voters, not the democratic party. There is something that could be said about businesses that can be fined for not providing health-care coverage, maybe 50 employees isn’t the right number in size. However – having access to American markets and removing money from the economy is a privilege not a right. Businesses should be required to chip in for health-care. Those businesses that want to be competitive towards hiring talent already do. If you aren’t currently the talent, odds are you work for Walmart, a lawn service or you flip burgers. Either way, your health and wellness, and the value of your life is not somehow tiered below someone that works at Goldman Sachs. Odds are, you provide a lifetime of work that enables someone else the affluence they enjoy.

    6. Social security and Medicare are not insolvent. The system is under challenge from a wave of baby boomers about to retire. After this generational wave has passed, the system will be as strong and as sustainable as it ever was. The sky is not falling on social security, and it will be there as long as Americans continue to value the program.

  96. IO says:

    Stop living the lie that you are a rancher…I do want to meet a rancher that reads and quote the NY Times. It would be an interesting conversation.

    We know that Leg staff read and quote NY times. You are always a bore.

  97. Drinking the TEA says:

    @Chris Scott, Who is this person who you claim is the defacto LEADER of the TEA Party? This intrigues me to no end. I don’t see anyone on your roster who was around organizing the TEA Party when it began except maybe Doug Kagan and we have yet to see a blog entry from him or see him (or you) show up at the Victory Office to volunteer. The TEA Party has no “De Facto” Leader and to claim that one exists demonstrates a purely neophytical understanding of the current political environment in Nebraska.

  98. Interested Observer says:

    Well, #120 @ 10:34, which is it? You said, “I do want to meet a rancher that reads and quote(sic) the NY Times. It would be an interesting conversation.” and “You are always a bore.”

    You seem to be contradicting yourself. But, did you actually read that article that I referenced? That was the whole point of my comment.

  99. Interested Observer says:

    By the way, we could meet at one of the Husker home games if RWP will sell me his tickets. You’ll know me because I’ll be the one wearing a red Husker coat and cap.

  100. Chris Scott says:

    Actually Doug Kagan has two please re-read. I was referring to Mr. Mason though. As far as the victory office, when time permits I will help. My time and efforts have been on a city council race. Mr. Mason was a major organizer in Nebraska not just Omaha like you. Wasn’t trying to finish how you helped.

  101. @Chris Scott says:

    Maybe you can get all those new members who tried to take over the Omaha YRs to head to the Victory Office since you’re too busy with a race that Truemper is going to have a VERY hard time winning… Oh wait, that involves actual work and not sitting around and complaining about the party leadership…

  102. Chris Scott says:

    Never complained about leadership and the new people heading over to the victory
    Office is a great idea. BTW Truemper has a very good chance.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Festersen has voted more with Stothert than Mulligan…but then again, if you didn’t just move here in the last year, you’d realize that… Not to mention that Truempers wife is a huge Paul supporter, and conservatives in the party aren’t that into Paul or his people

  104. Chris Scott says:

    @10:33 that is an uniformed comment you realize there is Republican leaders in Nebraska with spouses that are huge Democrats. Does not make them less conservative. Truly dumb comment.

  105. Anonymous says:

    With a critical election just 50 days away, Chris Scott will get to the Victory Office ” when time permits” because he’s currently knocking doors for a city council Primary that will be decided 8 months from now.

    Mr. Scott, I’m sure you mean well, but this self- serving excuse for not being part of the effort NOW is not helping your cause. There are a number of important races to be decided in 2012, races that every committed conservative is dedicated to between here and November 6. You can step up and be part of this Victory, or you can go on knocking doors for Dr. Truemper and continue earning your reputation.

  106. Too Bad says:

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