New Deb Fischer spot

For those of you who missed our Tweet on Saturday (consider yourself “The Rabble”), Deb Fischer has a new TV spot out. See it here:

Nice piece. We always like the “talking to the camera” ads and Fischer sells it here on all of the right notes.

Looking forward to more.


The Washington Post’s “The Fix” has their rundown of the top Senate races most likely to change party hands.

As Casey Kasem would say, “Holding at Number 2, for the 12th week in a row…Nebraska, by Deb Fischer.”

Dating ourselves? Well, OK, here’s what the Post actually had to say:

At this point, the only drama left in the race is centered around how much former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D) will lose by. Deb Fischer can start measuring the drapes barring some sort of catastrophic mistake.


Trust us Dems: This will only make GOPers work HARDER for Fischer. No one will coast on this — especially if it means they can be on the winning team.

And that being said, watch out for Kerrey to just start throwing haymakers. “I’m half Republican“? Ha! Kerrey will likely put out an ad with him and  a Hal Daub-look-alike sharing a box of popcorn at the anti-Obama movie.

Keep you feet on the ground, and keep reachin’ for the stars…


And speaking of desperation, we are hearing from our DC sources that outgoing Senator Ben Nelson really really really really really wants Kerrey to win the race against Fischer. He has apparently been pushing Kerrey’s candidacy hard behind the scenes in our nation’s capital, likely getting as many names and as much money on Kerrey’s side.

And this is pretty much along the lines of shoring up his legacy in Nebraska politics.

It should be obvious that Nelson has pretty much been shamed by the Cornhusker Kickback. He figures that if Kerrey is elected then somehow all will be right in his political world.

Of course there may be much more to that story that anyone has really delved into, but we will leave that for another day.
Suffice it to say, we likely have not seen the anything close to the viscous attacks that the Dems will bring out as this campaign comes to a head.


And Don Walton, “Voter ID laws could keep some Americans from voting and influence the results in a few key states. “

Wow, what a bunch of Leftist crap. Yeah.

So some voters will need to (gasp!) show a piece of ID that actually says they the proper person who is casting said ballot? You know, like they the ID they have to show when they fly. Or go into a Federal Courthouse. Or see the President give a speech..

Then again, those people will be overwhelming overshadowed by all the dead Chicagoans who vote for Obama anyway, right? (God rest their souls.)


And for those of you who found our last post to be a bit off-beat, we will explain:

The Corner recently had links of sand sculptures up. We, like most average citizens, always get a kick out of the skill and effort that goes into those things.

Then on Saturday morning, a discussion came up on an author venting about the lack of great art coming out of Europe or the U.S. any more. And that got us to thinking about the great sand art, and how so little of it is of the “modern” type, i.e. you can actually tell what was sculpted. And then that got us thinking about a little statute we own made of Alvastone, and whether the cost of making a large statue out of that stuff is cheaper than other traditional methods. (We would guess it is, but really don’t know any of the details.)

Anyway, just a Saturday morning idea to bounce around with your coffee and Wheaties. And we still think it is an idea with potential.


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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    “In Nebraska, we solve problems by governing responsibly and sticking to our principles” so says Deb Fischer in the ad above! Uh, like her vote on LB968, for example. You know, the $50M taxpayer burden SHE VOTED FOR which had been billed as a “public-private partnership” (wherein the public pays and the private partner benefits). ((And now the private partners want MORE public dollars, HA!)). (((I know “Nebraska conservatives” can’t speak of this, so I MUST!!!))).

    While it’s true that Deb Fischer’s unicam voting record demonstrates her willingness to save taxpayer dollars selectively (—>BSDC and the killings resulting from inadequate medical care there), her reckless spending on LB968 last session illustrates how duped y’all are into thinking a vote for Deb Fischer is a vote for spending controls. Fischer touts a 10 year national debt reduction plan. WHY CAN’T SHE PLAN TO FIX THE ECONOMY IN FOUR YEARS? Isn’t that what’s expected of the current leadership? Why can’t Republicans ever fix what the Democrats can’t fix?

    If you want real economic recovery, you’ll have to get out of the Republican-Democrat dichotomy, folks!

  2. To Than Phong says:

    It is because he falsified his action reports. His own troops said there was no sign of the enemy when his squad murdered the villagers. Bob Kerrey can never go to Vietnam because of this.

  3. Goober Natorial says:

    You had to know the race was out of reach when Kerrey’s head internet troll stopped posting on here accusing Deb of “welfare grazing.” Thank gawd they finally threw in the towel on that one.

    And, did anyone notice, now that we’re at about the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Movement, that one of the protesters who scaled the wall of our Egyptian Embassy wore a Guy Fawkes mask? Anyone notice that? Now, if the TEA Party had been known for wearing the Guy Fawkes masks, the MAN would have been all over trying to blame the attacks on our embassies on TEA Partiers, you know it?

  4. RWP says:

    “Voter ID laws could keep some Americans from voting and influence the results in a few key states. “

    Particularly underrepresented minority groups like deceased-Americans, non-citizen-Americans and fictional-Americans.

  5. Don Watch says:

    You can always – always – count on Don to drop a voter ID disenfranchisement reference, or a “money isn’t speech” reference. Don must realize that the Supreme Court allows for money as speech (and for voter ID, btw) precisely to counteract the nonsense appearing in his column and the LJS editorial page every day. Speech shouldn’t only be free for those who buy ink by the barrel.

  6. Anonymous2 says:

    @RWP, what an ignorant response. Why don’t you do some research first before spouting off.
    @Last I Checked, sums up the issue perfectly.

  7. Also Last I checked says:

    You have a Constitutional right to own a gun. Pretty sure you need ID to buy one.

    Love how liberals who jerk around the Constitution every day are quick to wrap themselves in it when it comes to voter ID. What a joke.

  8. RWP says:

    @RWP, what an ignorant response. Why don’t you do some research first before spouting off.

    If it’s ignorant, you should be able to refute it easily.

    Feel free to get started.

  9. Anonymous2 says:

    @RWP: You first! Why don’t back up what you said? That’s not my job. Working in the private sector I don’t have the free time to do it for you.

  10. Interested Observer says:

    Another interesting article in the New York Times today titled, “Romney Aide Concedes Campaign Has Been Short on Specifics”. So now they’re going to try to actually fill in their goals with specifics about what they want to do and how they’re going to try to do it. Now if only DEB FI$CHER would try to do the same thing.

    The other day on my way to Valentine, I decided to go by their place and I’d forgotten that Deb has her ranch brand made out of pipe standing next to her mail box at the ranch turnoff. Deb’s ranch brand is the dollar sign ($). That’s sure rubbing her WELFARE GRAZING in all her neighbor’s noses!

    I also noticed in her new ad that the barn window has some panes missing. Except that I don’t remember a windmill tower next to their barn and I don’t think they ever painted their barn red. I think it’s always been white. And in the background, you couldn’t see a flat horizon, cause there’s just the sandhills and all those cedar trees that Bruce’s dad planted on the north side of the first calving lot behind the buildings. So, now I’m wondering just who’s barn did she use for this ad?

  11. Macdaddy says:

    I loved the ad. I think that’s one of the best I’ve seen out there. Deb is very likable and sunny. Contrast that to scowling Bob Kerrey trying to blow sunshine up our butts.

    IO, you are certifiably creepy. You really need to get help before you do something stupid. Apparently you have nobody in your life to tell you that, but you really do need help.

  12. Some Thoughts says:

    For what it’s worth, you do not presently have to show any identification in order to register to vote. Ok, back to the regularly scheduled debate!

  13. RWP says:

    There’s another old biddy from Gordon on Twitter today bitching about Deb’s grazing ‘subsidy’. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion this is mostly not political, it’s just festering small-town envy, spite and resentment.

  14. Anonymous2 says:

    @RWP, I always thought it was it was up to one making a claim to back it up. Especially an academic. Talk about shirking responsibility. Are you typical of the faculty at UNL? No wonder they lost AAU accreditation.

  15. RWP says:

    Indeed. You made the claim my response was ignorant. Back it up.

    Yeah, we’re all a bunch of bozos at UNL. That’s why we should all quit and let them hire guys like you.

  16. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, how do you think that good conservative Republicans from western Nebraska are just “just festering small-town envy, spite and resentment” when they criticize a wasteful, failed government program that benefits one half of one percent of Nebraska cattle producers?

    MacDaddy, maybe if you’d ever actually been invited to DEB FI$CHER’S ranch, you would have noticed the same things.

    The most insulting thing about Deb’s “defense” of her her WELFARE GRAZING is when she compares it to all of Nebraska’s farmers who participate in the farm program. Well Deb, the farm program is available to ALL farmers, every where, not just available exclusively to a tiny little group of special interest producers.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Not to mention Ernie Chambers is known by Council to live in Bellevue, but there is no voter irregularities with him voting in north Omaha…….

  18. RWP says:

    IO, you’re not criticizing a program, you’re conducting a spiteful vendetta against Deb Fischer. If the program is wasteful and failed, why do you want to continue it, merely tweaking it with a price adjustment? Why not end it completely by selling the land?

    Of course, not everything in the farm subsidy program is available to all farmers. How’s the sugar crop up there in Cherry Co.? And none of it is available to non-farmers.

  19. CornhuskerBlue says:

    It is amazing to me that days left before the election and how incredulously asinine your posts are seem to be inversely related.

    And for the sake of Jesus, will you please try accurately using English grammar and spelling? I mean, not that I’d take you seriously anyway since you’re so politically perverse and unsavvy, but it might make reading this less painful.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer stated and I quote: “Well Deb, the farm program is available to ALL farmers, every where, not just available exclusively to a tiny little group of special interest producers.”

    Well, Interested Observer, the farm program is available ONLY to farmers, which is a tiny little group compared to the population of this country. Does the fact that the farm program benefits only a small portion of the population mean that it’s bad and we shouldn’t have it?

  21. Interested Observer says:

    Yes MacDaddy, of course, I’ve been invited to DEB FI$CHER’S ranch and to her house in town. Have you? How well do YOU really know Deb?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Nope the vast majority know who to pick for the senate, its barely even a race. Senator Fischer is running like she is 10 points behind when she at least 15-19 points ahead. You know this is the reality when Politico makes statements on not if but HOW bad she beats the New Yorker!

    Buh Bye Bob, don’t let the door hit you on the way out as you head back to the village.

  23. Lil Mac says:

    Don Walton’s, “Voter ID laws could keep some Americans from voting and influence the results in a few key states“ is not a bunch of Leftist crap. It is a bunch of UNAMERICAN crap.

    Walton shows his own ID every day at the store and elsewhere. To draw the line at voting can only serve to allow NON-Americans to vote, and that is against our Constitution and that arguably makes Don and like-minded Liberals ether dangerously dumb or knowing traitors to the US Constitution.

    I’d sugar coat that but his comments as a public Press figure are similar to Obama saying the planned murder of a US Ambassador was a crime of the moment by a couple of passersby who happened to be there on 9-11 with RPGs. At some point, our Press and our President abetting our enemies and undercutting our Constitution is treason. The discomfort of us saying that and of hearing that said makes

  24. IO, drop the whole dollar sign bit. That was the Fischer family brand BEFORE Deb became a Fischer. Just like the Dem’s Donkey was your ‘brand’ before you became an “Interested Observer”.

    I wonder if the Democrats, IO included, realize that when they rail about ‘welfare grazing’, they’re insulting every single Nebraska farmer who’s ever taken an agricultural subsidy, or received federally-subsidized insurance payments, or received a low-interest agricultural loans. I mean, by IO’s definition, they’re all ‘welfare farmers’ and should not be receiving any aid from the government to feed not only our country, but also helping to feed a good portion of the world. Congrats, you’ve just insulted about every farmer in Nebraska.

    What a whining…err, winning strategy.

  25. @RWP 9:06 says:

    I hate to ask the question RWP:
    How would IO know about the sugar crop in Cherry County? IO is safe in her daddy’s basement in Lincoln.

    IO has NO direct experience outside her basement! Still waiting for a paid internship position with NDP.

  26. To Some Thoughts says:

    Douglas County Election Commission site says:

    “Now, enter your Nebraska Driver’s License/State ID number or, if you do not have a Nebraska Driver’s License/State ID, enter the last four digits of your social security number. Enter your date of birth, where you were born, and your phone number.”

    Identification is, in fact, required to register. Should be required to vote.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    IO, I have never been to the Fischer’s ranch nor would I ever expect to be invited. Nor do I care. I like Deb. I know lots of people who like Deb, too. It must really gall you that she is going to be the newest Senator from Nebraska.

  28. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, I just really think that Deb is not up to the caliber of the United States Senate and the honorable reputation that it once had. I think that she will bring more of the gridlock that the American public dislikes so much, as evidenced by the horrible approval ratings of Congress.

    I think that she ran in this race to gain greater statewide name recognition to position herself for a run for Governor in 2 years. I think that Deb was as surprised that Jon and Don bashed each other as badly as they did that enabled her to win the Primary. I really think that she is in way over her head.

    It doesn’t gall me that she might win nearly as much as it scares me for the next 6 years for our country that she might win.

  29. RWP says:

    IO has now appeared on Twitter, under the handle Betty Kime. Same old schtick, except on Twitter he can spread the sort of vile innuendoes Sweeper deletes here.

  30. RWP says:

    There’s an interesting lawsuit in which Bruce Fischer testified. Spencer vs. Davenport, district court of Cherry County. There’s a reference to a previous suit also involving Fischer. It’s an adverse possession case about cattle crossing people’s land. They found for the defendant, who purchased land from Fischer; Spencer tried to force an easement; instead he had to pay up.

    (1) Check out Betty Kime’s Twitter handle.
    (2) A $200 court award twelve years ago is evidently the cause of this vendetta. Jeez.

  31. Cherry County, Nebraska says:

    At Gerard, I mean, RWP. Nope, try again.

    How about Fischer v. Kime?!?! It’s called a land grab or, stealing someone’s land AKA adverse possession.

  32. Excellent find RWP. Those Betty Kime tweets are vintage IO, right down to the dollar sign in Fischer.

    Of course, on 9-17-2012, IO posts this, “The other day on my way to Valentine, I decided to go by their place and I’d forgotten that Deb has her ranch brand made out of pipe standing next to her mail box at the ranch turnoff. Deb’s ranch brand is the dollar sign ($).”

    Then, in a strange ‘coincidence’ (nyuk, nyuk nyuk), on 9-17-2012 ‘Betty Kime’ added a photo of said Fischer brand, made out of said pipe, standing next to said mailbox.

    Way to out yourself, moron.

  33. Cherry County, Nebraska says:

    Actually, I stole that picture from @DebbieDoesNe

    Maybe IO is @DebbieDoesNe then?

    In any event, still wrong. Fischer v. Kime.

    In the words of my idol, “Trust, but verify.” – Ronald Reagan

  34. Why would I, or anyone else for that matter, address it? It’s not my business, and I could truly care less about a spat between two families living a few hundred miles away from me. Go settle matters like the Hatfields and McCoys did, for all I care.

    What I care about is being represented by someone who loves everything Nebraska stands for, as opposed to being represented by someone who loathes everything about this state…that is, everything except his buddy’s guest house.

    You still don’t get it. The people voting for Senator aren’t voting based on some long-standing personal vendetta against one of the candidates…nor should they. If that’s how you want to vote, go for it…just don’t expect the rest of us to do the same.

  35. RWP says:

    Grundle has it right. This really is Hatfield McCoy stuff.

    I always liked Cherry Co., but I’m getting a persistent mental image of strange, troll-like people, huddled around the stove on long frigid winter nights, getting liquored up and plotting how they can sneak forward a fence to screw a neighbor out of a few square feet of useless land, or drive a few cows over a forgotten corner of his ranch…and then carrying it on through the courts in endless disputes over prescriptive easements and adverse possession. Fascinating, no doubt, to the locals, but less so to the rest of us.

    As I understand it, Fischer vs. Kime was a lawsuit over the placement of a fence on land so awful you couldn’t actually put the fence in the right place. I just hope no state tax dollars were spent adjudicating this momentous dispute.

    If the only reason Deb Fischer has to run for Senate is to get a thousand miles away from this, she has my full sympathy and support. Meanwhile, I’m hearing the twang of banjoes playing the theme from Deliverance in the background.

  36. Simplify everything says:

    How about the State of Nebraska PAY for free identification cards to all registered voters, make it free to get a new card whenever people need to update their address or registration, and make the process simple and accessible.

    Objections solved. Although no one here would want to pay for any of that..

  37. Macdaddy says:

    Looks like there was a Betty Kime from Valentine who died in 2007. I sure hope somebody isn’t tweeting using a dead woman’s name. That’s messed up.

  38. Interested Observer says:

    RWP, I’m getting the impression that you are finally starting to understand the real DEB FI$CHER. When you mentioned that lawsuit, you correctly named it the FI$CHER vs. Kime lawsuit, where DEB FI$CHER sued the Kime family and tried to unsuccessfully take their land.

    When you talked about “people, huddled around the stove on long frigid winter nights, getting liquored up and plotting how they can sneak forward a fence to screw a neighbor”, you hit the nail right on the head in describing Deb and her plot to try to unlawfully take Kime’s property. Since the suit was in District Court, obviously state tax dollars were spent adjudicating Deb’s unsuccessful and ultimately unnecessary suit.

    RWP, you just mentioned 2 obscure lawsuits from Valentine that FI$CHER’S have been somewhat involved in this afternoon. How do you just happen to take so much interest in something like this that happened 300 miles away from your ivory tower at UNL? What is your skin in these 2 lawsuits? How do you just happen to know SO much about them? Are you on Deb’s staff or something? I asked you a few weeks back if you are posting these comments during working hours and are you using a state owned computer or a state provided internet connection while posting political comments while you’re on the taxpayer’s clock? But you didn’t answer yet.

    And RWP, when you just said the FI$CHER vs Kime lawsuit was “over the placement of a fence on land so awful you couldn’t actually put the fence in the right place”, I would remind you that the Kime’s just sold that land for a new record high price in Cherry County. So, it couldn’t have been quite so “awful”, now could it?

  39. Bang Head Here says:

    And now for something interesting. Mike Flood is running around Nebraska trying to fool voters into believing that he would make a good governor.

    Yet he never mentions that he, as speaker of the legislature, was responsible for teaming up with the hospitals of the state to take money from hard working legal citizens to provide free health care for illegals. He is a lawyer, for cryn’ out loud…doesn’t he know the meaning of illegal? Doesn’t he know that there are a lot of legal Nebraska citizens who struggle to pay for health care insurance…or simply go without….and yet he expects them to dig deep in their pockets to provide free health care for illegals?

    Now, UNMC is whining about maybe losing money unless Nebraska signs up a bunch of new people for Medicaid. What is it with non-profit hospitals that pay virtually no taxes, yet ask Nebraska taxpayers to help them out?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of lawyers – Brenda Council pleaded guilty to stealing money from the people that donated to her campaign. Incoming NDP Chair, Vince Powers, was by her side. Those people love to play fast and loose with other peoples’ money.
    If any of you had done what she did, Jon Bruning would have charged you with a felony. Why wasn’t she?

  41. Anonymous says:

    We are going to have Ernie Chambers in the Legislature no matter what happens to Brenda Council. So, I’ll ask the question again – why wasn’t Brenda Council charged with a felony? She stole $63,000 from those that donated to her campaign. If you or I would steal that much money, we would be behind bars so fast that we wouldn’t know what hit us.
    Evidently, there is the same kind of thing happening in the NEGOP. The people in control of the party help themselves to the cash that comes in as donations, use it as they damned well please, and we are all supposed to work our asses off to ensure that the status quo continues. Jon Bruning doesn’t want to open up that can of worms.
    There are laws for us, and there are laws for them.

  42. Anonymous says:

    What is the difference between welfare queen Deb Fischer and her cattle and welfare queen Ben Nelson and his turkeys? See the post above.

  43. Some Thoughts says:

    I don’t know what the commenting person further up the page is talking about, but it definitely is not necessary to show an ID to register to vote. Yes, you can put down the last 4 digits of your SSN, and you can also use things like an electric bill to show your address. That’s not what “showing ID” means in this context, obviously. When people talk about the merits of having a voter ID law, they are referring to the need to actually show a driver’s license, passport, or similar state-issued photo ID to prove who you are. In theory, you can go through the whole process without ever having to prove who you–personally, physically–are. Then you can vote by mail in the same way. I’m not arguing whether this is a good or bad thing, just stating the facts. I am undecided on the issue because I do not know if Nebraska currently has any type of problem with voter fraud.

  44. RWP says:

    How do you just happen to know SO much about them?

    Well there’s this thing called the Google. You hear the unusual phrase ‘adverse possession’, you enter it in the Google, along with Cherry County, Nebraska, and guess what turns up.

    It’s magic, like you grew an extra finger, or something.

  45. RWP says:

    But seriously, IO, if you have concerns that I’m misusing university equipment, I do think you should take it up with your local state senator. You deserve an answer.

    Oh, wait…

  46. Anonymous says:

    I have to show an ID to buy beer. Why shouldn’t anyone have to show ID to vote for the person that writes the laws that forces me to show my ID to buy beer?

  47. Cherry County, Nebraska says:

    The Grundle, that’s where we agree. I care about the same things.

    That’s why it upsets me when I see a neighbor sue an eighty year old elderly couple for pasture land so they can move their cattle to federally subsidized grazing lands more cheaply. Now, now, before you get your “knickers” (did I get that right Gerard?) in a bunch, I don’t care too much about federal grazing, I mean, we all get to screw the government and tax payers now and then, don’t we?

    So, yes. I think it says something if you’re willing to sue an elderly couple for their land. I think it says something about your character. Your sense of neighborly commitment. Oh, and not just sue. But, you’ll have to wait for the rest. Good stories are better left for a narrative.

    I also agree with all the above. Valentine is a messed up place.

  48. Cherry County, Nebraska says:

    Maybe RWP, if one really wanted answers instead of just blind defenses, they would take the time to read the case material available for all (for a small copying fee) at our local Cherry County Courthouse.

    One could learn an awful lot that way. That way, one would know what they are talking about before they make ridiculous posts about things they clearly haven’t read. Oh, be sure to get all the depositions too. There’s plenty of information in those too.

  49. RWP says:


    Try getting a drink in O Hare airport. The only thing that will get you out of showing an ID is a death certificate.

    Then you’ll be offered a voter registration application.

  50. Cherry County, Nebraska says:

    I’m terrified for the logic you inflict upon your students.

    You have your answer. Read (you could call and have them mail it to you so you don’t have to drive six hours?).

    It’s like, well, it’s like doing your homework. It’s an assignment. You’re actually, this is going to be painful I know, you’re actually going to have to work a bit to get the truth. It just doesn’t well, it just doesn’t appear out of thin air. You have to read. I’m sorry.

  51. Cherry County, Nebraska says:

    Oh, and:

    (1) you’ll learn about the alleged “ruggedness” of the land (that was your phrase/justification for suing an eighty year old couple, not mine)
    (2) you obviously have connections inside the Fischer campaign because I hear that’s their line of defense (too bad for those pesky depositions, taken under oath, in front of a judge – yikes!)

    I also think Council should also have a more serious charge. You shouldn’t misuse campaign money.

    Also, what’s the big deal with having a drivers license or some other type of government issued photo ID to vote? I don’t buy it. We all have a passport or an ID of some kind (what about Medicare card?) and if you don’t, you’re probably not eligible to vote anyways.

  52. RWP says:

    Yeah. I have connections. Either that, or I read your comment right here on May 12 2012, IO.

    It’s tough to prove adverse possession. The guy who sold me my land was paranoid about it, so I checked it out. If you have an agreement to put up a fence, that pretty much eliminates the ‘adverse’ thang.

  53. RWP says:

    Here’s the way it goes. If you’re going to make a claim about Fischer vs. Kime, it’s your business to prove it. I don’t expect to be in Valentine anytime soon.

    No offense; I like Valentine. I’m sorry the hat store closed; it was one of my ambitions to buy my own personal fitted hat. One of the coolest things ever to happen to me was to sit in a grungy bar in Valentine waiting for a band from the Rosebud reservation to play, and overhear people in the next booth speaking in a foreign language. i didn’t recognize it. It took me a couple of minutes I realized it wasn’t a foreign language, it was Lakota. Useful to be reminded there are a few dozen languages still spoken by non-immigrants on this continent.

  54. IO uses Google Too! says:

    RWP; IO found out about the law suits the same way you did (from your 7:51 post). She used her parent’s internet to research and post the details. The last time she was in Cherry County was to celebrate her 7th birthday at her uncle’s ranch.

    I sure hope that IO gets a paying intern job from the NDP. I feel sorry for her parents having a Dem want-to-be operative in their basement.

    I am also curious: How many names does IO post under?

  55. Macdaddy says:

    Tennessee is a state that has 100% mandatory carding. It’s bizarre. I’m not sure who to blame the overreach on: Liberals or Baptists.

    Looks like we’re starting a range war here on LS. Kerrey only wishes he were cool enough for something like that. That whole Navy Seal thing is pretty good, but it’s got nothing on a couple cattle barons going after each other. It’s a shame Louis L’Amour is riding the other side of the fence line. He’d love this story.

  56. Anonymous says:

    IO is not a paid NDP intern. The NDP doesn’t pay its interns. The NDP barely has enough money to pay the rent for their office and keep the lights on. Any money the NDP gets is wasted on parties thrown by and for its upper level management.

  57. Goober Natorial says:

    Betty Kime is dead. She and her late (aka also dead) husband Les left a ranch valued at about $9 million to 17 folks who were looking to sell the place to the State because a river runs through it and it has good trout fishing. And Snake River Falls. And its just up from Merritt Reservoir and not far from the Prairie Golf resort. So, its value was NOT just as ranchland. Sorry, IO, but I thought you would have known that.

  58. Goober Natorial says:

    Man, whoever is tweeting as DebbieDoesNE is just a nasty, nasty human being. Foul-mouth, petulant little brat. Just nasty. But, y’know, that’s basically the tone I’ve come to expect from libs, who always engage in this very bare-knuckle form of campaigning. I realize politics ain’t beanbag, but you seldom find depths to which the Dems won’t stoop in order to pick up a seat or win a race.

  59. Thanks Goober…I didn’t make the connection until now that the Kime Ranch was the land that the Game & Parks was looking at for a rec area type thing. I thought I’d heard the name before, but I was too busy yesterday to follow up on it…indeed, I remember now that the Kimes had passed away.

    Wow, I didn’t know Twitter had ghosts, or zombies, posting as well. That, or the Twitter Betty Kime isn’t really Betty Kime. For some reason, the latter seems more likely.

  60. Interested Observer says:

    Goober Natorial, why did you just say “So, its value was NOT just as ranchland. Sorry, IO, but I thought you would have known that.”?

    I, obviously, never said it was in the first place. What’s your problem? And, by the way, I’m very familiar with Kime’s place and Snake Falls and the Snake River and the late Les and Betty. As I’ve said SO many times in here, I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.

  61. Interested Observer says:

    Grundle King, it’s nice that you’ve finally started to admit that you’re wrong, but you’re still wrong on SO many, many more things. I’m not on Twitter. I’ve never, ever posted on Twitter. I only read a bit of it from links in here yesterday for the first time in my life.

    I’m so old school that I’m like the guy who said he thought a Tweet was something that Barbara Walters gave her dog.

  62. Anonymostly says:

    ?As I’ve said SO many times in here, I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.”

    Yeah? Well, I’m the Count of Monte Christo. Actually, that’s not true. And neither is what you said, IO. In fact, I’d sooner believe that you’re the GEICO gecko than that you’re a conservative Republican anything.

    And I think you’re a chick, too, not a dude. I don’t believe a man — particularly not a rancher — would write the way you write. Too sissy. Way too sissy.

  63. Goober Natorial says:

    What happened to Betty Chyme? She’s gone. Her Twitter account plum vanished. Vamoose. Gone like a fart in a skillet. A mystery. Wonder if ol’ IO can enlighten us on where Betty done gone to.

  64. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, you know damn well why I said what I said. Don’t act like you don’t. That’s what makes me despise you as a poster more than any other. I can even get along with BTO. But you … you’re not just a liar. You’re a brazen liar and a deliberate provocateur whose goal, it seems, is just to piss people off. Well, mission accomplished.

    Previously, RWP described the disputed Kime land as “so awful” they couldn’t put the fence in the right place. You then disputed that characterization by announcing that the land brought a record price. You suggested the high sale price disproved RWP’s assertion that the land was awful. So then I have to point out that the land was valued not for any agricultural purpose but because of the waterfall, the trout fishing and the proximity to both Merritt and the golf resort. In other words, the high price tag doesn’t remotely disprove what RWP said about it, as you pretend.

    For you to now act like you have no idea why I said what I said marks a new low in mendacity for you, IO. These things were said earlier in this thread. Just a few posts earlier. Yet you try to act like you don’t know what I mean. Pathetic.

  65. Macdaddy says:

    Goober, whoever was tweeting under a dead woman’s name should be ashamed of themselves. Hopefully they took the page down because they realized they’d crossed a line and not because they thought they were going to get outed.

  66. Chris Scott says:

    PJ Brown- sorry for the delayed response. Over at the Dundee Dell enjoying some clam strips before heading over to the KFAB studios. Tune in at 4:07! If you can not tune in I can surely send you a pod cast.


  67. Political Insider Trader says:

    You heard it from me first. Thanks to Obama’s reckless spending, the U.S. credit rating has been slashed for the second time in two years. The rating firm Egan-Jones cites our $16 trillion debt, the ratio of debt to GDP, and new plans to print more money as the impetus behind the downgrade from “AA” to “AA-.” Obama may love to make history, but this type of history is killing jobs and hurting our families.

  68. Interested Ob(ama)server says:

    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    Really, really, really I am.

  69. Anonymous says:

    The “I am a republican” Democrat here is sort of a chick. Art majors love androgyny, which is perhaps why the Democratic Party attracts so many ugly women and pretty boy men. When your best foot forward seems hermaphroditic and you couldn’t get a date with dollar bills hanging out of your pockets, there isn’t enough wealth that can be spread to cure your problem.

  70. Goober Natorial says:

    Was it Goebbels who said that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth? Is that what IO is aiming for with her “I am a conservative republican rancher from Valentine” schtick? Well, it ain’t workin’ with this hombre.

  71. I really am a republican rancher from Valentine :~) says:

    Agreed! No way is IO ‘a conservative republican rancher from Valentine’

    Too many posts during the day and too many identities. The ranchers I know, barely have time to read the NY Times….let alone quote from it (at least quote the NYT in front of peers).

  72. Poltical Genius says:

    To Chris: Crash Davis is an idiot and his ratings are plummeting. You still have not stated what makes you an “Insider”. Phil Young, Carlos Castillio, Rod Edwards, Jessica Moenning, Mike Kennedy, Brinker Harding, David Kramer they are INSIDERS. They ran real campaigns and have the ears of the power brokers…You have the ear of Jon Tucker and Tristan Bonn

  73. Chris Scott says:

    Political Genius- Our insiders represent a broad array of political perspectives and not just Republican insiders. Your laughable attacks serve the opposite of your intended purpose. You do realize that your overt attempts to smear me just increases readership. Fear not, your next semester there be a marketing class.

    Keep up the good work. You are faithfully carrying the water and it is only a matter of time until you are annointed.


  74. To Political Insider says:

    “You heard it from me first. Thanks to Obama’s reckless spending, the U.S. credit rating has been slashed for the second time in two years. The rating firm Egan-Jones cites our $16 trillion debt, the ratio of debt to GDP, and new plans to print more money as the impetus behind the downgrade from “AA” to “AA-.” Obama may love to make history, but this type of history is killing jobs and hurting our families.”

    With an effective negative yeilds on Treasuries, investors world wide are actually paying the USA for the privilege of buying our debt. In fact, the investor class believes that in our debt is still the SAFEST investment to park their money!

    And my friend, per the US Constitution, it is the US Congress that holds the purse strings.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Now that the Washington Speed bumps, aka GOP Senators, have proven that they have no use for America’s veterans, and Rmoney, their star player, has fouled himself out of the game, is it safe to say that it is time to put a fork in the Republican Party? Of course Nebraska will be about ten years behind the rest of the nation and will continue to elect Republicans long after the party has disbanded.

  76. To Political Genius says:

    You are right about Chris Scott. I have been involved in politics for 20 years and I never heard of this guy from Illinois until this past year. His blog seems to be a bunch of regurgitated opinions with little substance behind them.

  77. Goober Natorial says:

    I really hope I see a whole bunch more libs coming over here before election day spiking the ball before they’ve crossed the goal line. It will be fun to rub their noses in it the day after the election.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Is there a requirement for Democrats to be stupid in order to join? Our credit rating drops and that is deemed a good thing? Obama just dropped a dozen points in Foreign Relations and he’s going to have a landslide victory?

  79. Goober Natorial says:

    I’m beginning to wonder whether Chris Brown and the people who appear to be antagonizing him are the same person. They appear to have a shared goal of giving Chris Brown as much attention as possible.

  80. “Q: Can you spell landslide? A: OBAMA.”

    Indeed, I can find no better comparison to a natural disaster that is responsible for devastating thousands of lives every year.

    Hey, when you’re right, you’re right!

  81. Political Insider Trader says:

    @ To Politcal Insider (Chris Scott)

    “it is the Congress that holds the purse strings” wow where’d you come up with that inside tidbit?

    Turn down the Squak Box some, you’ve been listening to your broker’s BS for far too long.

    A Negative Yield Curve is a reference to the Bond Market (for anyone wondering) which is an unusual relationship between bond yields and maturity lengths that results when interest rates on long-term bonds are lower than interest rates on short-term bonds. Negative refers to the downward slope of the curve that is drawn to depict this relationship. Also sometimes called an inverted yield curve.

    What should investors do when short-term rates exceed long-term rates?
    By its very existence, a negative yield curve should be viewed as a market consensus or prediction that interest rates are going to fall, because the market in general has commanded a higher yield for short maturity periods than it has required to attract investment dollars for longer maturity periods. Consider this a negative outlook on our market as Investors are only looking short term and don’t trust us on the long term. A negative yield curve is usually followed by a flattening and then by a positive yield curve sometime down the road. When this happens, yields on short maturities would probably fall substantially. This shift could occur for various reasons. For example, it could happen as a result of the market coming to expect a normal easing of inflation; then, yields on longer maturities would also be expected to decline. The longer the maturity, the greater the profit potential for a given decline in yields. See any longer maturities out there lately?

    Now that’s textbook. The reality if you look around is that hardly anyone is issuing maturities beyond 2 yrs which is considered short-term (the Swiss & Germans) and just how much lower than zero do you think is possible? The coming trend is a prolonged flattening or stagnation preceeded by falling yields on short-term issues. With low yields and the subsequential high premium values we can only expect more Inflation.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Goober, how do you propose to rub the libs’ noses in the grease streak on the turf when you and your teammates are the ones that have been ground into it? Your team captain, Wrong Way Romney, is the Roy Reigels of today, and all of your Blackshirts (Mussolini’s kind, not the Husker kind) just blew their own damned feet off with a double barreled bazooka yesterday by telling America’s veterans to join the 47%ers.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Where is the media in this State? Doesn’t ANYONE wonder why our tough on crime AG gave Brenda a slap on the wrist with misdemeanor charges for a crime that clearly should be a felony? Embezzling $63,000 from your campaign funds is not the same thing as lifting $30 worth of CD’s from Wal-Mart but you wouldn’t know it the way everyone is rallying around poor Brenda as if she just needs a little help. The authorities have even said that this could have been going on since her City Council days but there is no way to prove it. If the media had any backbone they would be researching embezzlement cases in at least Douglas and Lancaster Counties over the past couple years, what the amounts were, what charges were brought, who is doing time and how much time, etc? And there are people doing time for lesser amounts than $63,000. Then there’s the whole violation of any number of NADC regulations i.e. false reporting, etc. Typically NADC gets people coming and going and has been known to come down hard on past violators. So what is up and why won’t the media get to the bottom of it? Plenty of ordinary Nebraskans are commenting on the feedbacks of news agencies wondering why a state senator got off so lightly.

  84. Anonymous says:

    Obama raised health care fees on military retirees’ spouses and children in September 2012. You speak about Romney but this screwing of our veterans is what Obama did this month.

    Here’s some good advice. Don’t talk about veterans in political blogs. There are people here who spent months in military hospitals and lost good friends in combat for sake of giving you the ability to compare them to Nazis and Black Shirts. But that doesn’t mean you are right to do that. Shame on you. Grow into your Americanism. Grow up. Learn some humility. Because right now, those who died to keep you free aren’t getting their blood’s worth.

  85. Goober Natorial says:

    And, Anonymous at 12:50, you’re like Leon Lett, acting like you’ve scored a touchdown when you’re still 10 yards from the goal line. Wait till you’re in the endzone before you do your dance, mkay?

  86. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 1:49 PM,
    I served in the military. I was in combat, had enough of my buddies killed and wounded, as well as taking a punji stake through my own groin, that I don’t need some dipshit like you telling me what I can or cannot write on the blogs. I fought for our Constitution, and it gives me the right to say whatever I want to. Grow up yourself.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Good for you 4:03 no need to take crap from people who say they love the vets and the military then cheer the ones who don’t want them to get a job when they get home, because it might help Obama win an election

  88. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 4:51, we haven’t been cheering Obama. He’s the one making sure veterans can’t get jobs when they get home. He’s the one who is stifling businesses with hundreds of billions of dollars in increased business costs through new regulations. He’s the one who keeps threatening to raise taxes. He’s the one who got a gawdawful healthcare bill passed. He’s the one who borrows 40 cents of every dollar he spends. He’s the one who spent almost a trillion dollars on a stimulus and actually lost ground. He’s the one who has dropped the labor participation rate to the lowest it’s been in 30 years. I guess he really is the one he has been waiting for.

  89. Anonymous says:

    And it’s all Obama’s fault! MacDaddy has proved himself very susceptible to propaganda, and because of this he would have been extolling the benefits of communism if he had lived in the U.S.S.R. Your view of Obama is an outlandish caricature, and you can’t even see this. Pity the fool.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Romney will be President.

    The question to ask is how many lifetime government peeps are keeping copies of the all the crap that has been going on? The GOP will be on the hunt to put this liberal crap down hard. Sure the idiot in the WH will pardon a whole bunch of the top individuals, but if prepared the working folks can do some CYA. It will be great to see the rats flutter around in the water as this administrations sinks.

    These punks put their own cause back at least 10 years, and for those who get prosecute maybe 20-30!

    Barry and his ilk will be moving to Hawaii, and he will hit the book tour…… good riddance.

  91. Anonymous says:

    You are so right……with a MAJORITY in the Senate and the House…..and the White house……. the lib’s will be running for the hills…….. that will be a great sight to see. You know what else will suddenly become all the rage?

    The liberal media will try to become investigative reporters! Imagine that, actually looking into the actual activities of a sitting president, where they he is from, his associations, and then extrapolating what policies might be offered and their affect on OUR COUNTRY!!!!

  92. Anonymous says:

    God how I wish Kyle Michaelis would take up blogging again. Anything would be better than what this one has become – nothing but a bunch of children throwing insults at one another and delusional pea brains playing fantasy politics.

  93. Sodbuster Act says:

    I agree. It also appears to have become a pro-Fischer and anti-IO venting tool as well. Which is too bad because the poor girl (IO) is probably crying her eyes out in her mother’s basement every night.

  94. TexasAnnie says:

    Well then Anonymous @ 10:11pm last evening: let’s try and get back on track. I have posited and stand by my opinion that electing either Fischer or Kerrey will produce virtually the same result, that being a continuous march toward American fascism. Which of the two, in your opinion, would, once elected, act other than to benefit her or his financial backers? For all the blather here at Leavenworth St. about Kerrey being a communist or lib or half Republican, it’s revealing that no verbiage is slapping Fischer for her Unicam votes in support of wasteful spending. She has a record in that regard, you know…

    We’re in deep, folks. We can’t get to “democracy” with representatives such as we have. Both the R’s and D’s have failed their missions. We must look to third parties and independents (and remain vigilant that they too shall not be bought) for immigration reform, economic growth and tax justice.

    And tax justice, of itself, could eliminate the other two problems. Agreed? Think of it. Without regard for SuperPAC $$$’s equating free speech, a standard taxing method which is both equal and stable (—and which presents no exceptions and no excuses), would undermine the corporate benefits to giving campaign money. Voila!

  95. Goober Natorial says:

    RWP, are you acquainted with a fellow by the name of Kees Uiterwaal? He’s apparently a professor over there at the U and obviously a pretty bright guy. But he’s written a letter to the editor of the LJS objecting to the reciting of the pledge of allegiance in grade schools because it takes (wait for it ) … 11 seconds to recite. And when you multiply that out by the number of students reciting the pledge, he complains the aggregate time just in LPS is 100 hours per day. You might explain to you colleague that, no matter how many students recite the pledge simultaneously, it still just takes 11 seconds.

  96. Anonymous says:

    I have a daughter in high school, and this pledge requirement is viewed as almost a joke. First, they don’t have real flags, so often a small picture is used. Really, you don’t legislate patriotism, and saying the pledge doesn’t produce it.

    And RWP, the problem with MacDaddy’s post is that he treats Obama as being a dictator, and some of his claims aren’t true. Your buddy Johanns just blocked a jobs bills that would have helped returning military employment. Any credible economist would tell you the stimulus wasn’t big enough, and the Great Depression gives one an idea of the result if nothing would have been done. The claim about “stifling” regulations is total BS. Don’t see where you see hatred; I’m just tired of reading stupidity.

    Quite the double standard, RWP, where you expect people to back up their posts, but you put the onus on others to debunk yours when called on some of the crap you post.

  97. Anonymous says:

    By the way, Eric Holder’s and the Obama administration’s connection to Fast and Furious has been completely debunked.

    What none on the right are admitting is that Horowitz’s report systematically reveals how irresponsible and speculative the accusations from their side have been.

    I had to waste time reading past this stupidity for months.

  98. TexasAnnie, which candidate will you vote for, Bob Kerrey or Deb Fischer? Oh wait…

    “Eric Holder’s and the Obama administration’s connection to Fast and Furious has been completely debunked.”

    Ah yes, debunked by…wait for it…Eric Holder’s own DOJ! Indeed, ‘internal watchdogs’ are about as effective as ‘external pussycats’.

  99. Lil Mac says:

    TA, I share your frustrations but not your conclusions. If you don’t like the Rs or Ds running, perhaps you have a different letter of the alphabet in mind for completing the mission? But that won’t work either. There aren’t any saviors running for public office, just better managers of policy and inept managers of policy, and you decide that as a voter; or you run for office, or you make a lot of money and donate, or you push your party in different directions. But don’t expect anything to plop into your lap. If We the People steer our ship of state off a cliff, don’t blame a party or candidate for not handing us justice or perfection on a cushion.

    Everyone who holds power has had financial backers even in ancient times. And every Republic has powerful incumbents who owe voters who put them in power. You demand justice and democracy as if those voters are sacrosanct.

    What is so great about this “democracy” you speak of? When 51% want to shove the 49% into gas chambers, do we demand our elected representatives obey the popular horror that is democracy?

    The USA has never been a Democracy. It is a Representative Republic and thank goodness for that. But even as you say you seek democracy, you won’t even pick a side as a voter.

    I recommend everyone quit whining and choose a side. For when it comes to a battle of bullets or ballots, you can either get on one side or on the other or be a bystander and get run over by events. Jumping on a bandwagon isn’t a pinnacle of honor but it’s better than lukewarm lethargy. Frankly, even really big screaming mistakes can be overcome. But when civilization dies, it is too often on a lethargic whimper. So, people, sh*t or get off the political pot. Life is messy. Deal with it.

  100. Anonymous says:

    GK, why don’t you google and read the report before posting a knee-jerk reaction. Republican Darrell Issa, who lead the hearings, even called the report “courageous”. A quote from Time: “Horowitz managed to impress the House GOP in briefings over the past week, and the report itself was met with support from all quarters….”

  101. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous at 9:41, we’ve been over what “any credible economist” would have to say about the stimulus. Plenty of credible economists predicted the stupid thing wouldn’t work (they were right) and not because they didn’t think it was big enough but because they don’t believe that’s how to stimulate the economy. Let’s just say we ain’t buyin what you sellin’. There was a pre-stimulus ad taken out by the CATO Institute, signed by more than two hundred prominent economists including Nobel laureates. They all agreed that government spending was the wrong approach. Here’s a suggestion: try getting your news from somewhere other than MSNBC and Daily Kos. Then you’d know how utterly false your claim about what credible economists think is.

  102. Goober Natorial says:

    The preamble to the CATO ad, signed by Nobel laureates and scholars from places like Harvard, Columbia, Duke, U of Chicago, etc., etc., states as follows:

    “Notwithstanding reports that all economists are now Keynesians and that we all support a big increase in the burden of government, we the undersigned do not believe that more government spending is a way to improve economic performance. More government spending by Hoover and Roosevelt did not pull the United States economy out of the Great Depression in the 1930s. More government spending did not solve Japan’s “lost decade” in the 1990s. As such, it is a triumph of hope over experience to believe that more government spending will help the U.S. today. To improve the economy, policymakers should focus on reforms that remove impediments to work, saving, investment and production. Lower tax rates and a reduction in the burden of government are the best ways of using fiscal policy to boost growth.”

    It’s a message that merits repeating now almost 4 years later.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Goober, but your view is an outlier. Even Robert Samuelson, who is by no means a liberal, has written that a massive stimulus was the correct approach and saved millions of jobs.

    Here’s how I determine what to believe when presented with conflicting opinions. First, study history. Then see how many cross the political divide with their opinion. By this I mean one can find plenty of conservative economists that supported the stimulus (and they backed this approach by studying the numbers, not because of ideology). How many liberal economists can you find that think it was a mistake (and by “mistake” I don’t mean that they thought it was too small, which it was)?

    I reread that CATO ad, and the way it starts makes it clear it is an ideological exercise Low tax rates and less regulation are not a magic cure, though Republicans and conservatives seem to think this is a universal one.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Ernie Goss, of Creighton, as one of the signatories of that CATO ad, does not help its credence. He is such a hack. I remember one of his columns in the OWH a few months ago deriding the auto industry bailout. In making his case that losing the auto jobs wouldn’t have been that severe, he completely disregarded the multiplier effect which is Econ 101.

  105. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, yes, the “multiplier effect.” Um, Anonymous, Ernie Goss got his PhD in econ from the University of Tennessee. Where did you get your PhD in econ from? For that matter, from where did Roburt Samuelson get his PhD in econ? Oh, neither of you has one, huh? And Ernie Goss does. Let’s see, whom to believe. You or him. Hmmm. That’s a toughie. (Not.)

  106. Goober Natorial says:

    So, anon at 11:02, you study history when presented with conflicting opinions, eh? Very studious of you. How about studying the last 4 years, because 20/20 hindsight would show you THE STIMULUS DIDN’T FRICKIN WORK! (Just as the CATO people predicted.)

  107. Goober Natorial says:

    Oh, and my opinion is an “outlier” because Robert Samuelson agrees with your side, huh. LOL. That makes me an outlier, huh? Riiiiiight. Whatevs.

  108. Anonymous says:

    Goober, how do you know where our economy would be today if the stimulus had NOT happened? You can’t say the stimulus didn’t work because it still sucks. It could have sucked much more. I’ve seen an economic analysis done by Phd’s that proved it did work. However since the downturn was much worse than initially thought, the stimulus should have been bigger to be more effective.

  109. Macdaddy says:

    Not only did the stimulus not work but the CBO said that without the stimulus we would be in better shape by now. Duh. The stimulus bill was not designed to help the economy, idiots. It was designed as political payback for Obama supporters. We’ve been through many times on this blog already. Maybe following Keynes would have worked. Obama did not follow Keynes. Hell, he didn’t even follow Krugman. Obama owns this economy and his Obamanomics is crap. The UAW bailout did not work. Tens of thousands of GM workers still lost their jobs and we paid $50 billion for the privilege of firing them. GM still went bankrupt, morons, it just went bankrupt using a double secret procedure that screwed retirees out of their investments and poisoned investing in this country. You know, I wouldn’t mind the whole government-should-do-more ideology, but Obama really sucks at this. He added $5 trillion to the debt in less than 4 years and has nothing to show for it. He deserves to be fired and unless you are a hard-core socialist, you know that to be true.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, you are so full of it. Any reader of this blog should realize by now you have no credibility.

    the CBO said that without the stimulus we would be in better shape by now.
    Wrong! From the Washington Post (sorry SS, but this is the only way to rebut; facts):

    ..under questioning from skeptical Republicans, the director of the nonpartisan (and widely respected) Congressional Budget Office was emphatic about the value of the 2009 stimulus. And, he said, the vast majority of economists agree. In a survey conducted by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, 80 percent of economic experts agreed that, because of the stimulus, the U.S. unemployment rate was lower at the end of 2010 than it would have been otherwise.
    “Only 4 percent disagreed or strongly disagreed,” CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf told the House Budget Committee. “That,” he added, “is a distinct minority.”

    I’m done wasting my time arguing with stupidity. You have aligned with a group that values ideology over proven facts, to the extent that you have no problem lying.

  111. Macdaddy says:

    Oops, my bad. You are correct. The CBO said that with the stimulus we have 200,000 more jobs now than we would have had without the stimulus. And it only cost $800 billion dollars or $4 million per job. I’d like one of those jobs, please. Of course, if you look at the report the CBO put out less than a year ago, they were saying the stimulus created 500,000 jobs. November 2011, 500,00 jobs ahead of no stimulus. June 2012, 200,000 jobs ahead of no stimulus. I wonder what the next report will say? BTW, how come those same economists were much less certain about the long term benefits of the stimulus? The director of the CBO also said the stimulus would be a net negative on the economy. Plus, did they have any reasons why we have had over 40 months of unemployment above 8% (11% if you use historic workforce participation rates instead of the ginned up numbers Obama uses)? I sure hope the Obama stimulus doesn’t put us into a double dip recession.

  112. RWP says:

    Your buddy Johanns just blocked a jobs bills that would have helped returning military employment.

    Yeah. It would have created make-work public sector jobs and violated the budget control act. it was a cynical exercise in budget busting, designed to try to increase federal spending in a way the Dems thought the Republicans would have to go along with. It was a revenue bill, and therefore couldn’t start in the Senate anyway.

    The actual motion voted on was ‘to waive all applicable budgetary discipline with respect to amendment SA 2789 made in Senate.’ That about sums up the Democrats’ position on everything.

    Any credible economist would tell you the stimulus wasn’t big enough, and the Great Depression gives one an idea of the result if nothing would have been done.

    We saw how good the forecasting was from ‘credible economists’ on the effect of the stimulus bill on unemployment. You can find an economist to predict anything you want; a ‘credible economist is one who does so. And the ‘great depression’ stuff is just foolishness. You don’t get a great depression because of a failure to do a few boondoggle road repairs.

  113. RWP says:

    By the way, Eric Holder’s and the Obama administration’s connection to Fast and Furious has been completely debunked.

    Is this ‘post idiocy and see if you get called on it’ day, or something? Fast and Furious was started by the Justice department in October 2009. Eric Holder was AG in 2009. Obama was president in 2009.

  114. Anony @11:02, 11:13, 11:14, 1:14, 1:32, & 1:54 says:

    Please stop reading Krugman, Reich, Stiglitz and the Obama cheerleading media. These ‘economists’ claim that the $1 Trillion stimulus program was not large enough…They claim we should have had a bigger stimulus (spending a $1 Trillion in 1 year). They claim that the >$1Trillion just wasn’t large enough. I would like to know what they base this theory.

    The reality is that $1 Trillion is still a lot of money. President Obama couldn’t even spend all of the Recovery and Reinvestment Act money in 3 years. I understand that there are still dollars waiting to be spent. It was just too much money and the only impact that it had on the economy is found in Stock Market Valuation. The path of the money was almost like a direct funnel to Stock Brokers.

    I wonder if the President talked with any non-Keynseian economists before crafting the stimulus bill. If he had, he might have borrowed from President Reagan and actually stimulate the economy. After all, President Reagan had success leading the US out the worst economy since the Great Depression.

    Actually Anony, the actions that President Bush implemented during that last 3 months of his presidency had more impact on the economy recovering than all the $Billions wasted by President Obama.

  115. Anonymous says:

    RWP, I guess you believe Holder micromanaged everything within his department. He did not know the details of the Fast and Furious operation as it was happening. The entire Repub spin has been that Holder (and Obama) directed this operation (conspiracy theory) to turn the public against guns. Not true! But truth never was a requirement on your side.

    And concerning the stimulus, surely being a scientist you understand that bad data will produce bad conclusions. Turns out that the economic decline was much worse than initially realized (takes a while for the data to be generated), so the stimulus was too small to produce the expected results.

    #151, you’re comparing apples to oranges when talking about the Reagan vs. Obama approach. The recessions they faced had completely different causes, so they needed different cures. Would you expect the same treatment for a brain tumor as a heart attack?

  116. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe Kleeb has a voter guide that is actually published. What a gift for all the normal candidates. Just about every candidate who gets endorsed by BOLD is getting the Kiss of Death!

  117. Anonymostly says:

    So, anoninny at 4:50, the people who told us the stimulus would work now say the stimulus didn’t work because they just didn’t know how bad the situation was and that what we needed this whole time was MORE stimulus. And that would have worked.

    So, you’re asking us to believe the people who admittedly didn’t know what they were doing before to tell us what we should be doing now. And you’re saying the people who were right before and said the stimulus wouldn’t work are the ones whose opinions now aren’t credible. Got it.

  118. Man, what is it with you guys and your obsession with my ass? I mean, first you’re worried about my flatulence, now you’re concerned with the contents of my bowel movements? You’ve got some strange obsessions.

  119. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, how can I make this simpler? In life, often it’s not instantly known how bad a situation is. One can only make an educated guess. Economics is the same. We didn’t have the data to show the depth of the crash at the time it was necessary to act. Once the data was available, months later, it became apparent that the situation was much worse than initially thought.

    People smarter than me who specialize in the field have empirically shown (with numbers and calculations!) that the stimulus had a positive effect. And as posted earlier, this is by far the educated opinion of the vast majority of economists.

  120. RWP says:

    AC@4:50; Lanny Breuer, qHolder’s immediate deputy and a political appointee, was called out in the IG’s report. He didn’t give his boss a heads-up on a major gun running operation into Mexico? LOL! How’s the Kool-Aid in your world?

    You don’t know crap about science, and anything you have to say about scientists is uninformed speculation. In science, if you don’t like the result of an experiment, and you go back and ‘readjust’ the initial conditions, we call it fraud. HTH.

  121. @6:01 says:

    First. The economy started recovery in July of 2009. Not enough time for Pres Obama’s recovery act to impact the US econ. The recovery was driven by Pre Bush’ actions.
    Secondly, President Obama’s actions has prolonged the stagnant recovery. Historically, declines like the 08 recession have recoveries that mirror the decline. Please review economic trends.

    I would have advised the president to do very little, but the liberal Republicans would have forced the and wasted our money like Pres Obama.. Although alot less borrowing from the Chinese. I wouuld advise that you take an econ 101 class before parrot dem talking points and make youself look silly

  122. Anonymous says:

    RWP, are you clueless? You can’t be so dumb as to misrepresent my analogy with yours. Initial conditions were not “readjusted”. They were not exactly known at the time. Economics is not as an exact science as chemistry, but it’s not total BS as you seem to think.

    I don’t know how good of a Chem prof you are, but you’re an expert at dishonestly twisting a situation to make your case.

  123. Anony 7:01 says:

    Worst Recession SInce The Great Depression
    Worst Recession Since The Great Depression
    Worst Recession Since The Great Depression
    Worst Recession Since The Great Depression
    Can’t you see how bad the recession is?
    I got skewed data!

    Sounds alot like:

    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    Really, really, really I am.

    IO, You have no credibility quoting Dem talking points.

  124. Reagan began deficit problem says:

    You supply siders are idiots.

    Bush’s recession wasn’t remotely similar to Reagan’s so comparisons are useless.

    We are in a demand recession.

  125. @ 7:38 says:

    You are right….

    20 years of economic boom. Total failure!

    We are in a recession driven by a Housing Bubble. Clinton (not Bush) setup this recession!

    Dem talking points don’t work here. Only the truth!

  126. Anonymous says:

    All of you that are accusing IO of being a young woman, a paid intern of the NDP that lives in her mother’s basement are wrong. IO is a young man, a paid intern of the NDP that lives in his mother’s basement.

  127. Circular Argument says:

    All those CATO economists who predicted the stimulus wouldn’t work were wrong.

    The stimulus did work! And the proof that it worked is that (we assume) things would have been worse without it.

    And the proof that things would have been worse without it is (based on the assumption) that the stimulus worked.

    Seriously, Anonymous at 1:32, 4:50 and 7:01, what data now exists that didn’t exist in 2009 that shows that the economic situation in pre-stimulus America was worse than we knew then? What do we know now that we didn’t know then? Please elaborate.

  128. Circular @8:28 says:

    Like all federal policies designed to influence the economy; the Recovery and Reinvestment Act did not impact the US economy until late 2009 (at best). Six to nine months after the economy turned into a weak recovery. The US economy is not a light switch and government policies have never had results as planned.

    You have finally said a correct statement: The data does now exist concerning the Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

    The data shows that we owe $6 Trillion more to China than we did in 2008! I would like to see an Academic Econ Prof critic the Econ data truthfully…Follow the money: Profs are too smart to jeopardize their funding and tenure.

    Seriously, we can follow the economic numbers: Employment, Wages, Wealth, Production, etc. Each and every data point show that the Obama economy is bad for the US economy (especially conservative republican ranchers from Valentine).

    You really need to learn a little about economics. Maybe you should get out of your parent’s basement.

    Oops. I could be wrong about wealth created for Wall Street Stock Brokers. Obama has made a lot of these guys and gals rich!

  129. RWP says:

    National Debt is now over 100% of GDP. Under current leadership it will continue to increase at over $1 tn a year. That is the elephant on the room.There is no possible way it can be reduced without severe austerity or major inflation. Fat chance of the former, and you won’t like the latter. QE3 won’t work, any more than QE2 worked or the stimulus worked, because no one will make any sort of long term investment in the face of either major inflation or a major decrease in demand.

    My own prediction is a series of state defaults, followed by a US sovereign default. Things were bad enough under Bush, but Obama hit the gas and accelerated toward the cliff. Now there isn’t a brake in the world effective enough to stop us.

    As for the twit who thinks the stimulus worked, please take your grubstake and put it in the stock market. I need a laugh.

  130. Macdaddy says:

    Don’t forget the $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities that Obama refuses to address. Oh, let me back up. His solution is to let the Bush tax cuts expire for those making over $250,000 a year which might bring in an extra $70 billion a year. Yeah, that’ll do it.

  131. Macdaddy says:

    4 more years of Obama will mean at least $5 trillion more in debt. That would bring us to a debt to GDP ratio of 135%. Right where Greece is now after their restructuring. You might want to stock up on hoses and fire extinguishers.

  132. Macdaddy says:

    Hey, what do you liberals think about the Justice Department having an Enemies List composed of its critics and then handing that list to the George Soros-funded Media Matters with orders to “Attack!” ? The Justice Department handed out info about former employees and even Congressmen in an attempt to smear them without getting caught. Is business as usual for the Left, eh Comrades?

  133. Reagan began deficit problem says:


    Affordable Homes Act. Google it. I’ll save you the time. Bush increased the mandate that directed HUD, which directed the GSEs to weaken credit standards.

    Own it.

    The last 20 year economic boom was not felt by most of the middle class.

    Ryan’s plan increases the debt $7 trillion and is complete bs as his plan relies on unicorns and fairies.

    Speaking of Ryan, how does one accidentally forget to include $60,000 of income in their tax return?! And this is the guy that was put in charge of the budget!

  134. @10:00 says:

    I was talking about the Economic Expansion after 1982. The media tries to ignore the facts but it ignited an economy the improved our standard of living like no other time in history. How many homes have internet? How many people of have cell phones? How many people have 40 inch flat panels? How has the quality of our cars improved? How many people fly verses take a bus? Have you ever seen pictures of a 1980’s hospital room? Compare to a hospital room in 2012. I can go on for hours. All you (and your dem talking points) can say is “no Reagan didn’t.” Facts are tricking things…You just choose to ignore the obvious and go after the irrelevant and story line (Chicago teachers are under paid or Dr Mackiel earned his buyout package).

    Conservatives were against acts such as the affordable homes act. It was progressive Republicans and dems who pushed such legislation. Trying to pull individual acts and attaching blame for the 2008 recession is idiotic. There is more than enough blame to go around (I like to blame Rep Frank and Sen Dood) but it all goes back to the voters who allowed the labor unions to put these clowns into office (@at 10:00 I hope you noticed that I changed from blaming all to just blaming the dems…Now go to your dem talking points and pull out counter arguments or deflect to other meaningless topics).

    Bottomline: We are facing a problem that will bring us ALL back to the 1960’s. Our standard of living will soon reflect my childhood. I am not looking forward to the party – line internet.

    I finally stopped laughing at your comment and read the last sentence….@10:00 you don’t need a paid internship. You need to leave your parent’s basement and start a standup career. Have you ever heard of Timithy Geither?

    (My dem talking points really say…..To be an economic expert?
    Really, Really, Really I am an expert

    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area.
    Really, really, really I am.

  135. Liberal says:

    Hey, @10:00, repeating your lame LOL, LOL, LOL thingy was about as funny as it was the first time. In other words – don’t be looking into a career in comedy.

  136. Anonymous says:

    RWP, I’m beginning to doubt your competence as even a scientist/professor. For someone to believe that since we didn’t get a recovery as good and as fast as promised, the stimulus didn’t work…!! Either you’re incapable of understanding logic, or you’re purposely acting stupid to buttress your viewpoint.

    Macdaddy, if you’d bother to look at anything beyond your right-wing bubble, you’d find an excellent graph that details the current deficit. Our cratered economy is the major component of the deficit. Bush’s tax cuts are also a big part. Your assumption that Obama would keep running the same size deficits assumes the economy never improves (good bet if Romney wins).

  137. @11:33 says:

    Please demonstrate how the stimulus a positive impact on the economy. If we had no stimulus, the economy would have recovered faster and at a faster rate. I know Warren and other Wall Street traders made a killing; but main street has to deal with the mess that this President created. Are you part of the Wall Street crowd that benefited from the stimulus?

    We want to know how the stimulus worked. Given that the Real Unemployment Rate is greater than 10% and household income has declined by $4,000 since the stimulus was spent.

    Please, Please don’t use the argument that the economy could have been worse. The only way that it could have been worse was to go back for a BIGGER Stimulus.
    Please stay in the real world and deal with the problems that this President and the Democratic Government Control crowd have created.

  138. Reagan began deficit problem says:


    This guy thinks that Reagan invented the Internet, computers, cell phones!!! Vacuum tubes. I think the president you want to thank was Clinton.

    I absolutely love how conservatives disavow Bush’s policies, and conservative policies, that directly contributed the Bush’s Recession. Greenspan “the market’s self-interest will regulate itself”and “soft landing interest rates”, SEC Sec Cox “let’s let the TBTF banks and FSC increase their leverage ratios 6xs”, the Gop’s jihad against regulating derivatives, and my personal favorite Cheney “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter”.

    Also too, there was the private label MBS market wherein there were no regulations over mortgage brokers so this market completely relied on free markets for self regulation, but what happened was these markets exploited the ineffective self regulating aspects of the credit rating agencies and were able to game out the averages on their bundling…..I could go on and on. House of cards. Btw, I don’t excuse democrats for their inactions as well.

    My basement is spectacular. It’s probably bigger than your entire house. I built that.

  139. @11:53 & 12:00 says:

    Come back to reality.

    We have the current problem of $16 Tn debt problem and please tell us how we are better off with +10% real unemployment rate and declining household income of $4k. This is reality. Please stay with us. We may even need you to contribute.

    Did you benefit from the Trillions that Obama has funneled to Wall Street? Or did your parents take over someone’s foreclosed house?

  140. Anonymous says:

    @@11:33, please pick up a book and read up on the subject. I don’t have the time to bring you up to speed. In short, when consumers aren’t buying, businesses are suffering and they stop buying and start laying off employees (i.e. consumers) who then can buy even less. It’s a vicious circle, and we saw it play out during the Great Depression (which we were recovering from until the austerity folks convinced FDR and Congress to reduce the expanding deficit in 1937 before recovery was complete; sound familiar?). If consumers and businesses aren’t spending, then the government becomes the spender of last resort. Get money into the system, and consumers start buying, business improves, economy recovers. If the government did nothing, the economy would eventually recover (things break and have to be replaced), but it would take a lot longer and be much more painful.

    What most posters don’t get is that the deficits will decline when the economy improves because tax revenues will increase even at the same tax rates, and the government won’t need to continue injecting money into the system.

  141. @12:09 says:

    I see why your basement is large. You are smart.

    Please review the last 40 years. Keynesian economics caused stagflation. Supply Side Economics creates a growing economy for that lasted for about 20 years. The Tech bubble recession and the terrorist recession were overcome by the same principles of Reagan and Kennedy (yes that democrat who became president in 1960).

    This housing bubble recession was different, but the Keynesian philosophy has caused this recession to be known as the ‘great recession’ because the current president followed the wrong path of government spending. Only now we owe $16 Tn. Deal with reality…and not ill conceived theory.

  142. grapes of wrath says:

    Stimulating consumer spending did not work in the 30’s, 70’s or 2009 to 2012. Your theory is proven to be a pipe dream propagated by the media. WWII brought us out of the ‘great’ depression, Reagan brought us out of stagflation, and who knows what is going to bring out of this ‘great’ recession.

    I am sure that more government control of the economy and spending will bring us out of this 4 year recession and weak recovery. Maybe we should just call the dem’s vision for America what it is….Socialism.

  143. Anonymous says:

    Study Business and you learn the gritty reality of making a sale and hanging onto money or else you lose. Real world stuff. That’s very GOP, to want to be left alone to earn and invest, risk and have.

    Study Economics and you learn the pseudo-science of guessing ways to improve humanity. Guess it wrong, you still end up with tenure. That’s very Democratic Party, to want to change and improve human beings.

    It is no accident that everyone who makes money (not steals it but makes money) here and elsewhere, regardless their political sentiments, and with some of them perhaps not even grasping why they earned the money they have, they all make money through business conducted in a free market in a more or less limited government setting. Basically, Democrats with money got it by doing the Republican thing.

    It is also no accident that Marxism, Fascism, Communism and other notoriously inept, murderous, big government ideas for improving human beings, came out of not Business but rather Economic theory, and usually from European Economists no less.

  144. Reagan began deficit problem says:

    WWII was the biggest government stimulus in the history of the world.

    A complete moron. Are you a tea bagger?

  145. Anonymous says:

    All those poor Democraps from Buffett on down. All those impoverished union bosses and Democratic Senators and lawyers. Oprah is so poor she can’t afford liposuction anymore.

    Everyone with money gets it the Republican way.

    Everyone with Uncle Sam’s wang up their patoot for a handout got it the Democrat way.

  146. Anonymous says:

    “Tea bagging” is a sexual act peformed by male homosexuals who are mostly staunch members of the Democratic Party. If you need to know more, contact a Democrat. Its thier constituency.

  147. Reagan began deficit problem says:

    Clinton smoked Reagan’s GDP numbers, and guess what else? Reagan began the debt problems and Clinton solved them. Obama wants to return to the Clinton era.


  148. Anonymostly says:

    It’s really funny how the liberal ideologues posting here recently (someone must have opened the computer lab back up at the public library) can’t decide whether the stimulus was a roaring success or whether it’s abject failure was simply the result of it being too small.

  149. Anonymostly says:

    Libtard at 1:41 (posting as “Reagan began etc.”) why ask Sen. Graham? If you’re looking for information on tea bagging, I would think Anderson Cooper would be your go-to guy.

  150. Reagan @1:37 says:

    President Clinton did have a great economy. His first 4 years created many jobs (most were part-time jobs of which I had three). I can not believe that I long for President Clinton, but it was better than the occupy and the rich owe you policies advocated by the current president. The second 4 years for President Clinton did have a robust economy which ended in a bubble that hamstrung President Bush.

    The real driver for the Clinton Economy was the peace dividend sponsored by the military buildup which President Reagan managed.

  151. Bullshit Inspector says:

    All right you guys, all of you, you have exceeded your bullshit allotment for this month. Take a break. Go outside. Get some fresh air – and a life. Come back in October.

  152. Anonymous says:

    The World-Herald poll in Sunday’s paper is worthless. Instead of Likely Voters, they used the less accurate Registered Voters…

    Of course, we have to remember the W-H used the same research firm for this poll as they did in 2010 for the congressional race when they said the White was only 5 points behind Terry not even 2 weeks before the election..which Terry actually won by about 21 points. Just something to keep in mind.

  153. Reagan began deficit problem says:

    Remember the debate of 2000? What are we going to do with the surplus?

    Evidently, Clinton’s 8 year success was due to Reagan’s peace bond. So then the same would apply to Obama right? You admit that then that this economy was due to Bush.

    It must gall you guys that the last democratic president has an over 60% public approval. What is Bush’s?

  154. Reagan @7:56 says:

    I admit that the economy is Obama’s. He is president.

    The 2008 recession ended in June 2009. The Obama recovery and reinvestment act did not have enough time to impact the economy by June 2009. Even the President knows that shovel ready projects don’t exist. Even though the recovery and reinvestment was a small stimulus ($747 Billion and increased to $840 Billion), it could not impact the economy for 9 to 12 months.

    The June 2009 recovery was due to Presient Bush’s actions: $700 Billion Bank Bailout, GM & Chrysler bailout and money transfers to states.

    Even Keynesian Economist would have to admit the US economy does not turn within 4 months of the passage of a ‘stimulul’ bill. This means that Bush’s actions turned the economy and Obama only increased our debt to China.

  155. Anonymous says:

    Economists are to businessmen what psychologists are to neurologists, only less so. A businessman deals with the real and risks losing everything he has. Economists deal with hypotheticals in an effort to make human beings better; and even when that results in gas chambers, economists still gain tenure. Economics is the pseudo-science of business; a form of social-trade phrenology dressed up like wisdom.

    The idea of big government here in the USA, mirrors 20th century European economic theory that has been at the core of ideas such as Fascism and Marxism, and other big government solutions that either supplant or coopt business away from individual hands and thus inevitably turn freedom into tyranny. Businessmen just deal with and compete against other human beings as is.

  156. Anonymostly says:

    Whenever Candidate Obama gets bad economic news, he sends his minions out to call for Romney to release his tax returns. That ploy had at least two-fold purposes: one, to deflect attention away from Obama’s titanic incompetence in matters economic; and two, they figured it’s a win-win to demand the returns because if Romney doesn’t release them you can accuse him of hiding something and if he releases them, you’ll certainly find something in there to criticize.

    Well, Romney has released his returns and, predictably, the Dems are out attacking him for being rich while, at the same time, claiming no one begrudges him for making money. (LOL.) It’s just shocking — SHOCKING! — that he pays a smaller percent of his income in taxes than an auto worker making $75,000 per year. And that’s true. But his income is mostly capital gains. And capital gains are taxed at a lower rate.

    And, in a non-Occupy-a-tent-in-Zucatti-Park world, when Candidate Obama was running for President in 2008, Charles Gibson pointed out to him during a Dem Presidential primary debate that, when Clinton lowered the capital gains rate to 20%, revenues from capital gains went up. And that when Bush lowered them to 15%, revenues again went up. But when they were raised to 28% during the 80s, revenues from capital gains tax actually went down. So, with that in mind, Candidate Obama, why would you want to raise capital gains taxes?

    And the answer? “Fairness.” It’s just not fair that rich people are rich. It’s up to government to pick the winners and the losers. #ShakinMyHead. #IncompetentSocialistPresident.

  157. RWP says:

    RWP, I’m beginning to doubt your competence as even a scientist/professor.

    No doubt. But since you don’t have the credentials or mental wherewithal to do either, who cares?

  158. Reagan began deficit problem says:

    How did Bush turn around his recession soooooo fast? And how did he pay for them? What did Ben do to help him and were you mad at him like you claim to be now? Hmmmm who started issuing debt the very month his super kick-ass tax cuts went into effect?

    Romney double downs on Bush: more tax cuts and more wars, and privatize MCare/SocSec!

    Good luck with that.

    Tick toc.

  159. Asswhacker says:

    Keep going. Maybe you can blame Abe Lincoln for Obama’s incompetence.

    Obama said he needed to be booted out after four years if he didn’t fix the economy. Now he says he “always” said he needed eight years. Why not twelve?

    He is a liar and his peace prize needs to be returned.

    I hope Obama gets kicked so hard in the ass that every Democrat here gets a lump on their head.

  160. Reagan @5:30 says:

    The US economy does not immediately respond to Government Stimulus. Historically, it takes 9 to 12 months for an economic policy to impact the economy. That is why the Sept. 2008 Bank Bailout drove the June 2009 Recovery.

    President Obama’s stimulus would not impact the economy until December 2009 or January 2010. Sadly, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was SOOOO bad that it actually dampened the Bush Recovery. We have to live with anemic job growth and $16 Tn in debt ($5 Tn added in the last 3 yrs).

    That Tick Tock sound you hear is Captain Hook’s alarm clock. Better know as the interest we owe the Chinese.

  161. Military Service says:

    So Bob Kerrey wants to talk about his service. The Butcher of Than Phong know his treachery. What is the penalty for falsifying an action report?

  162. RWP says:

    I don’t give a flying f[raq] if Bob Kerrey falsified an action report. I care that he and his squad snuck into a hooch and put 2 grandparents and 3 small children to the knife, merely so they wouldn’t have to abort their mission. I care that he then rounded up another group of women and children and mowed them down with automatic weapons. Meanwhile, an actual group of Viet Cong were hanging out 400 m distant.

  163. Anonymous says:

    This Bob Kerry fella sounds a lot like the kind of characters Chuck Norris plays in his movies, and we all know how much you love him.

  164. Goober Natorial says:

    Anon at 11:37, is that seriously the best defense of Bob Kerrey that you can muster? That what Kerrey did in a real war reminds you of a Chuck Norris movie character? Really? You might as well have said, “I got nothin’.”

  165. Goober Natorial says:

    So, we have a president whose economic policies have, at best, missed the mark; whose foreign policies have been a catastrophe; he’s alienated and abandoned our friends (U.K., Poland, Israel) while courting our traditional enemies (Russia, Iran); he’s driven us deeper into debt at a rate never before seen in our nation’s history; his lack of preparation and competence for the job, which would have been readily apparent if the MSM had vetted him the way they would vet anyone else, is now coming back to haunt us in painful ways; and still a substantial percentage of the voting public has said they will vote to reelect him. Romney was clearly right about what he said about the 47%.

  166. Anonymous says:

    I’d say the U.K.and most of Europe would much prefer Obama to Romney (see his European tour and polling). Based on his campaign performance, it’s hard to believe Romney would be more competent that Obama.

  167. Anonymous says:

    No, Goober, I was merely making an observation. That you believe it was a defense of Bob Kerrey proves that you haven’t got a clue about anything. Go get a hobby, preferably one that can’t hurt anyone, including yourself.

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