New Lee Terry ad up

Nebraska 2nd District Congressman Lee Terry’s campaign has a new ad out.
See it here:

We like this spot as it gives concrete reasons why Terry has been effective in the House.
And here is the Terry camp spelling it all out for you:

Rep. Lee Terry’s campaign is on the air with a new TV ad that shows the benefits of a landmark
energy law Terry authored in 2007 with then-Rep. Baron Hill, a prominent Democratic member
of the House.

The Hill-Terry law gradually increases the fuel efficiency of most vehicles from 25 miles per
gallon to 35 miles per gallon by 2020. At that point in time the Union of Concerned Scientists
calculate Terry’s law will result in a reduction of oil imports equal to an astounding 584 million
barrels a year.

The respected group also projects the law will result in the creation of 241,000 new jobs and
cleaner air through reduced carbon dioxide emissions of 260 million metric tons annually. 1 The
latter is equivalent to removing 40 million cars from the highway.

“Less imported oil from unstable nations. More jobs right here in America,” the ad states before
concluding: “Lee Terry. Nebraska common sense.”

Even though he was in the minority at the time, The Associated Press said Terry’s
work “includes a 2007 energy overhaul bill to increase the fuel economy of cars and trucks . . .
commonly known as the Hill-Terry bill.”2 The legislation ultimately became Public Law 110-
140 and is strong evidence of Terry’s ability to work across party lines to get good things done
for the nation.

“I was pleased to work on a bi-partisan basis to raise fuel efficiency standards by 40 percent,”
Terry said. “This is a very good law and I stand behind it.”

The law has been called “historic” and constitutes the first time the standards had been raised
in 20 years. “I will continue to advocate for measures that reduce our nation’s dependence on
foreign oil,” Terry said. “Hill-Terry is a very good start but we must do much, much more.”

Hill-Terry is one of many laws authored by U.S. Rep. Lee Terry. A full list of these important
laws can be found at Click “Issues” and then “Accomplishments”.

And here is another little tidbit about the state of the2nd District House race — OWH polls of non-voters notwithstanding:

In Terry’s races against Thompson, Esch (08) and White, all three were on TV after Labor Day continuously through the election. In 2012, Terry has been up on the air for four weeks now with no response from Ewing.



Hey and speaking of polls, how about those OWH polls over the last few days!

Ohmygosh are they close!

Well, you know, if you’re considering NON-voters.

Yeah, the Fischer-Kerrey race is 52%-42%!!!

Oh, wait, that is for REGISTERED voters. Which is a MUUUUUCH different number than LIKELY voters.
Among Likely Voters, the OWH sort of threw in, Fischer is up by 16 points.

And hey what are the Obama-Romney numbers for LIKELY voters?
Well NERTS TO YOU, they ain’t tellin’!
So stick that in your smipe and poke it!

Boy we sure wish the OWH would tell us how Obama is doing amongst Norwegian Sheepdogs. Because boy wouldn’t THAT be interesting! Just keep telling us how CLOSE every race is OWH! We’re enthralled!


Oh, and speaking of those pesky poll numbers.

‘Member when Deb Fischer released a poll a few months back showing her 25 point up? And the Kerrey camp couldn’t get out of the block fast enough press releasing how the poll was “inaccurate”, “biased” and “nowhere close”.

Uh, but then Sunday, the Kerrey camp cites the Fischer poll saying, “Hey! Whoa! The numbers went from 25 to 10 points! Woohoo!” (We paraphrase.)

So….which is it Kerrey camp? Is that 25 points number accurate or not? Because from the way you’re putting it, our guess is that the numbers haven’t moved at all, yeah? We had guestimated the numbers were somewhere between 15 and 25 points, and then hey! The OWH confirms that the latest (LIKELY Voter) numbers are 16 points.

Look, if our candidate had just moved to the state a couple months ago from Manhattan, we’d be spinning like Dorothy Hamill as well. But jeeze, at least get your standards straight, yeah?


So the OWH’s NE-02 polling numbers came out Monday, and they show Terry with a 13 point lead…among Registered Voters. Let us note a couple things:

1) In 2010, the OWH published a poll in late October of REGISTERED Voters.
It showed Lee Terry leading Tom White 44%- 39%.
FIVE points.

2) They went on to say, “Terry’s lead grew to 8 percentage points among more committed voters — those who said they had already voted or definitely planned to vote.”

Gee, what an idea. “Committed voters”.

3) So the OWH had Terry’s lead somewhere between 5% and 8%, just a week before the election.
(One publication even declared the race a “statistical tie”.)
And do you a’member what the final numbers were?

Terry – 60.8%
White – 39.2%

For those of you who understood there would be no math on this blog, we will just note that was…
over 21%!!!

We will let you make up your own minds about the numbers the OWH publishes.


And by the by, an alert reader informed us that Public Policy Polling was in calling in Nebraska last week. Keep yer eyes peeled.


On the Bob Kerrey website for yard signs:

“We only ship to Nebraska addresses.”

Awww shoot! The neighbors in the West Village would have LOVED to post a few of these in the windows!
(Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk….)


  1. Iris Eyes Are Crying says:

    A Lee Terry ad talking about green policy and working with democrats. Yeah, that’s conservative. Just what this red state likes.

    And what’s with the Obama colored, iris blue, Lee Terry signs this cycle?

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Streetsweeper, thanks for focusing on polling. If the OWH polls Democrat taverns and Planned Parenthood waiting rooms, Democrat numbers improve. Funny how polls work that way.

  3. Tom says:

    Fischer Just Threw Romney Under The Bus!

    She said in an interview, and I am paraphrasing, that she thinks it is the government’s responsibility to take care of the poor, the ones that truly can’t help themselves.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    The OWH poll also included cell phones. Anybody have any idea if that actually improves the accuracy like the OWH is hoping it does?

  5. Interested Observer says:

    Tom at 2:34, When DEB FI$CHER said it is the government’s responsibility to take care of the poor, the ones that truly can’t help themselves, was she talking about herself and her WELFARE GRAZING?

  6. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, you must be delighted that the senate didn’t pass the farm bill. All those welfare farmers out there expecting taxpayers to subsidize their crop insurance for all the harvest yields decimated by the drought this year. Eff ’em, right? Buncha welfare farmers sucking off the government teet. Isn’t that about the way things look in your world?

  7. ricky says:

    Aren’t we lucky to have Lee Terry for 2 more years. The guy is a poster child for dysfunction and obstructionism of the Republican Party.
    There is a reason Congress has a 10 per cent approval rating and people like Mr Terry is that reason.
    Terry has accomplished nothing in 5 terms and the voters are going to put him in again? How stupid are the voters of District 2?
    And, I thought Mr Terry was going to speak at the RNC about the pipeline? That was before Rep Akin’s “forceable” rape comment and the realization that Mr Terry felt the same way about women.

    ricky from omaha

  8. Interested Observer says:

    Goober Natorial, actually the United States Senate DID pass their bipartisan Farm Bill on June 21, 2012 on a 64-35 vote. So, no, I’m not delighted that they didn’t pass the farm bill, I’m delighted that they DID pass it.

  9. Interested Observer says:

    Oh, and another thing Goober, my pastures have long since dried up and are almost all gone. I won’t have any fall or winter grazing available at all because the cows have already grazed those pastures too just to make it through the summer, regardless of whether it snows or not. As soon as I wean, I’m going to have to start feeding $200 a ton hay to the cows and calves. That’s going to get pretty expensive pretty fast. Not to mention $7.50 per bushel corn for the calves. I got less than half my normal grazing this summer and my hay meadows only made less than 1 bale per acre, far less than half of normal.

    There are no commercial insurance plans that I know of that provide coverage to native pastures or native sub-irrigated hay meadows. So, I’m pretty much on my own to try to get along with all the drought effects here. I don’t have a safety net like grain farmers have available to them.

    Just for the record, I never said “Eff ‘em”. I’m going to have to take this drought on my chin and get along on my own. That’s all I’m saying.

  10. Up In Omaha says:

    Looks like Lee Terry is going to win in a landslide. I would love to be a fly on the wall in John Ewing’s campaign office. Looks like Rebekah Caruthers should start looking for another job.

  11. ricky says:

    Say “Dicky Fulton” if you want to have any credibility you might learn how to spell “America” before you post on Street Sweeper’s blog. You are as dumb as the rest of the Lee Terry supporters.

    ricky from omaha

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yet another Poll……By some outfit called Burnett (sp) mostly about the Presidential and Senate races, well not much of a race between Senator Fischer and the carpet bagger from the Village…… which was one of the poll questions……..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Calling Barack a festering oozing puss bag is almost too harsh…… but then again………just saying.

    That’s okay though because he will be shown the door, and that will be the end of a very very bad chapter in our history. It will take the congress, the white house, and the supreme court years to right all the wrong this administration has foisted on the country, and even the world. While the way it was may have had it’s issues it used to be that this country, The United States of America, was looked up to. The lines to get in the country legally have always been greater than the lines to get into places like the USSR, China, and other such puss bucket countries.

    We will secure our borders, we will walk softly, and we will carry a very large stick that will be wielded in a judicious and exacting manner on those who would try to harm us!

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Or Ricky, it could be that Lee Terry didn’t speak because he was scheduled for Monday and the convention got cancelled that day because of the hurricane. But keep grasping at straws. Ewing is toast.

  15. Cherry County, Nebraska says:

    Yes, Goober. It was the House that stalled the farm bill, not the Senate. Thanks to those pesky Tea Party folks that don’t seem to understand the notion of “compromise.”

    Now, now, before you start going all ‘Chuck Norris’ on the word “compromise,” it is in fact how the American political process works (so, if you don’t support some form of compromise, maybe you should move to Putin’s Russia where there’s absolutely no compromise, whatsoever).

    Back to the issue…if you enjoy absolute chaos and malfunction (Tea Party Patriots in Congress), you should definitely vote for Deb Fischer. She’s no doubt another hyper-partisan, no-compromiser that will perpetuate further disfunction in Congress by being a follower and stepping in line with her radically conservate funders.

  16. OMG it's Ricky Fulton says:

    Ricky, YAH! So glad you came out to play… So is that fact the Terry was voted as one of the least partisan members of the House by DEMOCRATS obstructionist? What about the Hill-Terry law that he authored that was widely bi-partisan and has been lauded as ‘historic’? Or is it obstructionist that he makes an attempt to get a Democrat to co-sponsor every piece of legislation he authors, and even let the Dem put their name first during the Pelosi days? What about revamping the Universal Service Fund, his work to promote geothermal energy and E-85, and his work this past summer to reform flood insurance while Omaha and much of the mid-west was suffering from severe flooding, were those not achievements? Or were you just too busy being an obstructionist to notice them?

  17. Macdaddy says:

    Yeah, Cherry County, that Harry Reid is just a model of civility and bipartisanship. And that’s who Bob Kerrey will vote for to stay in power: that hyper-partisan racist.

  18. Interested Observer says:

    Let’s hypothetically accept the polling results for the FI$CHER v Kerrey race at face value for a moment. A few weeks after the spring primary, it was Deb up by 25% with 6% undecided and today it’s Deb up by 10% with 6% undecided. What happened and how?

  19. Dicky Fulton says:

    I know what happened. All the people were at the blue line coffee shop in Dundee and the waiting room in benson. Super conservative crowd.

  20. Anonymous says:

    After the election of Senator Fischer, Kerrey will whine and then drift back to his village friends like a beggar on a baloney samich!

    After the election of President Romeny the current administration will head to the courts to invalidate the election…… The Supreme Court will need to be ready in a hurry. Oh and a very watchful eye will need to be kept on those rats leaving the ship. You can bet your last dollar there are those who will do more than take the W keys!

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Sodbuster, I do like Rush. I just wish I had the opportunity to listen to him for more than 5 minutes once a month. You do realize that unlike the lemmings on the Left, we conservatives have the capacity for independent thinking, right? Ever hear the phrase “Great minds think alike?” I think Obama said that, so surely you know it.

  22. Goober Natorial says:

    Yep, my bad. Said Senate when I meant Congress. Either way, the farm bill didn’t pass. But that’s ok because its just welfare for the grain guys, right, IO?

  23. Interested Observer says:

    Not sure where you’re going with this Goober. Obviously 80% of the Farm Bill is Food Stamp type stuff. A big chunk is conservation type stuff and there have been lots of examples around here the last several years of all kinds of people installing water pipe lines that the USDA (taxpayers) has been paying around 75% of the costs. Some of these expensive projects are on ranches that are already well watered with natural water and sufficient windmills. One ranch that’s advertised for sale here boasts that they have 35 miles of pipeline. I had to have a new well drilled a while back and paid the almost $4,000 for it myself, with no government cost share. I’m really not sure why something like that isn’t just considered to be a normal cost of doing business and borne by the rancher.

    All I know is that the ethanol mandate has greatly increased the demand for corn, basically doubling the price and that makes it tough for anyone in animal production from chickens, turkeys, pigs and cattle to try to break even, especially this year. Some bred heifers just sold that didn’t bring as much as they cost to buy as open heifer calves last spring, not counting any of the pasture costs this summer, trucking, vet or breeding expense. And as far as the farm bill not passing, remember that the House hasn’t even voted on it yet, so I can’t say, as you just did, “Either way, the farm bill didn’t pass”, when it hasn’t even been voted on yet.

    So, just to be clear, where are you going with this? And also, Goober, what did happen with Deb’s polling numbers and why?

  24. Killer Ad says:

    Let’s be honest–this ad by Terry is a killer. He should get reelected on this alone–a huge move to energy independence that is verified by third parties.

  25. Goober Natorial says:

    What am I getting at? Oh, just that, when you call Deb Fischer a “WELFARE RANCHER” you basically have to apply the same brush to any farmer or rancher who benefits from government programs. So, you mention the cost of corn. That’s being driven by government subsidies of the ethanol industry. Therefore, corn producers who benefit from high corn prices due to government subsidies of ethanol are just as much WELFARE FARMERS as Deb Fischer is a WELFARE RANCHER.

    Interesting strategy by the Kerrey camp: Offend all the farmers in the state by calling one of them a welfare recipient for getting the benefit of a government program. If Deb is a welfare rancher for taking part in a federal grazing program, what does that make the guy with CRP acres? What does that make the guy with subsidized crop insurance? Those guys see you saying Deb is on welfare, then what does that say about them?

    The welfare shtick might resonate with the young democrats, but it probably pisses off all the ag producers.

  26. Anonymostly says:

    I’m really, really dismayed by the amount of commentary I’ve read and heard arguing that the Mohammed video made in California that appears to have spurred riots in the middle east is not deserving of 1st Amendment protection. How quickly some people are willing to acede rights of Americans so as not to offend Muslims in the middle east.

    My guess is that the folks who argue that there is (should be) no Consitutional protection for speech that offends are the SAME FOLKS who somehow believe that abortion is an absolute right. Pop quiz: Which of those two “rights,” speech or abortion, is specifically identified in the Constitution as being protected? (Hint: It ain’t abortion.)

    Any of our resident libs want to defend the “you can restrict speech but you can’t restrict abortion” position? Spike? Ike? Don? Ricky?

  27. Interested Observer says:

    I see that DEB FI$CHER had a fund raiser luncheon with Jim DeMint in Washington, D.C. at noon today and right now, she is at a champagne reception fundraiser. Somehow, a champagne reception doesn’t seem all that Sandhill. Out here, we usually have burgers and beer, not some frilly champagne and cupcakes! LOL I wonder where they put the caviar, inside the cupcakes or on top of the frosting?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I get so dismayed and annoyed by the snark and “politics of personal destruction” that you see from people on the left. As a registered independent, I can sit back and watch both sides with a jaundiced eye and kind of give an impartial take. And my impartial take is that I think all the promises of hope and change were a bunch of hooey. I thought this guy was going to be the post-partisan president. It was going to be a new kind of politics, focused on issues rather than personal attacks. That seems to have lasted about as long as his promise to close GITMO and pay as you go.

    I know both sides are guilty but I honestly think, as I peruse the headlines and read what people on both sides of the spectrum are saying, that for all their talk of post-partisanship and reaching across the aisle, they are the most ruthless of campaigners. It just sickens me. It really does.

  29. Anonymous says:

    So now the Divider in Chief is lumping the deaths of Americans, a diplomat, 2 former Seals, and an American worker, as bumps in the road?

    Where in the sam hill is Kerrey’s indignation? He should have been one of the first to demand a retraction from the President on such a comment. I suppose is Republican side was beat down by his liberal side…… what a crock of crap he is!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps people on the Left are snarky because it is not easy to give reasons to reelect a guy who switches to foreign policy from his domestic failures and then fails at foreign policy. Obama’s entire approach is summed up in his press corps’ response to the media, “F**k You”. How do you put a good spin on that?

    Obama is dangerously stupid but that starts with him being stupid. Some make a case for him being lazy, but that’s worse than stupid. Stupid at least is sort of an excuse.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Im impressed that Scott Petersen didn’t even have the courtesy of pretending to show the DCRP central committee the county party’s financial report tonite…looks like he’s growing some stones

  32. Anonymous says:

    The left sucks. Just a bunch of loud mouth bullies who are getting slapped down by The People this election, just like in 2010.

  33. Goober Natorial says:

    12:03 obviously hasn’t met Spike. And when was the last time a Republican started a website defining a Democrat politician’s name to mean a derogatory, filthy sexual byproduct? Have you ever seen entire swaths of the Republican party refer to a liberal movement with a name for a sex act?

    No, I think 8:25’s point is well-taken. Democrats have lowered the level of political discourse in this country, not raised as they promised.

  34. Goober Natorial says:

    Also, what about the attacks on Sarah Palin and her family? Michelle Obama says a politician’s family should be off limits. Well, the libs took the gloves off with Sarah Palin and her kids. Disgraceful, the double standard they adopt. They scream bloody murder when Rush Limbaugh makes fun of a thirty-something law student who thinks someone else should provide her with free birth control. But nary a peep out of them when Bill Maher calls Sarah Palin a word for female genitalia. I guess IOKIYAAD.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    President Obama speaking to the UN this week.

    Those are the defining words of this President. Those are the words that will give comfort and encouragement to Islamists the world over. The President of the United States stands with them as they seek to purge all those who disagree with them. It matters not what else Obama said. The smartest man ever to be President, who is a masterful speech giver, spoke the words that have been motivating censors, rioters, arsonists, beheaders, and murderers the world over. Why do people think Obama wasn’t born in America? Because he doesn’t f-in act like he was.

  36. Interested Observer says:

    Goober said “when you call Deb Fischer a “WELFARE RANCHER” you basically have to apply the same brush to any farmer or rancher who benefits from government programs”.

    Obviously, NO, I don’t “have to apply the same brush”. DEB FI$CHER’S WELFARE GRAZING program is distinctly unique among federal programs. The distinction between DEB FI$CHER and the rest of the farmers taking advantage of a government program is that ALL farmers are equally eligible for the government farm program while only that sacred, privileged few are specifically allowed to participate in the federal grazing program. The current, exclusionary “Jim Crow” laws governing the WELFARE GRAZING keep over 99.5% of all Nebraska cattle producers OUT of that federal grazing program. To even qualify for a federal grazing permit, you are absolutely required to own a ranch next to a national forest. Nobody else qualifies. It’s that simple and most likely illegal. All other ranchers are ineligible.

    So, Goober, saying that DEB FI$CHER is the same as every other farmer in Nebraska is absolutely wrong and is a lie. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, saying that DEB FI$CHER is the same as every other farmer in Nebraska is insulting EVERY farmer in Nebraska!!!

  37. Macdaddy says:

    Did you see your paycheck? Median incomes are down 5.7% since the recovery, the one Obama is claiming credit for, began. They’re down 8% since he took office.

    But keep telling yourself Romney is losing. It’s every bit as true as the Hope N Change Obama was selling last time.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy again proves he lives in an alternate universe, devoid of reality. Seen any polls, lately? Especially in swing states like Ohio.

  39. RWP says:

    distinctly unique

    Compared, say to all the unique things that aren’t distinct?

    Have you applied for the sugar subsidy yet? Because to apply for it, you absolutely, positively have to have land you grow sugar beet on.

    The current, exclusionary “Jim Crow” laws

    It’s really hilarious when a white guy from Cherry county pulls the race card.

  40. “a white guy from Cherry county”

    Hold on there, RWP, I’m still not sold on that point. Indeed, IO may be white, male, or from Cherry County, but I remain unconvinced that this person is all three. Two out of three, maybe.

    I’m thinking white female…only based on the premise that an actual white, male, rancher would have put this grudge to bed a long time ago by getting into a fist fight with Deb’s husband, or by challenging Deb for her state senate seat. And most conservatives, at least the ones I know, can look at a situation that is ‘unfair’, recognize the fact that life is not fair, then move on with their life.

  41. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 9:42, Carter and Reagan were neck-and-neck even in late October. Reagan won by 10. Now you can say that Romney is no Reagan, but can you really say Obama is no Carter?

  42. Macdaddy says:

    How many ranchers can own land next to a National Forest? The number is limited as even a 5th grader with a passing knowledge of geography could tell you. And how is that even remotely like Jim Crow laws? The comparison is stupid and insulting to black people. But that’s not the most idiotic contention that IO made. Nope, that would be his/her contention that the program is most likely illegal. So a law, passed by Congress and signed by the President is illegal? Huh? I think I missed that day in civics class. I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill…

  43. Interested Observer says:

    Grundle, one thing wrong with your comment, everybody up here LIKES Bruce Fischer! It’s his wife that has caused most of the problems. Fischer’s got along with the Kime’s at the Snake Falls Ranch for 60 years until DEB FI$CHER got in the middle of it and stirred up a bunch of trouble and then sued Kime’s and tried to take part of their ranch. Thankfully, DEB lost that suit.

    Another thing, “most conservatives, at least the ones I know, can look at a situation that is ‘unfair’” and know enough to FIX IT! Most real conservatives that I know pay their own way and don’t depend on everybody else to make their living for them. Most real conservative ranchers I know in the Valentine area are self-sufficient enough to dig themselves out of a blizzard, help and get along with their neighbors, help put out prairie fires and not accept welfare.

    RWP, the point that I made and that you understood is, that all farmers are eligible to participate in the Farm Program. Maybe you have never visited western Nebraska, but there are thousands and thousands of acres of sugar beets over by Alliance and Scottsbluff and along the North Platte River. So, yes, obviously there are many, many Nebraska farmers who do raise sugar beets and are involved in the federal Farm Program. But you knew that, I’m sure.

    Obviously, my mention of “Jim Crow” laws was to point out that the federal WELFARE GRAZING laws are specifically exclusionary and specifically benefit only a specific, tiny group of special interest ranchers at the expense and exclusion of all others.

  44. Interested Observer says:

    Oh for crying out loud Macdaddy, What do you think then of states suing the federal government trying to prove that Obama Care was unconstitutional? How many laws have been struck down by “activist judges” that were ruled unconstitutional? Did you actually ever make it to civics class at all?

    Macdaddy, can you tell me why it is an absolute requirement that a rancher must own land next to a National Forest to qualify to have a grazing permit? I can’t! The Nebraska Board of Educational Lands and Funds does not require a potential renter to own land next to a School Section. Fix the failed WELFARE GRAZING law.

  45. RWP says:

    To get the sugar subsidy, you have to have land suitable for growing sugar beets. Yes, I’ve seen the beet fields in the panhandle. That’s not the point. The subsidy helps farmers with the right kind of land. Just as grazing rights help farmers with the right kind of land (adjacent to a national forest, or BLM lands. There is no difference.

    Any sort of ownership excludes others. It’s the nature of ownership.

  46. Anonymostly says:

    Interested Observer said at 5:47 on 9/24:

    “There are no commercial insurance plans that I know of that provide coverage to native pastures or native sub-irrigated hay meadows. So, I’m pretty much on my own to try to get along with all the drought effects here. I don’t have a safety net like grain farmers have available to them.

    Then, Interested Observer said at 8:53 today:

    “The distinction between DEB FI$CHER and the rest of the farmers taking advantage of a government program is that ALL farmers are equally eligible for the government farm program while only that sacred, privileged few are specifically allowed to participate in the federal grazing program.”

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave, huh IO? Can’t even remember what you said two days ago. By you all in the Kerrey camp accusing Deb Fischer of being on welfare because she takes advantage of a government program, you effectively brand ALL farmers/ranchers as being on welfare if they take advantage of a government program. At least that’s how they’ll see it. Pretty good strategy if you’re trying to win over the Occupy Wallstreet crowd. And if Kerrey were running for Mayor of New York …

  47. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymostly, what is your point? I am a rancher and I am not enrolled in any part of the Federal Farm Program. I am not aware of any commercial insurance program that covers native range or native meadows. I am not a farmer. Many people think of a farmer as one who produces grain. I do not.

    I honestly have absolutely no idea what you think you caught me with? Where is the “tangled web” here? Please explain.

  48. Macdaddy says:

    IO, I have no idea why, during the 1970’s, that requirement was set up. I don’t know why the government does a lot of things. But it did pass as a law using constitutional procedures, therefore it is legal. You can claim it might be unconstitutional, but until the Supreme Court says it is unconstitutional, it is the law of the land. Literally, as Joe Biden would say, and for once he’d be right. You can call the law unjust, unfair, stupid, wasteful, or even Toby, but what you can’t call it is illegal and thus imply the Fischers are committing crimes.

  49. Anonymostly says:

    Geez, IO, don’t be deliberately obtuse. It really is tedious having to explain the obvious.

    You said what sets Deb Fischer apart is that she has access to a program that others don’t have access to. YET, JUST TWO DAYS AGO, you complained about not having access to a safety net that the grain farmers have access to.

    I think Goober’s point is that farmers aren’t going to draw the distinction between federal grazing programs available to a small segment of ranchers versus farm subsidies and other programs available only to those who raise crops. If you call her a welfare rancher because she benefits from a government program, then you necessarily brand all farmers as welfare farmers if they benefit from government programs. And nearly all of them do. So …

    If you can’t see the contradiction in the two statements I quoted above, then perhaps you should focus on the parts in bold. And if you still can’t see it, then perhaps ask a third grader somewhere to explain it to you.

  50. RWP says:


    AFAIK, there’s no requirement you be adjacent to public land. However, if you aren’t, you need a compliant rancher who is, so you can drive cattle across his land.

    The program dates originally to the 1930s, when unregulated grazing on public land was leading to overgrazing. At that time, the feds parceled out grazing rights between individual landowners. Charging them for it came later. Meanwhile, they also allowed ranchers to trade the rights, which are now quite valuable.

  51. Goober Natorial says:

    Are you KIDDING me? Puh-lease! The U of Cal-Davis has agreed to settle a lawsuit for pepper-spraying a buncha the Occupy crowd of derelicts and bums last year for one MILLION dollars. And a personal apology. And the university is paying the occupiers rather than the other way around. Go figure. Wish they would have used dogs rather than pepper spray.

    Hey, does anyone want to try to make the argument that Occupy campsites are Constitutionally protected speech, but YouTube videos making fun of Islam are not?

  52. So if ‘everybody likes Bruce Fischer’, and if you’re part of ‘everybody’, and it was Bruce Fischer and his family that held the grazing rights before Deb married into the family, then apparently your problem isn’t with the Fischer family holding the grazing rights…your problem appears to be with Deb, at a personal level. One can only speculate as to why you seem to hate her so much, or what it is that she did to you, personally, that would draw such ire. So she filed a failed ‘adverse possession’ lawsuit…was it against you? A family member? A friend? Like adverse possession or not, it exists in the state laws, and probably has been there for quite some time. Whatever she did, you might as well just tell us, because nobody’s buying the ‘welfare grazing’ canard…it’s a facade that’s worn thin, and it’s not fooling anyone.

    Do you go around to your other ‘neighbors’ (theoretically speaking) and criticize them for being welfare ranchers? Obviously the Fischers aren’t the only ones who hold federal grazing rights, so all those other folks who hold the rights are ‘welfare grazers’ too, right?

    BTW, I’d like to see you try to present a convincing argument as to why the Feds shouldn’t just sell off the land to private landowners and get rid of the federal grazing program altogether. And no, pointing your finger to the Nebraska ‘school land grazing’ program doesn’t count. I’d like to see you attempt to justify why it’s a better idea to just open up the grazing permits to a competitive bid process…which would put more money in the Feds’ pockets…as opposed to selling the land to private landowners, which would put more property tax funds in the STATE coffers. Why should we send money to the feds when we could use it right here in our state? As an alleged conservative, explain that one.

  53. Macdaddy says:

    1930’s? Even better. But that means IO can’t blame Nixon now. RWP, can you literally drive the cattle, i.e., in a truck? If so, then anybody should be able to take adavantage of the program because as far as I know, all National Forests have some sort of public road into them.

    GK, I have urged IO to get professional help recently. I agree with you that this is beyond politics.

  54. Godwin's Law says:

    Hey, took only 68 posts to bring Nazis into the discussion. Not a record by any means but give that Leavenworth St. Occupier at 8:37 an A- for effort.

  55. Speculator says:

    I love this new Lee Terry ad. I think it really shows his bi-partisanship, a trait that many 2nd District dwellers often forget. Energy independence is exactly what we need right now. Hopefully Lee’s position in the House will get him into the position of Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Then we would see some real change in our domestic energy plan! Go Lee!

  56. Anonymous says:

    “Wish they would have used dogs rather than pepper spray.” – Goober Natorial
    So, Sweeper, using that kind of language, inciting the police to use dogs to rip the flesh of “derelicts and bums” is appropriate speech, but calling a spade a spade isn’t?
    How can conservatives have any issues with anything that Secretary of State Clinton, or President Obama, had to say about the producer of that stupid film that made a mockery of Islam’s founder? The pseudo-Christian right had a fit about that! If Muslims had made a film depicting Christ as a womanizing drunkard they’d have us sending cruise missiles and drones loaded with missiles to wipe out their villages, and Goober would be one of those leading the charge.

  57. Goober Natorial says:

    The moral equivalencies of libtards: Using dogs to disperse a crowd of Occupy human debris = what happened in Buchenwald. Note that never did I say ANYTHING about having the dogs bite. But I guarantee a snarling police dog would have sent those Occupy pussies scrambling and you could have gotten the job done without having to pay a million in claims later on.

    And, anonymous libtard, keep posting since you continue to show your ignorance by doing so. Cruise missiles for offending Christians? Seriously, what planet have you been living on?

  58. Wouldn’t the launch of cruise missiles on a sovereign country require a declaration of war? And wouldn’t congress and *gasp* THE PRESIDENT have to approve of the launching of cruise missiles? It would appear, then, that the ‘pseudo-Christian right’ doesn’t have the kind of power you accuse them of possessing. But, supposing they did have that kind of power, I think you’ve sorely misjudged their propensity for violence…unless there was a string of violent protests following the release of “Piss Christ” and the rest of the world didn’t hear about them.

  59. Anonymous says:

    The United States hasn’t declared war since WWII. But that hasn’t stopped us from using countless cruise missiles, B-52 carpet bombings, drone attacks and all out deployment of troops and armor. Seriously, GN and GK, what planet have you two been living on?

  60. Goober Natorial says:

    Like I said, anonymous, just keep posting and you’ll continue to show what an idiot you are. Congratulations, you’ve proven me right. You made a very specific claim and it was wrong. The fact your boy Obama might have launched drone strikes and the fact your boy Clinton might have launched cruise missiles (in order to take attention away from various bimbo eruptions) in no way supports your claim that the religious right would launch them to retaliate over an offensive depiction of Christ. People like you do things to offend Christians all the time and you won’t be able to point me to a single example where Christians reacted the way the Muslim world has to this video and other things. You said something stupid and then you doubled down on stupidity. Thanks for reinforcing the libtard stereotype.

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