Good Luck T.O.

Rep. Tom Osborne (left) looks on as U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel shares the spotlight with Gov. Dave Heineman at Nebraska GOP headquarters the day after the May 2006 Governor Primary. (Eric Gregory - LJS)

In honor of former Republican 3rd District Congressman Tom Osborne retiring from his current gig, we will direct you to a clever column written by the OWH’s Tom Shatel a few weeks ago.

The concept:

What if Tom Osborne had beaten Dave Heineman in the 2006 GOP Governor Primary?
He would have likely coasted into the Governor’s McMansion.
But then what of the Nebraska football program sans-Osborne being available as AD?

Here is part of Shatel’s thinking…

Chancellor Harvey Perlman still fired Pederson the Monday after that debacle. And he elevated Marc Boehm to interim athletic director, with a search for a permanent A.D. to begin immediately.

That didn’t take the heat off Bill Callahan, though. Boehm considered keeping Callahan with the stipulation that defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove be fired immediately after the season. But the Huskers won just one game the rest of the season and finished 5-7, Callahan’s second non-bowl season in four years.

Boehm fired Callahan after the season-ending loss to Colorado. And the search for a new coach was on — by an interim A.D.

There was a loud call to hire Bo Pelini, the one-time Nebraska defensive coordinator, now leading LSU’s defense on a national championship team. But Boehm didn’t know Pelini.

He hired Paul Rhoads. Boehm, a former assistant A.D. at Pittsburgh, got to know Rhoads when he was the defensive coordinator for Walt Harris at Pitt from 2000 to 2007.

The rest of Shatel’s column is an interesting and fun read.

In the meantime, Happy Trails T.O.!


We expect great, great things from Bob Kerrey during Friday’s debate.

He is down in the polls. His own party has counted him out. He has nothing to lose.

Should we expect anything less from Kerrey than haymaker after haymaker that bloodies and bruises Deb Fischer with his intellect, mastery of every concept and casual charm and grace?

We don’t imagine that we will see the Kerrey of the first debate who barely held his own against the State Senator from Valentine and came off as the whiniest whiner this side of The West Village.

This is the guy who took on Bill Clinton. We assume that he can handle Deb Fischer in Round 2. Right?


Oh and speaking of Bob Kerrey and his defense of his Nebraskan-ness. The other day he pointed to Johnny Carson and Marlon Brando as examples of Nebraskans who left the state, made good, and still called themselves Nebraskans.

Well, yeah, Bob. That’s nice. Feel free to call yourself Nebraskan all day long. Especially to your former students at The New School. (We’re sure you were ALWAYS emphasizing that to all the Brooklynites who came by the office. They love that Midwestern charm stuff.)

But we are pretty sure that no one suggests that Nick Nolte, Chris Klein and/or Fee Waybill of the Tubes should move back to Nebraska next week and garner every person’s vote for the U.S. Senate just because of where they grew up.

Yes, if DOES make a difference where you have lived and worked for the previous twelve years  — you know just before you move back to your sister’s basement and declare your candidacy.


Oh and speaking of residency, the other day Kerrey confirmed that he has NO PLANS to stay in Nebraska should he lose the election next month.

Wonder if you would hear the same response from Deb Fischer, Lee Terry, John Ewing or many of the other candidates on the ballot this fall.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Leavenworth Street demonstrates the effects of Nebraska’s brain drain every single day. When one of our brightest comes back, he’s called a carpetbagger and everything he’s ever done is criticized.

  2. Heh.

    Uh, no 9:52, we prefer to point out:

    Kerrey’s consistent liberal voting record in the Senate,
    His support of ObamaCare,
    His support of Cap and Trade,
    His support of partial birth abortions,
    His promise of higher taxes
    AND the fact that he hadn’t lived in Nebraska for 12 years,
    with a plan to run for Mayor of New York City
    and and emphasis on how living in Greenwich Village made him more liberal on ObamaCare,
    before up and moving to his sister’s couch minutes before filing to represent Nebraska in the U.S. Senate.

    But in this post we are simply responding to Kerrey’s own statements over the past week.

    And thanks for reading,

  3. And 10:04, Kerrey has made it clear that he HASN’T permanently come back and that that he ONLY “moved” to Nebraska so that he could try to become a Senator again.

    The only brain drain is from people like you and Kerrey who somehow try to equate being from Nebraska to returning to a state you’ve been away from for years and years for a few minutes before asking to represent its citizens.

    Kerrey should just say, “I think you people are so stupid that I’m just going to keep saying ‘Johnny Carson’ over and over until I make you nod at me.”

  4. Lil Mac says:

    “I’M NOT A CARPETBAGGER!” That’s Kerrey’s strategy??? That and name dropping? Kerrey ran for President of the United States. People should be dropping his name. Yet now he is touting everything he can tout about himself in a frenzy that reminds me of Obama coming out swinging from the seat of power like a flailing contender not a dignified champ. Such behaviors signal profound weakness.

    But its Bob’s mouth that is the golden gift that keeps on giving. When asked, Kerrey says he is not sure if he’d stay here in Nebraska if he loses.

    Fischer can just step out of the way while Bob runs for the cliff. Yet before we deem that as nothing much to Fischer’s credit, let us remember that 90% of all political suicides are pols who get between opponents and the cliff.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You just have to give it up to all of the Deb Fischer lovers here on Leavenworth Street that, before the prom were enamored with such beauties as Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg, but chose to settle for her when it became apparent she was their best chance of getting lucky.

  6. Anonymostly says:

    Actually, anonidiot at 11:01 a.m., Republicans weren’t particularly enamored of either Jon Bruning or Don Stenburg, which is why Deb Fischer won the nomination. But thanks for playing.

  7. Anonymostly says:

    I should hasten to add that, no matter which Republican won the nomination, they’d have wiped the floor with the carpet-bagging Butcher of Thanh Phong.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, the problem with your analysis is that evidence to the contrary exists right here on Leavenworth Street, the writers of which were the subject of my comment. You are correct in that Nebraska Republicans weren’t so in love with Jonny and Donny, but it is also correct that the vast majority of Nebraskans don’t read LS, and they would have no idea what Than Phong means. In fact, most Nebraskans are patriotic Americans and they don’t take too kindly to jerks that besmirch their MOH winners.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, you might as well call Tom Osborne a putz at his retirement ceremony as point out BK’s supposed atrocities in this campaign. I wouldn’t do it using your real name lest the wrath of Husker Nation fall upon you.

  10. Lil Mac says:

    I just saw Samuel L. Jackson’s ad for Obama, entitled “Wake the F*ck Up!”

    This Democrat ad has a small child using the word “F*ck” in a campaign video for a sitting President of the United States. It shows her grandparents having sex in bed. And the entire ad is peppered with “F*ck” and “Mother F*cker” to the theme of “Twas the Night before Christmas”. The Christmas context is bizarrely asinine. But two things stand out to any political observer.

    First, the use of the vulgarity “F*ck” in defense of a U. S. President. — More than one Obama appointee or aide is turning to that word lately. Hillary Clinton –in charge of Obama’s diplomacy– has a top aide who defends Obama by emailing reporters telling them “F*ck You”. That is what frustrated children do.

    Secondly, this ad is aimed at Democrats. The ad smashes Obama supporters who “used to sell cookies door to door” for Obama’s campaign in 2008, telling them today to “Get the F*ck out there” and sell more cookies for Obama in 2012. — That’s tantamount to a big juicy “F*ck You” to every Democrat who isn’t showing enough love for an Obama whose poor performance isn’t doing the donkey any favors.

    The left side of Donkey seems to be having a stroke.

  11. Anonymous says:

    F*ck you, Lil Mac.
    You’re just like all those repugs that were so upset about Bill Clinton getting a hummer in the Oval Office that they made sure that it was the primary topic of conversations at family dinner tables for months on end. A whole generation of American kids learned about oral sex for the first time from all the right wing pundits screaming about it all the time. Your outrage is phony.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Kerrey is down to hanging his campaign hat on his military record. He has publically used the word “ashamed” in the context of his own war experience and these same disturbing questions about his service are what Democrat opponents used to kill his presidential chances. We all respect his service and his loss. But there are veterans here with years of service in war zones who are not ashamed. This isn’t Kerrey running for veteran of the year. This Kerrey the politician running for office as a liberal Democrat saying he is a half Republican and using his military record and his family and anything else he can just so the old fart can keep from being embarrassed by being beaten by a girl at his own game.

  13. Goober Natorial says:

    Since you brought it up, anon at 3:47, what kind of man , while married to someone else, engages in a sex act in his office with a subordinate employee half his age? What kind of man does that? That displays such a stark lack of character that I wouldn’t want such a person in a position of power and influence. And its republicans fault for talking about it at the dinner table. Sure. Whatever helps you rationalize things. Join us back in Realityville someday, m’kay?

  14. Bang Head Here says:

    Tom Osborne tried to pretend that he lived in Nebraska’s 3rd District. We were not fooled. It didn’t work for Osborne, and it for sure as hell won’t work for Kerrey.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    Kerrey now lives in Nebraska. At least until November 7th. And that’s win or lose he’s moving out. Face it. Kerrey is every bit the user we here on LS warned you Dems about, but you ignored us. So enjoy a wasted election. Hassebrook would easily have been a better candidate.

  16. Interested Observer says:

    This is really getting amusing. Dozens of Street Sweeper articles bashing Kerrey and in spite of my repeated calls for nice articles praising DEB FI$CHER, still absolutely nothing!!! LOL

  17. Great point Mac…the Dems could have had a much better and more likeable candidate in Chuck Hassebrook, except they were afraid Chuck couldn’t beat Don or Jon. Then, as Mr. Pyle so eloquently put it, “Su-prise, su-prise, su-prise!”, Deb won. I would wager a guess that, if we were looking at a Deb vs. Chuck race right now, it would be close.

    IO, you’re easily amused. BTW, I don’t believe I ever caught your response…but who are you voting for come November…Fischer or Kerrey? Be careful answering though, because you just might out yourself as a liberal Democrat non-rancher from Omaha.

  18. Easy Decision says:

    Deb Fischer – 100% Pro Life

    Bob Kerry – 100% record from NARAL ProChoice America.

    It comes down to life. Bob dismisses life for babies.
    Does he dismiss life for seniors? What is Bob’s criterion for euthanasia decisions?

  19. Anonymous says:

    100% victory in the debate from Senator Kerrey. Not even close. Like the 95 Huskers. Deb the “Stepford wife” Fischer blows it again.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Did Kerrey say in the debate who he was going to support for Majority Leader? Harry Reid, you say? Then Kerrey is still toast. The sad part is that he thinks his current act is working.

  21. Goober Natorial says:

    There was a debate? Who knew? Did anyone watch? Oh, only people who had already decided how they would vote?? Like Young Dems and people working on the various campaigns? Ah. So how these two performed matters not a whit in terms of how the election will go? That’s what I thought.

  22. Chris Scott says:

    @9:51 and 8:13–sorry for the delayed response. I was doing a debate wrap up piece for a radio station and just left the studio. 9:51 by ignoring me you wrote a response to my comment? Perhaps you should consult With Websters as to the definition of ignoring. And no need to ask, I can certainly send you a podcast of my interview.


  23. Lil Mac says:

    Good point GN. People who watch debates in September are already decided. But debates can help GOTV and raise money. Debates also perhaps anchor us to our humanity. Going totally electronic in a campaign feels uncomfortably Orwellian and sterile to many supporters.

  24. Some Thoughts says:

    It’s a little embarrassing that an old fart has to explain the pop culture references, but that Samuel Jackson video is a parody of a book about putting your kids to bed, called “go the f— to sleep!” I doubt you would find the book funny either, but at least you’d know where the ad is coming from.

  25. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, I understood where the ad came from. Same author as the book. What Lil Mac said is still true and “where the ad is coming from” doesn’t change that.

  26. Too Bad says:

    It was a nice debate. Deb won’t be so bad. I predict she’ll come to her senses, remember who she is, and stand up for women and against the crazy anti-woman, pro-fetus bs. She’s a sensible moderate. She’s smart. You gotta spout the crazy crap for the crazies in order to get campaign $$. She’ll be Sen. Hagel part deux. And Sen. Johanns will creep away with his weird whiny turkey-neck junk, and cringe and smile for the camera.

  27. Goober Natorial says:

    What’s crazy is when full-grown women think I need to pay for their birth control. Of course the feminazi movement is all about trying to make sure liberal women can screw as many men as they want, as often as they want, without having to suffer any consequences for their actions. See “The Life of Julia” for example.

  28. Some Thoughts says:

    Hey sports fans, I remember when Dick Cheney used the f-word in the Senate, so let’s put politics aside for a moment and get real. Do you seriously expect Samuel Jackson–yes, the same Samuel Jackson who is known for his delicate roles including Pulp Fiction and something about mf-ing snakes on a mf-ing plane–to avoid profanity when he makes a parodic political ad? You’re shocked by the sudden crassness of it all? You expect something different from the guy who wrote “Go the f— to sleep”, the book? Modern life must be very difficult.

  29. Some Thoughts says:

    Back to the news, I hear there’s a new Nebraska Senate poll being done by a Republican group. Any results available yet, or is it for private use? All the national political sources I’ve seen have essentially written off Kerrey’s chances. The debates don’t seem to be helping him any, and I don’t think most people even pay attention to them. As long as Fischer maintains her positive approach and sticks with all the winning positions on the issues, I don’t think she has to do anything else. She has a lock on the “high road” and anything Kerrey tries to smear her with to get ahead just looks like desperation and sour grapes. He would have to win on the issues or his experience, but Nebraskans don’t agree with him on the issues and are no longer impressed by his experience.

  30. Anonymostly says:

    Some Thoughts, here are some thoughts. I thought Pulp Fiction was funny. But it was a movie. Not an ad in support of the re-election of the President of the United States. Am I surprised that Samuel L. Jackson would drop the F-bomb. No, of course not. Nor am I surprised that the DB who wrote the “Go the [eff] to Bed” book would write a script with F-bombs in it. But that’s entirely NOT the point, is it? I’m sorry your values are where they are that you apparently don’t understand this very simple point, but it’s entirely undignified for an ad in support of the re-election of the President to stoop to the crassness of having a young child drop an F-bomb from a bedroom window where her grandparents had just been shtupping.

  31. Anonymous says:

    It is entirely undignified for a candidate for the presidency to have crushed the dreams of children by destroying the businesses that employed their parents. It’s enough to make them want to drop an F-bomb from a bedroom window where her grandparents had just been shtupping.

  32. Lil Mac says:

    Some Thoughts, since you won’t let this go, and Anonymostly had to jump in, I guess I will too.

    I have enough years in uniform to pepper every sentence with F bombs from around the world. Bad habit. There are better and more lasting ways to cut opponents verbally. — And to answer a separate question, I don’t mind Clinton getting knob jobs from chunky Monica. I minded that he was discussing troop movements over the phone as CinC while getting knob jobs. And no I didn’t think sex was impeachment fodder. White water was the real criminality and Senate Republicans dropped the ball on that.

    As for my tender sensibilities, I don’t have many. I am for Democrats aborting their children and eating them if they wish; and also for Democrats having promiscuous sex, the less healthy the better. As long as I don’t have to pay for it, it helps clean up the electorate and the gene pool at the same time. I expect Democrats to teach their kids to use the F bomb in daily conversation. Republican kids hear the word but get a spanking for using it. It is common for everyone, except maybe Romney, to use vulgarities when frustration mounts. But it is not common in a carefully staged campaign ad. And certainly not against your own supporters.

    What I said was… to use extreme vulgarity in defense of a U. S. President is unusual and it being “aimed at Democrats” a sign of weakness. The ad hammers Obama’s 2008 core youth vote that was promised jobs but are still unemployed today and thus aren’t motivated to vote for the new but unimproved unsmiling unhappy unhopeful Obama. The ad demands those kids get out or Obama loses. I agree. The ad suggests weakness many don’t see.

    Obama’s polling is inflated by pollsters who weigh/assume the black and youth turn-out will be at 2008 peak levels (not hardly), by presuming undecided voters go to Obama (not hardly), and that the Bradley Effect no longer applies (an even bigger not hardly, because it pivots on negatives that Obama didn’t have in 2008 but has now by the truckload). This ad targeting inert past supporters shows seminal weakness in an Obama who actually isn’t ahead in key states. And Obama seems to knows it.

    His campaign is running out of options. He escaped his domestic economic failure only to need now to escape his diplomatic Benghazi debacle. He may have no recourse but to resort to becoming an angry Black man who thus deserving a sympathy vote as part of the perpetually victimized downtrodden; a new twist for the most powerful incumbent on earth. I think he’s toast, and I think he sees it and Romney sees it. But many don’t. He’s begging his supporters to support him. I suppose we could say, “F*ck you go away”. But like polls, that does not make him go away. Voting will. It will all be over soon enough. — Great football game, eh? Makes up for the uniforms.

  33. ricky says:

    Thank goodness T O has finally called it quits. Has anybody other than me notice that he has done a terrible job as Athletic Director at NU? The teams mostly are not very good and he gave us BO and Ron Brown.
    Hopefully Osborne will ride off into the sunset and stop seeking publicity all the time.

    ricky from omaha

  34. Macdaddy says:

    Tom Osborne gave us Barack Obama (BO)? I sure didn’t know that. Good thing he gave us Ron Brown to cancel out that gargantuan mistake.

    Lil Mac, I 100% agree with your assessment. Profanity is a bad habit and when used regularly, it is a sign of laziness. When used regularly in a serious argument, it is the sign of a moron. An infantile moron. Obama is definitely in trouble when his supporters have to be cursed at to get them to move. I always thought Samuel L Jackson was a regular guy, but he’s been in Hollywood too long if he thinks throwing a profanity-laced temper tantrum gets him what he wants in the real world.

    One last thing: today on CNN, David Axelrod couldn’t name one thing Obama was going to do in a second term to get the economy going. Obama has been out of ideas since Obamacare and the ones he had stunk. He has nothing new for years now. That’s right. it has been over 2 years since Obamacare was signed into law. Since then he has decided to work hard…at his golf swing. His supporters response? If you don’t chew Big Red then F*ck you!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Mitt Romney will put Americans back to work. Of course they’ll all be working for below minimum wage, without any benefits, twelve hour days – six days a week, and no retirement. But, what the heck, corporations with thrive and his Swiss bank accounts will overflow! Let’s all cheer for a return to the 1930s!

  36. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 12:23: Upu should be happy because Obama has us halfway there. Another 4 years of him and we’ll be longing for bread lines. We’ll be sitting around a flaming barrel in January saying, “Yep. Those were the good ol’ days, back when you’d get your check for $5 from the WPA and it wouldn’t bounce.”

  37. Macdaddy says:

    The iPhone has really gone downhill since Steve Jobs died. What the heck is Upu? What in the world could I type that it corrects to Upu? If I typed Upu, why wouldn’t that correct to something else? Sheesh.

  38. ricky says:

    We were at the game last night and the over/under for T O appearing on the big screen was 5. I noticed at least 5 times Osborne got his face on the big screen. I suppose on ABC tv he was on at least 2 or 3 times. After coaching he could not stand that Steve Pederson fired Frankie so T O had his rich friends ride him back into power where he did a poor job and wasted a lot of money.
    And also I saw on the video board how the Tenaska bunch built an 18 million dollar basketball locker room that few will use and also they touted the 200 million dollar arena in Lincoln.
    The Tenaska bunch can build all this for the athletic program at UNL but Omaha has to get their arm twisted to fund the UNMC cancer center?


  39. Anonymous says:

    Lots of negative articles about Queen Deb. She is one heck of a tyrant. Did she think she could get aways with all that? I am sure there will be plenty of defenders on the blogs for her. Just like when Bruning was EXPOSED. Most voters in Nebraska usually vote for a republican. But after reading the OWH articles, i can’t see it Bob Kerrey has won three races in our state. There is a positive reason why he wins races in Nebraska . If Deb Fischer thinks its scary to knock on doors, how do we expect her to understand any thing our combat vets have been through.Bob Kerrey knows that type of fear and pain. Maybe she understands drunks like her kids better? Thre is no question who would make the better Senator.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    The OWH article about Deb’s adult children should be beneath them. Unfortunately it isn’t. The whole article reflects poorly on the OWH, and especially it’s owner, Mr Buffett, who, I may add, fights tooth and nail not to pay his fair share of taxes as opposed to Mr Romney who actually pays more than his fair share and actually gives his money to charity instead of just promising to do it at some future date. This is how Kerrey is trying to get back in power. If he wants to drag families into it, well…

  41. Anonymous says:

    4:36. Are you a combat veteran? I am. Bob Kerrey’s record stinks, in Washington as a Liberal Democrat, and in Nebraska where he lies about being a Republican, and even in his brief two months of combat where in two ops he managed to leave a pile of dead babies and the other where he stepped wrong and tipped off the bad guys. Even he admits it. A lot of us have our own losses and a hell of a lot more time in combat than two months. He milks it like a cow. But who am I to tell you what juicy ass to kiss? Go right ahead and get your lips around Buffett’s and Kerrey’s backsides. Give them a big smooch.

    But attacking people’s kids? Do you want your children treated that way? You Democrats should pull up stakes and move to somewhere you feel more at home, like Iran.

  42. Vindicated? says:

    IO you are not vindicated. You have probably been a petty, sick and little person. You have only demonstrated your character to your community.

  43. Interested Observer says:

    Many of the things that I have discussed have now been printed in the state’s major paper.

    A few of you don’t have to like it, but it proves that I was telling the truth all along. I AM vindicated!

  44. Macdaddy says:

    No, IO, it shows that you were the source for the more salacious parts of Matthew Hanson’s story and that he bought your story. He also couldn’t get any of the people he mentioned to comment. The best he could do was get the daughter-in-law of the Kimes, who passed away years ago, to comment. All he says is numerous sources when in fact he had only one source: IO. Hanson just got taken for a ride. The OWH news desk ought to just come out and say they endorse Kerrey. I know they can’t because of their veneer of journalistic integrity, but they are in his camp all the same. I wonder, any OWH employees who read this blog, now that you are doing your owner’s bidding, will it still hurt when he dumps the OWH and you go out of business in the next year? Who will hire such ethically-challenged toadies from sleepy old Nebraska? Your editors are torpedoeing your careers.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    Actually, now that I reread Mr. Hansen’s article, I am struck by the similarities by it and what has been discussed on this blog for months. I guess the other possibility is that Matthew Hansen, the OWH staff writer is actually IO. That would be a really, really dumb move.

  46. O'Really says:

    Nice try, Really. Matt Hanson and Matthew Hansen are two distinctly separate people. The YD president is a chubby brunette with bushy eyebrows and a beard. The OWH writer is a clean shaven redhead with thin eyebrows.

  47. Interested Observer says:

    Why is Street Sweeper keeping all these recent comments posted for all to see? I thought that for the last several months that any such reference was immediately deleted and the person who tried to discuss this CHARACTER issue, severely admonished? It looks like the cat is now officially out of the bag.

    CHARACTER COUNTS! has their Six Pillars of Character – Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, Citizenship.

    I’m just not sure how living off the government and taxpayers her entire adult life with her WELFARE GRAZING, campaigning non-stop for an entire year before her first Legislative primary because she didn’t have to actually work for a living and had the disposable money from her WELFARE GRAZING, putting her own blind ambition ahead of her responsibilities as a mother, arrogantly behaving as though the laws that govern everyone else don’t seem to apply to her and her family (think “Cherry County Kennedy’s”), suing her neighbor after a decades long gentleman’s agreement, abandoning her 43rd District Constituents with her re-redistricting efforts and vote, sadistically punishing anyone who doesn’t obediently comply and submissively Kowtow(the “General”) and littering Valentine, Cherry County and Nebraska with a trail of broken friendships shows good CHARACTER?

  48. Just in case it is not clear to commenters here:

    Leavenworth Street is not a forum to discuss the families of candidates for office.

    If you’re looking for something like that, try the Omaha World Herald, which finds that a perfect thing to discuss. And to get more specific on our policy in that regard, please read out 10/1/12 post.

    Bring candidates’ families, and your comment will be deleted.


  49. Macdaddy says:

    I haven’t had time to compare the articles with the LS archives, but boy was I struck with de ja vu when reading them this weekend. Everybody knows that the Internet is forever, right?

  50. O'Really says:

    Everyone knows that criminal records are in the public domain, are readily accessible to all, and are also forever, right? I’m certain that Mr. Hansen (not the YD Pres.) and the OWH editorial staff did due diligence before printing his articles.

  51. Some Thoughts says:

    The article on Deb Fischer’s sons’ DUI troubles is absolutely disgusting. Why is it important to give special scrutiny to what they did? What news interest is served by that? Their actions have nothing to do with whether Deb would be a good Senator, or has the best views on the issues. Nothing about her character is reflected here. Are we supposed to conclude that because her sons have had these problems, she’s a bad mother and therefore a bad senator? I doubt Deb was pleased by what happened, and I doubt she gave them a warm pat on the back afterward. Is it really necessary to publish a story for the sole purpose of embarrassing and insulting someone, when it has no news value or bearing on the issues in the election?

  52. Interested Observer says:

    Ya know, I discussed DEB FI$CHER’S WELFARE GRAZING on the Lincoln Journal Star comment section for around 3 years and a couple hired loud mouths tried to silence me there, but they didn’t get the job done. So, last October 23rd, when the Omaha World Herald ran their big story about Deb’s McKelvie National Forest grazing, I was completely vindicated there, TOO!!!

    The whole purpose of my comments is to help educate those Nebraskans who don’t actually know anymore about DEB FI$CHER than the sort of “tough as rusty barbed wire” and “sharp as a weathered old fence post” cliches that she has used in her ads and to help bring about improvements to the federal grazing laws.

    At some point, I do actually think, that after our statewide newspapers keep printing the results of their in-depth, investigative reporting that will continue to state the exact same things that I’ve been saying in here and in other comment sections for years, that I will continue to be vindicated. Maybe then, even some of the most outspoken and completely wrong people in here will finally accept the obvious truth that has been in front of them this whole time, that I AM a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area and that I’ve known DEB FI$CHER, personally, for 40 years.

  53. Yeah, we get it. You’re personally angry at her.

    And that you have a weird personal vendetta against her and her family and have given up any conservative Republican principles in order to feed that need.

    Hopefully a therapist will be next on your post election agenda.


  54. IO, you’re no more vindicated than a cowpie is good eating. If your concern was the federal grazing program, you’d have no need to bring her family into the discussion. But your concern is not, nor has ever been the federal grazing program. Your problem is a personal one with Deb. And people around here know it.

  55. Interested Observer says:

    Obviously Grundle, I said first that my “whole purpose of my comments is to help educate those Nebraskans” who don’t know the real Deb. I can tell by your comments that you don’t know Deb personally, nor have you for 40 years. The main article did a really good job of pointing out how Deb does not maintain friendships. “What you also find is that barbed wire inevitably hurts a few people, shreds some friendships along the way.” She seems to use people to get what she wants, then casts them aside, just the same way she used her constituents to vote for her, then did what she wanted down in the Legislature, regardless of her campaign promises or her constituents’ wishes.

    She might have a few wins in her column for elections or for bills passed, but they were never for the good of her constituents, only for her own record and own blind ambition. It’s such a waste that she never used her plotting and scheming to actually accomplish something constructive for the good of her constituents.

    It is good that the voters of Nebraska are finally starting to learn about the real DEB FI$CHER.

  56. Some Thoughts says:

    Ok, IO, let me ask you one simple question. Let’s suppose that everything you say about Deb Fischer is true. She’s mean and uses people and ambitious, all of that. Now, why would those traits disqualify her from being a good Senator? To be honest, I think if she has a hard outer shell she’s less likely to be taken advantage of or taken in by anyone in D.C. I don’t need her to invite me to a card party; I need her to get in there and fight for the interests of a small state, and for people who recognize how dangerous our huge national debt is becoming.

  57. Interested Observer says:

    Well Some Thoughts, did you even actually read what I just wrote? I said “she used her constituents to vote for her, then did what she wanted down in the Legislature, regardless of her campaign promises or her constituents’ wishes” and “they were never for the good of her constituents, only for her own record and own blind ambition”.

    Show me from Deb’s actual record in the Legislature where she specifically benefited the 43rd District.

  58. IO, Bob Kerrey used his constituents to vote for him, then did what he wanted in Washington…the partial-birth abortion ban votes cast by him are evidence of that.

    He voted with the Democrats 92% of the time…and when it came to the important votes, he ALWAYS sided with the Dems. Frankly, I’m amazed that any real conservative could support such a man, but then again, you’re not really a conservative. You are, however, really dishonest, really vindictive, and really, REALLY annoying.

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