Kerrey goes 0 for 3

“I mentioned in passing to Kerrey, as we walked on a tarmac, that I wouldn’t want to be a state senator debating him on the intricacies of Medicare and terrorism. “Neither would I,” he flatly replied.”

That was Bob Kerrey in his serious and moody New York Times interview back in June. Kerrey’s hometown paper followed him around, silently nodding as Kerrey said IMPORTANT THINGS.

And it was then that Kerrey set the debate bar as high as he possibly could for himself, particularly as far as how Deb Fischer would do against him.

And he failed miserably.


Yes, by Bob Kerrey’s own standards, miserably.

At no point in any of the three debates was Deb Fischer bloodied by a Kerrey jab. At no point was she left reeling by some amazing factoid that Kerrey threw out. And there sure as hell was no knockout, let alone a standing 8-count. (Or feel free to insert whatever sporting analogy you’re into. “His bowl never once touched Fischer’s wicket!”)

Did Kerrey hold his own? Well, to the extent he could, yeah we think so.

But that is not the standard that Kerrey set for himself. Or that Nebraskans should set. This is the guy who has been in the Governor’s office, in the Greatest Deliberative Body in the World, and famously out-debated Bill Clinton (some said).

But he couldn’t get the better of Deb Fischer on ObamaCare. Or Cap and Trade (wait, did Kerrey change his position on Cap and Trade mid-debate???). Or the Balanced Budget Amendment.

Of course, the problem for Kerrey is that he is on the wrong side on those issues, so good luck defending.

And he continued down the road on his goofy amending the Constitution gimmick. Which frankly, more than almost anything else, really shows the New Yorker in him. “Oh these Cornhuskers are so simple they’ll eat up this ‘I’m non-partisan’ crap I feed them. I’ll just act all homespunny and invoke George Norris’s name.” When anyone with common sense says, “What the hell is he selling? That’s the best he’s got? Really?”

Oh we expect more attacks from Kerrey and his camp. We have no illusion that Paul Johnson isn’t going to toss every nuke in his arsenal.
But his biggest problem is his outdated, New Yorker, cosmic candidate.
From whom Nebraskans have heard enough.

In the mean time Deb Fischer comes across as intelligent and well versed on the issues. She never once was caught off guard in the debates. She discussed the issues at both macro and micro levels. Oh, and she has a conservative record and sells that record as how she’ll vote. Amazing thing, that.

Funny how much easier it can be to sell something when you’re not trying to polish a piece of bark and pretend it’s gold. (Or if you’re Kerrey, “I don’t know! It may or may not be gold! I can’t tell if this piece of bark will turn into gold eventually! And neither can Deb Fischer! But what I’m telling you is that I’m willing to give it a chance and she’s has already pledged that she won’t even TRY!!!”)

And now we will wait for Kerrey’s October surprises.
Because we can guarantee he still thinks he can fool Nebraska.


We live-Tweeted the last night’s debate. See more here, if you’re interested.


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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Deb Fischer is no conservative. She spends the public’s money easily enough when it’s a project or policy she wants. On spending, Bob and Deb differ only in their choices, not any desire for conservation.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heard there was a Carrie Fisher debate last night. Who did she debate?
    Didn’t she play Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies?

  3. SoWhat??? says:

    Bob needs to look no further than good old Benator for why he never had a shot in this race, no matter what his campaign does between now and 11/06/12. The Benator poisoned the well for the old game of Democrats talking conservative at home and, when it really counts, voting liberal in DC. Bob has a proven track record of the same thing, which is why he left the US Senate instead of getting beat the last time. He’s been “no sale” Cosmic Bob since he “announced” and he’s going to end up “no sale” Cosmic Bob as he hurries home to the East Village and family.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Deb changed it up in the last two debates with her wardrobe. Red suit and shiny silver suit. Very nice! No one is going to remember what Kerrey wore, just that he stammers a lot.

  5. Anonymostly says:

    Overheard two prominent Democrats at lunch:

    Dem A: “Vince Powers is the only Democrat in the state that thinks Bob Kerrey has a chance to win this Senate race.”

    Dem B: “Yeah, but even Vince doesn’t really believe it.”

    Dem A: Nods in agreement.

  6. Omaha Native says:

    I particularly enjoyed Senator Cornhusker Kickback sitting in the back ground biting his nails repeatedly. He obviously has seen the polling on Kerrey…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kerrey won all three debates with ease. Every one knows it. Even the Queen her self. The election may not be tight after all, when the results of the debates gets out to the general public.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not really much of a game either.

    Kerrey is not only going to lose the race, but he won’t get a cushy job as an ambassador either. Heck with the way this administration hangs ambassadors out the criminal elements in basakwards countries like Libya, why would you want the job?

    Either way both the libs lose this cycle, and we can flush them out of the system!

  9. Anonymous says:

    What will the NDP do without a “most important Democrat” to lead them? They’ve become nothing but a cult of personality that worships Ben Nelson. They need to work on re-establishing some ties to the people that really matter, i.e. the registered Democrats of Nebraska.
    They’re going to have a lot of rebuilding to do if they ever want to be relevant in this state again. In the early ’90s Nebraska’s Democrats could claim two Senators, one Congressman, a Governor, Lt. Governor, State Treasurer and State Auditor. After this November, they won’t have a single player on the field. It will soon be time to fire the coach and his entire staff.

  10. The ghost of JJExon says:

    The NDP is trying to find its lost mojo with “Cosmic Bob.” What they don’t understand is that he, like me, is just a ghost of what he once was. They’d have been far better off with Chuck Hassebrook, or anyone else from their bench.
    Oh, wait, they don’t have a bench anymore, do they?

  11. Brad Assford says:

    Pro-Choice, Anti-2nd Amendment, Pro-tax, Pro-gay marriage and Pro-Big Govt. What every mayoral candidate should be!!!!

  12. RWP says:

    Bob Kerrey has an undoubted gift for proclaiming with complete confidence things that are not only nonsense, but whose truth he is entirely incompetent to judge. His claim that cutting federal spending to 18% of GDP would double Nebraska unemployment is a case in point. It was based not on any study of Nebraska, but on a partisan analysis of nationwide unemployment. And we’ve seen over the last 4 years how good unemployment predictions actually are.

    Deb did fine with the rope-a-dope tactics — Kerrey comes across as a cranky old man — but it would have been more satisfying to have seen him confronted directly. “C’mon, Bob, you previously claimed spending hadn’t been 18% since the time of Jefferson, when in fact it was 18% in 2001. Now you claim it will double unemployment. You’re pulling this stuff out of your Greenwich Village ass!”

    What people don’t realize is that Kerrey, like many politicians, is a sociopath. He has no grounding in principle, which is why he will do things like changing his position in mid-sentence. It drove them crazy in New School. Kerrey would tell one person one thing, and the next person a diametrically opposite thing, five minutes later.

  13. RWP says:

    What Dems forget was that while Kerrey was earning an 8% conservatve rating, JJ Exon was 36%. Jim Exon could really claim to be a bipartisan with a straight face.

    Well, so can Kerrey, but that’s because he’s a pretty, though not unusually, good liar.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    The Texan says, “Deb Fischer is no conservative. She spends the public’s money easily enough when it’s a project or policy she wants. On spending, Bob and Deb differ only in their choices, not any desire for conservation.” — This is wrong on several levels.

    Being Conservative isn’t Conservation. “Conservation” is people who sign an oath to never cut down a tree on paper made from cut-down trees. “Conservative” means fiscal accountability, not wasting money, doing better with less. It is being responsible, not suicidally parsimonious.

    No nation can exist without spending. It is how it spends that matters. And in the USA we spend united against outside competitors but domestically we fight each other in battlefield Congress for limited resources. Our representatives thus need to have skin in the game for Nebraska. There are 49 states fighting for their interests who don’t care if Nebraska up and dies.

    And that brings me to the odd statement that Fischer and Kerrey “differ only in their choices”. What the hell else is there to differ on? That difference, choosing what to spend public money on, is life or death critical for Nebraska and the USA.

    Omaha is a city today and St. Joseph a burg because Nebraska Senators did exactly what you accuse Fischer of doing exceptionally well, of pushing public money toward a project she wants over the competing interests of other Senators. The railroad went out of Omaha because NE Senators lived or died with Nebraska. They were totally invested here.

    If there are options for infrastructure today that could as well go to NE or say FL or CA, Fischer wants it in Nebraska. Why? She and her family live in Nebraska. If Nebraska dies, her ranch won’t get up and crawl over to Colorado to survive. Bob Kerrey has a few business assets here but he hasn’t directly overseen them in over a dozen years. Kerrey’s prospects are in NY and DC. When recently asked if he would stay and live in Nebraska even if he loses, Kerrey said he wasn’t sure.

    You don’t hire a surgeon whose side job is harvesting organs and running a funeral parlor. You want a surgeon who has family members with the same problem you have. Likewise, you want a Senator with total skin in the Nebraska game. Kerrey may want to help all of America but screw that, that’s a President’s job. Nebraskans need a Senator who suffers the same fate as Nebraskans. Nebraska could evaporate like an old dream of Bob’s and he’d go on just fine in Washington or NYC.

    What legislators choose to spend public money on isn’t irrelevant. It is all that matters. It’s the job.

    And just so we are clear, we aren’t talking about pork. Pork is a pedestrian bridge with a New Yorker’s name on it.

    We are talking about necessary government spending for infrastructure, etc. But of course, one’s man’s necessary is another man’s optional. And that’s the problem with Bob. We must assume that whatever a Nebraska Rancher finds “necessary” for Nebraska probably isn’t so necessary to a New Yorker, or to a Texan for that matter.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It will be great seeing Kerrey pulling out of Nebraska in early November to return to the rock in NY he slithered out from under for this election. And we all have Benita Nelson to thank for it!

  16. Macdaddy says:

    Nice hatchet job on Kerrey in the OWH today. Ok, I jest, I jest. I was surprised to see no in depth reporting as to why an out-of-state billionaire has given almost $2 million to Kerrey recently. No quotes from watchdog groups. No quotes from scientists wondering why Kerrey got paid $800,000 to take part in a scam: the scam of cold fusion. No quotes from people who worked with him during his 12 years in the Senate. One would think that how he behaved previously as a Senator would be pertinent to the race for Senator. Oh, wait. That was in the distant past so it doesn’t matter.

    There you have the Buffett World Herald: innuendos for the Republican candidate, doe-eyed reporting for the Democrat one. You guys at the news desk must be proud.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    I just saw that clip of Obama talking to a Black audience in 2007 about his Chicago pastor. Frankly, his pastor is old news and lightweight compared to the trail of wreckage he has left as President. It is Obama’s fake Black accent that takes center stage in the clip.

    Put Obama in front of a Black audience and Hawaiian Barry gives the worst “Step n Fetchit” fake accent this side of 1930’s Hollywood. You’d think they would throw rotten tomatoes at him.

    Romney’s dad was born in Mexico and I am trying to imagine Mitt Romney speaking in front of a Hispanic audience with a fake Cheech and Chong bad Mexican accent.

  18. RWP says:

    My comment on the OWH article

    Morton does no investigation at all on the cold-fusion company Kerrey worked to get relocated. Cold fusion is crank ‘science’; the particular company Kerrey got relocated was founded by Irv Dardik, a disbarred physician from New York who was forbidden to practice medicine for charging MS patients tens of thousands of dollars for ‘superwave’ treatments that didn’t work. Now he’s claiming ‘superwaves’ can catalyze nuclear fusion — it appears he’s given up on them curing multiple sclerosis.

    If a Republican were working to sustain nuttiness or quackery like this, the OWH would be all over it. But the OWH is more interested in the DUIs of Deb Fischer’ family than on how Kerrey makes his money.

    BTW, the vice-provost for research at U Missouri was a cold-fusion nut long before Kerrey came along. It’s highly unlikely the move was anything to do with Kerrey; the fiction was merely created as cover for a payment to run for office.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Romney’s dad was born in Mexico and I am trying to imagine Mitt Romney speaking in front of a Hispanic audience with a fake Cheech and Chong bad Mexican accent.

    Well, Romney never did that, but he did show up with a fake tan for his Univision interview.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:25: you left out the part about how Romney showed up at the interview and started handing out churros. Then he asked the camera crew what day they were coming over to mow the lawn. After the interview, he shouted “Vamanos, muchachos! We ride! Yo quiero Taco Bell!” His limo then ran over a chihuahua as it pulled out of the parking lot.

  21. RWP says:

    Kerrey lied in the OWH story.

    He was paid $800,000 by Sidney Kimmel in 2011. Kerrey claims in the story this payment was for consulting and his advice was to move the company from Israel to Missouri. Trouble is, customs documents indicate the company’s equipment was moved to Missouri in January 2010, which means the decision to move must have been made in 2009. Ever hear of a consultant who was paid two years after they took his supposed advice?

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Wait, RWP, you found that out while sitting in front of your computer? You didn’t pretend to drive all over Cherry County to dig that stuff up? Maybe you should teach a class for the OWH journalists called Internet 101: How to Look up S*** on the Internet.

    Warren sure is getting his money’s worth!

  23. RWP says:

    I have a new blog piece up about Kerrey’s claim he was paid $800 K to advise Energetics Technologies to move from Israel to Missouri. It shows his claim is inconsistent with the timeline.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Lil Mac @ 7:53 AM,
    That is the most compelling argument I’ve heard to date for this Democrat to vote for Deb Fischer.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sweeper, why does RWP get to promote HIS blog on your blog, but others don’t? Just because he doesn’t include a link?

  26. It’s one thing to direct someone to a POST on your blog to avoid copying & pasting something here…it’s another thing to just show up and keep trying to pimp your blog over and over and over.

  27. Interested Observer says:

    RWP at 9:01 AM said “the OWH is more interested in the DUIs of Deb Fischer’ family”.

    Hey Sweeper, why does RWP get to talk about DEB FI$CHER’S family’s DUI’s on your blog, but others don’t?

  28. Chris Scott says:

    The Geundel King– I agree that should never ever, ever, happen. Do you know of anyone trying to pimp another blog?

  29. TexasAnnie says:

    conservation (n.) the act of conserving; prevention of injury, decay, waste or loss; preservation; conservation of wildlife; conservation of human rights. (Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.)

    ahh, the choices we make…
    Arguably, Lil Mac appears to believe choices are free-flowing from the Congress. Whereas congressional choices are actually supposed to be limited by the Constitution. I have not been nor am I an apologist of Bob Kerrey. But to suggest that Deb Fischer’s unicameral record has demonstrated a conservation of the public’s treasury is deceptive. And Lil Mac knows it, too.

  30. TexasAnnie says:

    later: presidential debate

    Romney did better than I thought he would. But…
    I still predict Obama will win in November.
    I won’t vote for either contender!


  31. Anonymous says:

    The one thing I got from tonight’s presidential debate was that Mitt Romney admitted that his successes as Governor of Massachusetts was thanks to a legislature dominated 87% by Democrats.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    Ouch! Obama just got posterized. Was he President the past 4 years? Or was Bush? I’m not sure what my favorite answer of his was, but the whole bit about he just submitted Simpson-Bowles to Congress was just embarrassing. I almost felt sorry for him. Romney certainly did, because he could have pointed out that the recs came out 3 years ago and Congress is currently in recess, so he didn’t submit anything to anybody. Romney calls him on the BS about getting a tax break for shipping jobs overseas, Obama didn’t rebut it, and then repeated the same discredited sound bite in his summary! Priceless.

    My favorite tweet of the night was from Iowahawk (sorry Sweeper): This is the day Obama has always, in the back of his mind, must have known was coming.

    The Ryan-Biden debate is going to get called after the 3rd question.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    And what was up with Obama biting off Jim Lehrer’s head? “I had five seconds left when you interrupted me.” “Sorry Mr. President. You’ve already spent all your time but feel free to spend some of Romney’s time as well.”

  34. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how people with blinders on only see what they want to. Romney constantly ignored Lehrer’s interruptions when he attempted to call Romney on time. Obama finally got fed up with this.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    As I recall, Obama had almost 4 1/2 more minutes to talk than Romney. Obama obviously ignored Lehrer just as much as Romney. Except that time when he bit kindly old Jim Lehrer’s head off and gave him the stink eye.

  36. RWP says:

    Well that was an enjoyable debate…but only because the Huskers have taught me to enjoy games like Nebraska vs. Idaho State. And, let’s not mince words, Obama wishes he did as well as Idaho State.

    Romney knew far more about all the things a president needs to know than the man who’s been occupying the position for four years.

  37. Anonymous says:

    What the heck is wrong with Romney? He did not sound conservative to me at all. He sounds like a liberal. I mean he agreed with Obama on too many things. I hope Ryan can save it for us.

  38. RWP says:

    As I recall, Obama had almost 4 1/2 more minutes to talk than Romney.

    Affirmative action. He needed it to make up for 300 years of slavery. What are you, a racist?

  39. Lil Mac says:

    TA at 6:07 PM presented an assembly of mis-assertions that I might have refuted but for her 9:35 PM post-debate comment in which TA said Romney won the debate, but predicted Obama will still win the election, and said she “won’t vote for either contender!”, which makes Texas Annie irrelevant as a political blogger and as an American citizen.

  40. Macdaddy says:

    I, by virtue of being a Republican, conservative, no less, am a racist. I confess that I didn’t vote for Obama last time and will not vote for him this time. Please forgive me. Have mercy on me, O Exalted and Anointed One! Please do not smite me. Please do not redistribute my wealth. BTW, would a sizable donation buy me some forgiveness?

    For Ryan’s prep they’re using Dennis Hopper as the stand-in because Dennis knows crazy.

  41. Lil Mac says:

    Regarding the debate, a Liberal at 11:08 said, it is “Amazing how people with blinders on only see what they want to”. He saw Obama beat Romney in the debate. On the other hand, MacDaddy gives examples of punches Romney wisely pulled, RWP grasped the weight of reason presented by Romney, and I would add to that, I saw “flight” body language screaming out of Obama that suggests he is a large child never before challenged… not a comforting thing in a guy with his finger on the nuclear trigger. But my point is… Republicans give reasons while Democrats twitch.

    One common thread, however, seems to be that Democrats and Republicans were both surprised that Romney debated Obama to a standstill. Why is that a surprise? Law school teaches one how to convincingly debate one’s own case. Romney picked up the exact same honors Harvard Law degree that Obama has, only Romney picked that up while also earning even greater honors in Harvard Business School. Just think of that. All that is of value within Obama, Romney contains as a tiny fraction of Romney, and not by me saying that but as proved by each man’s literal record of education and work accomplishment. And all that Obama lacks that Romney has, well, you could see that as Obama damn near crapped his pants during the debate.

    We need to judge these guys on facts not on our feelings. One is able, the other a dunce inept domestically, diplomatically, and in debate.

    While neither Rs or Ds are looking rationally enough at the candidates, non-Democrats at least have the comfort of not being driven insane. The Left hemisphere of the donkey brain is in stroke. Don’t expect much lucidity out of Democrats as the entire beast spasms between now and Election Day.

  42. Goober Natorial says:

    One thing is for certain and that is that Romney looked Presidential. He exuded presidential qualities. The press used to talk about Romney’s “likeability” deficit. I always figured that was based on piling people who had never seen Romney and just made assumptions based on what they expected out of a wealthy conservative running for President. After the convention, you don’t hear about that criticism anymore, and, after the debate last night, if you’re looking for someone more likeable than Romney, then you’re looking for the wrong things in a president.

  43. Macdaddy says:

    Romney was absolutely believable, too. He said he cared about education. Completely believable. That whole thing about Massachusetts having the number one schools in the country was a haymaker to Obama’s blind side. I am sure Romney was so beneath him that he never ever looked at his record as a Republican governor in the bluest state in the country. Oops. Obama dug himself a big hole. Here’s hoping he keeps digging.

  44. Interested Observer says:

    Anyway, there’s an interesting article in the New York Times today titled “Drought Leaves Cracks in Way of Life” and mentions a fellow Cherry County rancher that I know. “Tanya Storer, 43, a western Nebraska cattle rancher, said that her daughter wanted to attend design school in Los Angeles or New York but that community college was more likely because she expected her herd size to shrink by 25 percent and she was losing about $200 on every calf she sold.”.

    The article also said “Although crop farmers will still get their insurance payments, livestock producers are now without an equivalent safety net. While lawmakers are expected to pass a farm bill after the November election, that might be too late for livestock producers, several of whom said they were losing tens of thousands of dollars a week because they were paying more to feed their animals than they were getting when they sold them.”

    For some reason, it seems like somebody said something to this effect a while back right here on this site! Back on September 24, 2012 at 5:47 PM, I said “As soon as I wean, I’m going to have to start feeding $200 a ton hay to the cows and calves. That’s going to get pretty expensive pretty fast. Not to mention $7.50 per bushel corn for the calves. I got less than half my normal grazing this summer and my hay meadows only made less than 1 bale per acre, far less than half of normal. There are no commercial insurance plans that I know of that provide coverage to native pastures or native sub-irrigated hay meadows. So, I’m pretty much on my own to try to get along with all the drought effects here. I don’t have a safety net like grain farmers have available to them.”.

    Just remember, you read it here first!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the debate, a Liberal at 11:08 said, it is “Amazing how people with blinders on only see what they want to”. He saw Obama beat Romney in the debate.

    No, another example of a rightie reading more into a statement than there is. I’d agree that Romney won the debate, though it’s hard to debate someone who claims different positions from what they had been running on. Based only on his performance, Romney sounded like a liberal, but he’s a serial flip-flopper.

    And don’t get your hopes up too much. Historically debates change nothing. If they did, Kerry would have been president.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Uhhhhhh, Macdaddy. You do know that Dennis Hopper died a couple of years ago, don’t you? But, then again, maybe Mr. Ryan would have a chance to win against a dead man.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    I did not know Dennis Hopper died. What a shame. I thought he was awesome in Apocalypse Now. He would have made a perfect Biden.

    Anon 10:47, the reason you thought Romney was running on different positions is because you only listen to what Obama and MSNBC are telling you about Romney’s positions, and they have been, hmm, how shall I put this? Oh, yeah, they’ve been lying. Maybe you should’ve actually listened to Romney for a change. Then again, you were only following Dear Leader’s example, so I guess your ignorance is understandable. As for the history of debates? Well, if Obama tanks all 3, which he very well could, I like my guy’s chances. A lot.

  48. Wazzup! says:

    It was funny hearing Ed Schultz’s commentary last night admitting the President was out to lunch last night in Denver.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, maybe you ought to follow your own advice. Romney lied about many of his positions. His advisers are already backtracking his statement that pre-existing conditions are covered under his health care plan.

    I don’t have to rely on Obama or MSNBC. I just have to listen to what comes out of Romney’s mouth. (Lying’s not so easy when everything is recorded.)

  50. Anonymous says:

    You put $90 billion into green jobs….And these businesses, many of them have gone out of business, I think about half of them, of the ones have been invested in have gone out of business.

    Mitt also lied here. Out of 33 loans, there were 3 failures, which is 9%, not 50%.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Green money to Obama supporters. It will be very enlightening to see who all got it and blew it, once this Administration is gone. Anyone care to ask just how Scott Kleeb went from a ranch hand, part-time Hastings College prof to owning a green company built on government grants? Started just three years ago (how convenient, coincides with Obama throwing green money to his supporters), Energy Pioneers is up to something like 50 employees now and the Kleebs have bought a “farmstead” as Jane calls it, south of Hastings. If I recall, Energy Pioneers was started as a non-profit, getting gov’t money and having the City of Hastings do its billing for it. Talk about Jon Bruning making money: the media ought to look into Kleeb and Energy Pioneers as our own example of green money gone amuck. Prior to all of this Kleeb was a two-time failed Congressional candidate and before that, a ranch hand. “Farmsteads” aren’t cheap these days.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Face it, nobody gets into politics to serve the people. There is too much money to be made converting all those contacts made during the campaign into cash in pocket.
    “Non-profits” never mean that the people who run them don’t make money. Most of the money goes to those that “administer” them, and to their friends and family as “employees.”

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Hey Anon 1:11: at least 15 companies that got DOE money are now out of business as of 3 months ago. Let’s do that math together, shall we? 15/33= 45%. That’s pretty darn close to 50% and that number is 3 months old. You might not want to rely on the hacks at sfgate for your fact-checking.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Then why did one of his top advisers, Eric Fehrnstrom, and every fact-checker, say it doesn’t? Because Romney’s plan only covers pre-existing conditions if one has had continuous coverage. Drop insurance for a day and no more pre-existing coverage. Guess what, that’s pretty much how things already work. Under RomneyCare, if you have no insurance and have a pre-existing condition, then still no insurance for you.

  55. Anonymous says:

    MacDaddy, maybe you should avoid right wing sites that feed you deceptive information that make you look silly when you use it to rebut. That list of 15 companies include ones that are still in business, and companies that received financing before Obama’s term.

    By the way, how many companies did Bain invest in that eventually failed? In the real world no one has a 100% success rate, not even Warren Buffett.

  56. Anonymous says:

    So Deb Fischer wrote bills in the state legislature to get revenge and to benefit her self. i hope all see this for what it is. Totally dishonest.

  57. Interested Observer says:

    Goober, how in the world do you perversely distort a very simple statement of fact into thinking that I was somehow complaining about farmers? YOU are the one who keeps bringing up the unfounded notion of welfare farmers. All I have ever talked about relating at all to this matter is fixing the failed federal WELFARE GRAZING program. In fact, I’m not really sure why you continually bring this up?

    The purpose of my comment earlier today was to show that, ONCE AGAIN, I made a comment about an issue and within a few days, a major news outlet or public official says the exact same thing.

  58. Macdaddy says:

    Bain could fail 100% of the time and I couldn’t care less. I don’t invest with Bain. When Obama uses our tax money to redistribute wealth to his buddies running for crap companies that couldn’t sucker money out of private investors, I do care. You should care, too. Obama should care. Obama wants more and more of our money to make government bigger and bigger. Don’t you think he has a responsibility to spend that money wisely? Instead, he has abdicated that responsibility and padded the wallets of his donors. BTW, the fact that those businesses might still be operating doesn’t take away that they’ve filed for bankruptcy. It just means they haven’t had time to shut their doors, but they will. And poof goes our money. Personally, I’d like that money back. Obama says I just have to bend over and take it.

  59. Anonymous says:

    The big question is how dishonest does Deb Fischer have to be before the super patriots who never served in the military , much less won the MOH would say I am not voting for her? Or does having that giant R by her name guarantee their vote for Deb Fischer? What else is going come out about Deb Fischer? What new dishonest, under the table stuff is yet to be revealed? Would the average Nebraska Republican vote for Deb Fischer over Christ if he had a giant D by his name on the ballot box?

  60. Interested Observer says:

    Interesting articles in the World Herald and the Journal Star this afternoon about DEB FI$CHER introducing 2 bills that dealt with land issues that may have been an undisclosed conflict of interest on her part. The World Herald article said that she tried to take 104 acres from the Kime family along the Snake River a few years back. I knew all about that lawsuit, but I never realized it was over 104 acres. I always thought it was maybe 5 acres or so.

    The Kime’s sold that ranch this summer for around $3,000 per acre, which included quite a lot of fairly poor pasture. That would make the land right along the Snake River worth perhaps as much or more than $10,000 per acre. So the 104 acres that Deb tried to “take” from Kime’s might be worth as much a one MILLION dollars! WOW

    What an arrogant sense of entitlement. I wonder just why Deb thinks the world owes her SOOOO much?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Every time you take communion in your church, remember that Christ was a Communist. He fed the hungry, overturned the money changers’ tables, gave aid to those that suffered. If he’d been a modern day Republican he’d have left Lazarus dead, walked on the other side of the street from the leper, and pissed in the well rather than turning the water to wine.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Republican Mudslinger, Mark Fahleson, called Vince Powers a mudslinger for bringing up the truth about Deb Fischer.

  63. Macdaddy says:

    One last thing about last night’s debate. I think it is absolutely hilarious that Obama supporters are calling Romney a liar. Have they not noticed their candidate lies like a rug? Not as good as Bill Clinton, who, to quote Bob Kerrey, is an unusually good liar, but he told quite a few whoppers himself last night. I think he was stunned that Romney was not like the person in the Obama ads. He actually believed the BS his campaign puts out? Good grief what an idiot. No wonder leaders the world over are rolling him like a bum.

    But please keep up your sour grapes Romney lied meme. I cannot wait to see Obama get tough and act like a spoiled child at the next debate.

  64. Asswhacker says:

    There is a sickening sweet smell of death in the air mixed with the screaming of beasts in mortal agony. It isn’t coming from Republicans.

    When Democrats compare Jesus Christ to Communists that murdered over 200 million innocents, and compare Republicans to Nazi’s who murdered over 20 million, then the Despair Meter of Agony is pegging on max for the crippled Democrat Left.

    Please, do continue. Don’t let us get in the way of your agony. We were just going to make some popcorn and enjoy the show.

  65. Macdaddy says:

    Just read the OWH attempt at further smears of Deb Fischer. Mr Hansen, or IO, or whatever you like to go by on this blog, at least you got some people to go on the record this time. Did your editors ream you a new one? I hope you told them that they were the ones who approved your last stories. One last question: do your editors know you are putting out your stories on LS way before the OWH has a chance to print them?

  66. Interested Observer says:

    Somebody on the Journal Star said that DEB FI$CHER’S new campaign song should be “DON’T FENCE ME IN”.

  67. Anonymous says:

    They are not smears. But cold hard truth Some GOPHERS don’t care what their candidate does. Just so they have a R by their name.

  68. Interested Observer says:

    Just remember that I’ve had this username for well over 3 years over on the Lincoln Journal Star. I’m pretty sure that Kerrey was not running for the US Senate way back then. I get along well enough on the ranch that I don’t need any outside money. I live on what I make, I’m not like DEB FI$CHER.

  69. Chris Scott says:

    8:35-Sorry for the delayed response, i just finished a TV spot on a Latino program discussing Republican relations in South Omaha. I also need to prepare for a radio spot tomorrow so I’ll be brief. Your welcome?

  70. To Chris Scott says:

    So your the next Ernie Chambers on public access TV???? Still interested as to why you would give liberal Chuck Hasebrook a forum to speak.

  71. I.O. wrote “I get along well enough on the ranch that I don’t need any outside money. I live on what I make…”

    While that would certainly be admirable, if the ranching part were true, it’s yet another thinly veiled attack on grain farmers who receive government subsidies.

  72. Mr. Demille says:

    As I read Chris Scott’s busy media itinerary…I thought of Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard “I’m ready for my closeup Mr. Demille…” I particularly thought of how Ms. Swanson portrayed the craziness of her character through her eyes and facial expressions LOL

  73. Anonymostly says:

    Amazing that IO doesn’t seem to grasp the simple notion that if receiving the benefit of government largess converts Deb Fischer’s grazing permits into “welfare grazing,” then it similarly converts grain farmers into “welfare farmers.”

    Let me put it into terms that IO might understand. IO, if it’s sauce for the goose, it’s sauce for the gander.

    Got it now?

  74. Macdaddy says:

    Obama’s administration put out job numbers that said we created only 114,000 jobs in September but it was enough to drop the unemployment rate to 7.8%. Who’s lying now?

  75. @ Chris says:

    Please lay out your qualifications for being such an arrogant ass. Other than the fact you are the only Republican dumb enough to play to the democrats and give them a forum?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Well known comedian, Steve Martin, has done an ad for Bob Kerrey. Deb Fishcher has a whole slew of lesser known comedians supporting her.

  77. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, why do you have such a hard time understanding that if Deb Fischer is on welfare because she receives a benefit from government, then any farmer who gets benefits from government is on welfare? This is something people like me have been trying to explain to you for weeks. Yet, you still don’t seem to understand that the same effective conduct that leads you to scream “WELFARE GRAZING” when it comes to Deb Fischer also brands any other AG producer as a welfare recipient if they receive government benefits. Your intellectual dishonesty in trying to pretend that its only welfare when Deb Fischer does it is disturbing.

  78. Anonymous says:

    As far as I am concerned, subsidies are welfare regardless of who is receiving them. Farmers, ranchers, businesses, corporations – they all slop at the same trough.

  79. Anonymous says:

    I love how telling it is that Chris Scott doesn’t defend himself on his own ‘blog’, but instead has to go to this one. Shows how little traffic his ‘blog’ really has

  80. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course subsidies, -particularly tax abatements to corporations, are WELFARE! And Nebraska has given away so much welfare that those who actually have to pay their taxes there have been weighted down to an effect that I doubt they shall ever get back up. What is the estimate? Something like $10K per job “created” which actual taxpayers must supplant in Nebraska? How conservative is that?

    I’m interested, Interested Observer. Do you consider federal grain subsidies welfare?

    And, Anonymous @4:40 today: see Lil Mac’s October 4, 7:36am ad hominem response in lieu of an actual argument. And that’s not the first time he/she has slapped and run…so I’m thinking that correspondent must be irrelevant.

  81. Chris Scott says:

    6:12-actually traffic is quite good over there. I just don’t attack myself on other said blog therefore no need to defend. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner I just got back from doing the Tom Becka Show. Podcast should be up tomorrow!


  82. Interested Observer says:

    Texas Annie, did you see the interesting article over on NebraskaWatchdog website today about economic developement tax subsidies in Nebraska? It’s a lot of what you’ve been saying in here.

  83. Anonymous says:

    “It isn’t just because I live in Greenwich Village now – the longer I live here, the further to the left I get on health care.” Bob Kerrey, 2009.

    “Don’t you have to be a Communist to live in Greenwich Village?” Bill O’Reilly, 2012.

  84. Justice for Cows says:

    Senator Bob Kerrey was caught illegally trading cattle futures while he was on the Senate Agriculture Committee, essentially inside trading like what sent Martha Stewart to jail. Except Kerrey never had to get poo on this shoes to do it. He ripped off the cattle industry and taxpayers from “out East”.

    How criminal on cattle matters is Bob Kerrey?

  85. Interested Observer says:

    Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
    Don’t fence me in
    Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
    Don’t fence me in
    Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze
    And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
    Send me off forever but I ask you please
    Don’t fence me in

  86. Interested Observer says:

    Goober, why do you have such a hard time understanding that Deb Fischer is on welfare because she receives such an enormous, exclusive benefit from the government that is only available to less than one half of one percent of all Nebraska cattle producers, while any farmer who wants to sign up for the U.S. Farm Program, well back when there actually was one, thanks to the House not doing it’s job, can actually sign up for the Farm Program.

    That’s the distinction that I have made all along and steadfastly continue to make today. I do not perceive there to be a link between the Farm Program, open to all, and the elitist, profoundly exclusionary, failed Federal Grazing Program, like you and DEB FI$CHER do. Also, I don’t recall that anyone made this false link before Deb concocted in Grand Island at the State Republican Convention.

    Any rational, intelligent, well informed voter should by now have some doubts in their mind about Deb’s character, integrity and morals based on her record of “accomplishments”, both personally and professionally. Valentine and Cherry County are littered with a trail of broken long time, close friendships of Deb’s. That tells you something about Deb, by the way that the people who have known Deb the best and the longest all these years, don’t even speak with her anymore after all the things that she’s done around here.

  87. Interested Observer says:

    Goober, what do you think of Deb trying to take Kime’s land, worth perhaps as much as ONE MILLION dollars today? Remember that Deb’s mother-in-law and father-in-law got along perfectly fine with Les and Betty Kime for decades, until Deb stuck her nose in the middle of it and sued a beloved 80 year old couple.

    Betty was the long time Cherry County Home Economist for years and years and nurtured a couple generations of 4H kids here and was known and loved by all. Les was one of the nicest, easiest going gentleman in Cherry County and he protected their miles and miles of the Snake River and the Snake River Falls so well that today it is considered to be a world class trout stream. His brother, Otho, was a long time, very well respected Cherry County Sheriff, businessman and later served several terms as the State Senator from our 43rd District.

    This is a family of profound, widespread respect who made Cherry County a better place and they sure didn’t do anything to deserve to be treated they way Deb treated them.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chris (and to the local radio hosts, why not),
    Whenever you’re on the radio, I change the station. So why would I want to listen to you espouse your “knowledge” in a podcast? Especially a Pauler who wont publicly admit he is one

  89. RWP says:

    Well known comedian, Steve Martin, has done an ad for Bob Kerrey.

    Well known if you’re over 50.

    Kids, Steve Martin was once quite a successful comedian, not quite as funny as other bygone comics like Groucho Marx, but funny enough. He appeared on SNL some decades ago. He knows Bob Kerrey because Bob’s wife used to write for SNL. Bob actually officiated at Steve’s wedding.

    So we have a washed up comic friend of a washed up comedy-writer who used to write for a vnow-ancient TV show, and who endorses said washed up writer’s washed up politician-husband.

  90. Justice for Cows says:

    Interested Observer. You wrote 500 words in three consecutive blog comments and still you failed to answer my question.

    Come on, IO, you are the cattle expert here. Are you going to give us an answer or are we to assume you are just a bag of hot air on Kerrey’s payroll?

    How criminal on cattle matters is Bob Kerrey?

  91. Anonymous says:

    IO @ 7:21AM, “Any rational, intelligent, well informed voter should by now have some doubts in their mind…”
    Oh please! We’re talking about Nebraskans here!

  92. Interested Observer says:

    Sorry Cows, I never heard (herd) anything about this cattle contracts issue till in here this morning, so I don’t know anything about it.

    RWP, did you actually get Saturday Night Live over in Ireland or England or wherever you were back then? If so, did they still call it SNL or was it called Sunday Morning Live?

  93. Justice for Cows says:

    Interested Observer, what kind of flimsy answer is that?

    You are the expert on the Nebraska cattle industry in this blog. You come here every day to attack Fischer on her cattle business. You have many times said you know Fischer from way back, a long, long time. You brag about your expertise on Nebraska cattle and ranching.

    And yet you say you don’t know anything about a U. S. Senator from Nebraska who sat on the Agriculture Committee and who was hounded for years on his crooked cattle investments. This is the same Bob Kerrey who today is running against the Nebraska rancher you attack for her cattle business. But suddenly you get all stupid about cattle when it has to do with Democrat Kerrey.

    So let us try a new theory. You are liar.

    Maybe we should call you INTERESTED OBAMASERVER because that makes more sense than you suddenly forgetting you are the cattle expert. You say you are a Conservative Republican, but Bob Kerrey the ultra-Democrat says the same lie. I am all for assuming you know the cattle business. But you can know that and be a liar too. Try something new. Be honest. Answer the question.

    How criminal on cattle matters is Bob Kerrey?

  94. Interested Observer says:

    Once again, sorry Cows, I never heard (herd) anything about this cattle contracts issue till in here this morning, so I don’t know anything about it. That is an honest answer and when you said “But suddenly you get all stupid about cattle”, that is a very insulting lie. Ask me anything you want about cattle and I’ll do my best to try to answer you.

    I said I’ve never heard anything before about whatever it is you’re trying to say and I really don’t appreciate you insulting my intelligence. I’ve said so many times in here that I’ve known DEB FI$CHER, personally, for 40 years. I don’t know anything about any matter concerning cattle futures contracts and the democrat candidate.

  95. Some Thoughts says:

    I thought Romney easily won the debate, but Obama is still far ahead in the polls. When would a bounce from the debate show up in the polls?

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that we wait for days between posts at the height of election season?

  96. Vindicated says:

    NTERESTED OBSERVER…you are a Dem hack, fraud, liar and never been West of the Lincoln Airport. Your comments use to be entertaining, but now they are just a bore (I know that IO knows the meaning but for REAL ranchers…not a male pig).

  97. Anonymous says:

    IO Has been right about everthing he has said about Deb Fischer. The OWH, LJS, and AP all have written stories that say the same thing. Its amazing that so many republican bloggers will not admit, that Deb Fischer is damaged goods. I would not be a bit surprised to see more negative information about Deb Fischer come out. It seems to me she is a very dishonest person.

  98. Interested Observer says:

    Vindicated, what’s your basis for your totally wrong, insulting allegations? Oh, and by the way, I kind of think that a male pig is spelled “B O A R”. You also forgot the first “I” in INTERESTED OBSERVER and you forgot the letter “d” in used. Can you possibly be any more wrong on anything else?

  99. IO wrote at 12:42, ” Ask me anything you want about cattle and I’ll do my best to try to find and answer using Google.”

    I fixed it for ya.

    @Anon 5:20…in light of Kerrey’s shady cattle dealings, you have the gall to call Deb Fischer the dishonest one? You folks are truly beyond help.

  100. That’s what you’re down to, IO…internet spell checker? You carp all day long about Deb Fischer, but in light of what Kerrey’s done, you act as if you have no interest in an issue that, if you actually were a rancher, would affect you greatly.

    Of course, the only rational explanation for your lack of interest in Kerrey’s shady dealings is that they DON’T affect you because you’re NOT a rancher.

  101. IO says:

    You continue to demonstrate that you a BORE.

    USED? ‘Use to be” is correct. You get thin skinned when you get off your teleprompter (or from your NE Dem handlers).

  102. Interested Observer says:

    Grundle, when you just said “try to find and answer”, did you mean to say “try to find AN answer”?

  103. RWP says:

    IO, I’veo lived in the US since 1977, shortly before electricity came to Cherry Co., and you could stop burinng dried out cowpats for warmth in the winter.

  104. Anonymous says:

    So whats the odds now on Fischer winning by more than 10 points? Must be pretty darn good, I bet she covers that pretty easily.

  105. Anonymous says:

    Right now, her odds are still good. But Kerrey has yet to unleash his “October Surprise.” Remember, he’s the kind of guy that would slit a child’s throat and shoot old women. He’s not going to let a land-grabbing welfare queen like Deb get in his way.

  106. Anonymous says:

    A dem lobbyist whose thumb is on the proverbial pulse told me yesterday that the polling shows Kerrey is getting stomped AND his whupping at the hands of Deb Fischer is giving some other prominent Dems pause about throwing their hats in the ring to challenge for other statewide races in the future. One prominent one in particular. Chilling effect. Something worth watching.

  107. Chris Scott says:

    The above comment was a joke just to
    Let you know. As far as ratings goes, your claim is laughable. Contrary to your personal feelings about me, I have pretty decent insight. Perhaps if you were able to seperate the message from the messenger you would see that. Oh well I tried. Must be that old dogs new tricks thing.

  108. Justice for Cows says:

    Interested Obamaserver, I was not trying to insult your intelligence. I was pointing out that you are a liar. Your intellect is all you have to work with. Lying is your choice. You come here as a Nebraska cattle expert and say you have known Fischer forever. You speak about ranching law and agricultural issues in Nebraska. And since the OWH and Business Journal were for years full of Kerrey’s crooked cattle business deals, it is obvious you are lying. The alternative is you are selectively stupid which is also lying.

    When you say “I never heard anything about this cattle contracts issue” we not only can’t believe you, but we notice you seem to avoid typing the word “Kerrey” and then try to push the matter back toward Fischer whom you insult with a dollar sign. But it is Kerrey who broke the law to gain dollars for his wallet from Nebraska cattle matters and yet you cannot even mention his name.

    You act expert, insult others, act stupid, and then act insulted, performing each when it fits your purpose. And since no one else here is stupid, we here have little trouble knowing your real purpose. You catch yourself in your own lies, which include you being a Republican bashing the GOP candidate. That is so like Kerrey saying he is “Half Republican”. Liars are comfortable with liars.

    To be trapped by your own words is less than wise but you aren’t retarded. You simply choose to lie. And while that may seem better than being stupid, because one can in theory stop lying, people in fact don’t stop lying. And that’s why we should feel sorry for your friends and family. For if this is how you approach the selection of policy managers, by subterfuge, then that is probably how you behave all the time. People who lie as you do are broken in some way.

    Give our regards to Bob when you see him at the campaign office.

  109. Anonymous says:

    Well the D brand has been severely tarnished by the likes of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid on the national scene. Here in Nebraska it’s a combination of an overwhelming majority being Republican, and individuals like Nelson, Senators Nordquist &Conrad (Snowplow), and former Senator tommy White who have really brought down the party. Not to mention the other carpet bagger Kleeb, (not Kerrey) who can pretty much be made THE Poster child for all the energy the Republicans have in this election cycle. If the Moderates on the D side would neutralize her, and her Eco warrior associates, they could win a lot more. But just isn’t going to happen in time for this election cycle. It’s to bad to because there are a lot of really decent Dems out there like Senator’s Flood, Adams, and Ashford………

  110. Macdaddy says:

    Justice, you can’t blame IO for his ignorance. His fellow reporter, in a 3 page love letter in the Buffett World Herald today, never mentioned the cattle futures, so obviously it has not been discussed around the water cooler.

    Back to the love letter. Funny how in the talk of Kerrey’s bipartisanship the media never talks about who he will vote for as Majority Leader. That’s because he’ll vote for Harry Reid. Elections have consequences. Electing Bob Kerrey would have the consequence of continuing Democrat obstructionism. Harry Reid is currently the biggest obstacle to Washington getting anything done. Dozens of bills passed in the House designed to deal with all the problems in our country never even get brought up for votes because of Kerrey’s pal, Harry Reid. Bob Kerrey will “hesitatingly and with serious misgivings” vote for Harry Reid, but he will vote for him nonetheless. Nebraskans can see through his BS talk of bipartisanship.

  111. Anonymous says:

    The Omaha World Herald endorsed Mitt Romnet today. It also wrote last week in a very frank matter that Deb Fischer does not have the character or the chops to be a US Senator. Today it reminded us of all the positive reasons why we should vote for Bob Kerrey. Pretty simple. Most of us will be voting for Romney and Kerrey. We are not blinded by the nonsense that their opponents Obama and Fischer are throwing at us.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to deflate the bubble of all you folks from Lincoln and Omaha, but your local newspapers are hardly daily reading out here in God’s country – western Nebraska. We’re more likely to get our news from Cheyenne and Denver than from your end of the state.

  113. Goober Natorial says:

    I was told the same thing as anonymous at 12:41. Democrats who have ambitions see the ass-kicking Deb Fischer is delivering to Bob Kerrey and they view it as a harbinger that says that even well-funded Democrats with huge name recognition can’t topple a republican in this state right now. At least for state wide office. Might be a challenge to recruit a Dem to run for such a spot under the circumstances. And certain Dems they thought would run now are having second thoughts. And its all because they assumed everyone would still love Bob Kerrey as much as they do. They can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t just love the guy. And, if even HE can’t win, what hope do they have? At least that’s what they say privately. Vince Powers would, of course, wear a brave face in public.

  114. Goober Natorial says:

    An implied point to be drawn from this is that their internal polling shows Deb Fischer running away with this race.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Vince Powers, and all that support him, are the old guard of the NDP. They are the ones that hoped bringing Bob Kerrey back to Nebraska would be a brilliant idea. It wasn’t. Unfortunately, they’ll still be running the party for the next couple of years. It remains to be seen whether there will be anything left of the party once they’re done with it.

  116. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:04: so you would be ok with a President Romney getting nothing done for 4 years while Harry Reid, who would remain Majority Leader thanks to Bob Kerrey, holds America hostage with his nasty partisanship and vindictiveness? Harry Reid wants nothing to do with solving any of the problems we face. He hasn’t submitted a budget in 3 or 4 years nor has he brought up any of the budgets passed by the House for a vote. Bob Kerrey supports him. Romney/Kerrey makes zero sense. It’s a pathetic attempt to salvage the absolutely terrible slate of candidates the Dems have put forward in Nebraska. You might think all politics is local, but guess what? The locals are wise to that subterfuge.

  117. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, we’ve put up with Mitch McConnell ensuring that the Senate couldn’t get a damned thing done since his stated priority was to ensure President Obama’s failure. Why wouldn’t we just love to have four years of a President Romney not accomplishing any of the things he’s promised?

  118. Anonymous says:

    I am voting Romney/Kerrey 2012 . Neither one of their oponents is honest or qualified. It comes down to character. I don’t think the ones I am voting for would sue their neighbors or practice Chicago style politics.

  119. RWP says:

    I have no idea why anyone who would vote for Kerrey would vote for anyone other than Obama. Both are fierce partisans on the left wing of their party. Kerrey headed the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Commiittee for two terms, fergawdsake.

    Surely no one reading this blog is stupid enough to fall for the ‘bipartisan Kerrey’ scam?

  120. TexasAnnie says:

    Right. No one will (should) fall for any bipartisan scam. That’s why I’m voting Gary Johnson for President. I know at least one regular commenter here thinks that makes me irrelevant. But the way I look at it, I’m not only voting my conscience, but I’m doing what I can to alleviate the stranglehold on America that the Democrats in concert with the Republicans have reduced us to. With either Romney or Obama, we will still have runaway debt, war, corporate welfare (and probably people welfare too because Romney is more liberal than y’all are willing to admit), redacted personal liberties and an unaudited FED. Why would anybody vote for the D’s and R’s?

  121. Anonymous says:

    So RWP voting for Fischer-Romney is not voting for fierce conservative partisanship? It’s time to vote for the best of both parties .Get rid of partisanship. Not all republican ideas are perfect or bad. Neither are democrats ideas always good or bad. Most Americans want this. The idea is have good solid Americans for leaders. Not unqualified ones like the guy in the White House and the fake rancher. Calling people stupid for their beliefs is the stupid thing. It shows a lack of respect for the American way of voting for the most qualified American for the job. Voters should be and most are Americans first and Republicans and or Democrats second. The rest well?????

  122. @ anon 9:01…”the fake rancher”??? Are you now leveling the accusation that Interested Observer is actually Bob Kerrey? Because IO is the only fake rancher in this whole discussion.

    BTW, who is Gary Johnson?

    (FYI TexAnnie, that was a rhetorical question…I don’t really care.)

  123. Macdaddy says:

    Romney-Kerrey is a distinctly Hagelian move: appear to be for the person who is going to win and then do everything in your power to hamstring him. He did that with General Petraeus. He praised him to his face and then tried to tie his hands by voting against the surge so he would be a failure in Iraq. It was disgraceful.

    Kerrey is bipartisan except that he isn’t. Kerrey is ethical, except when he isn’t. Trying to grab onto Romney’s coattails, trying to sell us a bill of goods on bipartisanship is really sad to watch. It’s like watching David Hasselhoff trying to resurrect his career. It’s cringeworthy.

  124. Anonymous says:

    Grundle, you’d rather sleep with David Hasselhoff than vote for … Oh hell, you’d just rather sleep with David Hasselhoff.

  125. RWP says:

    Bob Kerrey’s Vietnam record:

    Feb. 27, 1969: executes 20 women and children and one old man, all civilians, in a failed raid hoping to get some Viet Cong. Killing the women and kids wasn’t necessary; they just didn’t want to abort the mission.

    March 14, 1969. Scales a cliff. Has his foot blown off by a grenade. Spends the rest of the action doped up on morphine administered by the far more distinguished Navy Seal who later spilled the bans about the earlier massacre.

    That is all.

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