Terry further defines Ewing

Lee Terry continues to define his Democrat opponent, John Ewing, this time in his latest ad. See it here:

The latest poll showed Terry with a substantial lead on Ewing. This should continue that trend, telling the 2nd District more about Ewing before Ewing has even been on TV.

We are a bit amazed that the Ewing camp has taken this long to get on the telly, and figure he must plan on dumping it all as late as possible. But we think few would disagree that that is a tricky strategy.

In any case, the Terry camp had this to say about Ewing and his spending in office:

Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing has overspent and exceeded his approved budget every year he has been in office, a pattern of mismanagement that contradicts Ewing’s assertion that he has cut spending there, U.S. Rep. Lee Terry charged today.

Ewing’s deficit spending and red ink totals $688,000.

Terry’s campaign released a new TV ad today that alerts voters to Ewing’s poor budget management and deficit spending. The ad states Ewing is “just what we don’t need in Washington.”

Terry said county budget documents show Ewing asked for budget increases—not budget cuts—every single year. His requests for new spending total $1.2 million.

Ironically, the county board rejected Ewing’s request for $1.2 million more. Ewing proceeded to ignore the action and spend $688,000 of the disapproved funds.

“The difference between the two of us is pretty simple. I consistently vote to cut spending. Mr. Ewing ignores the county board and spends recklessly,” Terry said.

As an example, Ewing requested $5.318 million in funding for the treasurer’s office in fiscal 2007/08, a period covering July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008. The Douglas county board approved $5.062 million, a reduction of $256,000. Ewing failed to adhere to the cap and spent nearly $292,000 more, or $5.354 million.

Ewing’s new spending that year was 5.7 percent, twice the rate of inflation.

“My opponent now wants to take his budget skills to Washington. America can’t afford that,” Terry said.

Ewing has stated repeatedly during the campaign that he has cut spending in the Treasurer’s office. Terry said today’s new information shows the claim is not true.

By contrast, Terry’s record includes voting 157 times to cut spending on bills that came to the floor of the House since 2009. Terry’s votes would cut spending $7 trillion below current levels through the end of the decade.

Apparently Ewing is going to go on TV sometime this week. We’ll be watching.


ICYMI, the Bob Kerrey camp is touting an “endorsement” by Kerrey personal friend, Californian Steve Martin.

Martin apparently met Kerrey through Kerrey’s wife when she worked on Saturday Night Live. Kerrey became a web-ordained minister and presided over Martin’s 2007 wedding.

A few things:

1) It’s sort of telling that at this stage of the game — less than a month out, behind by double digits — the best Kerrey can pull out is jokey endorsement from a personal friend.

2) While Martin never actually endorses Kerrey in the video, the disembodied hand that does, wrote that Kerrey, “…is sane.”

Now. On the one hand, apparently that was somehow meant to say that Kerrey’s opponent is NOT sane. Which is sort of strange because there has never been the slightest suggestion that Deb Fischer is anything but a no-nonsense legislator with conservative values and a strong Republican voting record. (Yes, we hear you Dems shouting right now. Now pipe down while the adults talk.)

But the question of Kerrey’s “sanity” has been on the block ever since the “Cosmic” moniker got attached to his name, and stuck.

So we chuckle at the fact that Steve Martin, of all people, needs to try to convince you that Bob Kerrey is, indeed, sane.

You can feel free to judge that one on your own.

(Oh, and we think the Martin “endorsement” works much better as a radio ad.)


By the way, Kerrey’s hometown newspaper, the New York Times, lists the Nebraska Senate race as “Safe Republican”, giving Deb Fischer a 94% chance of winning the election next month.

And the OWH says that the economy needs Mitt Romney.

We would then suggest that they should also seek support for Romney in the U.S. Senate by endorsing Deb Fischer, as opposed to guaranteed obstructionist Bob Kerrey.
(You’ll note that we will not be holding our breath expecting consistency from them…)


  1. Lil Mac says:

    Will the OWH endorse Kerrey? That would be difficult now. The OWH’s endorsement of Romney detailed Obama’s failures and Romney’s strengths regarding our national budget and debt. The World Herald went on and on about how the budget and debt are crippling America. But that’s Bob’s fault. And by that I mean it really is Bob Kerrey’s fault.

    In the 1990s, Sen. Kerrey cast the deciding vote to kill the Balanced Budget Amendment. If he had voted differently back then, America today would have a balanced budget like Nebraska’s, and we’d have less or no national debt, and Obama and Congress couldn’t have been able to cause the economic problems that now plague us. Kerrey likes wasting tax dollars. If we forget that, we can take a walk over his pedestrian bridge.

    The OWH seems to be in a rational mood. It would be a stretch for it to endorse Bob after what it said about Mitt. It is far more likely the newspaper up to its old trick of talking nice about a guy the week before it plunges the knife in his back. Anything is possible. But even the New York Times has pegged Kerrey as spinning down the electoral crapper.

  2. Anonymous says:

    With regard to Steve Martin calling Bob Kerrey “sane”, perhaps a photo of Cosmic Bob with Steve’s trademark arrow through his head is in order.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I find it interesting that the OWH, so recently reviled here on LS as Warren Buffet’s liberal scandal sheet, only had to back Romney to receive its salvation. Sweeper, you and your readers are so fickle. You remind me of Husker “fans.”

  4. Macdaddy says:

    The Buffett World Herald definitely does not get a pass from me even if their editorial page endorses Romney and Fischer and that’s because very, very few people read those editorials. Heck, I didn’t even notice their endorsement of Romney until an LS poster pointed it out. What people do read is the front page and if the hard news part of BWH wants to put out thinly disguised opinion pieces, that is completely unethical and unacceptable. That’s exactly what they have been doing with their coverage of Fischer and Kerrey. The news desk and the editorial page are supposed to be completely independent of the other both in viewpoint and practice. Heck, the news desk is not supposed to have a viewpoint. By selectively reporting, though, they are trying to get their viewpoint out to readers. That’s called being a hack. The MSM have been doing that for 4 years with Obama and last week we saw the result: a woefully unprepared President and it was quite scary, to be honest. Shading the news does not help this country and news desks should cut it out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Kerrey is a real piece of work…..his attacks on Senator Fischer saying she would do anything that hurts veterans is an out and out lie! Hell the guy lives in a glass house, what with the slaughter of all those women and children in his service. Sure he did some great things, and he was rewarded. But all the medals in the world don’t give him cover for being a liar. Go away sir, slither back to your wet rock in New York.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yes, by all means, Mr. Kerrey, you should have gotten yourself a pilonidal cyst on your ass, as GOP spokesman, Rush Limbaugh, did so that you wouldn’t have to be criticized for serving your country, as many hundreds of thousands of other veterans have. I hope your critics are telling their fathers and grandfathers that flew bombers over Europe and Japan during the big one are calling them war criminals too. I mean, just to be fair.

  7. Bearcat says:

    I prefer someone who has voted 157 times in the past THREE years to cut spending to a County Treasurer who claims he cuts spending but actually spends almost $700,000 more than he is allowed. Is that who you want in Washington representing you? A congressman who spends way more than he is allowed? I’m excited to see how Ewing responds to this.

    -Anonymous: You obviously don’t watch TV. Terry’s ad about his Hill-Terry Law will save 584 million barrels of imported oil a year is all over the place.

  8. @Bearcat says:

    Lee Terry’s ad and press conference are based on wildly misleading numbers. Watch for Ewing’s response to be swift and fierce. I, personally, will take someone who has actually cut spending over someone who talks about it any day of the week. It’s sad that our Congressman can’t even read a simple budget…

  9. Never Left The Neb says:

    Didn’t I once read that Ewing based his qualification for taking on the budget the fact that as a Deputy Chief of Police his area of responsibility was budget and finance?

    Explains a lot about the financial situation of the City, the OPD and the OFD (He must have been a paid consultant to the OFD?).

    Ewing the Tax Collector is a pathetic empty shirt.

  10. Never Left The Neb says:

    2 facts:

    1) the technology and “efficiencies” come at a cost called a convenience fee that you have to pay to not use any of the Treasurer’s office over paid employees.

    2) HS Diploma and ZERO college education nets you $16 an hour STARTING wages AND benefits in John Ewing’s DC Tax Collector’s world. Check the want ads-NOTHING pays $16 an hour for a HS diploma.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of cysts on one’s ass, hey anonymous at 1:25, there’s a bit of a difference between dropping bombs from 15,000 feet on who really knows what? and taking your Rambo knife out and using it to slit the throats of the family of unarmed and defenseless elderly civilians whom you’ve taken captive. Of course, Bill Clinton knows all about dropping bombs from 15,000 feet. But not about serving in combat.

  12. Anonymous says:

    How about the WW2 soldiers who killed POW’s at D-Day are they war criminals? When did JUNIOR Bush boy serve in Combat?

  13. Anonymous says:

    There are some here who have seen a lot more combat than Bob Kerrey’s two months in country. He ran two ops. One ended up with a pile of dead babies, the other he managed to get his foot blown off. Nothing disgraceful in in it. I dropped bombs on people. And him shooting some up close doesn’t make it worse or any less terminal for the dead ones. Lots of naive big political kids here today talking shit about things they don’t know. The problem is, Kerrey cannot run on his political record so he is dragging his military record out. It’s the same military record that his own Democrats used to kill his Presidential chances in New Hampshire and Colorado. Democrats stabbed Kerrey over his war record. He uses his war record like all-purpose political ass wipe. Great, some of us had holes punched in us too. Not fun. And Bob’s okay in that regard. But for him to bash Fischer with a war record that Democrats used to cut off Bob’s aspirations, that’s some gall.

  14. Hot Scott, Not!! says:

    Hey Folks I was on the radio again. Did you hear me? I will also be on public access TV. I am really important, so catch my podcast!

  15. Anonymous says:

    All of those guys that served in the military were nothing but a bunch of damned socialists. They had all their food, clothing, housing, health care, education, etc., provided for them. They were given a job to do and told how to do it. All they had to do was show up.
    Then, after having mommy Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines take care of them, they do nothing for their rest of their lives but suck on the government teat and demand that everyone treat them like they were something special and deserved to be treated like heroes.
    We need more patriots like Rush Limbaugh and fewer socialists like Bob Kerrey.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yes, IO, thanks to you. Don’t even act surprised. Go back to your Kerrey cubicle.

    Jackass at 12:59. Regarding your snarky comment about veterans being Socialists, what would you know about being paid a few bucks a month and being subject to a special UCMJ law that make you a felon for doing the basic free things every civilian has the right to do? Military life is tyranny, in some ways as hard as war itself. Troops endure that and worse so soft people can babble in freedom. —What was that? You thanked me and other veterans for giving you freedom to be an asshole? Sorry, we only gave you freedom. Your parents produced the asshole.

    You have the wrong idea about Republicans. Besides the military, I also worked as a dues paying member of two major unions, I never made much money, I had no investments other than the car and house which I paid off early, and I voted Democrat for Bob Kerrey when he first ran. I voted for Kerrey.

    It was Kerrey who turned me into a Republican. His treatment of veterans was a frigging shock. He used veterans the same way he uses his medal, as a pry bar to help him get what he wants. Kerrey made me realize that some veterans with medals for bravery and marksmanship, like Adolph Hitler and Lee H. Oswald, like some heroes including our greatest of 1776, Gen Arnold, aren’t all that special or good just because they are veterans. Getting your god damned foot blown off hurts but it doesn’t mean you are wise or good. It means you got your god damned foot blown off. There are some non-veterans in public office that are better for veterans because they care and even compensate, as you obviously don’t, for their lack of service. And Democrats stumbling us into wadr, weakened, as they are wont to do, is no favor to the thousands who have to die for the Democrat Party ideal of appeasement.

    But Limbaugh? What does a radio entertainer like Limbaugh have to do with being a veteran or a politician? Saying Kerrey is better than Limbaugh is like saying Romney is better than the Martin guy with the arrow through his head. Rush Limbaugh? Is he what you Democrats think about when you play with yourselves? The GOP in Appalachia has some toothless people who like to throw beer cans at Keith Obermann. Maybe you Latte Hillbillies from the Left can join them in a tag team match.

    As for Kerrey’s war record, you really do need to go complain to the Donkey that screwed him. DEMOCRATS screwed Kerrey over his war record. DEMOCRATS screwed him right out of the Democratic nomination for President. DEMOCRATS just like you. If that hurts, go tell it to your donkey.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    A little harsh maybe, but 12:59am merely illustrates that we might have less WAR if we didn’t have people on the offense just waiting for a fight. Defense is required; offense is optional…

    Lee Terry would not be so bad if he didn’t support WAR and if he hadn’t voted for the BANK-BAILOUTS and if he wouldn’t continue granting CORPORATE WELFARE but rather promoted TAX JUSTICE and if he ever told the truth…

  18. Anonymous says:

    to die for the Democrat Party ideal of appeasement, so the Americas First group were, not conservatives. When did history change? Both parties have good people, and good ideas. Something Bob Kerrey is more likely to say than Deb “I do what I am told” Fischer.

  19. Goober Natorial says:

    Bob Kerrey has to say it or he’d never get elected here. He’s not saying it because he believes it. If he was running for mayor of New York City, he’d be talking all liberal-like. He’d be telling New Yorkers what he thinks they want to hear. Just like he’s doing here.

  20. L says:

    Bob Kerrey’s history and candidacy is not worth discussing. The New York Times and Buffett are right. Whether the OWH endorses Kerrey or not, Kerrey is irrelevant and Obama is going down.

  21. Interested Observer says:

    I can’t figure out why DEB FI$CHER hasn’t turned her 25 point, self proclaimed, lead back in May into a somewhat more decisive 95 point lead by now? Why is that?

  22. Interested Observer says:

    DEB FI$CHER has used her WELFARE GRAZING and a political “ponzi scheme” to viciously punish neighbors and former friends and support a lavish lifestyle that included two prestigious golf course memberships, numerous luxury cars, and never working.

  23. Macdaddy says:

    IO, you do know that your editors are going to be pissed that you keep publishing your stories here first instead of in the BWH, don’t you? Just some friendly career advice.

  24. Brad Assford says:

    This guy is an idiot. He is the champion for county merger, and now wants to de-annex Elkhorn???? Is he off his meds again? The pandering for votes is so transparent

  25. Anonymous says:

    What will Deb do after she gets beat? She won’t come back to the ranch. She is not a real rancher. ha, ha, ha.. The ranch is on life support, only surviving on welfare. She won’t live in Valentine in her mansion, because she will have to sell it to pay her debts. So what is the poor girl to do?

  26. Anonymostly says:

    IO, you’ve been honking this same horn so long that absolutely NO ONE takes you seriously anymore. And now, we find out, thanks to you, the latest revelation that Deb Fischer has two golf course memberships. OMFG! That is OBSCENE! OMG! TWO?!? That B*TCH!. And luxury cars! What’s the world coming to that a wealthy landowner from Valentine is driving around in luxury cars?

    IO, you’ve become a caricature. You’ve long since reached the point of diminishing returns with your comments. There is now an inverse relationship between the frequency of your posts and their effectiveness at getting people to believe what you seem to want them to believe. In other words, the more you post, the more likely it is that people will now disregard what you say and vote for Deb.

    Congratulations, you’ve rendered yourself politically superfluous. Now, you’re only good for entertainment. And just in case there was any doubt in your mind, we’re not laughing with you.

  27. Oct 9, 12:59 says:

    As an Air Force wife, I find your comments disgusting. There is not one easy day in the military and nothing is given or free- everything is earned. If you don’t respect our country’s military feel free to leave this country. Trust me, we won’t miss you.

  28. BREAKING NEWS says:

    We just found out that Deb has two I said TWO pure breed Labs

    .., in other news Kerrey still loses by a landslide

  29. Lil Mac says:

    Let us assume everyone is here for entertainment. And that none of it is healthy.

    From that perspective, there are two possible reasons to blog here. One reason is to masochistically endure the pain of having to support some loser you know is losing, thereby leaving you to cling to the hope that you are a saintly martyr amid your suspicion that you really look like a doofus writhing in agony. The other reason to be here is to sadistically enjoy watching the doofus’ writhe in agony. Currently, it is the Democrats, including Democrats who unconvincingly masquerade as Republicans, who are giving the sadists a good show. Lest we think too badly of the sadists, we should remember that the only thing sicker than watching an idiot whip himself is to be that idiot.

  30. Goober Natorial says:

    Air Force Wife, I think by and large the Democrat base truly hates the military. They’re the ones out protesting wars and saying horrible things about our military and calling our soldiers “baby killers.” Then, when they nominate an actual baby killer of their own to run for office, they suddenly find it ok to kill babies. And how dare anyone criticize the baby killer they nominated because Rush Limbaugh never served in the military. Does that all make sense now? (No, of course not. Unless you’re a Democrat.)

  31. Anonymous says:

    What is really hilarious is that some goofball right winger goes off on the military and is immediately labeled a liberal and a democrat. Republicans just don’t recognize themselves when they see themselves in the mirror. Maybe they’re vampires.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    Deb Fischer almost ran me off the road up in Valentine. She was driving a Bugatti Veyron and she laughed when she saw the look of terror in my eyes. We were that close to each other. The next day, she introduced a bill to the unicam that would have re-routed the Keystone pipeline to veer hundreds of miles out of the way to come right through my neighborhood and even right through my living room. True story.

  33. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 6:53, my post was what we in the literate world call satire. Oh, wait. Was that not the crime you were referring to? Or did you mean belonging to 2 (gasp!) prestigious country clubs was a crime? Sacre bleu! I’ve thought long and hard about it and I’m going to give up my season pass at Putt-Putt. I sure wouldn’t want to be breaking any laws. So I can still play at Warren Swigart then?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Mac daddy your so clue less its not even funny. You know nothing about the real Deb Fischer. All you care is that she has a R by her name . Pretty dam sad. If she had a D by her name you would be screaming bloody murder. So go back to being a wanna be and let the people who know the truth do the writing.

  35. Macdaddy says:

    You guys have nothing. Period. If you have something else, put up or shut up, but so far your attempts at distracting people from what a lousy candidate Bob Kerrey is have been pathetic. Bob Kerrey has idiotic ideas and wrong-headed policies all wrapped up in a duplicitous, cranky package. His whole campaign is based on battling straw men and hoping people won’t look at his actual record. I do feel sorry for you guys. All you have to work with is innuendo. Unfortunately for you, people aren’t in the mood.

  36. Interested Observer says:

    OK Macdaddy, what do you have good to say about DEB FI$CHER? I’ve asked Street Sweeper a few times to write something good about her, but so far, he can’t.

  37. RWP says:

    I’m just delighted to see our local sanctimony party turn out to support a man who on his first significant military mission had his platoon knife to death three small children and two grandparents, then used automatic weapons to kill another 16 women and children. And with no plausible report of enemy fire. They gave him a bronze star for that. The VC were 1/4 mile away, keeping their heads down.

    You know, one thing that makes Americans lucky is they haven’t had an enemy invasion in their lifetime. This sort of crap is what makes war suck. But it hasn’t happened to you, so kiss your kids goodnight. Similar stuff, though not so severe, happened to my family in Ireland, at the hands of foreign soldiers. Thankfully, the First Paras didn’t have a Lieutenant Kerrey on the payroll. Reading Greg Vistica’s gave me an odd feeling; it made me thankful for the humanity of the British Army.

    Yeah, go worry about land disputes in Cherry County, and elect a monster to the Senate. After all, the children he killed were only gooks.

  38. Anonymostly says:

    Interested Observer, has it ever occured to you that Sweeper is doing that which your husband only dreams of doing: ignoring you?

  39. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 3:54 scribbles: “What is really hilarious is that some goofball right winger goes off on the military and is immediately labeled a liberal and a democrat. Republicans just don’t recognize themselves when they see themselves in the mirror. Maybe they’re vampires.

    Actually, what’s hilarious is that you think you can convincingly pretend that the “goofball right winger” you refer to was someone other than yourself. That’s what’s hilarious. It was so transparent that the fact you think it was convincing has me literally laughing out loud. You putz.

  40. Anonymous says:

    “You know nothing about the real Deb Fischer. All you care is that she has a R by her name .”

    Yep. That pretty much sums it up. About 35% of the Nebraska population will vote for Kerrey because he has a D by his name and about 45% of the state will vote for Fischer because she has an R. That’s not a new notion but congratulations for thinking you’ve come up with some ground-breaking political analysis there.

    People of both parties tend to vote their party identification. Nothing new or unusual about that. I’d vote for anyone, regardless of party, who I think is the best candidate. Thing is, anyone who self-identifies as a D is almost certainly going to be too namby-pamby, take my money and throw it at ne’r-do-wells, knee-jerk, do-gooder liberal for my liking.

    For example, if I lived in Danielle Conrad’s legislative district, there’s no way in hell I could vote for her. I don’t care how many luxury cars her Republican opponent might driver and whether he has 4, 8 or 256 golf course memberships, I don’t want that goofy, bat-shit-crazy, dogmatic liberal casting votes in the legislature. So, I’m voting for the other guy.

    Same thing applies to this Senate race. If you could compellingly convince me that Deb Fischer would be the next Chuck Hagel, I might possibly vote for Kerrey figuring he’ll just be there one term after which we can get someone good in there. Deb Fischer, OTOH, will be there awhile. And I might take 6 years of Kerrey over 18 years of Hagel II. But I don’t think that’s what we’ll get with Deb Fischer. So far, all I know about Fischer is that she gets a good deal on rental pasture from the Federal government. Which sucks. But when the alternative sucks orders of magnitude more, I’ll take the less sucky of the two. Easy choice.

  41. Whatever says:

    Oh, a day in the life of Leavenworth Street. Gotta love the little regular pundits, all caught up in their talking points and losing sight of reality.

    Lee Terry goes after Ewing, lies, uses their source to “prove” their claim, but the source says “oops”, might have got that wrong. The scrambling to double down on the lie is already getting pathetic.

    Debbie is shown to be a vindictive individual, with the story of the Kime’s now out in full view, and the usual people do everything possible to avoid talking the facts of that case. Instead they bring up Brenda Council to draw away from Debbie’s behavior. Guess what….have you heard anyone defending Brenda? I know her, and like her as a person, but what she did was wrong, and what Debbie did was wrong. One was a personal failing that hurt the one failing, the other was just pure evil and vindictive, going after people who were kind enough to allow them to use part of their land to raise their cattle,

    People get angry at an idiot making stupid comments about the military, and yet defend the idiot calling a hero all kinds of names and dissing his service to this country during a horrible war that most people didn’t support. Bad things happen in war. Kerrey stepped up when most were looking for ways to avoid service (such Cheney, Limbaugh, O’Reilly and Clinton).

    Party before the people……punditry, talking points and lies before truth and honor….that’s what this world, and especially the people in this state, has turned into. We’ll be lucky if their is still a country to save in 50 years the way things are going. We need serious people with serious ideas, not talking points, and platitudes. People who are willing to compromise and acknowledge that no one party has the answers and no one idea will ever be supported by all the people.

    Rant over. Carry on.

  42. RWP says:

    Kerrey stepped up when most were looking for ways to avoid service

    Service being defined as executing three small children and two old people by slashing them above the kidneys, followed by exterminating the rest of the village with automatic weapons?

    I know several Vietnam vets who managed to get out without outraging humanity.

  43. Oh Mander says:

    Does JSA still read these hieroglyphics? If so I’d love to hear her reaction to Romney’s latest last-ditch move to the center. This one puts her is in a tough spot. Her dolla dolla bills y’all depend on it.

  44. Whatever says:

    RWP, tells us you were in Vietnam, and never ever did anything wrong. Until then, you’re an unregistered voter without any basis for commenting on the conditions of war. I have story from my great uncle of bombing a town in WW2 and finding they took out women and children with their bombs because they didn’t have the correct intel. It was war and war sucks.

    What Deb attempted to do to a nice elderly couple over 100 acres, and who had been nice enough to allow use of their land, was calculated and on purpose. It’s disgusting.

  45. RWP says:

    Kerrey’s squad didn’t kill those women and children because of accident or poor intel. They killed them because their alternative, having made contact, was to abort the mission.

    Mountbatten should not have been killed. His killers, if found, should have been tried for murder.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The truth about Deb Fischer is now coming out. Her allies are in panic mode and it will get worse. So much worse. The real Deb Fischer is coming to town and it s not good.

  47. Gee, let’s see.
    Democrats find themselves waaaaay behind in a race, so do they challenge the Republican’s positions or how she’ll vote? Pump up the positions of their candidate?
    They claim the Republican is meeeeeean and eeeeevillll.
    Boy, who coulda seen THAT coming! That is SO out of character for the Dems!
    Then again, they lose on the issues, so why change course, yeah?

    Have at it commenters.

  48. Interested Observer says:

    Gee, let’s see Street Sweeper.
    Pump up the positions of their candidate?
    They claim the opponent is meeeeeean and eeeeevillll and kills babies and old women.
    Boy, who coulda seen THAT coming! That is SO out of character for them!

    In the mean time, “Interested Observer October 9, 2012 at 9:14 PM
    OK Macdaddy, what do you have good to say about DEB FI$CHER? I’ve asked Street Sweeper a few times to write something good about her, but so far, he can’t.”

  49. Interested Observer says:

    RWP said “You know, one thing that makes Americans lucky is they haven’t had an enemy invasion in their lifetime.” I’m not exactly sure what you call the September 11 attacks? Maybe you were home in Ireland or England or wherever you call home on your Irish passport and didn’t hear about that terrible day here in the USA.

  50. Interested Observer says:

    There’s a really nice article on the World Herald this morning titled “Help with harvest warms families’ hearts after husbands’ deaths”. It says:

    “Carol Byers’ husband died unexpectedly in June, and she was left with more than 500 acres of crops that she had no idea how to handle.
    The day after Fred Byers’ death, one of his friends, Don Lord, told Carol Byers not to worry.
    Lord and other farmers in the Sloan, Iowa, area fulfilled their pledge Monday when 50 of them using numerous combines harvested the corn and soybeans in the Byers’ fields. No questions asked, no payment of any kind required.
    Farmers have a tradition of helping other farm families in crisis. They know what a big job they face. They appreciate how overwhelming those huge fields may seem when a person is coping with the blows that life delivers.
    The same thing happened near Bradshaw, Neb. Daniel Graves died in August after a long fight with cancer. Farmers showed up Monday with combines, grain carts, trucks and drivers and took care of their friend’s 550 acres.
    “I have no words,” said Daniel Graves’ son, Dan. “All I know is that I’m proud to be part of this community. And my dad was, too.””

    The odd thing is that the article doesn’t say anything about trying to take 105 acres of the beloved, elderly neighbors’ land and suing them! The article only talks about getting along with neighbors and helping them out in time of need. Gee, didn’t I say something about that in here a few times?

  51. Never Left The Neb says:

    Poor John Ewing. Looks more like the “water boy” (Ewing’s words, not mine!)than the high school football star, in his whiney, please quit saying mean things about me rant. Is this why the police department budgets are astronomical too. While he was a Deputy Chief in charge of finances did he forget about labor costs when tweaking OPD’s Budgets too?

    How Dumb…

  52. Never Left The Neb says:

    Isn’t that like having kids and then figuring out that you have to feed them, cloth them AND pay for day care so you can work to FEED them and CLOTH them?

    Those darn doctors. They never tell you that when they give you the blessed news that you have a bun in the oven.

  53. Xavier says:

    John Ewing can’t even handle a county budget, and you expect him to have any clue how to handle our Federal Government’s $4 trillion expenditures? Lee Terry has a history of cutting federal spending. I vote for him. Regardless of whose numbers are correct, Ewing still should have foreseen the extra salary increases after-the-fact, after the first time he screwed up the budget by going $292,000 over in 2007. My point, maybe after 2007, Ewing should have factored in those salary increases in 2008 and thereafter. This one is on Ewing. He should man-up and take responsibility, rather than acting as the victim and crying for Lee’s campaign to take down the ad. I loved it when Boomer told KETV that he wasn’t just going to continue running the ad, but he’s going to buy more TV spots for the ad. Go Terry campaign! Omahans should know the truth about Ewing.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Senator Fischer worked with anybody who was willing to work with her. A simple search of the legislative record will show jus how much she worked with, both as an introducer, co-signer, and voting member. She worked on the following; LB340 Dubas, Pipelines, LB 827 she and Schimek voted together, LB284 she voted with Howard, Mello, and Cook, LB823 introduced by Schimek,with Priester, Rogert, and Wallman on L B 289.

    So it is obvious you don’t have a clue. Now to be sure you understand it perfectly clear there were plenty of liberal bills Senator Fischer did NOT support, which is why she is a Republican, nor did a majority of the legislature.

  55. RWP says:

    The reason I applied for naturalization was 9/11. My wife and my children are American, as are most of my friends, and since they were under attack, I wanted to be on the same side. It was a choice, not an accident of birth.

    American was not invaded or occupied on 9/11. I know it’s a leap of imagination that you may be incapable of, IO, but imagine if a foreign soldier, at any time of the day or night, could march into your sod hut, tear it apart, drag off you or a member of your family, and imprison them under brutal conditions without trial…and you had no legal recourse. And imagine this situation went on for years.

  56. Macdaddy says:

    IO is begging for me to say something nice about Deb Fischer so here ya’ go:
    1. She is a formidable legislator. IO’s article in the BWH even confirmed it. I don’t worry about her getting rolled in the US Senate nor do I worry about her making enemies needlessly.
    2. She supports Keystone XL. BTW, what is Bob Kerrey’s position on that? She recognizes that we need cheaper energy prices and will vote to drill in that Godforsaken, mosquito-infested no man’s land called ANWR.
    3. I disagreed with her on putting more money into roads, but after having taken a few trips around rural Nebraska in the past few months and having to endure Hwy75 on trips to KC while I-29 was closed, I can see her point. Her bill was much needed.
    4. She is pro-life. Bob Kerrey is pro-death. Pre-born and born. He supports Obamacare which will not lead to decreased costs or improved care but will lead to rationing and death panels which Obama confirmed while Mitt Romney was shoving a teleprompter up his a$$.
    5. She will vote to overturn Obamacare.
    6. She will vote for Mitch McConnell for Majority Leader. Kerrey will vote for the nasty and racist Harry Reid.
    7. She supports a balanced budget amendment. Bob Kerrey said not only no, but hell no to that.
    8. She has experience with the problems that face regular Nebraskans. It used to be that being a rancher was hot stuff in Nebraska. Scott Kleeb sure thought so. He clung to that like a white man to his religion and guns.
    9. She doesn’t waste our time with idiotic and snake oil ideas like abolishing party identification in the Senate.
    10. The only time I met her she seemed nice enough. Looked like a regular Nebraskan to me. She sure didn’t have horns, a tail, or bad breath. She was wearing shoes so I couldn’t see if she had cloven hooves.

  57. Anonymous says:

    @ Ethics,
    Is it ethical for an ex-Governor/Presidential candidate to lie repeatedly? Is it ethical for a State Senator/Senatorial candidate to lie repeatedly?

  58. Macdaddy says:

    Is it ethical for a Predident to lie repeatedly? On more than one occasion, including before the UN and the world, Obama lied about our ambassador getting killed over a video even though he knew the day after it happened that it was a lie.

  59. Macdaddy says:

    President. Do people have this problem with android phones? Predident isn’t even a word. How does that get through the iPhone spell check?

  60. Whatever says:

    I see everyone, even Sweeper, are completely avoiding the fact that Terry’s source recanted, and that it’s been proven that Ewing saved money. When you have to use lies to keep going after the opponent, it’s sad. I’d post a link to the KETV report, but Sweeper hates that. Truth….it’s what matters.

  61. Anonymous says:

    It appears we should all vote for “none of the above” since every single candidate for every office on the ballot is a proven liar. Where have all the flowers gone?

  62. Anonymous says:

    Democrats are the champions of nasty campaigning. They’ve proven repeatedly that there is no depth to which they won’t stoop to smear their political opponents. One can only wonder what this Senate campaign would have looked like had Jon Bruning won the nomination. I’m sure it would have been nasty. And personal.

    They’ve apparently been able to dig up precious little about Deb Fischer so they’ve resorted to going after her family, which I’ve always understood was off limits. Michelle Obama said so herself. But the gloves are clearly off. And I’m not sure what Deb’s family’s issues have to do with her worthiness as a candidate. (It’s not worth discussing this with IO, by the way, because she simply can’t keep all of her lies straight. You have no idea with which or her many positions you’re currently arguing. The one that says she doesn’t attack Deb’s family? Or the one that attacks Deb’s family? The one that says this is all about Deb and, really, people up there like her husband Bruce? Or the one that attacks them both for grazing permits her husband Bruce obtained within months of them getting married?)

    The latest assault is patently absurd. It has to do with the adverse possession action the Fischers undertook 15 years ago and legislation that Deb introduced a year ago. Before I get into that, I need to offer some education for those who might be confused by IO’s deliberate obfuscation. And that deals with adverse possession. There are times where adjacent landowners get involved in boundary disputes. It happens. And when it happens, thankfully we have a system in place whereby courts resolve those disputes. Certainly a better option than challenging one’s neighbor to a duel. In the Fischers’ situation, there was a dispute about a boundary and the courts resolved that question in favor of the Fischers’ neighbors.

    Adverse possession claims simply mean that, regardless of the legal boundary, I’ve been using the disputed property openly, notoriously, under a claim of right and for a specified period of time and, because of that, the law should conclude that my neighbor has abandoned his right to it. Adverse possession claims can also relate to easements. If there’s no access to my property without going through yours, I might be entitled to an easement by prescription. That doesn’t mean I claim all the land. It just gives me a right to use it to get to and from my property.

    Again, in the Fischers’ case, the courts found in favor of the neighbor. And that matter was decided back in 1997.

    Now comes the Democratic party and files a complaint against Deb Fischer with the Accountability and Disclosure Commission claiming that she should have disclosed her interest in that land when she introduced legislation that would potentially have affected its sale to the State Game and Parks (or some such entity.) But here’s the rub. The COURTS! already determined she had no interest in the land. And that was decided back in 1997. So what’s to disclose? A non-interest in land she doesn’t own — as decided by the courts?

  63. Anonymous says:

    there was a dispute about a boundary…
    Your spin has made me dizzy! There was no dispute. The Fischers just wanted the land. I believe we have a case of projection here as I can document far more cases of Republicans doing what they accuse Democrats of. For example, Lee Terry’s ad that is an outright lie about Ewing’s record. Check out KETV’s site for the truth.

  64. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous lib at 1:27, when two parties have a disagreement about something there is, by definition, a dispute. I realize English is hard for you, but do try to at least keep up, mkay?

  65. Rocky Ford says:

    @ Anonymous at 1:15

    “There are times where adjacent landowners get involved in boundary disputes.”

    This wasn’t a border dispute. This was three attempts to force an 80 year old elderly couple into giving up their own lands – including using a quitclaim deed to sign away their land for $1.00 USD. Then after they lose, they start a fence committee, where they lose again and then refuse to pay the bill for four years. This is about character. This is about being able to pay the bills that you request…The Fischers requested the fence committee, but yet when they didn’t like the result, they refused to pay it. Don’t believe me? Go to Cherry Co. Courthouse and see for yourself. This was not a boundary dispute. The Fischers were allowed to use the land for free! FOR FREE! And then they sue their 80 year old neighbors who were loved in the community. Character. Character. Character.

    “The latest assault is patently absurd. It has to do with the adverse possession action the Fischers undertook 15 years ago and legislation that Deb introduced a year ago.”

    Fischer knew and admitted today!! that the G&P was turning to the Environmental Trust to get money to buy Snake Falls. So, the timing here is bad. She introduces a bill in the middle of the negotiations to purchase the land after finding out that they wanted to buy it!!! WOW>>>>>> connect the dots here! If this had been Ewing or any Democrat, you guys would be all over this…instead it’s Fischer acting out her vendetta for losing. Remember, she said in the OWH, she just doesn’t lose.

    “The COURTS! already determined she had no interest in the land. ”

    You’re wrong. The Courts AND the fencing committee found she was wrong! 😉

  66. Anonymous says:

    Rocky Ford’s post makes Goober look pretty stupid. No, there wasn’t a dispute over the property boundaries. Just a naked land grab.

  67. Anonymous says:

    No, two righties that don’t understand English.
    In simple English, there was NO dispute over the boundary. The Fischer’s simply thought they could use the law to take land they didn’t own. Glad I live hundreds of miles from them!

  68. Ethics says:

    It concerns me that a decorated Naval Seal has Action Reports that do not jive with the testimony of his own men. How does one kill women in children when the enemy is not present???? What sick SOB supports that position?

  69. Anonymostly says:

    No, two righties that don’t understand English.
    In simple English, there was NO dispute over the boundary. The Fischer’s simply thought they could use the law to take land they didn’t own. Glad I live hundreds of miles from them!

    Soooo … the Fischers wanted the land (or access to it or something like that) and thought they were entitled to it, and the Kimes didn’t agree. So, the Kimes disputed the Fischers’ claims. Sounds like a dispute to me.

    You idiotic liberals parsing the word “dispute.” This is unreal.

  70. Interested Observer says:

    The bottom line here is that DEB FI$CHER introduced the bill specifically to block the Kime’s Snake River Ranch purchase by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission with a grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust. She told at least 6 different people in Cherry County this at that time.

    This is just one of very many different examples of Deb using her official position to sadistically punish people that she doesn’t like. What would she do if she ever became a United States Senator? How hard would she work to REALLY punish certain people then?

  71. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymostly, the commenters are not “parsing the word “dispute.””. They are saying that obviously there was a dispute and that the dispute was not over the specific location of the actual border or boundary of the land. The Fischer’s and the Kime’s all agreed with the specific location of the land in dispute. The commenters are saying the dispute was not saying the fence should be one foot east or one foot west. This dispute was not a minor issue.

    DEB FI$CHER was saying that she wanted the whole pasture! The dispute concerned 105 acres of land that the Kime family had owned for many decades and had managed and had paid their taxes on and had allowed Fischer’s to use for free with a “gentleman’s agreement”. That land is worth perhaps $10,000 per acre, perhaps 50 times as much as the poorer pasture across the fence. That makes this land worth as much as one million dollars.

    I have learned that a claim of adverse possession requires 5 specific elements that must each individually be proved as well as all 5 together and all must be proved for a period of 10 years. Fischer’s failed to prove any of the specific elements and also failed to prove all 5 together. They failed on each and every point! This was absolutely a slam dunk decision.

    Again, this was not just some minor dispute over the boundary. This was a completely unmitigated, greedy land grab.

  72. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous October 10, 2012 at 1:15 PM said “Democrats are the champions of nasty campaigning.” I kinda thought the Nebraska Republican Senate Primary campaign this spring was a little rough and tumble and more than just a little nasty.

  73. Goober Natorial says:

    This is amusing. Anon at post 90 says “there was NO dispute.” Then Anonymostly at post 93 quotes post 90 saying “there was NO dispute” and says they’re parsing the word. And then IO comes along in post 95 and says to Anonymostly, oh no, they’re not parsing the word. “They are saying that obviously there was a dispute.”

    Yeah, Anonymostly, who are you going to believe? Interested Observer or your lying eyes?

  74. Macdaddy says:

    So yesterday, at the urging of IO, I listed 10 nice things about Deb Fischer. IO has yet to disagree any of them but instead keeps going back to a lawsuit that was decided by a judge 15 years ago and which was decided in favor of the party that IO thinks should have won. I guess if all you have is a dead horse then you beat the dead horse.

  75. Goober Natorial says:

    So, Kimes’ ranch was better than 3000 acres. It was special because it contained Nebraska’s largest waterfall and some of the best trout fishing in the nation in a 5 mile stretch of the snake river. But not all 3100 acres overlook the snake river. The entire 3100 acre tract recently sold for an undisclosed amount according to the article about the sale in the OWH. The land had been valued at $9 million. That’s just under $3000/acre and includes the falls and the world class trout fishing in the river. And it was purchased by a group of sportsmen for purposes of fishing and hunting.

    IO would have us believe that the non-disputed 100 acres of rangeland involved in the adverse possession suit was worth $10,000/acre. I call bullshit on yet another of IO’s false claims. I just googled Cherry county pasture for sale and came up with nothing remotely approaching the kind of price IO claims that non-disputed land was worth. For instance, Niobrara River Ranch in Cody is for sale. Total of 1542 acres along the Niobrara and they’re asking $1,038/acre. The whole 1500 acres for $1.6 million.

    Another ranch near Gordon with 2 miles of Niobrara river running through it lists at just over $700/acre for 4080 acres. The suggestion that the non-disputed 100 acres involved in the Fischers’ suit was worth $10,000 is so far beyond the scope of reality that one wonders what kind of nonsense IO will invent next. Totally discredited.

  76. Anonymous says:

    You righties are hilariously deficient in analytical thinking (i.e. STUPID!). Dispute</b is NOT the same as disputed boundary. Disputed boundary is more specific, and as IO says was not the case with Fischer’s land grab. No wonder an intelligent, logical discussion is impossible with you folks.

  77. Interested Observer says:

    Well Goober got a couple facts right and a several wrong. The most important point that he is wrong on is when he called the 105 Acres “non-disputed”. No Goober, those are the ONLY acres that were in dispute. You were correct when you reported that the total appraised value of the entire ranch was around $9 million and that the total acreage was around 3,100 Acres.

    The primary financial value of that particular ranch is the Snake River, the falls and the river canyon. The balance of the ranch is Sandhill pasture and not particularly unique.

    The disputed 105 Acres, which lies partially within the canyon, even includes a segment of the actual Snake River itself, and therefore IS part of the profoundly most valuable part of the overall ranch. When I said that the canyon land and the riparian areas along the river were worth perhaps 50 times the value of the poorer pasture across the fence, that would make the plain pasture part of the ranch worth, perhaps only $200 per Acre. A ranch sold south of Valentine this past summer at open, public auction and the plain pasture part of that ranch sold for around $350, as I recall, and it was somewhat more productive than the Snake Falls Ranch upland pasture as the south of town pasture had a lot of low ground on it with good water.

    The Niobrara River in Cherry County is not a world class trout fishery and there are hundreds of miles of Niobrara River frontage just in Cherry County alone and is therefore, nowhere nearly as valuable as the best and most valuable part of the Snake River, which Kime’s owned. Snake River land and Niobrara River land are 2 entirely different markets with 2 entirely different values.

    Sorry Goober, but my numbers are legitimate. You may tweak them a bit, but the value of that ranch IS the river and the canyon.

  78. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, no one is beating any dead horse. I am saying that DEB FI$CHER had 7 years as a State Senator to address diverting funding away from the Nebraska Environmental Trust to the Nebraska Water Resources Cash Fund. Why did she wait until she realized that the Game and Parks was trying to buy the Snake Falls Ranch from the Kime’s with a grant from the Environmental Trust to propose this completely unprecedented earmark transfer? Remember back when Deb opposed ALL earmarks?

    This is just one more example of Deb misusing and abusing her official position to single out the family of a beloved, elderly neighbor couple that had been so generous to the Fischer family for so many, many years to “get even” with them for successfully defending their own property from her. There are many, many, many more examples of Deb’s dirty tricks and sadistic efforts to punish those people on Deb’s “Nixonian” Enemies List! Maybe we need to develop a new wrist watch with Deb’s picture on it that says “I’m not a crook”.

    Deb’s behavior is completely unbecoming and unfitting of a Nebraska State Senator and brings disrespect onto the entire Legislature. If the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission does find that Deb failed to disclose her potential conflict of interest, I fully expect the Legislature to admonish Deb in some manner, as it should!

  79. Macdaddy says:

    So you still haven’t disputed anything on my list but instead continue to harp about a 15 year old lawsuit and see conspiracies everywhere. You are seriously accusing Deb Fischer of being so vindictive that she is carrying out her vendetta years after the death of her enemies? Seriously? And let’s look at the result of that vendetta. According to you and your colleagues in the NE Dems, Fischer tried to divert money from the NET all to squash the sale of her long dead enemies’ ranch to the state so it wouldn’t decrease the value of her land. If the sale to the public went through, the owners of the Snake River Falls Ranch would have gotten much less than they probably did by selling it to the private group, the group that originally wanted taxpayer help with financing, aka welfare, according to your logic. I’m sure that since you are so knowledgeable of all things Cherry County you know what the actual sale price was. If the sale to the public went through, your contention is that the value of Fischer’s land would have decreased. That contention is based on nothing, of course, but it really makes a mess of your complaints: Deb Fischer tried to protect her land’s value and Deb Fischer wanted to punish the Kimes’ heirs. So which is it because they are mutually exclusive. If the Kimes’ land value goes down, hers goes down. If Fischer was trying to punish the Kimes, long since dead, wouldn’t she want their land value to go down? Oh, I get it. She wanted the sale to go through to a private entity at an inflated price so she could then buy that 100 acres at an inflated price. Please enlighten us.

  80. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, you’re making this much more difficult and complicated that it really is by incorrectly adding incorrect, false claims to my statements of fact. Go back and reread what I wrote. No where did I say that the purpose of Deb blocking the sale of the Snake Falls Ranch from the Kime’s to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission was, as you said, “so it wouldn’t decrease the value of her land”. I never said any such thing. It appears to me that Deb’s sole purpose was to deny Kime’s the opportunity to sell the best part of their ranch to the State of Nebraska for the benefit of ALL Nebraskans, at as I understand, a discounted price! That’s the kind of people the Kime’s are.

    At the time of the negotiations between Kime’s and the Snake Falls Sportsman’s Club and the Game and Parks and the Environmental Trust, it was understood that the Sportsman’s Club was not able to purchase the entire ranch themselves. So, at that time, it was the conventional wisdom that either the Game and Parks was involved, on behalf of Nebraska, or there was to be no sale at all.

    Macdaddy, please show me in my previous comments where I ever said anything like you attribute to me, “According to you . . . so it wouldn’t decrease the value of her land” and “your contention is that the value of Fischer’s land would have decreased”.

    Also, Macdaddy, you said “She wanted the sale to go through to a private entity at an inflated price so she could then buy that 100 acres at an inflated price”. I also never suggested or said that DEB FI$CHER wanted to buy any land. Don’t you know that Deb has been selling off parts of the ranch over the last several years? She’s not a buyer, she’s only a seller. One of her motivations in this adverse possession action was to get clear title to the land she was trying to sell, not only her own land, but this 105 acres of Kime’s also.

    If I can help clear up any more of your confusion on this matter, please just ask. I’m here to help.

  81. Political Genius says:

    Just say a poll with Kerrey down by 9 and only a few undecideds left. The guy is toast. He wasn’t even winning Omaha…..lol

  82. IO wrote: “It appears to me that Deb’s sole purpose was to deny Kime’s the opportunity to sell the best part of their ranch to the State of Nebraska for the benefit of ALL Nebraskans, at as I understand, a discounted price!”

    IO doesn’t appear to understand that, had the sale gone through, one of the conditions to be placed on the land is that it would only be open to a small number of individuals per year. IO is supporting those dirty, evil, and greedy welfare hunters and fisherman who were trying to take advantage of the Nebraska taxpayers by having their hobbies subsidized by the government!

    After all, it was IO that said: “I get along well enough on the ranch that I don’t need any outside money. I live on what I make, I’m not like DEB FI$CHER.”

    Indeed, if all those welfare hunters and fishermen ‘lived on what they made’, they’d just go buy their own places to hunt and fish! BURN THEM ALL AT THE STAKE!!!

  83. Macdaddy says:

    “Deb’s sole purpose was to deny Kime’s the opportunity to sell the best part of their ranch to the State of Nebraska for the benefit of ALL Nebraskans, at as I understand, a discounted price!”

    And how does this punish the Kimes, who had died several years before? You’ve lost me.

  84. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, the Kime’s left family, many of whom have the Kime name and were the subsequent owners of the family ranch. They are the ones who are still being harassed.

  85. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, the Kime’s left family, many of whom have the Kime name and became the subsequent owners of the family ranch. They are the ones who are still being harassed even after the passing of Les and Betty.

  86. Interested Observer says:

    Grundle said “IO is supporting those dirty, evil, and greedy welfare hunters and fisherman who were trying to take advantage of the Nebraska taxpayers by having their hobbies subsidized by the government!”

    Actually Grundle, the overwhelming majority of Game and Parks operations are self-funded by those exact same hunters and fishermen. Only a very small portion of Game and Parks budget is from the General Fund as appropriated by the Legislature.

    Valentine and Cherry County is extremely blessed to have all the public lands here enhancing the private land that is so popular with Nebraska hunters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts, including those thousands that come up to go down the Niobrara River and visit Merritt Dam and the refuge lakes and other places. The economic benefit from all those people is a great boost to our overall economy. This is of course, one big reason to simply manage the federal grazing land effectively and not just dump it on the market as DEB FI$CHER has proposed. I can assure you that hunters, fishermen and other tourists are extremely welcome and very appreciated in Valentine.

    Also Grundle, many of those hunters pay for the privilege to come hunt on private land and that extra income is very important to lots of ranchers here, especially when it comes time to go pay the real estate tax.

  87. RWP says:

    This is of course, one big reason to simply manage the federal grazing land effectively and not just dump it on the market as DEB FI$CHER has proposed.

    Huh? Rafters in the Niobrara River downstream of Valentine are a reason to manage federal grazing land at McKelvie?

  88. IO wrote: “Only a very small portion of Game and Parks budget is from the General Fund as appropriated by the Legislature.”

    Only a very small portion of the federal budget is dedicated to the federal grazing program as appropriated by Congress…but that doesn’t stop your incessant nagging about it.

    “I get along well enough on the ranch that I don’t need any outside money.”

    Imagining for the moment that you are a rancher, then you shouldn’t need to take outside money from hunters and fishermen to charge them for access to the publicly-owned wildlife. Question for ya (sorry, it’ll be tough to Google an answer for this one), but which hunters, fishermen, and tourists would you say are MORE welcome and appreciated…the ones who request access to private land without the ability to pay, or the ones who come willing to shell out buckets of cash?

    Careful answering…you must might get labeled as the ‘INTERE$TED OB$ERVER’.

  89. Macdaddy says:

    IO, didn’t the Kime heirs actually sell the ranch and at a higher price thanks to, according to you, Deb Fischer? Again, how does that punish the Kime heirs? I would love to have enemies like that: “I hate you but I got you a better price!” “Feel free to hate me every day of the week.” But you claim the Kime heirs are still being harassed. Are you claiming Deb Fischer is harassing them? How is she harassing them?

  90. Anonymous says:

    You righties are sick. Everything IO says is true and you want to win so bad you don’t care how crooked your person is. She makes Joe McCarthy look like a saint.

  91. Anonymous says:

    You lefties are sick. Everything RWP says is true and you want to win so bad you don’t care how crooked your person is. He makes Charlie Rangel look like a saint.

  92. Macdaddy says:

    I’m just trying to follow the logic of the points IO is trying to make. While I’m waiting for an explanation, let me ask this: Is Bob Kerrey going to pledge his allegiance to a man who said this about President Obama: Barack Obama was electable because he was “light-skinned” and has “no Negro dialect—unless he wanted to have one.” He also made disparaging comments about Clarence Thomas, even going so far as to lie about a Supreme Court case to try to cover up his racist remarks.

    We know he’s accepted $500,000 from Harry Reid’s PAC, so I assume that means he has no problem getting in bed with the guy.

  93. Paul Ryan says:

    Let me just fill all this time up with more words. If I say enough stuff, people will believe that I actually have a clue what I am talking about. It doesn’t matter whether what I say makes any sense or not, all that matters is that I can hear my own voice.

  94. Joey says:

    Let me hector my opponent with cackling, eye-rolling and plain interrupting when he talks. Let me tell lies about Benghazi, lies about the HHS mandate, lies about my opponents, lies about not cutting defense spending. Let me scold the moderator and generally make an ass of myself. In the end, the discussion will be about my behavior and not about Obama’s pathetic record as President.

  95. Lil Mac says:

    Everyone has their own way of preparing for a debate. Apparently Obama smokes weed and Biden does amphetamines. Of course, narcolepsy and bipolar mania can explain that too. But let’s look at the bright side and assume they do drugs. Hey, hair plugs hurt and Barry may be fighting off glaucoma.

    Bottom line: When it comes down to dopers, a maniacal cackling crack-head will always do better in a debate than a pot smoker you have to keep waking up.

    I could say they love to hear their own voices and that if they say enough stuff then people will believe them. But what fun is that? You have to admit, the weed and amphetamines is funnier.

  96. RWP says:

    Ryan looked like a serious thinker. Biden looked like a very unsuccessful used car salesman.

    Seriously, Dems, are you comfortable with the level of total intellectual insolvency your party has reached?

  97. Paul Ryan says:

    Joey, Lil Mac and RWP – Thank you for supporting me despite myself. I know you just can’t help yourselves, and that is what Mitt and I counting on.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Joe Biden easily won the debate The polls showed it 51% to 30% If you thought Ryan won you might need to re think what your drinking and smoking. Ryan found out that BS only matters on FOX. Ryan got caught so any times talking crud that it, was easy to see why Biden just laughed at him.

  99. RWP says:

    I finally understand Democrats. Their definition of a successful debater is a semi -articulate, obnoxiously rude jerk who persistently interrupts and when he doesn’t, cycles through a large collection of different flavors of smirk.

    Explains most of my past interactions with them.

  100. Interested Observer says:

    What do some of you think was the primary motivation for DEB FI$CHER to introduce her bill to divert half of the annual funding of the Nebraska Environmental Trust to the Water Resources Cash Fund in 2011 after she had not done anything at all about this for the first 6 years of being in the Legislature?

  101. Anonymous says:

    CNN admitted today they over sampled republicans it’s sad how CNN is getting more like FOX. The big thing is that so many Republicans loved Romney being rude to the President of the USA and then when Biden spanked Ryan, they call foul ball. Obama lost last week Biden won this week. Lets see who wins next, and finally the election

  102. RWP says:

    Oh please. Romney was polite to a fault.

    I will give you this; I bet Biden scored big in the important loud obnoxious middle-aged drunken wife-beater demographic. As someone much younger than me said; if at a social gathering your dad behaved like Biden, wouldn’t you be embarrassed?

    I would say I know guys like Joe, but I don’t. I meet ’em once, and avoid them forever after.

  103. Macdaddy says:

    I bet Biden and Obama just yuck it up all the time in the Oval Office. Unemployment still 8%? Hahahahahahaha! Gas almost $4 a gallon? Tee hee hee! Iran 2 months away from having a nuclear weapon? Guffaw! It must be a real laugh riot around the WH.

    So, all you Lefties out there, I bet you are really, really pleased with Biden modeling Obama’s idea of bipartisanship. So much for having a serious discussion of the issues. Mocking, belittling, smirking, and buffoonery is the Democrats’ Plan A, B, and C. That was our VP last night, folks. One heartbeat away from having his finger on the nuclear trigger, grinning and laughing like a hyena.

  104. RWP says:

    You know, 9:08 AM, I just found out that as a dual citizen of an EU country, I won the Nobel Peace Prize this morning, so in the interests of universal harmony, I’m going to let that one go.

    RWP, Nobel Laureate, 2012.

  105. Anonymous2 says:

    RWP, why don’t you use your prodigious Google skills and prove to yourself that most of what Ryan said was BS. I had trouble keeping a straight face while I heard him, so I can understand Biden’s inability to keep from laughing.

  106. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, RWP. You and Romney. You guys can’t decide where your real loyalties lie. You keep a foot firmly planted in Europe, and Mitt keeps his money there.

  107. RWP says:

    You’re just jealous you didn’t win a Nobel. Nyah nyah nyah.

    Best reaction of the debate was the WSJ editorial, which compared Biden to the drunk on the corner barstool.

  108. Interested Observer says:

    A friend just asked me who Bob Kerrey ran against for Governor. I said Charlie Thone. Then I was asked who followed Kerrey as Governor and I said Kay Orr and that Ben Nelson beat Orr when she ran for re-election. Then I looked that up on Wikipedia to confirm and it says “Orr was narrowly defeated for re-election as Governor in 1990 by Democrat Ben Nelson. The two main attacks on her gubernatorial record that Nelson pursued were her support of a proposed low-level nuclear waste dump and that she raised taxes in the state.”

    So, I think it’s funny that I’ve been saying in here and in the Lincoln Journal Star that DEB FI$CHER is a tax and spend career politician and now I remember that Deb’s campaign co-chair, Kay Orr, ALSO liked to raise taxes and spend money, just like DEB FI$CHER! Peas in a pod.

  109. Interested Observer says:

    WOW, I just read that even KAY ORR is a carpetbagger!!!!! She was born in Burlington, Iowa a really long time ago and much later moved to Nebraska in 1963.

    So, now that makes Kay Orr (Burlington, Iowa), Mike Johanns (Osage, Iowa), Jeff Fortenberry (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and Mark Fahleson (Kansas City, Missouri) ALL carpetbaggers, since apparently none of them were actually native born Nebraskans, kinda like WKRP.

  110. Goober Natorial says:

    IO, quit smoking dope. Defending Bob Kerrey by calling all the Republicans you can think of carpetbaggers is not going to help you sell the claim that you’re a conservative Republican. By the way, is in-state birth a necessary precondition to avoiding the label of carpetbagger in your world? Mark Fahleson went to middle and high school at Waverly, got his Bachelors at Nebraska and then his law degree there as well, and has been practicing law in Lincoln ever since. Does the accident of the location of his birth disqualify him from pursuing elected office in this state in your view? Is there some state where Fahleson could run for office where he wouldn’t be considered a carpet bagger in your opinion?

  111. Anonymous says:

    Never thought of myself as a carpetbagger before. BUT … I wasn’t born in Nebraska, so I guess that makes me one. (Nevermind the fact my parents were both born in Nebraska and I’ve lived in Lincoln for 35 years.)

  112. Truthseeker says:

    IO, here is a portion of Senator Fischer’s introductory statement on LB 229. I guess she must have been completely making it up about studying water for the previous six years? Or you probably just know her better than she knows herself. Sounds like she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to water. You on the other hand….

    “Over the past six years I’ve introduced several bills dealing with this issue, and
    I’ve listened to countless hours of testimony on proposed water policy.. Last year we
    passed LB764, which allows all basins across the state to enter into voluntary integrated
    management plans. I introduced LB764 after listening to testifiers discuss that the water
    management statute only provides regulation and moratoriums on new uses and how
    the law does not foster proactive management. LB764 was a bill for the future, to
    encourage all basins to enter into an IMP process, a proactive management, not a crisis
    management. The bill we are here to discuss today, LB229, is in response to those
    same groups who have come before us countless times discussing the need for
    financial resources to implement management plans, update studies, and other related
    water projects.”

  113. Macdaddy says:

    Truthseeker, don’t you know? Deb Fischer is so conniving and evil that she spent 6 years pretending to study an issue and pass legislation just to give herself cover when that moment came to force her enemies to make more money. By making more money they had to pay more in taxes to the state of Nebraska. And who is an elected state official of Nebraska? Deb Fischer! Bwahahahaha! Bwahahaha! Deb Fischer is a Manipulator: Level Voldemort.

  114. Neb Voter says:

    How can Nebraskans vote for a man that falsified combat reports and was in charge when innocent women and children were massacred???

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