New Terry and Ewing ads in #NE02

In Nebraska’s 2nd District House race, a new ad up for Lee Terry this Friday morning. See it here:

Well you can say one thing: These two oldsters with the java are clearly NOT actors. That’s probably a good thing in any case. This ad was quickly put up to counter John Ewing’s attack against Terry on Medicare (below). Kudos to their camp for the quick response – a definite art in modern campaigning.

We see this as a pretty strong blunt to Ewing’s accusations, and in any case, we have learned that Ewing’s buy on his spot is anemic (and thus the OWH’s plea on behalf of Ewing below). Expect to see Terry’s spot running for awhile.


And finally as noted above,Democrat challenger John Ewing put up an ad this week. See it here:

An interesting bio spot mixed with an attack on Terry. Of course Ewing’s record with the police, including his run in with the police in Colorado, could be fodder for more discussion. Not to mention Ewing’s police pension that seems to go on and on and on. But that may be a discussion for another day.

Again though, in a purely political discussion, if this spot is not running, we question how it can have much of an effect.


Which brings us to the local newspaper.

We often get asked why we took up blogging, or how we come up with ideas to write about.
And another writer recently noted that when something riles you up, it makes it all that much easier for you to start typing.

Case in point. Get a load of this headline by the mighty Omaha World Herald:

John Ewing appeals for funds to counter Lee Terry’s ad


If ever there was a question of what a back water, unprofessional and probably unethical newspaper the OWH has become, here is Exhibit A.

Really? A political candidate is “appealing for funds”? That’s your “news”, is it? Well then we hope you put a link to his campaign fundraising website or left a phone number so the donaters may have an easier time finding said candidate.

Why not just, “The Omaha World Herald wants you to give money to this political candidate because we are hacks and can’t distinguish news from opinion.” Wouldn’t that be quicker?

Editorials are one thing. Even the “fact checking”, opinion based “news” stories are another. This garbage is relegated to the Daily Kos. We have seen Democrat blogs with less bias.

You, OWH Are A Joke.

That clear enough?


And then there was the VP debate last night.
We doubt it changed the positions of stalwarts on either side. Joe Biden came off as a jerk to us, but that is just what hard-core Dems were hoping for.
Ryan came off as knowledgeable and polite and carried his candidate’s water.
Interesting that the majority of undecideds we saw last night also thought Biden was a Vice Presidential ass.
But, again, our mind wasn’t changed anyway.

Comments? Go at it.


  1. RWP says:

    So our President is utterly dissociated from the campaign, and makes it plain he’d rather be golfing or gettin down wit Jay Z and Beyoncé than actually debating. And our Vice-President is an embarrassing obnoxious clown whose principal talent is he can smirk in 17 different ways.

    And we still have 3 months to put up with this. Jeez.

    RWP, Nobel Laureate, 2012.

  2. Commercial Producer says:

    Mr. Ewing has a police officer in uniform appearing in his ad…I thought that was not allowed (And I am not talking about the picture of Mr. Ewing in his uniform).

  3. If people are picking a winner of the debate by looking to the VP candidate who told the most lies and acted the most boorish, then clearly Biden ran away with it. He lied about the U.S. Consulate’s request for more security, he lied about Ryan proposing $300 million in cuts to embassy security, he lied about forcing religiously affiliated institutions to cover abortifacients, he lied about putting Medicare cuts back into the program, and he lied about whose taxes he and Oblamer want to raise.

  4. Interesting that John Ewing touts his record as a police officer, but doesn’t mention the utter lack of respect he showed the police in Aurora, CO on November 27, 2009. I think someone should ask Ewing how we would have reacted, as a police officer, if the following events transpired:

    You see a car with a broken headlight. You turn on the lights and siren in an attempt to pull the car over to notify the driver and maybe issue a simple ‘fix-it’ ticket. The car fails to pull over, and drives several blocks before stopping at a residence. Upon making contact with the driver, who accuses you of being a racist and who repeatedly ignores your order for them to remain in the vehicle, someone from the residence comes out side, acting belligerently and disobeying your commands to go back into the residence. Here you are, just trying to keep a simple traffic stop from escalating into more than in needs to be. After telling the man several times to go back inside, the man threatens to sue you for simply trying to do your job by enforcing the law. Your best efforts have failed…the situation has escalated due to the infantile behavior from the driver and the man from the residence. You call for back-up because you now fear for your safety and that of your partner. You are left with no choice but to cite the man from the residence for disorderly conduct. Only now does the man from inside the residence tell you that he’s a retired officer…and that you owe him more respect!

    Indeed, I’d love to hear Mr. Ewing tell us how he would have handled the situation. I mean, if he’s going to use his credentials as a retired cop as a campaign platform, then he should at least be able to tell us WHY they make him a good candidate.

  5. Skeeter says:

    How does Lee Terry have enough time to campaign when he has a phone book of tax cuts to read. Must be those 157 fake tax cuts.

  6. Skeeter says:

    Seriously where did you get that prop book? It looks ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as having to pull an ad for lying.

  7. Goober Natorial says:

    So, how many of your liberal friends have threatened to move to Canada if Romney wins? Haven’t heard it much yet. Either they’re confident Obama will pull it out OR they were shocked to find out Canada taxes small businesses at a lower rate than we do so Canada now seems less liberal than they envisioned. Either way, its nice, so far, not having to listen to that crap.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    It may be difficult to follow such insightful, brilliant comments by Ryan haters but we will give it a try.

    Tyrants are known for having inflated egos atop inner fears of inadequacy. Whereas the strong are not afraid to surround themselves with strong ethical people who offer vital criticism, the tyrant surrounds himself with obeyers; the fat Goering, the creepy Himmler, the gimpy Goebbles, to make the grandiose little empowered leader with a silver tongue seem more normal.

    The seminal question is, “Why did Obama pick Biden?” The answer is disturbing. And its not simply “That is just Joe being Joe.” The instability of Biden is palpable. His histrionics against Obama in earlier debates crushed Biden and now only pleases Democrats because his tantrums aim elsewhere. Biden appears rude and half insane. And yet, the question remains as to why Obama picked him.

    Obama had two years in the Senate during which time didn’t vote. He essentially did nothing before that. He skirted around in academia, finally getting a Harvard Honors Law degree (that Romney picked up as a hobby while Romney earned a greater Harvard Honors degree in Business). Obama, born into a “family” of apparent pedophiles and neglectors, was hired by his now wife to beg for church subsidies, and then became a Senator who seldom showed up to vote. The Obama asleep at the Romney Debate is very much “Obama being Obama”. Lazy, and as evidenced by those he appoints, insecure.

    Instead of Obama picking a Governor or a General or a CEO to outweigh Obama’s near utter lack of leadership experience, Obama picked another Senator whose experience is also only as a Senator. Biden’s only plus over Obama is Biden’s years on an oversight committee for Foreign Relations. And yet, in debate with Ryan, Biden’s greatest faux pas was a loud pronouncement that he and Obama were never asked for help by the now dead Ambassador, an obvious lie from ongoing Congressional hearings. That is Biden’s one and only area of expertise and in that area he lied like a rug.

    This is Obama’s show. It all springs from fatal flaws in his personal makeup. The IRS/Treasurer who fails to pay taxes, the Attorney General who sells sniper rifles to drug cartels and then lies under oath, the USMC Commandant who has never seen combat, the VP Biden who is known widely as unhinged and is thrown at Republicans like one might a rotten tomato.

    This is little Barry’s pathological surf club. And we would not have seen this under a President Hillary Clinton or McCain. We’d have gotten more or less liberal or conservative solutions to national problems from Clinton or McCain, but the consummate lack and lies we see today springing, not from partisan politics but from Obama’s personal pathology, would not be in play.

  9. Macdaddy says:

    Exactly right, Lil Mac. The Lefties loved Biden’s performance (I hope it was a performance, anyway) and all he essentially did the whole night was say, “That’s not true!” No real rebuttals, no agenda for a second term, no case for why people should vote for Obama rather than against Romney. Easily checked lies (I voted against those wars, we didn’t know our ambassador wanted more security), interruptions, bullying, non sequiturs right and left. If he had been in a bar he would have gotten his ass kicked. It was a disgraceful showing by a sitting Vice President.

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Oh my, oh my. Bob Kerrey has discovered that Nebraska is populated by conservatives. Today cap and trade. Tomorrow Obamacare. Day after tomorrow Harry Reid. Unfortunately, Kerrey has 12 years of Senate votes that shows he’s a more than solid liberal. By his own admission he has become even more liberal in the last 12 years which he spent in New York but apparently 6 months in Nebraska made him even more conservative than when he was last a Senator. Wow. I sure hope he isn’t going to have a Biden Breakdown next.

  11. Uninterested Observer says:

    Wow. Another Lee Terry lie exposed in the Herald this morning. Unbelievable what this guy will do to get re-elected.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    10:26. Oh my goodness, but you have crushed us with your rapier Liberal wit. Please don’t hit us with any facts to back up your brilliant oratory. We are defeated. You win. After all, it’s almost lunch time.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Unlike you Anon 10:26, my lips don’t move when I type. Did somebody set up a whiteboard for you so you can use your crayons when you post?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lil Mac, all the proof needed to demonstrate your lying ways is right here on the pages of Leavenworth Street.
    Macdaddy, I only allow my children to use dry erasable markers on our whiteboard. If your mommy lets you use your crayons, she’s evidently not the brightest bulb in the box.

  15. Anonymostly says:

    Sweeper, consider posting the ad by Thomas Peterffy that aired on CNN. Private individual who bought and paid for his own political ad explaining why he’s voting Republican. (OK, liberal haters, go ahead and give him the “Joe the Plumber” treatment …)

    Here’s the text of the (very outstanding) ad. But you really need the visuals.

    I grew up in a socialist country. And I have seen what that does to people. There is no hope, no freedom, no pride in achievement. The nation became poorer and poorer. And that’s what I see happening here.

    As a young boy I was fantasizing about one day going to America… Making a success of myself.. The American Dream.

    America’s wealth comes from the efforts of people striving for success. Take away their incentive with badmouthing success and you take away the wealth that helps us take care of the needy. Yes, in socialism the rich will be poorer. But the poor will also be poorer. People will lose interest in really working hard and creating jobs. I think this is a very slippery slope. It seems like people don’t learn from the past. That’s why I’m voting Republican and putting this ad on television.

    I am Thomas Peterffy and I am responsible for the content of this advertising.

  16. Anonymostly says:

    The typical liberal POV as expressed by Barack Obama is that it’s just not fair for the rich to be rich. You didn’t get there by being smart. There’s a lot of smart people out there. You didn’t get there because you worked hard. There’s a lot of hard working people out there. There’s nothing special about what the wealthy did to build their wealth. They were just lucky. Right time; right place. Other smart and hard working people just weren’t as lucky. Your gains are, therefore, barely more than ill-gotten. Not earned. Not deserved.

    In the debate the other night, he expressed this notion of wanting (to use the power of government so that) everyone to have their fair share. It’s really no different than what he told Joe the Plumber. It’s what he said in a debate with Hillary Clinton in 2008 about raising the capital gains tax even though the lower rate resulted in increased revenues. It’s really no different than the line that got him in trouble about “you didn’t build that.” Libs can try to spin that line all they want but the basic notion is that the wealthy don’t deserve to be wealthy and shouldn’t be wealthy and he wants to use the power of government to level the outcomes.

    Liberals subscribe to the incorrect notion that wealth is a zero-sum game and that every dollar possessed by Warren Buffett is a dollar unavailable to feed the poor. Conservatives subscribe to the notion that a rising tide floats all boats. You cannot have a prosperous middle class while simultaneously preventing the upper class from being more prosperous. A rising tide floats all boats. And if you want the middle class to have an opportunity to succeed, then you’re just going to have to accept that those same conditions will allow others to get wealthy.

    In our society, we don’t despise the student who does better in school and gets better grades than his peers. We don’t despise the athlete who does better than his peers on the field of play and becomes the starter. But the language of class envy so often employed by those on the left teaches that we should despise those who’ve used their efforts to become financially successful.

    Fundamental differences in how we see the world. Don’t ever ask me to vote for Bob Kerrey no matter how many luxury cars the Republican candidate might drive.

  17. Goober Natorial says:

    The problem with liberals like Obama is that they don’t simply want to level the playing field. They want to level the scoreboard and give everyone the same participation medal, even for those people who never went to practice, showed up after halftime and left before the end of the third quarter. The problem with that approach, which libs don’t seem to get, is that when you remove the incentive for doing well, people won’t go to the effort that it takes to do well. And you run out of rich people to tax.

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Reply to Thomas Peterffy:

    I grew up in a representative democracy. People worked hard to achieve the American Dream. We had good schools, we took care of the infirm, and we were proud of our patriotism. We called ourselves capitalists. But then we began interfering in the governance of other nations. And we took on massive debt to finance the resulting warfare. We claimed we wanted to bring liberty to the oppressed, all the while jailing more of our own citizens per capita, -even for victimless “crimes.”

    Worse, the various states and the federal government took a notion that taxpayers should be subsidizing bankers and brokers, and gas and oil producers, and cigarette and sugar manufacturers, and a multitude of other corporate interests under guise of “economic development.” (Has your business benefited from my tax dollars?) Again, massive debt accrued, and in an effort to relieve that pressure, we began slighting our schools and the infirm among us.

    Lately, we are unable to tell the Republicans and Democrats apart. Although they do choose differing beneficiaries for our tax dollars, the resulting economic decline is little different. So, now we’re just a bunch of mean-spirited corporate-socialists clamoring for tax relief!

  19. Anonymous says:

    This site has devolved into far-right caricatures of Obama and liberals, about as accurate as those seen at street fairs. All intelligent discussion has vanished.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Goober, a primary piece of evidence that proves the Republicans are guilty of what you just accused the liberals of is “No Child Left Behind.” Bush, and his brother Neil – one of the main profiteers from NCLB funding – wanted to “level” the playing field in our education system. But NCLB merely flat-lined it.
    It is no surprise that both Deb Fischer and Bob Kerry have nothing good to say about George W.’s signature legislation. But, with an undereducated American populace, it will be easier for the corporatists to enslave us all. Hell, they even get the working class to merrily build the scaffold they’ll be hung from.

  21. Anonymostly says:

    Annie, that’s nonsense about slighting our schools. Our schools used to do more educating with far fewer dollars per student. Throwing money at schools won’t improve educational outcomes. The problem isn’t lack of resources. It’s the environment and the culture and the ways in which they’ve changed that affect educational outcomes. Ask any public school teacher nearing retirment age and they’ll tell you things have changed dramatically in their classrooms over the last 40 years. They don’t get the kind of parental support and reinforcement they once did and they spend more of their time disciplining and playing parent than they used to and less time teaching.

    It’s no coincidence that more children are being raised in single parent households while educational achievement falls. The left continues to denigrate the traditional family (just saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “One Nuclear Family Can Ruin Your Whole Day) while embracing “alternative lifestyles” that harm our children by providing them less stable environments in which to grow up and fail to instill in them the kind of values (virtues if you’d prefer) that enable them to do well in life.

    Don’t blame the right for what our schools are like. The left has controlled the public schools for years. Leftists dominate the teaching profession as well as school boards. And they get to raise revenues without even trying. Schools are financed mostly by property taxes. The gross value of property in the typical school district goes up every year, which results in increased revenues even without “raising taxes” as it were. In Lancaster County, where I’m from, 65% of property tax revenues go to the schools. When a new housing development comes into existence, it turns a farm field that was being taxed at, say, $5,000/acre into residential neighborhoods with maybe four $250,000 houses per acre. The taxes didn’t go up but the assessed value sure did and therefore the revenue goes up as well.

    You absolutely cannot blame the right for the state of public education in this country. Blame your friends on the left who control public education and have controlled it for decades.

  22. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 2:56 criticizing NCLB, here’s what the left in Florida has come up with as their own version of not leaving any child behind … just change where the finish line is for each category of kid.

    According to the Palm Beach, The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race. On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent.

    That’s soooooo much better than the plan the Bushes came up with. Set the bar low enough for minorities and you can make sure they don’t fail. Even as they fail.

  23. Asswhacker says:

    Bob Kerrey said he is going to “lower college tuition rates”. He was President of New School for a decade. During that time its tuition rates rose 60% while his salary rose 250%, plus he got a $3 million golden parachute for being fired. Those tuition rates are public knowledge and his salary numbers are from New School’s federal form 990s. But you have to admire him making a profit out of getting fired while so many other Americans are out of work and eating pork and beans.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, I’m not sure what point you are trying to make about education and politics in this country. If liberals dominate education, including school boards, then it is because the voters have decided that is how they want it to be. What is it about democracy that you don’t like?
    It is obvious, to this observer, that you base all your “knowledge” on what you’ve seen on a bumper sticker somewhere.
    As for what is happening in Florida? Remember that Florida is a predominately Republican state, as is most of the South.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Florida’s Republican Governor, Rick Scott, has the responsibility for the Florida Dept. of Education. He appoints all seven members to the Florida Board of Education, including the Commissioner of Education. So, Anonymostly, if you have a problem with what is happening in Florida, perhaps you should lay the blame at the feet of those responsible, not at the feet of those you would like to blame.

  26. Anonymous says:

    6:53. The USA isn’t a “democracy”. This is a Representative Republic. How can you open your yap in a political blog and criticize others when you don’t even know your own nation’s political system? And it isn’t a democracy. But I can tell you what I hate about democracy; it is the 51% putting the 49% into ovens. Democracy wonks like you always assume they will be in the 51%. Good luck with that. Keep hoping. You got to do something because you sure aren’t thinking.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous 8:49, This is a representative Republic whose leadership is elected democratically. Why don’t you shut your own damned pie-hole until you have something to say based on facts rather than your Tea-Bagging bullshit.
    School boards are populated by elected representatives, whether you like it or not. Just because conservatives don’t have the numbers to do as they please, you idiots just keep bitching about how the liberals are in charge of everything. Well, we outnumber you, get used to it.

    And, we’re smarter, better looking, and have more sex than you do too.

  28. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymostly, I’m not sure what point you are trying to make about education and politics in this country. If liberals dominate education, including school boards, then it is because the voters have decided that is how they want it to be. What is it about democracy that you don’t like?

    No, voters didn’t decide the political affiliation of the teachers who teach in public schools. Granted, the public votes for members of the school board. BUT … the candidates on the left have a built-in advantage when running for school board and that is the teachers themselves. Few groups are more politically active than public employees who belong to unions and few public employee unions are more active than the teachers.

    So, yeah, the board members got elected. But don’t act like it’s the will and desire of the community that their boards be predominately liberal democrats. There’s only one cohesive, unified and active constituency when it comes to school board elections and that’s the teachers. There’s no naturally occuring opposition like labor versus industry so the teachers unions have a pretty high success rate in getting their candidates elected.

    I can’t believe I have to explain all of this.

  29. Anonymous says:

    That is the most asinine explanation I’ve heard from you yet, Anonymostly. You guys are just tasting sour grapes because you aren’t intelligent enough to become teachers yourselves. If you were, then you could be influencing education policies and wouldn’t have to come up with some lame excuse about liberals controlling everything.

    I can’t believe I have to explain all of this.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’m not a tea party person. They aren’t partisan or political. They don’t deal with policy but only principle, as some on the Left also do. I am for better government. Of course you may see my better government as chaos and I may see your better government as tyranny. Those who decide that aren’t us voters but the representatives we elect. This is not a DEMocracy but a REPublic.

    As for TEA BAGGING, dropping one’s testicles somewhere not so normal is a homosexual act. And while there are homosexual Republicans who are less inclined to get all in your face about it, the vast fruity horde of prancing twits in assless chaps from Bob Kerrey’s home town are attracted to your DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Tea bagging is a thing Donkeys do in public. A few unsanitary elephants might in private. So enjoy your tea, Democrat. You mentioned “sour grapes”. Funny.

    BTW, you have yet to “explain” anything factually in your brief bouts of gripe and grimace here. You accuse people of lying and you don’t offer proof as to why, and you accuse them of tea bagging. Basically, you dump on Gays when it suits you. But all this anger in you pours from the fact that you have ended up with an Obama who’s actions have proven him inept and lazy, so weak he has to attack as a sitting president. You have a manic douche bag as VP. And Kerrey is saying he’s a Republican. You know, but for your Democratic Party’s stupidity, you could be right now helping Hilliary get reelected. How would that be? Or you could be helping Hassebrook who would not be 16 points behind as the New Yorker is.

    I’d say I feel your pain, Democrat, but your pain is coming from the Democrats you have raised to power.

  31. Lil Mac says:

    The tin had crowd are predicting Obama purposefully snoozed in the first debate to look pathetic and lower expectations. That might not be so farfetched. More than one Republican said they almost felt sorry for him. The general view of his opponents has always been that Obama is a lazy fool in all things except that he is a brilliant campaigner. Going from a bad performance to adequate and then to brilliant would give him momentum. I don’t think Obama will sleep in his next performance. And it is a performance. Still, the polls are skewed upward for Obama this year. How far, hard to tell.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The only difference between the Republican gays and the Democratic gays is that the Republican ones have been shown many times that they prefer to stay well hidden inside their closets. The difference is that Democrats are proud of what they are and the Republicans are proud of what they pretend to be.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 5:36 AM, Wow, are you ever hung up on the distinction between a “democracy” and a “representative form of government.” You must have heard someone discussing that and decided to parrot it so as to appear intelligent. Sorry, in your case it isn’t working.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Anon@8.49pm, Please explain what is wrong with Anon@6.35pm stating that school boards are elected democratically. Yes, they then represent us when they accept or deny the employment of a teacher, but we elected them democratically. If you don’t believe that is a form of democracy, just what is it for you?
    Anonymostly, in the case of Florida, evidently their state school board is decided by the state’s democratically elected Governor. Since he is a Republican, wouldn’t it seem that Florida’s Republicans are the ones guilty of the policy that you are complaining about?

  35. Anonymostly says:

    That is the most asinine explanation I’ve heard from you yet, Anonymostly. You guys are just tasting sour grapes because you aren’t intelligent enough to become teachers yourselves. If you were, then you could be influencing education policies and wouldn’t have to come up with some lame excuse about liberals controlling everything.

    Doubling down on stupid, I see. Just because you don’t understand my explanation doesn’t make the explanation asinine. In fact, your statement says more about you than it does about me.

    There are more than 80 “Education Associations” registered with the State Accountability and Disclosure Commission. The largest of these, of course, is the NE State Education Association PAC. This is the PAC affiliated with the state teachers’ union. Right now, as of their latest filing, they have disbursed more than $360,000 for this campaign year and still have more than $214,000 cash on hand.

    Compare that with the trial lawyers, whose money you always hear about when it comes to influencing campaigns. The Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys PAC has disbursed less than $20,000 this election year and has less than $120,000 cash on hand.

    Or compare that with AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. They haven’t filed a report with Accountability and Disclosure since 2010. Which means they aren’t even remotely a player in any local elections in Nebraska this year (by local, I mean anything within the state that would trigger an Accountability and Disclosure report.)

    My point was and is valid and accurate. And you, anonymous, have no real reply so you resort to Alinsky tactics. Go occupy something, mkay?

  36. Anonymostly says:

    Oh, and speaking of not having the brains to be a teacher, I got a good laugh out of that one. Can’t recall off the top of my head where I saw it but I remember reading a study recently that concluded that teachers colleges are among the LEAST academically rigorous of any type of major in our colleges and universities today and attracts a comparatively low tier of student based on ACT and SAT scores.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I don’t mind paying crappy teachers with your money in order for them to teach your children to be stupid. The problem is, they teach everyone else’s kids too. Anonymostly is right. Those who can’t do…

  38. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly and Anonymous@7:14pm are prime examples of the failed education system that they criticize. Unfortunately, since they didn’t pay attention in school, they’re unable to eloquently express themselves in any manner other than repeating bullshit they’ve heard from other morons.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, you still haven’t explained why you Republicans, after decades of being aware of how the “liberals” have been stacking the deck against you, have yet to emulate their successes.

  40. Anonymous says:

    What exactly is it that all of you Republicans have against education? Is an informed public seen as a threat to your plans?

  41. RWP says:

    I have to deal with the output of Nebraska public schools. Kids enter UNL supposedly having done AP math, and struggle with algebra. I did a freshman seminar a couple of years back on ‘the chemical basis of evolution’, and on the baseline evaluation, most kids didn’t know that DNA was the genetic material, let alone the names or one-letter abbreviations for the four bases. You end up teaching them middle-school science from scratch. This is something I don’t mind doing, but it means you can’t assume they know anything; you have to test what they know, before you even get started.

    And if I had a dollar for every time I had a kid turn in a totally messed up homework assignment who justified it with ‘that’s how my high-school science teacher taught me to do it’…

  42. Lil Mac says:

    On October 6, OWH’s H. Cordes went on and on about how Democrats in 2001 slaughtered Kerrey’s chances at the Presidency over Kerrey’s pile of dead babies in Vietnam, with Cordes writing that “Kerrey’s version of the events was not consistent over time”, that reporters didn’t believe Kerrey, and that academics found rather than premeditated murder of innocents, his actions were driven by his “fear and… inexperience” (not a good quality in a U. S. Senator.) Cordes also published a color graph showing Kerrey behind by 10 pts, 16 pts among likely voters.

    On October 13th, OWH’s R. Tysver wrote that Kerrey outright lies when he says he never lobbied for Cap and Trade and she gives proof that he is now lying. The OWH is calling him a liar, proving him a liar. — This isn’t what a newspaper does before it endorses a man. A newspaper might throw a bone or two to his opponant before endorsing him, to make the paper appear unbiased, but to show a graph of the guy losing and proving that he is lying to voters, those are firm reasons to avoid him.

    The OWH previously was run by Kerrey’s roommate who endorsed Kerrey with big sloppy wet kisses. And now the OWH probably feels the need to justify to its new Democrat owner –Bucks Bags Buffett– that they aren’t going to endorse Bob Kerrey this time. Moreover, since the OWH is also proving that Kerrey a lying sack of… that probably means the World Herald is going to endorse Fischer.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Warren Argenbright, a Valentine attorney and former chairman of the Cherry County Republican Party, was the Kimes’ attorney prior to losing to Deb Fischer in their 2004 race for a seat in the legislature. I wonder if Warren might now who “Interested Observer” might be?
    My sarcasm was, of course, intended.

  44. Macdaddy says:

    In a poll in the Tampa area, of those who changed their minds after watching the VP debates, 3:1 changed to Romney. I realize this is hard for you Lefties out there, but most Americans approve of a little decorum from their politicians. They realize that life isn’t like MSNBC or some anonymous blog. Biden cheapened his office with his performance last week. He needs to realize that his office is bigger than he is. Unfortunately he blew his one chance. I just hope that this is not the new standard.

  45. Whatever says:

    Well, the entire Fischer land grab story is out online now, complete with a new Kerrey ad, and all the documents proving just how nasty the Fischer’s were toward the Kimes. The LS crowd can spin, bob and weave around all they want about the issue, but the story is getting out and angering everyone that hears it. It’s not what Nebraskans do. It’s what people without a conscience do. And people don’t want that kind of a person in the US Senate. Come on, LS groupies, I dare you – Defend the actions of the Fischers and what they did to a well-respected elderly couple and their family.

  46. Macdaddy says:

    Lil Mac, Kerrey said that he was asked to make phone calls but he never did. The obvious follow-up questions: Did Kerrey tell the NRDF that he would make the phone calls and then reneged? Did Kerrey tell them he wouldn’t or did he tell them he’d think about it? In any event, given Kerrey’s newest flip-flop, does the Sierra Club want to reconsider their endorsement of him? If not, then that just goes to show that they don’t take Kerrey’s latest “change of heart” very seriously and they know he’ll revert to form and vote liberal if he gets into office.

  47. Macdaddy says:

    The courts said 17 years ago that the Fischers were wrong, but they were wrong based on the fact that other people also hunted and fished on that land. Overall, it sounds to me like the Fischers were looking out for the future of their ranch by trying to gain permanent access to their lease in the National Forest. At the time their access was based on an oral agreement that could easily be rescinded at any time, including when the Kimes, passed away. Maybe they should have leased it, I don’t know. Maybe they tried and the Kimes turned them down. What I do know is that this is all you have: Deb Fischer and her husband sued a neighbor over land and lost. The innuendos that flow from there are laughable and inconsistent. You also have a lousy candidate in Bob Kerrey. You should have known that before you begged him to run.

  48. Anonymous says:

    So I just wasted a morning and read everything put out by the Kerrey campaign on the “Fischer Land Grab.” I sincerely hope that people take the time to read every detail of this because there’s nothing to see. It was a genuine dispute about land that the Fischer family used for decades and was on their side of a fence. Adverse Possession claims are very common on old boundary claims in the State of Nebraska–but always result in bad blood.

    The material contains this outright lie: “Fischer succeeded in killing the sale of the Kime ranch to the State of Nebraska.” The OWH articles provided by Kerrey provide that the Snake River Sportsman’s Club “was trying to proceed without the state. But if the negotiations hit a snag, Game and Parks could still get in the running because the agency has up to three years to use the Environmental Trust grant.”

    The Sportsman’s Club proceeded without the State because it came up with the money on its own, NOT because part of the Environmental Trust funds were diverted to pay for state responsibilities compelled by the Republican River compact.

    Did anyone else OBSERVE how Warren Argenbright was noted in the materials provided by the Kerrey camp for his “exemplary service” but was now a “bitter enemy” of Fischer? By signing his name to the lawsuit, Mr. Argenbright attested that the lawsuit was “warranted by existing law” according to his “independent judgment” according to the professional rules for lawyers. INTERESTING

  49. Anonymous says:

    The people of Nebraska voted for Bob Kerrey as their Governor, and then they elected him as their Senator – twice! If that is your criteria for being a lousy candidate, Macdaddy, then it indicates that your political acumen is lacking, and everything you have to say about anything should be judged by that.
    It also proves that you don’t have a very high opinion of your fellow Nebraskans.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Anon@1.33pm, Don’t you find it interesting that a guy who was the Cherry County Republican Party Chair would be so critical of Deb Fischer? I thought you Republicans were required to praise the ground any other Republican walked on. It was, after all, your Savior’s 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”
    Deb must be a real piece of work to get him to say such things about her.

  51. Anonymous says:

    GOP Savior, Ronald Reagan, had an 11th Commandment that stated, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Don’t any of you wonder why a guy that was the Chair of the Cherry County Republicans would say such terrible things about Deb Fischer? She must be a real piece of work.
    Now go back to obeying your commandments.

  52. Macdaddy says:

    They also elected Ben Nelson a couple of times. The reason Bob Kerrey is a lousy candidate because he is liberal but can no longer hide that. Also, in the 18 years since Kerrey last ran in an election, Nebraska has gotten more conservative, Obama’s sneaking off with an electoral vote notwithstanding. Kerrey thinks Nebraska is still how it was over a decade ago. He has failed to recognize that the political landscape has changed, political campaigns have changed, the media has changed, information technology has changed. For a guy who used to head up something called the New School, he sure is living in the past. Do I have a low opinion of Nebraskans? No. I do think it used to be a lot easier to pull the wool over their eyes, though, and Nebraska has long had a fondness for populism and political romanticism. No longer. We grew up.

  53. Goober Natorial says:

    I’d say the person who lacks political acumen is the one who still can’t understand the kind of political influence the teachers have and why that benefits the Democrats.

  54. Goober Natorial says:

    Argenbright hates Fischer because she kicked his ass when she ran for legislature against him. You’ll notice we don’t have a Sen. Argenbright.

  55. Anonymous says:

    So, Macdaddy, you’d rather have a wet behind the ears Senator than one that could actually use his past seniority to bring home more pork for Nebraskans. Ben Nelson, despite his Obamacare vote, certainly filled our plates with that bacon.
    Don Walton just ran a column that points out what having a Senator with seniority can do for us. The new StratCom building in Bellevue and the DoD research initiative partnership with UNL are but two slabs of pork belly that Ben Nelson recently brought home to Huskerville. Deb would have sent it to Missouri.
    And RWP, you’ve gotta ask yourself how much of your federally funded research was brought to UNL by our Democratic Senator. Somebody’s going to get those dollars, why not us?

  56. Anonymous says:

    Well, Goober. Please explain to us why you Republicans still haven’t figured out how to gain some of that political influence that teachers have. After all, you GOPers have been complaining about it for decades. If Republicans became teachers, they would have the influence. DUH!

  57. RWP says:

    The DoD partnership had nothing to do with Ben Nelson. Don tried to make it look like it did, but if you check his column, he was careful not to say so explicitly. That’s because it didn’t.

  58. RWP says:

    And RWP, you’ve gotta ask yourself how much of your federally funded research was brought to UNL by our Democratic Senator. Somebody’s going to get those dollars, why not us?

    Normal research dollars are won through peer review, not political maneuvering. Sorry.

  59. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous, its because Democrats specialize in giving away free shit from someone else’s stash. Teachers align themselves politically with the people who give away free shit. The Democrat party cultivates constituencies by offering free shit like free cell phones and higher pay for teachers whether we can afford it or not. Republicans sometimes become teachers but the downside is that you have to become a teacher. And hang out with other teachers, most of whom are politically clueless but vote democrat. And teach the idiot kids of stupid people like you.

  60. Goober Natorial says:

    Anon at 2:23 said, “Somebody’s going to get those dollars, why not us?”

    Exactly. Which is why it amazes me that Democrats don’t seem to understand how you can both oppose the stimulus AND want to get your share. The money is allocated, its going to be spent, and certainly Nebraska taxpayers helped pay for it. Only an imbecile would say its hypocritical to oppose the stimulus but then ask for your cut. It’s not like the money wouldn’t be spent if we chose not to participate. (I guess that makes Joe Biden an imbecile. Of course, when the shoe fits ….)

  61. Goober Natorial says:

    Someone here recently suggested we all needed to come to grips with the fact that Deb Fischer was dead in the water and Kerrey will win. In spite of this prognostication, Deb finds herself outraising Kerrey in the money department by more than $700,000 in the period just ended. Funny that.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Goober, we already know how stupid you really are. Why do you keep coming back here and telling us, again and again, just how stupid you really are. It wouldn’t be so bad that you are stupid, it’s just that you celebrate your stupidity too happily.
    Seriously – cell phones – higher pay? Admit it, you don’t know any real teachers do you?
    If there are any idiot kids of stupid people around here I’d have to say that you have definitely proven beyond any doubt that you hold the title.
    Now, as for Deb Fischer raising more money. Is your vote for sale? Mine isn’t.

  63. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 5:09, people don’t typically give money to candidates they think are going to lose. If Deb Fischer was truly dead in the water, the money wouldn’t be coming in — $700,000 more than Kerrey in the period ending 9/30.

    I know you’re politically astute and all, but raising money isn’t about “buying votes.”

  64. Interested Observer says:

    It’s amazing how many brand new DEB FI$CHER experts we seem to have in here recently. Some of you defended Deb over her WELFARE GRAZING issue. Some of you defended Deb over her dollar sign ($) ranch cattle brand. Some of you defended Deb over “that which shall not be discussed” in here. Some of you defended Deb about the undisclosed conflict of interest over her bill to rob the Environmental Trust. Some of you defended Deb over her irrational, vindictive, sadistic harassment of the Kime family. Some of you defended Deb over her extremely high per pupil cost at Valentine Rural High School. Some of you defended Deb over her extravagant life style.

    At what point are some of you going to connect the dots and finally come to the conclusion that Deb has serious issues with her character?

    At what point are some of you finally going to get tired of constantly defending DEB FI$CHER?

  65. IO,
    It works like this: None of us has a personal vendetta against Deb Fischer like you. You have an unhealthy obsession with getting even with your neighbor for whatever slight you think she and her husband have committed against you. You have been coming to Leavenworth Street day in, day out, to bitch and moan about your personal quibbles you have. The grazing thing is bullshit and you know it. The fence thing was a personal issue between neighbors and the Fischers and their lawyer decided they had to take action. And the rest (really, you’re bitching about their $ sign?) is just your personal beef and jealousy towards Fischer and her family.

    So the rest of us don’t even bother with that because we know it’s a non-issue. What we are concerned about is America, how America can succeed, and who’s vision of America will help it succeed. We believe that Bob Kerrey and the Democrats will further devastate America. We know that Bob Kerrey will continue to vote like he always did — 92% with his fellow Democrats. And we saw Ben Nelson and know Kerrey will only be worse.

    We know that Deb Fischer will vote like a conservative and will help to grow the economy and help America.

    That’s it. That’s why we support Deb Fischer and why we know that Kerrey is a horrible idea for America.

    And if you were a real conservative Republican, you’d feel the same.

  66. Anonymous says:

    So fun to watch the liberals just scream about this and that.

    Romney, Fischer, Terry, and the incumbent state senators win (except Haar). Funny how some of these candidates hooked their wagons to Obama & Kerrey…….bet they wish they hadn’t now….oh wait they just don’t understand.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Street Sweeper, “We believe that Bob Kerrey and the Democrats will further devastate America.”

    Wow! America laid to waste! Cities in rubble, dead bodies everywhere, burning buildings, crops burned to the ground, pestilence, drought — the plague! All because of one black person in the White House. Men, it is time to don your robes and ride out into the night to protect our white women and their virtue!

  68. Anonymous says:

    The squealing is only going to get worse as the liberal establishment in the Democrat party sees the end coming.

    You know it’s a lib talking when:

    ….Racist is thrown out
    ….Can’t we all just get along?
    ….You fill in the blank. The bottom line is this group of liberals wont go quietly into the night. They have not honor, poor ethics, and absolutely no code of ethics. We know them from their 40+ years of behavior. Now that we have seen the enemy we know what must be done, and it will be done in the small towns, the living rooms, and all across this great nation on November 6th. Keep the faith and follow through, if not for your sake, but for the sake of your children.

  69. Macdaddy says:

    Go fly over Detroit. It’s pretty much been laid to waste. Obama sure didn’t do them any favors.

    Overall, Obama is setting us up for total devastation. Our debt rating has dropped twice. We’ve spent $14 trillion in the last 4 years and borrowed $5 trillion of that and we have nothing to show for it. Our debt is 100% of GDP. Greece had riots because of austerity measures imposed when their deficit was $100 billion. We borrow that every month and spend that amount every 8 days. There are 47 million Americans now depending on food stamps. What kind of rioting do you think there will be when those stamps are worth nothing? Obama’s only idea is to borrow more and hit up rich folks for an extra $80 billion a year. We’re borrowing $1200 billion a year. Bob Kerrey will not help us with our problems. Pretending that his caucus will be OK with him going his own way or that they will fall down at his brilliance and the scales will fall from their eyes is a load of BS. Kerrey has had plenty of opportunities to show what kind of politician he is. We’re not going to buy his empty words.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, and your solution is – what? Giving more and more money to millionaires? Yeah, that has worked out really well for us.
    President Obama could have done a lot more for us had the GOP not concentrated on ensuring that he would fail. If the Republicans in the House and Senate would work with the President to make America a better place for all Americans, rather than just working to make more millionaires become billionaires, then maybe we’d believe you.
    Senator Kerrey may have empty words, but Deb Fischer is just plain empty. She has no fresh ideas, no solutions, nothing but what the Club For Growth tells her to think. She’d be as good a Senator as Adrian Smith has been a Representative.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Why can’t Deb Fischer have her press conference with her so called friends in Valentine? Is she worried more anti Deb Fischer people would show up?

  72. Goober Natorial says:

    Anonymous at 12:38 last night displays the fundamental misunderstanding of individual wealth common of liberals. This country didn’t GIVE money to millionaires to make them wealthy. And it has, in fact, worked out extremely well for this country that the rich have had the opportunity to become rich. They’ve dragged liberals kicking and screaming to a higher standard of living for everyone. Poor people in this nation enjoy a higher standard of living than the average person in many European countries.

    Quit thinking that wealth is finite. It’s not. Liberals seem to believe that there’s only so much wealth to go around and that every extra dollar possessed by a wealthy person is a dollar not available to feed the poor. And that just ain’t true. A healthy economy is good for the general prosperity of this entire nation, a byproduct of which is that some people get rich. Quit being jealous of the fact that some people have done well for themselves. Trying to prevent some people from getting rich isn’t going to make the rest of us better off.

  73. Macdaddy says:

    Obama had 2 years with complete control of Congress. He spent $800 billion returning favors to his friends and got Obamacare passed. That was it. Simpson-Bowles, ignored. Job Council, ignored. Vacations, not ignored. Tee times, not ignored. Obama couldn’t even get Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins to jump ship, his outreach efforts were that pathetic. Opposition to his policies, however, has been bipartisan. But feel free to keep blaming other people. That’s always a sure fire recipe for solving problems.

  74. Macdaddy says:

    BTW, Deb Fischer will take a ginormous step towards solving our problems when elected. She will not vote for Harry Reid for Majority Leader. Sometimes the best solutions are simple solutions.

  75. Bob Loblaw says:

    I am so sick of the Deb Fischer personal attacks. We get it. Some people in Valentine don’t like her. You know what, that’s how small towns are. She was on the School Board for many years so I’m sure she pissed off people there. She was in the Unicam. I’m sure she pissed people off there. And I don’t know the Kimes from Adam but just because somebody is old and has lived at the same place for a long time doesn’t mean they’re pure and noble.

    As for the brand most people on here probably don’t know but it’s a good thing to have a brand that you can apply with one iron. It takes half the time to brand then if you have something like a lazy N Bar S brand or something. So the Fischers were able to find a brand that only took one iron and kept it. And even if it was a dollar sign isn’t that what people ranch for? To make money? Why do we throw rocks at people who make some money? Why ar people so jealous and hateful of those who have done well for themselves? When I was a kid and somebody drove by in a nice pickup, or took a vacation my Dad didn’t cuss them or tell me how wrong it was for them to be rich. He would tell us that if we worked hard and studied and got a good job then we could have nice things too. What happened to American hard work and pull yourself up. I’ve done ok for myself in life. But I’ll tell you what I never was afraid to work hard and take hard labor jobs to put myself through school. I took work wherever I could and saved and now have a successful business. Should I be denigrated because I’ve done well?

  76. Anonymous says:

    You are sick of personal attacked on Republicans by Democrats. What else might you expect?

    Kerrey is from New York and his Buffett-owned newspaper says he is 16 points behind in running for his old job. And Obama, with the power of incumbency, IS having the “Buck Stop” with his Hillary. These guys are attacking because they HAVE NO DEFENSE. Of course it is personal attacks. They can hardly run impersonally on thier records. Which is Bob being fired in NYC and Barry being inept.

  77. Interested Observer says:

    Bob, just exactly how is a discussion of DEB FI$CHER’S record suddenly mislabeled a “personal attack”?

    Deb DID do all these things. Deb has not “done well” for herself. If it weren’t for her WELFARE GRAZING all her adult life, she would be just like all the rest of us. She might have even had to have actually gotten a job and actually worked for a living. Then, of course, she would never have had all the free time and resources to impose herself on everybody else all these years and be the vindictive bully that she is.

    Since you didn’t and don’t know the Kime’s from Adam, you are in no position to insult them for something that they didn’t do. I did personally know Betty and Les and I do know Dave and Annie and they are/were all really good people.

    I’ve branded thousands and thousands of cattle, so I also know the convenience of a one iron brand and don’t need to be lectured about that.

  78. Macdaddy says:

    Bob, jealousy and class warfare are all the Democrats have. “You didn’t build that!” Now we have IO claiming that the Fischers’ personal finances are such that without the government grazing leases Deb Fischer would not be able to go golf and eat bonbons and drive luxury cars. And I’m sure that’s what she does now.

    IO, your jealousy really does not reflect well on small towns. Hopefully it’s just you sticking your nose into everybody else’s business and tut-tutting every time somebody buys a new dress or a new car. You think you know everything and what’s good for everybody else. You sound just like the Obamas. What you are really doing is driving people out of small towns because they can’t stand the insufferable busybodies such as yourself.

  79. Anonymostly says:

    So, Interested Observer, do you go by Dorothy or Dotty?

    I think it’s really funny the people the Kerrey campaign found to speak out against Deb Fischer.

    One of them’s last name is Pettigrew. Gee, wonder how they found him?

    Another is Dorothy Lord. Peeps, start looking up her bona fides and see if she’s a registered Republican as she’s been claiming lo these many months gone by.

    And then some dude who is a tribal judge. A tribal judge. Speaking out against someone taking someone else’s land by adverse possession. That’s actually a haha-funny irony.

    But bottom line, the Kime’s claim to that land was tenuous at best. They got it for free (that’s right, WELFARE RANCHERS) through the homestead act after the Federal Gov’t STOLE IT FROM THE INDIANS!

    And these are the dirty rotten, low-down people the Kerrey campaign wants us to feel sorry for? Buncha WELFARE RANCHERS living on land stolen (by adverse possession) from the Indians? The nerve of those Kimes.

  80. Anonymostly says:

    “Deb Fischer knows as much about branding cattle as Paul Ryan does washing dishes.”

    So, anonymous at 11:04, you agree, then, that it’s pretty stupid to blame this woman, who just married into a ranching family and doesn’t really do any of the ranching herself, for the shape of the brand that her husband’s ranch uses to identify their cattle. Correct?

  81. Anonymous says:

    Yes indeed, Anonymostly, it is pretty stupid to blame Deb for that. But it is even more stupid to think that Paul Ryan should be placed anywhere near the levers of power. Let him do P90X commercials, let him wash dishes, let him be on reality TV, maybe Dancing with the Stars. But Vice President? No way Jose.

  82. Anonymostly says:

    Yes indeed, Anonymostly, it is pretty stupid to blame Deb for that. But it is even more stupid to think that Paul Ryan should be placed anywhere near the levers of power. Let him do P90X commercials, let him wash dishes, let him be on reality TV, maybe Dancing with the Stars. But Vice President? No way Jose.

    Yeah, as opposed to Barack Obama and Joe Biden? I’d take my chances with Paul Ryan, thanks very much. Obama is the single-least accomplished person ever nominated by a major party to run for President. Joe Biden is an arrogant baffoon. Neither had any prior executive experience and Obama’s career was noteworthy for how often he voted “present” rather than take a stand on an issue.

    That’s the kind of leadership that brings us statements like “The buck stops with you.”

  83. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, and your solution is – what? Giving more and more money to millionaires? Yeah, that has worked out really well for us.

    The above is such unmitigated tripe. Giving money to millionaires like the owners of Solyndra? Yeah, I oppose that too. Or Jamie Gorelick? Yeah, bad idea.

    But that’s not what you’re talking about. What you’re talking about is that allowing those who’ve become millionaires to, well, become millionaires is a bad idea because you don’t get to become a millionaire too. “Has not worked out really well for us.” Indeed, on what planet have you been living? I’d say an economy that allows people to use their god-given talents to make boatloads of money works out really well for this society. Yeah, we don’t all become millionaires but, because those millionaires have gone out and created businesses that employ people, the rest of us have opportunities to enjoy a standard of living far better than the rest of the world.

    I’m not wealthy. Not by any stretch. The man I work for is among the 1% (and a dedicated Obama fan who will vote to keep him in office for reasons I don’t quite appreciate.) I have, for almost the last two decades, earned a six-figure income working in this business. And during that time, I’ve made my boss millions. Should I be jealous of the income my boss has made by exploiting my efforts? Or should I be grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to earn a living by working for him?

    Hey, I didn’t take the risks he did to start the company. And no one held a gun to my head to force me to work for him. Far be it for me to complain that I’ve helped to make him a wealthy man. He’s earned it by creating the business that allowed us both to succeed. If there wasn’t money in it for him, he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of creating a position for me. And then we’d both be worse off. But make no mistake, I’d be far worse off than he if the liberals’ solution of not “giving money to millionaires” was somehow enacted into law.

  84. Anonymostly says:

    Dot, I don’t get why you think it’s OK to engage in the kind of incessant attacks on Deb Fischer and her family but you think my post should be deleted because I’ve critiqued a Bob Kerrey commercial (and talked about people who voluntarily appeared therein.)

    It’s OK for you to attack Deb Fischer and her family but it’s not OK for me to critique a Bob Kerrey commercial. Got it. Hypocrisy at it’s most hypocritical.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Just love the fact that the OWH endorsed Senator Beau McCoy over Domina…….. oh the sweet joy of watching the NSEA poor money down the drain……..

    Fischer still wins:)

    Today’s national polls have Romney up by 4!!!!

    and so goes the liberal movement……..

  86. Goober Natorial says:

    IO says “Anonymostly, you are completely out of line here and your comment #101 should be deleted.”

    Hmmm. The lady doth protest too much methinks.

  87. Interested Observer says:

    Animosity, DEB FI$CHER chose to run for the Senate. Therefore, she and her complete record are legitimate issues. Her beloved, neighbors who have now passed away do not deserve your insults.

  88. Macdaddy says:

    IO, then maybe you and Bob Kerrey shouldn’t be using their good names to make political points. They can neither support nor disagree with your viewpoint and yet day after day you have been trading on what they did. But then again, it’s ok if you do it because it just is. Please get some professional help.

  89. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous #106, maybe you ought to understand why your boss is voting for Obama. Obviously he’s not swayed by the propaganda and outright lies coming from the Romney campaign and his very wealthy friends. None of Romney’s numbers add up, on the taxation or economic stimulus front, but you’re still willing to trust him to run the country. And only the deluded consider raising tax rates from 36% to 39.6% on income over $250k as preventing millionaires from becoming millionaires. It’s also a delusion to believe “liberals” are jealous of someone else’s income. No, we can see the numbers. And even if we continue cutting government, it’s going to eventually require tax increases on everyone to remain solvent.

    So talk to your boss, and maybe you’ll understand why a President Romney would be a disaster.

  90. Macdaddy says:

    And let’s not forget that somebody was tweeting under the name Betty Kime and they weren’t supporting Deb Fischer. Was that you, IO? Were you tweeting using a beloved dead woman’s name to advance your political viewpoint?

  91. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope former lawyer Warren Argenbright, mentioned on Bob Kerrey’s website for his “exemplary service” and as a “bitter enemy” of Deb Fischer didn’t speak to the press or the Kerrey campaign about his former clients, the Fischers. That could constitute a violation of the Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct, sections 3-501.6, Confidentiality of Information, and 3-501.9, Duties to Former Clients.

  92. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope lawyer Warren Argenbright, mentioned on Bob Kerrey’s website for his “exemplary service” and as a “bitter enemy” of Deb Fischer didn’t speak to the press or the Kerrey campaign about his former clients, the Fischers. That could constitute a violation of the Nebraska Rules of Professional Conduct, sections 3-501.6, Confidentiality of Information, and 3-501.9, Duties to Former Clients.

  93. Anonymous says:

    What a joke. The Valentine friends of Deb Fischer . The whole town of Valentine is laughing at her choices. Next time Deb bring some who have brains, or who have not told others they are voting for Bob Kerrey. lol, ha, ha, ha,

  94. Anonymous says:

    It must not be the whole town of Valentine considering Deb Fischer was TWICE elected to the Legislature after the land dispute with the Kimes.

  95. @ IO says:

    So if fischers whole life and record is fair game as well as your hateful attacks on her family…

    Is bob Kerry’s murdering of an entire village of women and children also fair game?

    Seems to me I would rather have deb as a neighbor all things considered…

  96. Goober Natorial says:

    Anon at 4:51, I don’t know. Is George Bush running for Senate in Nebraska right now? No? Well, then, I guess its not relevant.

  97. Wow... says:

    You know the Kerry camp is off its rails now when they try to have an argument legitimizing the killing of children because ‘someone else has done it’

  98. Goober Natorial says:

    Just read some of the information the Kerrey camp posted on line. Some observations:

    1. The suit was brought in the name of Bruce Fischer. Deb is not listed as a plaintiff.
    2. The deposition of Bruce Fischer is 150 pages long; Deb Fischer’s deposition, taken later the same day, is 12 pages long.
    3. The Kimes’ attorney calls the disputed area of land, “the disputed land.” So take that, all you little beotches who tried to parse the word “disputed.”
    4. For some reason, Kerrey chose not to post a copy of the lawsuit. Nor did he post any of the Kimes’ depositions. What’s he hiding there?

  99. Goober Natorial says:

    Another note. Supposedly, Deb acted vindictively in trying to stop the sale of the land to the state through use of environmental trust money. Instead, the land was sold to a sportsmens club. Turns out the club that bought the ranch in the end was one of the defendants in the suit brought by Bruce Fischer. So, if Deb was being vindictive about blocking the sale to the state, its an odd form of vindictiveness since the beneficiary of this supposedly vindictive conduct was the sportsmens club that had been a defendant in the earlier suit.

  100. Goober Natorial says:

    Another note. The attorney who represented the Kimes was appointed by Pres Barrack Hussein Obama to be the US Attorney for Nebraska. Gee, wonder how partisan she is. One thing is certain. She kicked Warren Argenbright’s ass. Maybe he should change his name and go by Warren Argen. It looks like he’s not very bright.

  101. Interested Observer says:

    Goober, the lawsuit lists:

    FISCHER, husband and wife, and
    Nebraska Corporation, by Bruce
    Fischer, President,


    husband and wife, SNAKE FALLS
    Corporation, SNAKE FALLS
    SPORTSMEN’S CLUB, a Nebraska
    nonprofit corporation, et al.,

  102. Anonymous says:

    Goober of Mayberry can’t read? If he knew anything about Deb Fischer he would know that no local yokel husband or lawyer is going to tell her how to run the ranch or who to sue or who to cheat. She is 100% in command. When and IF she gets to DC she will do what she is told because she is a good soldier to the Tea party but at home she is the boss.

  103. Macdaddy says:

    “He told NBC News in that Ryan did very little work only compared to the larger context of Saturday morning, when the kitchen fed 180 homeless people breakfast. Antal conceded that Ryan did wash several dirty dishes.”

    But, whatever. I know you guys don’t want to examine Obama’s crappy record.

  104. Goober Natorial says:

    Well, Dorothy, Bob Kerrey didn’t bother to post a copy of the lawsuit on line, nu, at this very moment, I am looking at the caption on the deposition, which reads:

    SUNNY SLOPE RANCH, INC., a Nebraska Corporation, by: BRUCE FISCHER, President.

    Deb isn’t listed. And another of your lies exposed: this wasn’t a Deb Fischer thing at all. This was something Bruce and his Dad approached the Kimes about in the early to mid 80s.

  105. Goober Natorial says:

    Whadya know. Dorothy Lord, rancher and neighbor of both the Fischers and the Kimes, who appeared in Bob Kerrey’s ad is a registered Democrat. Fancy that, a Democrat taking shots at the Republican candidate.

  106. Lil Mac says:

    My crystal ball is clearing. I see an inert Barry Obama, for all intents and purposes dead in debate last, tonight will suddenly jump up to life and start speaking in tongues. Dancing, spinning, smiling for a change.

    Hallelujah. He is risen. It is Christ Deux, god un-mighty Obama! And right here before our viewing eyes he is dancing in front of Mitt!

    Of course his policy is still crap and his brain rattles around in his skull like a BB in a boxcar. But don’t let that get in the way of the show! Brothers and sisters, we are saved!

  107. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, I saw the video. Ryan “washed” some pans that were already clean. He and his family dirtied some aprons for a few minutes of photo op. Big help that was! The soup kitchen wasn’t even open for business when he, his family and his staff showed up. A volunteer, one of Ryan’s supporters, let them in. I would imagine that volunteer is no longer associated with the soup kitchen.

  108. Interested Observer says:

    Goober, look at the tv ad and you will see the front page of the lawsuit with DEB FI$CHER’S name highlighted in yellow. You can watch it on the bottom of the World Herald article from yesterday titled “Kerrey ad says Fischer “betrayed” her Valentine neighbors”. The front page of the lawsuit is shown at the 38 second mark. You will also note that I typed my comment #131 to closely copy the original specifically for your benefit. You’re welcome.

  109. Goober Natorial says:

    Thanks, Dorothy. I’ll take another look at the ad. I’m sure it will provide an accurate picture of the Kime conflict.

  110. Anonymostly says:

    I just looked through a bunch of the stuff the Kerrey campaign posted on-line about this border dispute between the Kimes and the Fischers. I know that Dorothy Observer thinks the Kimes were so beloved and all but when I read the information even the Kerrey campaign posted, it’s pretty clear that Bruce Fischer and his dad were trying to make a reasonable solution to what was obviously an uncertain boundary that was likely going to continue to be a problem into the future. The Fischers, Bruce and his father, approached the Kimes with what sounds to me like a very reasonable solution and the Kimes just stubbornly thumbed their noses at the Fischers. Quite a different picture than the one Interested Observer (whatever her name is) has been trying to foist on us.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, I have been taking care of your house for years now. It is time for you to move out and let me rent it to someone else. Go find yourself a nice cardboard box to live in.

  112. Anonymostly says:

    I don’t know what you think you’ve been taking care of for years now but it ain’t my house, Moronymous at 11:36. Try occupying a port-a-john. Maybe you can obtain title to one of those by adverse possession.

  113. Anonymous says:

    It is OK to kill kids if you are a Republican and not currently running for office. Kerrey wasn’t running for office, and may have even still been a Republican when he allegedly did that. So try to remember Ronnie’s 11th Commandment.

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