King of the Political Wusses and the OWH endorsement

“We’ve become a bunch of wusses over campaigns. It is a rough-and-tumble sport and you just can’t take it personally,” Bob Kerrey tells the Sioux City Journal.

Well no arguing there, Bob.
Kerrey has been the monarch of the whining wusses since the day he jetted back to his sister’s couch to run for Senate — after spending 12 years in New York, of course.

Kerrey: “Who the hell is (Koch) to tell me I’m not from Nebraska?”

(We weren’t there, but we would bet $145 that Kerrey’s voice went up about 3 octaves when he yelped, “..tell MEEEE…“)

(Oh, and by the way, you can tell he REALLY means it, because he said, “hell”. Sort of like when an 11 year old uses his first swear word in front of the gym coach.)

But here we are, just weeks before election day and Kerrey is STILL whining about being a carpetbagger.

Now, you would think Kerrey would have sucked it up by now. He already declared that his campaign premises against Deb Fischer are hollow. Remember when he admitted that the whole “welfare rancher” stuff was just a fake campaign ploy?

And on that note. we know as well that his current ad is just another last-ditch effort to make it past double digit margin (that Kerrey ALSO admits to to the SCJ.) See, Kerrey says that the personal attacks that he is making against Deb Fischer are just part of the “rough and tumble sport” and “shouldn’t be taken seriously”.

Right Bob. Tell that to someone who you’re vilifying to the whole state. We are sure it IS just a game to you. What do you care. You don’t plan on sticking around Nebraska afterwards anyway.

But then Kerrey continues to slay us with his, I’m half Republican! whine. Really. He’s still trying to sell that.
And then he tells us that because he has been in the Senate (and damns the experience of Deb Fischer) that he should be elected.

Don’t worry. We get it Bob. We’ve SEEN your schtick in the Senate. You voted with the Democrats 92% of the time.
You’re no Republican.
And you’re no conservative.

You’re a Democrat who will vote like and vote with the likes of Harry Reid and Tom Harkin and further push the policies of Barack Obama.

And THAT is why, in Nebraska, you’re (more than) 10 points down.


Oh, and Warren Buffett takes over the OWH and then they endorse a Democrat for Congress?

The same newspaper that ran a fundraising ad for said Democrat, while calling it a news story?

Ohmygosh! Whoduh thunkint???

And look at the “reasons” they list for their endorsement:

“(Terry’s) voting record is conservative and has largely represented the views of his constituents in Omaha and the surrounding areas. And it’s notable that if Terry were to be re-elected, his accumulated seniority makes him likely to win the chairmanship of a subcommittee if Republicans retain control of the House.”

Uh, so isn’t that what voters should want in a Congressman???

Oh no, says the Buffett World Herald.

No, see Terry’s camp had a couple ads that weren’t perfect, so…dump him!

Well, lets look at the beefs with those ads.

The first was about John Ewing’s expenditures while in office. And all of those were confirmed by County Commissioner Clare Duda. So should Duda be thrown under the bus? No, but let’s not get too fired up about where all the info is coming from.

And the next talks about Terry’s involvement in the Hill – Terry bill on auto emission standards. Here, take a look at this note (that we got our hot little hands on) from Democrat Chairman John Dingle of Michigan to Lee Terry:

(click to embiggen)

For those of you who can’t read cursivey, it says:

“To Lee Terry – Congratulations on your superb leadership on this bill. Its contents will be law because of your hard work. With affection & respect – John Dingell, Chairman”

So for whatever some idiotic little group that got their nose out of joint about how their quote was used in an ad, instead look at what the Democrat Chairman has to say about his Republican colleague.

Face it: The OWH wants to put in a liberal Congressman who votes with Democrats.


Ignore the rest of the crap. Lee Terry makes the right votes, represents his constituents well and is even better situated with his seniority.

There’s your endorsement information.


Hey Politicos, it’s time to start counting beans.

As we all know (and feel free to explain this to your friends who don’t read Leavenworth Street), the Presidential Election is NOT a national election. It is 50 mini-elections, right?

And to that, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the Electoral Map.

We have found the best place for that is

There you can find the Electoral Map with Obama and Romney likelies and toss-ups.

And then you can also view the map with no toss-ups — where they just take the latest polling data and give it to that candidate.

(These are screen shots. Go to the links above to see the dynamic maps)

Note that as of October 17, 2012, the no -tossup map has Obama leading Romney 294-244 (the magic winning number is 270).

Of course the polls are moving daily and the toss-up states are all in flux. And of course you always read that Ohio is the linchpin.  Watch Nevada and Wisconsin too.

In any case, it’s time to stop watching the national numbers and start looking state by state. Oh sure the national numbers tend to be a good indicator. But you’ll sound much snootier politically when you start rattling off toss-up states. (Not that you’d do that at work or at the bar or anything…)

Will these numbers cause you to contribute or volunteer for a candidate? Does it matter?

You be the judge.


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  1. Truth Seeker says:

    Political wusses? Kerrey is the ultimate political wuss. In multiple elections, he neglected to tell the voters about his deepest, darkest secret. Here’s an excerpt from CBS’ 60 Minutes and the interview with Dan Rather:

    “But a very experienced Navy SEAL who was at Kerrey’s side that night, Gerhard Klann, a man who later helped save Kerrey’s life, told us it was no accident – that in the chaos women and children were rounded up and shot at point-blank range for what was considered to be necessary reasons.

    To this day, Gerhard Klann stands by his story. As for Senator Kerrey, in his recently published autobiography, he now avoids many of the questions about what happened that night. He does acknowledge that his own version has changed and may in fact no longer be accurate.”

    No longer be accurate? This was from 2001. What’s accurate today Mr. Kerrey? The gun fire was far away? The children gunned down had no weapons?

    You’re not fit to serve in the US Senate.

  2. Asswhacker says:

    Def. Wuss. “A person regarded as weak or timid and especially as unmanly.” American Heritage Dictionary.

    Bob Kerrey has his surrogates attack Deb Fisher’s family and then Kerrey calls her “unmanly” for objecting to that. Being a woman, he’s right. She is unmanly. Yet Bob said “we” and there are only two people in the race. To be unmanly, you would think one of them has to start out as a man.

    Bob Kerrey also says he is “half Republican”. Do you think the other half is a Democrat wuss? Maybe it was it his Republican half that got the MOH. After all, most military are Republican. And Greenwich Village is full of Democrats where assess-chaps are all the rage. That’s real wuss.

    Hey, he brought it up. Cosmic words plop out of his mouth like turds.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone see that Deena Winter article on Nebraska Watchdog about Mike Hilgers’ dad? As it turns out Thomas Hilgers MD is Todd Akin’s very own mad scientists who convinced Akin that women’s bodies can “shut down” a rape pregnancy.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    “We’ve become a bunch of wusses over campaigns.” Translation: this is the only chance I have to win and you aren’t a man if you vote for the nice lady like you did in the primary.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Kerrey is running out of time to denounce Harry Reid. Only 20 days left! I love the smell of desperation in late October. It smells like…victory.

  6. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 8:33, you are a despicable piece of human debris. Dr. Tom Hilgers is NOT a candidate for public office. He has NOT insinuated himself into any political issue in this state. He IS an exceptionally good physician who has given hope to many women who had no hope of ever being able to have their own children.

    And, by the way, I would trust Dr. Hilgers’ views on the female reproductive system far more than some anonymous piece of shit like you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anonymostly, what is disgusting is Thomas Hilgers MD saying women can “shut down” a rape pregnancy and attempting to use science to back it up. You are an apologist for who Todd Akin gets his biology from, and his radical son who agrees with his father on every aspect of the abortion issue, except Mike Hilgers doesn’t happen to think that women’s bodies can “shut down” a rape pregnancy. Other than than he agrees with his father and Todd Akin that a rape victim has NO reproductive rights. You are truly disgusting.

    Everyone should go check out the Nebraska Watchdog article from a couple days ago, it is quite disturbing.

  8. Todd Akin's Mad Scientist says:

    Thomas Hilgers MD is an embarrassment to the state of Nebraska. Making claims that women can “shut down” a rape pregnancy? It really makes Creighton look like a bunch of nuts.

    Thomas Hilgers son is Mike Hilgers, your up and coming NEGOP superstar! My guess Haar beats Hilgers 61% to 39%. Women in LD21 will “shut down” Mike Hilgers!

  9. Anonymostly says:

    Well, looks like the libtards are out in force tonight. Akin fails to pick his words wisely EIGHT WEEKS AGO. Dr. Hilgers observes 7 1/2 WEEKS AGO that there may be some scientific support for what Akin said. Deena Winter says 2 days ago, hey, legislative candidate Mike Hilgers’ dad might be the doctor Todd Akin was referring to when he suggested he’d been told by doctors that which he said EIGHT WEEKS AGO. And today, the libtards are saying Mike Hilgers might as well have said exactly what Todd Akin said, and we’re going to pretend that he did say it, because they’re both pro-life and we hate pro-life people! Take that, conservatives!

  10. Anonymostly says:

    “Anonymostly, what is disgusting is Thomas Hilgers MD saying women can “shut down” a rape pregnancy and attempting to use science to back it up.”

    Really? That’s disgusting? Because if the science establishes that what Akin said is true … then you feel bad or something? Therefore, science shouldn’t be used to establish such things?

    Akin’s point was that this is rare. In other words, we don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about a politician’s view on abortion in the case or rape or incest because it really doesn’t happen all that much. And the data seem to suggest he’s right. But it’s an entirely academic discussion anyway because it’s not like legislators can outlaw abortion even if they wanted to. The courts have seen to that.

    But the libtards here tonight think that voters in Legislative District 21 should vote against Mike Hilgers based on what some guy running for Senate in Missouri said.

    Oooookay. Whatevs.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    Huh? Is this how y’all decide whom to vote for up in Nebraska?

    I guess there is STILL no hope for tax reform this election cycle too…

  12. Interested Observer says:

    RWP May 12, 2012 at 10:32 AM

    I find this all profoundly depressing. There really isn’t a lick of difference, policywise, between Stenberg, Bruning and Fischer. They’re all establishment, mainstream Republicans. None have spearheaded major tax reduction, reduction in the size of state government, defunding Nebraska Public Radio or TV, or anything else radical. None is a RINO, either. there is little to choose between any of them, except electability.

    So now Palin And Ricketts are backing Fischer? Why? Fischer was part of this years’ disgraceful unicameral, which fought Heineman’s tax cut tooth and nail, failed to pass voter ID, but did pass health care for pregnant illegal aliens.

    We have the possibility that a rural inexperienced politician from a remote, northwestern region might be stacked up against an urbane, smooth Democrat, with a strong record if you don’t examine it too closely, and skilled at concealing his far-left tendencies. Seen that movie before? I have. I voted for the previous heroine, and watched her going down in flames. Now’s she’s back, sticking her oar into this election for no good reason, and setting up a repeat of the 2008 Presidential fracas in which she previously starred.

    The GOP — heck, the nation — needs above all that Bob Kerrey be defeated. I’ll support her if nominated, but i don’t see Deb Fischer being the right person to do that. I agree with Macdaddy. Kerrey, and the Lincoln and Omaha media, will chew her up and spit her out.

  13. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymostly asked me yesterday when was the first time I mentioned the FI$CHER v Kime lawsuit and then went on and answered his own question “on Sept 18, 2012 at 5:55 p.m. under Sweeper’s Sept 17 post, “New Deb Fischer spot.” “. I went back and checked and come to find out, it was actually on May 14, 2012 at 6:27 AM. Animosity was only off by 4 months.

    Interested Observer May 14, 2012 at 6:27 AM

    One of the many neighbors that really don’t like Deb, personally, (everybody likes Bruce) is the Kime family that owns the Snake Falls Ranch. They are the family that Deb sued several years ago concerning the fence between their ranches along the rugged Snake River. Deb sued Kime’s, claiming ownership of the land on Deb’s side of the fence, even though both parties knew and agreed the fence was not on the actual property line due to the impossibility of constructing and maintaining on that extremely rugged area. Fischer’s and Kime’s had an informal agreement and got along that way for years until Deb stepped in and tried to change things. Deb lost that lawsuit and has tried to get revenge on Kime’s ever since, most recently, by interfering in the proposed purchase by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission of the Snake Falls Ranch with the Snake Falls Sportsman’s Club.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I voted for Kerrey the first time he ran for office. As a veteran, his MOH mean a lot to me. It still does. But it was his policies and un-Nebraska liberalism, which blossomed while he was in the Senate, that soon convinced me to become a Republican. To be a veteran and find a man so against what most veterans are for, was an awakening for me. But even then, like McCain, I too liked Kerrey personally, I felt that while I disagreed with Kerrey on policy, he was a good man. But New York has changed him.

    Kerrey came back here and stabbed Democrat Chuck Hassebrook in the most awful, heinous way I have ever seen in politics. And now he is hitting Deb Fischer’s family and calling her unmanly for not accepting his abuse of her family.

    This is not Nebraska’s original Bob Kerrey. He drags his Medal in the mud so he can get what, another shot at an old job he previously quit? It doesn’t make sense. But in fact he has become a bad person. Or just see it more clearly now. I hope Nebraska voters stick his bridge so far up his ass that he never returns to Nebraska.

  15. Interested Observer says:

    Animosity, in that same May 14 comment, I also discussed Deb’s WELFARE GRAZING, Deb’s bill (LB229) diverting half the revenue from the Nebraska Environmental Trust, Deb’s new excise tax on motor fuels, Deb’s roads funding earmark, the largest earmark in Nebraska history, Deb’s phone occupation tax bill, Deb’s per pupil cost at Valentine Rural High School, Deb’s sadistic punishment of people on her Nixonian “Enemies List”, Deb’s Legislative redistricting vote as well as Deb’s false and misleading claims of being a “fiscal conservative”.

    So, you say you “sense a pattern” when you suggest that I discuss some issue in here and then “pretty shortly thereafter, stories appear on the same subject in the OWH (and LJS?). How many of your comments in here have prompted stories in either paper pretty shortly thereafter? And remember that John Nash also thought that he could “sense a pattern”. . .

    Actually, I laid many of my cards on the table, for all to see, the day before the Primary Election. Just for the record, I DO still have a few really good ones still in my hands. Obviously, I’m just a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area. I have no control over the reporters or editors in the Omaha World Herald or the Lincoln Journal Star or any of the articles that they choose to write or not. If the reporters or editors of either of those papers happen to read any comments posted in here or on either of their papers, that’s obviously their choice. If they see any facts or ideas for stories that might require further investigation and reporting, well, that’s their job.

  16. The Gambler says:

    I’ll bet you half of Brenda Council’s campaign account that the endorse Bob Kerrey. Today’s pick proved they are no longer a conservative paper.

  17. Macdaddy says:

    I don’t know about RWP, but I never expected the Kerrey campaign (IO, Treasurer) to go trolling through the graveyard looking for a bone to beat Fischer over the head with. Nothing like using the reputations of people who have been dead for years to try to torpedo your political opponent. Oh, wait, I forgot. That’s a frequent MO for Democrats. See Paul Wellstone.

  18. Goober Natorial says:

    So, is the Haar campaign going to start sending out fliers trying to smear Mike Hilgers with the unfortunate comments Todd Akin made about “legitimate” rape? From what we’re seeing here in the last couple days, I’m guessing the answer is yes. Bet this is a new Democrat talking point being passed around.

  19. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, DEB FI$CHER created her own record over the last 40 years. Deb is the one who filed the lawsuit. The Kime’s had to fight for their own land. Kime’s did nothing wrong. The issue is DEB FI$CHER’S lack of character. Her failed lawsuit is only 1 piece of evidence of that. Her sadistic vendetta against the Kime’s ever since the lawsuit is one more piece of evidence.

  20. Interested Observer says:

    Lil Mac May 10, 2012 at 10:19 AM

    The news here that Fischer’s neighbors don’t like her, prompted me to do a tiny bit of digging.

    Per the Norfolk newspaper, Oct 23 2011, the Fischers “lease 11,724 acres of federal land and… pay about $110,000 less than the market rate for private land in Cherry County”.

    “Fischer defends the federal grazing program… saying ranchers help the government manage federal land… (yet) Managing federal lands for the grazing program costs federal taxpayers about $140 million a year and the government collects about $21 million in grazing fees” per GAO.
    “Few ranchers in Nebraska hold federal grazing rights. Only 136 of Nebraska’s 20,000 beef producers hold them.”

    I can see why ranching neighbors of Fischer’s dislike Fischer.

    As a fiscal conservative, I find it hypocritical and unethical for any “small government” Republican like Fischer, to suck into her personal wallet free taxpayer subsidies from a federal program that apparently wastes 7 times as much tax dollars than it collects in fees from a very few ranchers like Deb Fischer who get to use it.

    That info took me one minute to find online. If there is trash in Debbie’s caboose, let’s get it out in the open before Democrats dig it out during her next run for power.

  21. Goober Natorial says:

    The other Dem narrative I’ve noticed is Romney the bully. They tried to paint that picture several months ago with the prep school haircut story. I didn’t think that stuck, but Dems must disagree. Saw a couple of Dem activists on a talkshow talking about the Pres debate where they were debating the response to the Libyan consulate attack and the two Dems were both pressing the narrative that Romney was acting like a bully during the debate.

    I was thinking, huh? You must have the two candidates confused. If anyone was acting like a bully, it was the guy who kept interrupting and wouldn’t let the other guy talk, and that was Obama.

    Romney the bully. Good luck getting that one to stick.

  22. OWH says:

    We are going to stay neutral in Brenda Councils race even though she is a liar thief and criminal but Lee Terry ran some ads that were perhaps misleading so burn him at the stake!! Double standard?

  23. Bob Loblaw says:

    Why is it Deb Fischers fault that the Federal Goverment is too stupid to properly charge for leases? Is Deb hypocritical for having the lease? Not at all. She is being a smart businesswoman by taking advantage of economic opportunities that are there. If she didn’t lease the ground then someone else would. She’d put herself at a competitive disadvantage if she declined the lease.

    Also IO if Deb is so hated in Cherry county she’ll probably get smoked there on Election Day right? My feelings are she handily wins it. I guess this will prove that you stating how she’s overwhelmingly disliked will just turn out to be you and a few jealous friends who don’t like her. Is that about right?

  24. Interested Observer says:

    Some Thoughts May 14, 2012 at 9:27 AM

    Now, let’s see what you charge against her. First, she disagreed with a neighbor about who owned some land. Ok, where’s the crime in that? You say she has tried to revenge herself by interfering with a state purchase of their ranch—that’s a serious charge that would involve conflict of interest, and for which you should probably be sued for libel if you’re wrong. What’s your actual evidence that she interfered with this out of a personal vendetta?

    WOW Some Thoughts. It looks like what I said back in May is now being discussed in much greater detail today. Also, didn’t somebody file a conflict of interest complaint with the Accountability and Disclosure Commission about this specific thing recently?

    Anonymostly could “sense a pattern” and now so do I sense a pattern. I’ve been right about everything all along. DEB FI$CHER has serious character issues and misuses her official position as a Nebraska State Senator for her own, personal vindictive punishment purposes.

  25. ricky says:

    Finally even the Omaha World Herald has had enough of Lee Terry. Congress has a nine per cent approval rating no wonder people are sick of Congressmen like Terry.
    Mr Ewing is a very capable guy and has accomplished much. Unlike Mr Terry who has been a lap dog for the G O P leadership.
    Thank you OWH for adding to the groundswell of support for John Ewing. Our district needs some new leadership.

    ricky from omaha

    PS and nice debate Lee Terry blaming everything you have done wrong on your staff. Even they won’t vote to send Terry back to D C.

  26. Lil Mac says:

    Sweeper, your electoral map falls under the same poll skewing effects as does the popular vote. Obama is being skewed upwards by 8 to 10 points. Morris pegged it at about a 4 pt skewing based on pollsters over-sampling youth and black voters at 2008 max levels, and also them over-sampling undecideds by misassuming half will go for the incumbent. However, Morris and nearly everyone else ignores the Bradley Effect. They fail to see that the 2008 absence of the Bradley Effect was due to Obama’s 2008 absence of real negatives and that Obama today has lots of solid negatives. In 2008, voters didn’t have to shy from affirming McCain support since Obama was simply the less experienced of two Senators running. Today Obama is a failed black President and to say you are voting for Romney is to say you are voting against the black guy and that makes people avoid answering polls. We can double Morris’s estimate at least. This means Romney right now is eight pts or more higher than where he appears. Of course, by skewing the measuring stick, it is hard to measure anything. Thus my above words will only seem prescient after pundits are scratching their heads wondering how the hell Romney pulled off such an unforeseen victory. It isn’t unforseen. But everything seems like magic to those who don’t make an effort to look at the facts of what’s driving numbers, in this case skewing numbers.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    IO you have taken 4 or 5 things you don’t like about Deb Fischer and tried to weave them into the worst possible portrait of her and nobody is buying it. You keep harping on the Kimes when for all we know they didn’t hold the lawsuit against the Fischers. I say they forgave the Fischers and would be appalled that you and Bob Kerrey are trying to use this to try to get Kerrey elected. The enemies list is a figment of your imagination and your charge that Deb tried to pull funding from the NET to get back at 2 dead people is likewise fanciful. But keep it up. Just like Candy Crowley showed the lengths the MSM is willing to go to protect Obama, you are showing the depths the Kerrey campaign will sink to to get him re-elected. It’s pretty sad.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Oh the Kimes forgave the Fischers? What a load of crap. When the Fischers lost the law suit, they asked the Kimes if they could go back too using the land like the good old days. The Kimes told them to get lost Study the facts, not Debs made up stuff.

  29. Anonymostly says:

    Is there a place on-line to find out who has federal grazing permits to graze in McKelvie?

    Who besides the Fischers from up in the Valentine area owns permits?

    Did the Kimes own any federal grazing permits?

  30. Anonymostly says:

    Here’s IO quoting herself from back in May:

    Interested Observer May 14, 2012 at 6:27 AM

    One of the many neighbors that really don’t like Deb, personally, (everybody likes Bruce) is the Kime family that owns the Snake Falls Ranch. They are the family that Deb sued several years ago concerning the fence between their ranches along the rugged Snake River. Deb sued Kime’s, claiming ownership of the land on Deb’s side of the fence, even though both parties knew and agreed the fence was not on the actual property line due to the impossibility of constructing and maintaining on that extremely rugged area.

    This prompts a few questions:

    1. If it was Deb’s suit and not Bruce’s (everyone loves Bruce, right?), then why did the Kimes’ attorney spend 7 1/2 hours deposing Bruce and only 10 minutes deposing Deb?

    2. Land so rugged you couldn’t put a fence there? Make up your mind. Was it rugged land that the Fischers had used for grazing in the past or was it land encompassing the Snake Falls? Valuable land along the Snake River near the falls or grazing land too rugged to be fenced. Which is it?

    3. So, Deb was claiming ownership of the land on HER side of the fence, eh? (That BITCH!) Claiming land on HER side of the fence. HER side. So what about this wasn’t a border dispute?

  31. Macdaddy says:

    Load of crap? Oh, so you’re saying the Kimes held grudges? How do you know they wouldn’t have supported Fischer’s candidacy especially since her opponent is Bob Kerrey? You guys are using them to get Kerrey elected and you really should be ashamed of that. They cannot weigh in on the matter, so I say they would have loved the idea of Deb Fischer as Senator. Of course, you guys are saying they’re unforgiving, grudge-holding people. Doesn’t make them sound very Christian.

  32. Kerrey's War on Women says:

    I can’t take credit for this idea. But I saw a post on Facebook that accused Bob Kerrey of having a War on Women Candidates. I remember how he trashed Jan Stoney and it is the same crap he is doing to Deb. Then he uses the term “Wuss” and “man-up”. Hmmm that Facebook poster maybe on to something

  33. Interested Observer says:

    Macdaddy, how many different time have you visited with Les and Betty after the lawsuit? How many different times have you visited with Dave and Annie since the lawsuit?

    Animosity, there are several other McKelvie National Forest permit holders. The largest permit on the entire forest is held by DEB FI$CHER’S brother-in-law. Another very large permit is held by the Spencer Cattle Company from Georgia and the last big permit was sold last fall in the Jack Bond ranch auction. The remaining permits are all quite small and nothing like the big 4.

    The Kime’s never had any grazing permits on McKelvie National Forest.

    Animosity, why do you think it ever was Deb’s lawsuit exclusively? That’s very odd. The most valuable part of the Snake River Falls Ranch is that part along the Snake River, itself, which is very rugged, beautiful and rare property. Your either/or question is not valid.

    The issue of Deb claiming the land on her side of the fence is a very important issue in this matter as the fence mentioned is on the west side of the Fischer land and Deb was claiming Kime’s land which laid east of Fischer’s and was not separated from Fischer’s land by a fence. Hence, Deb WAS claiming the land on her side of the fence.

    So, once again, this was NOT a border dispute. Again, Fischer’s made 3 different efforts to buy or trade Kime’s land and when they couldn’t force that to happen, then Fischer’s tried to TAKE Kime’s land with their Adverse Possession lawsuit. It’s that simple. When Fischer’s couldn’t buy the land, they tried to take it.

    Macdaddy, the Kime’s were forced to spend $40,000 of their own money defending their own land. Of course they held a grudge, but never went out of their way to hurt Fischer’s. On the other hand, Deb DID go out of her way to hurt the Kime’s by trying to block the sale of Kime’s ranch. You couldn’t be any more wrong or insulting to their memory by suggesting that they would love the idea of DEB FI$CHER as Senator.

  34. RE: IO says:

    IO continues to bore us with her Deb Fischer anger & tales of her life as a Republican Cherry County rancher. Today, IO has posted more frequently because she has the delusion that of she contributed to the ‘1/2 republican’ Bob Kerry campaign and shaped the OWH and LJS stories.

    IO; The OWH and LJS want to sell papers and get Bob elected. The Fischer’s lawsuit allows them to achieve both goals (or so the editors think). Did IO get invited to the celebration after they (OWH and LJS…and not IO) broke the story? Did ‘t think so.

    Warren may have provided you and Bob the details, but we all know that IO is a Democrat staffer posting partisan rants under your multiple Names.

  35. Anonymostly says:

    Dotty said, “Animosity, why do you think it ever was Deb’s lawsuit exclusively?”

    Uh, because you said it was? Many

  36. Macdaddy says:

    IO, I have visited with them as much as you have, which is to say none. I think they would have supported Fischer’s Senate run. What proof do you have that they wouldn’t have? You have none, but instead you project how you would have felt onto them. Stop speaking for them. You do not have that right, especially since you did not know them. It’s disgusting that you are trying to use their memory and reputation to get your candidate elected.

  37. TexasAnnie says:

    Interested Observer: Your digging into old comments from RWP, Anonymostly, Lil Mac and Macdaddy do reveal their early discontent with Deb as senatorial candidate for Nebraska. Isn’t it just grand how each now defends her rabidly? I’m pretty sure that’s the way each feels about Mitt now, too. Instead of growing disgusted with Republicans who dress in liberal clothing, and quite rationally (not irrelevantly, Lil Mac) turning to any third party candidate with enough conviction to carry his/her ideology throughout the election process, they are shown floundering now trying to do damage control. And they have been unconvincing. Electing Republicans will be little different than electing Democrats in terms of benefit accruing to most Americans and they know it!

    You, on the other hand, have remained strongly convicted in your opposition of Deb due to her anti-Republican behavior and unicameral record. I have no certainly whether you are who and what you say you are but certainly you appear to be speaking truthfully with regard to your experience of Deb Fischer. You lobbied hard here at Leavenworth St., you have been convincing, and I urge you to vote Libertarian whenever possible!

  38. ‘@TexasAnnie’ nailed it…while voting based on principles is certainly admirable, a captain going down with his ship is also admirable. Strangely enough though, it usually doesn’t work out to well for the captain.

    In this election cycle, as a conservative, you have three choices: 1) you can be a total moron and vote for Barack Obama, 2) you can cast your vote for your ‘perfect’ candidate, and in doing so your vote will amount to little more than a vote for Barack Obama; or 3) you can grit your teeth and vote for the candidate who most closely represents you, and who actually has a chance of winning.

    Vote for Barack Obama = a vote for liberal ideals
    Vote for Gary Johnson = a wasted vote and support for liberal ideals
    Vote for Mitt Romney = a vote for conservative ideals

    Three choices, only one of which yields a positive out come for conservatives. Pretty simple choice for people capable of logical thinking. Now, let’s see the similarities between the Presidential race and the Nebraska Senate race…

    Vote for Bob Kerrey = a vote for liberal ideals
    Vote for Russell Anderson = a wasted vote and support for liberal ideals
    Vote for Deb Fischer = a vote for conservative ideals

    Again, pretty easy choice for any logic-oriented conservative. But no one ever accused TA or IO of being logic-oriented…or conservative.

  39. Macdaddy says:

    My only concern about Deb was her campaigning style. I had no concerns about her credentials. I posted that about a week before the primary here along with my other reasons for voting for Bruning. I still do not have concerns about her conservative credentials and I have been pleasantly surprised by the effort she has put into this campaign.

  40. RWP says:

    TA: I said Fischer was a mainstream conservative and I support her. Whatever objections I posted were tactical: that she would have more difficulty defeating Bob Kerrey.

    I’m pretty sure that’s the way each feels about Mitt now, too.

    Then you’ve once again shown you’re an idiot, because I endorsed Mitt July 2011, way before the GOP primaries started.

    All IO has shown is that some women’s spite can be bitter and everlasting.

  41. Anonymous says:

    My prediction for this year’s election is that Mitt Romney will be elected to the White House – Deb Fischer will go to the Senate – Terry, Fortenberry and Smith will all be re-elected.
    My prediction for the folloowing two years? America will continue its faceplant into the cesspool and many Nebraskans will be suffering from voter’s remorse.

  42. Anonymostly says:

    Texas Annie says: “Interested Observer: Your digging into old comments from RWP, Anonymostly, Lil Mac and Macdaddy do reveal their early discontent with Deb as senatorial candidate for Nebraska. Isn’t it just grand how each now defends her rabidly? I’m pretty sure that’s the way each feels about Mitt now, too.”

    TA, exactly where have I been quoted previously expressing discontent with Deb Fischer as a senatorial candidate that’s different from what I say now? I missed it. Please elaborate. Because all I ever remember saying is that I don’t care about all of IO’s bullcrap and, if the alternative is Bob Kerrey, I’d take Deb Fischer in a heartbeat.

  43. TexasAnnie says:

    Natural rights: life, liberty and property! That’s what I vote for at the polling place. You can’t get to natural rights with the big-government, warmongering, tax-injustice policies fostered by both the Democrats AND the Republicans. A vote for either Romney or Obama, or Fischer or Kerrey will not take you back to your natural rights. We’ve been trying their policies and our rights have been slipping away precipitously.

    To suggest that I owe either the Republicans or the Democrats my vote to prevent their losing to other Democratic or Republican opponents defies the very purpose of VOTING! And to state, now, that one’s earlier objection to Deb was based on fear that she would not campaign well against Bob defies ‘truthiness…’ Again, I do believe Interested Observer has exposed Deb and y’all for the your fair weather support of Deb eloquently enough. And yes, RWP, spite is a powerful motivator, and one you demonstrate here at Leavenworth Street very well!!!

  44. RWP says:

    And to state, now, that one’s earlier objection to Deb was based on fear that she would not campaign well against Bob defies ‘truthiness…’

    Evidently it surpasses your level of reading comprehension, anyway.

    And yes, RWP, spite is a powerful motivator, and one you demonstrate here at Leavenworth Street very well!!!

    I am so hurt. I have nothing but warm feelings for everyone, TA.

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