Is Kerrey D-U-N?

We were chatting yesterday with one of those people who knows certain information and has seen certain docs. (Cryptic enough for you?)

Anywho, here is what we are hearing about the polls in the current Senate race.
Bob Kerrey knows he is down — his polls have him down by at least 5, but probably much more if they were honest (oversampling D’s…?).

And Deb Fischer’s polls have her up — likely double digits, but which digits those are, we don’t know.

But here is what we DO know. There are VERY. FEW. UNDECIDEDS.

That means however the polls look now, they are unlikely to take any sort of dramatic swing.

So while you see Kerrey flailing desperately with whatever he thinks will stick, all he is really doing is soiling any political reputation he may have had. We aren’t calling this race or anything.

We are just telling you what we’ve heard.


Speaking of Kerrey’s ads, we are reminded of Ben Nelson’s attack ads against Chuck Hagel back in 1996. You may remember that Nelson attacked Hagel, claiming that he had shady business dealings with his former company. Hagel held a press conference at his campaign office, and called out Nelson as a liar. Hagel defended himself, and for many years after never forgave Nelson for attempting to besmirch his reputation.

So here comes Bob Kerrey. Fresh off the mean streets of Greenwich Village. And what does he do? Bring up some nowhere issue on nothing that has nothing to do with anything. Nothing.

And guess what? Nebraskans see right through it. It reeks not only of desperation, but of bad taste.
No one believes or gives any worth to Kerrey’s ads — of course, not even Kerrey himself.

But while one could believe that Kerrey is being led by the nose by his manager Paul Johnson — Kerrey knows what he is doing. He thinks that politics is not only hard ball, but dirt ball. He chuckles at what he is putting Deb Fischer through regarding her personal reputation. He thinks it’s a big game.

Of course, what does Kerrey care? He won’t be sticking around Nebraska no matter what happens.
But not before sullying any reputation he had in Nebraska.


John Ewing has a new ad out — if anyone sees it.
But in case you haven’t, you can see it here:

Hey we don’t think it is a bad spot, for what it’s worth.
To sum up…“The Omaha World Herald says…!” “The Omaha World Herald says…!” “The Omaha World Herald says…!”

Yeah, well, here is what the Omaha World Herald is saying: They know that Lee Terry is up. And they also know Terry is up again…in two years.
Oh and as a local politico reminded us, did you know that Warren Buffett’s grandson moved back to Nebraska???

The Buffett World Herald’s (as our commenters like to call it) honchos aren’t really interested in John Ewing.
But they are interested in Nebraska’s 2nd District seat.


And’s “no toss up” Electoral College map recently flipped Virginia to Mitt Romney.
At this point, President Obama holds an 11 point Electoral Vote lead — if you believe all of the states would vote the way suggested, if the election were today.

Interesting stuff. Nevada and Wisconsin? Ohio? Pennsylvania? Michigan? The Iowegians?
Crazy stuff out there.
Do your part.


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Uhh, Sweeper, you better look at the polling information at again.
    New Hampshire has flipped back to Obama, who now has a 24 point lead…

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    …and this from the FiveThirtyEight(blog)Forecast updated 10:45PM ET on Oct. 24th:
    Obama will win the presidency with 290.8 electoral votes to Romney’s 247.2. Thank Ohio!

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    Of course, I won’t be helping or hurting either Romney or Obama.
    I’ll be voting my conscience.

    (And since Texas is solidly Republican, it’s okay to vote third party here, as there, Lil Mac.
    I’m still amazed that you think voting according to one’s belief is “irrelevant!” And to think I had previously given you credit for reasoned discourse…)

    But just in case Nebraskans reading this are still undecided voters, consider voting third party to help break the Republican-Democrat stranglehold on the political process. As Romney has demonstrated so well, you can’t trust your candidate to hold true to his/her espoused ideology in the heat of campaigning. And if you can’t get solid promises then, you won’t be able to hold your candidate accountable after the polls have closed. Don’t agree? Then explain please, what is the difference between the Romney and Obama foreign policies? Or even domestic? Which will
    r-e-a-l-l-y reign in entitlement spending and corporate welfare? Which will reform the tax code? Who will restore liberty?

  4. Assassins Creed says:

    The problem foe Bob Kerrey is that one of his squad members broke the code of silence concerning the raizing of the village of Thahn Phong. If Bob gets elected, this issue does not go away, it will only intensify. Ask Bob if he is free to travel to Vietnam. You will be surprised at the answer.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper I was not aware that Buffett’s grandson moved to Omaha (or forgot or didn’t care). That explains the completely inconsistent endorsement of Ewing. The entire endorsement was based on him meeting a budget. Wow. How’s that going to work in a Nancy Pelosi Congress? I’m sure she’ll fall down in fits of laughter when he suggests she not spend so much. Anybody who knows how Congress actually works knows that a vote for any Democrat is a vote for fiscal irresponsibility.

  6. TA, I know you keep beating the Gary Johnson drum to appear libertarian/conservative, but you might want to do a better job of containing your excitement at the prospect of Obama’s re-election than you did on your comment @4:56. Nice try on a cover-up at 5:20 though.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kerrey doesn’t have a good enough rep to soil. The creep from NY is just thrashing about to help Obama win an electoral vote…….which he will also lose. Because losers lose, and haters hate.

    Kerrey hates himself and is showiing his self loathing by his transference onto Senator Fischer. The real tragedy is the destroyed relationships between Nebraskans because a few bought into Kerrey’s BS and now are left holding the bag as he returns to NY. Kerrey, using the tried and true liberal manifesto, took advantage of a lot of people’s feelings and doesn’t care one bit about the devastation he leaves behind. It’s a real pity that people get used like this.

  8. Lil Mac says:

    The Hagel 96 campaign was text book. It used the High Road like Gandhi used Non-Violenc, both elegantly simple means of winning big. And that mean what appears passive on Fischer’s part is anything but passive. The power of not acting when others presume you must act ought to be clear from Romney’s brilliant refusal to hit Obama on Libya, thus forcing the media to make that case against Obama from now to Election Day. Those who think Fischer beat Stenberg and Bruning and now dominates Kerrey, all by sheer luck, are blind to what’s going on.

    Sympathy is powerful but short lived. It has to be built up as tension and triggered at the right time.

    Nelson hit Hagel months out. Hagel hung there on Nelson’s cross. Most candidates don’t have the will to endure that. Hagel’s friends immediately begged him to “hit back”. Hagel didn’t. At one month out, the Media finally got frustrated and asked “When will Hagel hit back?” Still he hung there. Not until two weeks out, when the last of the undecideds had gotten fed up with Nelson’s attacks, only then did Hagel hit back with the full power of righteous retribution in the eyes of voters. Had Hagel hit back sooner, the feeling might have faded. He peaked on Election Day as planned.

    Hagel’s timing was vital yet the vast power behind his victory was him choosing for months not to hit back. It looked to manylike he was doing nothing. But strategy isn’t strategy if everyone can see it coming. Kerrey’s strategy today is as clear as Nelson’s was and voters don’t like it.

    The Senate is a vicious arena of subtlety where cosmic Bobs don’t end up as Speaker. Kerrey is a footnote in Senate history, a Democrat rejected even by New Hampshire and Colorado Democrats as unfit to lead. We don’t know what Deb Fischer will be like as a Senator, but from what she’s doing this year, she may eventually wield more power in the Senate than Kerrey and Hagel combined.

  9. Chris Scott says:

    9:25- you can find out more at nebraskayr dot org. The prez is Jessica or Brandon. I do not know when the term switches over but it should be on the website. It’s a great group.

  10. To Chris Scott says:

    So now your Mr. YR Insider? You know a lot about the YR’s, since YOU were the one trying to take over the organization a few months ago and FAILED!!!!

  11. Chris Scott says:

    Take over the YRs? I simply had a different vision for leadership. The YRs are in the great and very capable hands of Jessica. I have no interest in “taking over” anything. Switch to decafe.

  12. @ Chris Scott says:

    Let’s face it you tried to install a slate of people that had not been involved, volunteered or supported candidates… ever.

    Sounds like a nice vision if ‘leadership’ you have there. I hope you vision of ‘Leadership’ is not affecting your wife’s career as I have been told it has.

    (Not like anyone is really paying high dollars for a campaign manager that only looses races…)

  13. @ Randi Scott says:

    Please enlighten me in what local races she has won? Should Ed be worried?

    Trust me, no one is destroying her career worse than you Scott.

    What are you going to do when Vince powers starts going after her candidates on YOUR blog?

    Are you going to censor it?

  14. Chris Scott says:

    No Ed shouldn’t be worried. Let’s be honest this about you writing and controlling the narrative. No one goes off script and if they they are encouraged to get back in line. You trying to smear my will not end well. See you on the air waves!

  15. Anonymostly says:

    Re: Buffett’s grandkid. Oh, I get it. Weaken Lee Terry and prime him for an election loss to the Spawn of Warren two years from now. That is friggin brilliant. When you have the resources of Warren Buffettdome.

    Today Omaha; tomorrow, the WORLD!

  16. Interested Observer says:

    So, the title of this article is “Is Kerrey D-U-N?”. The World Herald just posted an article about a new poll, which may have incorrectly sampled certain segments of voters, that still shows DEB FI$CHER’S lead has fallen from her self-proclaimed May lead of 25 points to only 2.5 points today. I’m not going to split hairs about individual points, but how do any of you explain the general trend downward, especially now that the downward trend is accelerating?

    If Deb were the second coming Savior as some of you imply, why isn’t she leading with 95% of the vote by now? Do many more Nebraskans doubt her character each and every passing day? Are more and more and more Nebraskans getting to know Deb as well as I have all these years?

  17. Wow, IO. Just wow.

    1. It sampled fewer Republicans than there are registered Republican voters in Nebraska
    2. It sampled more Independents then there are registered Independent voters in Nebraska
    3. The guy who did the poll says, “I think it’s an outlier, I would suspect that the true state of play in the race is about 6 percent… and it wouldn’t surprise me if Fischer won by 10 to 12.”

    Hmmm…10 to 12. Seems like we’ve heard that number batted around before.

    So, of course the poll will be skewed against Fischer. Why you would have any reason to believe it would be favorable to Fischer is beyond me…and anybody else with a functioning brain. Even one of the writers at the Daily Kos wrote, “And oh yeah, they somehow have Deb Fischer up just 2 points over Bob Kerrey. That’s their craziest result.”

    I mean, at this point, you’ve reduced yourself to nothing more than a ridiculous caricature. You eat up some poll that even the pollster thinks is bunk. Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound?

    And as far as the Kimes go, since it was apparently okay for you to Tweet under their names, then I guess it’s okay for folks like me to question their integrity. I have to wonder what kind of people wouldn’t take a reasonable offer on land that, 1) they don’t use, 2) they aren’t maintaining, and 3) isn’t even on their side of the fence. Indeed, the Fischers were quite likely planning ahead knowing full well that, when the Kimes eventually passed away and the land changed hands, they may lose access to the land they were using to move cattle on. As a rancher (guffaw!) surely you could understand such a concern.

  18. @chris Scott says:

    After watching you fail at litterally every political manueaver you have attempted since moving into this state….

    Forgive us of we are not scared of your ‘wrath’

    🙂 Personally I think Ed should be scared of the embarrassment of what his campaign is about to become.

  19. @ Chris Scott says:

    Why should we leave her out when she ran the failed what-his-face campaign against Lee Terry in the primary, and is running the Truemper campaign for City Council (worst Dem councilman to challenge by the way, seeing that he votes the most conservative of the Dems)? By both of your actions and who you aligned yourselves with (ie Scott Petersen and the Paulbots), none of the party activists trust you or want to work with you.

    And about the YRs, you were involved with the attempted takeover, along with Bryan Baumgart and Chris Routhe (both Paulbots). Why else attend/speak about trying to change the YR’s constitution in order to allow the Paulbots who signed up right before the meeting to vote?

  20. Chris Scott says:

    Check your facts. I was not behind any of your said takeovers. To imply that Ed’s campaign would not be run professionally means your ignorant and misinformed. After you check you facts, you will realize that my record is. 0-0 on political maneuvers.

    Keep going negative though it’s always worked it the past 😉

  21. Chris Scott says:

    Actual Lindstrom was a 31 year old with no name recognition or political experience yet recieved 23% of the vote in a 5 person race. That is a feather in her cap. Are you suggesting not challenging Festerson?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I think the real story with the Ewing endorsement is one of two things…

    1) Lee did something to piss off Kroeger which we don’t know about
    2) They really are tired of Lee, think Jon is qualified enough and Terry’s ads were crossed the line.

    Personally, I think the former is true.

    But talk that Buffett is pulling the strings here is ridiculous. I don’t think he ever mixes politics with business, because he see it as bad for business (unlike Murdoch and others). Buffett almost always leaves management in place when he buys a company because that was one of major reasons he bought them in the first place. He rarely, if ever, interferes in the day to day activities. I think this would remain true even if his grandson decided to run someday. Though admittedly that puts the OWH in an awkward position, so it would be interesting to see how they handle it.

    Furthermore, I find it amusing that people on this blog think the OWH is somehow a liberal rag. It might be a rag but it is certainly not liberal. If anything, Kroeger is even more conservative than Gottschalk and he wasn’t exactly some bleeding heart leftie.

  23. Anonymous says:

    sorry meant to say “crossed the line” not “were crossed the line.” please excuse any other typos… I never was a good proofreader.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am not saying he doesn’t weigh in on issues, just that he doesn’t force his political beliefs on his companies – including his newspapers. Unlike some companies, he doesn’t encourage employees to donate to certain PACs or candidates.

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