Johanns calls on Kerrey to pull ads

From a Deb Fischer for Senate press release:

Today at a press conference, U.S. Senator Mike Johanns called on Bob Kerrey to stop his negative campaigning and pull the false attack ads he has been running against State Senator Deb Fischer. Senator Johanns made the following comments:

“I think Bob Kerrey unfortunately reached the conclusion that the only way he could win was to win really ugly.”

“I’ve know Bob for 30 years…I’m extremely disappointed in him. This is not the kind of campaign that he has run in the past, and it’s not right. He should say sorry, he should acknowledge that the ad he put out there is not accurate and wrong on the facts, and he should apologize to Senator Fischer. He should finish the last few days of this campaign with some sense of dignity about how we conduct races in Nebraska. At the end of the day, that’s what I’m asking Bob Kerrey to do.”

“I’ll guarantee Nebraskans that when Deb Fischer comes to the Senate, Deb and I will be Senators for all Nebraskans…There won’t be a pair that works harder in the United States Senate to represent their state. That’s the kind of character and determination Deb Fischer brings to her candidacy and will bring to the United States Senate, and I think she’s going to be a great partner as we work together.”

And this is also interesting because this is what Bob Kerrey himself had to say back in one of his previous campaigns:

Yes Bob, Nebraskans DO know better.


  1. Interested Observer says:

    Senator Johanns said Bob Kerrey should say “sorry”.


  2. Interested Observer says:

    What does it mean that Senator Johanns has to get into this campaign now? Is last Tuesday’s press conference with the Governor defending DEB FI$CHER’S failed lawsuit and now Senator Johanns’ fourth quarter entrance defending Deb indicate their collective panic over the way she has blown her 25 point lead?

    This desperate, last minute appeal to stop the ads can only mean that the ads are working and more and more Nebraskans are finally learning what the real DEB FI$CHER is really like.

  3. Interested Observer says:

    Senator Johanns, if you think that it was wrong for Bob Kerrey to talk about DEB FI$CHER’S failed lawsuit and her character and should say “sorry”, are you saying that it was OK for Deb to do what she did to the Kime’s in the first place?

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Since Senator Johanns is an attorney, he should know that an Adverse Possession action is the hostile attempt to take land belonging to another. Has the Senator actually read the lawsuit and the ruling?

    Is the Senator endorsing taking your neighbor’s land? We in the Third District would like an answer to that.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    IO, again, you have zero rights to use the Kimes for your own ends. That’s how you repay friends? By putting words in their mouths and using them to settle your own vendettas? Your actions are shameless and you have done more to abuse the Kimes than Deb Fischer could have ever dreamed up. You’re pathetic. You weren’t their friends so quit using them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sen Johanns is as honest as the day is long. You do yourself no good speaking I’ll if him. Kerrey is wrong for carrying on like this, he is only showing how much out of step he is with Nebraska and in step with NY with these attacks. Kerrey will lose, and along with losing the race he lost any shred of historical dignity he may have had. It’s really too bad, but there are consequences for ones actions, even for Bob Kerrey. Just ask old Ben Nelson about it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is an out and out lie that Deb Fischer had anything to do with stopping the sale of the Snake Falls. Senator Johanns is right. Bob Kerrey is LYING.

  8. Truthseeker says:

    IO, the truth is you knew Deb Fischer at one point, and may have even been friends with her. But you’re obviously not now, and for you to keep thinking that you know her better than she knows herself is disturbing. I’ve known Deb Fischer since she came down to the Legislature 8 years ago. She is nothing like the person you describe. In fact, I recommend voting for her to anybody that asks not based on her policies (some of which I don’t agree with), but based on the type of person she is. She is someone with integrity, common-sense, and a good heart. Someone that Congress could use right about now.

    You have shown yourself to be vindictive against her and her children for several years now (By the way, why don’t you man up like they do in Western Nebraska and just walk up to the Fischer kids and tell them what you think to their face? No? Yeah, that’s what I thought….bitch). Whatever you hold against her, let it go. It’s obviously making you into a person that your parents or children wouldn’t be proud of.

  9. Interested Observer says:

    “truthseeker”, how do you make this stuff up? Where did I ever say that I know DEB FI$CHER better than she knows herself? Where did I describe her? Where was I vindictive against her children? I simply repeated what was published in the Valentine Midland News Court News section. Why would I ever walk up to her sons and tell them what I think of them? You want me to let go of the way Deb treated the Kime’s and her former attorney and her fellow Legislators?

    I don’t remember seeing your username in here before. I’m starting to feel just a little bit like Les and Betty and Deb’s former attorney in the way that I have been attacked online today by brand new online persona’s Deb tried to take away the Kime’s land and now she has her anonymous henchmen trying to take away my Constitutional Right of Free Speech.

  10. Truthseeker says:

    Interested Observer October 20, 2012 at 4:25 AM
    “It’s because the baby mamma is teaching her kids a sense of entitlement, teaching them to live off the government with WELFARE, teaching them that if they want something, they don’t have to actually work hard to earn it, all they have to do is just try to take it from the people who already worked hard and own it, teaching them that they don’t have to follow the rules and laws that everybody else has to follow.”

    Why would you walk up to her kids and actually face them, or her, like a man and say the above to their face when you can post it for the world to see hidden behind a computer? Yeah IO, you’re a true bastion of integrity. Woe is you.

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