Democrat Chuck Hagel

As soon as Bob Kerrey tweeted that he had a “big” announcement, we had an immediate sneaking suspicion we knew who it was:

And sure enough, no one is surprised.

Hagel left the Republicans and joined Barack Obama and Bob Kerrey (and Hagel’s good, good buddy Joe Biden) loooong ago.

At least his old colleague John McCain has a little more sense.


  1. Boom says:

    Seriously, Hagel’s been jonesing for a headline in the worst way. With Chuck Hagel the question is ALWAYS “What’s going to get the most attention for Chuck Hagel?” No one would show for an announcement with Deb Fischer, so OF COURSE he’ll place the call to Bob rather than stay out of it.

  2. Interested Observer says:

    Even Carl Curtis and Roman Hruska finally admitted that Nixon had serious issues. When ARE you people going to finally admit that DEB FI$CHER has serious issues as well?

  3. Anonymous says:

    IO, where did Chuck Hagel say anything about Deb Fischer’s character? He’s basically saying, “I endorse single-payer health care, cap and tax, big government, and abortion on demand.” Show me where Hagel said anything bad about Fischer.

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Anonymous, where did I say anything about Chuck Hagel saying anything about DEB FI$CHER’S character? Show me where i said Hagel said anything bad about FI$CHER.

  5. Hey says:

    Can anybody tell me the last time that Cosmic Bob talked about his beliefs, i.e. his love of all things Obama in an ad? Anyone? Yeah…thought so.

  6. IO says:

    Waiting for what you dislike about about Kerrey or is the mention of your employers name immediate grounds for termination

  7. Anonymous says:

    IO did you see where a court compelled a web site to identify a commentor? Hmmm might be time to see if you should be revealed? Hmmmmmm

  8. Scott says:

    Deb would of loved an endorsement from Chuck. So funny how you just throw him to the wolves once he crosses party lines which is what we are all asking for with our government. WE WILL GET NOTHING DONE WITH THE ATTITUDE OF STREET SWEEPER.

  9. The Calculation says:

    Hagel doesn’t give a damn if Bob Kerrey wins. Chuck Hagel’s main desire is that Barrack Obama wins.

    Chuck Hagel feels this endorsement gives him credibility and a shot into a cabinet position in the Obama White House. His calculation is to find a spot on that team.

  10. Whatever says:

    Yep, gotta love that all the wingers loved Hagel until he showed some independent thought. And they considered him their guy when he dropped back into Nebraska after a couple decades, but the second he does what they don’t like, he’s now a carpetbagger. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

    Now we will sit back and watch how the Republicans of Nebraska eat their own, and work try and force groupthink. It’s funny that ya’ll promote freedom, but hate when someone steps out of the line you dictate. The desperation of a Fischer possible loss is starting to smell in here.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hagel was impressive. His 1996 win was textbook. He entered the Senate as a GOP whip and on his first day criticized the GOP Senate leadership for hammering Clinton for getting blow jobs in the Oval office. Hagel was successful, at first. He liked the Senate, at first. He crossed the aisle and healed old wounds. But soon Hagel was thinking of greater things. After a brief flirt with running for President, he ended up on Bush’s VP short list. Hagel was vetted and turned down. Hagel had spent several thousands of his own dollars getting his resume in order for the VP vetting, and being turned down noticeably soured him. He never forgave Bush for not picking Hagel and thereafter spent every day as the darling of talk shows, a reliable hammer smacking hard on Republicans and President Bush. Over time, Hagel turned into a bitter man.

    The well-spoken Georgetown Professor Hagel became so oblique and disingenuous that he endorsed Obama as powerfully as one could without endorsing Obama and today Hagel chairs a committee for Obama. But the angry shift in Hagel all started with being intensely pissed off that Bush chose Cheney. It dashed Hagel’s fast track to the WH. And for all his seeming suave, Hagel urinated into the wind often enough that it became uncomfortable to be around him.

    Basically, Chuck Hagel turned into a Bob Kerrey. They make a nice couple of shams. A Professor Hagel with an unremarkable bachelor’s degree and a pharmacist Kerrey who’s Kerreycare out-Obama’d Obama care. Kerrey’s downfall was when voters told him he was unfit to be President. Hagel wanted to slide into it by being VP first. Two men ruined by their egotistical belief that they deserved to be President.

  12. Lil Mac says:

    Well said. But it is even worse than that.

    President Obama’s chief intelligence advisor is the Chairman of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, Chuck Hagel. Hagel was presumably advising Obama to leave a US Ambassador to die in place. What other conclusion can exist?

    Hagel indignantly quit a VA Deputy Undersecretary Reagan appointment “on principle”. But when Obama murders-by-neglect Americans in Libya, Hagel isn’t similarly indignant for Hagel hasn’t quit his Obama job or made even the slightest protest.

    BTW, I have more time in combat and in unform than Hagel and Kerrey combined. God bless them for their service and sacrifices but as former Nebraskans they sure as hell represent non-Nebraska East Coast values.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    My Hagel conversion story was when he praised General Petraeus and said what a great general he was and gave him his enthusiastic vote. Then he turned around and did his dead level best to hamstring him in Iraq. Hagel is a two-faced little s***. The Democrats can have him, too.

  14. Anonymostly says:

    Hey, where are all the FEMA trailers? You mean to tell me they weren’t pre-positioned? WTH?

    Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.

  15. Some Thoughts says:

    I have never understood why Nebraska Republicans have turned on Chuck Hagel they way they did and continue to do above. He voted with President Bush 90% of the time. His “conservative” rating was much higher than even Johanns’ is today. He was completely solid on pro-life issues. The problem was that he didn’t agree with some of the things Bush was doing in foreign policy, and Hagel happened to be right. That fact is conveniently ignored. Bush did not have sufficient evidence to intervene in Iraq when he did, and we would have been much better served to hunt down Bin Laden and solve things in Afghanistan before extending ourselves financially and otherwise in Iraq. The federal government would be having fewer financial problems today if we had listened to Hagel on that point, and of course Hagel is right about the torture issue. Because I agreed then and now with Hagel on these things, Republicans generally dismiss me as “not a real conservative” or something. I think really the Republicans who don’t like Hagel are the ones have departed from what a real conservative would do. It’s about commitment to American values and not spending money recklessly.

  16. Gregory L. Vistica says:

    I’m pretty sure any question of whether Hagel was a “real conservative” were finally put to bed when he endorsed Mr. 92% Liberal lifetime voting record….

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hagel, inter alia, opposed the surge in Iraq, and became a darling of the Left and the Sunday morning shows (if that’s two different groups). He was dead wrong on that– the surge was a success. That, however, did not stop him from being a constant pain on foreign affairs– an area in which he is supposedly an expert, despite being wrong quite often, and making the job of the last Republican President more dificult abroad. He’s a grandstanding fraud who belives his own press. THat might make him a good fit with Bob Kerrey– but that doesn’t meen voters should be swayed toward Kerrey– quite the opposite.

  18. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    Those of us who knew Hagel before he bought his senate seat in the 90’s were warning people that this guy was no conservative but a liberal in disguise. In order to win, Hagel tempered many of his liberal positions to sound conservative and win Nebraska votes…sound familiar?

    Once he bought his senate seat, he effectively changed his residence to Virginia and never moved back to Nebraska. He has also been very chummy with Washington liberals and even tried unsuccessfully to lobby Obama for a cabinet post in the Obama administration.

    As far as I am concerned, I think this endorsement is exactly what Nebraska voters need to see – one transplanted out-of-touch east coast liberal supporting another.

  19. Anonymous says:

    In the end Fischer wins the seat…..and a lot of people will forever remember those who spewed the hate and misinformation against her. What is striking is there is not a single person taking issue with the facts about Kerrey! Nobody is out there denying that he is 1.) LIBERAL, 2.) LIBERAL, 3.) A Self professed Killer of innocent women and children……………. YET NO STINK ABOUT THAT!??

    So I feel there are enough rational people in Nebraska who will see through the BS and Senator Deb Fischer will be the next individual to go to D.C. to represent us.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Lilly Mac, Playing “Call Of Duty” in your mommy’s basement doesn’t qualify as “combat,” and your camo footsie-Jammie’s don’t count as a “uniform.” Kerry and Hagel are the real deal. You are a fake.

  21. Goober Natorial says:

    “He’s a grandstanding fraud who belives his own press.”

    That’s about as apt a description of Hagel as I’ve seen. He’s a phony who loves the camera. And his participation in Obama’s 2008 pre-election world tour allowed Obama to make taxpayers foot the bill for the trip, which was designed purely to burnish Obama’s foreign policy credentials in his campaign. It served no legitimate government purpose. But because Upchuck joined Obama, we taxpayers got stuck with the bill.

    Hagel has made a career out of allowing the liberal media to use him like a cheap tramp whenever they needed a Republican to come on the air and trash the Republican Administration. Don’t see why that’s so difficult for Some Thoughts to understand.

  22. Interested Observer says:

    WOW Being a Republican seems to be such a special deal in here that not even all Republicans are Republicans! According to some, anyway.

  23. Anonymous says:

    When you support Democrats for President, Senate in (at least) 2 states, Congress and you work for the Democrat President, I feel comfortable calling that person a Democrat.
    Feel free to call the duck a pig if that makes you feel better.

  24. Some Thoughts says:

    Goober, I don’t deny that Hagel has been used in this way. However, I don’t fault him for being honest or occasionally disagreeing with party orthodoxy. His record was consistently and strongly conservative and sensible. I don’t agree with all of his independent stances, but I do think he was correct about torture policy.

  25. Interested Observer says:

    Are there ever any circumstances at all where it’s OK for a Republican to cross the aisle?

    Has there ever been a Republican bad enough to no longer enjoy the unanimous support of the Party?

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