New #NESEN ads

Crossroads GPS has a new spot up in the Nebraska Senate race against Bob Kerrey.
See it here:

This talks about all the things Kerrey has done in the Senate, and will do if elected to the Senate.

Compare that against Bob Kerrey’s new negative ad out.
See it here:

Note that Kerrey’s isn’t a “comparative” ad. It’s a negative ad.
Kerrey is not making any attempt to tell Nebraskans that his ideas are better. He is simply trying to trash Deb Fischer’s reputation.

And then Kerrey goes on to tell you about part of his war record and business record.
And those are all nice things. We used to eat at Grandmother’s on 90th and Dodge before it became a Walgreens.

But none of that — NONE — tells you that Bob Kerrey would:

Vote to extend ObamaCare
Vote for a single-payer health care plan
Vote for the next kooky cap and trade type plan to “end global warming”
Vote against the partial-birth abortion ban
Vote for higher taxes

He has made it CLEAR that he would vote that way on all of those things.
And Deb Fischer would vote the opposite.

And the ad calling Kerrey an “independent Senator”?
Uh, no.
Not only was Kerrey a Democrat Senator, he voted with his party 92% of the time and was the freaking head of the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee!

Now there’s your comparison. Pass it on.


And, while we’re at it, here’s another thing that frankly pisses us off about Kerrey and his types in the Democrat party.

Remember last week when Kerrey came out and said that he is now AGAINST the Cap and Trade plan because he finally realized that it would be disastrous to American business?
And Kerrey comes off as, “Well I looked at it and I changed my MIND” (with his voice going an octave higher on that last word).

And we are sort of OK with that concept. If you learn that’s better, and all that.
But that’s not the way he originally said it.

Not only was he for Cap and Trade, but he said that legislators had a “moral” obligation to support it.
A moral obligation.
I.e., if you don’t support Cap and Trade, you’re immoral, said Bob Kerrey.

So here is Bob Kerrey damning you for not supporting his kooky idea, then comes back a few years later and pulls you up from Hell, apparently, if you change your mind?
Or is he joining you in the eternal fire because he thwarts the will of Al Gore?

This is really all you need to know about Cosmic Bob Kerrey’s stances and b.s.
He knows it’s all crap, knows he’s selling crap, and just smiles and laughs it off.

(Oh, and dollars to doughnuts he is the Godfather of the Cornhusker Kickback.)


And one final note about Kerrey’s “Republican” endorsements yesterday:

Mike Yanney? Big ObamaCare supporter.
Game and Parks guy? Never heard of him, and neither have you.

And Vicki Powell? Johanns and Osborne campaign staffer?
Hey we don’t want to get too harsh on Vicki.
But she is a former Democrat, whose husband is a strong Dem, and who burned every Republican bridge she ever had at the end of and after the failed Osborne Governor campaign.
To our knowledge, her involvement in the Republican party the past 6 years has been nil.

Oh, and Sally Fields is also a big Kerrey supporter, so if you’re on Team Sally Fields, Bob is your guy.

On the other hand, Dan Whitney, a/k/a Larry the Cable Guy, a/k/a/ Mater the Tow Truck, a/k/a/ Nebraskan and Nebraska Cornhusker football season ticket holder, endorsed Deb Fischer.

So there.


And one more anti-Kerrey spot up.
See it here:


  1. Political Swaper says:

    Vikki has been swapping for years. She supported Ben Nelson, Chris Buetler and Bob Kerrey. Any prominent office holders in NE endorsing Bob that are Republican???

  2. SoWhat??? says:

    Cosmic Bob was on KFAB yesterday and was asked about his “Vietnam experience” vis-a-vis war crimes. You could hear orifices tightening and the stutter became much more pronounced as Cosmic Bob ducked and dodged around his response. “Fog of war” and all…LOL!!! Larry the Cable Guy has it right…Cosmic Bob is headed back to NYC 11/07/12 on a private jet paid for by his campaign. I do hope his family there in the East Village is doing OK post-Sandy. Just imagine how much more safe they would have been if they actually lived in Dundee.

  3. Nebraska Lawyer says:

    I have it on extremely good authority from high within the Kerrey campaign that the person funnelling this information on Deb Fischer to them is Annie Kime, the wife of David Kime and daughter-in-law of Les and Betty Kime. I’ve been told she’s a conservative Republican but she’s also a vindictive (insert crass expletive here). And she’s been feeding the Kerrey camp and the OWH along with anyone else who would listen (Leavenworth Street?) about her hatred of Deb Fischer.

    That’s how Kerrey obtained copies of documents from the court case that wouldn’t be contained in the court file. That’s also how the Kerrey campaign found the people to interview for their ad. And they basically have “tested” these various accusations against Deb Fischer until they found one they decided had traction. (Remember “welfare rancher?” We haven’t heard much about that recently.)

    Payback is a bitch, they say. And, evidently, her name is Annie Kime.

  4. Nebraska Lawyer says:

    I’ve also learned that my suspicions were correct that the $40,000 attorney fee claim was a gross exaggeration. And I’ve learned some other things as well that I’m not presently at liberty to reveal but that refute Annie Kime’s (and by extension the Kerrey campaign’s) claims about this lawsuit and other matters related to it. Suffice it to say that the Kerrey campaign’s claims about this lawsuit and related matter have only threads of truth to them and most of it is hyperbole at best. Some of it is just downright false.

  5. Goober Natorial says:

    Neb Lawyer wrote, “I have it on extremely good authority from high within the Kerrey campaign that the person funnelling this information on Deb Fischer to them is Annie Kime, the wife of David Kime and daughter-in-law of Les and Betty Kime. I’ve been told she’s a conservative Republican but she’s also a vindictive (insert crass expletive here).”

    Thank you! I tried posting something about this twice last night and for whatever reason, it didn’t post. The second one about “my source also tells me …” went through but not the first one about who’s been feeding Kerrey. But this information is obviously circulating. Word is getting around.

  6. Goober Natorial says:

    Oh, and Annie, I also tried to post last night that its not a guess. You’ve been outed by your pals at the Kerrey camp.

  7. About Andrea Kime says:

    Andrea Kime is actually a registered nonpartisan according to information I was given. Not that it matters, if this information ends up being bogus she has shamed her family name.

  8. Commenters,
    It is clear that on this topic, certain individuals have brought issues upon themselves.
    That being said, please refrain from personal attacks or your comments will be deleted.
    Thank you.

  9. Interested Observer says:

    Thank you Street Sweeper, It’s bad enough that DEB FI$CHER, the WELFARE RANCHER that she is, tried to take Kime’s land. Now some of the Deb Mafia are trying to take the Kime’s good name!

    Hasn’t DEB FI$CHER done enough to the Kime family already?

  10. Save it IO,
    Your behavior during this campaign has been a disgrace.
    Your one-note complaints on this blog has brought the entire discussion down.
    We are all stupider for your contributions.
    -Street Sweeper

  11. Anonymous says:

    We are all stupider for your contributions.
    How can you write that with a straight face? The events IO brought forth were the first time probably any of us heard of them, and they were confirmed by the OWH. They definitely speak to character which is an important quality in a Senate candidate. You’re just p.o.ed over the erosion of Fischer’s support.

  12. No, they didn’t.
    They’re a neighborhood dispute that have NOTHING to do with the Senate campaign.
    Anyone who puts any weight on it is a simpleton who can be distracted by shiny objects.
    Judge yourself accordingly.

  13. Some Thoughts says:

    I am not pleased by the negative character attacks on Fischer, and for the same reason I don’t think it’s appropriate to attack someone based on hearsay that she gave information to the Kerrey campaign.

    First, it can hardly surprise anyone that members of the Kime family are not fond of the Fischers, nor can we blame any parties to such a dispute for being unhappy with one another regardless of who is “right” or “wrong” or who won or lost. These things happen and they don’t mean that the people involved are bad people.

    Second, more than one person might have reason to spread this kind of negative information, so it is unfair to assume that one person is to blame for all of it. These are some things to think about before spreading more gossip or potentially inaccurate charges. I am suspicious of anything people “aren’t at liberty to discuss”. Why make intimations about it, then?

    One reason I strongly supported Fischer is that she was the one candidate to consistently take the high road in the primaries, and she has stuck to that plan even in the face of criticism this fall. She represents the right approach.

  14. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper October 31, 2012 at 5:49 PM said

    “They’re a neighborhood dispute”

    Nice neighborhood Sam!

  15. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper said,

    “That being said, please refrain from personal attacks or your comments will be deleted.”

    Then went on to say,

    “Your behavior during this campaign has been a disgrace.
    Your one-note complaints on this blog has brought the entire discussion down.
    We are all stupider for your contributions.”

  16. Anonymostly says:

    This makes a lot of sense about where Kerrey got his information. I alluded the other day to information that I had been told that the Kimes weren’t all pure as the wind driven snow. And let me clarify (and this comes from someone with direct knowledge of the situation) what I said wasn’t about Les and Betty. From what I was told, which I alluded to the other day, Les was actually a decent guy who cared about the land. His heirs, on the other hand, have basically acted like they only see dollar signs.

    The original ranch was not the best ranch land because of the terrain. Lots of canyons due to the river and therefore not the best for grazing. It had limited value for pasture. It also had limited value for sport. Originally, Les allowed people to hunt and fish his ranch for free but later decided he could get some money by leasing it out and so the Snake River Sportsmen’s Club came into being and they actually rented the Kime land for essentially a nominal amount. It wasn’t a lot. But it allowed the elder Kimes to retire.

    Contrary to IO’s (Annie’s?) claims, the land still had limited value when Bruce Fischer and his dad approached the Kimes about making a swap. What little amount of money the Kimes were getting from the Sportsmens Club certainly didn’t cause any sort of dramatic increase in the value of the Kime land. And that was true even when the boundary dispute went to court. This land simply did NOT have significant value at that time.

    What changed was when the Prairie Club golf course was developed in the early 2000s. In order to gain access to the river, they were willing to pay something like $5,000/per acre. By this time, Les Kime was dead and Betty was either suffering dementia or dead. And, when the Kimes’ heirs inherited the land, and the golf course purchased some river land for substantial bucks, Dave and Annie Kime started seeing dollar signs and assumed this meant their land was worth so much as well.

    Now, I hadn’t connected the dots about who was filtering info to the Kerrey people. I had guessed that it was the lady from the commercials. I had long since determined that IO wasn’t a man. And this Dororthy Lord shows up in the Kerrey ads, so I jumped at that conclusion. But some things didn’t quite fit. Now, however, this stuff about Annie Kime makes all kinds of sense.

    For one thing, I had gone to the Kerrey site to look at some of the lawsuit materials they had posted and one thing I noticed was that only one of the depositions, David Kime’s, had been highlighted in yellow highlighter. None of the others had been. That was puzzling to me at the time, but it’s not at all puzzling if Annie, David’s wife, is the source of all of this to Bob Kerrey (and the OWH and, logically, here as well). It also makes sense since IO continues to make claims about the value of the land that was involved in the Fischer suit. It wasn’t worth in 1995 anywhere near what IO has claimed, but IO coming up with that creative math is perfectly consistent with what I’ve been told about Annie in particular when the Kime heirs wanted to sell the place.

    Sweeper, I think discussion about the character of the complaining parties is fair when they’ve made “character” an issue here. The Fischers cannot tell the other side of the story and I have just as much support for what I’ve described here as what she has.

  17. Interested Observer says:

    Animosity, state specifically what you estimate the value of the 104 acres from the lawsuit to be in 1998.

    You just stated “And that was true even when the boundary dispute went to court. This land simply did NOT have significant value at that time”.

  18. Anonymostly says:

    Annie, from what I was told, your in-laws’ land was worth less than $1000/acre and probably less than $500/acre. In 1995. When this went to suit. And Bruce offered $100,000 boot for the swap, which is pretty consistent with what I was told the land was probably worth. I’m sure you’ll dispute this. But there wasn’t a golf course being developed up there when Bruce Fischer approached Les and Betty about making a trade.

  19. Interested Observer says:

    I am not the woman you just said, so you’re wrong about that.

    I ran into the Cherry County Court House when I was in town a while back and looked up the sale of DEB FI$CHER’S Snake River area land from 1998 and it sold for $1,000 per acre. The 104 acres that Deb tried to take from Kime’s was largely riverfront land, so your estimate “probably less than $500/acre” shows that you’re wrong about that.

    Then you said “they only see dollar signs”. Actually the only people who only see dollar signs are DEB FI$CHER’S family when they look at their own cattle with the DOLLAR SIGNS branded on them. So, you’re wrong about that.

    Then you said “It also had limited value for sport”. I used to enjoy looking at the trout mounts in the local tire shop the last 40 years and thought that all trout are that huge. The Nebraska record for a Brown Trout came out of the Snake River in 7/26/73 and weighed 20 pounds 1 ounce and that’s 25 years before Deb sold her land there. The Snake River has been an exceptional trout fishery since Merritt Dam was constructed in the early 1960’s. So, you’re wrong about that.

    Then you said “they were willing to pay something like $5,000/per acre.”. The actual price was more like $3,000 per acre. So, you’re wrong about that.

    Then you said “I had guessed that it was the lady from the commercials”. Now you think it’s someone else. So, you’re wrong about that.

    Then you said “It wasn’t worth in 1995 anywhere near what IO has claimed”. I said what DEB FI$CHER sold her land for and I’ve said several times what the land sold for this summer. Obviously Deb sold her land at $1,000 per acre and Kime’s got $10,000 for their river land. So, you’re wrong about that.

    Then you said “I think discussion about the character of the complaining parties is fair”, except that DEB FI$CHER is candidate, not the Kime’s. So, you’re wrong about that.

  20. Whatever says:

    Gotta love the thought process for the wingers on this site, including sweeper. Attack Kerrey as a carpetbagger, hate all things they don’t consider Nebraskan, but gobble up, regurgitate and gush using all the talking points and arguments paid for by Texas/DC Karl Rove, and NY Koch. Seriously. The irony is hysterical. And really, REALLY sad.

  21. You’ve got it wrong, Whatever. It’s the liberals and the Kerrey camp who have been leveling character assassinations against Deb Fischer, not willing to address his positions on the issues, nor address the fact that, while he pretends to be a independent non-partisan kind of guy, he’s nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Democratic party. He knows he loses on the issues and on his political history, so he attack’s Deb’s character and touts his military service.

    And you know, it struck me as a little misogynistic that Bob would continue to bring up his military service. Not because he killed women, but because he served at a time when women couldn’t serve in the military. “I served in the military and she didn’t!” Well no shit Sherlock. She couldn’t, and somehow that’s her fault.

  22. Interested Observer says:

    The Grundle King November 1, 2012 at 6:45 AM said

    “You’ve got it wrong, Whatever. It’s the liberals and the Kerrey camp who have been leveling character assassinations against Deb Fischer”.

    Nebraska “lawyer” said “I’ve been told she’s a conservative Republican but she’s also a vindictive (insert crass expletive here).”
    “Payback is a bitch, they say. And, evidently, her name is Annie Kime.”

    Is that supposed to be compliment?

  23. No, more than likely it’s the truth. If you can’t see that you’ve invited this upon yourself, then you’re truly hopeless.

    While some, myself included, have criticized Kerrey for his actions in Vietnam, that is not, nor has it ever been, the meat of the issues with Kerrey…just the gravy. The meat of the issues comes down to his support for partial-birth abortion, his opposition to a balanced budget amendment, his red-eye flight from his HOME in New York to VISIT Nebraska for the sole purpose of seeking political office, and his consistent support for the Democrat agenda. Of course, there’s also the matter of the Commonwealth Savings and Loan scandal that had then-Governor Bob Kerrey’s fingerprints all over it, and I don’t think that little piece of Nebraska history has gotten nearly enough attention.

    You came along pretending to be a conservative. Nothing about you is conservative. A conservative (i.e. a religious person) would preach forgiveness…but you come wielding a grudge you’ll probably carry to your grave (which will likely come early given the vein-popping rage you seem to fly into at the mention of Deb Fischer’s name). A conservative has a REAL problem with abortion, ESPECIALLY partial birth abortion….you could seem to care less how many babies Bob Kerrey would allow to meet a fate that involves a metal tube being shoved into their skull and having the brains sucked out, all of this occurring while 2/3rds of the child dangles from the woman’s nether-regions. A conservative shouldn’t attack a candidate for the indiscretions of his/her children, but you have repeatedly tried (and had such attempts deleted) to sully Deb Fischer’s name by holding the sins of her children against her (BTW, I hope for your sake that your children, if you even have any, never make a mistake in judgment…lest you ostracize them for the rest of their lives). A conservative would lend support to reigning in federal spending…you could seem to care less about reigning in federal spending, except when it comes to a grazing program that’s a mere drop in the colossal ocean that is the federal budget.

    Indeed, after many repeated requests from several people on this board, you have yet to enlighten us as to exactly which conservative values you support, or which of Kerrey’s ideals you disagree with. I have a suspicion that, for all of your glaring faults, you just can’t bring yourself to lie about your beliefs…and while such a quality is somewhat admirable, you quickly dispatch such admiration when you tell the repeated lie that you are a conservative. The words ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’ are more than simple labels. Simply calling yourself a conservative doesn’t make you one. And if you think that your current ideals qualify you as a conservative, then you have a serious misunderstanding of the word.

    If you’ve come here fishing for compliments, then there’s only one complimentary word I can think of that suits you…persistent.

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