New Deb Fischer spot and a Johanns SLAM

Deb Fischer has a new TV spot up.
See it here:

This, readers, is what is known as a comparative ad.
It lays out Deb Fischer’s positions and lays out the positions of her opponent.


Oh, and Bob Kerrey’s peeps have a new ad out as well.
See their spot here:

You’ll note that it doesn’t mention a single thing about how Bob Kerrey would VOTE in the United States Senate.
It simply regurgitates the bile that Kerrey has been spewing forth for the past month and a half.
No ideas.
No arguments.
No positions.

Kerrey is simply looking to burn down anything in front of him to get back to the U.S. Senate.
But it doesn’t really matter to him because he has no plans to stay in Nebraska no matter what happens.


And Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns came out SWINGING on the news of Virginia voting Democrat Chuck Hagel endorsing Democrat Bob Kerrey.

Per Deena Winter at Watchdog:

“He’s been clear he’d love to be in the (Obama) administration,” Johanns said of Hagel. “He is not going to have much impact here anymore. There was no doubt he burned a lot of bridges here. It wasn’t just his position on the war and President Bush, it was a feeling that he had moved away from the state.”

Yow! Johanns not pulling ANY punches!

And as long as Hagel is bringing his foreign policy bona fides to bear in this race, note it was Hagel who was the most vocal of any Senator in his criticism of the 2007 troop surge in Iraq. Hagel was critical of Senator John McCain’s position on the surge, especially. And it was the surge, which Hagel didn’t want, that is generally credited with stabilizing Iraq and allowing the U.S. to wind down there.

But, rock on, Chuck.

NEGOP Chair Mark Fahleson has a little contest on his blog to guess “whose yard is this?”.

(Hint: It is in Virginia. It’s a BIG front yard. And it has an Obama sign, as well as a Kaine (Democrat) for Senate and Cabral (Democrat) for Congress sign.)
(Double Hint: Bob Kerrey is touting said yard-owner as a “Republican”.)


And a final thought from Johanns regarding Bob Kerrey’s tactics:

Johanns said Kerrey seems to be taking a page from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who “ran a campaign doing everything he could to trash his opponent” to win.

“Unfortunately, that’s become standard for so many races,” Johanns said. “I understand what Bob is doing: He could not win this race campaigning on the issues.”



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  1. Interested Observer says:

    The way some of you are devouring my fellow Republicans, you’d think our Grand Old Party will have to change the name to the GRAND OLD DONNER PARTY.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    Sarah Palin endorsed Deb Fischer. Mike Johanns endorsed Deb Fischer. So did John McCain. McCain knew Kerrey from his days in the Senate and has a reputation as a bit of a maverick, so IO, why aren’t you wondering why McCain declined to endorse him? Maybe it’s because he thinks Kerrey is a big phony who wastes everybody’s time with big talk about bipartisanship but is a reliable liberal. Have fun helping Kerrey move. Bring some sharpies.

  3. Black Helicopter Pilot says:

    Those who knew John McCain in the U.S.Navy knew that their wives and girlfriends weren’t safe around him. Sarah Palin was, and is, only in it for the money. Heineman would support a skunk, so long as it was a Republican.
    Sen. Hagel was something that a lot current Nebraska Republicans can’t stand — a man of honor and integrity, one that genuinely stood for Nebraskans and not just being another partisan hack.

  4. Anonymous says:

    McCain chose Sarah Palin over Mitt Romney as his running mate four years ago. Goes to show you what his endorsement is worth. Not much!

  5. RWP says:

    Oh good lord. Chuck Hagel spent his entire career stabbing in the back people who had supported him. Reason Obama won’t give him a job is he knows once Chuck is in, he’ll turn around and betray Obama too.

  6. Goober Natorial says:

    We always wondered why someone who claimed to be a conservative Republican never made any comments espousing conservative beliefs but hundreds of comments attacking the only conservative candidate for Senate, Deb Fischer. Most of us assumed said person was lying and really wasn’t conservative. I would propose an alternative explanation, which is that said person is just clueless on the issues and the only topic about which she is familiar is her hatred of Deb Fischer. I mean, even a marginally aware person would probably voice opinions about something else. Jump into the discussion on Hagel’s views on Iraq or the troop surge or something. But someone can go on for pages, citing facts and figures of all sorts relating to a fence dispute, but offers only oblique comments on why we don’t support turncoat RINOs. Maybe its because she just doesn’t have a political clue.

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