Virginia Democrat Hagel cut an ad for New York Democrat Kerrey

Chuck Hagel cut a spot for Bob Kerrey.
See it here:

Hagel’s introduction of himself is interesting:

“I’m former Nebraska Republican United States Senator Chuck Hagel.”

Former…Nebraskan – lives in Virginia, works in Washington, DC.
Former…Republican – supports Democrat Barack Obama for President, Democrat Tim Kaine for Senate (VA), Democrat Bob Kerrey for Senate (NE), and Democrat Kristin Cabral for Congress (VA).

Now Hagel cut this spot, presumably, either from his home in Virginia:

Or from his office at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

And how do we know that Hagel supports supports Democrats Obama, Kaine, Kerrey and Cabral?

Well, it’s not just that he works for Obama.
He actively planted 2 yard signs for Obama and one for the other two Virginia candidates.

(Of course he can’t plant a Kerrey yardsign, but maybe he could borrow Kerrey’s sister’s yard, or something.)

And in case there was any doubt that Hagel is now a Democrat, note his Demo-speak from his presser:

“You’re going to have to put some revenue options on the table.”

For those of you Nebraskans who don’t unnerstan DC talk, “revenue options” means “raising YOUR taxes”.


  1. Some Thoughts says:

    I am disappointed to see that Hagel endorses Kerrey, but it doesn’t come as a surprise. I think it’s important to note that he doesn’t say anything negative about Deb Fischer in the process. Presumably he and Bob were friendly when they served in the Senate together. I don’t think it will change anyone’s mind. I think Hagel is right that bipartisan cooperation is much-needed in Washington, but he is wrong to think that Kerrey will be better at this than Fischer would be. I’m not sure why he wasn’t willing to give her a chance, or simply stay out of it.

  2. Interested Observer says:

    WOW, I just got a call from a friend in town who said that DEB FI$CHER cancelled her campaign rally in Valentine this afternoon. She must have heard how many people don’t have her yard signs up anymore. Not completely sure if she was afraid almost no one would show up or what.

  3. Anonymous says:

    IO, I’m going so relish Senator Fischer’s victory come Tuesday if fot no other reason than to shut your pie-hole:)

  4. Interested Observer says:

    Another follow up. I understand that DEB FI$CHER’S plane load of people made the deliberate decision to go ahead and bypass Valentine this afternoon because they were told the bad news that less than 10 people from here had actually agreed to attend to support her.

    Perhaps more importantly however, is that DEB FI$CHER had also apparently been tipped off by someone in Valentine that there were going to be many, many more local people than her 10 supporters at the rally supporting her opponent.

    So, just to save her the embarrassment in front of Johanns, Heineman and Smith, Deb decided to just keep flying right on by town.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Hagel had an 84% conservative voting record. He bashed Jon Christensen for his dirty tactics against Johanns (a former Democrat) during the 1998 Gubernatorial race which essentially killed Christensen’s chances. He was one of the earliest supporters of Heineman during his primary race against Osborne, at the time a bold and controversial move. Not to mention he defeated and despised Ben Nelson (one of the most hated persons on this blog). He was one of the most respected Senators, Republican or Democrat, in the country during his tenure. He is intelligent, thoughtful and a man of integrity. Yet, because he speaks his mind, because he is willing to cross party lines, he is completely disowned by his former state party. I can understand not liking his decision or being mad that he got involved, but to bash him, to show no respect for him is simply amazing. It just proves that this blog, and most of it’s contributors, care about nothing except that politicians be “good” Republicans. God forbid someone dares to think for themselves or go off the scripted talking points or work with the other side. (Same goes for closed minded Democrats.) No wonder this country is f*cked. If we don’t end this gridlock and actually work together we will never turn this country around. Furthermore, we will have no to blame but ourselves – Democrats and Republicans alike.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You’re full of sh*t and Sweeper should delete your post.
    Fischer had over 80 supporters waiting for her in Valentine, but had to cancel because of poor landing conditions. But you selling manure and pretending it’s gold is nothing new to readers here.

  7. A Cherry County Resident who attended the Rally says:

    The 65 MPH winds (was that IO blowing up our a**?) of two weeks ago blew away lots of yard signs. Campaign workers report tonight that the demand for Deb Fischer for Senate signs, has outstripped the supply, and none are available in Valentine.

  8. A Cherry County Resident who attended the Rally says:

    Nearly every business in Valentine was at the Rally , along with Several long time Democrats who are on record of voting for Kerry when he ran for Governor. As it was Sale day in Valentine, a large number of Ranchers were at the airport to support Deb Fischer for US Senate. The talk at some of the wateringholes in Valentine is about the number of Cherry County Democrats who switched registration prior to the primary in order to vote for Deb Fischer.

  9. Anonymostly says:

    There’s a certain segment of the voting public that isn’t very well informed and Kerrey expects, or at least hopes, that enough of them are stupid enough not to be aware of Kerrey’s voting record or what a RINO Hagel turned out to be. Smart people are smart enough not to swallow what Kerrey’s dishing out. He’s relying on the stupid people to turn out to vote.

  10. Whatever says:

    Yeah, it’s funny that Virginia/Iowa Johanns suddenly got all pissy about Hagel, claiming he wants a cabinet position. Wasn’t it Johanns that quit his job, sold his house, bought a big house in Arlington and didn’t even establish Nebraska residency again until he bought is little condo in June 2008? It’s crap like all this that is tearing this country appart, and the GOP are doing it at their own peril. We should all want people crossing party lines. Kerrey had a history of doing that. The NEGOP demand of lockstep goosestep thinking is proof that the party doesn’t believe in real freedom, just groupthink and complete one-party control. Sad.

  11. Anonymous says:

    what a RINO Hagel turned out to be..
    Again, we have dispatches from bizarro world where reality is optional, especially when it conflicts with a storyline. Just look at Hagel’s voting record. He’s definitely an R. But because he didn’t follow the company line on the Iraq war, and dared to disagree with the President and the rest of his party, he became a pariah though in the end he was proved right. That’s the problem with the Republican party. It’s more important to follow the leader than to do what’s right.

  12. NotChuck says:

    Currently irrelevant former Senator Hagel endorses currently irrelevant former Senator Kerrey! YAWN!! If Chuck Hagel had any idea how in low repute Nebraskans hold him, he would have declined Kerrey’s plea for help. He must be delusional. Can he seriously believe that he is still held in the same high regard he was before he betrayed us and his principles? Hagel’s 84% “conservative” (by what measure?) voting record was countered by his ever-leftward anti-conservative drift during the Bush regime (as if Bush somehow embodied conservative principles) to the point that it seemed he was becoming possessed! He would never have been re-elected by the Nebraskans he had so disappointed had he decided to run again. Thanks for your and Kerrey’s military service, Chuck — but don’t let the door hit you or Cosmic Bob in the ass on your way out!

  13. Chuck says:

    For all the posts deriding former Democrats who are now Republicans, consider the Biblical verse that says, “And when I became a man, I put away childish things” and the humorist who postulated that “a Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged!” Some people actually grow up!

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Chuck Hagel is right where he wants to be: All cameras trained on him while he looks thoughtfully off into the middle distance. Maybe he can enlighten us on how this bipartisanship thing is supposed to work if Harry Reid stays in charge of the Senate when Kerrey gets elected. Riddle me that, Batman.

    As for Hagel, maybe he did have an ACU rating of 84. He sure picked a doozy of a time to toss it overboard. Please remember that Hagel voted for the Iraq war resolution. Then, when the war wasn’t going too well, he joined the Democrats in attacking Bush in a rear guard action. Iraqis to the front, Democrats and Chuck Hagel to the rear. He picked his moment and we Nebraskans made it clear that he was persona non grata. Thank you, Jon Bruning, for giving him a shove out the door. It’s one thing to go against the party, it’s another thing to try to make sure your country has to turn and run.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Let this be a lesson to all of your children. If they seek to better themselves by going out into the world and getting educated outside of this backward, closed-minded state – by finding work that takes them away from our cornfields, cattle, and bullshit – by seeking a career in another state that allows them a more profitable career and greater opportunities – they should never consider returning to Nebraska and bringing all that they’ve learned with them to help bring this place into the 21st century. If they should, they will be treated as “carpetbaggers” or worse. If they should make the mistake of being Republicans, they will be considered “traitors” or worse, should they ever have the audacity to think for themselves and not follow the “leadership” of their party bosses.
    It is no wonder that more and more Nebraskans are deciding to have nothing to do with either political party.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Hagel, Chairman of Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board, apparently advised Obama to leave our Ambassador in Libya begging for help weeks ahead of him being slaughtered. With fresh blood on his hands, Hagel endorses a Kerrey whose own Democrat opponents said Kerrey murdered a pile of women and babies as a result of kneejerk bad decision making on Kerrey’s part.

    Compared to Hagel’s and Kerrey’s bloody bad decision making or lack thereof, who cares if Kerrey lies about being Half Republican or Hagel has Democrat yard signs? I am a veteran too. So what? Buy Chuck, Bob and me beer on Veteran’s Day. But for God’s sake, don’t vote for anyone, vet or nonvet, who like Kerrey knee jerks and kills kids, or like Obama and Hagel sits on his hands and watches Americans die.

    These are deadly bad decision makers. Elections are about us hiring decision makers, right?

  17. Anonymous says:

    7:34. Aw, you don’t like Nebraska? Sorry we didn’t live up to your expectations. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Not to mention Kerrey is the guy who ordered troops to fire on unarmed women and children, he admits it too. So a fence dispute vs killing unarmed women and children, oh and then denying it for as long as possible. Not a difficult choice……..oh and screw Hagel. I didn’t like Hagel when he was in office, and when I met him in Lincoln he seemed to be a weasel…..lil MF too.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hey monkey poop throwers – you know who you are – all of your “killing little kids” poo isn’t sticking. Too many of us other veterans had to do some of that as well and it doesn’t mean we enjoyed it, it doesn’t mean that we meant to do it, it doesn’t mean that we don’t sleep well at night. It just means that war is hell and bad things do happen in war.
    Now, for all of you pretentious non-veterans that think you have the right to judge those of us that have actually gone to war to defend your right to be idiots. STFU!

  20. Anonymous says:

    The accusations of Kerrey killing children was made by credible DEMOCRATS when Kerrey ran for President. If you don’t like it, take it up with the DNC.

    I have more combat time than Kerrey’s two months in country and Hagle’s year combined. So shove your veteran’s comments up your butt. And your tour in the safey of Spain makes you no war hero.

  21. Anonymous says:

    7:34 you talked about getting a college education outside Nebraska and then coming back. Thank you for bringing that up. Kerrey and Hagel both have bachelor degrees from Nebraska and nothing more. Its creepy how Kerrey’s BS from UNL magically allowed him to be a University President and Hagel’s BA from UNO somehow lets him masquerade as a “professor” in DC.

    These are two relatively uneducated men, for being former Senators. And yet both gravitated, sans any real postgrad education, toward false postures of scholastic achievement. That’s pathological or they are simply bullshitters like Obama. In Obama’s case, a moderate student who quit learning math after 7th grade (his own words) and went to law school where math dunces are welcome.

    These are men who drag inunearned credibility. In Obama’s case, him milking a Black slave thing that has nothing to do with his Kenyan slave-owner ancestry. And in Kerrey’s and Hagel’s case, one getting a medal for shooting kids and the other for getting shot up, and them parlaying that into unearned, thus undeserved, egotistical craving for political power.

    These are not smart men but they can BS. Yes Hagel is conservative and Kerrey and Obama are liberal. But the fact that they are all three relatively stupid and dangerously bad decision makers trumps politics. Thanks for bring this up.

  22. @ Anon #18,

    I don’t claim to speak for everyone, but I have absolutely no problem with people leaving our state to better themselves through work, college, military service…what have you…and then returning to our fine state to make a life for themselves here. Be they Democrats or Republicans, Catholics or atheists (hell, throw the pastafarians in there too!)…they’re welcome to come back and help grow this place that, as a transplanted Coloradoan via Iowa, I’ve come to simply call ‘home’.

    But if you think that’s what Kerrey is doing, you’ve got your head so far up his a$$ you should be able to count his teeth. He didn’t come back here to make a life for himself and his family…he drug his family back here for the sole purpose of seeking a political office at the behest of Harry Reid. Now I understand that as a Democrat, you have no problem with that. But please forgive the rest of us if we’re not so eager to throw our support behind a man who left Nebraska in his rear-view a long time before he moved to Greenwich Village. What’s that you say? He owns businesses here? Oh, well then, that changes…nothing. Indeed, it only reinforces the idea that, much like his farce of a Senate campaign, he’s only interested in using Nebraskans to further line his pocketbook.

  23. RWP says:

    Anonymous coward at 8:09

    While you were (unfortunately) wearing the uniform of the US Armed Forces, nothing required you to execute children. If you were given an order to do so, it was an unlawful order and you were required by the UCMJ (as well as the Geneva Conventions) to refuse to obey it. If you did it of your own initiative, you should have been court-martialled and jailed.

  24. @949 aka Jon Tucker says:

    Grow up. Why don’t you actually spend some time helping Republicans instead of complaining about them? Maybe you and Scott Peterson can start your own ‘Super Adventurer Club’

    Can’t say you have been seen at any volunteer office this year.

    I would stop with your unhealthy obsession with YR’s and maybe actually do something productive for the cause for once…

  25. Deb IS going to win big says:

    We Ask America just released their numbers in the Senate race. You will recall they were the only pollster who got the GOP primary right. They have Deb winning by 13% just as we all expect (except for the OWH and their crappy pollster Wiese).

    A number of readers have been asking us to poll the Nebraska Senate race featuring Democrat former U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey and Republican Deb Fischer since we had some success there in the surprise Republican primary win by Fischer. Kerrey has moved toward the center in his effort to keep retiring Senator Ben Nelson’s seat in the hands of Democrats, but has faced an uphill battle in a state where Mitt Romney has a double-digit lead over Barack Obama. He’s made some hay by trying to exploit a land dispute Fischer had years ago with a neighboring ranch, but may have gone over the top by claiming Fischer was trying somehow to grab property that didn’t belong to her. Still, Kerrey is a skilled communicator and Fischer has yet to be tested in a statewide arena, so we thought we’d check to see if those claiming the race was tightening are correct.

    We do not believe they are:
    Poll type: Automated Date: November 1, 2012 – Participants: 1,178 Likely Voters – Margin of Error: ± 2.95%

    Deb Fischer (R) Bob Kerrey (D) Undecided
    ALL VOTERS 53.6% 41.2% 5.2%
    DEM only 18% 79% 3%
    GOP only 85% 12% 3%
    IND only 48% 42% 10%

    As in all of our polls, these results have been weighted to normalize and over-/under-sampling in key demographic and geographic areas. In the same poll, we asked likely voters their choice for president; the results were Obama 41%; Romney 54%; Generic 3rd Party 2%; Undecided 3%–so Fischer seems to be mirroring the state’s political mood.

    Absent some major political explosion, it appears that the improbable winner of the Republican Primary will find herself a member of the world’s most exclusive club

  26. RWP says:

    There is no such thing as a ‘scientific’ poll, and Whatever is just dispensing his usual spin.

    When 9 of 10 people you contact won’t respond, then anything you do to try to make the 1/10 who do respond look like the average voter is going to be 4/5 voodoo. Let’s face it, if you do respond it means (1) You’re not busy (2) Are not yet fed up with answering polls (3) trust the polling company (3) may well be lying strategically.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Anon@8:37AM, If you want to impress us with your intelligence, please learn to spell correctly, use proper punctuation and brush up on your grammar. Geez, you write as poorly as Bud Pettigrew.

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