NEW #NESEN poll: Fischer up by 12%

A new poll published by We Ask America has Deb Fischer up by 12.4% over Democrat challenger Bob Kerrey.
See the results here:

Poll type: Automated Date: November 1, 2012 – Participants: 1,178 Likely Voters – Margin of Error: ± 2.95%

Deb Fischer (R) Bob Kerrey (D) Undecided
ALL VOTERS 53.6% 41.2% 5.2%
DEM only 18% 79% 3%
GOP only 85% 12% 3%
IND only 48% 42% 10%

As in all of our polls, these results have been weighted to normalize and over-/under-sampling in key demographic and geographic areas. In the same poll, we asked likely voters their choice for president; the results were Obama 41%; Romney 54%; Generic 3rd Party 2%; Undecided 3%--so Fischer seems to be mirroring the state’s political mood.

Now you may remember We Ask America from back in May of this year. A week before the GOP Primary, they had
Fischer – 39%
Bruning – 34%
Stenberg – 18%

The final results were

Fischer – 41%
Bruning – 35%
Stenberg – 18%

There may be a reason why Bob Kerrey Tweeted this morning that, “The polls no longer matter“.

They may not matter. But that doesn’t mean they’re wrong.


Interesting that OWH story today that Democrat NE-02 Congressional challenger John Ewing is getting little help from the Democratic Party.

We could have sworn the OWH’s own poll showed Ewing practically neck and neck with Congressman Lee Terry.

Could that poll have been dramatically wrong? (You know, like the one 2 years ago.)

Guess we’ll find out in a few days.


Hey, while we have been pretty much radio-silent on the Legislative races, among others, you should feel free to shout out for your favorite candidates on Tuesday.
Vote early and often!


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  1. Norfolk Observer says:

    Hagel: Kerrey is good because he works across party lines
    NEGOP: Hagel is bad because he works across party lines and does not follow the party mantra
    Fischer: You can trust me I work across party lines
    So is working across party lines good or bad? If it is good, why attack Hagel? Instead you should point out where Fisher and Hagel agree and why he should be supporting Fischer.
    All this negativity has turned me sour against NEGOP

  2. Jordan McGrain says:

    Norfolk Observer,

    Hagel is not supporting Fischer, so to point why he should is irrelevant.

    And Hagel is not “bad” because he supposedly works across party lines – it’s because his views are out of touch with the Republican Party and the majority of Nebraska voters, who do not support Obamacare or amnesty for illegal immigrants, and certainly will not vote to reelect Barack Obama.

    Hagel has thrown what’s left of his credibility behind a candidate in Bob Kerrey who’s first vote will be to retain Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader, and would then subsequently vote to raise taxes to and add trillions more to the national debt.

    These issues matter. Bob Kerrey is wrong on the issues and so is Chuck Hagel.

  3. Anonymostly says:

    So, Norfolk, are you any relation to Interested?

    See, the thing is, not all “working across party lines” are created equal.

    When Kerrey says he’ll “work across party lines” he means he’ll vote like a Democrat 92% of the time.

    When Hagel says Kerrey will “work across party lines” he means Kerrey will vote like a Democrat 92% of the time.

    When Deb Fischer says she can work with Democrats, she means she doesn’t trust them any further than she can throw them and she damn sure won’t get railroaded by them, nor will she allow any Nebraska Senator to be the 60th vote for cloture on the next piece of abysmal (Obysmal?) legislation that comes down the pipe.

    So, it means different things depending on who says it. I like the way Deb Fischer says it, myself.

  4. CC Music Factory says:

    So… we now have two polls that show approximately the same gap at 12%. About where I and I think most careful observers of the race likely expected the numbers to be. A little bit of closing, but not nearly enough to make it any kind of true race. So who is Kerrey going to convince now to fix some numbers for him to show it closing? After seeing the OWH, Kerrey, and the barely disguised Dem pollster polls it became fairly apparent that a national pollster would at some point come in and give us a fairly accurate picture. Two have, and surprise surprise… it’s not 5, 3 or 2 points… it’s still double digits. Can’t wait for Tuesday to come. The other side is going to have quite a few unpleasant surprises that night.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    I still can’t believe that Kerrey has no idea the esteem in which Nebraskans hold Hagel. That’s the difference between calling and finding out how your business is doing from the manager versus talking to a variety of people who live here. He’s living in the last century.

  6. Goober Natorial says:

    Saying you can work with Democrats in Congress is kind of like saying you can work with snakes. It doesn’t mean you plan to cooperate (a/k/a capitulate) with them. It means that you’re able to deal with the venomous ones and not get bitten.

  7. Interested Observer says:

    Now that a few of you have decided that Chuck Hagel, Rex Amack, Vicki Powell and others are barely RINO’s at best, just what percentage of Nebraska Republicans do the few of you actually approve of? What percentage of us are Republican enough to be a Republican in your opinion?

  8. Bob Loblaw says:

    Well IO let me answer that for you. For me to consider somebody a Republican they have to support a large majority of the issues identified in the party platform Deb does. Bob doesn’t. Easy enough for you?

  9. Norfolk Observer says:

    Thanks for making my point. If you don’t agree with the party then “he should is irrelevant.” That is not bipartisan. That is the definition of partisan. What major democrat has endorsed Deb? None, and yet she says she is bipartisan? Saying one is the King of England does not make one the King of England.

    As for Anonymostly aka Anonynasty it is your attitude that no matter what, the other side can’t be trusted is the D.C. way, not the Nebraska way. That is what is wrong with partisan party politics. Go back to D.C. and play in the swamp.

  10. Chris Scott says:

    This is what I and many others predicted. The Terry race will be double digits as well. North Star Campaign Systems poll seemed to be spot on. Unfortunately double digit leads do not make the news exciting.

  11. Whatever says:

    For the second time posting this (interesting the first disappeared):
    Automated – no scientific. But keep spinning away.

  12. JO says:

    IO @ 2:34
    It is obvious that you would not be one of the approved ones, as you have spent all your time and effort since the Primary election to elect Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader. A Senate Majority Leader who would be the main opposition to the new Republican President.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, and Chuck Hagel is not a Nebraskan Republican. He used to be one but is no longer. That was by his own choice. I sure didn’t kick him out of the party.

  14. I'm Observant says:

    IO doth protest too much, methinks. How many times does a person have to claim that they are a conservative Republican rancher? It’s plain to see that IO is neither conservative nor Republican. Maybe IO isn’t even a rancher. One ought to be able to tell a person’s political leanings on this blog by the context of the post, and from what I’ve seen, IO leans left. There is absolutely no reason that a real conservative would support Bob Kerrey.

  15. CC Music Factory says:

    Nice try, Whatever. But you basically ignored what SS posted about them basically nailing the primary. And not to unduly criticize SS, but that was actually posted the day before the primary, and I believe done over the weekend right before. You can make a blanket statement about automated polls all you want, but that company has a pretty good track record. That, and we now have two polls that have come out just recently that ended up with the same margin. Nice try yourself at spinning, trying to spin away the results however you want.

  16. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    Don Walton writes, “When Deb gets something on her mind to do, she’ll do it,” state Sen. Lavon Heidemann of Elk Creek says in introducing her to about 60 people at the senior center in Auburn.”

    The Kimes would second Senator Heidemann’s statement although the Kimes & their kids might add, even if that “something” is a hopeless lawsuit that costs your elderly neighbors $40,000 (forty thousand) dollars and shatters a decades-long friendship.

    At Tecumseh, when she is asked about the Kerrey TV ads, Fischer says she “get(s) pretty tired of that stuff,” [Indeed, the truth is taxing because it hurts].

    Don Walton writes, “Just as she is answering a question about Kerrey’s ads, suggesting it is fine to “attack my record, but I don’t like personal attacks.”

    The Kime Lawsuit/Snake River Falls Ranch/Game & Parks/Nebraska Enviornmental Trust is a fair-game issue, irrespective of the fact that her husband happened to be part of this character-exposing odyssey. The Kime Lawsuit is not a personal attack by any stretch of the definition.

    Don Walton writes, “When she leaves, Fischer says: “I’m making this a clean campaign…”

    Sorry to disagree but it’s been down and dirty from day one for the Fischer campaign and her top surrogates to describe Bob Kerrey as a “Carpetbagger.”

    The Record shows that Senator Fischer, herself – with thousands of Cornhuskers watching – blew a golden opportunity to put that canard to rest during the first debate when she was asked by the Omaha World-Herald’s Robynn Tysver, I believe,”So you agree that Bob Kerrey is a Nebraskan?” [Can’t you just hear the GOP Chris Christie answering that the right way].

    Rather than simply say, “Of course Bob Kerrey is a Nebraskan,” Senator Fischer said in a steely tone and through gritted teeth, “I will say that Bob Kerrey is the Nebraska Democratic Candidate for the Senate.”

    Senator Fischer lost a lot of fair-minded Cornhuskers (moi included) with that blatantly not clean – in fact, it was mean – response.

    Especially since she’s wrapped her arms around Rep. Jeff Fortenberry who – as I’ve noted before – was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, grew up in Washington, D.C. & alighted in Lincoln in the same year he “won” an at-large seat on the Lincoln City Council, picked up a Master’s in Theology & “got a job as a “Trucking” executive at Sandhills Publishing.

    That, my friends, is the classic definition of a “Carpetbagger.”

  17. IO,

    Give me, or any one of us, a reason why we should answer your questions when you absolutely refuse to answer ours.

    We’ve asked, repeatedly, which conservative principles you actually support. We’ve asked, repeatedly, which liberal principles you actually oppose. You’ve repeatedly ignored or dodged the question, never failing to return to the tired old ‘Deb Fi$cher’ with a dollar sign, as if making money is somehow a bad thing.

    The fact that you won’t address a single campaign issue has left you with absolutely zero credibility. And the fact that you can’t even bring yourself to type Kerrey’s name leaves people rightly suspicious that you work for the Kerrey campaign, but have been told to limit your role to that of an attack dog sicked against Deb Fischer. I suspect you’ve been told not to talk about any of Kerrey’s positions, because you’d probably fall flat on your face if you tried.

    Now, please prove my point and, in your next post…

    1. Avoid answering any of the repeated questions you have been asked.
    2. Do not use Kerrey’s name.
    3. Turn the discussion back to Deb Fischer with a dollar sign in her name.

  18. Interested Observer says:

    Grundle King, don’t even bother trying to answer my question. I understand that you simply can’t because you don’t know the answer. The same way that you don’t understand how DEB FI$CHER has benefited from her WELFARE GRAZING her entire adult life, how she created her brand new State excise tax on motor fuels at wholesale level, completely all 30 some recommendations on how to increase revenue to the Department of Roads, created Nebraska’s largest earmark in history with her roads funding bill, created the next largest earmark in Nebraska with her diversion of the Nebraska Environmental Trust to the water fund, created one of the State’s highest per pupil costs as President of the Valentine Rural High School Board of Education, sued her beloved elderly neighbors by trying to steal their land costing them $40,000 in legal fees, misused her position in the Legislature by interfering with the proposed Game and Parks purchase of the Kime’s Snake Falls, etc. etc. etc.

    OH, and her brand is a DOLLAR SIGN


  19. Macdaddy says:

    Ivy, Kerrey landed on his sister’s couch on the red-eye from NYC on the last day to register to run in the primary. Were his bags made of carpet? I don’t know. I do know he didn’t show up with a moving van.

  20. Interested Observer says:

    It’s interesting to observe that as a few of you make everything such absolute black/white contrasts, noted educational psychologist Arthur R. Jensen died recently. I have to wonder what he would have said about the basis of this type of behavior. He was interested in the question ” What makes people behave and think differently from one another?”.

  21. Anonymous says:

    …………..and then on Nov 6th 2012 Deb Fischer WON a seat to the Senate, and IO well, who really cares what happened to that staffer:)

  22. Anonymostly says:

    Ivy, the longer you complain about Jeff Fortenberry’s background, the more you brand yourself a loser. An undignified, ungracious, whiny loser. Give it up. You lost. Loser.

  23. To IO says:

    Why would we answer any of your questions when as a “conservative” rancher you can not tell me one thing you dislike about liberal BobKerrey. Heck you can’t even say Kerrey’s name.

  24. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    @ Anonymostly

    Rep. Fortenberry’s Cornhusker “Carpetbagging” past is a fact.

    The subject is germane because Senator Deb Fischer – and her surrogates – continue to refer to Bob Kerrey as one when he isn’t.

    It’s GOP hypocrisy here that rankles and by the way, Nebraskans don’t know the half of “The Fort’s” background.

    Oh, and I’m proud of my 2010 Democratic run for Congress because, as the adage goes, you can learn as much – or more – from losing than you can from “WINNING” ala Charlie Harper aka known as my dear departed grandfather from Davenport, Nebraska. In what state are Fortenberry’s relatives buried? Yes, that would be Louisiana. My great-grandparents, Mark & Molly Harper are buried in the Davenport, Nebraska cemetery.

    Finally, “Losing” puts me in a club that includes the remarkable Rebekah Davis, Jim Esch, Maxine Moul, Gerard Finnegan, Hess Dyas, and the terrific Tom White. Not too shabby.

  25. Anonymostly says:

    Yeah, Ivy, but their not on here complaining about the person who beat them. Fortenberry’s been here in Nebraska a good 20 years now. Time to let it go. Besides, I didn’t realize a politician’s grandparents had to be from Nebraska in order for that politician not to be a carpet bagger.

  26. Damn IO, you sure are predictable.

    BTW, it has to take an especially high level of neurosis to hold down ‘shift+$’ long enough to add up to 805 dollar signs. I mean like a REALLY deep-seated neurosis.

    Seek professional help, IO…before it’s too late.

  27. Anonymous says:

    IF you have been in public office in Nebraska since 1997, chances are you are NOT a carpetbagger. Now Kerrey is a carpetbagger! But Fortenberry has been in elective office IN Nebraska for 15 YEARS, and a Congressman for going on 8 years, and will have another 2 here shortly.

    So Ivy, ya just can’t argue the FACT he is no longer in the Bob Kerrey Carpetbagger club. While he may have been way back in 1997 when he ran for city council, he isn’t any longer……… you are getting to be more and more like the neurotic IO with this fixation of yours, its not healthy for you.

  28. I Don't Need the Fischer Campaign... says:

    to point out that Bob Kerry is a carpet-bagger who will be heading back to New York right after the election. No worries about staging the home to sell; I doubt if it even received any foot-traffic this year.

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