One last #NESEN poll

On this evening before the 2012 election, we have one last poll from some outfit we’ve never heard of.
So this falls under the “more info is better than less info” in the land of politicos.

So here are the numbers from TCJ:

Debbie Fischer- 55%
Bob Kerrey- 42%

1000 likely voters, M.O.E. 3%.
29% Democrats, 49% Republican, 22% Unaffiliated

All ID Democrats Republicans Independents
Fischer 54.7 5.4 89.7 41.9
Kerrey 41.9 92 6.9 54
Undecided 3.3 2.6 3.4 4.1

Of course this pollster also has “Debbie” Fischer ahead.

We’ll see tomorrow if Fischer does win, and if so, if the numbers are closer to these or closer to the OWH’s from last week.

Sam Adams, Paul Revere and the boys have been busy...


  1. Anonymostly says:

    Yeah, tomorrow should be fun for IO. I think she and her tour group that went down to Branson are going to see Yakov Smirnov tomorrow night, so that should be a blaaaast.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    If the BWH poll is the outlier and once again everybody else’s polls are way, way more accurate, I wonder if they will change polling companies. How many more misses do they need to have before they lose all credibility as a news organization? Isn’t accuracy something a newspaper should strive for? Quit laughing. I was actually being serious. If Romney wins by a landslide tomorrow, I think there is a real market for a media outfit that goes after the facts and shuns editorializing and manipulation. It will take time, money, and honesty to establish a reputation for integrity but I would think the case could be made to Buffett to give them time and money. Honesty is free. Maybe a medium-sized newspaper from the heart of America could lead the way.

  3. SoWhat??? says:

    Warren Buffet spend money on making the Weird Harold unbiased??? He called into “Squawk Box” show yesterday to ask guest host Jack Welch (former CEO of GE) some obscure but insulting question because Welch vocally supports Romney. This ranks right up there with Warren’s last appearance on CNBC when in talking about his prostate cancer treatment and the hormone therapy he stated, “I stopped the hormones when I wanted to sit down to piss.”. That’s a direct quote.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    Schrödinger’s cat seems to say both guys win and yet both guys lose. But in our non-quantum political existence, we know the cat won’t spill out both dead and alive. There are things going on in this election beyond our vision, things that skew the polls we use to measure outcomes, so we will have to wait to about 8 pm tonight to see. If the outcome isn’t clear by then, and dramatically so, then America is doomed.

    After four years of Americans seeing the results of hope, hate and revenge in lieu of experience and sober rational policy management, and notwithstanding the gift of Sandy’s waters washing some blood from Obama’s hands, if we don’t see a Romney landslide, America will be on a death spiral no matter who is elected. To have a squeaker election after four years of Obama is to admit the end of the dream of our founding fathers. They predicted that when voters got to the point where they preferred free cheese to self-respect and self-reliance, then the Great Experiment of a Great America is over. The tipping point is about 8 PM tonight. Welcome to history. We are living it.

    The good news is, Obama is being skewed by over-polling at 2008 levels and I think even more by a Bradley Effect in full bloom. Those who think the effect comes from Whites disliking Blacks are wrong. It is driven by nothing as weak as that. The Bradley Effect is driven by a deeply inculcated fear of being fired, ostracized, etc., for criticizing Blacks in any circumstance, and reinforced by Hate Crime Law that in the popular mind double-punishes Whites for thinking bad thoughts about Blacks. These are real fears of real punishments. And despite positive reinforcement being a motivator of habitual behavior, even Skinner would agree that fear induced by punishment is the quickest way to produce concrete avoidance behavior and weld it into habit. We will be able to see this, or not, this evening.

  5. Goober Natorial says:

    So, tragedy in New York to be sure. Wonder, though, why the Occupy Zucotti Park people haven’t stepped in to solve things. You don’t need government to get your electricity going. You don’t need those evil corporations to supply bottled water. All you need is love. And a pup tent. And some grass. And you’ve got Nirvana.

  6. This website lies!!! says:

    How dare you!!! Kerrey’s poll has him within 2 points and I believe him because he has integrity!


    Chuck Hassebrook

  7. Goober Natorial says:

    Latest headline on CBS News, “Sandy Victims’ Power, Housing Issues Grow Severe.” Boy, nothing like a good hurricane to call total bullshit on the aspirations of the Occupy morons. I’d like to see them crawl out of this thing without some corporations pulling weight.

  8. Goober Natorial says:

    From CNN an hour ago: “On election day, nor’easter to bring chill to Sandy survivors.”

    C’mon, Occupy genius, dig yourself out, b____!

  9. Macdaddy says:

    OWS people nothing, where’s Obama? Didn’t he put himself in charge of this? Oh, that’s right. He’s campaigning. That’s all you get: a few empty words. A photo op. I hear Obama’s glow will warm your soul.

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