Election Day 2012!

Exciting day!

Per usual there’s almost…no news!

So, if you see or hear anything interesting or shocking or alarming, please email it to us (LeavenworthStATgmail.com) — especially your blurry cell phone photos.

We will update here as the day goes on, so please check back!


As near as we can tell, this page at the Nebraska Secretary of State website will be the best place to get your updated results.

Should be at the same time as any of the news outlets.


Word from the major national news outfits is that exit poll data will be released at 4 pm CST.

You can follow the Washington Post’s info on this — which would in theory be the quickest update — on the Twitter @PostPolls.


From a local politico on how and when the Douglas Co.,  Nebraska votes are counted:

In Douglas County the 8 PM returns are from 8 AM – noon voters county wide.

The 8:40 returns are all the early voters.

Thereafter it is what ever comes in from each precinct.  The counting office is at 114th and Dodge, so the western votes from noon to 8 pm are the most likely votes counted first after 8 pm.

From another…

8 pm results include first morning collection.

8:45 pm results include all early ballots, and I’m told that 8:45 count will be about 60% of all votes cast in Douglas County.

So there ya go.



  1. Hardy Haar Haar? says:

    “Shocking” is the depth to which Ken Haar has sunk in his attempt to cling to power in the Unicameral. The cartoon sent out by his supporter Tony Merritt that depicted Mike Hilgers on the gallows about to throw the lever to send two young women to death by hanging was a new low, even for the abortion-free-for-all side. Since Haar is owned by Big Education, Big Environmentalism, and Bold Nebraska (receiving a combined $70K from the teachers union, John Woollam’s trust, and Dick Holland), it’s not surprising that he must attempt to build grass roots support by smearing an opponent of fine character… just shocking at how thick is the smear.

  2. Ivy Marie Harper says:

    Prediction: Nebraskans are going to Kerrey Bob back to his old Senate stomping grounds to shake up Congress as only a cosmic Cornhusker can do.

    President Obama’s going to win a close race against the Stormin’ Mormon.

  3. Goober Natorial says:

    It’s a sad statement that Democrats like Ivy Harper think Mitt Romney’s religion is a campaign issue for them, especially after all the complaining they did four years ago when people would mention Obama’s middle name.

  4. Heroin says:

    My apologies to crack but you ate clearly on something more potent than my dear friend crack. Perhaps you are using the same campaign consultants that predicted that when you ran you had a snowballs chance in hell!

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