Won’t get fooled again

A poll from Rasmussen Reports on May 17, 2012 was as follows:

Deb Fischer………56%
Bob Kerrey……….38%

The results on Election Night (with 98% in):


So, as it turns out, no one really changed their minds from six month ago.

They saw that Bob Kerrey only moved back to Nebraska to run for U.S. Senate when he saw that Dave Heineman was unlikely to get in.

They saw that Deb Fischer is a true conservative, is tough, willing to stand up to anyone in politics, could go toe to toe with Kerrey — and oh yeah, isn’t a Democrat.

We wrote right before the 2006 Senate election that “Ben Nelson is a Democrat!”. And many just chuckled saying, “Oh, but we know conservative Ben. He’s one of us.”

And then the Cornhusker Kickback happened, and voters clearly said to the newer Democrat, “No thanks.”

And we really don’t want to bitterly knock Kerrey, but his campaign was less than exemplary. His entire plan was to denigrate Deb Fischer and…well that was it. That was the plan. And it seems to have moved his numbers exactly zero percent.

(Oh, and campaign architect Paul Johnson’s first Nebraska loss!)

So it pretty much came down to,…Nebraska voters aren’t stupid. They see what you’re doing.

So congratulations to Nebraska’s newest Senator Deb Fischer. We have a feeling she’s going to be great in the U.S. Senate.


And so briefly on the political run-down, pre and post election:

A week ago, the OWH put out a poll showing Bob Kerrey trailing Deb Fischer by THREE points. She won by nearly SEVENTEEN points.

So…what the hell? What the hell is that?

And we don’t even know what to think because the OWH’s same pollster pretty much nailed the House race in Omaha — calling it a 4 point race, with Lee Terry winning in the end by maybe even less than that.

Then again, a local firm (NorthStar) nearly nailed the Senate race, but was off on the House race by 10 points.

We would love to see further analysis of all that.


And Lee Terry’s win reminds us of the a March Madness victory (or even a recent Husker win) — survive and advance.

Congrats once again to Terry and his team.

(And to Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith as well on defeating their Bowl Subdivision opponents.)


And what of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama?

Well, Nebraska has clearly had enough — including the 2nd District. Alas, right around 50% +1 of the country does not feel the same.

And we’re sure the local populous will giddy about Biden/Warren ’16.

(Too soon?)


  1. Four years ago, the liberals were claiming that they had been given a mandate by the voters to do whatever they wanted based on the margin of victory of Obama over McCain. Now we see that margin of victory at 1/3rd of what it was 4 years ago.

    Anyone betting the smug libs won’t still be claiming they have a mandate to carry out their full, nation-killing agenda? Or is there a sliver of hope that they’ll realize the error in their ways?

  2. Anonymostly says:

    Well, congratulations, America. You just re-elected a man as President whose solution to the problem of American companies moving jobs overseas is to punish the greedy bastards by raising their taxes and imposing ever more burdensome regulations. Yeah, that’ll fix it. Go back to sleep America. MSNBC will read you a bedtime fairytale and all will be well.

  3. Lil Mac says:

    Ernie Chambers damages Nebraska. But if not Ernie, it would be someone like Ernie representing his Rev. Wright-like God Damn America constituency. Term Limits are not there because Ernie is too adept but because average NE voters are too inept and lazy, else they’d replace their own politically retarded Senators who meekly bend over and get screwed by Ernie.

    I agree Obama has no mandate. But I doubt that matters. He will double down. He will by pass the House and make treaties that reduce US sovereignty and power and limit individual American freedoms. This is inevitable. He is raised to believe unswervingly that America cannot be both Powerful and Good. He will double down.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Sorry, but Obama has a mandate. America has no problem with him ruling by executive order. In 40 short years we’ve gone from making sure the President is as weak as possible back to an Imperial Presidency. Congress will be as irrelevant as it’s been for the past 2 years. Americans like the idea of one man deciding everything. We have raised generation after generation of progressively weaker, softer, and more dependent people who want to do what they want, when they want, and somebody else will pay for it. Oh, well. Full speed ahead towards a post-America world. And the band played on.

  5. SoWhat??? says:

    On the bright side, Vile Kyle got crushed in his legislative race…by at least 2 to 1. It’s just too bad he didn’t have to resign his cushy overpaid unnecessary Federal government job to run in the first place.

  6. Goober Natorial says:

    Man, if I was a conservative Republican who hated Deb Fischer, I’d be pretty damned depressed today. I’d probably be so depressed, I wouldn’t want to post on Leavenworth Street for MONTHS! (Can we be so lucky?)

  7. Goober Natorial says:

    Man, after enduring four more years of a malignant Obamanoma in the rectum, I’m gonna wish I had a case of Romneysia.

  8. MUD says:

    Big win for the Bat S&@T Crazy Party! Megan Mutphy beats out McCollister! Makes complete sense though. Megan did write in her candidate questionaire the she is qualified to be on the MUD Board because she is a parent of a child with disabilities and has had her power cut off for failing to pay. Makes complete sense.

  9. Macdaddy says:

    Dear Congressman Terry and Senator-elect Fischer:

    The people have spoken. They like what Obama is doing with the country. As your ardent supporter, I give you permission to let Obama have his way. You do not have to support anything, just not oppose it. Let’s get this over with so we can move on.

  10. Goober Natorial says:

    Just in case you were curious, 78% of Deb Fischer’s neighbors in Cherry County voted for her. In the precinct where David and Annie Kime live, Deb got better than 79% of the vote.

  11. Jimmy D says:

    Dear Congressman Terry and Senator-elect Fischer:

    The people have spoken. They DO NOT like what Obama is doing with the country by a 57-41 margin. As your ardent supporter, I give you permission oppose liberal policies which will drive this country down the tubes and into bankruptcy.

  12. Anonymous2 says:

    If Bush II could claim a mandate after losing the popular vote and the Supreme Court giving him Florida, I’d say that Obama has a much better claim.

  13. Goober Natorial says:

    Hate to say it, but I’m afraid this country would be a lot better off had Al Gore won Florida in 2000. Not because Gore would have been so great but because Democrats would have taken the heat for Democrat-caused problems and Republicans in Congress would have continued to try to control spending. And today, we probably wouldn’t have a President Obama, let alone a President Obama heading into a second term. Gore isn’t as liberal as Obama and they wouldn’t have attempted a government takeover of healthcare.

  14. SoWhat??? says:

    Since when did MUD begin supplying electricity…and when does some moron qualify to be on their board who can’t tell the difference between MUD and OPPD? I guess a lot of Obama voters can’t either.

  15. A Cherry County resident says:

    [A known area Democrat] had a melt down at the Valentine Fairgrounds polling place, he was screaming at a voter who openly supported Deb Fischer. calling him obscene names. He was asked/made to leave by the ladies running the polling stations and other voters

  16. Spike says:

    PRAISE THE LORD that the Majority of Americans aren’t as STUPID as the majority of STUPID NEBRASKANS! Aren’t you GOPER JERKS sad that perhaps we’ll have 4 more years of PEACE??? It is totally mind boggling how imbecilic you RETARDS are. What is it, the farm runoff chemicals in the water that makes you clowns so incredibly DUMB??>?


  17. Anonymous says:

    You GOPers now own Nebraska lock, stock and barrel. They can officially lock the doors at the NDP and they can all go home. The problem is, now you GOPers also own every single thing that goes wrong in Nebraska.
    It’s the shits, ain’t it?

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope all of you are now happy that the federal pork that senior senator, Ben Nelson, used to put on our table will no longer be blessing our plates. Others will be pigging out on the guvmint bacon while we might be lucky to lick the napkins of the grease our two junior senators can procure for us.

  19. Some Thoughts says:

    I’m no polling expert, but there’s a good reason why aggregators of many polls end up with more accurate predictions than most any single poll. The surprising results seen in a few of these polls are, as Sweeper noted, offset by polls that seemed closer to getting it right, so I don’t think you can blame any one pollster or method on the basis of a few oddball results. Unless you can dig deeper and explain differences in sampling method that caused this, it’s not terribly surprising.

    By contrast, one thing we did learn in the aftermath of this election is that Gallup’s methods need adjustment, and for the sake of their role in Nebraska’s economy I hope that their business doesn’t take a hit after the widely publicized failures of their national tracking poll. It was consistently at odds with other polling evidence, and they apparently made some decisions about how to consider registered and likely voters that were mistaken, even as they attempted a more accurate representation of people who use only cell phones.

    Another thing we learned is that the conservative media has to stop functioning as an echo chamber for its own message. How many people were so sure that Romney was going to win because the conservative media kept predicting it, despite all the growing evidence making that unlikely? How many went on supporting the crazy remarks of Akin and Mourdock, only to see them lose races that were theirs to win, in conservative states that otherwise supported Romney? it’s no accident that Obama enjoyed a huge advantage in women’s votes. Look at what happened in the Senate races in North Dakota and Wisconsin. The Republican idea that Catholics would respond in droves to the threat to their religious freedom was also a bust: Obama won more of their votes too, because Catholics don’t agree with the church hierarchy as much anymore. Catholic Hispanic voters should be an easy audience for conservative candidates too, but the Republican racial rhetoric is a major negative. It really boils down to whether people want to win and stay relevant a decade from now.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Some Thoughts makes some good points. We should all just adopt Democrat positions on everything so that we can become electable again. The only problem with that approach is can we really promise to give away as much free shit as the Democrats? I mean, someone has to be the adult and say we can’t afford anymore free phones. #amiright?

  21. Anonymous2 says:

    Really! Seems to me that Republicans gave out tax cuts, Medicare Part D and two wars without paying for them. Also, the last surplus was under a Democratic president. Your brayings are in no way connected to reality.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Some Thoughts, every GOP official bar none roundly criticized Akin and did everything short of putting a horse head in his bed to get him to drop out. All party support to Akin was withdrawn. I think that the GOP has to realize that our values are in the minority. I am not willing to compromise on those values. That gives us 2 choices: don’t compromise and let the chips fall where they may or pander shamelessly to the public and then govern differently once in office. Right now I vote for option 1. America made her bed. I vote we strap her to it even as we see the bed bugs gathering at the edges of the mattress.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Federal pork like the $525,000,000 Stratcom headquarters. Missouri or Kansas could have had it, but Porkbarrel Ben brought us the bacon on that one.

  24. Anonymous says:

    A Cherry County resident: The so called melt down was no melt down but was an instance of catching republicans law breaking. Which he was proven to be right about. Since the Republicans were forced to remove their campaign signs from the polling areas. The so called bad names he called the republican was liar. And that guy is a known liar. The well known Democrat was not asked to leave and came back a half of dozen times checking on the polls.

  25. RWP says:

    The major elements of Obama’s coalition were blacks (racism), hispanics (heavy welfare dependency, plus a heritage in statist Latin American cultures), single women (gummint subbing as daddy) and the young (morons). White men and married white women voted almost 2:1 for Romney.

    This really was a vote to take money out of other people’s pockets. Some of the coalition feel entitled to it, while I think the 18-30 group largely don’t think at all about where the money comes from. The millenial group is unusually self-absorbed, suffers from protracted adolescence, and thinks the world owes it something. Unfortunately, it has it backwards. It owes the world something; about 16.2 trillion somethings, in fact.

    I had an online encounter with a UNL student about a week back; it got fairly heated, and eventually he complained I was insulting him. I countered that nothing I’d said came close to the vileness he’d posted to me. “But you’re the adult” he said.

    We now have a culture where 21 year old men think of themselves as children. These were the people who voted 60:37 for Obama. I suppose it is my generation’s fault we raised, or rather didn’t raise, this strange clade of juvenile, parasitic blobs. When the bills come due, and that will be sooner than most people think, it boggles the mind how they’re going to cope with it. By crying, I expect. At the age of 30, it’s hard to grow up. That’s why we try to do it when we’re 16.

    RWP’s Law of Adulthood; by the time someone else your age is heading out to die for your country, it’s time you were a man. Or a woman. (If you’re heading out yourself, don’t sweat it).

  26. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see how much love you have for your “fellow” Americans, RWP. Scotland is missing its idiot. Can’t you go back?

  27. OWH Critic says:

    The OWH missed the polling majorly on the Fischer/Kerrey race–calling it a 3 point race while Fischer wins by 16 points. They did this two years ago with Lee Terry’s race (he won by 21 points; OWH called it 5), and even back to 1998. Each time the OWH poll hughly favors the Democrat. The Terry race poll placing the race around 5 points a few weeks ago, like the nonsense Fischer poll, was also massively wrong at the time it was released (Terry was really up by double digets at that time; the race got close as the OWH continued to trash Terry down the stretch). World Herald–will you please have a little more respect for the voter and hire a pollster who knows what they are doing? The Fischer/other internal polls were almost precisely right–so a valid poll would have showed you the real status of the race. The OWH made a conscious choice to run with a poll that anyone with any political knowledge knew was 100% false. The result was the public having to listen to a million dollars or more of extra negative advertising in the final days on a race that was over 15 points. OWH, cut the games and play polling straight.

  28. Anonymous says:

    President Obama . That has a nice ring to it. The Democrats have now won the popular vote in 92, 96, 00, 08, 12. 5 out of 6. The party of the angry old white man is dying. Soon even Nebraska will be a 21st century state. We do hope you guys think Romney was a moderate. Bring on the KOOKS in 16. So we can win another one.

  29. Goober Natorial says:

    The major elements of Obama’s coalition were blacks (racism), hispanics (heavy welfare dependency, plus a heritage in statist Latin American cultures), single women (gummint subbing as daddy) and the young (morons). White men and married white women voted almost 2:1 for Romney.

    This really was a vote to take money out of other people’s pockets.

    RWP is spectacularly correct about what this election was about. The identity groups to which the Dems cater are like sought-after high school basketball recruits who make their college choice based on which school can promise them the most free shit. You can’t compete with the party who promises all the freebies to all the identity groups out there. They just want it. They ain’t paying for it so they don’t care where Obama got his stash from.

  30. Spike says:

    A @ 38,

    Yes POTUS Obama does have a nice ring to it BUT I doubt if NE will be in the 21st. century anytime soon. It’s a pity because if these people would only use their brains 1/5 of the time, they’d see the light that the Common Good benefits ALL! C’est dommage!

  31. @ Spike & other lib morons,

    Just what is the 21st century in your world? What…15 years into the century and we’ll be over $20 trillion in debt and China decides to cash out, leaving the country bankrupt and the only people left here are the ones without the means to leave? Yeah, sounds awesome. Can’t wait.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Grundle go back to your BC cave and pout some more Adults are running the country now. They have started the big clean up of the Bush mess. In four years a lot of that mess will be gone just like during the Clinton years. We will then need 8 more years of Hillary to finish the job. Since most red states are the biggest moocher states, we need to find a way to help them see the light.

  33. CC Music Factory says:

    Yeah, to the lib anons out there, like to tell me how you’re going to get rid of any ‘mess’ by spending the country into oblivion and taxing those that can actually provide jobs? The only reason things will get ‘fixed’ at all is because both sides are likely going to have to moderate some (meaning Obama can tax the job providers into oblivion just to give freebies to his voters), likely meaning that we’ll see a mix of cuts and new taxes. Sadly, new taxes wouldn’t HAVE to happen if we made the cuts necessary, but the Dems/Libs have perpetuated this myth that cuts alone won’t work, and even some Repubs have said it, because they’re all afraid of the social program cuts which are going to HAVE to happen to even attempt to balance the budget. If Obama tries to push too hard for his version of what he believes needs to happen, the threat of new taxes will send the markets into a tailspin, and we could easily see inflation/hyper-inflation take hold. The fiscal precipice this country is on is truly frightening. Hopefully Obama truly meant it last night when he said he would work together with Republicans/Conservatives to find a way forward. I have my doubts, though, because his victory speech in ’08 used a lot of the same rhetoric. What the numbers tell us is this country is divided almost right down the middle, and there will likely have to be compromise by both sides to move forward.

  34. Anonymous says:

    This gets really old, but so many on this site refuse to believe any economic theory, even those in which we have a high degree of confidence in based on actual historical results. One does NOT make cuts in a recession. Do you know of one economist that hasn’t expressed alarm over the fiscal cliff that will occur if no new tax bill is passed before the end of the year? Raising taxes on everyone now to cut the deficit is a prescription for the Great Depression II. And if Bush and his fellow Repubs hadn’t given out tax cuts without any balancing program cuts + unpaid wars + lax regulations that made the crash worse and tanked the economy, our debt wouldn’t be so bad. An economic recovery would solve of a lot of the deficit in that govt income would increase and expenses decrease.

    By the way, taxes are at the lowest level since the 1950’s, and you want to cut more! Talk about personal greed. In my youth the top rate was over 70%, and the economy ran fine. Raising taxes on those who can afford it would not be a disaster or even hurt the economy. (There’s an interesting study that shows when taxes went up on the top 10%, there was no economic downturn. Not so with the bottom 90%.)

    Now I’ll wait for RWP’s retort that all economic theory is bunk because it’s not a hard science like Chemistry, and he knows more than everyone else on every subject.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous above, when you were a youth and the top marginal tax rate was 70%, the dirty little secret that your parents never told you (apparently) was that NOBODY PAID THAT TOP RATE. Did you get that? There were so many tax loopholes (the kind that politicians keep saying they intend to close) that NOBODY PAID THE TOP MARGINAL RATES. Well, practically no one. They sheltered their taxes, OK? You make it sound like all those people who are paying 35% now would have paid 70% back in the 50s and that just isn’t true.

    Second, the amount of money that we’re talking about? The deficit? It’s been over a trillion every year Obama has been in office. That’s a lot of money. And here’s something your un-named economic experts have evidently failed to inform you: YOU CANNOT TAX ENOUGH TO COVER THE DEFICIT. You just can’t do it. There just isn’t enough income being generated in the national economy for the top 1%, 2%, 5% or even 10% to cover the deficit NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOUR TOP MARGINAL TAX RATE IS.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Sure, they didn’t pay an effective rate of 70%. But they paid way more than those at the current top rate, considering the 15% capital gains tax rate. Quite a few loopholes still exist, so it’s easy for those at the top end to pay much less than 35%. No matter how you spin it, the current effective top tax rate is less than 1/2 of what it was. Government revenues from income tax show this. (And Bloomberg figured out that Romney paid ZERO taxes for several years because of a loophole that he was grandfathered in that effectively allowed him to use the Mormon church’s tax exemption without actually having to donate the money.)

    And no one expects the economy to remain stagnant. Things change, a point I made that you somehow missed. When things pick up, the deficit will decrease. But I also agree with you (and never said different) that everyone’s’ taxes will have to go up. That’s no reason to not start taxing those who can afford to pay more now. If the deficit is such a crisis, you should agree.

  37. Macdaddy says:

    I think Obama should submit a bill raising the top tax rate to 70%. France just raised theirs to 90%. 70 is a more than reasonable compromise. Obama thinks he knows what he’s doing and the American people agree. Why is he being such a p***y about it? He needs to get going on changing our economy. We want him to save us. Let’s get going. I vote for giving Obama whatever he wants with one caveat: he has to submit the bills and budget. But let’s see if he really is as smart as he thinks he is. The American people have spoken.

  38. TexasAnnie says:

    Chill, Macdaddy! I told you months ago that I believe Obama will win, AND, that nothing will change. And I’m sticking to my prediction. Republicans are like Democrats who are like Republicans. Oh sure, the CHOICES they make in terms of TAX INCENTIVES and other forms of WELFARE may appear different during arguments concerning Republicans v. Democrats, but in the end it’s the same damn government we’ve had my entire adult life. That’s why I quit voting for either party and began voting my conscience… You remember our conversations about this, don’t ‘cha? Try voting your conscience next time. It could soothe what ails you now!

    On a happy note: We got word here that Rep. Harvey Hilderbran, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, will introduce a bill in January to eliminate the property tax in Texas. And since we already don’t have, constitutionally, a state income tax, we could be the first state in the nation to implement a simple, equitable and honest tax system: the consumption tax.

  39. RWP says:

    This gets really old, but so many on this site refuse to believe any economic theory, even those in which we have a high degree of confidence in based on actual historical results.

    So name a few.

  40. RWP says:

    Federal government spending as a percent of GDP has never been higher than it was during the Obama administration, except at the height of World War II. Total federal revenue collection is at the higher than it was in the late 1950s, and about the same as the average level it had for the entire decade. Social security revenue is far higher, income tax revenue is what it was in the late 50s, and ad valorem revenue is dramatically down. We are spending far more as a percent of GDP, and collecting approximately as much. Tax rates are irrelevant; what percentage of your income we actually take is what matters. The rich pay a far higher fraction of that.

    So you can pretty much discount the comments of our anonymous troll @ 9:59, who promotes the successes of economics without actually knowing any.

  41. Anonymous says:

    You RWP! Study history once in awhile. Not that made up stuff you can get from FOX and Fools and other fake historians. Tax cuts don’t do the job. We have had 10 years to prove it. Taxes right now are their lowest since Truman. The super rich will have to pay some taxes. We will have to make some cuts. Especially to the oil companies. Just becaue Nebraska is a one party ruled state does not mean the country thinks nonsense. The Republican party has not really won a Presidential election since 1988.

  42. “… Adults are running the country now. They have started the big clean up of the Bush mess.”

    Whether adults are running the country now remains to be seen. We sure haven’t had adults running the country for the past 4 years, which BTW, is the time in which the Dems should have been trying to ‘clean up the mess’. Maybe you guys should advertise a little ‘voter beware’ if you’re gonna promise shit in 4 years, while having no intention of fulfilling the promise for 16 years or more.

    Indeed, it would be nice to know what your prez has planned to fix the problems, aside from taking a bunch of OPM (other people’s money).

  43. RWP says:

    That’s really rich, coming from the semi-literate anonymous troll. All the data one needs can be obtained on the site usgovernmentrevenue.com. There are even pretty pictures, because I know reading makes anonymous coward @6:06’s lips tired.

    The top 1% pay 40% of all income taxes. The top 10% pay over 70%. The bottom 50% freeloads.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Its amazing Because you live in Nebraska and all of you think alike, you think the rest of the country is stupid. Don’t you see that America is changing? Oh you don’t like the change. So you will cling to ideas no one else believes in and let the country fail. Say your 100% right. Which is is not true, can’t you compromise. The problems this country has will not go away. There is more than one way to skin a cat. If you can’t see that Obama tried to compromise in his first term than your really blind. The country needs to make some changes . The past policies of borrow and spend that conservatives love can’t go on any more. Taxes will go up it. Cuts to programs will happen. Both sides can squeal. But America has spoken and all the nonsense like the “South will rise again” type thinking will not change that. Nebraska is a really conservative state good for her. But the rest of the nation is not. The south still lives in the past, Nebraska should not join them. But either way the majority of America has spoken and they want results.

  45. Macdaddy says:

    I agree with Anon 7:06. America has spoken and now they need to live with the results. We tried to warn everybody. The reply is “FU!” We pointed out what is happening in Greece. “Fran’s fats are bad for you anyway and fat people are grossing me out!” We pointed out that there aren’t enough rich people to pay for the 24% increase in government spending in Obama’s first 2 years. “Don’t try to pull a Jedi mind trick with your fancy figures. Rich people suck! Except for Jay Z, Steve Jobs, and Beyonce.” And on and on. America doesn’t want to hear it. Fine. Go run the country into the ground. China is licking its chops. Iran is licking its chops. Russia is licking its chops. Obama is the smartest man to ever be President. This is all on him. And on you. And believe you me, when the reckoning comes, the rest of us will make sure you don’t escape.

  46. RWP says:

    If you can’t see that Obama tried to compromise in his first term than your really blind.

    Bob Woodward appears to have missed that too, and he ain’t a wing nut.

    Obama doesn’t know how to make a deal. He had one with Boehner, and then reneged.

  47. Anonymous says:

    RWP sez: Federal government spending as a percent of GDP has never been higher than it was during the Obama administration, except at the height of World War II.

    Anon 9:59 sez: By the way, taxes are at the lowest level since the 1950′s

    See how RWP hacks away again. 9:59 was talking about taxes. RWP switches the topic to revenue. Taxes as a percentage of GDP averaged 18.1% since WWII. In 2010 taxes were 15% of GDP. For the math challenged, 15% < 18.1%.

    WWII is an interesting parallel. Of course spending as a percentage of GDP will increase when the country is in crisis. GDP goes downs, Fed spending goes up. It's all about fractions.

  48. Oh believe me RWP…in no way do I think the Dems have cleaned up any mess.

    BTW, I have a pretty good idea of what Anon 7:06 means by “compromise”. It’s the same thing Obama and the rest of the Dems mean when the say “compromise”…Republicans have to roll over and let the Dems do whatever they want. Their brand of compromise is one where they are required to concede absolutely nothing.

    Anon 7:06, I agree that the rest of the country is not conservative…but judging by the final vote totals and electoral map, about 48% of the states are conservative, and about 48% of the voting population is conservative, lest you have another explanation of why so many people voted for Romney. While I understand that you’re all wee-wee’d up over Obama winning another term, Democrats would be wise to not repeat the mistake they made last time, which was to ignore the concerns of every person who didn’t vote Dem.

  49. Rolls Royce says:

    With Chuck blowing up those politicians who have never served in the military at his influential presser for Bob, will he accept an appointment from that highly-decorated Barack we have?

    Oh & Vince Powers…..one of your arguments against Fischer was that she was unqualified for thethe Senate because she was just a state senator…..what was the name of that Illinois state senator who jumped & became Junior US Senator in ’04??

    Either you’re right Vince & we have grossly incompetent leaders…..or you’re doing what democrats do openly: Attack, denigrate & wage war on women!


  50. RWP says:

    Anonymous coward at 10:09 9:59 was talking about taxes. RWP switches the topic to revenue.


    What fraction of federal revenue is not taxation, moron? Want to give it a wild guess.

    I wrote specifically about income and social security taxes. Sorry if you’re vocabulary impaired.

    We are not ‘in crisis’. Just in a very stagnant condition, cause by the policies of the present administration.

  51. RWP says:

    Vince has managed to take a pitifully weak NDP and weaken it still further. Given the standards of mutual support and loyalty we expect from Democrats, I don’t give him very long.

  52. Anonymous says:

    RWP, you continue to hack away, but I gave you an opening by incorrectly writing “RWP switches the topic to revenue” instead of “RWP switches the topic to spending”. I’m sure you realized that, but you couldn’t resist a weak comeback.

  53. RWP says:

    No, I’m sorry Anonymous Coward @ 11:41, I can’t be expected to anticipate you don’t know the difference between ‘revenue’ and ‘spending’.

    What I wrote about taxation as a percent of GDP is fully documented on the source I cited. Feel free to have someone read it to you.

  54. Anonymous says:

    RWP, since I was quoting you, you’d think you’d spot the misquote. Feel free to pick up a book on fractions (i.e. decreasing the denominator will increase the result)

  55. Anon Nov 7 9:59 says:

    I was trying to reply to Anon 9:59, but his/her post and subsequent posts were so incoherent that I will not waste my time educating 9:59; but I will say that I understand the principles of Keynesian and Supply Chain economics and that Anon Nov 7 9:59 is sadly mistaken. You really need to stop confusing President Obama’s stump speech with real economic thought.

    BTW….Where is Interested Observer? Is she hiding in her mommy’s basement or is she at an Old Market saloon where she is drowning her sorrows and forgetting her disappointments in not being the first Nebraska Conservative Rancher on Bob’s Washington staff? I bet she was looking forward to working on Obamacare for her constituants.in

  56. Anonymous In Westin Hills says:

    The most recent word is that Interested Observer is sitting alone in the dark and far reaches of the Chalk Mine at Happy Jack’s Peak north of St. Paul. People close by have heard whimpering and soft bawling coming from the mine.

    On another topic, someone needs to tell Terry Kroeger that the OWH needs to fire the polling company that so thoroughly screwed OWH readers. And Robynn Tysver and Matt Hansen need to apologize for promoting polling data they knew was fraudulent.

    And Kerrey needs to aplogize to Chuck Hasselbrock for screwing him so horribly in public so everyone could see.

    Now, lthankfully, Deb goes off to Washington. Kerrey gets the hell back to New York City. And Robynn Tysver stays in Omaha looking for what might have happened to her credibility.

  57. RWP says:

    It’s not fair that IO won’t turn up to acknowledge her comeuppance. I mean, I’m sure she’s reading this, and realizes she just spent hundreds of hours on this blog spewing pustulent gallons of spite, irrevocably damaging her karma, and all for naught. Far as I can tell, not a single mind was changed by Cherry County fence disputes and veiled hints about Deb Fischer’s family.

    Wonder what she”ll take up as a replacement hobby? Taunting special ed kids? Pulling wings off flies? Writing ‘The Lonely Planet Guide to Valentine (including Crookston and Merrit Reservoir)’

  58. Anonymous says:

    What is most disappointing about this election is that it means I and many others have overestimated the virtue of the American people. I’ve heard Obama offer misinformed opinions about what he thinks made America great — diversity or some shit like that. Actually, it was a population of American citizens who possessed the virtues of honesty, good work ethic, self-reliance, the willingness to sacrifice and undertake personal risk for causes that were right and just. Honor and integrity mattered. Your reputation and your good name mattered.

    Now, this nation is turning into a bunch of “what’s in it for me?” brats who aren’t willing to work or sacrifice for anything. They feel entitled and expect the government to continue taking care of them for their whole lives. (Of course, that’s what happens when everyone gets a ribbon for showing up.) And the Obama campaign shamelessly pandered to those constituencies. Just look at their “Life of Julia” thing. Disgraceful. If our grandparents’ generation could have foreseen the society of pathetic losers we’ve become, they would have said the hell with fighting WWII, the country is going to shit in two more generations anyway. Might as well let Hitler win.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Interested Observer November 8, 2012 at 6:44 PM

    Actually, I’m right here at the ranch, but I think that Street Sweeper Sam has banned me.

    Ranch? I thought you moved to Arizona.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I have some suggestions for Pres Obama’s inaugural address in 2013:

    “My fellow Americans, ask not what you can do for your country; ask what the wealthy of this country should be doing for you!”

    Has a certain ring to it, doncha think?

  61. Interested Observer says:

    Sorry 7:01, you are still wrong. As I said so many times in here, I’m a conservative Republican rancher from the Valentine area. It was right in front of you all along.

    I’m somewhat disappointed by several things from the election. First, obviously, is that even though I made many people in Nebraska aware of many of DEB FI$CHER’S many character flaws, they blindly choose to vote for her anyway. I’m disappointed that we lost another U.S. Senate seat and a couple House seats. I’m very disappointed that Romney didn’t win.

    I’m happy that those of us here in the 43rd District will finally have a selfless, articulate, intelligent public servant representing us for the first time in several (8) years.

    It’s interesting to observe just how short DEB FI$CHER’S coat tails were on Tuesday, when both her hand picked successor lost as well as her own nephew, Sam Fischer’s brother, came in dead last for the Valentine School Board of Education.

  62. Interested Observer says:

    Also, I’ve tried to post numerous comments in here since last Friday night, but for some reason, Street Sweeper wouldn’t let any of them actually post. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Now, why was that? Did Aunt DEBBIE tell him to shut me up?

  63. Interested Observer says:

    There was an interesting article in the New York Times today titled “Little to Show for Cash Flood by Big Donors”. It stated in part:

    “But while outside spending affected the election in innumerable ways — reshaping the Republican presidential nominating contest, clogging the airwaves with unprecedented amounts of negative advertising and shoring up embattled Republican incumbents in the House — the prizes most sought by the emerging class of megadonors remained outside their grasp. President Obama will return to the White House in January, and the Democrats have strengthened their lock on the Senate.”

    I’m kinda surprised that a whole group of “fiscal conservatives” who want to cut spending spent hundreds of millions of dollars for apparently nothing! LOL

  64. Lil Mac says:

    Fischer’s numbers crushed MOH Governor Senator Presidential-candidate Bob Kerrey like a bug. Nothing anyone can say can add one iota to that amazing political achievement.

    The worst may have been Kerrey’s treatment of Hassebrook. That sucker punch Kerrey gave him was just awful and Kerrey stayed low road after that. Yes, one feels proud to be Nebraskan, because Obama puked up the same coastal vileness we saw ooze out of Kerrey here. East and west coast voters slurped up Obama’s stuff like dogs. It is perhaps understandable that east coast EX-Nebraskans Bob and Chuck act this way too. These men who posture as academics; with their snotty abuses of loyalties and principles for sake of Chuck’s childish pique at not being picked for VP by GW and Bob’s venting of bile pent up for him being fired from his job in NY, and both of these junior military marvels milking their wounds for whatever political pus they can press out of them (I am no hero but I have more combat time than both of these guys put together), it is satisfying to see Nebraskans give Hagel and Kerrey the big Husker middle finger.

    Nationally, Obama will be giving bloggers a lot to write about in coming years. And like the man said, Ambassador Stevens was a Liberal Democrat. So as Obama grinds the life out of America, his “revenge” won’t just fall on Republicans. Welcome to that crap storm.

    All in all, this election makes one proud to be Nebraskan.

  65. Anonymostly says:

    It’s interesting what happens when traditional Democrat consituencies are at cross purposes with one another. They’re liberals first and political correctness reigns supreme. So, unions can go pack sand if the ends of their labors would step on the hooves of some other politically correct sacred cow. Labor is at the bottom of the Democrat totem pole, actually. They could give a shit about blue collar workers except to the extent they feel they need their votes.

    Race grievances trump GLBT grievances which trump class grievances which trump gender grievances which trump enviro grievances which, in turn, trump whatever organized labor is complaining about today. Throw labor a couple of bones to keep them placated but those union bastards better stay the hell out of the way of our opposition to the pipeline. Or we’ll throw them under the bus they built.

    They’re united in their hatred of the wealthy, however, and they’d like nothing more than to see successful businesses punished for exploiting workers in order to get rich. That’s where class envy grievances and labor join. But, in the name of exacting revenge on the rich corporations, they drive good jobs overseas and, in the process, kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. And, having killed said goose, when they find there are no more golden eggs, blame the damn goose.

  66. Some Thoughts says:

    It’s simply not true that everyone roundly criticized Akin. Most importantly, even though Romney said he “disagreed” with the remarks about rape, everyone knows that Paul Ryan agrees with Akin’s stance on this issue, and he said so in his debate. Romney and Ryan supported Mourlock, who takes the same position with slightly less damaging rhetoric.

    It’s also simply not true that pro-life values are in the minority. Most people have a moral problem with abortion! However, they are uncomfortable with the idea of forcing a rape victim to carry a pregnancy to term, and the same goes for incest and life or health of mother. They are uncomfortable with criminalizing the act. They don’t accept the Catholic church’s position on birth control. So when Republicans want to use the abortion issue, they can’t let it devolve into an argument about rape! They need to focus on the areas where most people do agree with the pro-life position, and back off the extreme cases. That single issue, combined with the GOP’s lack of concern for equal pay for women, is turning off female voters like crazy.

    The point is that conservatives don’t have to change their values or positions to win national elections. They do have to be smart about emphasizing the attractive parts of their platform, and cut back on the extreme rhetoric. This should not be rocket science. In the 70’s and 80’s Republicans simply did not push these positions. The party has changed a lot since the move from President Bush Sr. to Bush Jr.

  67. Some Thoughts says:

    My theory about Robyn Tysver being a Street Sweeper found a bit more evidence in today’s Weird Harold. Did you see the article about the polling disparities between the World Herald and other polls? Same things being discussed above! R.T. wrote another story a week or two ago pointing out problems with a poll showing that the Senate race was closer, explaining how it undersampled Republicans and oversampled Independents.

    Other evidence supporting my theory from the election season is that R.T. covered the Republican convention, wrote an article just before the election about the significance of abortion in the Kerrey-Fischer race (which I was liking because it played to Fischer’s advantage), and wrote a nice long puff-piece about Fischer and friendly stories about Fischer post-Senate-race. We see a lot of very specific criticism of the OWH here that a non-anonymous employee might not want to express, but that seems to frustrate Sweeper more than most. My theory is probably wrong because there are thousands of people it could be that I don’t even know of, but whoever the mysterious Sweeper is, I bet he or she has a job closely involved with politics. Because anyone who was merely an interested spectator would have been posting more frequently during the campaigns, yet we had even fewer posts here than usual. If my theory is correct, all I can say is, you go girl! Keep up the good work. If not, it won’t be the first time I was wrong.

  68. Macdaddy says:

    IO, sounds like you got the worst of all worlds, then. Every last fiscal conservative was defeated and Deb Fischer won. Of course, in Harry Reid’s Senate, which you worked very, very hard in your own little reality to bring about, it won’t matter one whit if Deb Fischer is a fiscal conservative or not. Have you ever heard the saying, “Cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face?”

    Some Thoughts, your comments tell me that you have no idea what Akin actually said and why people are so upset about it. Ryan did not support what he said. Ryan may support banning abortion in the case of rape, but Akin said way, way more than that and that is what got him in hot water with the GOP. Of course, we now know that none of it would have mattered, but there you go.

  69. Lil Mac says:

    Good point about Democrats being a collection of greedy interests.

    The variety that is individual self-interest aims to achieve its various individual goals only when most of those individuals see government as tyranny and thus limit it. The unity of such individuals isn’t them meeting their own needs but rather them sharing a corporate healthy fear of government and unites them in controlling it, limiting it, keeping it out of debt, thus limiting its control by others, and its control over individuals. That is maximum freedom, which is always freedom from government.

    On the other hand, when individuals become united in sacking the treasury, trusting that government is somehow a source of wealth, what was once their self-interest apart from government, now becomes instead a variety of hands sacking the limited treasury for as many different reasons as there are greedy individuals. We could call this the Ben Nelson theory of “Grab My Share of the Pork”. — What we see here, in essence, is the difference between Scrooge giving his clerk a pay raise, which keeps them both in business and prosperous and happy, and the neighbor women who rip pieces of clothing off Scrooge’s corpse to sell. There is only one source of wealth, Ebenezer himself. Once he is dead, production of wealth is gone.

    Modern Democrats (epitomized by Obama) want “revenge” on Ebenezer. Democrats rely on their crones and their drones being shortsighted enough to think it is easier – and it really is easier in the short run – to steal Scrooge’s pocket watch from his corpse rather than to work as his clerk at any wage.

    Or, to phrase it differently, Democrats can be found fat, happy and satisfied having eaten their golden goose cooked over a fire made of their broken fishing polls.

    When Obama told the world that he cannot fathom his daughter’s high school math and that he quit learning math after 7th grade, he wasn’t joking. Law school doesn’t require you to know how to add. And our economy reflects that. Nebraskans have rejected this rape the treasury philosophy. But as a whole the American people have embraced it, thus exceeding Ben Franklin’s tipping point.

    Right now Democrats are feeling satisfied, very full of goose, proud to have Ebenezer’s shiny watch even though it smells of death.

  70. RWP says:

    If you believe life begins at conception, Ryan’s position is the only logical one. Allowing abortion in cases of rape amounts to killing a child for a crime committed by its father.

    I don’t happen to believe life begins at conception. But I respect Ryan’s position as logically tenable.

  71. What I walked away from in this election is that Republican candidates need to stop putting bullets in their opponents’ guns. Whether what Akin or Mourdock said was all that horrible is for another debate, but the bottom line is that their words turned away independent voters, which Republicans absolutely MUST win in order to regain control.

    We need candidates who know when to shut their damn mouths. That’s not to say they shouldn’t voice their opinions, but they need to be smarter about how they do it.

    Republicans can take a stance against elective abortion, while allowing for exceptions in case of rape, incest, and/or a threat to the mother’s life…and it can be a winning position with independent voters. While I’m not supporting or opposing such abortions…candidates who at least will allow for such, while opposing other unnecessary abortions, are certainly better than those who are willing to say, “Kill ’em all and let Gaia sort it out.”

    Of course, abortion laws are not the most pressing issues our country faces…we have much bigger fish to fry. Republican candidates who are willing to fry said fish are foolish to allow themselves to be tripped up on issues like this. When they do, they’re hurting not only themselves, they’re hurting the party and the country by allowing Dems to remain in power.

  72. Macdaddy says:

    Lil Mac, I actually have no problem with people voting their own self interest. What I cannot stand is the 3rd World mentality that tries to tear everybody else down to their own sad, pitiful existence. As you pointed out, that is not sustainable. America is about to find that out.

  73. Anonymous says:

    RWP, this is one time I can completely agree with you. Ryan’s position is completely logical, but believing that human life begins at conception is pure craziness and not supported by any biblical, theological or scientific basis. Just a means to rile up the angry mobs. (Historically evangelicals only made abortion an issue when they decided to align with Catholics in the late ’70s. Before then they believed life began at birth. Google it if you don’t believe me.)

  74. Some Thoughts says:

    Grundle, that is exactly my point. The issue is not whether the view about abortion after rape makes sense; the issue is that elections should not be about this fight, and if they continue to be, conservatives are going to lose.

    The argument that half the society is a bunch of useless leeches is also not going to help win over any votes. If conservative principles are valuable, it should be possible to communicate why they are valuable not just to people who already have it made, but to anyone who wants to pursue that American dream. Do we honestly believe that everyone who voted for Obama is waiting for government to save them? That makes no sense. The Republican party has become too closely identified with the interests of the very wealthy, at the expense of others. This is not sustainable if one wants to win elections, period, and it’s not even a conservative position. Singling out groups because of their race or age or marital status, and then blaming them for being too dependent, is going to ensure that the Republican party becomes increasingly irrelevant.

    I’ve never been a real fire-breathing conservative, so I don’t expect to find a lot of agreement here. I am in a position to offer a little perspective, maybe. The Republican party used to be a bigger tent that had more room for internal disagreement. That has changed over the past few decades. In the 60s, 70s and 80s it was not like this. Disqualifying more and more people as unworthy to join your group is not a method of expanding it.

  75. Goober Natorial says:

    Don’t know what you think you’re watching, anon at 3:48, but it isn’t anyone eating their own. Or anyone else’s. Lay off the shrooms and you might stop hallucinating.

  76. TexasAnnie says:

    I know RWP can never admit to his own fallacies, but his statement at #89 above is false. (Or in his case, perhaps I should be calling RWP a liar for having made the statement.) Ryan’s position, as restated by RWP, is clearly not “the only logical one” Ryan could take. What RWP should have claimed is that Ryan’s INFERENCE is rational, -for Ryan!

    Logicians are concerned with propositions, and propositions are either true or false. It is the relationship between propositions which serves as the fundamentals of deductive LOGIC. Inferences are really just opinions. And since Ryan already believes what he does, the inference attributed to him by RWP is only a natural outcome of an ordinary thought process. But LOGIC, it is not!

  77. TexasAnnie says:

    And speaking of propositions, how do you suppose Ryan would explain the incompatibility of a belief that: 1) human life is sacred, and 2) taking human life during warfare is okay? ‘Cause that’s what Ryan appears to believe.

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