Sore. Loser.

Margery Beck of the AP has a story up (which can be found in the LJS today) interviewing Bob Kerrey post landslide win by Deb Fischer.

But let us just stop for a second to say…

Here is a political unknown in Deb Fischer, coming out of the Third District, a woman, defeating, HANDILY, one of the biggest political stars ever to come from the state.
And the state’s two biggest papers have big, long feature articles about the loser in the race.
But we digress.
Back to the loser.

So you will undoubtedly remember Kerrey a few weeks back calling Deb Fischer a “political wuss” for getting a little peeved about Bob Kerrey’s personal attacks on her.
And then Kerrey only ratcheted those attacks up in the weeks toward the campaign.
Ask anyone in the state of Nebraska what Kerrey’s campaign was about, and they will tell you it was about Deb Fischer’s family grazing rights and about the family’s fence with a neighbor.
That was it.
That was the Kerrey campaign.

The article goes on to say:

Kerrey blames his loss on millions of dollars spent by outside groups on political ads painting him as liberal New Yorker.

Blames? Blames?!
In the next sentence Kerrey says,

“It was not seen as a positive. Very few people regarded it as something that might help me understand the cost of higher education or national security because of 9-11. It was seen almost entirely as a negative.”

Hmm. Let’s see. The spot that was played over and over again had Kerrey, speaking in Greenwich Village to former Democrat Senate Leader Tom Daschle, patting each other on the back about their liberal positions on health care reform, with Kerrey saying,

“The longer I live here, the further to the left I get on health care.”

And in the next political breath Kerrey whines, “How dare they judge me on the time I spent in New York where I am part of The Left!”

So we can then play the game of, is Kerrey stupid? Or is he a liar?

We have never really judged Kerrey to be stupid. And to be that much in denial, would push him too far into the stupid category.
So Kerrey is just lying to the state when he tries to claim that he doesn’t understand that people see him as a Leftist who jetted into Nebraska and hoped to campaign for a few months then jet back to the East Coast to be a Senator again.

And if he can’t understand that — when he got crushed in the vote — then he needs some time in therapy.

Hopefully Dr. Melfi will tell him to stop being a Wuss.


Let’s get back to the crux of the rest of Kerrey’s whine: Nebraskans are HATEFUL!

You got that Nebraskans? You are are hateful Nazis (or something) who are so filled with rage that you can’t even see that Bob Kerrey just wants to save you from yourselves.

Now keep in mind, this is Bob Kerrey who “moved” back to Nebraska just days before the filing deadline, pushed a Nebraska Regent out of the Democrat nomination process, and then went on to attack his Republican opponent’s ranch. All of that being the entirety of his campaign.

Oh and there was also some mention about how he would continue to support ObamaCare and the Cornhusker Kickback (which he arguably authored).

And so now Kerrey can’t take a little political heckling?

This from a guy who ran commercials saying his opponent neighbor’s were scared of her? (Who won her own precinct in a landslide, of course.)
Please tell us, Mr. Kerrey, which of those things is worse.

And the swastika? We’ve been around enough campaigns to know that there are plenty of nutjobs on both sides. And we have no problem arguing that The Left, over the past number of years, has been the side that uses the swastika to paint its opponents (do yourself a little Google search on “Bushitler”).

So of course, reasonable Deb Fischer has it right. Sure she ran into people who wouldn’t shake her hand. And you nod and shake the next person’s hand. But poor Bob Kerrey just can’t IMAGINE that everyone wouldn’t want to shake HIS! (Kerrey’s voice rising an octave or two.) Why don’t they know that he was a University President! And that he was in the Senate?

And then Kerrey, who just got juked out of his political jock-strap by a little Rancher Wife from Valentine, has the gall to say,

“I think there’s a significant difference between what I could have done for Nebraska and what Sen. Fischer will be able to do. I think it’s measurable.”

Oh yes Mr. Kerrey. There is a difference.

You would have voted for MORE ObamaCare, HIGHER taxes, and MORE government in our lives.
And we HOPE we will be able to measure that SENATOR Fischer will do just the opposite.

Oh, and by the way: You just got your political clock cleaned.
Just congratulate your opponent and be on your way.
Have a little dignity.


Back to the OWH, note they DID run a story on their horrific Senate poll.
In the story, their pollster noted that they did not use a standard for weighing their results with a “likely voter” standard. Instead they used a Registered Voter standard.

Which made our jaws drop.

Note the differences here too. First the OWH reported the differences in results between likely voters, and then from registered voters.

BUT…they took THOSE results from a base percentage of REGISTERED Republicans, Democrats and Independents.
In other words, they said “we are going to poll X number of R’s, D’s and I’s, based on the percentage of registered voters from each party.”

But of course those aren’t worthwhile, because you want to know the percent of each party…that will actually vote. The OWH is selling the poll to it’s readers as the likely outcome of the election.

So how do you get those numbers? Well, you can make some basic guesses based on previous elections. It’s not that hard. We’ve had national pollsters happily explain the process.

Or, if you are hoping to skew the results for one side, you can claim that it’s just impossible to guess who will vote.
And then you’re off by around 13 points.


And then there’s Chuck Hagel whose name is being now mentioned for Secretary of Defense or possibly even State.

Of course he swallowed the goldfish in the hazing ritual at the White House by flying to Omaha (from his home in Virginia) and endorsing Democrat Bob Kerrey. Apparently the Obama signs in his yard weren’t enough to fill the bill.

And after Hagel crowed that he had turned down past job offers from the Democrat President, Joe Jordan asked him point blank if, after this endorsement, he would turn down any future offers from President Obama.

Hagel immediately turned his back to Jordan with no comment.


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  1. Vernon J says:

    So did you see the awesome tweet that a ‘local news station’ posted. Making a story of how someone who will be working in Washington, D.C. is finding a place to live.

    The stones on ‘said worker’ to do that. Do they expect her to commute every day?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The most telling line in that interview: “Nebraskans chose something else. And they will get it”. Not “we”. “They”. The man simply doesn’t see himself as one of us. And yet he doesn’t get it. It’s not stupidity. It’s scarier than that. It’s pathological narcissism, plain and simple.

  3. RWP says:

    Kerrey has antisocial personality disorder. I’ve said it before.

    But de mortuis nil nisi bonum. Bob is last week’s news. Let’s discuss someone relevant.

  4. No 10:13, Kerrey decided to go at it, post election.
    We don’t sit on our laurels. Kerrey decided to get one last attack in, so we responded.
    (And I would note I’ve never seen so many slaps at the loser of a Presidential campaign as those against Romney. He, on the other hand, has been gracious.)

  5. Anonymous says:

    If any candidate was treated bad that is not right. If any citizen is treated bad because of his political views that is not right. Democrats in Nebraska are not treated very well. Most of the readers of this blog may not believe it, but it is true. No doubt most republicans in strong blue states are not treated well either. We are supposed to be the UNITED States of America. So what are we going to do about it? I doubt nothing. Its just politics is the saying. People say they don’t like negative commercials. But they work . It won Romney the GOP nomination. It won Fischer the GOP nomination. It helped Obama win the Presidency. If either side does not wake up and realize we have to start thinking like Americans and not our political parties we will not be America any more. To me that is what Bob Kerrey was trying to say this year. You may not like me saying that, but its my opinion and I have that right to say it. Just like you have the right to say no I don’t think so. But neither one of us should go nasty. And I believe there will be a lot of nasty statements following this entry.

  6. Some Thoughts says:

    Anonymous at 11:35, I do not like Bob Kerrey and I don’t agree that he was trying to say what you are saying. He only wanted to convince people he’s a bipartisan when he’s not.

    Nevertheless, I agree with your message. The other side is not the enemy! We don’t have to agree on everything, but the wagon-circling is getting to be too much these days. We have a lot of real problems to solve, and no one person has all the answers.

  7. RWP says:

    Well, let’s see. When I campaigned in 2008 for the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative, someone created a blog devoted to posting libelous professional attacks on me, including accusations of sexual harassment. That blog is still up. A year back, the Chair of Chairs of the Nebraska Democrat Party used the comments section of this blog to post (he thought anonymously) libelous attacks on my teaching and professional conduct.

    Explain to me why I should care about Bob Kerrey’s hurt feelings?

  8. Another Sore Loser says:

    You know who else is a sore loser…Acela Turco. It took her nearly two days to put a statement out to congratulate her opponent and thank her volunteers- and what she did issue was so poorly written a junior high student could have done a better job. Her campaign manager must be losing his touch.

  9. ricky says:

    Mr Kerrey losing was not a surprise. But I bet a lot of right wingers were surprised that Mr Obama won re-election. But they should not be surprised; the evidence was there in any respectable reporting on polls; Huff Post, Nate Silver, Real Clear Politics, etc.
    The biggest loser in that contest in Nebraska was Gov Dave Heineman, who went all in on a Romney victory. So sorry Gov no cabinet appointment for you!
    And it’s not hard to win a state wide race in Nebraska if you are a Republican. But the effects on the national stage of our Federal delegation is nil.
    Douglas County would have voted down Lee Terry and he would be unemployed without Sarpy County.
    Let’s see how the G O P fare in next years races for Council and Mayor next year. Not very well I suspect.
    Ricky From Omaha

  10. Anonymous says:

    How predictable, Ricky. On to tout how well the liberals will do in the next race, same as you did in the race they just lost. “Oh it will be a blowout, the Republicans won’t know what hit them.” Puh-lease give it a rest. You have zero credibility.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 11:35, with the exception of Kerrey, your guys won. You now own this country. Congratulations. Enjoy the win. I’m not going to stand in your way and I am encouraging my fellow Republicans and conservatives to do the same. You wanted to be in charge, so be in charge, but spare us the sanctimony about not being nasty to each other. Your side called Romney a parasite, murderer, liar, tax cheat, and not one of us. and that was just from the Obama campaign. Congratulations again on your win.

    Is that better, SS?

  12. RWP says:

    You wanted to be in charge, so be in charge, but spare us the sanctimony about not being nasty to each other.

    Asking a lib not to be sanctimonious is like asking a baby not to cry.

  13. RWP says:

    It is true there might be no deal on the fiscal cliff. I actually hope there won’t be. Sequestration plus a broad-based tax increase is in the long term exactly what we need. But simply the threat of defeat in the House combined with filibuster in the Senate will seriously limit any idiotic -tax-the-rich ‘solution’ to the debt problem.

    GWB’s worst among many stupid actions was the devil’s bargain whereby he got a relatively insignificant reduction for the rich by exempting most lower-income people from tax. He is the father of the 47%. Everybody should pay a little tax. Everybody needs skin in the game.

  14. Lil Mac says:

    Seems like a lot of words that boil down to Bob Kerrey being a whining loser. Why even discuss the guy unless anyone here believes his “I hate Nebraska” wife is going to let him stay in Nebraska?

    More pertinent, CIA Director David Petraeus resigned over an “extramarital affair.” That’s hard to believe in this post Clinton era. Was it outside his species? — Chuck Hagel thinks he is the next CIA director, but Bob Kerrey thinks that too. Both of them took one for Barry in this last election. Hagel seems less damaged.

    The new national Media Mantra is FISCAL CLIFF… FISCAL CLIFF… FISCAL CLIFF!!!. Christ, its like the old Earl Schieb paint commercials. Drives you nuts. — What that really means is “It’s the Republican House’s fault!” Oh yes indeed, Obama has been trying to balance the budget, and trying to cut spending, and trying to raise the dead, but those damn Republicans they need to be gassed and dumped into bulldozed graves. One more time… FISCAL CLIFF!

  15. Macdaddy says:

    I’m telling my kids to get a civil service job. I don’t care if they unionize the military. I’m not sure it would be any different than an Obamafied military except maybe they’d keep the bayonets.

  16. U-Haul says:

    Uh-oh….family member gets sick just a few days after Kerrey’s ass kicking. Family has to move immediately from Nebraska. Does this sound fishy??? Will any reporter look into it?

  17. Bob Kerrey is a fake says:

    The plan was for his kid to transfer to DC or New York after the election as the Kerrey’s would move back after he won. Nebraskans saw through his BS

  18. Lil Mac says:

    A little prognostication on my part… if you sniff, you too may smell this rotten mess coming.

    CIA chief David Petraeus is the first rat jumping ship prior to Obama’s being shown to have ordered troops to stand down and let a US Ambassador be slaughtered amid Obama’s concern for his reelection image. It is impeachable on a level of culpability that could easily get Obama prison time. That is precisely what Fox aired for weeks while Obama changed his stories before voters’ eyes, and yet they reelected him anyway. But the funny thing is, impeachment isn’t up to voters. It is up to Reid and Harry isn’t going to fall on his sword just so Biden doesn’t end up President.

    As for Hagel, it will be interesting to see how he rolls. For Hagel is Obama’s top non-CIA intelligence advisor. The difference being, Petraeus is a General with a PhD and a brain, while Hagel is a Sergeant with a BA and a mouth. But even Hagel has a sense of survival. Obama isn’t beyond pointing his finger at Chuck saying, “He made me do it!”

  19. Let Them Have Their Win says:

    The Dems won, great, now give them what they want. If they want $3T more in stimulus, give them $5T. If $3T worked so well then they should be happy with another $5T right? Why not $15T? Just print it up! If we’re heading for that “cliff” then let’s get it on and the sooner the better. The sooner we help them over that cliff the sooner they’ll realize it to be folly. We have more than $110T in unfunded liabilities and no way to fix it. So I say live it up, party on and if we’re going down with the ship let’s pop the champaign.

  20. Anonymostly says:

    There must have been an “understanding” then, Lil Mac, because Obama praised Petraeus on his way out the door. You resign and I’ll say good things about you; refuse to quit and I’ll make sure you never work in this town again.

    By the way, have you ever read the fascinating story about the death of Erwin Rommel? Speaking of quitting and we’ll say good things about you.

    Anyway, Petraeus. Apparently the evidence of his affair was uncovered by an FBI investigation. Now, why is the FBI investigating the head of the CIA? And how is this info being leaked? And why? Who is behind the investigation and the leak? Is this being done to purchase his silence?

  21. Macdaddy says:

    And somehow this gets Petraus out of testifying before Congress? WTH? If Congress can drag my hairy butt before some committee then they can drag Petraeus’. (No, I have never testified before Congress, but I did see Bob Dole getting on an elevator in the Capitol when I was a kid). However, no matter what Petraeus says, there will be no impeachment proceedings against Obama. Period.

  22. Anonymostly says:

    Just read a headline in Google News that Obama reiterates that rich must pay more in taxes and claims that his re-election is proof that Americans agree with him on this point. And his point is basically that the rich need to be punished for their success because they don’t deserve the wealth that has fallen into their laps, right?

    So, I have to admit, I don’t totally disagree with him. Not quite there on all of it but, yes, there are certain rich people I definitely would like to see punished. Economically. Let’s start with Warren Buffett. I want to raise that guy’s taxes up the ying yang. I want him to pay 100% on any capital gains over $12. He has plenty of shit. He needs to dissipate his holdings to finance his continued existence. Any wealth he creates at this point should simply be confiscated. It’s just not fair that he has more wealth than his secretary. Not fair. She’s smart. She works hard. Why should he be wealthier than she?

    Next, Dick Holland. He has too much money and he didn’t earn any of it. He invested with Buffett and hit the jackpot not unlike dudes who win the lottery. So, let’s tax Dick Hollands use of oxygen. He needs to pay an “occupation tax” of $1 million/year for his use of the state’s oxygen.

    Next, the entertainment industry. For anyone who makes a living by selling their name for the endorsement of products of any sort, there should be a 100% marginal tax rate on any income over let’s say $50,000. Residuals from things like movie rentals or itunes sales or what have you, there should be a 100% marginal tax rate for any income over let’s say $5,000. They’ve already been for what they did. They haven’t earned those residuals because they didn’t have to do anything new with it. Movies, TV, music, etc.? Tax it all.

    I want to shut Springsteen up. And Roseanne Barr. And all of that ilk. They support Obama’s position that the rich need to pay more in taxes? I’m all for them setting the example.

  23. RWP says:

    FBI investigating CIA for extramarital affairs? Good heavens, this is like the SS eliminating the SA. How far down the toilet have we actually gone?

  24. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymostly, I agree with your wanting to stick it to entertainment people. Beyonce and Jay-Z have way more money than they deserve, having gotten it by singing for 3 minutes. Katy Perry, too. George Clooney, this list could go on and on. My bet, though, is that the hypocrites have some mighty fine accountants who hide a lot of their money in the Caymans and other upstanding places around the world.

    RWP, I read that the FBI investigation was payback for not standing up for the CIA agents in Libya. Petraeus was doing his best to toe the Obama line and the regular spooks didn’t appreciate that and snitched to the FBI. The FBI looked into it because apparently you shouldn’t be doing black-mailable things if you are in charge of lots of secrets.

  25. Interested Observer says:

    There’s a really interesting article in the New York Times this morning titled “Christian Right Failed to Sway Voters on Issues” that explains succinctly what happened on Tuesday and what can be done to address the trends in the future.

    A couple quotes “However, they acknowledge that they are losing ground. The evangelical share of the population is both declining and graying, studies show. Large churches like the Southern Baptist Convention and the Assemblies of God, which have provided an organizing base for the Christian right, are losing members.”

    And “For the Christian right in this election, fervor and turnout were not the problem, many organizers said in interviews. White evangelicals made up 26 percent of the electorate — 3 percent more than in 2004, when they helped to propel President George W. Bush to re-election.”

    And ““Those voters turned out, and they voted overwhelmingly against Obama,” Mr. Reed said. “But you can’t be driving in the front of the boat and leaking in the back of the boat, and win the election.

    “You can’t just overperform among voters of faith,” he continued. “There’s got to be a strategy for younger voters, unmarried voters, women voters — especially single women — and minorities.”

  26. Interested Observer says:

    A week ago I asked the question

    “Interested Observer November 2, 2012 at 2:35 PM
    Now that a few of you have decided that Chuck Hagel, Rex Amack, Vicki Powell and others are barely RINO’s at best, just what percentage of Nebraska Republicans do the few of you actually approve of? What percentage of us are Republican enough to be a Republican in your opinion?”

    One response was “Well IO let me answer that for you. For me to consider somebody a Republican they have to support a large majority of the issues identified in the party platform”

    And “I would approve of 88% of Nebraskan Republicans, given the poll results above.”

    My point is that today’s Republican Party is more extreme to the right than it has been before and we have alienated many of our more moderate members. Is that another example of “Cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face?”

    Did we as a Party lose more votes than we gained?

    Might that have made a difference on Tuesday and might it make a difference on the next election Tuesday?

  27. RWP says:

    Did we as a Party lose more votes than we gained?

    You can register to vote however you wish, but you don’t get to refer to the Republican Party as ‘we’ and still be taken seriously. Actually, given your petty spiteful and completely futile campaign against the GOP’s nominee, I can’t see how you could be taken seriously, period.

    The last thing WE need to do is take advice from its opponents.

  28. Interested Observer says:

    I enjoyed a news article on the ABC World News on Tuesday. They asked voters their favorite song on Election Day and the overwhelming (EXCEPT WKRP) favorite was “Born in the USA”!

  29. Anonymous says:

    So now you are a liberal Republican when you used to be a conservative Republican? Please post your address here. I have an elephant that wants to shit on your Democrat lawn signs.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Considering your stand on gay marriage and your own personal situation with sibling relationships, will you be supporting that in Nebraska?

  31. Macdaddy says:

    Since Born in the USA is an anti-America song, there you go. I guess if people are too stupid and vote for Obama then they’ll be too stupid to know what the song is about. If people are so stupid that they’ll pick free birth control, free abortions, and gay marriage over a serious plan to avert the coming economic collapse then trying to build a bigger tent is a waste of time. The Democrats can always build a bigger one. You ever hear the expression “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining?” Well, the Democrats are doing just that and the American people believe it’s just an alternative lifestyle.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    And another thing, the only thing extreme about current GOP positions is that Republicans have woken up to the fact that our current level of spending actually is unsustainable. Zero of the social planks were any different than 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1980. No difference. I think we need to face facts that the country actually has moved left and in times of economic uncertainty they want to revert back to when they were 10 and Mommy and Daddy, Mommy and Mommy, or Daddy and Daddy, or Mommy and her Occasional Spend-the-Night Friend took care of them. The very fact that you think that the GOP positions are extreme show me that you have bought what Obama is selling. For a “conservative Republican rancher”, that’s a rather large blind spot.

  33. Interested Observer says:

    Stop using my name and quit trying to say I am not a Conservative Republican just because I voted for Obama and Kerrey. Hagel did that too and we are both better Republicans than any of you who supported Fi$cher.

  34. Lil Mac says:

    Anonymostly, well said. The FBI doesn’t go around spying on the head of the CIA without the BHO knowing about it. This whole thing is a dance to keep Obama’s head off the chopping block.

  35. Anonymostly says:

    Anonymous at 10:11, why don’t you try just reading the lyrics?

    Born down in a dead man’s town
    The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
    You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much
    Till you spend half your life just covering up
    Born in the U.S.A.
    I was born in the U.S.A.
    I was born in the U.S.A.
    Born in the U.S.A.
    Got in a little hometown jam so they put a rifle in my hand
    Sent me off to a foreign land to go and kill the yellow man
    Born in the U.S.A.
    I was born in the U.S.A.
    I was born in the U.S.A.

  36. Interested Observer says:

    RWP November 10, 2012 at 7:23 AM said

    “You can register to vote however you wish”

    That’s very magnanimous of you since I was already a registered Republican several years before you ever emigrated to the United States and a few decades before you ever asked for Citizenship here and I’ve been a consistent Republican volunteer for almost 50 years.

  37. Anonymostly says:

    Now, see, after the election, I figured we would have seen the last of IO. Whether her candidate won or lost, I figured she’d never darken our door again. She’s never had anything of political substance to contribute. Oh, occasionally, she’ll make some reference to a New York Times article she read and it’ll be some back-handed thing towards Republicans, etc. But, other than hating on Deb Fischer, IO’s contributions to this board have been basically nil. Despite many opportunities to say something substantive, by the way. It’s just never happened. And so, I figured, win or lose, after the election, we were done with her. Much to my chagrin, I appear to have over-estimated IO. She’s still here.

  38. Anonymostly says:

    So, now that Obama has won re-election to another 4-year term, is it possible for blacks to be racist yet? Or do they still get out of it on a technicality? 😀 (Yust yoking. 😉 )

  39. Anonymostly says:

    Interested Observer November 10, 2012 at 5:19 PM

    Certainly nothing racist about that!

    I agree. In fact, can’t understand why anyone would think it was racist. There’s a long history, as I’m sure you’re aware, of black “spokespeople” (those who presume to speak on behalf of the black community) who have tried to define “racism” in such a way that it cannot apply to black people. Beyond the obvious hypocrisy of that view, I think it also sends an unfortunate message that some racial hatred is OK. I think all racial hatred is repugnant.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Well it sure is nice that Leavenworth Street’s KKK members are airing out their robes today. They were getting a bit stinky in the closet.

  41. Chris Scott says:

    Lee Terry. However he better have a better strategy and approach because if national money comes in next go round he will not survive.

  42. Chris Scott says:

    To 6:58- I will be supporting Lee Terry unless you are running. In that case I will be supporting you, an obscure nobody.

  43. Lil Mac says:

    I didn’t bring up the topic but it needs to be addressed. — Those who walk on eggshells and those who throw the eggs hurt America by buying into the great lie. And from what I can tell, it is all or most of you. You had no problem holding a disingenuous selfish psychologically warped Bob Kerrey to account for his backstabbing egotism and boldly saying so. But when Obama does the same you fall into your assigned roles. You dealt with Bob like you won’t deal with Barack. Yes, we know that Nebraskans held both men to account in the anonymity of the voting booth. But it is our honesty of open speech or lack thereof that drives us toward or away from being the nation our founders wished us to be. By being silent on his most terrible abuse of us all, which most hurts those whom he purports to most help, you perpetuate the source of a twisting of truth in our national being. And that you inadvertently accede to and thus perpetuate his lies of holy victimhood and evil success, along fallacious racial lines, in no way makes you or the rest any less culpable for its perpetuation because such was unintended. You know better. This nation’s motor is We the People who must be more than silent voters, more than passive takers of the fruits of others sacrifice. We must be the fount from which flows ultimate truth and justice, else there be none. I come to this having suffered from the fallacy of race as few have. No one wishes a colorblind America more than me and mine. But here you are, with Obama’s rotten eggs, either throwing them on his awful politic behalf or tiptoeing on the eggshells. He perpetuates a mindset of inequality among Americans on the backs of those too timid to question it, else too timid not to profit by it. I suppose we are getting there. I hope we are getting there. But I doubt the word impeachment is on your PC checklist. His reelection is a symptom of this disease of view and it is not a conservative or liberal disease. But it is disfiguring.

  44. TexasAnnie says:

    That’s a tab hyperbolic! And I guess I must be colorblind, because from my perspective, I don’t notice Obama playing the race card at all. Rather, I think he is more like Romney than you have admitted thus far, Lil Mac…

  45. Lil Mac says:

    Tab is a bad soda. I think you mean tad. — Your failure to see what Obama is doing, from my perspective in a racially mixed family who sees clearly what he’s doing, speaks less of you being color blind than simply being blind. That is okay. You have lots of company.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The founding fathers’ vision for America was shaped by 18th century realities and technology. Our America should be more attuned to 21st century realities and technology. While our ideal may still be “We The People,” the reality is that our nation is run by a very elite handful of very wealthy and very powerful people. They set the spark, and fan the flames, that keep the rest of us at each others’ necks so that we won’t be paying attention to what they are really up to in those fiercely guarded rooms of power.

  47. I just posted the following over on NE Watchdog, but I thought it appropriate for your readership as well Sweeper.

    Harrassing Mark Fahleson the other day in a parking lot, now coming up with this hare-brained scheme – what Vince Powers needs to do is quit coming up with these kinds of antics and start listening to what Nebraska’s Democrats want from our party. He wouldn’t have to go very far to find it, all he’d have to do is actually read, and heed, the party’s Platform and Resolutions.

    The real voices of our political parties should be those of the people elected at the local level; that would be the delegates to the party state conventions, elected within their counties by their neighbors. These are the people that are truly attuned to what Nebraskans want. They are the ones burdened with honing their parties’ guiding documents, they are the ones whose will should be considered the direction their party takes.

    As it stands, apparently both the NDP and the NEGOP go where the horses, rather than their riders, would lead them.

    I attended three NDP state conventions as a state convention delegate and was elected three times as a delegate to the NDP’s State Central Committee. For a time, I even served on the NDP State Executive Committee as Associate Chair of the 3rd CD. What I witnessed sickened me. The people who were supposed to lead the party, the delegates, were mere sheeple that willingly allowed themselves to be led around by the sheeple dogs – the chairs of various caucuses, committees, and officers of the party. Those sitting on the raised platform at the front of the room were supposed to do the bidding of those that sat in the chairs on the floor, but it was always the other way around.

    My incessant exhortations to the flock to rise up and do their duty resulted only in my being labeled a pariah of the party. By expecting my party to behave as its foundation documents – its Constitution and Bylaws, and its Platform and Resolutions – dictated, I was seen as a threat to the same old bunch of oligarchs that have “led” the party despite whoever sat in the chairs.

    I have a suggestion for Vince Powers. HE should join the Democratic Party. The best thing he could do would be to spend more time listening, and less time talking. He should heed the will of Nebraska’s Democrats and they would lead the NDP into a new era of significance, something that hasn’t happened since before Ben Nelson got a stranglehold on the party.

    There are a lot of good Democrats in this state – more than the NEGOP would like to admit. If they would just work to advance the ideals that they have always set for the party, rather than demurring to the will of whatever “leader” they were willing to follow, the NDP could rise from the ashes like a Phoenix.

  48. Anonymous says:

    America has always been a changing country. We went from an ag dominated nation to an industrial world power in around a 100 years. One half of the nation fought a Civil War to stop any changes. Today that same part of the nation and the central plains are now fighting the changes that are coming to America. The good old days (they never existed for everyone) are not coming back. Nebraska is a solid red state good for her. She has her value system and most Nebraskans like what is going on in Nebraska. We pass along our heritage from generation to generation. Nothing wrong with that. But what happens if the drought goes on for along time? Saying we just want to be left alone and big governemnt is always bad is just bumper sticker politics. It does not solve any real problems. We have some real problems that can’t be solved just by wishing them away. Obama was re elected. Most of the nation is center left, especially on social problems. No one likes debt, but saying just stop the spending with out a real plan does not solve it. The greatest generation realized long before WW2 that we needed governemnt to help our state. They called it farm bills, and public power and public education. We can’t live with out them today. We have a really bad health care problem that is dragging down our economy more than just about anything. Obama care is the conservative answer to that problem. So you don’t like it. Well guess what, it is not going way. So we need to get off the stick and set up our own unique Nebraska way of Obama care. You say you want pure market based plans in insurance. Even if that was possible that does not work either. People on the left want single payer, it works but Nebraskans don’t want to play the taxes to support it. So change is coming. You can fight and loose, or you can join and have a say so. If you think 2016 will be better, than wait. The voters on the left are growing and the ones on the right are dying.

  49. RWP says:

    That’s very magnanimous of you since I was already a registered Republican several years before you ever emigrated to the United States and a few decades before you ever asked for Citizenship here and I’ve been a consistent Republican volunteer for almost 50 years.

    50 years ago, give or take, Republican Richard Nixon was creating Affirmative Action and the EPA. 55 years ago, Republican Norbert Tiemann gave Nebraska its income tax. You fit right in with the GOP of 50 years ago.

    Too bad you can’t bring yourself to support any contemporary Republicans, except renegade Chuck Hagel with the Obama and Kaine signs in his front yard.

  50. Interested Observer says:

    Sorry WKRP, your fuzzy math is a little off again. The Governor of Nebraska 55 years ago was a guy named Anderson, who I don’t remember much about, one way or another. Nobby Tiemann was governor from 1967 – 1971, so it was more like only 45 years or so ago that he was elected Governor in the same election that the voters eliminated the state level property tax and therefore the State’s only revenue source.

    Unlike you, I clearly remember listening to the news on KVSH every morning at 7:45 and reading the World Herald articles, back when they still actually delivered to Valentine same day, about the tax debate in the Legislature that year.

    As far as me not supporting any contemporary Republicans, you’re WRONG again! I believe that every single person I just voted for in the election was a Republican, with the exception of leaving ONE race blank. So it’s pretty ridiculous for some recent upstart, newcomer, Shamrock back to be lecturing me about being a 1960’s Republican, like, oh say for example, Barry Goldwater? Ya, that really hurts! LOL

  51. Interested Observer says:

    One more thing about Chuck Hagel. Wikipedia says:

    “In November 2005, Hagel made a much-publicized statement: “To question your government is not unpatriotic — to not question your government is unpatriotic.” (This was in reference to the lack of open debate in Congress regarding the Iraq War, and in defense of his assertion that the United States should withdraw its troops.) In December 2005, in reference to Bush, the Republican Party, and the PATRIOT Act, Hagel made a much-publicized statement:
    “I took an oath of office to the Constitution, I didn’t take an oath of office to my party or my president.””

    I just watched the movie “Judgement at Nuremberg” again and I’m still struck by the dramatic depiction of the requirement of the German Judges and other Civil Servants to swear a personal oath of allegiance to Hitler, instead of to the Constitution.

  52. RWP says:

    Sorry, IO, it’s a bit late to be backtracking. You have a record here. You have no other record, seeing as you’re posting pseudonymously, though I think we’ve figured out who you are. So claim away to have been a Goldwater girl. No one knows you’re a dog on the internet.

    (Though my math was off, for sure)

    Hagel was criticizing Bush on network TV while he was Bush’s campaign chair. That’s betrayal. He was entirely free to criticize Bush (though, in retrospect, he was badly wrong about the surge). However, to sign up to help re-elect him and then go on a sustained campaign to denigrate his conduct of the war was beyond the Pale (an Irish expression).

    The entire concept of loyalty seems to be one that evades you.

  53. Interested Observer says:

    WKRP, have you ever heard the American expression “All politics is local”? Well, that applies to the recent Senate campaign. But I have already moved on.

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