Welch campaign up and moving

On the eve of his first big fund raiser of the 2013 Omaha Mayor Campaign season, former City Councilman Dan Welch has continued his moves into the Mayor’s race.

They now have a website set up at: WelchForOmaha.com In addition, Welch will having a campaign funder later this week with a guest list of over 90 co-hosts.

You can also view a few other “for Mayor” websites for Jean Stothert, Brad AshfordDave Nabity and of course Jim Suttle.

Giving us the Welch news was political consultant Chris Peterson, most recently of the Mike Johanns race.


While this race is officially non-partisan, the Democrat / Republican slant on the ballot is interesting.

Sothert, Welch and Nabity would seem to be gathering for the GOP jump-ball, and Suttle for the Dems.
But Ashford is playing the “Independent” card, and has already rounded up significant Democrat support.

Word has it (we aren’t sure if this has been confirmed at this point — it may well have) that former Mayor (and full-time Creighton basketball supporter) Mike Fahey will be on Ashford’s bench (or however the basketball analogy works) for this race. That is an interesting play by Ashford and Fahey. Would enough Democrats slide from Suttle to beat out the “Republican nominee”, yet still keep Suttle in the race?

And who among the GOPers can shine through? Stothert has been pounding the pavement with a full-on campaign apparatus. Nabity was the leader of the losing “Recall Suttle” campaign — where if nothing else his name and face were abundant. And Welch was a popular Councilman, though has been out of the public eye for a few years.

There will be some interesting jockeying in the next few months. And it has already started.


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  1. Collision says:

    Compare the fundraising invitations sponsor lists for the 4 non-incumbent mayoral candidates:
    – Dan Welch: 60-some of his Catholic/Westside friends
    – Brad Ashford: 80-some D and R combination
    – Dave Nabity: 90-some business leaders
    – Jean Stothert: 30-some of the same people she’s listed on every invitation, including her campaign staff

    What do these lists say about the campaigns?

  2. Chris Scott says:

    Street Sweeper: About a month ago Fahey co-chaired a fund raiser for Ashford so he is on record for supporting Ashford. Should be interesting to see who grabs what of the finite Republican votes. It will not be good for Republicans if there is an anemic turnout (under 15%).

  3. Collision says:

    Correction on Welch invite: he does have around 90 sponsors on the invite.

    My guess is that majority of votes are split between Welch, Nabity and Ashford. Donor lists are reflecting this anyway.

  4. ricky says:

    Sure looks like that to me; Stothert, Crabbity and Welch will split the G O P vote which would leave Mr Ashford and Mr Suttle standing for the general election.

    ricky from omaha

    ps I have not endorsed anybody for Omaha’s next mayor yet

  5. Anonymous to Anonymous says:

    Sponsor lists mean a lot. You showcase the influential people who are willing to financially support you, and do so publicly. Campaign How-To 101.

  6. Kate says:

    Why is the campaign website always overlooked? Welch’s website is laughable, was it thrown together last minute? Don’t consultants realize that it is 2012 and the online presence is incredibly important?

  7. Anonymous to Anonymous says:

    Anonymous: You volunteered on a campaign, I get it. Some of us have a little (like a few decades) more experience than that.

    Sponsor lists mean A LOT. What does this show? Stothert doesn’t have the support that she wants everyone to think she has. Why? Because the real movers and shakers in town won’t throw their name behind her.

    The real race is between Ashford, Nabity and Welch. Out of those three, who can beat Suttle?

  8. Kerrey for NYC Mayor says:

    Does Omaha really need two liberals (Ashford & Suttle) as their choice for Mayor? Don’t be surprised if the Buffet World Herald now makes Ashford their new liberal in sheep’s clothing cause…

  9. SoWhat??? says:

    Dan Welch might as well pack it in right now. If Suttle can get Paul Landow involved just once during his campaign, Welch will run for the hills. He was terrified of Landow when he was in office.

  10. To: Anony to Anony says:

    I have a few decades of campaign experience. Dan Welch is a long Shot. It will be Suttle v.Stothert with Brad Ashford in 3rd place,

  11. SPIKE says:

    I see several retired Omaha police officers supporting Welch. That’s a nice little pay back for the very very generous contract Welch voted to approve for them.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Stothert has burned muchos personas in this town. Who is the money backing?

    Suttle (name recognition) v Ashford (name recognition) v Nabity (name recognition) v Welch (just because he’s such a nice guy…)

  13. Anonymous says:

    I saw Perry Pirsch applied for that position on the Lincoln city council vacated by Adam Hornung. He can’t be serious. He’s best known for creeping out women at NEGOP events, I’m sure the Democratic Mayor of Lincoln will appoint him over a Democrat.

  14. Becka says:

    Wow – just heard Nabity and Stothert on Becka. Not a Nabity fan, but Jean really blew this one. She said we should just wait years to fix the pension problem and then maybe we’ll get out from under it – definitely no leadership in her blood. And geez, she doesn’t let Becka get a word in edge-wise. Talk about someone who likes to hear her own vote. My vote is for Nabity or Welch. Haven’t decided yet.

  15. Gender Gap says:

    Woman Voter – Fischer did better among men by double digits over her margin among women. Female voters are naturally more critical of politicians of their own gender in Nebraska compared to their male counterparts. You had better hope Jean has a back-up plan to your strategy.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Really—-in the end the campaign staffs are the winners. With so many GOPers in the race there will be a feeding frenzy in the staff pool. Just read the NADC reports to see who is winning!

  17. Radio Host says:

    Becka must have been listening to some other show. Stothert was outstanding. I haven’t heard a more informed candidate in years. She really did a good job laying out all of the facts.

    Nabity wouldn’t know a fact if it hit him across the face. He out and out lied about the staffing part of the new contract. Or he just doesn’t know. Either way it is the type of error that we do not need leading our city.

    As far as “waiting” to get out from under the pensions? Unless you want your taxes to go up dramatically we must do this over time. Is Nabity for dramatic tax increases? If so, he needs to tell us now.

  18. Chris Scott says:

    As I stated before, I supported and voted for Congressman Terry. Unfortunately it is not my support that is needed. I stand by what I have said on the radio many times. If you have another election cycle in which you spend hundrends of thousands of dollars producing and airing adds that you later pull and go on an apology tour, Congressman Terry will not win. Not Lee’s fault at all. I assume he pays good money for good advise and did not get it. It is time for him to shake things up and get a fresh set of eyes on his campaign.

    Douglas County had many Romney, Fischer, Ewing voters and the does not bode well for the future. I think he is a good conservative, but a well funded challenger coupled with a sloppliy run campaign again will not end well. Just my opinion (and many others that will not say so aloud).

  19. Anonymous says:

    You say Conservatives who voted against Obama and voted against Kerrey, voted for Ewing? You pulled that out of your rear end and threw it out here without hosing it off.

  20. Chris Scott says:

    Nope not out of rear. Here are the numbers for Douglas County. Many obviously voted for Romney and Ewing.

    President Of The United States
    Vote For Up To 1
    Mitt Romney / Paul Ryan (REP). . . . 113,220 50.56
    Barack Obama / Joseph R. Biden (DEM) . 106,456 47.54
    Gary Johnson / James P. Gray (LIB) . . 2,763 1.23
    Randall A. Terry / Marjorie Smith (PET) 389 .17
    WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 1,099 .49

    U.S. House Of Representatives DISTRICT TWO
    Vote For Up To 1
    Lee Terry (REP) . . . . . . . . 107,364 48.62
    John W. Ewing Jr. (DEM). . . . . .113,019 51.18
    WRITE-IN. . . . . . . . . . . 429 .19

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Very interesting numbers you posted, Chris. I certainly agree that the Terry campaign got schooled on the budget ads but I doubt they will make that mistake again. I can’t remember a similar mistake for any other Terry campaign, however. The other things that should be pointed out is that Ewing is pro-life. How likely is that scenario going to pop up next election cycle? Zero. The Lefties are feeling their oats. Gwen Howard would win the primary in a walk in 2014. Also, there is obviously more to the CD2 than Douglas County and with recent redistricting, it should stay safely Republican for 10 more years.

    But I do agree that Terry’s campaign was a little sloppy this year. In addition to the budget fiasco, they left lines of attack on the table. For instance, did anybody besides LS readers know that the former police chief had a bench warrant out for his arrest?

  22. To Chris Scott says:

    Scott Petersen running Chip’s congressional race? I can see it…since both are loony enough. But unfortunately that leaves us with Bryan “Mr Ron Paul” Baumgart as the presumptive chair of the DCRP

  23. Chris Scott says:

    Nice smear. Way to attack messenger and not the message. Hopefully Terry cleans house but I will be supporting him regardless in 2014.

  24. Let's clean house says:

    Seems to me that a cong. campaign that gets 22% of the vote in a primary should maybe clean their own house (Lindstrom, Chris, Randy). Can someone remind me of the number of successful congressional or other races that Chris Scott has managed?

  25. Let's clean house 2 says:

    Have to note the irony where the ‘editor at large’ of another political blog mentioned here occasionally will praise the work of one chris Scott. But do readers know that the ‘editor’ writing those missives is the same person? a little wierd, frankly.

  26. To Radio Host says:

    Actually, Jean Stothert lied on Becka last night. She said that the current language in the contract was in the previous contract, but this is not true. Just read the two contracts and you’ll see for yourself. The CIR struck down the language in the 2004 contract and the 2004 language is not what is in this fire contract. In fact, the language in this contract is the same language that was in Mayor Suttle’s proposed contract, but it was not in the 2004 contract. So her argument that she could not take out the language because it was previously in the contract and required both parties’ consent is completely false. Jean Stothert flat out lied on the air last night to cover her inadequate dealings with the fire union contract.

    Maybe Nabity didn’t communicate this the best way, but I doubt he and Welch approve of this nightmare contract. I’ll add Ashford to that bunch too!

    To all who have questions on this issues – just read the contracts yourself to find out who is and who isn’t telling the truth!

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, my point was that the Terry campaign did not bring it up. LS was the only spot I know of that actually discussed it and we discussed it over a year before the election and then it went poof.

  28. Anonymostly says:

    Mac and sweeps, if Ewing had been a Republican with that little issue running against a Dem, the Dem party and Dick Holland would have pounded that information into everyone’s brains with all kinds of ad buys so that Ewing’s opponent didn’t have to get his hands dirty. I note that the Republican party was conspicuously silent.

    Democrats run circles around Republicans when it comes to bare-knuckle campaigning. And they’re pretty effective at it. Look at the changing composition of the legislature. The Dems picked up three seats in a non-partisan body. They try to tell you YOU shouldn’t be counting party spots in the non-partisan legislature but you can bet your bottom dollar they’re keeping close count.

    And how many years has it been since either Lincoln or Omaha had a Republican mayor? And answer me this one: who was the last Republican mayoral candidate in Lincoln or Omaha whom the Dems didn’t tar and feather?

  29. Radio Host says:

    @ to Radio Host (aka Dave Nabity)

    Staffing is still controlled by management in the new contract. IF you READ ALL of it you would see this. Stating anything otherwise is a the lie.

    Nice try though. Guess when you base your candidacy on a bogus poll you must grasp for straws.

    Why not release that poll? What are you hiding?? Fact is Suttle would LOVE to face Nabity.

  30. Just The Facts says:

    Radio host (aka Dave Nabity) – Read the contract. Jean Stothert was 100% accurate – and you do not know what you are talking about. Contrary to what Mr. Nabity stated – she stated that the new agreement “maintains the City’s right to determine equipment needs, station location and number, daily staffing, staffing by rank and overall staffing”. Article 44, Section 1 – states: “In accordance with this article the City has discretion to establish the overall staffing, daily staffing and staffing by rank for the Omaha Fire Department”. i
    It also states “Any reductions from the prior overall staffing mandates from the previous labor agreement will be by attrition. However, the City may, for reasons for economy or for more efficient administration of resources, layoff employees” Also, Folks, the negotiating team is Chris Jerram, Pete Festersen and Jean Stothert – and all had equal imput. Sorry Dave.

  31. Just The Facts says:

    Dan Welch is trashing the new fire contract? Dan Welch voted to APPROVE the 2004 police contract – which allowed retirement at age 45 and spiking. The contract that he approved – is the source of the $680 million underfunded pension liability. Now the current City Council is trying to dig itself out of the hole that he created. Cant hide from that vote Dan – you own it.

  32. Grab the popcorn says:

    How cute. The usual suspects (recycled Bruning, Stenberg, and Terry staffers plus the Young Republicans are at it again). Here is full former tearing up the three good Republican candidates to pieces. Might as well be on the Democratic payroll. I was going to vote for candidate A until I read something negative on a local blog said no voter ever.

  33. To Radio Host says:

    Sorry, kiddos. Not Nabity, nor am I a fan of his. In fact, you could say I’m more foe than friend, but I agree with him on the contract. I’ve researched the previous contract and Suttle’s proposed and, as Dan Welch says, this contract is worse. Let’s not pretend something is great when it’s not.

    Oh, and, Just the Facts, read Article 2 of the new contract and you’ll understand what the rest of us are talking about.

  34. Some Thoughts says:

    I don’t like any of them. Stothert seems to really like herself, but doesn’t have any good ideas for fixing problems with the union contracts, crime, or anything else. Welch supported the very union contracts that are The Problem. Nabity is a known loser who enjoys wasting money on fruitless causes. I thought Ashford was actually a Democrat.


  35. Yawn–would that anyone invest their time in the trenches trying to meet the voters and secure their trust instead of holding lavish fundraisers with their fellow fat cats at hoity toity country clubs. Maybe that’s what is really wrong with this city. It functions from the top down instead of ground swell of grassroot support from the bottom where we the people stand shoveling through the same ole baloney with the same ole faces and the same ole tactics.

  36. Just The Facts says:

    Radio Host (aka Dave Nabity) Read Article 2 in the contract? That is “Management Rights” (where Management is defined as the city) – and states (#3) the city maintains the right to establish, allocate, schedule, assign, modify, change, and discontinue City operations, work shifts and working hours. It also states (#5) the city has sthe right to hire, examine classify, promote, train, transfer, assign and retain employees; suspend, demote, discharge. (#7) the city has the right to create, establish, change, modify and discontnue any city function, operation and department. etc, etc, etc. I guess Dave Nabity doesnt know how to READ the contract. As for Dan Welch’s bogus statements – the new agreement SAVES THE CITY AND THE TAXPAYERS $680,000 per year in healthcare costs and saves $822 million in pensions costs over the next 50 years. It resolves multiple lawsuits against the City. It raises retirement age for new firefighters to age 55 and eliminates spiking. And you think this is WORSE than the present contract? Stothert knows more about union contracts that Nabity will ever know. All Dave Nabity talks about are fire contracts in New York and that he wants to fire and layoff everyone. We need to be concerned with what is good for Omaha – and follow Nebraska state laws.

  37. Kick the can says:

    $822 million over the next 50 years. Great spending now in exchange for savings later. That always works out. Working great in Greece.

  38. Fire Contract Verbage says:

    Section 2 takes away the power of Section 1. Check it out.

    ARTICLE 44
    SECTION 1: In accordance with this article the City has the discretion to establish the overall staffing, daily staffing , and staffing by rank for the Omaha Fire Department. In exercise of such discretion, however, the City shall adhere to, general orders from the Fire Chief (GO FC 2011-06), and/or Executive Orders from the Mayor (S-23-11).

    SECTION 2: Any reductions from the prior overall staffing mandates from the previous labor agreement will be by attrition. However, the City may, for reasons of economy or for more efficient administration of resources, layoff employees SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:

    – The City agrees that the positions filled as of the date of this Agreement WILL NOT BE SUBJECT TO LAY OFF for the life of the Agreement assuming that voluntary attrition among the bargaining unit achieves desired staffing levels.

  39. Dan Brown says:

    Mike Boyle is an Ashford supporter too! Ashford would be worse than Suttle, much worse. Why would Mike Fahey get involved in his campaign. Very Simple, OFD needs to continue to control the City.

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