Corn Meal and Gunpowder and Ham Hocks and Guitar Strings

Albion or Bust, right?

The Keystone pipeliners were up in Albion the other night and we all learned…what again?

Oh yeah, we learned that at some point it is time to stop the “public input” and just make a decision. Hey, we’re all for the involved public and all that, but how many of these hearings are we going to have with the Haters screeching, “I don’t want oil in my water!!!”

And did you catch the line in Watchdog from the Old Timer who said,

To say a 100-gallon crude spill could contaminate an entire aquifer, for example, is disingenuous when farmers, ranchers and cities have been spreading “untold thousands of gallons” of oil to control dust on roads for years.

To which Jane Kleeb no doubt responded by crossing her arms and hurumphing audibly.

Look, we all know the deal. This will be the newest, safest pipeline ever built. It will create a significant number of jobs and wealth in the state, and will further the goal of North American energy independence.

The arguments against?
You’ve heard them before, and they don’t add up to anything.
And the kicker on the whole thing is that over the past six months, Jane Kleeb and the Boldies have made it clear that their beef with the pipe is that it will help further Tar Sands Oil development — which their gurus are convinced will mean the End of Days.

So all the garment rendering about water and sand and steel thickness don’t mean a thang to Jane and her Upper Echelon. If stopping the pipe means they can hold up oil development, then it’s ALL good.

Just remember, that it wouldn’t matter if the oil was ferried by Yukon Cornelius (via dogsled, of course), one coffee cup at a time, Jane would still be against it.


Over at the Omaha Mayor’s race, things are getting weird.

Dan Welch just had his Facebook account hacked, and he apparently briefly endorsed Psy for Lieutenant Governor.

And then Joe Jordan jumped into the political with the juicy report that Dave Nabity accused Jean Stothert of planning her upcoming fundraiser at the exact same time as HIS fundraiser!!!!

Said D-Nabs:

“…there’s “no way” the same-time/same-date is a coincidence.”


Well, we heard this response from an an anonymous Stothert campaign source:

“We have had this event planned for months, based on our host’s schedule — not Dave Nabity’s.
But for future reference, he’s welcome to put us on his mailing list.”

Yeah, this one should be good.


Annnnd around 10:30am on Thursday (today) Speaker and 2014 Governor candidate, Mike Flood, will be making “a major announcement” (in the Capitol Rotunda).

We have been informed that it will be “newsworthy” and is NOT an endorsement.

(No word on whether or not it is bigger than a breadbox.)

We will keep ya posted.


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  1. Macdaddy says:

    I have changed my position. I am now against the Keystone pipeline. Why, you might ask? Easy. Higher energy prices are a tax on the economy that all the Obama voters will have to pay just as I have to. In addition, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, the same Susan Rice being defended by posters here for her role in subverting the First Amendment, and who happens to be a 1%er with a net worth somewhere North of $30 million, owns a lot of TransCanada stock and would stand to make a lot of money via long term capital gains. Of course, this would mean she would be taxed at a lower rate than I and I have a net worth somewhere South of zero. Obama is promoting the politics of personal jealousy. America has signed on and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

  2. Rhymes with Wussy says:

    Dave Nabity is a wimp. He thinks the whole world revolves around him. That is why he lost the recall effort. I can’t wait for all the republicans to know that Dave Nabity in the crucial weeks before the recall vote was organizing a mayor’s race for himself instead of focusing his efforts on the recall.

  3. Speculator says:

    This is a glorious day. I was worried Sweeper had run out of viable Canadian-themed means of petroleum transportation alternatives. All is right in the world now.

  4. Hervé Villechaize says:

    Flood pledges to “Open Up The Flood Gates” for all illegals. New campaign poster wearing a sombrero and a poncho. Viva la Flood!

  5. @Classless says:

    It’s not classless to disagree with someone about his policies. No one made any jokes about his wife. Everyone feels sympathy for Speaker Flood and his family, and we all wish his wife a speedy recovery.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Statements like “campaign poster wearing a sombrero and a poncho” is why the GOP is continuing to lose the latino vote by greater margins year after year when it should be theirs in the first place.

  7. ricky says:

    The Keystone Pipeline will never be built across Nebraska. Why? Because the people that are against it are much more passionate about defeating it then the proponents are in getting it built.
    For pols like Lee Terry, it’s just about doing what his lobbyists and campaign contributors want him to do. For the unions, it’s just about temporary jobs and who knows how many of them.
    But for the landowners and environmentalists, this is war. Already there is organized Civil Disobedience surrounding the Keystone Pipeline.
    Give it up TransCanada; it’s not happening.

    ricky from omaha

  8. The Nabster says:

    To Jean Stothert: My family celebrates Christmas. Under no circumstance shall your family celebrate Christmas. If you do, I will call the press.

  9. Al Gore says:

    Would someone please tell Dave Nabity that I invented the Internet and Tipper and I were the inspiration for Love Story. Tell him to stop taking credit for my accomplishments. Ask him to limit himself to taking credit for City of Omaha business he had absolutely nothing to do with, and we will be fine.

  10. ME ME says:

    Me Me Me Me…That’s Dave Nabit-ME for you. Always trying to take credit for positive things that he has nothing to do with while forgetting his multiple failures.

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