Bob Kerrey on GOD

Agnostic, Congregationalist (Left to right)

Frank Bruni of the New York Times (no, not the York News Times) had an article where he interviewed former Nebraska Senate candidate Bob Kerrey about his belief in God.

And Bruni drops this note:

Kerrey labels himself agnostic.

And he notes that in his 12 years in political office, Kerrey never once uttered, “God Bless America”. Why? Well, because, Kerrey says,

“It seems a little presumptuous, when you’ve got the land mass and the talent that we do, to ask for more.”


Look, Bob Kerrey wants to be agnostic, awesome, be agnostic. We have agnostic friends. People have their own beliefs.

But when, in all the years as Governor and Senator did we EVER hear that out of him? Do yourself a quick Google search and you’ll see that Kerrey is labeled as a member of the Congregationalist Church. (Oh, and he’s also an internet-ordained minister, who presided at Steve Martin’s wedding.)

And who could forget (well, we didn’t anyway) back when Kerrey was attending mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Omaha, and receiving Holy Communion (a Catholic sacrament, and only for church members). Kerrey apologized and all that, but then boldly took the gifts up to the altar at Sacred Heart the following week, just to show that he wouldn’t be cowed.

So all that…from an agnostic? And we don’t know how long Kerrey has held onto his agnosticism, but the article implies it was his entire time in elected office.

And what does all this say?

Well, the NYT and Don Walton and probably the OWH — if they ever mention it — will hold Kerrey up as a hero — nay, the GREATEST HERO — for daring to say that he is uncertain about the existence of God. And that church and state should be separated! (“Ooooh! How wise! Clap clap clap clap clap!”) My what a GOOD liberal! Always questioning!

But note, readers. Ya NEVER heard this before from Kerrey, yeah?

And then Kerrey’s line about “God Bless America”?
“…you’ve got the land mass and the talent that we do, to ask for more.”

What the F is he talking about? And hey, is he agnostic, or isn’t he? So he’s saying that IF there is a God then He (or SHE!) has better things to do than lay His (or HER!) blessings down on the rich, HUGE (oh, and evil) America. Right? Is that it?

(And “talent”? Don’t bother blessing us God, because we’re puh-lenty talented already!)

As if we needed further evidence of Kerrey’s flakitude.

But here’s the thing, and really the reason we want to point all this out:
1) We want to make sure you see it.


2) Here is Kerrey pitching — to the NYT and not the OWH or the LJS — about how enlightened his religious feelings are. And you want to know WHY he never revealed his inner-most thoughts to Nebraskans? He says,

“If you talk openly about your doubts,” he said, “you can get in trouble.”

Read: Nebraskans are Bible-thumping hayseeds who don’t unnerstan sophisticated church-talkin’.

Or, “I don’t want to lose the religious vote, so I’ll just let ’em believe I’m a church-going Nebraskan — just like YOU!”

In any case, no doubt you will hear more pearls of wisdom from Kerrey — but it sure as heck won’t be via the York News Times anymore. (And we can LITERALLY hear the eyes rolling in Kerrey’s head, every time that paper’s name is mentioned…)


On the Governor’s race front, we are hearing from various sources that we may hear from State Senator Charlie Janssen, one way or the other some time next month. We would think that it could only benefit him to get out ahead of the race at this point. If he’s going to pull the trigger, the sooner the better.

No word yet on Jon Bruning. Some think he will sit it out, but we have not heard much one way or the other.

We have been told (indirectly) that that Don Stenberg is pretty unlikely to get in.

And Pete Ricketts’s name is another that is getting mentioned.
Which would make things VERY interesting.

We have still heard a few other names, but very little definitive.


Annnnd a quick thank you to all of you who have clicked our banners when buying your stuff on Amazon. We greatly appreciate your assistance in keeping the light on in the Leavenworth Street offices.

God Bless smart, attractive and wise you.

And God Bless the rich, big and uber-talented United States of America!


  1. Lil Mac says:

    There is nothing wrong with Bob Kerrey being an agnostic. But there is a massive hypocrisy in the REVEREND Bob Kerrey being an agnostic. He marries people as a Minister of Christ, or God, or some other deity he doubs exists. Kerrey’s hypocrisy was clear when he as a New Yorker came here to run as a Nebraskan. And for that blessing, Deb Fischer gives thanks.

  2. Interested Observer says:

    WHAT, no mulled wine lines in this much more authentic, real Street Sweeper, fire and brimstone sermon, uh, I mean article?

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    Kerrey’s hypocrisy is open, honest and generally expected by the voting populace. It’s not worse than the lies spewed by the self-avowed “sanctity-of-life conservatives” inhabiting the halls of Congress and the statehouses across America. I still remember, very well, the BSDC killings that took place in Nebraska just a few years ago, and the very long-standing abuse and neglect of such persons by the Unicameral and governors of Nebraska, —which ultimately led to those killings! Don’t forget: Deb Fischer “served” those dependent beings and “right-to-life” Nebraskans before being sent by Nebraska “believers” to the U.S. Senate. All in all, I think Kerrey fits the Nebraskan mentality quite well…

    As for me, atheism makes more sense than agnosticism. (And I was raised Catholic too.)

  4. Lil Mac says:

    ag•nos•tic (g-nstk)
    “One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God.
    “One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism.
    “One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something.

    No, Annie, I never have heard of someone “preaching” something they don’t believe in… with the exception of liars and hypocrites. And that’s true religiously and secularly.

    You say “Kerrey’s hypocrisy is open, honest and generally expected by the voting populace.” Bob got his ass handed to him by the same voters who elected him governor and senator knowing his liberalism. They crushed him this year because he moved back here from NYC to run. The “voting populace” that you say generally expects hypocrisy, kicked the hell out of Kerrey for his hypocrisy. I said this was a blessing for Fischer, who would not have become a US Senator had Kerrey stayed in Nebraska for the last decade and run from here. She might have beaten Hassebrook too, but at least Nebraskans wouldn’t have seen him as a hypocritical outsider like they did Kerrey.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just as I thought, you backwater bozos get all your “intelligence” from that other idiot that claims to receive his “talent on loan from God!”

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Bob, you lost. Don’t you have better things to do now than post retorts here on LS? How about cleaning out the gutters or getting the leaves raked up finally. Or go talk to a realtor about listing the Omaha “estate.”

  7. RWP says:

    First of all, ‘agnostic’ is a term for wusses and the fuzzy headed. If you don’t believe in a god, you’re an atheist. ‘There might be a big powerful being I don’t really believe in, except when there’s an R in the month’? Yeah right.

    Second of all, I’ve lived here over 20 years, and nobody has given me any sort of grief for being a atheist. And it’s not as if I’m in the closet. So much for ‘getting in trouble’. Kerrey pretended to be something he is not to get elected, just like he pretended to be a moderate bipartisan, pretended to have changed his mind on ObamaCare and cap’n’trade and so on. He may not be as good a liar as Clinton, but he’s probably a bigger liar.

  8. Jeff Vandenberg says:

    I am an atheist and an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church (internet based). I have performed several marriages and never once invoked a fictional “god” as part of the service. You don’t have to. Marriage is a legal commitment between two people. Deities need not be involved. And, for the record, MOST “Nebraskans are Bible-thumping hayseeds who don’t unnerstan sophisticated church-talkin’.” Hell, MOST Americans are.

  9. RWP says:

    I know at least two atheists who are UUs. They like the social aspects, and they say hardly anyone ever mentions deities or other god-like beasts. It’s sort of the non-dairy-creamer version of a religion.

  10. RWP says:

    Yeah, Hagel in and Rice out, so reports go.

    If they make Hagel SecDef, GWB should make a point of going on the Sunday talk shows every week to say what a crap job he’s doing. Turnabout is fair play.

  11. Anonymous says:

    RWP, the problem with your baloney at 3:00 PM is that Chuck Hagel was correct when he went on the Sunday talk shows and said that GWB was doing a crap job. If GWB did as you suggest, then he’d just be continuing to a crap job.

  12. RWP says:

    GWB was fighting a war Hagel voted for. Then when, for a while, it went badly, Hagel turned on him. Hagel opposed the troop surge that finally put it in the win column. And of course, all the while he was sniping at GWB weekly on the talk shows, he was co-chair of GWB’s Nebraska re-election committee.

    Hagel is the living embodiment of the scorpion in the fable of the scorpion and the frog. Let’s hope Obama didn’t learn that one in his Indonesian madrassa.

    Personally, I’m delighted. If anyone can spread internal dissension in the ranks of the administration, it’s the Chuckster. Add Kerry in as SocState, and you’ll have a recipe for complete disintegration due to massive ego collisions.

  13. Scotty Chriss says:

    Did you guys see Jane Kleeb’s article on my blog? Jane is a great writer and I’m glad that I can provide her a forum to have her views heard. Oh I’ll be on Smash tomorrow, make sure to listen.

  14. Interested Observer says:

    There’s a great article in the New York Times today exposing the ridiculous debt level of universities in the United States.

    It says “A decade-long spending binge to build academic buildings, dormitories and recreational facilities — some of them inordinately lavish to attract students — has left colleges and universities saddled with large amounts of debt.”

    And “Overall debt levels more than doubled from 2000 to 2011 at the more than 500 institutions rated by Moody’s, according to inflation-adjusted data compiled for The New York Times by the credit rating agency. In the same time, the amount of cash, pledged gifts and investments that colleges maintain declined more than 40 percent relative to the amount they owe.”

    And “Still, higher debt payments and other expenses have contributed to the runaway inflation of college costs, and the impact on students is real and often substantial.”

    And “At the Ohio State University, President E. Gordon Gee declared the era of “Taj Mahal-like” dormitories and academic buildings over.

    “There is no one who likes to build more than me,” said Mr. Gee, who took over at Ohio State in 2007 and is the highest paid president of any public college. Debt has grown roughly 70 percent since then, to $2 billion. “The reality is, that is what got us in trouble.” ”

    Something that I think is relevant is that this new pile of capital construction debt is only part of the future reality for these universities. Now their costs of heating, cooling and maintaining and staffing these tens of millions of additional, new square feet of space will further balloon operating budgets.

    The UNL enrollment today is very similar to when I was there many, many years ago, but the campus facilities have dramatically expanded, as well as the associated costs of all those new facilities.

  15. RWP says:

    Capital construction debt at UNL doesn’t amount to much, except for parking garages, which are usually constructed with bonds paid off with parking fees. We don’t as a rule issue bonds for academic buildings, and the new academic buildings I’m aware of are all paid off.

    They’ve also gotten very stingy with heating/cooling budgets. They’ve retrofitted a lot of older buildings with insulation, and have ‘smart’ systems using motion detectors that shut off heat and lights when the occupant leaves. If I sit very still in my office, the air handler turns off, which is a little spooky. Plus we shut down most buildings over the break.

    I’m not saying we’re perfect, but we’re living within our means.

  16. RWP says:

    I think IO’s overall point, though, is valid. It’s worst at medical schools and big-time research campuses. My former boss, at MIT, said for a while they were talking about 5-crane deans — deans who had five construction cranes operating simultaneously on buildings for their colleges. For various political reasons, there was an explosion of federal research funding for science and medicine in the last decade, and universities simply expanded so as to absorb the funding. This is why Grover Norquist says you have to choke the beast. If you don’t restrict the supply of gummint money, demand will expand to absorb everything you have plus 10%.

    UNL has expanded too, but managed not to get into hock doing so, so I think we’re in better shape. The biochemistry building was an earmark, the physics building was a creative use of deferred maintenance money from the state, and the chemical engineering building was a bequest. UNMC is now trying to expand, but IMO they’re late to the party. Federal real dollar funding is certainly not going to grow this decade — not with $16.3 tn in national debt.

  17. Chris Scott says:

    My wife does not write on hear and have you ever personally spoken with Tristan? She actually has some very valid points on police reform. I suppose it is easy to partake in uninformed mud slinging. You and you crew are not really a cerebral bunch are you.

  18. RWP says:


    I don’t think it’s Ivy (because I’m pretty sure I know who it is). I think IO’s trying to re-establish some cred. Might take a while.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I find it amusing that Sweeper rags on Bob Kerry over religious matters while his readers hang on every word written here by RWP, an avowed atheist.

  20. Can someone explain to me. .. says:

    … the wisdom of creating a Facebook page that promotes the ‘Arming of Teachers’? This was done by a few local politically active individuals.

    Only two days after the Elementary School shooting, seems tone deaf.

  21. TexasAnnie says:

    I, too, am an avowed atheist. But I certainly don’t “hang on every word written here by RWP”!
    Also, it’s clear from Street Sweeper’s communique, that he criticizes Bob’s campaign hypocrisy, not Bob’s seeming confusion about whether God exists. Y’all have much bigger problems there than whether one believes in God or not.

    Happy Holidays to all. I’m off for another adventure over the next week or so…

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Since somebody else mentioned the school shootings, what was up with Obama cutting out all, as in all, federal funding for school security? How did that logic go: “We’re $1.2 trillion dollars in the red so let’s cut out $180 million meant to protect children.” Two years in a row Obama stiffed our schools. Since entering office he has worked to torpedo anti-drug efforts in schools.

    Now let’s go watch Obama shed a tear on TV as he inserts himself front and center.

  23. JO says:

    My, My Spike, your language, math and manners tell the readers here that you obviously have been educated by the new left schools!!

  24. @ #44, he’s not that educated. It should be “Horse’s Ass”. The apostrophe makes it possessive. Otherwise, it just appears as though multiple horses share a single ass. And that would be absurd, much like Spike.

    BTW, 89% of statistics are made up.

  25. Anonymous says:

    LS has officially jumped the shark. The grammar police now reign here where, once upon a time, pithy political discourse took place. It won’t be long until it meets the same end as NNN.

  26. “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
    -Mark Twain-ish

    But seriously, I wish I had a nickel for every time a commenter predicted our demise.
    ‘Cause then I’d have, like, all these nickels.

    Seeing as we haven’t missed putting up at least one new post a week for nearly 7 years now, we’ll have another up soon.

    And thanks for reading.

  27. RWP says:

    If anyone cares, I haven’t taken communion since I was a young teenager.. I was brought up a Catholic, and while I don’t believe in most of what the church professes, I do know their rules abouit the Sacraments, and won’t wantonly violate them. Tolerance means the rest of us respect the Church’s limits on Communion.

    I have similar contempt for people who profess Catholicism for political reasons but pick and choose which dogma they like. If you want loosey-goosey Christianity, there are many choices. The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic isn’t one of them.

    FWIW, I wouldn’t gratuitously desecrate a Koran either. If it means nothing to you, and something to an otherwise unoffending person, why tread on them?

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