2012 PotY Nominations

Say hey post Christmas / pre- New Year crowd!

Get your nomination in now for the Leavenworth Street’s Nebraska Politician of the Year!

So, reaching back to 2006, here are the standards:

A Politician may be described as “Anyone involved in Nebraska politics”.

Therefore it could be an office holder, a candidate, a campaign worker, a political party worker, a consultant, a member of the media – just about anyone you can think of involved in Nebraska politics.

That person should be judged on their influence making, news making, difference making, interesting-ness or any other thing that you would like to take into account.

Leavenworth Street will then laboriously sift through these suggestions, and any others we may come up with, to announce our Nebraska Politician of the Year.

You can list your nominee, and the reasons behind that nomination, in the comments section, or you can email them directly to us at leavenworthst(AT symbol)gmail.com. noms

No restrictions for how many noms you can make.

Here are past winners:


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  1. ricky says:

    My choice for Nebraska politician of the year is State Senator from South Omaha and Bellevue Heath Mellow. Not only did he not have to face an opponent in this years elections, he is on track to maybe become the Chair of the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee.
    Which would make him one of the most powerful Democratic pols in the state. And he showed his influence by going behind the Governor’s back and the people of Omaha’s back to backroom – deal funding for the UNMC cancer center. A true deal maker is State Senator Heath Mellow, my choice for Nebraska’s Politician of the Year!


  2. ricky,
    Only if you buy a car on Amazon (after clicking our link).

    Make as MANY noms as you like (w/in reason).
    It’s not like you (or others) have never hijacked a comment section before anyway…

    Rock on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Who else could it be but the Comeback Kid – Ernie Chambers? They changed the Nebraska Constitution to rid themselves of him and yet, he’s back – hopefully with a vengeance.

  4. To @11:29 says:

    How do you figure Ernie? He didn’t comeback “against” anything. He had virtually no opponent and didn’t run any significant campaign. He simply walked back in. Congratulations for being a warm-body with name-recognition, Senator-elect.

  5. Lil Mac says:

    The 2012 Politician of the Year might be Sen. Elect DEB FISCHER. Regardless whether you love, hate, or whatever her, she beat the tar out AG Jon Bruning, stuck a fork into AG/Treasurer Don Stenberg, and whipped a Medal of Honor, Navy SEAL, Governor, and Senator Bob Kerrey.

  6. ricky says:

    Thanks SS. Seriously Senator Elect Deb Fischer is probably not joking the Ne Pol of the year for pulling off that upset.
    But one of my runners-up would be Ne Governor Dave Heineman for the lousy year he had. The Gov went out on a limb endorsing Mr Romney, thinking Romney was a shoo-in and the Gov would get a cabinet post in that administration. Now Gov Dave has to eat crow and implement Obama-care, all the while feeling like a lame duck, which he is.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It can’t be Deb Fischer for the same reason to 11:29 gave for not giving it to Ernie. The award should be split between Don Stenberg/Jim Demint/Joe Ricketts/club for growth. Their combined efforts brought down Jon Bruning and changed the game of 2012 Nebraska politics.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sure Heineman would be in for a cabinet position ahead of, say, Santorum supporters. But to “eat crow” for endorsing the actual GOP nominee ahead of other Republicans? That doesn’t make sense, unless you think Heineman should have endorsed Obama. Or maybe you think Romney lost because Heineman endorsed him. Heineman was as correct and as precient as any Republican could be in this election. Heineman’s early choice won the primary. Obama then won the general because a majority of Americans preferred Obama’s promise of a soothing federal enema. That was preferable to whatever Romney offered.

  9. David West says:

    My nominee for Politician of the Year is Jon Bruning.
    For losing to Deb Fischer, who was in third place going into the last month of the primary
    For getting into a twitter fight with opponent Don Stenberg,
    For miraculously settling a legal dispute with a western Nebraska firm, who mysteriously then contributed to his campaign – the reason he lost his sure bet win in the NE primary for Senate…and why I switched my support to Deb Fischer
    For plea bargaining an amazingly low settlement with Brenda Council’s gambling with donations, in order to keep her in the race against Ernie Chambers.

    Others I would consider are Deb Fischer, of course. Bob Kerrey’s bold attempt to try and take the Senate seat while still living in New York. Mike Flood getting under Dave Heineman’s skin. Scott Pedersen for getting under Leavenworth St’s skin because he dared approach the C4L folks. 😀 Dave Phipps for being a political target when the man was doing his job with a deputy from the opposing party backing his decisions.

  10. ricky says:

    Another nomination for Nebraska Politician of the year is Omaha City Council person “Mean Jean” Stothert. Not only did she get all of her fellow council members to agree to take away union contract negotiations from the Mayor but after only 16 months the mediator they council picked got a deal, even if it’s not that much better than the one the council voted down.
    However, the way Crabbity and Mr Welch are picking on the deal must mean she is the front-runner for the Reb nomination for Omaha mayor, still.

  11. ricky says:

    And anon at 1:39 I was referring to how our wonderful Governor used company resources to tell state employees that Mr Romney was the guy to vote for President. Then when he was found out and rebuked, he said “well I am just stating fact Romney is the best guy”. What a dufus! Hey Governor Heineman, Mr Obama won in a landslide, obviously Mr Romney was not “obviously” the best guy. Go eat crow Mr Heineman!

  12. Anonymous says:

    All of you are forgetting the single most influential person in the history of politics, in not just Nebraska, but the entire world!

    Chris Scott.

    Who else could just declare themselves THE political insider without any connections or experience in Nebraska (and Illinois) politics? (of course other than a failed congressional candidate and the Paulites)

  13. Anonymous says:

    How dare you insinuate that Chris Scott is anything less than a political god? Don’t you know he’s on the radio constantly or gets tens upon tens of hits on his own blog (with wonderful contributions from Jane Flemming Kleeb and Bryan ‘Im not a Paulbot’ Baumgart) every single day?!?

  14. Chris Scott says:

    I appreciate the nomination however due to time constraints and media obligations I will not have an opportunity to write an acceptance speech. I am rather looking forward how some of the “conservatives” in the Republican party to excuse/spin/apologize for Congressman Terry if he votes to raise the debt ceiling yet again with spending cuts that occur 50 years from now. The Budget Control Act (Sequestration) was the big compromise to raise the debt ceiling now Republicans are abandoning these mandatory cuts.

    If you can hold your own party elected officials accountable how on earth can you criticize the left? In my experience however the Republican Party favors likability and loyalty over conservative values. I like Congressman Terry a lot but he has surrounded himself with too many yes men and spinsters.

  15. Chris Scott says:

    @4:17- actually as of today I am averaging over 750 unique visitors daily but you don’t seem very cerebral so I won’t bore you with the math. Speaking of Jane Kleeb’s piece, it was actually they most read piece EVER. My goal not to create a platform to prop up candidates with suspect voting records but rather create an intelligent dialogue among people different political ideologies.

  16. ricky says:

    Where did Chris Scott come from anyway? One day he is on Crash’s radio show and the Becka from Fargo Show when nobody ever heard of him. THEN comes the blog – not an well read blog THEN radio. What is his secret? I have asked him many times but he won’t say.
    My guess is Pete Ricketts funded his blog who then called Sadlemeyer of KFAB and Nelkin of KKAR and told them Mr Scott must be put on the air. Thus a star is born.
    Too bad not too many others of us can have a sugar daddy like Ricketts.
    However Mr Scott does try to be evenhanded, even if he does tip his hand now and again and let his righty side show, like daring Lee Terry to even give an inch on raising taxes.

  17. O Street Observer says:

    1. Sen.-elect Deb Fischer, for carrying on Rep. Virginia Smith’s legacy and winning when few expected her to.
    2. Bob Kerrey’s realtor. Bob will understand this, as will his attorney. OWH buried this story.
    3. State Sen.-elect Bill Kintner, for defeating an incumbent and doing so thru hard work and a plain old butt kicking.
    4. Sen. Mike Johanns, for having the balls to stand up to Chuck Hagel and call him out.
    5. Former Sen. Chuck Hagel, for thinking he was still relevant in Nebraska politics.
    6. Nebraska’s next governor, NU Regent Tim Clare.
    7. NEGOP Chair Mark Fahlson, for a controversial-free state convention with the world of Ron Paul breathing down his neck, for giving Sen. Ben Nelson the boot and for having the balls to spend money to sue to challenge Bob Kerrey’s residency and keep the carpetbagger issue alive thru Nov.
    8. The 10,000+ residents who signed petitions to repeal Lincoln’s gay rights ordinance.
    9. Lancaster County Commissioner Roma Amundson, a rising star in Republican politics.
    10. Mike Flood, for doing the right thing.

  18. Daniel says:

    Deb Fischer – Jon Bruning had been running for the senate seat since, forever. He had more money, more name recognition, more connections than anyone else. Knowing she had to go up against all of that, she still threw her name in the ring. No argument that it helped having Rickets in her corner, but how many other big politicians didn’t even try cuz they saw Bruning as an unbeatable giant?

    I am not a huge fan of Fischer, but you have to give kudos to anyone willing to be the underdog and put up that kind of fight and win.

  19. Lincoln Streets Observer says:

    Whoever runs for mayor of Lincoln on a strict “Learn How to Plow Snow” platform and absolutely kicks the crap out of his/her opponent.

    Atrocious Beutler and staff. Atrocious.

  20. Kortezzi says:

    Clearly the POTY in Nebraska is Deb Fischer. To come out of nowhere, beat Bruning & Stenberg in the primary, and then Kerrey in the general…who has ever pulled off a trifecta like that? Honorable mentions would go to Mark Fahleson for deftly handling the state GOP and helping scare Ben Nelson out of running for re-election.

  21. Chris Scott says:

    Don’t care about replacing Lee one
    bit. Voted for Lee and would happily do it again. I will
    Also point out when I disagree with him. I would also like to add that I am hardly an idiot.

  22. To Chris Scott says:

    Was that in the primary or general election? We don’t want to give anyone the idea that you didn’t vote against one of Terry’s challengers and your boss…

  23. Chris Scott says:

    General of course. I have nothing against Lee but as a conservative I do not support raising the debt ceiling. To me it’s the equivalent of having a spouse with a maxed out credit card and trying to get your significant other to quit spending so much by raising his or her credit limit. If you excuse politicians or worse justify it than you are what I would coin as a social club conservative. Voting for personality over principle. I agree with Lee on 90% of his votes but both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for our financial issues. Don’t take critsism of a candidate so personally. We as the electorate should challenge our elected officials votes. It’s what makes for good, transparent, representative government.
    Good government is a non-partisan issue.

  24. RWP says:

    I like OSO’s list muchly. If we can include campaign managers as politicians, I’d add Aaron Trost, Deb Fischer’s CM, who ran a couple of disciplined, tightly focused campaigns that stayed on message and refused to be diverted by all the BS generated in feedlot quantities by Kerrey, the local Dems, and the media. 16 point win, bitches.

    The forgotten man of the campaign was Bui Van Vat, the Vietnamese grandfather who together with his wife and grandchildren was knifed to death by psycho-Bob. I have some sympathy for the conservative view that shite happens in war and when you send out men to kill for you, it ill behooves you to get too picky about how it’s done. But the hypocrisy of the bleeding heart lib crowd, who got all weepy about waterboarding, but decided completely to ignore far worse acts committed by their champion, was truly spectacular.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Fischer is clearly the POTY so give her the award. Kerrey is clearly in the potty, so give him a flush. I was in NYC a few days ago and it was dirtier than a third world binjo ditch. One good flush ought to get him back “home” to the big rotten apple.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, come on Anon 7:55. You’re missing the forest for the trees. Isn’t a little dirt a reasonable price to pay for people not being all hopped up on sugary drinks or dropping dead from trans fats? I mean, what’s worse: rotting out your teeth or getting pushed in front of a subway train? Clearly, keeping the beautiful people from having to look at a fat person with bad teeth is much more important than a clean, safe city.

  27. POY says:

    How about Julie Schmitt-Albin for going against the principle for which she stands—–she and her PAC are now politically neutered by funding Planned Parenthood and for also throwing her best pro-life leaders under the bus.

  28. RWP says:

    Bui Van Vat’s family never served in combat either. Never fear; Kerrey made them STFU quite effectively.

    According to Vet, you only get to have an opinion if you were doing the shooting, not if you were being shot at.

  29. David Axelrod says:

    OK I’ll say it… What about Barack Hussein Obama? Despite L St’s best efforts, and significant chunks of change from Omaha residents and businesses, he still shellacked Romney. $1.2 Billion spent to defeat a Prez with 8% unemployment and the looming Benghazi “scandal,” the man still emerges unscathed. He then forced Heinemann’s hand into giving control of the state healthcare exchange to the Feds, for which he recieved quite a bit of friendly fire. As if that wasn’t enough, Obama then toys with the idea of adding Republican-turned-sane person Chuck Hagel to his cabinet, giving him one more chance to bitch slap all of you Nebraska Conservatives that funded Hagel’s ascent. Love him or hate him, Obama deserves consideration.

  30. Lil Mac says:

    I served in combat longer than Kerrey did. And while you may be right about comments from non-veterans, RWP isn’t wrong in his assessment of Kerrey or Kerrey’s supporters in Nebraska, who recent gave his pile of dead babies a waive off that other Democrats didn’t give when they soundly rejected Kerrey as a Democrat Party Presidential nominee. When his wartime incident was revealed amid a Democratic Primary, Kerrey admitted a deep and abiding shame for his actions which isn’t characteristic of most combat veterans. Yes, many do come out of combat with an odd survivor’s regret, but that is not the same sort of thing Kerrey himself admitted to. And lest we forget, other officers have gone to prison for leaving piles of dead innocents. Bob Kerrey was not a child, nor a follower. He was a college graduate, a grown man, older than most first in combat. He was a serving commissioned officer in charge of men and he left a pile of dead babies behind, which didn’t stop him from running for office even after that fact was revealed, even after he had admitted to it, and even after Democrats elsewhere held him to account for it. At the very least, his actions showed deadly poor or confused judgment, which perhaps is somewhat reflected in him thereafter earning the sobriquet “Cosmic” from his political peers. Yet even now, after all this, he once again ran for office in Nebraska. And his supporters here, who are of the intolerant ilk for all else when dealing with non-Democrat military, last November once more gave Kerrey’s pile of dead babies an “Oops”, as if the fact that he didn’t eat them, makes it all okay. No, it’s not okay. Not all vets leave piles of dead babies behind out of piss poor judgment. Thus when RWP suggests Kerrey wasn’t fit to lead, you may well challenge RWP’s words. But when you do, remember that the first Americans to make that exact same scathing judgment of Bob Kerrey were Democratic Party voters.

  31. Macdaddy says:

    Don’t forget that Kerrey ran on his war record, even made several ads about it. I’m not criticizing Kerrey’s actions in combat because I give combat vets a wide latitude under fire. What I am criticizing is the ever present hypocrisy of the Left that will overlook any flaw, any law-breaking, any war crimes, any misogyny, any flaunting of their “values,” if it can further their power. What I am criticizing is the double standard that Lefty politicians enjoy where they can reap the benefit of their actions but are allowed to skate out of the questions and the negative consequences. Kerrey leaned heavily on those traits. Fortunately, Nebraskans are smarter than that.

    Now, as far as Axelrod’s nomination of Zero, the things he lists just point out that the media deserve it more than Obummer.

  32. TexasAnnie says:

    Lil Mac said all that to illustrate that it was Republicans in concert w/ Dems of Nebraska who catapulted Kerrey from the Governor’s office to the U.S. Senate. And besides, Kerrey’s cruelty was almost as big an “Oops” as that shown by Nebraska politicians generally with regard to those BSDC killings. Talk about hypocrisy…

    Axelrod is right! Obama did outmaneuver Nebraskans last November.

  33. Vet says:

    RWP, have you ever been shot at? If not, STFU.
    For the rest of you, please explain the differences between killing with a knife, a gun, a hand grenade, an RPG, a mortar, an artillery shell, napalm, a cruise missile, a drone delivered JDAM, or a nuclear device. Each of these weapons of war kills babies, but which ones are OK to use against them according to your tender sensibilities?

  34. RWP says:

    Vet: yes, and bombed too. So STFU.

    The difference between cold, calculated murder of a noncombatant child with a knife, and killing someone as an accidental result of an attack on a legitimate military target, is quite clearly laid out in the Geneva conventions and the Law of Land Warfare. Mind you. Kerrey claimed he managed to pass through Navy and Seal training without hearing about either.

  35. Nebraska Voter says:

    How about Deb Fischer’s neighbors for POTY? They deserve SOMETHING for putting up with their land grabbing, Tea Party neighbor.

  36. ricky says:

    One of my runners-up for Ne Pol of the year is Nebraska State Senator Scott Lautenbaugh. It is no surprise that Senator Lautenbaugh would have Governor Heineman’s back on everything, but it backfired on the failed attempt to get the Voter ID law passed in Nebraska. That day on the floor of the legislature when it was abnormally hot Sen Lautenbaugh sweated out defending his pal Dave Phipps AND arguing for voter suppression at the same time.
    And the good senator failed to reduce the size of the OPS board, and his priority bill failed right?
    Anyway how come Mr Lautenbaugh gets appointed to things like his senate seat AND election commissioner? That is the G O P’s affirmative action. Senator Lautenbaugh is one of my runners-up for Ne Pol of the Year.
    By the way, glaring at people is not an argument.
    ricky from omaha

  37. Lil Mac says:

    Annie. Thanks for the mindreading lesson but what Lil Mac means Lil Mac will say. A lot of grief on earth comes from people telling you what other people mean or think or should think. Republicans didn’t catapult Kerrey into office. He wasn’t in the GOP primary. It was Nebraskans of all sorts who elected him because they valued his MOH without knowing about dead innocents who, after they heard about it, they then rejected him; first Democrats elsewhere for President and then Nebraskans for his old Senate job. Not everything boils down to partisanship and certainly not the use of a past accolades to seek position. And that goes for McCain the POW and Paul the physician, etc.

    Vet. Yes, several times. I am still treated for combat injuries. I don’t belittle any war service. Considering Bob’s short time in combat, my tally in blood is undoubted larger than his. God or Karma will sort that out. But I am not seeking power based on my record as Bob Kerrey did. And it was Democrats and Nebraskans, not me, who held him to account for that. After all, Hassebrook might have beaten Fischer if Kerreyhad not rabbit-punched him. We will never know. But, Vet, if you are who I think you are, floating off the coast or sipping wine in Rota isn’t much of a platform from which to tell others to shut up. But no matter, for neither Kerrey’s MOH, nor my two PUCs, nor your medals, nor any sheepskins or past accolades from veterans or non-veterans, have anything to do with the fact that Kerrey ran on his heroism which mostly-non-veteran voting Democrats, and more recently Nebraskans, rejected when they discovered the nature of his leadership results while earning his medals. Bob shined his medals and invited voters to look at them. They looked closely. That’s his fault. They don’t call a guy “Cosmic Bob” because he has an excess of stability or common sense.

  38. RWP says:

    11:51 Care to post your name and legal address so I can sue your ass for that libel?

    I didn’t think so. Cluck cluck cluck. All you glorious self-described vets seem to conspicuously lack courage. I’d thank you for your service, but it was probably spent cowering somewhere.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Deb Fischer, hands down. As someone else noted, not only did she beat Bruning and Stenberg handily, she blew away Kerrey. She is the POY for Nebraska.

  40. Ummmm says:

    If Mike Flood isn’t number one he’s a close second. Don’t forget he took a powerful Governor on and WON, even when it was ‘unpopular’ but he’s on track to take the Mansion and does what most other Pols only talk about. My vote is Flood.

  41. To Ummmm says:

    Sorry Ummmm, Mike Flood rammed through LB599 which takes money from taxpayers–many of whom do not go to the doctor because they cannot afford it–and gives that money to illegals so they can have free medical care.

    Because of that, Mike Flood will NEVER be governor. Period.

  42. POY Nomination says:

    Matt Pinkerton Hands Down! Matt has a long record of being on the right side of history in and out of politics. Matt predicted the 1985 Superbowl would be handily win by the Patriots over the Bears. Matt also went on record proclaiming that Tom White would win by a landslide. In Matt’s most prophetic Nostradamus like prediction he stated that Y2K would be the ” end of days” for the civilized world. In a stunning revelation Matt proclaimed that the spoils reaped from Al Capones vault would fund our national government for decades. His most recent triumph was correctly predicted a landslide Bruning victory!

    Matt has recently stated that the Nebraska Young Repunlicans will replace the UN as the world’s governing body moving one step closer to a New World Order!

  43. Lil Mac says:

    This is new… In the middle of an interview about gun control, Obama is suddenly defend Hagel at length who apparently isn’t liked by conservatives or liberals or gays. Obama calls him a “patriot… served this country with valor in Vietnam… And is somebody who’s currently serving on my intelligence advisory board and doing an outstanding job.” Obama said Hagel apologized for his 14-year-old remark on gays.

    That’s nice. Obama apologized for a more recent remark about special olympians. Since gays aren’t mentally challenged, it seems Obama took the safer route of whacking retarded people who cannot whack back. Ain’t politics grand?

    The President says he hasn’t made up his mind about Panetta’s replacement but then goes on and on about Hagel. It is interesting how the media and Obama seem almost proud that both conservatives and liberals don’t like Hagel. It is almost like a balancing that Obama is putting forward to justify Hagel as his pick. Else why even mention him at all?

  44. Ummmm says:

    To ‘To Ummmm,’

    I’ll bet on a staunch pro-life record over a stauch anti-illegal immigration record 9 times out of ten for a guy with the morals of Flood. NO ONE can be a single issue candidate and win the Gov’s office. Sorry.

  45. Anon. says:

    Is there an award for Unintentionally Funny Politico of the Year? In the World- Herald today, Bob Kerrey is quoted as saying that his favorite song of 2012 was “Somebody That I Used to Know”.


  46. Macdaddy says:

    That is funny, Anon.

    “Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
    But had me believin it was always something that I’d done”

    Projection is the Left’s stock in trade.

  47. Anonymous says:

    9:20, the projection comment was reasoned and funny, whereas you calling people idiots is something a child does.

    Regardless of your politics, when you get into a crap throwing contest, don’t keep licking your fingers. It may improve your aim but it is hell on your reputation.

  48. anon. says:

    I didn’t read the World Herald list of Kerrey favorites all the way through– I was cracked up by his song choice of “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Apparently he also said the best game he watched this year was Nebraska v. Ohio State.

    Ummmm . . .

  49. Scotty Chriss says:

    I vote for Smash Mavis on KFAD. He has real politicos on his show that know something about politics every week. Did you catch the podcast???

  50. Chris Scott says:

    I’ll say, the more I hear about this Scotty Chriss, the more I like him. He has quite a bit of moxie and seems like a real go-getter. He has my vote for POY!

  51. Behind the Scenes says:

    Some consideration needs to be given to the people behind the scenes on the Senate upset. In that category I nominate Jessica Moenning. She openly challenged the coronation of Jon Bruning and joined forces with Kay Orr to recruit Deb Fischer. Then she put a team in place for Fischer- media consultant, campaign manager, political director, field staff, legal counsel, treasurer, office manager, driver, county chairs- and don’t forget Fortenberry and outside groups that supported Fischer in the end. All while quarterbacking to rollout of Bruning’s misdeeds with press and GOP types. Nobody took a bigger chance or put more energy into electing Deb Fischer.

  52. Interested Observer says:

    Ah, what about Jim DeMint and all the millions of dollars he put into Stenberg’s campaign that helped shoot down Bruning?

  53. POY says:

    My vote is Brenda Council. Anyone that can steal $63,000 not pay taxes for years AND avoid jail is the politician second to none!

  54. ricky says:

    Ha ha POY at 7 22. And she kept running for her seat! What moxie! Without a doubt in the running for Pol of the year!
    But my nomination on New Years Eve is for State Senator Jeremy Nordquist as Nebraska Politician of the Year 2012.
    Nordquist ran against token opposition for re-election, probably getting lots of campaign cash in his coffers that he did not have to use but can keep in reserve for who knows what.
    And Sen Nordquist has been a welcome spur in the saddle to Gov Heineman, pointing out how the Gov has hurt Nebraska with diddling on Obamacare and screwing up Nebraska’s foster care system.
    But Nordquist was feeling his oats and felt invulnerable, which led to his backroom dealing and going behind his colleagues back and the Governors back and the people of Omaha’s back with his support for the cigarette tax increase to fund the UNMC’s Cancer Center.
    Heineman was right and Omaha Mayoral Candidate Brad Ashford was right when they said the state offered to support UNMC on this but no mention was made of asking Omaha for millions of dollars at that time.
    But Nordquist and his buddy Senator Mello and the Democrats on the Omaha City Council (and the Douglas County Board) decided they did not need to ask Omaha what they felt about a big building UNMC did not need nor the consequences of raising cigarette taxes in Omaha.
    Those guys felt comfortable and powerful enough to not give a darn what the actual voters thought of their grand plan. But I have a feeling this deal is not such a done deal yet.
    But Nordquist deserves a nomination for Ne Pol of the year for his audacity.

    ricky from omaha

  55. Macdaddy says:

    Happy New Year, everyone. Same as the old year. Same out of control spending. Same shirking of responsibility. Same refusal to face reality. Is this going to be lucky #13? I think not.

  56. RWP says:

    My year so far:
    12:30 a.m. Went to sleep.
    2:00 am Was reamed while I slept by the US Senate. Even less fun than it sounds.
    6:30 am Woke up in a bad mood. Wife wishes me Happy Birthday. I reply, at least it can only get better.
    10:45 am Discovered the New Year turkey is half frozen. Employed emergency thawing measures, all the while humming ‘frozen inside, frozen inside, my birthday turkey is frozen inside”
    11:15 am Pondered whether one of my New Year resolutions, not to get emotionally invested in things I cannot control, permits me to watch the Husker game. Decided, probably not. Maybe I’ll try to watch it in a detached way, intellectually savoring the finesse of a top SEC team and the various different ways a team can turn the ball over.

  57. Anonymous says:

    @ POY, and Brenda Council is still the Nebraska Democratic Party’s At-Large National Committeewoman. Gotta give it to those Dems – they stand by their crooks!

  58. Macdaddy says:

    The Huskers just needed 2 more defensive linemen who could pressure the QB (1 if Steinkuhler had stayed healthy) and they would have been really awesome this year. I do have to agree with RWP on Murray. It took him a while to get going, but he sure could deliver and he had receivers who had suction cups for hands. As far as him going to the Chiefs, though, it won’t be this year. He has to have National Championship stars in his eyes and Georgia might be able to deliver. The Chiefs will get him in 2 drafts. By then they will be the KC C.H.U.D for living in the basement so long.

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