Happy Anniversary to us

Leavenworth Street is 7 (freaking) years old today.

In dog years, that’s like…a hundred, or something!

We started this blog based on a complaint that we hated the way news was being reported — especially for people who love politics. And we thought we could add our own voice.

It has been quite the ride.
And for now…we’ll keep on riding.

But we never would have gotten this far without you reading (unless, you know, you don’t really read…).
And we thank you for taking the time to do it.

Now, on with the blog!


Omaha Mayoral candidates Jean Stothert and Dan Welch both released their 2012 fundraising numbers today (Thursday).

Stothert raised $330K — with $100K coming from her City Council campaign coffers ($240 COH).
Welch raised $282K — with $12Kof that transferred from his City Council campaign ($228K COH).

So the Welch troops were quick to point out that they technically out raised Jean in 2012. They have also spent less than Jean at this point, though there are many who would argue that the Stothert camp is building up a strong organization. They may well be getting what they pay for.

To that end, it will be interesting to watch those two, as they are competing for many of the same voters. And much of the same money as well.

And then the others?
Well nothing official, but here’s what we’ve heard:

Brad Ashford: Raised $175K with $125 COH.

Dave Nabity: Raised $273K — $25K of that in-kinds. (No COH #s.)

Mayor Jim Suttle: Raised around $400K with around $200K COH.

(Now if you hear different numbers tomorrow, well, those is the breaks. But this is what we’ve got.)

Our take on all that?
Wow, those are some low numbers for Ashford!
Is he a Democrat? Is he a Republican?
Can he raise sufficient funds from both?

But he is going to have to show it to get more.


Hey, bold move Governor!
That’s how you go shopping with your political capital.
And you can bet that the nation is watching what happens in Nebraska.


With the support from Senator Schumer, the CW is that Chuck Hagel will make it through the Senate. Though we still think he may have an interesting hearing.

We heard Bob Kerrey’s statements on Watchdog regarding how Senators Johanns and Fischer should vote, and we were…intrigued.

Kerrey yelped, as only Kerrey can — his voice rising an octave as his self-righteous indignation came to a boil — that Mike Johanns and Deb Fischer better vote for Hagel because…Barack Obama won!

He (Johanns) is basically saying, we don’t care about the election. We don’t care about the prerogative of the President.

Uh, hey former Senator Kerrey. You’re right about one thing: The Election IS over and YOU LOST (badly, we might add).
So the job of the United States Senator is to give an up or down vote on the nominated Secretary. It is not to kneel before the President.

Oh, and that’s SENATOR Deb Fischer’s job now.
And thankfully, not yours.


You want to buy us a present for our anniversary?
No! We won’t have it.
No, you go out and buy something for yourself. Something you’ve always wanted.
Something expensive.
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  1. NADC Watcher says:

    Word on the street is that Nabity isn’t releasing his COH number because they can’t figure out just what their COH was at the close of the year. I’m sure Omahans really want a mayor who can’t even figure out how much money his own campaign had left at the end of the year.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Did you notice Joe Jordan actually asked Senator Johanns, why be “open minded?”

    Why should a Senator be open minded? That, from a champion of the Fourth Estate that preserves our freedom from tyrannical goverment. Why not closed minded? Or like Jordan and Kerrey, both absent minded?

    I am for Hagel being Sec Def. But Kerrey and Jordan sound like idiots.

  3. ricky says:

    Happy Birthday. Surprised by the amount Mr Welch has raised. No wonder he threw his hat into the ring after being out of the public eye for years.
    Subtract the $100K from Ms Stothert fundraising and it’s not as impressive as Welch. And Nabity, as reported in the Herald, supposedly raised money from big shots Simmonds and Dinsdale. I thought those guys were Stothert’s fat cats? Crabbity should drop out and level the playing field between Welch and Stothert and Mr Suttle. Where is G O P head Failson to get Nabity to go away? He has no chance at being Omaha’s next Mayor.

    ps with Ms Fischers sharp mind and quick wit she should take over the Capitol and make Nebraska proud! fat chance

  4. Hallway Walker says:

    LS you don’t look a day over five. Will be very interesting to watch tax reform debate. Even heard that Governor was open to the idea of Senator Gloors tobacco tax if some went to eliminating income tax. Crazy times indeed. Sweeper enjoy your anniversary drink(s) at Jakes.

  5. Scotty Chriss says:

    We all know what the best political blog is! Did you catch me on the Smash Mavis show on KFAD? If not catch the podcast! Cheers!

  6. Quote of the year says:

    Lt Gov Sheehy at tonight’s GOP Dinner. “What goes on during the hunting trip, stays on the hunting trip”. Certainly words to live by.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Went to NEGOP dinner tonight honoring Mick Jensen. Didn’t know how active he has been and for how long. Great turnout for a great guy and a great fundraiser for the state party. And all 3 of our mayoral candidates were there doing what they need to do and working to fulfill Governor’s Heineman’s promise that come May we’ll have a Republican mayor of Omaha.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Does Trent Fellers really think that he can run for Lincoln City Council and the accusations from his college days aren’t going to come out?

  9. Interested Observer says:

    Interesting article in the Lincoln Journal Star about the bloated number of administrators at UNL, as compared to UNO and UNK.

    “Nationally, the number of full-time administrators at leading universities grew nearly 40 percent from 1993 to 2007, while faculty at those universities grew 18 percent.”


    “Last May, the Center for College Affordability and Productivity produced a report for the Platte Institute for Economic Research, a conservative Nebraska think tank, criticizing NU for low graduation rates, substandard per-student spending and excessive administration.

    The study compared staff levels at the university in Lincoln to those at campuses in Kearney and Omaha, finding UNL had 89 percent more full-time staff members per student than the University of Nebraska at Kearney and 110 percent more than the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

    It also found UNL had 153 percent more administrative staff than either school.

    For the NU system, it found 13 administrative and professional staff for every 100 students, 24 percent above the national average.”

    Remember that the Governor wants to increase funding to the University System by almost 50 Million the next 2 years, with his tuition freeze and increase overall spending in the total state budget by 4.0%. The guy just likes to spend money, OTHER PEOPLE’S money!

  10. Anonymous says:

    When, instead of teaching students, a university focuses on making sure their aberrancies, peccadillos and egos aren’t infringed upon, in order to obey federal mandates protecting such, we need more people to administer that social engineering. Someone needs to fill the food bins and empty the poo from the Skinner box that is modern America. Of course teaching then takes a back seat to administration. Big government largess is bureaucracy incarnate. It is all about the Admin.

    But you blame this on the Governor. You want a governor who doesn’t spend “other people’s money”. That sound nice. But where do we get that kind of governor? Maybe you know of a state where elected officials pay for government out of their own pockets?

    If the Nebraska Governor cuts funds to the university, the Regents will cut professors. And if he increases funds to the university, the Regents will hire more administrators. So maybe your focus should be on the Regents and not the Governor who has no authority on where the money is spent. Hey, wait a minute. He also has no authority to increase funds. That is the Unicameral. But if that is true, then how can you target a GOP Governor for abuse as part of your ongoing charade to try to appear a conservative Republican? Nice try, donkey breath.

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    Anonymous @ 8:21am: Check your state constitution! The Governor submits the state’s budget and the unicam approves and/or modifies it. The biennial budget is a joint effort between the executive and legislative branches. Interested Observer’s comment is right on target.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Forgive me for being late with my birthday congratulations Don Sweeper. You are the capo di tutti capi of Nebraskan bloggers. Salud!

  13. RWP says:

    8:21 misses one essential point. The regents are a rubber stamp for Varner Hall. They almost never act autonomously. The reason is pretty simple; they have no salary or staff independent of the university. The university controls the information flow to the regents, and if you control the input, you control the output.

    A proposal was floated a few years back to make regents a gubernatorial appointment. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s an advance on the current system of UN Central Admin. pulling the puppet strings and the regents dancing.

    As I’ve already said, IMO Heineman is upping education budgets primarily to get two powerful lobbies in line against Medicaid expansion, which is a substantial danger despite our supposedly Republican legislature.

    Those of you doing counts of admin/staff should bear in line that UNL is land-grant, and has a substantial number of staff attached to extension and ag. support. ‘Staff’ is a very diverse category, and you need to carefully check what it includes and make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. From the figures I’ve seen, and the impression I get in looking at other schools, UNL is rather lean administratively. And believe me, I’m seldom reluctant to criticize UNL; it’s just I don’t think this particular charge is fair.

    Oh, and happy anniversary, SS.

  14. RWP says:

    …and of course, UNL is a research campus, so it’s faculty/student ratio is low compared with campuses where faculty basically just teach. You can’t teach 3 undergrad courses a semester and still get research done.

  15. Impressed says:

    Attended the NEGOP fundraiser/dinner featuring Mick Jensen. What a class act! He’s clearly a Republican Party asset! Loyal, modest, well spoken and dedicated. What a super example for all newcomers to follow. I’m also very impressed with the format. Well run, well organized and didn’t belabor the evening by running long. Great Job Jordan McGrain & Mark Fahlson! Booster Club dues Check is in the mail!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Maybe I’m just slow but I’m not familiar with Mick Jensen and I don’t understand why NEGOP was honoring one guy at a dinner. Has he brought in a lot of money for them? Are they touting him as the next big thing to run for office? I don’t get it. More fleshing out here please, Omaha politicos.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    Seven years of sweeping streets around seemingly ever growing potholes. With broom and shovel you have followed one parade after another of donkeys and elephants, neither of which have shat asphalt but have spewed heated rhetoric enough to repair every broken road, if only we had the substance, the character and will, with which to build. Yet amid the words, if one or two has risen to make a difference, and I think they have, it is well worth the effort. Thank you Sweeper.

  18. Lil Mac says:

    8:55, you say my words of thanks to the sponsor of this blog were a waste of your time and then you wasted your time writing a response to that which wasn’t addressed to you. 10:00, you are here in this blog objecting to me praising this blog’s existence.

  19. RWP says:

    I see Chuck Hagel is featuring as a bit player in yet another election: Bayit Yehudi, a conservative, nationalist party which is surging, shows him in a campaign commercial with the voice-over “in the coming years, Israel will face enormous international pressure”.

    It appears the Israelis, at least, aren’t buying the claim that Hagel is Israel’s strongest friend. They seem to class him with goons like Arafat and Morsi. I can’t say they’re wrong.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Assault rifle bans are being discussed in Omaha and Washington, so would someone who isn’t in love with guns please define what is an Assault Rifle? Gun owners will say anything to keep more guns.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I would just like to know which “well regulated militias” all these bozos needing their precious penis substitutes belong to.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    RWP, I have to disagree with you. All rifles are assault rifles. All can be used to assault somebody, either by pulling the trigger and firing a bullet or by bashing somebody over the head with it.

    Liberals need to just come clean and admit they’d like to violate the Constitution like Gary and Ace on a Saturday night and seize all guns, unless of course you are a poor, disadvantaged, misunderstood criminal who’s just trying to decrease economic inequality. They are forgiven a gun crime or 27. Let’s get back to the days when the strong preyed on the weak. Hail, Darwin!

  23. Reader Of a Corrupt Newspaper says:

    For days and days now, the OWH opinion writers and the “news” reporters have been writing glowing stories about Hagel, trying their best to convince Nebraskans–and the Nebraska Congressional delegation–that Hagel is just the perfect man for Secretary of Defense.

    WHAT THEY ALWAYS FAIL TO MENTION, is that Hagel sits on the board of the PloughShares Fund, a fund owned by famous Democrat money bags and known communist and move-on.org liberal. George Soros. And that Hagel rakes in millions just by sitting on that board.

    What next? A fraudulent OWH poll saying the Hagel has the support of 110% of Nebraskans?

    Then what next? Oh yes. A full page ad paid for by John Gottschalk praising Hagel as the second coming. And next? Oh yes, a full page ad paid for by Bob “I don’t live here anymore” Kerrey, saying that Hagel is God’s choice to be Secretary of Defense.

    A corrupt newspaper? You decide.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, you’d have been a Tory
    RWP, why don’t you take your hatred for all things UNL, your employer, elsewhere?

  25. Anonymostly says:

    Macdaddy and RWP, I guess I disagree with your definitions of assault rifles. It’s not just any rifle, nor is it only those rifles that are fully automatic. Even our old M-16s, which you could switch from semi- to full-auto when they first came out, were later changed so that they’d only do a 3-shot burst. And the ones available to the general public (the AR-15) were only semi-automatic.

    I’d say an assault rifle is probably any rifle that is semi- or fully-automatic and stores ammunition in a removable magazine. Hunting rifles are typically single-shot, bolt-action and have to be reloaded one bullet at a time. Those would not be assault rifles, in my humble opinion. And I think “assault rifle” is a designation coined by the military that distinguishes a soldier’s primary individual weapon from, say, a sniper rifle or a heavier machine gun like the old M-60 or the SAW.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
    Macdaddy, are you so thick headed that I have to spell it out for you in big letters so that you can understand? You wrote, “Let’s get back to the days when the strong preyed on the weak. Hail, Darwin!” England, led by King George III, was a strong nation that preyed on the weak colonists, until they got a belly full of him and rebelled. The Tories were colonists that sided with their monarch.
    Didn’t they teach American history when you went to school, or did you just sleep through it?

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