Dan Welch for Mayor: On the Air

Dan Welch has his first ad up for his Mayoral campaign. See it here:

Welch’s nice introductory ad will hit the air and cable waves Tuesday. Clearly a few bucks spent on the production quality. If you know us, you know that we like spots where the candidate speaks directly to the camera, but we’re sure there are more coming.

And this is a necessary re-introductory spot for a candidate who not everyone knows. Not that any of the other candidates – save the Mayor – are household names, frankly.

But, first volley for Welch. We’ll see when others respond.


Did you catch the OWH story about Creighton economist Dr. Ernie Goss’s report on the Keystone XL Pipeline? His study concluded that the pipe would be worth $2 Billion in economic benefits for Nebraska. That’s BILLION, with a B.

And after a close and detailed examination of Goss’s study, Jane Kleeb, of the London School of Economics dismissed it.

Oh, wait. Scratch that.
Kleeb neither possesses a degree in economics, NOR did she even READ Goss’s report!
Because, Kleeb says, it is based on all of TransCanada’s data.

So did Goss sit on his hands and let Kleeb dismiss his study like she tosses an FFA jacket into the corner?
No. No he did not. He took to…The Facebook!

Perhaps some of you have read Jane Fleming Kleeb ‘s comments on my recently completed study of the Keystone XL pipeline. I would certainly appreciate it if she would 1) read the study before commenting on it, 2) have the courtesy of sending me her comments and criticisms of my study, 3) be more civil and professional in her comments and conduct, 4) provide a basis for her own (economic conclusions). The public does not benefit from such one sided arguments as those conducted by Ms. Kleeb.

While I think it is somewhat irrelevant, would you (Jane) mind telling FB friends if you have received any income from any politically connected group or non-profit group?

Ms. Kleeb I used the assumptions of the Cornell group that you think is “right on target.” Also the Washington Post used the same assumptions but I would certainly not use data from a newspaper article to support my position or my analysis.

Again Ms. Jane Fleming Kleeb , I do not base by analyses on newspaper articles so you are correct, I am completely out-of-touch with the political machinations of groups such as yours and those in opposition to you. I am an academic that relies on more thoroughly vetted data.

And BOOM goes the dynamite.
(We can just HEAR Jane harumphing and crossing her arms now.)


And for those of you still paying attention, here is your liberal ad AGAINST Chuck Hagel for SecDef:

Hey, don’t look at us.


  1. Interested Observer says:

    I have a sincere question. Why do so many of the articles and comments here on Leavenworthst primarily focus on the “horse race” aspect of politics and largely ignore the process of actually governing, once the election is over?

  2. Anonymous says:

    IO because its all about the R’s and the D’s. That got proven when Obama took a Republican health care plan and called it his own. Than it was a bad idea to the R’s and a good idea to the D’s. . The Frontline special proved that . Republicans were united against the President no matter what he was in favor of. If he had came out for tax breaks for the super rich the Tea Party would have been against it. .

  3. Question says:

    Street Sweeper since you enjoy candidates talking through the TV could you please like the Pat Flynn anti-immigration ad. Perhaps Mr.Flynn should have had a cameo by amnesty advocate Susan Smith.

  4. Lil Mac says:

    IO, that is a fair question. And partisanship seems a too shallow answer. I rather suppose the “horse race” is all that we as voters can participate in and potentially impact. For once a candidate is elected, democracy stops and the representative republic side of things takes over. Those we elect suddenly don’t see us as voters to solicit but rather as subjects they incarcerate if we don’t obey their dictates. As voters, we try to guess if the horse we bet on will turn out to be a noble steed, or a nag, or an awful beast that crushes us.

    We all prefer to talk about our own visions of good government. But my policy of best freedom may be your idea of hellish tyranny. Good government is in the eye of the beholder, and nothing is more bitterly real than the fact that once the election is over and those we backed then gain power over us, it is their eye and not ours that does the beholding as they not we hold power. It is a flawed system but the best yet devised. And the only real say we have in it is which horse we choose to back.

  5. SoWhat??? says:

    Here’s some unsolicited and soon-to-be-ignored advice to Mrs. Jane “Ivy Starnes” Kleeb, “don’t come empty handed to a gun fight”. As a “public political person” with very little credibility versus a recognized economic professional with credibility to spare, even her progressive intellectually-challenged supporters have to start questioning her on-going value to their cause.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    I’d forgotten all about Hastings School Board Member Kleeb. She went to ground a year ago and then when she pops up she denounces a study and admits to not having read it. I guess being a laughingstock is one way to get back on TV. BTW, didn’t Obama say something about Democrats being the party of science? I can’t remember because his speech went right out of my head during that enthralling poem.

  7. RWP says:

    Deena Winter is reporting the Gov. has approved the Keystone XL route.

    Nice slap down from Ernie Goss, but Jane ‘Rosa’ Kleeb won’t learn from it.

  8. ricky says:

    Dr Goss’s assessment of the Keystone Pipeline isn’t worth the pixels it took to put it on the internet. Of course he was going to come out with a rosy statement using TransCanada’s data.
    The Economist For The Right Goss was the guy holding all his rosy economic forecasts for the country until AFTER Romney took the White House….whoops!
    Besides what does it matter the forecasts for the Keystone Pipeline because that thing will never be built. I am still waiting for somebody to explain how the pipeline is going to be built when 40 per cent of the Nebraska land owners whose property the pipeline will cross won’t even let TransCanada on their land to survey!
    And Governor Heineman is sure taking his time making an assessment of the report on his desk regarding the pipeline. I am guessing those ranchers out there are giving him an earful.
    No way the pipeline will ever be built through Nebraska.


  9. Interested Observer says:

    Ricky, just remember that the Governor is trying to raise the taxes on every farmer and rancher in the state right now with his asinine tax “shell game” proposal. He doesn’t seem to care what ANYBODY in agriculture thinks right now!

  10. Interested Observer says:

    In fact, at the rate that Heineman is burning up his “political capital”, he may be overdraft before the Legislative session is over.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, Ricky. Did you happen to hear about a little court case called Kelo v New London? The liberal members of the supreme court, in a 5-4 decision said that the government can take your land and give it to somebody else if it is for the “Greater Good.” I’m thinking that granting a right-of- way across somebody’s property would fall under that. Obama is the ranchers’ only hope that the pipeline doesn’t go through because the law is not on their side. This is what you big government types think is right so what’s the big deal? Just accept the logical conclusion of your political philosophy.

  12. ricky says:

    Hold the phone the Governor just approved the plan for the pipeline. Gov must read Leavenworth street. I expected Heineman to approve the route but that does not mean anything.
    I would call a government that takes peoples land to let another country profit “Big Government”.
    There are too many people willing to lay down in front of bulldozers for the Keystone Pipeline to go through. For people like Lee Terry, it’s just what his donors want, for the people involved it’s their land.
    I predict it will never happen.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Ernie Goss is a hack who writes what his handlers want. I remember an article he wrote for the OWH a few months back explaining that the auto company bailout was a mistake. In his analysis he somehow “forgot” to include any multiplier effect when it came to determining the number of jobs that were created by auto company suppliers that would have been lost if we had let GM disappear.

    (After reading the report, I noticed that Ernie has suddenly remembered the multiplier effect How convenient! I also noticed the repeated statements that the numbers were provided by Trans Canada. How unbiased!)

    It appears that Ernie uses a software package called IMPLAN to compute economic multipliers. This is the same package used by pro sports teams to justify massive public expenditures based on the supposed massive dollars that will be generated from the sports projects. If you believe any of these are realistic or have come true as predicted, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  14. RWP says:

    GM ‘disappearing’ was not one of the choices. It was simply a question of who would lose in the bankruptcy. Obama structured it so the bond holders lost and the UAW won. Pure class warfare, and nothing to do with the survival of GM, which was going to survive anyway.

  15. Anonymous says:

    In the battle of class warfare I would rather be on the side of the workers than on the side of the cigar chomping, champagne swilling boardroom members. Louis XVI should be a lesson to them.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Jean Stothert ha been out in the field polling…probably not good news that she has not shared the results with the public?

  17. RWP says:

    I’d be on the side of the workers over the cigar-chomping champagne swilling union bosses.

    When the gummint stiffs the creditors, don’t wonder why businesses can’t get credit.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I get the idea of “One Omaha,” but have to wonder if that includes District 2 or just all those good ole white guys that hang in the west who keep his pockets full?

  19. Macdaddy says:

    I’d rather be on the side of teachers, police officers, firefighters, and millions of retirees who got stiffed by Obama when he declared null and void their GM bond holdings that they had in their pensions and retirement funds. They played by the rules, were thrifty and wise, and Obama played them for suckers. Ask the salaried employees of Delphi if Obama was looking out for their well-being. I doubt you’d mistake any of them for Louis XVI.

  20. Spike says:

    The Anti Hagel ad wasn’t produced by Liberals but by Zion-Nazis!

    The Welch BS TVC is what’s know in the trade as a “Baffle Them with Bull Shit” TVC. The guy’s a POSER as one can see in the commercial where he doing a lot of POSING!! No substance, no original ideas! This is something that an advanced HS media class in Chicago might come up with but I suspect that they would in fact, do a lot better job.

    BTW SS; this POSSIBLY looks like some crap that a DC Con Sultant might have come up with but then the low production values, seem to be local!

  21. Nabity Fan says:

    Dan Welch owns the pension spiking problem. He voted for it!!! Conservative Voters are not voting for “Unity”. Those who want Unity are voting for Brad Assford.

  22. Anonymous says:

    The Huffington Post says the anti Hagel group “allies with the Obama administration” but is “hesitant to criticize the president publicly or fear retribution or pressure from the White House.”

  23. Anonymous says:

    53 Senators just now sent a letter to Obama saying Gov. Heineman’s pipeline route is right and Obama should approve it. Several other Democrat Senators agree but reportedly said they were afraid to sign. So the Huffington assessment that some liberals fear “retribution from the White House” may be valid. If it turns out Liberals and Democrats fear crossing the guy, things are shit on the Potomac.

  24. Welch Fan says:

    Dave Nabity is imploding. He does not support returning excess sales taxes for property tax relief and he is having staff turnover. All in the throws of a disappointing NADC report. Goodbye Dave!!!

  25. Political Guru says:

    Nabity is not ready for prime time. He screwed-up the recall by trying to run a mayors race at the same time he was heading the recall. Dave is all about Dave. Just ask his former church congregation about the lawsuit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Pol Guru 5:53,
    If by “Those behind her should be concerned” you mean her supporters, her donors, her volunteers, republicans in general,” you are correct. They should be worried. Jean Stothert has a long history of promising one thing and then doing the exact oppisite.
    Not the kind of leadership the is city needs right now…in fact seem about 12 years fasmiliar.

  27. Bob Loblaw says:

    Anonymous at 12:11,

    Why does everyone think if GM went through normal bandruptcy proceedings that the auto industry in America would die? Were americans going to stop driving cars? It is just asinine to think that all of a sudden the suto industry would have ceased to exist. Hundreds of companies every year go through bankruptcy and come out the other side. It is a chance to reorganize debts and deal with creditors.

  28. Some dude in Omaha says:

    The last time we were promised a property tax decrease, we got a property tax increase, a restaurant tax, and an income tax that was later over turned by the legislature. So when I hear politician promise the moon on tax cuts with out knowing all the facts on what the legislature is going to with tax policy, I wonder if they will be able to lead the city of Omaha.

  29. Reality Check says:

    Anony 8:38, Stothert is about the only candidate in the race who has stuck by her guns and stood up for Omaha taxpayers. She has been a solid and comsustent vote for conservative positions and lead the fight against Suttle’s destructive policies. The others?
    – Welch? Campaign says he “sounded the alarm” on union contracts but has received campaign contributions from police union in the past and guess what, he voted FOR the police union contract that allowed spiking and early retirement.
    – Suttle? What has he not flip flopped on?
    – Nabity? He recently went after Stothert for pledging to return any windfall the city might get from the potential elimination of the state income tax and revision of sales tax exemptions. This is completely counter to most everything he says. Guess if it is not a Dave Nabity idea…he must oppose. ask anyone who has been part of the half dozen or so organizations Nabity has left in shambles about his “leadership.”
    – Ashford? Never seen any side of any issue he didn’t like. Ran for legislature supporting the death penalty then in first year sponsored its repeal.

    I think Guru is refering to those behind her in the running. Nabity and Welch should be concerned. I hear they are behind both Stothert AND Ashford. Guess that is why Welch took the desperate step of running TV this early. Probably why Nabity is in the process of a melt down.

    This race is shaking out to be Stothert v. Suttle. They all know it.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Dan Welch is trying to defeat a sitting Mayor. To claim that running your campaign, which includes paid media less than 3 months out is desperate, shows a bit of desperation. Seems like Stothert is surprised at the low nadc reporting…also hoping wont translate into a low reporing on election day?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Good point. Bailouts rather than bankruptcy help empower government control of business. Whereas bankruptcy is governed by courts in response to natural ebb and flow of a free economy, bailouts are a political redistribution of wealth done by the executive and legislative sides where tyranny and corruption most exist. Bailouts specifically takes taxes from individuals and redistribute that as a policy favor, to sculpt a government run, not free market, economic dictate. This is typical of any fascist government’s aim to empower itself over business, to coopt industry and control people. Bankruptcy serves freedom. Bailouts serve dictatorial government.

    Few Americans recognize the fascist earmarks of the way DC does things, perhaps because we try to see more nationalism in national socialism than its socialism. Hardly matters what you call it. It isn’t freedom.

  32. Fire Union says:

    Welch took money from the Police Union and then turned around and voted for their contract? Maybe he’s not such a bad guy after all. We want our spiking and early retirement back. Go Dan Go!

  33. Some dude in Omaha says:

    I don’t see how Stothert has stood up for the Omaha taxpayers when she voted for the current firefighter contract. It could cost the city an extra $7.3 million. To me that is not leadership.

  34. Spike says:

    Talk about a divisive candidate for mayor of the big O, methinks that J. Stothert is perhaps the most Divisive of the lot!

    Now I’d like nothing more than to see a qualified, intelligent, moderate, dynamic woman become mayor of this town but from what I’ve seen of Ms. S, she isn’t anyway near that place in her life! Just look at her Attitude in dealing with issues. Doesn’t she always seem to come at things from a confrontational position? Doesn’t she have that, “My Way or No Way” attitude? Think about it! Isn’t she something of a Bull B?

    And not only Attitude, she like almost all of the other candidates totally Lacks any kind of Future Vision for this growing Cowtown. All that she & they can think of are the janitorial issues that a Progressive Thinker would address, solve & move beyond to implement ideas for a Grand & Glowing Future for the Big “O”. But No, what does she want to deal with? the same old talking points that all the other DOLTS are spouting.

    What I want to see & hear from in the New mayor, is someone with bright NEW IDEAS, DREAMS, & ways that those GRAND Dreams for a new Omaha’s Glowing future can be made Real! Follow my drift??

  35. Omaha City Budget says:

    Hi all! I’m the Omaha City Budget. I know you like to talk about me. Mayor Suttle likes to play with me and hide things. He’s good at that!

    One thing I am not is over-budget. You see, it is only the last part of the first month of the year. You’d have to be and idiot…or Mayor Suttle…or Dave Nabity to think I am already $7.3 million over-budget.

    As for that fire thingy? I have over $7 million in me for fire department training. I expect the fire chief to manage that part of me to do the things he wants to do. I guess (although he hasn’t done a very good job in the past) the fire chief is supposed to do something called manage the department within that part of my budget.

    So…to review. We are not over my budget and the only way we will go over my budget is if the department heads mismanage me. Or we have a natural disaster.

    Those guys saying we are over ? Either playing a game with you to deceive you or too stupid to know better. Hope you really think about that before you consider voting for either.

  36. NADC Watcher says:

    Hey Political 22255, has Nabity been able to figure out how much cash on hand he has? Or are they still missing stuff?

    Stothert $240, 000 COH with full campaign in place since July, opened office end of December

    Welch $228,000 COH just now opening office, other than fundraiser no staff until November, $27K TV buy

    Nabity $???,??? COH, Claimed $247,000 raised plus $25K in kind (office), has had to pay fundraiser since August, staff since December, utilities, materials…I say he comes in under $200,000 COH

    Doesn’t really matter if you have raised more if you don’t have it to spend. We also see both Stothert (over 450) and Welch (over 350) have gone public with how many different donors they have had. You will see a HUGE chunk of Nabity’s contributions come from just a handful of people.

  37. Chris Scott says:

    They should change this site’s name to squabble for staffers. Btw Omaha City Budget, you may have everyone else fooled, but I am not buying that is your real name.

  38. Scotty Chriss says:

    Speaking of squabbling, I’m planning on taking over the Omaha Professional Women’s Club. My march for power goes on!!!

  39. Omaha City Budget says:

    Chris Scott, I am offended. I am going to get my cousin (the Douglas County Prosecutor’s Budget) to check into you.

  40. Chris Scott says:

    Crash Is a great guy and a personal friend. Your lack of sensitivity shows the depth of your character but hey…. Stay Classy!

  41. Re: says:

    The post really didn’t say a thing bad about Crash, obviously a great guy. Everyone would wish him the best in his next success. It’s basically a simple question for Mr Scott, where do you get your free advertising next?

  42. Chris Scott says:

    I will actually be the political “insider” on the Mighty 1290 KOIL. Which will be a reoccuring roll. And yes, podcasts will be available!


  43. Chris Scott says:

    Also to Omaha Watcher: when you switch monikers so often to give the appreance of several people, it can get a bit dicey. Please put your scotty Criss hat back on.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Republicans are supposed to be for individual and state solutions. By making the Abortion issue, for example, a matter of GOP federal laws opposing Democrat federal laws, while murder is everywhere a state not federal legal concern, the GOP has decided to fight Democrat federal fire with Republican federal fire. And the GOP does this on many issues. But when was the last time you put out a fire with a fire? The GOP then stupidly wonders why the DC bonfire of tax dollars keeps getting bigger.

    Elephants should piss on their own urge to “fix things” at a federal level. For when it comes to voters choosing between liars and overt socialists, they fear liars more.

  45. IO,
    Cutting and pasting your choice sentences from an article is known as “Cutting and pasting.”
    It is unfortunate that you do not understand the concept of a “comment” section (as opposed to a “Here are my favorite sentences from an article!” section).
    Maybe you should just stick to bitching and moaning about Deb Fischer’s fence.
    In the mean time, if you can’t follow the rules, you can take a break from entering stuff in the L.St. comment section.

  46. Macdaddy says:

    Yeah, Anon 8:50, like Socialists never lie. The Lightworker speaks only the Truth. As for the abortion issue, it actually is a federal issue. There’s this little legal case called Roe v Wade that took it out of the states’ jurisdiction. You should look it up. Republicans actually favor sending it back to the states. That, of course, will never happen, so the Republicans are left with tinkering around the edges and trying to put limits on it. Several states have been able to put mild restrictions on abortion that the Supreme Court allowed to stand and you can bet that only Republican states, with Republican Governors and Republican Legislatures did that. The very thing you wanted them to do! The federal government also plays a role in promoting and paying for abortion. It is right that the Republicans should try to fight the battle there as well.

    If you want to complain about Republicans being part of the big government problem, you’ll get no argument from me, but your abortion example did not support your position.

  47. Anonymous says:

    “Republicans actually favor sending it back to the states. That, of course, will never happen …”

    That is my point exactly. Murder is already against state laws, thus when Republicans argue for a federal law outlawing what they consider is murder, the GOP has allowed itself to be suckered into playing the other guys’ game by his rules. And the GOP does that on too many issues. Democrats draw Republicans into a federal arena that the GOP rejects and which the Democrats own, by incumbent numbers and also by a philosophy of enlarging centralized government that makes the federal arena their turf. The GOP plays federal ball at a disadvantage and showing up for the game with pads on and good intentions isn’t nearly enough. That may be what Jindal was alluding to.

  48. Some Thoughts says:

    Can someone point me to the candidate in the Mayoral race who has not supported any of these ridiculous contract arrangements with the police or fire unions? I think they should be paid competitively and well, but these outsized pension arrangements are a joke at the expense of the taxpayer. Meanwhile, I don’t think we are funding enough ambulances. Some fire stations that used to have an ambulance now have to respond just with the truck. Priorities are screwed up somewhere. It appears that anyone who has helped to create this problem on the city council will never solve it as Mayor, so that means both Welch and Stothert aren’t the candidate I want to see. Nabity is a joke. Ashford seems to be one of those politicians who stands for everything in order to get your vote, but you have no idea what he’s really going to do in office. Next, please? Someone help me out here.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Any public servant sworn to protect citizens, who then turns around and threatens to allow citizens to be burnt to death or assaulted by criminals, which is precisely what public safety unions threaten, that isn’t serving the public. Collective bargining only works based on their ability to strike and excuses that the unions are limited in that ability are just that, bogus excuses for the thugs. It is their willingness to let you die by strike that coerces and forces payment. Unions turn potential public heroes into public thugs and crooks.

  50. To Some Thoughts says:

    Look no further than Mayoral Candidate James Medford. Mr. Medford has many thoughts and ideas and knows how to do stuff. He also does not think what is not working is working. That is why Omaha MUST select Medford for Mayor.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I thought you guys were all about personal responsibility and standing alone against government’s socialistic intrusion into your lives. Shouldn’t you be busy forming your own militias, schools, EMT responder groups and fire brigades?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, Macdaddy. Sure you have, and pigs fly too. You wingers would be legendary if you actually lived the way you think you do.

  53. Macdaddy says:

    Ever hear of home schooling, moron? How about arming yourself for home defense? As for militias, there are several around. Obama knows about them. For emergency services you can organize with friends and neighbors to respond. Guess what volunteer fire departments are?

    Your problem is that you cannot see anything except through the lens of government services. Gimme, gimme, gimme. You can’t do anything for yourself except vote to take other people’s money. The worst part is is that you waste all that tax money providing lousy services, but as long as the expenditures go up, you’re happy. As for all those things you listed, guess what? I have to pay for those services, too, whether I like them or not and whether you deliver them or not. So how about you quit stealing and start delivering what you say you will?

  54. Macdaddy says:

    Take OPS as exhibit A for the inability of you Big Government types to deliver anything approaching competence. Leave aside the whole Superintendent fiasco, both offering the job to somebody that the Board President knew was writing damning emails and nobody realizing Mackiel was going to walk off with a rather large check nobody budgeted for or the new job offer before the newly elected board got sworn in. Leave that aside. Look instead at the littlest thing the wholly incompetent board couldn’t get done: getting the new members sworn in on time, making the last board election null and void and threatening to trigger a special election. This is what you Big Government types want the rest of us to pay for, no questions asked, because if we do then surely we must want all government to vanish and go back to survival of the fittest. No, you Big Government types have no problem being irresponsible and criminally negligent with everybody else’s money. So you clean up your house built with my money before you come talk to me about mine. Try being a responsible, honest adult for a change.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, volunteer fire departments get tax dollars to pay for their equipment..They drive on tax payer roads and they take classes on safety that are paid for by the tax payers. You would know this is you had ever been a volunteer fireman. And if you think the local, yokel survivalists militias can take on the US military, well you are a MORON.

  56. Anonymous says:

    The funny thing about Soviet Socialism and National Socialism is they share the same word Democrats toy around with.

    As for Democrats here calling people “moron”, or mental defectives, that’s like Liberal Obama making fun of mentally retarded children and crippled special olympians. It is but a joke to Democrats, apparently. What a nice bunch of kind hearts you are. All that benevolence and for the public good. You know exactly what everyone needs and you will force it as federal law or else.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Democrats here advocate the US miltiary attacking American civilians? You really missed your calling. North Korea loves people like you.

  58. Anonymous says:

    The tin foil hats must have been on sale this week. Apparently they were the bipartisan model.

    Are there any serious politically minded people left on Leavenworth Street? It appears the loonies have been leaving so much of a mess that even The Street Sweeper has grown tired of cleaning up after them.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I love that State Senator Ernie Chambers called all of you “fiscally conservative” folks out yesterday. Nebraska receives more money from the federal government than Nebraska’s taxpayers send to it, and that has been just fine with all of the “smaller government” hypocrites.

  60. Macdaddy says:

    The Ernie Chambers Insanity Tour is having trouble selling tickets. The Husker insults went nowhere. Maybe he should show up to the Unicam dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow and start shouting, “Avast ye mateys! Aaaarrrrrrr!” Or he could begin every speech with a show tune. That would be as constructive or as relevant as anything else that comes out of his mouth.

  61. Interested Observer says:

    I like Leavenworthst because it reminds me of a small town Nebraska newspaper. They also only publish once a week.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, you are incapable of arguing the substance of what Ernie Chambers has to say, so you caricaturize him and do as you always do – tell lies.

  63. Anonymous says:

    So, sweeps, I get the sense from your posts to IO upthread that you can ban people from your site. Is that why my cell phone doesn’t seem to be able to post anymore? I passed it off to technical difficulties. Perhaps I’ve been banned and just didn’t know it. Oh, well. Good thing my PC has a different IP address. 😛

  64. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous January 29, 2013 at 12:30 PM

    Macdaddy, you are incapable of arguing the substance of what Ernie Chambers has to say, so you caricaturize him and do as you always do – tell lies.

    There’s substance to what Ernie Chambers says? Who knew?

  65. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy, your in fine form insulting people and making up stuff again. When some one proves you wrong on volunteer fire departments you just look away and find another way to make a fool out of your self. You would not make much of a pirate those guys were real rugged individuals.

  66. Macdaddy says:

    Ok, I’ll bite. Yes, volunteer fire departments are mostly financed through taxes and for a lot less money than a full time department. There is nothing that says they have to be, though. There is also nothing that says you have to have a fire department respond to your fire. What that takes, though, is homeowner responsibility and preparedness.

  67. Macdaddy says:

    Ernie Chambers is an idiot. Period. The man sued God. That’s exhibit A. Secondly, he’s wrong about Nebraska getting back more in federal spending than it gets taxed. Nebraska gets back only 91 cents of every dollar it sends to Washington. Maybe the Insanity Tour is able to sell tickets judging by Ernie’s defenders here.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Macdaddy said,There is also nothing that says you have to have a fire department respond to your fire. What that takes, though, is homeowner responsibility and preparedness. What a Crassus like statement. Have you ever heard of acts of God? Or does the garden hose take care of those fires too?

  69. Anonymous says:

    Nebraska gets back only 91 cents of every dollar it sends to Washington.

    Interesting, as back in 2006 the Tax Foundation showed that Nebraska received $1.07 for every $1 paid in federal taxes. Why are we now only getting $.91? Guess our Republican congresscritters are not working very hard for us. By the way, Texas and Nebraska are the only “red” states that received less than they pay in federal taxes. Ironically Republicans are more “takers” than Democrats.

  70. Some Thoughts says:

    Number one, if you want to have a real conversation, try naming yourself something other than “anonymous”. It’s the stupidest thing ever, when you can spend 0.05 seconds and enter any other name, so that people can tell you apart from the hundred other Anonymouses who comment here.

    Number two, this is not about deep political philosophy debates over libertarianism, this is about simple common sense: the police and fire union contract spiking is wrong. It places an unfair burden on the taxpayer and rewards people for manipulating the system instead of working hard. Meanwhile, what idiot doesn’t think we should have well-funded, well-functioning police, firefighters, and EMTs? This is not a “Democrat” or “Republican” issue. This is one of the most basic functions of government. Taxpayers are willing to pay to make sure response times are low and quality is high. However, they are not interested in being obviously cheated, for no value in return. Why is this difficult to grasp?

  71. Macdaddy says:

    Really interesting since that right-wing rag Mother Jones says that Nebraska got back only 67 cents on the dollar based on 2010 IRS and Census data. Ouch. I stand corrected.

  72. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    To anon @ 10:52:

    People who can read know that the Catholic Church firmly believes that abortion, and especially partial-birth abortion is an atrocity. Bob Kerrey is not a Catholic, never has been, and believes that abortion, and especially partial-birth abortion, is just fine. If I have to connect the dots any more clearly so that you might understand, then there is no hope for you.

  73. Anonymous says:

    What is the heartburn with voluntary parental infanticide? If you are Pro Life, Conservative, Republican, and Roman Catholic, you need to remember that those who kill their own children are getting rid of kids they would otherwise raise to be Pro Choicers, Liberals, Democrats and heathens. Why do you care if they puree their own kids and drink them through a soda straw? Buy them blenders to help them along. Think of it as reducing your opposition. Don’t forget, these are same amoral faithless types who stick religious people into gulags and gas chambers. If they are so eager to wipe their seed from the face of the earth, buy popcorn and cheer them on. .

  74. Anonymous says:

    Yup, LIbs kill ’em before they’re born, Cons kill ’em afterward with their 2nd Amendment “rights.” What’s a kid to do to survive in this world. Maybe it would be best if the Libs and Cons just went away and let the rest of the world live in peace.

  75. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Anon @ 3:10: “What difference does it make now?” Hillary Clinton testifying during Congressional hearings about 4 Americans who were killed without intervention, or retribution, from the U.S. Government. “What difference does it make now?”

  76. Anonymous says:

    Every hot head and crook who chooses to murder by poison, knife, club, or gun, suddenly has a very Liberal aversion to the death penalty. It is Cons, convicts, who kill. Conservatives want to kill those killer convicts yet Liberals won’t let them. Instead these very same Liberals running our goverment, who sold and gave miltiary sniper rifles to murderous drug cartels, demand “gun control” of law abiding Americans.

    The 2nd Amendment exists to allow you to protect yourself from your own tyrannical goverment. Our current goverment is tyrannical and also mentally retarded.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Anon @ 7:30 PM, YOU are the government. So why don’t you just go shoot yourself if you think you are a threat to the rest of us?

  78. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Happy 10 day anniversary! Nebraska’s legislature is in session, the Omaha school system is in upheaval, Heineman is proposing an end to the state income tax, and on and on. Yet the Dan Welch post stays up for an incredible 10 days. I realize this isn’t a newspaper, but where is SS’s curiosity about all of the things going on right now–“The Talk of Nebraska Politics”–should probably be replaced with “The Talk of Old Nebraska Politics.”

  79. Anonymous says:

    RWP, what part of “We the people” do you not understand? How in the hell did you become an American citizen, cheat on the test?

  80. CE at 8:07

    My free time in the past 3 weeks has been practically nil.
    And writing on this blog is what I do in my FREE time.
    Please feel free to expand on any topics you like in the mean time.

    I may look at just starting open posts mid-week to allow people to have a fresh board to write on.
    Peeps, let me know your thoughts, and thanks for your patience in allowing me to earn a living.
    (Alternatively, you can all buy cars via my Amazon links, and I’ll be happy to do L.St. full time.)


  81. Tony Montana says:

    Sweeper, those 12 keys of coke I bought through Amazon should have set you up real nice. I’ll put the Lamborghini on my Amazon Prime account. I get free delivery, too! Gotta go! Somebody’s at the door.

  82. RWP says:

    We the people (of the late 18th century) made a constitution, which laid out a form of government. That doesn’t make us the government. If you MAKE dinner, does that mean you ARE dinner?

    I wonder how some people graduated grade school. Then I remind myself they probably didn’t.

  83. Macdaddy says:

    How you folks feeling about Hagel now? He’s an empty suit. Guess him looking thoughtfully off into the middle distance failed him big time today. Now the rest of the country knows the answer to the question as to why Obama nominated him: He’s all style and no substance.

  84. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Hagel looked and sounded like a deer caught in the headlights today. What an awful performance. Yet, the OWH said he was “unflustered”!!!!!

    It was good to see the arrogant and smart-ass Hagel stumble so badly.

  85. Spike says:


    You’re absolutely correct about Hagels PERFORMANCE being awful but then McCain must have triple dosed his daily testosterone injection today because his Performance made him triple the Dick Head than he normally is!

    Bottom line is, I’d much rather have someone with a brain in their head as SOD than someone with a dick in his head, instead of a brain, such as the likes of JSM! No wonder McCain’s father hated him & thought he was a Dick Head! We wont even get into the McCain/Israeli suck!

  86. Anonymous says:

    OK, RWP, I’ll bite. Since you consider yourself (without reason or proof) to be so damned smart, just who is the U.S. government?

  87. RWP's grade school teacher says:

    Gerry wrote, “I wonder how some people graduated grade school. Then I remind myself they probably didn’t.”
    He didn’t.

  88. RWP says:

    My favorite Hagel moment

    “I support Iran containment. Oh, wait, I just got a note saying we have no position on Iran containment. I have no position on Iran containment. What’s that, Senator Levin, we’re against Iran containment? I do not support Iran containment”

    What a complete and utter cretin. And what a completely appropriate choice for the Obama administration.

  89. RWP says:

    OK, RWP, I’ll bite. Since you consider yourself (without reason or proof) to be so damned smart, just who is the U.S. government?

    Somewhat over a million people, most but not all in Washington DC, almost all of whom we didn’t elect.

  90. Omaha Dude says:

    Jon Christensen would have done a better job than Hagel at today’s confirmation hearing. Totally, embarrassingly clueless, and reading notes handed to him by staff because he was so lost. He is so arrogant that he likely refused advice or the opportunity to prepare. Just like Obama and his first debate against Romney.

  91. Anonymous says:

    RWP, since you hate America, and Americans, so much – why don’t you just go back where you came from. What was that? You say the people where you came from don’t want you either?

  92. RWP says:

    I’m American, my wife and kids and grandkid are American. You’re insane, 11:40. And a coward. Go crawl back into whatever snake hole you crawled out of.

  93. Anonymous says:

    RWP is an American . Leave him alone. Every generation in American history has people whose views are so out of the mainstream, that it is fruitless to argue with them. RWP belongs to that group of people. He has a right to his opinion. But no one cares any more. The majority of Americans have went way beyond those viewpoints. The last election and the new demographics have proven that. It’s like watching the Hagel hearings yesterday. It was embarrasing . McCain talked about judgment and he picked Sara Palin to be his VP. The former leaders who got us into all of our messes are angry. They can’t figure out why they lost. So they lash out at people who told the truth and warned them. What the McCains and the RWP’s of the world have not figured out no one cares any more what they think. Their thoughts and beliefs are the current dust heap of history. Just a footnote in the history book of the greatest country in the world. So when some yells and acts un professional at you for being in the main stream, be an adult like Chuck Hagel and don’t scream back.

  94. RWP says:

    Reporter Dana Bash on CNN said that even Democrat senators were shocked by how bad Hagel’s performance were. So she and they are ‘out of the mainstream’. Politico wrote “Chuck Hagel stumbles on Iran questioning”. The Hill wrote “Hagel delivers shaky performance” The two major insider media in DC are not mainstream according to 7:01.

    Nobody is criticizing Hagel for keeping his temper. They are criticizing him for not knowing his own position, or the administration’s on major current international question of nuclear arms control. They are mocking his willingness to abandon virtually every political position he’s taken in the last ten years in his desperate quest for the SecDef job.

    He is not qualified to be Secretary of Defense, even in the current feckless and incompetent administration. Evidently 7:01 thinks basic competence is on the ‘dust heap of history’. And his idiotic expressed views on international relation also disqualify him. Both unqualified and disqualified; that’s impressive, even for an Obama cabinet member.

  95. RWP says:

    Unemployment ‘essentially unchanged’ at 7.9%. Another poor jobs report. Just another Obama Friday morning.

    It seems that economic growth and full employment have joined old RWP on the ‘dustheap of history’. Actually, when you look at everything the Obama administration has abandoned – economic growth, respect for enterprise, personal responsibility, transparency, US prestige — the dustheap of history is a pretty darn attractive neighborhood.

  96. NADC Watcher says:

    Dave Nabity on the rocks. His NADC report shows he only has $171K cash on hand. Including his in kind expenditures Nabity has spent over $103,000 and what does he have to show for it? Not much.

    Even more telling is that Nabity raised most of his cash (over $113,000 in the month of July). Since then his well has been drying up.

    We have also heard of a major campaign shake up. Disgruntled, his field director has left for greener pastures.

    Nabity’s sugar daddy Mike Simmonds ($25,000) had better be having some serious talks with his chosen one. It appears the juice is not worth the squeeze.

  97. Macdaddy says:

    The jobless rate flat and the economy shrank last quarter. You know what they call it when the economy shrinks 2 quarters in a row? A recession. You know what they’ll call this recession? A double-dip recession. You know what else they’ll call it? Historic. As in too-juicy-to-be-ignored. Good thing Obama dissolved his jobs council. Good thing we’re spending time on gun control, female cannon fodder, and multimillion dollar vacations. Obama fiddles while our economy burns. If Obama weren’t such a weak President we’d be in real trouble.

  98. Macdaddy says:

    A question for you Lefties here: did Obama know Hagel was either lazy or an ignoramus or is he just a terrible judge of character? Also, did Obama ever spend any time with Hagel telling him what his positions were or did he just play more golf? Hagel was Obama’s choice. People from both sides of the aisle said,”Don’t do it.” The Lightworker ignored them.

  99. orbserver says:

    Sen. Inhof made it clear the GOP’s hazing of Hagel was about “Obama’s failed policies”. Yet the majority of voters are not GOP and despise partisans who politicize national defense. Yes, Obama has done that too but in the guise of administration. Republicans openly damn Hagel for being disobedient to the GOP as a way to bruise Obama. While that pleases GOP donors, it makes the GOP appear to be swinging after the bell and hitting low to politicize defense. That can cripple the GOP. I mean, think of the illogic at the heart of this hazing.

    Republcians seem blind to all this. A Liberal Democrat Obama appointed Hagel whom Republicans decry as being against Liberal Democrat Jews and against Liberal Democrat Gays and unfit for SecDef amid endorsements from past SecDefs. This isn’t about Hagel. This is about the GOP being stupid, not picking its battles wisely.

    And in a terrible irony, but inevitable as we watch it play out, by hammering Hagel to get at Obama, the GOP has welded to Hagel every Democrat who once had serious doubts about Hagel. Now Hagel is assured of being approved in the Democrat heavy Senate, thanks to Republicans hammering him.

    Last November, the same GOP offered voters the uncomfortable spectacle of Conservative Republicans being forced to swallow their own puke as they halfheartedly offered Romneycare as a cure for Obamacare. If Conservatism is the last hope for freedom, and its custodian is a GOP run by politically retarded shortsighted leaders, America is screwed.

  100. Marty McFly says:

    What the GOP is doing today will ensure that the Democrats will run this country for at least the next twenty to thirty years. They need to get their heads out of their asses and dump all of the extremists that currently guide the party.

  101. Anonymous says:

    For those who rant about the GDP drop this quarter, look at all the numbers (RWP, MacDaddy). Defense spending dropped 22%, largest quarterly decline in 40 years. Who would have thought govt spending could affect GDP and the economy? Not any of the righties here. By your “theories” a drop in govt spending. i.e. austerity, should result in a booming economy. Idiots!

  102. Macdaddy says:

    This has been the worst recovery of any recession in our history. At what point do you nimrods realize that Obamanomics is responsible for that? I realize you’ll say never, but when the unemployment rate is still 8% in 2016, maybe you’ll consider it.

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