Sheehy resigns!!!

As reported in the OWH, Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy has resigned — reportedly because of, basically, an affair.
(Used a state phone, but so what.)

This BLOWS UP the now wide-open race for the 2014 Governor’s race.

More when we have it.


Note when we wrote on December 19, 2012:

We are still waiting for things to shake out in the Governor’s race.

But a name that has been thrust to the fore, and mentioned to us by a few others is… Nebraska Regent Tim Clare.

Don Walton at the LJS did a huge write-up on Clare recently. He notes — and Clare likes to note — that not only is he a Lincoln guy but…

Clare has ties to both of Nebraska’s big cities. He was born in Omaha. He made the Super-State high school football team as a defensive back at Lincoln East. He played a year at Nebraska before he blew out a knee.After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1985, he worked at First National Bank in Omaha, went to night classes and earned a law degree and a master’s degree in business administration at Creighton University at age 29.

Clare also has a monthly newsletter that he sends out — yes a Regent sends a monthly newsletter — and he is known to be aggressive about keeping all of his campaign contacts up to date. And maybe…just maybe…Clare has been in contact with politicos around the state. We will keep that under our Bo-Pelini autographed helmet for now, but sometimes when you meet with multiple folks, word can get around.

Now some say that there is “no way” Clare would get into a Governor’s race if Rick Sheehy is in it.

Unless Sheehy got out.
For some reason.

(emphasis now added)

Though, FWIW, some tell us they don’t think Clare will get in.


And the above is not an endorsement of Clare, just pointing out that the Walton story seems, now, to have telegraphed today’s events.

We would note that State Sen. Charlie Janssen has yet to fully step up. (We’re waiting.)


Best Tweet so far, from ‏@danmoser1961:

Well, God, I hope they were at least real women. #sheehy #LNK #Nebraska


All possibles would need to consider now.

  • You’d think Bruning would be in, but we are hearing he is VERY unlikely.
  • Stenberg would probably reconsider, right? (But he’d have to have a worthwhile poll.)
  • Ricketts would likely take a long, good look. (And could afford a poll.)
  • Joe Jordan is saying State Sen. Beau McCoy

And on the Dem side, according to the LJS:

  • Steve Lathrop: “I am probably leaning towards getting in.”
  • Chuck Hassebrook: “I’m taking a hard look at it.”

Well, you know, until Bob Kerrey “moves back” to Nebraska and forces him out…


And then for the Lt. Governor spot?
We are hearing, just really off the cusp at this point:

  • Beau McCoy
  • Tony Fulton
  • Phil Erdman

One thing that makes the Lt.Gov position interesting, is that there are apparently some constitutional questions** of an appointed Lt. Gov running for Governor — if they wanted to.
No real info on that, but we’ll take any briefs on the issue.

[**Update: Via one of our favorite readers: Of course what we MEANT, was that a sitting state senator cannot be appointed during session so must wait until sine die. And, that means a senator cannot resign and then be appointed. But, of course an appointed Lt. Governor can run.]

Another thing to keep in mind: The Lt. Gov. gig does NOT pay well, yet is a full time job.
Not everyone is able to take a pay cut for something like that.


Annnnnd…. in honor of Groundhog’s Day… it’s a Separated at Birth (rerun) with State Sen Burke Harr and Ned Ryerson (from the movie)!


  1. NE Voter says:

    Surprised Heineman didn’t bail on Sheehey sooner, but I suppose maintaining the appearance of NEGOP loyalty through the November elections was more important.

  2. Scotty Chriss says:

    This just in, I have inside information that Lt. Governor Sheehy may resign today. My inside source says it “Lt. Governor Rick Sheehy has resigned — reportedly because of, basically, an affair.” Stay tuned as you heard it first from The Super Duper Ultimate Insider Report

  3. Anonymous says:

    The skirt chasing was common knowledge for years. Why is any one surprised? The next thing you might hear is that Sheehy checks into an AA rehab. He was the states town joke.

  4. Real Deal Anonymous says:

    Too bad Sheehy was running as Republican; A Democrat with this type of baggage would be a shoe-in for the nomination.

    I am hoping that the declared (or not fully stepped in) GOP candidates don’t have skeletons in the closet like former Lt Gov Sheehy

  5. Clueless says:

    I love when Joe & Deena start pulling guesses from their sphincters and call it “news.” If there was a likely choice to replace Sheehy, Joe Jordan would be the last reporter in Nebraska to get that scoop.

  6. anonymous says:

    To comment #7: You also broke the news on Monday that LB 125 was about to make it out of committee when it already had on Friday.

  7. Anonymous says:

    After all of this it would make sense for the Governor to pick an ultimate family man like McCoy or Fulton. Fulton has run statewide and probably has better name recognition but McCoy is from Omaha and has been very loyal to the Gov. Who knows, maybe it will be a complete surprise. Could see either Clare or Ricketts running for Governor but do they pick up the Lt.Gov appointee then as running mate or is that guy/gal on their own? Interesting times and a lesson in how unpredictable politics can be. When people think a Senate race is sewed up, it blows up. Looks like the same is happening here.

  8. Chris Scott says:

    Actually two Mondays ago I stated that LB125 would pass last Monday was a rehash. You should really catch up on your podcasts!

  9. To Chris Scott says:

    You are no insider as Everybody on the inside knew about the Bimbo problem last June. Dude you rehash and repackage everyone else’s material and information. Here is the list of insiders Moenning, Petersen, Edwards, Young, Northwall, Kennedy, McGrain, Kramer, Castillio, Murante and a few others. These people actually have done something in politics and have the ear of actual officeholders. Most of all these people don’t hang out with Jane Kleeb and Tristan Bonn. Cheers!

  10. FromFlatwater says:

    Clearly the only direction to go is to pick someone who would never have inappropriate relationships with women. As a heterosexual woman, I nominate myself.

  11. Chris Scott says:

    Do your homework and check who I do and do not talk to. BTW why are you only discussing Republican insiders? Is there only one party?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The list will come down to Fulton, Janssen, McCoy, Rita Sanders, Castillo, or maybe some loyal party leaders like Fahleson, Buescher, or Quandahl.

  13. RWP says:

    Agreed the cell phone use is a flimsy excuse for a prurient exploration of Sheehy’s sex life. But jeez, why would you ever do your porking on state equipment? Burn phones are cheap.

    I’m convinced the IQ ceiling for high office in the state GOP Is no higher than 90.

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is more to this story than mere late night calls to a quartet of girlfriends. I doubt we’ll ever know that it might be, unless the journalists in this state actually go out and do what real journalists do.

  15. Anonymous says:

    To #17 today: You made an on air misspeak when you said LB 125 didn’t make it out of committee. Nice try on the podcast promo, but I don’t need to listen to what I already heard. And? Once again your facts aren’t true unless you can predict the future. There’s been no vote to pass LB 125 only to advance it. For someone on the inside maybe you can find some facts to add to your spin

  16. A real political insider says:

    Chris that list is pretty accurate. I could add a few other names but those are the movers and shakers and have the scoop of what is going on. Funny that none of those people are on your blog. Your blog is full of Democrat insiders. Do you get your republican information from Jane Kleeb?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Anon:1:48 Is Chris Langemeier on that list? Bob Evnen? A woman like Sanders would throw a nice curve ball into the mix but the Governor just got burned by a former Mayor.

  18. Jarley Chansen says:

    Nope Charles. He’s as frisky as Rick is.

    The Five Favorites in the Clubhouse in This Order: Tony Fulton, Tim Clare, Shane Osborn, Phil Erdman, David Kramer

  19. Never Left the Neb says:

    Rita would be amazing, but she has so much in the works in Bellevue, not sure she could leave and in the vacuum, the seat may go to a Dem on the City Council and that would be very unfortunate for the forward growth of Bellevue. Rita would not let that happen.

    I assume the question at hand is who gets the appt. I would hope the appointee would be barred from running. It puts the Gov in a position of appearing to endorse an incumbent. That position just caused him more than a few months of heartburn, now hasn’t it.

    Lets talk about the race though. We need a business leader that can work together with the Unicameral to get things done. Anyone know a strong, conservative business leader that is well like all the way around, above reproach morally AND able to reach out to Nebraska business leaders and get them all to commit to ten to twenty thousand a piece?

  20. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Hagel must be feeling pretty smug right now, what with Johanns endorsement. With the news about Sheehy, Hagel now knows that he isn’t the only one who won’t be bringing potato salad to the Mensa picnic.

  21. RWP says:

    Libel. I’m an avid hunter. Just this afternoon I was out shooting skeet with the President, and I don’t mean the tame inbred skeet that fly up in the air to be picked off. I mean the wily wild skeet that hide in the bushes.

    Look at the Prez’s shotgun picture, and you can tell he’s shooting at bush skeet.

  22. RWP says:

    So we had a majority of unicam committee chairs going to the Dems, and today we have Sheehygate and Johanns endorsing Hagel, despite his pitiful Friday hearing.

    The state GOP, top to bottom, is a bad joke.

  23. Kerrey Bob says:

    Let’s just hope Gerard and Streetsweeper didn’t call N.A.M.B.L.A. on their state issued phones.

    The Omaha World Herald would love to know about this.

  24. Anonymous says:

    That Dr. hatcher is a real piece of work! Why would a person be so shallow as to blab about such a relationship to the media…… Especially when she is often seen in public with another elected official… Like as recent as Friday night? She publicly declares she has been running around with a married man while dating another guy? Seems the old saying about He’ll hath no fury……and a woman scorned is true. Wondermifmshe will be the Dr of the day vey much? Duhhhhhh

  25. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to check the travel records of Mr. Sheehy’s lovers to see if they coincide with his officially funded trips. Were Nebraska’s taxpayers funding his meetings with these women?

  26. Lil Mac says:

    Hassebrook took one for the team last year. He didn’t scream too much at the time or gloat when his assailant was later defeated. It was as if Hassebrook kept his guard up and assumed he was being watched. In contrast, Sheehy assumed he wasn’t being scrutinized 24/7. Republicans are as disgusted with Sheehy’s behavior as Democrats are comforted by Hassebrook’s restraint.

    Beyond the misuse of taxpayer phones or the hypocrisy of behaving immorally, there is the deeper idiocy of all who seek power to jail every citizen and reach into everyone’s wallet and yet then expect they aren’t being scrutinized 24/7. Your sheep fetish, after all, doesn’t exist in the real world until you actually hump one in public or in private. The whole idea of one not being able to control one’s self is what qualifies one for diapers or the nut house. Anthony Weiner’s wiener trumped his politics, policies and principles. It is hubris that leads one to misassume a public figure can somehow disinvite or avoid public scrutiny.

    Nebraska’s many apartisan voters get a lot of grief, sometimes even from me, for being “for the man not the party”. But in fact, there is no good policy or principle that cannot be wasted by it being toted around by a guy who humps sheep in the back room thinking no one will find out.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Sheehy resigned over extra-marital activity? How quaint. All of society is full speed ahead back to the 70’s but with free condoms this time. It’s anywhere, anytime, anybody, and anyway for most of society. Our morality has been reduced to whether or not he used government property to do whatever it is he did or does. That’s the last taboo, subject to party affiliation, of course.

    Good riddance, Sheehy. Now can you talk Senator Menendez into resigning, too?

  28. RWP says:

    Our morality has been reduced to whether or not he used government property to do whatever it is he did or does.

    No, it’s not. ‘Government property’ is just the excuse for old fashioned prurient interest in other people’s private behavior. If he were searching for an apartment using a state cellphone it wouldn’t make the newspaper, let alone banner headlines on the front page.

    Me, i don’t understand it. Two middle aged people snogging behind their spouses’ backs. Yawn. Tawdry, and yet really boring. I’d rather read about paint drying.

  29. RWP says:

    But in fact, there is no good policy or principle that cannot be wasted by it being toted around by a guy who humps sheep in the back room thinking no one will find out.

    And this is the generic Republican problem, nationally but especially in this state. Complete lack of discipline. It shows up in sex scandals. It shows up in idiotic statements about rape and sex and welfare. It shows up in lazily voting for the Democrat you think is a good guy for a unicam chair, even thug it will jeopardize your entire agenda. It shows up in voters doing the same thing, and in state chairs not enforcing party discipline.

    You want my vote, you better convince me you’ll not only implement what I want; you also need to convince me you’ll not throw it all away by being a fool.

  30. Scotty Chriss says:

    To:To RWP
    If you have problems with RWP’s blog, come read our Super Duper Ultimate Insider’s Blog. I was told by a real insider that even a moron could read our postings. Cheers!

  31. Anonymous says:

    If one has to ask who Dr Hatcher runs around with, then you are not very involved in politics.

    Going to be a fun week for those around the Capitol this week………gossip quotient will be very high.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    100 years from now, Jerry Springer will be considered the foremost authority on late 20th century, early 21st century American culture. This whole episode is about 3 missing teeth away from qualifying for that show.

  33. NabitMe says:

    I think Dave NabitMe for lt. Governor. I heard he is already building an expansive statewide team. The best of the best!

  34. Anonymostly says:

    Stop the presses! I heard Vince Powers on the news last night say that he thinks Lincoln and Omaha BOTH need to elect Republican mayors. And he was quite adamant about it.

    Wish someone could grab the video clip from the Channel 8 news last night. Sad thing is that no one other than me, Vince, the reporter, and the five other people in Lincoln who watch Channel 8 news probably heard it.

    But it’s certainly noteworthy when the chair of the State Dems comes out publicly and very adamantly says that the people in Lincoln and Omaha should not elect another Democrat to replace the guys currently holding those jobs.

    Vince, your candor is refreshing.

  35. Anonymous says:

    According to the NDP’s own website, Powers said, “… when you have one party in power for too long, arrogance and corruption and scandal follow it. It doesn’t matter if it’s Democrats in power or Republicans in power.”
    Nice to know that the NDP Chair has such high esteem for his fellow Democrats.

  36. Scotty Chriss says:

    Catch me on the Mecca Show today as I break the news from my Super Duper Ultimate Insider report that we may have a new Lt. Governor. We will also update you on whats new in Illinois.

  37. Macdaddy says:

    Gerry Studds (D-MA), underage male page, Mel Reynolds (D-IL), felony conviction for statutory rape of a female campaign worker. And of course we all know that underage prostitutes are just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: We say who! We say how much! We say who! I’m sure Senator Menendez (D-NJ), will show up in a limo to save her and she’ll save him right back. Allegedly.

  38. Menendez Fan says:

    Now I know why he supported the DREAM Act. Keep the kids here and he won’t have to fly as often. I guess that was his dream.

  39. Chris Scott says:

    Scotty Criss- here is a novel idea. Start a website that people like. Market the concept and promote it. If you are fortunate, it will catch on. I thought Republicans were advocates of the entrepreneurial spirit and free markets. Don’t get mad at me because I created something marketable and people value my opinion. Quit whining or don’t read it. Your inability to have your voice gain any traction is not my problem.

  40. Classless says:

    How did a story about Sheehy turn into horrible stories of alleged and of child sex? Where are these people’s minds, morality, and priorities? What happened to these children is bad enough without exploiting the situation for political points.

  41. “What happened to these children is bad enough without exploiting the situation for political points.”

    I agree. What happened to the children at Sandy Hook was awful and the President, Sen. Feinstein, and all the other gun-control supporters should be ashamed of their disgusting acts of exploitation.

    Oh wait, were you talking about something else?

  42. Mark Lincoln says:

    I’ve seen some suggest Heineman wants to appoint a lt. governor who doesn’t want to run for governor. Really? And pass up his chance to play king-maker? Seems very un-Dave like.

  43. Macdaddy says:

    You’re right, Classless. This was a story about the misuse of government property for personal use. I wonder if Senator Menendez filled out the proper forms before his campaign donor flew him down to the DR to alledgedly have sex with child prostitutes. Did he use a government phone to set things up?

    Sheehy is such a square.

  44. Anonymous says:

    With rumors of infidelity going back almost two years, Sheehy’s dalliances were not new information to those in the know in Nebraska’s political scene or political media. Sheehy’s wife even filed for divorce, in July of 2012. That Sheehy’s infidelity was relatively common knowledge in Nebraska political circles actually raises even more questions: Who was in a position to know Sheehy was using state equipment for personal business? Who benefits from this information coming out now? Specifically, which Nebraska Republican benefits from there being a much more open Republican field for the 2014 Governor’s race?

  45. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    And perhaps, did the Republican with the most to gain have anything to do with the cell phone information going to the OWH. Hmmmmmm?

  46. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t say much for Governor Heineman, does it? The guy that is supposed to know, more than anyone else in this state, what is going on within his administration was clueless? Really?

  47. Anonymous says:

    The question that needs to be asked is what is really being swept under the carpet by the Governor and the NEGOP? As Nebraska’s Director of Homeland Security, are there lucrative contracts that the Lt. Gov. was able to direct to his cronies, and someone else wanted them?

  48. Anonymostly says:

    Yes, anonymous at 11:29, I am CERTAIN that when Democrat Steve Lathrop gets elected governor, he will know exactly whom everyone with a state-supplied cell phone has been calling, how often and when. And whether it was for work or, ahem, personal. Because that’s what a Democrat governor would do: Keep tabs on everyone’s cell phone use. And whether anyone’s been sneaking extra strawberries from the state’s kitchens.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I really love watching how all of the NEGOP “insiders” are making light of Lt. Gov. Sheey’s resignation, as though it were merely about misuse of a government cell phone. That is just the smokescreen devised to explain why he had to go. There is a whole lot more to this story, for anyone willing to dig deep.
    Here’s a clue to anyone with curiosity and the actual ability to do some journalistic legwork: look into the money going into security for StratCom. You will find more than smoke.

  50. Macdaddy says:

    Anonymous 12:55, why don’t you spell it out for us since you know so much about it. You can avoid getting fired by either adding allegedly at the end or prefacing it with “with all due respect.” That’s in the Geneva Convention. Look it up.

  51. Anonymous says:

    All you Ron Paul supporters can now join in applauding the murder of American military and veterans. Of course Ron Paul didn’t mean it. Then again, he and you didn’t mean to help reelect Obama… but you did, you bunch of silly a**holes.

  52. Thin Skinned Mayoral Candidates says:

    Sounds like Dave Nabity has a little thin skin. Looks like his poor performance fundraising, low cash on hand, seeing a number of his early contributors now turning to Stothert and his lack of leadership when talking about giving additional revenue back to the taxpayers have him shaken.

    Word is that Nabity has surrogates asking the other campaigns to back off or lighten up on him in the blogs. Evidently Nabity can’t handle the heat. How can he handle being mayor?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Not excusing Rick Sheehy’s behavoir but one wonders how much of our state resources went into Debra Winger shacking up in the Governor’s Mansion, being hauled around in state vehicles? Bob Kerrey never called her on his landlines from the Gov’s office or Mansion? (Sure, it was before cell phones.) What about the “mobile” phones in the state patrol cars? What about Winger’s dog ruining carpets in the Mansion? Nope, those were Dem times and it was all fun and frivolity with the media more than happy to play up Nebraska’s celebrity status with a movie star living in the Mansion. Someone might want to throw that out to the Dems spouting off in the media right now.

  54. Bob Loblaw says:

    Debra Winger?? Are you serious? That was like 30 years ago. Give me a break. Besides, the World Herald reported about what Sheehy did. He chose to resign himself. If he had Gov Dave’s backing he could have stayed and fought if he thought he did nothing wrong. I never read one article that called for him to resign. He chose to himself. Don’t blame the media for just reporting the facts.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Those with something to hide still want you to believe that Lt. Gov. Sheehy resigned because of his cell phone abuse and his extramarital liaisons. There is a lot more to this story than mere infidelity and misuse of a few dollars of state funds. People like “Bob Loblaw” wouldn’t be so determined to distract you if there wasn’t.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry. The one attempting to distract you from the truth isn’t Bob Loblaw, but the anonymous poster just before him, and others like Governor Heineman.

  57. Anonyyourbusiness says:

    Given all the production about how Nabity didn’t know how much cas they had on hand…I find the “FUZZY” math used by both Stothert and Welch on their NADC report interesting, to say the least! Is Peterson doing the books for both campaigns?

  58. REALITY CHECK says:

    Fuzzy math? Both Stothert and Welch were able to report how much they had raised, spent and how much cash on hand they had to close the year. Nothing fuzzy about either of them.

    What is “FUZZY” is Dave Nabity reporting an expenditure of $2600.00 for the poll on which he based his run for mayor. There may be some issues with the total amount of the poll and when Nabity actually filed for committee. If the poll was done more than 48 hours prior to him filing his committee AND it cost $5000 or more Mr. Nabity has some explaining (and fine paying) to do to the NADC.

    For the record, no one really thinks Nabity didn’t know how much cash he had…he was embarrassed to tell everyone how little he had.

  59. Crash Nabity says:

    Nabity should also be embarrassed by the Pete Botkin defection. His own campaign is defecting to work on other campaigns. #SUNK-SHIP-NABITY

  60. Neighboorhood Walker says:

    I am voting for someone other then Dave Nabity because his field director left the campaign said no voter ever. There is inside baseball and there is microcosm baseball. You are playing the latter

  61. Poll Schmoll says:

    Reality @ 2:21

    Is that (Nabity’s) poll that had him in 3rd behind Suttle and Stothert in June, or the recent polls that have him in 4th behind Suttle, Stothert and Ashford?

    Fundraising falling off, slipping in the polls. Nabity trend line is headed dramatically downward.

  62. Poll Doctor says:

    Darold Bauer and Nabity are going over scenarios re: major slippage in polls. Appears an announcement will be made this week or next regarding whether or not he will stay in. He’s pretty much passed the point of no return here.

  63. The Real Anonymous says:

    Shame on all of you imposters! I am the real Anonymous!

    Looks to me like everyone who has seen or done a poll is saying it will be a Suttle against Stothert gen election. That is what Mayor Suttle is telling everyone.

    Even on his best day, David Nabity’s line was he was one of “two” people who could take on the mayor. Guess those hopes have been dashed. Not that it matters. We have a mayor and he will still be our mayor after the election. It’s be more fun facing Nabity. Much more target rich candidate.

    Until then we’ll sit back and watch the Republicants eat each other alive. Nice work!

  64. All I know is ... says:

    Vince Powers thinks we’ve had too many years of democrat mayors in Omaha and it’s time for a change. And for once I agree with Vince Powers.

  65. Darold Bauer says:

    Every poll we have done, the one in June and the last couple show Nabity as a clear frontrunner! People will not go after Nabity because he is rich rather they will chase the Mayor out of town because he has made them less rich! Nabity for Omaha!

  66. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    What does the OWH poll show? That’s the poll that would be the most accurate.

    Oh wait. Excuse me. I just remembered the OWH poll and showed Kerrey withing 3 or 4 points of Deb Fischer.

    Never mind.

  67. Some Thoughts says:

    I wonder why the story about Sheehy broke now, when the philandering was already common knowledge and his wife filed for divorce six months ago. Was it simply that he remained a viable political adversary until the adultery became a full-blown scandal in the papers, and the only good way to make that happen was to add the “misuse of public equipment” angle?
    Now we know why certain bloggers were especially busy in January!

  68. Anonymous says:

    Philandering and phone abuse has nothing to do with Sheehy’s resignation. It is something else. No one apparently has the courage to investigate behind the smokescreen that the Governor has provided to let Sheehy off easy.

  69. Richard Simmons says:

    Dan Welch Campaign Manager Chris Petersen’s spin on fundraising has always been they are running a “lean” campaign. trust me, I know lean! From the looks of their report they don’t eat so lean. They are eating well over in the Welch camp. Multiple charges to Charleston’s, Chicago Chop House and Mahogany Prime Steakhouse.

    Pete Ricketts should feel secure in his investment knowing the team is well fed. Nothing but the best.

    Stay lean my friends…stay lean.

  70. Omaha Voter says:

    I was going to vote for Dan until I found out about him eating out at Charlestons, Most frequent door to door questions. Pensions, Crime, streets, and favorite place to eat in no particular order. Go back to your xbox troll.

  71. Stick to the issues says:

    Omaha Voter is right. We must remember that Dan Welch voter for the police contract that allowed early retirement and spiking. That contract is part of what is causing Omaha to have financial difficulties. Voters will not forget Dan Welch’s vote. Or his bad vote for the horrible Sewer Separation Plan. Dan’s vote was one that nearly cost Omaha a lot of jobs and is still sticking Omaha with a huge bill.

    Stick to the issues people!

  72. Lil Mac says:

    Some wonder “why the story about Sheehy broke now?”, presuming a crafty angle in outing Sheehy’s phone philandering on a pretext of misusing public equipment, a plan supposedly carefully timed by nefarious characters who seek to gain political advantage by Sheehy’s downfall. Well, duh.

    We are interested in this if it means someone is planning a coup. If so, let’s hear about that. But if this is sour grapes that our guy got caught, that seems rather useless.

    Should we be shocked to discover that competitive politics keeps being completive after people are in power? Revelation of wrongdoing is, after all, how every power-abusing dickhead begins the trip to impeachment or resignation. And that revelation never comes from any friends of the dickhead.

    Policy and candidates can be good or bad. We give them our best guess. We look at history and form principles on which we pick policies we assume might best work, just like we pick candidates we assume aren’t dickheads. But all parties have some dickheads and its silly to deem ourselves to have noble impeccable timing when we reveal the wrongdoing of their dickheads yet then deem them to be devious bastards when they reveal the wrongdoing of ours.

    I liked Sheehy but I cannot like him enough to outweigh his own stupidity and bizarre behavior. It was not just one phone call to one woman one night. It was “2,300 late-night telephone calls”. Teenage girls don’t talk that much to other teenage girls. I think Obama need a psychiatrist too. But 2,300 phone calls! Holy crap. And on a traceable govt phone! That’s stupid to nuts. It is good that Republicans aren’t going to have to explain this after he’s already governor.

  73. The PUSHSTER says:

    To the Pollster,
    Wow, do you think Nabity will survive? Anywho, this scenerio is all to familiar…everyone talking about staffers, polls, dollars and the next thing you know Deb Fischer emerges victorious.
    Speaking of Polls…notice said poll hasn’t been released? Serious people need to see the details or no one takes them seriously. Seriously!

  74. Macdaddy says:

    2300 calls is to 4 women over 4 years. That’s less than 2 a day and a lot of those were to leave messages. It’s been a while, but when pursuing a woman, or 4, you’re more successful if you call regularly. I’m still thinking that the Office of LtGov could be abolished and only the phone company would complain.

  75. Omaha World Herald Poll Just released says:

    My sources say that Metlock and John Scaria are neck and neck for the lead? Anyone else see the crosstabs.

  76. Just A POLL says:

    At least 3 candidates have run polls for the mayors race. The results have all been similar.

    I guess if you are in 4th or 5th you must really spin.

  77. Anonymous II says:

    So it seems Ashley Judd has been showing some indications of wanting to challenge Mitch McConnell for his Senate seat in Kentucky. Well, American Crossroads has just put out an absolutely hilarious ad attacking her. Shoulda waited for the general election in case she did run. This spot is awesome. Perhaps sweeper could post it. 😀

  78. The PUSHSTER says:

    To Just A Poll,
    HOLY @#$%, you must be the insider. No, the ultimate insider. No, the KING insider! Now your gonna think I’m pullin your leg here but you must be Chris Scott Squared ( couldn’t get that little two up there) cause three different campaigns are sharing “inside” information with you. Plus, you are the (apparently) only one with correct information. Man you are the shiznit. No, bag of chips and all that. No, you really just strongly support your candidate. I get it but give us all a break once in awhile.

  79. Chris Scott says:

    @5:02-I have plenty to say in response to your nonsensical post but perhaps would be more apropo

    Mr. Pushster, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chris ‘Im on the radio!!!’ Scott, are you THAT egomaniacal that any post with the mere mention of your name means that it’s directed towards you?

  81. Cottonwood Eagle says:

    Hagel’s troubles multiply: The vote on his confirmation has been delayed. Finally, a smidgen of common sense.

  82. Macdaddy says:

    That’s a good one, Cottonwood! LOL. I think the Democrats actually are recalculating which of their members can vote for or against Hagel and still confirm him. With Johanns and McCain laying down heavy cover fire, they now have time to come up with a plan that doesn’t take out one of their number with friendly fire.

  83. TexasAnnie says:

    Are y’all noticing that your gov is TRYING to create tax justice up there?

    I took the trouble to read your, uh, “newspapers” this morning and it looks like his plan(s) won’t make it out of the Revenue Committee. And even if one did, Ernie has vowed to stop the session! So that’s it? Y’all just cave on the POSSIBILITY of tax justice?

    Don’t forget, the Chambers of Commerce opponents are protecting businesses that currently enjoy BOTH sales tax exemptions AND income tax exemptions (and in some cases property tax rebates too). What exemptions do you, the readers of Leavenworth St. take? Why aren’t you supporting your gov and speaking up for tax justice? Where are you, Interested Observer?

  84. Just A POLL says:

    PUSHSTER – if you are “anyone” close to ANY of the campaigns you know the numbers. Obviously you are not anywhere close to “inside” any of the campaigns. OR, you have your head intentionally stuck in the sand denying the reality of the situation.

    In any event, don’t knock the messenger just because your guy is at the bottom of the totem pole. The race is what it is.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper. Please! Anything but Omaha Mayoral Candidates 24/7!!! There is more to talk about in NEBRASKA politics than who the bozo is that sits on the throne in Omaha.

  86. TexasAnnie says:

    Right! Talking taxes should be the order of the day. Did you know that of the top three fastest growing cities in the U.S.A., they all have just one state in common? It’s Texas, a place long abhorrent of the unjust income tax. If y’all would get behind Heineman’s tax plan and compel your errant unicameral to do the right thing, you would gain not only freedom from state income taxes, but much lower sales taxes too! Wouldn’t that be just? All it will take is an agreement amongst yourselves that every taxpayer making purchases must pay their sales taxes: no exceptions, no excuses. Having gotten by without paying sales taxes since the late 1960’s is no excuse for industry and agriculture to keep their accustomed tax incentive, while so many suffer under an increasingly unbalanced and unjust tax burden. And I have no sympathy for the corporate bums who currently don’t pay their fair share of sales AND income taxes!

  87. Omaha ITK says:

    If Regent Clare is not in, expect David Kramer to hop in the governor’s race. He’d be pulling from the same group of consultants and supporters that Mike Flood and Clare would rely upon.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Nothing could be more boring than the Omaha Mayoral race.
    Unless you are yet another of those bozos that believe their own ability to predict, or influence, politics. They are second only to those guys that play video games, and munch Cheetos, in their pajamas all day long.

  89. The Super Duper Ultimate Insider says:

    Worst kept secret in Nebraska outside of Sheehy at last Summer’s GOP Convention is that Jessica Moenning has been meeting with Tim Clare. Just a few months ago she was pushing Flood. Is she the new Kingmaker? Check out my new Podcast…lol

  90. RWP says:

    Clare came out against the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative, at a critical juncture. He’s also been a rubber stamp for Varner Hall. There’s a reason Don Walton likes him, and it’s not good.

  91. RWP says:

    Well, as you know, TA, the unicam is as broken as the State Republican party.

    Yep, all the beneficiaries of sales tax exemptions are lining up to oppose it, from various crony corporations to the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. Ain’t no advocate out there for the boring ordinary people who shell out a few K in state income tax every year.

  92. To Super Duper says:

    Jessica was running Flood’s campaign. He’s not in the race now. Jessica ran Clare’s 2008 regent race, so it probably follows he might ask her advice. Get over yourself.

  93. Some Thoughts says:

    I liked Flood when he was in the race, but now I am a voter without a candidate. I never did like Sheehy and it’s lucky he went down in flames when he did. It is still interesting to wonder, why now, when many people must have known months ago that it was possible to do this?

  94. Pushter says:

    To “(Supper) Duper”,
    Holy #%*!,
    you are way more inside than DA Pollster. Man, you must have eaten Chris Scott. And please don’ be offended Chris…it’s just your name seems to be synonymous with the term insider- it’s become the vernacular

  95. The Super Duper Ultimate Insider says:

    Nothing to get over about. Just watching the winds out of Norfolk. When you got to make a buck, you go and recruit candidates.

  96. Stir Up The Storm says:

    New Nebraska Lt. Governor, Lot of great possible candidates out there but I’m thinking outside the box.
    It’s Sarpy County’s Richard Carter for my vote.
    Someone give him the call and ask him when can he report for duty.

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