Kramer: I’m not running for Governor

We are always interested in what the commenters think, so we decided to follow up on one of the items many Leavenworth Street readers have commented on:

Is Nebraska GOP National Committeeman David Kramer going to run for Governor?

What with the wide-open race upon us, and Kramer’s past interest in statewide politics, it doesn’t seem an unusal guess.
So, of course, we followed up.

And Kramer told us, “No.”

“I am not running for governor. Unequivocally. Happy at home. Happy at work. Happy at play. My boys are at an age where dad is still cool and I am doing everything I can to enjoy that. And I still get to be involved in politics as National Committeeman. Life is pretty darn good.”

You want candor? Committeeman Kramer will give it to you.
(All you have to do is ask.)

And in the mean time we wait for more on those who plan to jump in.


The Hagel SecDef vote is apparently going to be as early as Tuesday. With topicalness in mind, Saturday Night Live had a Hagel skit all worked out.
Didn’t see it on Saturday? That’s because they dropped it.
BUT, it was still filmed, and you can see it here:

Note that Hagel’s performance at the hearing was universally panned (Klingon High Councilor: “I don’t think he answered the Surge question.”)
But that didn’t stop SNL from (attempting) to skewer…Republicans.
Shocked, we are.

And you can tell from all that raucous laughter from the dress-rehearsal audience that it was just a riot…


As we noted in our latest Tweet, we are anxious to hear what sort records the OWH has requested from Pope Benedict…

We kid! But we would also note that the early betting (in Ireland) has Cardinal Ouellet of Quebec as the early odds-on favorite.
(Canadian Pope…beauty, eh?)


  1. ricky says:

    What do you want to bet it’s Tony no relation Fulton that the Gov taps? And at the last minute NR Fulton will change his mind and run for the office full time in 2014.
    Both the Gov and his tax plan are wildly unpopular, but if he appoints you to the job there you go you can ignore him. I think that is the only way the Repubs keep the governorship of NE because Senator Lathrop could win. I would support him.


    PS isn’t that funny now that the OPS board has re-drawn districts and all must run again, that Senator Laugetnback’s buddy Justin Wayne runs unopposed but Ms Fey must run against a sitting board member? And does OPS have a legit board or not? What is Attorney Kliene going to do? Make all the actions null and void (like the sup’s new contract)? I doubt it. And who blew the whistle on the late swearing in deal? How did that come about?

  2. To the Unltimate Insider Chris Scott says:

    Who ever said David Kramer was thinking about running for Governor? Do you just make crap up on your blog???? Here’s one for you Chris, I heard Kay Orr and Charlie Thone are teaming up for 2014. RUN WITH IT!!!

  3. Chester H. Aldrich says:

    I will also not be running for governor this time around. Sweeper, tis time to change the topic. Everyone that doesn’t live in Omaha could care less who your next mayor will be, and two thirds of those that do live there could care less as well.

  4. Macdaddy says:

    Ah, Chucky, Chucky, Chucky. Why won’t you tell us who has paid you big bucks to speak to their group? You have no problem, before the confirmation hearings anyway, telling us what you think, so why not tell us who you’ve been breaking bread with and cashing checks from? Which do you think is better? Withdrawing your name from nomination or being the only sitting SecDef to ever get arrested for taking money from terrorist groups? “Friends of Hamas” is an interesting name for a group. How much was that check? Did it hit 6 figures?

    Ah, who am I kidding. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  5. unknonymous says:

    We should bring back Frank Moores for mayor. Omaha has been in a constant decline ever since the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition of 1898. Frank was a big supporter of the fire department so he should be able to pick up the union vote.

  6. Chris Scott says:

    If you read either article on Kramer, no one said he was thinking of running just that people were discussing a possible candidacy. The article you are currently commenting on also states that several people were commenting on it. Your personal attacks will not cover up your inability to read. As for me running for governor, those rumors are untrue as my candidacy would hinder my ability to objectively assess the Governor’s race on the radio.

  7. Interested Observer says:

    I can’t quite tell if Chris Scot thas the single most highly developed, best thought through, driest, wittiest, most subtle sense of self-deprecating humor in the world or not.

  8. Interested Observer says:

    Thanks and I didn’t even COPY AND PASTE it, either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Chris Scott says:

    To IO: Guilty as charged. I have been known to be dryer then a highball glass filled to the brim with your choice one of London’s finest gins.

  10. Anonymous says:

    To Ricky at 3:01PM yesterday: It appears that Justin Wayne has a law license…so if he leaked out of executive session that wouldn’t be a good thing. However, if he sat silent the whole time knowing it was against the law (which by virtue of his being an attorney with a license makes that likely) then? As an officer of the court he sat silent knowingly to a law being broken. Or, was it the Baird Holm attorney or attorneys that advised their client (the OPS Board) incorrectly all these many years who sat silent which seems to smell of….legal malpractice given what iit has cost taxpayers? While everyone is fussing about the swearing in factor, there’s appears to be some heavy duty stuff going on behind the curtain….in my opinion.

  11. ricky says:

    Hmm Anonymous thanks for posting that bit of information about the Baird Holm Attorneys telling the OPS board this or that. When the Lincoln Journal Star posted their op ed in favor of LB 125 they quoted somebody who said OPS attorney’s gave them bad information. So I asked the editor of the LJS where they got the information about what the attorney’s told OPS. This editor told me they read it in the Omaha World Herald first. This is not true as I looked. If you can find the quote let me know.
    This was the information supposedly leaked from executive session of the OPS board; attorney’s telling the OPS board a swearing in at the first monday of the year was okay.
    And by the way Attorney Kleine said today oh well that is not a big deal anyway.
    That is what we all knew in the first place! Now who would leak information that is buddy buddy with Senator Loautenback who would want to spread a bunch of bulls”t to help along LB125?
    I wonder if any of street sweepers readers know who started this late swearing in nonsense and who first started talking about what kind of advice the OPS board got from their attorneys?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Grasshopper Ricky: Your answer may be in the first one to declare they’ll run again and who helped first redraw the districts to his liking and didn’t get his flow chart.

  13. P.O.O. says:

    To Ricky and Anonymous . . .
    Is Dorothy and Toto with you? You’ve obviously wandered into Oz (The Nebraska State Capitol) where everything these days seems to be a horse of a different color. Watch the horse closely as it changes colors right before your eyes and nobody says a word. No reporters dig. No lawmakers make a comment. How convenient the world can be when the outcomes are predetermined by a handful of actors who were elected to be our representatives. . . and . . . if you happen to see the Governor wandering out from behind a curtain, pay no attention to him. He’s probably just adjusting his crown. Welcome to “Emerald City”!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a flow chart…..OPS Board is sworn in, during executive session it is revealed that the swearing in may have been improperly done and not according to law, everyone gasps, some leak, it’s a closed door session, suddenly the OWH knows, then everyone else knows, Lautenbaugh included who has legislation handy in his back pocket right next to the governor, he finds his useful idiot Ernie Chambers who gave up his foul crying of voters being suppressed to have votes thrown away instead,Lautenbaugh takes to the air on talk radio, Lautenbaugh takes to the air on talk radio, Lautenbaugh takes to the air on talk radio–you need to be repetitive when spinning a pig in a poke, suddenly there’s a crisis of no OPS board, OWH picks up the pace, OPS lobbyist goes to legislature to earn his lobbying fee, Henny Penny, Turkey Lurkey and Goosey Lucy all run to the county attorney, Don Kleine, they throw their weight around and fearful of being squeezed, Kleine consults with the attorney general, Jon Bruning, it is determined laws have been broken! OWH really picks up the pace, OPS lobbyist fails to try to kill the bill in committee (why who knows, but his banker), LB 125 makes it to the leg floor where lawmakers are suddenly stricken by Chambers fear fever and listen to Lautenbaugh explain a crisis exists and how hell will freeze over if not addressed ASAP, the OWH really, really picks up the pace and drops the Sheehy bomb as a tickler of more sexy headlines to come of how voters are royally screwed….then…it’s over, LB 125 passes, in a flash, some legislators are left scratching their heads and other places, the lobbyist counts his dough, the attorneys count their lucky stars, Lautenbaugh counts it as payback moment for 2002, Justin Wayne announces his run for his new old seat while approving the statue of himself for media adoration while others are left pondering and nobody dies.

  15. ricky says:

    Hmmm very good flow chart Anonymous. Since I retired I don’t listen to talk radio anymore so I did not know Loserback was on their blabbing all the time. I assume it was Tom Becka he spoke too as he has re appeared on the market at least for awhile.
    I did not think the Governor cared that much about OPS but perhaps he does. He likes to stick his nose in everywhere. But the OPS board has been sworn in the first month of Jan for decades. And now the lawyers become aware it might not be a good idea?
    This ridiculous situation, which I now learn the wonderful Douglas County Election Commish Phipps does not have the new districts on file in his office and won’t for awhile. Nice! And the Senators think great people will run for the OPS board when they don’t even know what district they reside in?
    This ridiculous situation is worse than anything the OPS board ever did. I wonder if the new Speaker of the Unicam is happy he started out with this bill and the leakers he deals with?
    But Kleine goes head over heals with this late swearing in farce and the OWH trumps it up but no investigation into leaking of executive session information?


  16. ricky says:

    And so thinking out loud; since the OPS board has been sworn in for decades the first monday of January, and in so doing make a little celebration out of it, having cake and a party for the new members, this has been no big deal technically being a little late.
    Up till now the attorneys representing OPS did not have a problem with that. But perhaps someone on the school board, who is disliked by all the other members of the board, and who has knowledge of the law, does a little investigation and discovers this technicality. So then perhaps this matter is brought before the board in executive session, everybody gasps, THEN this information discussed in private gets leaked to friendly Senators with an axe to grind against the Omaha Public Schools and public schools in general. But the Unicam votes 44 to 4 to pass LB125.
    This action stinks so badly that maybe the U S Congress will step in and force the Nebraska Legislature to all run again a month from now as soon as they can draw up new districts to keep safe the people they like?


  17. P.O.O. says:

    Lets face it “The Chicago Way” is little league compared to the Nebraska Unicameral. We should rename the statue on top of the building to the “poop slinger”. I’d use the “S” word but do we really want our 4th graders on tours of the capitol being told that term.

  18. David Christy Butler says:

    So, I’m thinking about making a comeback. No one cares about that little impeachment a century or so ago do they? Heck, my picture is still in the capitol so I got some name recognition right? Butler in 14!

  19. Macdaddy says:

    You guys realize that Lautenbaugh proposed his plan months ago. All the OPS board had to do was follow the law, but in keeping with the high reading standards and attention to detail that they try to instill in all their pupils, they couldn’t even do this one simple thing. Public officials should never be surprised when they don’t follow the law, news of it gets out, and there are consequences. What is the point of having a law if there are no consequences?

  20. Scott Lautenbaugh says:

    Macdaddy- stand down. We’ve been found out! It’s all a Republican conspiracy. Don Kleine, Justin Wayne, Ernie Chambers, Bill Avery, 41 other Senators, and I were all in on it. There were no problems with OPS- the statutes aren’t crystal clear, they didn’t screw up their own swearing ins (like so many other things). It was a coup- and only Ricky and a few other anon. posters were able to figure it out. It’s like the JFK movie- it was a broad-based conspiracy, but somehow we can’t silence Ricky. Curses- foiled again. We would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids! (Maybe I’ve been at this too long. I can’t pretend any more that some have a point- no matter how painfully stupid-and promise we’ll look into it with a straight face.)

  21. Nabity is Clueless says:

    Did Dave Nabity just join forces with radical liberal Tristan Bonn?? The man is clueless on the issues and dangerous in handling crime. Tristan Bonn basically made the people who protect us the bad guy and the criminal the victim. Your campaign is over Dave.

  22. Folks,
    This blog was not created for commenters to discuss other blogs.
    If you have something to say about another blog, do it on THAT blog.
    Not on Leavenworth Street.
    Thanks for reading.

  23. ricky says:

    So let me see if I have this straight: for a while the late swearing in was a huge crisis and Mr Chambers thundered and Senator Lautenback went on the radio saying how dire the situation was and this was a major reason LB 125 had to pass. Then all of a sudden after the passage of the bill that will do nothing to help Omaha’s school children the late swearing in is no big deal.
    You have to be a special kind of dumb to believe what the Nebraska legislature accomplished was worthwhile. Looks to me they are a bunch of amateurs trumping up a crisis they did not need to pass the bill.
    But my question remains; where did this story begin of the late swearing in? Was information from an executive session passed along to bolster the case for LB125? Who was the first person to report that the attorneys for OPS gave either bad advice or warned the board of their mistake?
    Does anybody know where this information first appeared? I am curious about that.

    Its a bigger deal to me than the new elections which will cost money and accomplish nothing.

    I am not an attorney (my daughter is though) but leaking information from an executive session is not something that should be ignored even to a layman.


  24. Anonymous says:

    Kramer is going to run for governor. He could have answered “no”. Instead he offers nonsense about his extreme happiness and his children thinking he is so cool where he is now, as if him being governor would shame his kids. He was giddy just being asked about it. Oh yea, he’s running.

  25. Macdaddy says:

    Ricky, the OPS board was going to get revamped for the simple fact that it had to be. Have you not been following their Keystone Kops antics? The violation of the swearing in statute was just the latest idiocy and it was not necessary to make the case for either changing the board through legislation or suing it for malfeasance.

    My only hesitation about the plan is that Ernie Chambers went along with it.

  26. Macdaddy says:

    So it will make it look like the Democrats care about women once more of them are slaughtered when gun control takes full effect, RWP.

  27. Lil Mac says:

    Women are weaker and need federal protection from violence. Women are also equally strong and need federal protection from being seen as weaker. While this is confusing to those who value logic, it creates lots of federal jobs needed to enforce federal rules that seek to counter the effects of other federal rules. This push-me-pull-you approach of government makes sense to latte sipping lawyers.

    Is it true that you can quit taking math after the 7th grade and still get a law degree?

  28. E. Ben says:

    Hey, it be nice to be asked at least to see if I was interested, but, then again, if that means moving back to that God forsaken state at barely a salary that would cover a shot gun shell for me to go shoot turkeys down on the river estate but, hey, at least ask me so I can turn it down okay folks?

  29. Interested Observer says:

    Why have so many of the official comments in here, highlighted in blue, been signed SS , but lately, some are now signed -Ed. ?

    What is the difference? Actually different people? There does seem to be a difference in tone between the comments, based on how they’re signed.

  30. anonymous says:

    Didn’t say anything about a “Republican” conspiracy, but I did forget to mention that Senator Lautenbaugh blogs, Senator Lautenbaugh blogs and then Senator Lautenbaugh blogs some more as part of the flow chart. Where does he find the time with all that noble law discovery? What about 32-1040 where the Secretary of State certified the November election results and then there’s that other statute that addresses redrawing boundaries which brings to mind a few lost lawsuits over stuff, kinda, sorta like what just happened which is being blamed on that OPS Board because at 12 they were so stupid where while at 9 they’d be just right…or was that Justin right? So many statutes, so little time when there’s blogging.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Childish assbrains say politics is boring. ITS SUPPOSED TO BE BORING. Its public policy not a friggin cartoon for your enjoyment. Do you demand your estate lawyer or surgeon know how to juggle to give you a smile? Well, yea, I guess you do.

  32. Macdaddy says:

    My estate lawyer told me a joke the other day. What was it? Oh, yeah. How many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb? How many can you afford?

    If he wasn’t my brother….

  33. RWP says:

    Why the VAWA? Maybe we should ask your wife, RWP.

    Please do. I never get tired of watching her disembowel wackos asking stupid questions.

    (Yes the romance is still alive!)

  34. unknonymous says:

    to anonymous @ 2:49;

    if you had listened to the debate on the bill you’d understand it. Ernie Chambers explained it very well. With 12 incompetent members on the present board reducing the number to 9 will at least reduce the incompetents by 25%.

  35. ricky says:

    What happens if Justin Wayne loses his bid for re-election? Would that not defeat the purpose of Senator Lautenbacks plan?
    Looks like Mr Wayne is pretty unpopular and there are probably 10 OPS board members that would volunteer for his opponent.
    Waiting to see one appear so I can make a campaign donation and get ready to walk the streets of District whichever one that is.


  36. anonymous says:

    Who gets up at 5:36AM to respond to an anonymous blogger? Ernie Chambers also explained LB 125 in the Committee meeting by using vagina and semen. Thanks Ern. I understand the bill now. Voters are getting screwed. Good math skills unknoymous! You must be a graduate of Wayne State. Ricky above? One of the recently elected OPS Board members soon to be in a rerun episode this spring needs to find an attorney with the guts to sue for being stripped of their power as a duly elected representative. THAT I’d totally understand.

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